{"tx":{"st":"TX","label":"Texas","counties":["Jones County","Taylor County","Brewster County","Brazoria County","Chambers County","Aransas County","Nueces County","San Patricio County","Denton County","Tarrant County","Henderson County","Bastrop County","Hays County","Travis County","Williamson County","Bandera County","Bell County","Jefferson County","Austin County","Burnet County","Upshur County","Blanco County","Kendall County","Kinney County","McCulloch County","Robertson County","Washington County","Orange County","Waller County","Cameron County","Brown County","Falls County","McLennan County","Brazos County","Llano County","Milam County","Cherokee County","Smith County","Bexar County","Comal County","Burleson County","Randall County","Fayette County","Hunt County","Leon County","Guadalupe County","Liberty County","Montgomery County","San Jacinto County","Bosque County","Colorado County","Comanche County","Coryell County","Lampasas County","Kleberg County","Navarro County","DeWitt County","Val Verde County","Medina County","Galveston County","Frio County","Dallas County","Wharton County","Concho County","Jackson County","Schleicher County","Wilson County","Ellis County","Hamilton County","Freestone County","Anderson County","Gillespie County","Fort Bend County","Live Oak County","Lee County","Gregg County","Mills County","Goliad County","Gonzales County","Limestone County","Lavaca County","Erath County","Hill County","Harris County","Donley County","Walker County","Kerr County","Grimes County","Atascosa County","Kimble County","Starr County","Real County","Polk County","Caldwell County","Harrison County","Madison County","Presidio County","Mason County","Hidalgo County","Collin County","Zapata County","Hall County","Menard County","Martin County","Midland County","Ector County","Matagorda County","Reeves County","Jim Wells County","Willacy County","San Saba County","Coke County","Tom Green County","Coleman County","Calhoun County","Grayson County","Parker County","Wise County","Throckmorton County","Trinity County","Uvalde County","Victoria County","Wichita County","Tyler County"],"zipcodes":[79601,79602,79603,79604,79605,79606,79607,79608,79697,79698,79699,79830,79831,79832,77511,77512,77515,77534,77541,77578,77583,77514,79501,78335,78336,78362,76226,75050,75052,76001,76002,76003,76004,76005,76006,76007,76010,76011,76012,76013,76014,76015,76016,76017,76018,76019,76040,76060,76063,76094,76096,76112,76119,76120,75751,75752,73301,73344,78610,78613,78617,78641,78651,78652,78653,78660,78701,78702,78703,78704,78705,78708,78709,78710,78711,78712,78713,78714,78715,78716,78717,78718,78719,78720,78721,78722,78723,78724,78725,78726,78727,78728,78729,78730,78731,78732,78733,78734,78735,78736,78737,78738,78739,78741,78742,78744,78745,78746,78747,78748,78749,78750,78751,78752,78753,78754,78755,78756,78757,78758,78759,78760,78761,78762,78763,78764,78765,78766,78767,78768,78769,78772,78773,78774,78778,78779,78780,78781,78783,78785,78786,78788,78789,78798,78799,78003,76511,78602,78612,77627,77701,77702,77703,77704,77705,77706,77707,77708,77709,77710,77713,77720,77725,77726,78669,77418,76502,76513,76571,78605,75755,75797,78606,78006,78015,78832,76825,76858,77422,76629,77833,77834,77611,77630,77423,78520,78521,78522,78523,78526,78566,78575,78578,78583,78586,76801,76802,76803,76804,76524,76630,77801,77802,77803,77805,77806,77807,77808,77840,77845,78607,78609,76518,75703,75757,78070,78163,78261,78611,77835,77836,77837,76520,79015,79016,78132,78133,78623,78932,78630,75423,75833,75758,76633,78108,78124,78155,77327,77328,77371,77372,76634,76644,77331,77841,77842,77843,77844,77881,78934,76442,78013,75428,75429,77301,77302,77303,77304,77305,77306,77316,77318,77356,77378,77384,77385,78109,78148,78244,76522,76539,76542,76544,76549,78370,78373,78380,78401,78402,78403,78404,78405,78406,78407,78408,78409,78410,78411,78412,78413,78414,78415,78416,78417,78418,78419,78426,78427,78460,78461,78463,78465,78466,78467,78468,78469,78470,78471,78472,78473,78474,78475,78476,78477,78478,78480,75109,75110,75151,78657,76574,78615,77954,76639,78840,78841,78842,78847,78016,77510,77539,78017,78619,78620,75116,75137,75138,77434,77435,76837,77957,76936,78621,78112,78223,75119,75120,75152,75165,76525,75840,78940,78941,76527,78114,77856,75763,78624,76641,77406,77441,77494,77550,77551,77552,77553,77554,77555,78154,78266,76528,76596,76597,76598,76599,78022,78626,78627,78628,78633,78942,75644,75645,75647,76844,77963,78629,75051,75053,75054,75060,75061,75104,76065,76084,76530,78654,76642,77964,76531,76548,78631,76052,76177,77859,78023,78254,77445,76643,76655,76712,76457,76645,77855,77871,76534,78861,77001,77002,77003,77004,77005,77006,77007,77008,77009,77010,77011,77012,77013,77014,77015,77016,77017,77018,77019,77020,77021,77022,77023,77024,77025,77026,77027,77028,77029,77030,77031,77032,77033,77034,77035,77036,77037,77038,77039,77040,77041,77042,77043,77044,77045,77046,77047,77048,77049,77050,77051,77052,77053,77054,77055,77056,77057,77058,77059,77060,77061,77062,77063,77064,77065,77066,77067,77068,77069,77070,77071,77072,77073,77074,77075,77076,77077,77078,77079,77080,77081,77082,77083,77084,77085,77086,77087,77088,77089,77090,77091,77092,77093,77094,77095,77096,77097,77098,77099,77201,77202,77203,77204,77205,77206,77207,77208,77209,77210,77212,77213,77215,77216,77217,77218,77219,77220,77221,77222,77223,77224,77225,77226,77227,77228,77229,77230,77231,77233,77234,77235,77236,77237,77238,77240,77241,77242,77243,77244,77245,77246,77247,77248,77249,77250,77251,77252,77253,77254,77255,77256,77257,77258,77259,77261,77262,77263,77265,77266,77267,77268,77269,77270,77271,77272,77273,77274,77275,77276,77277,77279,77280,77282,77284,77285,77286,77287,77288,77289,77290,77291,77292,77293,77294,77296,77297,77298,77299,77315,77336,77338,77339,77345,77346,77357,77365,77373,77375,77377,77379,77380,77386,77388,77389,77396,77401,77407,77410,77411,77413,77429,77433,77449,77450,77477,77489,77493,77498,77503,77504,77506,77520,77530,77532,77536,77545,77546,77547,77571,77598,79226,77325,77347,77320,77340,77341,77342,77343,77344,77348,77349,78634,78025,77861,75766,76537,78636,78645,78026,76849,76244,76248,76262,78028,78029,76540,76541,76543,76545,76546,76547,78638,78639,78640,78666,78945,78121,78545,78584,78063,76550,75134,75146,75241,77517,77565,77573,77574,78873,78646,78681,78947,78642,75706,75771,77351,77399,78643,78644,76853,75601,75602,75603,75604,75605,75606,75607,75608,75615,75693,76656,78648,77864,79843,76661,78655,76856,78501,78502,78503,78504,78505,78539,78541,78557,78572,78573,78650,76561,76657,75069,75070,75071,75454,78123,78076,79245,76859,76665,79701,79702,79703,79704,79705,79706,79707,79708,79710,79711,79712,79765,79782,76556,78574,77459,77469,77479,77333,76557,77975,76864,78616,78059,77868,77869,78130,78131,78135,78140,76559,79758,79760,79761,79762,79763,79764,79766,79768,79769,77360,77428,77465,75801,75802,75803,75882,79772,78664,78691,78064,77640,77641,77642,77643,77655,77619,77651,78065,78375,78580,76871,76945,76706,76567,78381,78382,76569,76570,78663,78665,78680,78682,78683,78954,78961,75785,76901,76902,76903,76904,76905,76906,76908,76909,78054,78056,78073,78201,78202,78203,78204,78205,78206,78207,78208,78209,78210,78211,78212,78213,78214,78215,78216,78217,78218,78219,78220,78221,78222,78224,78225,78226,78227,78228,78229,78230,78231,78232,78233,78234,78235,78236,78237,78238,78239,78240,78241,78242,78243,78245,78246,78247,78248,78249,78250,78251,78252,78253,78255,78256,78257,78258,78259,78260,78262,78263,78264,78265,78268,78269,78270,78275,78278,78279,78280,78283,78284,78285,78286,78287,78288,78289,78291,78292,78293,78294,78295,78296,78297,78298,78299,78656,78667,76877,76878,78582,78591,78956,77983,77474,78156,76245,77984,78387,78159,78957,77878,77879,76092,77381,77382,77383,77387,77391,77393,76082,78670,75148,78160,78671,75859,76681,76501,76503,76504,76505,76508,79852,76577,76687,76578,76483,75862,76579,79562,75701,75702,75704,75705,75707,75708,75709,75710,75711,75712,75713,75798,75799,78150,78801,78802,76689,77901,77902,77903,77904,77905,77968,77662,77670,76638,76640,76701,76702,76703,76704,76705,76707,76708,76710,76711,76714,76715,76716,76795,76797,76798,76799,78959,77484,77485,78962,78674,77486,76692,76301,76302,76305,76306,76307,76308,76309,76310,76311,76367,78676,75979,75990,77995,78164],"cities":{"abilene":{"label":"Abilene","counties":["Jones County","Taylor County"],"subdivisions":["118","901"],"zipcodes":["79601","79602","79603","79604","79605","79606","79607","79608","79697","79698","79699"]},"academy":{"label":"Academy","subdivisions":["Little River Academy","The Arbors Of River Spgs"]},"adamsville":{"label":"Adamsville","subdivisions":["River Bend Ranch"]},"adkins":{"label":"Adkins","subdivisions":["Eden Crossing"]},"alpine":{"label":"Alpine","counties":["Brewster County"],"subdivisions":["OT"],"zipcodes":["79830","79831","79832"]},"alvin":{"label":"Alvin","counties":["Brazoria County"],"zipcodes":["77511","77512","77515","77534","77541","77578","77583"]},"anahuac":{"label":"Anahuac","counties":["Chambers County"],"subdivisions":["Digiovanni Estates"],"zipcodes":["77514"]},"andice":{"label":"Andice","subdivisions":["Caughfield Larkspur"]},"anson":{"label":"Anson","counties":["Jones County"],"subdivisions":["Orphan Asylum Lands"],"zipcodes":["79501"]},"aransaspass":{"label":"Aransas Pass","counties":["Aransas County","Nueces County","San Patricio County"],"subdivisions":["East Dignowity","ISLAND PARK ESTATES"],"zipcodes":["78335","78336","78362"]},"argyle":{"label":"Argyle","counties":["Denton County"],"subdivisions":["Springfield"],"zipcodes":["76226"]},"arlington":{"label":"Arlington","counties":["Tarrant County"],"subdivisions":["Turf Club Estates Add"],"zipcodes":["75050","75052","76001","76002","76003","76004","76005","76006","76007","76010","76011","76012","76013","76014","76015","76016","76017","76018","76019","76040","76060","76063","76094","76096","76112","76119","76120"]},"atascosa":{"label":"Atascosa","subdivisions":["SW IRRIGATED FARMS"]},"athens":{"label":"Athens","counties":["Henderson County"],"subdivisions":["Reynolds Surv","South Platte"],"zipcodes":["75751","75752"]},"austin":{"label":"Austin","counties":["Bastrop County","Hays County","Travis County","Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["_rgn420-_rgn420","-",":HILLS AT ESTANCIA CONDOMINIUMS","0","05CBD","05SC2","1105 HOLLY ST CONDOS","1106 South Mdws Drive Condos B","1173 Webberville Road Condomin","1206 Deloney Street Condominiu","1306 West","1404 Southport Drive Condomini","1429 Webberville Road Condominium","1500 Summit Amd","1510 West 6th Street Condo","1600 S 1st Street Condo","1603 Willow Condos","1612 Miriam Condos","1612 Willow Street Condo","1615 East 7th Condos","1621 Enfield Condo Amd","1709 Em Franklin Sub","1710 Gdn Condos","17313 W BEACH ROAD","1904 E 16th st Condominiums","1C-Steiner Ranch Blvd","2020 Congress Condo","2100 Glendale Place Condominiu","2103 EAST 14TH STREET CONDOMINIUMS","2109 Riverview Condo","2207 Leon Street Condo","2210 Terrace At Live Oak Condo","2220 Leon Condo Amd","2304 Thornton Road Condominiums","2305 Coronado Condo","2412 Thornton Condo","2421 S 5th Street Sub","2503 South 6th Street Condomin","2505 Enfield Twnhms Condo","2506 Enfield Twnhms","2602 Alcott Lane Condos","2612 & 2614 Willow Condo","2802 Warren Street Condo","2804 Lafayette Condominums","30th Street Condominiums","3114 Soco","3405 Carol Ann Drive Condos","360 Condo","3605 Stoneridge Subdivision","4005 Clawson Condos","404 West Alpine Amd","41 Waller","41 Waller Lofts","4101 Menchaca","44 East","44 East Ave","44 East Ave Condominiums","44 East Ave Condos","44 East Avenue Condominiums","44 EAST CONDO","44 East Condos","4512 Mount Vernon Condos","48 EAST CONDOMINIUMS","48 East Condos","48 East Natiivo","4902 Santa Anna","5001 Woodrow Ave Condominiu","506 Cityview Condo","51 East","5305-09 Guadalupe Condo","58EAS","59cen","5th & West Condominiums","600 BLACKSON CONDOMINIUMS","6206 Felix Avenue Condo","6TH STREET BUSINESS","6th Street Condominiums","70 Rainey","70 Rainey Residences","70 RAINEY RESIDENCES CONDOMINIUMS","703 High Road Condos","7300 Congress","7525 Delafield Condos","811 West James Condos","8113 Baywood Drive Condo Amd","8411 Bowling Green Condo","8624 Fireside Dr Unit 201","8625 Fireside Dr Unit 15","8888 Tallwood Condo Amd","901 Bouldin Condo","908 Nueces Condos","911 Tillery Sub","913 Stobaugh Street Condos","921 East 51st Street Condo","A B M Survey-Anderson Mill","A F Smith","A Stewart","Abode Condo","ABS 24 DELVALLE S","ABS 2453 SUR 84 STEWART B K ACR .880","ABS 363 SUR 624 HYATT J J","Abstracts in Dripping Springs","Acorn","Addison","Addison Sec 1 Sub","Addison Sec 2 Sub","AGAVE","Agave, 969, Meadows At Trinity Crossing Ph 01-B","AISD Loyola Lane","Akoya Condo Amd","Akoya Condos","Aldea Del Sol Condo","Alder Condo","Aldridge Place","Alicante","Alicante Condo Twnhms Amd","Allandale Condos","Allandale Estates Sec 01","Allandale Estates Sec 04","Allandale North","Allandale North Sec 01","Allandale North Sec 02","Allandale North Sec 06","Allandale Oaks","Allandale Park Sec 01","Allandale Park Sec 02","Allandale Park Sec 04","Allandale Park Sec 05","Allandale Park Sec 06","Allandale Park Sec 08","Allandale Park Sec 09","Allandale Place Sec 01","Allandale Sec 03","Allandale Sec 04","ALLANDALE SEC 1","Allandale Terrace","Allandale Terrace Sec 02","Allandale Terrace Sec 02 Ph 04","Allandale The","Allandale West Sec 01","Allandale West Sec 02","Allandale West Sec 04","Allendale Condo Amd","Alta Mira Sec 1 At Circle C Ra","ALTA VISTA","Amarra Drive Ph 02","Amarra Drive Ph 03","Amber Oaks","Anderson Hill","Anderson Mill","Anderson Mill Center Ph 03","Anderson Mill Village","Anderson Mill Village 12","Anderson Mill Village South","Anderson T","Angelwylde Sec 03","Angus Ranch","Angus Trail Sec 01-A","Angus Valley 02","Angus Valley 04","Angus Valley Annex Sec 02","Angus Valley Annex Sec 03","Anthony W B","Apache Shore","Apache Shores","Apache Shores 01 Instl","Apache Shores Sec 02","Apache Shores Sec 03 Amd","Apache Shores Sec 04","Apache Shores Sec 05","Apache Shores Sec 06","Apache Shores Sec 07","Apache Shores Sec 5","Apple Tree Condo Amd","APPLEGATE","Appletree I","Aqua Monte Sec 02","Aqua Verde","Arboles Terrace","Arbor Ridge Condo Amd","Arbor Village Condo","Arboretum Park Cottages","Arboretum Park Residential Sub Condo","Arboretum Village Condo Amded","Arbors","Arbors At Riverside Condo","Arbors At Riverside Condo The","Arbors At Riverside Condominiums","Arbors at Turtle Rock","Arcadia Condo Amd","Arcadia Twnhms","Arichie Underwood Home","Ashbrook","Ashdale Gardens Condo","Ashley Oaks","Ashten Add","Ashton Green Condo","Attal","Austin City Lofts","Austin City Lofts Amd","Austin Colony","Austin Heights","Austin Highlands Sec 01","Austin Lake Estates Sec 01","Austin Lake Estates Sec 02","Austin Lake Estates Sec 03","Austin Lake Hills Sec 01","Austin Lake Hills Sec 02","Austin Lake Hills Sec 03","AUSTIN LAKE HILLS SEC 1","Austin Park Center Amd","Austin Proper","Austin Proper Residences","Austin Rivertree Condo","Austin Woods Amd","Austin's Colony","Austin's Colony Ph V Sec 3","Austin's Colony Sec 11","Austin's Colony Sec 13","Austins Colony","Austins Colony Ph 02","Austins Colony Ph 03","Austins Colony Ph 04","Austins Colony Ph 05 Sec 01","Austins Colony Sec 13","Austins Colony Sec 6A","Austins Colony Sec 6B","Austins Colony Sec 7a","Austins Colony Sec 7b","Austonian Condo Community","Avalon A","Avana Ph 3","Avana Ph One Sec Six","Ave B Condo","Avent R G 03 & 07ac Ofland Olt","Avery Brookside Ph 01","Avery Brookside Ph 02","Avery Estates","Avery Morrison Sub","Avery Ranch","Avery Ranch East Ph 01","Avery Ranch East Ph 01 Amd","Avery Ranch East Ph 02 Sec 01","Avery Ranch East Ph 02 Sec 02 Rep","Avery Ranch Far West Ph 01 Sec 01","Avery Ranch Far West Ph 01 Sec 02","Avery Ranch Far West Ph 01 Sec 03","Avery Ranch Far West Ph 01 Sec 04","Avery Ranch Far West Ph 01 Sec 05","Avery Ranch Far West Ph 01 Sec 06","AVERY RANCH FAR WEST PH 2 SEC 3","Avery Ranch Far West Ph 3 Sec","Avery Ranch Far West Ph Sec 02","AVERY RANCH GRANITE SHOALS","Avery Ranch West Condo","Avery Ranch West CondoS","Avery Ranch West Ph 01","Avery Ranch West Ph 02","Avery Ranch West Ph 02 Sec 04","Avery Ranch West Ph 1","Avery Ranch- Ingleside Condos","Avery South Sec 02","Avery South Sec 02 Ph 01","Avery South Sec 02 Ph 05","Avery South Sec 02 Ph 06","Avery Station Sec 1A Ph 1","Avi Goodnight Ranch Condos","AVI Townhome Condominiums","Aviara Condo","Avion Park Condos Bldg 6","Avon Heights Sec 01","Avon Heights Sec 07","Axiom East","Bahn's Subdivision","Baker","Balcones Commons Offices Amd","Balcones Drive Bus Center Office Co","Balcones Greene Sec 01","Balcones Oaks","Balcones Park Add Sec 02","Balcones Park Add Sec 05","Balcones Place Condo 07 Amd","Balcones Place Condo Se","Balcones Towers Condo","Balcones Village","Balcones Village Sec 03 Ph C","Balcones Village Sec 04","Balcones Village Sec 06","Balcones Village Sec 10","Balcones Village Sec 11","Balcones West","Balcones West Sec 02","Balcones Woods Sec 02","Baldwins Point Resub","Bamboo Grove Luxury Condos","Banister Acres","Banister Acres Condo Am","Banister Acres Sec 02","Banister Heights","BANISTER LANE CONDOMINIUMS PLUS 5","Bank of the Hills Office Park","Bank of The Hills Office Park Condo","Bank Of The Hills Office Park Condos","Barker Ranch At Shady Hollow","Barrington Oaks Sec 01","Barrington Oaks Sec 05","Barrington Oaks Sec 07","Barrington Oaks Sec 10","Barrington Oaks Sec 11","Barrington Oaks Sec 4","Barrington Oaks Sec 9","Barrows Lakeside Add","Barton Creek","Barton Creek Abc West Ph 01","Barton Creek Abc West Ph 02","Barton Creek Highlands Sec 01a","Barton Creek Meadows","Barton Creek Ph 02 Sec H","Barton Creek Preserve","Barton Creek Sec G Ph 01","Barton Creek Sec G Ph 02","Barton Creek Sec G Phs 2","Barton Creek Sec J Ph 02","Barton Creek Twnhms Amd","Barton Creek West","Barton Heights","Barton Heights A","Barton Heights B","Barton Hills","Barton Hills Neighborhood","Barton Hills Sec 01","Barton Hills Sec 02","Barton Hills Sec 03","Barton Hills Sec 03A","Barton Hills Sec 05","Barton Hills Sec 06","Barton Hills Sec 2","BARTON HILLS SEC 3","BARTON HILLS SEC 3A","Barton Hills West Sec 01","Barton Hollow","Barton Oaks Sec 03","Barton Spgs Park","Barton Terrace Condo","Barton Terrace Sec 05","Barton View Sec 04","Barton View Sec 3 Barton View Sec 2 Re","Barton View Sec 3 & Barton Vie","Barton Village Sec 02","Barton Village Sec 03","BARTON VILLAGE SEC 3","Bartonplace Condo","BartonPlace Condominium","Battle Bend Spgs Sec 03","Bauerle Ranch","Bawcom","Beacon Ridge Twnhms Condo","Beaconridge 03","Beaconridge 04-A","BEACONRIDGE IV B","Beaconridge West","Bear Creek Oaks","Bear Creek Oaks # 2","Bear Creek Oaks Sec 2","Beau Site","Bebys Ranch 01","Bebys Ranch 03","Beckett Meadows Sec 01","Beckett Meadows Sec 1","Beckett Place","Beckett Place Twnhms A Condo","Bee Caves West","Bee Creek Hills","Beecave Woods","Beecave Woods Sec 01","Beecave Woods Sec 02","Beecave Woods Sec 03","Beecave Woods Sec 04","Bel Air Condo Amd","BEL AIR CONDOMINIUMS AMENDED PLUS","Belcher W C","Belhaven Sec 01","Belhaven Sec 02","BELL AVENUE","Bella Colinas","Bella Colinas Secs 3,4,5 & 6","Bella Fortuna Ph 2 Sub","BELLA FORTUNA PHS 1","Bella Montagna Estates","Bella Montagna, Lakeway, Round Mountain Estates 02","Bella Terra Condo Amd","Bella Terra Condo Ph 02 Amd","BELLAIRE","Bellaire Heights","Bellingham","Bellingham 40s","Bellingham Mdws Ph 2 Sec 2","Bellingham Mdws Ph Ii Sec 1","Bellingham Meadows","Bellingham Meadows Sec 1","BELTERRA","Belterra 60s","Belterra Ph 02 Sec 02","Belterra Ph 1 Sec 5A","Belterra Ph 1 Sec 8","Belterra Ph 2 Sec 4","Belterra Ph 4 Sec 12A","Belterra Ph 4 Sec 12B","Belterra Ph 4 Sec 19a","Belterra Ph 4 Sec 19B","Belterra Ph 5 Sec 10","Belterra Ph II Sec 2","Belterra Ph II Sec 9a","Belterra Sec 15","Belterra Sec 16","Belterra Sec 21-1","Belterra Sec 21-2","Belvedere","Belvedere Ph 01","Belvedere Ph 02","Belvedere Ph 03","Belvedere Ph 04","Belvedere Ph Vi","Belvedere Ph Vii-B","Benchmark Condo Amd","Bend At Nuckols Crossing Ph 01","Bensons","Beverly Hills Sec 01","Big Country Annex","Big Country Sec 1","Big Country Sec 2","Bills Add","Bills Add Sec 01","Bird Nest Sub","Black A K 01","Black A K 02","BLACK A K SUBD NO 1","Black Mckinley","Block 072 Original City","Block 078 Original City","Block 097 Original City","Block 153 Original City","Block 177 Original City","BLOCK 188","Block 188 Condos","Block 21 Condos","Blue Bonnet Gardens","Blue Bonnet Hills","Blue Dawn","Blue Hills Estates Sec 02","Bluebonnet Lane Cityhomes Condo","Bluebonnet Lofts","Bluff Side Add","Bluff View","Bluffington Sec 02 Resub","Bluffs At Balcones","Bluffs Condo Amd","Bluffs University Hills Sec 01","Boat Shop Dev","Bobcat Ridge","Boes C J Resub Buddington","BOES C J RESUB OF","Bolm Road Acres","Boswell W A","Bouldin","Bouldin Add North Ext","Bouldin Creek","Bouldin Creek Condo Amd","Bouldin D W","Bouldin J E Estate","Bouldin James E Add","BOULDIN JAMES E ADDN","Bouldin Oaks 02","Bouldin Place Condos","Boulevard A Condo Amd","Boulevard Heights","Bowling Green","Bradshaw Crossing","Bradshaw Crossing Sec 03","Bradshaw Crossing Sec 05","Bradshaw Crossing Sub Sec 10","Bradshaw Crossing Sub Sec 6","Bradshaw Crossing Sub Sec 7","Bradshaw Xing Sub Sec 12","Bradshaw Xing Sub Sec 7","Braes Ridge Add Sec 01","Braes Ridge Add Sec 02","Branch Creek Estates Mh Park","Brandywine Condo Amd","Braswell","Bratton Hill","Bratton Hill 40's","Bratton Park Sec 01","Bratton Park Sec 02","Brazos Lofts Condo Amd","Breakwater","BREEZY HOLLOW ADDN SEC NO 2","Bremond Walter Jr Resub","Brentwood","Brentwood Terrace","Brentwood Villas","Bridges On The Park Amd","Brigadoon Townhomes","Brigadoon Twnhms Ph 01","Brigadoon Twnhms Ph 02","Brigadoon Twnhms Ph 04","Brill Arno 03","Brinwood Sec 01","Brinwood Sec 03","Brinwood Sec 04","Broadacres","Broadacres Sub Resub Of Lt 1","Brodie Heights Condo Amd","Brodie Heights Condominiums","Brook Hollow Add Sec 02","Brook Meadow","Brooks","Brooksdale","Brookside Estates","Brookside Villas Condo Amd","Brookswood","Brown Bldg Lofts Condo Amd","Brown Herman Add","Brown Herman Add 02 Sec 01","Brown Herman Add 02 Sec 04","Brown Herman Add 02 Sec 05","Brown Herman Addn","Brown J Gordon","Brown J S","Brown M L Add","BROWN W","Brunsmann Subdivision","Brushy Creek Village Pud","Brushy Crk Village Sec 02","Bruton Spgs","Bruton Springs","Bruton Springs Subd","Brykerwoods B","Brykerwoods C","Brykerwoods E","Brykerwoods F","Brykerwoods G","Brykerwoods Resub Of Lts 10-12","Buckingham Estate PHS 3 SEC","Buckingham Estates","Buckingham Estates Ph 03 Sec 04","Buckingham Estates Ph 04 Sec A","Buckingham Estates Ph 04 Sec B","Buckingham Estates Ph 3 Sec 3","Buckingham Estates Ph Iii Sec","BUCKINGHAM ESTATES PHS 3 SEC","Buckingham Estates Sec 01","Buckingham Ests Brentwood Vill","Buckingham Place Comm Area","Buckingham Place Sec 01","Buckingham Place Sec 02","Buckingham Place Sec 05","Buckingham Place Sec 4","Buckingham Ridge Sec 01","Buckingham Ridge Sec 02","Buckingham Ridge Sec 04","Buckingham Ridge Sec 05","Buddington","Buena Vista","Buena Vista Condo","BUENA VISTA CONDOMINIUMS","Buffalo Gap","BULL CREEK CONDOMINIUMS","Bungalows","Bungalows At The Forty Acres C","Bungalows At The Forty Acres Condo","Buratti & Cherico","Burba Ranch","BURLESON","Burleson Road Heights","Burnet Heights","Burnet Heights in Crestview area","Burnet Road Terrace Resub","Burns Street Condos","Byrnes James","Byrnes James Subd","C","C D N Add 02","Calvert Add","Cambridge Condo Amd","Camelot","Camelot Sec 02","Camelot Sec 02 Ph 02","Camelot West","Cameron Park Sec 02","Cameron Park Sec 03","Campion","Cannon Ridge Condo","Cannon Ridge Condo Amd","Cannon W","Canopy At Hudson Bend","Canopy at Westgate Grove","CANOPY AT WESTGATE GROVE CONDOMINIUMS","Canterbury Square","Canterbury Trails Sec 02","Canterbury Trails Sec 03","Canterbury Trails Sec 05","Canyon Creek Sec 01","Canyon Creek Sec 17","Canyon Creek Sec 19A","Canyon Creek Sec 20","Canyon Creek Sec 21","Canyon Creek Sec 25","Canyon Creek Sec 31","Canyon Creek Sec 33","Canyon Mesa Ph 01","Canyon Ridge Ph A Sec 02","Canyon Rim","Canyons At Lake Travis","Capital Heights","Cardinal Hills","Cardinal Hills Condo Am","Cardinal Hills Estates","Cardinal Hills Estates Unit 11","Cardinal Hills Estates Unit 12","Cardinal Hills Estates Unit 13","Cardinal Hills Estates Unit 14","Cardinal Hills Estates Unit 15","Cardinal Hills Estates Unit 16","Cardinal Hills Unit 02","Cardinal Hills Unit 03","Cardinal Hills Unit 04","Cardinal Hills Unit 05","Cardinal Hills Unit 06","Cardinal Hills Unit 07","Cardinal Lane Condo","Carrell Oaks Sec 02","Carrington","Carrolls L W","Cascade Condominium","Cascade Condominiums","Cascades at Onion Creek","Castle Hill Terrace Condo Amd","Castlewood Forest Sec 06","Castlewood Forest Sec 07","Caswell Lofts Condo","Cat Mountain North","Cat Mountain Villas","Cat Mountain Villas Sec 03 A","Cat Mountain Villas Sec 03B","CATALPA PLACE CONDOMINIUMS","Cavalier Park Sec 03","Cavallo Park","Cayena Creekside","Cebar Ranch Lakeview Acres","Cedar Bend","Cedar Valley","Celias Court Condos.","Celias Court\/908 Nueces Condo","Ceniza Condo","Centennial Condo Rev 1997","Centennial Condominiums - Revised 1","Central","Central East","Central Insurance Add","Century Condo","Century Park Condo","Cerca at The Domain Condominiums","Chambord Condo Rev 1999","Chamonix Condo Amd","CHAMONIX CONDOMINIUMS","CHAMONIX CONDOMINIUMS AMENDE","Champion","Champions Forest","Chandler Crk Sec 15 Final","Chaparral Crossing","Chaparral Crossing Condo Amd","Chaparral Village Amd","Chapman Doyle","Chapparal Crossing","Charleston Place I-B","Chasewood Add","Cherico 01","CHERNOSKY","Chernosky 02","Chernosky 03","Chernosky 04","Chernosky 08","Chernosky 09","Chernosky 11","Chernosky 12","Chernosky 15","CHERNOSKY 16","Chernosky 17","Chernosky M E","CHERNOSKY NO 8","Cherry Creek","Cherry Creek East","Cherry Creek Ph 03 Sec 01","Cherry Creek Ph 03 Sec 03","Cherry Creek Ph 06 Sec 01","Cherry Creek Ph 06 Sec 02 Amd","Cherry Creek Ph 06 Sec 04","Cherry Creek Ph 07 Sec 01 Amd","Cherry Creek Ph 07 Sec 02","Cherry Creek Ph 07 Sec 03","Cherry Creek Ph 08 Sec 02-A","Cherry Creek Ph 08 Sec 04","Cherry Creek Ph 08 Sec 06","Cherry Creek Ph Iv Sec 1 Resu","Cherry Creek Ph V Sec 01","Cherry Creek Sec 09-A","Cherry Creek Sec 11","Cherry Creek Sec 14","Cherry Creek V","Cherry Hill Park Phs ll","Cherry Hills","Cherry Meadows","Cherry Mountain Ph 02","Cherrylawn Sec 01","Cherrylawn Sec 02","Cherrylawn Sec 06","Cherrylawn Sec 6","Chesnut","Chestnut","Chestnut Commons A Condo","Chimney Corners Twnhs","Chimney Creek","Chimney Creek Condo","Chimney Hills North","Chula Vista","Chunn Subd","Cinnamon Path Condo 1601","Circle C Golf Estates Ph 02","CIRCLE C RANCH","Circle C Ranch Ph A Sec 01","Circle C Ranch Ph A Sec 05","Circle C Ranch Ph A Sec 06","Circle C Ranch Ph B Sec 01","Circle C Ranch Ph B Sec 02","Circle C Ranch Ph B Sec 03","Circle C Ranch Ph B Sec 11","Circle C Ranch Ph B Sec 13","Circle C Ranch Ph B Sec 16","Circle C Ranch Ph B Sec 18","Circle C Ranch Ph B Sec 20-A","Circle C Ranch Ph C Sec 08","Circle C Ranch Ph C Sec 08-A","Circle C Ranch Ph C Sec 08-B","Circle C Ranch Ph C Sec 09","Circle C Ranch Phs B Sec 11","CIRCLE C RANCH PHS B SEC 3","Circle C, Hielscher Sec 07","Circle C, Hielscher Sec 15","CIRCLE S RIDGE","Circle S Ridge Sec 01","City Scene Apartments","Claircrest Add Sec 01","Clark C","clarksville","Clarksville Heights Condo","Clawson Place Condominiums","Clear Creek Add","Clear Creek Add Sec 2","Clifford-Sanchez","Cliffs Austin","Cloverleaf","Club Heights","Coachlight Condo Ph I-III","Coffeeville","Coffman Roxan Add","Colemans Add","Coleto Condominiums","Colina Vista Condo Amd","College Court","COLLEGE HEIGHTS","College Heights Add","Colleys Henry Home Tr","Collinwood West Sec Ii-A","Collinwood West Sec Ii-C","Colonial Hills Sec 01","Colonial Hills Sec 02","Colonial Hills Sec 03","Colonial Park Amd","Colonial Trails Sec 01","Colony Meadows Sec 01","Colony Meadows Sec 02","Colony North Sec 02","Colony Park","Colony Park Sec 01 Ph 01","Colony Park Sec 01 Ph 02","COLONY PARK SEC 1 PHS 4 A","Colorado Crossing","Colorado Crossing 02 Sec 01","Colorado Crossing 02 Sec 02","Colorado Crossing 02 Sec 04","Colorado Crossing IV Sec 3","Colorado Crossing IV Sec 6-A","COLORADO HILLS ESTATES SEC 01","Colorado Hills Estates Sec 02","Columbia Oaks Condo","Comache Trail","Comanche Canyon Ranch","Comanche Canyon Ranch Sec 01","Comanche Pass Sec 02","Comanche Trail","Comanche Trail 02","Comanche Trail 03","Comanche Trail 03 Resub","Comanche Trail Estates Sec 03","Comer Add","Commons At Avery Ranch Condo","Commons At Cross Valley Run","Commons\/Avery Ranch Condos","Community Fairview Sec 01","Community Fairview Sec 03","Community Fairview Sec 06","Comsite 02","Concord Village Condo","Condo","Condominium De Saligny Amd","Condominiums At 1618 Haskell","Condominiums At 1618 Haskell Plus 50% Int In Com A","CONDOMINIUMS PLUS 59.0 % INT IN COM AREA","Condominiums\/Parker Ranch Ph 3","Congress Lofts Condominiums","CONGRESS PARK","Conners Add","Convenient Courts","Convict Hill","Convict Hill Sec 02","Cook Gerald T Sec 01","Cook Gerald T Sub Sec 2 Amd","Cook-Walden Add","Cooper Lane Condo","Cooper Oaks Sec 01","Cooper Oaks Sec 01-A","Cooper Oaks Sec 02","Cooper Oaks Sec 02-A","Cooper Villas","Cooper Villas Condo","Cooper's Square","Copper Lane","Copperfield","Copperfield Sec 01 Ph C","Copperfield Sec 01 Ph D","Copperfield Sec 02-A Amd","Copperfield Sec 02-B Amd","Copperfield Sec 03-B","Copperfield Sec 03-C","COPPERFIELD SEC 1 PHS E","Copperfield Sec 2-d","Copperfield Sec 3-c","Copperfield Twnhms Ph 03","Copperstone","Coppertree Condo Ph 03","Coppertree Condo Ph I","Coppertree Condo Ph Vamended","Coppertree Condominiums","COPPERTREE CONDOMINIUMS PHS","Coppertree Condominiums Phs V Amend","Coronado Hills Sec 01","Corser 02","Costa Bella","Cottage Court Condo Amd","Cottages At Champions Forest","Cottages At Lake Creek Condo","Cottages at Northwoods at Avery Ranch","Cottages At Spillman Ridge Con","Cottages At Spillman Ridge Condo","Cottages At Spillman Ridge Condominiums","Cottages On Duval Condo","Council Ridge Condominia Amd","Country Club Gardens Sec 01","Country Club Gardens Sec 03","Country Club Gardens Sec 04","Country Club Gardens Sec 1","Country Club Heights","Countryside Sec 01","Courtyard At Preserve Condo T","Courtyard Condo Amd","Courtyard Hms\/Anderson Oaks Ph","Courtyard Hms\/Cobblestone Ph 07","Courtyard Homes At Anderson Oaks Condo Ph 03","Courtyard Homes At Cobblestone Condo Ph 05","Courtyard Ph 02","Courtyard Ph 03-A","Courtyard Ph 06","Courtyards At Onion Creek Condo","Cove Circle C","COVE CONDIMINIUMS","Covenant estates","Coventry Place","Covered Bridge Sec 04","Craigwood","Craigwood Sec 02","Craigwood Sec 1","Creedmoor","Creek Bend Condo Amd","Creeks Edge","Creekside","Creekside at Pioneer Crossing West","Creekside Homes Condo","Creekside Ph I","Creekside Terrace Condo","Creekside\/Pioneer Xing West Co","Crest Haven Addition","Crest Hills Sec 02","Crestland","Crestview","Crestview Add Sec 01","Crestview Add Sec 03","Crestview Add Sec 04","Crestview Add Sec 04 Resub","Crestview Add Sec 05","Crestview Add Sec 07","Crestview Add Sec 08","Crestview Add Sec 09","Crestview Add Sec 12","Crestview Addn Sec 3","Crestview Sec 2 Resub Of Pt Of","Crestview Station Resub Of Lt","Crestview Townhomes","Crist Land Add","Croix Condo Amd","Croix Condominiums Amended","Crossing At Bouldin Creek The","Crossing at Onion Creek","Crossing At Onion Creek Sec 02","Crossing At Onion Creek Sec 3&","Crossing At Onion Creek Sec 3&4 Amended","Crossing Gardenhomes Ii The","Crown Colony Villas Amd","Crown Ridge Village Sec 01","Crown Ridge Village Sec 02","Crows","CUELLAR SUSIE & MARTIN SUBD","Cullen Ave Condo","Curtis Condominiums","D & J Properties","Dan Jean Oaks","Dancy Add","Dancy Addn","Davenport Ranch","Davenport Ranch Ph 01 Sec 01","Davenport Ranch Ph 01 Sec 03","Davenport Ranch Ph 03 Sec 04","Davenport Ranch Ph 05 Sec 01","Davenport Ranch Ph 07 Sec 03","Davis and Dawson","Davis Place Twnhms Amd","Davis Spring","DAVIS SPRING 3B","Davis Spring Sec 03-A","Davis Spring Sec 03-D Amd","Davis Spring Sec 06-B","Dawson","Dayton Wayne T Add","Dean Terrace","Deaton Hill Condominiums","Deatonhill Condo Amd","Deberry","Decker I","Deep Eddy Heights","Deer Creek","Deer Park At Maple Run Sec 11-","Deer Park Sec 01","Deer Park Sec 03","Deer Park Sec 05","Deer Park Section 4","Deerbrook Village Anderson Mill","Deets E H Et Al Estate","Del Curto","Del Curto Place","del Valle","Del valle S","Delano Condominiums","Delcrest Add Sec 02","Delphi Condo","Delvalle","Delwood 04 East Sec 01","Delwood Heights","Delwood Sec 01","Delwood Sec 02","Delwood Sec 03","Delwood Sec 04","Delwood Sec 3","Delwood Terrace Comm Area","Delwood Terrace Sec 01","Denizen Condo Amd","Dessau Ridge","Dessau Ridge Office Condo","Destiny Hills Sec 2","Dittmar A B 02","Dittmar Crossing","DIV D GRAHAM","Division A","Division B","Division C","Division D","Division E","Division O","Division Z","Dixie Terrace","DOMAIN SOUTH END","Donna Gardens","Dorsett Oaks","Dove Spgs Ph 03","Dove Spgs Ph 04","Dove Spgs Ph 04 Amd","Dove Spgs Sec 02 Ph 02","Dove Springs","DOWNEY & JOHNSON ADDN","Downtown","Drew Lane Add","Driving Park Add","Driving Park Add 02","Dry Creek West Condo","DSEAH","Duggan T H","Duty J","DUVAL VILLAS","Duval Villas 02","Duval Villas A-1","Duval Villas-A","East 17th Street Residences","East 18th Street Condo","East 5th Condos","East austin","East Ave","EAST AVE CONDOMINIUMS","East Cesar Chavez","East End Flats Amd","East Grove","East Parke","East Shore Condos","East University Place Condos","Eastfield","Eastfield Add","Eastline Condominiums","Eastline Condominum","Eastline Condos","Easton","Easton Park","Easton Park 50's","Easton Park 60's","Easton Park Ph 2 Sec 2B","Easton Park Sec 1A","Easton Park Sec 1C","Easton Patk","Easton Pk Ph 1 Sec 3A","Eastover","Eastwood","Eastwood At Riverside","Eastwood Vlg Condo","Eastwood\/Riverside Ii Condos","Ebony Acres","Eck Lane","Edge Cliff","Edgecliff","Edgecliff NW Condo Amd","Edgecliff NW Condos","Edgecreek Condo Amd","Edgecreek Condos","Edgefield Add","Edgemont","Edgewick","Edgewick Condo","Edgewick Condominiums","Edinburgh Gardens","Edinburgh Gardens Sec 01","Edinburgh Gardens Sec 02","Edward Joseph Sub","Edwards John M Estate","Eight Hundred Banister Place","Eleanor Heights","Elisha Allen Abs 18","Elm Grove Add","Elmhurst","Elmhurst Heights Sec 03","Elmhurst Heights Sec No 1","ELMS CONDOMINIUMS THE","EM Franklin Sub","Emerald Forest","Emerald Forest Sec 01","Emerald Forest Sec 03","Emerald Forest Sec 04","Emerald Forest Sec 05","Emerald Point","Encino Terrace","Enclave At Alta Vista","Enclave At Alta Vista Amd","Enclave At Commanders Point Am","Enclave At Covered Bridge","Enclave at Dulce Lane","Enclave at Estancia","Enclave At Kollmeyer Spgs","Enclave at Walnut Springs","Enclave At Westgate","Enclave Sec 1 At The Villageso","Ends On 06","Enfield 10","Enfield A","Enfield B","ENFIELD C","Enfield Challenge Condo","Enfield E","Enfield E-H South Ext","ENFIELD F","Enfield Place Condo","Enfield Plaza Condo","Enfield Twnhms","EP RESIDENTIAL CONDOMINIUMS","Ep Residential Condos","Escala At San Gabriel Condo","Escala\/San Gabriel Condos","Esperanza Domain","Estancia","Estancia Hill Country Sub Ph 3","Estates Above Lost Creek","Estates At Hunters Chase Sec 01","Estates At Hunters Chase Sec 02","Estates At Sawyer Ranch","Estates Bauerle Ranch","Estates Of Flintrock The","Estates of Lewis Mountain","Este Condo","Eubank Acres Sec 02","Fair Grounds Add","Fairmont Park Sec 02","Fairview Commons Condo Amd","Fairview Heights","Fairview Park","Fairview Park Resub Of Lt 4 B","Fairway Club Add","Fairway Greens Sec 01","Fairway Ridge Amd","Fairways At Steiner Ranch","Falconhead","Falconhead \/ Spillman Ranch","Falconhead West","Falconhead West Ph 1 Sec 2 &","Falconhead, Spillman Ranch","Far West Skyline Condo","Faulk Henry","Faulks","Fawn Ridge Sec 01","Fellman Heights","Fieldstone","Fiesta Apts 02","Fifth & West","FIFTH & WEST RESIDENCES","FIFTY ONE EAST","Fifty One East Condos","Firehouse Bus Center","Firehouse Business Center","FISCHER ADDN","Fiset Place","Fiskville School Add","Fitzhugh","Fitzhugh J G & Henry","Fitzhugh Park Condominium","Fitzhugh Town Center Condo","Five Fifty 05 Condo","Five Fifty 05 Condo Amd","Five Fifty Five Condominiums","Five Hundred Five Bellevue Place Co","Flagstone Terrace Condo","Flagstone Terrace Condo Ph 02","Flamingo Condo","Flats on Wilson","Flats\/935 Condos Bldg 1","Flats\/935 Condos Bldg 2","Flats\/935 Condos Bldg 4","Flint Rock Road Area","Flintrock At Hurst Creek","Flintrock At Hurst Creek Ph 01","Flintrock At Hurst Creek Ph 02","Flintrock At Hurst Creek Ph 03","Flintrock At Hurst Creek Ph 07 Amd","Flintrock Falls","Flournoy","Flournoy & Jones 04 Sec 01","Flournoy Heights Sec 02","Flournoy M H 02","Flournoy M H Sec 01","FLOURNOYS EASTERN HILLS","Flournoys Eastern Hills Sec 03","Flournoys Eastern Hills Sec 04","Flournoys Eastern Hills Sec 1","Flournoys Sweetbriar","Flournoys Sweetbriar Sec 02","Flournoys Sweetbriar Sec 03","Flournoys Sweetbriar Sec 06","Flournoys Sweetbriar Sec 11","FLOURNOYS SWEETBRIAR SEC V","Foothills Barton Creek","Foothills of Barton Creek","Ford Oaks","Ford Oaks Annex","Ford Oaks Annex Resub","Ford Place","Ford Place 01","Ford Place 02","Forest Bluff","Forest Bluff Sec 03","Forest Bluff Sec 04","Forest Bluff Sec 05","Forest Hills","Forest Hills A Add","FOREST MESA","FOREST NORTH ESTATES","Forest North Estates Ph 2","Forest North Estates Ph 3","Forest North Estates Ph 4","Forest Oaks","Forest Oaks Sec 02","Forest Park","Forrest Hills","Fort Branch Creek Subdivision","Fort View Hills Sec 01","Fortune Estates Sec 03","Fortview Add","Foster","Four Points","Four Seasons Fall Sec","Four Seasons Spring Sec","Four Seasons Summer Sec","Fourteen Belmont Park Condomin","FOURTEENTH FAIRWAY CONDOMINIUMS","FOURTH & CONDOMINIUMS","Fourth & Condos","Fowler Heights","Fox Hollow Condo","Fox Hollow Condo Amd","Fox Schmidt","Foxfield","Frank Condominiums","Franklin Park Amd","Frazee Jerry D","Fredericksburg Road Acres","Free & Williams","Freewater Add","Friendship Ranch Ph Ii","Friendship Ranch Phase II","Frontier At Montana Amd","Frontier Village Sec 03","Fruth Add","Fruth Addn","Gabardine Condo","Gables Condo","Gables Park Plaza","Gabriels Court","Galileo At 25 Condo","Galindo","Galleria Walk Ph 3-5","Gamez Amd","Ganzert Park 01","Garcia Willie C","Garden Oaks","Garden Oaks Sec 02","Garden Villa Estates","Gardens At Covered Bridge Condo Amd","Gardens Of Balcones Community","Gardens Westlake","Gardner Aaron P","Gardner Road Condominiums","Garrison","Garrison Park","Gary & Peck","Gaston Park","GATEWAY CONDOMINIUMS","Gazebo Condo","Gazebo Condominiums","Geneva Estates Sec 01","Georgetowne Square","Georgian Acres","Georgian Acres -Dean Terrace","Georgian Condo","Georgian Terrace","GERALD COOK","Gilbert D J","Gilbert J","GILBERT LANE","Gilbert Lane Ph 4","Giles Place Sec 02","GILLESPIE","Gillis Heights","Glencoe Sub Amd","Glenmar Sec 02","Glenwood Add","Glenwood Add Resub Of Lts 10","Glenwood Addn","Glenwood Square","Glissman Add","Goldenwood Iii","Goldenwood West Sec 04","Goldenwood West Sec 1, Driftwood, Dripping Springs","Goldenwood West Sec 2","Goldenwood West Sec 3","Goldenwood West Sec IV","Golf Club At Avery Ranch Avery Morrison Blk","Good Land Farms","Goodnight Ranch","Goodnight Ranch Ph 1 Sec 2","Goodnight Ranch Ph 1A Sec 7","Goodnight Ranch Ph 2 East Sec","Goodnight Ranch Townhomes","Govalle","GOVERNORS HILL BARTON CREEK","Gracy Meadow Condo Amd","Gracy Woods","Gracywoods","Gracywoods Pud Sec 02","Gracywoods Sec 01","Gracywoods Sec 03","Gracywoods Sec 04","Gracywoods Sec 05","Gracywoods Sec 08","Gracywoods Sec 09 & 10","GRACYWOODS SEC 5","Graham Place Condo Amd","Graham Subd","Granada Estates","Granada Estates Sec 02","Granada Estates Sec 06","Granada Hills Amd","Grand Oaks Amd","Grandview Hills, The Parke","Grandview Place","Grange Commons","Grant Park","Gravity","Gravity ATX","Gravity ATX Condominiums","Gravity Atx Condos","GravityATX","Great Hills","Great Hills 01","Great Hills 02","Great Hills 20","Great Hills 21","Great Hills 22","Great Hills 23","Great Hills 7-a","Great Hills 8-A","Great Hills Sec 10","Great Hills Sec 32","Great Hills Street Dedication","Great Oaks At Brushy","Green Acres","Green Hills","Green Valley 01","Green Valley 02","Green Valley 1 Amd","GREENBRIAR","Greenbriar Sec 01","Greenbriar Sec 02","Greenbriar Sec 03","Greenbriar Sec 04","GREENBRIAR SEC 1","Greene At Toro Canyon Condo","Greenpoint Austin Condo","Greenshores On Lake Austin Ph","Greenshores\/Lk Austin Ph 01","Greenslopes Ph 01","Greenview On Barton Creek Condo","Greenview Row Condominiums","GREENWOOD FOREST","Greenwood Forest Sec 01","Greenwood Forest Sec 02","Greenwood Heights","Greenwood Hills Sec 02","Greenwood Hills Sec 05","Greenwood Hills Sec 06","GREENWOOD HILLS SEC 4","Greenwood Towers Amd","GREENWOOD TOWERS AMENDED","Greggs J W Resub Of A Pt Of Cr","Grey Rock Village At Anderson Mill","Greyrock Ridge Ph 1","Greyrock Ridge Ph 2","Greystone\/Prock Condos","Griffin Condo","Grooms Add","Grover - St Johns Condo","Groves Los Indios Condos Ph 02","Guadalupe 31 Condo","Guadalupe Square Condo","Guadalupe Square Condominiums","Guest Quarters Of Academy Plac","Guild Condominiums","Guild Loft Condominiums","Gullett Gardens","Gullett Gardens 02","Gypsy Grove","H A Add","H H H R Resub","Habidad Condo Amd","Hacienda Condominiums","HADLEY WM A","Hager Olen E","Hailey Ranch","Hamilton C A","Hamilton J R","Hamilton Norris Sec 01","Hancock","Hancock Lewis","Hancock Lewis Resub","Hancock Park","Hancock Professional Condo","Harmon Terrace","Harmony Heights Add Amd","Harper Park","Harper Park Condominiums","Harper Park Condos","Harper W A","Harpers","HARPERS SUBD","Harrington","Harris Branch","Harris Branch Ph 01-A Sec 02","Harris Branch Ph 01-B Sec 02","Harris Branch Ph 01-D","Harris Branch Tr E-68 Sec 1","Harris Branch Tract E-68 Sec 2","Harris Park Add","Harris Ridge Ph 01 Sec 02","Harris Ridge Ph 02 Sec 01 Rep","Harris Ridge Ph 03 Sec 03","Harris Ridge Ph 04 Sec A-1","Harrisdale","Hartkopf","Hartkopf Annex","Hartwell","Hartwell Add","Harvey","Harwood","Hatley Park Estates","HAVANA CONDOMINIUMS","Haven","Hawkridge","Headway 08","Heatherwood","Heatherwood Condo Ph 02","Hegman Sub","Heights At Loma Vista","Heights at Vista Parke Condominiums","Heights\/Vista Parke Condos","Heritage Condo Amd","Heritage Condominiums Amended The","Heritage Hills Sec 01","Heritage Hills Sec 03","Heritage Oaks","Heritage Oaks At Pearson","Heritage Oaks Sec 02 B","Heritage Oaks Sec 2-A","Heritage Square Condo","Heritage Walk","Hidrogo Navarro","Hielscher Sec 01","Hielscher Sec 07","Hielscher Sec 11","High Pointe","High Pointe Ph IV Sec Two","High Pointe Ph V Sec One","High Road View","Highland","Highland Club Village Sec","Highland Club Village Sec 01","Highland Club Village Sec 1","Highland Hills","Highland Hills Northwest","Highland Hills Northwest Sec 03","Highland Hills Sec 01","Highland Hills Sec 05 Ph 02","Highland Hills Sec 06 Ph 02A","Highland Hills Sec 07 Ph 01","Highland Hills Sec 09 Ph 02","Highland Horizon","Highland Horizon Ph 01","Highland Horizon Ph Iv","Highland Oaks Sec 02","Highland Park","HIGHLAND PARK WEST","Highland Park West Condo Amd","Highland Park West Sec 03","Highland Park West Sec 04","Highland Terrace","Highland Village Sec 01","Highland Village Sec 02 Pt 01","Highland Village Sec 02 Pt 02","Highland Village Sec 02 Pt 04","Highland Village Sec 04","Highlands","Highlands At Oak Forest","Highlands University Hills","Highpointe","Highpointe Condo","Highpointe Ph Ii Sec Two-B","HighPointe Ph V Sec One","Hill","Hill Country Ph 01","Hill Country Ph 02-A","Hill Country Ph 02-B","Hill Lou H Mrs","Hillcrest Ph 02","Hillcrest Sec 03","Hillcrest Sec 2","Hillcrest Village","Hills at Estancia","HILLS AT ESTANCIA CONDOMINIUMS","Hills Lakeway Ph 03","Hills Lost Creek Sec 01","Hills Lost Creek Sec 02","Hills Lost Creek Sec 04 Ph A","Hills Lost Creek Sec 04 Ph B","Hills Lost Creek Sec 05","Hills Lost Creek Sec 07-A","Hills Lost Creek Sec 08","Hills of Bear Creek","Hills of Estancia","HILLS OF LAKEWAY PHS 1 THE","Hills Of Lakeway Phs 6 The","Hills Of Lakeway Phs 6, The hills","Hills Of Texas Estates","Hills\/Estancia Condos Ph 8 Un","Hillside Amd The","Hillside Oaks","Hillside Spgs","Hillside\/Spanish Oaks","Hilltop Add","Hillview Green","Hillview Oaks","Hinojosa Pomper","Historic Rainey St. District","Hitchcock","Hobbs Add","Hofheinz","Hofheinz E J Resub Lt 19 Beau","Hofheinz Resub","Holiday Heights Sec 01","Holiday Hills Sec 01","Holiday Hills Sec 02","HOLIDAY SQUARE CONDOMINIUMS","Hollow At Slaughter Creek","Hollow At Slaughter Creek Sec","Hollow At Slaughter Creek Sec 01","Hollow Creek Condo","Holly","Holton","HOM Condominiums","Homestead Sec 04","Homestead Sec 04 The Rep","Homewood Heights","Honey Creek","Hooper Richard 04","Hornsby Glen Ph 01","Horseshoe Bend Sec 02","Horseshoe Bend Sec 03 Ph 01","Horsts Louis","Hotel Saint Cecilia Residences","Houston Street","Hudson Bend","Hudson Bend Colony #1","Hudson Bend Colony 01","Hudson Bend Colony 01 Resub","Hudson Bend Colony 02","Hudson Bend Colony No 2","Hudson Bend Colony Sec 03","Hudsons W","Hughes Park Lake 01","Hughes Park Lake 02","Hummingbird Flats","Hummingbird Flats Condominium Community","Hunter Add","HUNTERS CHASE 5","Hunters Chase Sec 01","Hunters Chase Sec 03","Hunters Chase Sec 05 Amd","Hunters Chase Sec 3","Hunters Chase Sec 7 amended Pt Of","Huntington Place","Huntland Heights","Huntland Heights Sec 01","Huntland Heights Sec 02","Hurst","Huston Sam Heights","Huston Sam Heights Annex","Hyde park","Hyde Park Add","Hyde Park Add 01","Hyde Park Add 02","Hyde Park ADDN No 2","Hyde Park Annex","Hyde Park Condo","Hyde Park Oaks Condo","Hyde Pk Add #2","Hymeadow Square Office Park Condo","Hymeadow Wood Office Park Condos","Hypoint","Ideal Place","Imperial Condo","Imperial Valley Sec 01 Amd","Imperial Valley Sec 02","Independence Park","Independence Park Condo Amd","Independent","INDEPENDENT CONDOMINIUMS","Independent Condominums","Independent Condos","Indian Hills Sec 01","Indian Hills Sec 02 Rev","Indian Hills Sec 03","Indian Hills Sec 05","Indian Hills Sec 05 Amd","Indian Oaks & Resub","Industrial Add","Ingleside","Irenes Add A","Irion James 03 01","Isaac Decker League","Isabella Condominiums","Island On Westlake","Ivy 78704 Condo Amd The","J Bouldin Residences","J C Tannehill Surv 29 Abs 22","J Jett","J K & W Llc","JACK'S POND SEC 3","Jacks Pond Sec 01","Jacks Pond Sec 03","Jackson Lillie","Jackson Terrace 02 Amd","Jamestown Place Condo Amd","Jamestown Sec 01","Jefferson Street Add","Jefferson Village","Jennings Place","Jesse C Tannehill League","Jessie Street Twnhms","JESTER DRIVE CONDOMINIUMS","Jester Estate Sec 01 Ph 02","Jester Point 02 Sec 03","Jester Point 02 Sec 04","Jester Point 02 Sec 06-B","Jj Hyatt Surv #624","john barton survey","John McDonald Surv #102","Johns C R","Johns C R Subd","Johns C R, Eastgate Condominiums","JOHNSON ALBIN SUBD","Johnson Charles Add","Johnston Terrace","Johnston Terrace Sec 02","Johnston Terrace Sec 03","Johnston Terrace Sec 07","Jolly Oaks Ph 2","Jones I P","Jones ML","Joseph Edward","Jumano On Fifth Sub","Juniper Ridge Office Condo","Juniper Ridge Sub The","Jw Ranch Ests","K & K Add 02","Kajfosz Place Condo","Kasparek","Kasparek Add","Kellywood Estates Sec 02","Kennedy Ridge Estates Sec 02","Kenray Condo","Key Ranch At The Polo Club","Key Ranch Sec 2","Key Ranch Sec 3","Kims Auto","Kincheon","Kincheon Sec 01","Kincheon Sec 02","Kincheon Sec 1","King W A","Kings Village Sec 02 Pt 01","KINGSTON SUBD","Kingstones Amd","Kirk Heights","Knollwood on the Colorado","Knollwood On The Colorado Rive","Knollwood On The Colorado River Sec 01","Knollwood\/Colorado Riv Sec 2a","Koenig Place","Koenig Terrace Sec 01","Koenig Townhomes","Koock Add","Kramer Heights Condominiums","Kramer Hts Condo","L & P Prop","La Chenay Condo","LA CHENAY CONDOMINIUMS","La Costa","La Hacienda Estates","La Hacienda Estates Sec 02","La Prelle Place Resub","La Terraza Condo Amd","La Vid Condo Amd","LAAN","LAAN Condominiums","Laan Condos","Laan Condos Bldg 14","Laan Condos Bldg 3","Lacrosse","Lacrosse Sec 02","Lacrosse Sec 03","Ladd N A Add","Ladera","Ladera Ph 3B","Ladera Ph 4B","Lafayette Heights","Lago Villa","Laguna Loma Sec 2","Lake Creek","Lake Creek Villas","Lake Hills","Lake Oak Estates","Lake Oak Estates Sec 01","Lake Pointe","Lake Pointe Ph 02","Lake Pointe Ph 04-A","LAKE POINTE PHS II","Lake Pointe Sec 03 Ph 01","Lake Pointe Sec 03 Ph 03","LAKE POINTE SEC 3 PHS 2","Lake Ridge Estates Sec 02","Lake Ridge Estates Sec 03","Lake Shore Add","Lake Shore Add 2","Lake Shore Addn","Lake View Add","Lakehouse Condo Community Amd","Lakeland Hills","Lakeland Hills Sec 01","Lakeland Hills Sec 02","LAKELINE CENTER","Lakeline Center Condos Bldg 15","Lakeline Center Condos Bldg 29","Lakeline Gdns","Lakeline Square Condo","Lakeline Square Townhomes","Lakes At Techridge","Lakes Edge","Lakeside at the Park","LAKESIDE VILLAS CONDOMINIUMS","Lakeside Villas Condos","Lakeview Add","Lakeview Addn","Lakeview at Steiner Ranch","Lakeview Condo","Lakeway","Lakeway , The Terrace at The Preserve","Lakeway Highlands","Lakeway Highlands Ph 01 Sec 01","Lakeway Highlands Ph 01 Sec 02","Lakeway Highlands Ph 2 Sec 2A","Lakeway Highlands Ph 2 Sec 2B","Lakeway Hlnds Ph 1 Sec 5","Lakeway Sec 11","Lakeway Sec 16-D","Lakeway; Cardinal Hills Estates Unit 15","LAKEWAY; Serene Hills Sub Ph 2w","Lakewind Estates Sec 03","Lakewood Sec 01","Lakewood Sec 02 Ph 01","Lakewood Sec 03","Lakewood Sec 04","Lakewood Sec 05-B","Lambert Estates","Lamplight Village","Lamplight Village Sec 01","Lamplight Village Sec 02","Lamplight Village Sec 03","Lamplight Village Sec 05","Lamplight Village Sec 06","LAMPLIGHT VILLAGE SEC 5","Lamplight West","Lamplight West Sec 02","Land Region 420","Landmark Square Condo","Lanier Terrace Sec 01","LANIER TERRACE SEC 4","Lantana Glen Ph 1-A","Lantana Sec 03","Lantana Single Family Sec 01","Lantana Single Family Sec 02","Larchmont Place","LARCHMONT PLACE SUBD","Las Cimas Sec 01","LAS CIMAS SEC 1","Las Plazas Sec 02","Lasseter H L Add","Lattimore","Laurel Heights","Laurels At Legend Oaks Ph 2 A","Laurels At Legend Oaks Ph 3 A","Lauve","Lawless","Lazy Lane Village","Leavitt","Ledbetter & Greathouse","Ledge Stone","Ledgeview Add","Lee","Legacy\/St John Condos Bldg 1","Legend Oaks Ph A Sec 02","Legend Oaks Ph A Sec 05A","Legend Oaks Sec 07","Legend Oaks Sec 08","Legends At Onion Creek Sec 4","Legends Lane At Onion Creek","Legends Way","Legends Way Sec 2","Legends Way Sec 4","Legends Way Sec 5","Lenox Condo Amd","Leon Street Condominiums","Leralynn Place Condo","Lesikar","Lewis Lane Condo 4011","Lewis Mountain Ranch Ph 01","Liberty Park Condo Amd","Liggins Homestead","Lightsey Ridge","Lincoln Gardens","Lincoln Gardens 01","Lincoln Gardens 02","LINCOLN GARDENS NO 1","Lincoln Place","Lindeman Add","Linscomb & Linscomb","Little Ford","Little Ford Condominiums","Live Oak Grove Add Resub","Live Oak Grove Resub","Live Oak Inn","Live Oak on Spicewood Sprgs","LOCKHART HIGHWAY SUBD","Lockhart Hwy","Loft Condo Amd The","Lofts\/St Stephens Condos","Logsdon Roy & E C","LOHMANS CROSSING ESTATES SEC","Lohmans Crossing Estates Sec 02","Lohmans Crossing Estates Sec 2","Loma Linda","Lone Star Bank","Long Canyon","Long Canyon 02-A","Longview","Loop Condo","Lorraine Heights","Los Altos Village Condo Amd","Los Indios Ph A","Lost Canyon Ranch 02","LOST CREEK","Lost Creek At Gaines Ranch Rep","Lost Creek Sec 01","Lost Creek Sec 02","Lost Creek Sec 03-A","LOT","Louis","Loveless Add","Low Theodore Heights","Loyola","Lucy","M K & T","M M Hornsby Surv #76","M S Z Add","Maas Add","Mackie","Macmora Cottages A Condo Amd","Madrid Condo","Madrid Condos","Madrone Canyon","Madrone Ranch","Madrone Ridge at Sweetwater","Maha Creek Estates","Malaga Condo Amd","Manana Tranquila","Manana Unrec","Manana West","Manchaca Estates Resub Of Lots 10&11 Blk","Manchaca Gardens","Manor Estates","Manor Hill","Manor Hill Sec 02","MANOR HILLS","Manor Hills Sec 05","Manor Hills Sec 07","Manor Hills Sec 08","Manor Hills Sec 10","Manor Hills Sec 11","Manor Road Add","Manor Road Condos","Manor Townhomes","Manor Twnhms","Mansfield Dam","Maple Run","Maple Run Sec 01","Maple Run Sec 02-A","Maple Run Sec 03","Maple Run Sec 04-A","Maple Run Sec 05-A","Maple Run Sec 06","Maple Run Sec 07-B","Maple Run Sec 08","Maple Run Sec 09","Maple Run Sec 2-A","MAPLE RUN SEC 3","Marbella Villas Twnhms A Condo","Marbrys Ridge","Marcum Add","Marietta Heights","Marina Village At Lakeway Condo","Mariposa Terrace","Marlo Heights Sec 01","Marlton Place Sec 01","Marlton Place Sec 02","MARSHALL FORD VISTA","Masonfield","Matthews Park","Matthews Place","Mayfair Terrace","McBride & Attal","McCall Estates","McCormick Mountain Sub Ph 2","Mccormick Mountain Sub Ph 3","McCormick Ranch On Lake Austin","Mcdonald","McKemie Compound","McKinley Heights","McKinley Heights 02","McKinley Heights 03","McKinney Crossing","McKinney Heights","Mckinney Park East Sec 01","Mckinney Park East Sec 02","McKinney Park East Sec 03 Rep","Mclean","Mcquown A N","Meadow Creek Sec 01","Meadow Lake Ph 01 02","Meadow Lake Ph 03 & 04","Meadow Lake Ph 03 & 04 Amd","Meadow Mountain 04","Meadow Mountain Pud 02-A","Meadowbrook Sec 01","Meadowcreek Sec 02 Ph 01","Meadowcreek Sec 02 Ph 02","Meadowlawn Add","Meadows At Double Creek","MEADOWS AT TRINITY CROSSING","Meadows At Trinity Crossing Ph","Meadows At Trinity Crossing Ph 02-B-1","Meadows Brushy Creek","Meadows Condo","Meadows Condo Ph I Amd","Meadows of Brushy Creek","Meadows Walnut Creek Sec 05","Meadows Walnut Creek Sec 06","Medlin H","Meisha","Mendoza","Meridian","Meridian Sec C Ph 01","Meridian Sec C Ph 02","Meridian Sec C Ph 03","Meridian Sec D Ph 02","MERZ ADDN","MESA Condominiums","Mesa Park","Mesa Park Ph 02 Sec 02","Mesa Park Ph 03","Mesa Park Sec 01","Mesa Park Sec 03","Mesa Park Sec 06","MESA PARK SEC 6","Mesa Village Condo Amd","MESA VILLAGE CONDOMINIUMS AM","Messinger Village","Milago Condo Amd","Milburn Add","Milestone Southpark Condominiu","Milky Way at River Place","Milrun Village At Anderson Mill","milwood","Milwood 37a Rep Blocks Cijkm &","Milwood Sec 03","Milwood Sec 04","Milwood Sec 06","Milwood Sec 09","Milwood Sec 1 Ph 1","Milwood Sec 10","Milwood Sec 11","Milwood Sec 12","Milwood Sec 14","Milwood Sec 15-A","Milwood Sec 16","Milwood Sec 17","Milwood Sec 22","Milwood Sec 23","Milwood Sec 26 A","Milwood Sec 26a","Milwood Sec 26b","Milwood Sec 27b","Milwood Sec 27c","Milwood Sec 28","Milwood Sec 29","Milwood Sec 31A","Milwood Sec 32a Rep Sec 32","Milwood Sec 34","Milwood Sec 35","Milwood Sec 36","Milwood Sec 40-b","Mimosa Manor Sec 01","Minnie Street Condo 07","Mira Loma Park","Mira Monte Twnhms","Misting Falls South","MLK","MLK Condominiums","Mock & Desio","Mockingbird Condos","Mockingbird Hill","Mockingbird Hill Sec 01","Mockingbird Hill Sec 02","Mohle Add","Monaco Condo Amd","Monroe Heights","Mont-Dale","Monte Vista 02","Montebello","Montebello Condo","Montevista","Montevista Condo Ph 01 Amd","Montevista Condo Ph 02 Amd","Montevista Condo Ph 03 Amd","MONTEVISTA CONDOMINIUMS","Montgomery","Montopolis","Moore D C","Moore D C Add","Mooreland Reserve","Morado Cove Condo Ph 02","Morningside","MORNINGSIDE ADDN","Morningside Add","Morris Madeline Rep Of Lt 2","Morse & Smith Resub","Morse's","Morse&Smith Resub","Mount Bonnell Terrace Sec 01","Mountain Laurel Add","Mountain Shadows Resub","Mountain View","Mueller","Mueller Fred A","MUELLER HOUSE","Mueller House Condo Ame","Mueller House II Condominiums","Mueller Moderns","Mueller Sec 04 Amd","Mueller Sec 05","Mueller Sec 05 Resub","Mueller Sec 10 A Sub","Mueller Sec 11","Mueller Sec 11 Sub","Mueller Sec 11A","Mueller Sec I-C Ph 1 Sub","Mueller Sec Ix Sub Amd","Mueller Sec VI Sub","Mueller Sec Vii-C Sub Amd","Mueller Section III","Murphys Meadow","Murray Place","N","Nash John 02","Natiivo","Natiivo Austin","Nations & Jones Add","Nativo Austin","Neal Street Condos","Neans Place Sec 01","Neelys Canyon Condo Amd","NEIGHBORHOOD","Neighbors AH Addition","Nelray Place Condo Amd","New York Condo","New York Resub","Newning & Warners","No","Nokonah Condo Amd","Nordic Condo \/ Onion Creek","Norhwest Hills","North Acres Sec 01","North Acres Sec 02","North Belterra Comm #3","North Bluff","North Bluff Condominiums","North Bluff Condos","North Cat Mountain Ph 02 Sec B","North Cat Mountain Sec 02","North Creek","North Creek East Sec 01","North Fork 02 Condo Amd","North Fork Condo","North Gate","North Hills Club Twnhs","North Lakeway Village Sec 03","North Lamar Park Sec 03","North Loop Terrace","North Loop Terrace Amended","North Meadows","North Oaks","North Oaks Hillside Sec 01","North Oaks Hillside Sec 02-B","North Oaks Hillside Sec 03","North Oaks Sec 02","North Park Estates","North Park Estates Sec 02","North Plains","North Star Sec 02","North Star Sec 05","North Star Sec 2","Northedge Condo","Northfield Add","Northfield Add*","Northfield Annex 02","Northgate Add","Northloop","Northmede Sec 01","Northpark Ridge","Northridge","Northridge Acres Rev","Northridge Park","Northridge Park II","Northridge Park Sec 01","Northridge Park Sec 02 Ph A-1","Northridge Park Sec 02 Ph A-2","Northridge Terrace Sec 04","Northtowne Sec 01","Northtowne West Sec 01","Northway Crest Sec 02","Northway Crest Sec 03","Northwest Balcones Amd","Northwest Estates Sec 01","Northwest Estates Sec 02","NORTHWEST HILLS","Northwest Hills Belo Horizonte Sec","Northwest Hills Dry Creek Sec","Northwest Hills Lakeview 02","Northwest Hills Mesa Oaks Ph","Northwest Hills Northwest Oaks","Northwest Hills Oak Ridge","Northwest Hills Sec 06","Northwest Hills Sec 09-H","Northwest Hills Sec 12","Northwest Hills Sec 13","Northwest Hills Sec 14-C","Northwest Village Add","Northwood 03","Northwood 04","Northwood Sec 02","Northwoods at Avery Ranch","Northwoods Avery Station","Northwoods Avery Station Cottages","Norwalk Place","Norwood Heights","Nuckles Crossing Sec 01","Nuckles Crossing Sec 02","NUECES CORNER","Nueces Corner Condo Amd","Nueces Corner Condominiums Amended","Nueva Vida 1-A","Oak At Twin Creeks Sec 04 The","Oak Bridge","Oak Brook","Oak Brook Sec 01","Oak Brook Sec 2B","Oak Creek Parke Sec 03","Oak Creek Parke Sec 04","Oak Creek Parke Sec 05","Oak Crest","Oak Forest","Oak Forest Sec 04 Amd","Oak Forest Villas","Oak Forest Villas Ph 02 Sec 02","Oak Forest West","Oak Hill Add","Oak Hill Heights Sec 01","Oak Lawn Sec 01","Oak Lawn Sec 02","Oak Lawn Sec 03","Oak Park Sec 01","Oak Plantations","Oak Ridge","Oak Ridge Heights Sec 01","Oak Ridge Heights Sec 03","Oak Ridge Park At Kinnicinik Sec 2","Oak Run Estates","Oak Shadows Condo","Oak Springs","Oak Summit","Oak Valley","Oaklawn Add","Oakledge","Oakmont Heights","Oakmont Heights Annex","Oakmont Heights Annex 02","Oaks","Oaks 06 Twenty","Oaks at Lakeline","Oaks at Lakeline Station","Oakview Condo","Oakwood","Oakwood Condo","Oakwood Hollow Condo Amd","Oasis Village","Oasis Village Sec 01","Oasis Village Sec 02","Oasis Village Sec 03","Ojeda Felix G","Okie Heights","Old Town Condo Rev 1998","Oldham Add","OLT 34&46 DIV O WELCH SUBD","Oltorf Village Sec 02","Oltorf Village Sec 2","Olympic Heights","Olympic Heights Sec 01","Olympic Heights Sec 02","One Barton Place Condo","One Onion Creek Condo Amd","Onion Creek","Onion Creek Add","ONION CREEK ADDN","Onion Creek Sec 01","Onion Creek Sec 03","Onion Creek Sec 04-D","Onion Creek Sec 05-A","Onion Creek Sec 06-A","ONION CREEK SEC 6 A","ORANGE GROVE CONDOMINIUM AME","Orange Tree Condo","Orange Tree Condominia Amd","Orange Tree Condominia Amended The","Original City","Orleans Harbor Condo Amd","Overlook at Eanes Creek","Overlook At River Place","Overlook Condo","Overlook Condominiums The","Overlook Estates Ph 01","Owen Park","Owens 01","P J Lawless Add Division A","Pace A J Mrs","Pace D C Add","Paddock Condo Amd","Palladian Condo","Palladio Point","Palm Condo The","Palmetto Condo","Palmetto Condominiums","Pamela Heights","Pan Texas East","Pannell Place","Panorama Ranch Sec 01","Paper Chase Condominiums","Parapet Condo","PARAPET CONDOMINIUMS THE","Park at 51 East","Park At Battle Bend Amd","Park At Crestview Ph 03 Amd","Park At Quail Creek","Park At Quail Creek Amd","Park At Spicewood Spgs Ph","Park At Walnut Creek Ph 1","Park Avenue Condominiums","Park East","Park Forest","Park Forest 06","Park Forest Sec 01","Park Forest Sec 02","Park Forest Sec 04","Park Forest Sec 06","Park Forest Sec 07","Park Hill","Park Place At Riverside Amd","Park Place Condo","Park Ridge","Park Ridge Subd","Park View","Park West At Circle C Ph 01","Park West At Circle C Ph 02","PARK WEST AT CIRCLE C PHS 2","Park West Condo","Park West Condo Residence","Parke At Travis Country Condom","Parke Sec 01","Parke Sec 02","Parke Sec 05","Parke Sec 07","PARKER CREEK RANCH","PARKER CREEK RANCH PHS 1","PARKER CREEK RANCH PHS 1PARKER CREEK RANCH PHS 1","Parker Crk Ranch Ph 3","Parker Heights Sec 04","Parker Heights Sec 4","Parker J T","Parker Lane Condominiums","Parker Square Condo","Parker Station","Parket JT","Parkinson Lela","Parkinson Place 01","Parkinson Place Resub 1 Residence","Parkridge Gardens","Parkshirer Add","Parkside At Slaughter Creek SE","Parkside At Slaughter Creek Sec 02","Parkside At Slaughter Creek Sec 04","Parkside At Slaughter Creek Sec 05","Parkstone Ph 01","Parkwood Sec 01 Amd","Parkwood Sec 03","Parkwood Sec 04","Parkwood Sec 05","Parliament Place Twnhms Sec 01","Parmer Crossing","Parmer Lane Heights Sec 01","Parmer Village Condo","PARMER VILLAGE TOWNHOMES","Parmer Villas Condo Bldg 16","Parmer Villas Condo Bldg 21","Parmer Xing Condos","Parsons Sec 03","Parten","Parten Ranch","Parten Ranch 65's","Parten Ranch Ph 1","Parten Ranch Ph 2B","Parten Ranch Ph 5","Parten: 65ft. lots","Parten: 75ft. lots","Patterson Heights","Patterson J H","Pearl At 22 01 02 Condo","PEARL AT 22 1\/2 CONDOMINIUMS","Pearson","Pearson Place Enclave","Pearson Place Enclave Condo","Pearson Place Enclave Condos","Pearson Place Sec 01","Pease Place Condo","Pecan Bottom on Lake Austin","Pecan Grove","Pecan Orchard","PECAN PARK CONDOMINIUMS","Pecan Park Garden Estates","Pecan Park Garden Estates Condos","Pecan Spgs Condo","Pecan Valley","Pecan Valley Annex","Pecan Walk Condo","PECAN WALK CONDOMINIUMS THE","Pedernales Condo Amd","Pemberton Heights","Pemberton Heights Sec 02","Pemberton Heights Sec 07","Pemberton Heights Sec 08","Pemberton Heights Sec 09","Pemberton Heights Sec 10","Pemberton Heights Sec 11","Pemberton Heights Sec 12","Peninsula On Lake Austin The P","Penn Place Cottages","Penn Smyth","Penthouse Condo","Peppertree Park","Peppertree Park Sec 01","Peppertree Park Sec 03","Peppertree Park Sec 05","Peppertree Park Sec 08","Perez Isabel","Perkins Trails","Peschka Sub Resub Lt 1","Peters Add","Peterson","Peterson subd","Pharo Condo","Pheasant Run Sec 01","Pheasant Run Sec 01-A","Pheasant Run Sec 02","Piazza Navona Condo","PID# 191241","Pilot Knob Acres","Pinckney Place Condo Amd","Pinnacle At North Lakeway Condo","Pinnacle\/Great Hills Condos","PIONEER CROSSING","PIONEER CROSSING EAST","Pioneer Crossing East Sec 04","Pioneer Crossing East Sec 05","Pioneer Crossing East Sec 07","Pioneer Crossing East Sec 09","Pioneer Crossing East Sec 10","Pioneer Crossing West","Pioneer Crossing West Sec 02","Pioneer Crossing West Sec 03 Amd","Pioneer Crossing West Sec 04","Pioneer Crossing West Sec 3 Am","Pioneer Crossing West Sec 9A","Pioneer Crossing West Sec 9B","PIONEER HILL","Pioneer Hill Sec 1","Pioneer Hill Sec 4","Pioneer Hill Sec 5","Pioneer Hills","Pipkin ADDN NO 2","Pitts","Placidena","Plainview Estates","Plainview Heights","Plainview Heights Resub","Plaza Lofts Condo Amd","Plaza Place","Plaza Twnhm\/Avery Ranch","Plaza Twnhms At Avery Ranch Condo","Pleasant Hill Add","Pleasant Valley Sec 02","Pleasant View Add","Point Vista","Point Vista Sec 04-A","Point Vista Sec 04a","Point West Of Westover Hills S","Pointe 360 Condominiums","Pointe Condo Amd","Pointe Condominiums Amended The","Pond Spgs Office Condo South","pond spring","Poole & Lane","Popes Resub","Porter Heights","Posada Del Rey Condo Amd","Post Road","Powell Circle Condos","Prado","Prado - 50's","Prado Ranch","Prado Ranch Ph 1","PRADO RANCH SUBD PHS 3","Preservation Ranch","Preservation Square Condo","Preservation Square Condominiums","Preserve At Barton Creek","Preserve at Four Points","Preserve At Four Points Centre","Preserve At Lakeway Villas Con","Preserve At River Place Sec 2","Preserve at Thomas Springs","Preserve\/Four Pts Centre Ph 3","Preserve\/Oak Hill","Presidio condos","Presidio Station","Preston Village","Preswyck Hills Sec 01","Preswyck Hills Sec 04","Preswyck Hills Sec 05","Preswyck Hills Sec 1","Private","Proutt Woodie","Provence","Provence Ph 1 Sec 5A","Providence Condos 7611","Public Condos","Public Condos Bldg 1","Public Condos Bldg 2","Public Condos Bldg 3","Public Conodminiums Bldg 1","PUBLIC Lofts","Putnam Square Condo","Quail Creek","Quail Creek Ph 02 Sec 01","Quail Creek Ph 02 Sec 03","Quail Creek Ph 03 Sec 01","Quail Creek Ph 03 Sec 04","Quail Creek Ph 04 Sec 01","Quail Creek Sec 02","QUAIL CREEK SEC 3","Quail Creek Sec 4","Quail Creek Sec 7 Phs 1","Quail Creek West","Quail Creek West Ph 02 Sec 01","Quail Creek West Ph 02 Sec 03","Quail Creek West Ph 02 Sec 06","Quail Creek West Ph 02 Sec 07","Quail Creek West Ph 02 Sec 09","Quail Creek West Ph 02 Sec 12","Quail Creek West Sec 03","Quail Creek West Sec 04","QUAIL CREEK WEST SEC 4","Quail Hollow Garden Homes Sec","Quail Hollow Sec 01","Quail Hollow Sec 02","Quail Hollow Sec 04","Quail Hollow Sec 04-A","Quail Hollow Sec 05-A","Quail Hollow Sec 06-A","Quail Hollow Sec 06-B","Quail Hollow Sec 07","Quail Hollow Sec 08 Amd","Quail Hollow Sec 4","Quail Holw Garden Homes Sec 01","Quail Run Condo Amd","Quail Valley Sec 01","Quail Valley Sec 1","Quarry In Enfield Condo","R M","R R On Creek Condo Amd","R30 - West Round Rock Vacant","Rabb Inwood Hills","Raceway Single Family S","Raceway Single Family Sub Sec","Radiance Ph I","Railyard Condo Amd","Rainey District","Rainey Street","Raintree Estates","Raintree Estates Sec 02","Ramsey Park Condo","Rancho Alto Ph 01","Rancho Alto Ph 02","Ravenscroft Twnhms Amd","Rawhide Ridge","Raymond","Rayviva Price Acres","Rectors","Red Door Townecourt Condo Amd","Reeves-Bauerle Add","REFLECTIONS OF WALNUT CREEK","REFLECTIONS OF WALNUT CREEK I","Reflections Of Walnut Creek Ii","Reflections Of Walnut Creek III Condo","Reflections Walnut Creek","Reflections Walnut Creek 01","Reflections Walnut Creek 01 Condo","Reflections Walnut Ridge Condo","Regal Oaks","Regime For Gravity Atx Condos","Reinkle","Reserve At Hudson Bend","Reserve At Lynnbrook","RESERVE AT MCKINNEY FALLS","Reserve At Southpark Meadows I","Reserve At Southpark Meadows P","Reservoir Heights","Residential Condo Amd 360","Retreat At Taylor Draper Condo Ph","Retreat At Tech Ridge","Retreat At Tech Ridge Sec 1 Th","Retreat At Tech Ridge Sec 2 Th","Reuben Hornsby Headright League","Reuben Hornsby Surv Abs # 17","Reunion Ranch Ph 2 Sec 2","Reunion Ranch Ph 2 Sec 3","RHODES & PUETT ADDN","Rhodes H Sur","Richardson Sub","Richardsons P L Amd Of Lt","Richland Estates Sec 01","Riddle Road Duplexes","Ridge At Alta Vista","Ridge At Slaughter","Ridge At Slaughter Condo","Ridge at Slaughter Lane","Ridge at Slaughter LN","Ridge At Thomas Spgs","Ridge Oak Park","Ridgelea","Ridgeop Anx","Ridgetop","Ridgetop Annex","Ridgetop Anx","Ridgetop Condo","Ridgetop Gardens","Ridgetop Gardens Sec 02","Ridgeview","Ridgeview Ph 1","Ridgeview Ph II","Rio Grande Condo","RIO GRANDE CONDOMINIUMS THE","Rio Robles","Rio Vista Add","River City Lofts Condo Amd","River Crossing Condo","River Dance Ph 04","River Dance Ph 6-B - Steiner Ranch","River Oak Lake Estates Sec 01","River Oak Lake Estates Sec 06","River Oak Lake Estates Sec 07","River Oaks Sec 01","River Place","River Place At Panther Hollowc","River Place Sec 02","River Place Sec 04","River Place Sec 05 Amd","River Place Sec 06","River Place Sec 07b","River Place Sec 22","River Place Sec 7b","River Pointe","River Ridge","RIVERA ADDN","Riverbend","Riverbend Sec 01 At University Hills","Riverbend Sec 1 At Universityh","Riverbend Sec 2 University Hills","Riverbend Sec 3C At University","Rivercrest Add Sec 01","Riverside","Riverside Meadows","Riverside Meadows Sec 01","Riverside Meadows Sec 02","Riverside Villas","Riverside Villas Amd","Riverview","Riverview Add","Riverwalk Condo Amd","Rob Roy","Rob Roy On Creek Sec 05","Rob Roy On Lake Sec 01","Rob Roy On Lake Sec 03","Rob Roy on the Creek","Rob Roy Ph 02","Rob Roy West","Robbins Place Condo Amd","Robbins Place Condominiums","Robbins Place Condominiums Amended","Roberts Terrace","Robertson George L","Robertson S & L M South Pt","Robertson Susan M Estate","Robinson & Concorida Condomini","ROBINSON T J","Rockcliff Estates Pud","Rocky Creek","Rocky Creek Ranch Sec 01","Rocky Creek Ranch Sec 3","Rogers Estate","Rogers J","Rolling Hills West","Rollingwood Park Estates Sec 2","Rollingwood Sec 02","Rosedale","Rosedale A","Rosedale C","Rosedale D","Rosedale E","Rosedale H","Rosedown","Roseville on Manor","Roseville on Manor Condos","Rosewood Village Sec 11","Rough Hollow","Rough Hollow Condos","Rough Hollow Overlook","Rough Hollow Sec 02","Rough Hollow Sec 07","Rough Hollow Sec 07 Amd Of Lts","Rough Hollow Sec 1 Amdlt1-6,11","Rough Hollow Sec 2- The Overlook","Rough Hollow Sec 3","Rough Hollow Sec 3 Condo","Rough Hollow Sec 5C","Rough Hollow Vineyards","Rough Hollow\/Lakeway Highlands","Roy & Ec Logsdon Sub","Royal Oak Estates Sec 01","Royal Oak Estates Sec 02","Royal Oak Estates Sec 07","Royal Orleans North Condo Amd","Rr Lakeline Nom-imp","Rreef Domain Lt Q1 & Lt R Sub","Rural","Rutland Village","Rutland Village Sec 01","Rutland Village Sec 02","S13460","Sabine On 05 Residential Condo","Saddlewood Estates Sec 01","Saddlewood Estates Sec 02","Saddlewood Estates Sec 03","Sage Condo","Sage Creek","Sage Creek\/Travis Heights","Sage Meadow Condo Amd","Sage Meadow Condominiums","Sala Mary Add","Salado Apartments","Salado Condo","Salem Walk Sec 01","Samon Add","Sampson","Samuel Wildy Surv #58 Abs # 79","San Antonio Road Add Sec 03","San Felipe Twnhms","San Gabriel Place Condo","San Gabriel West Condo","San Pedro Flats Condo","San Pedro Oaks Condo","San Pedro Oaks Condominiums","San Pedro Square","Santa Monica Park Sec 02","Santa Monica Park Sec 03","Santiago Del Valle 10 League G","Santiago Del Valle Grant","Santiago Del Valle Grant Abs #","Santiago Del Valle League","Sarah and Lydia M. Robertson's Subdivision","Savannah Condo","Savannah Condominiums The","Scenic Brook Estates Sec 2 Re-","Scenic Brook West Sec 01","Scenic Brook West Sec 02 Ph 02","Scenic Brook West Sec 03 Ph 01","Scenic Pass","Scenic Point Ph 02","Schieffer Place Sec 03","Schutze Resub Of Tr B Of Is","Schwinge","Scofield Farms","Scofield Farms Mdws Condo","Scofield Farms Ph 01 Sec 02-A","Scofield Farms Ph 02 Sec 01","Scofield Farms Ph 07 Sec 02","Scofield Farms Ph 08 Sec 01","Scofield Farms Ph 08 Sec 03","Scofield Farms Ph 08 Sec 04","Scofield Farms Ph 08 Sec 07","Scofield Farms Ph 10 Sec 01","Scofield Montessori","Scofield Ph 06 Sec 02","Scofield Ph 06 Sec 03","Scofield Ridge Condo Amd","SCOFIELD RIDGE CONDOMINIUMS","Scofield Villas Amd","Scott","Se3-Se3","Seaholm Residences","Seaholm Residences Residential","Searight Village Condo","Seaton Medical Center","see agent","see Legal Description","Senate Hills Sec 01","Sendera","Sendera Sec 12-A","Sendera Sec 15","Sendera Sec 15 B","Sendera Sec 16","Sendera South Sec 01","SENDERA SOUTH SEC 1","Sendero Hills Ph 03 Amd Of","Senna Hills Sec 02","Senna Hills Sec 06","Senna Hills Sec 07","Senna Hills Sec 11","Senna Hills Sec 2","Serene Hills","Serene Hills Ph 3Wa & Rep","Serene Hills Sub Ph 2e","Serene Hills Sub Ph 2W","Seton Ave","SETTLER CONDOMINIUMS, #63","Settlers Ranch","Seven Oaks","Seven Oaks Sec 02 Ph 02","Seven Oaks Sec 05","Seven Oaks Sec 5","Shadow Hill Condo","Shadow Lawn","Shadow Oaks Twnhms","Shadowbye Acres","Shadowridge Crossing at Legend Oaks Sec 02b","Shadowridge Crossing Sec 02","Shady Hollow Sec 03-A Ph 01","Shady Hollow Sec 06 Ph A","Shady Hollow Sec 06 Ph C","Shady Hollow Sec 06 Ph D","Shady Hollow Sec 6 Phs D","Shady Hollow West","Sheldon 230","Sheldon 230 Sec 01 Ph 01","Sheldon 230 Sec 01 Ph 02","Sheldon 230 Sec 01 Ph 03","Sheldon 230 Sec 02 Ph 02","Sheldon 230 Sec 02 Ph 03","Sheldon 230 Sec 02 Ph 04","Sheldon 230 Sec 02 Ph 05","Sheldon 230 Sec 2 Ph 6","Sheldon 230 Sec 2 Ph 7","Sheldon McKinney Heights","Shelley N G","Shepherd Mountain Ph 02","Sheppard S R Jr Sec 01","Sherry Dale","Sherwood Forest","Sherwood Oaks Sec 01","Sherwood Oaks Sec 03","Sherwood Oaks Sec 04","Sherwood Oaks Sec 05","Sherwood Oaks Sec 06","Shiloh Ph 02 Sec 01 Amd","Shiloh Ph 03","Shiloh Ph 04 Sec 02","Shinoak Valley Sec 01","Shoal Courts","Shoal Creek","Shoal Creek Unit 4 Professiona","Shoal Terrace","Shoal Village Sec 02","Shoal Village Sec 04","Shoalcrest Oaks","Shoalmont Add Resub","Shoalmont Add Sec 02","Shoalmont Add Sec 04","Shoalwood Add Sec 4","Shoalwoods Add Sec 01","Shoalwoods Add Sec 02","Shore A Condo Amd The","Shuddemagens","Siegmund Add Sec 02","Sierra Vista 02","Sierra Vista 03 Ph 02","Sierra Vista Amd","Signal Hill I","Silliman","Silver Spur Ranchettes Sec 02","Silver Spur Ranchettes Sec 2 R","Silverado Condo Amd","Silverado Condo Amd Ph 02","Silveredge Crk Sub","Silvermine Sec 01","Silvermine Sec 02","SILVERSTONE","Silverstone Ph 01 Sec 02","Silverstone Ph 02 Sec 01","Silverstone Ph 2 Sec 2 Resub","SILVERSTONE PHS 1 SEC 2","Silverton Heights","Silverton Heights Condo","Silverton Heights Sec 02","Simms Paul O","Sims Sub Resub Of Lt 14","Singing Hills Sec 01","Sitra & C-C Add","Six Twelve Park Place Condominiums","Sixth & Brushy","Sky Forest","Skybridge Lofts","Skybridge Lofts Amd","Skyland","Skyline on Berkman","Skyridge","Skyview Forest","Skyview Sec 01","Slataper Add","Slataper Add Sec B","Slaughter Creek Acres","Sleepy Hollow","Slider Courtney A","Smith A F","Smith A F Add","Smith Geo D","Smith H R Add","Smithfield","Smithfield Condos","Smithfield Condos Bldg 16","Smithfield Condos Bldg 4","Smithfield II","SMITHFIELD II CONDOMINIUMS","Smiths J W Western Oaks 02-B","Smiths J W Western Oaks 1-C","Smyth Add","Sol","Sola City Homes","Solavera Condo","Soma","Somerset Condo","Sonesta West Sec 01a","Sosa P G","South 05 Amd","South 5th Ph 5","South Congress Condo","South Creek South Sec 02 Amd","South Creek-South Sec 01","South Hampton Hills","South Heights","South Highlands Amd","South Lamar","South Lund Park Sec 01 Amd","South Manchaca","South Park Sec 02","South Shore Pointe","South Terrace Add","South View Estates Sec 02","Southampton Hills 03","Southampton Sec 01","Southampton Sec 01-A","Southampton Sec 02","Southampton Sec 03-A","Southbreeze","Southbreeze Subd","Southbridge Villas Amd","Southbridge Villas Ph Ii Amd","Southern Oaks","Southern Oaks Sec 05","Southern Oaks Sec 07","Southland","Southland Oaks Sec 03-B","Southland Oaks Sec 04 Ph B","Southland Oaks Sec 04 Ph D","SOUTHPARK MEADOWS","Southridge Sec 01","Southridge Sec 02","Southridge Sec 05","Southridge Sec 06","SOUTHRIDGE SEC 2","Southridge Sec 6","Southstone","Southway","Southway Condominiums","Southwest Oaks","Southwest Oaks Duplex Condomin","Southwest Oaks Ph 02","Southwest Oaks Sec 01","Southwest Park","Southwest Park Sec 02 Amd","Southwest Terrace","Southwest Terrace Sec 01","Southwind Add Sec 01","Southwood Sec 01","Spaces 2525 Condo","Spanish Oaks","Spanish Oaks \/ Hillside","Spanish Oaks Condo Amd","Spear G W","SPECKELS & STAEHELY ADDN","Speedway Condo Amd The","Speedway Condominiums","Speedway Heights","Speedway Hts","Spencer R W Add","Speyside Sec 02","Spicewood At Balcones Villages","SPICEWOOD AT BULLCREEK SEC 1","Spicewood Condo Amd","Spicewood Estates Sec 03","Spicewood Green","Spicewood Point Twnhms Amd","Spillar & Greenwood Add","Spillman Ranch Ph 01 Sec 01","Spillman Ranch Ph 01 Sec 06","Spillman Ranch Ph 03","Spillman Ranch Ph 1 Sec 9","Spring Condo Amd","Spring Creek Preserve","Spring Valley","Spring Valley Estates","Springdale","Springdale Add","Springdale and Webberville area","Springdale Commons","Springdale Crk Condos","Springdale Hills","Springdale Hills Sec 02","Springdale Hills Sec 03","Springdale Hills Sec 04","Springfield Add Sec 3","Springfield Ph B Sec 01","Springfield Ph B Sec 02","Springfield Ph B Sec 03","Springfield Ph B Sec 04","Springfield Ph B Sec 06","Springfield Ph C","Springfield Sec 01","Springfield Sec 2","Springfield Sec 4","Springfield Sec 7","Springfield Sec 8b","Springhollow Condo Amd","Springs Condo Amd The","Springs Of Walnut Creek Ph I","Springs Of Walnut Creek Ph Ii","SPRINGWOOD PLACE","Springwoods Sec 01","Springwoods Sec 01-A","Springwoods Sec 01a Amd 1981","Springwoods Sec 02a Rev 1981 Amd Bl","Springwoods Sec 02c","Springwoods Sec 02f","Spyglass at Barton Creek","St Andrews Place","St Anthony Oaks Sec 02","St Anthony Village Sec 02","St Charles Condo Amd","St James Condo Amd","ST JAMES CONDOMINIUMS AMENDE","St John college add.","St Johns","St Johns College Add","St Johns College Addn","St Johns Home Add","St Louis Heights","St Thomas Condo Amd","St Thomas Condominiums The Amended","St Tropez","St Tropez Condo","St Tropez Resub Amd","St. Johns","St. Johns\/Coronado Hills","Stablewood At Slaughter Creeks","Staehely","Standard Mortgage Co 02","Stanhope Place","Star Light Terrace","Star West Condo","Star West Condos","Starkey","STARLINE ARBORS","Starlite Lofts","Stassney Lane Condo Amd","Stasswender Add","Steck E L","Steiner Ranch","Steiner Ranch - Longhorn Canyon Condo Amd","Steiner Ranch Parkside","Steiner Ranch Ph 01 Sec 04d","Steiner Ranch Ph 01 Sec 04f","Steiner Ranch Ph 01 Sec 05a","Steiner Ranch Ph 01 Sec 06b","Steiner Ranch Ph 01 Sec 06c","Steiner Ranch Ph 01 Sec 06D","Steiner Ranch Ph 01 Sec 06e","Steiner Ranch Ph 01 Sec 06F","Steiner Ranch Ph 01 Sec 08","Steiner Ranch Ph 01 Sec 09","Steiner Ranch Ph 01 Sec 10a","Steiner Ranch Ph 01 Sec 7A","Steiner Ranch Ph 02 Sec 05","Steiner Ranch Ph 02 Sec 08","Steiner Ranch Phs 1 Sec 5c","Steiner Ranch Phs 1 Sec 6b","Steiner Ranch-River Dance Ph 7-A","Steiner Ranch\/River Dance Ph 04","Steinle Add","Stenger A D Add","Stenger A D Add Sec 02","Sterling Acres","STERLING CREST","Sterling Crest Condo","Sterling Crest Condo Am","Sterling Crest Condos","Stewart Annie Sec A","Stillhouse Canyon Condo Amd","Stillhouse Canyon Condominiums Amen","Stinson Oaks","Stirling Bridge Sec 01","Stirling Bridge Sec 03","Stirling Bridge Sec 4","Stirling Bridge Sec 6","Stobaugh Sub","Stone Gate","Stonegate 02 Condos","Stonegate 02 Office Condo","Stonehaven Condo","Stonehedge Estates","Stoneledge 02 Condo Ph 01","Stoneledge 02 Condo Ph 02 Amd","Stoneledge Condo Ph 01-02","Stoneleigh Condo","Stoneleigh Condo Amd","Stoneleigh Square Condo","Stratford Heights","Street Place Condo","Stroh","Struhall Lillian P","Stuart & Mair","Summer Wood Sec 01 Amd","Summerhouse Condo","SUMMERROW","Summerrow Condos","Summertree Condo","Summerwind Townhome Condo Amd","Summit Condo Amd","Summit Oaks","Summit Place","Sun Terrace","Sunchase Condo Amd","Sunchase Condominiums","SUNCHASE CONDOMINIUMS AMENDE","Sunchase Condominiums Amended","Sunny Ridge","Sunnyvale Sec 01","Sunnyvale Villas A Condo","Sunridge","Sunridge Park Sec 01","sunrise","Sunrise Add","Sunset Add","Sunset Canyon Sec 4","Sunset Hill Enfield","Sunset View","Sunset View Sec 01","Sunset View Sec 03","Sutter Hall","Swede Hill Lofts Condo","Sweetbriar","Sweetbriar 02 Condo","Sweetbriar Condo Amd","Sweetbriar Garden Homes Condom","Sweetwater","Sweetwater Crossing","SWEETWATER GLEN","Sweetwater Glen Condo Amd","Sweetwater Ranch","Sweetwater Ranch Sec 1 Village","Sweetwater Ranch Sec 2 Village","Sweetwater Ranch Sec 2 Village Aa","Sweetwater Ranch Sec 2 Village P3A","Sweetwater Ranch Sec 2 Vlg N","Sweetwater Ranch Sec 2 Vlg Z3","Sweetwater Sec 1 Village G-1","Sweetwater Sec 1 Village G-2","Sweetwater Sec 1 Village H","Sweetwater Sec 1 Village H2","Swisher Add","Switch Willo Condo","Sycamore Condo","Sycamore Detached Condo","Talisman Condo Amd","Tangle wood Forest","Tanglewood Estates","tanglewood forest","Tanglewood Forest Sec 01 Ph C","Tanglewood Forest Sec 02 Ph A","Tanglewood Forest Sec 02 Ph B","Tanglewood Forest Sec 02 Ph C","Tanglewood Forest Sec 02 Ph D","Tanglewood Forest Sec 02 Ph E","Tanglewood Forest Sec 03","Tanglewood Forest Sec 04 Ph F","Tanglewood Forest Sec 05","Tanglewood Forest Sec 4 Phs C","TANGLEWOOD FOREST SEC 8","Tanglewood Forrest","Tanglewood Frst Sec 5","Tannehill","Tannehill J C","Tarry Town","Tarry Town 05","Tarry Town Place","TARRYTOWN","Tarrytown Oaks","Taulbee Place Condo","Taylor & Williams","Taylor Estates Sec 01","Taylor V E 01","TBD","Teague-Buda 01","Teddy Place","Templer J W","TEMPLER J W SUBD","Tempo North","Ten Thousand North Lamar","Terra Colinas Ph 2","Terrace Drive Condo 308","Terrace On Shoal Creek","Terrace Park","Terrace Plaza","Terraces","Terraces Condominiums","Terraces On North Condo","Terry Ross Add","Texan Shoal Creek","Texan Tower","Texan Tower Condo","Texan Tower Condo Amd","Texas Oaks","Texas Oaks 02","Texas Oaks 04-B","Texas Oaks 10","Texas Oaks Sec 07-A","Texas Oaks Sec 08-A","Texas Oaks Sec 08-B","Thaxton Place","The Addie","The Addie at Westlake","The Allandale Condos","The Arbors Condominiums","The Bend Condominiums","The Catherine","The Collective at South Congress","The Crossing at Wells Branch","The Eastwood at Riverside","The Enclave at Covered Bridge","The Estates of Barton Creek","The Frank","The Grange","The Grange Condominium","The Grange Condos","The Greens","The Grove","The Grove ATX","The Guild","The Heights","The Heights at Vista Parke","The Hills","The Hills Of Texas Ph 1","The Independent","The Isabella 78704","The LAAN","The Landing at Lakeway","The Loren","The Natiivo","The Orchard Condominium","The Overlook At The Hills Of Texas Estates","The Pinnacle at Great Hills","The Polo Club At Rooster Spgs Ph Ii","The Preserve at Oak Hill","The Residences at W Austin","The Ridge","The Ridge at Alta Vista","The Ridge at Slaughter","The Shore","The Springs at Walnut Creek","The Twilight Condominiums at Goodnight Ranch","The Village at Wells Branch","The Waller","Theodore Bissell Surv #18","Thiermo","THIRD AND ONION RESIDENCES","Thirty 01 Street Condo Amd","THIRTY FIRST STREET CONDOMINIUMS","Thirty-One-Hundred Scenic Drive Condo","Thomas Eldridge","Thomas Gardens Sec 01","Thornbury","Thornbury II Sec 2","Thornbury Ii Sec 3","Thornbury Ii Sec 4","Thornbury Ii Sec 5","Thornbury Ii Sec 6","Thornbury Sec 01","Thornton View Condo Amd","Thoroughbred Estates Ph 03","Thoroughbred Farms Sec 01 Amd","Thrasher Jv Sub","THREE THOUSAND GUADALUPE PLA","Three Thousand Guadalupe Place","Three Thousand Guadalupe Place Condo","Tiermo","Tierra Madrones","Tiffany Condo","Tiffany Condominiums","Tigert","Tillery Square","Tillery Square Sub","Tillery Street Villa Condominiums","Timber Ridge At Greenbriar","Timber Village Amd","TIMBERLINE TERRACE SEC 3","Tipco Sub","Tobin & Johnson","Tobin Resub Riverside","Tollgate Condo Amd","TOM GREEN CONDOMINIUMS","Tomanet Estates Sec 01","Toro Canyon Condominiums","Toro Creek","Towers of Town Lake","TOWERS OF TOWN LAKE CONDOMIN","Towers Town Lake Condo Amd","Towers Town Lake Condo Amd","Town Lake Residences Condo","Towne Court Condo Amd","Towne Lake Add","Townhomes At Los Indios Condos Ph 07","Townhomes At Riverside Grove","Townhomes Northwest Hills","Trails Ph 01A","Trailwood Village 02 At Travis Country","Travis Cooke Road Add 02","Travis Country","Travis Country Trailwood Village One At Travi","Travis Country Trailwood Village Two At Travi","Travis Country West","Travis Country West Sec 01","Travis Country; Trailwood Village One At Travi","Travis County","Travis Green Condo","Travis Heights","Travis Heights Amd","Travis Heights Condo The Amd","Travis Heights Terrace Condomi","Travis Heights Terrace Condominiums","Travis Landing","Travis Landing 02 Ph 02","Travis Landing 02 Ph 03","TRAVIS OAK TRAILS, LAKEWAY","Travis Oaks Condo Amd","Travis Southwest","Treadwell Add Sec 01","Treadwell Add Sec 03","Treadwell Add Sec 3","Treehouse Condo","TREEHOUSE CONDOMINIUMS","Treemont Ph A Sec 01","Treemont Ph B Sec 05","Treetops","Truman Heights","Turnberry at Avery Ranch","TURNBERRY AT AVERY RANCH C","TURNBERRY AT AVERY RANCH CONDO","Turtle Rock Estates","Twelve Oaks Condo Amd","Twenty 03 Hundred Leon Condo","Twenty Five Hundred Eight Quar","Twenty Five Hundred Enfield Co","Twenty Two Eleven","Twentyone24 Condo Amd","Twin Oak Lofts","Tyndall","Tyndall At Robertson","Tyndall at Robertson Hill","TYNDALL AT ROBERTSON HILL CONDOMINIUMS","Tyndall Condominiums","Tyndall\/Robertson Hill Condos","Tyndall\/Robertson Hill Condos\/","Ulit","Ulit H Add 02","Ulit H Resub","un","Unit 211 Bldg C Victoria Square Condo Amend","University Heights","University Hills","University Hills SEC 01","University Hills Sec 02 Ph 03","University Hills Sec 02 Ph 05","University Hills Sec 03 Ph 02","University Hills Sec 04 Ph 02","University Hills Sec 04 Ph 04","University Hills Sec 1","University Hills Sec One","University Park","University San Antonio","Uphill Condos","Uplands Village","Vail Sec 02","Vail Sec 2","Vallejo","Valley At Lost Creek Ph 01","Valley Lake Hills Sec 01","Valley View Acres","Valley View Acres Rev","Valley View Estates","Valley View Village Condo","VALLEY VIEW VILLAS","Vance Park","Vanderbilt Condo Amd","Ventana Condo Amd","Verandas At Uptown Condo","VERANDAS AT UPTOWN CONDOMINIUMS","Verandas\/52nd Condos Bldg 2","Verrado","Versante Canyon","Versante Canyon Homes","Versante Canyon Homes Condo","Vesper Zoppp Add","Victoria Glen","Victoria Glen Amd","Victoria Square Condo","Viewpoint At Williamson Creek","Viewpoint\/Williamson Crk Ph 1","Villa Campanelli Condo","Villa Govalle","Villa Montana","Villa Oaks","VILLA SERENA","Villa Suena Sec 02","Village 01 At Anderson Mill","Village 06 At Anderson Mill","Village 09 At Anderson Mill","Village 1 Anderson Mill","Village 12 At Anderson Mill","Village 13 At Anderson Mill","Village 14 At Anderson Mill","Village 15A At Anderson Mill","Village 16 Anderson Mill","Village 16 At Anderson Mill","Village 19 At Anderson Mill Ph 02","Village 21 At Anderson Mill Ph 02","Village 22 At Anderson Mill Ph 02","Village 9 At Anderson Mill","Village At Kinney Court","Village At Ledge Stone Condo","Village At Pleasant Valley Sec","Village At Quail Creek","Village At Quail Creek Sec 02","Village At Walnut Creek Ph 01 Sec 01 Amd","Village At Walnut Creek Ph 01 Sec 05","Village At Walnut Creek Ph 02 Sec 06","Village At Walnut Creek Ph 1","Village At Walnut Creek Ph 2","Village At Walnut Creek Phs 1 Sec 1","Village at Walnut Creek Phs 2 Sec 13","Village at Wells Branch","Village at Western Oak","Village at western oaks","Village At Western Oaks 06","Village at Western Oaks Sec 03","Village At Western Oaks Sec 12","Village At Western Oaks Sec 15","Village At Western Oaks Sec 16-A","Village At Western Oaks Sec 16-C","Village At Western Oaks Sec 17","Village At Western Oaks Sec 29-A","Village At Western Oaks Sec 33","VILLAGE OAK WEST","Village Oaks Sec 2","Village Oaks Sec 3","Village On Congress Condo Amd","VILLAGE ON CONGRESS CONDOMINIUMS","Village on Cooper Lane","Village Park 3 At Travis Count","Village San Leanna Add 01","Village Sec 02","Village Sec 04","Village Sec 05","Village Sec 06","Village Sec 07","Village Sec 7 The","Village South Ph 01","Village South Ph 01 Sec 01","Village South Ph 04-A Sec 02","Village South PH 04-A Sec2","Village Square","Villages of Wells Branch","Villas Anderson Mill Condos Unit 1054A Bl","Villas At 707 Condo","Villas At Commanders Point Con","VILLAS AT COMMANDERS POINT CONDOMINIUMS S","Villas at Flintrock Falls","Villas at McKinney Crossing","Villas At Sunset Valley Homest","Villas At Treemont","Villas At Tuscan Village Amd","Villas of Lost Canyon Condos","Villas On Lake Travis","Villas on Travis","Villas On Travis Condo Amd","VILLAS ON TRAVIS CONDOMINIUM","Villas On Travis Condominiums Amend","Villas On Travis Condominiumsamended","Villas On Walnut Creek","Villas Travis Heights Condo","Villas\/Mansell","Vineyard Bay Ph 01","Vintage Hills Sec 02","Violet Crown Heights Sec 01","Violet Crown Heights Sec 02","Violet Crown Heights Sec 02 Resub","VIOLET CROWN HEIGHTS SEC 2","Violet Crown Heights Sec 2 Residence","Vista Grande","Vista Hills Condo","Vista Point Springfield","Vista Ridge Ph 02","Vista Ridge Ph 04","Vista West 02","Vista West 03","Vista West IV","Vistas At Lakeway","Vistas of Austin","Vistas\/Austin Sec 1","Vistas\/Austin Sec 5","Vp Acres","W Brown Sur 1","W. Wofford","Wagon Crossing","Wagon Crossing Sec 03-A Amd","Wagon Crossing Sec 05","Wakeman","Walker Heights","Wallace","Wallace J P","Waller Creek","Walling Place","Wallingwood Sec 02-A","Walnut Creek","Walnut Creek Bus Park Amd","Walnut Creek Bus Park Ph","Walnut Crossing Sec 01","Walnut Crossing Sec 03","Walnut Crossing Sec 04","Walnut Crossing Sec 05","Walnut Crossing Sec 05-A","Walnut Forest","Walnut Hills","Walnut Hills Sec 05","WALNUT RIDGE II","Walsh 360","Walsh 360 Twnhms","WALSH PLACE ON LAKE AUSTIN","Walton Terrace","Walton Terrance","Ward & Treadwell","Ward Add","Washington","Washington Heights","Waterfall on Lake Travis","Waterfall On Lake Travis Condo","Waterford Condo Amd","Waterford Place Sec 02 Amd","Waterfront Condo","Waterloo Condo","Watersmark At Barton Creek Con","Waterstreet Lofts","Watson","Wedgewood Condo","Wedgewood Sec 01","Weise","Welch","Wells Branch Ph 10 Sec 03","Wells Branch Ph A Sec 02","Wells Branch Ph B Sec 02","Wells Branch Ph B Sec 03","Wells Branch Ph C Sec 01","Wells Branch Ph C Sec 03","Wells Branch Ph C Sec 04","Wells Branch Ph D Sec 01","Wells Branch Ph D Sec 02","Wells Branch Ph E Sec 01","Wells Branch Ph E Sec 03","Wells Branch Ph F","WELLS BRANCH PHS A SEC 7","Wells Branch Phs F","Wells Branch Phs X Sec 3","Wendel Cove Condo","Wendlandt & Mueller","Wendlandt & Staehely Resub","Werkenthin Sec 02","WEST 10TH STREET CONDOMINIUMS","West 12 Street Condo Amd","West Austin Tanglewood Condo","West Ave Condos","West Branch","West Campus Cottages Condo The","West Cave Estates Sec 04","West End","West End Add","West End Add Resub","West End Condo Amd","West Gate Square","West Gate West","West North Loop 200","West Park Add","West Park Amd","West Park Place Amd","West Ridge Condo","WEST RIM","West University Place Condo","West View Heights","Westcliff Sec 01-A","Westcreek Landing Condo Ph 01 Ame","Westcreek Sec 01 Amd","Westcreek Sec 02","Westenfield 01","Western Clstrs Condos","Western Hills At Cherry Creek","Western Oaks","Western Oaks 03-C","Western Trails","Western Trails Estates","Western Trails Medical Clinic","Western Trails Of Quail Creeks","Western Trails Quail Creek Sec 03 Amd","Western Trails Sec 03","Western Trails Sec 04","Western Trails Sec 05","Western Trails Sec 06","Western Trails Sec 08","Westfield A","Westfield B","Westfield Condo","Westfield Plaza Condo Amd","westfield plaza condominiums","Westgate Condo Amd","Westhill Estates Sec 02","Westlake Condo","Westlake Highlands","Westlake Highlands Sec 02","Westlake Highlands Sec 03","Westlake Madrones Sec 01","Westlake Madrones Sec 02","Westlake Oaks","Westline Austin","Westminster Glen Ph 01","Westminster Glen Ph 01-E","Westminster Glen Ph 03","Westminster Glen Ph 1-E Amd Lt 88-A&89","Westoak Sec 03","Westoaks Sec 02","Westover Hills","Westover Hills Club Estates","Westover Hills Sec 01","Westplace Condo","WESTPLACE CONDOMINIUMS THE","Westridge","Westridge Estates","Westview Condo","Westview Estates Sec 03","Westview On Lake Austin Ph B","Westview On Lake Austin Ph C","Westwood Condo","Westwood Fields","Westwood Sec 01","Westwood Sec 02","Westwood Sec 04","Whatley S J","Wheeler Creek Village","Whispering Oaks","Whispering Oaks 01","Whispering Oaks 02","Whispering Oaks 04","Whispering Oaks Ph 01","Whispering Valley Condo Amd","White & Diseker","White Plains","White Plains Sec 02","Whitis","Whitney Oaks Condo Amd","Wild Basin Wilderness","Wild Cat Hollow Sub","Wild Wood Hills","Wildcat Hollow","Wilder Add","Wilhelm F Sr","Wilkerson Estates","Willa","Willbert Add","Willhoite","William Carter Sub","Williams Everett","Williams I A","Williamsburg Pud Ph 1-A","Williamson","WILLIAMSON CREEK","Williamson Creek Sec 01-A","Williamson Creek Sec 02","WILLIAMSON CREEK SUBD SEC 2","Williamson Sec 02","Williamson Sec 2","Willow Brook","Willow Creek","Willow Run","Willow Run Sec 04","Willow Run Sec 07","Willow Run Sec 10-A","Willow Run Sec 10-B","Willow Spgs Sec 01","Willow Trace","Willowbrook North Twnhms","Willowbrook Place Condo","Wilshire Park","Wilshire Wood Sec 01","Winchester Condo","Windmill Bluff Estates","Windmill Run Sec 01","Windmill Run Sec 02-A","Windmill Run Sec 03-A","Windmill Run Sec 04-A","WINDMILL RUN SEC 1","Windridge Sec 03","Windrock Condo Amd","Windsor Hills Sec 01","Windsor Oaks Condo Amd","Windsor Park","Windsor Park 02 Sec 01","Windsor Park 02 Sec 02","Windsor Park 02 Sec 03","Windsor Park 02 Sec 04","Windsor Park 03 Sec 02","Windsor Park 03 Sec 03","Windsor Park Hills Sec 01","Windsor Park Hills Sec 03","Windsor Park Hills Sec 04","Windsor Park Hills Sec 06","Windsor Park Iii Sec 4 First R","Windsor Park Sec 01","Windsor Park Sec 02","Windsor Park Sec 03","Windsor Village","WINDSWEPT ACRES SEC 2","Windtree Condo Amd","Winners Circle","Wisian & Schmidt","Woerner-Way Add","WOFFORD","Woodbridge","Woodbridge Sec 02","Woodcliff","Woodcliff Amd","Woodcrest-A","Woodhaven","Woodhaven Ii","Woodhue Heights 01","Woodhue Heights I","Woodland Hills Sec 02","Woodland Hills Sec 03","Woodland Hills Sec 1","Woodland Oaks","Woodland Village","Woodland Village Anderson Mill Sec 01 Blk","Woodland Village Anderson Mill Sec 02 Ph 01","Woodland Village Anderson Mill Sec 02 Ph 02","Woodland Village Anderson Mill Sec 03 Blk","Woodland Village of Anderson Mill","Woodlands 02 Condo","Woodlands Condominiums","Woodlands Sec 02 The Rep","Woodlands Sec 03 The","Woodlands Sec 05 The","Woodlands Sec 06","Woodlands Sec 6","Woodlawn Add","Woodlawn Place Condo","Woodlawn West Condo Amd","Woodmancy Add","Woodmere Condo","Woodrow North Condo","Woodrow Place Condo","Woodrow Place Twnhms","Woods at Four Points","Woods Brushy Creek Sec 02 Ph 01-C","Woods Brushy Creek Sec 02 Ph 02","Woods Brushy Creek Sec 02 Ph 02 Amd","Woods Brushy Creek Sec 02 Ph 04","Woods Brushy Creek Sec 03","Woods Century Park Sec 01","Woods Century Park Sec 02","Woods Isaac","Woods Lake Travis Sec 02","Woods of Brushy Creek","Woods Of Brushy Creek Sec 2 Ph 3a","Woods Of Century Park Sec 2","Woods Of Greenshores Sec 01","Woods of Westlake","WOODS OF WESTLAKE HEIGHTS","Woods Travis Country Condo Ame","Woods Westlake Heights","Woods Westlake Hilltop","Woods Westlake Hilltop 02","Woodstone Square","Woodstone Village Sec 01","Woodstone Village Sec 03","Woodstone Village Sec 07","Woodward Indust District","Woodward Park Amd","Woodwillow Add","Wooten Goodall","Wooten Goodall Subd","Wooten Neighborhood","Wooten Park Sec 02","Wooten Park Sec 03","Wooten Park Sec 04","Wooten Park Sec 05","Wooten Park Square","Wooten Terrace Sec 02","Wooten Terrace Sec 03","Wooten Village Sec 01","Wooten Village Sec 04","Wooten Village Sec 05","Wright Knox","Wyldwood Place Condo Ph 02","Wyldwood Sec 02","Wynn Wood Condo","Wynnrock Estates Sec 01","XSpace","Xspace Condos","Y7s4c-Y7s4c","Yarrabee Bend South Sec 01","Zachary Scott","Zachary Scott Sec 01","Zachary Scott Sec 02","Zilker","Zilker Heights Resub","Zilker Hill Condo Amd","ZILKR ON THE PARK","ZILKR ON THE PARK CONDOMINIUMS","Zilkr on the Park Condos","Zilkr\/Pk Condos","Zilkr\/The Park Condos","Zoppp Add"],"zipcodes":["73301","73344","78610","78613","78617","78641","78651","78652","78653","78660","78701","78702","78703","78704","78705","78708","78709","78710","78711","78712","78713","78714","78715","78716","78717","78718","78719","78720","78721","78722","78723","78724","78725","78726","78727","78728","78729","78730","78731","78732","78733","78734","78735","78736","78737","78738","78739","78741","78742","78744","78745","78746","78747","78748","78749","78750","78751","78752","78753","78754","78755","78756","78757","78758","78759","78760","78761","78762","78763","78764","78765","78766","78767","78768","78769","78772","78773","78774","78778","78779","78780","78781","78783","78785","78786","78788","78789","78798","78799"]},"bandera":{"label":"Bandera","counties":["Bandera County"],"subdivisions":["Bandera River Ranch","Bridlegate","Clearwater Canyon","DEER FOREST","Hills of Bandera Ranch","Holiday Villages of Medin","HOLIDAY VILLAGES OF MEDINA","Lake Medina Shores","Montague Ranch Estates"],"zipcodes":["78003"]},"bartlett":{"label":"Bartlett","counties":["Bell County","Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["A0856BC W C WILSON","Arb Bartlett","bartlett","Bartlett City","Bartlett Original","Bartletts Add","Bertlett ISD Abstracts","HISTORICAL BARTLETT","Irvin Add","Irvin Addition","Irvins Addition","Lumberyard Lofts","Mcknight W Sur","Old Dwnt Bartlett","Pietzsch Ii","S1103BA - BARTLETT ORIGINAL","Scott Charles Eaves"],"zipcodes":["76511"]},"bastrop":{"label":"Bastrop","counties":["Bastrop County"],"subdivisions":["1209 Estates","14830","3D","A11 - Bastrop Town Tract","Adelton","And Betty Banks","Ashland Pines","Austin, Stephen F","Baham Interests Sub","Bangs, J Manuel","BANGS, J. MANUEL","Barker, Leman","Barton","Barton, Elisha","Bastrop Grove","Bastrop Grove Ph 1B Sec 4","Bastrop Grv Ph 2 Sec 4","Bastrop Hills Homesites","Bastrop Town Tr","Bastrop Town Tract, Abstract 11","Bastrop West Comm","Bastrop Woods","BATROP RURAL 006","Blakey, Nancy","BOWLES, BENJAMIN","Building Blk","BUILDING BLOCK 47 E W ST","BUILDING BLOCK 5 E W ST ACRE","Camp Swift Ranch","Camp Swift Ranches","Cassena Ranch","Cedar Creek Bend Ph One","Cedar Creek Bend Ph Three","Circle D","Circle D East","Circle D Sec 1","Clearview Estates","Colony","Colony Bandera Pass","Colony Mud 1A Sec 1","Colony Mud 1A Sec 3","Colony Mud 1B Sec 1","Colony Mud 1B Sec 3","Colony Mud 1B Sec 4","Colony Mud 1B Sec 5","Colony Neches Trails","Colony Riverside","Colorado Estates","Colorado Shores Ltd","Colovista Country Club","Colovista Country Club, Sec 6","Colovista Twnhms","Craft, John S","Dulaney Estates","El Camino Real","Emerson 71 Sub","Farm Lot","Farm Lt","Final Plat\/Colony Mud1A Sec 3","Final Plat\/Pecan Pk","French, Samuel","Green Acres","Green Oaks","Harris, Isaac","Hasler River Shores","Higgins Add","Holderman, David","Holiday Hills","Hunter's Crossing","Hunters Crossing","Hunters Crossing Sec Seve","John Wessels Sub","K C Estates","Lake Bastrop Acres","Lake Bastrop Club","Lake Bastrop Estates","Lake Bastrop Estates Un 1","Lake Bastrop Estates Un 3","Lake Bastrop Pines","Lake Bastrop Ranchettes","Lake Thunderbird","Legends Cove Section 2","Lost Pines Dev","Lost Pines Development","Manor, Jas J","Mays","Mays, Andrew","Mesa Pinto","New Colony - Riverside","Oney","Pecan Park","Pecan Park Residential Sec","Pecan Park Residential Sec 5b","Pecan Park Sec 1B","Pecan Park Sec 7","Pecan Pk Sec 1A","Pecan Valley","pine forest","Pine Forest Unit 10 P Iii","Pine Forest Unit 11 P III","Pine Forest Unit 12 P III","Pine Forest Unit 14 P Iii","Pine Forest Unit 6","Pine Forest Unit 6 Ph Ii","Pine Forest Unit 7 Ph Iii","Pine Forest Unit 9 Ph III","PINE FOREST UNITS","Pine Hill Estates","Pine View Estates","Pine Wood","Piney Creek Bend","Piney Creek Bend, Sec One","Piney Ridge","Resubdivision 2 The Compoun","Ricochet Run","River's Bend at Pecan Park","Rivers Pend at Pecan Park","Riverside Grove","Riverside Grove Ph","Riverside Grove Sub Ph","Riverview Heights","Rousseau, Mozea","S F Austin Surv Abs 3","S5310 - Building Block","S7461-Ricochet Run","S7984 - Tahitian Village, Unit 4","Sanders Estates","St Mary Sub","Stach Partners Sub.","Stallion Creek Estates","Suburbia Estates","Tahitian","TAHITIAN U5","Tahitian Village","Tahitian Village Unit 02","Tahitian Village,","Tahitian Village, Unit 1","Tahitian Village, Unit 2","Tahitian Village, Unit 3","Tahitian Village, Unit 4","Tahitian Village, Unit 5","TCG Walnut Sub","Terrell Sub","The Colony","The Colony - Bandera Pass","The Colony - Goliad Pointe","The Colony Mud 1A, Sec 1,","The Colony Mud 1A, Sec 2A","THE COLONY MUD 1D-E","The Colony Mud 1E Sec 2 Ph","The Village At Colovista","The Woodlands","Urquiza Sub","Vista West","Wallace, Jas P","Whispering Pines","Wilbarger, Josiah","Wilson St Sub","Woodlands"],"zipcodes":["78602","78612"]},"beaumont":{"label":"Beaumont","counties":["Jefferson County"],"subdivisions":["THE PARK ON THOMAS"],"zipcodes":["77627","77701","77702","77703","77704","77705","77706","77707","77708","77709","77710","77713","77720","77725","77726"]},"bebe":{"label":"Bebe","subdivisions":["CHARLES KINCAID"]},"beecave":{"label":"Bee Cave","counties":["Travis County"],"subdivisions":["Bella Colinas","Bella Colinas Sec 2","Bella Colinas Secs 3, 4, 5 & 6","CANYONSIDE AT FALCONHEAD WEST CONDOMINIUMS","Cottages At Spillman Ridge Con","East Village","Falconhead","Falconhead West Ph 01 Sec 01; Spillman","Falconhead West Ph 1 Sec 2","Falconhead West Ph 1 Sec 2 &","Hill Country Galleria","Lake Pointe","Meadowfox Estates","Spillman Ranch Ph 03","Spillman Ranch Ph 1 Sec 9","Spring Creek Preserve","Terra Colinas Ph 2","Uplands Ph 01","Villas At Spanish Oaks The"],"zipcodes":["78669","78735","78736","78738"]},"bellville":{"label":"Bellville","counties":["Austin County"],"subdivisions":["Hickory Creek #2","Joel Lakey"],"zipcodes":["77418"]},"belton":{"label":"Belton","counties":["Bell County"],"subdivisions":[".","Alexanders Add","Bell Meadows Ph 1","Bellview Add","Beulah Bluff Estates Ph One","Bigham","Cliffs at Lake Belton","Cliffs At Lake Belton Phase 2","Commercial Pad Site","Connell Sub","Dawson Rdg Amd","Denman Twin Mountains","Denman Twin Mountains 2nd","French","Gf Lankford Surv Abs 210","Glen Meadows Sub Repla","Guess Dulany Sub","Heritage","Heritage Estates","High Crest Ph Ii","Holman","Indian Point","JAMES BENNETT","L Walker","Lago Terra Ph Ii","Lakeside Hills Sec Two","Lewis Walker Surv Abs 860","Liberty Oaks Sub Tr","Liberty Valley Ph Iii","McFarland Estates","Morgans Point Resort Sec 8","Overlook Ridge Estates 2","R K Utley Add","Rancho Del Lago","RBELMPLKVW","Red Rock Hills Sub Pha","River Forest Add","River Place Add Sec 1","S1280MP - MORGANS POINT RESORT SECTION 16","See legal description","Sendero Estates","Sherwood Shores Vii","Sherwood Shores Viii Teer Terrace","SOUTHLAKE HARBOR REPLAT6","Summer's Mill","Taylor Hill Sub","The Campus At Lakewood Ranch P","The Escarpment Sub","The Oaks At Lakewood","Three Creeks","Three Creeks Ph I","Three Creeks Ph Ii","Three Creeks, Phase 9","Three Crks Ph V","Tuscan River Ph I","Wallace","Waskow Acres","Whispering Woods","Y WILLIAMS"],"zipcodes":["76502","76513","76571"]},"bend":{"label":"Bend"},"bergheim":{"label":"Bergheim","subdivisions":["North Barcroft Estates"]},"bernardo":{"label":"Bernardo","subdivisions":["0"]},"bertram":{"label":"Bertram","counties":["Burnet County"],"subdivisions":["A0540-ROBERT S LYLE","A1728 - B. MAYNARD","Bertram Creekside Ranches","Buena Vida Ranch","Campo Colinas","Countryside Oaks","COUNTY LINE ACREAGE EAST","County Line Estates","D.F. OWEN","Dockal Ranchettes","Dockal Ranchettes Ph 2","Dove Meadow","E Leichtle Surv 5 Abs 524","Estates at Oatmeal","Faglie Sub","Fair Grounds Bertram","Fairview","Flores Park","Flores Park Sub","George Gordon Surv Abs #376","Greystone","Greystone Ranch","Horseshoe Bay","Horseshoe Bay South","Indian Creek Ranch","JAMES LONG ABST 537","James M Long Surv Abs #537","Lewis Park","LUCIANO CABASAS","New Add","Original Bertram","Park Add","Pope Sub","RANCHES AT CANYON CREEK","Ranches at Prairie Point","Red Bud Add Bertram","Ridge Point Estates","Ridge Point Estates Ph 1","Ridge Point Estates Ph 2","Samuel Hough Surv #655 Abs # 4","Serenity Springs","Stone Creek Ranch","Stone Crk Ranch","Summerlin Estates","Sun View Ranchettes","Sunset Oaks","THE POINT","Washington P Reese","Whispering Wind","Whitewater Spgs","Whitewater Springs"],"zipcodes":["78605"]},"bigsandy":{"label":"Big Sandy","counties":["Upshur County"],"zipcodes":["75755","75797"]},"blanco":{"label":"Blanco","counties":["Blanco County"],"subdivisions":["A11287 - SURVEY 274 P WOODS","Albert 303 Sub","B40A - BLANCO 40 ACRES, UNIT 1","Blanco Vista Estates","Cage & Boone","Cielo Spgs","Cielo Springs","Country Estates","George Logan","George W Logan","Headwaters Ranch Acres","High Country Ranches","Horace Eggleston Surv #24 Abs","Landon\u2019s Crossing","Majestic Hills","Majestic Hills Ranch","Monarch Ranch","No Le Hace","Old 32 Ranch","Old 32 Ranch 2","Pittsburg","Ranch Un 2","Ranches of Brushy Top","Ranches\/Crabapple Crk Sub","Red Oak Mountain","River Bend Ranch","RIVER RIDGE RANCH","RJR","Rockin J Ranch","Rockin Ranch","Rocking J Ranch","Rural","Rust Ranch","Rust Ranch Acres","Rust Ranches","The 1623 Divide","The Divide","The Hills of Madrone Ranch","The Ranches at Crabapple Creek"],"zipcodes":["78606"]},"blue":{"label":"Blue","subdivisions":["Blue Properties Sec B"]},"bluffton":{"label":"Bluffton","subdivisions":["Island Village"]},"boerne":{"label":"Boerne","counties":["Kendall County"],"subdivisions":["Ammann Farms","BOWER SUBDIVISION","Cordillera Ranch","Front Gate","highpoint ranch","John Davis","Napa Oaks","OAK PARK","SOUTHGLEN","Spring Creek Estates"],"zipcodes":["78006","78015"]},"brackettville":{"label":"Brackettville","counties":["Kinney County"],"subdivisions":["Leona Ranch"],"zipcodes":["78832"]},"brady":{"label":"Brady","counties":["McCulloch County"],"zipcodes":["76825","76858"]},"brazoria":{"label":"Brazoria","counties":["Brazoria County"],"subdivisions":["Poehlmann SD"],"zipcodes":["77422"]},"bremond":{"label":"Bremond","counties":["Robertson County"],"subdivisions":["Bremond","No"],"zipcodes":["76629"]},"brenham":{"label":"Brenham","counties":["Washington County"],"subdivisions":["A0055 Harrington, Arrabella","A0062 - A0062 - Hope, P. & A.","Commercial Property","Louanna Estates Sec I","MARKET SQUARE SEC II","MILLCREEKW","Mitchell","Mustang","Saddle Ridge","Thomas S. Saul Survey"],"zipcodes":["77833","77834"]},"briarcliff":{"label":"Briarcliff","counties":["Travis County"],"subdivisions":["Briarcliff Inc Sec 05","Briarcliff Inc Sec 12","Briarcliff Inc Sec 13","Briarcliff Inc Sec 14","Briarcliff Inc Sec 15","Perrys White Cliff"],"zipcodes":["78669"]},"bridgecity":{"label":"Bridge City","counties":["Orange County"],"subdivisions":["Oak View #1","William Davis"],"zipcodes":["77611","77630"]},"briggs":{"label":"Briggs","subdivisions":["Briggs Estates","Cloudwood Ranch Ph 2","ELISHA PREWITT","HWY 183 ACREAGE","Isaac Harris Surv #67 Abs # 43","Isaac Harris Surv 67 Abs #439","Miller Creek","Miller Creek Ranch"]},"brookshire":{"label":"Brookshire","counties":["Waller County"],"zipcodes":["77423"]},"brownsville":{"label":"Brownsville","counties":["Cameron County"],"subdivisions":["VILLA LOS PINOS SEC V"],"zipcodes":["78520","78521","78522","78523","78526","78566","78575","78578","78583","78586"]},"brownwood":{"label":"Brownwood","counties":["Brown County"],"subdivisions":["Brownstone Farms","Clearwater Oaks Estates","Dominion Point Sec II","Lake Front","New Heritage Homes Sub","Oak Ridge Add Ph III","W Lee Lackey Sub","Woodland Acres, Section One"],"zipcodes":["76801","76802","76803","76804"]},"brucevilleeddy":{"label":"Bruceville-Eddy","counties":["Falls County","McLennan County"],"subdivisions":["Malone John"],"zipcodes":["76524","76630"]},"bryan":{"label":"Bryan","counties":["Brazos County"],"subdivisions":["Abstract 5901","Austin's Estates","Culpepper Manor","D E Wade","Field Creek Estates","Highland Park","Oak Lake","Porterfield\/Watson","Ravenwood","Reliance Meadows","Stonebrier","The Oaks Ph 1","Tiffany Park","Wheeler Ridge"],"zipcodes":["77801","77802","77803","77805","77806","77807","77808","77840","77845"]},"buchanandam":{"label":"Buchanan Dam","counties":["Llano County"],"subdivisions":["Deer Hills","Diamond S Ranch","Edgewater Resort","French John Creek","Golden Beach","Gran Sabana","Greenwood Acres","Indian Hills","Jeckers Cove Retreat","Lehne Ranch","Pebble Beach","Rocky Hills","The Cliffs At Water Ridge","The Cliffs of Water Ridge"],"zipcodes":["78607","78609"]},"buckholts":{"label":"Buckholts","counties":["Milam County"],"subdivisions":["000","bent oak ranches","Blackman Sur.","Buckholts Ot","De Pena Ja A0430","Jose Antonio Depena Surv Abs #","JOSE ANTONIO DEPENA SURVEY ABSTRACT 43","S02000 BUCKHOLTS O.T.","Sanchez J D","STIGALL SUB TRACT 11B","Yarrellton Ranches"],"zipcodes":["76518"]},"buda":{"label":"Buda","counties":["Hays County"],"subdivisions":["Ashford Park Sec 1","Austin Skyline Sec 01","Austin Skyline Sec 04","Bonita Vista Unit Ii","Bradfield Village Sec Two","Carpenter Hill","Chandler Add","Chandler Addn","Cimarron Park I","Cimarron Park Ii","CORBIN W P","Country Estates Sec 2","Country Ridge Sub","Coves Of Cimarron","Coves Of Cimarron Sec 2 Ph 1","Coves Of Cimarron Sec 2 Ph 3","Coves Of Cimarron Sec 2 Ph 5","Creedmoor Town","Creekside Park Sec 3","Creekside Park Sec 5","Cross Meadow","Cullen Country","Cullen Country Sec 1","D T Inglehart Sub","Elliott Ranch","Elliott Ranch Ph Four","Elliott Ranch Ph One","Elliott Ranch Ph Three","Elm Grove","Elm Grove Sec One","Elm Grove Sec Three -A","Emma Jane Estates","Frank Y Smith Sub","Garlic Creek West","Garlic Creek West Ph Iii Sec 1","Garlic Creek West Ph Iii Sec 4A","Garlic Creek West Ph Iii Sec 4C","Garlic Creek West Ph III Sec 6a","Garlic Creek West Ph Iii Sec 6B","GARLIC CREEK WEST PHASE III SEC 7","Green Corners Comm Sec 2","Green Meadows Sec 01","Green Meadows Sec 2a","Green Meadows Sec One","Harvest Meadows","Harvest Meadows Condo","Hays Country Oaks Sec 1","Hays Country Oaks Sec 2","Hillside Terrace","Jesse Eaves","Kensington Trails Sec 6","Leisurewoods Sec 1","Leisurewoods Sec 2","Leisurewoods Sec 4","Leisurewoods Sec 5","Lifschultz","Marlboro Country","Meadow Park Sec 1A","Mustang Hills Ranch","Mustang Mesa Sec 01","Mustang Mesa Sec 02","Old West Trail","ORIGINAL TOWN OF BUDA","Oxbow Trails Sec 1","Porter Country","PRAIRIE LAKES","RockNDirt Yard","Ruby Ranch Ph 03","Ruby Ranch Ph 7","S1220 - CAPITAL AREA INDUSTRIAL PARK","Satterwhite Business Park","Satterwhite South Business Park","Sequoyah Sec 3","Shadow Creek","Shadow Creek Ph 1 Sec 6","Shadow Creek Ph 1 Sec 7","Shadow Creek Ph 2 Sec 1","Shadow Creek Ph 2 Sec 2","Shadow Creek Ph 3 Sec 1","Shadow Creek Ph 3 Sec 2","Shadow Creek Ph 3 Sec 4","Shadow Creek Ph 4 Sec 1","Shadow Creek Ph 4 Sec 2","Shadow Creek Ph Eight Sec One","Shadow Creek Ph Eight Sec Two","Shadow Creek Ph Five Sec One","Shadow Creek Ph Nine Sec Two","Southern Woods","Spanish Oaks","Stallion Run","Stonefield","Stonefield Sec Eight","Stonefield Sec Eleven","Stonefield Sec Nine","Stonefield Sec One","Stonefield Sec Six","Stonefield Sec Twelve","StoneRidge","Stoneridge Sec 02","Stoneridge Sec 1","Stoneridge Sec 2","Sunfield","Sunfield 40's","Sunfield Amenity Center","Sunfield Ph 5 Sec 3","Sunfield Ph Five Sec One A","Sunfield Ph Five Sec Two","Sunfield Ph Four Sec One A","Sunfield Ph Four Sec Two","Sunfield Ph One Sec Five","Sunfield Ph One Sec One","Sunfield Ph One Sec Six","Sunfield Ph One Sec Two","Sunfield Ph Three Sec Five B","Sunfield Ph Three Sec Five C","Sunfield Ph Three Sec Four","Sunfield Ph Three Sec Six A","Sunfield Ph Three Sec Six B","Sunfield Ph Three Sec Three","Sunfield Ph Three Sec Two","Sunfield Ph Two Sec Eight","Sunfield Ph Two Sec Eleven","Sunfield Ph Two Sec Five","Sunfield Ph Two Sec Four","Sunfield Ph Two Sec Seven","Sunfield Ph Two Sec Six","Sunfield Ph Two Sec Ten","Sunfield Ph Two Sec Three","Sunfield Ph Two Sec Twelve","Sunfield Ph Two Sec Two","SUNFIELD PHASE FIVE SECTION ONE","The Estates Of Dodgen Ranch","The Meadow at Buda","The Meadows At Buda Ph Four-A","The Meadows At Buda Ph Four-B","The Meadows At Buda Sec Three-A","The Meadows At Buda Sec Three-B","The Meadows At Buda Sec Two","Trinadad Varcinas Survey","Turner's Crossing","Turner's Crossing 45's","Turner's Crossing 45s","Turner's Crossing 50","Turner's Crossing 50's","Turner's Crossing 50s","TURNERS CROSSING","Whispering Hollow","Whispering Hollow Ph 01 Sec 2a","Whispering Hollow Ph 1 Sec 2A","Whispering Hollow Ph 1 Sec 2B","Whispering Hollow Ph 1 Sec 3","Whispering Hollow Ph 1 Sec 7A","Whispering Hollow Ph 2 Sec 4","Whispering Hollow Ph I Sec 5A","Whispering Hollow Ph II Sec 1","White Oak Preserve","White Oak Preserve Sec One","White Oak Preserve Sec Two","Wilks Subdivision Sec 2","WINDY HILL","Windy Hill Sub -11 Ac","Windy Hill Sub -24 Ac","Woodbrook Sub Ph 2","Woodcreek"],"zipcodes":["78610"]},"bullard":{"label":"Bullard","counties":["Cherokee County","Smith County"],"subdivisions":["Mallards Cove"],"zipcodes":["75703","75757"]},"bulverde":{"label":"Bulverde","counties":["Bexar County","Comal County"],"subdivisions":["Belle Oaks","Belle Oaks Ranch","BELLE OAKS RANCH PHASE III","Brand Ranch","Bulverde Estates 2","Canyon View Acres 2","Pradera Escondida Ranch","Rim Rock Ranch 2","Silver Hills","Stoney Creek Ii"],"zipcodes":["78070","78163","78261"]},"burlington":{"label":"Burlington","subdivisions":["JOSEPH H CLARK SURVEY, ABSTRACT NO 117","W W Moore"]},"burnet":{"label":"Burnet","counties":["Burnet County"],"subdivisions":["7 Creeks Ranch","Algerita Heights","Black Buck Ranch at Burnet","Brushy Mountain","Buena Vista","burnet","Burnet Hilltop Estates","Burnet Oaks","Burnet Oaks Estates","Cardinal Trail","Carson Ranch","Cassie","castle view","Castleberry","Cheatham","City of Burnet","Clen Oaks","Corder","Council Creek","Council Creek South","Council Creek Village","Creek","Deer Valley Estate","Delaware Spgs","Delaware Springs","Delaware Springs Sect. 19, Phase 3","Donall Estates","Eagles Nest","EDWARD DURST","Ellett Estates","Estates On The River","Findley Fields","Foc Sub","Fowler Add","Foxwood Estates","Gardner Estates","Grandview Beach","Granite Hills Ph I","Highland Acres East","Highland Oaks","Hills of Shady Grove","Honey Rock Ranch","Hoover Valley Oaks","Horseshoe Bay South","Hurst Place Sub Ph 3","Jesse Thompson Tract Abs A1347","John Hamilton","John Hamilton Surv #1 Abs # 40","John Hamilton Surv 1 Abs 405","John Hamilton Surv Abs405","Johnson Add","Johnson Addition","Kerr Donation","Las Vistas","Lewallen Sub","Log Country Cove","Longhorn Valley","Meadows At Bluebonnet Hill","Miller Creek","Morgan Creek Village","Morman Mill Mdws","Mountain Ranch","Murchison","Murchison Resubdivision","Oak Ridge North","Oak Vista","Oakland Estates","OAKS WEST","on record","Patriot Oaks","Peninsula On Lake Buchanan","Peppermill","Peter Kerr","Peter Kerr Por","Peter Kerr Portion","Ranch At Delaware Creek","Ranches at Bentley Ridge","Ranches at Rifle Ridge","Ranches Of Lost Mountain","Ranches\/Bentley Rdg Ph 2","Reed Ranch","River Oaks","River Oaks Farms","Rocky Hollow Ranch","Rocky Point","Rolling Vistas","SAMUEL HAZLOTT","SAN GABRIEL RIVER N","Sherwood Shores III","Silver Creek Village","Sky View Hill Ph I","Skyline Terrace","South Silver Creek","Spring Creek Hills","Stevens Add","Sunset Hills","Swiss Village","The Peninsula on Lake Buchanan","The Ranches @ Rifle Ridge","The Ranches at Rifle Ridge","Thomas Anderson","Thomas Hancock","Vanderveer\/ Alexander","Vanderveer\/Alexander","Vandeveer\/Alexander","Wandering Oaks","Westfall Village Ph 2","Whit Sub","White Rock Ranch","Willows","Wolf Creek Ranch","Woodlands"],"zipcodes":["78611"]},"burton":{"label":"Burton","counties":["Washington County"],"subdivisions":["Burton"],"zipcodes":["77835"]},"caldwell":{"label":"Caldwell","counties":["Burleson County"],"subdivisions":["9999-other","A0185 - MARTIN H","Beaver Creek","CADE LAKE","Cade Lake Sec 2","City of Caldwell","Hudson Hills","Moore Farms Development","S3450 - BEAVER CREEK","SEBESTA CR 309 ESTATES","SUNDOWN ACRES","Thompson Creek Subdivision"],"zipcodes":["77836"]},"calvert":{"label":"Calvert","counties":["Robertson County"],"zipcodes":["77837"]},"cameron":{"label":"Cameron","counties":["Milam County"],"subdivisions":["0000","9999","A1420 DOBBINS, STERRETT, 51.193 ACRES","Anderle","Beal, John","Ben Arnold Ranch","Boedeker #2","Cameron","Cameron Ranch","City Park-Cameron","D Monroe Arnold","D Monroe S A & A P","Edwards, Monroe","Fleming","Gartner","Herrick, George","M G M","Martha Rogers","Milam Estates","Original Town","Robertson Sterling","Rounds Lyman","Starlight Acres","Triolo Ranches","Tyler, John K.","WALKER, WILLIAM H.","West Cameron","WW LEWIS TERRY"],"zipcodes":["76520"]},"canyon":{"label":"Canyon","counties":["Randall County"],"subdivisions":["Palo Duro Canyon Estates"],"zipcodes":["79015","79016"]},"canyonlake":{"label":"Canyon Lake","counties":["Comal County"],"subdivisions":["Alto Lago 1","Astro Hills","Astro Hills 2","Blue Water Estates 2","Canyon Cove Estates","Canyon Creek Estates 1","Canyon Forest 2","Canyon Lake","Canyon Lake Acres 1","Canyon Lake Airport Ph 1","Canyon Lake Estates","Canyon Lake Forest 1","Canyon Lake Forest 2","Canyon Lake Forest 3","Canyon Lake Hills","Canyon Lake Hills 1","Canyon Lake Hills 2","Canyon Lake Hills 3","Canyon Lake Hills 5","Canyon Lake Island","Canyon Lake Mh Estates 2","Canyon Lake Mh Estates 5","Canyon Lake Mh Estates North 2","Canyon Lake Shores","Canyon Lake Shores 2","Canyon Lake Village","Canyon Lake Village 3","Canyon Lake Village 5","Canyon Lake Village West 1","Canyon Lake Village West 4","Canyon Park Estates","Canyon Spgs Resort 3A","Canyon Spgs Resort 5","Canyon Vista 1","Cedars The 1","cl","CLEAR WATER ESTATES","Clearwater Estates 1","Cordova Bend Canyon Lake 1","Cordova Bend Canyon Lake 1r","Cordova Monjezi","Cougar Ridge 1","Cougar Ridge Ph 1","CRYSTAL HEIGHTS","Deer Meadows","Deer Meadows Ph 4","Deer Meadows Ph 5A","Devils Backbone Heights","Eden Ranch 3","Eden Ranch 6","El Dorado Heights 1","Emerald Valley","Enclave Canyon Lake The 1","Enclave Canyon Lake The 2","Ensenada Shores","Ensenada Shores At Canyon Lake","Ensenada Shores Canyon Lake 2","Fairways Canyon Lake The","Five Oaks","Hancock Oak Hills","Hidden Valley","Horseshoe Falls Estates","Joachim Pantermuhl Sur Abs 481","Kings Cove 1","Lake Ridge At Canyon Lake 1","Lakeview Heights 2","Las Brisas","Las Brisas at Ensenada Shores","Lazy Diamond Ranchettes","MONIER RANCH","Mount Lookout 1","Mountain Spgs Ranch 2","Mountain Springs Ranch","Mt Lookout Sub Un 2","Oak Shores Estates","Oaks 11 The","Paradise on the Guadalupe","Paradise Point","Paradise\/Guadalupe Un 1","Point at Rancho del Lago","Potters Creek","Rebecca Creek Ranches 2","Rinconada Heights","Rivers Edge","Rocky Creek Ranch 16","Rocky Creek Ranch 6","Rolling Hills Estates","Saddle Bronc Acres","Scenic Heights","Scenic Heights 1","Scenic Heights 2","Scenic Terrace","Scenic Terrace 1","Schuette Park","See remarks","Simon Tracts","Summit North","SUMMIT NORTH ESTATES POA","Summit North Ph 1","Summit North Ph 2","Summit North Ph 4","Summit North Ph 5","Tamarack Shores 1","Tamarack Shores 2","Tanglewood Shores","Twn Homes Of Village West Ph 1","Valley","Village Oaks","WESTHAVEN","Woodlands 4","Yes"],"zipcodes":["78070","78132","78133","78623"]},"carmine":{"label":"Carmine","counties":["Fayette County"],"subdivisions":["Mary Phelps","Phelps M","Tree Tops"],"zipcodes":["78932"]},"cedarcreek":{"label":"Cedar Creek","subdivisions":["A338","A83 - Bymer, Bernard","Arbor Hills","Arroyo Vista","ARROYO VISTA, BLOCK A, LOT 2, ACRES 0.570","Artesian Oaks","Artesian Oaks Subd","Bangs, J Manuel","Barker, Martha","Bastrop County West","Bastrop County West Oaks","BASTROP RURAL 004","Blakey, Nancy","BLALOCK JAMES","Bluebonnet Acres","Bymer, Bernard","Cedar Creek Estates","Cedar Creek Ninety","Cedar Creek Ranch","Colorado River Estates","Colorado River Ranchettes","Cotton Top Hills","Deer Run","Double Eagle Ranch","Double Eagle Ranch Sec 1","Double Eagle Ranch Sec 3 Ph A","Double Eagle Ranch, Sec 2","Elm Ridge","Enchanted Rock","French, Samuel","Great Oaks","Grimes, Rufus","Heritage Oaks","High View Ranch","High View Ranch, Ph 3a","Hobbs Vreek Ph 01","John G Welchmeyer Surv Tract 3","Jose Antonio Navarro Surv Abs","Las Alamedas","Lazy Acres","Leverence, L","Litton, Addison","Martha Baker Abs 7","Martha Barker Abs 7","Martins Meadow Sub","Mesquite Acres","Nancy Blakey Surv Abs #98","Navarro, Jose A","Pope Bend 2","Pope Bend 3","PROMISELAND ESTATES","Railhead","Rancho Encino Sub Phas","River Crossing","River Crossing Sec 1","River Oaks","Riverbend at Double Eagle","Rocking S Estates","Santa Fe Estates","Sendero Estates","Stidham, Zachariah","The Forest At Colorado Crossin","The Homestead On Hobbs Creek P","The Homestead On Hobbs Creek,","Thousand Oaks","Welchmeyer, J G"]},"cedarpark":{"label":"Cedar Park","counties":["Travis County","Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["1890 Ranch","Abrantes Ph 3","Anderson Mill West Sec 01","Anderson Mill West Sec 03","Anderson Mill West Sec 04","Anderson Mill West Sec 15","Anderson Mill West Sec 17","Anderson Mill West Sec 18","Anderson Mill West Sec 19","Arbors at Lakeline","Arbors\/Lakeline Condos Bldg 7","Bella Vista Sec 01","Bella Vista Sec 04","Breakaway Park","Breakaway Park Sec 4","Breakaway Park Sec 5 Ph 2","Buttercup Creek Ph 04 Sec 01-2 Amd","Buttercup Creek Ph 04 Sec 04","Buttercup Creek Ph 04 Sec 06","Buttercup Creek Ph 05 Sec 01-B","Buttercup Creek Ph 05 Sec 06","Buttercup Creek Ph 05 Sec 09","Buttercup Creek Ph 05 Sec 11","Buttercup Creek Sec 01 Village","Buttercup Creek Sec 01 Village 01b","Buttercup Creek Sec 01 Village 02","Buttercup Creek Sec 02 Village 02","Buttercup Creek Sec 02 Village 03","Buttercup Creek Sec 02 Village 04","Buttercup Creek Sec 02 Village 06","Buttercup Creek Sec 02 Village 08","Buttercup Creek Sec 02 Village 09","Buttercup Creek Sec 03 Village 01","Buttercup Creek Sec 03 Village 02","Buttercup Creek Sec 03 Village 05-A","Buttercup Creek Sec 03 Village 05-J","Buttercup Crk Ph 04 Sec 07","Buttercup Crk Sec 01 Village 01-B","Buttercup Crk Sec 02 Village 04","Buttercup Crk Sec 02 Village 05","Buttercup Crk Sec 03 Village 05-A","Buttercup Crk Sec 1","Buttercup Twnhms Bldg 16","Buttercup Villas Condos","Caballo Ranch Sec 02","Carriage Hills","Carriage Hills 2 Sec 1","Carriage Hills 2 Sec 2","Carriage Hills 2 Sec 5","Carriage Hills 3 Sec 1","Carriage Hills 3 Sec 3","Carriage Hills 3 Sec 4","Carriage Hills Sec 1","Cedar Grove","Cedar Grove Sec 2","Cedar Park","Cedar Park One Sec 1","Cedar Park Ranchettes","Cedar Park Ranchettes 01","Cedar Park Ranchettes 02","Cedar Park Ranchettes 05","Cedar Park Ranchettes 06a","Cedar Park Ranchettes Resub Pt 02 & 03","Cedar Park Ranchettes Un 04","Cedar Park Ranchettes Un 6","Cedar Park Ranchettes Un 6-A","CEDAR PARK TOWN CENTER","Cedar Park Town Center Condo","Cedar Park Towncenter","Cedar Park Towncenter Sec 01","Cedar Park Towncenter Sec 1","Cedar Park Towncenter Sec 10","Cedar Park Towncenter Sec 2A","Cedar Park Towncenter Sec 2E","Cedar Park Towncenter Sec 4","Cedar Park Towncenter Sec 6","Cedar Park Towncenter Sec 7","Cedar Park Towncenter Sec 8","Colonial Parkway\/Vista Rdg","Coventry Crossing","Coventry Crossing Sec 01 Amd","Coventry Crossing Sec 02","COVENTRY CROSSING SEC 1","Creekview Ph I","Cross Creek","CROSS CREEK PHS 1","Cross Crk Ranch Condos","Crossing At Carriage Hills Sec 3","Crossing At Carriage Hills Sec 4","Crossing At Carriage Hills Sec 6","Crossing At Carriage Hills Sec 9","Cypress Bend Sec 01","Cypress Bend Sec 02 Ph B","Cypress Canyon Sec 01-B","Cypress Canyon Sec 02","Cypress Canyon Sec 04","Cypress Creek","Cypress Creek Sec 3","Cypress Creek Twnhms","Cypress Crk Sec 02","Cypress Mill","Cypress Mill 01 Sec 02","Cypress Mill 01 Sec 03","Cypress Mill 01 Sec 04","Cypress Mill 01 Sec 05","DAVIS T M ACR","Deerfield Park","E Park St Rep","Emerson Comm 02 Resub","ETJ","Forest Oaks","Forest Oaks PUD Sec 03","Forest Oaks Sec 03 Pud Amd","Forest Oaks Sec 1","Forest Oaks Sec 1 PUD","Forest Oaks Sec 11","Forest Oaks Sec 12","Forest Oaks Sec 2","Forest Oaks Sec 3","Forest Oaks Sec 7","Gann Ranch","Gann Ranch Sec 01","Gann Ranch Sec 02","Gann Ranch Sec 03","Heritage Office Park Condos","Heritage Park Sec 2","Heritage Park Sec 4","High Mdws Sec 05","High Meadows","High Meadows Ph 01 Sec 01","High Meadows Sec 04","Highway 183 Indust Park","Hunters Glenn Sec 01","Indian Spgs","Industrial Park Resub Lt 4","Kaskas","Kenai Bus Park Condos","La Costa On Lakeline Condo Resub","Lakeline Oaks","Lakeline\/Old Mill Sub","LEANDER HARBOR","Mobile Home Only Cedar Park Ranchettes 04 Bl","New Hope Crossing Sec 02","Oakmont Forest Sec 01","Oakmont Office Condo","Oakwood Glen","Oakwood Glen Sub","Overlook 65's at The Ranch at Brushy Creek","Paradiso Villas","Paradiso Villas Condo","Park Place at Old Mill Condominium","Park Place Ph 03 Amd","Polar Place Office Park Condo Bl","Professional Park Office Condo","Quarry Oaks Amd","Quest Village","Quest Village Sec 04 Amd","Quest Village Sec 06","Quest Village Sec 08","RANCH AT BRUSHY CREEK","Ranch At Brushy Creek Sec 01","Ranch At Brushy Creek Sec 04","Ranch At Brushy Creek Sec 06","Ranch At Brushy Creek Sec 7c","RANCH AT CYPRESS CREEK 2","Ranch At Cypress Creek Sec 01","Ranch At Cypress Creek Sec 06","Ranch at Cypress Creek Sec 08","Ranch At Cypress Creek Sec 09","Ranch At Cypress Creek Sec 13","Ranch At Cypress Creek Sec 14","Ranch At Cypress Creek Sec 16-","Ranch At Cypress Creek Sec 16-b The","Ranch At Cypress Creek Sec 16c","Ranch At Cypress Creek Sec 9","Ranch at Deer Creek","Ranch At Deer Creek Ph 02 Sec 01","Ranch At Deer Creek Ph 2 Sec","Ranch At Deer Creek Ph 3 Sec","Red Oaks","Red Oaks Sec 2","Red Oaks Sec 3","Red Oaks Sec 6","Reserve at Twin Creeks","Riviera Spgs North Sec B","See Remarks","Shenandoah Sec 04","Shenandoah Sec 05","Shenandoah Sec 06 Tr 01","Shops At Vista Ridge Amd","Shops of New Hope","Silver Oak","Silver Oak Sec 02","Silver Oak Sec 5","Silver Oak Twnhms","Silverado West Ph A Sec 03","Silverado West Ph B Sec 03","Stonehaven\/Cedar Park","Sun Chase Plaza 02 Condo","Sunset Ridge","Sweet Farms","SWEET FARMS 2 RESUB LOT 4 1","Tanner Ranch","The Creek Office Condos","Thousand Oaks Sub","Three Points","Trails At Carriage Hills Sec 02 Amd","Trails At Carriage Hills Sec 1","Trails At Carriage Hills Sec 2","Trails At Carriage Hills Sec 3","Twin Creeks","Twin Creeks Country Club","Twin Creeks Country Club Sec 06a","Twin Creeks Country Club Sec 07","Twin Creeks Country Club Sec 08","Twin Creeks Country Club Sec 1","Twin Creeks Country Club Sec 4","Twin Creeks Country Club Sec 6","Twin Creeks Country Club Sec 7","Walsh Trails","Walsh Trails Sec 01","Walsh Trails Sec 02","Walsh Trails Sec 03","Walsh Trls Sec 02","West Park Estates","Whitestone Condos","Whitestone Landing","Whitestone Oaks","Whitestone Oaks At Anderson","Whitestone Preserve","Wilson Trace","Woodford Condos","Woodford Garden Condo","Woodford Gardens","WOODS AT CARRIAGE HILLS SEC","Woods At Carriage Hills Sec 1","Woods At Carriage Hills Sec 2"],"zipcodes":["78613","78630","78641","78717","78726","78750"]},"celeste":{"label":"Celeste","counties":["Hunt County"],"zipcodes":["75423"]},"centerpoint":{"label":"Center Point","subdivisions":["Bluff Creek Ranch","ELM PASS"]},"centerville":{"label":"Centerville","counties":["Leon County"],"subdivisions":["Three Lakes Ranch"],"zipcodes":["75833"]},"chandler":{"label":"Chandler","counties":["Henderson County"],"zipcodes":["75758"]},"chappellhill":{"label":"Chappell Hill","subdivisions":["Chadwick Hogan Estates"]},"cherokee":{"label":"Cherokee","subdivisions":["Rocky Hollow Ranch"]},"chinaspring":{"label":"China Spring","counties":["McLennan County"],"subdivisions":["Brazos County Estates"],"zipcodes":["76633"]},"cibolo":{"label":"Cibolo","counties":["Bexar County","Guadalupe County"],"subdivisions":["BENTWOOD RANCH HOA","Ridge Deer Creek #2","Saratoga","Willow Bridge","Willowbridge #6"],"zipcodes":["78108","78124","78155"]},"cistern":{"label":"Cistern","subdivisions":["Jeddo Ranches","S M Williams League"]},"cleveland":{"label":"Cleveland","counties":["Liberty County","Montgomery County","San Jacinto County"],"subdivisions":["Harvest Acres","Masterson Irrigation Co"],"zipcodes":["77327","77328","77371","77372"]},"clifton":{"label":"Clifton","counties":["Bosque County"],"subdivisions":["Allen","Clifton Ot","S9430 CLIFTON (UNPLATTED PORTION A-499 F LUNDT)"],"zipcodes":["76634","76644"]},"coldspring":{"label":"Coldspring","counties":["San Jacinto County"],"subdivisions":["Camilla Twin Harbors #4","CEDAR VALLEY #1"],"zipcodes":["77331"]},"collegestation":{"label":"College Station","counties":["Brazos County"],"subdivisions":["4354 Needham Estates","Castlegate II","Creek Meadows","Edelweiss Estates","Greens Prairie Reserve","Indian Lakes","James Gray","Lincoln 4-Plexes","SADDLE CREEK","Shenandoah","Southern Pointe","Woodcreek Ph 08","Woodcreek Townhomes Condos","Woodstock Condos"],"zipcodes":["77801","77807","77840","77841","77842","77843","77844","77845","77881"]},"columbus":{"label":"Columbus","counties":["Colorado County"],"subdivisions":["0","A-29 - W R HUNT","Big Easy Ranch"],"zipcodes":["78934"]},"comanche":{"label":"Comanche","counties":["Comanche County"],"subdivisions":["Rural","Sidney","Walcott"],"zipcodes":["76442"]},"comfort":{"label":"Comfort","counties":["Kendall County"],"subdivisions":["A50393 - A10393 - SURVEY 27 J M RIGALADO","Hidden Springs","River","S15145 - COMFORT LOTS"],"zipcodes":["78013"]},"commerce":{"label":"Commerce","counties":["Hunt County"],"zipcodes":["75428","75429"]},"concan":{"label":"Concan","subdivisions":["Mountain Valley"]},"conroe":{"label":"Conroe","counties":["Montgomery County"],"subdivisions":["Montg Co Sch Land","White Oak Trail"],"zipcodes":["77301","77302","77303","77304","77305","77306","77316","77318","77356","77378","77384","77385"]},"converse":{"label":"Converse","counties":["Bexar County"],"subdivisions":["Autumn Run Un 1b","ESCONDIDO","ESCONDIDO CREEK","Paloma","SCUCISD\/JUDSON RURAL DEVELOPMENT EAST"],"zipcodes":["78109","78148","78244"]},"copperascove":{"label":"Copperas Cove","counties":["Bell County","Coryell County","Lampasas County"],"subdivisions":["0063 J BEARD","0429 - GALV H&H RR CO","A N Proctor","Big Valley Ranchettes","Bluestem Estate 2nd Unit","Bluestem Estates","Bluestem Estates 2nd Unit","CLEAR CREEK ESTATES","Clear Creek Estates Sec III","Clear Crk Ests Ph 2 Sec Iii","Clear Crk Ests Ph Two Sec Iii","Colonial Park","Cop Hill Estate","Creekside Hills PHS 3","CRESTVIEW HEIGHTS","DRYDEN ADDN REVISED","Freedom Ranch","Galv H&H Rr Co","GH Fritz Addn","GOODMAN KROLL SUBD","Harmon Ranch","Heartwood Park","Heartwood Park Ph 1","High Creek Ranch","High Creek Ranch Ph Two","High Crk Ranch Ph Two","HIGHLAND HEIGHTS ADDN 1ST EXT 1ST UNIT","HM Leha","HOUSE CREEK NORTH","House Creek North Ph 1","House Creek North Phs 1","Kielman","LIBERTY STAR SUBD PHS 1","LINDORBET RANCH UNRECORDED","MEADOW BROOK ESTATES","Morse Valley","Morse Valley Add Ph 2","Morse Valley Add Ph 3","Morse Valley ADDN PHS 6","Mountain View and Hughes Gardens","NAUERT","NAUERT ADDN 6TH EXT","NORTHERN HILLS ADDN 3RD EXT","Oak Hill Estates","Ogletree Gap","PECAN CREEK RANCH","Pecan Estates","Reata Ranch Ph 2","Skyline Flats Ph 1","Skyline Flats Ph 3","SKYLINE OAKS","Skyline Vlly S Ph I","Sun Set Estates Ph 3 Rep O","TEINERT ADDN,","Terrace Estate","THE MEADOWS PHS 1","The Reserve At Skyline Mountain","The Valley at Great Hills","Tonkawa Village Ph 3","VALLEY VIEW ADDN","Valley View Cc","Village at Walker Place","WALKER PLACE PHS 4 REPLAT 2","WESTERN HILLS ESTATES REVISED SEC 1","Westview Addn"],"zipcodes":["76522","76539","76542","76544","76549"]},"corpuschristi":{"label":"Corpus Christi","counties":["Aransas County","Kleberg County","Nueces County","San Patricio County"],"subdivisions":["Barataria Bay #4","Coquina Bay","Gulfstream Condo","LAKEVIEW ACRES","Overland Meadows","PADRE ISLAND #4","Portofinio Condos","Villa Del Sol","Woodland Creek"],"zipcodes":["78362","78370","78373","78380","78401","78402","78403","78404","78405","78406","78407","78408","78409","78410","78411","78412","78413","78414","78415","78416","78417","78418","78419","78426","78427","78460","78461","78463","78465","78466","78467","78468","78469","78470","78471","78472","78473","78474","78475","78476","78477","78478","78480"]},"corsicana":{"label":"Corsicana","counties":["Navarro County"],"subdivisions":["Corsicana"],"zipcodes":["75109","75110","75151"]},"cottonwoodshores":{"label":"Cottonwood Shores","counties":["Burnet County"],"subdivisions":["Castle Mountain Estates","Cottonwood Shores","Cottonwood Shores Driftwood Section","Cottonwood Shores Yellowstone","Driftwood","Rollingwood","rollingwood\/co","S4220 Driftwood & S8510 Westwood","scarlet oaks","Scarlet Oaks Cottonwood Shores","Yellowstone"],"zipcodes":["78657"]},"coupland":{"label":"Coupland","counties":["Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["0","Beyersville Expanse Subdivision","Burkitt & Burns Sub","Cartwright P Survey","Coupland City","Coupland Ranchettes","l Lindsey","Lindsey Acres","MCDOUGAL J","McShepherd Ranches Brushy Cree","Muery A Add","New Sweden Green","Peoro Rodriguez League Abs #65","Peschka Alfred C","Polzins 01","Robbins Pasture","Rolling Meadows","Rutersville C Sur","SCO-COUPLAND","T705350I - SCO-COUPLAND","Thomas A Moore Surv Abs #430","Velaquez","Vista Acre Subdivision","Vista Acres","Vista Acres Sub","Wester Star Ranchetters Tract 2","Western Star Ranchettes","William C Hays Surv Abs #2708","Woodruff"],"zipcodes":["76574","78615"]},"creedmoor":{"label":"Creedmoor","counties":["Travis County"],"subdivisions":["Corbin W P","Creedmoor Add 01","Creedmoor Warehouses","Hunters Ridge","J Mora"],"zipcodes":["78610"]},"crystalbeach":{"label":"Crystal Beach","subdivisions":["Frank C Carr","OCEAN SHORE ADDN","Ocean Shores 6"]},"cuero":{"label":"Cuero","counties":["DeWitt County"],"subdivisions":["ARRINGTON","City\/Cuero"],"zipcodes":["77954"]},"cypress":{"label":"Cypress","subdivisions":["Cypress Oaks","Fairfield Inwood Park Sec 05"]},"dale":{"label":"Dale","subdivisions":["A168 Kelly, Francis","A171 - LEVY, ALBERT M.","A181 - MARTINEZ, PABLO","A230 PACE, GIDEON","A230-Pace, Gideon","A28-Doyle, James","approved","Austin Skyline","Ba M Thomas Surv A-297","Barnabas Perkins Surv Abs #239","Blalock, James B","Block C Los Milagros Ph 1 B","Brooke Acres","Burleson","BURLESON, JOSEPH SR.","Charles M Cannon","Cool Water Acres","County Line Estates","Denson, A J","Doyle, James","Edward Brown","Ellis Sub","GEORGE W JAMES","Gideon","Green Acres","Harwood-Kirk Corners","Highland Ranch","Lauren Estates","Legend Oaks Ph One","Legend Oaks, Ph Two","Los Milagros","Los Milagros Ph 1","Los Milagros Ph 2","Los Suenos Sub","Lytton Hollow","Medlin Meadows","Montgomery, James S","O T Dale","O T Lytton Spgs","Oakmont Estates","Palmar Ranch Sub","Pebblestone","Pettytown Road Subd","Plum Creek Acres","Rural Dale - Saint John Colony Area","RURAL DALE-LYTTON-NE OF LOCKHART AREA","S1034 - SPOTTED HORSE ACRES","S1109 - WINN SUBD","Savannah Oaks","Savannah Oaks Sub","Scarlet Oaks","St Mary Sub","Templin","Tierra Vista","Tumbleweed Estates Sub","Tumbleweed Ranch","Village Ranchettes Ph 1","Village Ranchettes Ph 1 Abs #1","Warnell, Henry","WILLIAM","Windmill Hollow","Woods At St Johns Colony"]},"davilla":{"label":"Davilla","subdivisions":["Miguel Davilla"]},"dawson":{"label":"Dawson","counties":["Navarro County"],"subdivisions":["WM BOYLES ABSTRACT SURVEY A-87"],"zipcodes":["76639"]},"delrio":{"label":"Del Rio","counties":["Val Verde County"],"subdivisions":["JOHN NEATHERLIN"],"zipcodes":["78840","78841","78842","78847"]},"delvalle":{"label":"Del Valle","subdivisions":["Berdoll Farms","Berdoll Farms Ph 01 Sec 02","Berdoll Farms Ph 01 Sec 03","Berdoll Farms Ph 01 Sec 04","Berdoll Farms Ph 02 Sec 01","Berdoll Farms Ph 02 Sec 02","Berdoll Farms Ph 02 Sec 03","Burch Ida Mae Estate","Carson Creek Add Sec 02","Charro Estates","Cielo Vista Ranch","Davidson City Add","El Dorado","Escondido Estates","Glenbrook Add Sec 01","Green, M","Jose Antonio Navarro A-18","Jose Antonio Navarro Sub Abs 1","LANZOLA MHP","Lewis","Lexington Parke Sec 01","Longview","Los Cielos","Los Cielos Sec 01","Los Cielos Sec 02","Los Cielos Sec 03","Meadows at Berdoll","Meadows At Berdoll Ph 1 Sec 2","Mesa View Estates","Michael Green Survey","Monterrey Hills","Monterrey Hills Sec 3","Monterrey Hills Sub SE","Moores Crossing Ph A Sec 01","Moores Crossing Sec 01 Ph A","Navarro","PHASE 2","Rainbow East","Rio Vista Ranch","RIO VISTA RANCH SEC 4","Rio Vista Ranch Sec Four","River Timber","Ross Road","Royster A L Add","Stoney Rdg Ph C Sec 3","Stoney Ridge","Stoney Ridge Ph A Sec 03B","Stoney Ridge Ph B Sec 01","Stoney Ridge Ph B Sec 02","Stoney Ridge Sec 05-A","Stoney Ridge Sec 5 A","Stony Point","Sun Chase","Sun Chase South","Sun Chase South Sec 4","Sun Chase South Sec 6","Sun Chase South Sec 8","Sun Chase Xxxi Condos","Sundance Crossing","Sundance Crossing ,Ross Road Subd","Swiss Alpine Village","The Ranch","Thoroughbred estates","Timber Creek Sec 02","Timber Hills","Trails at Stoney Ridge","Twin Creeks","Twin Creeks Sub","Westbrook"]},"devine":{"label":"Devine","counties":["Medina County"],"subdivisions":["DE0001 - DEVINE","Devine","Devine Hills Unit 1","Devine Oaks"],"zipcodes":["78016"]},"dickinson":{"label":"Dickinson","counties":["Galveston County"],"zipcodes":["77510","77539"]},"dilley":{"label":"Dilley","counties":["Frio County"],"subdivisions":["OUT\/FRIO COUNTY"],"zipcodes":["78017"]},"dimebox":{"label":"Dime Box","subdivisions":["A022 WALLACE, J. Y.","Austin S.F."]},"doss":{"label":"Doss","subdivisions":["A0340 - D M JONES #438"]},"driftwood":{"label":"Driftwood","counties":["Hays County"],"subdivisions":["A0020 Freelove Woody Survey","Bluff Springs Estates","Charro Vista","Charro Vista Dr","Charro Vista Sub","Creek Of Driftwood","Driftwood Valley","Driftwood Valley Estates","Driftwood Vista","Dripping Springs","Heatherwood Condo","Howard Ranch Sec 2","LA VENTANA","La Ventana Ph 2 Sec 2","La Ventana Ph 4","La Ventana Phase 1","Lanier Ranch","Panther Creek","Rim Rock Ph 03 Sec 03","Rim Rock Ph 1 Sec 1","Rim Rock Ph 2 Sec 3","Rim Rock Ph One Sec Five","Rim Rock Ph One Sec Four","Rim Rock Ph Three Sec Three","Rim Rock Ph Two Sec Five","Rim Rock Ph Two Sec Four","Rim Rock Ph Two Sec Three","Rolling Oaks","Rolling Oaks Ranch Sec 4","Rolling Oaks Sec 2","Rolling Oaks Sec 3","Rolling Oaks Sec 4","Rutherford West Sec 5","Sherman Oaks","Sierra West Sec 1A","Sierra West Sec 3","Sierra West Sec 4-A","T.R. Jackson Survey","The Preserve At La Ventana Ph Three","The Preserve At La Ventana Ph Two","THE WOODS BLOCK 9935","Thomas R. Jackson Survey A0009"],"zipcodes":["78619"]},"drippingsprings":{"label":"Dripping Springs","counties":["Hays County"],"subdivisions":["0000040485","210 Creek Road Sub","A0130 - Hinton Curtis Surv","A0289 GEORGE W LINDSAY SURVEY","A0632 MINA WILSON SURVEY, 20.3 ACRES","Abstracts In Dripping Springs-4abs","Arbor Center","Arrowhead Ranch","Arrowhead Ranch C-Store","Arrowhead Ranch Ph 1","Arrowhead Ranch Ph 3","Barton Creek Ranch","Bc Acres","Bell Spgs Bus Park","Bell Spgs Ranches","Bf Hanna Surv Abs #222","Big Sky Ranch","Big Sky Ranch Ph 2 At Dripping Spgs","Big Sky Ranch Ph One At Dripping Spgs","Blue Creek Ranch","Blue Ridge","Bunker Ranch","Bunker Ranch 5","Bunker Ranch 5 Condo","Bunker Ranch Ph 1","Bunker Ranch Ph 2","Bunker Ranch Ph 3","Bunker Ranch Ph 4","C Jones Sub","C&M Railroad Survey #171","Caliche Hill Sec 1","Caliterra","Caliterra Ph Four Sec 11","Caliterra Ph Four Sec 12","Caliterra Ph One Sec Four","Caliterra Ph One Sec One","Caliterra Ph One Sec Three","Caliterra Ph One Sec Two","Caliterra Ph Three Sec Nine","Caliterra Ph Two Sec Seven","Cannon Estates West","Carrington","Cedar Spgs Ranch","Cf Ranch","Chama Trace","Chestnut Ridge","Conner Acres","Cortaro","Counts Estates Ph Two Aka Butler Ranch Estates","Creek Road Ranch","Creek Road Ranch Sec 3","CREEKSIDE ADD","D. D. WHEELER SURVEY, ABSTRACT NO. 506","Deer Creek Ranch","Deerfield Estates Sec Two","Douglas Estates","Dripping Spgs Academy Blk","Dripping Spgs Commerical & Indust Park","Dripping Spgs Ranch Ph 2","Dripping Springs","DSWAH","Esperanza","Esperanza Sub Ph 1","F & W Sub","Forest Woods Sub Unit 1","Founders Ridge Sec 3","Founders Ridge Sec 4","Gatlin Creek Ranch","Gatlin Ridge","George W Lindsay","George W Lindsay Surv Abs #289","GEORGE W LINDSAY SURVEY","Gibson-Werth Sub","Glass Add Tr 01 56 24 Ac 03 00 Ac Hs Abst Id S","Glenn H Kothmann Prop","Glosson Ranch A Comm Condo","GRANDE PRAIRIE","GWL","Hamilton Hills","Harmon Hills","Harmon Hills I","Harmon Hills Sec One","Hawk Ridge Ph 1","Headwaters","Headwaters at Barton Creek","Headwaters At Barton Creek Ph 1","Headwaters At Barton Creek Ph 2","Headwaters At Barton Creek Ph 4 Sec 2","Headwaters At Barton Creek Ph 4 Sec 3","Heritage","Heritage Dripping Spgs Ph1","Hidden Creek","Hidden Creek Ph 1","Highland Creek","HIGHLAND CREEK LAKES","Highland Creek Lakes Sec 01","Hillview Add Sec 1","Hillview Add Sec 2","Hoke Homestead","Howard Ranch","Howard Ranch Sec 2","HURLBUT RANCH EAST, BLOCK B, Lot 12B, ACRES 4.4","Hurlbut Ranch West","Jn Hallford Surv Abs #551","Johnson Park","Jwlp Family","Kirby Spgs Ranch Ph Ii","Little Bell","Longview II","Los Colinas","Lost Valley","Madrone Ranch Sec Ii-A & Ii-B","Meadow Oaks Ph 01","Meadow Oaks Ph I","Medlin Creek Ranch","Medlin Creek Ranch Ph II","Medlin Creek Ranch Ph III","Mesa Del Arroyo","Mesa Verde","Mesa Verde Texas","MJ Jones","Montebella","Mountain Creek Lakes","Mountain Creek Lakes Sec 01","Mountain Creek Lakes Sec 01 Deer Creek Ranch","Mountain Oaks","Mystic Creek","North Forty","Northridge Ph 1","Oak Tree Estates","Original Town Of Dripping Spgs","P A Smith Surv Abs #415","Patricia Falls","Pedernales Place","Pedernales Place 01","Phillip H Commans","Pioneer Ranch","Pioneer Ranch Sec 2","Poundhouse Hills Sec 2","Poundhouse Hills Sec One","Ranches at Dripping Springs","Ranches At Hamilton Pool","Ranches At Hamilton Pool The","Read","Rill","Ryan Hill Sec 2","Saddletree Ranch","Saddletree Ranch Sec 03","Saddletree Ranch Sec 1","Saddletree Ranch Sec 2","Sam Herring Surv #22","Sam Herring Surv Abs 630","Sandahl Sub","Settlers Point Ph 1","Shady Valley Ii","Shady Valley Iii","Shady Valley Sec 1","Silverado Estates Ph One","Silverado Estates Ph Two","Skyridge","Sportsplex Sub 3","Springlake","Stagecoach","Stagecoach Ranch Sec 03","Stagecoach Ranch Sec 2","Stagecoach Ranch Sec 4","Stonegate At Dripping Spgs","Stonegate At Dripping Spgs Acres 01 317 Park Abst","Sundance Estates","Sundance Estates Sec 2","Sunset Canyon","Sunset Canyon 05","Sunset Canyon Sec 1","SUNSET CANYON SEC 2","Sunset Canyon Sec 4","Sunset Canyon Sec Ii-C","Sunset Canyon Sec Iii","Sunset Canyon Sec. 1","Survey","Sweet Blessings Ranch","Sycamore Creek","Sycamore Valley","Tall Oaks Sub","Texas Heritage Village Sec 4","Tharp Sub","The Frog Pond","THE GROTTO","The Grotto Subdivision","The Preserve","The Preserve at Heather Hills","The Retreat At Dripping Spgs","The Retreat At Dripping Springs","The Ridge At Ramsey Ranch","Travis Southwest","Twin Creek Add","Twin Lake Hills","Undefined","Valley Lake Hills Sec 01","VALLEY LAKE HILLS SEC 1","Vistancia","Vistancia Sec 1","W T Chapman V","Walking W Ranch Ph B","Walking W Ranch Ph C","Werth Sub","West Cave Est Sec 1","West Cave Estate Sec 1","West Cave Estates Sec 02","Whitetail Ranch","William Cockburn","WILLIAM H HAGGARD","William H Haggard League Surv","William Haggard League","William Haggard Surv 30 Abs 8"],"zipcodes":["78619","78620","78737"]},"duncanville":{"label":"Duncanville","counties":["Dallas County"],"subdivisions":["Huntington Park 5th Inst"],"zipcodes":["75116","75137","75138"]},"eaglelake":{"label":"Eagle Lake","counties":["Colorado County"],"subdivisions":["0","Eagle Lake"],"zipcodes":["77434"]},"early":{"label":"Early","counties":["Brown County"],"zipcodes":["76802"]},"eastbernard":{"label":"East Bernard","counties":["Wharton County"],"subdivisions":["Wharton 105 Rural"],"zipcodes":["77435"]},"eden":{"label":"Eden","counties":["Concho County"],"subdivisions":["Mustang Creek"],"zipcodes":["76837"]},"edna":{"label":"Edna","counties":["Jackson County"],"subdivisions":["VESS"],"zipcodes":["77957"]},"eldorado":{"label":"Eldorado","counties":["Schleicher County"],"subdivisions":["Freedom Trail Ranch"],"zipcodes":["76936"]},"elgin":{"label":"Elgin","counties":["Bastrop County","Travis County"],"subdivisions":["_RGN320","696 Commercial","A246 - NANTZ, A.","A302 - Standifer, Jacob","A337 - West, C. A.","Albert Nance","AM40SDXI - MH EAST","Ashby Sub","Balch Road","Beaukiss Estates","BEAUKISS ESTATES II","Brown McDade","Burleson, Jonathan","Butler Ranch","Cannon Add","Cartwright","Casner, Isaac","CASNER,ISAAC","Cedar Hills","Chaverria Add","Christian, Thomas","City of Elgin","Cleveland Sub","county line","County Line Ph I","County Line Sub Ph","County Line Subdivison Phase Iii","Crutchfield, John","Dannelley","Duty, Solomon","Eagles Landing","Eagles Landing Ph 01","Elgin Autozone Sub","Elgin Bus Park","Elgin Business Park","Elgin City","Elgin Meadows","Elgin Rural","ELGIN RURAL 001","Elizabeth Standifer","Elm Creek","Elm Creek North","Elm Creek Sec 01","Elm Creek Sec 02","Elm Creek Sec 03","Elm Creek Sec 04","Elm Creek Sec 5a","Elm Creek Sec 5B","Elm Crk North Ph Iv","Estates At Wilbarger Creek","Estates At Wilbarger Creek Sec","Forest Ridge Estates","Garretson, Thomas","Garrett","H Martin","Harris, Enoch","Harvest Ridge","Harvest Ridge Sub","Hidden Oaks","HIDDEN SPRING SUBDIVISION","Hillside Sub","Historic Harris Oaks","Homestead Estates","J.A. Needler","Joseph Rogers","Las Colinas","Las Colinas Estates","Las Colinas Estates Subdivisio","Lazy River Acres","Lexington Estates","Littig Town","Lodges at Open Acres Ranch","Los Senderos","Los Senderos Sub","LOT 1 of A288 RAINS, JAMES, ACRES 10.2900","Lower Elgin Road Subdivision","Lower ElginRoad","Lund","Madison, J C","Martinson","MILLER","Monte Vista","No","North Terrace","Old Coach Estates","Owen, Robert","PARKDALE","Pedro Rodriguez League Sub","PEPPERGRASS","Peppergrass Ph 2","Pleasant Grove Estates","Pleasant Grove Estates Ph 2","Rogers, Joseph","Rolling Oaks Acres","Rural","Rural Acres","Rutersville","Saratoga Farms","SHELL, T.E. SUR.","Shenandoah Sub Ph O","Shenandoah Sub Ph T","Shenandoah Sub Ph V","Shepherd","Smith, J S","St Johns","Standifer, Elizabeth","Standifer, Jacob","Standifer, James","Standifer, William","Stoval, Geo H","STOVAL, GEO. H.","Sunset Heights","T601III-T601III","T7053501-SCO-Coupland","Ta Graves","Terra Sub","Texas Heritage","The Arbors At Dogwood Creek","The Frank Martinez Sub","The Oaks","Thomas A Graves Surv A-252","Thomas Christian SV","Thomas Garretson","Trinity Ranch","Trinity Ranch Ph 1, Sec","Upper Elgin Estates","Villasana Horizon","W & O","Wade & Owen","Walters, John B","Wayside Oaks","Webb\/Caka Sub","Webberwood Oaks","Webberwood Ridge","Webberwood Ridge Sec 01","Webberwood Ridge Sec 02","Webberwood Sec 01","Webberwood Sec 02","Weigle","West, C A","Westwind","Westwind Sec 01 Amd Of","Westwind Sec 02","Westwind Sub Sec 3","WILLIAM","Willow Creek Estates","Woodruff"],"zipcodes":["78621"]},"ellinger":{"label":"Ellinger","subdivisions":["Ellinger 370"]},"elmmott":{"label":"Elm Mott","subdivisions":["LINCOLN CITY"]},"elmendorf":{"label":"Elmendorf","counties":["Bexar County","Wilson County"],"zipcodes":["78112","78223"]},"ennis":{"label":"Ennis","counties":["Ellis County"],"zipcodes":["75119","75120","75152","75165"]},"eureka":{"label":"Eureka","counties":["Navarro County"],"subdivisions":["Stillwater"],"zipcodes":["75109"]},"evant":{"label":"Evant","counties":["Coryell County","Hamilton County"],"subdivisions":["Andrews D","Buffalo Creek","Buffalo Creek Ranch","Evant","Mulberry Creek","Rio Escondido"],"zipcodes":["76525"]},"fairoaksranch":{"label":"Fair Oaks Ranch","counties":["Bexar County","Comal County","Kendall County"],"subdivisions":["Elkhorn Ridge","Fair Oaks Ranch"],"zipcodes":["78006","78015","78163"]},"fairfield":{"label":"Fairfield","counties":["Freestone County"],"subdivisions":["Morning Star ranch","S SANCHEZ A-30"],"zipcodes":["75840"]},"fayetteville":{"label":"Fayetteville","counties":["Fayette County"],"subdivisions":["City Of Fayetteville Comm Prop","Fayetteville","FC","Kerr","Lucy Kerr League A-61","SP Brown Lg","Yes"],"zipcodes":["78940"]},"fentress":{"label":"Fentress","subdivisions":["Gillan Michael","see legal","W-CALLIHAN RD-WESTWOOD RD AREA"]},"fischer":{"label":"Fischer","subdivisions":["0","EAGLES PEAK RANCH","Eagles Peak Ranch 1","Eagles Peak Ranch 2","F Rauch Surv #930 Abs #954","Honeysuckle Rose","Legends Rancho Del Lago","Legends Rancho Del Lago 1","Legends Rancho Del Lago 2","Ranches at Sentinel Peak","Rancho Del Lago 10","Rancho Del Lago 11","Rancho Del Lago 12","Rancho Del Lago 5","Rancho Del Lago 9","Summit Estates At Fischer 1","Summit Estates At Fischer The","Twin Bluffs","Twin Bluffs Sub","W S Turner Surv 122"]},"flatonia":{"label":"Flatonia","counties":["Fayette County"],"subdivisions":["1076 - MULDOON","A180 - Faires W' A","ABS A049 GREEN B LG","ABS A240 MATTHEWS","City Of Flatonia 400","CITY OF FLATONIA 400 LOT 2A BLK 33 .29 HSE, GAR","CITY OF FLATONIA 400 LOT 2A BLK 64 0.33 ACRE HSE","Faires Add 402","FAIRES ADDN","Graham, Andrew","M Muldoon League #14","Matthews","Moline JM","Muldoon","Old Lockhart Estates","Prosper","S22000 - CITY OF FLATONIA 400","S22003 - FAIRES ADDN. 402","Wayland Acres","Weaver","Wright C"],"zipcodes":["78941"]},"florence":{"label":"Florence","counties":["Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["AW0476 AW0476 - NASH, F.M. SUR","AW0476 AW0476 - Nash, F.m. Sur.,","BAILEY, J. SUR.","Beck Add","Berry Creek Junction","Caleb Miller","Chambers Sub","Charles Meyers Surv Abs #431","Charles Myers Survey","Christian Ranch","Duncan St Clair","EDWARD LANG SURV ABS 7","Florence","FLORENCE \/ BURNET ISD RURAL","Florence City","Florence Ranchettes","Forest\/Florence","George W Glasscock Surv Abs #2","Glasscock G W Sur","Hines Ranch","Hines Ranches #21 & 23","J. Ware Survey","John Bailey Surv #7 Abs # 55","John Bailey Surv Abs 55","Josephus Hornsby Surv Abs #285","Josephus Hornsby Surv Abs 285","LANG, E. SUR.","Lang, E. Sur., ACRES 5.115","Manlove","MCOULD, J. SUR","Mj Wells Surv Tract 1 & Abs 64","Mountain Creek Ranch","MYERS, C. SUR","Pecan Branch","Pecan Branch Estates","Pecan Branch Sub","Pleasant Bull Surv A-70","Praire Acres","Prairie Acres","ranches at salado Brook","rural","San Augustin","Spring Creek Estates","Vineyard At Florence Sec 01","Wells"],"zipcodes":["76527"]},"floresville":{"label":"Floresville","counties":["Wilson County"],"subdivisions":["A0001 - S & J AROCHA SUR","Eagle Creek","FLSVRURAL","Hidden Ranch","S2710 - FLORESVILLE SECTIONS"],"zipcodes":["78114"]},"franklin":{"label":"Franklin","counties":["Robertson County"],"subdivisions":["Camp Creek W C","D Love Surv Abs #212","Grande Surv A-32","no","Reagan","Sharp Addn"],"zipcodes":["77856"]},"frankston":{"label":"Frankston","counties":["Anderson County","Henderson County"],"subdivisions":["Brierwood Bay"],"zipcodes":["75763"]},"fredericksburg":{"label":"Fredericksburg","counties":["Gillespie County"],"subdivisions":["A0049 - P BUGLER #489","A0245 B GUERRERA","A0245 B GUERRERA #56","Abstract A220 & A338","Clark Sub","College","Crenwelge","Fbg Add","Firefly","FIREFLY RV & TINY HOME CONDO","Firefly RV & Tiny Home Resort","FREDERICKSBURG ADDN","Friendship Ln Cottages","G E Co #280","G E CO BLK I","G E Co#624","Hallford Ln","Harmony Hills","Hidden Springs","HISTORIS DISTRIC","Homestead","Homestead 24","Indian Hills","J RODRIGUEZ","J Rodriquez","Jesus Rodriguez Sur 39 Abs 578","Jp Imhof Surv #313 Abs #337","Madrona Sub","Mariposa Sunday Farms","OVERLOOK AT BEAR CREEK","P Bugler Surv #489","Ranches at Overhills","Rivera","Seven Falls Ranch","Spencer","Stein #5","The Alora Mae","The Canyons","The Overlook at Bear Creek","Trails End","Vineyard Rdg Sub","Vineyard Ridge","W REIDER, A B & M","Western Edge #1","Woodlands"],"zipcodes":["78624"]},"frost":{"label":"Frost","counties":["Navarro County"],"subdivisions":["Lothlen"],"zipcodes":["76641"]},"fulshear":{"label":"Fulshear","counties":["Fort Bend County"],"zipcodes":["77406","77441","77494"]},"galveston":{"label":"Galveston","counties":["Galveston County"],"subdivisions":["Ocean Grove","The Palms at Cove View"],"zipcodes":["77550","77551","77552","77553","77554","77555"]},"gardenridge":{"label":"Garden Ridge","counties":["Comal County"],"subdivisions":["Garden Oaks"],"zipcodes":["78132","78154","78266"]},"gatesville":{"label":"Gatesville","counties":["Coryell County"],"subdivisions":["0","0860 - S RIGGS","Alford Ranch Estates","GEO BACHMAN","James W Smith","Lakewood Greens","Lone Mesa Ranch","Rock Creek Estates","TW Marshall"],"zipcodes":["76528","76596","76597","76598","76599"]},"gause":{"label":"Gause","subdivisions":["H M D Nutt Surv A-284"]},"georgewest":{"label":"George West","counties":["Live Oak County"],"subdivisions":["Sunset Villa"],"zipcodes":["78022"]},"georgetown":{"label":"Georgetown","counties":["Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["-","0","Ah Porter Abs","Anderson","Antonio Manchaca Surv Abs #421","Arrowpoint","At Rivery Park Ph 1","At Rivery Park Ph 5","AUS- PARKSIDE on the River 50'","AUS- PARKSIDE on theRIVER 60' - SEC 3A\/3B","AW0005 FISK, G. SUR.","Aw0323 Hannon, H. Sur., Acres .95","AW0412 MEDCALF, T.W. SUR., ACRES 26.46","AW0497 PORTER,","BELL, J.C. SUR","Bent Oaks Estates","Berry C","berry creek","Berry Creek Highlands","Berry Creek Ph 2 Sec 5","Berry Creek Sec 01","Berry Creek Sec 02","Berry Creek Sec 04","Berry Creek Sec 05 Ph 01","Berry Creek Sec 07 Ph 01 Resub","Berry Creek Sec 08 Ph 01 Resub Pts Blk B K","Berry Creek Sec 1","Berry Creek Sec 4","Berry J Sur","Berry Spgs Condos","Berry Springs","Big Valley","Bon Winde Oaks","BOOTY&LESUEUR","Brangus Ranch","Briarwood Sec 01","Briarwood Sec 02","Briarwood Sec 03","Briarwood Sec 04","Briarwood Sec 04 Rep","BRIDGEHAVEN PH 1","Bridgehaven Ph 3","Bridgehaven Ph 4","Broken Oak","Brownstone\/Summit Ph 1","Brownstone\/The Summit Ph 2 3","BrownstoneAtTheSummit","Brownstones","Builder Tract","Carlson Place","Carlson Place Ph D","Carlson Place Ph E","Carlson Place Ph G","Carnley Two","CCR Estates","Cedar Hollow Crossing","Chaparro Estates","Chisholm Park Sec 01 Georgetown","Chisholm Park Sec 1","Churchill Farms Sec 4","CIMARRON HILLS","Cimarron Hills Ph 1 Sec 2","Cimarron Hills Ph 1 Sec 3","Cimarron Hills Ph 2 Sec 2","Cimarron Hills Ph 3 Sec 2","Cimarron Hills Ph 3 Sec 3","City Only Eagle View","Coffee Add","Community","Cottages at Parmer Ranch","Country","Country Club","Country West","Creekside at Georgetown Village","Crescent Bluff","Crescent Bluff Sec 1","Crescent Bluff Secs 2 & 3","Crescent Bluff Secs 2-3","Crestview Add","Cross Creek","Cross Rein","Crystal Knoll Terrace Pud Unit 01","Crystal Knoll Terrace Pud Unit One","Crystal Knoll Terrace Un 01","Crystal Knoll Terrace Unit 03","Crystal Knoll Terrace Unit 04","DAVIDSON RANCH","DAVIS SUB","Dawn Drive Plaza","Dawn Plaza 02 Office Condo","Deer Haven","Deer Haven Sub","Den Acres Add","Dimmit Add","Dyches","E Gtown ISD Abstracts","East Lynn Add","Embree","Estates Of Westlake","Estrella Crossing","Eubank Add","Fairhaven","Fairhaven Gateway","Falls San Gabriel","Farris Ranch Sec 02","Final Plat\/Oakland Park Sub","Final Plat\/Teravista Sec 326","FOUNTAINWOOD ESTATES","Fountainwood Estates Ph 1","Fountainwood Estates Ph 2","Fountainwood Estates Ph 4","Fountainwood Estates Ph 6","Fountainwood Estates Ph 6a","G305M50H - E Gtown ISD Abstracts","G80 - WEST GEORGETOWN VACANT","G90PR","Gabriel Estates","Gabriels Grove","Gabriels Grove Sec 01","Gabriels Grove Sec 02","Gabriels Grove Sec 4","Gabriels Overlook Sec 01","Gabriels Overlook Sec 02","Garcia M.J. Sur.","Gardens at Verde Vista","Gardens\/Verde Vista","Gatlin Creek","Gatlin Crk Condos","GATLIN XING PH 3","Gatlin Xing Ph 4","Georgetown City","Georgetown Crossing PH 01","Georgetown East","Georgetown Heights","Georgetown Technology Park","Georgetown Village","Georgetown Village Ph 7 Sec 9","Georgetown Village Sec 03-B","Georgetown Village Sec 06","Georgetown Village Sec 06 Pud","Georgetown Village Sec 07 Pud","Georgetown Village Sec 08 Pud","Georgetown Village Sec 09 Ph 01 PUD","Georgetown Village Sec 9 Ph 4","Georgian Place Ph 03","Giles Estates Resub","Glasscock","Glasscock G W Sur","Green Acres","Green Lane Farms","GROVE AT GEORGETOWN","Heritage Oaks","Heritage Oaks Sec 1","Heritage Oaks Sec 2","Heritage Oaks Sec 3","Heritage Oaks Sec 4","Heritage Oaks Sec 6","Hidden Oak 2","Hidden Oaks At Berry","Hidden Oaks At Berry Creek","Highcrest Mdw Sub Sec 1","Highcrest Meadow","Highcrest Meadow West","Highland Estates","Highland Park Add","Highland Village","Highland Village Ph 1","Highland Village Ph 2","Highland Vista Office Condominiums","Hughes Addition\/Old Town","Industrial Park North","Isaac Donagan Surv Abs #178","Issac Donagan Surv Abs #178","J002D35H - JARRELL ISD RURAL BEFORE 1990","JARRELL TRANSITIONAL","Jennings Branch Estates","John F Ferguson Surv Abs #231","John McQueen Surv Abs #426","Kasper Sec 1","KASPER SEC 10","Kasper Sec 2","Kasper Sec 5","Katy Cove Estates","Katy Crossing Sec 01 Pud","Katy Crossing Sec 02 PUD","Katy Crossing Sec 03-A Pud","Katy Crossing Sec 04 Pud","Katy Crossing Sec 05 Pud","Katy Crossing Sec 06-A PUD","Katy Xing PUD Sec 03-A","KING AIR","La Conterra","La Conterra North Ph 1","La Conterra Sec 01","La Conterra Sec 2","Lake Georgetown Estates","Lakeside","Lakeside at Lake Georgetown","Lakeside at Lake Georgetwon","Lakeside Ph 1","Lakeside Ph 2","Lakewood Estates Sec 2","Lemuel S Walters Surv Abs #653","Liberty Hill","Linea Stillwater","Lively Ph 1 Sec 6","Lively Ranch","Lively Tract Ph 2","Lively Tract Ph 3","Lofts\/Rock Condos","Logan Add","Logan Ranch Resub","Logan Ranch Sec 01 Rsb","Lord Add","Lost Add","Lost Addition","Lost River Ranches Sec 03","M.J. SUR","Maple Creek","Mcdaniel Park","Mcdaniel Park Rep","Meadows of Georgetown","Meadows Of Georgetown Ph 01","Middle Gabriel Estate","Mission Oaks PH 1","Mission Oaks Ph 3","Montgomery Add","Morning Star","Morningstar","Morningstar Ph 1 Sec 3","Morningstar Ph 1 Sec 4B","Morningstar Ph 2 Sec 1","Morningstar Ph 2 Sec 2 & 3","Morningstar Ph 2 Sec 4 & 5","Morningstar Ph 3 Sec 2A","Morningstar Ph 3 Sec 3","Morningstar Ph 4 Sec 3","Morrow Add","Mountain Laurel Senior Living","Mourning Dove","N15TR2 - LIBERTY HILL TRANSITIONAL 2","Neighborhood 24 A","no","Nolen Add","North Lake","NORTH LAKE C","North Lake Estates Sec C","North Lake Sec A","North Lake Sec C","North Lake Sec E","North Vista Ranch Ph 1","Oak Crest Ranchettes","Oakcrest Estates","Oakcrest Estates Unit 1","Oakcrest Ranchettes Unit 03","Oakmont","Oaks at San Gabriel","Oaks At San Gabriel Sec 2","Oaks at San Gabriel Sec 3","Oaks at San Gabriel Sec 9","Oaks Estates Sec 4","Oaks\/San Gabriel Sec 10","Oaks\/San Gabriel Sec 15","Oaks\/San Gabriel Sec 6","Oaks\/San Gabriel Sec 8","Oaks\/San Gabriel Sec 9","Oaks\/San Gabriel Sec Six","Oaks\/San Gabriel Sectin 9","Oaks\/Wildwood Condo Bldg 8","Old Mill Crossing","Old Mill Village","Old Mill Xing Twnhms","Omega Ranch","OR-2N","Out","Park Meadow Sec 2","Parks at Westhaven","Parks1De Xing Twnhms Bldg 13","Parkside At Mayfield Ranch","Parkside At Mayfield Ranch Sec 02","Parkside At Mayfield Ranch Sec 10","Parkside on the River","Parkside on the River 45's","PARKSIDE ON THE RIVER 50'","Parkside On The River: 50ft. lots","Parkside On The River: 70ft. lots","Parkside Peninsula","Parkside\/Mayfield Ranch Sec 12","Parkside\/Mayfield Ranch Sec 4B","Parkside\/Mayfield Ranch Sec 7","Parkside\/Mayfield Ranch Sec 8","Parkview Estates Sec 1","Parkview Estates Sec 4","Parmer Ranch","Parmer Ranch Ph 1","PARMER RANCH PHASE 1","PARMER RANCH PHASE 2","Patterson Ranch","Pennington Place","Pine Street Villas","Pinnacle","Pinnacle Ph 02","Pinnacle Ph 4","Pleasant Valley","Porter A. H. Sur","Preserve Ph 01","Quail Mdw Un III","Quail Valley Sec 01","R Estates Sec 3","Rancho Siena Sec 5A","Rancho Sienna","Rancho Sienna Condos Sec 19","Rancho Sienna Ph 3 Sec 11","Rancho Sienna Sec 02","Rancho Sienna Sec 11 Ph 1","Rancho Sienna Sec 11 Ph 2","Rancho Sienna Sec 12B","Rancho Sienna Sec 13A & 13B","Rancho Sienna Sec 16","Rancho Sienna Sec 18a","Rancho Sienna Sec 3","Rancho Sienna Sec 5A","Rancho Sienna Sec 5B","Rancho Sienna Sec 8","Reata East","Reata Trails","Reata Trails Unit 04 Resub","Reata Trails Unit 3","Repeat Sun City Nbrhd 76","Replat\/Final Plat\/Teravista Se","Reserve At Berry Creek Ph 02","Reserve At Berry Creek Sec 01D Ph 02","Reserve Berry Crk Sec 03","Retreat at San Gabriel","Retreat Sub","Richey Sub","rita trails","River Bend 05 Ph 03","River Chase","River Estates Sec 2","River Hills Sec 1","River Ridge 03 Sec B A Vacation & Resub","River Ridge 03 Sec C Vacation & Resub A P","River Ridge Sec 01","Riverhill","Rivers Edge","Riverstone","RIVERVIEW","Riverview Estates","Riverview Mall","Riverview Shadow Canyon Ph 4","ROCKY HOLLOW","Rocky Top Ranch","Royal Oaks","S Estates","Saddle Creek","Saddle Crk Ph 6","Saddlecreek","Saddlecreek Condos","Saddlecreek Condos Ph 10","Saddlecreek Ph 1B","Saddlecreek Ph 1C","Saddlecreek Ph 2B","Saddlecreek Ph 2D","Saddlecreek Ph 2e","Saddlecreek Ph 4","Saddlecreek Ph 8","Sage Crk Sub","Salisbury","Samuel\/Smith","San Gabriel Heights Sec 05","San Gabriel HeightsSec 5","San Gabriel River Estates","San Gabriel Sec 9","See Attachment","Serenada Country Estates","Serenada East Un 02","Serenada East Unit 01","Serenada East Unit 03","Serenada East Unit 04","Serenada West Sec 02","Serenada West Sec 04","Shadow Canyon - Riverview","Shadow Canyon Ph 2","Shadow Canyon Ph 4","Shadow Glen","Shady Oaks Estates","Shell Ranch Sec 02-A","Shell Road Bus Center Condo","Shell Stone Trail","Sierra Vista","Sierra Vista Sec 01","Smith Branch Park","Smith Subdivision","Snyder","Snyder Add","Somerset Ranch","Stonehedge Sec 01","Stonehedge Sec 02","Stubblefield","Summer Crest Sec 03","Summer Crest Sec 04","Summer Crest Sec 3","Summercrest Sec 01 Rev","Sun City","Sun City Georgetown","Sun City Georgetown Nbrhd 03","Sun City Georgetown Nbrhd 06","Sun City Georgetown Nbrhd 27","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 01","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 01 Rep Tr","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 02 Amd B","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 03","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 04","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 05a","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 05B Amd","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 06 Amd B","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 07","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 08A Pud Blk","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 12A Ph 02 Pu","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 14A & 14B Pu","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 21 Pud","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 23 Pud","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 24 B2 Pud","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 24A Pud","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 24B Pud","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 25 Pud","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 26 Pud","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 27 Pud","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 30 Pud","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 31","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 31 Pud","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 32 Pud","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 33 Pud","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 35 Ph 03 Pud","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 38 Pud","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 40 Pud","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 41 Pud","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 42 PUD","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 43 PUD","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 45 Pud","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 46 PUD","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 47 PUD","Sun City Georgetown Ph 02 Neighborhood 09 PUD","Sun City Georgetown Ph 02 Neighborhood 10 Pud","Sun City Georgetown Ph 02 Neighborhood 13B Amd","Sun City Georgetown Ph 02 Neighborhood 13B Bl","Sun City Georgetown Ph 02A Neighborhood 11 Pu","Sun City Georgetown Ph 03 Neighborhood 37-A P","Sun City Georgetown Ph 04A Neighborhood 15 Pu","Sun City Georgetown Ph 04A Neighborhood 15 Pud","Sun City Georgetown Ph 04A Neighborhood 16A P","Sun City Nbrhd 64","Sun City Nbrhd 68","Sun City Nbrhd 69","SUN CITY NBRHD 76","Sun City Nbrhd 83","Sun City Nbrhd 84","Sun City Nbrhd 86","Sun City Nbrhd 87","Sun City Nbrhd Seventy-Eight","Sun City Nbrhds 81 & 82","SUN CITY NEIGHBORHOD 91","Sun City Neighborhood 33","Sun City Neighborhood 57","Sun City Neighborhood 64","Sun City Neighborhoods","Sun City Texas","Sun City Texas Nbrhd 48","Sun City Texas Nbrhd 50","Sun City Texas Nbrhd 52","Sun City Texas Neighborhood 51 PUD","SUN CITY TEXAS NEIGHBORHOOD 54 PUD","Sun City Texas Pud Nbrhd 56","Sunny Side","T. W. Metcalf","Teravista","Teravista Ph 1 Sec 401","Teravista Ph 2 Sec 322A","Teravista Ph 2 Sec 323","Teravista Sec 310","Teravista Sec 322A Ph 2","Teravista Sec 322b & 323","Teravista Sec 325","Teravista Sec 326","Teravista Sec 329","Teravista Sec 401 Ph 1","Teravista Sec 402","Teravista Secs 322b & 323","Teravista Villas","Texas Traditions Ph 01","Texas Traditions Ph 02-A","The Canyons at HCH Ranch","The Enclave","The Enclave at Hidden Oaks","The Heights at San Gabriel","The Oaks at Highland Village","The Oaks at San Gabriel","The Pinnacle","The Ridge at Cross Creek","Thousand Oaks Sec 1","Thousand Oaks Sec 2","Townhomes At Katy Crossing","Travista Sec 322A Ph 2","Tres Tierras","University Park","University Park Sec 1","University Park Unit 2 Sec 1 Ph A","University Park Unit 2 Sec 1 Ph B","University Park Unit 2 Sec 1 Ph C","University Park Unit 2 Sec 1 Ph D","University Place","University Place Twnhms","University Terrace","Village 02 River Bend PUD","Village Lake Office Condo","Village Park Condos","Village River Bend","Villages Of Berry Creek","Villages Of Berry Creek Sec 01","Villages Of Berry Creek Sec 2a","Villages of River Bend 05 Ph 04","Villas At Cimarron Hills Pud","Vista Vera","Vista Vera The Poppys","WADLINGTON","Walnut Springs","Water Oak","Water Oak at San Gabriel","Water Oak North","Water Oak North Sec 1","Water Oak North Sec 2","Water Oak North Sec 4","Weir View Estates","West Georgetown","West Rdg Sub Sec 3","West Ridge","WESTHAVEN","Westhaven Ph 1","Westhaven Ph 2","WHISPER OAKS","Whisper Oaks Condos","Whisper Wood I","Whitetail Resub Lts 63 & 64","Williams Add","Williamson Addition","Wolf Ranch","Wolf Ranch 46","Wolf Ranch Genesis","Wolf Ranch South Fork","Wolf Ranch West Ph 1 Sec 3 Sub","Wolf Ranch West Ph 2 Sec 3","Wolf Ranch West Ph 2 Sec 4B","Wolf Ranch West Ph 3 Sec 1-A","Wolf Ranch West Ph 3 Sec 1A","Wolf Ranch West Sec 1A Ph 3","Wolf Ranch West Sec 1Bg","Wolf Ranch West Sec 2 Ph 2","Wolf Ranch West Sec4A","Woodlake Ph 03","Woodlake Ph 04","Woodland Hills","Woodland Park Ph 03-C","Woodland Park Ph 3","Woodland Park Ph 4","Woodland Park West","Woodland Park West Ph 1","Woodland Park West Ph 2","Woods Fountainwood Ph 01a","Woods Fountainwood Ph 07","Workspace Usa Georgetown #One"],"zipcodes":["78626","78627","78628","78633"]},"giddings":{"label":"Giddings","counties":["Lee County"],"subdivisions":["A105 - EASTLAND, W. M.","A190 Lightfoot","BARKER, J.","Bbb & C Railroad Co Abs 52","CHANDLER","Cp Living 27 Sub","Freeman T A123 Tr #1","GALL Ranch Subdivision","Gerlach Sub","Gruetzner Sec 2","JC Lodge Subdivision","John Knox","Maria Salazar Subdivision","Murray Sub","Ot Giddings","REID, S.H.","Rolling Oaks","Smith Sub","Sunrise Oaks","UK","VASHARY, J.","W Winford Surv Abs #350","Wallace J Y Tr 022D A022","Wallace, J.Y.","WHITEHURST, J.H.","York"],"zipcodes":["78942"]},"gilmer":{"label":"Gilmer","counties":["Upshur County"],"zipcodes":["75644","75645"]},"gladewater":{"label":"Gladewater","counties":["Gregg County","Upshur County"],"zipcodes":["75647"]},"goldthwaite":{"label":"Goldthwaite","counties":["Mills County"],"subdivisions":["Center City","Moses Hughes","Prescott Creek Ranch","Rolling Oaks Ranch"],"zipcodes":["76844"]},"goliad":{"label":"Goliad","counties":["Goliad County"],"zipcodes":["77963"]},"gonzales":{"label":"Gonzales","counties":["Gonzales County"],"subdivisions":["27 WM HILL","Badgers Add","Belmont Estate","Belmont Estates","Cannon Creek Farms","Cannon Creek Farms Sub","Cannon East Sub","Cannon North Sub","Cowboy Acres Subdivision","Davidson Hill Add","Elder","GONZALES BLOCKS","Gonzales Tier 2","Gonzales Townsite","Guymont Add","High Ridge Meadows Sub","JAMES","Jose Maria Salinas 4 League Gr","Lakewood Estate","Original Inner Town\/Gonzales","Prosper Hope","Salinas Survey","Stone Haven","Sunset Hills","Tier 02 East\/Water Street","Town of Gonzales","Village Sub","Winslow Turner Jr 1\/4 League A","Zumwalt"],"zipcodes":["78629"]},"grandprairie":{"label":"Grand Prairie","counties":["Dallas County","Ellis County","Tarrant County"],"subdivisions":["Dalworth Park"],"zipcodes":["75050","75051","75052","75053","75054","75060","75061","75104","76002","76006","76010","76063","76065","76084"]},"granger":{"label":"Granger","counties":["Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["*","16 Acres Stratton, G.S. Survey","AM40SDXI - MH EAST","AW0141 COOKE, WM. M. SUR., and AW0764 I. & G.N.R.R","Clark & Miller Sub","Crouch","Degraffenried","Eanes Add","Estates of Walburg","Granger","Grasslands Industry Park","Grove at Granger","Hawkins","Hill William Add","J601LLLI - GRNGER ISD ABSTRACTS\/VACANT LAND","J602D30I - GRANGER ISD NON-CITY","Lane & Repa Sub","Leach Add","Lewis M Russell A-535","MCHORSE","MCKINNEY & WILLIAMS SUR.","Meadow Bend Farms","Miguel Davila Surv Abs #4","Town\/Granger","Walton","WM"],"zipcodes":["76530"]},"graniteshoals":{"label":"Granite Shoals","counties":["Burnet County"],"subdivisions":["Beaver Island","Bel Air Sherwood Shores","Castle Hills","Cypress Cove","Forest Hills","Granite Pointe","Granite Shoals","Green Valley","Greenbriar","Greencastle","Greencastle\/Sherwood","Greencastle\/Sherwood Shores","Hillcrest","Kingswood","Lakefront Homes Condo","Live Oak","Mystic Castle","S5214 - HILLCREST SHERWOOD SHORES","SCS Subdivision","Sherwood Downs","Sherwood Heights","SHERWOOD SHORES","Sherwood Shores Iv","Tanglewood","Tropical Hideaway","Woodland Hills"],"zipcodes":["78654"]},"groesbeck":{"label":"Groesbeck","counties":["Limestone County"],"zipcodes":["76642"]},"hallettsville":{"label":"Hallettsville","counties":["Lavaca County"],"subdivisions":["0","A0356 - JOEL PONTON","Francis Smith","John Smithers","Woodward"],"zipcodes":["77964"]},"hamilton":{"label":"Hamilton","counties":["Hamilton County"],"subdivisions":["E R HARVEY","Hamilton Study","L FITZGERALD","Tract 12","Tract 13"],"zipcodes":["76531"]},"harkerheights":{"label":"Harker Heights","counties":["Bell County"],"subdivisions":["Broken Arrow Lake Estates Sec","Cedar Trails","Cedarbrook Ridge Ph I Amd","Cedarbrook Ridges","Enchanted Oaks 1st","Five Feathers Add","Hallmark","Knights Ridge Add Ph","Lakeside Hills","Lakeside Hills Sec Three","Lakeside Hills Sec Two","Meadow Acres 1st Ext","Meadow Acres 2nd Ext Rep L","Silver Creek Estates Ph One","Skipcha Mountain Estates Ph","SKIPCHA MOUNTAIN ESTATES PHASE FIFTEEN","SKIPCHA MOUNTAIN ESTATES PHASE TWELVE","Sun Meadows Ph One","Sutton Place Ph Five Sectio","Tanglewood North 3rd Unit","The Grove At Whitten Place","The Ridge Ph Three","The Ridge Ph Two Sec 2","The Vineyard","Valley View Second Ext","Village at Nolan Heights","Wildewood Acres","Withers Add"],"zipcodes":["76513","76542","76548"]},"harper":{"label":"Harper","counties":["Gillespie County"],"subdivisions":["Loma Vista Ranch","MAVERICK","Ranches at Overhill","Ranches at Overhills"],"zipcodes":["78631"]},"harwood":{"label":"Harwood","subdivisions":["4-5-PT 6","Abraham K Clark 1\/3 League Abs","Charles Schaller 1\/3 League Ab","H & Tc RR Co","H & Tc RR Co Surv Abs 147","IRA BISBEE","John Cain Surv Abs #154","NOAH'S LAND ESTATES","Sandy Fork Ranches"]},"haslet":{"label":"Haslet","counties":["Denton County","Tarrant County"],"zipcodes":["76052","76177"]},"hearne":{"label":"Hearne","counties":["Robertson County"],"zipcodes":["77859"]},"helotes":{"label":"Helotes","counties":["Bexar County"],"subdivisions":["Canyon Creek Preserve","HELOTES RNCH AC IINS"],"zipcodes":["78023","78254"]},"hempstead":{"label":"Hempstead","counties":["Waller County"],"subdivisions":["Hempstead"],"zipcodes":["77445"]},"hewitt":{"label":"Hewitt","counties":["McLennan County"],"subdivisions":["Moonlight Park","Stoneridge I Add Ph 11"],"zipcodes":["76643","76655","76712"]},"hico":{"label":"Hico","counties":["Erath County","Hamilton County"],"zipcodes":["76457"]},"highlandhaven":{"label":"Highland Haven","counties":["Burnet County"],"subdivisions":["Highland Haven"],"zipcodes":["78654"]},"hillsboro":{"label":"Hillsboro","counties":["Hill County"],"subdivisions":["I-35 Comm- 1616"],"zipcodes":["76645"]},"hilltoplakes":{"label":"Hilltop Lakes","counties":["Leon County"],"subdivisions":["HILLTOP LAKES","Hilltop Lakes Sec"],"zipcodes":["77855","77871"]},"holland":{"label":"Holland","counties":["Bell County"],"subdivisions":["A0012BC - A MENCHACA","A0884BC - J B WILLIS","Holland Hilltop Estates","Holland Original","Jb Willis Surv Abs #884","Simpson","Westview I"],"zipcodes":["76534"]},"hondo":{"label":"Hondo","counties":["Medina County"],"subdivisions":["GARDEN PARK","Sky View Ranch"],"zipcodes":["78861"]},"horseshoebay":{"label":"Horseshoe Bay","counties":["Burnet County","Llano County"],"subdivisions":["#18 Condos","10650 - HORSESHOE BAY PROPER","Applehead Island","Applehead West","bay view townhomes","Bay View Villas","Blue Lake Estates","C W Lewis Estate","Cape Town","Castle Acres","Castle Terrace","Channel Oaks","Channel Oaks II","Cove West Condos","Deer Haven","Escape Condo","Escondido","Escondido Golf & Lake Club","Goose Point Twnhms","Harbortown Twnhms","Hidden Coves","High Vista Condos","Horeshoe Bay","HORSEHOE BAY SOUTH","Horseshoe Bay","Horseshoe Bay Applehead West","Horseshoe Bay North","Horseshoe Bay P","Horseshoe Bay Proper","Horseshoe Bay South","Horseshoe Bay West","Horseshoe South","Horseshoebay West","Horseshow Bay W","HSB Proper","Jonathan Cove","Lago Escondido","Lake Marble Falls","Lakeshore Condos","Lighthouse Drive","LIGHTHOUSE TH","Matern Island","Oak Ridge","OAK RIDGE ESTATES","Pecan Creek","Portofino","Quail Ridge","Sandy Harbor","Summit Rock","The Enclave At Horseshoe Bay","The Overlook","The Peninsula","The Reserve At Summit Rock","The Sundowner","The Trails Of Lake Lbj Ph1","The Upper Deck","The Waterlands","The Waters at Horseshoe Bay","The Waters At Horseshoe Bay Re","The Waters At HorseshoeBay Re","Trails End","Tranquilo Bay","Tuscan Village","Tuscan Village Horseshoe Bay","Tuscan Village in Summit Rock","Villas De Lago","Westgate Estates","Westridge"],"zipcodes":["78657"]},"houston":{"label":"Houston","counties":["Fort Bend County","Harris County","Montgomery County"],"subdivisions":["Denver Harbor","Fosters Mill Village","HARRIS & WILSON","LENOX","Memorial Woods Condo","Northwest Park","Pinecrest","Sommerall","West Lane Anx","West Park Center Sec 01"],"zipcodes":["77001","77002","77003","77004","77005","77006","77007","77008","77009","77010","77011","77012","77013","77014","77015","77016","77017","77018","77019","77020","77021","77022","77023","77024","77025","77026","77027","77028","77029","77030","77031","77032","77033","77034","77035","77036","77037","77038","77039","77040","77041","77042","77043","77044","77045","77046","77047","77048","77049","77050","77051","77052","77053","77054","77055","77056","77057","77058","77059","77060","77061","77062","77063","77064","77065","77066","77067","77068","77069","77070","77071","77072","77073","77074","77075","77076","77077","77078","77079","77080","77081","77082","77083","77084","77085","77086","77087","77088","77089","77090","77091","77092","77093","77094","77095","77096","77097","77098","77099","77201","77202","77203","77204","77205","77206","77207","77208","77209","77210","77212","77213","77215","77216","77217","77218","77219","77220","77221","77222","77223","77224","77225","77226","77227","77228","77229","77230","77231","77233","77234","77235","77236","77237","77238","77240","77241","77242","77243","77244","77245","77246","77247","77248","77249","77250","77251","77252","77253","77254","77255","77256","77257","77258","77259","77261","77262","77263","77265","77266","77267","77268","77269","77270","77271","77272","77273","77274","77275","77276","77277","77279","77280","77282","77284","77285","77286","77287","77288","77289","77290","77291","77292","77293","77294","77296","77297","77298","77299","77315","77336","77338","77339","77345","77346","77357","77365","77373","77375","77377","77379","77380","77386","77388","77389","77396","77401","77406","77407","77410","77411","77413","77429","77433","77449","77450","77477","77489","77493","77494","77498","77503","77504","77506","77520","77530","77532","77536","77545","77546","77547","77571","77598"]},"howardwick":{"label":"Howardwick","counties":["Donley County"],"subdivisions":["HWDWK"],"zipcodes":["79226"]},"humble":{"label":"Humble","counties":["Harris County"],"zipcodes":["77325","77338","77339","77345","77346","77347","77396"]},"hunt":{"label":"Hunt","subdivisions":["Guadalupe Ranch","River Dance Ranch Sec 2"]},"huntsville":{"label":"Huntsville","counties":["Walker County"],"zipcodes":["77320","77340","77341","77342","77343","77344","77348","77349"]},"hutto":{"label":"Hutto","counties":["Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["0","Bell Meadows Sec 01","Bell Meadows Sec 02","Brooklands","Brooklands Sec 1","Brooklands Sec 3","Brooklands Sec 4","Brooklands Sub Sec Four","Brushy Creek Estates","Brushy Creek Meadows Sec 01","Brushy Creek Meadows Sec 03","Brushy Crk Mdws Sec 01","Canutillo Corner","Carmel Creek","Carol Mdws Sec 2","Carol Meadows","Carol Meadows Sec 01","Chandler Corner","Cherry 1660","Clarks Crossing Sec 01 Rep","cotton brock","Cotton Brook","Cotton Wood","Cottonbrook Ph 1","Cottonwood","Cottonwood Creek Sec 01","Cottonwood Farms","COTTONWOOD FARMS STARLIGHT","Cottonwood Ph 3","Country Estates","Country Estates 02 Ph 03","Country Estates Sec 2","Country Estates Sec 3","Country Estates Sec 4","Covered Bridge","Creek Bend Sec 02","Creek Bend Sec 06","Creekbend Sec 01","Cross Creek","CROSS CREEK PH 2","Cross Creek Sub Ph 1","Cross Crk Sub","Cross Crk Sub Phs 3 & 4","Dicy Hopkins Surv Abs #300","Durango Farms","Durango Farms Ph 1","Dykes","Dykes Sur.","Emory Crossing","Emory Crossing 40's","Emory Crossing 40's Alley","Emory Crossing 50's","Emory Crossing, Phase 2","Emory Farms Sec 5","Emory Xing Ph 2","Enclave at Brushy Creek","Enclave At Brushy Creek Sec 01","Enclave At Brushy Creek Sec 03","Enclave\/Brushy Crk Sec 01","Enclave\/Brushy Crk Sec 03","Family","Gabriel Farms Sec 02","Gainers Add","GARDEN PARK","Garden Park Sec 1","George Keith Survey Abstract #370","GLENWOOD","Glenwood Ph 02B","Glenwood Ph 04b","Glenwood Ph 3B","Green Gate Sec 01","h313405-h313405","Hague Add","Heritage On San Gabriel Amd","Highlands","Highlands North","Hill View Estates 12","Hutto","Hutto & Metcalfe Add","Hutto City","Hutto Highlands","Hutto Highlands Ph 1 Sec 2","HUTTO HIGHLANDS SEC 2 PH 1","Hutto Parke","Hutto Parke 03","Hutto Square","Hutto Square Sec 01","Hutto Square Sec 02","Hutto Square Sec 03","Hutto Square Sec 5a","Hutto Square Sec 6","HUTTO TOWN SQUARE","Hutto Transitional","Hutto Xing","Hutto Xing Ph 2","HuttoParke","Huttoparke Sec 01","Huttoparke Sec 05","J F Furguson Surv Abs #231","J. Mcqueen Sur.","J.A. Harris Addition","John Dykes Surv Abs #187","Keith, G. Sur","Ladas Valley Estates","Lakeside Estates","Lakeside Estates Ph 1","LAKESIDE ESTATES PH 1-A","Lakeside Estates Sec 02","Lakeside Estates Sec 2","Lakeside Estates Sec 3","Legends Hutto","Legends Hutto Ph 01","Legends Hutto Ph 02","Legends Hutto Ph 03","Legends Hutto Ph 5a","Legends of Hutto","Legends Of Hutto Ph 5b","Lookout at Brushy Creek","Lupe Madrigal","Mager Mdws Ph 1","Mager Meadows Ph 1","Maldonado","Mansions Eight65","McQueen Sur.","Meadows at Mustang Creek","Megee 2nd Add","Megee Add 1","Mouser Meadows","Mustang Creek","Mustang Crk Ph 1","Mustang Crk Ph 3","Mustang Crk Ph 4","Park At Brushy Creek","PINNELLI-MAYBERRY","Railroad","Rivers Crossing Sub","Riverwalk","Riverwalk Ph 01 Sec 01","Riverwalk Ph 01 Sec 02","Riverwalk Ph 02 Sec 01","Riverwalk Ph 02 Sec 2B","Riverwalk Ph 2 Sec 4","Riverwalk Ph 3","Riverwalk Ph 3 Sec 1","Riverwalk Ph 3 Sec 3","Riverwalk Ph 3 Sec 4","Riverwalk Ph 3 Sec 5","Robert Mcnutt Surv Abs # 422","Rowe Lane Estates","Salisbury","Sec Hutto Parke 03","Sec Hutto Parke 04","Sec Hutto Parke 06","SOUTHGATE","Spring Vly Tr 14","Star Ranch","Star Ranch Ph 3 Sec 7","Star Ranch Ph 8-10 Sec 7","Star Ranch Sec 01","Star Ranch Sec 03","Star Ranch Sec 05 Ph 01","Star Ranch Sec 22 Condo","Star Ranch Sec 22 Condos","Star Ranch Sec 7 Ph 6","STRAPPER WINGARD RANCH","Sturm Parke","T14MH - Historical Cbd Retail-hutto","Thomison","Tract","Valley Vista","Villas at Star Ranch","Villas\/Star Ranch Sec 22 Condo","Wilco Ranch Ph 2 Sec 2","William Dunn Surv Abs #196"],"zipcodes":["78634"]},"hye":{"label":"Hye"},"ingram":{"label":"Ingram","counties":["Kerr County"],"subdivisions":["Cypress Springs Estates","Estates at Johnson Creek"],"zipcodes":["78025"]},"iola":{"label":"Iola","counties":["Grimes County"],"subdivisions":["KING OAKS SEC 4 GATED"],"zipcodes":["77861"]},"jacksonville":{"label":"Jacksonville","counties":["Cherokee County"],"subdivisions":["OTHER SUBDIVISION"],"zipcodes":["75766"]},"jarrell":{"label":"Jarrell","counties":["Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["0","Aa Lewis A-384","Bailey Park Ph 1","Bailey Park Ph 2","Bailey Park Ph 4","Balcones Flats","Balcones Flats-Ph 1","Boatright Blvd","Bud Stockton","Bukowsky","Calumet","Calumet Sub Ph 1","Calumet Subdivision Phase 1","Carouthers","Cielo Gardens","Cool Water","Cool Water Ph 1","Cool Water Ph 2","Coolwater at Sonterra","Creek Estates Sec 1","Davis","DAVIS, E","E06ER - Restaurant-bartlett","Eastern Wells","Eastwood","Eastwood at Sonterra","Eastwood Sec 10","Eastwood Sec 2","Eastwood Sec 7","Eastwood Sec 8","Eastwood Soneterra","Hilltop Vista","Home Place","HOME PLACE AT JARRELL","Home Place\/Jarrell","Home Place\/Jarrell 2nd Minor","Isaaac Bunker Surv Abs #54","J002D35H - JARRELL ISD RURAL BEFORE 1990","J002D35H-Jarrell ISD Rural Before 1990","J204407-J204407","James Roebuck Surv Abs 527","JARRELL CONDOS LGI","JARRELL ISD RURAL BEFORE 1990","Jarrell Property INV GRP","Jarrell Town","Jarrell Town Center Ph 1","JIP","John Carouthers Surv Abs #148","Jones","LILE, R. SUR","LR Williams Business Park","Nathaniel Moore Surv Abs #410","Rancho Del Cielo","Rancho Del Cielo Ph 1","Rio Lobo","Rio Lobo Ph 1","Robert Lile Surv Abs #391","Roebuck","Rolling Hill Mdw","Rolling Hill Meadow","Schneifer G","Schwertner Ranch","Sonterra","Sonterra 1","Sonterra 1 Condo","Sonterra 2 Condo","Sonterra Coolwater","Sonterra HOA","Sonterra I Condo Condo 15G","Sonterra I Condos","Sonterra Ii Condos","Sonterra Ii Condos Ph Ii","Sonterra II Condos Ph VI","Sonterra Ii Condos Ph Viii","Sonterra II Ph VI Condos","Sonterra Sec 13","Sonterra West","Sonterra West Ph 06","Sonterra West Ph 1 Sec 12","Sonterra West Ph 2 Sec 12","Sonterra West Ph 2A Sec 7","Sonterra West Ph 2B-1 Rep 01","Sonterra West Ph 2B-2","Sonterra West Ph 3 Sec 8-J","Sonterra West Ph 5a","Sonterra West Ph Iib-1 Rep 01","Sonterra West Sec 8a Ph 01","Sonterra West Sec 8C","Sonterra-Eastwood","Spears Ranch","Spears Ranch On Salado Creek Sec 01","Stonebridge Crossing","Stonebridge Xing Un 1","The Home Place at Jarrell","Within The Sonterra It Condo"],"zipcodes":["76537","78626","78633"]},"johnsoncity":{"label":"Johnson City","counties":["Blanco County"],"subdivisions":["464 Ranch Subdivision","A0193 - SURVEY 171 J. FENTRESS","Albert 303 Vineyard Estates","Andalusia Unpltted","Annie Blum","Byrd Ranch","Byrd Ranch Estates","CJC Residential","Cockshutt Subdivision","CREEK VIEW ESTATES","Creek View Estates, Sec 2","Dakota","Encinatas Sub","Heritage Oaks","Hidden Valley Ranch","IRON ANGELS SUBDIVISION","J Duel","J FENTRESS","Johnson City","Klappenbach","Lake on Flat Creek","Legacy Hills","Legacy Hills Ph 2","Legacy Hills Ph Two","Mountain Creek Sub","North Lamar Square","One River Point","OOO","Pedernales","Pedernales Bend","Pedernales Ranch Estates","Ranchers Estate","Ranchers Estates","Redbud Ranch","Sandy Oak Ranches","Sandy Oaks","Stonegate","Summy Add","Summy Addition","SUR 172 J DUEL","The Preserve At Walnut Spgs","The Preserve at Walnut Springs","The Preserve of Walnut Springs","The Summit At Cypress Mill","The Summit of Cypress Mill","Tract 1 Byrd Ranch @ Miller Cr","Vineyard Hills","Vineyard Hills Ranch Unrec Sub","WINTERS FURR"],"zipcodes":["78636"]},"jonestown":{"label":"Jonestown","counties":["Travis County"],"subdivisions":["1","ABS 2683 SUR 54 HUMBLE & CHAPMAN","Angel Springs Sec 1","Bluffs The Amd","Carlton","CARLTON J F","D & W R R CO","D & W RR Sur 103 abs 248","Dallas & Wichita Railroad","Grandacres","Greg, Scott, Hayford Surveys","Gregg Point","H E Webb Subdivision #3 and ABS 2683 SUR 54 HUMBLE","HE Webb Sub #3","HOLLOWS","HOLLOWS BLUFFS THE AMENDED","Hollows Canyons Sec 1","Hollows Condo","Hollows Condo Amd The","Hollows Condo Hilltop Villas Amd","Hollows Of Northshore Amd","Hollows Of Northshore Amd 2nd The","Hollows Ph 2C The","Hollows Ph 3a The","HOLLOWS PHS II-C THE","Hollows Sanctuary","Hunters Creek","Jonestown","Jonestown Hiils","Jonestown Hill Unit 3","Jonestown Hills","Jonestown Hills Unit 03 Amd","Jonestown Hills Unit 05 Rep","Kellywood","Kellywood Estates","Lake Sandy","Lake Travis 08","Long Hollow Estates","North Hollow","North Shore on Lake Travis","Northlake Hills Sec 01","Northlake Hills Sec 02","Northlake Hills Sec 05","Northshore On Lake Travis Ph","Panoramic Hills","Pecan Terrace","Pointe","Ranchland Hills","Ranchland Hills Sub Amd","Retirement Village","Retirement Village 03","Rj Jung Surv #54 Abs #2669","South Jonestown Hills Unit 01","Spanish Oak Spgs","Terrace Plaza","The Bluffs","The Hollows","THE HOLLOWS ON LAKE TRAVIS","Travis Hollow Sec 03","Webb H E 03"],"zipcodes":["78641","78645"]},"jourdanton":{"label":"Jourdanton","counties":["Atascosa County"],"subdivisions":["Goose Creek Ranch","LOVELACE","TRACT 2"],"zipcodes":["78026"]},"junction":{"label":"Junction","counties":["Kimble County"],"subdivisions":["Seven Springs","Seven Springs Ranch"],"zipcodes":["76849"]},"keller":{"label":"Keller","counties":["Tarrant County"],"subdivisions":["Quail Valley Estate"],"zipcodes":["76244","76248","76262"]},"kempner":{"label":"Kempner","counties":["Lampasas County"],"subdivisions":["Allen Estate","Binion Crk Estate","Binion Crk Estate Ph I","Charles K Reese Surv #15 Abs #","Cottonwood Mesa","G R FUDGE 1291","G& Bn Co Surv Abs #255","Gr Fudge Surv Tract 10 Abs 129","Gustavus Chalwell Survey","Indian Valley","Kempner Village Estate","Lampasas River Place II","Lampasas River Place ll","Lampasas River Place Ph 2","Lomas Rodando South 12","Oakalla Ranches","Oakview Hills","Pecan Valley Iv","Pecan Valley Ph Iii","Quail Meadows","R C Wallace Surv Surv Abs #754","Ranch 47 Finat River Hill","Reavis Ranch","RIVER HILLS RANCH","RIVER HILLS RANCHES","River Hills Ranches Ph 1 Ranch","River Hills Ranches Ph 2-A","River Hills Ranches Ph 2-A 101","River Hills Ranches Ph 2-A Ran","River Hills Ranches Ph 2A","River Hills Ranches Ph 2A Ranc","River Place","River Place II","Rylan Ranch","SARAH PENNINGTON","Singing Quail Estates Phase Two","Wells Ranch Ph 2","Wells Ranch Ph 4","WELLS RANCH PHASE 1"],"zipcodes":["76522","76539"]},"kerrville":{"label":"Kerrville","counties":["Kerr County"],"subdivisions":["Fall Creek","GREAT SKY RANCH","Guadalupe Heights","Hidden Valley Ranch","Highlands Ranch","Kerrville South II","Loma Vista Ranch","Oak Park","Optional-See Remarks","Parson Subdivision","Riverview RV Park","STARKEY MANOR","Thompson Knapp","WESTLAND PLACE ADDITION"],"zipcodes":["78028","78029"]},"killeen":{"label":"Killeen","counties":["Bell County"],"subdivisions":[".","0000047999","A0528BC - E LASERE","A1142BC - B S DECHARD","Arrowhead Trail Ranch","Batele Add","Bridgewood Add","Bridgewood Add Ph Ii","Brighton Place","Brighton Place 1","Brooking Ranch","Brookside Sub","Bunny Trail Estates Ph Two","C P Add","Camp Add","Carter","Castle Heights Blks K-Y","Catalina Park Rep","Chaparral Estates","Chimney Corners","Chimney Corners 1st","Clear Creek Estates Ph Four","Conder Valley Ph One","Cosper Ridge Estates Ph Fou","Cox","Creek Place Sec 1","Creek Place Sec 2B","Cunningham","De Ann Sub Rep Of L","Deorsam Estates Ph One","Diamond Hills Add","Elms Road Comm Add","Elms Run Add Ph One","Estancia West","Evening Hollow 2nd Ext","Fox Creek Sub Ph Vii","Goodnight Ranch Add Ph","Goodnight Ranch Addition Phase Ten","GOODNIGHT RANCH ADDN PHASE TEN","Heather Glen Sec I","Heather Glen Sec Ii","Heather Glen Sec Iii Ph","Heritage Home Add Rep","Heritage Oaks","Heritage Oaks Ph Three","Heritage Oaks Ph Two","Herring Legacy Estates","Highview 3rd","Holder Add","Hymesa Estates Ph One","Hymesa Estates Ph Seven Sec Two","John Goslin Surv Abs #344","Killeen Bus Center 2nd Re","Killeen Bus Park Sub","Killeen Heights South Unit 2nd","Killeen Original","Lakeview Park","Lakeview Terrace Sub","Lancaster Estates","Len Schwertner Sub Sec","LEN SCHWERTNER SUBDIVISION FIRST EXT","Leon Heights","Loma Vista Estates","Lonesome Dove Ph 6","LONESOME DOVE PHASE 5","Lost Creek Add","M T Martin","Manor Add Rep","McGregor Esate","Meadows At Saegert Ranch","Mesa Verde","Mitchell Farms","North Side Addition","Oak Valley Sub Ph I","Oak Valley Sub Ph S","Old 440 Village","Parmer","Patriots Rdg","PEELER ADDITION","Pershing Place","Plantation Oaks Sub","Prairie View Estates","Purser Crossing","Purser Crossing Ph Two Repl","Quail Run Estates","Regency Ridge Sub","River Ridge Ranch","River Ridge Ranch Sec Ii P","River Ridge Ranch Sec Iii","RKILKICTDO","Rose","Rose Add","Roselawn Add Blks 3-6","S0497KI - CHIMNEY HILL ESTATES 2ND REPLAT","S2068KI - CEDAR HILL ADDITION PHASE I","Sandor Add","Savannah Heights Ph Ii","Settlement on Stagecoach","Shady Acres","Simmons 1st","South Meadows Sec Iii","South Meadows Sec Iv","Southwest Crossing","Spanish Oaks","Spectrum Comm Subdivisio","Splawn Ranch Sub Ph","Spring Valley Estates","Stadium Add","Stillforest Sub","Stratford Add First Ext","Stratford Add Rep","Stringer Add","Sunflower Estates","Sunflower Estates Ph Five","Terry Add","The Highlands At Saegert Ranch","The Roost Addition","The Settlement at Stagecoach","Trimmier Elementary Subdivisio","Trimmier Estates","Trimmier Estates Ph Two","Turtle Bend","University Village","W S S ADDITION","Walnut Creek Estates","Wanda Park","Watercrest Add Ph Five","West Ridge Estates","West View Rep Ph Iii","Westcliff Sub","Western Hills 1st Ph","Westpark Ph One","Westpark Ph Three","White Rock Estates","White Rock Estates Ph One","White Rock Estates Ph Seven","White Rock Estates Ph Ten","White Rock Estates Ph Two","Yowell Ranch","Yowell Ranch Ph One","Yowell Ranch Ph Two"],"zipcodes":["76540","76541","76542","76543","76544","76545","76546","76547","76549","76571"]},"kingsbury":{"label":"Kingsbury","counties":["Guadalupe County"],"subdivisions":["Appling Road Ranch Unrec Sub","Magnolia Estates","Woodrow ranch","Woods Kingsbury The"],"zipcodes":["78638"]},"kingsland":{"label":"Kingsland","counties":["Llano County"],"subdivisions":["A & D Acres","Angelina Cove","Big Creek Ranch","Big Creek Ranch Phase Two","Big Crk Ranch Ph 1","Big Crk Ranch Ph 2","Big Crk Ranch Ph One","Billy McGee","Bluebonnet Hills","Bonny Cove","BOXWOOD","Bridgepoint","c","Clausens Catch On Lake Lbj","Clearwater Landing","Clearwater Landing at LBJ","Colina Cove","Colina Cove, The Legends","Comanche Rancherias","Enclave At The Legends","Fred Wood","Granite","Granite Lake Dev","Granite Ridge Packsaddle","Granite Shoals #1","Granite Shoals Lake Shore","Harwell Point","Harwell, JS","Hidden Oaks","Highland Park","Hilldale Ranchettes","Hoffman","Horseshoe Bay Proper","Island Lodges","Jg Pfeuffer Surv #1 Abs # 594","Js Harwell Survey #509 Abs #422","Kingsland Cove","Kingsland Cove Unit 1","Kingsland Estates","Kingsland Indust","Kingsland Ranch","Lakeside Heights","Lakewood Forest Unit Iii","Legendary Estates On Lake Lbj","Legends On Lake Lbj Saddle Cl","Legends On Lake LBJ Saddle Club N","Lighthouse Country Club","Lookout Mountain West","Ls Harwell Surv Abs #422","Lula Haywood","Lulu Haywood","Nob Hill","Packsaddle View","Quail Creek","River Bend","Riverside","RORAG","Royal Oaks Country Club","Royal Oaks Estates 1-4","Royal Oaks Estates Un #Eight Sec","Sandia Ridge At The Legends","shirley Williams","The Legends","Timber Lake","Twin Isle"],"zipcodes":["78639"]},"kyle":{"label":"Kyle","counties":["Hays County"],"subdivisions":["1880 At Plum Creek","35 South Ranches Sec 1","35 South Ranches Unrec","6 Creeks","6 Creeks at Waterridge: 45ft. lots","6 Creeks at Waterridge: 55ft. lots","6 Creeks at Waterridge: 70ft. lots","6 Creeks Condo","6 Creeks Ph 1 Sec 2","6 Creeks Ph 1 Sec 3","6 CREKS","800 Goforth Square","A0167 - OTIS G EELS SURVEY","A0220","A368 - BROWN, ELIZABETH","Abigail Meadows","Albert Pace Subd","Amberwood","Amberwood Ph One","Amberwood Ph Three","Amberwood Ph Two","ANTC","Anthem","Anthem Cottages Condo","Anthem Ph 1-B","Appaloosa Acres","Blanco River Crossing","Brooks Ranch","Brooks Ranch Ph 1","Brooks Ranch Ph 2","Brookside Ph 01","Brookside Ph 1","Brookside Ph 2","Brookside Ph 3","Brookside Ph 4","Brookside Phase III","BROOKSIDE-Creekside","Bunton Creek","Bunton Creek Ph 1-A","Bunton Creek Ph 2A","Bunton Creek Ph 2B","Bunton Creek Ph 3","Bunton Creek Ph 4","Bunton Creek Ph 6B","Bunton Creek Ph 6c","Bunton Creek Reserve","Bunton Creek Reserve Ph 1","Bunton Creek Reserve Ph 2","Bunton Creek Reserve Ph 3","Carson","Casetta Ranch","Cool Spgs Ph 1","Cool Spgs Ph Ii","Cool Spgs Ph Iii","Cool Springs","Creek's Landing","Creekside","CREEKSIDE VILLAGE","Creekside Village Sec 1 & 2","Creekside Village Sec 3","Crosswinds","Crosswinds Ph 5A\/5B","Crosswinds Ph One","Crosswinds Ph Two","Cypress Forest","Cypress Forest Ph Four Sec A","Cypress Forest Ph One","Cypress Forest Ph Two","D E Moore","DOVE HILL ESTATES","El Camino Real Estates Sec 2","ELIZABETH BROWN","Elizabeth Brown Survey","Four Oaks Sub","Four Seasons Farm Sec Ii","Goforth Village Pud Sec 1","Great Hills","Great Hills Sec 6","Great Hills Sec One","Great Hills Sec Two","Green Pastures Sec 3","Green Pastures Sec 5","Grist Mill Estates","Grist Mill Highlands Sec 1","H G Stokes","Hidden Oaks Sub Sec 2","Hidden Oaks Subd Sec 1","High Meadows Sec 1","High Meadows Sec 2","Hometown","Hometown Kyle Ph 1","Hometown Kyle Ph 3 Sec 1","Hometown Kyle Ph 3 Sec 2","Hometown Kyle Ph 3 Sec 4","Hometown Kyle Ph 3 Sec 5","Hometown Kyle Ph 4 Sec 3","INDIAN HILLS RANCH","Indian Paintbrush","Indian Paintbrush Ph 2","Indian Paintbrush Ph 3","Indian Paintbrush Ph 4a","Indian Paintbrush Sec 04b","John Stuart","Kai Vista Estate Sec 1","Kai Vista Estate Sec 2","Kensington Trails","Kensington Trails Sec 03a","Kensington Trails Sec 2","Kensington Trails Sec 3A","Kensington Trails Sec 4a","Kensington Trails Sec 4b","Kyle 47 Sub Ph 2","Kyle Heights Sec 2","Laidley Acres","Las Estancias","Las Estancias 2 Sub","Las Estancias Sub","Las EstanciASD","Loma Verde","Martinez Loop","Meadow Woods Sec 2","Meadows at Kyle","Meadows At Kyle Ph Five","Meadows At Kyle Ph Six","Meadows At Kyle Ph Three","Meadows At Kyle Ph Two","Millcreek Ph 2","MILTON B ATKINSON","MONTE SAGRADO","Monte Sagrado Sub","North Trails Sub","Opal Meadows","Original Town of Kyle","Paramont","Paramount","Paramount Park","Paramount Sec One","Paramount Sec Two","Plum Creek","Plum Creek North","Plum Creek Park","Plum Creek Ph 01 Sec 01 A","Plum Creek Ph 01 Sec 02 E","Plum Creek Ph 01 Sec 5b","Plum Creek Ph 1 Sec 2C","Plum Creek Ph 1 Sec 2h","Plum Creek Ph 1 Sec 2k","Plum Creek Ph 1 Sec 3A","Plum Creek Ph 1 Sec 4","Plum Creek Ph 1 Sec 5B","Plum Creek Ph 1 Sec 6H- 1","Plum Creek Ph 2 Sec 1","Plum Creek Ph 2 Sec 2","Plum Creek Ph I Sec 1-A","Plum Creek Ph I Sec 1G2","Plum Creek Ph I Sec 2-B","Plum Creek Ph I Sec 2-E","Plum Creek Ph I Sec 2d","Plum Creek Ph I Sec 4B","Plum Creek Ph I Sec 6B","Plum Creek Ph I Sec 6B-3","Plum Creek Ph I Sec 6C","Plum Creek Ph I Sec 6d","Post Oak Ph 03","Post Oak Ph 2","Post Oak Ph 3","Post Oak Ph 4A","Post Oak Ph 4b","Post Oak Ph 5A","Post Oak Ph 5B","Post Oak Ph One","Post Oak Sub Ph 6","Prairie On Creek Sec 3b","Prairie On The Creek","Prairie On The Creek Sec 1A","Prairie On The Creek Sec 1b","Prairie On The Creek Sec 3b","Quail Meadows Sub","Quail Ridge Sub","Ranch Add Sec 03 03 G","Rocky Road Ranchettes","Rolling Meadows Sec 1 Ph 2","Rural FM 2001","Sage Hollow","Samuel Little Surv Tract 1","Silverado At Plum Creek Sec 02a","Silverado At Plum Creek Sec 2A","Silverado At Plum Creek Sec 2b","Silverado At Plum Creek Sec 3A","Silverado At Plum Creek Sec 3B","SOUTHGROVE","Southlake Ranch Ph One","Southlake Ranch Ph Three","Southlake Sub Sec 1","Spring Branch","Spring Branch 02 Sec 03","Spring Branch Ii Sec Four","Spring Branch Ii Sec Two","Spring Branch Sec 1-B","Stagecoach","Stagecoach Ph 1","Stagecoach Ph 2","STEEPLECHASE PHASE 3 SEC 2A","Steeplechase Sub Ph I","Steeplechase Sub Ph II","Steeplechase Sub Ph Iii Sec 2-A","Steeplechase Sub Ph III Sec 2-B","Steeplechase Sub Ph Iii Sec 6","Studio Estates Sec 2B","Sunflower Acres","Sunrise Acres","Sunset Hills Ph One","TALAVERA","Talavera Ph 1","Talavera Ph 2","Talavera Phase1","The Hill","The Park At Steeplechase","The Railyard","Trail Sub Phase Iia","Trails At Windy Hill Ph 1","Trails At Windy Hill Ph 2","Trails At Windy Hill Ph 3","Trails At Windy Hill Ph 6","Trails Sub Ph 1B","Trails Sub Ph Iia","Waterleaf","Waterleaf Ph A Sec 01","Waterleaf Ph A Sec 1","Waterleaf Ph A Sec 3A","Waterleaf Ph A Sec 4","Waterleaf Ph B Sec 01","Waterleaf Ph B Sec 1","Waterleaf Ph B Sec 3B","Waterleaf Ph B Sec 3C","Waterleaf Ph B Sec 4","Waterleaf Ph B Sec 5","Waterstone Crossing","Waterstone Village","Woodlands Park","Woodlands Park Ph 3","Woodlands Park Ph 4A","Woodlands Park Ph 4b","Young & Wood Add"],"zipcodes":["78610","78640","78666"]},"lagrange":{"label":"La Grange","counties":["Fayette County"],"subdivisions":["A Castleman Lg","A053 - HAWKINS E ST JOHN 1\/4 LG","A182 - F C S L","ABS A 182","Bluff Haven 570","Castleman","City Of La Grange 425","Clear Lake Pines","Clear Lake Pines - Sec 1","Eblin 426","Eblin J LG","Eckel 428","F C S L","Faison & Ligon 430","Frisch Auf","Frisch Auf - Reserve B 624","Frisch Auf - Sec 7","High Hill Creek","Holman","J Castleman Lg","La Grange","Lakes Pine","MEYER","Moore Farm Blocks 446","Moore John H 445","Nechanitz","no","Riverside 448","Robson 449","Roitsch 450","Rosenberg Paula 451","Taylor WM H LG"],"zipcodes":["78945"]},"lavernia":{"label":"La Vernia","counties":["Wilson County"],"subdivisions":["A0015 - F HERRERA SUR","F ELUA SUR","Hondo Ridge","Las Palomas Country Club Estate","Las Palomas Country Club Estates","Micah Point","Oak Hollow Park","Quail Run","Rolling Hills","S Larison","The Timbers"],"zipcodes":["78121"]},"lagovista":{"label":"Lago Vista","counties":["Starr County","Travis County"],"subdivisions":["BAR K RANCHES PLAT 3","Bar-K Ranches","Bar-K Ranches 01","Bar-K Ranches 02","Bar-K Ranches 03","Bar-K Ranches 04","Bar-K Ranches 06","Bar-K Ranches 07 Amd","Bar-K Ranches 08","Bar-K Ranches 09","Bar-K Ranches 10","Bar-K Ranches 11","Bar-K Ranches 12","Bar-K Ranches 13","BAR-K RANCHES 14","Bar-K Ranches 16","BAR-K RANCHES Plat 2","Bar-K Ranches Sec 05","Bar-K Ranches Sec 15-A","Bluffs The Amd","Boat House Dockominiums","Buena Vista","Buena Vista 02 Amd","BUENA VISTA II AMEND PLAT OF","Builder Tract","CAMPBELL M F","Cape Lago Condo","Caribbean Condo","Caribbean Condominiums","Carlton J F","COEUR DU LAC","COOK","Couer Du Lac Sec 03","Country Club Estates","Country Club Estates Sec 05","Country Club Estates Sec 07","Country Club Estates Sec 08","Country Club Estates Sec 09","Country Club Estates Sec 11","Dallas & Wichita Railroad Surv","Draper Estates","Emerald Bend","Emerald Bend Sec 01","Emerald Bend Sec 1","Emerald Bend Section One","Gm Campbell Surv Abs #189","Highland Lake","Highland Lake Estate Sec 21","Highland Lake Estate Sec 33","Highland Lake Estates","Highland Lake Estates Sec 02","Highland Lake Estates Sec 03","Highland Lake Estates Sec 04","Highland Lake Estates Sec 05","Highland Lake Estates Sec 06","Highland Lake Estates Sec 07","Highland Lake Estates Sec 08","Highland Lake Estates Sec 09","Highland Lake Estates Sec 10","Highland Lake Estates Sec 11","Highland Lake Estates Sec 12 A","Highland Lake Estates Sec 14","Highland Lake Estates Sec 15","Highland Lake Estates Sec 16","Highland Lake Estates Sec 18","Highland Lake Estates Sec 2","Highland Lake Estates Sec 20","Highland Lake Estates Sec 21","Highland Lake Estates Sec 22","Highland Lake Estates Sec 23","Highland Lake Estates Sec 24","Highland Lake Estates Sec 26","Highland Lake Estates Sec 26 A","Highland Lake Estates Sec 28","Highland Lake Estates Sec 29","Highland Lake Estates Sec 30","Highland Lake Estates Sec 31","Highland Lake Estates Sec 32","Highland Lake Estates Sec 33","Highland Lake Estates Sec 34","Highland Lake Estates Sec 4","Highland Lake Estates Sec 6","Highland Lake Estates Sec 9","Highland Lake Villas","Highland Lake Villas Resub","Highland Lakes","Highland Lakes Estates","Highland Lakes Estates Sec 4","Highlands Lake Estates","Hollows Canyons Sec 1","Hollows Ph 2B Rep The","Hollows Ph 2C The","Island On Lake Travis","Island On Lake Travis Condomin","Island on Lake Travis Condominium","Island On Lake Travis Condos","Jonestown","Lago Ranchos Sec 01","Lago Vista","Lago Vista Civic Center Add","LAGO VISTA CIVIC CENTER ADDN","Lago Vista Civic Center Addn.","LAGO VISTA COUNTRY CLUB ESTA","Lago Vista Country Club Estate","Lago Vista Country Club Estates","Lago Vista Country Club Estates Sec 01","Lago Vista Country Club Estates Sec 10","Lago Vista Country Club Estates Sec 11","Lago Vista Country Club Estates Sec 3","Lago Vista Estates","Lago Vista Estates Sec 04","Lago Vista Estates Sec 05","Lago Vista Estates Sec 06","Lago Vista Estates Sec 07","Lago Vista Estates Sec 10","Lago Vista Retail","Lago Vista Sec 01","Lago Vista Sec 02","Lago Vista Sec 03 Ph 01","Lago Vista Sec 03 Ph 02","Lago Vista Sec 03 Ph 03","Lago Vista Sec 03 Ph 04","Lago Vista Sec3, Ph 3","LAGO VISTA TRAVIS PLAZA","Lago Vista Villas","Lago Vista Villas Condo","Lagos Ranchos","Lake Travis 08","Lakeshore Ranch 01 Resub","Lakeside at Teresa on Lake Travis","Lakeside at Teserra","Lakeside at Tessera","Lakeside At Tessera On Lake Travis","Lakeside at Tessera on Lake Travis 50s","Lakeview Hills Sec 01","Lodge Acres","Lodge Acres Annex 02","MARSHALL POINT","Marshalls Harbor","Marshalls Vista","Montechino","North Shore Colony","North Shore Colony Resub Of Tr","Northlake Hills Sec 3 Resub Of","Oaks at Highland Lake Estates","Oaks At Highland Lake Estatesp","Oaks At Highland Lake Estatesphs 07","Old Farm Community","Overlook Villa North","Overlook Villa West Amd","Point Venture Sec 01","Point Venture Sec 2","Poole Place Sec 01","Rancho Cielo","Red Bird Condo","Teserra","Tessera","Tessera at Lake Travis","Tessera on Lake Travis","Tessera On Lake Travis Ph 1a","Tessera on Lake Travis: 40ft. lots","Tessera\/Lk Travis Ph 1A","Tessera\/Lk Travis Ph 1B1","Tessera\/Lk Travis Ph 1B2","Tessera\/Lk Travis Ph 3A2","THE HOLLOWS","The Hollows Canyons","The Hollows on Lake Travis","THE HOLLOWS on LAKE TRAVIX","The Hollows Ph 2C The","Travis Hollow Sec 02","Waterford","Waterford On Lake Travis Sec 1","Waterford On Lake Travis Sec 2","Waterford On Lake Travis Sec 4","Waterford On Lake Travis Sec 6","Waterside Oaks Condo Amd","Waterstone Condo","YBARBO J A ACR 22.3940 1-D-1W"],"zipcodes":["78545","78584","78645","78654","78669"]},"lakehills":{"label":"Lakehills","counties":["Bandera County"],"subdivisions":["Avalon","Lakewood Estates"],"zipcodes":["78063"]},"lakeway":{"label":"Lakeway","counties":["Travis County"],"subdivisions":["Arbolago","Bella Montagna,Round Mountain,Lakeway","Boulevard At Lakeway","Cardinal Hills","Cardinal Hills Estates Unit 13","Cardinal Hills Unit 01","Cardinal Hills Unit 02","Cardinal Hills Unit 03","Cardinal Hills Unit 04","Cardinal Hills Unit 04A","Casa Verde Condo","Casa Verde Condominiums","Cedar Glen Sec 01","Champions Lakeway","Coves At Lakeway","Edgewater Sec 02","Enclave At Alta Vista","Enclave At Alta Vista Amd","Estates Of Flintrock The","Fairway Villas Pud","Flintrock At Hurst Creek Ph 05","Flintrock Falls Villas","Flintrock Trace","Highland Club Village Sec 01","Honey Creek","Imagine Center","Lake Oak Estates","Lake Park Amd","Lake Ridge on Rough Hollow","Lakeland Park","Lakeway","Lakeway Centre","Lakeway Condo Patio Home","Lakeway Condominium Patio Homes Sec 1 Am","Lakeway Highlands","Lakeway Highlands Ph 1 Sec 5","Lakeway Highlands Ph 1 Sec 6","Lakeway Highlands Ph 2 Sec 1B","Lakeway Hlnds Ph 1 Sec 5","Lakeway Hlnds Ph 2 Sec 5","Lakeway Hlnds Ph 3 Sec 6B","Lakeway Sec 01","Lakeway Sec 02","Lakeway Sec 03","Lakeway Sec 04","Lakeway Sec 05","Lakeway Sec 06","Lakeway Sec 07","Lakeway Sec 10","Lakeway Sec 11","Lakeway Sec 12","Lakeway Sec 13","Lakeway Sec 14","Lakeway Sec 16","Lakeway Sec 16 Rep","Lakeway Sec 16-B","Lakeway Sec 17","Lakeway Sec 2","Lakeway Sec 20","Lakeway Sec 20 Amd","Lakeway Sec 22","Lakeway Sec 22 Amd","Lakeway Sec 24","Lakeway Sec 24-B","Lakeway Sec 24-C","Lakeway Sec 26","Lakeway Sec 26-B Final","Lakeway Sec 27","Lakeway Sec 28","Lakeway Sec 28-B","Lakeway Sec 29","Lakeway Sec 37","Lakeway Sec Clusters 28 01","Lakeway Sec Clusters 28 03","Lakeway Sec Clusters 28 04","Lakeway Sec Clusters 28 05","Lakeway World of Tennis","Lakeway World of Tennis Condo","Lakeway World Tennis Condo","LANDING AT LAKEWAY","Las Brisas Estates","Lohmans Crossing Estates Sec 03","Lohmans Crossing Estates Sec 06","Lohmans Crossing Estates Sec 1","Lohmans Crossing Estates Sec 2","Lohmans Crossing Estates Sec 3","Lohmans Crossing Estates Sec 4","Lohmans Crossing Estates Sec 5","Lohmans Crossing Estates Sec 6","Lohmans Crossing Estates Sec 7","Marina Village At Lakeway Condo Amd","North Lakeway Village Sec 03","Peninsula at Rough Hollow","Pinnacle At North Lakeway Condo","Retama Garden Homes","Rough Hollow","Rough Hollow - Hacienda Heights","Rough Hollow - The Peninsula Ph 1 Sec 5","Rough Hollow - The Point","Rough Hollow - The Summit","Rough Hollow -The Overlook","Rough Hollow East Rim","Rough Hollow Highland Terrace","rough hollow lakeway highlands","Rough Hollow Sec 3 Condo","Rough Hollow Vista Ridge Estates","Rough Hollow, Highlands","Serene Hills","Serene Hills Ph 3Wb","Serene Hills Ph 4W","Serene Hills Sub Ph 3E","St Andrews","Stoney Creek Villas Condo Amd","Terrace At The Preserve Condo The","The Landing","The Landing at Lakeway","The Peninsula","The Preserve at Lakeway","The Vistas of Lakeway","Townhomes At Tuscan Village","Tuscan Village","Villas At Rough Hollow South S","Villas At Tuscan Village Amd","Vistas At Lakeway Condo","Westside Landing at Rough Hollow","Yaupon Ck Sec 1 Am Lt 13&15 Bl"],"zipcodes":["78669","78734","78738"]},"lampasas":{"label":"Lampasas","counties":["Lampasas County"],"subdivisions":["A H Barnes","Ab Austin Surv Abs #1457","ACR: 20.14 ACRES ABST: 0267 SURV: G & B N RR CO Lo","Adamsville","Austin Co Three League","B F KLEIN","Burnet County Ranches","CHARLES EDWARDS SURV: JOHN T EDWARDS","Colonial Heights","Cross Timber","Cross Timber Ranch","CROSS TIMBER RANCH PH 1","Double Ott Ranch","East Lampasas","G C & S F","Highland Park","Hillcrest","Hilltop Springs Ranch","Homestead Hills","Horseshoe Bnd Estate","Hurst Place Ph 5","JAMES R COOK","L S C 1st","Lampasas County","LIVE OAK HILLS","Live Oak Hills Sec","Lone Mesa Ranch","N\\A","Northington Creek Estates","Old Town","Park Addition","PECAN CREEK RANCH","Pleasant Cox","Ranches At Blackbuck Ridge","Rocky Creek Sub","Rocky Trail","Rolling Hills","Rolling Hills Reserve","Rolling Hills Reserve Ph 1","Rolling Hills Reserve Ph 2","Rolling Vistas","SAMUEL FLENNER","Seis Banderas Ranch","SHADOW VALLEY","Sherwood Acres","Smith Ranch","Southern Oaks","Stargazer Ranch","Stone Valley Ph 1","Sueann","Sunrise Hills Ph I","Timbercreek","Timbercreek I","Western Hills"],"zipcodes":["76550"]},"lancaster":{"label":"Lancaster","counties":["Dallas County"],"subdivisions":["OAK CLIFF PLANTATIONS"],"zipcodes":["75134","75146","75241"]},"larue":{"label":"LaRue","subdivisions":["Legacy Shores Community"]},"leaguecity":{"label":"League City","counties":["Galveston County","Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Meadowicke"],"zipcodes":["77511","77517","77539","77546","77565","77573","77574","77598"]},"leakey":{"label":"Leakey","counties":["Real County"],"subdivisions":["Ranches At Rio Frio","RANCHO REAL II","Rio Frio, TX"],"zipcodes":["78873"]},"leander":{"label":"Leander","counties":["Travis County","Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["0","ABS 840 SUR 421","Apple Spgs","Apple Springs","Arrowhead Point 01","Arrowhead Point 02","Atkin Add","BAR W RANCH","Bar W Ranch 50's","Bar W Ranch West Ph 1 Sec 1","Bar W Ranch West Ph 2","Bar-K Ranches 14","Bar-K Ranches Sec 15-A","Benbrook Ranch","Benbrook Ranch Sec 01 Ph 01","Benbrook Ranch Sec 01 Ph 02","Benbrook Ranch Sec 02 Ph 01","Benbrook Ranch Sec 2 Ph 1","Benjamin O Payn Surv A-508","Block House Creed Ph D Sec 03","Block House Creek","Block House Creek Ph C Sec 01","Block House Creek Ph D Sec 03","Block House Creek Ph D Sec 05","Block House Creek Ph E Sec 501","Block House Creek Ph E Sec 612","Block House Creek Ph E Sec 614","Block House Creek Ph F Sec 02","Block House Creek Ph Z","Block House Creek Sec 02","Block House Creek Sec 04","Block House Creek Sec 502","Block House Crk Ph D Sec 02","Block House Crk Ph D Sec 05","Bluffs At Crystal Falls","Bluffs At Crystal Falls Sec 3","Bluffs at Crystall Falls","Bluffs Sandy Creek Sec 01","Bluffs\/Crystal Falls","Bluffs\/Crystal Falls Sec 3 Ph","Bluffs\/Crystal Falls Sec I Ph","Bluffview","Bluffview 60's","Bluffview Ph 1","Bluffview Ph 2","Bluffview Reserve","Bonnet","Bonnet Tract Sub","Boulders At Crystal Falls","Boulders At Crystal Falls Ph 01","Bryson","Bryson 60's","Bryson 70's","Bryson Ph 1 Sec 1A","Bryson Ph 1 Sec 1b","Bryson Ph 1 Sec 1D","Bryson Ph 1 Sec 1E","Bryson Ph 1 Sec 1E Final","Bryson Ph 10 Sec 2","Bryson Ph 2 Sec 1","BRYSON PH 2 SEC 2","Bryson Ph 3 Sec 3","Bryson Ph 4 Sec 3 Final","Bryson Ph 6","Caballo Ranch","Cameros Ranch Sec 3","CARLTON J F","CARNEROS RANCH","Carneros Ranch Sec 3","Caughfield","Caughfield Ph 06","Caughfield Ph 1","Caughfield Ph 12","Caughfield Ph 3B","Caughfield Ph 5","Caughfield Ph 6","Caughfield Ph 7A, Larkspur","Cedar Brook","Charles Cochran Surv Abs#134","Cherry Hollow Estates Sec 03","Cochran C Sur","COCHRAN C. SUR","Cold Spgs Sec 01","Cold Springs","Community","Connellys Crossing","Connellys Xing Ph 4","Conversion-leander\/cedar Park","County Glen","County Glen Sec 01","County Glen Sec 03","County Glen Sec 06","County Glen Sec 08","Crystal Crossing","Crystal Crossing Ph 2","Crystal Falls","Crystal Spgs Condos","Crystal Spgs Ph 3 Sec 2","Crystal Springs","Crystal Xing Ph 1","Crystal Xing Ph 2","Cypress Acres A-D","Cystal Springs","Deerbrooke","Deerbrooke Cottages","Deerbrooke Ph 1","Deerbrooke Ph 2 Sec 3","Deerbrooke Ph 2 Sec 5","Devine Lake","Devine Lk Ph 2","Edgewood","Elijah D Harmon Surv Abs # 6","Eluah D Harmond Surv Abs 6","Estates North Creek Ranch Sec 01","Estates North Creek Ranch Sec 02","Estates Of North Creek Ranch Sec 04","Estates Of North Creek Ranch Sec 4","Fairways At Crystal Falls Sec","Fairways Ph 1 Crystal Falls","Fairways Ph 1 Crystal Falls II","Fairways\/Crystal Falls Ph 4 SE","Fairways\/Crystal Falls Ph 5 SE","Fairways\/Crystal Falls Ph 8 SE","Fairways\/Crystal Falls Sec 2 P","Falcon Oaks Sec 3","Final Plat\/Deerbrooke Ph 1","Friske Sub","Gabriel Cove","Grand Mesa at Crystal Falls","Grand Mesa At Crystal Falls Ii","Grand Mesa Crystal Falls","Granite Heights Townhomes","Grayson","Great Oaks Estates","Greatwood Ph 1 Sec 1","Greatwood Sub Ph 3","Haven Oaks","Hawkes Landing","Hawkes Landing PH 1","Hawkes Lndg Ph 3","Hawkes Lndg Ph 4","Hazelwood","Hazelwood PUD","Hazlewood","Hazlewood Sub Ph 4a","Hazlewood Sub Ph 4b","Heritage Glen Sec 01","Hernandos Hideaway","Hidden Mesa","High Chaparral","High Chaparral 01","High Gabriel East","High Gabriel East 02","High Gabriel East 03","High Gabriel West Sec 02","Highland Falls Office Condos","Highland Falls Office Condos B","Highland Lake Estates Sec 15","Highland Lake Estates Sec 26 A","Highland Oaks Ph 1","Highland Oaks Ph 2","Highland Oaks Ph 3","Highland Terrace Sub Ph 1","Highlands At Crystal Falls","Highlands At Crystal Falls Sec","Highlands At Crystal Falls Sec 01","Highlands At Crystal Falls Sec 01 Ph 01","Highlands At Crystal Falls Sec 01 Ph 2A","Highlands\/Crystal Falls Sec 1","Highway Village","Hill Country Bible PUD","Homestead","Honeycomb Hills","Honeycomb Hills \/ Roundmountain Oaks","Horizon Lake","Horizon Lake 45","Horizon Lake 45's","Horizon Lake 50's","Horizon Lake 60's","Horizon Lk Ph One Sec Two","Horizon Park Sec 1","Horizon Park Sec 2","Horizon Park Sec 4","I433420C - Bar W Ranch","Jenkins","KITTIE HILL","Lake Travis 09","Lake Travis Sub #1","Lake View Estates","Lakeline Ranch Ph 04 Amd","Lakeline Ranch Ph 06","Lakeline Ranch Ph 07 Amd","Lakeline Ranch Ph 3b","Lakeline Ranch Sub","Lakewood Country Estates","Lakewood Country Estates Ph 01","Larkspur","Larkspur, Caughfield","Leander","Leander 61","Leander 61 Sec 1","Leander Crossing","Leander Crossing Ph One","Leander Heights Sec 01","Leander Heights Sec 02 Blk B","Leander Hills","Leander Rosing Ph Two","Live Oak Ranch Sec 1","Lonesome Valley Sec 01","Lost Woods Preserve","LOST WOODS PRESERVE PH 1","Lost Woods Preserve Ph 2","Magnolia Creek","Marbella","Marbella Sub Ph 1","Marbella Sub Ph Ii","Martha G Morrow","Martha G Morrow Surv #16 Abs #","Marths G. Morrow","Mason Creek","MASON CREEK 1","Mason Creek North Sec 01 Rep","Mason Creek Sec 01","Mason Creek Sec 04-B","Mason Crk Sec 01","Mason Crk Sec 04-B","Mason Hills","Mason Ranch","MASON RANCH KB STANDARD","Mason Ranch Ph 1 Sec 10","Mason Ranch Ph 1 Sec 2","Mason Ranch Ph 1 Sec 4","Mason Ranch Ph 1 Sec 5","Mason Ranch Ph 1 Sec 6","Mason Ranch Ph 1 Sec 7 & 8","Mason Ranch Ph 1 Sec 7 & Sec 8","Mason Ranch Ph 1 Sec 9","Mason Ranch Ph 2 Sec 3","MAYA VISTA","Mayfield Office Condominiums","Mcshepherd Ranches Ridgeline","Milton Hicks Surv Abs 287","Mockingbird Park","Nameless Hollow Condo P","Nameless Hollow Condo Ph 01-04 Amd","Nameless Hollow Condominiums Phs I-iv Am","Nameless Hollow Condos","New Village Townhomes","Nicholas Porter Surv Abs #512","North Creek Sec 01","North Creek Sec 03B","North Creek Sec 03D","North Creek Sec 03f","North Rim","NORTHSIDE MEADOW","Oak Creek","Oak Creek Ph 2","Oak Creek Ph 3","Oak Creek Ph 4","Oak Creek Ph 5","Oak Ridge","Oak Ridge Sec 2","Oak Ridge Sec 3A","Old Town Village Sec 02b","Old Town Village Sec 03","Old Town Village Sec 2b","Overlook Estates Sec 1","Palmera Bluffs","Palmera Rdg Sec 2","Palmera Rdg Sec 8","Palmera Ridge","Palmera Ridge: Palmera Bluff","Parkside Peninsula","Pecan Creek","Pecan Hollow Ranches","PRIME OFFICE WAREHOUSE ADD","Reagans Crossing","Reagans Overlook Ph 2","Red Wagon Ranchettes Sec 02","Reserve at Caballo Ranch","Reserve at North Fork","RESERVE AT NORTH FORK,","Reserve\/Caballo Ranch Condos","Retreat at Hero Way","Retreat\/Hero Way","Ridgeoaks","Ridgewood North","Ridgewood South","Ridgewood South Ph 01","Ridgmar Landing","River Run Ranch Estates","Ronald Reagan Crossing","Ronald Regan Crossings","ROSENBUSCH RANCH","Round Mountain Ranches","Roundmountain Oaks","S8143 - BOULDERS AT CRYSTAL FALLS PH 1, BLOCK C, L","San Gabriel Rdg Sec 3","Sandy Acres Sub","Sandy Creek Ranches Ph 04","Sandy Creek Ranches Ph 06","Sandy Creek Ranches Ph 1 Sec","Sarita Valley","Sarita Vly Condos","Savanna Ranch","Savanna Ranch Sec 2","Savanna Ranch Sec 3","Savanna Ranch Sec 4","Settle C G","SETTLE C G ABS","Shady Mountain","Silver Creek Ranch","Silver Crk Ranch Ph 03","South San Gabriel Ranches Resub","South Street Villas","Starlight Village","Starlight Village Condos","Stewart Crossing","Stewart Grossing Ph 1","Stewart Xing Ph 1","Summerlyn","Summerlyn Ph L-1A","Summerlyn Ph L-1b","Summerlyn Ph L-4","Summerlyn Ph L-8","Summerlyn Ph P-4A","Summerlyn Ph P-4b","Summerlyn Ph P-5A","Summerlyn Ph P-5B","Summerlyn Ph P1","Summerlyn South Sec 2","Summerlyn South Sec 4","Summerlyn West","Summerlyn West Sec 1","Summerlyn West Sec 3","The Bluffs at Crystal Falls","The Brownstone at Northline","The Brownstones at Northline","The Browstone at Northline","The Views At Crystal Falls","Tierra North","Timberline West Sec 1","Timberline West Sec 2","Town Homes\/Crystal Falls Bldg","Townhomes\/Crystal Falls Bldg 2","Trail Leande Condos","Trails at Leander","Trails End","Trails End Resub 05","Trails of Shady Oak","Trails\/Leander Condos","Trailside Oaks","Travisso","Travisso - Capri Collection","Travisso - Siena Collection","Travisso \/ Grand Mesa at Crystal Falls","Travisso Capri Collection","Travisso Florence Collection","Travisso Ph 2 Sec 1a","Travisso Ph 2 Sec 1M","Travisso Ph 2 Sec 2F 2G & 2H","Travisso Ph 2 Sec 2G","Travisso Ph 2 Secs 2F 2G & 2H","Travisso Ph 3 Sec 5","Travisso Ph 3 Sec 8","Travisso Ph 3 Secs 1 & 3","Travisso Sec 1 Ph 2","Valle Verde Beach","Valley Vista","Valley Vista East Condo","Valley Vista East Condos","Valley Vista Estates","Valley Vista Ph 1","Valley Vista Ph 2","Village\/Leander Station Ph 1","Village\/Leander Station Ph 1 &","Villas At Vista Rdg","Vineyard At Blk House Creek","Vista Rdg Ph 2","Vista Ridge","Vista Ridge Oaks","Vista Ridge Ph 01","Vista Ridge Ph 03","Westview meadows","Westview Meadows Ph 01","Westview Meadows Ph 03","Westview Meadows Ph 04","Westview Meadows Ph 05","Westwood Sec 01","Westwood Sec 02","Westwood Sec 03","Westwood Sec 04","Westwood Sec 05","Westwood Sec 07","Whitt Ranch","Wild Rock at Crystal Falls","WILDLEAF","Wiley Creek Estates","Woods At Mason Creek Sec 01"],"zipcodes":["78628","78641","78645","78646","78681"]},"ledbetter":{"label":"Ledbetter","subdivisions":["18774 Acres Private Road","ABS A251 NABORS WM 1\/3 LG","DEER HAVEN"]},"lexington":{"label":"Lexington","counties":["Lee County"],"subdivisions":["Blue Properties Sec B","Brademan","Browder Branch Subdivision","Country Village","DEAN AND KENG","Hudson J.","J Jackson","Krezer","Lexington Country Estates","Morrow","New Town Lexington","NO","North Oaks","Shaw J","Tierra Estates","W Harrison Surv Abs #162","Walley Creek Ranch","Walleye Creek Ranch","Wildwood Ranches","Yes"],"zipcodes":["78947"]},"libertyhill":{"label":"Liberty Hill","counties":["Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["17.7 acres Hamilton,WmSurvey","AM10DLXI - MH - SLE\/SLH\/SBU","Amifast Indust Park","Ancient Oaks Sec 1","Atkinson Place","B Manlove Surv Abs # 417","Bean Indust Park","Bear Creek Ranch","Bulter Farms","Burleson","Butler Farms","Butler Farms Ph 7","Carrington Ranch Ph 01","Caruthers, J. Sur., ACRES 26.247","Cierra Spgs","City Add","Clearwater Ranch","Clearwater Ranch Ph 2","Cole Drive Estates","Daniel Davis Surv #13 Abs # 27","Davis D","Dog Crk Overlook","Durham Park Sec 01","Durham Park Sec 1","Durham Park Sec 4","E Leichtle Surv Abs #382 & 524","E Leichtle Survey AW0302","Eastburn Acres Un 4","Estates\/Stonewall Ranch","Feduccia","Field, H","Henry Fields","Heritage Rdg","Hidden Creek Estates","Hidden Meadows Liberty Hill","High River Ranch","Highland Mdws Ph 2D","Highland Mdws Ph 3D","Highland Meadows Ph 1a","Highland Meadows Ph 1C","Hillcrest","I & G N Railroad Surv Abs #338","Indian Oak Estates","Iron Oak","J B Berry Surv Abs56","J B Robinson Surv Aw0521","Johnson Larry R Amd","Kennedy","Lariat","LH Plaza","Liberty Hill","Liberty Hill Abstracts","Liberty Parke","Liberty Parke Ph I","Liberty Parke Sub Ph I","Liberty Place","Liberty Place Sub","Manlove","Mary Smith Add","Maysford Folly","Mesa Vista Ranch","Mesa Vista Ranch Ph 2","Mesa Vista Ranch Ph 3","Middle Brook Ranch Sec 1","MILLICAN, R.G. SUR","MILLICAN, R.G. SUR.","N15QN-Liberty Hill Nom-imp","Noah Smithwick Surv Abs #590","North Fork","North Haven","North Haven Ph A","NORTH HAVEN PHASE B","Northcross","Northfork","Northgate","Northgate Ranch","Northwest","Oak Bend Estates","Oak Bend Ests","Orchard Ridge","Orchard Ridge HOA","Orchard Ridge, Highland Meadows","Purser Estates","Quarry Lake Estates","Rancho Santa Fe","Rancho Santa Fe Sec 2","Regency at Santa Rita Ranch - Garden Collection","Regency at Santa Rita Ranch - Meadow Collection","Regency at Santa Rita Ranch - Orchard Collection","Regency at Santa Rita Ranch-Orchard Collection","Richard West League Abs #643","Rio Ancho","Rio Ancho Ranch","Rio Ancho San Gabriel","Rio Ancho Sec Ii","River Estates Ph 2","Riverbend Oaks","Rosemont","Ryan","Saddleback at Santa Rita Ranch","San Gabriel River Ranch","San Gabriel River Ranch Resub","SANTA RIT RANCH HOMESTEAD","Santa Rita","Santa Rita Ranch","Santa Rita Ranch Augustine","SANTA RITA RANCH CALABRIA","Santa Rita Ranch Homestead","Santa Rita Ranch North","Santa Rita Ranch North: 40ft. lots","Santa Rita Ranch Parkside","Santa Rita Ranch Ph 1 Sec 16","Santa Rita Ranch Ph 1 Sec 20B","Santa Rita Ranch Ph 1 Sec 20C","Santa Rita Ranch Ph 1 Sec 2A","Santa Rita Ranch Ph 1 Sec 6A","Santa Rita Ranch Ph 1 Sec 8","Santa Rita Ranch PH 1 SEC 9","Santa Rita Ranch Ph 2A Sec 3","Santa Rita Ranch Ph 3 Sec 2","Santa Rita Ranch Ph 3 Sec 3","Santa Rita Ranch Ph 4 Sec 1 Re","Santa Rita Ranch Ph 4 Sec 2","Santa Rita Ranch Ph 5 Sec 1","Santa Rita Ranch South","Santa Rita Ranch South Sec 10B","Santa Rita Ranch South Sec 13","Santa Rita Ranch South Sec 14","Santa Rita Ranch South Sec 15","Santa Rita Ranch South Sec 16","Santa Rita Ranch South Sec 4B","Santa Rita Ranch South Sec 9A","Santa Rita Ranch South Sec 9B","Saratoga Spgs Sec 02","Serenity Springs","Seward Junction Comm Park Resub","Smith S Sur","SPEARS","St. Joseph","Stone House Estates","Stonewall","Stonewall Ranch","Stonewall Ranch 40","Stonewall Ranch 40' Alley","Stonewall Ranch 50","Stonewall Ranch 60","Stonewall Ranch Sec 02","Stonewall Ranch Sec 03","Sundance Estates","Sundance Ranch","Sundance Ranch North","Sundance Ranch North Ph 02","Sunset Rdg","Tesoro","Thomas F Gray Surv Abs #250","Thousand Oaks","Thousand Oaks Sec 2","Toll Brothers at Santa Rita Ranch","VISTA AT 29","Vistas at 29","Webber"],"zipcodes":["78642"]},"lincoln":{"label":"Lincoln","subdivisions":["A006 BYNUM, W. H., TRACT 030, ACRES 229.0","A281 - STOELKE, R.","Beaver Creek Sub","Henderson","KLEBERG","Land"]},"lindale":{"label":"Lindale","counties":["Smith County"],"subdivisions":["ABST A0798 E RAGSDALE"],"zipcodes":["75706","75771"]},"littleriveracademy":{"label":"Little River Academy","subdivisions":["M Moreno"]},"livingston":{"label":"Livingston","counties":["Polk County"],"subdivisions":["WILD COUNTRY LAKES"],"zipcodes":["77351","77399"]},"llano":{"label":"Llano","counties":["Llano County"],"subdivisions":["-","Barler","Central Park","Davis","Deer Country","Delta Acres","Escondido","Granite Beach Estates","Hickory Creek Ranch","Hill View Estates","Holden","Horseshoe Bay West","Indian Bend","L I & F","Leonaland","Llano Crossing","Miller","Moore","North","Oo Ranchettes","Parkview Acres","Rio Llano","Sandy Mountain Estates","Scott Acres","South","Wild Oak Acres"],"zipcodes":["78643"]},"lockhart":{"label":"Lockhart","counties":["Caldwell County"],"subdivisions":[".","000000s556","4183-4183","A009 - GEORGE, JAMES","A015 HOUSE, WILLIAM, ACRES 10.03","A017 - LOCKHART, BYRD","A017 LOCKHART, BYRD, ACRES .127","A041 - BELL, JOHN P","A097-DIAL,J.D.","A195 - MILLER, JOHN R.","A200 MORRISON, WILLIAM","A235 - PERSON, EDMUND H.","A264 - SPILLERS, WILLIAM","A289 Tyler","Andrew Churchill Surv A-66","Attal","BENJAMIN, TRACT 5","BERRY FRANCIS","Biggie Sky Sub","Braden Add","Burleson, Jonathan","Byrd","Byrd Lockhart League","Centerpoint Meadows","Centerpoint Meadows Sub","Century Oaks","Churchill Ranch Add","Clear Fork Ranches","Cleveland","Colony Ranches","Compress Hill","Cooper Dillard Surv Abs 87","County Line Ranchettes","Dollhouse Ranch","East Side","Eastside Add","Ellisondivision","Eloise Estates","Esther Berry","Esther Berry Surv A-1","F & S Add","F & S Annex","Falcon Pointe","Felix","Foreman","Francis Berry","Francis Berry Abst 002","Francis Seydell","Frunels Berry Sarvey Abs #2","Gage, Moses","George Acres 20","George James","Guadalupe College","HANSFORD","HARTLAND RANCH","Heppenstall","Hilltop Ranch II","Hollub","Indian Paintbrush Acres Add","Isaac Jackson","Isaac Jackson Surv Abs #157","Islas","James Pinchback Surv Abs #242","Jeremiah Roberts Surv A-250","John Collar","John P Bell","Lake View","Lipscomb","Lockhart","Lockhart Acres","Lockhart Bryd","LOCKHART COMMERCIAL WEST","Lone Star","Lone Stard","Luxor Ranch","Meadows At Clear Fork","Mrs M M Blanks","no","North","North Lockhart","Northside","O T Lockhart","Oak Trails","Oakview","Oakview Add","Oakview Annex Add","Old Colony Ranchettes","Olive Grove Sub","OT Lockhart","Parkway","Pecan Meadows","Pettis, Edward","PETTUS, EDWARD","Polks","Ramos Mendozad","Rancho Linda Vista","Ridge View Estates","Rural","RURAL FM 20- W CALLIHAN RD- WESTWOOD AREA","RURAL McMAHAN AREA","San Fernando","see cad","see legal","see notes","SLKT - O.T. LOCKHART","South Heights","South Park Place","Spanish Oaks Estates","Summerside","TBD","The Ridge","Trinity Add Rev","Trinity Addn Revised","Trinity Square","Twin Island Estates","Upper Pool Hollow Ranches","Village At Mineral Spgs","Vintage Spgs Sub","VINTAGE SPRINGS","Westend","Westland","Wild Plum Estates","William House Surv A-126","Williamson","Wilson Add","Windham","Zibilskid"],"zipcodes":["78644"]},"lometa":{"label":"Lometa","counties":["Lampasas County"],"subdivisions":["2W Ranch","ACR: 2.0 ABST: 1150 SURV: JOHN DOYLE","Austin Co Three","Fulton","Lometa","Lometa Addition","Lometa Ranches","Oak Ridge Estates","RANCHES AT SAVANNA RIDGE","Savanna Ridge","Shooting Star Ranch","Skyview Ranch","W. Summer"],"zipcodes":["76853"]},"longview":{"label":"Longview","counties":["Gregg County","Harrison County"],"zipcodes":["75601","75602","75603","75604","75605","75606","75607","75608","75615","75693"]},"lorena":{"label":"Lorena","counties":["McLennan County"],"subdivisions":["RECTOR J"],"zipcodes":["76630","76655"]},"lott":{"label":"Lott","counties":["Falls County"],"subdivisions":["Townsite Of Lott"],"zipcodes":["76656"]},"luling":{"label":"Luling","counties":["Caldwell County","Guadalupe County"],"subdivisions":["A DOLPHIN","A Floyd League","A Floyd League A-102","A038 - BERRY, JAMES","Adolphin Floyd Surv Abs 102","BISHOP ADDITION","BRITTON, SAMUEL H.","Burkhead Add","Cain 5 Estates Add","Coastal Acres","Coastal Lane","Coastal Lane Business Park","College Guadalupe","Deer Creek","E Supp Wilson","Floyd Adolphin","G_A0034 - SMITH STEPEN","Henry John","Highland Estates","Iron Mountain Farms","J F Add Carls","John Henry Abst 12","Josey's North","Joseys North","Lago Vista #1","MAGNOLIA","Maranatha Acres","Meridian Estates","Milam Heights","Miles G Dykes Surv A-92","Morris Spencer Surv Abs A018","Morris, Spencer","O T Luling","Park","Parkview","Pettus","REAVILL, NANCY","Rebeccas Xing","Reed","Riverside Grove","Robert Davidson Surv A-96","S B Hindman","Seals Creek","see legal","Solomon Seal Surv Abs24","SPENCER MORRIS","Tenney Creek Ranch","The Settlement\/Patriot Ranches","Washburn Acres","Watkins","Whisper Meadows","Woodlands The"],"zipcodes":["78648"]},"madisonville":{"label":"Madisonville","counties":["Madison County"],"subdivisions":["A0028 ZORASTER ROBINSON, 1372 WEST UNREC SUB"],"zipcodes":["77864"]},"manchaca":{"label":"Manchaca","counties":["Travis County"],"subdivisions":["Arroyo Doble Sec 04","Ashbrook","BEAR CREEK CROSSING","Bear Creek Park","Copper Hills","ETJ","F H KEY SURV ABS 273","Hills Of Bear Creek","Hills Of Bear Creek Sec 3","John G Mcgehee Surv","Onion Creek Meadows","South Grove","Southwest Territory Sec 01","Twin Creek","Walker Wilson League Ne 2","Wilson"],"zipcodes":["78652","78748"]},"manor":{"label":"Manor","counties":["Travis County"],"subdivisions":["14870 Bois D'arc Sub","14870 Bois D'Arc Subd","18901 Hog Eye Rd","ABS 462 SUR 27 KEMPE J P ACR 5.9800 TRT 10","Amberly Acres","Archer James B","Bell Farms","Bell Farms Ph 1a","Bell Farms Ph 1B","Bell Farms Ph 2A Amd","Bell Farms Ph 3","Bell Farms Ph 4","Bella Vista At Cottonwood Cree","BRIARCREEK","Briarcreek Sec 01","Briarcreek Sec 02","Briarcreek Sec 03","Briarcreek Sec 04","Briarcreek Sec 05","Briarcreek Sub Sec 6-A","Briarcreek Sub Sec 6-B","Briarcreek Sub Sec 6-C","Burleson","CARILLON","Carriage Hills Sec 01","Carriage Hills Sec 02","Carrilon","East Village","Eastvillage Single Family Ph 2","Eastvillage Single Family Ph V","Gilleland","Gilleland J","Gordon C Jennings","Gordon C Jennings Abs 438","Gordon C Jennings Surv #35 Abs","Gordon Jennings Surv 35 Abs #4","Greenberry Gates","Greenbury Ph 01-A","Greenbury Ph 02-A","Greenbury Ph 02-B","Gregg Manor Road Bus Park","Hamilton Point Ph A","Hamilton Point Ph B","Hamilton Point Phs B","HANCOCK","Heritage Point Atwildhorse Ran","Heritage Point\/Wildhorse Ranch","Homestead Estates","Hornsby Bend Sec 01","JB WALTERS","JENNINGS","Johnson Road Ranchettes","Kimbro","Kimbro L","Kimbro Road Estates","Kingsbery Park Sec 01","Kingsbery Park Sec 02","LAGOS","Land Region 312","Lane A E Add","Lemuel Kimbro Surv #64","Lockwood Farms","Manor","Manor Commons","MANOR HEIGHTS SOUTH PHS 1","Manor Hts South Ph 1 Sec 2","Manor Town","MENDOZA ISAIAH M SUBDIVISION","New Sweden Church","Nichols C","No","OSBORNE B ACR 2.0","PALOMINO","Presidential Glen","Presidential Glen PH 2","Presidential Glen Ph 48","Presidential Glen Ph 4a","Presidential Glen Ph 4B","Presidential Glen PH 5","Presidential Glen Ph 6","Presidential Glen PH 7","Presidential Glen PHS 1A","Presidential Glen Phs 3","PRESIDENTIAL GLEN PHS 6","Presidential Heights","Presidential Heights Ph 1","Presidential Heights Ph 2","Presidential Heights Ph 5","Presidential Heights Ph Two 2","PRESIDENTIAL HEIGHTS PHS 2","Presidential Hts Ph 3","Presidential Mdws Sec 10","Presidential Mdws Sec 13","Presidential Mdws Sec 9","Presidential Mdws Sec Eleven","Presidential Mdws Sec Sixteen","Presidential Meadows","Presidential Meadows Sec 01","Presidential Meadows Sec 02","Presidential Meadows Sec 03","Presidential Meadows Sec 04","Presidential Meadows Sec 5","Presidential Meadows Sec 6","Presidential Meadows Sec 9","SHADOW GLEN","ShadowGlen","Shadowglen Ph 01 Sec 03 B","Shadowglen Ph 01 Sec 04 B","Shadowglen Ph 01 Sec 05","Shadowglen Ph 01 Sec 06","Shadowglen Ph 01 Sec 07","Shadowglen Ph 02 Sec 14a","Shadowglen Ph 02 Sec 15a","Shadowglen Ph 02 Sec 15B","Shadowglen Ph 1 Sec 1A,2A","Shadowglen Ph 1 Sec 1c","shadowglen ph 1 sec 9","Shadowglen Ph 2 Sec 19B","Shadowglen Ph1 Sec 03 B","Shadowglenn","Shady Acres","Speyside Sec 02","Stonewater","STONEWATER NORTH","Stonewater North Ph 3","STONEWATER NORTH PHS 2","Stonewater Ph 01","Stonewater Ph 1-A","Stonewater Ph 2","Stonewater Ph 3","Stonewater Ph 5","The Enclave at Lagos","The Village of Manor Commons","Tract 4","Village at Manor Commons","Webberville","Whisper Valley","Whisper Valley Ph III","Whisper Valley Ph. 2","Whisper Valley Village","Whisper Valley Village 1 Ph 1","Whisper Valley Village 1 Ph 2","Whisper Valley Vlg 1 Ph 2","Whisper Vly","Whisper Vly Vlg 1 Ph 2","Wild Horse Ranch","WILDHORSE CREEK","Wildhorse Creek Sec 01","Wildhorse Creek Sec 02","Wildhorse Creek Sec 03","Wildhorse Ranch","Winding Trails Ph 01"],"zipcodes":["78621","78653"]},"marblefalls":{"label":"Marble Falls","counties":["Burnet County"],"subdivisions":["281 north of mf","Ancient Oaks","Barker Sub","Bryan Sub","Canyon Ridge Spgs","Canyon Ridge Spgs Ph 01","Canyon Ridge Springs","Capstone Ranch","Castle Hills","Channel Oaks","Chimney Cove","Chimney Cove Estates","CHIMNEY OAKS","Circle J Ranch Lakeside","Claremont Pkwy","Dos Rios","Four Oaks","Gateway Park","Granite Rock","Greencastle","Gregg Ranch","Gregg Ranch\/Marble Falls Ph 1","Guadalupe Flores Surv Abs #304","Hays","HI-RIDGE TRAILS","Highland Haven","Hillcrest","Holly Naummann","Holly-Naumann","HWY 281 South of MF","John Loupy Surv #106","John Wheaton","La Ventana","Lacy Lans","Lake Marble Falls","Lakeview","Loma Vista","Lookout Ridge","Los Encinos","Los Escondidos","Marble Falls City","Marble Falls City Lot","Marble Falls Waterfront","Meadowlakes","Muleshoe Bend","Mustang Ridge Estates","Northwood Acres","Nunnally & Griffin","Old Trails Estates","Oxbow Estates","PARADISE MANOR","Paradise Manor Sec 04","Pecan Valley","Point At Flatrock Creek","Quail Valley","Rd Moore Surv 604 Abs 621","Ridgley Park","S5212 - HI-RIDGE TRAILS","Shady Acres","Stone Cliff","Stone Mountain","Summit Spgs","Summit Springs","Summit Springs Ranch","The Orchard","THE TRAILS AT THOUSAND OAKS","THUNDER ROCK","Thunder Rock Marble Falls","Timber Ridge","Tobeyville","Travis Oaks Sec 2","Travis Peak Sub","Wildflower Village","Woodland Park"],"zipcodes":["78654","78657"]},"marfa":{"label":"Marfa","counties":["Presidio County"],"subdivisions":["West Heights"],"zipcodes":["79843"]},"marion":{"label":"Marion","counties":["Guadalupe County"],"subdivisions":["Dale Mc Carty #1","Harvest Hill Ph I","Marion"],"zipcodes":["78124"]},"marlin":{"label":"Marlin","counties":["Falls County"],"subdivisions":["Call 151 Tract 2 Falls County","East Original","Falls 294 Tract 12","Falls 294 Tract 15","Falls 294 Tract 16","Falls 294 Tract 17","Falls 294 Tract 38","Falls 294 Tract 39","Falls 294 Tract 40","Falls 294 Tract 42","Nevill"],"zipcodes":["76661"]},"martindale":{"label":"Martindale","counties":["Caldwell County"],"subdivisions":["A021 - PETTUS, WILLIAM","A199 - MCNEILL, HECTOR","D Waldrip #1","G_A0008 - CAMPBELL CYRUS","GardOSD","Hopson Ranch Estates","Martindale","O T Martindale","River Bend","San Marcos River Ranch","Skyline","WILLIAM PETTUS TWO LEAGUE SURV"],"zipcodes":["78655"]},"mason":{"label":"Mason","counties":["Mason County"],"subdivisions":["RURAL","Rural Area"],"zipcodes":["76856"]},"maxwell":{"label":"Maxwell","subdivisions":["A313-YATES,THOMAS","Hymeadow","Hymeadow Ph 1 Sec 3","Maxwell","Rural Martindale","RURAL SE RIVER RD-DICKERSON RD-BORCHERT LP AREA","Sunfield North","Sunset Oaks","Sunset Oaks Ph 2 Sec 1","Sunset Oaks Sec 4 Ph 1A","Sunset Oaks Sec 4 Ph 1B"]},"mcallen":{"label":"McAllen","counties":["Hidalgo County"],"subdivisions":["LAS VILLAS DEL RIO AT THE GROVES ON SHARY"],"zipcodes":["78501","78502","78503","78504","78505","78539","78541","78557","78572","78573"]},"mcdade":{"label":"McDade","counties":["Bastrop County"],"subdivisions":["-","A241 - Martinez, Augustin","Allen, James W","Audrie Brianna Estates","Behrend Ranch","Dunbar Crossing","EMMONS","Little McAcres","Martinez, Augustin","McDade City","Millican, Edward","No","Rinds, Thomas"],"zipcodes":["78650"]},"mcgregor":{"label":"McGregor","counties":["Coryell County","McLennan County"],"subdivisions":["Adams C B A-54"],"zipcodes":["76561","76657"]},"mckinney":{"label":"McKinney","counties":["Collin County"],"subdivisions":["Greens of McKinney section 2"],"zipcodes":["75069","75070","75071","75454"]},"mcqueeney":{"label":"McQueeney","counties":["Guadalupe County"],"subdivisions":["BAKER MOSES","ESNAURIZAR","Lake Mc Queeney Estates #1","Lake Mc Queeney Estates #3","Treasure Island","Waterfront Condominuims"],"zipcodes":["78123","78155"]},"meadowlakes":{"label":"Meadowlakes","counties":["Burnet County"],"subdivisions":["Meadowlakes"],"zipcodes":["78654"]},"medina":{"label":"Medina","counties":["Zapata County"],"subdivisions":["Laurel Canyon Ranch","YR3 RURAL AREA 5"],"zipcodes":["78076"]},"memphis":{"label":"Memphis","counties":["Hall County"],"subdivisions":["Sunnyside"],"zipcodes":["79245"]},"menard":{"label":"Menard","counties":["Menard County"],"zipcodes":["76859"]},"meridian":{"label":"Meridian","counties":["Bosque County"],"zipcodes":["76665"]},"midland":{"label":"Midland","counties":["Martin County","Midland County"],"subdivisions":["03810"],"zipcodes":["79701","79702","79703","79704","79705","79706","79707","79708","79710","79711","79712","79765","79782"]},"midlothian":{"label":"Midlothian","counties":["Ellis County"],"subdivisions":["W P Mcclelland"],"zipcodes":["76065","76084"]},"milano":{"label":"Milano","counties":["Milam County"],"subdivisions":["Burnett Add","BUSH","HILL,WILLIAM W.","James Dunn","JoseLeal","Lin Luce","Lin Luce Ranches #2","Nolan, John","WELCH","William W. Hill"],"zipcodes":["76556"]},"millersview":{"label":"Millersview"},"mission":{"label":"Mission","counties":["Hidalgo County"],"subdivisions":["Villa-Rama"],"zipcodes":["78572","78573","78574"]},"missouricity":{"label":"Missouri City","counties":["Fort Bend County","Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Vicksburg Village of Cumberland"],"zipcodes":["77071","77459","77469","77477","77479","77489","77545","77583"]},"montgomery":{"label":"Montgomery","counties":["Montgomery County"],"subdivisions":["April Sound","Bluejack National","Iron Gate","Ridgelake Shores"],"zipcodes":["77316","77333","77356"]},"moody":{"label":"Moody","counties":["McLennan County"],"subdivisions":["A0406BC - J HENNINGS","Buckhorn","CLEMENTS J","Green Valley Ranchettes","KNOWLES E S","Leach John","Moody Extension"],"zipcodes":["76557"]},"morganspointresort":{"label":"Morgans Point Resort","subdivisions":["Cliff House Bldg A","Morgans Point Resort Sec 1","Morgans Point Resort Sec 24","Morgans Point Resort Sec 8"]},"moulton":{"label":"Moulton","counties":["Lavaca County"],"subdivisions":["Call 81 TR 1 5.2 AC","Chase","Daniels","Fox","S4600 - MOULTON (TOWNSITE)","T Barnes Surv Abs #112"],"zipcodes":["77975"]},"mountaincity":{"label":"Mountain City","counties":["Hays County"],"subdivisions":["Mountain City Oaks Sec 1","Mountain City Oaks Sec 3","Mountain City Oaks Sec 7"],"zipcodes":["78610","78640"]},"muldoon":{"label":"Muldoon","subdivisions":["A052 Hamilton W LG","Pin Oak Estates","Serene Acres","TO Berry","Walter F Hamilton League A-52"]},"mullin":{"label":"Mullin","counties":["Mills County"],"subdivisions":["Ebony","POMPEY"],"zipcodes":["76864"]},"mustangridge":{"label":"Mustang Ridge","counties":["Bastrop County","Caldwell County","Travis County"],"subdivisions":["DURANGO","Mustang Ridge","Schriber Ranch"],"zipcodes":["78610","78616","78640","78644","78747"]},"naruna":{"label":"Naruna","subdivisions":["Cross Timber Ranch"]},"natalia":{"label":"Natalia","counties":["Medina County"],"subdivisions":["GREAT OAKS"],"zipcodes":["78059"]},"navasota":{"label":"Navasota","counties":["Brazos County","Grimes County"],"subdivisions":["Camp Im","Deer Creek","Dyer Mill","Pecan Lake Estates","Pecan Lakes Estates"],"zipcodes":["77868","77869"]},"newbraunfels":{"label":"New Braunfels","counties":["Comal County","Guadalupe County"],"subdivisions":["150200-2B - COPPER RIDGE PHASE 2B","220155-5 - HEATHERFIELD 5","459D202CD","A. M. Esnaurizar Eleven League Grant","Abner Doubleday","Agave at Gruene Rapids","Anitas Acres 2","Antonio Maria Esnaurizar SURV","August Fields","Avery Park","Baystone","Bellaire Add","Bentwood","Bergfeld Add","Briar Meadows 2","Casinas at Gruene","Cloud Country","Comal County","Common Land Area - 50","Common Land Area - 50NS","Copper Ridge Add","Copper Ridge Ph 3A","Copper Ridge Ph 4","Copper Ridge Ph I","Cotton Crossing 6","Country Hills North 2","CREEKSIDE","Creekside Wellness Center","Crossing The","CROSSINGS AT HAVENWOOD","Crossings At Havenwood The 1","Crown Ridge 2","D J","DEER CREST","Deer Crest Un 1","DEER PARK","Dove Crossing","East Braunfels Old Bl 28 Bl 50","EDEN RANCH","Eden Ranch 1","Eden Ranch 2","Elley Crossing","Elley West Un 1","Elley West Un 2","Encino Hills","Enclave At Westpointe Village","Enclave Westpointe Village 1","Estates at Stone Crossing","Estates At Stone Crossing Phas","Evergreen Village 2","Farm Haus","Fellers","Frank Real","Gardens Of Evergreen","Grace Meadows","Grandview Add","Green Meadows 2","Green Meadows 9","Greystone","Gruene Cove 1","Gruene Crossing 3","Gruene Garden","Gruene Lake Ranch","Gruene Wald","Gruenefield Un 2","Gruenefield Un 3","Gruenefield Un 5","Guada Coma","Guadalupe Sub","Guinn Add","Guinn Add Bl 4059","Havenwood Hunters Crossing 1","Havenwood Hunters Crossing 4","HEATHER GLEN","Heather Glen 1","Heather Glen Ph 2","Heather Glen Ph 4","heatherfield","Heatherfield Un 2","Heights Saengerhalle The","Heritage Park At Morningside","Highland Grove","Highland Grove 4B","Highland Grove Un-5","Highland Park","Hillside On Landa 1","Hueco Springs Ranches Unit Two","IH35 NB North","J S JOHNSON","Jd McNeel Surv #268 A #409","Lake Front Hideaway 1","Lakeside Pass","Lakewood Shadows #2","Lakewood Shadows #4","Landa Park Estates","Landa Park Highlands 1","Lark Canyon","Laubach","Laubach Sub Un 2B","Laubach Sub Un 5","Legacy at Lake Dunlap","Legend Point","Legend Pond-Legend Point Ph #2","Legend Pond-Legend Point Ph #5","Long Creek, Ph #1","Maldonado Sub Un 3","Mercer Condo","Meyer Ranch","Meyer Ranch Un 5","Meyers Landing","Mission Heights","Mission Hills Ranch 1","Mockingbird Heights 3","Mockingbird Heights 4","Morningside Trails","MORNINGSIDE TRAILS 3A","New Braunfels Ranch Estates","New Clear #1","North New Braunfels","North Ranch Estates #4","Northridge 1","Northwest Crossing","Northwest Crossing 1","Northwest Crossing 3","Oak Creek Estates Ph 1B","Oak Grove Estates 5","Oak Run 5B","Oasis Lake Dunlap","Orilla Russell Surv # 2 Abs 48","Overlook at Creekside","Palace Heights 5","Palace Heights 8","Parkridge","Parkside at Lennar","Parkview Estates 1","Preiss Heights","Preserve 2","Preserve The 3","Preston Estates","Providence Place","Quail Valley","Quail Valley 2","Quail Valley 3","Quail Valley 4A","Reserve\/Mockingbird Heights","Rhine Terrace","RIDGEMONT","Rio Vista","River Chase","River Chase 10","River Chase 3","River Chase 6","River Chase 7","River Chase 8","River Chase 9","Rivercrest","Rivertree 2","Rockwall Ranch 1","Rolling Valley 5","Royal Forrest","Saengerhalle","Saengerhalle Mdws Un 1","SAENGERHALLE MEADOWS","Samuels Court","Schlather","Schneider Add","Schuetz","Schumann & Staats Add","Shepherds Glen","Sir Gerald 1","Sir Gerald 2","South Bank #1","South Bank #8","Southwest New Braunfels Bl 400","Spring Valley","Summit Ph 2","Summit Ph 7","Sunflower Ridge","Tanglewood Forest","The Mercer","Town Creek","Town Crk Sub Ph 3 Pdd","Townview East","Unicorn Heights","Veramendi","Village at Clear Springs","Vintage Oaks","VINTAGE OAKS AT THE VINEYARD","Vintage Oaks At The Vineyard 1","Vintage Oaks At The Vineyard 8","Vintage Oaks At The Vineyard 9","Vintage Oaks The Vineyard 2","Vintage Oaks\/The Vineyard","Vintage Oaks\/The Vineyard Un 2","Voss Farms","Voss Farms #1","Voss Farms #2","Voss Farms #3","Waggener Ranch 2","Waggener Ranch 3","Walnut Estates 11","Walnut Heights East 1","Walnut Heights East 4","Waterwheel Resort","Watson Lane Estates","West Village","West Village At Creekside 1","West Village At Creekside 6","Whisperwind 3","White Wing Enclave","Willowbrook","Woodland Heights"],"zipcodes":["78130","78131","78132","78135"]},"newulm":{"label":"New Ulm","subdivisions":["0","A032 B DOTTERY","Estates at Pecan Hill"]},"niederwald":{"label":"Niederwald","counties":["Caldwell County","Hays County"],"subdivisions":["Abstracts In Hays Isd-2abs","Circle N Ranch Sec 3","East Ridge","Niederwald","PRAIRIE LAKES"],"zipcodes":["78640","78644"]},"nixon":{"label":"Nixon","counties":["Gonzales County","Wilson County"],"subdivisions":["Goodbread","T M HARDEMAN"],"zipcodes":["78140"]},"nolanville":{"label":"Nolanville","counties":["Bell County"],"subdivisions":["Bella Charca","Bella Charca Ph V","Bella Charca Ph Viii","Bella Charca Sec Ii","Cedar Heights Estates Ph I","J P WOOD","Nolan Creek Commerci","Nolan Ridge Ph 3","Pitts Valley Add","Tumbleweed Estates","Warrior's Legacy","Warriors Legacy Ph I","WILDWOOD ESTATES"],"zipcodes":["76513","76559"]},"oakalla":{"label":"Oakalla","subdivisions":["Oakalla"]},"odessa":{"label":"Odessa","counties":["Ector County","Midland County"],"zipcodes":["79706","79707","79758","79760","79761","79762","79763","79764","79765","79766","79768","79769"]},"onalaska":{"label":"Onalaska","counties":["Polk County"],"subdivisions":["CREEKSIDE SECTION 2"],"zipcodes":["77360"]},"outofstate":{"label":"Out of State"},"paige":{"label":"Paige","subdivisions":["7 Oaks","A244 - Mccollum, Elias","A268 REID, S. H.","A333 - Viogt, Gottlieb","Aaron Culling League Sur A-120","Beasley, S S","Beautiful Estate","Bostick, James H","Castleberry","Circle D","Circle D East","Ferrill, John","Fleming Acres Subdivision","Foster, John L","Grimes, Robt H","James Nimmo Surv A-245","Kee-El","Lincoln Lake Estate","Lincoln Lake Estates","McColl","McCollum, Elias","McKey, Ruth","McKey,Ruth","NBHD1602","Oak Meadows Sub","Pace, Dempsey","Paige","Pine Ridge Farms","Pine Valley","Pioneer Pines Farms","Ponderosa Homestead","Reed, Elizabeth","Smith, Charles S","Wiseman, Danl M"]},"palacios":{"label":"Palacios","counties":["Matagorda County"],"subdivisions":["Cape Carancahua 04"],"zipcodes":["77428","77465"]},"palestine":{"label":"Palestine","counties":["Anderson County"],"subdivisions":["City of Palestine","Fairview Ldh","FARMER, HARRISON","Historic Palestine"],"zipcodes":["75801","75802","75803","75882"]},"palmer":{"label":"Palmer","counties":["Ellis County"],"subdivisions":["Not in subdivision"],"zipcodes":["75152"]},"pecos":{"label":"Pecos","counties":["Reeves County"],"subdivisions":["W\/2 tract 25F"],"zipcodes":["79772"]},"pflugerville":{"label":"Pflugerville","counties":["Travis County","Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["-NA-","1NE2","A2753","Avalon","Avalon Ph 02","Avalon Ph 03","Avalon Ph 15b","Avalon Ph 5a","Avalon Ph 8A","Avalon Ph 9b","AVALON PHS 14","BALLANTYNE","Becker Farm","Blackhawk","Blackhawk Comm","Blue Bonnet Acres","BLUEBONNET","BLUEBONNET ACRES","Bluebonnet Acres Sec 01","Bohls Place Sec 06","Bohls Place Sec 4-a","Brookfield","Brookfield Estates","Brookfield Estates 02","Brookfield Estates II","Brookhollow Sec 01","Bus Park","Cambridge Estates Sec 03","Cantarra","Cantarra 1 North Secs 6 & 7","CANTARRA EAST","CANTARRA MEADOW","Cantarra Meadow 40's","CANTARRA MEADOWS","Cantarra Ph 1 Sec II","Cantarra Ph 2 Sec II","Cantarra Sec 01","Cantarra Sec 1-B","Cantarra Sec Iia-2","Cantarra Sec Iib-2 Sub","Cantarra Sec Iiia","Cantarra Sec IV","Canterra","Canttarra","Cardinal Crossing","CARDINAL CROSSING CONDOMINIUMS","Carmel","Carmel West","Carmel West Ph 1 Sec 1","Carmel West Ph 2 Sec 1","Carmel West Ph 2 Sec 2","Carmel West Ph 2 Sec I","Carmel West Ph 3 Sec 1","Carmel West Ph 3 Sec 2","Carrington Court","Central Commerce Office Condo Amd","Cielo East","Cielo East City Homes","Club At Wells Point Ph A Sec","Comm Park 06 Eighty 05","Commons at Rowe Lane","Commons At Rowe Lane Ph 01 The","Commons At Rowe Lane Ph 02 A","Commons At Rowe Lane Ph II B","Commons At Rowe Lane Ph V A","Commons At Rowe Lane Ph Vi A","Commons At Rowe Lane Ph Vii","Commons At Rowe Lane Sect 5A","Commons\/Rowe Lane Ph Vi B","Cottages At Beaver Crk Ph 2","Cottages\/Beaver Crk Ph 2","Dessau Estates Sec 06","Enclave at Cele","Fairways Blackhawk Ph 02-A","Fairways Blackhawk Ph 03-A","Fairways Blackhawk Ph 04","Fairways Blackhawk Ph 07","Fairways of Blackhawk","Falcon Point Condos","Falcon Pointe","Falcon Pointe Sec 01","Falcon Pointe Sec 02","Falcon Pointe Sec 03","Falcon Pointe Sec 04-South","Falcon Pointe Sec 05-A","Falcon Pointe Sec 07","Falcon Pointe Sec 13 Ph B","Falcon Pointe Sec 14 Ph 1","Falcon Pointe Sec 14 Ph 2","Falcon Pointe Sec 6A","Falcon Pointe Sec 6b","Falcon Pointe Sec 8b","Falcon Pointe Sec 8C","Fort Dessau","Fort Dessau Ph 1","Fort Dessau Ph 2","Fort Dessau Ph 3","Fort Dessau Townhome Condos","FORT DESSAU TOWNHOMES","Fort Dessau Villas Condos","Four-J Add","Frederich Dahme Surv 43 Abs 22","Gaston-Sheldon Sec 01","Gaston-Sheldon Sec 02","Gaston-Sheldon Sec 02-A","Gaston-Sheldon Sec 03","Gaston-Sheldon Sec 04","Gaston-Sheldon Sec 05","Gatlinburg Sec 01","Gatlinburg Sec 02","Gatlinburg Sec 03","Gatlinburg Sec 04","Gatlinburg Sec 05","Greenwood","HANCOCK THOS","Heatherwilde Professional Condo","Heatherwilde Sec 01","Heatherwilde Sec 02 Ph 01","Heatherwilde Sec 02 Ph 03","Heatherwilde Sec 03","Heatherwilde Sec 04 Ph 03","Heatherwilde Sec 04 Ph 04","HEATHERWILDE SEC 1","Highland Park","Highland Park Condo Amd","Highland Park North Ph A Sec","Highland Park North Ph B Sec","Highland Park North Ph C Sec","Highland Park Ph A Sec 01","Highland Park Ph A Sec 2B","Highland Park Ph A Sec 2c","Highland Park Ph B Sec 10 & 1","Highland Park Ph C Sec 1","Highland Park Ph D Sec 01","Highland Park Ph D Sec 02","Highland Park Ph D Sec 4","Highland Park Ph D Sec 5","Highland Park Ph D Sec 7","Highland Pk Ph A Sec 2c","HILLCREST","HILLCREST PHASE 1","Jacob Casner League","Jacob Casper League","Julies Walk At Katymead Sec 02","Katymead","Katymead Sec 01","Katymead Sec 02","Kuempel Tr Ph 03 Sec 05","Lakes At Northtown Sec 02","Lakes At Northtown Sec 03","Lakes At Northtown Sec 04","Lakes At Northtown Sec 5 The","Lakeside At Blackhawk Sec 04","Lakeside At Blackhawk Sec 5","Library Office Park Condominiums","Lisso 40's","Lisso 50's","Lisso 60's","Meadow Park South Sec 01-A","Meadows Blackhawk Ph 01","Meadows Blackhawk Ph 02","Meadows Blackhawk Ph 05","Milestone Pecan Street","Mountain Creek","Mountain Creek East Ph A Sec","Mountain Creek East Phs A Sec 1","Mountain Creek Ranch Condo","Mountain Creek Sec 01","N A","North Park","North Park Sec 01","Northtown Park Sec 02","Northtown Park Sec 08","Northtown West Sec 01","Old Town East","P Conrad","Parco Estates Sec 01","Park at Blackhawk","Park At Blackhawk 02 Ph 01","Park At Blackhawk Sec 05","Park At Blackhawk Vii Sec 1A T","Park at Wellspoint","Park\/Blackhawk VI Sec 5","Parkcrest","Parkside At Northtown Condomin","Parkway Rsb Lt 01 Blks A-D &","Penley Park","Penley Park Ph 1","Peter Conrad ABS 200","Pfairway Park","Pfluger Albert Add","Pfluger E W Add 04","Pflugerville","Pflugerville Acres 02 Ph 01","Pflugerville Estates Sec 03","Pflugerville Heights","Pflugerville West","Picadilly Ridge","Picadilly Ridge Ph 01 Sec 03","Picadilly Ridge Ph 02 Sec 01","Picadilly Ridge Ph 03 Sec 02","Picadilly Ridge Ph 03 Sec 03","Picadilly Ridge Phs 3 Sec 3","Reserve At Westcreek Amd","RIDGE AT STEEDS CROSSING SEC","Ridge At Steeds Crossing Sec 1","Ridge At Steeds Crossing Sec 2","Rolling Meadows","Sarah's Creek","Sarahs Creek","Sarahs Creek Sec 02","Sarahs Creek Sec 03","Sarahs Creek Sec 05","Sarahs Creek Sec 06","Sarahs Creek Sec 6","Saxony","Settlers Meadow Sec 01","Settlers Meadow Sec 02","Settlers Meadow Sec 03","Settlers Ridge Sec 03","Settlers Ridge Sec 04 Ph 01","Settlers Ridge Sec 04 Ph 02","SORENTO","Sorento Condominiums","Sorento Condos","Sorento Ph 1","Sorento Ph 6","SORENTO PHS 2","Spring Hill Village","Spring Trails","Spring Trails Ph 1B","Spring Willow Sec 01","Spring Willow Subd Sec 1","Springbrook 01 Sec 01","Springbrook 01 Sec 03","SPRINGBROOK 1 SEC 3","Springbrook Enclave","Springbrook Glen","Springbrook Glen Sec 04","Springbrook Ph A Sec 01-F","Swenson Farm Single Family Ph B","Tallgrass Medical &Professiona","The Park at Blackhawk","The Reserve at Penley Park","Thomas G Stuart Abs 689","Upper East End","Upper End","Verona","Verona Sec 1","Village at Northtown","Villages Hidden Lake Ph 01","Villages Hidden Lake Ph 02a","Villages Hidden Lake Ph 02b","Villages Hidden Lake Ph 03a","Villages of Hidden Lake Ph 02a","Villages Of Hidden Lake Ph 4A","Villages Of Hidden Lake Ph 4b The","Villages Of Hidden Lake Ph 5b","Villages Of Hidden Lake Ph 6A","Villages Of Hidden Lake Ph 6B","Villages of Hidden Lake, Villages Hidden Lake Ph 0","Villages\/Hidden Lake","Villas At Rowe","Villas at Rowe Lane","Vine Creek","Vinecreek","Watson Park 03","Watson Park Resub","Wells Point Ph C-2 Sec 03","Wells Point Ph C-3 Sec 02","wells port","Willow Creek Sec 01","Willow Creek Sec 01 Resub Of Lt 01 Blk A","Willow Creek Sec 1","Windermere","Windermere Park Garden Villas","Windermere Ph A Sec 01","Windermere Ph B","Windermere Ph D","Windermere Ph E","Windermere Ph F Sec 01","Windermere Ph F Sec 03","Windermere Ph G Sec 01","Windermere Ph H Sec 01","Windermere Ph H Sec 02","WINDERMERE PHS G SEC 1","WINDERMERE PHS H SEC 2","Wrenbar Add","Wuthrich Add 01"],"zipcodes":["78653","78660","78664","78691"]},"pipecreek":{"label":"Pipe Creek","subdivisions":["BEAR SPRINGS RANCH","RIVER BLUFF RANCH","River Oaks Ranch","YR2-RA1"]},"pleasanton":{"label":"Pleasanton","counties":["Atascosa County"],"subdivisions":["Eastlake","Pleasanton 93 Tract 2","PLEASANTON-NORTH PLEASANTON","RIDGEVIEW RANCHETTES"],"zipcodes":["78064"]},"pointventure":{"label":"Point Venture","counties":["Travis County"],"subdivisions":["Comanche Point Sec 3-A At Poin","French Quarter","POINT VENTURE","Point Venture Sec 01","Point Venture Sec 01-A","Point Venture Sec 01-B","Point Venture Sec 02","Point Venture Sec 02-B","Point Venture Sec 02-C","Point Venture Sec 03-1","Point Venture Sec 03-1-A","Point Venture Sec 03-2","POINT VENTURE SEC 2-B","Point Venture Sec Two-B","Point Venture Townhomes","Townhouse"],"zipcodes":["78645","78669","78734"]},"pontotoc":{"label":"Pontotoc","subdivisions":["A-1806 \/ A-1801"]},"portaransas":{"label":"Port Aransas","counties":["Nueces County"],"subdivisions":["Cinnamon Shore","CINNAMON SHORES","Dorado Dunes","La Mirage Condo","LEEWARD SANDS - PA","Palmilla Beach","Palmilla Beach Unit 1b","Pelican Condos","PLEASANT VALLEY CUD","Waters Edge"],"zipcodes":["78373"]},"portarthur":{"label":"Port Arthur","counties":["Jefferson County","Orange County"],"subdivisions":["city of Port Arthur","Port Acres","Port Arthur City"],"zipcodes":["77611","77627","77630","77640","77641","77642","77643","77655","77705"]},"portneches":{"label":"Port Neches","counties":["Jefferson County"],"subdivisions":["Hughann Place"],"zipcodes":["77619","77642","77651"]},"portoconnor":{"label":"Port O'Connor","subdivisions":["Intra Coastal Waterway of Matagorda Bay","Larrys Harbor Add Poc","The Sanctuary"]},"porter":{"label":"Porter"},"poteet":{"label":"Poteet","counties":["Atascosa County"],"subdivisions":["GARDEN MEADOW ESTATES"],"zipcodes":["78065"]},"prairielea":{"label":"Prairie Lea","subdivisions":["O T Prairie Lea"]},"premont":{"label":"Premont","counties":["Jim Wells County"],"zipcodes":["78375"]},"raymondville":{"label":"Raymondville","counties":["Willacy County"],"zipcodes":["78580"]},"redrock":{"label":"Red Rock","subdivisions":["A156","A325 LEECH","Blalock, James B","Blue Sky Estate","Blue Sky Estates","Cherlyton Hills","Craft, John S","Eastland, Nicholas W","GLASGOW M.L.WILLIAMS","Glasgow Mlwilliams","Gray, Daniel","Gray, Joshua","Lentz, Jacob G","Maxamillan, John","Maxamillian, John","McCutcheon, William","McElwreath Properties","Mobile Home","Neighborhood","Red Rock","Red Rock Acres Rep","Red Rock Ranch","Red Rock Ranch Sub","rural tract","S7463 - RED ROCK ACRES REPLAT","Thompson, John D"]},"richards":{"label":"Richards"},"richlandsprings":{"label":"Richland Springs","counties":["San Saba County"],"zipcodes":["76871"]},"robertlee":{"label":"Robert Lee","counties":["Coke County"],"zipcodes":["76945"]},"robinson":{"label":"Robinson","counties":["McLennan County"],"subdivisions":["FLAT CREEK VILLAGE ADDITION"],"zipcodes":["76655","76706","76712"]},"rochelle":{"label":"Rochelle"},"rockisland":{"label":"Rock Island"},"rockdale":{"label":"Rockdale","counties":["Milam County"],"subdivisions":["9999-other","A0010 - ACOSTA, JUAN JOSE","A2230 JACKSON, GABRIEL,6.978 ACRES","A3030 - REESE, JAMES","A3250 ST. Claire","Allen","Allen, William, Acres .964","Benton Schultz","BRIARWOOD 1","Cameron Place","COFFIELD","Coffield #1","Coffield #2","Coffield #3","Coffield #4","D A Thompson Surv Abs 398","D.A. Thompson","David A Thompson Surv Abs 398","Douthit Coulter","DYER","EDGEWOOD","El Camino Real Estates","El L Camino Real Estates","Eliza Sahte Surv Abs #317","Hamilton-Rasberry","Heatherwood Farms","Hicks","Hillcrest 1","Hillcrest 2","HILLCREST NO 1","Hillyer Heights","Hillyer Stokes","HiVue Addition","HOLTZCLAW, B.W.","James Sheilds Surv A-323","James Shields","Jose Leal","Jose Leal Surv Abs #29","Jose, Leal","Juan Jose Acosta","Juan Jose Acosta Surv Abs 1","Leal, Jose","Linwood Acres","Linwood Acres #2","Linwood Acres #3","Manor Oaks","Marrs","McGhehey Sub","Meadowbrook","Milam Meadows","Milam Oaks","NO","Northwood Estate","Oak Creek Estates","Oak Park","Original Town","ORIGINAL TOWN- RD","Original Town- Road","Pearson","Perry","Praesel I","PRAESEL II","prewitt","Rockdale","Rockdale Blk 101","Rowlett","S07300 - COFFIELD #2","Spring Creek","Sterling C Robertson Sur A-52","T.J.CHAMBERS","Tracy","Wallis","Westwood","William Hill","William N MOCK Surv Abs 415"],"zipcodes":["76567"]},"rockport":{"label":"Rockport","counties":["Aransas County"],"subdivisions":["Copano Cove","Fulton townsite","Heron's Roose","Holiday Beach","Holiday Beach Mesquite Tree","Holiday Beach Sherwood Downs","Key Allegro","Little Bay Shores","Sunset Shores on Salt Lake"],"zipcodes":["78336","78381","78382"]},"rogers":{"label":"Rogers","counties":["Bell County"],"subdivisions":["Rogers Original","SANCHEZ J D"],"zipcodes":["76569"]},"rollingwood":{"label":"Rollingwood","counties":["Travis County"],"subdivisions":["Coetzee","Rollingwood","Rollingwood Sec 01","Timberline Terrace Sec 01"],"zipcodes":["78746"]},"roma":{"label":"Roma","counties":["Starr County"],"zipcodes":["78584"]},"rosanky":{"label":"Rosanky","subdivisions":["A Williams League & Labor Abs","A362 - Whittlesey, Ralph","Absalom Williams Surv Abs #346","Conley, Preston","Jeddo Road Ranchettes","Knox, James D","Kuykendall, John","McCutcheon, William","Neeley Acres","Reid, Samuel H","S7432","String Prairie Acres","Whittington, T M","Williams, Saml"]},"rosebud":{"label":"Rosebud","counties":["Falls County"],"subdivisions":["Townsite of Rosebud"],"zipcodes":["76570"]},"roundmountain":{"label":"Round Mountain","counties":["Blanco County"],"subdivisions":["Crystal Mountain","J.A. WOHLERS","John A Pierce Surv #506","Ranches At Round Mountain","Rattlesnake Mountain","Round Mountain Reserve","Smith Ranch","Stone Ridge Mountain","The Bl Uffs At Round Mountain","The Bluffs At Round Mountain","The Vistas At Round Mountain","Thomas B Lee Svy Abs#500","Travis Southwest","Trinity Oaks Preserve","Trinity Oaks Preserve At Round Mountain"],"zipcodes":["78636","78663"]},"roundrock":{"label":"Round Rock","counties":["Travis County","Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["Apache Oaks","As A Thomas Surv Abs # 609","Avery Centre","AW0297 HOLDER","B & D Add","Behrens Ranch","Behrens Ranch Ph A","Behrens Ranch Ph D Sec 03B","Bent Tree Sec 03","Bradford Park Sec 1","Bradford Park Sec 2 Ph 3","Bradshaw Add","Brushy Bend Park","Brushy Bend Park Sec 2","Brushy Creek North Sec 02","Brushy Creek Sec 01 Or South","Brushy Creek Sec 02","Brushy Creek Sec 02 Amd Lts 01-12 Blk 12 L","Brushy Creek Sec 03","Brushy Creek Sec 03A","Brushy Creek Sec 04","Brushy Creek Sec 2","Brushy Crk Ph 01 Sec 02","Brushy Crk Sec 03","Cambridge Heights Ph A Sec 01-B","Cambridge Heights Ph A Sec 02","Cambridge Heights Ph A Sec 1-","Cambridge Heights Ph B Sec 04","Cambridge Heights Phs B Sec 2","Cat Hollow Condo","Cat Hollow Sec 07","Cat Hollow Sec 09","Cat Hollow Sec 13","Cat Hollow Sec A Ph 01","Cat Hollow Sec A Ph 02","Cat Hollow Sec A Ph 03","Cat Hollow Sec A Ph 05","Cat Hollow Sec A Ph 2","Cat Hollow Sec B","Center 45","Center\/Gattis Condos Bldg 1","Center\/Gattis Condos Bldg. 1","Chandler Cfreek Sec 10","Chandler Creek","Chandler Creek Condo Ph 01-B","Chandler Creek Sec 06A","Chandler Creek Sec 06B Replacement","Chandler Creek Sec 07A Amd","Chandler Creek Sec 10","Chandler Creek Sec 13","Chandler Creek Sec 17","Chandler Creek Sec 19","Chandler Crk Condos","Chandlers Cove Final Un 5","Chapel Hill North Sec 01","Chapel Hill North Sec 03","Chester Ranch Place","Chisholm Crossing","Chisholm Trail Hotel Centre","Chisholm Valley Sec 02","Chisholm Valley Sec 04","Chisholm Valley Sec 05","Chisholm Valley South Sec 04 Ph 02","Chisholm Valley South Sec 11","Chisholm Valley West Sec 02","Chisholm Valley West Sec 03 Amd","Chisholm Vly Sec 01","Chisholm Vly Sec 03","Chisholm Vly South Sec 11","Cimarron","Cimarron Sec 03","Cimarron Sec 07","City of Round Rock","CITY VIEW","Cityside Condo","Cityside Condo Bldg 26","Cityside Condos","Cityside Condos Bldg 28","Cityside Townhomes","Clear Creek","CLEAR CREEK RANCH","Concord at Brushy Creek","Concord at Brushy Creek-The Grove","Cottages at Meadow Lake","Creekbend Sec 01","Creekside Condominiums","Creekside Indust Park Sec 1","Creekside Plaza Resub","Crossing Condo","Crossing Condo Unit 302","Diamond Oaks","Diamond Oaks Condo","Donnell Parke Condo","Double Creek Office Condo","Dove Creek","Dove Creek Sec 01","Dove Creek Sec 02","Eagle Rdg Sec 14 Ph 01 Final P","Eagle Ridge Sec 02 Amd","Eagle Ridge Sec 13","Eagle Ridge Sec 14 Ph 02","East Round Rock","Eggers","Eggers Southview Add","Enclave At Town Centre","Enclave At Town Centre Ph 01","Fern Bluff Sec 02","Fern Bluff Sec 02 Amd","Fern Bluff Sec 3a","Flower Hill Sec 02-A","Forest Bluff Sec 01C","Forest Creek","Forest Creek Condo Ph 01","FOREST CREEK ESTATES \/ Huntington Trails","Forest Creek Ph 01 Sec 03","Forest Creek Ph 05","FOREST CREEK PH 1 2","Forest Creek Sec 09","Forest Creek Sec 11","Forest Creek Sec 31","Forest Crk Sec 37","Forest Grove","Forest Ridge Ph 04","Freeman Park Ph 1","Garden Villas At Curry Loop Rep Lts 09-12","Gardens At Teravista Condo","Gardens\/Teravista","Glen Ellyn","Great Oaks","GREENHILL 3","Greenhill Sec 2a","Greenlawn","Greenlawn Center Partnership","Greenlawn Place","Greenlawn Place Resub","Greenlawn Place Sec 02","Greenlawn Place Sec 03 Resub Blk H","Greenlawn Village","GREENLAWN VILLAGE CONDOMINIUMS","Greenridge Ph 01","Greenridge Ph 02","Greenridge Ph 03","Greenridge Ph 04","Greenridge Ph 05","Greenridge Ph 06","Greenslopes At Lakecreek Sec 02","Greenslopes At Lakecreek Sec 03","Greenslopes At Lakecreek Sec 04A","Greenslopes At Lakecreek Sec 05a","Greenslopes At Lakecreek Sec 07","Greenslopes At Lakecreek Sec 09","Greenslopes At Lakecreek Sec 10A","Hairy Man","Harrell J M Sur","Haven at Teravista","Haven\/Teravista Condos","Heritage at Vizcaya","Heritage at Vizcaya Landmark","Heritage at Vizcaya Landmark Series","Hermitage","Hidden Glen Ph 02-B","Hidden Glen Ph 04B","Hidden Glen Ph 06-A","Highland Estates Sec 2","Highland Terrace","Highlands at Mayfield Ranch","HIGHLANDS AT MAYFIELD RANCH SEC 10A","Highlands at Mayfield Ranch Sec 2","Highlands\/Mayfield Ranch Sec 1","Highlands\/Mayfield Ranch Sec 5","Highlands\/Mayfield Ranch Sec 8","Highlands\/Mayfield Ranch Sec 9","Hillside At Brushy Creek","Hillside Terrace","Homestead at Old Settlers Park","Homestead Village Townhomes","Hr 79 Sub Ph 1 & Ph 2","Huntington Trails","Hyridge","Hyridge Resub Lts 01-15 Blk B Blk","Indian Ridge Sec 01A","Indian Ridge Sec 1a","Interchange Bus Park Sec 1","J H Randall Surv Abs 531","Jester Farms","Jester Farms Sec 01","Jester Farms Sec 03","Jester Farms Sec 04","Jester Farms Sec 05","Jester Farms Sec 08","Kenney Fort","Kenney Fort Sec 1","Kensington Place Sec 01","Kensington Place Sec 04","Lake Creek Center Sec 01 Rep","Lake Forest 02 Village I","Lake Forest 03 Village 02","Lakecreek","Laurel Ridge Sec 08","Legends Village","Legends Village 2","Legends Village Office Condo","Legends Village Sec 02 Ph 02","Legends Village Sec 2 Ph 3","Little Oaks","M Add","Madsen","Madsen Ranch","Madsen Ranch Ph 1","maxey","Mayfield Ranch","Mayfield Ranch Sec 01","Mayfield Ranch Sec 04","Mayfield Ranch Sec 05","Mayfield Ranch Sec 09","Mayline","Mays Square Condo","McNeil Road Professional Cente","Mdws\/Chandler Crk Sec 01","Meadow Lake Sec 01-A","Meadow Lake Sec 02 Rev Lts 03-12 Blk P &","Meadow Lake Sec 06","Meadow Lake Sec 6","Meadows At Cambridge Heights P","MEADOWS AT CHANDLER CREEK 1","Meadows At Chandler Creek Sec 01 Rev Bloc","Meadows At Chandler Creek Sec 02","Meadows At Chandler Creek Sec 03","Meadows At Chandler Creek Sec 04","MEADOWS AT CHANDLER CREEK SEC 1 REVISED, BLOCK E,","Meadows at quick ranch","Meadows Chandler Creek Sec 05","Merrill Add","Mesa Park Sec 1","Mesa Park Sec 2","Mesa Rdg Sec 07","Mesa Ridge Sec 01","Mesa Ridge Sec 07","Morningside Meadows Sec 07","Northfields","Northfields Ph 1","Northfields Ph 2","Oak Bluff Estates","Oak Bluff Estates Phase 2","Oak Hollow","Oakcreek","Oakcreek Sec 01","Oakcreek Sec 02","Old Settlers","Old Settlers Park Ph 1","Old Town Round Rock","Pa Holder Abs 279","Palm Market Center","Paloma Lake","Paloma Lake Sec 10","Paloma Lake Sec 12","Paloma Lake Sec 15","Paloma Lake Sec 17a","Paloma Lake Sec 1B","Paloma Lake Sec 4B","Paloma Lake Sec 8","Park at Legends Village","Park West Office Condo","Pioneer Crossing Ph 02","Pioneer Crossing Ph 03","Pioneer Point","Preserve At Dyer Creek Ph 01","Preserve at Mayfield Ranch","Preserve At Stone Oak","Preserve At Stone Oak Ph 01 Se","Preserve At Stone Oak Ph 03 Sec 01","Preserve At Stone Oak Ph 03 Sec 04 Rep","Preserve At Stone Oak Ph 1 Sec 2","Preserve At Stone Oak Ph 2 Sec 1","Preserve At Stone Oak Ph 2 Sec 2","Preserve At Stone Oak Ph 2 Sec 3","Preserve At Stone Oak Ph 3 Sec 3","Preserve At Stone Oak Ph 4 Sec 1","R440195","Rainbow Parke","Rd Only Teravista Sec 12 Amd","RED BUD ACRES","Reserve at Wyoming Springs","Retreat at Town Centre","Rhodes Sec 01","Robert McNutt Surv Abs #422","Rockwell Village","Rockwell Village Condos Bldg 14","Round Rock City","Round Rock Glenn","Round Rock Personal Warehouse","Round Rock Ranch","Round Rock Ranch Ph 01 Sec 03A","Round Rock Ranch Ph 01 Sec 03b","Round Rock Ranch Ph 01 Sec 3-D-1","Round Rock Ranch Pud 13 Ph 02","Round Rock West","Round Rock West Sec 01","Round Rock West Sec 05","Round Rock West Sec 06a","Ryans Crossing Sec 04 Amd","Ryans Crossing Sec 05","Ryans Crossing Sec 06","Saddlebrook Estates Sec 2","SALERNO","Salerno Ph 1","Salerno Ph 2","Sam Bass Trails Sec 01","Sauls Ranch","Sauls Ranch East","Schwertner Ranch","Seasons At Chandler Creek","Sendero Spgs Sec 01","Sendero Spgs Sec 05","Sendero Springs","Settlement Sec 01","Settlement Sec 02","Settlement Sec 03","Settlement Sec 04A","Settlers Crossing Sec 01","Settlers Crossing Sec 03","Settlers Overlook","Settlers Overlook North","Settlers Overlook Sec 02","Settlers Overlook Sec 03","Settlers Overlook Sec 1","Shadow Pointe Ph 02","SHALLOW CREEK","Shops\/Legends Village Comm C","Siena","Siena Master Community","Siena Patio Homes","Siena Ph 1 Sec 1","Siena Sec 12","Siena Sec 14","Siena Sec 16","Siena Sec 17","Siena Sec 21","Siena Sec 23A","Siena Sec 23B","Siena Sec 25","Siena Sec 28","Siena Sec 3","Siena Sec 31","Siena Sec 35","Siena Sec 7","Siena Sec 9","Siena Sec. 5","Siena South Sec 1","Silver Leaf Ph 01","Somerset","Somerset 02","Sonoma","Sonoma Heights","Sonoma Heights Condo","Sonoma Sec 01","Sonoma Sec 03","Sonoma Sec 06","Sonoma Sec 09","Sonoma Sec 10","Sonoma South","Sonoma West Sec 01","South Creek","South Creek Sec 06","South Creek Sec 10","South Creek Sec 12","South Creek Sec 14 Amd","South Creek Sec 16 Amd","South Creek Sec 16 Amended","South Creek Sec 17","South Crk Sec 02","South Crk Sec 03","South Crk Sec 16","Southern Terrace Rev","Spring Ridge Sec 1","Springbrook Centre Ph A","Springbrook Centre Ph B Sec 01","Springbrook Centre Ph B Sec 02","SPRINGBROOK CENTRE PHS A","Starkfield Add","Stone Canyon Sec 06C","Stone Canyon Sec 08a","Stone Oak At Round Rock Sec 04","Stone Oak At Round Rock Sec 3","Stone Oak At Round Rock Sec 4","Stone Oak At Round Rock Sec 5","Stonegate Cat Hollow Office","Stoney Brook Sec 04","Stoney Brook Sec 06","Summit At Round Rock","Sunrise Park","Sunrise Villas","Sunrise Vista Sec 01 Rev","Sunrise Vista Sec 05 Rep","Teravista","Teravista Sec 07","Teravista Sec 08","Teravista Sec 09","Teravista Sec 11","Teravista Sec 14b","Teravista Sec 15A","Teravista Sec 15B","Teravista Sec 16A","Teravista Sec 16b","Teravista Sec 18A","Teravista Sec 18B","Teravista Sec 21","Teravista Sec 26B","THE HERMITAGE","The Meadows at Quick Ranch","The Retreat at Towne Centre - Cottages","The Villas at Chandler Creek","Thomison Jackie","Tonkawa Lake","Tonkawa Village Amd","Townhomes at Gattis","Traditions at Vizcaya","Trinity Gattis Office Condominiums","Turtle Creek","TURTLE CREEK ENCLAVE","Turtle Creek Village","Turtle Creek Village Ph 01 Sec A","Turtle Creek Village Ph 02 Sec A","Turtle Creek Village Ph 03","Turtle Crk Village Condos","Turtle Crk Village Ph 02 Sec A","Turtle Crk Village Ph 03","Turtle Crk Village Ph 4 Sec B","University Heights","University Hts Ph 1","University Hts Ph 7","University Park Villas Condo","University Village North","University Village Office Condos B","University Vlg North Sec 6","Village At Mayfield Ranch Ph 03","Village At Mayfield Ranch Ph 04","Village At Mayfield Ranch Ph 05","Village At Mayfield Ranch Ph 2a","Village Mayfield Ranch Ph 01","Village\/Mayfield Ranch Ph 02A","Villas of Chandler Creek","Vista Heights Sec 03-A","Vista Oaks","Vista Oaks Rev 1A","Vista Oaks REV 1A & 1B","Vista Oaks Sec 2A","Vista Oaks Sec 4b","Vista Oaks Sec 6b","Vizcaya","Vizcaya Ph 1 Sub","Vizcaya Ph 2C","Vizcaya Ph 3B Sub","Vizcaya Ph 3E","Vizcaya Ph 3E Sub","Vizcaya Ph 6d","Warner Ranch","Warner Ranch PH2","Wellspring","Westchester Park","Westchester Park Sub","Westwind","Willowbend Estates","Windy Park Sec 1","Windy Park Sec 2","Windy Terrace Sec 01","Wood Glen","Wood Glen Sec 01 Ph 02","Wood Glen Sec 02 Ph 01","Woods At Great Oaks Condo","Woods Sec 05-B","Yes"],"zipcodes":["78626","78628","78664","78665","78680","78681","78682","78683","78728"]},"roundtop":{"label":"Round Top","counties":["Fayette County"],"subdivisions":["Round Top Springs","Royal Ranch","Walhalla Ranch","William Jack League Ab 57"],"zipcodes":["78954","78961"]},"rusk":{"label":"Rusk","counties":["Cherokee County"],"subdivisions":["161.21 ac in T.G.Timmons Survey, Abstract No. 51 C"],"zipcodes":["75785"]},"salado":{"label":"Salado","counties":["Bell County"],"subdivisions":["A0508BC - G F LANKFORD","A0510BC - G F LANKFORD","Amity Estates","Amity Estates Ph I","Amity Estates Ph Iii","Amity Estates Subdivision","ARMSTRONG ESTATES","BREWER","Callie Christina Estates","Cedar Hill Studio","Chelsea Place","Drakes Landing Phase One","Eagle Heights","Eagle Ranch","Flint Ridge Estates","GF Lankford","Gf Lankford Surv Abs #510","H Barney","HACKBERRY ACRES","Hidden Spgs Sec One","Hidden Spgs Sec Two","HIDDEN SPRINGS SECTION TWO","Hollow Ranch","J ATKINS","J T Steelman Surv A-746","John Litten Surv Abs #509","LHOLHLRURL","Linda Ventura","McCoy Add","Mill Creek","Mill Creek Meadows Ph Ii","Mill Creek Sec 16","Mill Creek Spgs","Mill Creek Spgs Ph Ii","Mill Crk Sec 9","O T Tyler","Overlook at Salado","Overlook\/Salado","Presa Vista Ph Three","Ranches\/Bar-V-Bar Tr 17","Ranches\/Bar-V-Tract 15","Ranger's Promise","Rangers Promise","Salado Airport","Salado Lakeview Estates Second","Salado Mills Sub","Salado Original","Salado Spgs Estates Sec","Sanctuary","Shepherds Glen Sub","Shepherds Glen Sub Rep","SHEPHERDS GLEN SUBDIVISION,","South Shore Estates","Southshore Sub First E","Spring Crk","Sterling Meadows","The Carriage House Estates Of Salado","The Meadows","The Ranches at Bar-V-Bar","The Ranches at Bar-V-Bar Ranch","V R Palmer","W Denson Surv Abs #279","William Roberts Surv Abs #708","Windy Hill Ranch Sub R","Winners Circle Add"],"zipcodes":["76571"]},"sanangelo":{"label":"San Angelo","counties":["Tom Green County"],"subdivisions":["Dove Creek"],"zipcodes":["76901","76902","76903","76904","76905","76906","76908","76909"]},"sanantonio":{"label":"San Antonio","counties":["Bexar County","Comal County","Medina County"],"subdivisions":["Beacon Hill","BELLA VISTA","BRIDGEWOOD SUB NS","Campbellton Acres","CANYONS AT SCENIC LOOP","CAVALO CREEK","Collins Gardens","COMANCHE RIDGE","COOLCREST","CROWNHILL ACRES","DA FOSTE","DENVER HEIGHTS","Dominion","Eden","Estate Sub Count","FIVE PALMS","Foster Meadows","Fronterra at Westpointe","GARDEN RIDGE","Gramercy Village Enclave","GUADALUPE S TO LAREDO ST SA","HARLACH FARMS","HARLANDALE","HEIGHTS OF WOODSTONE","Heritage Park NS\/SW II","HIGH COUNTRY GDN HOMES","Highland Heights","Highland Park","HIGHLAND PARK Common \/ HIGHLAND PARK EST.Legal","Hunters Ranch Estates","I35 SO. TO E. HOUSTON SA","KATY WAY","King William","KRIEWALD PLACE","LAUREL MOUNTAIN RANCH","LAVACA","Los Angeles - Keystone","Meadow Village I","MERIDIAN","Mesas At Canyon Springs","MISSION CREEK","Misty Oaks","Monticello Park","Mount Vernon Homesite Add Bl","NCB 6615","NEAR EASTSIDE","NORTHEAST CROSSING","Northview Tower Condo Bl 12962","NOT IN DEFINED SUBDIVISION","OXBOW","Palo Alto Heights","Park Place","Pasadena Heights","PINNACLE AT OAK HILLS CONDOS","Pleasant Oaks","PROSPECT HILL","QUINTANA ROAD","RANCHLAND OAKS","Redbird Ranch","RIVERSIDE PARK","Royal Crest","S DURANGO\/PROBANDT","S14027 Shenandoah","Savannah Place","Savannah Place Unit 1","SHENANDOAH","SILOS","SILOS RIDGE","SOUTHSIDE RURAL SO","SOUTHTON MEADOWS","SOUTHTON VILLAGE","Talise De Culebra","TERRA BELLA","TESORO RIDGE","The Canyons at Scenic Loop","The Hills\/Sierra North","THE PARK AT TWO CREEKS","The Villas of Roanoke","The Vineyard","THELMA AREA SO","Tobin Hill","Valley Forge","VALLEY RANCH - BEXAR COUNTY","Village North","Vincene Hill Sub","VISTA RIDGE","W MARTIN S TO W COMMERCE","WATERWHEEL UNIT 1 PHASE 1","WESTPOINTE","Wheatley Heights","WILDHORSE","Willis Ranch","WILSHIRE TERRACE NE","wonder homes","WURZBACH TOWERS"],"zipcodes":["78023","78054","78056","78073","78109","78112","78154","78201","78202","78203","78204","78205","78206","78207","78208","78209","78210","78211","78212","78213","78214","78215","78216","78217","78218","78219","78220","78221","78222","78223","78224","78225","78226","78227","78228","78229","78230","78231","78232","78233","78234","78235","78236","78237","78238","78239","78240","78241","78242","78243","78244","78245","78246","78247","78248","78249","78250","78251","78252","78253","78254","78255","78256","78257","78258","78259","78260","78261","78262","78263","78264","78265","78266","78268","78269","78270","78275","78278","78279","78280","78283","78284","78285","78286","78287","78288","78289","78291","78292","78293","78294","78295","78296","78297","78298","78299"]},"sanmarcos":{"label":"San Marcos","counties":["Caldwell County","Guadalupe County","Hays County"],"subdivisions":["A M Ramsay","A.M. Ramsay","A0017-2 JUAN M VERAMENDI SURVEY, TRACT 93, ACRES 6","Aspen Heights Phase 2","B W Breeding Add","Baker Creek Village","Birmensdorf Farms","Bishop Crossing Sec 01","Blanco River Village","Blanco River Village Condo","Blanco River Village No2 Condo","Blanco River Village Sec One","Blanco Valley Ranches","Blanco Vista","Blanco Vista Heritage Point","Blanco Vista Ph 1-A","Blanco Vista Ph 3 Sec 2 & 3","Blanco Vista Tr A","Blanco Vista Tr C Ph 1","Blanco Vista Tr C-2","Blanco Vista Tr E-1","Blanco Vista Tr E-2","Blanco Vista Tr E-3","Blanco Vista Tr G-H","Blanco Vista Tr I Sec A & School Tr","Blanco Vista Tr K-1","Blanco Vista Tr K-2A","Blanco Vista Tr K-2B","Blanco Vista Tr L","Blanco Vista Tr N","Blanco Vista Tr O","Blanco Vista Tr P","Blanco Vista Tr Q Sec 1","Blanco Vista Tr Q Sec 3","Blanco Vista Tr R","Blanco Vista Tr S-T","Blankenship\/Carruthers","Bridle Wood Ranches Sec 1","BYNBC","C D Wallace","Castle Forest","CCRE LIME KILN","CCRE Lime Kiln Lot 3","Center Point Court","Charles Henderson Surv #55 Abs","Chimney Place II","Cimarron Estates","City View","Conway","Cornelius Rooney Surv # 99","COTTONWOOD CREEK","Cottonwood Creek Ph 1 Sec 1-B","Cottonwood Creek Ph 1 Sec 1-C","Cottonwood Creek Ph 1 Sec 3","Cottonwood Creek Ph 3 Unit 1","Cottonwood Creek Ph 3 Unit 2","Cottonwood Creek Ph 3 Unit 3","Cottonwood Creek Ph 3 Unit 6","Cottonwood Creek Ph 3 Unit 8","Cottonwood Creek Phase 1 Section 1D","County Line Strip","D S Combs Add","Dan Mckie II","Economy Homes","El Camino Real Ph 1 Sec 2","El Camino Real Ph 1 Sec 3B","El Camino Real Ph 2 Sec 1","El Camino Real Ph 2 Sec 3","Elm Hill Sec 2","Enchanted Ranch","ENCHANTED RANCH #2","Espinazo Del Diablo","Estates Of San Marcos","Fairlawn Add","FAIRLAWN ADDN","Falcon-Wood","Farm Lt","Forest Hills","G A Mcnaughton 1st Add","Greendale Add Unit 1","H E Barber Add","Hampton Woods","Highlands East","Hills of Hays","Hills Of Hays Ph 1","Hills Of Hays Ph 2","Historical Area-Hopkins","Holland Park Sub","Hughson Heights","Hughson Heights I","Hughson Heights Sec 03 C","Hughson Heights Sec 3-B","Hughson Heights Sec 3-C","Hunter Ridge I","Hunters Glen","Hunters Hill Sub Sec 2","Hymeadow","ISAAC LOWE SURVEY","J G Meacham","J M Veramendi Survey","J Q Cliett Ii","Juan Veramendi","Kissing Tree","Kissing Tree Cottages Condo","Kissing Tree Villas Condo","La Cima","La Cima Ph 2 Sec A","La Cima Ph 2 Sec B","La Cima Ph I Sec 1","La Cima Ph I Sec 2","La Cima: 70ft. lots","Ledouxs Second","Lost River Ranches","McCarty Oaks","McCarty Ranch Ph One","McGehee Heights","Meadow Brook","MERRY KONE FITZPATRICK","Millbrook Park","Millbrook Park Ph 2","Morningwood Sec 3","Oak Meadows","Oakwood Hills Unrec","Original Town Of San Marcos","Park Court At Willow Creek","Park North Condos","Parker","Peques St Addition","Puett Add","Quarry Spgs Sec 2","Rancho Encino Ph I","Rancho Ladera","Rane","Riverbend Ranch Sec 1","Rocky Ranch Acres Sec 3","San Marcos Business Park Sec 2","San Marcos Medpark","Siesta Verde","six pines","Skyline","Skyline Ranch","Spring Lake Hills #4","Suburban Oaks Estate","Summer Mountain Ranch","Summer Mountain Ranch Sec 1","Summer Mountain Ranch Sec 2","Sunflower Acres","Sunset Acres","Sunset Oaks","Sunset Oaks Sec 4 Ph 1B","Sunset Oaks Sec 4 Ph 2A","Tanglewood Add","Ten Acre Sub","The Blanco River Ranch","The Highlands Sec A","The Highlands Sec B","The Highlands Sec C","The Park At Willow Creek","The Retreat at Willow Creek","The Ridge At Willow Creek","Thomas J Chambers","Trace","Trace Sub Pa 1b Sec B","Trace Sub Pa 2b Sec B","Trace Sub Pa 2B Sec C","Trace Sub Pa 2B Sec D","Trace Sub Pa 2C Sec B","Trace Sub Pa 6a Sec D","Trace Sub Pa 6C Sec D","Trace Sub Sec A Pa 1A Ph A-2","Trace Sub Sec A, Pa 1A Ph A-1","Village At Springtown Condos","Village Two At Mockingbird Hill","VISTA DE LOS SANTOS","Waterstone","Weatherford","Westover","Whisper","Whisper Mixed Use Sub Ph 1A","WILLOW CREEK","Willow Creek Estates Sec 9"],"zipcodes":["78656","78666","78667"]},"sansaba":{"label":"San Saba","counties":["San Saba County"],"subdivisions":["community","Delta Acres Sub","KEMPENICH","Laurel Heights","Lindley Add","Oak Plains Add","Old Town SS","OLD TOWN SSBLOCK 23 42 X 1100.106 AC","Original Town\/San Saba","Rocky Hollow","San Saba"],"zipcodes":["76877"]},"santaanna":{"label":"Santa Anna","counties":["Coleman County","Starr County"],"subdivisions":["Rockwood"],"zipcodes":["76878","78582","78591"]},"schertz":{"label":"Schertz","counties":["Bexar County","Comal County","Guadalupe County"],"subdivisions":["Belmont Park","Dove Meadows #1","Fairways at Scenic Hills 1","JONAS WOODS","Northcliffe Country Club Estates","See Survey"],"zipcodes":["78108","78124","78132","78154","78266"]},"schulenburg":{"label":"Schulenburg","counties":["Fayette County"],"subdivisions":["ABS A038 CRIER K,61.46 ACRES,HSE, C\/PORTS, FARM BL","City Of Schulenburg 497","High Hill Ranch","no","Rural","S66000","SARGEANT J A LG","Steinmann I-10 Sub","Thomas Taylor League A-96","WOLTERS ADDN. 516 LOT 5 BLK 1 0.3213 100 X 140 ="],"zipcodes":["78956"]},"seadrift":{"label":"Seadrift","counties":["Calhoun County"],"subdivisions":["Basibio Maldonado"],"zipcodes":["77983"]},"sealy":{"label":"Sealy","counties":["Austin County"],"subdivisions":["MM Kenney"],"zipcodes":["77474"]},"seguin":{"label":"Seguin","counties":["Guadalupe County"],"subdivisions":["62 Sur: J D Brown","A M ESNAURIZAR","AM ESNAURIZAR","Angels Acres","ARROYO RANCH","B&B Road Tr Sub Un 1","BAXTER WILLIAM C","Benjamin Fuqua Surv #43 Abs 13","Bluestem Reserve","Bruns Bauer","Chaparral","Cordell Oaks","COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES","Eastlawn","Erskine Ferry","ESNAURIZAR A M","Farm","G_A0011 - CLEMENTS J D","Glen Cove","Gortari","Greenspoint Heights Un 1","Guadalupe 79 TR 3","H.BRANCH","Hannah Heights","Hickory Forrest","Hiddenbrooke","Inner","Jackson Estates","John Sowell Surv Abs #35","Keller Heights","King Street","Kolbe Heights","Lambrecht - Afflerbach","las Brisas","Las Brisas #2","Las Brisas #6","Las Brisas #8","Leaning Oaks","LPESBLUMPK","Martindale Heights Sub","Matindale Hts Sub","Meadow Lake Dr. WF Acreage","Meadows Nolte Farms Ph# 1 T","Mill Creek","Mill Creek Crossing #2","Mill Creek Crossing#11","NAVARRO FIELDS","NAVARRO OAKS","Navarro Oaks Sub Un 1","Navarro Oaks Un 2","Oak Creek","Parkview Estates","Pecan Cove","Pecan Grove","Plantation","Ridge View Estates","Ridge View Estates #1","River","Rural","RURAL NBHD DEO REGION","RURAL NBHD GEO REGION","Rural_g-Rural_g","SCHUBERT-MERCER","seguin","Sh 46 Indust Park","Skaggs","Sky Valley","Sowell John","Spring Hill","Sunrise Acres","Sunset","SWENSON HEIGHTS","Swenson Heights Sub Un 3A","University Place","Vivroux Ranches","W.J. RAGSDALE SURVEY","Wallace","West End","Westside","William Griffin","Woodside Farms Sub Un 2","Woodstone Condo","Zorn"],"zipcodes":["78123","78155","78156","78638"]},"selma":{"label":"Selma","counties":["Bexar County","Comal County","Guadalupe County"],"subdivisions":["SELMA PARK ESTATES"],"zipcodes":["78154"]},"sharp":{"label":"Sharp","subdivisions":["Rustic Oaks"]},"sheridan":{"label":"Sheridan","subdivisions":["0"]},"sherwoodshores":{"label":"Sherwood Shores","counties":["Grayson County"],"subdivisions":["Sherwood Shores"],"zipcodes":["76245"]},"shiner":{"label":"Shiner","counties":["Lavaca County"],"subdivisions":["John McCoy"],"zipcodes":["77984"]},"sinton":{"label":"Sinton","counties":["San Patricio County"],"subdivisions":["George Morris"],"zipcodes":["78387"]},"smiley":{"label":"Smiley","counties":["Gonzales County"],"subdivisions":["F Gonzales Surv Tract M A-233","legal description","PETER WINN","Yorktown Ranch"],"zipcodes":["78159"]},"smithville":{"label":"Smithville","counties":["Bastrop County"],"subdivisions":["2104 Angle Estates","A101 - TINSLEY I 1\/4 LG","A147 - COCHRAN T LG & LABOR","Allen, Thomas G","Alum Creek Village","Andrews, Micah","Austin, Stephen F","Barton, Elisha","Barton, William","Bartons Creek Bend","BIG SKY RANCH","Bunte","Burleson","Byrne","C Wertzner 1\/3 League A-317","Cade Hurta Subdivision","Commercial Property","Cottle, Sarah","Cunningham, John C","Darling, Socrates","Decrow, Thomas","Doty River Estates","DRUMGOOLE THOMAS","Eagleston","Flower Hill Estates","Garrett, John V L Evans","Graham, Andrew","Grand Views Of Golden Parkway","Green, John","Hidden Shores","High Pines","Highline Estates","Horseshoe Lake","Hurta River Estates","Indian Lake","J R Sub","L & R Bus Park","La Reata Ranch","Lake Thunderbird","Lake Thunderbird Sec. 4 Lot 207, 208, 209","Little Piney Creek Estate","Litton, Addison","Lomas, L","M5","M5 Subdivision","McKey, Ruth","Medford, William","Mount Pleasant","Mt Pleasant","Nyc","Oak Meadow Retirement Communit","Ortiz, Jose","Pecan Shores","Pin Oak Creek Acres","Pine Valley Estates","Riverdale","Rocking M Ranch","Sawyer, Samuel","Smith, Charles S","SMITHVILLE CITY","Smithville Townsite","Spring Hollow","Stewart, John C","The Pines Of Alum Creek","Thomas Decrow Surv Abs #27","Thompson, Thomas","TOBIN","Townsite","Walden Addition","Webb, Ivan Add","Whitesides","Wilkens"],"zipcodes":["78957"]},"snook":{"label":"Snook","counties":["Burleson County"],"subdivisions":["Snook"],"zipcodes":["77878","77879"]},"somerville":{"label":"Somerville","counties":["Burleson County"],"subdivisions":["A0019 - Dewitt JJ","Anita Heights","Big Creek Estates","Birch Creek Park Estates","Enchanted Oaks","S2414 BRENHAM ADDITION BLK 17 LOT S 1\/2 OF 61 0.17","S2502 - SOMERVILLE PLACE","S2505-Apache Hills","Serenity Ranch Estates","somerville place","Somerville Place Subdivision","Wilderness Sounds"],"zipcodes":["77879"]},"southlake":{"label":"Southlake","counties":["Denton County","Tarrant County"],"subdivisions":["Brewer Addition"],"zipcodes":["76092"]},"spicewood":{"label":"Spicewood","subdivisions":["A0776 - MA. CATALINA SALINAS","Allison Williams","Allison Williams Surv #19 Abs","Angel Bay","ASCENSIONS ON LAKE TRAVIS","Barn Divide Sub","BARTON CREEK LAKESIDE","Barton Creek Lakeside Ph 01","Barton Creek Lakeside Phs 7","Barton Creek Lakeside Ranch Sec 02","Barton Creek Lakeside Ranch Sec 08","Barton Creek Lakeside The Ranch","Beaty Seale & Forwood","Beaty Seale & Forwood Surv #45","bee creek","Bee Creek Estates","Bee Creek Hill","Bee Creek Hill Estates","Bowden","Briarcliff","Briarcliff Inc Sec 01","Briarcliff Inc Sec 04","Briarcliff Inc Sec 06","Briarcliff Inc Sec 07","Briarcliff Inc Sec 09 Amd","Briarcliff Inc Sec 10","Briarcliff Inc Sec 11","Briarcliff Inc Sec 12","Briarcliff Inc Sec 14","Briarcliff Inc Sec 15","Briarcliff Inc Sec 8","Cabins\/The Reserve","Colonia Serendipity","Courtside Ridge Harbor","Coves At Sky Ranch","Coves On Lake Travis Ph 1 Sec","Crawford","Crawford Ridge Sub","Crosswind","CURIOSITY CAVE","Double Horn","Eagle Bluff","Edgewater Beach Sec 01","Edward Gritten League","Enclave at Barton Creek Lakeside","Estates At Edgewater Beach","Gc & Sfrr Co Surv #329 Abs #94","GC&SFRR Co Sur#49 A-2163","Granite Ridge","GRITTEN E ACR","Harbor Cove","Hazy Hills Office Park","Hazy Hills Ranchettes","Heronymos","Horseshoe Bay South","Inverness Point","Laguna Vista","Lake Oaks","Lakecliff","Lakecliff On Lake Travis","Lakecliff On Lake Travis Sec 07","Lakecliff On Lake Travis Sec 1","Lakecliff On Lake Travis Sec 11","Lakecliff On Lake Travis Sec 8","Lakecliff On Lake Travis Sec 9","Lakehurst Resub","Lakeside Beach","Lakeway Hlnds Ph 1 Sec 5","Lakewood Estates","Landings","Landings\/Lk Travis Sec 1 & 2","Las Entradas On Lake Travis","Las Terrazas","Lick Creek Ranch","Lick Creek Ranch Ph 01","Lick Creek Ranch Ph 02 Sec 01","Little Bird Terrace","Lodges At Lake Cliet","Lodges At Lake Cliff","Lost Cove","Milam Ranch","Oaks At Spicewood","OCONNOR","Old Ferry Sec 02","Overlook at Pedernales","Paleface Lake Country Estates","Paleface Park Ph 01 Sec A","Paleface Park Phs I Sec A","Paleface Pedernales","Paleface Ranch Sec 01","Paleface Ranch Sec 03","Papoose 01 Amd","partial","Pedernales","Pedernales 02","Pedernales Bend","Pedernales Canyon","Pedernales Canyon Ranch Ph 02","Point Pedernales","Prosperity Plaza","Ranch Sec 05","Ranch Sec 06","Ranch Sec 09","Reimer's Ranch","Reserve at Lake Travis","Reserve At Lake Travis Rvsd Lt","Reserve\/Lk Travis Cypress Cove","Ridge Harbor","Rland Comm","Rough Hollow - Hacienda Heights","Rough Hollow Las Brisas","Rough Hollow The Peninsula","Rough Hollow- Hacienda Heights","Rough Hollow-Las Brisas","Rusk Transportation Co Su","S & S","See legal description","Shady Creek Ranches","Siesta Shores Sec 01","SIESTA SHORES SEC II","Sola Vista Sec 2","Sola Vista Sec 4","Spicewood","Spicewood Airport Estates","Spicewood Beach","Spicewood Gardens","Spicewood Rdg","Spicewood Trails","Summit at Lake Travis","Summit At Lake Travis Resident","Summit Spgs Ranch","Summit Springs","The Barn Divide","The Enclave","The Enclave at Barton Creek Lakeside","The Landing at Lake Travs","The Landings at Lake Travis","The Oaks at Spicewood","The Place","The Point At Ridge Harbor","The Ranch At Windermere","The reserve at lake travis","The Reserves","The Summit At Lake Travis","Thurman Bend Estates","Thurman Bend Estates Sec 02","Tierra Vista","Travis Lakeside Ph 01","Travis Settlement","Travis Settlement Bus Park","Travis Settlement Sec 01","Travis Settlement Sec 03","Travis Settlement Sec 04","Travis Settlement Sec 05","Travis Settlement Sec 6 Rev Place","Travis Southwest","Turkey Tree","Villas At Barton Creek Vineyar","Villas at Barton Creek Vineyards Lakeside","Villas On Blacksmith Cove","Walton Izaak","West Cypress Hills","West Cypress Hills Ph 01 Sec 01","West Cypress Hills Ph 1 Sec 1","West Cypress Hills Ph 1 Sec 4","West Cypress Hills Ph 1 Sec 4a","West Cypress Hills Ph 2 Sec 2","Whitecliff Condominia Ph I Am","Windermere Oaks","Windy Walk Estates"]},"spring":{"label":"Spring","counties":["Harris County"],"zipcodes":["77373","77379","77380","77381","77382","77383","77386","77387","77388","77389","77391","77393"]},"springbranch":{"label":"Spring Branch","counties":["Comal County"],"subdivisions":["25.729 ACRES OUT OF H. LUSSMAN","25.729 Acres Out Of H. LUSSMAN SURVEY","Cascada Canyon Lake 1","Cascada Canyon Lake 2","Cascada Canyon Lake 3","Comal Hills 1","CREEKWOOD RANCHES","Cross Canyon Ranch A-927 A-92","Crossing Spring Creekthe 2","Cypress Cove 4","Cypress Cove 9","Cypress Sprgs The Guadalupe 2","Cypress Sprgs The Guadalupe 4","Fairways At River Crossing","Indian Hills Estates 1","Indian Hills Estates 2","LAKE OF THE HILLS","Lake Of The Hills East Hoa","Lake Of The Hills Estates","Lake Of The Hills West","Mystic Shores","Mystic Shores 1","Mystic Shores 12","Mystic Shores 13","Mystic Shores 15","Mystic Shores 16","Mystic Shores 17","Mystic Shores 18","Mystic Shores 6","Peninsula At Mystic Shores 3","Peninsula Mystic Shores 2","Rebecca Creek Park","Rebecca Creek Park 1 Rev","Rivermont 2","Serenity Oaks","Serenity Oaks 2","Stallion Estates","The Preserve at Singing Hills","Twin Sisters Estates","Valero Estates 1","Windmill Ranch"],"zipcodes":["78070"]},"springvalleyvillage":{"label":"Spring Valley Village","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Voss"],"zipcodes":["77024","77055"]},"springtown":{"label":"Springtown","counties":["Parker County","Wise County"],"zipcodes":["76082"]},"staples":{"label":"Staples","counties":["Guadalupe County"],"subdivisions":["George Allen"],"zipcodes":["78638","78655","78670"]},"starharbor":{"label":"Star Harbor","counties":["Henderson County"],"subdivisions":["Star Harbor"],"zipcodes":["75148"]},"sthedwig":{"label":"StHedwig","subdivisions":["CITY ST. HEDWIG AC. EC","Cobalt Canyon","Dry Hollow Creek Ranch","HALLIES RANCH"]},"stockdale":{"label":"Stockdale","counties":["Wilson County"],"subdivisions":["SISDRURAL"],"zipcodes":["78160"]},"stonewall":{"label":"Stonewall","counties":["Gillespie County"],"zipcodes":["78671"]},"streetman":{"label":"Streetman","counties":["Freestone County","Navarro County"],"subdivisions":["streetman"],"zipcodes":["75859","76681"]},"sunrisebeach":{"label":"Sunrise Beach","subdivisions":["Sunrise Beach","Sunrise Beach Unit 4"]},"sunrisebeachvillage":{"label":"Sunrise Beach Village","counties":["Llano County"],"subdivisions":["Granite Shoals Lake Estat","SUNRISE BEACH"],"zipcodes":["78643"]},"sunsetvalley":{"label":"Sunset Valley","counties":["Travis County"],"subdivisions":["Lelah Estates Resub","Sunset Valley"],"zipcodes":["78735","78745"]},"taylor":{"label":"Taylor","counties":["Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["0","AM40SDXI - MH EAST","Avery","Avery Glen","Avery Glen Ph Ii","AW0610 THOMAS, J. SUR. 96.0 Acres","Backman Acres","Baker Add","BEL AIR ADDN","Bel-Air Add","Bel-Air Sec 04","Bel-Air Sec 05","Bisang A Add","Bowers","Boxwoods at 2nd Street","Boxwoods at Taylor Condominiums","Bradley Business Park","Branch Add","Bull Branch Sec 01 Reinstated","Bull Branch Sec 02","Bunnell","Burns Add","Burns-Yakey","Capitol Hill","Castlewood","Chisholm Vly","Chisholm Vly Sec 01","City of Taylor","City\/Taylor","Clearfield","Coupland Estates","Coursey P Sur","Cuba John M Add Sec 3","Cuba John M Sec 01","Cuba John M Sec 02","Cuba John M Sec 03 Reinstated","Cw Baker","Cw Baker A-61","D AND S Subdivision","Dahlberg Estates Sec 2","Dahlberg Estates Sec 3","Dahlberg Estates Sec 7","Dickson 01","Dickson 02 Tr 01","Dickson 02 Tr 04","Dickson 2 Tr 1","Doak Add","Doak addition","Dove Pass Sub","Dr J S Browns Add","Duffy Sub","Eaves","Frame Switch","Frame Switch Sec 03","Gola Kid Acres Sub","Grove At Bull Creek","Grove\/Bull Crk Ph 2","Grove\/Bull Crk Ph I","Grove\/Bull Crk Ph Ii","H.T. & B.R.R","H.T. & B.R.R.","Hague 09 Acre Tr Aka Hague","Heights North Ph 01","Heights North Ph 02","Hidden Meadow","Hilltop Acres","Hoxie Estates","J Ebberly Survey","James Warren A-673","John C Duval Surv Abs#177","Lantern Hill","Mallard Park Ph 1","Mallard Park Ph 2","Margaret McDaniel Surv Abs #44","no","North Drive Sub","North Lake","North Park Ph 04","North Park Ph 1","Northpark Ph 04","Northpark Ph 3A","Northpark Ph 6","Oliver Add","P. Zarza","PATTERSON","PATTERSON W","Pecan Creek Estates","Pedro Zarza Surv Abs #14","Peter Cartwright Surv Abs #124","Plantation Acres","Rector","Rob Roy Estates","Robertson & Bland Add","Samuel Pharrass Surv Abs #496","See Agent","Sefcik 01","Smith W C","Stauffer Add","Sunset Add","T003LLLI - Taylor ISD Abstracts","T004D59G - Taylor ISD","T13MR - Retail Store-taylor","T13TR2 - Taylor Transitional 2","Taylor","Taylor City","taylor old town","Taylor Ranchette","Taylor Ranchettes","The Grove at Bull Creek","Vance","Warren","Washington Heights","Watkins Nobles Surv Abs #484","William J Barker Surv Abs #65","WILLIAMS, W.R. SUR","Willis Avery Surv Abs 924","Wr Williams Surv Abs 665","Zella Jones Add","Zidell"],"zipcodes":["76574","78634"]},"temple":{"label":"Temple","counties":["Bell County"],"subdivisions":["A0005BC - N CHANCE","A0329BC S FRAZIER","A1186BC J SMITH","Alta Vista I","Alta Vista Ph III","Amata Terra Add","Baker","Baker Sub","Bella Terra Ph I","Bella Terra Ph Ii","Bellview","Bird Creek Valley Ph I","Bon Ton","Bon Ton Sub Of Blk 4","Bonham Place","Canyon Creek Ph I","Canyon Ridge Ph I","Carriage House Trails Ph I","Clouds Sub","Cole & Talleys Fullview Add","Coles Factory Add","Deerfield Estates Ph Four","Dubose Add Blks 1-7","Florine Terrace","Freeman Heights","Friars Creek Landing","Fryers Creek Comm Sub","Green Acres","High Pointe Estates","Highland Terrace","Hills Of Westwood Ph I","Hills Of Westwood Ph Viii","J R Ranchettes Ph Ii","Jones & Moores Add","Kyles Add","Lake Pointe Ph Ii-A1","Lake Pointe Terrace Ph I","Lake Pointe Terrace Ph Ii A-I","Lakeaire Sec I","Lakeaire Sec Ii","Landing\/Heritage Oaks","Ledger Add","LIBERTY HILL PHASE III ENHANCED LIFE EST","Loop 363 Comm Subdivisio","Meadow Oaks West","Misty Creek Ph Ii","Monte Verde","MOORE'S KNIGHT","Moores Add","Nathans Add","North Gate Ph III","Northwest Hills 2nd Ext","Oak Hills Sec Two Ph On","Oak Rdg Ph I","Oak Ridge","Oakwoods 1st","Orchard Grove","Park Ridge","Pea Ridge","Pecan Creek","RAY'S CORNER","Reserve\/Pea Rdg Ph I","Reserve\/Pea Ride Ph 11","Ridgewood Estates","Roselawn","S FRAZIER","Seymour Bottsford Surv Abs118","Smith Dove Hollow","South Park","South Pointe Ph Ii","STEPHEN EATON","Stratford Place Ph Vii","Sundance","sunrise","Tanglewood","Tarver Ridge","Tarver Ridge Townhomes","Temple Original","Terrace Gardens First Unit","The Bend","THE CREEKS AT DEERFIELD","The Groves At Lakewood Ranch P","The Meadows At Creekside Ph","The Terrace","Village Of Sage Meadows","Villages\/Westfield Ph Ii","Watters","Wendy Oaks","West Ridge Ph Ix","Western Hills 4th Ext","Western Hills 5th Ext","Westwood Dev Ph I","Willow Glenn","WINDCLIFF LESS ROW","Windcrest Ph I","Windmill Farms Ph One","Windmill Farms Phase II","Woodbridge Creek","Woodbridge Creek Ph I","Wyndham Hill Additio"],"zipcodes":["76501","76502","76503","76504","76505","76508","76513","76528"]},"terlingua":{"label":"Terlingua","counties":["Brewster County"],"subdivisions":["Terlingua Ranch"],"zipcodes":["79852"]},"thehills":{"label":"The Hills","counties":["Travis County"],"subdivisions":["Academy Place Sec 01","ACADEMY PLACE SEC 1","Crystal Spgs Condo","Guest Quarters Of Academy Plac","Hills","Hills Lakeway Ph 01","Hills Lakeway Ph 02","Hills Lakeway Ph 04","Hills Lakeway Ph 05 Amd","Hills Lakeway Ph 08","Hills Lakeway Ph 09","Hills of Lakeway","Hills\/Lakeway Ph 08","Lakeside & Greens Condo","The Hills of Lakeway"],"zipcodes":["78734","78738"]},"thorndale":{"label":"Thorndale","counties":["Milam County","Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["A0010 - ACOSTA, JUAN JOSE","Charles Tom","Conrad Elgenauer Surv Abs 223","Country Meadows Estates","Country Meadows Phase II","Gilland and Bright Surveys","HALL","Highland Vistas","John F Guthrie Surv A-175","Liendo","Liendo Eggleston & Kueckler","Liendo J L Woodward","Liendo Thorndale","Michalk Mary","Miguel Davila Surv Abs #13","Moses Park","NEWTON & JOHNSON","Newton & Johnson Resub","Original Town- Th","VISTAS AT SAN GABRIEL"],"zipcodes":["76577"]},"thornton":{"label":"Thornton","counties":["Limestone County"],"subdivisions":["Rejon-West"],"zipcodes":["76687"]},"thrall":{"label":"Thrall","counties":["Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["0","Amx40sdx-Am40sdx","Black & Baker Add","Blue Bird Estates","Cooke","Cross Creek Ranches","Foley Hrs G Sur","Land Part\/The William Nicholds","Oak Creek Sub","OAK VIEW RANCH","Oil City Add","Shell","Simon Miller","zarza"],"zipcodes":["76578"]},"throckmorton":{"label":"Throckmorton","counties":["Throckmorton County"],"zipcodes":["76483"]},"tomball":{"label":"Tomball","counties":["Harris County","Montgomery County"],"subdivisions":["William Hobby Surv Abs #344"],"zipcodes":["77375","77377"]},"tow":{"label":"Tow","subdivisions":["Buchanan Lake Village","Ja Gabbart","Paradise Point"]},"trinity":{"label":"Trinity","counties":["Trinity County"],"subdivisions":["PINECREST HIDEAWAY","The Plantation"],"zipcodes":["75862"]},"troy":{"label":"Troy","counties":["Bell County"],"subdivisions":["Cottonwood","S Knight","Turtle Crk Ph I","unk"],"zipcodes":["76501","76579"]},"tuscola":{"label":"Tuscola","counties":["Taylor County"],"zipcodes":["79562"]},"tyler":{"label":"Tyler","counties":["Smith County"],"zipcodes":["75701","75702","75703","75704","75705","75706","75707","75708","75709","75710","75711","75712","75713","75798","75799"]},"uhland":{"label":"Uhland","counties":["Caldwell County","Hays County"],"subdivisions":["Camino Crest","Camino East","Cotton Gin Estates Ph 2 Sec 1A","Grist Mill Highlands Sec 2","HARVEST CREEK","Harvest Creek Ph 1","MILLCREEK","Millcreek Ph 1","Millcreek Ph 2","Pradera","Summer Sun Sub","Uhland Estates Sec 2","WATERMILL","WAYSIDE"],"zipcodes":["78640"]},"universalcity":{"label":"Universal City","counties":["Bexar County"],"zipcodes":["78148","78150","78233"]},"uvalde":{"label":"Uvalde","counties":["Uvalde County"],"zipcodes":["78801","78802"]},"valleymills":{"label":"Valley Mills","counties":["Bosque County","McLennan County"],"subdivisions":["Hall CJ Acres"],"zipcodes":["76689"]},"valleyspring":{"label":"Valley Spring","subdivisions":["U MALACH ABSTRACT #531"]},"victoria":{"label":"Victoria","counties":["Victoria County"],"subdivisions":["Paradise Ranch"],"zipcodes":["77901","77902","77903","77904","77905","77968"]},"vidor":{"label":"Vidor","counties":["Orange County"],"subdivisions":["Myers"],"zipcodes":["77662","77670"]},"volente":{"label":"Volente","counties":["Travis County"],"subdivisions":["Calavan Estates","Lake Travis","Lake Travis 02","Lake Travis 06","Sandy Shores","Travista","Village At Volente Ph 01","Village At Volente Ph 02","Village At Volente Ph 03"],"zipcodes":["78641"]},"vonormy":{"label":"Von Ormy","counties":["Bexar County"],"zipcodes":["78073"]},"waco":{"label":"Waco","counties":["McLennan County"],"subdivisions":["Bluebonnet Cliffs","Copper Spgs Add","Garden Oaks","Stephans JM, Toby T","University Heights","Valley View","Waterford Village Addition"],"zipcodes":["76633","76638","76640","76643","76655","76657","76701","76702","76703","76704","76705","76706","76707","76708","76710","76711","76712","76714","76715","76716","76795","76797","76798","76799"]},"waelder":{"label":"Waelder","counties":["Gonzales County"],"subdivisions":["Abs A131","Adam Zumwalt Jr League A-86","Adam Zumwalt Surv A-118","Edgewater Hickston","Freeman George Surv Abs #197","Independence Landing","James Robinson League Abs #270","legal description","MONE","RANCHES AT SUNSET HILLS","Robinson","SEE LEGAL","See Legal Description","Sunset Hills","Town\/Waelder","Waelder","Water Well Baldridge Creek Estate","ZUMWALT A JR"],"zipcodes":["78959"]},"walburg":{"label":"Walburg","subdivisions":["Grain Elevator-East Georgetown"]},"waller":{"label":"Waller","counties":["Harris County","Waller County"],"zipcodes":["77484"]},"wallis":{"label":"Wallis","counties":["Austin County"],"subdivisions":["0"],"zipcodes":["77485"]},"washington":{"label":"Washington","subdivisions":["A0037 - A0037 - Davis, Joseph","POSTOAKE","POSTOAKE - Post Oak East"]},"webberville":{"label":"Webberville","counties":["Travis County"],"subdivisions":["Webberwood Sec 03"],"zipcodes":["78621","78653"]},"weimar":{"label":"Weimar","counties":["Colorado County"],"subdivisions":["0","A-68 M ANDREWS","Ruiz Subdivision"],"zipcodes":["78962"]},"weir":{"label":"Weir","counties":["Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["Weir"],"zipcodes":["78626","78674"]},"westcolumbia":{"label":"West Columbia","counties":["Brazoria County"],"subdivisions":["H & T B R R"],"zipcodes":["77486"]},"westlakehills":{"label":"West Lake Hills","counties":["Travis County"],"subdivisions":["Flintridge Oaks 02","Hannah","Hill H P","Holly Bell","Lakeview Gardens","Little Bend","Liveoak Terrace Pt Rep","Los Rincones","Plateau-Oaks A","Red Bud Hills","Red Bud Park","Ridgewood Village Sec 02","Ridgewood Village Sec 06","Skyline Terrace Sec 02","Stonehedge Estates","Sutton Add","Tj Chamber Abs 7","Westlake Crossroads","Westlake Hills","Westlake Park Sec 02","Westland Office Park Amd","Windfall Woods","Wood Trail Estates","Wren Valley Sec 01-A","Wren Valley Sec 02-A"],"zipcodes":["78746"]},"westpoint":{"label":"West Point","subdivisions":["ABS A140 BERRY D","BERRY D","Fayette Shores","Feder Estates","West Point Texas Ranch Land"]},"whitney":{"label":"Whitney","counties":["Hill County"],"subdivisions":["White Bluff"],"zipcodes":["76692"]},"wichitafalls":{"label":"Wichita Falls","counties":["Wichita County"],"subdivisions":["LOT 9 BLK 14 HOMEWOOD HEIGHT"],"zipcodes":["76301","76302","76305","76306","76307","76308","76309","76310","76311","76367"]},"wimberley":{"label":"Wimberley","counties":["Hays County"],"subdivisions":["A0085 - THOMAS CRAINSHAW SURVEY","A0461 AMASA TURNER SURVEY, ACRES 1.181","Arrow Lake Acres","Ben Page","BLANCO BEND","Blanco Bend #1","Blanco Valley Ranches","Bryarwood","Burnett Ranch Sec 1","Burnett Ranch Sec 2","Burnett Ranch Sec 3","Cambridge","Cambridge Sub","Campfire 2 Sec 1","Canyon Oaks","Clear Lake Estates I","Cliffside First Unit","Conrad Overland","Cornerstone Condos","Cypress Creek Acres","Cypress Fairway Village 1","Cypress Point Sec 2","Deer Lake Estates","Deer Run Estates","Eagle Rock Ranchitos Sec 1","Eagle Rock Ranchitos Sec 3","End Of The Race Subd","Escondida Ranch","Fischer Cove","Flat Creek Reserve","Flite acres rd-non river side-flite 2","George E Blackwell Survey","George G Blackwell Survey","Green Acres Sec 1","Heaton Hollow","High Ridge Ranch","Hill Country Ranches","HILLCROFT","Hunter's Ridge","Indian Oaks Estates","Jacobs Well Ranch","Kingsway Sec 1","Las Lomas Sec 1 Resubd","Lea Acres","Ledgerock","Lost Spgs Sub Sec 1","Lost Spgs Sub Sec 2","Lost Springs Ranch","MOUNT SHARP RANCH","Mountain Crest Unit 1","MUSTANG VALLEY","Mustang Valley Sec Five","Mustang Valley Sec Four","Mustang Valley Sec Six","Paradise Hills","PARADISE HILLS AREA - NOT PART OF HOA - SEE AGENT","Paradise Hills Sec 4","Paradise Valley Sec 2","Rainbow Ranch","Rancho Grande","Ransom Weed Survey","River Meadows","River Mountain Ranch Sec 6 Ph One","River Mountain Ranch Sec 6 Ph Two","River Oaks Of Wimberley Unit 1","River Oaks Of Wimberley Unit 2","River Oaks Of Wimberley Unit 5","Riverledge Estate","Robert McCombs Surv Abs #301","Saddleridge Sec 2","Settlers Ridge","Shadow Valley","Skyline I","Skyline Ii","Skyline Ranch Estates","Smith Nest","South River Sec II","Spoke Hill Sec 2","Steve Brown Sub","Texas Central Railway Co Surv","The Benjamin Page Surv Abs 365","The Brook At Woodcreek","The Crossing","The Oaks","The River At Stone Canyon Unrec","Thompson Ranch Estate","Timmeron Sec 1","Twin Mountain Estate #1","Village of Wimberley","Wagon Wheel Sec 1","Wc Village Wildwood Village","Wesley Hughes Surv","Williams Family Sub","Wimberley Campfire 2 Sec 3","Wimberley Hills Sec 1","Wimberley Hills Sec 2","WIMBERLEY MOUNTAIN BUSINESS PARK","Wimberley Spgs Sec 1","Wimberly Springs","WOODCREEK","Woodcreek North","Woodcreek Sec 01","Woodcreek Sec 10","Woodcreek Sec 11","Woodcreek Sec 12","Woodcreek Sec 13","Woodcreek Sec 15","Woodcreek Sec 19","Woodcreek Sec 2","Woodcreek Sec 20","Woodcreek Sec 21","Woodcreek Sec 22","Woodcreek Sec 25","Woodcreek Sec 3","Woodcreek Sec 4-A","Woodcreek Sec 4-B","Woodcreek Sec 5","Woodcreek Sec 6","Woodcreek Sec 6-B","Woodcreek Sec 6-C","Woodcreek Sec 8","Woodcreek Sec 9-A","Woodcreek Sec 9-B","Woodcreek Sec 9A","Woodcreek Spgs Sec 1","York Creek Meadows","York Creek Meadows Sec 2"],"zipcodes":["78666","78676"]},"winchester":{"label":"Winchester","subdivisions":["00","Berry"]},"woodville":{"label":"Woodville","counties":["Tyler County"],"zipcodes":["75979","75990"]},"woodway":{"label":"Woodway","counties":["McLennan County"],"subdivisions":["Merrifield JQ"],"zipcodes":["76712"]},"yoakum":{"label":"Yoakum","counties":["DeWitt County","Lavaca County"],"subdivisions":["Downtown Yoakum","John May"],"zipcodes":["77995"]},"yorktown":{"label":"Yorktown","counties":["DeWitt County"],"subdivisions":["Yorktown"],"zipcodes":["78164"]},"zapata":{"label":"Zapata","counties":["Zapata County"],"subdivisions":["Haynes"],"zipcodes":["78076"]}}},"last_updated":"2024-02-27 03:01:02","version":1}