{"tx":{"st":"TX","label":"Texas","counties":["Hill County","Jones County","Taylor County","Nueces County","El Paso County","Rains County","Wood County","Brewster County","Cherokee County","Brazoria County","Wise County","Potter County","Randall County","Liberty County","Chambers County","Grimes County","Andrews County","Aransas County","San Patricio County","Fort Bend County","Denton County","Tarrant County","Smith County","Dimmit County","Harris County","Henderson County","Cass County","Bastrop County","Hays County","Travis County","Williamson County","Red River County","Galveston County","Callahan County","Runnels County","Bandera County","Bell County","Matagorda County","Jefferson County","Bee County","Austin County","Burnet County","Upshur County","Howard County","Blanco County","Kendall County","Wharton County","Hutchinson County","Parmer County","Kinney County","McCulloch County","Robertson County","Washington County","Orange County","San Augustine County","Waller County","Jasper County","Cameron County","Brown County","Brazos County","Milam County","Leon County","Bexar County","Comal County","Wichita County","Angelina County","Burleson County","Real County","Van Zandt County","Fayette County","Collin County","Dallas County","Panola County","Medina County","Ellis County","Shelby County","Hartley County","Atascosa County","Tyler County","Childress County","McLennan County","Guadalupe County","Johnson County","Montgomery County","San Jacinto County","Bosque County","Coleman County","Mitchell County","Colorado County","Comanche County","Hunt County","Hopkins County","Limestone County","Coryell County","Lampasas County","Kleberg County","Polk County","Navarro County","Houston County","Zavala County","DeWitt County","Nacogdoches County","Morris County","Kaufman County","Rockwall County","Bowie County","Hudspeth County","Grayson County","Frio County","Eastland County","Gregg County","Rusk County","Hidalgo County","Concho County","Jackson County","Schleicher County","Anderson County","Hamilton County","Freestone County","Wilson County","Parker County","Gillespie County","Duval County","Ector County","Lee County","Mills County","Goliad County","Gonzales County","Palo Pinto County","Ward County","Trinity County","Lavaca County","Harrison County","Sabine County","Llano County","Walker County","Victoria County","Marion County","Kimble County","Kerr County","Hardin County","Starr County","Webb County","Fannin County","Hood County","Caldwell County","Falls County","Lubbock County","Madison County","Mason County","Menard County","Martin County","Midland County","Titus County","Franklin County","Newton County","Jim Wells County","Crockett County","Cottle County","Gray County","Carson County","Lamar County","Reeves County","Cooke County","Camp County","Hale County","Calhoun County","Garza County","Hardeman County","Willacy County","Refugio County","Edwards County","Haskell County","Tom Green County","San Saba County","Gaines County","Baylor County","Scurry County","Sutton County","Dickens County","Nolan County","Swisher County","Uvalde County","Wilbarger County"],"zipcodes":[76621,79601,79602,79603,79604,79605,79606,79607,79608,79697,79698,79699,78330,79928,75410,79830,79831,79832,75925,77511,77512,77515,77534,77541,77578,77583,76225,79101,79102,79103,79104,79105,79106,79107,79108,79109,79110,79111,79114,79116,79117,79118,79119,79120,79121,79124,79159,79166,79168,79172,79174,79178,79185,79187,79189,77575,77514,77830,79714,77516,78335,78336,78362,77545,76226,75050,75052,76001,76002,76003,76004,76005,76006,76007,76010,76011,76012,76013,76014,76015,76016,76017,76018,76019,76040,76060,76063,76094,76096,76112,76119,76120,75750,78827,77044,77338,77346,77396,75751,75752,75551,75572,73301,73344,78610,78613,78617,78641,78651,78652,78653,78660,78701,78702,78703,78704,78705,78708,78709,78710,78711,78712,78713,78714,78715,78716,78717,78718,78719,78720,78721,78722,78723,78724,78725,78726,78727,78728,78729,78730,78731,78732,78733,78734,78735,78736,78737,78738,78739,78741,78742,78744,78745,78746,78747,78748,78749,78750,78751,78752,78753,78754,78755,78756,78757,78758,78759,78760,78761,78762,78763,78764,78765,78766,78767,78768,78769,78772,78773,78774,78778,78779,78780,78781,78783,78785,78786,78788,78789,78798,78799,75554,75630,77518,77573,79504,76821,78003,76511,78602,78612,77404,77414,77482,77563,77520,77521,77522,77523,77417,77627,77701,77702,77703,77704,77705,77706,77707,77708,77709,77710,77713,77720,77725,77726,76021,76022,76054,76095,77831,78669,78102,78104,77401,77402,77418,76502,76513,76571,75763,78605,75755,75797,79720,79721,78343,78606,77419,78006,78015,75417,77420,77617,77623,77650,79007,79008,79009,78832,76825,76858,77422,77474,76629,77833,77834,77611,77630,75929,77423,75931,78520,78521,78522,78523,78526,78566,78575,78578,78583,78586,76801,76802,76803,76804,77801,77802,77803,77805,77806,77807,77808,77840,77845,76518,75831,75703,75757,78070,78163,78261,77612,77024,76354,76367,75941,78611,77835,77836,77837,76520,78833,75103,75169,78132,78133,78623,78932,78834,75001,75006,75007,75010,75011,75019,75056,75067,75093,75633,78009,75104,75106,75115,75137,75154,76065,78630,75009,75071,75078,76258,75935,75833,75758,77015,77049,77530,79018,78011,75936,79201,77613,78263,76633,78108,78124,78155,77450,77494,75426,77565,76031,76033,76044,76058,77327,77328,77371,77372,76634,76644,79836,77531,77566,79510,77331,76834,77841,77842,77843,77844,77881,75938,79512,78934,76442,78013,75428,75429,75431,77301,77302,77303,77304,77305,77306,77316,77318,77356,77378,77384,77385,78109,78148,78244,76635,76522,76539,76542,76544,76549,78370,78373,78380,78401,78402,78403,78404,78405,78406,78407,78408,78409,78410,78411,78412,78413,78414,78415,78416,78417,78418,78419,78426,78427,78460,78461,78463,78465,78466,78467,78468,78469,78470,78471,78472,78473,78474,78475,78476,78477,78478,78480,75939,75109,75110,75151,76574,78615,76636,75835,77532,76227,78839,77954,75760,75638,77533,75032,75037,75041,75043,75051,75062,75063,75080,75081,75087,75088,75089,75098,75126,75141,75149,75159,75166,75182,75201,75202,75203,75204,75205,75206,75207,75208,75209,75210,75211,75212,75214,75215,75216,75217,75218,75219,75220,75221,75222,75223,75224,75225,75226,75227,75228,75229,75230,75231,75232,75233,75234,75235,75236,75237,75238,75240,75241,75242,75243,75244,75245,75246,75247,75248,75249,75250,75251,75252,75253,75254,75258,75260,75261,75262,75263,75264,75265,75266,75267,75270,75275,75277,75283,75284,75285,75286,75287,75301,75303,75310,75312,75313,75315,75320,75323,75326,75334,75336,75339,75340,75342,75343,75344,75353,75354,75355,75356,75357,75359,75360,75363,75364,75367,75368,75370,75371,75372,75373,75374,75376,75378,75379,75380,75381,75382,75386,75387,75388,75389,75390,75391,75392,75393,75394,75395,75396,75397,75398,77430,76639,77535,75559,76234,77536,77571,79837,75020,75021,75076,76201,76202,76203,76204,76205,76206,76207,76208,76209,76210,76249,76259,76266,75123,77538,77510,77539,78017,78619,78620,75116,75138,77434,77435,76448,75603,75641,78538,76837,78539,78540,78541,78542,77957,77437,77586,79835,79901,79902,79903,79904,79905,79906,79907,79908,79910,79911,79912,79913,79914,79915,79916,79917,79918,79920,79922,79923,79924,79925,79926,79927,79929,79930,79931,79932,79934,79935,79936,79937,79938,79940,79941,79942,79943,79944,79945,79946,79947,79948,79949,79950,79951,79952,79953,79954,79955,79958,79960,79961,79968,79976,79978,79980,79990,79995,79996,79997,79998,79999,88510,88511,88512,88513,88514,88515,88516,88517,88518,88519,88520,88521,88523,88524,88525,88526,88527,88528,88529,88530,88531,88532,88533,88534,88535,88536,88538,88539,88540,88541,88542,88543,88544,88545,88546,88547,88548,88549,88550,88553,88554,88555,88556,88557,88558,88559,88560,88561,88562,88563,88565,88566,88567,88568,88569,88570,88571,88572,88573,88574,88575,88576,88577,88578,88579,88580,88581,88582,88583,88584,88585,88586,88587,88588,88589,88590,88595,76936,76360,78621,75839,75440,75119,75120,75152,75165,76039,76051,75124,76525,79838,77461,77469,75840,78940,78941,76527,78114,76008,76028,76036,76052,76053,76101,76102,76103,76104,76105,76106,76107,76108,76109,76110,76111,76113,76114,76115,76116,76117,76118,76121,76122,76123,76124,76126,76127,76129,76130,76131,76132,76133,76134,76135,76136,76137,76140,76147,76148,76150,76155,76161,76162,76163,76164,76166,76177,76179,76181,76185,76191,76192,76193,76195,76196,76197,76198,76199,76244,76247,76262,77856,78624,77542,78357,77089,77546,77549,77598,79035,75024,75033,75034,75035,75068,75070,75127,77406,77441,77029,77547,77550,77551,77552,77553,77554,77555,77962,78154,78266,79758,75040,75042,75044,75045,75046,75047,75048,75049,75150,75946,76528,76596,76597,76598,76599,78626,78627,78628,78633,78942,75644,75645,75647,76844,77963,78629,77335,76449,75053,75054,75060,75061,76084,75140,79742,76050,78654,75844,75401,75402,75403,75404,76642,77619,75845,75156,76455,77964,75650,76180,76531,77561,76548,78550,78551,78552,78553,78631,75765,77859,78023,78254,75948,77445,75652,75653,75654,77562,76645,77855,77871,77055,77517,77568,78861,78657,77001,77002,77003,77004,77005,77006,77007,77008,77009,77010,77011,77012,77013,77014,77016,77017,77018,77019,77020,77021,77022,77023,77025,77026,77027,77028,77030,77031,77032,77033,77034,77035,77036,77037,77038,77039,77040,77041,77042,77043,77045,77046,77047,77048,77050,77051,77052,77053,77054,77056,77057,77058,77059,77060,77061,77062,77063,77064,77065,77066,77067,77068,77069,77070,77071,77072,77073,77074,77075,77076,77077,77078,77079,77080,77081,77082,77083,77084,77085,77086,77087,77088,77090,77091,77092,77093,77094,77095,77096,77097,77098,77099,77201,77202,77203,77204,77205,77206,77207,77208,77209,77210,77212,77213,77215,77216,77217,77218,77219,77220,77221,77222,77223,77224,77225,77226,77227,77228,77229,77230,77231,77233,77234,77235,77236,77237,77238,77240,77241,77242,77243,77244,77245,77246,77247,77248,77249,77250,77251,77252,77253,77254,77255,77256,77257,77258,77259,77261,77262,77263,77265,77266,77267,77268,77269,77270,77271,77272,77273,77274,77275,77276,77277,77279,77280,77282,77284,77285,77286,77287,77288,77289,77290,77291,77292,77293,77294,77296,77297,77298,77299,77315,77336,77339,77345,77357,77365,77373,77375,77377,77379,77380,77386,77388,77389,77407,77410,77411,77413,77429,77433,77449,77477,77489,77493,77498,77503,77504,77506,76648,75904,75656,77564,77325,77347,77448,75949,77320,77340,77341,77342,77343,77344,77348,77349,78634,78944,77968,78374,77861,75014,75015,75016,75017,75038,75039,76055,75979,75766,76537,75951,75657,75846,78636,78645,76849,77491,77492,76248,75143,77451,75847,75144,78028,78029,75662,75663,76540,76541,76543,76545,76546,76547,78638,78639,78363,78364,75956,75848,75859,76693,76653,77625,77862,78640,78666,78559,78945,77505,77507,77572,78121,77970,78545,78584,78368,78063,76550,75134,75146,78040,78041,78042,78043,78044,78045,78046,78049,75849,77574,78873,78646,78681,78238,78240,75850,75452,78947,78642,75706,75771,75563,76462,76554,78233,77577,77351,77399,78643,78644,77971,75453,75668,75601,75602,75604,75605,75606,75607,75608,75615,75693,76630,76655,76656,77455,75851,79401,79402,79403,79404,79405,79406,79407,79408,79409,79410,79411,79412,79413,79414,79415,79416,79423,79424,79430,79452,79453,79457,79464,79490,79491,79493,79499,75901,75902,75903,75915,78648,77657,75147,77864,77353,77354,77355,75148,77584,75566,77456,76661,77865,75670,75671,75672,76664,76856,77457,77626,77632,78501,78502,78503,78504,78505,78557,78572,78573,76561,76657,75069,75454,76859,75180,75181,75185,75187,76667,79701,79702,79703,79704,79705,79706,79707,79708,79710,79711,79712,79765,79782,75852,75959,76556,75773,76067,76068,76088,78574,77459,77479,77580,77333,76557,78057,77975,75681,75455,75456,75457,76864,75961,75962,75963,75964,75965,78059,77868,77869,77651,75570,78130,78131,78135,77358,75966,78140,77629,78142,76182,77359,75855,79760,79761,79762,79763,79764,79766,79768,79769,78371,77360,77631,78372,77464,77485,75684,76943,79248,77428,77465,75801,75802,75803,75882,76484,79065,79066,79068,75460,75461,75462,75473,77501,77502,77508,77466,77581,77588,78061,79772,78576,78664,78691,78577,76271,77484,77362,75968,77278,75686,79072,79073,75023,75025,75026,75074,75075,75082,75086,75094,77363,77471,78064,75472,77364,77640,77641,77642,77643,77655,77979,79356,78065,77446,78375,75407,79252,75474,75783,78580,75125,75501,75567,75573,78377,76020,76082,76681,76682,78582,77367,78379,76567,78381,78382,78880,76570,78663,78665,78680,78682,78683,78954,78961,79547,79548,75785,76901,76902,76903,76904,76905,76906,76908,76909,78054,78056,78073,78112,78201,78202,78203,78204,78205,78206,78207,78208,78209,78210,78211,78212,78213,78214,78215,78216,78217,78218,78219,78220,78221,78222,78223,78224,78225,78226,78227,78228,78229,78230,78231,78232,78234,78235,78236,78237,78239,78241,78242,78243,78245,78246,78247,78248,78249,78250,78251,78252,78253,78255,78256,78257,78258,78259,78260,78262,78264,78265,78268,78269,78270,78275,78278,78279,78280,78283,78284,78285,78286,78287,78288,78289,78291,78292,78293,78294,78295,78296,78297,78298,78299,75972,78384,79849,77473,78516,78589,78656,78667,76877,78383,78956,75158,77983,78594,78123,78156,79360,76380,77381,77984,79851,77656,77476,78387,78389,79364,78159,78957,77878,77879,79549,79550,76950,77659,77260,77587,78597,77382,77383,77387,77391,77393,79370,77497,79521,79553,78160,77661,77665,77478,77487,77496,78595,77480,79556,78390,75487,75860,76686,76501,76503,76504,76505,76508,75974,75160,75161,75503,75504,75505,75507,75599,77590,77591,77592,77481,76577,76687,76578,75975,77990,76476,75862,75789,76579,79088,75701,75702,75704,75705,75707,75708,75709,75710,75711,75712,75713,75798,75799,78150,78801,78802,76689,75790,76384,76385,77901,77902,77903,77904,77905,77662,77670,76638,76640,76643,76701,76702,76703,76704,76705,76706,76707,76708,76710,76711,76712,76714,76715,76716,76795,76797,76798,76799,78959,77664,75692,75167,75168,78962,78537,78596,78599,77486,77488,76692,76301,76302,76305,76306,76307,76308,76309,76310,76311,78676,75494,78393,75990,75497,77995,78164,75980],"cities":{"abbott":{"label":"Abbott","counties":["Hill County"],"subdivisions":["0517 - Leon Co Sch Lnd"],"zipcodes":["76621"]},"abilene":{"label":"Abilene","counties":["Jones County","Taylor County"],"subdivisions":["Alexandar Thompson","Anderson Add","Country Club","Ot Abilene","Sc Ferrell,Anderson,ThompsonDyess Area","Sears Park"],"zipcodes":["79601","79602","79603","79604","79605","79606","79607","79608","79697","79698","79699"]},"aguadulce":{"label":"Agua Dulce","counties":["Nueces County","El Paso County"],"subdivisions":["Horizon City #1"],"zipcodes":["78330","79928"]},"alba":{"label":"Alba","counties":["Rains County","Wood County"],"subdivisions":["Cranford Add","Cummins Mishac Acres","Gonzales A"],"zipcodes":["75410"]},"algoa":{"label":"Algoa","subdivisions":["Algoa Suburbs Numbered","I & Gnrr A-600 Sub","I & Gnrr A-617 Sub","I & Gnrr A-619 Sub","Rymal Ranch Estates"]},"alleyton":{"label":"Alleyton","subdivisions":["A-80 S Birt & A-417 D Miller","Alleyton","Angel Lake","Grand Oaks Estates","Martin D Raivisey Surv Abs #47","Rur 3a-1","Tbd"]},"alpine":{"label":"Alpine","counties":["Brewster County"],"zipcodes":["79830","79831","79832"]},"altair":{"label":"Altair","subdivisions":["George W Wright Surv Tract 3 A","Jessica Lane"]},"alto":{"label":"Alto","counties":["Cherokee County"],"subdivisions":["Alto"],"zipcodes":["75925"]},"alvin":{"label":"Alvin","counties":["Brazoria County"],"subdivisions":["A C H & B","A H & B","Abst 0421","Algoa Sub #1 Unrec Sub 4-","Algoa Suburbs Numbered","Alvin 1 Alvin","Alvin Crossing","Anna Ashton Place Sec 1","B B B & C R R","Bayou Bend Alvin","Bayou End Circle","Bayou Timber","Blum","Boyd","Brighton Place Alvin","Brighton Place Sec 5 Alvin","Callaway Heights","Chatfield","Country Club Heights","Country Meadow Estates","Coyote Trace","Creekwood","Davis Sub","East Bend","Easton","Easton Alvin","Eastwood Alvin","Elizabeth Road Unrec","Evergreen Terrace Sec 1","Finger","Fleming & Powers","Forest Heights","Forest Heights Sec 3","Forest Heights Sec 6","Forest Heights Sec 6 A0420 Ho","Fox","Foxwood","Freedom Sd A0449 Ht&Brr Alv","G Logan","Glennview Alvin","Graham Alvin","Graham-Tolar-Davis-Uzzell","Green Acres","Green Meadows","Gubert Gardens Alvin","H T & B R R","Hamilton Square","Hamilton Square Sec 1","Hamilton Square Sec 2","Harper Alvin","Hayes Alvin","Heisse Alvin","Heritage Village","Herring Alvin","Highway Acres","Hillcrest Village","Hooper & Wade","Hooper And Wade","Hope Sd","Ht & B R R","Ht & Brr","I & G N R R","I & G N R R Surv Abs 603 Sec 2","Imperial Forest","J La Flore","Jack Alvin","James Layne Estates","Jamison Alvin","Jephson Alvin","John Peske","Joseph La Flore","Kendall Laes","Kendall Lakes","Kendall Lakes Sec 10","Kendall Lakes Sec 2","Kendall Lakes Sec 3","Kendall Lakes Sec 4 A0482 Ht&","Kendall Lakes Sec 7 A0482 Ht&","Kendall Lks Sec 11","Kings Row Alvin","Kingston Manor Alvin","L C Dunbaugh, Kenney Acres","Lake Side Village","Lone Grove","Los Robles Sub","Maewood Alvin","Martha's Vineyard","Martha's Vineyard Sec 2","Marthas Vineyard","Marthas Vineyard Sec 1","Marthas Vineyard Sec 3","Masterson","Meadowland Sec 2","Meyerland Alvin","Midtown Park","Midtown Park Sec 2","Midtown Park Sec 3","Moore Alvin","Morgan","Morgan Alvin","Morgan Meadows","Mustang Crossing","Mustang Crossing Sec 4","Mustang Estates Sec 2","Mustang Grossing","Mustang Ridge","Mustang Xing Sec 6","Newson & Swickle Sub","North Pointe Trails","North Pointe Trails Sec 1","Oak Bend Estates","Oak Creek Village","Oak Manor Estates","Owens","Pleasant Acres","Pleasant Bend","R A Magee","Reed Ranch Estates","Ridgecrest","River Oaks Homesites Sec Ii","Rowan","Rowan Alvin","Roy Mauney Subdivision","Ryan-Long Sec 2","S A S Alvin","S F Austin","S T Angier","Santa Fe","Shadow Pond","Shadow Pond Phase 2","Somerset Place","Somerset Place Sec 1 Alvin","South Country Sec 1","South Country Sec 2","South Meadows","Stephen F Austin 1-3\/4 League","Stevenwood","Sunset Ranch Sec 1","Thos Spraggins","Timberlane Manor","Timberwilde Estates","Towne Oaks","Towne Oaks Sec 1-2 Alvin","Towne Oaks Sec I Rep A Al","Watermark","Weir","Westchester Estates Alvin","Western Acres","Western Heights Sec 3","Westwood Alvin","Weybridge Sec 1","Whispering Pines","Whispering Pines Sub Sec Iii","Whispering Pines Sub Sec Iv-A","Wickwillow","Wm Harris"],"zipcodes":["77511","77512","77515","77534","77541","77578","77583"]},"alvord":{"label":"Alvord","counties":["Wise County"],"subdivisions":["Original Alvord"],"zipcodes":["76225"]},"amarillo":{"label":"Amarillo","counties":["Potter County","Randall County"],"subdivisions":["Belmar 05","West Acres"],"zipcodes":["79101","79102","79103","79104","79105","79106","79107","79108","79109","79110","79111","79114","79116","79117","79118","79119","79120","79121","79124","79159","79166","79168","79172","79174","79178","79185","79187","79189"]},"ames":{"label":"Ames","counties":["Liberty County"],"subdivisions":["006820 - O'brien, Sec 1","Ameswood","Baker Henry","Compton","Compton John","Compton, Sec 1","Cormier","James Martin","Mitchell Tr","Obrien, Sec 2"],"zipcodes":["77575"]},"anahuac":{"label":"Anahuac","counties":["Chambers County"],"subdivisions":["A Taylor","Anahuac","Anahuac T\/S","Anson Taylor League","Banley","Bayside","Belton Lane Add","C Wilcox","Carrington Sub","Chambers","Chambliss Sub","Charles Willcox","Charles Willcox 01 03 League","Charles Willcox 2\/3rd League A","Cypess Pont","Cypress Point","Double Bayou #2","Earl W. Wheeler","Farris Sub","G. B. Garrard Survey, Abst Number 10","Harvest Rdg","Henry Burt","Hopes's Landing Minor Plat","J H Sherman","J P Alford Surv Abs #33","Jackson & Darden","Kenneth & Cheryl Ests","L D Stamps","L W Fields","Lakeway","Leon W Fields Surv Abs #330","Margie White Estates","Oak Island Sub","P A Huffman","R E Booth League Abs #34","Robbins","Robbins Sub","South Shore Sub & First Add","Sportsman","Sportsman Sub","Taylor","The Henry Burt Survey, Abstract Number 3","W Bayshore Oak Island Tx","W D Willcox Add","W D Willcox Add Anahuac","W Grimmer","Whitcomb Sur","White Heron Residence Estate","Wilcox","Willcox"],"zipcodes":["77514"]},"anderson":{"label":"Anderson","counties":["Grimes County"],"subdivisions":["Allen Vince Surv Abs 56","Anderson","Apolonia","Diamond Spur Ranch","Ephraim Fugua Surv Abs #206","Holland Ridge Ph One","J Cox League Abs\/13","John S Black Surv A-5","Lacys Love Sub","R P Stewart","Scenic View Estate","Timber Hills Sec 1","Valley View Sub","Zone B West Side"],"zipcodes":["77830"]},"andrews":{"label":"Andrews","counties":["Andrews County"],"subdivisions":["Original Town"],"zipcodes":["79714"]},"angleton":{"label":"Angleton","counties":["Brazoria County"],"subdivisions":["A0129.Are0","A0134 E Waller","A0210 John Howell","A0297 - H T & B R R","Anglecrest","Angleton","Angleton Angleton","Angleton Comm Sub 2","Angleton Heights Angleton","Anglewood Angleton","Area Off Cr 220 To Fm 523","Arnold Angleton","Arth Sd Trs 6-7 Blk 2 E 1\/2","Bar X Ranch","Bar X Ranch Sec 10","Bar X Ranch Sec 11","Bar X Ranch Sec 12a-12b-12c-12","Bar X Ranch Sec 13a-13b","Bar X Ranch Sec 14","Bar X Ranch Sec 15","Bar X Ranch Sec 17","Bar X Ranch Sec 2","Bar X Ranch Sec 3","Bar X Ranch Sec 4","Bar X Ranch Sec 5","Bar X Ranch Sec 6","Bar X Ranch Sec 7","Bar X Ranch Sec 8","Barx","Bastrop Bayou","Bastrop Bayou Acres","Bastrop Beach","Bastrop Holiday Beach","Bastrop Lake","Bayou Bend Estates","Bayou Homesites","Bayou Meadows","Beechwood","Beechwood Rep","Blanchard","Brazos Bend","Brookhollow","Brushy Bayou Th Sec Ii","Bryan-Kiber Angleton","C Smith","Cannan Heights Angleton 380","Cannan Ranch House Sec 2 Angl","Chenango Ranch","Chenango Ranch Sec 1","Chenango Ranch Sec 2","Chevy Chase #1 Angleton","Chevy Chase #2 Angleton","Colony Square Angleton 318","Country Estates","Dell Acres","Dove Meadow","E Waller","Elm Estates","F K Stevens","F W Stevens","Fairview Farms","Geo Robinson","Gifford Meadows","Green Trls","Greystone","Greystone Sd","Greystone Subdivision","H H Cornwall","Henry Austin","Heritage Court","Heritage Court Sd Sec 1","Heritage Oaks","Heritage Oaks Sec 4 A0380 & A","Heritage Oaks Sec 5","Heritage Oaks Sec 7","Heritage Oaks Sec 7 Sub","Highland Angleton","Hill N Dale Sec 1 Angleton","Holmes","I T Tinsley","J B Bailey","J De J Valderas","J De J Valderas Surv Abs 380","J E Groce","J W Cloud","J W Cloud & John Howell","J W Cloud Surv Abs 169","Jno Bradley","Jones Country Estates","K & S Plaza Angleton","Kiber Reserve","Lake Alaska","Lane Angleton","Live Oak Ranch","Longhorn Sub","Lorraine Angleton","Marsh Tract","Mccormack Angleton","Misty Meadow Angleton 375 I","Molina Angleton","Moore & Miller Addn","Morningside Angleton","Morrow","Northridge 2 Angleton","Northridge Angleton","Northview Sec 2 Angleton","Northview Twnhs Angleton","Oak Colony","Oakland Homesites","Oakwood Creek Estates","Oakwood Creek Estates Sec 1","Oakwood Creek Estates Sec 2","Old Ang-Old Ang","Pecan Estates","Plantation North Angleton","Planters Point","Planters Point Sec 1","Planters Point Sec 2","Port Au Prince","Port Au Prince Blk 1 & Blk 4","Rab Estates A0318 T S Lee","Rancho Isabella Sec 1-2-3-4 A","Replat","Riverwood Ranch Sd","Robb & Lanning","Rose Meadow","S F Austin","S Marsh","S Richardson","S1310 - Angleton Angleton","S1310-Angleton","S7097 - Pico Sd A0030 & A0217","S7176 - Ransom Bosler A0144 J Abbott","S7177 - Rancho Isabella Sec 1 Angleton","Sanders Angleton","Sandy Acres Angleton","Sdb","Shady Acres Angleton","South Angleton","Southmore Angleton","Stephen Acker Sd","T S Lee","Texian Sub","Thousand Oaks Sec 1","Tigner Terrace Angleton","Valderas","W M Mcdermott","Washington Terrace Angleton","Wehrly & Felder Angleton","West Sub Angleton","Willowbreeze Farm A0341 W M M","Wilshire Angleton","Windrose Garden","Windrose Green","Windsong Farms"],"zipcodes":["77515","77516"]},"applesprings":{"label":"Apple Springs","subdivisions":["A0171 - Davis, J A","N?a"]},"aransaspass":{"label":"Aransas Pass","counties":["Aransas County","Nueces County","San Patricio County"],"subdivisions":["Aransas Pass-Fricks","Sap-Iron Gator Estate San Pat Co","Sgp-Southwind Estate"],"zipcodes":["78335","78336","78362"]},"arcadia":{"label":"Arcadia","subdivisions":["Lewis J"]},"arcola":{"label":"Arcola","counties":["Fort Bend County"],"subdivisions":["Arcola Farms","Arcola Heights","Fenns Sub","I & Gn","M Escalero","Pinedale Manor","Post Oak Pointe","Post Oak Pointe Sec 1"],"zipcodes":["77545","77583"]},"argyle":{"label":"Argyle","counties":["Denton County"],"subdivisions":["Stonecrest South"],"zipcodes":["76226"]},"arlington":{"label":"Arlington","counties":["Tarrant County"],"subdivisions":["Town Arlington Townhomes"],"zipcodes":["75050","75052","76001","76002","76003","76004","76005","76006","76007","76010","76011","76012","76013","76014","76015","76016","76017","76018","76019","76040","76060","76063","76094","76096","76112","76119","76120"]},"arp":{"label":"Arp","counties":["Smith County"],"subdivisions":["East Lake Woods","Janie Douglas Add"],"zipcodes":["75750"]},"arthurcity":{"label":"Arthur City","subdivisions":["North Pa 2","Sm Fulton Surv Tract 82 A 329"]},"asherton":{"label":"Asherton","counties":["Dimmit County"],"subdivisions":["Catarina"],"zipcodes":["78827"]},"atascocita":{"label":"Atascocita","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Balmoral","Walden On Lake Houston"],"zipcodes":["77044","77338","77346","77396"]},"atascosa":{"label":"Atascosa","subdivisions":["Sw Irrigated Farms Sw"]},"athens":{"label":"Athens","counties":["Henderson County"],"subdivisions":["Athens","Waters Edge Ranch"],"zipcodes":["75751","75752"]},"atlanta":{"label":"Atlanta","counties":["Cass County"],"zipcodes":["75551","75572"]},"austin":{"label":"Austin","counties":["Bastrop County","Hays County","Travis County","Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["1602 Perez Street Condos","4612 S 2nd Street Site Condos","51 East","Apache Shores 01 Instl","Apache Shores Sec 02","Aqua Monte","Barton Creek Sec J Ph 02","Barton Creek West","Bella Colinas Secs 3, 4, 5 & 6","Belterra Ph 4 Sec 18","Boulevard Heights","Brown Herman Add 02 Sec 05","Cat Mountain Villas Sec 02","Chaparral Crossing Condo Amd","Colonial Hills Sec 02","Division A","East Village Condo Amd","Flournoys Sweetbriar Sec 05","Flournoys Sweetbriar Sec 09","G W Spears League","Greenwood Towers Amd","Heritage Condo Amd","Indian Hills Sec 05","Kirby Add","Meadowfox Estates","Palisades","Parker Crk Ranch","Platinum Lakeline","Preservation Ranch","Quail Creek Ph 03 Sec 04","Reserve At Avery Ranch 03","Rob Roy Ph 02","Rough Hollow Sec 5a","Round Mountain Estates","Seven Oaks","Shoalmont Add Sec 04","South Shore Pointe","Southwest Oaks Duplex Condomin","Steiner Ranch Ph 01 Sec 7b","Steiner Ranch Ph 02 Sec 05","Thaxton Place","The Reserve At Chamonix Condominiums","The Retreat At Steiner Ranch","Travis Landing 02 Ph 05","West S. Congress\/5503 Blue Bird Ln Condo","Westcliff Sec 01-A"],"zipcodes":["73301","73344","78610","78613","78617","78641","78651","78652","78653","78660","78701","78702","78703","78704","78705","78708","78709","78710","78711","78712","78713","78714","78715","78716","78717","78718","78719","78720","78721","78722","78723","78724","78725","78726","78727","78728","78729","78730","78731","78732","78733","78734","78735","78736","78737","78738","78739","78741","78742","78744","78745","78746","78747","78748","78749","78750","78751","78752","78753","78754","78755","78756","78757","78758","78759","78760","78761","78762","78763","78764","78765","78766","78767","78768","78769","78772","78773","78774","78778","78779","78780","78781","78783","78785","78786","78788","78789","78798","78799"]},"avery":{"label":"Avery","counties":["Red River County"],"subdivisions":["Maya"],"zipcodes":["75554"]},"avinger":{"label":"Avinger","counties":["Cass County"],"subdivisions":["Deer Cove","Deer Cove Sub Sec Iii"],"zipcodes":["75630"]},"bacliff":{"label":"Bacliff","counties":["Galveston County"],"subdivisions":["Bacliff Townsite","Bacliff Villas","Bacliff Villas Sec 2","Baycrest 2","Bayhaven","Bayview Acres","Bayview Add","Boones Add","Chase Park","Chase Park Sec 1 96","Chase Park Sec 3 2000","Chase Park Sec 4 2004","Clifton By The Sea","Derrick J W","Edgewater Park","Edgewater Park Sec 1 2007","Fifty Stars By The Sea","Fifty Stars By The Sea 2019","J Miles","John P Gordy Homestead #n","Lot 1 Chanci Mowry","Miller C Unrec","Miller Charles Add 2 To Bayvi","Perkins Beach","Perkins Beach 2nd","Replat-Chanci Mowry Sub","Reppert","S2655 - Clifton By The Sea"],"zipcodes":["77518","77573"]},"baird":{"label":"Baird","counties":["Callahan County"],"subdivisions":["R9580"],"zipcodes":["79504"]},"ballinger":{"label":"Ballinger","counties":["Runnels County"],"zipcodes":["76821"]},"bandera":{"label":"Bandera","counties":["Bandera County"],"subdivisions":["Bridlegate","Bridlegate 3","Clearwater Canyon Ranch","Enchanted River Estates 1","Grand View Ranch","Lake Medina Shores"],"zipcodes":["78003"]},"bartlett":{"label":"Bartlett","counties":["Bell County","Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["Arb Bartlett"],"zipcodes":["76511"]},"bastrop":{"label":"Bastrop","counties":["Bastrop County"],"subdivisions":["Bangs, J Manuel","Black, Albert","Building Blk","Colony Mud 1b","K C Estates","Lake Bastrop Pines","Pine Forest Unit 6 Ph Ii","Riverside Grove Sub Ph","Smith, Charles S","Tahitian Village","Tahitian Village,","The Village At Colovista","The Woodlands","Wilbarger, Josiah"],"zipcodes":["78602","78612"]},"batson":{"label":"Batson","subdivisions":["Ab 24 F H Green P","Sbisd"]},"baycity":{"label":"Bay City","counties":["Matagorda County"],"subdivisions":["0","Ab 271","Ab 45","Bay City Original Townsite","Bay City Sec 1 Abs Land, Misc","Bay Ridge Sec 1","Bay Ridge Sec 2","Bay Ridge Sec. 1","Bay Way Estate","Baywood Sub","Birkner Annex #1","Birkner Annex #2","Bordeaux Estates Sec 2","Bowman & Williams","Bradley Sub Sec 2","Bradley Subdivision","Bucks Bayou","Camelot Forest Sec 1","Colonia San Jose","Country Estates Sec 1","Del Norte Sec 1","Del Norte Sec 4","Del Norte Sec 5","Downey Caney Creek","Downey Caney Creek Sec 14","Downey Caney Creek Sec 15","Downey Caney Creek Sec 8","E Hall","Golden Glen Sub","Hamilton Heights","Henry Gosling Surv Abs 171","Highland Park Sub","Hillcrest Add","I & G Rr Co","Industrial Park","J T Belknap Norvell Sub","Little River Ranch","Live Oak Bend Sec 1","Live Oak Community","Magills Add","Matagorda County Rice & Irriga","Mcdonald Meadows","Meadow Oaks Sub","Meadowlawn Sub","Meadowood S\/D, Phase 1","Meadowood Sub Ph 1","Meadowood, Phase 1","Misty Mdws Sub","Moore 1st","Moore 2nd","Morton Corbett","Morton-Corbett","Morton-Corbett A","Morton-Corbett B","Nichols & Norvell","Oak Manor Villas","Palm Village","Park Ext","Richard Graves Ab 42","River Oak Sub","River Road Sub","Sanders & Ray Sub","Selkirk Island Sec 1","Selkirk Island Sec 3","Silver Heights","South End","Spruce Terrace Subdivision","Strawberry Farms","Sunnyland","Thompson, Whitson Hts, Sunnyland","Townsite\/Bay City","Valhalla Sub Sec 1","Valhalla,Willowbnd, Etal","Valor Park","Willow Bend Sub"],"zipcodes":["77404","77414","77482"]},"bayouvista":{"label":"Bayou Vista","counties":["Galveston County"],"subdivisions":["Bayou Vista Unrecorded Sub","New Bayou Vista","New Bayou Vista 1","New Bayou Vista 10","New Bayou Vista 2","New Bayou Vista 3","New Bayou Vista 4a","New Bayou Vista 4b","New Bayou Vista 5","New Bayou Vista 8","New Bayou Vista 9","New Bayou Vista Addn 9"],"zipcodes":["77563"]},"baytown":{"label":"Baytown","counties":["Chambers County","Harris County"],"subdivisions":["2200 Baytown Group Llc Minor P","9460.03","A B J Winfree Surv Abs #306","Abb 66 W Scott","Abbe Sec 02","Abf","Abst 69 C Smith","Airhart Amelia","Allen","Allen Add","Allenbrook","Allenbrook Sec 01","Allenbrook Sec 02 R\/P","Allenbrook Sec 03","Apache Meadows","Aron","Ashbel Cove","Ashbel Cove\/ Ashbel Xing Sec 4 Final","Ashbel Crossing","Ashbel Crossing Sec 1","Ashbel Xing Sec 1","Ashbel Xing Sec 3","Ashbel Xing Sec 4","Ashbel Xing Sec 6","Barrow","Barrow Ranch Sec 02","Bay Oaks Harbor","Bay Oaks Harbor Amd","Bay River Colony","Bay River Colony Sec 01","Bay River Colony Sec 2","Baybrook Place Sec 02","Bayou Bend","Bayou Oaks Estates Sec 1 R\/P","Bayridge Add","Baytown\/Chambers County","Bellview Acres","Ben Mar Cove","Benjamin Barrow Surv Abs 123","Bennie Gray","Bowie","Britton Cravens","Britton Cravens Annex","Britton Cravens Sec 03","Britton Cravens Sec 04","Brownwood","Burnet Fields","Burnet Fields Sec 1","Burnet Shores","Busch Terrace","C Smith","Carolyn Meadows","Carroll","Cary Creek Estates","Casey 1","Casey 2 Britton","Casey Sec 01","Cedar Bayou Estates","Cedar Bayou Park East","Cedar Cove","Central Heights R\/P","Central Heights Sec 02","Chambers County West","Chaparral Village","Chaparral Village Sec 04","Chaparral Village Sec 05","Christian Smith","Coles Crossing","Colony Madrid Pt Final Re","Colony Madrid T\/H","Cotton Creek Sub","Cotton Lake Estate","Cotton River","Cotton River - Cove","Country Club Cove Sec 01 Amd","Country Club Estates Sec 01","Country Club Manor","Country Club Manor Sec 01","Country Club Manor Sec 01 Amd","Country Club Manor Sec 02","Country Club Oaks","Country Club Oaks Sec 01","Country Club Oaks Sec 03","Country Club Oaks Sec 06","Country Club Oaks Sec 08","Country Club Oaks Sec 16","Country Club Oaks Sec 17","Country Club Oaks Sec 17 Amd","Country Mdws Sec 5","Country Meadows","Country Meadows Sec 02","Country Meadows Sec 03","Country Meadows Sec 05","Cove At Cotton Creek Estates","Cove\/Cotton Crk","Craigmont Place","Craigmont Place Sec 02","Craigmont Place Sec 03","Craigmont Place Sec 04","Creekside\/Cotton Crk","Crepe Myrtle","Crockett Park","Danubina Acres","Danubina Court Sec 01","Danubina Court Sec 02c","Decker Terrace","Devinwood Sub Ph Ii","Dollar General","Eagle Creek Ph 01","Eagle Heights Sub","East Baytown","East Baytown Add","East Baytown Annex","East Baytown Market","East End Highland Farms","Eastpoint","Eastpoint R\/P","Eastpoint Sec 03","Eastpoint Sec 1 Prcl R\/P","Eastpoint Sub Sec 3","Eastpoint Sub Sec 4","Elena Fruit & Cotton Farms","Elena Fruit & Cotton Farms C","Elena Fruit & Cotton Farms D","Eva Maud","Eva Maud 5 & Rp","Eva Maud Sec 03","Eva Maud Sec 04","Eva Maude Sec 05","Eva Maude Sec 05 R\/P","Evergreen Fairways","F C Rector Sur","Fair Park","Fair Park Sec 04","Falcons Point","Falcons Point Sub","Flamenco Add","G Ellis","G. Ellis","Gillette H F","Ginger Creek Estates Sec 02","Glen Arbor Sec 01","Glen Arbor Sec 03","Glen Arbor Sec 6","Glen Meadow","Glen Meadow Sec 02","Glen Meadow Sec 03","Goose Creek","Goose Creek Landing","Goose Creek Reserve","Goose Creek Reserves","Goose Creek Townsite","Goose Crk Lndg Sec 3","Goose Crk Lndg Sec 4","Goose Crk Lndg Sec 5","Goose Crk Reserve","Goose Crk Reserve Sec 2a","Goose Crk Reserve Sec 2b","Goose Crk Reserve Sec 3","Graywood","Graywood 2","Graywood Sec 02","Graywood Sec 2","Guerrero Sub","Gwennette Courts","H Whiting","Hackberry Creek Sec 01","Harlem 4","Harlem Sec 01","Harlem Sec 02","Harper","Harper Goose Crk 1","Heights Of Barbers Hill","Highland Farms","Highlands Ranch","Highlands Ranch Sub","Hill Terrace 3","Hill Terrace Sec 01","Hunters Chase Sec 02","Hunters Chase Sec 1","Hunters Chase Sec 2","Hunters Chase Sec 4","Hunters Creek","Hunters Crk","Hunters Crk Sec 8","Hunters Rdg","Hunters Rdg Sec 02","Hunters Ridge Sec 01","Hunters Village","Huron","Independence Bend","Isenhour Bayshore","J Armstong","J Armstrong","J W Singleton","J W Wright William Scott Lower","James Place Th","Jones","Josephs Cove","Jw Singleton Surv","Katies Creek","King Oak Village","King Oaks Village","Kings Bend","Kings Bend Sec 02 R\/P","Kings Bend Sec 02 Rep","Kings Bend Sec 03 R\/P","Kings Bend Sec 3 & R\/P","Kountry Club Village","Kountry Klub Village","Kountry Klub Village Sec 01","Kountry Klub Village Sec 02","La Reforma Tierra Del Oro","Lakes\/Champions Estates Ph 1 Sec","Lakeview Heights","Lakewood","Lakewood Estates","Lakewood Estates Sec 02","Lakewood Estates Sec 3","Lakewood Oaks","Lakewood Sec B","Lakewood Sec D","Lakewood Sec F","Lakewood Sec G","Lakewood Sec I","Lakewood Sec J","Lakewood Sec L","Lakewood Sec N","Lakewood Sec P","Lanai Sec 02","Lanai Sub","Landing Cedar Bayou","Landmark Estates","Lantern Park T\/H Sec 01 R\/P","Lawndell Sec 02","Lawndell Sec 03","Lawndell Sec 04","Lee Heights","Legends Bay","Legends Bay Sec 1","Legends Bay Sec 2","Legends Bay Sec 4","Legends Bay Sec 6","Legends Bay Sec Five","Legends Bay Sub Sec-7","Leger","Leger Sub","Lincoln Cedars","Lincoln Cedars Sec B","Lynnwood","Lynnwood Sec 01","Lynwood Sec 01","Magnolia Landing","Maley Woods Ph 02","Maley Woods Ph 03","Maple Rdg Place","Market St Courts","Martin","Martinez Estates","Mcfadden","Mcgee Place Ph 11","Mckinney Massy","Meadow Lake","Meadow Lake Sec 01","Meadow Lake Sec 02","Meadow Lake Sec 03","Meadowlake Village Sec 06","Meridian Estates","Middletown","Milby Dale Sec 02","Mixed","Morrell Park Sec 01","Morrell Park Sec 02","N Lynch","No","Oaklawn Pelly","Oaks\/Houston Point","Oakwood","Oakwood Annex Sec 01","Old Irish Farm Sec 2","Old River Country","Old River Country Sec 03","Palm Royal Estates","Pancho Sub","Park Place Townhomes","Parkridge Bend","Parkwood Place","Pelly Sec 01","Pine Meadows Sec 02","Pine Meadows Sec 2","Pinehurst","Pinehurst I","Pinehurst Sec 02","Pinehurst Sub","Plantation","Plantation-Cotton Bayou Sec 06","Plumwood","Plumwood Sec 04","Plumwood Sec 05","Pointe Royale","Pointe Royale Sec 01","Pointe Royale Sec 1","Preston Place","Preston Place Sec 01","Preston Place Sec 02","Pringle","Pringle & Pringle Ac Homesite","Pringle Sec 01","Pringle Sec 02","Pruett Estates Sec 02","Quail Hollow","Quail Hollow Sec 03","Rain Tree","Rain Tree Sec 1","Rain Tree Sec 2","Rain Tree Sec 4","Raintree","Red Berry Hill U\/R","Red Cedar","Richardson Place Sec 02","Rickys Burger","Ridgewood Sec 01","Ridgewood Sec 02","River Farms","River Farms Sec 1","River Farms Sec 2","River Farms Sec 4","River Oaks Sub","Robertson","Rollingbrook Estates","Roseland Oaks","Roten H G","S Of Hwy 146 Downtown","Schilling & Massey","School Courts","Scott","Section 1 West Chambers County Estates","Sellers Station","Sellers Station Sec 1 Ph 1","Shady Hill Villa Ph 01","Shady Hill Villa Sec 01","Shady Hill Villa Sec 02","Smith C","Southern Plantation Estate","Southwest Sec 01","Southwind Estate","Southwinds","Southwinds Sec 1","Southwinds Sec 2","Southwinds Sec One","Southwinds Sec Two","Springfield","Springfield Estates","Springfield Estates Sec 01 Amd","Springfield Estates Sec 02","Springfield Estates Sec 06","Springfield Estates Sec 07","Springfield Estates Sec 08","Springfield Estates Sec 09","Springfield Estates Sec 6","Springfield Estates Sec 7","Springfield Estates Sub Sec 10","Springfield Estates Sub Sec 3","Springfield Estates Sub Sec 5","Springfield Estates Sub Sec 7","Springfield Estates Sub Sec 9","Staples Add","Steinman","Sterling Acres","Sterling Add #10b & 11","Sterling Baytown","Sterling Point","Sterling Point Sec 2","Sterling Point Sec 6","Sunrise Courts","T T Risterger Wc & Rr Surv Abs","Tanglewide Sub Sec 1","Tanglewilde Sec 01 & 02","Tanglewilde Sec 01 & 02 Rep","Tanglewilde Sec 03","The Hurr Estate","The Vic At Southwinds","Timber Ridge U\/R","Tower Terrace Sec 1","Town Square","Tr 35a Abst 69 C Smith","Tr 5h Abst 44 N Lynch","Trailwood","Tri-City","Trinity Cove Ph 01","Trinity Oaks","Vista Village R\/P","W Singleton","Walnut Ridge Condo","Weickersheimer Court","Wellington Park","West Mdws","West Mdws Sec","West Mdws Sec 01","West Mdws Sec 2","West Mdws Sec 4","West Mdws Sub Sec 1","West Meadows","West Meadows Sec 3","Wheatley Acres","Whispering Pines Sec 01 R\/P","Whispering Pines Sec 03","Whispering Pines Sec 04","Whitting","William Bloodgood Surv Abs #4","William Scott Lower League","William Scott Lower League Abs","William Scott Lwr League Leagu","William Scott Upper League Abs","William Scott Upr League Abs 6","Winfree","Winfree Bayou Estates","Winfree Bayou Estates Sec 2","Winfree Bayou Estates Sec 3","Winfree Oaks","Winfree Oaks Sub","Winfree Surv Abs306","Winward Sec 8","Woodlawn","Wooster Crossing","Wooster Crossing Sec 2","Wooster Heights","Wooster Trails","Wooster Xing Sec 2","Wooster Xing Sec 4","Wright J W","Wright Perkins","Wright Thos See Goose Creek","Wright W P","Wynnewood Sec 01 & 02","Wynnewood Sec 03","Yellow Pines"],"zipcodes":["77520","77521","77522","77523"]},"beachcity":{"label":"Beach City","counties":["Chambers County"],"subdivisions":["Barrow Estates","Barrow Ranch Sec 03","Bayridge","Bayridge Add","Bayridge Sub","J L Hill","John Beazley Sub","Morrison","N A","North Point","North Point Trinity Bay Sec 02","North Point\/Trinity Bay Sec 2","Oaks\/Houston Point","Pt E J Beazley Sub","Southwind Estate"],"zipcodes":["77523"]},"beasley":{"label":"Beasley","counties":["Fort Bend County"],"subdivisions":["Beasley","Beasley Manor","E P Davis","E Powell","Emberly","G Cole","Gabriel Cole","H & Tc Ry","I Mcgary","Jas Mccormick","L F Ashley","S A & M G","S N Cross","Tejas Village","Tejas Village Sec 1","Turkey Creek","Ward Air Park"],"zipcodes":["77417"]},"beaumont":{"label":"Beaumont","counties":["Jefferson County"],"subdivisions":["300031-000-31a. Hotchkiss","300044-000 - 44 A. Rains","Amaimo","Amelia Heights 1 & 2","Annie T Warren","Ashton Ph 1","Averill 1","Barrington","Barrington Heights","Barrington Heights Ph 1","Barrington Heights Ph Iv","Barrington Heights Ph V","Barrington Heights Ph Vi","Barrington Heights Ph Viii","Bayou Bend","Beaumont Improv Co","Beaumont West","Beauxart Gardens","Bel Air","Bellechase Sec 03 Ph 01","Bellechase West Sec 01 Ph 02-A","Betty J Add","Bevil Acres","Blackman","Blanchette 1","Blue Bonnet Estates","Booker Heights","Briar Creek Sec Ii","Briarcliff","Briarcreek","Burnet Park","Burnett Park Add","Calder","Calder Highlands","Calder Highlands Ext Rep","Calder Pl","Calder Place","Caldwood","Caldwood Acres","Caldwood Forrest","Cartwright 1","Cartwright 2","Cartwright Terrace","Clay Morris","Cloverdale To Port Arthur","College Acres","Colonial Manor","Columbia","Columbus Cartwright Sub #1","Country Club Park Estate 1","Country Oaks","Country Side Estate","Cove\/Taylor Lndg 2","Cove\/Taylor Lndg Ii","Cove\/Taylor Lndg Iii","Crary","Crescent On Walden Ph 1","D Easley","D. Choate","Dairy Ridge","David Choate","Dawndale","Deerfield Ph 2","Deerfield Ph 5","Delaware Place","Diamond D Ranch","Dixie Gardens To Bmt 1","Doguets Diamond D Ranch Ph 1","Doguets Diamond D Ranch Ph 2","Doguets Diamond D Ranch Ph 3b","Domoneck Rev Elijah Jr","Dowlen West","Dowlen West Unit 5","Driving Park","Emersen Enclave","Estates At Fannett The","Evalon Court","Evangeline Meadow","Fairfield","Fairfield Ph 1","Fleetwood","Folmar Place","Foxworth Place","Fuller Keith","G. Cuchia","Garden Villas","Gilbert Lake Estates","Gilbert Lake Estates Ph Vi","Glen Mdw Garden Hms Sec 3 Bldg A","Glenwood","Gold Hill 1","Gold Hill 2","Gold Hill 3","Goodhue Estates","Grand Oaks Estates","Gray Add","Green Thumb Estates","Griffing Place","Gulf Terrace","H Williams","Hall Heights","Hegele Add","Herring Add","Highland Park","Highpoint","Horn","Ida Reed","Iowa Colony","J Drake","J. C. Lawhon","J.W. Bullock","Jas A Gerish","Jas Gerish","Jef Chaison 2nd Add","Jef Chaison Add","Jeff Chaison Add","Johnson To Beaumont","Keith Park","Lasalle","Lexington Manor Patio Homes","Lincoln Heights","Longwood Villas","Lynwood Terrace","Manion Court","Manion Oaks","Manion Place Townhomes","Marmion Add","Marshall Place Twnhms","Mayfair 1","Mize Estates","Montclaire Ph 1","Neches Terrace","Nelson To Beaumont","Nob Hill","North","North End","Northgate","Northwest Forest 1 & 2","Northwood 2","Oaks To Beaumont","Oakwood To Bmt","Odgen Division","Ogden","Out Of Town","Pace Terrace Twnhs","Park Meadows","Park Meadows Twnhs","Park Meadows Twnhs Sec 27","Park North","Park On Thomas Road","Parkwood Twnhms","Pear Orchard","Pecan Park Twnhms","Pennock & Potts Add","Pine Glen","Pine Hill","Pine Island Bayou Estates","Pine Island Estates","Pine Island Estates Ph 2","Pine Island Place","Pineywoods","Pl J T 4 D Brown","Port Arthur City","Regency Park","Rhone","Ridgecrest","River Oaks Estates","River Oaks Ranchettes","S Horton","Sarah Miles","Sevan Oaks Estates","Seven Oaks Estates","Shamrock Acres","Sheraton Woods","Sheridan Park","Sherwood Forest","Silver City","Smith-Feagin","Somerset Village","Sooudi Estates Ii","South Park 2","Spring Wood","Stephenson Add #1","T H Langham Estate","Tall Timbers","Tangledahl","The Cove At Taylor Landing","The Sanctuary","Thomas Alexander Add","Tolivar","Tract 1 & 1a D-3 A","Tyrrell Park","University Place 2","Virginia Estates","W C Dyches","W W Chaison Add","W.J. Barton","Walden Meadows Sec 1","Walden Meadows Sec 2","Warren Annie T","Weber King Add","West Oak Townhomes","West Oakland","Westchase Village Sec 9","Westchester Twnhms","Western Hills Sec 2 The","Westgate","Westhaven Terrace","Westpark Townhomes","William Carr Surv Abs #102","Williams","Willow Creek","Willow Creek Ctry Club Estate Ph1","Willow Creek Ctry Club Estate Ph1 Sec Iv","Willow Creek Ctry Club Estate Ph2","Windemere","Wolf Creek","Woodland Acres","Woodland Estates","Woodlawn"],"zipcodes":["77627","77701","77702","77703","77704","77705","77706","77707","77708","77709","77710","77713","77720","77725","77726"]},"bedford":{"label":"Bedford","counties":["Tarrant County"],"subdivisions":["Forum Apt The"],"zipcodes":["76021","76022","76040","76054","76095"]},"bedias":{"label":"Bedias","counties":["Grimes County"],"subdivisions":["99999","Bedia\/Roans Prairie","Bedias","Bedias - Rural","Bedias Acres","Bedias Rural","Bedias Townsite","Brushwood Crossing","Brushwood Hill","Country Town Estates","Dyer","G1700-Bedias","Gibbons Creek","Hall Addition","Heritage Two Subdivision","Huntsville West 22","Midway","North Zone","Peaceful Place Estate","Rural","Shannon Place Estate","Sleepy Hollow, J W Scott","Tp Plaster Surv A-375","Tp Plaster Surv A375","Unrecorded Sub","W J Hill Unrestricted"],"zipcodes":["77831"]},"beecave":{"label":"Bee Cave","counties":["Travis County"],"zipcodes":["78669","78735","78736","78738"]},"beeville":{"label":"Beeville","counties":["Bee County"],"zipcodes":["78102","78104"]},"belgrade":{"label":"Belgrade"},"bellaire":{"label":"Bellaire","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Alder Circle","Basswood T\/H","Beechmont Ext","Bellaire","Bellaire Amd","Bellaire Gardens","Bellaire Oaks","Bellaire Oaks Add","Bellaire Oaks Sec 02","Bellaire Place","Bellaire Pt R\/P","Bellaire R\/P","Bellview","Bissonnet Plaza Th","Blume Manor","Boyker & Vest","Brae Burn Gardens Sec 02","Braeburn Club Est Sec 1","Braeburn Club Estates Sec 03","Braeburn Cntry Club Estates Se","Braeburn Country Club Estates","Braeburn Gardens Sec 01","Braeburn Gardens Sec 02","Cedar Oaks","Cranford Place","Evergreen Court","Evergreen Plaza","Georgetown Square T\/H","Glenmont Estates","Harding Place","Larch Lane","Loveland Terrace","Mc Laughlin","Moreland Court","Mulberry Manor","Oakdale","Palm Court","Peaceful Valley","Peaceful Valley Sec 01 02 R\/P","Peaceful Vly Add Rep","Phanturn Rep","Pine Circle Estates","Plaza Terrace T\/H","Plaza Terrance T\/H","Post Oak Court","Post Oak Plaza","Post Oak Terrace","Post Oak Terrace 3","Post Oak Terrace Sec 02","Richmond Park Sec 02","Richmond Plaza","Richmond Plaza Add","Richmond Post Oaks","Southdale","Southdale Add","Sylvania Courts","Teas Garden","Trenton Place T\/H","Trenton Place Twnhses","Twin Oaks","Warwick Village","Westmoreland Farms","White","White Blessing","Willow Lane Place","Willow Place"],"zipcodes":["77401","77402"]},"bellville":{"label":"Bellville","counties":["Austin County"],"subdivisions":["A Ives","A051 \/ A051 A Ives","A073 J Nichols","Bellville","Bellville Outskirts","Bellville Real Estate","Bellville Townsite","Bellwood Oaks","Ben Eaton Surv Abs 34","Bluebonnet Village","Briarwood","Briarwood Sub","Buffalo Creek Estates","Courts Of Bellville","Creekwood Sub","D T Davis","David T Davis Surv A-160","Gc & Sf Railway Add","Geo Grimes","Gindorf Estates","Grote Ferd Addn","Hickory Creek #2","Hickory Creek Ranch Sub","J Cummings","J Nichols","J Nichols League","John Nichols League","John Nichols League A-73","Kenneywood Sub","M R Willaimsacres","Meadows","Meadows Sub","Moore & Lott Surveys-Buckhorn Community","Near Town Square - Bellville","No","Piney Creek Sub","Rural","Rural Austin County - Kenney Area","Saddleback Ranch Estates","Sander Estates","South Forty Sub","Stoneridge Estates Formerly Gindorf","Sycamore Hill","Sycamore Hills","Tesch Estates","Tesch Estates S\/873","Weige Add","West Hills","West Hills Subdivision","William Smeathers Surv A-90","Yaupon Acres Sub"],"zipcodes":["77418"]},"belton":{"label":"Belton","counties":["Bell County"],"subdivisions":["Sparta"],"zipcodes":["76502","76513","76571"]},"benwheeler":{"label":"Ben Wheeler","subdivisions":["Bruce","Nacogdoches County School Land"]},"berryville":{"label":"Berryville","counties":["Henderson County"],"subdivisions":["Aero Estates","Holiday Hill Anx 01"],"zipcodes":["75763"]},"bertram":{"label":"Bertram","counties":["Burnet County"],"subdivisions":["Buckhorn","Ranches At Canyon Creek","Whitewater Spgs"],"zipcodes":["78605"]},"beviloaks":{"label":"Bevil Oaks","counties":["Jefferson County"],"subdivisions":["River Oaks Estates","River Oaks Ranchettes"],"zipcodes":["77713"]},"bigsandy":{"label":"Big Sandy","counties":["Upshur County"],"subdivisions":["Raintree Lakes"],"zipcodes":["75755","75797"]},"bigspring":{"label":"Big Spring","counties":["Howard County"],"subdivisions":["19-A","Banks Add","Breckenridge East Sec.4","Veterans Land Board"],"zipcodes":["79720","79721"]},"bishop":{"label":"Bishop","counties":["Nueces County"],"subdivisions":["Casa Courts #2 - Bishop"],"zipcodes":["78343"]},"blanco":{"label":"Blanco","counties":["Blanco County"],"subdivisions":["Old 32 Ranch","Rockin J Ranch"],"zipcodes":["78606"]},"bleakwood":{"label":"Bleakwood"},"bleiblerville":{"label":"Bleiblerville","subdivisions":["A034 \/ A034 Ben Eaton","Rural"]},"blessing":{"label":"Blessing","counties":["Matagorda County"],"subdivisions":["1356\/Francitas Farms","2865 - Live Oak Landing S\/D","Blessing","Blessing Original Townsite","Live Oak Landing Sub","Vaquero River Estates"],"zipcodes":["77419"]},"bluffdale":{"label":"Bluff Dale"},"boerne":{"label":"Boerne","counties":["Kendall County"],"subdivisions":["Foothills Mobile Home Ranch","Oak Retreat","River Mountain Ranch"],"zipcodes":["78006","78015"]},"bogata":{"label":"Bogata","counties":["Red River County"],"subdivisions":["P Vaughn Surv Abs#1240"],"zipcodes":["75417"]},"boling":{"label":"Boling","counties":["Wharton County"],"subdivisions":["A20033 Abst.33 Tract 4b-6 Tract B","Boling Oil City","Lasata At Newgulf","Live Oaks Estate","Mccarson","River Glen","Rodgers Heirs","S Miller"],"zipcodes":["77420"]},"bolivar":{"label":"Bolivar","subdivisions":["Holiday Shores Rep 2007"]},"bolivarpeninsula":{"label":"Bolivar Peninsula","counties":["Galveston County"],"subdivisions":["Alberdie Add 1","Beaumont Drive Sub","Crystal Beach","Emerald Beach","Gulf Shores","Holiday Beach","Ocean Shore 4 Unrec","Patton Beach"],"zipcodes":["77617","77623","77650"]},"bonwier":{"label":"Bon Wier","subdivisions":["A S Stark"]},"bonus":{"label":"Bonus","subdivisions":["Wharton 105 Rural"]},"borger":{"label":"Borger","counties":["Hutchinson County"],"subdivisions":["Coronado","Gateway Heights","Isom","Otb","Pearson"],"zipcodes":["79007","79008"]},"bovina":{"label":"Bovina","counties":["Parmer County"],"subdivisions":["Original Town Bovina"],"zipcodes":["79009"]},"brackettville":{"label":"Brackettville","counties":["Kinney County"],"subdivisions":["Fort Clark Spings"],"zipcodes":["78832"]},"brady":{"label":"Brady","counties":["McCulloch County"],"zipcodes":["76825","76858"]},"brazoria":{"label":"Brazoria","counties":["Brazoria County"],"subdivisions":["A0056-James Cummings","Badge & Montgomery","Bear Creek Add","Bernard Acres","Bernard Acres Sec 2","Bernard Oaks","Bowers","Brazoria Oaks","Briarwood","Buck Meadows Sd","C G & H H Allsberry","Carlton Brazoria","Carlton Wooded Acres","Cgh & Hh Abs 4","Country Oaks","Davis Sub Se 1\/2 10-11","E R Bradley","Eagle Air Park","Ernies Acres","Ernies Acres Sec 3","Fiesta Village","Fishermans Point","Garden Acres Brazoria","Geo Harrison","Griffith","H&L Coastal Properties","Hampil-Charleton","Hinkle Ferry Sec 2","Holiday Shores","Hudson-Upton","James Cummings","Jno Mcneel","John Mcclosk","Joseph Mims","Lakeside Sd Brazoria","Las Playas Sec I","Las Playas Sec Iv","Lazy Oak Ranch","Macdonald","Magnolia Gardens Brazoria","Melgaard 1 Brazoria","Melgaard 2 Brazoria","Moffitt","Oakdale Sub","Outlots & Townsite","Outlots & Townsite Brazoria","Parker Williams Sub","Pecan Ranch Estates","Poehlmann Sd","Rebecca Cummings","Reneau & Sanders","Rio Vista Sub","River Bend","River Front-San Bernard Syndicate Subdiv","River Haven Village","Riverwood 2","Riverwood Sd","Royal Ridge Sec 4","S B R Land Co Sec 2","S F Austin","S F Austin Surv Abs # 20","S M Williams","S Mcneel","Scott Acres","Sf Austin","Squirrel Hollow","Stern & Stern","Subs Near\/On River","T & W Alley","T B Bell","Tbd","Tdecu Sec 1 Div 1","The Acres Of Four Forks","Unk","Upton-Bailey","Wild Peach","William & Thomas Alley League","Wilson Brazoria","Windt","Wm Cummings"],"zipcodes":["77422"]},"brazoscountry":{"label":"Brazos Country","counties":["Austin County"],"subdivisions":["Brazos Country Subdivision"],"zipcodes":["77474"]},"bremond":{"label":"Bremond","counties":["Robertson County"],"subdivisions":["Bremond","Herrold Dennis","Joseph Dillard Surv Abs #129"],"zipcodes":["76629"]},"brenham":{"label":"Brenham","counties":["Washington County"],"subdivisions":["0","390 E","A0017 - A0017 - Bridge, William","A0026 - A0026 - Clampit, Susannah","A0032 - Cole, John","A0049","A0078 - A0078 - Lessassier, Luke","A0106- Waler, James","A0110 - Williams, Samuel M., Tract 9","Aguilar Div","Airport","Allcorn, Elliot","Allcorns","Amal Heights","Atlow","Bluebonnet Hills","Bluebonnet Hills Sec 6","Bluebonnet Hills Sec. 3","Brenham Retail Center","Burton, John M.","Carlton N J","Century Farms","Century Farms At Chappell Hill Sub","Chandler C C","Chrisman, Horatio","Cole, John","College Heights","Cookes","Cottonwood Street","Country Place Northwest","Creekwood Sub Sec I","Davidson","Days","Draehn Div","Durden Courts","East Main","East Main S\/D","Estates At Vintage Farms","Green Meadows Sub Div","Gun & Rod Estates Area","Harrington, Arrabella","Harrington, Arrabella, N9 Mount Olive","Heritage Hill","Heritage Hills Twnhms","Heritage Oaks","Heritage Oaks Sub Sec 1","Independance","Issac Jackson","J F & E F Austin Survey","J W Cole Abs #32","James Schrier Surv Abs #2","John Cole Abstract","Keys 1st","Keys 2nd","Lake Forest","Lange Lake","Lewis","Liberty Village","Liberty Village Sub","Little Sandy","Louanna Estates Sec I","Market Square Sec Ii","Mcintyrewalker","Mill Creek","Mill Creek West","Millcreekw","Millermitchell","Mitchell John","Moerbe Add","Morgan J A","Mustang","Mustang Road","N24","Nelson Smith League Abs #100","Nester Clay","Nester Clay League Abs #29","Newwed","Norris 1st","Oak Alley","Oak Hill Acres Sec I","Oak Hill Acres Sec Ii","Oak Terrace","Orchard Oaks","Original Town Add","Original Town Add'n.","Overlook Estates Sec Iii","Parkview","Pecan Acres","Pecan Acres Sub","Pecan Glen","Pecan Grove","Philip Coe Surv Abs #31","Phillip H Coe League Abs #31","Porch Swing Plantation","Post Oak Grove","Potter-White Addn., Lot 14a2","Prhill Prairie Hill","Ralston Creek Estates","Randle 1st","Randle Hill Estates","Retail Center","Rippitoes","Rolling Ridge Estates","Rural","S F Austin Grant Abs #8","S3695 - S3695 - Legacy Hill","S4787 - S4787 - Palestine Estates","S5652","Saddle Ridge","Saddle Ridge Sub","Sandy Hill","Scenic Estates","Scenic Estates Sec I","Schmidts","Schomburg M H","Schuerenberg","Smith, Nelson","South Berlin","South Park S","South Park Sec Ii","Spencer","Springcreek Village","Springwood","Stone","Stone Hill Village","The Estates At Vintage Farms","Tiemann Manor","Unrestricted","Village At Aaron Canyon Cove","Vintage Farms","Vintage Farms Sub # 1","W. G. Wilkins","Walnut Hill","Washington Park","Washington Terrace","Washington Terrace Of Fisher S\/D","West Main","West Main S\/D","West Oaks Sub","Westridge Sec Iii","Westridge Sec Iv","Westwind Manor Sec Ii","Wilkins","Wilkins J B","Wilkins Jwest Blk","Wilkins W G","Wilkins, W. G.","Woodlawn Heights","Woods\/Armbrister","Woodson Heights","Woodson Terrace","Woodson Terrace Sec 5","Woodson Terrace Sec I","Woodson Terrace Sec Iii","Woodward\/Sanford","Woodway Village Twnhs","Wymola","Yegu"],"zipcodes":["77833","77834"]},"bridgecity":{"label":"Bridge City","counties":["Orange County"],"subdivisions":["B & H","Barnesdale","Colonial Estates Ph I","Darby # 1 & 2","Dobbyn Add # 1 & 2","Dugas #4","Oak Grove","Oak View","Orange County Farms","Orange County Farms Ptin Cit","Out Of Town","Rose Terrace","Walter Billeaud Lt 4, Bk 6 O"],"zipcodes":["77611","77630"]},"briggs":{"label":"Briggs"},"broaddus":{"label":"Broaddus","counties":["San Augustine County"],"subdivisions":["Ab 532 Ea Bloun","Anthony Harbor","Caddell Cove Sub","Eagle View","Eagle's Landing","Eagles Landing","Eagles View","Jackson Hill","Paradise Hills","Sutton Hills C","Sutton Hills Estates Sec C","Tall Timbers"],"zipcodes":["75929"]},"bronson":{"label":"Bronson"},"brookeland":{"label":"Brookeland","subdivisions":["Dishon's Plantation","Forest Hills","Forest Hills Sub Sec Iii","H&Tc Railroad Sec #156 Abs 892","Lake Sam Rayburn","Mill Creek Estate","Rayburn","Rayburn Country","Rayburn Country Condo Sec Bldg","Rayburn Country Sec 1","Rayburn Country Sec 11","Rayburn Country Sec 13","Rayburn Country Sec 14","Rayburn Country Sec 15","Rayburn Country Sec 17","Rayburn Country Sec 21","Rayburn Country Sec 3","Rayburn Country Sec 32","Rayburn Country Sec 34","Rayburn Country Sec 5","Rayburn Country Sec 7","Rayburn Country Sec E-5","Rayburn Country Sub Sec 13","Rayburn Country Sub Sec 15","Rayburn Country Sub Sec 17","Rayburn Country Sub Sec E-5","Rayburn County Sec Mh-1","Rayburn Reserve","Sam Rayburn Shores"]},"brookshire":{"label":"Brookshire","counties":["Waller County"],"subdivisions":["A-303 Adams Flat","A-337 A&M 337 Tracts","A302000 - A-20 W Cooper","A302000-A-20-W Cooper","Abs A302000 A-20 W Cooper Tract","Adams Forest","Arborland Farms 1","Bennett Tract 1 Acres 22.0564","Bluestem","Briarbrook","Brookshire","Brookshire Etj","Brookshire Gardens","Brookshire Outlots","Brookshire South","Brookshire Town Center","Brookshire Townsite","Contact Broker","Cooper","Country","Crystal Lakes","Crystal Lakes Sec 1","Fair Weather Field","Fulshear","Fulshear\/South Brookshire\/Simonton","H & Tcrr Co Surv Abs #354","Heritage Place 1","I N Charles","Indian Oaks Estates","J D Vermillion","John Mcfarland League A-46","John Mcfarland Surv A-46 Tract","Jordan Ranch","Jordan Ranch Sec","Jordan Ranch Sec 10","Jordan Ranch Sec 19","Jordan Ranch Sec 21","Juan A Padillo","Kellner","Kellner Outlots","Kingsland Heights","Kingsland Heights Sec 1","Kingsland Heights Sec 2","Kingsland Heights Sec 4","Laurel Farms","N Brookshire","No","Peach Ridge Estates","Pecan Hill","Peregrine Estates","Peregrine Estates 2","Polk Sub","R Foster","R-1-R-1","R-3","R-6-R-6","Rural","S556303 Kingsland Heights 3","Samuel M Williams Tract","Solomans Landing","Stephen Miller Surv Abs 219","T Fisk Surv Abs 129","Thomas Fisk & Stephen Miller","Ts Reese","Vanbrooke","Vanbrooke Sec 1","Vanbrooke Sec 2","Vanbrooke Sec 3","W Cooper Trac","William Cooper Abs","William Cooper League-&-A-Half","William Cooper Surv Abs 20","Willis Mc Cutcheon","Willow Creek Farms","Willow Creek Farms 1a","Willow Creek Farms 2 Sec 1","Willow Creek Farms 2 Sec 2","Willow Creek Farms 2 Sec 3","Willow Creek Farms Ii","Willow Creek Farms Ii Sec 5","Willow Creek Farms Ii Sec 8","Willow Creek Farms Sec2","Willow Creek Farms Sec3","Windsor Estates","Young Ranch"],"zipcodes":["77423"]},"brookside":{"label":"Brookside","subdivisions":["Allison Richey Gulf Coast Home","Clear Creek Manor Sec 1","Clear Creek Manor Sec 3","H T & B","H T & B R R","Sunbrook Place"]},"browndell":{"label":"Browndell","counties":["Jasper County"],"subdivisions":["Lost Wood Point Tract 7"],"zipcodes":["75931"]},"brownsville":{"label":"Brownsville","counties":["Cameron County"],"subdivisions":["Chicago Gardens Sub","Citrus Gardens Village","Espiritu Santo Grant Share 19","Galeno Crossing Sub"],"zipcodes":["78520","78521","78522","78523","78526","78566","78575","78578","78583","78586"]},"brownwood":{"label":"brownwood","counties":["Brown County"],"subdivisions":["Feather Bay Sub Ph","Kings Point Cove","Oak Rdg Add Ph Iii","Oak Ridge Estates Ph Ii"],"zipcodes":["76801","76802","76803","76804"]},"bryan":{"label":"Bryan","counties":["Brazos County"],"subdivisions":["641000 - Margaret Wallace","6810 - Woodville Acres","A002200, James Hope A-22","A017200, M Middleton, Tract 2.2, 41.106","A023701, John Williams A-237 Icl","A023800, John Williams A-238","Abstract 4800 Francisco Ruiz","Abstract 5901, Tj Wooten\/Porterfield Wat","Academy Condominiums","Academy Preserve","Alamosa Spgs Sub Ph 2","Allen Forest Ph 04","Austin's Colony","Austin's Estates","Austins Colony","Austins Colony Ph 02","Austins Estates","Austins Estates Ph 2","Austins Estates Ph 3b","Autumn Lake Ph 2b","Autumn Lakes","Ayers","B B Scasta","Barron","Berger","Borderbrook Ph 1","Briar Meadows","Briarcrest Estates Ph 4","Briarcrest Estates Ph 5","Briarcrest Park Ph 01","Briarcrest Valley Ph 01","Briargrove Ph 4","Bryan Place North Ph 02","Bryans 1st","Buchanan","Cavitt's Bryan Heights","Chloe Subdivision","City Of Bryan Townsite","College Main Villas","Copperfield","Copperfield Ph 01","Copperfield Ph 10c","Cottage Grove Ph 2b","Coulter Sub Of Lobelia","Coulters Sub Of Lobello","Country Club Estates Ph 2","Creekwood Estates Ph 3","Culpepper Manor Ph 2","Dansby Heights","Dellwood","Dellwood Park","Dilly Shaw Estates","East Brazos Indust Park Ph 02","East Park","Ernst Sub","Field Creek Estates Ph 1","Field Creek Estates Ph 2","Follett Sub","Follett Sub 2nd Amd","Foxwood Crossing","Garrison Crk Sub Ph 1","Garrison Crk Sub Ph 2","Garrison Crk Sub Ph 3","Green Branch Rdg Sub Ph 7b","Greenbrier Ph 14","Greenbrier Ph 8","Greenbrier Ph 8\/10","Hansen-Zak","Heritage Lk Mdws","Hidden Bridge Condos","Highland","Holliday","Hope Xing Sub","Icon Towers","Icon Towers Subdivision","James","John Austin","Jones-Brock","Leonard's Crossing","Loch N Green Sub Ph 1","Los Cazadores Sub","Lynndale Acres Ph 01","Memorial Forest","Messina Hof Estates","North Country Estates Ph 1","North Country Estates Ph 10","North Manor Ph 2","Oakmont","Oakmont Ph 1b","Oakwood Twnhms","Oswalt","Pinemont","Pleasant Hill","Pleasant Hill Ph 2 Sec 2","Porter's Meadow Ph Ii","Prairie Ridge Estates","Rudder Pointe","Saladiner Ph 1","Sfa #10","Sfa #9","Shirewood","Shirewood Ph 01","Siena Ph 3","Siena Ph 4","Silver Horse Ranch","Skylark Spgs Ph 01","Stone Crk Farms Ph 01","Symphony Park Ph 02","The Oaks Of Villa Maria Condos","The Traditions","The Traditions Ph 20b","The Villages At Traditions","Thomas Yates","Tiffany Park Ph 02","Timbercreek At Steephollow Ph 02","Traditions Ph 03","Traditions Ph 05","Traditions Ph 10","Villa West Ph 4","Westwood Estates","Wheeler Ridge","Wood Forest Ph 02","Woodson Acres","Yaupon Trls Ph 1a & 1b","Yeager","Zeno Phillips","Zimmerman"],"zipcodes":["77801","77802","77803","77805","77806","77807","77808","77840","77845"]},"buckholts":{"label":"Buckholts","counties":["Milam County"],"subdivisions":["Juan J Acosta Surv Abs #1"],"zipcodes":["76518"]},"buda":{"label":"Buda","counties":["Hays County"],"subdivisions":["Lifschultz","Shadow Creek Ph Six"],"zipcodes":["78610"]},"buffalo":{"label":"Buffalo","counties":["Leon County"],"subdivisions":["Aj Parker Surveya-673","Bliss Land Co Tr 6","Cedar Creek","Cedar Creek Estates","City\/Buffalo","Copper Creek","Crow","Dottie Branch Ranch Sub","Elgin Addition","Fm 1618","Forest Knoll","G W Rainer Surv A 761","Hilltop Lakes Sub","J Carter","J P Parker Jr Surv Abs #1311","James Webb Surv A-915","Jaxon Add","Merrill Heights","Michael Ave Fourplex Add","Midway Land Company","Monica Ranch","Na.","North Creek Sub","Oakwood Land","Pine Branch","Reeder","Reeder Add","Reeder Addition","Timbercrest Ranch An Add\/Leon","Weedon Add","Wheelock Creek","Woody Land Co"],"zipcodes":["75831"]},"bullard":{"label":"Bullard","counties":["Cherokee County","Smith County"],"subdivisions":["Ben Roy Bay","Bullard","Cumberland Ridge","Emerald Bay","Lakewood","Mallards Cove","Rural","Shadybrook","Shadybrook East - Bisd"],"zipcodes":["75703","75757"]},"bulverde":{"label":"Bulverde","counties":["Bexar County","Comal County"],"subdivisions":["Skyridge"],"zipcodes":["78070","78163","78261"]},"buna":{"label":"Buna","counties":["Jasper County"],"subdivisions":["000006 - S Castillo","Cougar Country Sub","Cougar Country Sub Sec 1","Idlewood Sub","S Castillo","T & No Rr Co","Tj Parker","Washington Mitchell Surv Abs #"],"zipcodes":["77612"]},"bunkerhillvillage":{"label":"Bunker Hill Village","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Bunker Hill Village","Curlee","Holly Hill","Randle","Raydon Estates","Ruland U\/R","Steppingstone","Tealwood North"],"zipcodes":["77024"]},"burkburnett":{"label":"Burkburnett","counties":["Wichita County"],"subdivisions":["City Of Burkburnett","Highway"],"zipcodes":["76354","76367"]},"burke":{"label":"Burke","counties":["Angelina County"],"zipcodes":["75941"]},"burkett":{"label":"Burkett","subdivisions":["Burkett"]},"burkeville":{"label":"Burkeville","subdivisions":["Thomas Byerley Surv Abs #32","Toledo Village #3"]},"burlington":{"label":"Burlington","subdivisions":["A0525bc J M Leman, 6, Acres 42.546"]},"burnet":{"label":"Burnet","counties":["Burnet County"],"subdivisions":["Amber Oaks Ranch","Buena Vista","Castle View","Estates On The River","Mcreynolds Ranch","Peninsula\/Lake Buchanan","Skyline Terrace"],"zipcodes":["78611"]},"burton":{"label":"Burton","counties":["Washington County"],"subdivisions":["0","A0036 - A0036 - Cox, James","A0085 Miller, James B","A0102 A0102 - Stephens, Ashley R","A0130 A0130 - Fleasner, Chas.","D Mcintyre Surv Abs #158","Fayette County Area","First Of Brenham","Flagpond","Fork In The Road Meadows","Gentry George W","Great Oaks Ranch","Independence Trail","L B Outlaw Surv Abs #168","L Wilkinson Surv Abs #189","Lake Park","Latium","Latium Latium","Lb Outlaw League Abs 168","Not In Subdivision","Outlaw, L.B.","Rural","Samuel Hinch Surv A 60","Zionsville","Zionsville Estates"],"zipcodes":["77835"]},"caldwell":{"label":"Caldwell","counties":["Burleson County"],"subdivisions":["9999","9999 - Other","A Part\/E M Cox League","A0002 - Austin Sf","A0041 - Mitchell J W","A0042-Neibling F","A0065-Austin Sf","A0077 Bauer J H Tract 8","A0077 Bauer J H Tract 7","A0077 Bauer Jh Tract 3","A0185 Martin H Tract 1","Ann Bass League","Arrowhead Farms Ph Ii","B1140- Hudson Hills","Beaver Creek","Bee Haven Farms","Brazos River Reserve","Cade Lake Sec 2","Caldwell","Cedar Creek Estates","Copperas Hollow Sec 1&2","Deer Crossing","Hidden Oaks","Highland Ranch Estates","Hudson Hills","John Bird","Kleb Add","Miles","Moore Farms","Pin Oak Estates","Spring Meadows","Sundown Acres","Thomas Branch Estates","Thompson","Unrestricted","Wc Burns","Woodson Terrace"],"zipcodes":["77836"]},"call":{"label":"Call","subdivisions":["D Call"]},"calvert":{"label":"Calvert","counties":["Robertson County"],"subdivisions":["H Morgan Surv A-219","Mcmillan","Rural- None"],"zipcodes":["77837"]},"cameron":{"label":"Cameron","counties":["Milam County"],"subdivisions":["9999","A3010 - Robertson, James","D Monroe Grammar School","Dorsey Surv Abs #147","Lewis","Lyles"],"zipcodes":["76520"]},"campwood":{"label":"Camp Wood","counties":["Real County"],"subdivisions":["Valley Ranch"],"zipcodes":["78833"]},"cancun":{"label":"Cancun","subdivisions":["Cancun","Zona Hotelera De Cancun"]},"canton":{"label":"Canton","counties":["Van Zandt County"],"subdivisions":["J P Newton","Q C Nugent Surv Abs #618"],"zipcodes":["75103","75169"]},"canyonlake":{"label":"Canyon Lake","counties":["Comal County"],"subdivisions":["Astro Hills 1","Blue Water Estates","Canyon Dam Hillsite","Canyon Lake Forest 2","Canyon Lake Hills 1","Canyon Lake Hills 3","Canyon Lake Shores","Clearwater Estates 1","Cordova Bend Canyon Lake 2","Crystal Heights 1","Eden Ranch 7","Emerald Valley","Morrwoods Ranch","Mount Lookout 1","Mountain Spgs Ranch 2","Oak Shores Estates","Oaks 11 The","Point Rancho Del Lago 3","Rancho Del Lago","River Point Estates","Rocky Creek Ranch 6","Summit North","Summit North Ph 5","Twn Homes Of Village West Ph 1","Vintage Oaks At The Vineyard 1","Westhaven 2","Woodlands 4"],"zipcodes":["78070","78132","78133","78623"]},"carmine":{"label":"Carmine","counties":["Fayette County"],"subdivisions":["City Of Carmine 360","Deer Haven","Jameison J Surv A-67","Tree Tops","Wildlife Wildlife Circle"],"zipcodes":["78932"]},"carrizosprings":{"label":"Carrizo Springs","counties":["Dimmit County"],"subdivisions":["Comm"],"zipcodes":["78834"]},"carrollton":{"label":"Carrollton","counties":["Collin County","Dallas County","Denton County"],"subdivisions":["Creekridge Ph 2"],"zipcodes":["75001","75006","75007","75010","75011","75019","75056","75067","75093"]},"carthage":{"label":"Carthage","counties":["Panola County"],"subdivisions":["Daniels Estate","W H Cockrell Surv Abs #146"],"zipcodes":["75633"]},"castroville":{"label":"Castroville","counties":["Medina County"],"subdivisions":["May"],"zipcodes":["78009"]},"catspring":{"label":"Cat Spring","subdivisions":["0","A-84 - P Bartleson","Cat Spring","Church Creek Corner","J Cummings","John Dunlavy Surv Abs #165","John Nichols Surv Abs #274","Peter K Bartleson Abst 14","Plum Creek Estates","Samuel C Douglass Surv Abs 33","Sandy Springs Ranch","Settlers Reserve","Unrestricted","Woodglen"]},"cedarcreek":{"label":"Cedar Creek","subdivisions":["Thousand Oaks"]},"cedarhill":{"label":"Cedar Hill","counties":["Dallas County","Ellis County"],"subdivisions":["Lake Ridge Sec 18-B","Wood Rdg West Add"],"zipcodes":["75104","75106","75115","75137","75154","76065"]},"cedarlake":{"label":"Cedar Lake","subdivisions":["0060 - Mc Coy & Deckro","Cedar Lake","Thomas Williams"]},"cedarlane":{"label":"Cedar Lane","subdivisions":["Ab 0010, A C Buckner","Ac Buckner","Cedar Dale Sub","R H Williams","Sugar Plantation"]},"cedarpark":{"label":"Cedar Park","counties":["Travis County","Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["Buttercup Creek Ph 05 Sec 07","Shenandoah Sec 02"],"zipcodes":["78613","78630","78641","78717","78726","78750"]},"celina":{"label":"Celina","counties":["Collin County","Denton County"],"zipcodes":["75009","75071","75078","76258"]},"center":{"label":"Center","counties":["Shelby County"],"subdivisions":["Forest Ridge"],"zipcodes":["75935"]},"centerpoint":{"label":"Center Point","subdivisions":["Brown","Creekside At Camp Verde","Undefined"]},"centerville":{"label":"Centerville","counties":["Leon County"],"subdivisions":["Big 3 Land Company","Centerville","Dawn Land Co Ii","Haley Creek Farms","Headquarters Ranch","Henry Farley Surv A 1128","Hwy 7 Estate","I-45 Estates","J A Neal Sub","J R Triplett","Manuel Skinner Sur A-27","Oakhill","Post Oak Sub","Riverland","Riverland Acres","Rural","Three Lakes Land Company","Three Lakes Ranch","Three Lakes Subdivision","Three Lks Ranch Sub","Tr20-Ab606 Wm H Mcfarlan 14.440ac","Tr23 Ab606 Wm H Mcfarland 14.190acres","Tract 14\/Oakhills Land Co","Woodland Hills Ranch"],"zipcodes":["75833"]},"chandler":{"label":"Chandler","counties":["Henderson County"],"subdivisions":["Blue Water Key","Browns Lndg Ph 02","Browns Lndg Ph Ii","Cape Tranquility Sub","Silver Shores","Sunrise Shores","Twin Oaks Estates Sec 1"],"zipcodes":["75758"]},"channelview":{"label":"Channelview","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Channel Wood Sec 02","Channelwood","Channelwood Sec 01","Channelwood Sec 02","Forest River Estates","Lakeside Park Estates","Lakeview Homes Add","Old River Acres","Old River Acres Sec 01","Old River Acres Sec 02","Old River Heights","Old River Heights Add","Old River Manor Sec 01","Old River Terrace Sec 01","Old River Terrace Sec 02","Old River Terrace Sec 03","Old River Terrace Sec 04","Old River Terrace Sec 05","Old River Terrace Sec 5","Old River Trace Comm","Patterson","Pj Duncan","Rancho Verde","Rancho Verde Sec 11","Rancho Verde Sec 12","Rancho Verde Sec 9","San Jacinto River Estates","San Jacinto River Estates 01","San Jacinto River Estates Sec 01","San Jacinto Terrace","Shadowglen","Shadowglen Sec 01","Shadowglen Sec 02","Sheldon Rdg","Sterling Forest","Sterling Forest Sec 03 R\/P","Sterling Forest Sec 06","Sterling Green","Sterling Green 08 Sec 09","Sterling Green Sec 02","Sterling Green Sec 03","Sterling Green Sec 04","Sterling Green Sec 05","Sterling Green Sec 09","Sterling Green Sec 10 R\/P","Sterling Green Sec 5","Sterling Green South","Sterling Green South Sec 01","Sterling Green South Sec 01 R\/","Sterling Green South Sec 02 R\/","Sterling Green South Sec 02 Re","Sterling Green South Sec 03 R\/","Sterling Green South Sec 04","Sterling Green South Sec 06","Sterling Green South Sec 08"],"zipcodes":["77015","77049","77530"]},"channing":{"label":"Channing","counties":["Hartley County"],"subdivisions":["Channing"],"zipcodes":["79018"]},"chappellhill":{"label":"Chappell Hill","subdivisions":["A0074 - A0074 - Lawerence, Adam","A0090 - A0090 - Munson, William","A176 \/ Sempronius Sub","Bluebonnet Ridge Heritage Estates","Bluebonnet Ridge Subdivision","Brenham Hills","Caney Creek","Caneycreek","Chadwick Hogan Estates","Chappel Hills","Chappell Grove","Chappell Grove Sub","Chappell Hill South","Chappell Hill South 290","Chappell Hill West","Chappell Hills","Chnorth - Chappell Hill North","Lakes Of Chappell Hill","Samuel Miller Surv Abs #86","Sempronius Subdivision","Sunset Hills Estates","The Reserve At Chappell Hill","Timber Bridge Sub","Town Of Chappell Hill","Valley View Sub","Washignton Heights","Washington Heights","Washington Heights At Chappell Hill","Wildflower Estates","Wildflower Estates Sec I","Wm Munson Surv Abs #90","Ye Ole Country Place"]},"charlotte":{"label":"Charlotte","counties":["Atascosa County"],"subdivisions":["P A Ratisseau"],"zipcodes":["78011"]},"chatfield":{"label":"Chatfield"},"chester":{"label":"Chester","counties":["Tyler County"],"subdivisions":["A0003 - G. Araujo","Deer Country","Sunrise Acres","Wildwood Residence City"],"zipcodes":["75936"]},"childress":{"label":"Childress","counties":["Childress County"],"subdivisions":["Childress Hts Add","Highland Heights Add","Original Plat"],"zipcodes":["79201"]},"china":{"label":"China","counties":["Jefferson County"],"subdivisions":["Nashland"],"zipcodes":["77613","77713"]},"chinagrove":{"label":"China Grove","counties":["Bexar County"],"subdivisions":["Triple Oaks Sub"],"zipcodes":["78263"]},"chinaspring":{"label":"China Spring","counties":["McLennan County"],"subdivisions":["Frank Dicorte Add"],"zipcodes":["76633"]},"cibolo":{"label":"Cibolo","counties":["Bexar County","Guadalupe County"],"subdivisions":["Bentwood Ranch","Falcon Ridge","Turning Stone","Willow Bridge"],"zipcodes":["78108","78124","78155"]},"cincoranch":{"label":"Cinco Ranch","counties":["Fort Bend County","Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Parkway Oaks"],"zipcodes":["77450","77494"]},"cistern":{"label":"Cistern","subdivisions":["Woodcreek - Ph 3"]},"clarksville":{"label":"Clarksville","counties":["Red River County"],"subdivisions":["Elisha Bruton Survey Abs #34","Gor-Cvlle"],"zipcodes":["75426"]},"clearlakeshores":{"label":"Clear Lake Shores","counties":["Galveston County"],"subdivisions":["Clear Lake Shores","Legend Point Condo","Moon Caye Condo 2001","Porto Fino Dockominiums"],"zipcodes":["77565"]},"cleburne":{"label":"Cleburne","counties":["Johnson County"],"subdivisions":["Retreat Ph 01","Retreat Ph 03","Retreat Sub Ph 11","The Retreat"],"zipcodes":["76031","76033","76044","76058"]},"clemville":{"label":"Clemville","subdivisions":["El Dorado"]},"cleveland":{"label":"Cleveland","counties":["Liberty County","Montgomery County","San Jacinto County"],"subdivisions":[".","0","000201 F Gibenrath","000354 B Tarkington","007312- Santa Fe","007317 - Santa Fe, Sec 6","007318- Santa Fe, Section 7","59 Estates, Sec 1","A Holhousen","A M Delajarza","A W Isaacs","A196 Samuel Lusk","A251 - A251 Pleasant B Riggs","A259 Mary S Rucker, Tract 40, Acres 1.69","A350 - A350 I&Gnrr Co","Amelung Louis","Amelung Louis F","Anglin A L","Artesian Lakes","Artesian Lakes, Sec 1","Artesian Lakes, Sec 7","B Tarkington","Bar-D-Ranchetts","Barton","Barton H","Barton H, Tract 4","Barton Place","Bbb&C","Bella Vista","Bella Vista Sec 1","Bella Vista Sec 3","Bella Vista Sec 4","Bella Vista Sec 5","Bella Vista Sec2","Big Thicket Lake Estates","Briar Oaks","Business Personal Propety","C E Anderson","C Harper","C. Harper","Cactus Jack Sec 1","Camino Real","Camino Real Sec 1","Camino Real, Sec 1","Camino Real, Sec 2","Camino Real, Sec 3","Camino Real, Sec 4","Chaparral Ranch","Charles Smith","Cisd01","Clark Beach","Cleveland","Cook Construction #1","Cox-Garvey-Clev","Creekwood","Cypress Lakes","David Cole","Davis Hills Big Thicket Park","Deep Eddy Acres","Deer Creek","Delta Heights","Dunnam & Jordan","Dunnam Sec 2","Dunnam, Sec 1","E B Jackson","E K Davis","Edward Russell","Edward Russell Surv Abs #48","Edward Wrentmore Surv Abs #595","Edwards","F Hardin","F J C Smiley","Fisher Leo","Five Oak Estates","Forest Acres #1","Foster Place","Fostoria Oaks","Fostoria Oaks 01","Fostoria Woods","Freeway Forest 05","Fry Homesites","Frys Homesite","Gill Pressley Tract 21 A0230","Glen Park - Clev","Glen Park-Clev","Goode City","Grand Oaks Reserve","Grand Oaks Reserve Sec 7","Grand Oaks Reserve Ph 1 Sec 7","Grand Oaks Reserve Sec 2","Grand Oaks Reserve Sec 3","Grand Oaks Reserve Sec 4","Grand Oaks Reserve Sec 5","Grand Oaks Reserve Sec 7","Grand Oaks Reseve","Grand Oks Reserve","Grand San Jacinto","Grand San Jacinto Sec 1","Grand San Jacinto Sec 2","Grand San Jacinto,","Grand San Jacinto, Sec 3","Grand San Jacinto, Sec 4","Grand San Jacinto, Sec 5","Grand San Jacinto, Sec 6","Grand San Jacinto, Sec 7","Grantham","Greenbelt Estates","H & T C Railroad Surv Abs 164","Halpen L A","Hidden Acres 01","Hidden Acres 02 Pt Rep 2","Holts, Sec 1","Holts, Sec 2","Holts, Sec 3","Hoop & Holier","Hoop & Holler","Horseshoe Lakes","Hunters Creek","I Fields","I&Gn#19","Ida Strauss","J C Devers","J Cherry","J D Martinez-1","J D Martinez-9","J F Derumayor","J L Unsworth","J R Faulk","J West","James Mccoy","James W Robinson","John Breeding","Joseph Fenner","Kirby Woods","Lake Magnolia","Lawrence M B","Liberty Estates","Liberty Estates 01","Longhorn Crossing","Longwood","M B Lawrence","M Donaho","M Smith","M Tanner","Macdonald","Macedonia Park","Martin B Lawrence Surv Abs #31","Masterson Irrigation","Mayfield","Mb Lawrence","Meadow Lakes","Midway Acres","Montebello","Montebello Sec 1","Montebello Sec 2","Montebello Sec 3","Montebello Sec 4","Neighborhood 77327","New River Lakes","Newsalem Park","North Cleveland","North Woods","North Woods 01","North Woods 02","Northside-8a To 11a","Northside, Sec 1","Northside, Sec 2","Oak Forest Ranchettes","Oak Forest Ranchettes Sec 1","Oak Forest Ranchettes Sec 2","Oak Shadows","Oakridge Ranch","Oaks","Old Snake River Lake Estates","P A Sublett","Peach Creek","Peach Creek Annex","Peach Creek Estate #1","Peach Creek Plantation","Peach Creek Plantation 01","Peach Creek Plantation 02","Peach Creek Station 01","Peach Creek Valley 02","Pebble Creek","Pebble Creek","Phillips","Pin Oak Land Co","Pine Forest","Pine Meadow Ii","Pine Shadow Village","Pine Shadows Circle, Sec 1","Pinewood Trails","Pinewood Trails 01","Plumwood","Post Oak Mannor","Prairie Heights","Preserve Of Texas","Quail Creek","R A Hanks","R Barrow","Ranchito Alegre","Rancho San Vicente","Rayburn Townsites","Raywood","Redwood Hills Section 1","Rice","River Creek Village #2","Riverside Plaza","Royal Oaks Ii","Rural","Rye Acres","S Alloway","S F Presswood","S Kirkham","S Nicholson","Sam Houston Lake Estates","Santa Fe","Santa Fe","Santa Fe #7","Santa Fe 2, Sec 2","Santa Fe 3","Santa Fe Sec #3","Santa Fe Sec 10","Santa Fe Sec 11","Santa Fe Sec 12","Santa Fe Sec 13","Santa Fe Sec 14","Santa Fe Sec 2","Santa Fe Sec 3","Santa Fe Sec 4","Santa Fe Sec 5","Santa Fe Sec 6","Santa Fe Sec 7","Santa Fe Sec 7 Block 81 Lot 4662 & 4661","Santa Fe Sec 8","Santa Fe Sec 9","Santa Fe Sec 9a","Santa Fe Sec Eight","Santa Fe Sec Nine A 9a","Santa Fe Sec Twelve 12","Santa Fe Section","Santa Fe Section 7","Santa Fe Sub Sec One","Santa Fe,","Santa Fe, Sec 1","Santa Fe, Sec 11","Santa Fe, Sec 12","Santa Fe, Sec 2","Santa Fe, Sec 3","Santa Fe, Sec 7","Santa Fe, Sec 9-A","Santa-Fe Sec 9","Sante Fe","Sante Fe 6","Santos Coy","Sarah Goodnow","Seal Allen","Security","Security Sub Sec 2","Security Trust","Sherwood Estates 48","Shipp","Six Lakes","Smith-Clev","South Park","Southern Crossing","Southern Crossing Sec 6","Southern Crossing,","Southern Crossing, Sec 4","Southern Crossing, Sec 5","Southern Forest","Southern Xing Sec 6","Southwind","Splendora Woods","Spring Oaks","Stephens","Stimac Mat","T J Williams","T L & O","Tanglewood","Tanner Add","Tarkington Bend","Tarkington Hills","Tarkington Lake Estates I","Tarkington Lake Estates Ii","Tarkington Timbers","The Preserve Of Texas","The Woods","Thomas Dever","Thomas Newman","Tj Williams Surv Abs #593","Trails End #1","Trails End #2","Villa Nueva","Villa Nueva Rep","Vital Flores","Vital Flores Surv A-14","W M Barker","W R Goode Surv A-136","West Hwy 59 \/North Fm 2090","White Oak Hills","White-Clev","William Hays-4","William R Goode Surv A-136","Windwood","Winslow-Robinson","Wm B Duncan","Wm White","Woodland","Wrentmore","Wrentmore E","Wrentmore E-90-A-0595"],"zipcodes":["77327","77328","77371","77372"]},"clifton":{"label":"Clifton","counties":["Bosque County"],"zipcodes":["76634","76644"]},"clint":{"label":"Clint","counties":["El Paso County"],"subdivisions":["49 Hueco Mountain Estates #7"],"zipcodes":["79836"]},"clute":{"label":"Clute","counties":["Brazoria County"],"subdivisions":["A B C","Bcic Div 14","Bryan","Clyne","College Park Estates","College Park Estates Sec 6","Davidson 1","Davidson 2","Davidson 4","Dent 3","Emerald Forest","G D Shanks Tr 445","Havenwood","Highland Park","Highland Park Ii","J E Groce","Kimbrough","Lake Bend","Lakewood Park","Lowry Tr 377a","Matula","Montgomery","Oak Park Plaza","Riley","Riley A0066 J E Groce Clute","Schunck & Glidden","Sherwood Forest","Smith Div 14","Swanson","Woodshore","Woodshore Sec 1","Woodshore Sec 2 A0066 J E Gro","Woodshore Sec 3 A0066 J E Gro","Woodshore Sec 4 A0066 J E Gro","Woodshore Sec 5","Woodshore Sec 6"],"zipcodes":["77531","77541","77566"]},"clyde":{"label":"Clyde","counties":["Callahan County"],"subdivisions":["Abts"],"zipcodes":["79510"]},"coldspring":{"label":"Coldspring","counties":["San Jacinto County"],"subdivisions":["A029 Ralph Mcgee","A032 Jose Dolores Martinez","A039 James Rankin Sr","A218 - A218 Archibald Mcnell","A359-John A Robb","A37 - A037 Ruth Y Miller","A38-A038 Will. Morris & A231 Ralph Mcgee","A5 - A005 Messina Brown","Aaron Ashworth","Camilla Coves","Camilla Lake Sites","Camilla Lake Sites #1","Camilla Twin Harbors","Camilla Twin Harbors #1","Camilla Twin Harbors #2","Camilla Twin Harbors #4","Cape Royale","Cape Royale Forest Cove","Cape Royale Harbour Villa #1","Cape Royale Harbour Villa #2","Cape Royale Imperial Estates","Cape Royale Kings Point","Cape Royale Kings Ridge","Cape Royale Kings Ridge #1","Cape Royale Kings Ridge #2","Cape Royale Kings Ridge Cove","Cape Royale Pine Harbour","Cape Royale The Reserves #2","Cape Royale Villa De Marina","Cape Royale Villa De Marina #2","Cape Royale Villa De Marina #4","Cape Royale, Royale Greens","Cedar Valley #1","Cedar Valley #2","Coldspring Terrace","Coldspring Terrace #1","Coldspring Woods","Cranford Estates, Lot 1, Acres 7.7","Creek Wood Bend","Dam Site Village","Diamond Six Estates","Down Town","Drury Mcgee Surv Abs 28","East Fork Properties","Fair Park","Foxes Runs Sec 1","Hickory Hills","Hideaway Hills","Holiday Harbor","Holiday Shores","Holiday Shores Sub 1","Holiday Shores Sub 2","Holiday Shores Sub 3","Holiday Shores Sub 4","Holiday Woods","Holly Wood Forest","J D Martinez Surv A-31","James Rankin","Jd Martinez Surv A-32","John Carr","Jose Dolores Martinez","Lake Livingston Acres #2","Lake Livingston Area","Lake Oaks Landing","Lakeview Hills","Mesina Brown Surv Abs 5","Mg Stephens League","Not In Subdivision","Paradise Cove","Ponderosa Estates","River Oaks","Robert Franklin","Robert Rankin","Robin Creek","Rollingwood","Ruth Miller Sure A-37","Ruth Miller Surv Abs #37","Southwood Shores","Unrestricted","Vital Flores","Vital Flores Grant Abs #14","West Add","West Subdivision","Wild Bird Country","Woodhaven Sec 1"],"zipcodes":["77331"]},"coleman":{"label":"Coleman","counties":["Coleman County"],"subdivisions":["Clow 1 Add Town Coleman","Clow 2 Farm Add Town Coleman","Phillips 2 Add Town Coleman"],"zipcodes":["76834"]},"collegestation":{"label":"College Station","counties":["Brazos County"],"subdivisions":["4354 - Needham Estates","Barracks Ii Sub Ph 105","Barron Crest","Bernadine Estates","Bird Pond Estates Ph 1","Boyett","Bridle Gate Estates Ph 2","Carter Lake","Carters Grove Ph 1","Carters Xing Sub Ph 4","Castle Rock","Castlegate","Castlegate Ii Sec 100","Castlegate Ii Sec 102","Castlegate Ii Sec 106","Castlegate Ii Sec 204","Castlegate Ii Sec 208","Castlegate Ii Sec 209","Castlegate Sec 04 Ph 02","Castlegate Sec 9","Cat Hollow Ph 02","Chalet Village","College Hills Estates","College Hills Estates Ph 4","Cottagewood","Crawford","Creek Estates","Creek Mdws Ph 4 Sec 4","Creek Mdws Sec 4 Ph 2b","Creek Mdws Sec 4 Ph 2c","Creek Meadows","Creek Meadows Sec 5 Ph 2","Cripple Creek Condos","Deacon Condos","Deer Park","Deerfield Estates Ph 1","Dever","Edelweiss Estates","Edelweiss Estates Ph 10a","Edelweiss Gartens","Edelweiss Gartens Ph 01","Edelweiss Gartens Ph 11","Emerald Ridge Estates Ph 1","Enchanted Oaks","Fox Run Condos Ph 2","Gateway Villas Condos Ph 4a","Glenhaven Estates Ph 2","Greens Prairie Reserve","Greens Prairie Reserve Ph 102","Greens Prairie Reserve Ph 106","Indian Lakes","Indian Lakes Ph 01","Indian Lakes Ph 09","Indian Lakes Sub Ph Xix","K F O","Krenek Crossing","Lake Estates","Lakerdg Twnhms Ph 3b Bldg 27","Lakeridge Townhomes Condos","Lakeridge Twnhms Ph 2b","Leacrest Ph 01","Meadowcreek","Midtown Estates","Midtown Reserve","Midtown Reserve Sub Ph 102","Midtown Reserve Sub Ph 103","Midtown Reserve Sub Ph 200","Mission Ranch","Mission Ranch Ph 201","Mission Ranch Sub Ph 302","Mission Ranch Sub Ph 501","Nantucket Ph 02","Oakwood","Old Oak Tree Condos","Pebble Creek","Pebble Creek Ph 1a","Pebble Creek Ph 2b","Pebble Creek Ph 5b","Pebble Creek Ph 7b2","Pershing Pointe Villas Ph 1","Plantation Oaks","Pueblo Court North","Quail Run Estates Ph 1","Saddle Creek","Saddle Creek Ph 6","Saddle Creek Ph 7a","Saddle Crk Sub Ph 4","Shenandoah","Sonoma","South Hampton","South Knoll","Southeast College Park","Souther Pointe","Southern Point Sec 100","Southern Pointe","Southern Pointe Sec 100","Southern Pointe Sec 103","Southern Pointe Sec 200","Southern Pointe Sub Sec 119","Southland","Southwood Forest","Southwood Ph 4","Southwood Valley","Southwood Valley Ph 14e","Southwood Valley Ph 24c","Southwood Valley Ph 5b","Southwood Valley Ph 6a","Southwood Valley Ph 6b","Southwood Valley Ph 7c","Spring Creek Twnhms Ph 01","Spring Meadows Ph 02","Springbrook-Cypress Meadow","Summit Crossing","Summit Crossing Ph 01","Sun Meadows Ph 02","Sutters Mill","Sutters Mill Ph 1","Sweet Briar","T.C.C.","The Barracks Ph 1","The Estate At Creek Meadows","The Glade Ph 2","The Hollow Ph 1","The Knoll","The Meadows Ph 1","Thomas J Allcorn","Timber Ridge Ph 01","W Sutherland","Waterford Heights Ph 1","Waterwood Townhome","Waterwood Townhome Condos","Wellborn Settlement","West Park Ph2","Westfield Ph 03","Westfield Village Ph 06","Westminster Ph 2, Block 6, Lot 11","Williams Creek Lake Estates","Williams Devers","Winding Creek","Wood Brook Condos","Woodland Hills Ph 01","Woodlands Of College Station Condos","Woodstock Condos"],"zipcodes":["77801","77807","77840","77841","77842","77843","77844","77845","77881"]},"colmesneil":{"label":"Colmesneil","counties":["Tyler County"],"subdivisions":["A0471 - M. Mccormick","A0796 - T & S T Co","Crystal Creek","G&Bn","Lake Amanda","Robert Lucas A 24","Rural","Shady Acres","W. Campbell"],"zipcodes":["75938"]},"coloradocity":{"label":"Colorado City","counties":["Mitchell County"],"subdivisions":["Colorado City Village"],"zipcodes":["79512"]},"columbialakes":{"label":"Columbia Lakes","subdivisions":["Columbia Lakes Sec 1-2-3-4-5"]},"columbus":{"label":"Columbus","counties":["Colorado County"],"subdivisions":["0","16100- Wild Wing Preserve","A-13 - J Cummins","A-29 - W R Hunt","A-621 - J M Walker","Benjamin Beason A-5","Big Easy Estates","Big Easy Ranch Estates","Big Easy Ranch Ests Sec One","Brunes Mill","Colorado Rural Estates","Columbus","Columbus Ranges","Cornett","Cummins","Elizabeth Tumlinson Surv Abs #","Garden Oaks","Henry Terrell Surv Abs #556","Herring Sub","Hillcrest","I & G N Rr Co Surv 59 Abs 302 20 Acres","Irwin","J Holden Surv Surv Abs #896","J M Walker","James Cummins Surv Abs #12","Krupka","Legacy Oaks Sub","Mccormick #1","Mccormick #3","Mccormick Addition","R Owens Surv Abs #440","Rose Garden","Rose Garden Subdivision","Rose Garden Subdivision (If Developed)","Simmons Lakes","St Paul","Wild Wing Preserve","Wild Wing Preserve Sub"],"zipcodes":["78934"]},"comanche":{"label":"Comanche","counties":["Comanche County"],"subdivisions":["Duncan"],"zipcodes":["76442"]},"comfort":{"label":"Comfort","counties":["Kendall County"],"subdivisions":["Lindner's Addition","Los Ricos Pobre","S15445 - Live Oaks"],"zipcodes":["78013"]},"commerce":{"label":"Commerce","counties":["Hunt County"],"subdivisions":["Cowan S C Add","Wingate Add #2"],"zipcodes":["75428","75429"]},"como":{"label":"Como","counties":["Hopkins County"],"subdivisions":["Landers Levi"],"zipcodes":["75431"]},"concan":{"label":"Concan","subdivisions":["Canyon Oaks 04","Concan Cc\/Mountain Vly","Concan Cntry Club\/Mountain Vly","Concan Country Club\/Mountain V","Heartstone","Valley Vista"]},"conroe":{"label":"Conroe","counties":["Montgomery County"],"subdivisions":["0","211 Garden Apartment","830 And Seven Coves Rd","A0028 Pitts J C, Tract 26-B","A0070 Bryan Stephen","A0073 Bridges Wm B, Tract 18 Pt, 119, Ac","A0212 Falsom L Y","A0350 - Montg Co Sch Land","A0414 Peebles Richard","A0476 Stewart Cb","A0579 Toby Thomas","Abst-A25e","Abstact","Abstract Area","Abstract Area 1 Richards-Abst-A1","Abstract Area 14 Southeast Fm 2854","Abstract Area 16 Woodlands","Abstract Area 17 Lake Infuence","Abstract Area 2","Abstract Area 23","Abstract Area 27 Fm 1314","Abstract Area 3 Fm 149 South-Ab St-A3","Abstract Area 31","Allen W S","Allendale","Allendale 01","Andershire Estates","April Harbor Condos","April Hill","April Point","April Point 03","April Point 04","April Point North 02","April Point North 03","April Point North 04","April Point North 05","April Sound","April Sound 01","April Sound 03","April Sound 04","April Sound 05","April Sound 07","April Sound 08","April Sound 09","Arbor Place","Arbor Place 02","Artavia","Artavia 02","Artavia 03","Artavia 05","Artavia 07","Artavia 08","Artavia 09","Artavia 10","Artavia 11","Artavia 12","Artavia 13","Artavia Sec 11","Artesian Forest","Artesian Forest 02","Artesian Oaks 01","Artesian Oaks 02","Artesian Oaks 03","Ayres 01","Barton Creek Ranch","Barton Creek Ranch 01","Barton Creek Ranch 03","Barton Creek Ranch 04","Barton Woods","Barton Woods 02","Barton Woods 03","Barton Woods 04","Baseke","Bay Pointe Landing On Lake Con","Beach Clark","Bear Creek Acres","Beasley Prewett","Beasley Prewett Surv A-419","Bennette Comm","Bennette J O H-Allen","Bennette J O H-Owens","Bennette Woods","Berkshire Jones Forest","Berkshire Jones Forest Apartment Homes","Berkshire Woodland Apartment Homes","Big Beasley Pruett Surv","Big Tree Center","Big Tree Estate 01","Big Tree Estate 03","Blake Bennett","Blake Bennettte","Boulevard Green","Briar Grove","Briar Grove 01","Briar Grove 02","Briar Grove 04","Briarwood East","Bricker John","Brite Subdivision","Bryan Stephen","Cagle Branch Estates","Caney Mills","Caney Mills 01","Caney Mills 02","Caney Mills 04","Canyon Creek","Canyon Creek 01","Canyon Creek 02","Canyon Creek 03","Canyon Creek 04","Canyon Crossing 01","Carriage Hills","Carriage Hills 01","Carriage Hills 02","Carriage Hills 03","Carridge Hills","Cayden Creek","Cayden Creek 02","Cayden Creek 03","Cedar Creek 01","Cedar Crossing 01","Cedar Crossing 1","Cedar Woods","Chama 02","Champion Forest","Champion Hills 01","Champion Oaks","Champion Pines","Champion Village","Chapel Run","Chapel Run 02","Chase Run 01","Chase Run 02","Chase Run 03","Chase Run 04","Chasewood 01","Chateau Woods","Chestnut Ridge At Jacobs Reserve","Cielo","Circle Oaks 02","City Place 01","Clara & Tv Zumwalt Surv Abs 80","Clark Beach Surv Abs 79 Tract","Cliffstone Hills","Cliffstone Hills 01","Collard E","Colony Place 02","Conroe Northeast","Conroe South Bus Park","Conroe South Of Sh 105","Conroe Terrace","Cooper J M","Country Club Forest","Country Club Forest 02","Country Village I","Cowan Subdivision","Creighton Road Estates","Crighton Ridge","Crighton Ridge 01","Crighton Ridge 02","Crighton Woods","Crighton Woods 02","Crocket Trace","Crockett Martin Estates","Crockett Meadows","Crockett Reserve","Crockett Reserve 01","Crockett Reserve 02","Crockett Reserve 03","Crockett Trace","Crockett Trace 01","Crockett Trace Estates","Crockett Trace Estates 03","Crockett Trace Estates 07","Crockett Trace Estates 08","Crockett Trace Estates 09","Crockett Trace Estates 12","Crown Estates 02","Crown Estates Rep 1","Crystal Creek 01","Crystal Creek 02","Crystal Creek Estates","Crystal Creek Forest","Crystal Forest","Crystal Forest 01","Crystal Lake Park","Cumberland Estates","Cummings John R","Curry","Davis John A","Davy Thos","Deer Glen Estates","Deer Glen West","Deer Pines","Deer Pines 01","Deer Pines 02","Deer Ridge 419","Deer Run 04","Deer Trail","Deer Trail 03","Deer Trail 04","Deer Trail Estates","Deer Trail Estates 01","Deer Trail Estates 03","Deer Trail Two","Deer Trail Two 01","Deer Trail Two 02","Deer Trail Two 03","Deerwood","Denward James Surv A-289","Diamondhead","Dogwood Forest","Dominion Ridge 02","Dominion Ridge 03","Donovans","E H Yeiser Surv Abs #731","Earthman","Elijah Collard Surv Abs","Emerson Estates","Emerson Estates 02","Evergreen","Evergreen 02","Exxon Road","Fairwood Pt Rep 1","Fire Tower Acres","Forest At Jacobs Reserve","Forest Creek","Forest Estates","Forest Estates 01","Forest Estates 02","Forest Estates 04","Forest Of Wedgewood 01","Forest Trace 02","Forest Trace 03","Forest Trace 05","Forest Trace Court 01","Foster Glen","Foster Glen 01","Foster Glen 02","Foster's Ridge","Fosters Ridge","Fosters Ridge 01","Fosters Ridge 02","Fosters Ridge 03","Fosters Ridge 04","Fosters Ridge 07","Fosters Ridge 08","Fosters Ridge 09","Fosters Ridge 11","Fosters Ridge 12","Fosters Ridge 13","Fosters Ridge 15","Fosters Ridge 16","Fosters Ridge 18","Fosters Ridge 19","Fosters Ridge 20a","Fosters Ridge 20b","Fosters Ridge 22","Gleneagles","Gleneagles 01","Gleneagles 02a","Gleneagles 03","Gleneagles 04","Gleneagles 06","Glenwood Park","Grahan John","Grand Center Park 17","Grand Central Park","Grand Central Park 01","Grand Central Park 03","Grand Central Park 04","Grand Central Park 05 Rep 2","Grand Central Park 06","Grand Central Park 08","Grand Central Park 10","Grand Central Park 16","Grand Central Park 17","Grand Central Park 20","Grand Central Park 22","Grand Central Park 24","Grand Central Park 25","Grand Central Park: 55ft. Lots","Grange","Granger C E","Granger Grand Estates","Granger Pines","Granger Pines 01","Granger Pines 02","Granger Pines 03b","Granger Pines 04","Grangerland Tract 5","Graystone Hills","Graystone Hills 03","Graystone Hills 04","Graystone Hills 05","Graystone Hills 06","Graystone Hills 07","Graystone Hills 10","Graystone Hills 13","Graystone Hills 15","Graystone Hills 17","Graystone Hills Estates","Greenwood Acres 01","Grove At Jacobs Reserve","Harper's Preserve","Harpers Preserve","Harpers Preserve 01","Harpers Preserve 02","Harpers Preserve 04","Harpers Preserve 07","Harpers Preserve 09","Harpers Preserve 10","Harpers Preserve 11","Harpers Preserve 13","Harpers Preserve 14","Harpers Preserve 15","Harpers Preserve 18","Harpers Preserve 20","Harpers Preserve 22","Harpers Preserve 24","Harpers Preserve 25","Harpers Preserve 26","Harpers Preserve 27","Harpers Preserve 28","Harpers Preserve 30","Harpers Preserve 32","Harris Hills","Harris Mike","Hazelwood","Hazelwood 01","Hazelwood 03","Hb Little Field Surv Abs 311","Heritage Reserve 01","Hickory Ridge","Hicks","Hidden Creek","Hidden Creek 02 Amd","Hidden Creek 03 Abstract 53","Hidden Creek Preserve","Hidden Creek Preserve 01","Hidden Creek Preserve 02","Highland","Highland Hollow","Highline Oaks","Highline Oaks 02","Hillcrest Acres","Hillgreen","Hills Of Westlake","Hills Of Westlake 01","Hills Of Westlake 02","Hines","Hodge James","Holly Hills","Holly Hills 01","Holly Terrace At Jacobs Reserv","Hunters Glen 01","Hunters Place","Hyman Kenneth","Imperial Oaks 14","Imperial Oaks Estates 03","Imperial Oaks Park","Imperial Oaks Park 03","Imperial Oaks Park 04","Imperial Oaks Park 05","Imperial Oaks Park 09","Imperial Oaks Park 12","Imperial Oaks Park 14","Imperial Parks","Independent","J C Pitts Surv Abs #28","Jacobs Reserve","James Denward Surv Abs #289","James Smith Abs 37","John Corner","Johnson Living","Josiah Wood Surv Abs 637","Kelly T O","Kenwood Village","Key Harbour","Kirk Road Smith Add","Krohn Ranchettes","Kuykendall Surv Tract I A-301","La Salle Crossing 01 Westlake","La Salle Crossing Westlake","Ladera Creek","Ladera Creek 01","Ladera Creek 02","Ladera Creek 10","Ladera Creek 12","Ladera Trails","Ladera Trails 01","Ladera Trails 03","Lake Adams","Lake Chateau Woods","Lake Chateau Woods 02","Lake Chateau Woods 03","Lake Chateau Woods 04","Lake Chateau Woods 07","Lake Chateau Woods 08","Lake Conroe Forest","Lake Conroe Forest 02","Lake Conroe Forest 03","Lake Conroe Forest Bk 79","Lake Conroe Forest Sec 2","Lake Conroe West-West Crk","Lake Conroe West-West Crk Subdivision","Lake Creek Falls","Lake Creek Forest","Lake Creek Forest 01","Lake Forest Falls","Lake Forest Falls 01","Lake Forest Falls 03","Lake Lorraine 01","Lake Rollingwood 01","Lake Rollingwood 02","Lake Shore Cove","Lake View Village","Lake View Village 01","Lake Wildwood","Lakeland","Lakeland 04","Lakes At Crocket Martin","Lakes At Crockett Martin","Lakeview Terrace","Lakeview Terrace 04","Lakewood Estates 01","Lakewood Estates 02","Lakewood Trails","Lang Wilson","Laurel Ridge At Graystone","Lawndale Park","Lazy Caney Pines","League Surv Abs #70","Lewis","Lewis J E","Littlefield","Littlefield H B, Tract 5a-4","Lone Star Ranch","Lone Star Ranch 03","Lone Star Ranch 04","Longmire Creek Estates","Longmire Creek Estates 01","Longmire Creek Estates 02","Longmire On Lake Conroe","Longmire On Lake Conroe 02","Longmire On Lake Conroe Prt Repl","Longmire Pointe","Mackenzie Creek","Mackenzie Creek 01","Mackenzie Creek 02","Mackenzie Creek Sec. 2","Madeley Creek","Madison Bend","Madison Bend 01","Madison Bend 02","Magnolia Bend","Magnolia Bend 01","Magnolia Bend 03","Magnolia Bend 05","Magnolia Bend 07","Magnolia Bend 08","Magnolia Bend 09","Magnolia Bend 10","Magnolia Bend 11","Magnolia Lake","Majestic Acres 01","Mansion Villas 02","Marie Village","Mavera","Mavera - Centex","Mavera 03","Mavera 04","Mavera 05","Mavera 07","Mccall J A","Mcdade Estates","Mcdade Estates 02","Mcdade Estates 03","Mcrae Lake","Mcrae Lake 02","Meadow Glen","Meadow Glen 02","Meadow Park","Meadowbrook","Meadows At Imperial Oaks","Meadows At Imperial Oaks 02","Meadows At Imperial Oaks 07","Meadows At Imperial Oaks 09","Meadows At Imperial Oaks 11","Meadows At Imperial Oaks 12","Meadows At Imperial Oaks 14","Meadows At Imperial Oaks 15","Misevic","Montg Co Sch Land","Montgomery County","Montgomery Creek Ranch","Montgomery Creek Ranch 01","Montgomery Creek Ranch 02","Montgomery Creek Ranch 05","Montgomery Creek Ranch 06","Montgomery Creek Ranch 10","Montgomery Creek Ranch 12","Montgomery Creek Ranch 14","Montgomery Creek Ranch 15","Montgomery Creek Ranch 17","Montgomery Oaks","Montgomery Place","Montgomery Ridge","Moss Hill","Mosswood 02","Newton Acres","No","North Conroe Ind Park 02 Pt Rep 1","Northline Oaks","Northridge","Northwood Acres","Oak Estates At Jacobs Reserve","Oak Forest Estates 01","Oak Hollow","Oak Hollow 01","Oak Hollow 02","Oak Park","Oak Ridge North","Oak Ridge North 07","Oak Ridge North 09","Oak Ridge North 10","Oak Tree 01","Old Kentucky Farms 01","Olde Oaks","Olde Oaks 02","Oreilly Add","Outlaw John L","Owen John","Palm Beach Estates","Palms Twnhms","Panorama Village","Panorama-Cherry Hills","Panorama-Green Briar 02","Panorama-Hiwon","Panorama-Hiwon 01","Panorama-Indian Creek","Panorama-Quail Creek 01","Panorama-Thunderbird","Panorama-Winged Ft 02","Paradise Point Condo","Parkwest","Parkwest Rep 2","Peach Creek","Peach Creek Terrace","Peach Creek Village","Pebble Glen On The Lake","Pecan Grove At Jacobs Reserve","Ph Herndon Surv A-256","Pine Crest 01","Pine Hollow","Pine Lake Club","Pine Lake Cove","Pine Lake Cove 01","Pine Lake Cove 05","Pine Meadows","Pine Rock Estates 01","Pine Shadows 212","Pines At Jacobs Reserve 01","Pinewood Forest","Pinewood Village","Pinewood Village 01","Pinewood Village 02","Piney Point","Pioneer Trails 02","Pioneer Trails West","Plantation Estate 01","Ponderosa Pines 01","Ponderosa Pines 02","Porter Conroe Ranchettes Abs #","Prewett Beasley","Ralston","Rayburn Trac","Rayburn Wood","Reaves & Ross R G","Red Oak Ranch 01","Rederich's Sub","Regency Point","Richards Reserve","River Brook Forest Hill Waterfront","River Plantation","River Plantation 01","River Plantation 02","River Plantation 03","River Plantation 04","River Plantation 05","River Plantation 08","River Plantation 09","River Plantation 10","River's Edge","Riverbrook","Riverbrook-Forest Hls","Riverbrook-Forest Hls Grn","Riverbrook-Forest Hls Square","Riverbrook-Sherbrook","Rivers Edge","Rivers Edge 01","Rivers Edge 02","Rivershire","Rivershire 01","Rivershire 02","Robert Kuykendall Surv A-301","Robertson","Robertson Milton","Robinwood","Robinwood 01","Ross Hill","Roy Harris Four Corner","Royal Cay @water Crest","Royal Forest","Royal Forest 01","Royal Forest 02","Royal San Marino 01","Rural","S H Bryan Surv Abs 70","Sagecrest Preserve","Sagecrest Trails","School Park","Science Hill","Sco City Of Oak Ridge","Sco Ne Quad Cco Front N Loop E Sh75 N T","Sco Se Quad Cco Front Fm1314 I-7119.C","Sco Se Quad Cco Front Fm3083-7118.C","Sco Se Quad Noncity Fronts Fm1485","Security","Shadow Lake Forest","Shady Woods 01 Rep","Shepards Landing","Sherwood Glen","Sherwood Glen 01","Shoreline On Lake Conroe Condo","Sidney Sheppard Surv A-501","Silverstone","Simmons J C","Singing Pines 01","Singleton J W","Slade Theo","Sleepy Hollow","Smith Lemuel Surv Tract 68 Abs","Southern Oaks 01","Southern Oaks 02","Southern Pines","Southwind Ridge","Spring Branch Crossing","Spring Northeast","Sterling Place 01","Stewart C B","Stewart's Ranch","Stewarts Forest","Stewarts Forest 01","Stewarts Forest 02","Stewarts Forest 03","Stewarts Forest 05","Stewarts Forest 08","Stewarts Forest 09","Stillwater","Stillwater 01","Stillwater 02","Stillwater 03","Stillwater 05","Stillwater 06","Stillwater 07","Stone Hedge Estates","Stonebrooke","Stonecrest Ranch 01","Strickland Wilson","Summer Wood 02","Summerset Estates","Summerset Estates 01","Sunset Ridge","Sunset Ridge 03","Sweetwater Ridge","Swi Ccofront I45","Syndicate","Talford Acres 02 Rep 1","Tall Timbers 01","Tall Timbers 02","Tamina","Tamina Manor","Tanglewilde Farms","Tanglewood 01","Tanglewood East","Teas Crossing","Teas Lakes","Teas Lakes 01","Teas Lakes 02","Teas Lakes 03","Teas Lakes 04","Teaswood","Teaswood 02","Teaswood Ave","Teaswood Avenue","Teaswood The Reserve","Tejascreek 03","Texaba","Texaba 02","The Cottage Green","The Fountains At Jacobs Reserv","The Fountains At Jacobs Reserve","The Gardens At Jacobs Reserve","The Lakes At Crockett Martin","The Meadows At Imperial Oaks","The Meadows At Jacobs Reserve","The Meadows Of Imperial Oaks","The Pines At Seven Coves 01","The Pines At Seven Coves 02","The Villages At Crockett Trace","The Woodlands Hills","The Woodlands Hills 04","The Woodlands Hills 08","The Woodlands Hills 11","The Woodlands Hills 13","The Woodlands Hills 14","The Woodlands Windsor Lakes","The Woods At Jacob\u2019s Reserve","The Woods Of Conroe","The Woods Of Conroe 01","The Woods Of Conroe 03","The Woods Of Conroe 04","Thomas G Stewart Surv Abs 529","Toby Thomas","Tower Glen","Tower Glen North","Tower Woods","Trace Crossing","Trace Estates","Turner Estates","Unrecorded","Unrestricted","Unrestricted Reserve","Urquhart","Venetian Pines","Village Hills","Villas At White Oak Ranch 01","Villas At White Oak Ranch 02","Wagers","Walco Acres","Water Crest","Water Crest On Lake Conroe","Water Crest On Lake Conroe 01","Water Crest On Lake Conroe 02","Water Crest On Lake Conroe 05","Water Crest On Lake Conroe 09","Water Crest On Lake Conroe 13","Water Crest On Lake Conroe 14","Water Crest On Lake Conroe 15","Watermere Woodland Lakes","Waukegan","Waukegan Way","Waukegan Way 01","Waukegan Way 02","Waukegan Way 03","Waukegan Way 04","Wcrr Surv Abs 645","Wdlnds Harpers Lnd College Park","Wdlnds Village Alden Br","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 102","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 53","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 74","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 76","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 82","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 97","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 99","Wdlnds Windsor Hills","Wdlnds Windsor Hills 02","Wdlnds Windsor Hills 03","Wdlnds Windsor Lakes","Wdlnds Windsor Lakes 01","Wdlnds Windsor Lakes 06","Wdlnds Windsor Lakes 07","Wdlnds Windsor Lakes 11","Wedgewood","Wedgewood Falls","Wedgewood Falls 01","Wedgewood Falls 02","Wedgewood Forest","Wedgewood Forest 02","Wedgewood Forest 03","West Fork","West Fork 01","West Fork 03","Western Hill Tracts","Westridge Cove","Westridge Cove 01","Westwood Estates","Whispering Pines 03","White Oak Estates 01","White Oak Estates 02","White Oak Estates 03","White Oak Estates 04","White Oak Manor","White Oak Ranch 01","White Oak Valley Estate","White Oak Valley Estate 04","Wiggins","Wiggins T M","Wiggins Tm","Wiggins Village 01","Wiggins Village 03","William Bridges Surv A-73","William Brooks Surv Abs # 81","William Kibbie Surv A-303","Williams Reserve East","Wilson Park","Windsong","Wl Goss Surv Abs #739","Woodgate 01","Woodhaven","Woodhaven 01","Woodhaven Forest","Woodhaven Forest 01","Woodhaven Forest 02","Woodhaven Forest 03","Woodland Forest Estates","Woodlands Harpers Landing","Woodlands Harpers Landing College Park","Woodlands Village Alden Bridge","Woodmark","Woodmark 01","Woodmark 02 Rep","Woodmark 03","Woodranch Farms","Woods At Jacobs Reserve","Woodsway 01","Wooldridge Estate","Wp Mccomb Surv Abs #780","Wroxton Estates","Wroxton Estates 02","Yeiser Ed G"],"zipcodes":["77301","77302","77303","77304","77305","77306","77316","77318","77356","77378","77384","77385"]},"converse":{"label":"Converse","counties":["Bexar County"],"subdivisions":["Fair Mdws Sub Un 5","Graytown Sub","Knox Rdg Ph 3 Un 4","Ventura Un 15","Ventura Un 16 Small Lt Sub"],"zipcodes":["78109","78148","78244"]},"coolidge":{"label":"Coolidge","counties":["Limestone County"],"subdivisions":["Coolidge","T Thompson Suev A-556"],"zipcodes":["76635"]},"copperascove":{"label":"Copperas Cove","counties":["Bell County","Coryell County","Lampasas County"],"subdivisions":["Creekside Hills Ph 1","Hughes Gardens"],"zipcodes":["76522","76539","76542","76544","76549"]},"corpuschristi":{"label":"Corpus Christi","counties":["Aransas County","Kleberg County","Nueces County","San Patricio County"],"subdivisions":["Bay View #2","Bay View #3","Bordeaux Place","Cabana East Condos Trio On","Coquina Bay","Country Creek","Creekwood Twnhms","Deerfield","Farias Grant","Harlem Park","High Terrace","Highway Village #3","Hughes","Kosar","Lakeview Acres","Nueces Acres #2","Pope Place #5","Royal Creek Estates","Summer Wind Village Ph V","The Marquesas Twnhms","Villa Del Sol Condo","Waverly Estates #3","Wood Estates","Wood Oaks On The River Ph I"],"zipcodes":["78362","78370","78373","78380","78401","78402","78403","78404","78405","78406","78407","78408","78409","78410","78411","78412","78413","78414","78415","78416","78417","78418","78419","78426","78427","78460","78461","78463","78465","78466","78467","78468","78469","78470","78471","78472","78473","78474","78475","78476","78477","78478","78480"]},"corrigan":{"label":"Corrigan","counties":["Polk County"],"subdivisions":["10458-Abst 458 A Newman Survey","10759-Abst759jb Hendry","Bbb& Crr Surv A-150","Damascus Wood","Laurelia Estates","No","Stryker Mill","Wkf"],"zipcodes":["75939"]},"corsicana":{"label":"Corsicana","counties":["Navarro County"],"subdivisions":["A10371 - P Highnote Abst","Barefoot Bay","Chambers Bay","Corsicana","Corsicana Crossing","E Frier Abst","Grison Estates","J Alston","Richland Park","Robert Caradine Surv Abs #139","The Shores On Richland Chamb","Unkn","Woodview Estates"],"zipcodes":["75109","75110","75151"]},"coupland":{"label":"Coupland","counties":["Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["Am40sdxi - Mh East","Morrow John Subd","No"],"zipcodes":["76574","78615"]},"cove":{"label":"Cove","counties":["Chambers County"],"subdivisions":["Cotton Wood Estate","Gou Hole","Josephs Cove","Josephs Cove Sec 1","Josephs Cove Sec 2","Josephs Cove Sec 3","Josephs Cove Sec 4","Lanai Sec 2","Lanai Sub","Maley Woods","Plantation Cove","Raintree","Veranda Sub","Williams Sub","Winfree Oaks"],"zipcodes":["77523"]},"covington":{"label":"Covington","counties":["Hill County"],"subdivisions":["."],"zipcodes":["76636"]},"crockett":{"label":"Crockett","counties":["Houston County"],"subdivisions":["00","A E Gossett Surv A-423","A E Gossett Surv Abs 423","Ab 423","Ae Gossett Surv A-423","Ae Gossett Surv Surv A-423","Aj Dillon Ranches","Berta Wooters Sub #1","Crockett","Depot Add","E Gossett","Elisha Clapp League A-22","Enchanted Estates","Fm 3313 Nottingham Woods Area","Frank Johnson League A-46","Golden Acres","Golden Acres Sec D","Golden Acres Sub","Golden Acres Sub Sec D","Green Mdws Sub","H Masters","Hilltop Terrace","Hilltop Terrace Sub","Homestead Village","J H Haile Surv A-40","J J Estate","Jacob Masters Jr Surv Abs 55","Jj Haile Ab40 9.768 Ac","John Beaty Surv A-7","John Grissett Ab 429","John Hagan","John Moore League A-59","John Moore Surv A-59","Jos Hodges","Lakeway Terrace","Latigo Estates","Leo Knox Sub","Linwood Estate","Linwood Estates","Meadowood Sub","Moore","N C Hodges","Northview Ranch","Northview Ranch Tract 35","Nottingham Woods","Nottingham Woods Sub Sec 1","Park Terrace Add #2","Park Terrace Sub #4 Sec 1","Plantation Acres","Plantation Acres Sec A","Ranches At Buckhorn Creek","Rolling Acres","Rolling Acres Sec A","Rolling Acres Sub","Smith Add","Smith Bros Estate","South Gate","Southside","Spring Creek Country Club","Spring Crk","Spring Crk Country Club","Stillwell Box Surv Abs #19","Turner Terrace Add","V E Murray Sub","Weldon Bailey Add"],"zipcodes":["75835"]},"crosby":{"label":"Crosby","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["0","1-A & 1-B","96180834 R\/P","Absalom Reeves Surv Abs 60","Absolem Reeves Surv Abs #60","Abst 37 H Jackson","Abst 637 H H Pead","Abst 790","Abst 791 T Toby","Abst 817 T Toby","Arcadian Gardens Sec 06","B F Tankersley Surv Abs 770","B G Tankersley Surv Abs 770","Barnaba Estate","Barrett Crossing","Barrett Settlement","Bohemian Hall Estates 34","Burris Sec 02","Cedar Grove","Charles Ware Abs-784","Crobsy","Crosby Dayton","Crosby Farms","Crosby Lynchburg","Crosby Mdws","Crosby Meadows U\/R","Crosby Townsite","Crosby Village","Crosby Village Sec 01","Crosby Woods","D Estate","Davis H U\/R","Deer Run Estates","Deer Run Estates Sec 01","Deer Run Estates Sec 1","Dickerson Place","Domnick Hechler Estates U\/R","Duncan Meredith","Dustin Oaks","El Cielo","Elena Fruit","Elena Fruit & Cotton","Elena Fruit & Cotton Farms","Elena Fruit & Cotton Farms B","Elena Fruit & Cotton Farms Un","Elena Fruit & Cotton Un B","Fairacres Sec 01 U\/R","Fairacres Unr","Fairway Port Condo","G W Burkitt","Gilpin","H & T C Rr Co Sec 4 Blk 4","H H Pead","H Jackson","Happy Hide A Way","Happy Hide A Way 4 Unr","Happy Hide A Way Sec 01 U\/R","Happy Hide A Way Sec 02 U\/R","Happy Hide A Way Sec 03 U\/R","Happy Hide A Way Sec 04 U\/R","Happy Hide A Way Sec 3 U\/R","Happy Hide-A-Way","Happy Hide-A-Way #410","Happy-Hide-A-Way","Heritage Estates","Honey Tree Country","Ht&Brr","Ht&Brr Co Sec 6","Ht&Brr Tract 10e Sec 2 Abs 161","Indian Shores","Indian Shores Sec 01","Indian Shores Sec 02","Indian Shores Sec 03","Indian Shores Sec 04","Indian Shores Sec 05","Indian Shores Sec 06","Indian Shores Sec 08","J Malley","James Mcgahey Surv Abs #542","Kodiak Xing Sec 1","Kodiak Xing Sec 2","Kodiak Xing Sec 3","L Levy Surv Abs 517","Lake Shadows","Lake Shadows Sec 01","Lake Shadows Sec 03","Lake Shadows Sec 04","Lake Shadows Sec 05","Lakeside Estates","Lewis I R","Lone Oak Landing","M Duncan Surv Abs #17","M\/R-2255.07","Marcelas Place","Meredith Duncan Surv Abs 17","Newport","Newport 4","Newport Cntry Club Estates Sec","Newport Court","Newport Pointe","Newport Pointe Sec 1","Newport Sec","Newport Sec 01","Newport Sec 02","Newport Sec 03","Newport Sec 04","Newport Sec 05","Newport Sec 06","Newport Sec 07","Newport Sec 08","Newport Sec 10","Newport Sec 12","Newport Sec 4","Newport Sec 5","Newport Sec 9","Newport\/Deerpointe","Newprot Sec 03","Not A Subdivision","Parish Lake Estates Rep #1","Patiowoods","Pecan Estates","Pecan Estates Sec 1","Ramsey","Ramsey & Reidland","Ramsey Loop Estates","Ramsey Orange Orchards","Reuben White League A-84","Riverdale","Rural","Rustic Acres","Rustic Acres Sec 01 U\/R","Rustic Acres Sec 02 U\/R","San Jacinto Plantation 01 Amd","Seven Oaks North","Shady Lane Forest","Shuman 02","Spanish Cove","Spanish Cove Sec 01","Spindle Top Rachettes","Spindle Top Ranchettes","St Champney Patent 47 Abs 79","St Champney Surv","St Charles Place Sec 01","St Charles Place Sec 02","Sundance Cove","Sweetgrass Village","T Toby","T. Toby Green Acres","Tall Cedars","Tall Cedars Sec 02 U\/R","Tankersley Benj F","Terramare Sec 01","Toby","Toby Thos","Tr 1e","Turfwood Estates","Unrestricted","Villas\/Newport","W C Rr Co Sec 2"],"zipcodes":["77532"]},"crossroads":{"label":"Cross Roads","counties":["Denton County"],"subdivisions":["Rj Moseley"],"zipcodes":["76227"]},"crystalbeach":{"label":"Crystal Beach","subdivisions":["A Van Nortdstrand A203","Abst 179 J Shaw Sur","Alberdie","Alberdie Add 1","Arceneaux","Arceneaux Subdivision","Bay Vue","Beaumont Drive Sub","Blalock","Blue Water","Blue Water 1","Blue Water 2","Blue Water 3","Blue Water 4","Blue Water 5","Bouse Add","Breezy Acres","Brint","Burton","Burwell Franks Surv Abs # 65","Choate Shores","Cloon","Cloon Sub","Cloon Sub #4","Cloon Sub 1","Cloon Sub 4","Cloon Sub 5","Cobbs Cove 87","Coconut Grove 2009","Copacabana By The Sea","Copacabana By The Sea Sec 2","Cory Morehead Subdivision No.25 Sec 2","Crenneland","Crenneland B","Crenneland C","Crenneland D","Crenshaw Beach 1","Crystal Beach","Crystal Beach Estates","Crystal Beach Intercoastal Canal Bolivar","Crystal Beach Road N Sub Unrec","Crystal Beach Sub","Crystal Beach Townsite 1","Crystal Beach Townsite 2","Crystal Canals","Crystal Canals Sec 3 2002","Crystal Dunes","Crystal Square 2003","Diamond Acres 1","Diamond Acres Sub","Dolphin Waves","Driftwood","Dunes East Sub 95","East Bay Unrec Sub","Emerald 2","Emerald Beach","Emerald Beach 2","Franks","Franks Sur","Franks, B Survey","Gateway","Guidry Place 2001","Gulf Cedar Add 98","Gulf Shores","Gulf Shores 1","Gulf Shores 2","Gulf View 1","Gulfport Village Sub Rep","Hi Point Beach Add","Hi Point Beach Addn Und Int","Holiday","Holiday Beach","Holiday Shores","Intercoastal Canal Add","Intracoastal Canal Addn","J & S Beach","J & S Beach 2","J & S Beach 3 Unrec","J & S Beach 4 Unrec","J & S Beach Addn","J Shaw Sur","Johnson-Crawford 1","Jones Shaw League","Jones Shaw League & Labor A-17","Jones-Shaw Survey","Js Beach Add 2","Laffites Lndg Sec 2","Lafittes Landing","Lafittes Lndg Sec 2","Maryland","Melon Patch","Meynig","Miller Ed Unrec","Noisy Waves","Ocean Shore","Ocean Shore 1 Unrec","Ocean Shore 3 Unrec","Ocean Shore 4 Unrec","Ocean Shore 5 Unrec","Ocean Shore 6 Unrec","Ocean Shore Addition","Ocean Shore Unrecorded","Patton Beach","Pearl Beach","Pelican Point","Port Bolivar Townsite","Ramada Beach","Rancho Carribe Sec 1 & 2","S1865-Blue Water 1","S5335 - Noisy Waves","Sand Castle Beach","Sand Castle Beach 1","Sand Castle Beach 2","Sandpiper Beach","Sandpiper Beach Ph 2","Sandpiper Beach Sec 3 94","Sandpiper Beach Sec 4 Ph 1 20","Sandy Beach","Sandy Shores","Scarborough","Sea Breeze","Sea Joy","Seagrass Beach","Shores","Singing Sands 1","Singing Sands 2","Singing Sands West","Stingaree","Stingaree Cove","Surf Unrecorded","The Dunes","The Shores","The Shores Sub 2023","Tidelands","Van Norstrand Sur","Van Nostrand, A Survey","Verdia 1","Vidorian Unrec","Villas At Bolivar","Villas At Crystal Beach 2015","Villas Of Crystal Beach","Waterways","Waterways Sec 2","Waterways Sec 3 2009"]},"crystalcity":{"label":"Crystal City","counties":["Zavala County"],"subdivisions":["Waterways Sec 2"],"zipcodes":["78839"]},"cuero":{"label":"Cuero","counties":["DeWitt County"],"subdivisions":["City\/Cuero","Cypress Valley Ppmh"],"zipcodes":["77954"]},"cushing":{"label":"Cushing","counties":["Nacogdoches County"],"subdivisions":["J D Williams","Juan Tobar Surv A-54"],"zipcodes":["75760"]},"cutandshoot":{"label":"Cut And Shoot","counties":["Montgomery County"],"subdivisions":["Timber Switch Sub 05"],"zipcodes":["77303","77306"]},"cypress":{"label":"Cypress","subdivisions":["0","A Burnett Surv Abs 109","A- Hersh A 355","Abst 153 C Bahr","Addix Adolf","Alden Woods Sec 1","Alden Woods Sec 2","Alder Trails","Alder Trails Sec 1","Alder Trls Sec 4","Alder Trls Sec Four 4","Alexander Burnett Surv A-109 P","Amhurst","Amhurst Sec 02","August Hirsch Abs 355","Avalon At Cypress","Avalon\/Cypress Sec 1","Barker Cypress Village Reserve B","Barker Lake","Barker Lake Sec 01","Barker Lake Sec 02","Barker Lake Sec 2","Blackhorse Ranch","Blackhorse Ranch At Stone Ridge","Blackhorse Ranch Estates","Blackhorse Ranch Sec 01","Blackhorse Ranch Sec 2","Blackhorse Ranch South","Blackhorse Ranch South Sec 01","Blackhorse Ranch South Sec 03","Blackhorse Ranch South Sec 04","Block 5 P 5\/Riata West Amendin","Bodin A","Bonaire","Bonaire Sec 02","Bonaire Sec 04","Bonaire Sec 05","Bonaire Sec 07","Bonaire Sec 4","Bonaire Sec 6","Bridge Creek","Bridge Creek Section 8","Bridge Crk","Bridge Crk Sec 1","Bridge Crk Sec 2","Bridge Crk Sec 3","Bridge Crk Sec 4","Bridgeland","Bridgeland \/ The Shores Sec 04 Pt Rep 01","Bridgeland Central","Bridgeland Cove","Bridgeland Creekland Village","Bridgeland Creekland Vlg Sec 2","Bridgeland Creekside Village","Bridgeland Duets","Bridgeland Hidden Creek","Bridgeland Hidden Crk","Bridgeland Hidden Crk Sec 20","Bridgeland Hidden Crk Sec 30","Bridgeland Hidden Crk Sec 5","Bridgeland Lakeland Heights","Bridgeland Lakeland Heights Sec 6","Bridgeland Lakeland Heights Sec 8","Bridgeland Lakeland Heights Sec 9","Bridgeland Lakeland Heights Sec 9javascr","Bridgeland Parkland Village","Bridgeland Parkland Village Sec 12","Bridgeland Parkland Village Sec 14","Bridgeland Parkland Village Sec 17","Bridgeland Parkland Village Sec 19","Bridgeland Parkland Village Sec 2","Bridgeland Parkland Village Sec 20","Bridgeland Parkland Village Sec 22","Bridgeland Parkland Village Sec 24","Bridgeland Parkland Village Sec 25","Bridgeland Parkland Village Sec 29","Bridgeland Parkland Village Sec 3","Bridgeland Parkland Village Sec 31","Bridgeland Parkland Village Sec 35","Bridgeland Parkland Village Sec 40","Bridgeland Parkland Village Sec 42","Bridgeland Parkland Village Sec 45","Bridgeland Parkland Village Sec 49","Bridgeland Parkland Village Sec 5","Bridgeland Parkland Village Sec 54","Bridgeland Parkland Village Sec 6","Bridgeland Parkland Village Sec 7","Bridgeland Parkland Vlg Sec 21","Bridgeland Parkland Vlg Sec 54","Bridgeland Parkland Vlg Sec 55","Bridgeland Parkland Vlg Sec 56","Bridgeland Prairieland Village","Bridgeland Prairieland Village Sec","Bridgeland, Parkland Village","Bridgeland\/Water Haven Sec 05","Bridgestone Crossing","Bridle Oak Estates","Bridlecreek","Callahan","Cam Realty Co Tr","Cam Realty Company","Canyon Lakes West","Canyon Lakes West Sec 01","Canyon Lakes West Sec 02","Canyon Lakes West Sec 03","Canyon Lakes West Sec 04","Canyon Lakes West Sec 05","Canyon Lakes West Sec 10","Canyon Lakes West Sec 2","Canyon Lakes West Sec 3 & 7 Pt","Canyon Lakes West Sec 4","Canyon Spgs Sec 08","Canyon Village At Cypress","Canyon Village At Cypress Springs","Canyon Vlg\/Cypress Spg Sec 6","Canyon Vlg\/Cypress Spgs","Canyon Vlg\/Cypress Spgs Sec 06","Canyon Vlg\/Cypress Spgs Sec 07","Canyon Vlg\/Cypress Spgs Sec 08","Canyon Vlg\/Cypress Spgs Sec 10","Canyon Vlg\/Cypress Spgs Sec 5","Canyon Vlg\/Cypress Spgs Sec 9","Coles Crossing","Coles Crossing Sec","Coles Crossing Sec 03","Coles Crossing Sec 08","Coles Crossing Sec 09","Coles Crossing Sec 10 Ph 02","Coles Crossing Sec 12","Coles Crossing Sec 14","Coles Crossing Sec 17","Coles Crossing Sec 20","Coles Crossing Sec 25","Coles Crossing Sec 26","Coles Village","Coles Xing","Coles Xing Sec 17","Coles Xing Sec 28","Coles Xing Sec 29","Coles Xing Sec 30","College Park West","College Park West Sec 01","College Park West Sec 02","College Park West Sec 1","College Park West Sec 2","College Park West Sec 3","College Park West Sec 5","Copper Bend At Indian Trails","Copper Lakes Sec 03 R\/P","Copper Rdg\/Indian Trls","Copper Rdg\/Indian Trls Sec 1","Copper Rdg\/Indian Trls Sec Two","Copper Ridge At Indian Trails","Cove","Cove Sec 06","Creekstone Village","Cypress Bend Sec 01","Cypress Chase","Cypress Country Sec 02 U\/R","Cypress Creek Lakes","Cypress Creek Lakes A","Cypress Creek Lakes Sec 01","Cypress Creek Lakes Sec 04","Cypress Creek Lakes Sec 10","Cypress Creek Lakes Sec 17","Cypress Creek Lakes Sec 4","Cypress Creek Lakes, Cypress Crk Lakes","Cypress Creek Ranch","Cypress Creek Ranch Sec 01","Cypress Crk Lakes","Cypress Crk Lakes Sec 02","Cypress Crk Lakes Sec 04","Cypress Crk Lakes Sec 07","Cypress Crk Lakes Sec 13","Cypress Crk Lakes Sec 16","Cypress Crk Lakes Sec 18","Cypress Crk Lakes Sec 19","Cypress Crk Lakes Sec 25","Cypress Crk Lakes Sec 26","Cypress Crk Lakes Sec 26 Rep 1","Cypress Fields","Cypress Hill U\/R","Cypress Hollow Estates","Cypress Landing","Cypress Lndg East Sec 01","Cypress Lndg East Sec 02","Cypress Lndg East Sec 10","Cypress Lndg East Sec 11","Cypress Lndg East Sec 12","Cypress Lndg East Sec 2","Cypress Lndg East Sec 7","Cypress Lndg Park Sec 01","Cypress Meadows Sec 02 U\/R R\/P","Cypress Mill","Cypress Mill Estates","Cypress Mill Estates Sec 02","Cypress Mill Park","Cypress Mill Park Sec 01","Cypress Mill Park Sec 02","Cypress Mill Park Sec 03","Cypress Mill Park Sec 04","Cypress Mill Park Sec 5","Cypress Mill Sec 01","Cypress Mill Sec 02","Cypress North","Cypress Oakmont","Cypress Oaks","Cypress Oaks North","Cypress Oaks North Sec 1","Cypress Oaks North Sec 3","Cypress Oaks Sec 1","Cypress Point","Cypress Point Estates","Cypress Point Lake Estates","Cypress Point Lake Estates 02","Cypress Point Lake Estates 03","Cypress Point Lake Estates 05","Cypress Point Sec 01","Cypress Point Sec 02","Cypress Point Sec 04","Cypress Point Sec 05","Cypress Point Sec 06","Cypress Rdg Sec 03","Cypress Rdg Sec 04","Cypress Rdg Sec 05","Cypress Rdg Sec 4","Cypress Rdg Sec 5","Cypress Ridge","Cypress Ridge Sec 01","Cypress Ridge Sec 02","Cypress Spgs Sec 01","Cypress Spgs Sec 02","Cypress Spgs Sec 03","Cypress Spgs Sec 04","Cypress Spgs Sec 05","Cypress Spgs Sec 06","Cypress Spgs Sec 3","Cypress Spgs Sec 6","Cypress Spgs South Sec 2","Cypress Spgs South Sec 2 Amd","Cypress Springs","Cypress Village","Dunham Pointe","Dunham Pointe - Estate Collection","Dunham Pointe Estate","Dunham Pointe Sec 2","Dunham Pointe Sec 4","Dunham Pointe Sec 5","Elwood-Steinhagen 01","Enchanted Valley","Enchanted Valley Estates U\/R","Enchanted Valley Sec 01","Enchanted Valley Sec 03","Enclave At Cypress Villas","Enclave\/Longwood","Enclave\/Northpointe","Enclave\/Northpointe Sec 4","Enclave\/Nortrpointe Sec 4","F Benignus A-1463","Fair Meadows","Fairfield","Fairfield Chappell Rdg Sec 02","Fairfield Chappell Ridge","Fairfield Chappell Ridge 02 Am","Fairfield Chappell Ridge Sec 0","Fairfield Chappell Ridge Sec 04","Fairfield Garden Grove","Fairfield Garden Grove Sec 03","Fairfield Garden Grove Sec 04","Fairfield Gardens Grove Sec 02","Fairfield Inwood Park","Fairfield Inwood Park Sec 01","Fairfield Inwood Park Sec 03","Fairfield Inwood Park Sec 05","Fairfield Inwood Park Sec 07","Fairfield Village North","Fairfield Village North Sec 02","Fairfield Village North Sec 11","Fairfield Village North Sec 13","Fairfield Village North Sec 16","Fairfield Village North Sec 18","Fairfield Village North Sec 9","Fairfield Village South","Fairfield Village South Sec","Fairfield Village South Sec 06","Fairfield Village South Sec 07","Fairfield Village South Sec 13","Fairfield Village South Sec 15","Fairfield Village South Sec 16","Fairfield Village South Sec 17","Fairfield Village South Sec 6","Fairfield Village West","Fairfield Village West Sec 0","Fairfield Village West Sec 02","Fairfield Village West Sec 03","Fairfield Village West Sec 05","Fairfield Village West Sec 06","Fairfield Village West Sec 10","Fairfield Village West Sec 14","Fairfield Village West Sec 15","Fairfield Village West Sec 16","Fairfld Inwood Park 01 Prcl Rp","Fairwood","Fairwood Sec 01","Fairwood Sec 02","Fairwood Sec 03","Fairwood Sec 04","Fairwood Sec 06 02 Amd","Falls At Dry Creek","Falls At Drycreek","Falls\/Dry Crk Sec 1","Falls\/Dry Crk Sec 2","First Bend Sec 05","First Bend Sec 10","Forest Crk Farms","Froehlich Chas - Unrestricted","Fry Center","Gates\/Canyon Lakes West","Gates\/Canyon Lakes West Sec 01","Gates\/Canyon Lakes West Sec 1","Gates\/Canyon Lks West Sec 1","Grand Mason Sec 1","Grand Mason Sec 2","Grant Mdw Sec 01","Grant Mdws","Grant Mdws Sec 02","Grant Mdws Sec 1","Grant Mdws Sec 3","Grant Mdws Sec 4","Grant Mdws Sec 5","Grant Meadows","Grant Plaza U\/R","Grant Rd W Of Jones","Hayden Lakes","Hayden Lakes Sec 11","Hayden Lakes Sec 2","Hayden Lakes Sec 5","Hayden Lakes Sec 6","Hemwick Place","Herman Matzke Abtract 1552","Hidden Arbor","Hidden Arbor Rep 1","Hidden Crk Sec 3","Highland Trail","Houston Hot Wells","Hutchinson J C Jr H T & B Ry","J D Cooke","J H Callahan","Jefferson Place U\/R","Jubilee","La Paloma","Lake Cypress Estates U\/R R\/P","Lakeland Heights Sec 01","Lakes At Northpoint Sunset Ridge","Lakes At Northpointe","Lakes Cypress Estates","Lakes Fairfield","Lakes Of Fairhaven","Lakes Of Fairhaven Sec 1","Lakes Of Rosehill Sec 03","Lakes Rosehill Sec 02","Lakes\/Cypress Hill Sec 2","Lakes\/Northpointe","Lakes\/Northpointe Sec 05","Lakewood Forest","Lakewood Forest Sec 10","Lakewood Forest Sec 10 Correcte","Lakewood Glen","Lakewood Glen Sec 01","Lakewood Glen Trails Sec 02","Lakewood Glen Trails Sec 04","Lakewood Oaks Estates","Lakewood Oaks Estates Sec 3","Lakewood Pines","Lakewood West","Lakewood West & Corr","Lancaster","Lancaster Sec 01","Lancaster Sec 02","Lancaster Sec 1","Lancaster Sec 1 Pt Rep 1","Lancaster Sec 2","Lismore Lake Estates","Lone Oak Village","Lone Oak Village Sec 01","Lone Oak Village Sec 03 Amd","Longwood Village","Longwood Village Sec 01","Longwood Village Sec 02","Longwood Village Sec 04","Longwood Village Sec 04 R\/P","Longwood Village Sec 05","Longwood Village Sec 06","Longwood Village Sec 09","Longwood Village Sec 12","Longwood Village Sec 16","Longwood Village Sec 17","Longwood Village Sec 19","M Fritsch","M H Bundick Surv Abs 111","M H Bundick Surv Tract A Abs 1","M H Buratick Surv Abs #111","Marks Glen","Marks Glen U\/R","Marvida","Marvida Sec","Marvida Sec 1","Marvida Sec 10","Marvida Sec 12","Marvida Sec 15","Marvida Sec 17","Marvida Sec 18","Marvida Sec 20","Marvida Sec 4","Marvida Sec 5","Marvida Sec 6","Marvida Sec 8","Marvida Sec 9","Mason Wood","Mason Woods","Mh Bundick Abs 111","Mill Ridge North","Mirabella","Mirabella Sec","Mirabella Sec 10","Mirabella Sec 11","Mirabella Sec 2","Mirabella Sec 3","Mirabella Sec 4","Mirabella Sec 5","Mirabella Sec 7","Mirabella Sec 8","Mirabella Sec Ii","Miramesa","Miramesa At Canyon Lakes West","Miramesa Sec 10","Miramesa Sec 3","Miramesa Sec 5","Miramesa Sec 6","Miramesa Sec 8","Morris Fritsch Surv A-962","Mountain Spgs","Northlake Forest Sec 01","Northpointe Sec 1","Northpointe Sec 3","Oak Hollow Estates","Oak Landing","Oak Lndg","Oak Lndg Sec 01","Oak Lndg Sec 02","Oak Lndg Sec 1","Oakcrest","Oakcrest North","Oakcrest North Sec 02","Oakcrest North Sec 03","Oakcrest North Sec 10","Oakcrest North Sec 13","Oakcrest North Sec 5 Pt R","Olympia Marble","Olympia Marble Bridgeland","Paddock","Paddock Sec 01","Park Crk","Park Crk Sec 01","Park Crk Sec 02","Park Crk Sec 03","Park Crk Sec 04","Park Crk Sec 2","Park\/Arbordale Sec 01","Parkland Village","Pine Creek 4\/Canyon Lakes West-213.41","Pine Creek At Canyon Lakes","Pine Creek At Canyon Lakes West","Pine Creek\/Canyon Lake West","Pine Crk\/Canyon Lake West","Pine Crk\/Canyon Lake West 02","Pine Crk\/Canyon Lakes West","Pine Crk\/Canyon Lakes West Sec 02","Pine Crk\/Canyon Lakes West Sec 03","Pine Crk\/Canyon Lakes West Sec 1","Prado Woods Tr 2b-12g","Prairieland Village","Preserve\/Kluge","Quail Forest","Quail Forest Sec 02","Quail Park","Raburn Reserve","Ravensway","Ravensway - Saracen Park","Ravensway Lake","Ravensway Sec 01","Ravensway Sec 01 R\/P","Ravensway South","Regency Forest Amd","Regency Oaks Condo","Regency Oaks Condo Ph 02","Regency T H Condo Ph 03 03 Amd","Remington Grove","Remington Grove Sec 01","Remington Grove Sec 03","Remington Grove Sec 2","Reserve At Cypress Creek","Reserve\/Cypress Crk","Riata West","Riata West Amd 01","Riata West Amd 1","Riata West Amend","Rock Creek","Rock Creek Sec 01 Prcl R\/P","Rock Creek Sec 03","Rock Creek Sec 04","Rock Creek Sec 07","Rock Crk Sec 7","Saddle Ridge Estates","Saracen Park Sec 02 R\/P","Saracen Park Sec 03","Shores Sec 04","Shores Sec 1 Amd 1","Sims","Sims Add","Stable Gate","Stable Gate Sec","Stable Gate Sec 01","Stablewood Court","Stablewood Farms","Stablewood Farms North","Stablewood Farms North Sec 01","Stablewood Farms North Sec 02","Stablewood Farms North Sec 10","Stablewood Farms North Sec 5","Stablewood Farms North Sec 8","Stablewood Farms Sec 01","Stablewood Farms Sec 03","Stablewood Farms Sec 04","Stablewood Farms Sec 4","Starwood Farms","Stone Ridge","Sydney Harbour","Sydney Harbour Sec 01","Sydney Harbour Sec 02","Sydney Harbour Sec 03","Tall Pines U\/R","Tealbrook","Tealbrook Sec 03","Tealbrook Sec 1","Tealbrook Sec 2 Amd","Tealbrook Sec 3","Telge Ranch","Telge Ranch Sec 1","Telge Ranch Sec 3","Timberlake Estates","Tower Oak Bend","Tower Oaks","Tower Oaks Plaza Sec 03 U\/R","Tower Oaks Sec 03","Town Lake Greene Sec 2","Towne Lake","Towne Lake 70 Sub Sec 11","Towne Lake City Series","Towne Lake Greene","Towne Lake Greene Sec 5 Sub","Towne Lake Lakeshore","Towne Lake Sec 02","Towne Lake Sec 09","Towne Lake Sec 15","Towne Lake Sec 16 Pt Rep 1","Towne Lake Sec 17","Towne Lake Sec 23","Towne Lake Sec 25","Towne Lake Sec 30","Towne Lake Sec 31","Towne Lake Sec 35","Towne Lake Sec 40","Towne Lake Sec 40 Pt Rep 1","Towne Lake Sec 41","Towne Lake Sec 42","Towne Lake Sec 43","Towne Lake Sec 44","Towne Lake Sec 46","Towne Lake Sec 47","Towne Lake Sec 50","Towne Lake Sec 52","Towne Lake Sec 53","Towne Lake Sec 58","Towne Lake Sec 61","Towne Lake Sec 7","Towne Lk Sec 65","Tr 2 Abst 993 A Bahr","Trails Fairfield Sec 04","Trails Fairfield Sec 07","Trails Of Fairfield","Tuscany","U\/R","Valencia Pines","Village Indian Trails Sec 02","Village Of Indian Trails","Village\/Cypress Lakes Sec 15","Village\/Indian Trls Sec 04","Villages Cypress Lakes","Villages Cypress Lakes 03","Villages Cypress Lakes 04","Villages Cypress Lakes 06","Villages Cypress Lakes 07","Villages Of Cypress Lakes","Villages Of Cypress Lakes Se","Villages Of Cypress Lakes Sec 1","Villages Of Cypress Lakes Sec 25","Villages Of Cypress Lakes Sec 3","Villages Of Cypress Lakes West","Villages Of Cypress Lakes-Leyland Shores","Villages\/Cypress Lakes","Villages\/Cypress Lakes Sec 07","Villages\/Cypress Lakes Sec 09","Villages\/Cypress Lakes Sec 14","Villages\/Cypress Lakes Sec 15","Villages\/Cypress Lakes Sec 24","Villages\/Cypress Lakes Sec 29","Villages\/Cypress Lakes Sec 31","Villages\/Cypress Lakes Sec 32","Villages\/Cypress Lakes Sec 33","Villages\/Cypress Lakes Sec 9","Villages\/Cypress Lks Sec 34","Villages\/Grant","Villas\/Canyon Lakes West Sec 01","Villas\/Canyon Lakes West Sec 1","Water Haven\/Bridgeland Sec 04","Water Haven\/Bridgeland Sec 7","Waynewood Place","Westcreek","Western Trails","Westgate","Westgate Sec 01","Westgate Sec 03","Westgate Sec 05","Westgate Sec 10","Westgate Sec 12","Westgate Sec 13","Westgate Sec 14","Westgate Sec 15","Westgate Sec 17 Rep 01","Westgate Sec 18","White Oak Spgs Sec 02","Wildwood At Oakcrest North","Wildwood\/Oakcrest North","Wildwood\/Oakcrest North Sec 15","Wildwood\/Oakcrest North Sec 21","William Settle Surv Abs 705","Windwood Sec 01 U\/R","Yaupon Place","Yaupon Place Sec 02","Yaupon Place Sec 1","Yaupon Place Sec 2","Yaupon Ranch","Yaupon Ranch Sec 02","Yaupon Ranch Sec 04","Yaupon Ranch Sec 06","Yaupon Ranch Sec 07","Yaupon Ranch Sec 3","Yaupon Ranch Sec 4"]},"daingerfield":{"label":"Daingerfield","counties":["Morris County"],"subdivisions":["251 Jl Riddle"],"zipcodes":["75638"]},"daisetta":{"label":"Daisetta","counties":["Liberty County"],"subdivisions":["Baillio, 1 Ac","Gulf","J Devore","Minnock"],"zipcodes":["77533"]},"dale":{"label":"Dale","subdivisions":["A168 - Kell, Francis"]},"dallardsville":{"label":"Dallardsville","subdivisions":["Hickory Spgs"]},"dallas":{"label":"Dallas","counties":["Collin County","Dallas County","Denton County","Kaufman County","Rockwall County"],"subdivisions":["Brookside Annex","Cimmaron 02","Creekside At Carter Square","Crest Meadow Estates","Dallas","John Collett 454 Acre Surv A-2","Longs Oakwood Add","Marsalis Park","Taylor & Lowrance"],"zipcodes":["75006","75019","75032","75037","75041","75043","75051","75052","75062","75063","75080","75081","75087","75088","75089","75098","75104","75115","75126","75141","75149","75159","75166","75182","75201","75202","75203","75204","75205","75206","75207","75208","75209","75210","75211","75212","75214","75215","75216","75217","75218","75219","75220","75221","75222","75223","75224","75225","75226","75227","75228","75229","75230","75231","75232","75233","75234","75235","75236","75237","75238","75240","75241","75242","75243","75244","75245","75246","75247","75248","75249","75250","75251","75252","75253","75254","75258","75260","75261","75262","75263","75264","75265","75266","75267","75270","75275","75277","75283","75284","75285","75286","75287","75301","75303","75310","75312","75313","75315","75320","75323","75326","75334","75336","75339","75340","75342","75343","75344","75353","75354","75355","75356","75357","75359","75360","75363","75364","75367","75368","75370","75371","75372","75373","75374","75376","75378","75379","75380","75381","75382","75386","75387","75388","75389","75390","75391","75392","75393","75394","75395","75396","75397","75398"]},"damon":{"label":"Damon","counties":["Brazoria County"],"subdivisions":["0449 Day And Land Cattle","0449 Day Land And Cattle, Acres 13.2616","Abst 17 And Subs","Damon","Day Land & Cattle","E Robertson","East Acres","H & Tc Ry","H Masterson","H N Cleveland","H T & B R R","J A E Phelps","John Edwards","K W Davis","Larkin West","Mulcahy","Satterwhite Duffy Lake","Sda","T Allsberry","T K Davis","Taylor & Heaslip","Thos Allsberry","Wiley Martin"],"zipcodes":["77430"]},"danbury":{"label":"Danbury","counties":["Brazoria County"],"subdivisions":["A0012 - Henry Austin","Bayou Oaks Estates Sec 1","Danbury","Danbury Heights","Henry Austin","Port Austin","Salaika","Sdb","Shadow Bend"],"zipcodes":["77534"]},"dawson":{"label":"Dawson","counties":["Navarro County"],"subdivisions":["Dawson Ot","Lh Adams","Springhill"],"zipcodes":["76639"]},"dayton":{"label":"Dayton","counties":["Liberty County"],"subdivisions":[".","000778 - C F Stevens-176","A G Penn","A G Penn #1006","A G Penn #110","A H Boothe","A Mcneil","Allie Farms Subdivision","Andrew Acres","B Prewitt","Benton","C B Hastings #30","C C P Welch","C M Rice #152","C W Fisher-24","Carter Country","Cedar Creek","Cedar Creek Ranch","Cedar Creek, Sec 2","Cedar Springs","Cedar Springs, Sec 3","Charles Leslie Wallace Sub","Colonial Oaks","Cortina Acres","County Road 6026 Acres","Crooked Creek","Crooked Creek Ii","Cypress Lakes","D L Kokernot","Dale Rodgers Run","Dayton","Dayton Creek I","Dayton Dev","Dayton Development","Dayton Heights","Dayton Oaks","Dl&C Co-1148","Dominion Tres","Dotmon Ests","E Munson","Ed Pruitt-134","Ed Pruitt-136","Encino Estates","Encino Estates,","Encino Estates, Sec 01","Encino Estates, Sec 1","Encino Estates, Sec 6","Fordland Estates","Friedman","Friedman-Blk 6","Friedman-Block 11, 12","Friedman-Wilson-Day","Galvan Estates","Gc&Sf-21","Gc&Sf-27","Gc&Sf-29","Gc&Sf-31","George L Pace","Gibson John","Gilbert Brooks","Green Estate","Gripp Estates","H&Tc-119","H&Tc-131","H&Tc-149","Harrison Sub","Hidden Estates","High Meadows, Sec 1","Hillside Addition","Hillside Estates","Hunnicutt-Lot 1","Hunnicutt-Lot 2","Hunnicutt-Lot 4","Hunters Cove","I&Gn-34","Ig&N-32","Ig&N-7","Indian Ridge Sub","Indian Ridge, Sec 1","Indian Ridge, Sec 3","Indian Spgs","J A Williams","J Dorsett","J L Green","J L Holbrook-30","J R Faulk","John Faulk League, Abstract Number 34","John Gibson","Jones Zack-Day","Kindt-1","Kindt-3","Lakeview","Lakeview, Sec 3","Liberty Pines","Linney Creek Ranch, Sec 1","Little John","Lot","Louis Davis","Lynn Strickland","M Duncan","Masons Acres","Maysville","Meadowood Sub","Milo Acres","Myrtle Brown Sub","Nicholson","North Park","Oak Hollow I","Oak Ridge, Sec 1","Oakwood","Parker Road","Pecan Orchard Estates","Pecan Ridge, Sec 1","Pine Land","Plantersview Estates","R Green","R Pruitt-116","R Pruitt-126","R Pruitt-128","Raywood","Reason Green","Remington Place","River Ranch","River Ranch Estates","River Ranch Mdws Sec 1","River Ranch Meadows","Riverboat Bend","Riverwood Estates, Sec 2","Robert Wiseman","S Nicholson","S Township Liberty","Santa Fe Sec 11","Savage Addition","Security Trust","Sherwood","Sherwood Glen","South Dayton Oaks","Southampton","Southampton Estates","Spur Forest","Sterling Investments","Sterling, Sec 2","Stilson-Hill","Stone Creek","Stone Crk Sub Sec 4","Suburban Acres, Sec 2","Sun Meadows","Sunnyside-Day","Sunset Heights","T Dorsett","T T L","T&No-74","The Grove, Sec 1","The Meadows","The Ranch, Sec 1","The Ranch, Sec 3","The Villages At Westpointe","The Villages Of Westpointe","Timber Ridge Sub","Timberline North","Towering Oaks","Towering Oaks, Sec 1","Towering Oaks, Sec 2","Trinity River Plaza","Villages\/Champions Gate Ph 01","W D Smith","W Donaho","W M Swail","Walnut Creek","Walnut Creek, Sec 2","Webb Way","West Acres","West Dayton Manor","West Lake","West Spring Creek","West Woodland Hills","West Woodland Hills Iii","West Woodland Hills Iv","White Oak Trails","White Oak Trails Sec 2","White Oak Trails, Sec 5","Whitten","Wilson-Day","Winter Valley","Woodcreek","Woodhollow","Woodland Hills","Woodland Hills Ii","Woodland Hills Iii","Woodland Hills V","Woodridge Park","Woodridge Park South","Woodway","Woodway Sec 3","Woodway, Sec 1","Woodway, Sec 2","Zarsky Estates"],"zipcodes":["77535"]},"daytonlakes":{"label":"Dayton Lakes","counties":["Liberty County"],"subdivisions":["Dayton Lakes Estates","Encino Estates"],"zipcodes":["77535"]},"deberry":{"label":"De Berry"},"dekalb":{"label":"De Kalb","counties":["Bowie County"],"zipcodes":["75559"]},"decatur":{"label":"Decatur","counties":["Wise County"],"zipcodes":["76234"]},"deerpark":{"label":"Deer Park","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Asbury Gardens","Asbury Gardens Pt Rep","Asbury Gardens R\/P","Bayou Bend","Bentwood","Canterbury Place","Coleman","Coleman Sec 01","College Park","College Park Sec 04","College Park Sec 07","Cottonwood Estates","Cottonwood Estates Sec 2","Crestwood","Crestwood - Deer Park","Deer Mdws Sec 03","Deer Meadows Sec 01","Deer Meadows Sec 03","Deer Park","Deer Park Gardens","Deer Park Gardens 2b","Deer Park Gardens Sec 05","Deer Park Gardens Sec 07","Deer Park Gardens Sec 08b","Deer Park Outlots","Deer Park Terrace","East Mdw","East Mdw Final","East Meadow","East Park Sec 01","Enclave\/East Mdw","Erin Glen","Erin Glen Sec 03","Erin Glen Sec 05","Erin Glen Sec 06b","Erin Glen Sec 09","Erin Glen Sec 6a","Greenway Place","Greenwood Place","Heritage","Heritage Sec 02 R\/P","Iowa Gardens","Ivy Oaks","La Porte Outlots","Matlock Kemper","Meadow Village","Meadow Village Sec 01","Nissi Estates","Obrien Heights","Palm Terrace","Park Meadows","Park Meadows Sec 01","Park Meadows Sec 04","Parkglen Sec 01","Parkglen Sec 03","Parkview West","Parkview West Sec 01","Parkview West Sec 1","Pequeno Village","Piney Point","Piney Point Sec 02 Ph 02","Regency Park","Regency Park Sec 01","Regency Park Sec 02","Regency Park Sec 03","Ridge Way Sec 01","Runningbrook Sec 02","San Jacinto Estates Sec 02","Santa Fe Trail","Shell City","South Pasadena Plaza","South Pasadena Plaza Sec 01","Spencer View Terrace","Station Heights","Wesley Place","Westside Manor Sec 01","Westside Manor Sec 02","Wimberly","Wimberly Sub","Wincrest","Wincrest Amd","Wynfield Estates"],"zipcodes":["77536","77571"]},"dellcity":{"label":"Dell City","counties":["Hudspeth County"],"subdivisions":["Antelope Acres","Rancho Verde","The Sparks Ranch"],"zipcodes":["79837"]},"denison":{"label":"Denison","counties":["Grayson County"],"subdivisions":["Krawford Place Addn"],"zipcodes":["75020","75021","75076"]},"denton":{"label":"Denton","counties":["Denton County"],"subdivisions":["Country Club Terrace Ph 1","Northpoint Add Ph Iii","Perch Denton Addition"],"zipcodes":["76201","76202","76203","76204","76205","76206","76207","76208","76209","76210","76226","76227","76249","76258","76259","76266"]},"desdemona":{"label":"Desdemona","subdivisions":["E H Thorton 611"]},"desoto":{"label":"Desoto","counties":["Dallas County"],"subdivisions":["Wildwood 02"],"zipcodes":["75115","75123"]},"devers":{"label":"Devers","counties":["Liberty County"],"subdivisions":["J H Chism","J Woodburry"],"zipcodes":["77538"]},"diboll":{"label":"Diboll","counties":["Angelina County"],"subdivisions":["Burkhalter Hollow","Deer Trace","Fairview Acres #2","Jackson"],"zipcodes":["75941"]},"dickinson":{"label":"Dickinson","counties":["Galveston County"],"subdivisions":["Alexander Farmer League","Bay Colony","Bay Colony - Enclave","Bay Colony Meadows West","Bay Colony Meadows West Sec 2","Bay Colony Northpointe","Bay Colony Northpointe Sec 1","Bay Colony Northpointe Sec 2","Bay Colony Parkside Sec 1","Bay Colony Pointe Sec 3 99","Bay Colony Pointe Sec 4 2001","Bay Colony Pointe Sec 5 2003","Bay Colony Pointe Sec 6 2004","Bay Colony Pointe West","Bay Colony Pointe West Sec 1","Bay Colony Pointe West Sec 2","Bay Colony Pointe West Sec 3 P","Bay Colony Pointe West Sec 4","Bay Colony Pointe West Sec 6","Bay Colony Pointe West Sec 9","Bay View","Bay View Sec 1 2009","Bay View Sec 2 Ph 2","Bay View Sec 3","Bayou Bend","Bayou Bend Estates","Bayou Bend Estates Rep","Bayou Chantilly","Bayou Crest 2","Bayou Forest Sub 97","Bayou Lakes","Bayou Lakes Sec 1 2005","Bayou Lakes Sec 3","Bayou Lakes Sec 4","Bayou Maison","Bayou Maison Sec 3","Bayou Maison-Sec 2","Bayou Oaks","Bayou Park Sub Sec 1 97","Bayou Woods","Bayview Sec 4","Bentwood At Bay Colony","Bentwood At Bay Colony Sec 1","Berry Field Sub 2005","Briar Glen","Briar Glen Sec 1 Ph 2","Casa Rio Condo","Centerfield Lakes In Bay Colon","Centerfield Lakes In Bay Colony","Central Park - Dickinson","Chanlee Estates","Cheyenne","Cheyenne Sub Sec 2 94","Clarke A W 5","Colonial Estates","Country Club Estates Unrec","Dickinson Add B","Dickinson Add D","Dickinson Bayshore","Dickinson Townsite","Dove Meadow","East Park","Edgewood","Edwards Landing","Enclave At Bay Colony 2002","Enclave At Bay Colony West","Enclave At Bay Colony West Sec","Falco","Forest Cove Sec 2 2005","Green Caye Village Sub Ph Ii","Green Isle Sub Ph Ii 2002","Green Isle Sub Ph Iv 2004","Interurban Gardens","John Sellers League","John Sellers League Share A","Lakes In Bay Colony 99","Lakes In Bay Colony Sec 6","Lakes\/Bay Colony Sec 8","Lakeside Unrec","Lisboney","Lobit Paul Lt 109","Lobit Paul Lt 144","Mariners Cove Sec 2 98","Martin Estates 2003","Mc Donald Manor","Monterra Estates 2000","Moores","Moores Add","Moores Addn","Nichols Add","Nicholstone","Nicholstone Southwest","Oak Crest","Oak Forest","Oak Hollow 2","Oak Land","Oak Park Add","Oleander Park","Parkside Sub 2002","Peacock Isles","Pedregal","Pedregal Sec 7","Perry & Austin Sur Tr","Perry & Austin Survey Lovers","Pettit","Pine Grove 2 Ext","Pine Oak Circle","Pine Oak Cove Unrec","Pine Oak Estates","Plantation Estates","Plantation Estates 1","Plantation Oaks","Ponca Beach","Ponderosa Forest","Ponderosa Forest-Condo","Prairie Estates","Quirk Sub 2008","Retreat In Bay Colony 2004","Ripke","Ripke Ext","Rolon Two Sub","Rosewood Villas 1","San Leon","San Leon Farm Home Tracts","Seawind 2001","Sellers","Sherwood Forest West","Sherwood Oaks","St Edmunds Green Sec 3 2003","Sunset Timbers","Sunset Townhouses","Sunset Twnhms","Tanglebriar","Thamans 1st Sub","Thamans Unrec Of 98 &103","The Lakes Of Bay Area","The Lakes Of Bay Area Sec 1","The Meadows In Bay Colony","The Meadows In Bay Colony Sec","The Oaks Of Dickinson","Timber Lane","Tropical Gardens","Tudors","Vickery Unrec Blk 13 & 14 Beat","Water Street Residences","Water Wonderland","Weekes","White Unrec","Wilson","Windmill Meadows","Wk Wilson League Surv Abstract"],"zipcodes":["77510","77539"]},"dilley":{"label":"Dilley","counties":["Frio County"],"subdivisions":["Out\/Frio County"],"zipcodes":["78017"]},"dimebox":{"label":"Dime Box","subdivisions":["A001 - Austin, S. F."]},"dobbin":{"label":"Dobbin","subdivisions":["Amberwood 43"]},"dodge":{"label":"Dodge"},"donie":{"label":"Donie","subdivisions":["A004e J L Chavert -East Acres","Ots Donie Div 4 Lots","Sunset Landing"]},"doublebayou":{"label":"Double Bayou","subdivisions":["Douthit-Chambers County 13a-2-","Garner Mayes","Whitcomb Sur","Z Godfrey Sub Tr 0-8"]},"doucette":{"label":"Doucette"},"douglass":{"label":"Douglass","subdivisions":["Jefferson Wilson Surv Abs #59","Lake Nacogdoches Ranch"]},"driftwood":{"label":"Driftwood","counties":["Hays County"],"subdivisions":["Panther Creek"],"zipcodes":["78619"]},"drippingsprings":{"label":"Dripping Springs","counties":["Hays County"],"subdivisions":["Arrowhead Ranch Ph 1","Twin Creek Add","Walking W Ranch Ph C"],"zipcodes":["78619","78620","78737"]},"duncanville":{"label":"Duncanville","counties":["Dallas County"],"subdivisions":["Westwood Plaza Sec 02"],"zipcodes":["75116","75137","75138"]},"eaglelake":{"label":"Eagle Lake","counties":["Colorado County"],"subdivisions":["0","A-189 J Earl","A-452 - J Pierce","A20048","Bbb & Crr Surv Abs #115","Carter","Cartwright","Duck Haven","Duck Heaven","Eagle Lake","Gallahger","H & H Rr Co Surv Abs #664","Hanly","Highland Park","Lake Ave","Meadowbrk","Meadowbrook","Ridgelea","Westmoreld"],"zipcodes":["77434"]},"eastbernard":{"label":"East Bernard","counties":["Wharton County"],"subdivisions":["0","A20046","Bernard Meadows","Bernard Timbers Ii","Brahma Bend Estate","Columbian Club","Cory Morehead Subdivision 32","East Bernard","El Lobo Sec1","Harvest Landing","I Mcgary","J F Stevenson Surv Abs #415","J Scott League Abs 56","Jonathan Scott Survey Abst.56","Koym Pt","Leveridge Pt","Michulka","Peacock Acres","Plantation Estates","Rader","Southview Terrace I","Southview Terrace Ii","Urbanec Petition","Wharton County Tr 4"],"zipcodes":["77435"]},"eastland":{"label":"Eastland","counties":["Eastland County"],"subdivisions":["Crestwood"],"zipcodes":["76448"]},"easton":{"label":"Easton","counties":["Gregg County","Rusk County"],"subdivisions":["Jihn Walling"],"zipcodes":["75603","75641"]},"edcouch":{"label":"Edcouch","counties":["Hidalgo County"],"subdivisions":["W800000 - Woodruff - Sma"],"zipcodes":["78538"]},"eddy":{"label":"Eddy","subdivisions":["Williams H B -B\/Ville"]},"eden":{"label":"Eden","counties":["Concho County"],"zipcodes":["76837"]},"edinburg":{"label":"Edinburg","counties":["Hidalgo County"],"subdivisions":["Alamo Land & Sugar Co","Caesars Ranches","Canton Heights","Lantana Acres #4","Mccoll Manor","Plazas Del Lago Lake James","S155301002 - Santa Cruz Ph 1 Sec 2 - Seb"],"zipcodes":["78539","78540","78541","78542"]},"edna":{"label":"Edna","counties":["Jackson County"],"subdivisions":["A5014 Clay","A5072 Smith, Henry, Tract","A5072, A5026","Brickel","Dugger & Feller","El Toro Bus Park","Francitas Lands","Hayes Ranch","Henry Smith League Abs#a-72","Jonathan Vess League A-77","Mcclung","Meadows","Rural","South Heights","Southside","Sunset Heights 02","Town & Country 01","Williams"],"zipcodes":["77957"]},"egypt":{"label":"Egypt","subdivisions":["Eagle Lake"]},"elcampo":{"label":"El Campo","counties":["Wharton County"],"subdivisions":["0000","1&Gn","A20142 Abst.142","A20142 Abst.142 Tract 5b","A20216","A20564 Abst.564 Tract 3a,3b, Lot West Pt","Abs #482 W C R R Co Surv #78","Abst 676","Abstract 137","Abstract 142","Abstract 16","Abstract 232","Abstract 41","Abstract 521","Abstract 524","Baca Ext","Circle Lawn","Correll","Dove Meadows","Duckett North","Duson","East Side","Egee, Lb 1","Egge","El Campo","Geiman","Heights","Highland","I&Gnrr Co Survey No. 29","J&G N Rr Co Surv Sec 18 Abs #2","Levi Paul","Lively 1st","Maloch","Meadowview Terrace","Memorial Terrace","Middleton","Montclair","Murray, Ara B Mrs","No","Otell 2nd","Parkview Terrace","Payne West","Paynes South Street","Pin Oak","Plaza V","Queen Ann","Regency Twnhs","Rp Allen Surv #14 Abs # 494","Rural","S.A & M.G. Rr.Co","Sanford","Sanford 2nd","South El Campo","South Meadow","Southland","The Fairways","Town & Country Estate","Trochta 2nd","Vaclavick","Vallejo","Vallejo Iv","W.E. Chandler","Westwind Manor"],"zipcodes":["77437"]},"ellago":{"label":"El Lago","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["El Lago","El Lago Estates Sec 04","El Lago Estates Sec 06","El Lago Estates Sec 07","El Lago Sec 03","El Lago Sec 04 R\/P","Lakeshore Condo","Lakeshore Condos","Marina Bay Condo","Taylorcrest","Taylorcrest Sec 01","Taylorcrest Sec 02","Taylorcrest Sec 2"],"zipcodes":["77586"]},"elpaso":{"label":"El Paso","counties":["El Paso County"],"subdivisions":["A Thomas Manor","Antelope","Colonia Del Carmen","Ridge View Estates #1","River Hollow","Tuscany At Ridgeview","Ysleta","Yucca Village Rep"],"zipcodes":["79835","79901","79902","79903","79904","79905","79906","79907","79908","79910","79911","79912","79913","79914","79915","79916","79917","79918","79920","79922","79923","79924","79925","79926","79927","79928","79929","79930","79931","79932","79934","79935","79936","79937","79938","79940","79941","79942","79943","79944","79945","79946","79947","79948","79949","79950","79951","79952","79953","79954","79955","79958","79960","79961","79968","79976","79978","79980","79990","79995","79996","79997","79998","79999","88510","88511","88512","88513","88514","88515","88516","88517","88518","88519","88520","88521","88523","88524","88525","88526","88527","88528","88529","88530","88531","88532","88533","88534","88535","88536","88538","88539","88540","88541","88542","88543","88544","88545","88546","88547","88548","88549","88550","88553","88554","88555","88556","88557","88558","88559","88560","88561","88562","88563","88565","88566","88567","88568","88569","88570","88571","88572","88573","88574","88575","88576","88577","88578","88579","88580","88581","88582","88583","88584","88585","88586","88587","88588","88589","88590","88595"]},"eldorado":{"label":"Eldorado","counties":["Schleicher County"],"subdivisions":["Freedom Trail Ranch"],"zipcodes":["76936"]},"electra":{"label":"Electra","counties":["Wichita County"],"subdivisions":["Original Town E","Southland Add"],"zipcodes":["76360"]},"elgin":{"label":"Elgin","counties":["Bastrop County","Travis County"],"subdivisions":["Beaukiss Estates","Black, Joseph","Dykes, Dennis","No","Peppergrass Ph 1c","Standifer, Jacob","Stoval, Geo H","Westwind Sec 02"],"zipcodes":["78621"]},"elkhart":{"label":"Elkhart","counties":["Anderson County"],"subdivisions":["A0025 Frost, William Block 949 Tract 6h","Davis, Alfred B.","No","Slocum","Unrestricted"],"zipcodes":["75839"]},"ellinger":{"label":"Ellinger","subdivisions":["Ellinger 370"]},"elmmott":{"label":"Elm Mott","subdivisions":["Bollinger P"]},"elmaton":{"label":"Elmaton","subdivisions":["Elmaton Farms Sub"]},"emory":{"label":"Emory","counties":["Rains County"],"subdivisions":["A0186","Dream Hill Estates","Northwood"],"zipcodes":["75440"]},"ennis":{"label":"Ennis","counties":["Ellis County"],"subdivisions":["J Douthett","Lake Bardwell Estates","Lakeridge Ests#1","Morgan Addition","Southgate #5"],"zipcodes":["75119","75120","75152","75165"]},"etoile":{"label":"Etoile","subdivisions":["Driver","Jeanes Subdivision","Lakecrest Manor","Shirley Creek Estate"]},"euless":{"label":"Euless","counties":["Tarrant County"],"subdivisions":["Ector Arms Add"],"zipcodes":["76039","76040","76051"]},"eustace":{"label":"Eustace","counties":["Henderson County"],"subdivisions":["Pleasant Young Surv A-978","Remington Hills"],"zipcodes":["75124"]},"evant":{"label":"Evant","counties":["Coryell County","Hamilton County"],"subdivisions":["Buffalo Creek Ranch"],"zipcodes":["76525"]},"fabens":{"label":"Fabens","counties":["El Paso County"],"zipcodes":["79838"]},"fairchilds":{"label":"Fairchilds","counties":["Fort Bend County"],"subdivisions":["A Bode","Fairchilds Estates Sec 1","L Kneitz"],"zipcodes":["77461","77469"]},"fairfield":{"label":"Fairfield","counties":["Freestone County"],"subdivisions":["Cole Subdivision","H Howard","Ih Reed Sur A-23","Ih Reed Survey","Lakewood Sub","Na.","R Gai#r Surv Abs No 12","Red Lake Hunting & Fishing Club","Unkn","Walnut Creek Addn","Wildwood","Wm Fain Surv"],"zipcodes":["75840"]},"fayetteville":{"label":"Fayetteville","counties":["Fayette County"],"subdivisions":["Abs A103 Townsend N Lg,0.992 Acres,Hse ","Alexander Ewing 1\/4 League Lea","Benjamin Greenville League A-5","City Of Fayetteville 390","City Of Fayetteville Comm Prop","Colony Oaks","John Rice Jones Surv Abs #59","Kerr L Lg","Rek Bill Road A-272","Rural","S P Brown Lg","Samuel P Brown Lg A-22","Sp Brown League Abs 22","Sump Add"],"zipcodes":["78940"]},"fischer":{"label":"Fischer","subdivisions":["Eagle Peak Ranch Un 2","Eagles Peak Ranch 1","Eagles Peak Ranch 2","Legends Rancho Del Lago","Legends Rancho Del Lago 1","Rancho Del Lago","Summit Estates At Fischer 1","Z Williamson Survey No 944"]},"flatonia":{"label":"Flatonia","counties":["Fayette County"],"subdivisions":["A035 - Cottle G W Lg","A035 - Cottle G W Lg 48.2,A035 48.2 Acre","A070 - Millett S","A075 - Muldoon M #13 Lg","A076 - Muldoon M #14 Lg","A118 - Zumwalt A Jr","A180 - Faires W' A","A235 - Moline J M","A287 - Stiffler J Lg & Labor","A323 - Whitehurst J","Abs A049 Green B Lg","Abs A118 Zumwalt A Jr","Adam Zumwalt Surv A-118","Cistern Ranch","City Of Flatonia","City Of Flatonia 400 Lot 2a Blk 33 .29","Ezekiel Whitehead 160 Acre Sur","Flatonia","J H Whitehurst Surv A-323","Jacob Stiffler League & Labor","M Muldoon League #14 A-76","Muldoon","N. Woods","No","S22000 - City Of Flatonia 400","S22003 - Faires Addn. 402","School Add 408","Stiffler","Weaver And Garza","Zumwalt A Jr"],"zipcodes":["78941"]},"flint":{"label":"Flint","subdivisions":["Hide A Way Bay","Highland Lake Vlge","Lakeway Harbor"]},"florence":{"label":"Florence","counties":["Williamson County"],"zipcodes":["76527"]},"floresville":{"label":"Floresville","counties":["Wilson County"],"subdivisions":["197 Floresville Tr 9 Wilson County Rural","A0014 J De La Garza Sur","Floresville Green Acres","Floresville Green Acres Phase 2","Floresville Sections","Riley Sub","River Bend","S & J Arocha Sur","Shannon Ridge"],"zipcodes":["78114"]},"flynn":{"label":"Flynn","subdivisions":["James W Wilson Surv A#1469"]},"forney":{"label":"Forney","counties":["Kaufman County"],"subdivisions":["Diamond Creek Ph 2","Lakewood Trails Add","Trinity Xing #1"],"zipcodes":["75126"]},"forreston":{"label":"Forreston","subdivisions":["T J Smith"]},"fortworth":{"label":"Fort Worth","counties":["Denton County","Johnson County","Parker County","Tarrant County","Wise County"],"subdivisions":["Alta Left Bank Condos","Avalon Heights","Baker Heights","Enchanted Bay","Hulen","Jinkens Heights Add","Northview Add","Park View","Pruritts","Ridgeview Farms","Sycamore Landing","Villages\/Edgecliff"],"zipcodes":["76006","76008","76012","76013","76028","76036","76039","76040","76051","76052","76053","76060","76101","76102","76103","76104","76105","76106","76107","76108","76109","76110","76111","76112","76113","76114","76115","76116","76117","76118","76119","76120","76121","76122","76123","76124","76126","76127","76129","76130","76131","76132","76133","76134","76135","76136","76137","76140","76147","76148","76150","76155","76161","76162","76163","76164","76166","76177","76179","76181","76185","76191","76192","76193","76195","76196","76197","76198","76199","76244","76247","76262"]},"franklin":{"label":"Franklin","counties":["Robertson County"],"subdivisions":["0000004539","A Hickory Ridge Sub","Becktold Subdivision","Blue Fire Sub","Camp Creek Lake","Camp Creek W C","Cassie's Trail","D Love Surv Abs #212","Deep Creek Forest Sub","Enchanted Forest","Etoile","Hja Hill","Hw Beeson Surv Abs #71","J Copeland","John Reid Surv Abs #318","M C Marquez","M D Acres Sub","Marquez Ii League Grant A-25","S Trails Sub","Scott Add","Wrangler Estates"],"zipcodes":["77856"]},"frankston":{"label":"Frankston","counties":["Anderson County","Henderson County"],"subdivisions":["Aero Estates","John Ferguson Surv A-7","Lake Frankston","Lakeside Estate","Lollipop Landing","Other Subdivision","Rural","Secluded Woods","Water Ridge West"],"zipcodes":["75763"]},"fred":{"label":"Fred","subdivisions":["A0016 - J. Fisher"]},"fredericksburg":{"label":"Fredericksburg","counties":["Gillespie County"],"subdivisions":["A0579 - E Rivas #358","Arch Ray Condos","Canyons","Firefly Rv & Tiny Home Condo","Settlement On Town Creek, The","Vineyard Rdg"],"zipcodes":["78624"]},"freeport":{"label":"Freeport","counties":["Brazoria County"],"subdivisions":["B C I C Div 1","B C I C Div 4","B C I C Div 7","B C I C Div 8","B C I C Div 9","Batt And Rast Subdivision","Bayview","Brazos Shore Sec 1","Brazos Terrace Freeport","Bridge Harbor","Bridge Harbor Rep A0051 Di","Brimage Velasco Estates A0099","Cfp","Demijohn Island Sec 4","Francis Cove","Freeport","G M Bryan","Glc Sd","Gulf Park","Hervey","Hervey #1","Hide-A-Way On Gulf","J Armendaris","J G & G W Mcneel","J P & O L Bryan","Jno Martin","Jones Creekwood","K & K Mobile Home Park","Key Largo","Lazy Palms","Lazy Palms Residence Sec 2","Linda Vista","Marlin","Paul Stoll","Riverside Terrace Freeport","S F Austin","S\/D Pt Trs 121-122b","S\/D Tr 124","S\/D Tr 125","S8110 - Velasco Freeport","San Luis Beach","San Luis Pass","Sbr.Abst","Seahorse Estates","Seaside Estates","South View Gardens Freeport","Surfside","Surfside Townsite","The Lagoon","Treasure Island","Treasure Island 2","Treasure Island A0029 Sf Austin","Treasure Island No 2","Treasure Island No 2 A0029 S F Austin","Treasure Island No 3","Treasure Island Sec 3","Treasure Island Sec Ii","Treasure Island Sub","Treasure Island-Sec 3","Turtle Cove","Turtle Cove Yacht Basin Sec 1","Two Js Harbor","Urban Renewal Tr Velasco","Velasco Freeport","Velasco Shores Bcic Div 1","Victory Freeport"],"zipcodes":["77422","77541","77542"]},"freer":{"label":"Freer","counties":["Duval County"],"zipcodes":["78357"]},"fresno":{"label":"Fresno","counties":["Fort Bend County"],"subdivisions":["Andover Farms","Andover Farms Sec 2","Andover Farms Sec 3","Andover Farms Sec 4","Andover Farms Sec2","Cambridge Falls","Cambridge Falls Sec 10","Cambridge Falls Sec 11","Cambridge Falls Sec 4","Cambridge Falls Sec 5","Cambridge Falls Sec 7","Estates Of Teal Run Sec 4","Estates Of Teal Run Sec 5","Fresno Add Sec 4","Fresno Gardens","Golden Hwy Prop Sec 2","M Escalero","Magnolia Place","Marbill Estates","Newpoint Estates","Newpoint Estates Sec 1","Niagara Sub Sec 1","Oil Center Sec 2","Olympia Falls","Olympia Falls Sec 1","Our Prize Prop","Post Oak Point","Post Oak Pointe","Preserve At Highway 6","Preserve At Hwy 6","Ridgewood Estates","Sec C North","Shipmans Cove","Shipmans Cove Sec 1","Shipmans Cove Sec 2","Teal Run","Teal Run Meadows Sec 1","Teal Run Meadows Sec 2","Teal Run Meadows Sec 3","Teal Run Sec 1","Teal Run Sec 10","Teal Run Sec 11","Teal Run Sec 12","Teal Run Sec 13","Teal Run Sec 14","Teal Run Sec 15","Teal Run Sec 16","Teal Run Sec 17","Teal Run Sec 18","Teal Run Sec 5","Teal Run Sec 7","Windfield Lakes","Winfield Lakes","Winfield Lakes North Sec 1","Winfield Lakes North Sec 2","Winfield Lakes North Sec 6","Winfield Lakes North Sec 7","Winfield Lakes Sec 14","Winfield Lakes Sec 16","Winfield Lakes Sec 17","Winfield Lakes Sec 18","Winfield Lakes Sec 2","Winfield Lakes Sec 3","Winfield Lakes Sec 4","Winfield Lakes Sec 6","Winfield Lakes Sec 8","Winfield Lakes Sec 9"],"zipcodes":["77545","77583"]},"freyburg":{"label":"Freyburg","subdivisions":["A062 Knight F Lg"]},"friendswood":{"label":"Friendswood","counties":["Galveston County","Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Anna Alea Kingspark\/Whitehall","Anna Alea Sec 1","Annalea","Arbor Gate\/West Ranch Sec 2","Arbor Gate\/West Ranch Sec 4","Arbor Gate\/West Ranch Sec 5","Ashford Village Twnhms","Autumn Creek","Autumn Creek Sec 04","Autumn Creek Sec 06 02 Amd","Autumn Crk Sec 03","Autumn Lakes Sec 5","Avalon At Friendswood","B S & F Survey 5","Beatty Scale & Forewood Surv A","Beatty Seale & Forwood Sec 5 A","Boca Raton","Boca Raton Sec 1 93","Briar Bend 2006","Briar Meadow","Bs & F","Cana Corp #41","Castle Park","Cedarwood Town Homes 2004","Central Park","Central Park - Friendswood","Clear Creek Woods","Coward Creek 3","Coward Creek 4","Creekside At West Ranch Sec 2","Dunbar Estates 1","Eagle Lakes 91","Eagle Lakes Sec 2 93","Eagle Lakes Sec 5 96","El Dorado","Elem Leslie Landing Condo 96","Enchanted Woods","Fairway Estates 2005","Falcon Ridge","Falcon Ridge Sec 2 92","Falcon Ridge Sec 3 92","Forest Bend","Forest Bend Sec 01","Forest Bend Sec 02","Forest Bend Sec 03","Forest Bend Sec 03 Reserve F","Forest Bend Sec 04","Forest Bend Sec 05","Forest Bend Sec 06","Forest Crk","Friendswood Forest","Friendswood Lakes Garden Homes","Friendswood Lakes Sec 1 2002","Friendswood Lakes Sec 3 2004","Friendswood Lakes Sec 4 2008","Friendswood Oaks","Friendswood Oaks Sec 02","Friendswood Trails","Glenshannon","Harper Unrec","Harvey & Stout Resub","Harwood","Heritage Estates","Heritage Estates 2","Heritage Estates 3","Heritage Estates 4","Heritage Park","Heritage Park Sec 06","Heritage Park Sec 07","Heritage Park Sec 09 R\/P","Heritage Park Sec 10","Heritage Park Sec 11","Heritage Park Sec 12 Amd","Heritage Park Sec 13","Heritage Park Sec 15","Heritage Park Sec 20","Heritage Park Sec 21","Heritage Park Sec 23","Heritage Park Sec 24","Heritage Park Sec 25","Heritage Park Sec 27","Heritage Park Sec 28","Hoidale & Coffmal-40471 0020-0006-0000-0","Hunters Creek Estates Private","Imperial Estates","Imperial Estates 2","Keystone Meadows","Keystone Meadows 91","Lakes Of Falcon Ridge Sec 2","Leslyn","Liberty Tree Estates","Longwood Park","Lori Woods","Lowelands 2002","Lundy Lane Estates","Marys Creek Estates 95","Mission Estates","Mission Estates 3","Monte Bello","Oak Tree","Parkwood Village Sec 2 98","Perry Grove Sec Iii 89","Polly Ranch Estates","Polly Ranch Estates Rep","Quakers Landing","Rancho Viejo","Regency Estates 1","Regency Estates 2","Renwick Village","Rio Claro","San Joaquin Estates","Slone 1","Sterling Creek","Sterling Creek 2013","Sterling Crk Sec 2","Sterling Crk Sec 3","Sterling Crk Sec 3-B","Sterlingwood 87","Sunfield","Sunmeadow","Sunmeadow 1","Sunmeadow 3","Terra Bella Sec 01 Final","The Dominion At Friendswood La","The Forest","The Forest Of Friendswood","The Forest Sec 10 2002","The Forest Sec 11 2002","The Forest Sec 12 2002","The Forest Sec 3 2000","The Forest Sec 7 2001","The Lakes At San Joaquin","The Park Twnhms","The Reserve At West Ranch Sec","Timberfield Estates","Tower Estates","Van Pelt Geo","Van Pelt's Subdivision","Village Green","Walden Pond Twnhms","Wedgewood Village","Wedgewood Village Sec 01","Wedgewood Village Sec 02","Wedgewood Village Sec 05","Wedgewood Village Sec 06 R\/P","Wedgewood Village Sec 07","Wedgewood Village Sec 08 U\/R","West Friendswood","West Ranch","West Ranch - Arbor Gate","West Ranch - The Reserve","West Ranch Estates Sec 2","West Ranch Lake Ridge Sec 1","West Ranch Lake Ridge Sec 2","West Ranch Lakeside Sec 1","West Ranch Lakeside Sec 2 201","West Ranch West Lake","Wilderness Trails","Wilderness Trails Sec 3 91","Windsong","Windsor Estates Sec 1","Windsor Estates Sec 3 2001"],"zipcodes":["77089","77546","77549","77573","77598"]},"friona":{"label":"Friona","counties":["Parmer County"],"subdivisions":["Lakeside","Township"],"zipcodes":["79035"]},"frisco":{"label":"Frisco","counties":["Collin County","Denton County"],"subdivisions":["Northridge Ph 1","Plantation Resort Ph Ia The"],"zipcodes":["75024","75033","75034","75035","75068","75070","75071","75078"]},"fruitvale":{"label":"Fruitvale","counties":["Van Zandt County"],"subdivisions":["B C Finley"],"zipcodes":["75127"]},"frydek":{"label":"Frydek","subdivisions":["Keyes Estates"]},"fulshear":{"label":"Fulshear","counties":["Fort Bend County"],"subdivisions":["Alders Cross Creek","Bonterra","Bonterra At Cross Creek Ranch","Bonterra At Cross Creek Ranch 50's","Bonterra At Cross Creek Ranch 60's","Bonterra At Cross Creek Ranch 60s","Bonterra At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 2","Bonterra At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 4","Bonterra At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 7","Bonterra At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 9","Bonterra Cross Creek Ranch","Bradford On The Bend Sec 2","C Fulshear","Churchill Farms","Churchill Farms Sec 1","Churchill Farms Sec 10","Churchill Farms Sec 2","Churchill Farms Sec 5","Churchill Farms Sec 6","Churchill Farms Sec 8","Churhill Fulshear","Creek Bend At Cross Creek Ranch","Creek Bend At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 10","Creek Bend At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 11","Creek Bend At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 2","Creek Bend At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 4","Creek Bend At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 7","Creek Bend At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 8","Creek Cove At Cross Creek Ranch","Creek Cove At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 12","Creek Cove At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 13","Creek Cove At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 2","Creek Cove At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 4","Creek Falls At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 1","Creek Falls At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 12","Creek Falls At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 2","Creek Falls At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 4","Creek Falls At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 8","Creek Falls At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 9","Creek Rush At Cross Creek Ranch","Creek Rush At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 1","Creek Rush At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 2","Creek Rush At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 3","Creek Rush At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 4","Creek Rush At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 6","Creek Rush At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 9","Creek Trace At Cross Creek Ranch","Creek Trace At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 2","Creek Trace At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 3","Creek Trace At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 6","Creekside At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 1","Creekside At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 11","Creekside At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 2","Creekside At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 7","Creekside At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 8","Creekside At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 9","Cross Creek","Cross Creek Ranch","Cross Creek Ranch Creek Trace","Cross Creek Ranch Sec 3","Cross Creek Ranch Sec 6","Cross Creek Ranch Th","Cross Creek Ranch The Pond","Cross Creek Ranch: 40ft. Lots","Cross Creek West","Cross Creek West Sec 2","Cross Creek West Sec 3","Cross Creek West Sec 4","Cross Creek West Sec 5","Del Webb - Fulshear","Del Webb Fulshear Sec 1","E Latham","Fulbrook","Fulbrook On Fulshear Creek","Fulbrook On Fulshear Creek Sec 15","Fulbrook On Fulshear Creek Sec 3","Fulbrook On Fulshear Creek Sec 4","Fulbrook On Fulshear Creek Sec 6","Fulbrook On Fulshear Creek Sec 7","Fulbrook Sec 2d","Fulbrook Sec 2e","Fulbrook Sec 3-C","Fulbrook Sec 5-D","Fulbrook Sec 6-A","Fulshear","Fulshear Creek Crossing Sec 1","Fulshear Lake","Fulshear Lakes","Fulshear Lakes 45's","Fulshear Lakes 50s","Fulshear Lakes 60'","Fulshear Run","Fulshear Run Sec 6","J San Pierre","Jno Randon","Jordan Ranch","Jordan Ranch 55s","Jordan Ranch Sec 11","Jordan Ranch Sec 17","Jordan Ranch Sec 22","Jordan Ranch Sec 23","Jordan Ranch Sec 24","Jordan Ranch Sec 26","Jordan Ranch Sec 2a","Jordan Ranch Sec 3","Lakes Of Cross Creek Ranch Sec 1","Lakes Of Cross Creek Ranch Sec 2","Lakeside At Cross Creek Ranch","Lakeside Village At Cross Creek Ranch","Laprada Landing","Legacy At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 1","Legacy At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 3","N F Roberts","North Fulshear Estate","Pecan Hill","Pecan Ridge","Pecan Ridge - Premier Collection","Pecan Ridge - Select Collection","Pecan Ridge - Villa Collection","Pecan Ridge Select","Pecan Ridge Villas","Poli Ranch","Polo Ranch","Polo Ranch Sec 10","Polo Ranch Sec 11","Polo Ranch Sec 12","Polo Ranch Sec 3","Polo Ranch Sec 4","Polo Ranch Sec 7","Polo Ranch Sec 8","Rand & Penn","Reserve At Weston Lakes","Reserve At Weston Lakes Sec 1","Reserve At Weston Lakes Sec 4","Riverwood Forest At Weston Lakes","Riverwood Forest At Weston Lakes Sec 1","Riverwood Forest At Weston Lakes Sec 2","Southern Manors","Stone Hill Ranch, Inc.","Summerview","Tamarron","Tamarron Sec 14","Tamarron Sec 15","Tamarron Sec 42","Tamarron Sec 48","Tamarron West","Tamarron West Sec 2","Tamarron West Sec 3","Tamarron West Sec 4","Tamarron West Sec 5","Tamarron West Section 15","The Brooks At Cross Creek Ranch","The Brooks At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 3","The Estates At James Lane","The Gardens","The Pond At Cross Creek Ranch","Vanbrooke","Vanbrooke Sec 1","Vanbrooke Sec 2","Vanbrooke Sec 3","Weston Lakes","Weston Lakes - Bradford On The Bend","Weston Lakes Bradford On The Bend Sec 3","Weston Lakes Sec 12","Weston Lakes Sec 16","Weston Lakes Sec 19","Weston Lakes Sec 2","Weston Lakes Sec 4","Weston Lakes Village Sec 1","Weston Lakes Village Sec 2","Willows At Cross Creek Ranch","Willows At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 1","Willows At Cross Creek Ranch Sec 2"],"zipcodes":["77406","77441","77494"]},"galenapark":{"label":"Galena Park","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Central","Clinton","Galena Manor","Galena Oaks","Galena Pines","Parkside","Universal City","Woodland Sec 02","Woodland Sec 04","Woodland Sec 05"],"zipcodes":["77015","77029","77547"]},"galveston":{"label":"Galveston","counties":["Galveston County"],"subdivisions":["0","2208 Post Office St Condos","A0121 - A0121 - T & L 1, 2 & 3 & Hall","Acapulco Village","Addie L Juneman","Adriance & Spillman Sub 91","Airport Homesites 2","Airport Homesites 4","Al West Sub","Ashton Place-Condo","Austin Place Sub 91","Avenue O Sub 2007","Backbay","Bahia Azul","Bahia Azul Sub","Bay Harbor","Bay Harbor Add #2 90","Bayou Circle","Bayou Homes","Bayou Shore Aka Wheelers","Bayou Shore Drive","Bayside\/Watermans","Bayside\/Watermans Sub","Beachside Village","Beachside Village 2004","Beachside Village Sec 3 2014","Beachside Village Sec 6","Beachside Vlg Sec 6","Beachside Vlg Sec 8","Beachtown","Beachtown Galveston","Beachtown Galveston East Villa","Beachtown Galveston East Village","Beachtown Galveston Village 1","Bermuda Beach","Bermuda Beach Sec 2","Bermuda Beach Sec 4","Bermuda Beach Unrec Lt 411","Blalock","Bp Residential Properties","Br Puesta Del Sol","Brantley Harris Sub 96","Brayans Sub Ak","Breakers Condo","Breezy Acres","Broadway","Buehring Rep","Bungalow Beach","By The Sea Condo","Calavan Estates Rep 2008","Campeche Cove","Campeche Cove 1","Campeche Cove 2 Twnhms","Campeche Cove 3","Campeche Cove Twnhms 91","Campeche Shores Rep 2005","Captains Cove Condos","Captains Cove Condos Bldg B","Captains Cove Condos Bldg C","Captains Cove Resort","Carriage House Lofts","Casa Del Mar","Casa Del Mar Condo","City\/Galveston","Cohen Robert I","Colony Park 1","Colony Park 2","Colorado","Cornerstone Place 2001","Cox Douglas","Crabnola Estates","Dalys Minor","David Martinez Jr Estates 2024","Denver","Denver Abst 628","Denver Court","Denver Reserve","Denver Resurvey","Denver Resurvey Nha-2965.1","Denver Resuvey","Denver-Resurvey","Diamond Beach Condos 2010","Driftwood","Druss Sub","Druss Sub 96","East End","East End Historic District","Eaton Sub 91","Eibands Luxury Condo","El Cortez Villas Condos 2008","Elisabeth Estates","Elizabeth Estates Sec 2 88","Emerald By The Sea Condo","Estates\/Sunset Cove Ph 2","Evia","Evia Ph One 2005","Evia Ph Two 2007","Evia Phase One 2005","Excelsior Condo 2008","Farb A C Sub 91","Forman A Blk 171","Forman A Ne 130","Galveston","Galveston Bay Club 2000","Galveston Bay Club 2000,","Galveston City","Galveston Electric Co Lofts","Galveston Outlots","Galveston Telephone Bldg Condo","Galveston Townsite","Galvestonian","Galvestonian Condo","Gautier Estates Rep 2006","Golf Estates","Golf Shores","Golf Shores Sub 91","Gulf Palms","Gulf View 1","Gulf Village","Gulf Village 1","Gulf Village 2","H Garbade Special Sub 92","Half Moon Beach Sub Replat94","Harbor East Condo","Harborview 1","Hasselmeier Sw & Se 130","Havre Lafitte","Havre Lafitte Lakefront","Havre Lafitte Sec 3","Havre Lafitte Twnhms 87","Hawkins & Robinson","Hawkins & Robinson Unrec Sub","Hendley Market Luxury Condos","Hershey Beach Sub 96","Highland Sub 91","Hollywood Heights","Hoskins","Hoskins Square","I-45 South Over Causeway- At 53rd Street","Indian Beach","Indian Beach 1","Indian Beach 2","Indian Beach 3","Isla Del Sol","Islander East Condo","Isle Bayside Sub 98","J Menna Special Sub 2006","Jakovich 2","Jakovich 3 Sec 1","Jakovich 3 Sec 2","Jakovich 3 Sec 3","Jamaica Beach","Jamaica Beach 1","Jamaica Beach 16","Jamaica Beach 19","Jamaica Beach 2","Jamaica Beach 25","Jamaica Beach 8","Janca Special Sub 99","Jones Garden Homes","Jones-Reading Sub 92","Jordan Homes Llc Tr 1","Juneman 1 L 199-214-215","Juneman Addie 1","Kahala Beach Estates","Kahala Beach Estates Add 1","Karankawa","Karankawa 3","Kinkead Add","Kleimann","Kristiansand Beach","Lacoume Sub 91","Laffite's Cove","Laffites Cove","Laguna San Luis","Laguna San Luis 88","Lasker Park","Leslie","Lhsh Holdings Sub","Lindale Park","Lindale Park 2","Lofts Corner 2008","Lot C Baker Estates","Lujan\/Avenue K B","Lyncrest Manor","Lyncrest Manor 2","Magnolia Court Sub 2007","Mancuso Rep 2002","Manson & Ellis Special Sub","Maravilla","Maravilla Condos 2003","Mariiner House Condos","Marina Pointe Condo","Mariner House Condo","Mb Menard","Mc Leod Sub","Mcdaniel Sub","Mcgaughey Manor Sub 2007","Mcnulty","Menard","Menard Sur","Menard Sur Pt","Mid Town","Mid-Town","Midtown-Galveston","Miller J D Add 1","Minor Plat\/Fish Camp\/Waterman","Miramar","Morgans Landing","Neumann","Neumann Add","Neumann Add Rep #1","Nichols & Byrnes","Nottingham Campsites","Oasis Twnhms","Ocean Club Villas Condos","Ocean Grove Condo","Old Galveston Villas Rep","Ostermayers Unrec","Pabst Bayview","Pabst's Bayview Add","Palisade Palms","Palisade Palms Condo","Palm Beach","Palm Circle","Palm Cove Twnhms","Palm Gardens","Palms At Cove View Condo","Palms Condo","Panama Historic Condos 2006","Peanut Butter Warehouse Harbor","Pirates Beach","Pirates Beach 1","Pirates Beach 2","Pirates Beach 3","Pirates Beach 4","Pirates Beach 6","Pirates Beach 7","Pirates Beach Sec 10 91","Pirates Beach Sec 10 Amd","Pirates Beach Sec 13 92","Pirates Beach Sec 8","Pirates Beach West","Pirates Cove","Pirates Cove 1","Pirates Cove 2","Pirates Cove 3","Pirates Cove 5","Pirates Cove Sec 6","Pirates Cove Twnhms At Lake","Pirates Landing Twnhms","Playa San Luis","Playa San Luis 88","Pointe West","Pointe West 2006","Pointe West Sec 1 2005","Pointe West Sec 3-C 2007","Pointe West Sec 3-C Ph 22009","Pointe West Sec 4-B 2006","Pointe West Tranquility Shores","Ponomarev Sub 2009","Ponticello Rep 2008","Port Aux Prince Condo","Port Aux Prince Twnhms","Reyder Sub Blk 62","Rivera Subdivison","Riviera 88 Condo","Riviera Condo Ii 89","Robert I Cohen","Rogers Resub 2007","S2175 - Campeche Cove Townhomes 91","S2965","S2965-Denver Resurvey","S3505","S3505 - Galveston Townsite","S5863 Pirates Beach","S5941-02 - Ponticello Ph Ii 2021 Abst","San Luis","San Luis Condo","San Marino Sub","San Marino Twnhms","Sand Castle Condo","Sand Dollar Beach","Sandhill Shores Add 2000","Sandhill Shores Estates","Sea Breeze","Sea Isle","Sea Isle 1","Sea Isle 2","Sea Isle Ext","Sea Isle Ext 10","Sea Isle Ext 12","Sea Isle Ext 14","Sea Isle Ext 15","Sea Isle Ext 2","Sea Isle Ext 21","Sea Isle Ext 22","Sea Isle Ext 23","Sea Isle Ext 3","Sea Isle Ext 4","Sea Isle Ext 5","Sea Isle Ext 6","Sea Isle Ext 7","Sea Isle Ext 9","Sea Isle Orig","Sea Isle Sec 24","Sea Isle Sec 24 2006,","Seascape-Condo","Ships Mechanic Row Bldg Condos","Shoreview 1","Shoreview 2","Silver Sands Unrec","South Shore","Spanish Grant","Spanish Grant 1","Spanish Grant 2","Spartina Vista 99","Special Sub Lt 129 T & L 1","Splendor At Sea Isle","Standard Dredging","Sunny Beach","Sunnylane Unrec T&L Sec 2","Sunrise Estates 2008","Sunset Cove","Sunset Cove 2005","Surfside","Sweetwater Cove","Sweetwater Cove Sec 1 2007","Tabb Special Sub 91","Tampico Cove Condo","Terramar","Terramar 2","Terramar 3","Terramar 4","Terramar 5","Terramar Beach","Terramar Beach Sec 6","Terramar Beach Sec 6 Rep","Terramar Cove 2009","Terramar Sec 7","The Dawn","The Dawn Condo 2006","The Dunes Of West Beach","The Dunes Of West Beach 95","The Oaks Rep 2007","The Palms At Cove View Condo","The Park At Terramar","The Park At Terramar 2008","The Preserve At Grand Beach","The Preserve At Grand Beach 2","The Residences At Tiki Island","The Residency Condo 20","The Strand Lofts","The Strand Lofts Condos 2015","The Victorian","Thomas Estates 2003","Tiara On The Beach","Tiki Island","Tiki Island 8","Trimble & Lindsey","Trimble & Lindsey Sec 1","Trimble & Lindsey Sec 2","Trimble & Lindsey Sec 3","Trueheart Rep Blk 1 Lts 34-","Truehearts Addn","V E Austin Sub 92","Victorian Condo","Victorian Condo","Victorian Condominium","Victorian Square","Villas At Pointe West Condos","Villas Of Las Palmas 2007","W M Zinn Sub 96","W T Donoho Sub 96","Ware Add 2007","Watersound West End","Weber Prop 2005","Wells Addition","West Beach Grand Condos 90","West Jean","West Point","Westmoore Sub","Westwood Sub","Wilson & Coe","Wimhurst Sub 91","Wisrodt Sub","Zinn & Cheeseborough"],"zipcodes":["77550","77551","77552","77553","77554","77555"]},"ganado":{"label":"Ganado","counties":["Jackson County"],"subdivisions":["Knipling Sd","Rainey Robinson","Simons","Texana Crossing","Twin Oaks","Wendel"],"zipcodes":["77962"]},"gardenridge":{"label":"Garden Ridge","counties":["Comal County"],"subdivisions":["Garden Ridge Estates"],"zipcodes":["78132","78154","78266"]},"gardendale":{"label":"Gardendale","counties":["Ector County"],"subdivisions":["Gardendale"],"zipcodes":["79758"]},"garland":{"label":"Garland","counties":["Collin County","Dallas County","Rockwall County"],"subdivisions":["Centerville Duplex Add","Parchaus At Firewheel Parkway"],"zipcodes":["75040","75041","75042","75043","75044","75045","75046","75047","75048","75049","75098","75150","75228"]},"garrison":{"label":"Garrison","counties":["Nacogdoches County"],"subdivisions":["Rural","Sanchez P 20"],"zipcodes":["75946"]},"garwood":{"label":"Garwood","subdivisions":["0","A-285 - I & Gn Rr","A-303 - I & Gn Rr","A-560 - J Tinkler","Garwood","I & G N R R Co Sec 9","I.&G.N. Rr. Co. Survey, Abst Number 285","I.&Gn. Rr. Co. Survey, Abst Number 285","J Evans","J Grant","Samuel Kennelly League, Abst Number 30","Sandy Creek","Sandy Creek Dev Sub 11-A","Sandy Crk Dev Sub","Tract 4","Tract 6","Tract 7"]},"gatesville":{"label":"Gatesville","counties":["Coryell County"],"subdivisions":["0882- N Robertson","Deer Valley"],"zipcodes":["76528","76596","76597","76598","76599"]},"gause":{"label":"Gause","subdivisions":["A0530 Rodriquez, Fernando,19.119 Acres","H M D Nutt Surv A-284","Ranches Of Gause","Sillaven"]},"geneva":{"label":"Geneva"},"georgetown":{"label":"Georgetown","counties":["Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["Georgetown Airpark","Reata Trails","Sun City Georgetown Neighborhood 05b Amd"],"zipcodes":["78626","78627","78628","78633"]},"giddings":{"label":"Giddings","counties":["Lee County"],"subdivisions":["A133 - Gocher, N.","Barker, J.","Bbb & C Railroad Co Abs 52","Chandler","Chaney","Cp Living 27 Sub","Freeman T A123 Tr #1","Gerlach","Hickory Creek","J D G Varrelman Surv Abs #20","Leon's Crossing Sub","Nails Creek","Ot Giddings","Rolling Oaks","S1160 - Ot Giddings","S1440 - Sunrise","Smith Sub","Vashary, J."],"zipcodes":["78942"]},"gilchrist":{"label":"Gilchrist","subdivisions":["Audubon Village 2007","Audubon Village Sec 2 2008","Barrow","Bay Shore Addn Partial Rplt No 2 2020","Bayshore","Bayview Add","Beach Front","Birds Gulf","Black Slip","Breakers","Breakers #2","Cade Sub","Canal City","Canal City Lot 326","Caplan","Caplen","Caplen Shores 87","Caplen Yacht Basin","Carr Wm Sub","Cms 24 Aria Palms","Cms24 Aria Palms","Cory Morehead Subdivision No.24","Cory Morehead Subdivision No24 Aria Palm","Delmar 1","Delmar 2","Dunes At Bolivar","Dunes At Bolivar 2002","F Hughes","Faggard","Faggard Slip","Faggard Slip Ext","Frank A Hughes Sub","Gilchrist","Gilchrist Prolongation","Gran Dia","Gulf Haven Homes Sec 2 Unrec","Gulf Haven Homes Unrec","Hogans Landing","Hughes Frank A Sub Of Lt 7 C","Indian Creek Estates","No","North Caplen","Not A Subdivision","Peninsula 19 2010","R W Denham Sub","Rollover By The Bay","Rollover Villa","Sand Dollar","Seagrass","Seagrass Beach","Seagrass Beach Sub","The Breakers","Villas At Pelican Pass","Villas At Rollover Bay"]},"gilmer":{"label":"Gilmer","counties":["Upshur County"],"subdivisions":["Edgemoore Add","Glenwood Acres","Kelsey Creek"],"zipcodes":["75644","75645"]},"gladewater":{"label":"Gladewater","counties":["Gregg County","Upshur County"],"subdivisions":["Gladewater Lake"],"zipcodes":["75647"]},"glenflora":{"label":"Glen Flora","subdivisions":["Glen Flora"]},"glennheights":{"label":"Glenn Heights","counties":["Dallas County","Ellis County"],"subdivisions":["Heritage Heights Ph 3b"],"zipcodes":["75154"]},"goldthwaite":{"label":"Goldthwaite","counties":["Mills County"],"zipcodes":["76844"]},"goliad":{"label":"Goliad","counties":["Goliad County"],"subdivisions":["A0050 - Abst 50 Ybarbo M J","Dan\/183"],"zipcodes":["77963"]},"gonzales":{"label":"Gonzales","counties":["Gonzales County"],"subdivisions":["Belmont Estates","Cowboy Acres","Daniel Lamkin","Extension\/Lakeside","Guymont Add","Jose Maria Salinas 4 Leagues G","Lafayette Place 03","Lakeside","Ottine","Part\/Prospect C Mccoy 01\/3 Leag","Rng 01 East\/Water Street\/Ori","S Bateman","Sandy Ridge Sub","Whispering Oaks S\/D","Winslow Turner Jr 1\/4 League A","Zumwalt"],"zipcodes":["78629"]},"goodrich":{"label":"Goodrich","counties":["Polk County"],"subdivisions":["A Viesca Surv A-77","Augustin Viesca","Augustin Viesca Surv Abs 77","Country Sunrise","Holiday Lake Estates","Holiday Lake Estates Sec 1","Holiday Lake Estates Sec 2","Holiday Lake Estates Sec 4","Holiday Lake Estates Sec 5","Holleyfield 100","Preserve At Sally Creek","River Lake Estates Sec 1","Siesta Country Sec 2","Siesta Country Sec 3","Sleepy Hollow","Sleepy Hollow Sec 1","Thomas Survey","Tyler Estates"],"zipcodes":["77335"]},"graford":{"label":"Graford","counties":["Palo Pinto County"],"subdivisions":["Cliffs Ph 08"],"zipcodes":["76449"]},"grandprairie":{"label":"Grand Prairie","counties":["Dallas County","Ellis County","Tarrant County"],"subdivisions":["Gran Villa Townhouses"],"zipcodes":["75050","75051","75052","75053","75054","75060","75061","75104","76002","76006","76010","76063","76065","76084"]},"grandsaline":{"label":"Grand Saline","counties":["Van Zandt County"],"subdivisions":["Anthony Gray Surv Abs #290","Long","William Mcguire Surv Abs #582"],"zipcodes":["75140"]},"grandfalls":{"label":"Grandfalls","counties":["Ward County"],"subdivisions":["Joseph Howe Pre-Emption Sec 2"],"zipcodes":["79742"]},"grandview":{"label":"Grandview","counties":["Johnson County"],"subdivisions":["R E Campbell","W. B. Jackson Survey, Abstract Number 47"],"zipcodes":["76050"]},"grangerland":{"label":"Grangerland","subdivisions":["Beach Clark"]},"graniteshoals":{"label":"Granite Shoals","counties":["Burnet County"],"subdivisions":["Castle Hills","Forest Hills","Hillcrest"],"zipcodes":["78654"]},"grapeland":{"label":"Grapeland","counties":["Houston County"],"subdivisions":["00","B F Hill Add","Grapeland East Add","Grp Sycamore Add","Horton Sub","J Erwin","No","Piney Point","Selkirk Add","Stephen Bennett Surv Abs-151","Tejas Shores","Tejas Shores Sec 1","Tejas Shores Sec Ii","Tejas Shores Sub Sec 1","Woodland Acres"],"zipcodes":["75844"]},"greenville":{"label":"Greenville","counties":["Hunt County"],"subdivisions":["Esram Tedwill Survey"],"zipcodes":["75401","75402","75403","75404"]},"groesbeck":{"label":"Groesbeck","counties":["Limestone County"],"subdivisions":["A Varela-Groesbeck","A004w J L Chavert-West","Abs#25 Mc Rejan Sur","B R Belt Add","Cedar Crk Ests","Grande Lake Estates","Helms Add","Hickory Hills Add","J L Chavert 11 League Grant Su","Jl Chavert Ab-4","Jl Chavert Ab4","S Holloway","Unk","Westfork Sub","William Smith Surv Abs #530"],"zipcodes":["76642"]},"groves":{"label":"Groves","counties":["Jefferson County"],"subdivisions":["Boyd","Foster Heights 3","Griffing Estates 1","Griffing Estates 2","Highline","Lyndale","Main Ave Add","Pearl Gardens","Pecan Groves To Port Arthur","Rainbow","Roselawn Add","Spence Add","Vaughan","Williams Add"],"zipcodes":["77619"]},"groveton":{"label":"Groveton","counties":["Trinity County"],"subdivisions":["A0001 - Andrada, Antonio","A0546 Shaw, Granville C","A0814 Rushing","C H Rushing","Granville","Groveton City Of","Woodlake"],"zipcodes":["75845"]},"gunbarrelcity":{"label":"Gun Barrel City","counties":["Henderson County"],"subdivisions":["Harbor Point","Loon Bay","Mantle Manors Sec 01"],"zipcodes":["75124","75156"]},"gustine":{"label":"Gustine","counties":["Comanche County"],"subdivisions":["Twisted Creek Ranch"],"zipcodes":["76455"]},"guy":{"label":"Guy","subdivisions":["A0120 - Wm Prater","F Dittforth","Fort Bend 477, Tract 31","Franz Gretschel","Geo Dedrick","H & Tc Ry","H Halleyn","J Y Burney","Opey & Green","R E Coker","Twin Lakes 120 Wm Prater","Vaclav Mazac","Wm Prater"]},"hallettsville":{"label":"Hallettsville","counties":["Lavaca County"],"subdivisions":["\"oakwoods\" Ranch","0000","A0001 - A1 John M Ashby","A0019 - Wm Hardy","A0047 - John Smithers","A0057 - Ephraim Whitehead","A0130 John C Cooksey","A0355 Luke J Presnal","A0356 - Joel Ponton","Abstract 355","Appelts Hill","Hallett","Hallettsville Pecan Orchard","Hallettsville Townsite","Highland Terrace Addn","Isaac C Hoskins","J E Lay Add","James Frazier Hrs","John Hallett","Martin D Ramsey","Navidad Oaks","Oak Forest Estates","The Lazy Sandies","Thomas Chadoin","Whispering Oaks"],"zipcodes":["77964"]},"hallsville":{"label":"Hallsville","counties":["Harrison County"],"subdivisions":["Germantown U1","Mcilwain"],"zipcodes":["75650"]},"haltomcity":{"label":"Haltom City","counties":["Tarrant County"],"subdivisions":["Simon Akers Surv Abs #17"],"zipcodes":["76111","76117","76118","76137","76148","76180"]},"hamilton":{"label":"Hamilton","counties":["Hamilton County"],"subdivisions":["Ranches At Hamilton Ridge","Walters"],"zipcodes":["76531"]},"hamshire":{"label":"Hamshire","subdivisions":["0342060-0342060","Bergeron","De Young","Maccallum Estate","South Fork"]},"hankamer":{"label":"Hankamer","subdivisions":["0","A Weaver","Barrow","J T White","J T White League Abs #300","Ranches\/Turtle Bayou","V Barrow","Vincent Barrow League"]},"hardin":{"label":"Hardin","counties":["Liberty County"],"subdivisions":["H&Tc-177","Old Snake River Lake Estates","S Strong"],"zipcodes":["77561","77575"]},"harkerheights":{"label":"Harker Heights","counties":["Bell County"],"subdivisions":["Tanglewood North Second Unit"],"zipcodes":["76513","76542","76548"]},"harleton":{"label":"Harleton","subdivisions":["Betty Humphries Surv A-306"]},"harlingen":{"label":"Harlingen","counties":["Cameron County"],"subdivisions":["Hcdc Sub"],"zipcodes":["78550","78551","78552","78553","78586"]},"harper":{"label":"Harper","counties":["Gillespie County"],"subdivisions":["Maverick","Maverick Subdivision","Thiele Butler"],"zipcodes":["78631"]},"harwood":{"label":"Harwood"},"hawkins":{"label":"Hawkins","counties":["Wood County"],"subdivisions":["0400","Deer Ridge Sub","Gay G W"],"zipcodes":["75765"]},"hearne":{"label":"Hearne","counties":["Robertson County"],"subdivisions":["City\/Hearne","Hallie Jane Land Co 5","Hearne","No","Robertson","Southside Add"],"zipcodes":["77859"]},"hedwigvillage":{"label":"Hedwig Village","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Echo Hollow","Loma Linda","Lou Al Courts","Sam F Deck Unrecorded Sub","Timber Hill Manor"],"zipcodes":["77024"]},"helotes":{"label":"Helotes","counties":["Bexar County"],"subdivisions":["Canyon Creek Preserve Ph 3"],"zipcodes":["78023","78254"]},"hemphill":{"label":"Hemphill","counties":["Sabine County"],"subdivisions":["Beechwood Iii","Beechwood Sub Sec 3","Caradine\/Mcdaniel","J I Pifermo Surv A-47","Laguna Shores Sub Tr 3 Sec","Laguna Shores Sub Tr 34 Sec","Lowes Creek Village","Old Sabine Town Sub","Old Sabinetown Sub","Pendleton Harbor","Powells Homesites","Rebel Rdg Sub","Sunshine Valley Estate"],"zipcodes":["75948"]},"hempstead":{"label":"Hempstead","counties":["Waller County"],"subdivisions":["0","A-39 John Irons","A301000 - A-10 William Baird","A302400 A-24 Charles Donahoe","A303900 - A-39 John Irons","A304800 - A-48 Juan A Padillo","A305100 A-51 Obediah Pitts","A308200 - A-82 B B B & C R R Co","Abst A308800","Bbb&C Rr","Billys Sub Sec 2","Billys Sub Sec 3","Brookside Meadow","Charles Donahoe","Charles Donoho Surv A-24","City Of Hempstead","Clear Creek Dev","Deerwood East","Deerwood East 1","Deerwood East 2","Deerwood East 3","Deerwood East 4","Deerwood Lakes","Deerwood Lakes 1","Deerwood Lakes 2","Deerwood Lakes 3","Deerwood Lakes 4","Deerwood Lakes 5","Deerwood Lakes 6","Deerwood North 1","Deewood Lakes","Donahue","Fife Farmsteads","Gabriel Farms","H & T C Rr Co Surv Abs #175 Se","Hempstead","Hempstead South","James Hall Surv Abs #32","Jared E. Groce Tract","Jared R Groce 110-3","John Baker Surv Abs # 71","John Baker Tract 75","John F Martin Surv Abs # 227","John Irons Surv A-39","Justo Liendo","Justo Liendo A-41","Legendary Oaks","Lynnwood Lakes","Mc Lin Bracey","N\/A-Unrestricted","Nine Bar East","Nine Bar West","No","Northfield 1","Oak Plaza","Pine Island","Pine Island Village 1","Pine Ridge","Prairie Acres","Ranches Of Clear Creek","Reata Creek","Rio Bosque\/Rio Acres","Rolling Hills","Rolling Hills 1","Rolling Hills 2","Rolling Hills 3","Rolling Hills 4","Rolling Hills 5","Rolling Hills 6","Rural","S755400 - Rolling Hills 4","Tara Park 1","Taylor Sub 2 Rep","Texaco C Store","Town Of Hempstead","Town\/Hempstead","William Baird Surv A-10"],"zipcodes":["77445"]},"henderson":{"label":"Henderson","counties":["Rusk County"],"subdivisions":["J Sanchez","Montg Sub"],"zipcodes":["75652","75653","75654"]},"highisland":{"label":"High Island","subdivisions":["Dunman Partition Sub 1 Thru 8","Guidry Powell Partition","Hampshire Elizabeth Unrec","High Island Townsite Sub #1","High Island Townsite Sub #2","Van Nostrand"]},"highlands":{"label":"Highlands","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Canal Terrace U\/R","Country Terrace Sec 02","Elena Fruit & Cotton Farms A","Elena Fruit & Cotton Farms C","Elena Townsite","George White Surv A-82","Grace Timbers","Hasty Sec 01 U\/R","Highland Farms","Highland Park 1","Highland Terrace","Highland Townsite","Highland Woods","Highland Woods Sec 01","Highland Woods Sec 02","Highlands","Highlands Farms","Highlands Townsite","Highlands Woods","Highlands Xing","J A Harris","Jan Jack Estates Sec 02","Lakeview Terrace","Lloyd Clara U\/R","N Lynch","Nowlingshire Estates","Nowlingshire Estates Pt Repl","Orchard Acres Sec 01 U\/R","Orchard Acres Sec 02 U\/R","Orchard Crossing","Prince","Sterling Point Sec 1","Sterling Point Sec 4","White Jesse","Whites Lake Estates","Willow Grove"],"zipcodes":["77562"]},"hillcrestvillage":{"label":"Hillcrest Village","subdivisions":["Timberlane Manor"]},"hillister":{"label":"Hillister","subdivisions":["Dogwood Hills","Lakeland","Lakeland Ranch","Lakeland Ranch Sec 1","Lakeland Ranch Sec 3","Lakeland Ranch Sec Five","Lakeland Ranch Sec One","Lakeland Ranch Sec Three","Lakeland Ranch Subdivision","Rural","S6506 Lakeland Ranch Sec 1","Stephen P West Surv Abs #784"]},"hillsboro":{"label":"Hillsboro","counties":["Hill County"],"subdivisions":["O M Add"],"zipcodes":["76645"]},"hilltoplakes":{"label":"Hilltop Lakes","counties":["Leon County"],"subdivisions":["Hilltop Lakes","Hilltop Lakes Resort","Hilltop Lakes Sec 03-B","Hilltop Lakes Sec 03b","Hilltop Lakes Sec 06-A","Hilltop Lakes Sec 1","Hilltop Lakes Sec 11","Hilltop Lakes Sec 118","Hilltop Lakes Sec 11b","Hilltop Lakes Sec 13","Hilltop Lakes Sec 16","Hilltop Lakes Sec 26","Hilltop Lakes Sec 31","Hilltop Lakes Sec 46a","Hilltop Lakes Sec 47b","Hilltop Lakes Sec 48b","Hilltop Lakes Sec 6a","Hilltop Lakes Sec 8-A","Hilltop Lakes Sec 86","Hilltop Lakes Sec 960","Hilltop Lakes Sub","Hilltop Lakes Sub Sec 110"],"zipcodes":["77855","77871"]},"hilshirevillage":{"label":"Hilshire Village","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Bridle Spur","Hilshire Manor","Hilshire Oaks","Hilshire Village"],"zipcodes":["77055"]},"hitchcock":{"label":"Hitchcock","counties":["Galveston County"],"subdivisions":["Abst 55 Page 5 H Dillard","Adoue & Lobit","Alta Loma","Arthur Burke Surv","Austin, S F Survey","Austin, S F-0002.1","Bayou Ridge","Bayou Vista","Bayou Vista Sec 3","Blake Sur","Blimp Base","Broadmoor 2","Burke","City Of Hitchcock","Crawford Survey","Crawford, L Survey","Darts Outlots","Darts Townsite","Dellanera","Dillard","Ebenezer Allen Sub","Fairwood","Flakes Add","Fountainbleau E 1\/2","Green Acres","Greenwood","Greenwood 1","Greenwood 2","Harborwalk","Harborwalk Sec 1 2004","Harborwalk Sec 1 2004 Abst 3","Harborwalk Sec 2 2005","Harborwalk Sec 3 2005","Harborwalk Sec 4 2006","Harborwalk Sec 4 2006 Abst 3","Harborwalk Sec 5 2006","Harborwalk Sec 6 2007","Hi Byo Campsites","Hitchcock L M East","Hitchcock L M West","Hitchcock Townsite","Holiday Beach","Holt Estates","Hunter Tr Unrec","J Spillman 30","J Spillman Survey","Jd Moody","L Crawford","Little Bend Manor","M W Rhoades Survey","Meadow Brook","Meadow Place","Meadow Place 2","Mecom Way 2002","Mj Madigan","Neville Road","Neville Road Re-Plat 2020","New Bayou Vista 1","Oak Ridge","Orchard Place","P Guyott Survey","Parkview Estates","Pine Crest Unrec","Price","Reitmeyer 3","Ridgecrest 2","Roberts","School","Sf Austin Surv Abs 2","Sharon Lane","Stewart Amasa","Sunnyside","Sunrise Creek 2008","Sunset","Temple Court","Thompson Hord & Sevey","W H Jack Survey","Wittjen","Wittjen 6","Wittjen 7","Wittjen 8","Wood Acres"],"zipcodes":["77510","77517","77563","77568"]},"hockley":{"label":"Hockley","subdivisions":["0","16b-2","A-237 Lacey Pearsaul Tr 7","Acre Sub","Adams Plaza Sub U\/R","Bauer Landing","Bauer Lndg","Bauer Lndg Sec 04","Bauer Lndg Sec 1","Bauer Lndg Sec 2","Bauer Lndg Sec 3","Bauer Lndg Sec 4","Bauer Lndg Sec 5","Bauer Lndg Sec 7","Bauer Lndg Sec 8","Bauer Lndg Sec 9","Bauer Meadows","Becker Fields","Becker Landing","Becker Mdws","Becker Mdws Sec 1","Becker Mdws Sec 2","Becker Meadows","Becker Trace","Becker Trace Sec 2","Bridgeland","Brushy Creek","Brushy Creek 02","Brushy Creek 2","Cannon Acres","Century Oaks Estates","Clear Creek Forest","Clear Creek Forest 10","Clear Creek Forest 5","Clear Creek Forest 6","Clear Creek Forest 7","Clear Creek Forest 8","Clear Creek Forest 9","Commercial","Country Lane Estates","Country Lane Estates 3","Country Lane Estates 5","Country Lane Estates 6","Cypress Green","Cypress Green Sec 3","Cypresswood Trails","Cypresswood Trls","Cypresswood Trls Sec 01","Cypresswood Trls Sec 02","Cypresswood Trls Sec 1","Dellrose","Dellrose 35","Dellrose Sec 1","Dellrose Sec 10","Dellrose Sec 11","Dellrose Sec 12","Dellrose Sec 14","Dellrose Sec 16","Dellrose Sec 3","Dellrose Sec 5","Dellrose Sec 7","G W Clary","G W Clary Surv Abs 108","Glenwood Estates","Grand Prairie","Harris County School Lands","Harris County School Lands Sur","Hilltop Acres","Hockley","Holly Spgs 05","Holly Spgs Sec 01 R\/P","Holly Springs","Hunt Four Cole Estates","Hunter Creek Estates","Hunters Ridge","Jubilee","Kickapoo Oaks","Kickapoo Preserve 1","Lacey Pearsaul","Lacy Pearsall Surv Tract","M\/R S Of 290","Mallard Crossing","Mallard Xing","Mallard Xing Sec 2","Mound Creek 1 Unr","Mound Creek Sec 01 U\/R","Mound Creek Sec 02 U\/R","No Restrictions","Northwest Lands","Oak Grove","Owen Wingfield","Pearsall Lacy","Pine Oaks Estates Waller","Pinewood Valley","Ranch Country","Ranch Country Estates","Ranch Country Sec","Ranch Country Sec 01","Ranch Country Sec 02","Ranch Country Sec 03","Ranch Country Sec 06","Ranch Country Sec 08","Roberts Abraham","Rocky Creek Estates","Rural","Samuel C Neill Tract","School Land Surv Abs #333","Spring Creek Estate 01","Spring Creek Ranch","Stable Creek","Stallion Lakes","Stone Creek Ranch","Stone Creek Ranch Sec 6","Stone Crk Ranch","Stone Crk Ranch Sec 10 Rep","Stone Crk Ranch Sec 12","Stone Crk Ranch Sec 13","Stone Crk Ranch Sec 2","Stone Crk Ranch Sec 3","Stone Crk Ranch Sec 4","Stone Crk Ranch Sec 5","Stone Crk Ranch Sec 6","Stone Crk Ranch Sec 7","Stone Crk Ranch Sec 8","Stone Crk Ranch Sec 9","Stone Crk Ranch Sec 9 R\/P 1","Stone Crk Ranch Sec 9 Rep #","Stone Crk Ranch Sec Ten","Swr S-6","The Grand Praire 40'","The Grand Prairie","The Grand Prairie 40'","The Grand Prairie 40\u2019","The Grand Prairie 50'","Unrestricted","Village New Kentucky","Village Of New Kentucky","Walnut Bend","Walnut Bend 1","Walnut Creek Estates 1","Washington Square U\/R","William Heddy Tract 82 Abs A-1","Window","Windrow","Windrow Sec 1","Windrow Sec 3","Windrow Sec 4"]},"holidaylakes":{"label":"Holiday Lakes","counties":["Brazoria County"],"subdivisions":["Holiday Lakes","Holiday Lakes Sec 3","Lake Alaska"],"zipcodes":["77515"]},"hollylakeranch":{"label":"Holly Lake Ranch","counties":["Wood County"],"subdivisions":["Holly Lake Ranch"],"zipcodes":["75765"]},"hondo":{"label":"Hondo","counties":["Medina County"],"subdivisions":["G K Properties"],"zipcodes":["78861"]},"honeyisland":{"label":"Honey Island"},"horseshoebay":{"label":"Horseshoe Bay","counties":["Burnet County","Llano County"],"subdivisions":["Applehead West","Blue Lake Estates","Cape Terrace","Castle Mountain Estates Un 2","High Vista Condos","Horseshoe Bay","Horseshoe Bay Proper","Horseshoe Bay South","Horseshoe Bay West","Lago Escondido","Oak Ridge Estates","The Sundowner","Tuscan Village At Summit Rock","Tuscan Village Summit Rock"],"zipcodes":["78657"]},"houston":{"label":"Houston","counties":["Fort Bend County","Harris County","Montgomery County"],"subdivisions":[".","0","0000488588","08-C","118 Mcgowen Condo","1342 Rutland Lofts","13f-1","1400 Hermann","1410 Hyde Park","1439 Wcrr Co","1941-1943 Vermont Th","1960\/Cypress Creek South","2001 Bering Drive","2016 Main Condo","21 Seville Twnhm","2120 Kipling Condos","2204","2400 Bering Drive Condo","2400 Mccue","2400 Mccue Condo","2400 Mccue Condominiums","2400 Mccue Condos","2600 Bering","2600 Braeswood","2727 Kirby Condo","2727 Kirby Condos","2801 Carrolton Houston, Tx 77023","290 North Braeswood Reserve A","3000 Baldwin St Th \/","3525 Sage Condominiums","3525 Sage Condos","3525 Sage Street Condo","3920 Bute Th See 402 Branard","420 Benbrook","500 Crawford","5000 Montrose At The Museum Condo","5534 Eskridge St # 4 Houston Tx 77023","58 Briar Hollow Lane","58 Briar Hollow Lane Declarati","5th Ward Place","735 W Cavalcade St # 24 Houston Tx 77009","7575 Kirby","7575 Kirby Condo","7b, 8b","807s Post Oak Lane Apts","9303.23","A & K Custom Homes\/Arbor Court","A & K Custom Homes\/Sidney","A Daly","A G Holland","A&K Custom Homes\/Rose","Aberdeen Green","Aberdeen Green Sec 02","Aberdeen Green Sec 04","Aberdeen Green Sec 05","Aberdeen Green Sec 06","Aberdeen Green Sec 1","Aberdeen Trails","Aberdeen Trails Sec 01","Aberdeen Trails Sec 02","Aberdeen Trails Sec 03","Abernathy Court","Abst 110 E Benson","Abst 222 T M Dorsett","Abst 32 Harris & Wilson","Abst 329 J T Harrell","Abst 94 S W Allen","Acorn Meadows","Acre Homes Partial Replat #1","Acre Homes Pt Rep #1","Acres Homes","Acres Urban Space","Addicks Dam","Afton Oaks","Afton Oaks Sec 01","Afton Oaks Sec 03","Afton Oaks Sec 04","Afton Oaks Sec 05","Afton Oaks Sec 07","Afton Village","Afton Village Apts","Afton Village Sec 01","Aftonshire Terrace","Aftonwood Condo","Aftonwood Condos Bldg C","Agua Estates","Agua Ests","Ahria Court","Airline","Airline Drive T H Amd","Airline Drive T\/H Amd","Airline Farms","Airline Heights","Airport Blvd Estates","Airport Blvd Estates Sec 01","Airport Gardens","Alabama Courts","Alabama Place","Alamo Row East","Albany Square","Albion","Albion Pt Rep #2","Alden Place","Aldine Gardens Sec 01","Aldine Gardens Sec 1","Aldine Meadows","Aldine Place Sec 01","Aldine Place Sec 02","Aldine Village","Aldine Village Sec 01","Aldine Village Sec 02 U\/R","Aleena Estates","Alexander Townhomes","Alexton Heights","Alfano Court","Alicante","Alief Village Patio Homes","Allen","Allen & Fondren","Allen & Oliver","Allen A C","Allen A C J Austin Sur","Allen A-C","Allen A\/C","Allen Add","Allen Street Park","Allen Trace","Allison Circle","Allison Park","Allison Richey","Allison Richey Blk","Allison Richey Gulf Coast Homes Sec S Ab","Allison Richey Gulf F Coast Ho","Allright","Allright Ext","Allston T H","Allum Acre Home","Allum Gardens","Allum Gardens R\/P","Allura At The Val Verde","Allura At Val Verde","Almeda","Almeda Genoa Place","Almeda Manor Sec 04","Almeda Mdws","Almeda Meadows","Almeda Outlots","Almeda Park Villas","Almeda Place","Almeda Place Amd","Almeda Place Pt Rep #4","Almeda Place Pt Rep 3","Almeda Plaza Sec 02","Almeda Plaza Sec 03","Almeda Trace","Almeda-Genoa Place","Alta Heights Reserve A","Altamira Sec 01","Altas Hts Reserve A B C D","Alton","Alys Park","Ambassador At Post Oak","Ambassador At Post Oak Sec 01","Amblake Court Two","American Good Murdock Street C","American Good Nagle Street Com","Americas Sec 02","Amesbury Park","Amity At Victory","Amos Street Estates","Amundsen Manor","Anderson & Swope","Anderson Estates Reserve A","Anderson Lake","Anderson Lake Sec 1","Anderson Oaks","Anderson Woods","Anderson Woods Sec 01","Anderson Woods Sec 02","Anderson Woods Sec 03","Andover Place Sec 01","Andrews Street Townhomes Sec","Angeline Oaks","Angiers","Angiers Sec 01","Anita Street Twnhms Sec 02","Ansieigh Park Amd 2","Antigua","Antoine Forest","Antoine Forest Estate & R\/P","Antoine Forest Estates & R\/P","Antoine Villas Sec 2","April Village","April Village Sec 01","Ar Knott","Arabella","Arabella Condo","Arabella Condominiums","Arabella Condos","Arbor Green Condo","Arbor Green Condo Ph 01","Arbor Meadow","Arbor Square","Arbour T\/H","Arcada Homes At Chenevert Street","Archer Acres Ext","Archer Acres Sec 01","Archer Acres Sec 02","Archers Of Wright Acres Par R\/P","Archers Wright Acres","Archers Wright Acres Sec 02","Arches Of Wright Acres\/Others","Aris South","Arlington Court T\/H","Arlington Heights Sec 01","Arlington Heights Sec 02","Arlington Heights Sec 03","Arlington Heights Sec 04 R\/P","Arlington Terrace","Arlington Terrace Aka: Arlingston Court","Arlington Terrace Sec 02","Armandwilde Townhomes","Armandwilde Twnhms","Arnel Place","Asbury Park Condo","Asbury Park Condos","Asbury Park Llc Condo","Ascension\/Bayou","Ashbury Park Condo","Ashcreek","Ashford Bend T\/H Ph 01 U\/R","Ashford Forest","Ashford Forest Lake Sec 01","Ashford Forest Sec","Ashford Forest Sec 01","Ashford Forest Sec 04","Ashford Forest Sec 05","Ashford Forest Sec 5","Ashford Gardens","Ashford Hills","Ashford Hollow","Ashford Hollow Sec 01","Ashford Manor","Ashford Park","Ashford Park Sec 01","Ashford Park Sec 02","Ashford Park Sec 03","Ashford Park Sec 04","Ashford Park Sec 05","Ashford Park Sec 06","Ashford Point Sec 02","Ashford Point Villas","Ashford South Sec 01","Ashford South Sec 02","Ashford South Sec 03","Ashford Terrace Amd 2","Ashford Village","Ashford Village Sec 01","Ashford Village Sec 02","Ashford Village Sec 03","Ashford West","Ashford West Sec 02","Ashland Gardens","Ashley Pointe","Ashley Pointe Sec 02","Ashley Pointe Sec 04","Ashley Pointe Sec 05","Ashley Pointe Sec 14","Ashley Pointe Sec 8","Ashley Pointe Sec 9","Ashton Reserve\/Rankin Road","Ashton Village","Ashwood Condo","Ashwood Condos","Aspen Club Condo Ph 01","Aspen Club Condo Ph 02","Astoria Condos","At Prairieview","Atascocita Shores","Atascocita Shores Sec 02","Atascocita Shores Sec 06","Atascocita Shores Sec 6","Atkinson Twnhms Sec 2","Atlasta Glen Sec 02","Atwood Villas","Auburn Place Twnhms","Audley Place Ph 1","Audubon","Audubon Hollow","Audubon Place","Augusta","Augusta Add","Augusta Condo","Augusta Hills Condo","Augusta Place Sub","Augusta Terrace Amd #1","Augusta Valley Condo Regime","Augusta Village T\/H","Augusta Village T\/H Sec 01","Austin","Austin Park Sec 02","Austin Park Sec 3","Autumn Chase T\/H Ph","Autumn Chase T\/H Ph 01","Autumn Chase T\/H Ph 02","Autumn Chase T\/H Ph 03","Autumn Glen Sec 03","Autumn Oaks","Autumn Place","Avalon Circle","Avalon Court","Avalon Place","Avanzini Sec 01","Avenue Mdws","Avenue Place","Avery Nia Estate","Avon Place","Avondale","Avondale Amd Sec 01","Avondale On Main","Avondale On Main Street","Avondale On Mainstreet","Avondale Sec 01 01 Amd Pla","Avondale Square","Avondale Square Sub Pt Re","Avondale\/Main Sec 2","Ayershire","Ayershire Amd Add","Ayrshire","Ayrshire Sec 05","Ayrshire Sec 10","Ayrshire Sec 11","Ayrshire Sec 13","Ayrshire Sec 14","Ayrshire Sec 2 Thru Sec 9","Az Homes W 17th Street Development","Azalea T\/H","Azalea Th","Azalea Village Rep 01","Aziz Court","Azoma Village","Bacher Crossing","Bacher Heights","Baer Street Mews 01 Amd P","Bailey Ed","Baker Add Pt Rep 1","Baker Nsbb","Baker Nsbb Blks 263-273","Baker Place","Baker Place Sec 02","Baker W R Nsbb","Baker W R Ssbb","Bal Harbour Cove","Bal Harbour Cove R\/P","Balbo Grove","Balbo Village","Baldwear","Baldwin & Foster","Baldwin Square","Baldwin Square Sec 04","Ball Park Mews Condos","Ballpark","Ballpark 04","Balmoral","Balmoral East","Bammel Forest Sec 01","Bammel Forest Sec 03","Bammel Forest Sec 2","Bammel Oaks Estate","Bammel Oaks Estates","Bammel Trace","Bammel Trace Sec 01","Bammel Trace Sec 1","Bammel Village","Bammel Village Sec 02 Rep 01","Bammell Trace","Bamwood Sec 01","Bancroft Square","Banning Oaks","Banning Park","Banyan Condo 02 Amd","Bar Wood","Barcelona Gardens","Barclay","Barclay Condo","Barclay Condo Ph 01","Barclay Condo Ph 02","Barclay Condo Ph 03","Barclay Condo Ph 1 & 2 View Subdivision","Barclay Place","Barclay Place Sec 01","Barclay Place Sec 02","Bardwell Lndg","Barker Place T\/H","Barkers Branch","Barkers Branch Sec 01","Barkers Branch Sec 02","Barkers Branch Sec 03","Barkers Branch Sec 2","Barkers Crossing","Barkers Landing","Barkers Landing Sec 01","Barkers Landing Sec 02","Barkers Rdg Sec 01 Rep","Barkers Reserve","Barkers Ridge","Barkers Ridge Sec 01 R\/P","Barkers Ridge Sec 02 R\/P","Barkers Ridge Sec 03 R\/P","Barkers Ridge Sec 05","Barkers Trail Sec 1","Barkers Trail Sec 2","Barkers Trail Sec 4","Barkers Xing Sec 01","Barkers Xing Sec 03","Barkers Xing Sec 04","Barkers Xing Sec 07","Barkers Xing Sec 1","Barkers Xing Sec 3","Barkers Xing Sec 4","Barkerwood","Barkley Circle","Barkley Circle R\/P","Barkley Circle Sec 02","Barkley Square South","Barkley Square South Sec 02","Barnes Add","Barrington","Barrington Court","Barrington Place Sec 1","Barrington Sec 02","Barrington Sec 02 Pt Rep 01","Barrington Sec 1","Bartlett Street Landing","Barwood Sec 01","Bass St Add","Bastrop Mcilhenny Villas","Bastrop Plaza East","Bastrop Plaza North","Bastrop Twnhms","Bauer Springs","Bauman Heights","Bavaria","Baxter House Condo","Bay Forest Sec","Bay Forest Sec 01 R\/P","Bay Forest Sec 02","Bay Forest Sec 03","Bay Glen","Bay Glen Sec 01","Bay Glen Sec 02","Bay Glen Sec 04","Bay Glen Sec 05","Bay Glen Sec 06","Bay Glen Sec 08","Bay Knoll","Bay Knoll Sec 01","Bay Knoll Sec 02","Bay Knoll Sec 05","Bay Oaks","Bay Oaks Sec 01 R\/P","Bay Oaks Sec 03","Bay Oaks Sec 04","Bay Oaks Sec 05","Bay Oaks Sec 07","Bay Oaks Sec 11","Bay Oaks Sec 15","Bay Oaks Sec 17","Bay Oaks Sec 19","Bay Oaks Sec 7","Bay Pointe","Bay Pointe Sec 04","Bay Pointe Sec 05 Amd","Bay Pointe Sec 06","Bay Pointe Sec 07","Bay Street Gardens","Baybrook Condo","Bayfront Towers Condo","Bayou Bend","Bayou Bend Estates","Bayou Bend T\/H Condo","Bayou Bend Towers","Bayou Bend Towers Condo 10","Bayou Bend Twnhm","Bayou Estates","Bayou Estates Add","Bayou Glen","Bayou Glen T\/H Condo 4th Amend","Bayou Griggs","Bayou Lofts","Bayou Lofts Condo 02 Amd","Bayou Lofts First Amd To","Bayou Oaks","Bayou Oaks At West Orem","Bayou Oaks\/West Orem","Bayou Oaks\/West Orem Sec 02","Bayou Oaks\/West Orem Sec 3","Bayou Park","Bayou Place","Bayou Place & Rp","Bayou Place R\/P","Bayou Rdg","Bayou Terrace","Bayou Woods","Bayou Woods Condo","Bayou Woods Sec 02","Bayou Woods Sec 2","Bayou Woods T\/H Condo","Baypoint","Baywind Condo","Baywind Condo Sec 01","Baywind Condo Sec 02","Beacon Heights","Beacon On Laverne","Beacon Place Condo","Beacon\/Alba","Beaconsfield Condo","Beaconsfield Condo 05 Amd","Beall Add 15 1\/2 Street","Beall Estates","Beall Square","Bear Branch","Bear Branch Village","Bear Branch Village Sec 01","Bear Branch Village Sec 02","Bear Branch Village Sec 03","Bear Creek","Bear Creek Northwest","Bear Creek Trails","Bear Creek Village","Bear Creek Village Sec 01","Bear Creek Village Sec 02 R\/P","Bear Creek Village Sec 03","Bear Creek Village Sec 06","Bear Creek Village Sec 07","Bear Creek Village Sec 09","Bear Creek Village Sec 10 R\/P","Bear Creek Village Sec 11","Bear Creek Village Sec 12","Bear Creek Village Sec 14","Bear Creek West","Bear Crk Northwest","Bear Crk Village Sec 02 01","Bear Crk Village Sec 02 Reserve C","Bear Crk Village Sec 07","Bear Crk Village Sec 12","Beauchamp Brickstones","Beauchamp Spgs","Beaumont Place Sec 3","Beaumont Place Sec 4","Beckford West","Bedford Falls","Bedford Twnhses","Beechnut Meadows","Beechnut Park Sec 02","Beekman Place 02 R\/P","Belfort Park","Belfort Park Sec 01","Belfort Park Sec 02","Belfort Park Sec 03","Belfort Park Sec 04","Belfort Park Sec 05","Belfort Park Sec 06","Belfort Park Sec 07","Belfort Park Sec 4","Belgravia Twnhms","Bell Bl Court","Bell Heights","Bell Heights Lofts Condo","Bella Villagio","Bellaire","Bellaire Estates","Bellaire Gardens","Bellaire View","Bellaire View 1","Bellaire Villa Sec 01","Bellaire West","Bellaire West Sec 01","Bellaire West Sec 02","Bellaire West Sec 03","Bellaire West Sec 05","Bellaire West Sec 06","Bellaire West Sec 07","Bellaire West Sec 08","Bellavista","Bellavista Add","Belle Court","Belle Park T\/H Ph 02","Belle Park T\/H Ph 03","Belle Park T\/H Ph 04","Belle Park T\/H Ph 05","Belleau Woods Sec 01","Belleau Woods Sec 01 R\/P","Belleau Woods Sec 02","Belleau Woods Sec 03","Bellefontaine Plaza","Bellerive Condo","Bellfordyce Place","Bellfort & Broadway Center","Bellfort Park","Bellfort Place Condo","Bellfort Square","Belmont","Belmont Park T\/H Sec 02 R\/P","Belmont Place","Belmont Sec 01","Belmont Sec 02","Belt Jct City Ext","Belt Junction City","Ben\u2019s Landing","Benchmark Sec 1","Benjamin Page Surv Abs #618","Bennington Place","Benny Brown","Benson Place","Benys Estate Pt Rep #1","Bercon\/Radcliffe Street","Bercons Blossom Street Props","Bercons Rosine Street Enclave","Bercons West 22nd Street Add","Bering Drive","Bering Drive Condo","Bering Drive T\/H Condo","Bering Oaks Condo","Bering Place T H Condo Amd","Bering Place Th Condo","Berington Place Condo","Beringwood","Beringwood Condo","Berkeley Place","Berkley Court Condo Ph 04","Berkley Place Sec 02","Berkshire","Berkshire Oaks","Berkshire Place","Berkshire Place Sec 3","Berkshire Sec 01","Berkshire Sec 03","Berkshire Sec 05","Berkshire Sec 09","Berkshire Sec 10","Berkshire Sec 5","Berkshre","Bernadine Estates U\/R","Berry Villas","Bertellis Court","Bertha Estates","Berthea Street Grove","Bertwood Ests","Beverly Hill Court","Beverly Hill Manor","Beverly Hills","Beverly Hills Sec 02","Beverly Hills Sec 04 R\/P","Beverly Hills Sec 06 R\/P","Beverly Hills Sec 08","Beverly Park","Beverly Place","Beverly Place Condo","Beverly Village T\/H Condo","Beverly Village Th Condo Apts","Beverly Village Twnhm Condo","Bevis Street Manor","Bilo Place","Bimini Isle Condo","Bingham Benc","Bingham Place By Sierra Norte","Binglewood","Binglewood Sec 2","Binglewood Sec 02","Binglewood Sec 03","Binglewood Sec 04","Binglewood Sec 06 Amd","Binglewood Sec 6 Amd","Binz & Settegast","Binz Villas","Birdsall","Birdsall Square","Birdsall Woods","Bissonnet 75 Center Reserve C","Bissonnet Place","Blackley","Blair House Rep","Blalock Park","Blalock Square","Blanco","Blau Homestead","Blodgett Lndg Sub","Blodgett Park Sec 02","Blodgett Park Sec 2","Blodgett Park Sec 3","Blossom Estates","Blossom Heights Sec 02","Blossom Place Pk","Blossom Street Terrace","Blossom Street Twnhms","Blue Bell Manor","Blue Bell Place Sec 02","Blue Bonnet Estates","Blue Bonnet Estates Add","Blue Bonnet T\/H Condo","Blue Creek Sec 02","Blue Creek Sec 03 Amd","Blue Creek Sec 04","Blue Creek Sec 05","Blueberry Terr Abst 94 S W Allen","Blueberry Terrace Add","Blueberry Terrace Sub","Blueridge","Blueridge Sec 01","Blueridge Sec 02","Blueridge Sub","Blythewood Street Dedication","Bmrj Add\/Ohsfeldt Reserves A&B","Boardwalk","Boardwalk Sec 01","Bolin Estate","Bolin Estates","Bolin Place","Bolin Smith","Bonaire Sec 01 R\/P","Bonham Acres Sec 01 R\/P","Bonham Acres Sec 03","Bonham Acres Sec 2","Bonner Enclave","Bonner Street Plaza","Booker T Washington","Booker T Washington Sub","Boone Park","Booth North Main St","Bordersville","Borton W H","Boulevard Oaks","Boulevard On Lamar","Boulevard\/Grand","Boundary Heights Estates","Boundary Hts Ests","Bova","Brackenridge","Brackenridge & Cobb","Bradford","Bradford Amd","Bradford Colony","Bradford Colony 01 & 02 Amd","Bradford Colony 01 & 02 Amd R\/","Bradford Colony Sec 01","Bradford Colony Sec 02","Bradford Colony Sec 03","Bradford Estates","Bradford Park Villas","Bradford Place","Bradford T\/H U\/R","Bradley White Oak","Bradshaw","Brady Place","Brady Street Village","Brae Acres T\/H Condo","Brae Burn Valley West","Braeburn Acres Sec 01","Braeburn Cc Estates Sec 06","Braeburn Club Estate","Braeburn Gardens","Braeburn Glen","Braeburn Glen Sec 01","Braeburn Glen Sec 02","Braeburn Terrace","Braeburn Terrace Condo Ph 01","Braeburn Terrace Condo Ph 02","Braeburn Terrace Condo Ph 2","Braeburn Terrace Sec 01","Braeburn Terrace Sec 02 R\/P","Braeburn Valley","Braeburn Valley Sec 01","Braeburn Valley Sec 02","Braeburn Valley Sec 03","Braeburn Valley Sec 06","Braeburn Valley T\/H Ph 02 R\/P","Braeburn Valley W Sec 1","Braeburn Valley West","Braeburn Valley West Sec 01","Braeburn Valley West Sec 02","Braes Heights","Braes Heights Sec 02 R\/P","Braes Heights Sec 03","Braes Heights Sec 03 R\/P","Braes Heights Sec 06","Braes Heights Sec 09","Braes Heights Sec 10","Braes Heights Sec 12","Braes Heights Sec 13","Braes Link Pt Rep 1","Braes Manor","Braes Manor Sec 01","Braes Manor Sec 02","Braes Oaks Sec 01","Braes Oaks Sec 02","Braes Park Amd","Braes Terr\/Knollwood Village","Braes Terrace","Braes Terrace Sec 01","Braes Timbers","Braes View Terrace","Braes Wood Condos","Braesmont Add Sec 04","Braesmont Sec 02","Braesview Terrace","Braeswood","Braeswood Condo","Braeswood Condo Annex","Braeswood Estates","Braeswood Forest Condo","Braeswood Houston Add Sec 01","Braeswood Park","Braeswood Park Condo","Braeswood Park Condos","Braeswood Pt Rep","Braeswood Pt Rep 2","Braeswood R\/P","Braewood Glen Sec 02","Braewood Glen Sec 03","Braewood Glen Sec 05","Braewood Glen Sec 06","Braewood Glen Sec 07 R\/P","Braewood Glen Sec 7","Braewood T\/H","Braewood T\/H Wildflower","Braewood Th","Brakenridge","Branch Forest","Brandy Creek Condo","Branford Park","Branford Park Sec 01","Brantwood","Brays Forest","Brays Forest Sec 02 R\/P","Brays Forest Sec 04 R\/P","Brays Forest Sec 05 R\/P","Brays Forest Sec 06","Brays Forest Sec 2","Brays Village","Brays Village 01","Brays Village 40 Reserve C Sec 05","Brays Village East","Brays Village East Sec 01","Brays Village East Sec 02","Brays Village Sec 02 R\/P","Brays Village Sec 04","Brays Village Sec 05","Brays Village Sec 06 R\/P","Brazoria Manor","Breland Heights","Breland Point","Bremond Street T\/H","Brentwood","Brentwood Cond","Brentwood Condo","Brentwood Sec 01","Brentwood Sec 03","Brentwood Sec 05","Brentwood West Sec 02","Briar Court Corr","Briar Green Cond Ph 1 & 2","Briar Green Condo","Briar Green Condo Ph 01","Briar Green Condo Ph 02","Briar Green Ph 02","Briar Hill","Briar Hills","Briar Hills Sec 03","Briar Hollow","Briar Lake","Briar Lake\/Ashford Village","Briar Park Sec 01 R\/P U\/R","Briar Place Condo","Briar Point Condo Ph 01","Briar Point Condo, Briarpoint","Briar Villa","Briar Villa Sec 1","Briar Villa Sec 2","Briar Villa South Sec 1","Briar Village","Briar Village Sec 01","Briar Village Sec 02","Briar Wood","Briar Wood Sec 01","Briarbend","Briarchase","Briarcreek-Aldine","Briarcrest T\/H Condo","Briarcroft","Briardale","Briargate","Briargate Sec 1","Briargate Sec 13 R\/P","Briargate Sec 18","Briargate Sec 3","Briargate Sec 5","Briargate Sec 6","Briargate Sec 9","Briargrove","Briargrove Add Sec 03","Briargrove Drive T\/H","Briargrove Drive Twnhses","Briargrove Park","Briargrove Park Sec 01","Briargrove Park Sec 02 R\/P","Briargrove Park Sec 04","Briargrove Park Sec 2 & Rp","Briargrove Sec 01","Briargrove Sec 02","Briargrove Sec 07","Briargrove T\/H Condo","Briarhills","Briarhills Sec 01","Briarhills Sec 03","Briarhills Sec 04","Briarhills Sec 04 Pt Rep","Briarhills Sec 05","Briarhurst Park","Briarmeadow","Briarmeadow Pt Sec 01 Rep","Briarmeadow Sec 01","Briarmeadow Sec 01 Prcl R\/P","Briarmeadow Sec 02","Briarmont","Briarmont Sec 1","Briarmont Sec 2","Briarwck Condo Ph 02","Briarwest T\/H Condo","Briarwick","Briarwick Condo","Briarwick Condo Ph 01","Briarwick Condo Ph 02","Briarwick Condo Ph 03","Briarwick Condo Ph 2","Briarwick Sec 01","Briarwick Sec 02","Briarwick Sec 03","Briarwick Sec 4","Brick & Stone\/Rebecca Add","Brick And Stone At Rebecca","Brick And Stone Foster","Bricker Estates","Bricker Lands","Bridge Investments","Bridgegate Sec 04 Amd","Bridgegate Sec 05","Bridgeland Creekland Village","Bridges","Bridges Lake Houston","Bridges On Lake Houston","Bridges\/Lk Houston","Bridges\/Lk Houston Sec 1","Bridges\/Lk Houston Sec 2","Bridges\/Lk Houston Sec 4","Bridges\/Lk Houston Sec 5","Bridges\/Lk Houston Sec 8","Bridges\/Lk Houston Sec 9","Bridgewater Landing Condo","Bridgewater Landing Condo Ph 0","Bridgewater Landing Condo Ph 4","Bridgewater Lndg Condo Ph Iii","Briley Place","Bringhurst\/Ramsey","Brinkley Duplex","Brinkley Estates","Brinkman Grren","Brinkman Oaks","Brinkman Views","Bristol Condo","Bristol Condominiums","Bristol Place","Brittmoore Crossing","Brittmoore Xing Sec 1","Britton Sec 01","Broad Oaks","Broadhurst Terrace","Broadmoor","Broadmoor Add","Broadstone Nicholson","Broadview","Brompton Court T\/H U\/R","Brompton Square","Brook Forest","Brook Forest Sec","Brook Forest Sec 01","Brook Forest Sec 01 R\/P","Brook Forest Sec 02","Brook Forest Sec 03","Brook-Woods Estates","Brooke Smith","Brooke Smith 2nd Add","Brooke Smith Add","Brooke Smith Add 02","Brooke Smith Second Add","Brooke Smith Square","Brookfield","Brookfield Sec 01 R\/P A & Ext","Brookfield Sec 01 R\/P B","Brookfield Sec 01 R\/P C","Brookfield Sec 01 Rep D Pt","Brookhaven","Brookhaven Add","Brookhaven R\/P","Brookhollow Court","Brookhollow Court Sec 01","Brookhollow Crossing 01 Amd","Brookhollow Townsite","Brookline Court","Brooktree Th","Brooktree Twnhms","Brookwood","Brookwood Sec 02","Brookwood Sec 03","Brown Amd 1","Brown C A","Brownstone Square At Bellaire","Brownstone Square Th","Brownstones On Noble","Brunner","Brunner Add","Brunner Amd","Brunswick Lakes","Brunswick Lakes Sec 01","Brunswick Lakes Sec 07","Brunswick Lakes Sec 8","Brunswick Lakes Sec 9","Brunswick Mdws Sec 01","Brunswick Mdws Sec 03","Brunswick Mdws Sec 04","Brunswick Mdws Sec 05","Brunswick Mdws Sec 06","Brunswick Mdws Sec 1","Brunswick Mdws Sec 10","Brunswick Mdws Sec 17","Brunswick Mdws Sec 18","Brunswick Mdws Sec 4","Brunswick Mdws Sec 5","Brunswick Mdws Sec 6","Brunswick Meadows","Bryan Heights","Brykerwoods","Brykerwoods Sec 02","Bucan Village","Buckingham Pl","Buckingham Place","Buckingham Place Sec 01","Buckingham Place Sec 02","Buckingham Place Sec 03","Buckingham Place Sec 05","Buckingham Place Sec 5","Buckley Lofts","Buena Vista","Buffalo Park","Buffalo Pointe","Buffum Place","Bukewski Unr","Bunker Hill Gardens","Bunker Hill Place","Bunker Hill Place T\/H","Bunker Hill Village","Bunker Hill Woods","Burbank Place U\/R","Burden Street Lndg Sub","Burke","Burke Sec 02","Burkes Add 02","Burkett Landing","Burlington Condo","Burlock Amd 1","Burr Townsites","Burress Grove","Bute","Bylane","C Martinez Surv Abs 545","C W Adams","C Walter","Cabirac","Caceres","Caceres Pt Rep 02","Caceres Pt Rep 2","Cadillac Grove","Cadillac Towers","Cadogan Place","Cage","Cage Gillespie Place","Cage St. Landing","Cage Street Court","Cage Street Lndg","Calgary Woods","Calhoun Paris Homes","California Square Condo Bldg 2","Calumet Drive Lofts","Calumet Jackson Terrace","Cambord Condo Ph B","Cambridge Commons","Cambridge Court & 02 Ph I","Cambridge Court Condo","Cambridge Court Condo P 2","Cambridge Court Condo Ph 01","Cambridge Court Condo Ph 02","Cambridge Glen Condo","Cambridge Glen Condo Ph 01 Ext","Cambridge Glen Condo Ph 03","Cambridge Glen Condos","Cambridge Heights","Cambridge Street Lndg","Cambridge Village Sec 01","Camden Court","Camden Court Condo","Camden Park Sec 01","Camden Park Sec 02","Camden Park Sec 03","Camden Park Sec 04","Camden Terrace","Camden Town Homes","Camino South","Camino South Sec 03 Core D","Camino South Sec 03 R\/P","Camino South Sec 04","Camino South Sec 4","Camp Logan","Camp Logan Sec 01","Campbell Place","Campbell Ridge Estates","Campbell Woods","Campbell Woods Sec 02","Campbell Woods Sec 02 R\/P","Campbell Woods Sec 03","Candlelight Estates","Candlelight Estates Sec 01","Candlelight Estates Sec 04","Candlelight Forest Sec 1 Res","Candlelight Forest West","Candlelight Forest West Sec 03","Candlelight Oaks","Candlelight Oaks Sec 01 R\/P","Candlelight Oaks Sec 02 R\/P","Candlelight Oaks Sec 03","Candlelight Oaks Village","Candlelight Place","Candlelight Place Sec 03 Partia","Candlelight Plaza","Candlelight Plaza Sec 01","Candlelight Woods","Canfield Oaks","Canino Joe","Canterbury Village Sec 01","Canyon Lakes At Stonegate","Canyon Lakes At Stonegate 01","Canyon Lakes At Stonegate 03","Canyon Lakes At Stonegate 05","Canyon Lakes At Stonegate 06","Canyon Lakes At Stonegate Se","Canyon Lakes Village","Canyon Lakes Village Sec 01","Canyon Lakes Village Sec 02","Canyon Lakes Village Sec 03","Canyon Lks\/Stonegate","Canyon Lks\/Stonegate Sec 08","Canyon Lks\/Stonegate Sec 09","Canyon Lks\/Stonegate Sec 10","Canyon Lks\/Stonegate Sec 7","Canyon Lks\/Stonegate Sec 9","Capistrano Villas North","Capistrano Villas North T\/H","Capitol Commons","Capitol Lofts","Capitol Lofts Condo","Capitol Oaks","Capitol Oaks Sec 01","Capitol Oaks Sec 2","Cardwell Court","Carlin Place","Carlton Park","Carmen Street Estates","Carnegie Villas\/Pickens Street","Carolina Gardens Sec 01","Carolina Gardens Sec 01 R\/P","Carolina Gardens Sec 2","Carolina Place","Caroline Court Rep 1","Carpenters Landing","Carpenters Lndg Sec 03","Carpenters Lndg Sec 1","Carree Court","Carrick","Carrington Place","Carter Reserve","Carters Court","Carters Sec 02","Carters Sec 03","Carver Court Place","Carver Crest R\/P & Ext","Carver Estates","Carver Terrace","Carver Terrace Sec 02","Carver Villas","Carvercrest","Carverdale Sec 01","Carverdale Sec 02","Carverdale Sec 03","Carverdale Sec 04","Carverdale Sec 06","Carverdale Sec 07","Cary Villas","Cascades\/Bevis Street Sub","Cascara","Cash","Cashel Forest 10-L Sec 02","Cashel Forest Sec 02","Castanie","Castanie Add Pt Rep 3","Castanie Place","Castilian Village T\/H","Castle Court","Castle Court Place","Castle Court R\/P","Castle Court Rep Add","Castledale","Castlewood","Castlewood Add Sec 04","Castlewood Sec 03","Castlewood Tr C U\/R","Catalina Court","Catalina North","Catalina Square","Catalina Square 1","Catalina Square Sec 01","Catalina Village","Catalina West","Cathree Villas","Cattails","Cattails Twnhms Ph 3 Bldg 598","Catwood Place","Cave E W","Cay Landing","Cay Lndg","Cc Shelby Surv Abs #693","Cebra Court","Cedar Creek Condo","Cedar Creek Th Condo","Cedar Gap","Cedar Lawn Holman","Cedar Mill Condo Ph 03","Cedar Post Park Condo","Cedar Post T\/H Condo","Cedar Spgs","Cedarwild T\/H Condo","Cedarwood","Cedarwood Sec 01","Center Street Plaza Sec 03","Centerfield Res B","Central City","Central Gardens","Central Gardens Add Sec 02","Central Gardens Ext","Central Gardens Sec 01","Central Gardens Sec 02","Central Park","Central Park Add","Central Park Magnolia Park","Central Park Villas","Centre Park Terrace","Centre Park Terrace South","Century Plaza","Cetti North Side","Chalet Royale T\/H Condo","Chalet Royale Th Cond","Chambord Condo","Chambord Condos Ph A","Champion Forest","Champion Forest Sec 11","Champion Forest Sec 12","Champion Oak","Champions Arbor","Champions Centre Estates","Champions Centre Estates Sec 02","Champions Colony","Champions Colony 03","Champions Colony Sec 02","Champions Colony Sec 03 U\/R","Champions Court Sec 01","Champions Creek","Champions Creek Estates Sec 01","Champions East","Champions East U\/R & Prcl R\/P","Champions Landing","Champions Lndg Sec 2","Champions North","Champions North Park","Champions Northwest","Champions Oak","Champions Park","Champions Park North","Champions Park North 4 Ph 2","Champions Park R\/P","Champions Place","Champions Point Grove","Champions Point Village","Champions Point Village Sec 02","Champions Point Village Sec 03","Champions Point Village Sec 05","Champions Racquet Club Sec 02","Champions South","Champions Terrace Sec 01 U\/R","Champions Village T\/H","Champions West","Champions West Ext & Rep","Champions Xing Sec 01","Champions Xing Sec 02","Champions Xing Sec 03","Champions Xing Sec 04","Channelwood Sec 03","Chapmans","Chapmans Sec 02","Chapmans Sec 03","Charleston Gardens","Charleston Grand Pointe","Charleston Terrace Amd","Charlestown Colony Sec 02","Charlton Park","Charnwood","Charterwood","Charterwood Sec 01","Charterwood Sec 02","Chasewood Meadows Sec 1","Chateau Forest 3","Chateau Forest Sec 01","Chateau Forest Sec 03","Chateau Place","Chateau Ten - River Oaks","Chateaus\/Del Rio","Chateaus\/Hutchins Street","Chateaux Bayou Apts","Chateaux On Edison","Chateaux\/Pk","Chatsworth Oaks","Chatwood Place","Chatwood Place Sec 04","Chatwood Place Sec 05","Chatwood Place Sec 06","Chelsea At Mission Bend R\/P","Chelsea Oaks Place","Chelsea Place T\/H Condo","Chenevert & Tuam Condos","Chenevert 02 Condo","Chenevert Street","Chenevert Street T\/H","Cherokee R\/P","Cherryhurst","Cherryhurst Add","Chesapeake Village Condo","Chester Heights Rep #1","Chesterfield Mews","Chestnut Enclave","Chestwood Sec 02","Chevy Chase","Chew F F","Cheyne Walk","Childress Court","Chimney Hill","Chimney Hill Sec 01","Chimney Hill Sec 02","Chimney Hill Sec 04","Chimney Hill Sec 05","Chimney Hill Sec 05 R\/P","Chimney Hill Sec 1","Chimney Hill Sec 3","Chocolate Bayou Estates Sec 01","Chocolate Bayou Estates Sec 02","Chocolate Bayou Manor","Christy","Church\/God House\/David","Churchill T\/H Condo","Cielo","Cielo Vista","Cimarron","City Centre Brownstones","City Ests\/Woodland Park","City Gardens Sec 01","City Gate","City Gate North","City Gate Sec 1","City Gate Sec 2","City Gate Sec 3","City Gate Sec 6","City Gate Sec 7","City Heights At Brittmoore","City Hts\/Brittmoore","City Park","City Park Sec 01","City Park Sec 04","City Park Sec 05","City Park Sec 2","City Park South","City Park South Sec 1","City Park South Sec 2","City Park South Sec 3","City Park South Sec 5","City Park West","City Park West Sec 03","City Park West Sec 04","City Park West Sec 06","City Park West Sec 6","City Park West Sec 7","City Place Sec 01","City Plaza","City Plaza A Condo Decla","City Plaza Condo","City Plaza Condominiums","City Promenade","City Rose Ct","City View Courtyard","City View Lofts","City View\/Houston Avenue","City\/Houston","Cityplex Twnhms\/Welch Street","Cityscene","Cityscene 02","Cityview Ters","Clairmont Place","Clairmont Place 2","Clairmont Place Sec 01","Clairmont Place Sec 02","Clairmont Place Sec 2","Clara Vista","Clark Pines","Clark Pines U\/R","Clark Road Villas Sub","Clark Street Lndg","Clarks","Clayton 1","Clayton Greens","Clayton Greens Sec 02","Clayton Oaks Sec 01","Clayton Sec 01","Clayton Sec 02","Clayton Trace","Clear Brook Crossing Sec 02","Clear Brook Landing Sec 01","Clear Brook Lndg Sec 02","Clear Lake City","Clear Lake City Core B","Clear Lake City Core B Sec 01","Clear Lake City Core D Sec 01","Clear Lake City Core D2 R\/P","Clear Lake City Sec 01","Clear Lake City Sec 01 R\/P","Clear Lake City Sec 02","Clearcroft Rep #1","Clearcroft Replat #1","Clearview Village","Clearview Village Sec 01","Clearview Village Sec 02","Clearview Village Sec 05","Clearwick","Clearwood Crossing Sec 01","Clearwood Lndg Rep 02","Clearwood Xing Sec 02","Clearwood Xing Sec 3","Clearwood Xing South Sec 01","Cleburne Street Landing","Clifton Oaks","Cline Estates","Cline Street Place","Clinton Old","Clinton Park","Clinton Park Add","Clinton View Sec 02","Cloister Condo","Clover Leaf","Clover Leaf Add Sec 02","Clover Leaf Add Sec 04","Clover Leaf Sec 02","Clover Leaf Sec 03","Clover Leaf Sec 04","Clover Leaf Sec 2","Clover Street Lndg","Cloverdale","Cloverland","Cloverland Sec 01","Cloverland Sec 04","Cloverland Sec 08","Cloverleaf","Cloverleaf Add 2nd Sub","Cmc 08","Cmc Properties 04","Cmc Properties 08","Coan A L","Cockerel Landings","Coke Street Lndg","Cole Creek Manor","Cole Creek Manor Sec 01","Colina Court\/Elgin Street","Colina Court\/Petty Street","Colina Homes On Jacquelyn Drive","Colina Homes\/Eigel Street Sub","Colina Homes\/Kiam Street Sub","Colina Park On Petty Street","College Court Place","College Court Place\/West University Area","College Heights","College Oaks","College Place Sec 1","Collegeview Sec 01","Collegeview Sec 02","Collegeview Sec 03","Collegeview T\/H","Collins Legacy Development","Collins Tr","Collinswood Sec 02","Colonia De Juarez U\/R Kohn","Colonia Weisenberger Sec 01","Colonia Weisenberger Sec 02","Colonia Weisener","Colonial Gardens","Colonial Hills","Colonial Terrace","Colonial Village - Barren Spgs","Colonial Village Barren Spgs","Colony T\/H U\/R","Colquitt At Jack Th","Colquitt Street Gardens","Columbia","Comal Street Estates","Combre Parkview Villas","Comfort Pl And Others","Comfort Place","Commerce Ave Twnhms","Commerce Tower Condo 02 Amd","Common Land & Ele Marlowe Condo","Commons At Ella Forest","Commons At Engelke Amend","Commons At West Tidwell","Commons At Westbrae Sec 01","Commons Lake Houston Sec 14","Commons Of Lake Houston","Commons Waterway","Commons Waterway Sec 4","Commons Waterway Sec 7","Commons\/Ella Forest","Commonwealth","Commonwealth Condo","Commonwealth Court","Commonwealth Park","Concord Bridge","Concord Bridge North","Concord Bridge North Sec 01","Concord Bridge North Sec 02","Concord Bridge Sec 01","Concord Bridge Sec 03","Concord Bridge Sec 05","Concord Bridge Sec 06 Prcl R\/P","Concord Bridge Sec 07","Concord Bridge Sec 5","Concord Colony","Concord Colony Sec 01","Conklin Vista","Contempo Yale","Contemporary Garden Oaks Rep 1","Contemporary Garden Oaks Twnhse C","Contemporary Heighs Sec 16","Contemporary Heights","Contemporary Heights Sec 03 Am","Contemporary Main Plaza","Contemporary Main Plaza Partia","Contemporary Main Plaza Replat 1","Contemporary Main Plaza Twnhse","Contemporary Main Sec 01","Contemporary Park","Contemporary Park Sec 09","Contemporary Plaza","Contemporary Plaza Sec 04","Contemporary Plaza Sec 07 Amd","Contemporary Plaza Sec 08","Contemporary Plaza Sec 2","Contemporary Plaza Sec 7 Amd","Contemporary Plaza Twnhse","Contemporary South","Contemporary South Twnhse","Contemporary South Twnhse Condo","Contemporary Southwest Amend","Contemporary West Twnhse Condo","Contemporary Westheimer Townhouse","Contemporary Westheimer Twnhse","Cookwood Rp & Corrected Plat","Coomon Land & Ele Studemont Co","Cooper Smith Court","Cooperative Land & Oil Co","Cooperative Land And Oil Co","Copper Creek","Copper Creek Sec 02","Copper Creek Sec 03","Copper Crk Sec 02 Rep","Copper Falls","Copper Grove","Copper Grove Sec","Copper Grove Sec 02","Copper Grove Sec 06 Amd","Copper Grove Sec 08 Amd","Copper Grove Sec 09","Copper Lakes","Copper Lakes Sec 02 Amd","Copper Lakes Sec 03 R\/P","Copper Lakes Sec 04 02 Amd","Copper Lakes Sec 05 Amd","Copper Lakes Sec 06","Copper Lakes Sec 08","Copper Lakes Sec 10","Copper Lakes Sec 11","Copper Lakes Sec 13","Copper Lakes Sec 14","Copper Village","Copper Village Sec 02","Copper Village Sec 09","Copper Village Sec 1","Copper Village Sec 9","Copperbrook Sec 01","Copperbrook Sec 02 Amd","Copperbrook Sec 05","Coppercreek Village Sec 02 R\/P","Copperfield","Copperfield Middlegate Village","Copperfield Middlegate Village Sec","Copperfield Northmead Village","Copperfield Place Village","Copperfield South Creek Village","Copperfield South Crk Village","Copperfield South Crk Village Sec","Copperfield Southcreek Village","Copperfield Southcrk Village 01","Copperfield Southdown Village","Copperfield Southdown Village Sec 6","Copperfield Southdown Village Sec1","Copperfield Southpoint","Copperfield Southpoint 03 R\/P","Copperfield Westcreek","Copperfield Westcreek Village","Copperfield Westcreek Village Sec","Copperfield Westcrk Village","Copperfield Westcrk Village 07","Copperwood Condo Ph 01 & 02","Cordell Meadows","Corder Eminent Homes","Corinthian Pointe Sec 02","Cornerstone T\/H Sec 02 U\/R","Cornerstone Village N Sec 2","Cornerstone Village North 02","Cornerstone Village North Reserve","Cornish Place","Cornish Place Sec 04","Cornish Street Homes","Cornish Twnhms","Cornwell Terrace","Coronado","Coronado Lofts Sub","Corporate Centre Fannin Reserv","Corrective\/Mem Thicket Sec 01","Cortlandt Landing","Cortlandt Oaks","Cosmopolitan Condos","Costa Del Sol","Costa Del Sol\/West 22nd Street","Cottage Grove","Cottage Grove 3rd Sec","Cottage Grove 4th Sec","Cottage Grove Haven","Cottage Grove Lake","Cottage Grove Sec 01","Cottage Grove Sec 02","Cottage Grove Sec 03","Cottage Grove Sec 04","Cottage Grove Sec 05","Cottage Grove Sec 07","Cottage Grove Sec 08 Rep 01","Cottage Grove Sec 8","Cottage Heights","Cottage Landing","Cottages\/Shady Acres","Cottons Place Sec 01","Country Squire","Country Squire Condo","Country Village","Country Village 1 & Rp","Country Village Sec 01 R\/P","Country Village Sec 02 R\/P","Country Village Sec 03","Country Village Sec 03 Reserve H","Court & Clay","Courtland Park Condo","Courtland Park Twnhms Condos","Courtlandt Place","Courts At St George Place Ii","Courtside Place","Courtyard At Yale","Courtyard Hms Iii #1 & Part","Courtyard Homes","Courtyard Homes 03 Sec 01","Courtyard Homes 03 Sec 01 R\/P","Courtyard Homes 03 Sec 02 Prcl","Courtyard Homes Ph 03","Courtyard\/Yale","Courtyards 03 Fountains","Courtyards Condo","Courtyards Fountains","Courtyards\/Lillian","Courtyards\/Shady Acres Sec 02","Cove\/Bingham","Covenant Crest Sec 2","Coventry Condos","Coventry Estates Sec 01","Coventry Meadows","Covered Bridge Condo","Covered Bridge Condo Ph 01","Covered Bridge Condo Ph 02","Covis Homes\/Shady Acres","Craig Woods","Craig Woods 38th Par R\/P","Craig Woods P\/R 38","Craig Woods Prcl Rep 11","Crain Square Add","Cranbrook","Cranbrook Prcl R\/P","Cranbrook Sec 01","Cranbrook Sec 02 Rep","Crane St Wood 5","Crane Street Gardens","Crane Street Woods","Crane Street Woods 02 Prcl R P","Crane Street Woods Sec 01","Crane Street Woods Sec 02","Crane Street Woods Sec 03","Crane Street Woods Sec 05","Cranford Place","Crawford","Crawford Place","Crawford R\/P","Creek Bend Estates","Creek Bend Estates Sec 03","Creek Bend Estates Sec 05","Creek Bend Estates Sec 06","Creek T\/H Condo","Creekbend T\/H Condo","Creekbend T\/H Condo Ph 02","Creekbend T\/H Ph 01","Creekbend Twnhms Sec 2","Creekmont Forest Apt Homes Condo","Creekmont Forest Condo","Creekmont Forest Sec 01 Condo","Creekmont Grove","Creekside Estates South","Creekside Manor U\/R","Crescent Park Sec 02","Crescent Park Village","Crescent Park Village Sec 01","Crescent Park Village Sec 02","Crescent Park Village Sec 03","Crescent Park Village Sec 1","Crescent Park Village Sec 2","Crescent Park Village Sec 3","Crescents On The Green","Cresmere Place","Cresmont Park","Cresmont Park Sec 01","Cresmont Sec 01","Crestdale Th","Crestmont","Crestmont 3","Crestmont Park","Crestmont Park Sec 02","Crestmont Park Sec 03","Crestmont Park Sec 04","Crestmont Plaza","Crestmont Sec 02","Crestmont Sec 03","Creston Place","Creston Place Ext","Crestwater","Crestwood","Crestwood Add","Crocker Green","Crocket Street Terrace","Crosby Street Square Rep 01","Crosby Street Square T H","Crosby Street Square T\/H","Crosby Street Square Twnhms","Crossbend Village Sec 1","Crossing At Stone Creek","Crossing At Stone Creek Sec 01","Crossing\/Stone Crk","Crossing\/Stone Crk Sec 01","Crossing\/Stone Crk Sec 02","Crossings At Timbergrove","Crossroads Park Sec 03","Crossroads Park Sec 2","Crow - Settegast","Crown Colony Sec 02","Crown Colony T\/H","Crown Colony W Th Ph 2","Crown Colony West Partition","Crown Colony West Partition 02","Croyden Gardens","Croydon Gardens","Cubica Carmel","Cullen Center","Cullen Estates","Cummins Lane T\/H Condo","Curry Place","Curtin Heights","Curtin Park","Cutten Green","Cutten Green Sec 01","Cutten Green Sec 02 R\/P","Cypress Creek Crossing","Cypress Creek Landing","Cypress Creek Manor","Cypress Crk Lndg","Cypress Crk Lndg Sec 5","Cypress Crk Xing Sec 1","Cypress Crk Xing Sec 2","Cypress Crk Xing Sec 4","Cypress Glen","Cypress Place R\/P U\/R","Cypress Station Sec 01","Cypress Station Sec 03","Cypress Stone Village","Cypress Terrace","Cypress Terrace Sec 01","Cypress Terrace Sec 02","Cypress Terrace Sec 1","Cypress\/Willowbrook","D At City Center","Dairy Prop","Dairy Townsite","Dallas Ave Twnhms","Dallas Street Place","Dalview Estates","Daly","Daly Place","Dancy Spring Branch","Daniel Harmon Surv A-315","Darbydale Xing Sec 1","Darden Place","Darling Grove Twnhms","Darnay Sub","Dash Knight Xing","David Crockett","David Crockett R\/P","Davis Landing","Dawn Mdws","Dawnridge","Daybreak","Dearborn Place","Deauville Condo","Deauville Condos","Decatur Place","Decker Place Pt Rep 1","Deer Cove R\/P","Deer Rdg Estates Sec 01","Deerfield Park","Deerfield Village","Deerfield Village Patio Homes","Deerfield Village Sec 02","Deerfield Village Sec 03 R\/P","Deerfield Village Sec 05","Deerfield Village Sec 06 R\/P","Deerwood","Deerwood Gardens","Deerwood Gardens Condo","Degeorge Park Condo Ph 01","Del Monte","Del Monte Sec 02","Del Monte Sec 02 Rep","Del Monte Terrace","Del Rio Grande","Del Rio Park","Delaney","Delano Court Sub","Delano Crossing","Delano Park","Delano Square","Della Village","Dena Estates","Denmark Place","Denver","Denver Add","Denver Annex","Denver Harbor","Denver Harbor Sec 03","Depenbrock Allen Sec 62","Depenbrock Reserve\/Germantown","Depenbrook Allen 62","Des Chaumes Square","Des Jardins Place","Detering H E","Development\/Finch Street","Development\/Moritz Rep #1","Devon Estates","Devonshire Crescent","Devonshire Park","Devonshire Place","Dexter Place","Dian Court","Dickeys West Park","Dietzschold","Dilston House Condo","Dilston House Condos","Dimension 5 Holdings Lockwood","Dissen Heights","District\/Washington Sub Reserv","Dodson Acres Tr 12a","Dogwood Acres U\/R","Dolce Living\/Midtown","Doliver Point T\/H","Dolly Square","Doma Chase Condo","Dominion Estates","Dominion Estates Sec 3","Dominion\/Gdn Oaks","Donovan Court","Donovan Courtyard","Donovan Gardens","Donovan Homes","Donovan Park","Donovan Street Grv Amending Pl","Donovan Terrace","Donovan Vista","Dooley Maggie Pet Unr Luke M","Dor Ruth Court","Dorrington Villas Amd","Dover Sec 1","Doverside Place","Dow Acres","Dowling & Polk T\/H","Dowling Park","Dowling Place","Dowling Vista","Downtown","Downtown - Houston","Downtown Houston","Dozier","Drake Lofts","Dream Homes Garden","Drew Park","Dreyfus Court","Dreyfus Manor","Driscoll Commons","Driscoll Sul Ross Place Amendi","Dryden Place","Duamni W 16th Street Development","Dukes Add","Dumbarton Oaks Sec 01","Dumbarton Oaks Sec 02 R\/P","Dumbarton Village R\/P","Dumble Manor","Dunvale Village","Dunvale Village Amend","Dunvale Village Th","Dunvale Vlg Amend Plat #1","Dunvale Vlg Amending Plat #1","Duram Park","Durham Park","Durham Park Sec 02","Durham Park Sec 05","Durham Park Sec 1","Durham Park Sec 4","E 31st Street Gardens","E Benson\/1\/3 League Surv Abs 1","E Tidwell Rd-9410.01","E W Cave Add","E Williams","E X I Interest","Eado","Eado Edge","Eado Edge 1","Eado Edge Amd #1","Eado Heights","Eado Place","Eado Point","Eado Skyline Rep 1","Eado Square","Eado Town Center","Eagle","Eagle At Emancipation Park","Eagle Landing","Eagle Lndg","Eagle Lndg Sec 01","Eagle Lndg Sec 02","Eagle Lndg Sec 03","Eagle Lndg Sec 8","Eagle Lndg Sec 9","Eagle\/Emancipation Park","Eaglewood","Eaglewood Sec 2","Eaglewood Sec 4","Eaglewood Sec 8","Earhart Estates","Easley U\/R Abst 1281 J M Swisher","East","East 20th Street Amd","East 28th Street Manor","East 39th Farmhouses","East Bell Place","East Downtown","East End Revitalized","East End Revitalized Area","East End Villas R\/P","East End\/Bayou Sec 1","East End\/Bayou Sec 3","East Heights","East Houston","East Houston Add","East Houston Gardens","East Independence Heights","East Montgomery Acres","East Norhill","East Park","East Parker Lndg","East Resub Of Minnetex","East River Yards","East River Yards Sub","East Sunnyside","East Sunnyside Court","East Sunnyside Court 1","East Sunnyside Court Sec 01","East Sunnyside Court Sec 02","East Sunset Heights","East Texas Parts Pallet Yard","East View","Easter Park View","Eastex Fwy Forest","Eastex Fwy Forest Sec 01","Eastex Fwy Forest Sec 02","Eastex Fwy Forest Sec 03","Eastex Oaks Village","Eastex Oaks Village Sec 01","Easthaven","Easthaven Place","Eastlawn","Eastlawn Vista","Eastmoor Add","Easton Commons","Eastover Estates","Eastridge Terrace","Eastwood","Eastwood Add","Eastwood Green","Eastwood Landing","Eastwood Lndg","Eastwood Park","Eastwood Place","Eaton Heights","Eaton Hts","Echo Glen","Echo Leaf","Echoleaf","Ecuahomes\/Tower","Edge Condos","Edge-Condominium","Edge\/Hts Reserve A","Edgemont","Edgewood","Edgewood Place","Edgewood Placwe","Edgewood Sec 01","Edgewood Sec 02","Edgewood Sec 04","Edgewood Sec 06","Edgewood Sec 07","Edgewood Sec 08","Edgewood Sec 09","Edgewood Sec 10","Edgewood Terrace","Edgewood Terrace Sec 01","Edgewood Terrace Sec 02","Edgewood Terrace Sec 03","Edgewood Terrace Sec 04","Edgewood Village","Edgewood Village Sec 01","Edgewood Village Sec 2","Edgewood Village Sec 3","Edgewood Village Sec 5","Edgewood Village Sec 8","Edgeworth Place Sec 02","Edinburgh Estates","Edison Oaks","Edmund Point","Edmund Views","Edmundson","Edmundson Sec 03","Edmundson Sec 04","Edmundson Sec 06","Edmundson Sec 07","Edwards Estates","Edwards Point","Egret Bay Condo Ph 01","Egret Bay Condo Ph 02","Eigel Place","Eigel Place Villas","Eighteen Hundred Memorial At S","El Dorado Clear Lake City Sec 1","El Dorado Clear Lake City Sec 14","El Dorado Clear Lake City Sec 15","El Dorado Clear Lake City Sec 7","El Dorado Trace Condo","El Dorado Trace Condos","El Dorado Way Condo","El Dorado Way Condos","El Tesoro","El Tesoro Sec 01","El Tesoro Sec 2","El Village","Eldridge Meadow Sec 02","Eldridge Meadow Sec 03","Eldridge Park","Eldridge Park Sec 01 Amd","Eldridge Park Sec 02 Amd","Eldridge Park Sec 07","Eldridge Park Sec 1","Eldridge Square Apts","Eldridge View Sec 02","Ele Phoenician@ Austin","Elene Place","Eleva At Robin Street","Elgin Lndg","Elgin Square Twnhms","Eli Noland","Eli Noland Surv Abs 600","Elite Twnhms Llc","Ella Crossing","Ella Crossing Sec 01","Ella Estates","Ella Lee Forest","Ella Park","Ella Xing","Ella Xing Sec 01","Ella Xing Sec 02","Ella Xing Sec 03","Ella Xing Sec 3","Ellena Gardens","Ellie Lofts","Elliot D Abst 1071 Fondren","Elliott D Abst 1071 Fondren","Ellis Benson Abs 110","Elm Grove Condo Ph 01","Elm Grove Condo Ph 02","Elm Grove Village","Elm Grove Village Sec 01","Elm Grove Village Sec 02","Elm Grove Village Sec 03","Elm Grove Village Sec 2","Elm Heights","Elm Heights T H","Elm Street Amend","Elmen Green","Elmen Vista","Elysian Enclave","Elysian Manor","Elysian Square","Elysian Street Homes","Elysian York View","Elysium\/Rachel","Emancipation Townhome Villa","Emancipation Villas","Emerald Mdws Sec 1","Emerson Place","Emile District","Emma","Emma Nuben Sec 2 U\/R Abst 110","Emmottville","Emnora Heights","Empire","Empire Condos","Enchanted Forest","Enchanted Forest Sec 02","Enchanted Woods Sec 01","Enclave At Briargreen","Enclave At Briargreen T H","Enclave At Hlghland Glen Sec 4","Enclave At Kingston","Enclave At Oxford Park","Enclave By Texas Casador","Enclave On T C Jester","Enclave\/Briargreen Twnhms","Enclave\/Calhoun","Enclave\/Castlebridge Pt R","Enclave\/Olde Oaks","Enclave\/Oxford Park","Enclave\/Sherwood Forest","Enclave\/Upland","Enclave\/West 28th Street","Enfield","Enfield Sec 02","Engel","Engelke Ssbb","England Manor","Englewood","Englewood Acres","English Add","Enterra\/Lamar","Epernay","Epernay Sec 02","Epernay T\/H Ph 01","Epsom Downs Place","Erin Gardens","Erin Pk\/West 28th Street","Erneta-Anaxagoras Place","Erra Del Sol","Estates","Estates At Avenue N","Estates At Champions Park North","Estates At Cullen Park","Estates At Cullen Park & Prcl","Estates At Fisher Street","Estates At Lee Street","Estates At Mann Street","Estates Green Tee Sec 01","Estates Of Baker Lane","Estates Of Mid Lane","Estates Sec 01","Estates Sec 03 U\/R","Estates\/Champions Park North","Estates\/Cullen Park","Estates\/West Tidwell","Esther Village","Esther Acres","Ethans Glen","Ethans Glen Sec 03 R\/P","Etzell Auto Mall","Evella Place","Evelo Homesites Unr","Evelyn Court","Everett Street Twnhms","Everett Villas","Evergreen Villas","Evergreen Villas Sec 1","Evergreen Woods","Executive House Of Houston","Executive House Of Houston Con","Executive House\/5050 Woodway","Executive Row T\/H","Executive Row Twnhses","Explorer Estates","F & E Sub # 2","F & E Sub 2","F Carson Moores","F H Rankin","F&E Sub #2","Faehrmann & Smith","Fairbanks Industrial Park","Fairbanks Oaks","Faircourt Farms","Fairdale Lane T\/H Condo","Fairdale Place Reserve","Fairdale Urban Estates","Fairdale Urban Ests","Fairfield","Fairgreen Sec 01 R\/P","Fairgreen Sec 02","Fairgreen Sec 03","Fairgreen Sec 04","Fairgreen Sec 05","Fairground Ext","Fairgrounds","Fairgrounds 1st Reserve A Pt","Fairgrounds 417 Dennis Th","Fairgrounds Park Annex","Fairhaven Add","Fairview","Fairview Gardens 1","Fairview Gardens Sec 01","Fairway Forest T\/H","Fairway T\/H Ph 01 U\/R","Fairway T\/H Ph 03 U\/R","Fairway T\/H Ph 05 U\/R","Fairway Th Ph 1","Fairway Th Ph V","Fairway West Sec 01 R\/P","Faith Family Baptist Church Re","Fallbrook","Fallbrook Comm Center","Fallbrook Greens Sec 01","Fallbrook Greens Sec 3","Fallbrook Sec 01","Falls\/White Oak","Fannin Station","Fannin Station Sec 01","Fannin Station Sec 2","Fannin Station Sec 2 Rep 1","Fannin Stn Sec 1 Pt Rep 1","Farmer-Teal","Farmstead Acres","Farnham Park","Farrington Place Sec 02","Farrington Place Sec 04","Fauna Mobile Estates","Fauna Mobile Estates Sec 05 U\/","Fawndale T\/H Sec 01","Feagan Gibson Lndg","Feagan Manors","Feagan Terrace","Feldman Court","Ferguson Estates","Ferndale Estates Amd 01","Ferndale Estates Amd Pla","Ferndale Park","Ferris Condo Regime","Fidelity","Fidelity Add","Fidellity","Fields Sec 02","Fifteen Thirty One Marshall","Fifth Ward Place","First Oasis","Fischer Gardens","Fischer Gardens Condo","Fisher Ests\/Oak Forest","Fisher Life","Fisher Street Place","Fishers Pointe\/Holly","Fitze Hmstds","Fitze Homestead","Five Corners","Flack Estates Sec 01","Fleetwood","Fleetwood Sec 01","Fleetwood Sec 03 R\/P","Fleetwood Sec 03 Rep","Fleetwood Sec 05","Fleetwood Village","Fleur De Lis Garden Court Hm","Fleur De Lis Garden Home Condo","Fleurdelys Estates","Floor 1 The Studemont","Florentine Condos","Florida Gardens","Flower City","Flower City Add","Floyd Park","Flying Acres","Fondren Bend Condo","Fondren Crossing Condo","Fondren Crossing Condo Ph 01","Fondren Crossing Condo Ph 02","Fondren Glen Plaza T\/H","Fondren Green Meadows Sec 01","Fondren Park","Fondren Park Sec 02","Fondren Place T\/H Pud","Fondren Southwest Northbrook S","Fondren Southwest Northfield P","Fondren Southwest Northfield Sec 7 & Sec","Fondren Southwest Place","Fondren Southwest Southmeado","Fondren Southwest Tempos Apts","Fondren Sw Northfield","Fondren Sw Bellfort Square 0","Fondren Sw Northbrook 01 Rp Ext","Fondren Sw Northfield","Fondren Sw Northfield 04","Fondren Sw Northfield Sec 01","Fondren Sw Northfield Sec 02","Fondren Sw Northfield Sec 03","Fondren Sw Northfield Sec 04","Fondren Sw Northfield Sec 05","Fondren Sw Northfield Sec 07","Fondren Sw Place Sec 02","Fondren Sw Place T\/H Ph 02","Fondren Sw Southmeadow","Fondren Sw Southmeadow Sec 0","Fondren Sw Southmeadow Sec 02","Fondren Sw Southmeadow Sec 03","Fondren Sw Tempo T\/H","Fondren Sw Tempo T\/H Sec 03","Fondren Sw Tempo T\/H Sec 3","Fonmeadow 2 Patio Homes","Fonmeadow Sec 01","Fonmeadow Sec 03","Fonn Villas","Fonn Villas Sec 03","Fontainbleau","Fontaine Place","Fontaine Place Sec 01","Fontaine Place Sec 02","Fontaine Place Sec 03","Fontaine Place Sec 04","Fontaine Place Sec 05","Fontaine Place Sec 06","Fontaine Place Sec 07","Fontainebleau Condo","Fontainebleau Condo Ph 01","Fontainebleau Condominiums","Fontainebleu Condo Ph 02","Fonville Terrace U\/R","Forbes Crossing","Forbes Xing Sec 1","Forbes Xing Sec 2","Forbes Xing Sec 3","Forbes Xing Sec 5","Ford","Forest Acres Sub","Forest Cove","Forest Cove Country Club Estate 4","Forest Cove Country Club Estates Sec 4","Forest Cove Sec 05 U\/R","Forest Hill","Forest Home","Forest Lake T\/H & R\/P","Forest Lawn","Forest Oaks","Forest Oaks R\/P","Forest Oaks Sec 03","Forest Pines","Forest Pines Sec 01","Forest Pines Sec 02-A Rep","Forest Pines Sec 02a","Forest Shadows","Forest West","Forest West Sec 01","Forest West Sec 01 Reserve A","Forest West Sec 02","Foresters Pond Condo","Foresters Pond Condos","Forestview","Forestview Reserve A Sec 03","Forestview Sec 01","Forestview Sec 02","Forestview Sec 03","Forestwood","Forestwood Sec 01","Forestwood Sec 02","Forestwood Sec 03 Amd","Forestwood Sec 6","Forrest Lakes Twnhses Rep","Forrester Apts Sec 1","Forsgard","Forum Park 03 Twnhm","Forum Park Condo","Forum Park Condo Ph 03","Forum Park T\/H Condo Ph 01","Forum Park T\/H Condo Ph 02","Forum Park Twnhms Ph","Foster Crossing","Foster Green","Foster Place","Foster Place 21st Par R\/P","Foster Place Ext Sec 01","Foster Place Ext Sec 03","Foster Place Par R\/P","Foster Place Partial Replat #1","Foster Place Partial Replat #2","Foster Place Partial Replat #3","Foster Place Pt Rep #","Foster Place Pt Rep #1","Foster Place Pt Rep 4","Foster Square","Fosters Mill Village Sec 01","Fosters Mill Village Sec 01 Correc","Fosters Mill Village Sec 02","Fosters Sec 01","Fountain Park","Fountain Square Sec 01","Fountain View Sec","Fountain View Sec 01","Fountainebleau","Fountainhead","Fountainhead Sec 01","Fountainhead Sec 02","Fountains At Copperwood","Fountains Of Northgate Forest","Fountains\/Copperwood Relat A","Fountains\/Copperwood Rep #1","Fountains\/Northgate Forest","Four Leaf Towers","Four Leaf Towers Cond","Four Leaf Towers Condo 22nd Am","Four Leaf Towers Condo 31st Amend","Four Thousand 04 Hundred & 06 Sc","Fourth Ward Estates Sec I","Fourth Ward Place Sec 01","Fourth Ward Place Sec 02","Fowler Place","Fowler Place Twnhses","Fox & Farmer","Fox Street Lndgs","Foxwood","Francis Landing","Frank Richter Tr 1","Franklin Apts","Freeland","Freeway","Freeway Manor","Freeway Manor Par R\/P","Freeway Manor Sec 01","Freeway Manor Sec 02","Freeway Manor Sec 03","Freeway Manor Sec 04","Freeway Manor Sec 05","Freeway Manor Sec 06","Freeway Manor Sec 07","Freeway Sec 01","Freeway Sec 04","French Village","French Village T\/H","Friendly Acres","Friendly Acres Ext U\/R","Frondren Southwest Southmeadow","Frontenac","Frost & Settegast","Frostwood","Fuchs","Fullerton Place","Fullerton Plaza","Fulton Crossing","Fulton Ct\/Ave Villas\/Billingsley Hgts","Fulton Enclave","Fulton Place","Fulton Station","Fuqua Gardens","Fuqua Landing","G Allen","G Brooks","G H Delesdernier","G Morris","Gabert","Gabert Sec 02","Gagne Homestead","Galaxy Hmstr","Galena Manor","Galesburg Estates","Galleria","Galleria Diplomat T\/H Condo","Galleria Oaks","Gano Heights","Ganzinotti Grove","Garden Acres","Garden City Park Sec 01","Garden City Park Sec 02","Garden City Park Sec 03","Garden Oaks","Garden Oaks 01 Sec 01","Garden Oaks 1st Sec","Garden Oaks Court","Garden Oaks Plaza","Garden Oaks Sec 01","Garden Oaks Sec 02","Garden Oaks Sec 03","Garden Oaks Sec 04","Garden Oaks Sec 05","Garden Oaks Sec 05 Rev","Garden Place","Garden Villas","Garden Villas S-32","Gardendale Heights","Gardens At Shady Acres","Gardens Condo","Gardens\/Shady Acres Amd P","Garland Spencer Acres","Garner Villas","Garrott T\/H Condo","Gateway Place","Gatewood","Gatewood Sec 04","Gatewood Sec 2","Gatherings At Westview","Gaywood","Geiselman","General & Limited Common Eleme","Genoa","Genoa Outlots","Gentryside T H","Gentryside Townhomes","George Kulhman","George Parker","George Rich","Georgetown","Georgetown Colony","Georgetown Colony Sec 02","Georgetown T\/H","Georgetown T\/H Ph 02","Georgetown T\/H Ph 03","Georgetown T\/H Ph 04","Georgetown Th Condo 4","Georgetown Twnhm","Georgia Add","Gessner T\/H Condo","Gessner Woods","Gessport Patio Homes Of Fondre","Gessport Patio Homes R\/P","Gibson Gardens Sub","Gibson Sandman Villas","Gibson Street Green","Gillespie Grove","Gillespie St","Gillespie St Sec 01","Gillespie Street Lndg","Gillespie Street Lndg Amd Plan","Gillespie Street Sec 2","Giorgetti Houston","Glass Estates","Glen Abbey","Glen Abbey Sec 05","Glen Abbey Sec 1","Glen Abbey Sec 3","Glen Abbey Sec 4","Glen Court","Glen Cove","Glen Cove Sec 02","Glen Haven Estates #2 Par R\/","Glen Iris Sec 01","Glen Iris Sec 03","Glen Iris Sec 04","Glen Iris Sec 05 Amd","Glen Lee Place Sec 01","Glen Lee Place Sec 03","Glen Manor Sec 01","Glen Manor Sec 2 Partial Repla","Glen Oaks","Glen Park","Glenbrook Park","Glenbrook T\/H","Glenbrook Th","Glenbrook Valley","Glenbrook Valley Sec 03","Glenbrook Valley Sec 04","Glenbrook Valley Sec 07","Glenbrook Valley Sec 07 Ext","Glenbrook Valley Sec 07 R\/P","Glenbrook Valley Sec 09","Glenburnie","Glenburnie Add Sec 03","Glenburnie Sec 01","Glenburnie Sec 03","Glencairen Sec 02","Glencairn","Glencairn Park","Glencairn Sec 02","Glencairn Sec 03","Glencairn Sec 04","Glencairn Sec 05","Glencairn South","Glencairn Village","Glendower Court","Glendower Court Pt Rep 2","Glenhaven Estates Sec 01","Glenhaven Estates Sec 02","Glenhaven Estates Sec 1","Glenhaven Estates Sec 2","Glenhaven Estates Sec 2 Par R\/P","Glenmont Place T\/H Condo","Glenmont Place Twnhm","Glenmore Forest","Glenmore Forest Annex","Glenshannon","Glenshannon Sec 01","Glenshannon Sec 02","Glenshannon Sec 04 Pt 02","Glenshire","Glenshire 5","Glenshire Sec 01","Glenshire Sec 06","Glenshire Sec 07","Glenshire Sec 08","Glenview Sec 02","Glenwood Forest","Glenwood Forest Sec 01","Glenwood Forest Sec 04","Glenwood Forest Sec 05","Gloverdale","Golden 1st","Golden Glade Estates","Golden Glade Estates Bus","Golf Green Condo","Golf Green Condos","Golf Green Garden Homes 3 Am","Golf Green Garden Homes 3 Amd","Golf Green Garden Homes Sec 2","Golfcrest","Golfview Manor","Goliad Grove","Gonzalez Grove","Good Day Braeswood Residence A","Goodman","Gordon Xing","Gostick","Gotham Condo Amd","Gotham Condos","Gramercy Key","Gramercy Park","Gramercy Park T\/H","Granberry P M","Grand At Alice Park","Grand Oaks","Grand Oaks Sec 01","Grand Oaks Sec 03","Grand Oaks Sec 11","Grand Oaks Sec 3","Grand Oaks Sec 5","Grand Oaks Sec 6","Grand Oaks Sec 8","Grand Park","Grand Park Add","Grand Park Annex","Grand Park Anx","Grand West","Grangers","Granlin Grove","Grant Park","Grants Trace","Gray Place","Gray Terrace","Great Oaks Sec 1","Great Oaks Sec 2","Greater Heights","Greater Heights Estates","Grecian Way","Green Creek Estates","Green Creek Estates Sec 02","Green Lee","Green Manor","Green Mdw Ests","Green Meadows","Green Oak Park Sec 01","Green Oak Park Sec 02","Green Oak Park Sec 04","Green Oaks","Green Oaks Estates","Green Park","Green Rdg North Sec 2","Green Ridge North","Green River Gardens","Green Stone Oaks","Green Tee Terrace Sec 06","Green Trails","Green Trails Crossing","Green Trails Crossing Sec 03","Green Trails Park","Green Trails Park Sec 02 Amd","Green Trails Park Sec 03","Green Trails Park Sec 06","Green Trails Park Sec 08","Green Trails Park Sec 09","Green Trails Park Sec 10","Green Trails Park Sec 14","Green Trails Park Sec 16","Green Trails Park Sec 17","Green Trails Sec 03 R\/P","Green Trails Sec 06","Green Trails T H 02","Green Trails T\/H","Green Trails Village","Green Valley Estates","Green Valley Estates Sec 2","Greenbay Circle","Greenbranch","Greenbranch 1","Greenbranch Sec 01","Greenbranch Sec 02","Greenbriair North","Greenbriar","Greenbriar Colony Patio Home","Greenbriar Colony T\/H","Greenbriar Colony T\/H R\/P","Greenbriar N Sec 18","Greenbriar North Patio Homes","Greenbriar North Sec 04","Greenbriar Sub","Greenfield Oaks T\/H Condo Ph 0","Greenfield Village","Greenfield Village Sec 01","Greenfield Village Sec 02","Greenleaf","Greenlee","Greenpark","Greenpark Sec 07","Greenridge North","Greenridge North Sec 09 R\/P","Greenridge North Sec 10 T\/H Ur","Greens","Greens Bayou Park","Greens Crossing Sec 01","Greens Crossing Sec 02","Greens Northgate Forest","Greens Porter Acres Sec 01","Greensbrook","Greensbrook Place","Greensbrook Place Sec 03","Greensbrook Place Sec 1","Greensbrook Place Sec 4","Greensbrook Place Sec 5","Greensbrook Sec 01 R\/P","Greensbrook Sec 04","Greensbrook Sec 05","Greensbrook Sub Sec 4","Greensgate Sec 01 Reserve B Co","Greenspoint Landing Condo","Greentree","Greentree Village","Greentree Village Sec 01 Amd","Greentree Village Sec 03","Greentree Village Sec 06","Greentree Village Sec 07 Amd","Greentree Village Sec 08 Amd","Greenview Manor Sec 2 Rpelat #","Greenview T\/H Condo","Greenway","Greenway Commons Residence A","Greenway Condo","Greenway Oaks Condo","Greenway Park","Greenway Park Sec 01","Greenway Park T\/H","Greenway Sec 01","Greenwich Court","Greenwood","Greenwood Forest","Greenwood Forest 06 02 Corr","Greenwood Forest 7","Greenwood Forest Estates","Greenwood Forest Sec 01","Greenwood Forest Sec 02","Greenwood Forest Sec 02 Prcl R","Greenwood Forest Sec 03","Greenwood Forest Sec 04","Greenwood Forest Sec 05","Greenwood Forest Sec 07","Greenwood Forest Sec 08","Greenwood Village","Greenwood Village Sec 01","Greenwood Village Sec 04","Gregg Sec 02","Greggs","Greggs 2","Greggs Sec 2","Gregory Square Amd 01","Griggs Road Landing","Griggs Ter","Grigsby Terrace","Grota Home","Grove Oak Forest Sec 1","Grove\/Oak Forest Sec 1 Pt R","Groveland Terrace","Grovewood Condo","Grovey","Gruss Road","Gulf Freeway Oaks","Gulf Fwy Oaks Sec 01","Gulf Fwy Oaks Sec 02","Gulf Green Condo","Gulf Mdws Reserve A Sec 4","Gulf Mdws Sec 02","Gulf Meadows","Gulf Meadows Sec 01","Gulf Meadows Sec 02","Gulf Meadows Sec 04","Gulf Palms","Gulf Palms Sec 02","Gulfway Terrace","Gustave Greyling Add","H & W Apts","H Mcclain Surv Abs # 529","H Simmons","Habitat For Humanity Park","Hacienda\/Noel","Haddon Courtyard Homes","Haden Terace Sec 03","Haden Terrace","Haden Terrace Sec 02","Hadley Court","Hadley Court Sec 2","Hahland","Hahls Suburban Farm G","Hahls Suburban Farm Sec F","Hahls Suburban Farms Sec G","Halff","Halffs","Hall Park Place","Hambledon","Hambledon Sec 01","Hambledon Sec 05","Hamblen Road Estates U\/R","Hamill Crossing","Hamlet Cherbourg Condo Ph 01","Hamlet Cherbourg Condo Ph 02","Hamlet T\/H Condo","Hamlet\/Champions","Hamlins Woodland","Hamman Skyline","Hammerly Woods Condo","Hammerly Woods Condo Ph 02","Hammersmith","Hammersmith Sec 02","Hampshire Oaks","Hampshire Oaks Ext Sec 04","Hampshire Oaks Extn","Hampton Oaks","Hampton Oaks Condo","Hampton Oaks Sec 01","Hampton Oaks Sec 02","Hampton Square North","Hampton Woods","Hanover","Hanover West Gray","Happy Hide A Way Sec 03 U\/R","Happy Village Condo Sec 01","Harbor Homesite","Harborgreen Cond","Harborgreen Condo Ph 01","Harbourdale","Hardcastle Twnhms","Hardison Place","Hardy Court","Hardy Manor","Hardy Point","Hardy Reserve","Hardy Skyline","Hardy Villas","Hardy Yards","Harlem Estates","Harlemwood Manors","Harlow","Harmon Place","Harrel Park","Harris","Harris & Wilson","Harris & Wilson 2 Leauge Grant","Harris & Wilson Surv","Harris & Wilson Surv Tracts 26","Harris County","Harrisburg","Harrisburg Addition","Harrisburg Reserve","Harrisburg Townsites","Harrisburg\/ N. York","Harrison Place","Harrys Realty Co","Hartford Homes\/Webster","Hartland Acres","Harvest Bend","Harvest Bend Meadow 01 R\/P","Harvest Bend Sec 01","Harvest Bend Sec 02","Harvest Bend Sec 03 R\/P","Harvest Bend Sec 08","Harvest Bend Sec 4 R\/P","Harvest Bend The Village","Harvest Bend Village 03 R\/P","Harvest Bend Village Sec 01","Harvest Bend Village Sec 02","Harvest Heights Annex Sec 01","Harvest Heights Annex Sec 02","Harwood Terrace","Harwood Terrace Sec 02","Hasting Greens Sec. 1 & 2","Hastings Green","Hastings Green Sec 01","Haven Terrace","Hawthorne Place Neighborhood","Hawthorne Place Sec 02","Hawthorne Place Sec 03","Hawthorne Place Sec 05","Hawthorne Place Sec 07","Hawthorne Place Sec 08","Hawthorne Place Sec 09","Hawthorne Place Sec 10","Hazard Grove","Hazard Street Garden Home","Hazard Street Garden Homes","Hb Prentiss Surv Abs 56","Hearthstone","Hearthstone Green Sec 06","Hearthstone Place 02 02 Prcl R","Hearthstone Sec 01","Hearthstone Sec 02","Hearthstone Sec 03 R\/P R\/P","Hearthstone Sec 04","Hearthstone Sec 06","Hearthstone Sec 07","Hearthstone Sec 08","Hearthstone Sec 09","Hearthwood 02 Condo Ph 01","Hearthwood 02 Condo Ph 02","Hearthwood 02 Condo Ph 03","Hearthwood 02 Condo Ph 04","Hearthwood 02 Condo Ph 05","Hearthwood 02 Condo Ph 06","Hearthwood 2 Condo Ph Vi","Hearthwood Condo","Hearthwood Condo 2 Ph 4 & 5","Hearthwood Condo Sec 01","Heather Glen","Heather Glen Sec","Heather Glen Sec 02","Heather Glen Sec 03","Heather Ridge Village Sec 01","Heathercrest","Heatherwood Village","Heatherwood Village Sec 01 R\/P","Heatherwood Village Sec 03","Heathwood","Heathwood Sec 01","Heaven Dream Homes","Hedwig Village","Height Enclave","Heights","Heights Anx","Heights Anx Homes","Heights Area","Heights Blvd Condo Corr","Heights Enclave","Heights Nirvana\/Sunset Heights","Heights\/Greater Heights","Heights\/Madison Park","Heights\/Madison Park A Condo","Heights\/Minimax","Heights\/Washington Corridor","Held Estates","Helena Park","Helios Estates","Hemenway","Henry Tierwester Surv Abs #75","Henry Tierwester Surv Abs 75","Heritage Crk","Heritage Square","Heritage T\/H Condo","Heritage Townhouses","Heritage Twnhses","Heritage Village","Heritage Village Sec 01","Heritage Village Sec 02","Heritage Village Sec 03","Heritage Village Sec 05","Heritage Village Sec 06","Herkimer Park","Herman & League","Herman Park Court","Hermann Condo Amd","Hermann Lake","Hermann Lofts Condo","Hermann Park","Hermosa Court","Heron Lakes T\/H","Heron Nest","Heron Run","Herridge Place","Herrin Lofts","Hickory Skyline Patio Homes","Hidden Echo","Hidden Echo U\/R","Hidden Forest Sec 01","Hidden Hollow T\/H Condo","Hidden Lake Sec 03","Hidden Mdw #1","Hidden Mdw Sec 03","Hidden Mdw Sec 05","Hidden Mdw Sec 06","Hidden Mdw Sec 11","Hidden Mdw Sec 3","Hidden Mdw Sec 8","Hidden Mdw Sec 9","Hidden Meadow","Hidden Oaks T\/H U\/R","Hidden Valley","Hidden Valley Sec 01","Hidden Valley Sec 04","Hidden Valley Sec 08 R\/P","Hide-Away T\/H Condo","High Mdws Sec 02","High Meadows","High Meadows Sec 02","High Meadows Sec 05","High Meadows Sec 06","High Meadows Sec 08","High Star","High Star Landing","High Star Lndg","High Star Place","High Star Sec 02","High Star Sec 3","Highland Acre Home Annex","Highland Acre Home Anx","Highland Acre Home Anx Sec 05","Highland Acre Homes","Highland Acre Homes Annex","Highland Acre Homes Annex 02","Highland Acre Homes Annex 03","Highland Acre Homes Annex 04","Highland Acre Homes D Anx","Highland Acres","Highland Acres Homes 35e-I","Highland Acres Homes Add","Highland Add","Highland Addition","Highland Commons","Highland Gardens #38b & 39b Sec 1","Highland Gardens Sec 01","Highland Gardens Sec 02","Highland Green","Highland Grove","Highland Heights","Highland Heights Add","Highland Heights Annex","Highland Heights Annex Sec 01","Highland Heights Annex Sec 02","Highland Heights Annex Sec 03","Highland Heights Annex Sec 04","Highland Heights Annex Sec 05","Highland Heights Annex Sec 06","Highland Heights Annex Sec 07","Highland Heights Annex Sec 10","Highland Heights Annex Sec 4","Highland Heights Anx","Highland Heights Anx # Four","Highland Heights Anx #4","Highland Heights Anx 04","Highland Heights Anx 05","Highland Heights Anx 2","Highland Heights Anx 6","Highland Heights Anx Anx #2 Partia","Highland Heights Anx Sec 02","Highland Heights Anx Sec 03","Highland Heights Anx Sec 06","Highland Heights Anx Sec 3","Highland Heights Gardens","Highland Heights Lndg","Highland Heights Park","Highland Heights Terrace","Highland Heights Villas","Highland Heights Vista","Highland Home Place","Highland Meadow","Highland Meadow Sec 02","Highland Park","Highland Park Add","Highland Pointe","Highland Timbers","Highland Timbers Sec 01","Highland Timbers Sec 02","Highland Timbers Sec 1","Highland Tower Condo","Highland Tower Condos","Highland Trails","Highland Village","Highland Village\/ Upper Kirby\/ West U","Highland Village\/Upper Kirby\/West U","Highland Vista","Highlands Love, Ferguson View Estates &","Hill W L","Hillcrest","Hillendahl Acres","Hiller Heights Sec 02","Hillsdale Creek","Hillsdale Crk","Hillside Twnhses","Hilltop Acres","Hillwood Sec 01","Hillwood Sec 06","Hilshire Lakes","Hilshire Lakes Sec 01","Hilshire Lakes Sec 01 Pt","Hilshire Lakes Sec I","Hilshire Manor","Hilshire Park","Hilshire Village","Hobby Airport Villas Bldg 13","Hobby Airport Villas Bldg 15","Hobby Airport Villas Bldg 18","Hobby Airport Villas Bldg 19","Hoffman Street Villiage","Hogan Square","Hohl Apts","Hohldale","Hohlwood","Hohm Alpha","Holiday Pines","Holiday Pines Townhomes","Holleman","Holley Terrace","Holley Terrace Sec 01","Holley Terrace Sec 02 R\/P","Holley Terrace Sec 04","Hollister Mdws Reserves A-D","Hollister Oaks","Hollister Place","Hollister Spring","Holloway","Holloway Heights","Holloway Heights Sec 01","Holloway Heights Sec 1","Holly Greensbrook","Holly Hall T\/H Condo","Holly Park","Holly Spings Circle Poa","Holly Villa Condo","Hollydale","Hollywood Gardens","Hollywood Gardens 5th Par R\/P Amend","Hollywood Gardens Pt Rep","Hollywood Gardens Pt Rep 1,","Holman 10 Acre","Holman Acre Outlot 27","Holman Court","Holman Gardens","Holman Oulot","Holman Out Lot 15","Holman Outlot","Holman Outlot 08","Holman Outlot 13","Holman Outlot 14","Holman Outlot 18","Holman Outlot 22","Holman Outlot 35","Holman Outlot 36","Holman Outlot 42","Holman Outlot 43","Holman Outlot 44","Holman Outlot 46","Holman Outlot 47","Holman Outlot 65","Holman Place","Home","Home Meadows","Home Owned Estates","Home Owned Estates Sec 01","Home Owned Estates Sec 02","Home Owned Estates Sec 04","Home Owned Estates Sec 05","Home Owned Estates Sec 06","Home Owned Estates Sec 2","Homes Condo Sec 02","Homes On E 26th","Homes\/Clairmont Place","Homestead Sec 02","Homestead Sec 02 U\/R Prcl R\/P","Homewood","Honey Circle","Honey Circle R\/P","Honsinger Village","Hooper","Houmont Park Sec 01","Houmont Park Sec 1","Houston","Houston Acreage Estates","Houston City St Rail Way Add #","Houston City St Rwy","Houston City St Rwy Sec 01","Houston City St Rwy Sec 04","Houston City Street Railway Co","Houston Country Club Place Sec","Houston Country Club Place Sec 2","Houston Farms","Houston Gardens","Houston Gc Unrestricted","Houston Harbor","Houston Harbor Add","Houston Heights","Houston Heights 05 Amd","Houston Heights Add","Houston Heights Amd","Houston Heights Annex","Houston Heights Annex 03 Amd","Houston Heights Anx","Houston Heights Anx Track 92","Houston Heights Pt Rep","Houston Manor","Houston Skyscraper Shadows","Houston Skyscraper Shadows 01","Houston Skyscraper Shadows 02","Houston Skyscraper Shadows 03","Houston Skyscrapers Shadows Se","Houston Suburban Heights","Houston Venture","Houston Views","Houston, Heights Annex","Houstonian Estates Condo","Houstonian Homes\/Edgewood Repl","Houstons Skyscraper Shadows","Houstons Skyscraper Shadows 01","Howard Terrace","Hts\/Madison Park","Hudson Circle","Hudson Forest Sec 01 T\/H","Hudson Oaks","Hudson Oaks T\/H Condo","Hudson Oaks T\/H Condo Sec 01a","Hudson Oaks T\/H Condo Sec 01b","Hudson Oaks T\/H Condo Sec 02","Hudson Oaks T\/H Condo Sec 1b","Hudson On Bayou T\/H","Hudson Place","Huffmeister Park","Hugh Landing","Huisache Acres","Huisache Place Sec 02","Huldy Street Twnhms","Humble Acres Sec 02","Humble Estates","Humble Heights","Hunter's Grove","Hunters Court","Hunters Cove","Hunters Creek Villas","Hunters Forest","Hunters Glen","Hunters Park Sec 02","Hunters Ridge Village","Hunters Ridge Village Sec","Hunters Ridge Village Sec 01","Hunters Ridge Village Sec 03","Hunters Run Condo Ph 01","Hunters Way","Hunterwood","Hunterwood Forest","Hunterwood Forest Sec 01 Amd","Hunterwood Forest Sec 03","Hunterwood Village Sec 04 R\/P","Hunterwood Village Sec 2 & R\/P","Huntington Park Condo","Huntington Place","Huntington Place Ext","Huntington Village","Huntington Village 4","Huntington Village Patio Homes","Huntington Village Sec 01","Huntington Village Sec 02","Huntington Village Sec 03","Huntington Village Sec 03 Reserve","Huntington Village Sec 04","Huntington Village Sec 4","Huntleigh","Huntwick Forest","Huntwick Forest 1 & Rp","Huntwick Forest 6 Pt Rp","Huntwick Forest Apts Bldg 7","Huntwick Forest Sec 05","Huntwick Forest Sec 08","Huntwick Forest Sec 10 R\/P","Huntwick Forrest Sec 08","Hutchins Lndg Deux","Hutchins St Square Rep 01","Hutchins Street Square","Hutchins Street Square Rep 01","Hutchinson","Hutchinson 5 - Childress","Hwy 288 \/ Airport \/ Orem Dr","Hyde Park","Hyde Park Add","Hyde Park Annex","Hyde Park Court","Hyde Park Crescent","Hyde Park Ext","Hyde Park Ext Pt Rep 2","Hyde Park Heights","Hyde Park Main","Hyde Park Main Sec 02","Hyde Park Main Sec 03","Hyde Park Main Sec 06","Hyde Park Main Sec 6","Hyde Park Manors","Hyde Park Oaks","Hyde Park Pt Repeat #8","Hyde Park West Blk 01 Amd","Hyde Park\/Montrose","I & Gn","Iconic Landing Houses","Idle Glen U\/R","Idlewood","Idlewood Cond","Idlewood Condo","Idylwild","Idylwood","Idylwood Add","Il Palazzo","Il Palazzo Condo Amd","Imber Place","Imperial Forest","Imperial Forest Sec 3","Imperial Forest Sec 4","Imperial Forest Sec I","Imperial Frst Sec 4","Imperial Garden Sec 01","Imperial Garden Sec 02","Imperial Garden Sec 03","Imperial Green","Imperial Green Sec 01","Imperial Green Sec 1","Imperial Heights","Imperial Point","Imperial Point Sec 01","Imperial Point Sec 02","Imperial Point Sec 08","Imperial Point Sec 8","Imperial Ridge","Imperial Ridge Sec 01","Imperial Ridge Sec 1","Imperial Trace","Imperial Trace Sec 01","Imperial Trace Sec 1","Imperial Trace Sec 2","Imperial Valley Sec 02","Incoln Heights","Independence Grove","Independence Heights","Independence Heights Add","Independence Heights Annex","Independence Heights Anx","Independence Heights Homes","Independence Heights Park","Independence Heights School","Independence Home","Independence Lndg","Independence Terrace","Independent Heights","Independent Heights Add","Indian Bayou","Indian Trail","Indian Trails Sec 05","Industrial Add","Industrial Add Resub","Industrial Ctr Porter Baker","Industry Brewery Reserve A","Institute Place Gladitch","Int Common Land & Ele Parc\/Mid","Inter #1 Sec 1 Rep 1","Inter Nos 1 Sec1 Replate #1","Inter Nos One Sec 1 Rep #1","Inter Nos Sec 1","Intercontinental Reserve A","International","Intervale Vista","Inverness Forest","Inverness Forest Sec 01","Inverness Forest Sec 02","Inverness Forest Sec 04","Inverness T\/H Condo","Inwood","Inwood Colony","Inwood Court Sec 01","Inwood Forest","Inwood Forest Sec 01","Inwood Forest Sec 02","Inwood Forest Sec 03","Inwood Forest Sec 06","Inwood Forest Sec 09","Inwood Forest Sec 11","Inwood Forest Sec 12","Inwood Forest Sec 13 Rep Reserve","Inwood Forest Sec 14 R\/P","Inwood Forest Sec 15","Inwood Forest Twnhms","Inwood Forest Village","Inwood Manor Condo","Inwood Manor Condo Notice Of P","Inwood North","Inwood North 04 Sec 03 Reserve","Inwood North Sec","Inwood North Sec 01","Inwood North Sec 02","Inwood North Sec 05","Inwood North Sec 06","Inwood North Sec 07","Inwood Northwest Sec 03 03 R\/P","Inwood Northwest Sec 04 03 R\/P","Inwood Oaks","Inwood Park T\/H","Inwood Pines Condo","Inwood Pines Sec 03","Inwood Place","Inwood Terrace","Inwood Terrace Sec 01","Inwood Terrace Sec 02","Inwood Terrace Sec 03","Inwood Terrace Sec 04","Inwood Terrace Sec 07","Inwood Terrace Sec 08","Inwood Village","Inwood Village Apts","Inwood West Sec 01 R\/P","Inwood West Sec 02","Ironclad Estates At Pine","Irvington","Irvington Add","Irvington Court","Irvington Place","Isabella Court","J Austin","J Austin Surv Abs","J Callyhan","J Christy","J Decordova","J G Long Add","J M Frost Jr 1st Sub","J R Harris","J S Black","J S Collins","J T Harrell","J T Harrell Surv A-329","J Thomas","J W Asbury","J.O. Ross","Jaav Estates","Jacinto Oaks Sec 01","Jacinto Oaks Sec 03","Jackson Court T\/H Condo","Jackson Court Townhomes","Jackson Grove","Jackson Hill","Jackson Hill Concepts","Jackson Place Condos","Jacquelyn Mdws","Jacquelyn Oaks","Jacquelyn Villa","James Franklin","Jameson & Mckinney","Jamestown Colony","Jandor Garden","Janisch","Janisch Amelia","Japhet","Jardin De Angeles 02","Jeanetta Gardens","Jefferson Court","Jensen Grove","Jensen Landing","Jensen Lndg","Jensen Mills","Jersey Acres","Jesselton Point","Jm Swisher","Jm Swisher Survey","Joe Annie","Joe Winters Add","Johanna Enclave","Johanna Place","John Austin Abs","John Austin Abs 1","John Austin Surv Abs #1","John D Taylor Surv Abs 72","John Dreaper Villas","John Farmer","John L Stanley Surv Sec 19 A-7","John Schnell Surv A 742","John Schnell Surv Abs 741","Johnston Spgs","Johnston Springs","Joseph -Majumder 02","Joseph Christy Surv A-212","Josephine Street","Jr Harris","Js Black Surv Abs 124","Js Holman","Jt Harrell Surv Abs 329","Julia Grove","Julia Street Lndg","Julianah Estates","June Gardens","Jutland Sub","Jw Moody Abs 548","Kansas Landing","Kansas Ters","Karcher","Karis Village","Kashmere Garden","Kashmere Gardens","Kashmere Gardens Add","Kashmere Gardens Annex","Kashmere Gardens Ext","Kashmere Gardens Park","Kashmere Gardens\/Kohn","Kayvon Court","Keegans Glen Sec 01","Keegans Glen Sec 02","Keegans Glen Sec 03","Keegans Glen Sec 05 R\/P","Keegans Glen Sec 06 R\/P","Keegans Glen Sec 6 R\/P","Keegans Park Sec 01","Keegans Ridge Sec 1","Keegans Ridge Sec 3","Keegans Wood Sec 01 R\/P","Keegans Wood Sec 2","Keegans Wood Sec 3","Kelkind Manor Sec 01 Condo","Kelton Enclave\/Riverside","Kempwood North","Kempwood Villa T\/H","Kennedy Heights","Kennedy Heights Sec 02","Kensington","Kensington Add","Kenswick Court Condo","Kentshire Place","Kentshire Place Sec 02","Kentshire Place Sec 03","Kentshire Place Sec 1","Kentshire\/Timmerman-1163.02","Kentwood Manor","Kerry Glen","Kerry Glen Condo","Kerry Glen Condo Sec 02","Kerry Glen Condo Sec 03","Kettering Oaks","Keystone At Westend","Keystone Lofts Condo","Keystone Westend Metropolitan","Keystone\/Jackson Hill","Kiam 02 Twnhms","Kiam Court","Kiam Gardens Sec 03","Kiam Xing Sub","Kightsbridge Mews","Kimwood Place","King Estates Sec 01","King Estates Sec 03","King Estates Sec 04","King Lake Plaza","Kingdom Come Place","Kingdom Come Place Sec 01","Kingdom Come Place Sec 02","Kingdom Come Place Sec 1","Kingdom Come Place Sec 1 Parti","Kingfield","Kingfield Sec 1","Kinghurst T\/H Condo Ph 01 U\/R","Kinghurst Twnhm Condos","Kings Crossing","Kings Crossing Sec 07","Kings Crossing Sec 18 R\/P","Kings Crossing T\/H Condo Ph 01","Kings Crossing T\/H Condo Ph 02","Kings Crossing Th Condo Sec 1","Kings Forest","Kings Forest Sec 01","Kings Forest Sec 02","Kings Harbor Center","Kings Lake Forest Sec 01 R\/P","Kings Park T\/H Condo","Kings Point","Kings Point Village","Kings Point Village 01 Amd R\/P","Kings Point Village 07 Prcl R\/","Kings Point Village Sec 04","Kings Point Village Sec 05","Kings Point Village Sec 09","Kings River Estates","Kings River Estates Sec 01 Amd","Kings Village T H Condo 02 Am","Kingsbridge Court","Kingsbridge Court Sec 1","Kingsbridge Court Sec 2","Kingsbridge Crossing Sec 1","Kingsbridge Park","Kingsbridge Park Sec 01","Kingsbridge Park Sec 2","Kingsbridge Park Sec 3","Kingsbridge Village Sec 2","Kingsbridge Village Sec 4","Kingsgarden R\/P & Ext","Kingsland Estates Sec 01 U\/R","Kingspoint Sec 03","Kingspoint Village","Kingston Terrace","Kingsville Park","Kingwood Greens","Kingwood Greens Village Sec 02","Kingwood Greens Village Sec 04","Kingwood Lakes South Sec 01","Kingwood Lakes Village 04 02 R","Kingwood Place","Kingwood Place Sec 29 Prcl R\/P","Kingwood Place Village","Kingwood Place Village Sec 01","Kingwood Place Village Sec 03","Kingwood Place Village Sec 04","Kingwood Place Village Sec 05","Kingwood Village Estates Condo","Kipling Arms Condo","Kipling Arms Condo The","Kirby Commons","Kirby Landing","Kirby Lndg","Kirby Lofts Condo","Kirby W A","Kirkgard Estates","Kirkmont Sec 01","Kirkmont Sec 02","Kirkwood Country Sec 01 R\/P","Kirkwood Sec 03","Kirkwood South","Kirkwood South Sec 01","Kirkwood South Sec 02","Kirkwood South Sec 03 R\/P","Kirkwood South Sec 06","Kirkwood Village R\/P","Kittridge Estates","Klein Independent Attendance Zone","Klein Orchard","Klein Orchard 40's","Kleinbrook","Kleinbrook Sec 01","Kleinbrook Sec 04","Knights Lndg Apts","Knights Main Street Add","Knightsbridge Mews","Knoll Court","Knoll Villas At Spring Branch","Knollwood Village","Knollwood Village Sec 02","Knollwood Village Sec 04","Knollwood Village Sec 05","Knollwood Village Sec 06","Knollwood Village Sec 07","Knollwood Village Sec 08","Knollwood Village Sec 09","Knollwood Village Sec 10","Knollwood Willage Sec 01","Knox Villas","Knox Warehouses","Koehler","Kohn Add","Kohn Tr 51","Kolbe Farms","Kolbe Farms Pt Rep #5","Kolbe Farms Sub","Kolbe Park","Kolfahl Estates","Komorebi Court","Krystal Lake","Krystal Lake Estates","Krystal Lake Estates Sec 02","Kutschbach","L B Moody\/Others","L B Moodys Add","L L Reber","L Moore","L. Moore","La Aldea","La Branch Street T\/H","La Branch Street Twnhms Condo","La Estancia Rep 01","La Estancia Rep 1","La Estancta Rep 01","La Mansion\/Huffmeister Road Re","La Metta Estates","La Plaza De Midtown Reserve A","La Plaza Real","La Salette Place","La Salette Place Sec 01","La Salette Place Sec 02","La Salette Place Sec 03","La Ville St Emanuel","Lacasa Estate Sec 01 Rep 01","Lafayette Place Sec 03","Lafayette Place Sec 04","Lago Vista","Lagoon At Windwater Village","Laguna T\/H","Lahoma","Lake At Stonehenge","Lake Forest","Lake Forest Add Sec 01","Lake Forest Village","Lake Forest Village Sec 02","Lake Forest Village Sec 03","Lake Harbor","Lake Rdg Sec 04","Lake Rdg Sec 08","Lake Rdg Sec 5","Lake Rdg Sec 6","Lake Rdg Sec 7","Lake Rdg Sec 9","Lake Ridge Sec 01","Lake Ridge Sec 02","Lake Ridge Sec 03","Lake Road","Lake Road Park","Lake\/Golfcrest Sec 01","Lakecrest Condo Ph 01","Lakecrest Condo Ph 02","Lakecrest Condo Ph 03","Lakecrest Th Condo Ph 1","Lakecrest Th Condo Ph 2","Lakes At 610 Sec 02","Lakes Fondren Sw","Lakes Fondren Sw Sec 02","Lakes Of Bellaire","Lakes Of Parkway","Lakes Of Parkway Sec 19 Amend No 1","Lakes Of Pine Forest","Lakes On Eldridge","Lakes On Eldridge North","Lakes On Eldridge North Sec","Lakes On Eldridge North Sec 08","Lakes On Eldridge North Sec 09","Lakes On Eldridge North Sec 10","Lakes On Eldridge Sec 02 Amd","Lakes On Eldridge Sec 06 Amd","Lakes On Eldridge Sec 13","Lakes On Eldridge Sec 16","Lakes On Eldridge Sec 17 R\/P","Lakes On Eldridge Sec 18","Lakes On Eldridge Sec 2","Lakes On Eldridge Sec 3","Lakes Pine Forest Sec 01","Lakes Pine Forest Sec 02","Lakes\/Bellaire Sec 02","Lakes\/Bellaire Sec 04","Lakes\/Bellaire Sec 1","Lakes\/Bellaire Sec 2","Lakes\/Eldridge North Sec 16","Lakes\/Eldridge Sec 18","Lakes\/Parkway","Lakes\/Parkway Sec 11","Lakes\/Parkway Sec 15","Lakes\/Parkway Sec 18","Lakes\/Parkway Sec 19","Lakes\/Pine Forest","Lakes\/Pine Forest Sec 04","Lakes\/Pine Forest Sec 06","Lakes\/Pine Forest Sec 3","Lakes\/Pine Forest Sec 4","Lakeshore","Lakeshore Sec 01","Lakeshore Sec 04","Lakeshore Sec 05","Lakeshore Sec 09","Lakeshore Sec 1","Lakeshore Sec 10","Lakeshore Sec 15","Lakeshore Sec 16","Lakeshore Sec 2","Lakeshore Sec 5","Lakeside Court","Lakeside Enclave R\/P","Lakeside Estates","Lakeside Estates Sec 02","Lakeside Estates T\/H","Lakeside Estates T\/H Sec 01 R\/","Lakeside Forest","Lakeside Forest Sec 01","Lakeside Forest Sec 02","Lakeside Forest Sec 03","Lakeside Green","Lakeside Green Condo Amd","Lakeside Manor Sec 01","Lakeside Manor Sec 03","Lakeside Place","Lakeside Place Sec 01","Lakeside Place Sec 03","Lakeside Place Sec 04","Lakeside Place Sec 05","Lakeside Th","Lakeview","Lakeview Forest Sec 01","Lakeview Sec 01","Lakewood Cove Sec 01","Lakewood Cove Sec 02","Lakewood Crossing","Lakewood Forest","Lakewood Forest Patio Homes","Lakewood Forest Sec 01","Lakewood Forest Sec 02","Lakewood Forest Sec 06","Lakewood Forest Sec 07","Lakewood Forest Sec 08","Lakewood Forest Sec 09","Lakewood Forest Sec 11","Lakewood Forest Sec 12","Lakewood Heights","Lakewood Heights Sec 01","Lakewood Heights Sec 02","Lakewood Heights Sec 03 R\/P","Lakewood Heights Sec 04","Lakewood Heights Sec 05","Lakewood Pines","Lakewood Pines Sec 1","Lakewood Pines Sec 3","Lakewood Pines Sec 4","Lakewood Pines Sec 5","Lakewood Pines Sec 7","Lakewood Pines Sec 8","Lakewood Pines Sec 9","Lakewood Village Estates","Lakewood Xing Sec 05","Lamar Add","Lamar Court","Lamar Live Oak Crest","Lamar Terrace","Lamar Tower Condo","Lamar Tower Condo Amd","Lancaster Place","Lancaster Place Ext 03","Lancaster Place Ext Sec 02","Lancaster Place\/ Museum District","Lancer Condo","Land & Ele Arabella Condo","Landing At La Branch T H","Landing At Lillain Sec 02","Landing At Tidwell","Landing On Mckinley","Landing Pk\/West 15th Street","Landing\/19th","Lanewood Heights","Lanewood Place","Langerman","Langham Creek","Langham Creek Colony 01 Prcl R","Langham Creek Colony T\/H Sec","Langham Creek Colony T\/H Sec 0","Langham Creek Estates","Langley Road Place Sec 01","Langston Court Sub","Langston Place","Langston Place Sec 01","Langwood","Langwood Sec 01","Langwood Sec 01 R\/P","Langwood Sec 02","Langwood Sec 03","Larchmont","Larchmont Sec 01","Larkin Arabelle Views","Larkin City Views","Larkin Court Estates","Larkin Landing","Larkin Place","Larkin Square","Larkin Street Townhomes","Larkspur","Larkspur Villas","Larkspur Xing","Larkstone Place","Larkwood","Larkwood Sec 01","Las Alamedas","Las Brisas","Las Terrazas 02","Laura Koppe Place","Laurel Heights","Laurel Oaks","Laurel Oaks Sec 01","Laurel Oaks Sec 03","Laurel Oaks Sec 04","Laurel Oaks Sec 05 Amd","Laurel Oaks Sec 06","Laverne Park Ii","Laverne Street Court","Law Street Landing","Law Street Lndg","Lawndale","Lawndale Estates","Lawnview","Lazy Oaks Sec 02","Lazy Spring Acres","Lazybrook","Lazybrook Sec 07","Lazybrook Sec 08","Lazybrook Sec 09","Lazybrook Sec 5","Le Jardin T\/H Condo","Leader Crossing","Leago","League J C","Leawood","Leawood Condo","Leawood Condo Sec","Leawood Condo Sec 01","Leawood Condo Sec 02","Leawood Condo Sec 1","Leawood Condos 02","Leawood Condos I","Leawood Sec 04","Leawood Sec 05","Leawood West","Leawoods","Lee Ho","Lee Ho Twnhms","Lee Sub Tr B","Leeland Bell Landing","Leeland Bell Lndg","Leeland Garden","Leeland Gardens Sec 02","Leeland Park","Legacy Park","Legend Lane T\/H R\/P","Lekeside Court","Leland Woods Sec 01","Leland Woods Sec 02","Leland Woods Sec 1","Lemans T\/H Condo","Lenox","Lenox Add","Lenox Grove","Letein Street Grove","Lewis Samuel","Lewisdale","Lexenhome West 23","Lexington Place","Liberty","Liberty Garden","Liberty Garden Road","Liberty Garden Un 3","Liberty Gardens","Liberty Gardens Ext","Liberty Gardens Ext Sec 01","Liberty Gardens Ext Sec 02","Liberty Gardens Sec 01","Liberty Gardens Sec 02","Liberty Gardens Sec 1 Par R\/P","Liberty Heights","Liberty Heights Sec 01","Liberty Heights Sec 02","Liberty Heights Sec 03","Liberty Lakes","Liberty Lakes Sec 03","Liberty Lakes Sec 04","Liberty Lakes Sec 08","Liberty Lakes Sec 09","Liberty Lakes Sec 10","Liberty Lakes Sec 3","Liberty Lakes Sec 4","Liberty Rd Gardens","Liberty Road Estates","Liberty Road Garden","Liberty Road Manor","Liberty Road Manor 14 Thru 23","Liberty Road Manor Sec 01","Liberty Road Manor Sec 03 U\/R","Liberty Road Manor Sec 05","Liberty Road Manor Sec 05javascript:__Do","Liberty Road Manor Sec 06","Liberty Road Manor Sec 07 U\/R","Liberty Road Manor Sec 14","Liberty Road Manor Sec 15","Liberty Road Manor Sec 17 U\/R","Liberty Road Manor Sec 18","Liberty Road Manor Sec 18 U\/R","Liberty Road Manor Sec 19 U\/R","Liberty Road Manor Sec 20","Liberty Road Manor Sec 21 U\/R","Liberty Road Manor Sec 22 U\/R","Liberty Road Manor Sec 23 U\/R","Liberty Road Manor Sec 25 U\/R","Liberty Road Manor Sec 5","Liberty Road Manor Sec 6","Liberty Terrace","Lilleux Add U\/R","Lillian Courtyard Gardens","Lillian Rose Court","Lincoln City","Lincoln City Sec 01","Lincoln City Sec 02","Lincoln City Sec 03","Lincoln City Sec 04","Lincoln City Sec 05","Lincoln City Sec 07","Lincoln City Sec 4","Lincoln Green East","Lincoln Green East Sec 01","Lincoln Green Estates Sec 01","Lincoln Green Place Sec 01","Lincoln Green South","Lincoln Green South Sec 01","Lincoln Heights","Lincoln Heights Add","Lincoln Park","Lincoln Park Farms","Lincon Green","Lindale","Lindale Court","Lindale Oaks","Lindale Park","Lindale Park 1","Lindale Park 5","Lindale Park Sec","Lindale Park Sec 01","Lindale Park Sec 02","Lindale Park Sec 03","Lindale Park Sec 05","Lindale Park Sec 06","Lindale Park Sec 07","Linden Lea","Linden Lea Sec 2 Pt Repla","Link Court Estates","Linkwood","Linnfield","Linnfield Sec 03","Lismar Acres","Little & Dickinson","Little City","Little House Row","Little Thicket Condo","Little York 03 Tr","Little York Acres","Little York Annex","Live Oak Landing","Live Oak Lofts","Live Oak Lofts Condo 2nd Amd","Live Oak Lofts Condo 2nd Ame","Live Oak Lofts Condo 2nd Amend","Live Oak Terrace","Liverpool Homes","Living Centers\/Texas Inc Reser","Livingston Estates","Lizzieton Terrace","Lockhart","Lockhart Connor & Barziza","Lockhart\/ Navigation","Lockwood","Lofts On Post Oak","Lofts\/Post Oak","London Court","London House","London T\/H","London Th Cond","Long Point Acres","Long Point Acres Pt Repla","Long Point Oaks","Long Point Woods","Long Point Woods 2","Long Point Woods Sec 02","Long Point Woods Sec 03","Longmont","Longwoods","Longwoods Sec 02","Lonoke Place","Lorraine Vista","Lot 12 Block 1","Lot 40, Block 23","Lou Ellen Park","Louisville Court Condo","Louvre Residences","Lovejoy Townsite","Loveland","Lovett Blvd T\/H","Lovett Place Condo","Lovett Square Condominium","Lovett Square Twnhm","Lovette Square Condo","Lowell Acres","Lowell Heights","Lowell Street Anx","Lower City","Lt 1 & Tr 2a Blk 58 Montrose","Lubbock","Lubbock Grove","Lubbock J B","Lucky Place","Lugary Place","Luisa Court","Luke Moore 1 League Surv Abs #","Luke Moore League A-51","Luke Moore Surv Abs 51","Lula B Mccomb Add","Lula Estates","Lum Terrace","Lum Terrace R\/P","Lumber Lane","Lumber Lane Sec 02","Lumber Lane Trs 17b&18a","Lunnon","Lynbrook Manor Condo Ph 01","Lynbrook Manor Condo Ph 02","Lynbrook Manor Condo Ph 03","Lynbrook Manor Ph 03","Lynn Park","Lynn Park Annex","Lyons Redev Thirtynninth Venture","Lyons Redev Twentyninth Venture","Lyons Redev Twentysecond Ventures","M L Parker Partition","M Merritt","M5250","Mac Gregor West","Macgregor & Demeritts Southmo","Macgregor Area Cdc Reserve A","Macgregor Blodgett Park 2","Macgregor Blodgett Park Sec 01","Macgregor Holman Ol 30","Macgregor Palms","Macgregor Palms Sec 01","Macgregor Palms Sec 02","Macgregor Palms Sec 03","Macgregor Park Estates Sec 0","Macgregor Park Estates Sec 02","Macgregor Park Estates Sec 03","Macgregor Park Estates Sec 04","Macgregor Place","Macgregor Place Sec 01","Macgregor Place Sec 02","Macgregor Place Sec 03","Macgregor South End","Macgregor Terrace","Macgregor Terrace Sec","Macgregor Terrace Sec 01","Macgregor Terrace Sec 02","Macgregor Terrace Sec 03","Madeline Place Sub","Madera Villas","Madison Place T\/H U\/R","Madrid Villas","Maggie Meadows","Magnolia","Magnolia Add","Magnolia Add Pt Rep #1","Magnolia Gardens","Magnolia Grove","Magnolia Park","Magnolia Park Ol","Magnolia Park Prcl R\/P","Magnolia Park Sec 02","Magnolia Park Sec 2","Magnolia Park Sub Sec 2","Magnolia Point U\/R R\/P","Magnolia T\/H Condo","Magnolia\/Fleur Gardens","Mahsa Amini","Mai Garden Terrace","Main Condo 03 Amd","Mainer Villas","Majestic Estates Sec 2","Majestic Oaks","Majorie Manor","Mallow Green","Mallow Place","Malpewood South Sec 03","Malvern Landing","Manchester","Mandell Place","Mandell T\/H Condo","Mandolin Park","Mandolin Park Sec 01","Mandolin Village","Mandolin Village 01","Manfre Court","Mangum Manor Sec 01","Mangum Manor Sec 02 R\/P","Mangum Place","Mangum Place Sec 03","Mangum Plaza","Manhattan","Manhattan Condo Amd","Manor Park","Manors At Audubon","Manors Of Austin Green","Manors On Peden","Manors On Weiss","Manors\/Austin Green","Manors\/Banning","Manors\/Blodgett Street","Manors\/Darling Cohn","Manors\/Del Rio","Manors\/Hyde Park","Manors\/Lanark Lane","Manors\/Mid Lane","Mansfield Add","Mansfield Court","Mansfield Oaks U\/R","Mansfield Park","Mansfield Pk","Mansfield Square","Manshester","Mansions Shadowbriar Condo","Mansions\/Shadowbriar","Manzano Commercial Reserve","Maple Rdg Place Sec 01","Maple Rdg Place Sec 03","Maple Rdg Place Sec 04","Maple Rdg Place Sec 5","Maple Trace Sec 01","Maple Village","Maplewood","Maplewood 13 Rp","Maplewood North","Maplewood North Sec 01","Maplewood North Sec 02","Maplewood Sec 03","Maplewood Sec 05","Maplewood Sec 09","Maplewood Sec 10","Maplewood Sec 12","Maplewood Sec 15","Maplewood Sec 3","Maplewood South","Maplewood South Sec 02","Maplewood South Sec 03","Maplewood South Sec 04","Maplewood South Sec 05","Maplewood South Sec 06","Maplewood South Sec 07 R\/P","Maplewood South Sec 07 Rep","Maplewood South Sec 08","Maplewood Square Condo","Maplewood West R\/P","Marbella","Marble Arch","Marble Arch Cond","Marble Arch Condo","Marble Gate Court","Marconi Avenue T\/H","Marconi Park","Marcus Place","Marcus Place Sec 02","Maredia Homes\/Edward Street","Maredia Homes\/Prospect Street","Margarita Estates","Marian Oaks","Marilyn Estates","Marilyn Estates Sec 01","Marilyn Estates Sec 05","Marilyn Estates Sec 06","Marilyn Estates Sec 07","Marina Lndg","Marina Street Condos","Marjorie Clark","Marjorie Views","Mark","Mark Condo 01 Amd","Market Street Gardens Ext 02","Marlborough Square","Marlborough Square Condo Ph 02","Marlive Lane Grove","Marlowe","Marlowe Condominiums","Marlowe Condos","Marquee Uptown Apartments","Marriott Courtyard Reserve B","Martin Court","Martin Jno Austin","Martin Street Grove","Martindale Dreams","Marvin Gardens On Goliad","Marwood","Marwood Village","Mary Eleanor","Mary Francis","Mary Phillips U\/R","Mary Street Villas","Marywood Sec 01","Mason Mills","Mason Park Sec A","Mason Park Sec B","Mason Park Terrace","Mason Park Terrace E","Mason Park Terrace Sec C","Mason Park Terrace Sec D R\/P","Massaad Group","Massey Wm","Matthews","Matthews W B S M Harris","Mauna Loa Gardens","Maxcy Estates Sec 01","Maxey & Plunkett","Maxfield Place","Maxie Square","Maxie Street Twnhms","Maxie Twnhms","Maxroy Mews","Maybell Court","Maybell Estates","Maybell Homes","Mayde Creek Farms","Mayde Creek Farms Sec 01","Mayfair","Mayfair Park","Mayfair Sec 01","Mayflower Landing","Mb Terrell Surv Abs #772","Mb Terrell Surv Abs 772","Mc Comb L B Kelton","Mc Corquodale Unr","Mc Dow","Mc Gowan N S B B","Mcclendon Park","Mcclendon Park Village","Mccomb","Mccomb L B","Mccue Condos","Mcfarland Courts","Mcgowen","Mcgowen Homes","Mcgowen Street Lndg","Mckee","Mckee Add","Mckendree Park","Mckendree Park Sec 01","Mckendree Park Sec 02","Mckendree Park Sec 1","Mckinne Estates","Mckinney Court Homes","Mckinney Manors","Mckinney Park Homes","Mckinney Place","Mckinney Twnhms","Mckinney Village","Mckutz Way At Anita","Mclean Place","Meadow Briar","Meadow Briar Sec 01","Meadow Briar Sec 02","Meadow Chase Condo","Meadow Chase Condo 02 Amd","Meadow Creek Village Sec 02","Meadow Creek Village Sec 02 R\/","Meadow Green Sec 03","Meadow Lea","Meadow Lea Annex Sec 01","Meadow Lea Annex Sec 02","Meadow Lea Anx","Meadow Park Alief","Meadow Street Twnhms 01","Meadow Street Twnhms Amended","Meadow Village Sec 03","Meadow Vista Sec 02","Meadow Vista Sec 03","Meadow\/Mews Sec 01 Reserve A","Meadowalk","Meadowalk T\/H Condo","Meadowbrook","Meadowbrook D","Meadowbrook Freeway","Meadowbrook Fwy","Meadowbrook Fwy Reserve C","Meadowbrook Fwy Sec 03","Meadowbrook Sec 02a","Meadowbrook Sec A","Meadowbrook Sec C","Meadowbrook Sec E","Meadowbrook Sec G","Meadowcreek Village","Meadowcreek Village 01c Sec 02","Meadowcreek Village Resub Blk 3","Meadowcreek Village Sec","Meadowcreek Village Sec 01","Meadowcreek Village Sec 11","Meadowcreek Woods T\/H Condo","Meadowgreen","Meadowgreen 3","Meadowgreen Sec 01","Meadowgreen Sec 02","Meadowlake Mobile Hm Village 0","Meadowlake Mobile Hms Village","Meadowood Estates","Meadowridge Condo","Meadows Clear Creek Sec 01","Meadows Clear Creek Sec 02","Meadows Northwest Park 02","Meadows Northwest Park 04","Meadows On Memorial","Meadows On Mews","Meadows On Mews Sec 01","Meadows On The Mews","Meadows\/Mews Sec 01","Meadowview Farms","Meadowview Farms Sec 04","Meadowview Farms Sec 05","Meadowview Farms Sec 07","Meadowview Farms Sec 2","Meadowview Farms Sec 8","Med Center Moderno","Medical Center","Medical Center Garden Homes","Medical Center Lodge R\/P","Medical Center Th Condo 01amen","Mediterranean Forest Sub","Mediterranean Villas","Mediterranean Villas Condo","Megan Place","Meineke","Meineke 2 Blk 42","Meisterwood","Meisterwood R\/P","Melbourne Place","Melbourne Place Sec 02","Melbourne Place Sec 03","Melbourne Place Sec 2","Melbourne Villas","Melissa Grace Gardens","Mellus Square","Melody Oaks Pt Rep 9 Amd","Melrose Gardens","Melrose Park","Melsys","Memoial Bend","Memorial Ashford T\/H","Memorial Ashford T\/H R\/P","Memorial Bend","Memorial Bend Place","Memorial Bend Place Condo","Memorial Bend Sec 01","Memorial Bend Sec 03","Memorial Bend Sec 03 R\/P","Memorial Bend Sec 1","Memorial Chase Sec 03","Memorial City Sec 7 Residence A","Memorial Club","Memorial Club T\/H","Memorial Club T\/H Sec 01","Memorial Club T\/H Sec 02","Memorial Club T\/H Sec 1","Memorial Club Th 2","Memorial Club Twnhses Sec 01","Memorial Club West Reaerve A","Memorial Club West Reserve A","Memorial Condo","Memorial Drive Acres","Memorial Drive Acres Sec 02 U\/","Memorial Drive Acres Sec 1","Memorial Drive T\/H","Memorial Drive Townhouses","Memorial Estates","Memorial Forest","Memorial Forest Sec 01","Memorial Glen Sec 03","Memorial Glen Sec 1","Memorial Green","Memorial Green Condo","Memorial Green Sec 2","Memorial Grove Condo","Memorial Heights","Memorial Heights Sec 06","Memorial Heights Sec 09","Memorial Heights Sec 09 Amd","Memorial Heights Villas","Memorial Hills Sec 01","Memorial Hills Sec 02","Memorial Hills Sec 04","Memorial Hollow","Memorial Hollow Sec 01","Memorial Hollow Sec 05 R\/P","Memorial Hts Villas Amending P","Memorial Meadows","Memorial Oaks T\/H Condo","Memorial Park","Memorial Park Apt Condos","Memorial Park Village","Memorial Place T\/H R\/P & Ext","Memorial Place Townhomes","Memorial Plaza","Memorial Plaza Sec 01","Memorial Spg Th Condo","Memorial Spring","Memorial Terrace","Memorial Thicket","Memorial Thicket Sec 01","Memorial Thicket Sec 03","Memorial Timbers","Memorial Townhomes At Verdi","Memorial Valley","Memorial Valley Sec 01","Memorial Village","Memorial Village Sec 01","Memorial Village T\/H","Memorial Village T\/H Sec 01 R\/","Memorial Village T\/H Sec 02 R\/","Memorial Villages","Memorial Way","Memorial Way Unrestricted","Memorial West Houston- Energy Corridor","Memorial Woods Condo","Memorial Woods T\/H","Menefee","Mercer I Condo","Meredith Manor","Merfish Colorado","Meridian On Clear Lake","Meridien\/Crocker","Merkels","Merkels Sec 01","Merkels Sec 03","Metropolis Condo Amd","Metropolitan Lofts","Mews At Mcilhenny Amd","Meyercrest","Meyerland","Meyerland 8 Rp Pt Blk 1","Meyerland Sec 01","Meyerland Sec 02","Meyerland Sec 03","Meyerland Sec 04","Meyerland Sec 05","Meyerland Sec 06","Meyerland Sec 06b","Meyerland Sec 07 R\/P A","Meyerland Sec 07 R\/P C","Meyerland Sec 08 R\/P A","Meyerland Sec 08 R\/P C","Meyerland Sec 08 R\/P E","Meyerland Sec 08 R\/P H","Meyerland Sec 08 R\/P I","Meyerland Sec 08 Rep A","Meyerland Sec 08 Rep F","Meyerland Sec 10","Meyers Estates","Micacle Hope-Fourth Ward","Miceli R","Michaud Mm","Michelles Corner","Mid Lane Commons","Mid Lane Square Condo","Middle Court","Middle East Fronds At Forty Third Street","Middlebrook","Middlebrook Sec 01","Middlebrook Sec 01 R\/P","Middlebrook Sec 02","Midmain Reserve A","Midtown","Midtown Elevated","Midtown Grove Sub Reserve A","Midtown Lofts Sec 4","Midtown Park T H","Midtown Place","Midtown Village","Midtown\/Museum District","Milan Place","Milby Park","Millennium Homes At Birdsall","Millennium Homes On Bomar Ave","Millennium Patio Homes On Kiam","Millennium Patio Homes\/Malone","Millennium Patio Homes\/Petty","Millennium Uptown Reserve A","Millennium Villas\/Gibson","Miller","Millridge North","Mills Branch Village","Mills Branch Village 03 Amd","Mills Branch Village Sec 01","Mills Branch Village Sec 02 Am","Mills Branch Village Sec 04","Mills Branch Village Sec 05","Mills Branch Village Sec 2","Mills Creek Crossing","Mills Creek Village Sec 01","Mills Creek Village Sec 02","Mills Creek Village Sec 03","Mills Creek Village Sec 04","Mills Crk Village Sec 05","Mills Crk Xing Sec 1","Mills Crk Xing Sec 2","Mills Crk Xing,Mills Creek Crossing","Mills Lndg Sec 02","Mills Road Xing Reserve B","Mills Square","Mills Walk","Milroy Place","Milwee Meadow","Mimosa Place Th","Mimosa Terrace","Mims","Minnetex Place","Miracle Hope-Fourth Ward","Miramar T\/H","Mission Bend","Mission Bend Cabildo Square","Mission Bend Cabildo Square 01","Mission Bend Cabildo Square 02","Mission Bend Los Patios","Mission Bend Los Patios Sec 01","Mission Bend Mission Leona Sec 2","Mission Bend North","Mission Bend North Sec 01","Mission Bend North Sec 03","Mission Bend San Gabriel Sec 0","Mission Bend San Miguel","Mission Bend San Miguel Sec","Mission Bend San Miguel Sec 1","Mission Bend San Miguel Sec 4","Mission Bend San Miguel Sec 5","Mission Bend San Miguel Sec 6","Mission Bend San Miguel Sec 7","Mission Bend Sec 01","Mission Bend Sec 03","Mission Bend Sec 05","Mission Bend Sec 06","Mission Bend Sec 07","Mission Bend Sec 10","Mission Bend Sec 4","Mission Bend Sec 6","Mission Bend Sec 8","Mission Bend Sec 9","Mission Bend South","Mission Bend South Sec 2","Mission Bend South Sec 3","Mission Bend South Sec 4","Mission Bnd Lost Patios Sec 01","Mission Gardens Sec 1","Mission Glen","Mission Glen Estates","Mission Glen Estates Sec 1","Mission Glen Estates Sec 2","Mission Glen Reserves","Mission Glen Reserves Sec 2","Mission Glen Sec 1","Mission Glen Sec 2","Mission Glen Sec 3","Mission Green North Sec 1","Mission West","Mission West Sec 1","Mission West Sec 3","Mittlesteadt Estates","Mocking Bird & Rp","Modern At Delano","Modern At Mckinney","Modern Farmhomes Of Hutchins","Modern On Mcgowen","Modern On Nagle","Modern\/Mcgowen","Moderno At Tidwell","Moderno Englewood Place","Moderno Houston Plaza Sub","Moderno\/Tidwell","Moguns\/Paradise","Monarch Estates Sec 03","Monarch Oaks","Monarch Oaks Pt Sec 03 Rep","Mondrian\/The Museums","Montalbano","Montclair","Montclair R\/P","Montclair Resub 1 2 Pt 3","Montebello Condo","Monterra Condo","Montgomery Terrace Tr A U\/R","Montgomery Terrace Tr B U\/R","Montgomery Terrace Tr C U\/R","Monticello","Monticello Add","Montione Villas","Montlew Place","Montreal Place","Montreal Place Condo","Montreal Place Condo Ph 01","Montreal Place Condo Ph 1 &","Montreal Place Condos Ph 02","Montrose","Montrose Add Amd","Montrose Annex","Montrose Anx Add","Montrose Place","Montrose Place T\/H Condo","Montrose Terrace","Montrose\/ Museum\/ Midtown","Montrose\/Midtown","Montrose\/Museum Condo","Montrose\/Museum\/Midtown","Moody J W","Moore Acres","Morgan","Morgan Fair","Moritz Park Sub","Moritz Village T\/H Condo","Morningside Place","Morningside Place 01 Prcl Rp A","Morningside Place Sec 02","Morocco Estates","Morrison Midrise","Morse Villas","Morse Vista","Mosaic Master Condo","Mosaic On Hermann Park","Mosaic Residential North Condo","Moss Oaks Sec 02","Mossy Oaks Estates","Mossy Oaks Estates U\/R","Mount Royal Village Sec 02","Mount Royal Village Sec 1","Mount Royal Village Sec 6","Mount Vernon Montrose Lofts","Moy Studer","Mt Olive Worship Center","Muller","Museum Blvd","Museum Disctrict","Museum District","Museum District Towers","Museum Park Palm Place","Museum Place","Museum Urban Lofts Amd Place","Museum Walk Rep 01","Mykawa","Mykawa Comm Center","Mykawa Estates","N Braeswood Condo","N. Shadydale, Warwier Bristol","Nagle Oaks","Nagle Settegast Villas","Nagle Street Manor","Nantucket Condo","Nantucket Manor Sub Rep #1","Nantucket Park","Nantucket Square Condo Ph","Nantucket Square Condo Ph 01","Naomi Ave Place","Naomi Place","Naomi Place Sec 04 Rep 02 01","Napoleon Villas","Nashua Street Add","Nassar Add","Nassau Bay","Nassau Bay \/ Swan Lagoon","Nassau Bay Sec 01","Nassau Bay Sec 05","Nassau Bay Sec 06","Nassau Bay Sec 07","Nassau Bay Sec 08","Natchez Enclave\/Riverside","Navigation","Navigation Add","Near North East","Neartown-Montrose","Nebula Heights","Neils Esperson Indust Dist","Neuen Manor","Neuen Manor 19th Par R\/P","Neuen Manor Pt Rep #12","Neuen Manor Pt Rep #18","Neuen Manor Pt Rep #20","Neuen Manor Pt Rep #3","New Castle At Town Plaza Ph","New Castle At Town Plaza Ph 02","New Castle At Towne Plaza Condo","New Forest Sec 01","New Forest Sec 2","New Forest West Sec 01","New Forest West Sec 1","New Forest West Sec 2","New Gold Development","New Haven Views","New Heights Village-Anc Homes","New Leaf Place","New Leaf Place Sec 01","New Leaf Place T\/H Sec 03 U\/R","New Leaf-Brookglade Condo","New Leaf-Brookglade Condos","New Orleans Villas","Newcastle Courts","Newcastle Courts Pt Rep 2","Newcastle Courts Sec 02","Newcastle\/Towne Plaza","Newhaven Place","Newhaven Place Pt Rep","Newmann Oaks","Neyland Views","Nichols Gregg","Nicholson Place In The Heights","Nicholson Street Twnhms","Nicholson Trls","Nine Oaks Condo","No Know Subdivision","Noah Peaks","Noah Plaza Estates","Noah Realnest Estates","Noah Woods Estates","Nob Hill","Nobility Park","Nobility Park Rep 1","Nobility Park Sub","Noble","Noble Estates","Noble Lofts","Nolda Court Twnhms","Norchester","Norchester Sec 01","Norchester Sec 02 R\/P","Norchester Sec 03","Norchester South","Norchester Village T\/H","Norfolk Summit","Norham","Norhill","Normandy Crossing","Normandy Place","North Eado","North Enclave At Westminster Village","North Ennis Twnhms","North Forest","North Forest Sec 01","North Forest Sec 03","North Kingwood Forest","North Macgregor Oaks","North Main Street","North Moderno","North Moderno Amd #1","North Norhill","North Norhill Add","North Oaks","North Park","North Park Add","North Park Drive-9613.01","North Park Forest Reserve M Sec 2","North Post Oak Estates","North Post Oak Estates Amd P","North Post Oak Terrace","North Post Oaks Estates Amd","North Rosemont","North Shadydale","North Shadydale Ext Sec 01","North Shadydale Ext Sec 02","North View Sec 01","North View West Sec 01","North View West Sec 02","Northampton Place Sec 02 R\/P","Northborough Sec 03","Northborough Sec 2","Northborough Village Sec 01","Northborough Village Sec 02","Northborough Village Sec 03","Northbrook Patio Homes Sec 01","Northbrook Village","Northbrook Village Ph 01","Northbrook Village Ph 02","Northbrook Village Sec 01 Ph 01","Northcliffe","Northcliffe Manor","Northcliffe Manor Sec 01","Northcliffe Manor Sec 02 Prcl","Northcliffe Manor Sec 03 R\/P","Northcliffe Manor Sec 06","Northcliffe Sec 01","Northcliffe Sec 02","Northew Square","Northfield","Northfield Patio Homes","Northfield Patio Homes Sec 0","Northfield Patio Homes Sec 01","Northfield Place","Northfork","Northfork Sec 02","Northfork Sec 03","Northfork Sec 05","Northfork Sec 06","Northfork Sec 6","Northgate Forest","Northgate Forest Ph 01 R\/P","Northglen Sec 01","Northglen Sec 02","Northglen Sec 03 R\/P","Northglen Sec 03 Rep","Northglen Sec 04 R\/P","Northglen Sec 05","Northglen Sec 06 R\/P Amd","Northington Estates","Northline Terrace","Northline Terrace Sec 01","Northline Terrace Sec 03","Northmore","Northmore Add","Northridge Park Sec 01","Northridge Park West","Northridge Park West Sec 03","Northridge Park West Sec 04","Northshore Ext","Northside","Northside Estates","Northside Park","Northside Village","Northside Village, Sharman Tract","Northview Place","Northview Place Sec 01","Northview Place Sec 06","Northview Place Sec 6","Northwest Mangum Apts Reserve","Northwest Park","Northwest Park Colony","Northwest Park Place Sec 03","Northwest Park Place Sec 04","Northwest Park Sec 01","Northwest Park Sec 02","Northwest Park Sec 04","Northwest Park Sec 07 R\/P & Ext","Northwest Park Sec 10","Northwest Place Estates","Northwood Estates","Northwood Forest","Northwood Forest T\/H U\/R","Northwood Manor","Northwood Manor Sec 01","Northwood Manor Sec 02","Northwood Manor Sec 06","Northwood Manor Sec 07","Northwood Manor Sec 08","Northwood Manor Sec 2","Northwood Street Park","Norwood Meadows","Not Available","Not Coded","Nottingham","Nottingham Forest","Nottingham Forest Sec 01","Nottingham Forest Sec 02","Nottingham Forest Sec 03","Nottingham Forest Sec 07","Nottingham Forest Sec 08","Nottingham Forest T\/H","Nottingham Sec 03","Nottingham West","Nottingham West Sec 01 R\/P","Nottingham West Sec 02","Nottingham West Sec 03 R\/P","Nottingham West Sec 3","Nsbb","Nuben Villas","O P Kelton","O S T Acres Sec 02","Oak Acres","Oak Cliff Place","Oak Cliff Place Sec 01","Oak Cliff Place Sec 02","Oak Creek Village","Oak Creek Village Sec 01","Oak Creek Village Sec 02","Oak Creek Village Sec 04","Oak Crk Village Sec 01","Oak Estates","Oak Forest","Oak Forest 13","Oak Forest 6","Oak Forest Add","Oak Forest Add Sec 01","Oak Forest Add Sec 06","Oak Forest Add Sec 13","Oak Forest East Area","Oak Forest Manor","Oak Forest Sec 01","Oak Forest Sec 02","Oak Forest Sec 03","Oak Forest Sec 04","Oak Forest Sec 05","Oak Forest Sec 06","Oak Forest Sec 07","Oak Forest Sec 08","Oak Forest Sec 09","Oak Forest Sec 10","Oak Forest Sec 11","Oak Forest Sec 12","Oak Forest Sec 13","Oak Forest Sec 14","Oak Forest Sec 15","Oak Forest Sec 16","Oak Forest Sec 17","Oak Forest Sec 17 R\/P","Oak Forest Sec 18","Oak Forest Sec 9","Oak Forest Sec Add 09","Oak Frst\/La Sierra","Oak Grove Garden Homes","Oak Grove Park","Oak Harbor","Oak Heights","Oak Hill","Oak Lake Pointe","Oak Lane Condo","Oak Lane Condos","Oak Lawn","Oak Lawn Add","Oak Lndg Sec 01","Oak Manor","Oak Manor Sec 02","Oak Meadows","Oak Meadows Sec 01","Oak Meadows Sec 02","Oak Meadows Sec 03","Oak Park","Oak Park Place","Oak Park Place Sec 01 Amd","Oak Park Rdg Sec 05","Oak Park Ridge","Oak Park Ridge Sec 04","Oak Place Court Sec 08","Oak Rdg Place Sec 07","Oak Ridge Place","Oak Ridge Place Sec 02","Oak Ridge Place Sec 05 Amd","Oak Ridge Place Sec 06","Oak Ridge Ranch Manor","Oak Shadows Houston","Oak Street Court","Oak Street Heights","Oak Trails T\/H Amend","Oak Tree T\/H Condo","Oak Tree Th Condo","Oak Trls Twnhms","Oakbrook West","Oakbrook West Sec 02","Oakbrook West Sec 03","Oakdale Twnhms","Oakdee","Oakland Place","Oakland Plaza Sec 01","Oaklane Acres","Oaklawn","Oaklawn Add","Oaklawn Annex","Oakmont","Oakridge","Oaks At Laverne","Oaks At West University","Oaks Fleetwood T\/H","Oaks Greenway","Oaks Inwood","Oaks Of Huntwick","Oaks Of Lakewood","Oaks Of Lawndale","Oaks Of Park Row","Oaks Of Shady Acres","Oaks On Kirkwood Condo","Oaks Woodlake Condo","Oaks Woodlake Condo Sec 01","Oaks Woodlake Condo Sec 02","Oaks\/Lehman","Oaks\/Lehman Reserve A","Oaks\/Pk Row","Oaks\/Pk Row Amd #1","Oaks\/Woodlake Condos","Oakshire Lndg","Oaktree Place","Oakwilde","Oakwilde Sec 01","Oakwilde Sec 04","Oakwood","Oakwood Add","Oakwood Ext 1","Oakwood Forest Sec 01","Oakwood Forest Sec 03","Oakwood Gardens Condo","Oakwood Gardens Condo Llc","Oakwood Gardens Condo Regime","Oakwood Gardens Llc Condo","Oasis\/Macgregror Place Amendin","Obedience Smith Surv Abs 696","Ojeman Place Tr D","Ojemann\/Wright","Old Bridge Lake","Olde Oaks","Olde Oaks Sec 01","Olde Oaks Sec 02","Olde Oaks Sec 03","Olde Oaks Sec 04","Oleander Heights","Olive Hill Court Amd","Oliver & Dreyling","Olympia Sec 01","One Ashford Place Condo Ph 01","One Ashford Place Condo Ph 02","One Hundred Roy St Th","One Montreal Condo Ph A","One Montreal Condo Ph B","One Montreal Condo Ph C","One Montreal Condos Ph A","One Montreal Place Cond","One Montreal Place Condo Ph C","One Montrose Place Condo","One Orleans Place Condo","One Orleans Place Condo Ph 01","One Orleans Place Condo Ph 02a","One Sage Road R\/P","Opatrny Mdws Sub","Open Pines Condo","Orange Grove","Orange Grove Blackburn","Orange Grove Britton R\/P","Orange Grove Robinson","Orebo Ests","Orgen","Orgen-Holman Outlot 24","Ormond Place","Ormond Place Sub","Outpost Estates","Outpost Estates Sec 01","Outpost Estates Sec 04","Overbrook","Overbrook Add Sec 01","Overbrook Add Sec 03","Overbrook Sec 01","Overbrook Sec 07","Overbrook Sec 08","Ovid Court","Owl Club Gardens","Oxford","Oxford Condo 04 Amd","Oxford Court T\/H","Oxford Place","Pad Homes\/20 4th Street","Padoks Timbers U\/R","Paine Place","Palisades Park","Palm Gardens Condo","Palm Spgs 1","Palmer Place","Palmer Square","Palmetto Plaza","Palms Of Galleria Two","Palms\/Galleria 2","Pamela Heights Sec 02","Panay At Park Village","Panay At Park Village Sec 01","Panther Oaks","Paradise Oaks U\/R","Paramount Lofts Condo","Paramount Lofts Condo Amd","Parc 04 & Parc V Condo","Parc At Midtown","Parc Iv & Parc V Condo","Parc Iv&V Condo","Parc\/Midtown Condo","Paris Pruden","Paris Ward Homes","Park At Augusta","Park At Bering","Park At Birdsall","Park At Clearview Amd","Park At Clearview Amend","Park At Fairdale","Park At Fuqua","Park At Live Oak R\/P And Extn","Park At Mission Glen","Park At Mission Glen Sec 1","Park At Mission Glen Sec 2","Park At Mission Glen Sec 3","Park At Napoli","Park At Post Oak","Park At Shady Villa","Park At Spring Shadows","Park At Yale","Park Court","Park Harbor Estates Sec 02","Park Hollow Place 4 Also Sd 08","Park Lofts","Park Meadows T\/H U\/R","Park North Sec 01","Park Oaks","Park On Cambridge Condo","Park On Enclave","Park On Enclave Sec 01","Park On West 22nd","Park Place","Park Place Acre Villa","Park Place Circle","Park Place Country Club","Park Place Riv Oaks Reserve A","Park Place Terrace","Park Rdg","Park Rdg Haddon\/Morse Place","Park Regency Condo","Park Row Village","Park Square","Park Square 01 Condo 02 Amd","Park Square Condo","Park Square Condominiums","Park Square One Condo","Park St John","Park St John Condo","Park Street Green","Park View At Oak Forest","Park Villas\/Rose","Park Vista At El Tesoro","Park\/Cedar Lndg Sec 01","Park\/Clearview","Park\/Clearview Amd","Park\/Clearview Amd 01","Park\/Fisher","Park\/Meadowglen","Park\/Spg Shadows","Park\/Yale","Parker Lofts","Parker Smith","Parker-Smith Add","Parkford Place","Parkglen","Parkglen Sec 01 Alief","Parkglen Sec 02","Parkglen Sec 02 Alief","Parkglen Sec 04 Alief","Parkglen West Sec 02","Parkglen West Sec 03","Parkhill Sec 01","Parkhollow","Parkhollow Place","Parkhollow Place & 03 Sec 02 R","Parkhollow Place Sec 01","Parkhollow Place Sec 02 R\/P","Parkhollow Place Sec 04","Parkhollow Place Sec 05","Parkhollow Place Secs 04&5","Parkhurst Estates","Parkhurst Estates Sec 02","Parkhurst Estates Sec 03","Parkland Place Sec 03","Parkland Place Sec 1","Parklane Condo","Parkridge","Parkridge Sec 01","Parkside","Parkside At Perry Sec 01","Parkside At Perry Sec 02","Parkside Place T\/H","Parkview","Parkway At Eldridge","Parkway Community","Parkway Forest","Parkway Forest Sec 01","Parkway Forest Sec 04","Parkway Forest Sec 04 R\/P","Parkway Forest Sec 05","Parkway Terrace","Parkway Terrace Sec 1","Parkway Village","Parkway Village Sec 11","Parkway Villages","Parkway Villages Sec 02","Parkway Villages Sec 03","Parkway Villages Sec 04","Parkway\/Eldridge","Parkway\/Eldridge Sec 1","Parkway\/Eldridge Sec 2","Parkway\/Eldridge Sec 4","Parkwest","Parkwest Sec 02","Parkwest Sec 03","Parkwest Sec 3","Parkwest T\/H","Parkwood","Parkwood East Sec 01","Parkwood East Sec 01 R\/P","Parques\/Shady Acres","Pastoriza","Patio Homes At Wakefield","Patio Homes\/Lillian","Patterson Grove Keystone Metropo","Patterson Grove\/West End\/Rice Military","Patterson Street Lndg","Patton Park","Paul Quinn Crossing","Paul Quinn Estates","Paul Quinn Gardens","Paul Quinn Heights","Pavilion Oaks","Pawl Terrace","Pearl Residences\/Midtown Condo","Pease Ave Gardens","Pecan Gardens","Pecan Park","Pecan Park Place Sec 01","Pecan Park R\/P","Pecan Villas","Pech","Pech Lndg","Peckham Green","Peckham Reserves Reserve A","Peden Commons","Peden Garden Homes","Peden Square","Peerless Court","Pega Estates","Pelham Place","Pelham Place Sec 01","Pelham Place Sec 02","Pelham Place Sec 03","Pelham Place Sec 3","Pemberton","Pemberton Crescent Amd Place","Pembroke Place","Pembroke Place Sec 02","Pembroke Place Sec 03","Pembrooke Place","Pena Add","Perpetual Oil Company","Perpetual Oil Companys Sub Ad","Personal Proerty Mobil Home-8 600.00","Petty Street Grove","Petty Street Place","Pheasant Run","Pheasant Run Sec 01","Pheasant Run Sec 02 R\/P","Pheasant Run Village Sec 01 Rep","Pheasant Trace Village","Pheasant Trace Village 01 Prcl","Pheasant Trace Village Sec 01","Pheasant Trace Village Sec 01 Pt","Philips Crossing","Piazza Del Arte Condos","Piazza Savannah","Pickford Place","Piedmont At River Oaks Condo","Piedmont\/River Oaks","Piedmont\/River Oaks Bldg 1","Pierce Court","Pierce Junction Village","Pierce Junction Village Sec 02","Pierce Junction Village Sec 2","Pierce Street Flats Condo","Pifer Way","Pin Way","Pine Brook","Pine Brook Sec 01","Pine Brook Sec 02","Pine Brook Sec 05","Pine Brook Sec 08","Pine Brook Sec 10","Pine Brook Sec 6","Pine Brook Villas","Pine Forest Annex","Pine Forest Green","Pine Forest Green Sec 02","Pine Forest Landing","Pine Forest Village","Pine Grove Sec 1","Pine Hollow","Pine Oak Forest","Pine Oak Forest Sec 01","Pine Ridge","Pine Ridge Terrace Amd","Pine Ridge Terrace Amd Place","Pine Shadows","Pine Terrace","Pine Terrace Sec 02","Pine Terrace Sec 03","Pine Terrace Sec 04","Pine Trails","Pine Trails Sec 01","Pine Trails Sec 02","Pine Trails Sec 03","Pine Trails Sec 04","Pine Trails Sec 05","Pine Trails Sec 06","Pine Trails Sec 09","Pine Trails Sec 10 R\/P","Pine Tree Sub Sec 1","Pine Trls Sec 04","Pine Villa","Pine Village","Pine Village North","Pine Village North T\/H","Pine Village North T\/H Sec 02","Pine Village North T\/H Sec 03","Pine Village North T\/H Sec 03a","Pine Village North T\/H Sec 04","Pine Village North T\/H Sec 04a","Pine Wood Estates","Pinecrest","Pinecrest Court","Pinecrest Court Add 02","Pinecrest Court Sec 02","Pinecrest Court Sec 03","Pinecrest Sec 4","Pinecrest Sec 5","Pinecrest Sec 6","Pinehollow Condo","Pineland","Pineland U\/R","Pinelawn","Pinelawn Add","Pinemont","Pinemont Grove","Pinemont Heights","Pinemont Landing","Pinemont Oaks","Pinemont Oaks Amending Plat #1","Pinemont Park Place","Pinemont Place","Pinemont Plaza Sec 01","Pinemont Square","Pinemont Square Sec 02","Pinemont Square Sec 1","Pinemont Villas","Pineridge","Pines","Pines Condo","Pines Condos","Pineview Place","Pineview Vista","Pinewold","Pinewood Court","Pinewood Village Sec 06","Piney Oaks Est Th & Rp","Piney Oaks Estate Th & Rp","Piney Point","Piney Point Condos","Piney Point Estates","Piney Point Estates Prcl R\/P","Piney Point Manor","Piney Point Place","Piney Point Place Condo","Piney Point Place Condos","Piney Point Shadows","Pinnacle At Champions Centre","Pinnacle Homes @ Medical Center","Pipers Crossing Cond","Pipers Crossing Condo","Pipers Crossing Condo Ph 01","Pipers Crossing Condo Ph 02","Pipers Meadow","Pipers Meadow Sec 01","Pipers Meadow Sec 02","Pipers Meadow Sec 03","Pipers Xing","Piping Rock Place","Piping Rock Place T\/H","Plainview Sec 01","Plainview Sec 02","Plantation Hills","Plantation Hills Add","Plantation Oaks","Plaza At Midtown","Plaza Center","Plaza Estate At Marcolin","Plaza Estates","Plaza Estates At Jester","Plaza Estates At Kittridge","Plaza Estates At Marcolin","Plaza Estates At Market","Plaza Estates At Miley","Plaza Estates At Nichols","Plaza Ests\/Carver","Plaza Place Condo Ph 01","Plaza Place Condo Ph 03","Plaza\/Center Sec 01 Amd Place","Pleasant View","Pleasant View Sec 03","Pleasanton Manor Sec 02","Pleasantville","Pleasantville Sec 04","Pleasantville Sec 06","Pleasantville Sec 07","Pless","Plymouth Place","Point East","Point Northwest Sec 02","Point Place","Polk Ave Gardens","Polk Ave Twnhms","Polk Green Rep 1","Polk Xing Terrace","Pollard Street Landing","Polo Club Estates","Ponderosa Forest","Ponderosa Forest Ext Sec 02","Ponderosa Forest Sec 01","Ponderosa Forest Sec 02","Ponderosa Forest Sec 03","Ponderosa Forest Sec 04","Ponderosa Forest Sec 05","Ponderosa Forest Sec 06 R\/P","Ponderosa Forest Sec 07","Ponderosa Forest Sec 08","Ponderosa Forest Sec 09","Ponderosa Forest Sec 10","Ponderosa Lakes 1","Ponderosa Park Twnhms Sec 1","Ponderosa Trails 2","Ponderosa Trails Sec 01","Ponderosa Trls","Ponderosa Village T\/H Ph 01","Ponderosa Village T\/H Ph 01 R\/","Ponderosa Village Th","Ponderrosa Forest Sec 03","Popperbox Heights","Port Houston Add","Port Houston Ns","Porter & Baker","Porter & Baker Ssbb","Porter & Baker Sub","Porter Pixel Place","Portico Court","Post Oak Acres","Post Oak Crossing","Post Oak Crossing Condo","Post Oak Gardens","Post Oak Gardens Sec 03","Post Oak Homes","Post Oak Landing T\/H","Post Oak Lane","Post Oak Lane Condo","Post Oak Lane Ph 02","Post Oak Lane T\/H Condo Ph 01","Post Oak Lane T\/H Condo Ph 02","Post Oak Lane Th Condo","Post Oak Manor","Post Oak Manor \/ Waxwing Place","Post Oak Manor 5","Post Oak Manor 5 Rp","Post Oak Manor Sec 02","Post Oak Manor Sec 03","Post Oak Manor Sec 04","Post Oak Manor Sec 05","Post Oak Manor Sec 05 R\/P","Post Oak Park 02 Apts","Post Oak Place","Post Oak Place Sec 03","Post Oak Place Sec 04","Post Oak Timber Condo","Post Oak Xing Condo","Potomac Garden Sub","Powars & Tharp","Powers J E U\/R","Prairie Home","Prairie View Manors","Prairieview Terrace","Premier\/Texas Medical Center R","Preserve\/Hlnd Glen","Preston Place","Prestonwood Forest","Prestonwood Forest 1","Prestonwood Forest Sec 01","Prestonwood Forest Sec 02","Prestonwood Forest Sec 03","Prestonwood Park Sec 01","Prestridge Village","Prestwick Court","Prince Lndg","Prince Luxury Twnhms","Prince Villas","Princeton","Prospect Street","Prospect Street T\/H","Prosperity Acres","Provence Memorial","Providence","Providence Sec 1","Providence Sec 2","Providence Sec 3","Quadrangle\/Woodlake Apts","Quail Bridge Gardens","Quail Bridge Sec 1","Quail Bridge Sec 2","Quail Bridge Sec 2 View Subdivision","Quail Green Sec 1","Quail Harbor Condo","Quail Run","Quail Run Sec 2","Quarters At Memorial Apts","Queens Court","Queensdrive Estates","Quenby Court","Quensell Green","Quimby U\/R","Quinn Commons","Quinn Est","Quinn Park","Quintanilla Gardens 01 Amd P","Quitman Villas","Rachel Landing","Radcliffe Place","Rainbow Place","Rainbows End On W Polk Ave","Rainier Forest","Raintree Place","Raintree Place Site 14","Ralston","Ralston Acres","Ranch At Magnolia Point","Rancho Verde","Rancho Verde Sec 01","Rancho Verde Sec 04","Rancho Verde Sec 6","Rancho Verde Sec 7","Randolph In Lincoln R\/P","Randolph Place","Randolph Place Add","Ranger Ssbb","Rapid Carmen","Rava Square","Raveneaux Forest Condo","Raveneaux Forest Condos","Ravenna","Ravenna Sub","Rawley Estates","Reata\/River Oaks","Reata\/River Oaks Condos","Reba","Reba Sec 02","Recreation Farms","Recreation Farms Sec 02","Red Bud Acres R\/P U\/R","Red Oak T\/H Condo","Reed Terrace","Reedwoods","Reedwoods Par R\/P","Reels & Thobough","Reels & Trobough","Reflections On Gentryside Condo","Reflections On Lake Condo","Reflections Sec 01","Reflections\/Lake","Refuge Des Jardines Plaza","Regal Oaks Sec 01","Regal Oaks Sec 03","Regal Oaks Sec 04","Regal Oaks Sec 05","Regal Oaks Sec 2","Regal Oaks Sec 4","Regalia Westview","Regency Court T\/H Condo","Regency Court Twnhm","Regency House","Regency House Condo","Regent Park 02","Regents Court","Regents Village","Reid Estates Unr","Reinerman Feagan Twnhms","Reinerman Oaks","Reinerman Twnhs","Reinicke Place","Remington Crk Ranch","Remington Crk Ranch Sec 2","Remington Crk Ranch Sec 6","Remington Place Condo","Remington Place Condos","Remington Ranch","Remington Ranch Amd Sec 01","Remington Ranch Sec 02","Remington Ranch Sec 03","Remington Ranch Sec 04","Remington Ranch Sec 06","Remington Ranch Sec 07","Remington Ranch Sec 08","Remington Ranch Sec 09","Remington Ranch Sec 11","Remington Ranch Sec 12","Remington Ranch Sec 12 01","Remington Ranch Sec 12 Ameded","Remington Ranch Sec 12 Amendin","Remington Ranch Sec 14","Remington Ranch Sec 15","Remington Ranch Sec 16","Remington Ranch Sec 17","Remington Ranch Sec 18","Remington Ranch Sec 2","Remington Ranch Sec 20","Remington Ranch Sec 22","Remington Ranch Sec 24","Remington Ranch Sec 25","Remington Ranch Sec 25 Pt","Remington Ranch Sec 7","Remy On The Trails","Renaissance At River Oaks","Renaissance On Montrose","Renard","Renesu Court","Renoir Condo","Renoir Condominium","Renoir\/Branard","Replat\/Oak Briar Terrace","Replat\/Rivercrest Estates","Reserve In Memorial","Reserve\/Moritz","Reserve\/Washington","Reserve\/Washington Sec 1","Reserve\/West 20 6th Street","Reserve\/West 206th Street","Reservoir Acres","Residences At The Allen","Retreat At Champions Landing","Retreat At Emir St","Retreat At Emir Street","Retreat At Oak Park","Retreat At Sherwood Forest","Retreat At Upland","Retreat On Yale","Retreat\/Bingle Sec Amd Place","Retreat\/Champions Lndg Sec 1","Retreat\/Champions Lndg Sec 2","Retreat\/Champions Lndg Sec 4","Retreat\/Hadley","Retreat\/Sherwood","Retreat\/Velasco","Reynolds","Riata Ranch","Riata Ranch Sec 01","Riata Ranch Sec 02","Riata Ranch Sec 05","Riata Ranch Sec 07 Amd","Riata Ranch Sec 08 Amd","Riata Ranch Sec 09","Riata Ranch Sec 11","Rice Military","Rice Military \/ Keystone \/ West End","Rice Military Add","Rice Military Amd","Rice Military Woodcrest","Rice Military\/Memorial Park","Rice Military\/Washington Corridor","Rice Miltary","Richardson","Richmond Manor Condo Ph 01","Richmond Manor Condo Ph 02","Richmond Manor Condo Ph1","Richmond Place","Richmond Place 04","Richmond Place Sec 02","Richmond Plaza","Richmond Plaza Add","Richmond Terr\/Westheimer Gnds","Richmond Terrance","Richmond Trace Patio Homes","Richter","Richwood Place","Riddlewood Hollow Sub","Ridgecrest","Ridgecrest Sec","Ridgecrest Sec 01","Ridgecrest Sec 02","Ridgecrest Sec 05","Ridgegate","Ridgegate Sub","Ridgegate Sub Sec 1","Ridgegate Sub Sec 3","Ridgemont","Ridgemont Sec 01","Ridgemont Sec 07","Ridgemont Sec 07 Prcl R\/P","Ridgemont Sec 1","Ridgemont Sec 2 Residence D & G","Ridgemont Sec 3","Ridgemont Sec 4","Ridgemont Sec 8","Ridgepoint","Ridgepoint 77b Sec 01","Ridgewood","Ridgewood Place","Riedel Estates","Rio","Rio Amd #1","Rio Villa Sec 01","Rio Villa Sec 02","Rio Villa Sec 04","Rio Villa Sec 06","Ripple Creek","Rise","Rise Condo","Ritz At West Mcgregor Estates","Riva\/The Park Condo","River Forest","River Hollow","River Oaks","River Oaks Add Sec 03","River Oaks Area","River Oaks Condos Level 15","River Oaks Country Club Estate","River Oaks Country Club Ests","River Oaks Court","River Oaks District","River Oaks Gardens","River Oaks Gardens Condo","River Oaks Gardens Condominiums","River Oaks Manor Condo","River Oaks Place Condo Amd","River Oaks Rep","River Oaks Sec","River Oaks Sec 01","River Oaks Sec 03","River Oaks Sec 03 R\/P","River Oaks Sec 04","River Oaks Sec 11","River Oaks Sec 3","River Oaks Sec 9 Pt Repla","River Oaks Square Condo","River Oaks T\/H Condo","River Oaks Tall Timber Sec","River Oaks Tall Timbers","River Oaks Th Cond","River Oaks Twnhm Condo","River Oaks\/Briarwood Add","River Stone 02 Condos","River Stone Condo Ph 01","River Woods Estates Sec 02","Riverbend","Riverbrook","Riverchase Sec 2","Riverchase Sec 3","Rivercrest","Rivercrest Resub","Rivergrove Garden Dome","Rivergrove Garden Home","Rivergrove Garden Home Reserve B","Riverhollow","Riverside","Riverside Court","Riverside Ext","Riverside Gardens","Riverside Homes","Riverside Place","Riverside Terr 01","Riverside Terr 03","Riverside Terrace","Riverside Terrace Pt","Riverside Terrace Sec 01","Riverside Terrace Sec 03","Riverside Terrace Sec 05","Riverside Terrace Sec 06","Riverside Terrace Sec 08","Riverside Terrace Sec 09","Riverside Terrace Sec 1","Riverside Terrace Sec 11","Riverside Terrace Sec 14","Riverside Terrace Sec 18","Riverside Terrace Sec 18 Pt R","Riverside Terrace Sec 20","Riverside Terrace Sec 22","Riverside Terrace Sec 3","Riverstone 01 Condo Ph 02","Riverstone 02 Condo Ph 01","Riverstone 02 Condo Ph 02","Riverstone Condo 1","Riverstone I Condo Ph 2","Riverstone Ii Condo Ph 2","Riverstone Plaza","Riverstone Ranch At Clear Lake Sec14","Riverstone Ranch Sec 06","Riverstone Ranch Sec 08","Riverstone Ranch\/Clear Crk","Riverview","Riverwalk Condo","Riverwalk Condo Ph 01","Riverwalk Condo Ph 02","Riverwalk Condo Ph 03","Riverwalk Condo Ph 1 2 & 3","Riverwalk Ph I-Iii Condos","Riverway Marina Heights","Riverway Residential","Riverway West End Heights","Riverwood Estates","Riverwood Estates Sec 01","Riverwood Estates Sec 02","Riverwood On Westview Drive","Riverwood\/Glen Cove","Riverwood\/Lacy","Riverwood\/Washingtonsec 01","Riviera East","Riviera East Sec 01 R\/P","Riviera East Sec 04","Riviera East Village","Rivington T\/H Condo","Roane Oaks","Roane Oaks Sec 03","Robert Vince Surv A-76","Robin Park Villas","Robin Street T\/H","Robindell","Robindell 4","Robindell Sec 01","Robindell Sec 01 R\/P","Robindell Sec 04","Robindell Sec 05","Robinhood At Kirby Condo","Robins Landing","Roc Homes Drake 05","Roc Homes\/Thompson Street","Rochow","Rochow Street T H Sec 02 R P","Rockfort Place","Rolling Creek","Rolling Creek Sec 01","Rolling Fork","Rolling Fork Sec 03","Rolling Fork Sec 04","Rolling Fork Sec 05 R\/P","Rolling Green","Rolling Green Sec 02","Rollingwood","Roosevelt","Roosevelt Estates","Roosevelt Reserve Restricted R","Rose Of Sharon Manor Sec 01 Am","Rose Street Grove","Rose Street T\/H Sec 01","Rose Tree Condo","Rosedale","Rosedale Gardens","Rosedale Gardens Sec 03","Rosedale Villas","Roseland","Rosemont","Rosemont Heights Ext","Rosemont Heights Green","Rosewood","Rosewood Add","Rosewood Estates","Rosewood Estates Sec 02","Rosewood Manor Sec 01","Rosewood Street Court","Roslyn Hts","Rosolin O Miceli","Ross J O","Rosslyn","Rosslyn Estates","Rosslyn Heights","Rosslyn Heights Ac Home Sec 01","Rosslyn Heights Sec 01","Rosslyn Heights Sec 02","Rosslyn Lndg Sec 01","Rossmoyne","Rossmoyne Center Rep 01","Rossonian Court","Rosyln Heights","Rowe Ashton","Roy B Nichols","Roy Street Place","Royal Brook","Royal Brook\/Kingwood Sec 10","Royal Brook\/Kingwood Sec 10 Re","Royal Brook\/Kingwood Sec 18","Royal Brook\/Kingwood Sec 23","Royal Brook\/Kingwood Sec 5","Royal Glen Sec 02","Royal Heath","Royal Oak Terrace","Royal Oaks","Royal Oaks Country Club","Royal Oaks Country Club 01 R","Royal Oaks Country Club 01 R\/P","Royal Oaks Country Club 06 Amd","Royal Oaks Country Club Sec 03","Royal Oaks Country Club Sec 09","Royal Oaks Country Club Sec 11","Royal Oaks Country Club Sec 12","Royal Oaks Country Club Sec 13","Royal Oaks Country Club Sec 14","Royal Oaks Court","Royal Oaks Courtyard Villas","Royal Oaks Landing","Royal Oaks Lndg Rep #1","Royal Oaks Sec 01","Royal Oaks Sec 03","Royal Oaks Sec 04 R\/P","Royal Oaks Square","Royal Oaks Terrace","Royal Palms Sec 02","Royal Palms Sec 03","Royal Terrace Sec 02","Royalton At River Oaks Condo","Royalton\/River Oaks","Royalwood","Royalwood Church","Royalwood Sec 01","Royalwood Sec 02 R\/P","Royden Oaks Sec 01","Royden Oaks\/Afton Oaks","Rubberfield","Ruberfield","Ruberfield 66","Ruburfield","Rubys U\/R","Rummel Creek Place","Rummel Crk Place","Runnells","Runnels Place","Rural","Rushwood","Rushwood Sec 01","Rushwood Sec 02","Rushwood Sec 03","Rushwood Sec 03 Rep","Rushwood Sec 04","Rushwood Sec 06 R\/P","Rusk Manor Sec 03","Rusk Place","Rustling Oaks","Rustling Pines Sec 02","Ruth Street Manor","Ruthven Street Twnhms","Ryan \/ North Of Downtown","Ryan Landing Add","Ryan Lndg An Add","Ryon","Ryon Add","Ryon Estates","Ryon Grove","S Braeswood Condo Ph 01","S Braeswood Condo Ph 02","S Braeswood Sec 02 R\/P","S M Harris","S M Williams","S M Williams Surv Abs #87","S Mcclelland","S Mcclelland #40c Abs 544","Sabayrac","Sablechase","Sablechase Sec 01","Sablechase Sec 03","Sablechase Sec 04 Ph 01","Sablechase Sec 04 Ph 02","Sableriddge Sec 01 Rep","Sableridge","Sableridge 1 & Rp","Sableridge Sec 01","Sableridge Sec 02","Saddle Creek Farms","Saddle Spur","Saddlebrook","Saddlewood Estates","Safeguard","Safeguard Add","Sage Pt Rep 3","Sage Sky At West Bell Estates","Sage Square","Sage Street Condo","Sageglen","Sageglen Sec 01","Sageglen Sec 02","Sagemeadow","Sagemeadow Sec 01","Sagemeadow Sec 02","Sagemeadow Sec 03","Sagemeadow Sec 04","Sagemeadow Sec 05","Sagemont","Sagemont Park Sec 01","Sagemont Park T\/H Ph 02 U\/R","Sagemont Sec 02","Sagemont Sec 04","Sagemont Sec 05","Sagemont Sec 06","Sagemont Sec 09","Sagemont Sec 10","Sagemont T\/H U\/R","Sagemont Terrace Apt Condo","Sagetown","Saint Agnes Court","Saint Charles Court Homes","Saint Charles Ter\/Webster","Saint Emanuel Street Enclave","Saint Emanuel View Homes","Sam Houston Gardens","Sampson Landing","Sampson Square","Sampson Terrace U\/R","Samuel Lewis Surv Tract 5w Abs","San Estrella","San Felipe Green","San Jose Add","San Palmas","San Remo Court","Sanaz T\/H","Sanchez Dream Homes","Sanchez Dreamhomes","Sand Creek","Sand Creek Village Sec 02 R\/P","Sand Crk Village Sec 01","Sand Crk Village Sec 02 Reserve G","Sandle Unr Resub","Sandle Village","Sandman Courts Condo","Sandman Twnhms","Sandra Court","Sandrock Station","Sandspoint Condo","Sandspoint T\/H Condo","Santa Rosa Add Sec 03","Santa Rosa Community Center","Santa Rosa Sec 02","Santone","Santos Villas","Sapp Gardens","Sarah Brashear","Sarahs Park","Savannah Estates","Saw","Sawyer Brownstones Condo","Sawyer Park Place Grove","Sawyer Yards Mix","Scarsdale Sec 01","Scarsdale Sec 02","Scarsdale Sec 03","Scenic Woods","Scenic Woods Plaza","Schmidt Sub","Schmoeller","Schmoellers Add Sec 01","Schotts","Schroeder Oaks Village","Schroeder Oaks Village Sec 01","Schroeder Oaks Village Sec 02","Schuler Manor Twnhms","Schuller 1","Schuller Homestead","Scott","Scott Heights","Scott Terrace","Scott Terrace Sec 01","Scott Terrace Sec 02","Scott Terrace Sec 03","Scott Terrace Sec 04","Scottcrest","Scranton Estates","Seabrook At The Medical Center","Seafarer","Seafarer T\/H","Seamist Sec 01","Sebastian","Seclusion Estates","Sequoia Estates Sec 01","Sequoia Estates Sec 02","Serento","Serento Condo","Sessums Tr","Settegast","Settegast & Crow Holman #12","Settegast Gardens","Settegast Gardens Sec 04","Settegast Gardens Sec 05 U\/R","Settegast Sec 03","Settlegast","Seven Oaks T\/H Condo","Seven Thousand 6 Hundred 2 Bob","Seventy-One Zero 05 Katy Road","Sevillas Of Shady Acres","Shadow Oaks","Shadow Oaks Sec 01","Shadow Oaks Sec 02","Shadow Oaks Sec 02 01 Prcl R\/P","Shadow Oaks Sec 04","Shadow Spgs Sec 01","Shadowbriar","Shadowbriar Sec 01","Shadowbriar Sec 02","Shadowdale Condo","Shadowdale Terrace","Shadowdale Th Condo","Shadowglen Sec 2","Shadowlake","Shadowlake Estates Sec 01","Shadowlake Sec 02 Amd","Shadowlake Sec 06 Amd","Shadowlake Sec 10","Shadowlake Sec 12","Shadows Inwood","Shady Acre Manor","Shady Acres","Shady Acres Anx","Shady Acres Ext #3 Pt Rep","Shady Acres Ext 3 Pt Rep","Shady Acres Ext Sec 03","Shady Acres Landing","Shady Acres Pt Rep 03","Shady Acres Pt Rep 10","Shady Acres Sec 02","Shady Acres View","Shady Acres Xing\/Houston","Shady Estates","Shady Oaks-Dailey","Shady Trees Add","Shady Villa","Shadyside","Shadyvilla Add #1","Shadyvilla Add #2","Shadyvilla Add #2 Pt Repl","Shadyvilla Annex Sec 02","Shadyvilla Place","Shadyvilla Pointe","Shamrock Manor","Shannon","Sharman","Sharman Tr J Austin","Sharman Tract","Sharman Tract U\/R","Sharon Place","Sharpstown","Sharpstown 2","Sharpstown Cc Estates Sec 03 Rep","Sharpstown Cntry Club Terrac S","Sharpstown Country Cl Estate 0","Sharpstown Country Clb Est 3","Sharpstown Country Club Estate","Sharpstown Country Club Terr","Sharpstown Country Club Terrac","Sharpstown Country Club Terrace","Sharpstown Country Club Terrace 03","Sharpstown Sec","Sharpstown Sec 01","Sharpstown Sec 02","Sharpstown Sec 03","Sharpstown Sec 05","Sharpstown Sec 3","Shearn","Shearn Add","Sheffield","Sheffield Estates","Sheffield Estates Sec 02","Sheldon Acres","Sheldon Rdg","Sheldon Rdg Sec 01","Sheldon Rdg Sec 10","Sheldon Rdg Sec 4","Sheldon Rdg Sec 5","Sheldon Rdg Sec 8","Sheldon Rdg Sec 9","Sheldon Ridge","Sheldon Woods","Sheldon Woods Sec 02","Sheldon Woods Sec 03","Sheldon Woods Sec 04","Shenandoah 2","Shepherd Court","Shepherd Crest","Shepherd Forest","Shepherd Forest Sec 02","Shepherd Forest Sec 03","Shepherd Forrest","Shepherd Oaks","Shepherd Park Plaza Sec 01","Shepherd Park Plaza Sec 03","Shepherd Park Plaza Sec 04","Shepherd Park Terrace","Shepherd Park Terrace Sec 01","Shepherd Park Terrace Sec 03","Sheraton Oaks Sec 01","Sherbrooke Square","Sherbrooke Square T\/H Condo","Sherbrooke Square T\/H Condo 02","Sherbrooke Square T\/H Condo 03","Shermandale","Sherwood Forest","Sherwood Forest Glen","Sherwood Forest Sec D","Sherwood Grove","Sherwood Oak Gardens","Sherwood Oaks","Sherwood Oaks Gardens","Sherwood Place","Sherwood Place Sec 01","Sherwood Terrace Sec 02","Sherwood Terrace Sec 2","Sherwood Trails","Sherwood Trails Sec 01","Sherwood Trails Sec 02","Sherwood Valley Condo Ph 02","Shiraz Heights","Shirley Xing","Shorewood","Shorewood Add","Sierra Nevada Court","Sierra Ranch","Sierra Vista","Sierra Vista Sec 02","Silver Commons","Silver Oak Trails Sec 03","Silver Oak Trls Sec 02","Silver Springs","Silverchase","Silverdale","Silverfield Condo Ph 01","Silverfield Condo Ph 02","Silverglen North","Silverglen North Sec 15","Silverglen North Sec 7","Silverglen North Sec 8","Silverglen Sec 01","Silverglen Sec 02","Silverglen West Sec 01","Silverleaf","Silverleaf Sec 1","Simms Woods","Simms Woods Pt Rep #1","Sims Bayou Estates Sec 02","Sims Bayou Vista","Singleton Street Add","Sixty 2 Hundred Gessner Apts","Sky View Park Sec 3","Skyline Court","Skyline Court Rep 01","Skyline Homes At Amos","Skyline Homes At Bell","Skyline Homes At Cavalcade","Skyline Homes At Goodhope","Skyline Homes At Peerless","Skyline Homes\/Cavalcade","Skyline Park Village","Skyline\/Midtown","Skyline\/Sikes","Skyscraper Shadow","Skyview Park","Skyview Park Sec 02","Skyview Park Sec 03","Skyview Park Sec 04","Skyview Park Sec 05","Skyview Park Sec 10","Skyview Park Sec 11","Skyview Park Sec 2","Skyview Park Sec 7","Skyview Park Sec 8","Skyview Park Sec 9","Skyview Pk Sec 3","Skyview Pk Sec 9","Slater Park","Sledge","Sledge Add","Sleepy Hollow Woods","Sm Williams","Smalley Court","Smallwood Terrace","Smile Space, Sec 01","Smith & Gibbons","Smith Furniture Co Sec 02","Smith Sam D","Snowy Day Amd #1","Sojourner","Somerset Green","Somerset Green Sec 2","Somerset Green Sec 4","Somerset Green Sec 5","Somerset Green Sec 6","Somerset Green Sec 8","Somerset Place 03 R\/P","Somerset Place 03r\/P","Somerset Place Th 1st 2nd & 3rd R","Sommerall","Sommerall Park","Sommerall Park Sec 1","Sommerall Pk Sec 1","Sommerall Sec 01","Sommerall Sec 02","Sommerall Sec 03","Sommerall Sec 04","Sommerall Square Sec 1","Sommerall West Sec 91","Sommermeyer Sec 1","Sommerset Cottages\/West 22nd St","Songwood","Songwood Park","Songwood Sec 05","Sonoma Ranch","Sonoma Ranch Sec 01","Sonoma Ranch Sec 02","Sonoma Ranch Sec 03","Sonoma Ranch Sec 06","Sonoma Ranch Sec 07","Sonoma Ranch Sec 2","Sonoma Ranch Sec 6","South Acres","South Acres - Crestmont Park","South Acres Estates","South Acres Estates Sec 02","South Acres Estates Sec 05","South Acres Estates Sec 06","South Acres Estates Sec 07","South Acres Estates Sec 08","South Court","South Enclave West","South End Lofts Condo Amd","South End Sunny Side","South End Sunnyside","South End Sunnyside Add","South End Sunnyside U\/R","South End Villa","South End Villa, Museum District","South Glen Sec 02 R\/P","South Houston","South Houston Gardens 08","South Houston Gardens Sec 06","South Houston Gardens Sec 08","South Houston Gardens Sec 6","South Mac Gregor Twnhms","South Macgregor 01","South Main Estates","South Main Plaza","South Mdw Place","South Mdw Place Sec 1","South Mdw Place Sec 2","South Park","South Park Add Sec 01","South Park Sec 01","South Park Sec 02","South Park Sec 03","South Park Sec 04","South Side Buffalo Bayou Blk","South Sunnyside Court","South Union","South Union 4","South Union Sec 01","South Union Sec 02","South Union Sec 04","South\/East","Southamapton","Southampton","Southampton Place","Southampton Place Ext","Southbelt\/Ellington","Southbridge Reserve A Sec","Southbridge Sec 01","Southbrook","Southcrest","Southcrest Sec 01","Southcrest Sec 02","Southcrest Sec 03","Southcrest Sec 04","Southcrest Sec 05","Southdown Trace Sec 02","Southdown Trace Sec 2","Southdown Trace Sec 3","Southeast","Southerland Place","Southern Court","Southern Oaks","Southern Oaks Sec 01","Southern Oaks Sec 02","Southern Palm","Southern Star Solomons","Southern Terrace R\/P","Southern Village 1","Southern Village Sec 01","Southern Village Sec 02","Southgate","Southgate Sec","Southgate Sec 03","Southglen Sec 01","Southglen Sec 05","Southhampton Place","Southlake","Southland","Southland Acres","Southland Acres 2nd Par R\/P","Southland Add","Southland Add Pt Rep #","Southland Addition","Southland Place","Southland Terrace","Southlawn","Southmayd Park","Southmayd Park Sec 02","Southmayd Park Sec 03","Southmeadow Patio Homes","Southmeadow Patio Homes Sec 01","Southmeadow Patio Homes Sec 02","Southmont Annex","Southmont Annex Sec 04","Southmore","Southmore 02 Villas","Southmore 106","Southmore 107","Southmore 108","Southmore 116","Southmore 117","Southmore Add 106 Sec 04 Reser","Southpoint Townhomes","Southpoint Twnhms","Southridge Crossing","Southridge Sub","Southridge Xing Sec 01","Southridge Xing Sec 02","Southridge Xing Sec 3","Southridge Xing Sec 4","Southside","Southside Circle","Southside Palce","Southside Place","Southview R\/P","Southview Rp","Southview Villas","Southward","Southway","Southway Sec 01","Southway Sec 01 Amd","Southway Sec 02","Southway Sec 07","Southwest Crossing Sec 01","Southwest Crossing Sec 04","Southwest Manor Sec 01","Southwest Manor Sec 02 R\/P","Southwood","Southwood Colony Sec 01","Southwood Colony T\/H Sec 01","Southwood Courts Sec 01","Southwood Oaks","Southwood Place","Southwood Place Sec 01","Southwood Place Sec 03","Southwood Place Sec 04","Southwood Place Sec 06 R\/P","Soutland Terrace Park","Spa\/Generation Park West Sec 1","Space Encompassed","Spanish Cove","Spanish Cove Sec 01","Spears Bus Park Reserve B","Spears Xing","Spenwick Village T\/H Condo 01","Spenwick Vlge Condo Sec 02","Spinnaker Cove Condo Ph","Spinnaker Cove Condo Ph 01","Spinnaker Cove Condo Ph 02","Spires Condo","Spring Branch","Spring Branch - Thonig Tract","Spring Branch Acres","Spring Branch Estates","Spring Branch Estates Sec 02","Spring Branch Oaks","Spring Branch Townhomes","Spring Branch Twnhms","Spring Branch Valley","Spring Branch Villa","Spring Branch Woods","Spring Branch Woods Sec 01","Spring Branch Woods Sec 02","Spring Branch Woods Sec 04","Spring Brook Village","Spring Lea","Spring Lea Sec 01","Spring Manor","Spring Manor T\/H","Spring Meadows Sec 01","Spring Meadows Sec 02 R\/P","Spring Oaks","Spring Oaks R\/P","Spring Oaks Rep","Spring Oaks Sec 04","Spring Point 02 Condo Ph 01","Spring Point Condo Ph 01","Spring Point Condo Ph 02","Spring Shadows","Spring Shadows Sec 01","Spring Shadows Sec 02","Spring Shadows Sec 03","Spring Shadows Sec 04","Spring Shadows Sec 05","Spring Shadows Sec 10","Spring Shadows Sec 11","Spring Shadows Sec 12","Spring Shadows Sec 14","Spring Shadows Sec 15","Spring Shadows Sec 16","Spring Shadows Sec 17","Spring Shadows Sec 17 R\/P","Spring Shadows Sec 8","Spring Shadows T\/H Sec 01","Spring Shadows T\/H Sec 02","Spring Street Terrace","Spring Valley","Spring Valley Court","Spring Valley Point","Spring Valley Sec 03","Spring Valley Village","Spring Vly Point","Springdale","Springdale Sec 02","Springrock Lane Th","Springs Meadow","Springwood Forest","Springwood Villas","Ssbb","Ssbb Blks 281 To 548","St Charles Park","St Clair Condo","St Clair Mid-Rise","St George T H On Richmond","St Germain Condo","St Germain Condos","St James Condo","St James Condo 04 Amd","St. Charles Square","St. George\u2019s Place","Stablewood","Stablewood 02 Amd","Stalnaker Golfcrest","Stanford Court","Stanford Street Grove","Stanford Villas As Buffalo","Stannard Place","Staples & Mcclelland","Staples & Mcclelland Add","Star Ella","Starkdon Acres","Starkweather","Stassen Court","Steeple Chase Terrace","Steeplechase","Steeplechase Sec 02 R\/P","Steeplechase Sec 02 Rep","Steeplechase Sec 03","Steeplechase Sec 04","Steeplechase Sec 05","Steeplechase Sec 05 Prcl R\/P A","Steeplechase Sec 06 R\/P","Steeplechase Sec 6","Stephens Walter","Sterling Green","Sterling Green Sec","Sterling Green Sec 01 R\/P B","Sterling Green Sec 06","Sterling Green Sec 09","Sterling Knoll Sec 01","Sterling Knoll Sec 02","Sterlingshire Est","Sterrett Street Sec 1 Amd","Stessel","Stessel Add","Stevens Landing","Stevens Place","Stevens Street Landing","Still Forest","Stillforest","Stillwater Cove","Stillwater On Lake Houston","Stillwater\/Lk Houston Sec 5","Stinde 1","Stinde Sec 01","Stone Creek","Stone Creek Sec 01","Stone Creek Sec 03","Stone Gate","Stone Gate Sec 01 Amd","Stone Gate Sec 02 Amd","Stone Gate Sec 07","Stone Gate Sec 08","Stone Gate Sec 09","Stone Gate Sec 11","Stone Gate Sec 12","Stone Gate Sec 13","Stone Gate Sec 14","Stone Gate Sec 15","Stone Gate Sec 17","Stone Gate Sec 18","Stone Place","Stonebridge Village","Stonebridge Village Sec 02","Stonefield Manor Sec","Stonefield Manor Sec 02","Stonefield Manor Sec 03","Stonefield Terrace","Stonefield Terrace Amd Sec 03","Stonefield Terrace Sec 01","Stonefield Terrace Sec 03","Stonefield Terrace Sec 03 Amd","Stonefield Terrace Sec 04","Stonefield Terrace Sec 05","Stonegate","Stonehedge","Stonehenge","Stonehenge Reserve B Sec 01","Stonehenge Sec 03 U\/R R\/P","Stoneworks Park Plaza","Stoneworks Pk Plaza","Stoney Brook T\/H Condo","Stoney Brook Twnhm","Stoney Crk","Stoneyway Village","Stoneyway Village R P","Stratford","Stratford Add","Stratford On Baldwin Condo","Stratford Place Condo","Stratford Prcl R\/P","Stratford\/Marlborough Square","Strathmore Place","Stratmann Place","Stratton Place","Street Plaza West 02 Center P","Street Square Center","Streetlights\/Montrose Chelsea","Stuart Terrace","Stude","Stude Sec 01","Stude Sec 02","Stude's Second Add","Studemont","Studemont Heights","Studes Sec Add","Studes Sec Add Heights","Stuebner Airline Road","Stuebner Hollow","Sturman Park Sec 01","Sude House","Suelynn Place","Suffolk Chase Patio Homes","Sugar Branch","Sugar Hill Condo","Sugar Pine Estates","Sugar Pine Estates Amd","Sugar Pine Pavilion","Sugar Pine Square","Sugar Pine Square Rep","Sugar Valley","Sugar Vly","Sul Ross Villas","Sumbardo","Summer Hill Village","Summer Lake Ranch Sec 01","Summer Lake Ranch Sec 02","Summer Street Landing","Summer Street Lndg","Summerhill Village","Summerlyn","Summerlyn Sec 03","Summerlyn Sec 4","Summerset Landing Condo Ph 04","Summerwood","Summerwood Sec 01","Summerwood Sec 02 Lakes Villag","Summerwood Sec 03 Edgewater 06","Summerwood Sec 05 Edgewater 06","Summerwood Sec 07 Edgewater 06","Summerwood Sec 10","Summerwood Sec 11","Summerwood Sec 14","Summerwood Sec 17","Summerwood Sec 18","Summerwood Sec 19","Summerwood Sec 20","Summerwood Sec 21","Summerwood Sec 22","Summerwood Sec 24","Summerwood Sec 25","Summerwood Sec 26","Summerwood Sec 27","Summerwood Sec 29","Summerwood Sec 30","Summerwood Sec 31","Summerwood Sec 31 Amd Pla","Summerwood Sec 32","Summerwood\/Lake Forest Village Sec 1","Summit Court Condo","Sumpter Place","Sun Valley","Sun Valley Sec 02","Sun Valley Sec 03","Sun Valley Sec 04","Sun Valley Sec 05","Sunbeam Estates","Sunflower Street Grove","Sunflower Xing","Sunny Gardens","Sunny Hollow Annex","Sunny Land Farms","Sunny Side","Sunny Side Place","Sunnylan","Sunnyland Farms","Sunnyside","Sunnyside Court","Sunnyside Court A-P","Sunnyside Court Add","Sunnyside Courts","Sunnyside Courts Lettered Blks","Sunnyside Ct N. Bellfort","Sunnyside Ext South","Sunnyside Gardens","Sunnyside Gardens 28b","Sunnyside Gardens Resub","Sunnyside Place","Sunnyside Place Add","Sunnyside Terrace","Sunnyside Vista","Sunridge Villas T\/H Sec 01","Sunrise Landing","Sunrise Pines","Sunrise Pines Sec 01","Sunrise Pines Sec 2","Sunrise Pines Sec 3","Sunrise Pines Sec 5","Sunset Bend Sec 1","Sunset Bend Sec 1 Rep 1","Sunset Court","Sunset Court & Others","Sunset Gardens Weisenberger","Sunset Heights","Sunset Heights Add","Sunset Heights Addition","Sunset Heights Place","Sunset Heights Place Sec 2 Rep 1 P","Sunset Heights Place Sec 4","Sunset Heights Place V Sub","Sunset Heights Pt Rep 2","Sunset Heights Sec 01 Ext","Sunset Heights Sec 02 Ext","Sunset Heights Sec 1 Extn","Sunset Park Plaza","Sunset Terrace","Sunset Terrace 12 Houston","Sunset Terrace Add Sec 10","Sunset Terrace Sec 10","Sunset Terrace Sec 12","Sunshine Terry","Sunstream Villas Condos","Sunterra","Surrey Oaks","Sussex Condo East","Sussex Condo West","Sutherland Heights T\/H","Sutton Place R\/P","Sutton-Gillette T\/H Sec 01","Sutton-Gillette T\/H Sec 02","Sutton-Gillette T\/H Sec 08","Sutton-Gillette T\/H Sec 6","Sutton-Gillette Twnhms Sec","Sutton-Gillette Twnhms Sec 19","Sw Allen","Swan Lagoon","Swea Gardens","Swiney","Swiney Terrace","Swis Village Apts Sec 02","Sycamore","Sycamore Bend Sec 01","Sycamore Bend Sec 02","Sycamore Heights","Sycamore Valley 01","Sycamore Valley Sec 01","Sycamore Valley Sec 02","Sydnor","Sydnor Extn Parker Smith","Sydnor Street Townhomes","Sylvan Dells","Sylvan Terrace","Sylvester Gardens","Syndor Ext","Talia Heights","Talia Trails","Talia Trls","Tallow Wood","Tallow Wood Prcl R\/P","Tallow Wood Reserve A Sec 4","Tallow Wood Sec 01","Tallow Wood Sec 02 R\/P","Tallow Wood Sec 03","Tallow Wood Sec 04","Tallow Wood Sec 04 Prcl R\/P","Tallow Wood Sec 2","Tallow Wood Sec 4","Tallow Wood Sec4","Tallowood T\/H Condo","Tamerrand Condo","Tammarack Woods","Tampa Villas","Tampico Gardens","Tangle Oaks Condo","Tanglegrove T\/H Condo","Tanglewest T\/H Condo","Tanglewest Townhomes\/Condo","Tanglewilde","Tanglewilde S Condo 1","Tanglewilde Sec 01","Tanglewilde Sec 02","Tanglewilde Sec 04","Tanglewilde Sec 05","Tanglewilde Sec 07","Tanglewilde Sec 08","Tanglewilde South Condo","Tanglewilde South Condo Sec 01","Tanglewilde South Condo Sec 02","Tanglewilde T\/H Condo","Tanglewilde T\/H Condo Sec 01","Tanglewilde T\/H Condo Sec 02","Tanglewilde T\/H Condo Sec 02a","Tanglewilde T\/H Condo Sec 2","Tanglewilde Twnhm Condo Sec 01","Tanglewood","Tanglewood Hollow","Tanglewood Sec 01","Tanglewood Sec 02","Tanglewood Sec 03","Tanglewood Sec 07","Tanglewood Sec 08","Tanglewood Sec 09","Tanglewood Sec 10","Tanglewood Sec 11","Tanglewood Sec 12","Tanglewood Sec 14","Tanglewood Sec 8","Tanglewood\/Memorial","Tangley Terrace","Tara Oaks","Tarelton Place","Taylor E A Tract Abst 1 J Austin","Taylor North","Taylor Place","Taylorcrest","Tba","Tbd","Tc Jester Busn Park Sec 02 Rep","Tc Jester Court","Tealwood Sec 01","Template Terrace Pt Rep #2","Temple Terrace","Temple Terrace Montrose","Ten Oaks","Ten Oaks Reserve A","Terra Courtyard Condo","Terra Courtyard Condos Ph 03","Terra Del Sol","Terra Del Sol Sec 04","Terra Del Sol Sec 5","Terra Del Sol Sec 9","Terra Firma Sec 02 Rep 01","Terrace Brook Sec 01","Terrace Brook Sec 6","Terrace Condo","Terrace Condo Ph 01","Terrace Condo Ph 02","Terrace Condo Ph 03","Terrace Condo Ph 04","Terrace Condo Ph 05","Terrace Oaks","Terrace\/Bastrop","Terraces On Memorial","Terraces On Memoria","Terraces On Memorial","Terraces On Texas","Terraces\/Memorial","Terry Corals","Terry Heights","Terry Place Villas Reserve A","Terry View","Tesslynn Sec 02","Teton Villas","Texaco","Textile Court","Tharp & Green Holman Ol59","Thatchers Gardens","The Abbey At Westminster","The Barclay","The Barclay Condo","The Bordeaux","The Braeswood Condo","The Briarglen","The Bristol","The Bristol Condominiums","The Compound","The Cosmopolitan","The Creek","The Forest Townhomes","The Gatherings At Westview","The Greenway","The Hamlet Of Cherbourg Cond","The Heights","The Huntingdon Condo 10th Amend To 4th A","The Lamar Tower Condo Amend","The Lexington","The Lofts On Post Oak Condomin","The Mansions Of Shadowbriar","The Mark","The Memorial Condo","The Oaks At Grand West","The Oaks Of River Oaks Condo","The Park At Highland Pines","The Parkway At Eldridge","The Renaissance At River Oaks","The Reserve At Clear Lake","The Reserve At Clear Lake City","The Reserve At Wunderlich","The Reserve In Clear Lake City","The Residences At The Allen","The Residencesat The Allen","The Revere At River Oaks","The Royalton At River Oaks","The Sophie At Bayou Bend","The Spires","The Tanglewood Condominium D","The Tealstone","The Valencia","The Valencia Condos","The Vintage At Lake Road","The Warwick Towers","The Willowbrook Condo","The Wilshire","The Wilshire At River Oaks District","The Woods On Augusta Th Cond","The Woodway","The Woodway Condominium","Theos Nellis","Thirty 6 16 Richmond Reserve A","Thomas Homes","Thomas Hoskins Surv A-342","Thompson","Thornhill U\/R","Thornton Cove","Thornton Grove","Thornton Indie Hts","Thornton Landing","Thornton Lndg","Thornton Tbd","Thornwood Sec 01","Thornwood Sec 02","Thornwood Sec 04 Rep","Ti Ti Place","Tidwell Bungalows","Tidwell Grove","Tidwell Lakes","Tidwell Lakes Sec 1","Tidwell Lakes Sec 2","Tidwell Place","Tidwell Timbers","Tierra Glen","Tierra Glen Sec 01","Tierra Glen Sec 02","Tierra Glen Sec 03","Tierra Vista","Tierwester","Tierwester Oaks Sec 01","Tierwester Oaks Sec 02","Tierwester W A Wilson","Tiffany Garden Court","Tiffany Place Condo","Tigeriyen Lehall Cubes","Tigowana Terrace","Timber Acres Sec 02","Timber Creek Place Sec 01","Timber Creek R\/P","Timber Crest","Timber Lane","Timber Mdw Sec 01","Timber Meadows","Timber Oaks","Timber Oaks Sec 01","Timber Oaks Sec 02","Timber Oaks Sec 03","Timber Terrace Add","Timber Top Condo","Timberchase Condo","Timbercreek North","Timbergate","Timbergrove","Timbergrove \/ Lazybrook","Timbergrove Area","Timbergrove Court","Timbergrove Green","Timbergrove Heights","Timbergrove Manor","Timbergrove Manor Heights","Timbergrove Manor Sec 03","Timbergrove Manor Sec 04","Timbergrove Manor Sec 05","Timbergrove Manor Sec 06","Timbergrove Manor Sec 08","Timbergrove Manor Sec 10","Timbergrove Manor Sec 11","Timbergrove Manor Sec 13","Timbergrove Manor Sec 14","Timbergrove Trails","Timberwood Condo Ph I","Timmerman Estates","Timmerman Place","Today Furniture Sub","Tom Stuart","Torre Villas","Torrey Pines Sec 01","Torrey Pines Sec 03","Toscana Court 08","Toscana Court 9 Sub","Tower Oaks","Tower Oaks Meadows Sec 01","Tower Oaks Meadows Sec 02","Tower Oaks Meadows Sec 04","Tower Oaks Sec 03","Town & Country Ext","Town & Country T\/H Sec 01 R\/P","Town & Country T\/H Sec 02 R\/","Town & Country T\/H Sec 02 R\/P","Town & Country Townhomes","Town Center\/New Forest Sec 1 Residence","Town Homes\/Wakefield","Town\/Aldine","Town\/Aldine Texas","Towne Park Dev","Townewest Sec 1","Townhomes At Westchase","Townhomes Of Beall Street","Townhomes On Bonnie Brae","Townhomes On Indiana","Townhomes On Park Ph 01","Townhomes On Park Ph 02","Townhomes On Park Ph 03","Townhomes On W. 26th","Townhomes\/Lou Ellen","Townhomes\/Milby Xing","Townhomes\/West Bell Street","Townhouse Manor","Townley Place","Townplace","Townsite\/Almeda","Tr 2n Abst 322 A J Holder","Traces Sec","Traces Sec 01","Traces Sec 02","Traces Sec 02 Amd Prcl R\/P","Traces Sec 1","Traces Sec 1 P\/R #2","Traces Sec 1 Pt Rep #7","Tract 35","Tract 7","Tradewind East Court","Tradewind Homes On East Thirty Fourth St","Tradition Buffalo Speedway Residence","Traditions At Clayton Park","Traditions At Clayton Park 03","Trafalgar Place T\/H Condo","Trafalgar Place Th Condo","Trafalgar Place Twnhm","Traflalgar T\/H 03","Trahan Sub Restricted Reserve","Trails\/Kansas Street","Trails\/Northwood","Trails\/Shady Acres Sub","Trailwood Village","Trailwood Village 2 & Rp","Trailwood Village Sec 01","Trailwood Village Sec 02 R\/P","Trajan Estates","Tramonte Estates","Traweek Gardens","Treasure Island U\/R","Tree House Condo","Tree Tops\/Post Oak","Treehouse Branch Condo Ph 02","Treehouse Condo","Tremont Tower","Treviso Rep 1","Triangel Gardens","Triangle","Triangle Gardens","Triangle Gardens Sec 02","Triangle Gardens Sec 03","Triangle Gardens Sec 04","Triangle Gardens Sec 05","Triangle Vista","Tricon Maryland Villas","Tricon Potomac Street Enclave","Tricons Jackson Street Villas","Tricons Mason Enclave","Tricons Polk Street Villas","Trinity Cottage Homes","Trinity Garden Views","Trinity Gardens","Trinity Gardens Homes","Trinity Gardens Sec 03","Trinity Gardens Sec 04","Trinity Xing","Trinity Xing Amd 01","Tripple Wolf","Trophy Club","Trophy Club Condo 01","Trophy Club Condo Sec 01 Ph 02","Tropicana Village","Trott G A","Trs 6 & 7a Blk 6 Southgate","Trulley Square","Tuam Lndg","Tuam Manor","Tuam Square","Tuffly H G","Tulane Courtyards","Tulane Park","Turkey Creek Estates","Turkey Creek T\/H R\/P","Turkey Gulley Villas 2","Turner Court","Turner N P","Turner Place","Turtle Hill Village","Turtle Lake","Turtle Lake Sec 02","Turtlewood Manor","Tuscan Villas","Tuskegee Place","Tuskegee Plaza","Twenty Fifth Street Trails","Twin Lakes","Twin Lakes Sec 01","Twin Lakes Sec 02","Two Westheimer Brownstones","Two Worlds 1 Courtyard Homes P","Two Worlds T\/H Sec 01","Tyler Place","Umland Park","Umland Park Sec 01","United Spg Mill Condo","University Arms T\/H Sec 02","University Green","University Green Sec 02 R\/P","University Green Sec 03","University Green Sec 04","University Green Sec 05","University Green Sec 06","University Grove Rep #1","University Oaks","University Place","University Trace Condo","University Trace Condos","University Woods","Universtiy Woods","Unrestricted","Upham & Russell Unr Luke Moore","Upland Estates","Upland Grove","Upland Park Rep 1 Sec 3 Amd","Upland Preserve","Upland Square","Upland Village Sec 01","Upland Village Sec 02","Upland Village Sec 2","Upper East River","Upper Kirby","Upper Richton Parc","Upper West End","Upper West End Sec 14 Partial","Uptown Homes","Uptown Houston","Uptown North","Uptown North Sec 1","Uptown\/Galleria","Urban Heights","Urban Heights Add","Urban Space","Urban Views Brackenridge","Urban Views Brackenridge1","Ursula Park","Usener","Utah Street Grove","Val Verde Estates Sec 01","Val Verde Gardens","Valemas","Valencai Condos","Valencia Condo","Valencia Condos","Valencia Park","Valentia Court","Valley Forge","Vanderbilt Place T\/H","Vantage","Vassar Court R\/P","Vassar Place R\/P","Vecino Homes At Armada","Vele Bingle Commons Llc","Venetian Luxury Homes","Venus Park","Vera Lou Manors","Verde Forest Sec 01","Verde Forest Sec 02","Vermont Crest","Vermont Crest Amd","Vermont Place","Vermont Street Living","Vermont Street Lndg","Vernon Place","Versante Champions","Versante Champions Town Homes","Vic At Interpose","Victor Place","Victoria Gardens","Victoria Park Sec 01","Victoria Park Sec 03","Victoria Park Sec 1","Victorian Heights Village","Victorian Village Apts","Victorian Village Apts Sec 01","Victorian Village Apts Sec 03","Victorian Village Twnhse Apts","Victorias Cottage Grove","Vieux Carre Condo","View At Martin Street","Viewpoint Square #2","Views At Curry","Views At Curry Street","Views At Knox","Views At Mann","Views Of Downtown","Views\/Crockett","Vill Corporate","Villa Bellavista","Villa De Fiori","Villa Helena Condo","Villa Laverne","Villa North","Villa Paradiso","Villa Serena Flats Condo","Village Afton Woods R\/P","Village At Oakmont","Village At Spring Branch","Village Fondren Condo","Village Northgate Forest","Village Of College Place","Village Of College Place Sec 01","Village Of College Place Sec 02","Village Park 2 Apts","Village Place","Village Place Townhomes","Village West Sec","Village West Sec 01","Village West Sec 02","Village West Sec 03","Village Woods Condo","Village\/Allen Pkwy Sec 02 Re","Village\/Glen Iris","Village\/Kings Lake Sec 1 Pt","Village\/Kings Lake Sec I","Village\/Oak Forest","Village\/Spg Branch","Villages At Lakepointe","Villages At Lakepointe 01 Amd","Villages At Lakepointe Sec 02","Villages At Lakepointe Sec 04","Villages At Lakepointe Sec 06","Villages At Lakepointe Sec 2","Villages Glenshire","Villages Langham Creek 02 Amd","Villages Langham Creek 03","Villages Langham Creek 04","Villages Langham Creek 05","Villages Langham Creek 06","Villages Langham Crk","Villages Langham Crk 01 Amd","Villages Of Langham Creek 4","Villages Westplace","Villages\/Hanover","Villages\/Langham Crk Estates Sec","Villages\/Langham Crk Sec 7","Villages\/Oakdale","Villas At Almeda Springs","Villas At Altic","Villas At Ashford Point","Villas At Baer","Villas At Cage Street","Villas At Copperwood Rep 1","Villas At Northpark","Villas At Northpark Sec 01","Villas At Northpark Sec 02","Villas At Saint Augustine","Villas At West 23rd","Villas D\/Hts","Villas De Estrella","Villas De Marbella","Villas Del Parque Rittenhouse","Villas Di Tuscany","Villas Of Capri","Villas On Bland","Villas On Janisch","Villas On Mt Vernon","Villas On West Clay","Villas Rose Street","Villas Santa Lucia","Villas Westador Condo Ph 01","Villas Westador Condo Ph 02","Villas\/Cedar Brook","Villas\/Charters Amd","Villas\/Clearview Amd","Villas\/Fuqua Lndg","Villas\/Heights","Villas\/Hempstead Amd","Villas\/Larkstone Sec 2","Villas\/Macdonald","Villas\/Monroe","Villas\/Northpark Sec 1","Villas\/Oak Forest","Villas\/Orleans","Villas\/Patterson Street","Villas\/Spg Shadows Rep 1","Villas\/Spring","Villas\/Texas","Villas\/White Oak","Villas\/Willowbrook","Vincent Estates R\/P","Vineyard T\/H Condo","Vineyard Th Condo","Vintage Lakes","Vintage Lakes Sec 01","Vintage Lakes Sec 02","Vintage Lakes Sec 1","Vintage Lakes Sec 2","Vintage Royale Sec 01","Vintage Royale Sec 1 Pt R","Vintage T\/H","Vintage Townhomes","Vintage Twnhms","Vintage Twnhms Amd 1","Vintage Twnhms Partial Replat","Vintage Twnhms Pt Rep 1","Virginia Roco","Visconti\/West Bell","Vista Norte","Vista\/Indiana Street","Vistas De Sevilla","Vistas De Sevilla Amd Pla","Vistas\/Midtown","Vivendi Homes At Scranton","Vogel 10 Acs","W 17th Street Development","W C R R Co S Hlf Sec 4 Blk 4","W C R R Co Sec 1","W C R R Co Sec 12 Blk 4","W C Rr Co","W D C Hall","W Hardin","W Jones","W P Mays Surv Abs # 576","W R Baker Add","Wakefield Courts","Wakefield Crossing","Walden On Lake Houston","Walden On Lake Houston Ph 02","Walden On Lake Houston Ph 05","Walden Woods","Waldren Dev Sec 09","Waldron","Waldron Dev","Waldron Dev Sec 02","Waldron Dev Sec 10","Walkers Mark Sec 01 T\/H","Wall Estates","Walnut Bend","Walnut Bend Sec 02","Walnut Bend Sec 03 R\/P","Walnut Bend Sec 03 Rep","Walnut Bend Sec 05","Walnut Bend Sec 06","Walnut Bend Sec 07","Walnut Bend Sec 08","Walter Stevens Homestead","Walton Court Add","Ward Place","Warnecke","Warwick Place","Warwick Place Pt Rep #","Warwick Tower","Washington Ave","Washington County-Railroad Sur","Washington Heights","Washington Heights Annex","Washington Heights Annex Sec 0","Washington Heights North","Washington Heights Sec 01","Washington Heights Sec 02","Washington Heights South","Washington Heigths","Washington Square","Washington Terrace","Washington Terrace 9th Par R\/P","Waterford On Woodcrest","Waterford Park Sec 2","Waterhill Hms\/Chenevert Street","Waterhill Hms\/Commerce Street","Waterhill Hms\/Ralph Sec 03 Rep","Waterhill Homes","Waterhill Homes At The Heights","Waterhill Homes On Commerce","Waterhill Homes On Lillian","Waterhill Homes On Ralph","Waterhill Homes On Rose","Waterhill Homes\/Dallas Sec 01","Waterhill Homes\/Detering Sec 02","Waterhill Homes\/Dickson","Waterhill Homes\/Hts","Waterhill Homes\/Lillian","Waterhill Homes\/Lillian Sec","Waterhill Homes\/Navigation S","Waterhill Homes\/Navigation St","Waterhill Homes\/Polk Street","Waterhill Homes\/Ralph","Waterhill Homes\/Rusk Sec 1 1","Waterman Crossing","Waterman Crossing Condo","Waterman Crossing Condo Ph 01","Waterman Crossing Condo Ph 02","Waterman Crossing Condo Ph 03","Waterman Crossing Condo Phase 1","Waters Edge","Waters Edge Sec","Waters Edge Sec 02","Waters Edge Sec 03","Waters Edge Sec 04","Waters Edge Sec 13","Waters Edge Sec 14","Waters Edge Sec 15","Waters Edge Sec 18","Waters Edge Sec 2","Waters Edge Sec 5","Waters Edge Sec 6","Waugh Drive T\/H","Waugh Drive Twnhms","Wavell Homes","Wavell Park","Wavell Square Sec 2","Waverly Farms","Waverly Gardens","Wayside Green Plaza North","Wayside Village","Wayside Village Sec 01","Wayside Village Sec 11","Wcrr Co","Weaver Place","Weaver Place Sec 03","Weaver Place Sec 2","Webercrest Heights","Webster Estates","Wedgefield Estates","Wedgewood Place","Wednesbury Lane T\/H Ph 02 R\/P","Weekley\/Byrne","Weekley\/Hollister","Weingarten Tract","Weisenberger City","Weisenberger City Sec 01","Weisenbergers Lucky 07","Wellford Village","Wellington Park Patio Homes","Wellington Park Reserve D Un 145","Wellington Park T\/H","Wellington Place","Wells","Wentworth","Wentworth Terrace","Werrington Park","Werrington Park Sec 4","Wescott Gardens\/Others","Wescott Terrace","Weslayan Condo","Weslayan Plaza","Weslayan Plaza Sec 01","Wesley Place","Wesley Place Sec 02","Wessex R\/P","Wessex Rev","West 16th Street Manors","West 17th Street Views","West 19th Street Enclave","West 21st Street Homes","West 21st Street Place","West 23rd Street Grove","West 23rd Street Lndg","West 24th Villas","West 25th Vista","West 26th Street Place","West 27th Place","West 27th Street Court","West 28th Street Lndg","West 9th Villas","West Airport Hangars & Airport","West Bayou Oaks T\/H","West Bayou Oaks Twnhm","West Bell Grove","West Bend","West Bend Sec 01","West Clay Ave Lndg","West Clay Lofts","West Clay Square","West Court","West Court Reynolds","West Dallas Square","West Edgemont","West Eighteenth Street T\/H","West Emancipation Park","West Fuqua","West Grove Court","West Hampton Estates","West Hampton Estates Sec 02 Am","West Hampton Estates Sec 1","West Haven Estates Sec 02","West Heights","West Houston","West Lancaster Place","West Lane Annex","West Lane Place","West Lane Place Pt Rep","West Lane Place Th","West Lawn Terrace","West Little York Place Sec 01","West Mandell Place","West Oaks","West Oaks 02 R\/P","West Oaks Park","West Oaks Park Sec 1","West Oaks Sec 01","West Orem Place Sec 04","West Place","West Rdg Add","West Saulnier Court","West Saulnier Street Twnhms","West Side Villas","West Twenty 04 St Square R P 0","West Twenty Second Street Town","West Twenty Third Villas","West Twenty-Second Place","West University","West University Place","West University Place Sec 01","West University Place Sec 02","West Villas","Westador","Westador Sec 01","Westador Sec 03","Westador Sec 03 U\/R","Westador Sec 04","Westador Sec 05","Westador Sec 06","Westadore Sec 06","Westbank","Westbank Sec 01 R\/P","Westbank Sec 02","Westbank Sec 03","Westbank Sec 05","Westbranch Sec 01","Westbranch Sec 02 Prcl R\/P","Westbridge","Westbrook","Westbrook Lakes","Westbrook Lakes Sec 02","Westbrook Lakes Sec 1","Westbury","Westbury 2","Westbury Estates","Westbury Gardens","Westbury Gardens Condo","Westbury Sec 01","Westbury Sec 02","Westbury Sec 03","Westbury Sec 03 Pt Rep","Westbury Sec 03 R\/P","Westbury Sec 04","Westbury Sec 05","Westbury Sec 05 R\/P","Westbury South","Westbury South Add Rep","Westbury Square T\/H Condo","Westbury Square Th Condo","Westbury Village","Westbuy Gardens","Westchase Forest Condo Ph","Westchase Forest Condo Ph 01","Westchase Forest Condo Ph 02","Westchase Forest Condo Ph 03","Westchase Forest T\/H","Westchase Gardens Condo Ph 01","Westchase Gardens Condo Ph 02","Westchase Gardens Condo Ph1","Westchase Trls","Westchester","Westchester Place Condo Ph 02","Westchester Place Ph 1 & 2","Westchester Sec 03","Westchester Sec 1","Westcott Gardens","Westcott Gardens Sec 03","Westcott Gardens Sec 05","Westcott Place","Westcott Place Sec 01","Westcott T\/H","Westen","Western Estates Sec 01","Western Homes Sec 01 R\/P","Westfield Estates Sec 01","Westfield Estates Sec 02-A","Westfield Estates Sec 02a","Westfield Estates Sec 02b","Westfield Estates Sec 1","Westfield Glen","Westfield Glen Village","Westfield Glen Village Sec 01","Westfield Glen Village Sec 02","Westfield Landing Condo 6th Amend","Westfield Manor","Westfield Ter Add","Westglen","Westglen Prcl R\/P","Westgrove Court","Westhampton R\/P","Westhampton T H","Westhampton Village T\/H","Westhaven Estates","Westhaven Estates Reserve A Sec 2","Westhaven Estates Sec 01","Westhaven Estates Sec 02","Westhaven Estates Sec 1","Westheimer Estates","Westheimer Estates Pt Rep","Westheimer Gardens","Westheimer Gardens 2","Westheimer Gardens Ext","Westheimer Gardens Ext Pt Re","Westheimer Gardens Pt Rep","Westheimer Place Sec 01","Westheimer Views","Westhollow Reserve G Correctio","Westhollow Villa","Westhollow Villa T\/H","Westhollow Villa T\/H Sec","Westhollow Villa T\/H Sec 02","Westhollow Villa Th","Westhollow Village","Westlake","Westlake Forest","Westlake Forest Sec 01","Westlake Forest Sec 02","Westlake Place","Westlake Place Sec 02","Westlake Sec","Westlake Sec 01","Westlake Village","Westlawn Terrace","Westlawn Terrace Amd","Westlayann Plaza Sec 01","Westminster Village Sec 01","Westminster Village Sec 02","Westmont R\/P","Westmont R\\p","Westmont Rep & Ext","Westmont Sec 02","Westmore Reserve","Westmoreland","Westmoreland Add","Westmoreland Farms","Weston","Weston Pt Rep 2","Westover","Westpark Village Sec 01","Westpoint Estates Sec 01","Westridge","Westridge Annex","Westview Lndg","Westview Lndg Sec 1","Westview Lndg Sec 2","Westview Lndg Sec 4","Westview Manor","Westview Terrace","Westview Terrace 1","Westview Terrace 2","Westview Terrace Sec 02","Westview Village Condo","Westway Farms U\/R","Westway Sec 01 R\/P","Westway Village","Westwick","Westwick Sec 01","Westwind Sec 01","Westwind Sec 02","Westwind T\/H Sec 02","Westwind T\/H Sec 03","Westwind T\/H Sec 03 U\/R R\/P","Westwind Town Homes","Westwood","Westwood Forest\/Spring Valley Area","Westwood Gardens Condo","Westwood Patio Homes","Westwood Sec 01","Westwood Sec 01 02 Rep","Westwood Sec 02 R\/P","Westwood Sec 04","Westwood Sec 05","Westwood South Patio Homes","Westwood Triangle","Westwood Village","Westwood Village 4 Th & Rp","Westwood Village Sec 01","Westwood Village Sec 05","Weyburn Estates","Weyburn Place","Weyburn Place Sec 01","Weyburn Place Sec 02","Wharton House Condo","Whaterhill Hms\/Chenevert Stree","Wheatley Court","Wheatley Landing","Wheatley Place","Wheatley Villas","Wheatstone Estates Sec 02","Wheatstone Village Cloverfield","Wheatstone Village Copperstone","Wheatstone Village Copperstone Rep","Wheeler Street T H","Whisper Walk T\/H Condo","Whispering Oaks","Whispering Pines Estates","Whisperwood T\/H Condo Ph 01","Whisperwood Th Condo 1 & 2","White David","White Holman","White Oak","White Oak Acres","White Oak Add","White Oak Bend Sec 01","White Oak Bend Sec 02","White Oak Condo","White Oak Condo Ph 01","White Oak Condo Ph 02","White Oak Condo Ph 03","White Oak Condo Ph 1","White Oak Estates","White Oak Falls","White Oak Falls Sec 01","White Oak Falls Sec 02","White Oak Falls Sec 03","White Oak Falls Sec 1","White Oak Falls Sec 2","White Oak Landing Sec 04","White Oak Spgs Sec 02","White Oak Station","White Oak Terrace Tr F U\/R","White Sub 18","Whitney Place","Whitney Place Sec 01","Whitney Place Sec 02","Whitney Place Sec 03","Whitney Place West","Wichita Place \/ Museum District","Wilchester","Wilchester Sec 01","Wilchester Sec 02","Wilchester Sec 03","Wilchester Sec 04","Wilchester West","Wilcrest Bend T\/H Apts","Wilcrest Garden Condo","Wilcrest Garden Condo Amd","Wilcrest Garden Condos","Wilcrest Park Condo","Wilcrest Park Condo Sec 02a","Wilcrest Park Condo Sec 02c","Wilcrest Park Condo Sec 2b","Wilcrest Walk Sec 01","Wilcrest Walk T\/H Sec 01","Wilcrest Walk T\/H Sec 03 U\/R","Wilcrest Walk T\/H Sec 04 U\/R","Wildcat","Wildewood Forest","Wildflower Green T\/H","Wildflower Green T\/H Sec 02","Wildflower Green Th 2 Residence A","Wildrose Gardens","Wildrose Gardens Sec 01 R\/P","Wildrose Gardens Sec 02","Wildrose Gardens Sec 03 R\/P","Wildwood Clstr Hms 01 Pt R\/P U","Wildwood Cluster Homes Prcl R","Wildwood Cluster Homes Sec 01","Wileyvale Xing","Wilfran Place","Willadale","Willadale 2 & 3","Willadale Sec 02","Willadale Sec 03","William A Wilsons","William H York Surv Abs #943","Williams","Williams Place","Williams Terrace","Williams\/Commerce","Willow Bend","Willow Bend Sec 03","Willow Bend Sec 04","Willow Bend Sec 06","Willow Glen","Willow Glen Sec 02","Willow Hollow T\/H","Willow Mdws Sec 15","Willow Mdws Sec 16","Willow Meadows","Willow Meadows 13","Willow Meadows Sec 02","Willow Meadows Sec 05","Willow Meadows Sec 07","Willow Meadows Sec 08","Willow Meadows Sec 10","Willow Meadows Sec 11","Willow Meadows Sec 13","Willow Meadows Sec 14 R\/P","Willow Meadows Sec 15","Willow Park Office Condo","Willow Park Office Condos","Willow Park Residence A Sec 1","Willow Park Residence A Sec 3","Willow Pointe","Willow Pointe Sec 04","Willow Pointe Sec 05","Willow Pointe Sec 3","Willow Pointe Sec 6","Willow Pointe Sec 7","Willow Run","Willow Run Sec","Willow Run Sec 01 R\/P","Willow Run Sec 05","Willow Run Sec 06","Willow Spgs","Willow Spgs Sec 03","Willow Spgs Sec 04","Willow Spgs Sec 06","Willow Spgs Sec 08","Willow Spgs Sec 3","Willow Spgs Sec 5","Willow Spgs Sec 6 Pt Rep","Willow Spgs Sec 7","Willow Spings","Willow Springs","Willow West","Willow West Sec 02","Willow Wood","Willow Wood Villas","Willowbend Point","Willowbridge","Willowbridge Sec 02 Amd 02","Willowbrook","Willowbrook Condo","Willowbrook Condo 2nd Amd","Willowbrook Sec 02","Willowick Condo 02 Amd","Willowick Estates","Willowick Place R\/P","Willowick Sec 01 R\/P","Willowlake Sec 02","Willowood Sec 01","Willowood Sec 02","Willowood Sec 04","Willowood Sec 06","Willows","Wilmer Lndg","Wilmer Residences","Wilmington Landing","Wilsey South End","Wilshire Condo","Wilshire Court","Wilshire Court Sec 01","Wilshire Place","Wilson Court","Wilson Green Court","Wilson Wm A","Wimberly Place","Wimberlys Sub","Winchester Country","Winchester Country Sec 01","Winchester Country Sec 02","Winchester Country Sec 03","Winchester Country Sec 06","Winchester Country Sec 07","Winchester Country Trails","Winchester Country Trails 02","Winchester Country Trails 03","Winchester Country Trls","Winchester Meadows","Winchester Meadows Sec 01","Winchester Place","Winchester Place Sec 01","Winchester Village","Winchester Village Sec 02","Windemere Add","Windermere","Windermere Lakes","Windermere Lakes Sec 01","Windfern","Windfern Forest Sec 02","Windfern Forest Sec 04 Corr","Windfern Gardens Sec 01","Windfern Meadows U\/R","Windfern Trace","Windmill Lakes Villas Rep #1","Windmill Villas","Windsong","Windsong Place","Windsong Sec 01","Windsong Sec 02","Windsong Sec 03","Windsong Sec 04","Windsor Park","Windsor Park Estates","Windsor Park Estates Sec 02","Windsor Park Lakes","Windsor Park Lakes Sec 04","Windsor Park Lakes Sec 09","Windsor Park Lakes Sec 12","Windsor Park T\/H Condo","Windsor Village","Windsor Village Sec 04","Windsor Village Sec 06 R\/P","Windswept T\/H R\/P","Windwater Village At Regency","Winfield 2 Condo","Winfield Condo","Winfield Condo 02","Winfield Condo Sec 02","Winfield Forest Sec 01","Wingate","Wingate Sec 01 Patio Homes","Wingate Sec 2","Winlow Place","Winlow Place Add","Winslow Place Garden Homes","Winsome Condo Declarati","Winsome T\/H","Winsome Villas","Winward","Wiseman Park","Wolfwood","Womack Landing","Wood Bayou Sec 01 R\/P","Wood Bayou Sec 02","Wood Fern","Wood Fern Sec 01 R\/P","Wood Glen","Wood Glen Sec 01","Wood Glen Sec 03","Wood Meadow 1 Rp & Rp 2","Wood Meadow Sec 01 02 R\/P","Wood Meadows","Wood Meadows Sec 02","Wood Shadows","Wood Shadows Sec 02","Wood Shadows Sec 03","Woodbend In Memorial","Woodbend Pines","Woodbend Village","Woodbridge Crossing Condo","Woodbury Manors","Woodchase Village Condo","Woodcreek Sec 01","Woodcreek Sec 02","Woodcreek Sec 02 Amd","Woodcrest","Woodcrest Annex","Woodcrest Manor","Woodcrest Square","Woodedge Village","Woodedge Village Sec 01","Woodedge Village Sec 02","Woodedge Village Sec 03","Woodforest","Woodforest Condo","Woodforest North","Woodforest North Sec 02","Woodforest North Sec 03","Woodforest North Sec 08","Woodforest North Sec 10","Woodforest Pines Condo","Woodforest Sec 01 R\/P","Woodforest Sec 03","Woodforest Sec 06","Woodforest Sec 07","Woodforest Sec 08","Woodforest Sec 11","Woodforest Sec 13","Woodforest Sec 15","Woodforest Sec 17 R\/P","Woodforest Sec 17 Rep","Woodforest Sec 18","Woodforest Sec 19","Woodforest Sec 21","Woodforest Sec 22","Woodforest Sec 25","Woodgate Sec 01","Woodgate Sec 03","Woodgrove Condo","Woodlake Forest 03 R\/","Woodlake Forest Sec 02 R\/P","Woodlake Forest Sec 03 R\/P","Woodlake T\/H","Woodland","Woodland Acres","Woodland Acres Annex Sec 03","Woodland Acres Annex Sec 06","Woodland Acres Anx Sec 04","Woodland Acres\/Harris & Wilson","Woodland Baptist","Woodland Court","Woodland Court Enclave Reserve","Woodland Heights","Woodland Heights Annex","Woodland Heights Condo","Woodland Hills Village","Woodland Hills Village Sec 01","Woodland Hills Village Sec 05","Woodland Hills Village Sec 07","Woodland Hills Village Sec 08","Woodland Hills Village Sec 09","Woodland Hills Village Sec 10","Woodland Hills Village Sec 11","Woodland Hts","Woodland Lake Estates","Woodland Lakes","Woodland Lakes Sec 3","Woodland Lks Sec 5","Woodland Oaks","Woodland Oaks Sec 01","Woodland Oaks Sec 04","Woodland Oaks Sec 05","Woodland Oaks Sec 4","Woodland Park","Woodland Park Place","Woodland Terrace","Woodland Trails 1","Woodland Trails N 1","Woodland Trails North","Woodland Trails North Sec 01","Woodland Trails North Sec 02","Woodland Trails North Sec 04","Woodland Trails North Sec 05","Woodland Trails North Sec 07","Woodland Trails Sec 01","Woodland Trails Sec 02","Woodland Trails Sec 04","Woodland Trails W 4","Woodland Trails West Sec 04","Woodland Trls West Sec 04 Corr","Woodleigh","Woodleigh Add","Woodleigh Pt Rep #1","Woodlyn Court","Woodridge Sec 03","Woodridge Sec 04","Woodridge Square","Woods Camelot Condo","Woods On Augusta T\/H Condo","Woods On Memorial","Woods On Memorial Sec 02","Woods Sugar Pine Condo","Woods Wimbledon Sec 01","Woods Wimbledon Sec 02","Woods\/Sugar Pine","Woods\/Wimbledon Sec 02","Woodsdale","Woodsdale Sec 02 R\/P","Woodshire","Woodshire 04","Woodshire Sec 02","Woodshire Sec 04","Woodside Hollow","Woodside Plaza Sec 03","Woodside Sec 01","Woodside Sec 03","Woodspring Forest","Woodspring Forest Sec 02","Woodspring Forest Sec 3","Woodstone","Woodstone Sec 03","Woodstone Sec 3","Woodstream","Woodvine Park Condo Ph 02","Woodvine Park Condo Ph 03","Woodvine Park Condo Ph 04","Woodway","Woodway Condo","Woodway Crossing Condo","Woodway Glen Sec 01 02 R\/P","Woodway Glen Sub Sec 1","Woodway Glen T\/H Condo","Woodway Pines T\/H Condo","Woodway Place 02 Condo","Woodway Place Atrium Condo","Woodway Place Atrium Condos","Woodway Place Ii","Woodway Place Ii Condo","Woodway Place T\/H Sec 01","Woodway Point T\/H Condo","Woodway Village T\/H Condo","Woodwind Estates","Woodwind Lakes","Woodwind Lakes Sec 01","Woodwind Lakes Sec 02 Amd","Woodwind Lakes Sec 03","Woodwind Lakes Sec 04","Woodwind Lakes Section 4","Worley Acres U\/R","Wortham Estates","Wortham Falls Sec 01","Wortham Falls Sec 03","Wortham Grove","Wortham Grove Sec 02","Wortham Grove Sec 03","Wortham Grove Sec 04","Wortham Landing Sec 01","Wortham Landing Sec 04","Wortham Lndg Sec 04","Wortham Park","Wortham Park Sec 02","Wortham Park Sec 03","Wr Baker Add","Wrenwood","Wrenwood Estates","Wrenwood Partial Replat 2`","Wrenwood Partial Replat 3","Wrights","Wrightwood","Wroxton Court","Wunderlich Residential","Wynden Commons","Wynden Crescent","Wynnewood Acres","Y","Yale Park Village Sec 01","Yale Park Village Sub","Yale Street Acres","Yale Street Acres Sec 01","Yale Street Gardens","Yale Street Place","Yellowstone Twnhms","Yocum Gardens","Yokum Gardens","York Meadows","Yorkdale Add","Yorkdale Add Sec 01","Yorkdale Add Sec 1","Yorkshire","Yorktown Colony","Yorktown Crossing","Yorktown T\/H","Yorktown T\/H Condo","Yorktown Villas","Yorktown Villas Sec 01","Yorktown Villas Sec 1","Young Mens","Yupon Estates","Zen Park View","Zen Park View Twnhms Condo Bldg","Zomper Outlook","Zuniga Place Sub"],"zipcodes":["77001","77002","77003","77004","77005","77006","77007","77008","77009","77010","77011","77012","77013","77014","77015","77016","77017","77018","77019","77020","77021","77022","77023","77024","77025","77026","77027","77028","77029","77030","77031","77032","77033","77034","77035","77036","77037","77038","77039","77040","77041","77042","77043","77044","77045","77046","77047","77048","77049","77050","77051","77052","77053","77054","77055","77056","77057","77058","77059","77060","77061","77062","77063","77064","77065","77066","77067","77068","77069","77070","77071","77072","77073","77074","77075","77076","77077","77078","77079","77080","77081","77082","77083","77084","77085","77086","77087","77088","77089","77090","77091","77092","77093","77094","77095","77096","77097","77098","77099","77201","77202","77203","77204","77205","77206","77207","77208","77209","77210","77212","77213","77215","77216","77217","77218","77219","77220","77221","77222","77223","77224","77225","77226","77227","77228","77229","77230","77231","77233","77234","77235","77236","77237","77238","77240","77241","77242","77243","77244","77245","77246","77247","77248","77249","77250","77251","77252","77253","77254","77255","77256","77257","77258","77259","77261","77262","77263","77265","77266","77267","77268","77269","77270","77271","77272","77273","77274","77275","77276","77277","77279","77280","77282","77284","77285","77286","77287","77288","77289","77290","77291","77292","77293","77294","77296","77297","77298","77299","77315","77336","77338","77339","77345","77346","77357","77365","77373","77375","77377","77379","77380","77386","77388","77389","77396","77401","77406","77407","77410","77411","77413","77429","77433","77449","77450","77477","77489","77493","77494","77498","77503","77504","77506","77520","77530","77532","77536","77545","77546","77547","77571","77598"]},"hubbard":{"label":"Hubbard","counties":["Hill County"],"subdivisions":["Hill N Dale Ranch","Hubbard Ot"],"zipcodes":["76648"]},"hudson":{"label":"Hudson","counties":["Angelina County"],"subdivisions":["Copper Cove Sub","Copper Creek Sub","Country Mile Add Amd","Lancewood","Oscar Berry Road & Foster Road Sub"],"zipcodes":["75904"]},"huffman":{"label":"Huffman","subdivisions":["Abst 475 J H Isbell","Abst 49 J Merry","Abst 6 G Brooks","Abst 686 P Fitzsimmons","Ameriland Tract","Brooks Surv Abs S6","Calvin Village","Common Lake Houston","Commons","Commons Lake Houston","Commons Lake Houston Sec 03","Commons Lake Houston Sec 04","Commons Lake Houston Sec 06","Commons Lake Houston Sec 07","Commons Lake Houston Sec 08","Commons Of Lake Houston","Commons Of Lake Houston Sec 04","Commons On Lake Houston","Commons Park Place","Commons Waterway","Commons Waterway Sec 04","Commons Waterway Sec 4","Commons Waterway Sec 5","Commons Waterway Sec 7","Commons Waterway Sec 8","Commons Waterway Sec Five 5","Cypress Point","Cypress Point Sec 05 U\/R","Cypress Point Sec 06 U\/R","Cypress Point Sec 07 U\/R","Cypress Point Sec 08 U\/R","Cypress Point Sec 9","East River Estates","Fairway Crossing","Fairway Crossing Lake","Fairway Crossing Lake Houston Sec 04","Fairway Crossing\/Lake Houston Sec 01","Fairway Xing\/Lk Houston Sec 6","Fairyway Crossing","Forest Manor Sec 02","G Brooks","Hidden Echo","Hidden Echo U\/R","Homesite","Huffman Bus Park Sub","Huffman Business Park","Huffman Hills Sec 02 U\/R","Huffman Hills Tr 12","Huffman Townsite","Idleloch","Idleloch Partial Replat #1","Idleloch Sec 01","Idleloch Starlight Homes","Idleloch Starlight Homes Texas","J Merry","J R Rhea","J. Merry Abstract","James H. Isbell","John Merry Surv Abs #49","John Merry Surv Abs 49","Knight & Bleike Perpetual Oil","Lake Houston Forest Sec 02 U\/R","Lake Houston Forest Sec 03 U\/R","Lake Houston Forest Sec 04 U\/R","Lake Houston Woodland Terrace","Lakeside Manor Sec 03","Lakewood Comm","Lakewood Heights","Lakewood Heights Sec 02","Lakewood Heights Sec 03","Lazy Pines U\/R","Lochshire","Lochshire Sec 01","Los Pinos","M\/R","M\/R-2175.08","Magnolia Point U\/R R\/P","Merrey John","N\/A Unrestricted Land","Northwood Country Estates U\/R","Other - 77336","Paradise Oaks","Paradise Oaks U\/R","Perpetual Oil","Pine Way Estates U\/R R\/P","Plantation Hills","Reserve Commons Lake","River Terrace","Rolling Creek Acres U\/R","Shorewood","Strahan","Tayme Ranchettes U\/R","The Commons Of Lake Houston","The Commons Of Lake Houston Sec 1","Unverified","Walraven","Water Wonderland","Water Wonderland U\/R","Water Wonderland Unr","Wildwood Hilltop","Woodland Lakes","Woodland Lakes Sec 3"]},"hughessprings":{"label":"Hughes Springs","counties":["Cass County","Morris County"],"zipcodes":["75656"]},"hull":{"label":"Hull","counties":["Liberty County"],"subdivisions":["A0492 - White M G","Compton-Hull","Francis Millom Survey, Abst Number 8","H&Tc-193","Hartel","Joseph Young","L Gedruf","Shoyer","Wdh-Imps"],"zipcodes":["77564"]},"humble":{"label":"Humble","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["9303.23","Aldine Estates","Amberwood","Ambrose Mays Abs","Arbor Trails","Arbor Trls","Arbor Trls Sec 01","Arbor Trls Sec 3","Atasca Woods","Atasca Woods Sec 04 Amd","Atasca Woods Sec 05","Atasca Woods Sec 06","Atascocita Forest","Atascocita Forest Sec 02","Atascocita Forest Sec 04","Atascocita Forest Sec 07","Atascocita Forest Sec 09","Atascocita Forest Sec 09 Rep","Atascocita Forest Sec 11","Atascocita Forest Sec 12","Atascocita Forest Sec 14","Atascocita Forest Sec 17","Atascocita Forest Sec 18","Atascocita Forest Sec 19","Atascocita Forest Sec 20","Atascocita Forest Sec 22","Atascocita Forest Sec 23","Atascocita Forest Trail","Atascocita Mdws","Atascocita Meadows","Atascocita North","Atascocita North Sec 01","Atascocita North Sec 02","Atascocita North Sec 03","Atascocita North Sec 03 Rep","Atascocita Park Sec 01","Atascocita Park Sec 02","Atascocita Road","Atascocita Shores","Atascocita Shores Sec 01","Atascocita Shores Sec 02","Atascocita Shores Sec 05","Atascocita Shores Sec 06","Atascocita South","Atascocita South Sec 01","Atascocita South Sec 02","Atascocita South Sec 03","Atascocita South Sec 04","Atascocita South Sec 05","Atascocita South Sec 1","Atascocita Spgs Sec 1","Atascocita Timbers Sec 01","Atascocita Timbers Sec 02","Atascocita Town Center Sec 01","Atascocita Trace","Atascocita Trace Sec 01","Atascocita Trace Sec 1","Atascocita Trace Sec 4","Atascocita Trace Sec 5","Atascocita Trace Sec 6","Atascocita Trails","Atascocita Trails Sec 01","Atascocita Trails Sec 02","Atascocita West","Atascocita West Sec 02","Atascosita Acres","Atascosita South Sec 02","Audubon Park Sec 01","Audubon Park Sec 02","Audubon Park Sec 02 Rep","Balmoral","Balmoral East","Balmoral Park Lakes East","Balmoral Park Lakes East Sec","Balmoral Park Lakes East Sec 1","Balmoral Park Lakes East Sec 2","Balmoral Park Lakes East Sec 4","Balmoral Park Lakes East Sec 5","Balmoral Park Lakes East Sec 6","Balmoral Sec 10","Balmoral Sec 12","Balmoral Sec 13","Balmoral Sec 17","Balmoral Sec 19","Balmoral Sec 2","Balmoral Sec 21","Balmoral Sec 22","Balmoral Sec 25","Balmoral Sec 26","Balmoral Sec 3","Balmoral Sec 4","Balmoral Sec 5","Balmoral Sec 6","Balmoral Sec 6 Rep #1","Balmoral Sec 8","Balmoral Sec 9","Balmoral Sec Two","Balmoral Townhomes Llc","Belleau Wood","Belleau Woods Sec 01 R\/P","Belleau Woods Sec 02","Bender","Benders","Benders North","Benders Sec 01","Benders Sec 02","Benders Sec 2","Blackstone Creek","Blackstone Crk Sec 3","Blackstone Crk Sec 4","Bodman A R","Bridges\/Lk Houston Apts","Butler Jones Ab 484","C Huffman","Canyon Gate\/Pk Lakes","Canyon Gate\/Pk Lakes Sec 05","Canyon Gate\/Pk Lakes Sec 08","Canyon Gate\/Pk Lakes Sec 09","Canyon Gate\/Pk Lakes Sec 12","Canyon Gate\/Pk Lakes Sec 13","Canyon Gate\/Pk Lakes Sec 16","Canyon Vlg\/Pk Lakes","Canyon Vlg\/Pk Lakes Sec 05","Canyon Vlg\/Pk Lakes Sec 07","Canyon Vlg\/Pk Lakes Sec 7","Classic Pines Estates Sec 01","Claytons Corner","Claytons Corner Sec 02","Claytons Corner Sec 03","Claytons Corner Sec 04","Claytons Park East","Claytons Park East Sec 1","Claytons Park Sec 02","Claytons Park Sec 03","Claytons Park Sec 4","Clearwater At Balmoral","Continental Plaza","Continental Plaza Sec 01 U\/R","Continental Plaza Sec 02 U\/R","Continental Plaza Sec 2","Cypresswood Point","Cypresswood Point Sec 01","Cypresswood Point Sec 11","Cypresswood Point Sec 6","Cypresswood Point South","Db Cherry Abst 695 J Strange","Deerbrook","Deerbrook Estates","Deerbrook Estates Sec 04","Deerbrook Estates Sec 06","Deerbrook Estates Sec 1","Deerbrook Estates Sec 1 Amd","Deerbrook Estates Sec 10","Deerbrook Estates Sec 7","Deerbrook Estates Sec 9","Deerbroook Estates","Eagle Creek Sec 3","Eagle Crk Sec 03","Eagle Glen Apts At Kenswick","Eagle Spgs","Eagle Spgs 35","Eagle Spgs Sec 06","Eagle Spgs Sec 10","Eagle Spgs Sec 14 Amd","Eagle Spgs Sec 15","Eagle Spgs Sec 17","Eagle Spgs Sec 19","Eagle Spgs Sec 20","Eagle Spgs Sec 20 Amd","Eagle Spgs Sec 20 Amd Pla","Eagle Spgs Sec 23","Eagle Spgs Sec 24","Eagle Spgs Sec 25","Eagle Spgs Sec 28 Rep 01","Eagle Spgs Sec 29","Eagle Spgs Sec 31","Eagle Spgs Sec 36 Rep 01","Eagle Spgs Sec 37","Eagle Spgs Sec 40","Eagle Spgs Sec 41 Rep 01","Eagle Spgs Sec 45","Eagle Spgs Sec 46","Eagle Spgs Sec 47","Eagle Spgs Sec 49","Eagle Spgs Sec 50","Eagle Spgs Sec 51","Eagle Spgs Section 9","Eagle Spring","Eagle Springs","Eagle Springs Sec 37","Eckols Rdg Plot Sub","Edgewater At The Lagoon","Elm Grove Village","Fairway Forest T\/H","Fall Creek","Fall Creek Sec 02","Fall Creek Sec 03","Fall Creek Sec 05","Fall Creek Sec 06","Fall Creek Sec 07","Fall Creek Sec 10","Fall Creek Sec 31","Fall Creek Sec 5","Fall Creek Sec 8","Fall Crk","Fall Crk Sec 10","Fall Crk Sec 11 Pt Rep 1","Fall Crk Sec 18","Fall Crk Sec 19 Rep 01","Fall Crk Sec 20","Fall Crk Sec 23","Fall Crk Sec 24","Fall Crk Sec 25","Fall Crk Sec 26","Fall Crk Sec 27","Fall Crk Sec 36","Fall Crk Sec 39","Fall Crk Sec 5","Fall Crk Sec Forty","Flagstone","Forest Cove Sec 07 U\/R","Forest Shadows Sec 02","Foxwood","Foxwood Meadows","Foxwood Sec 01","Foxwood Sec 03","Foxwood Sec 04","Foxwood Sec 09","Foxwood Sec 10","Foxwood Sec 11","Foxwood Sec 14","Foxwood Sec 15","Genoa Court","Glen Lee","Glen Lee Place Sec 03","Golf Villas","Greensbrook Place Sec 02","Groves","Groves Duets","Groves Sec 1 Residence B","Groves Sec 10","Groves Sec 11","Groves Sec 12","Groves Sec 14","Groves Sec 18","Groves Sec 21","Groves Sec 25","Groves Sec 28","Groves Sec 29","Groves Sec 30","Groves Sec 33","Groves Sec 34","Groves Sec 35","Groves Sec 36","Groves Sec 5","Groves Sec 9","Hamblen Road Estates U\/R","Heather Ridge Village Sec 01","Humble","Humble Road Place","Humble Road Place Sec 2","Intercontinental Village","Intercontinental Village T\/H","Intercontinental Village Twnhses15","Island Greens","J L Ranchland U\/R","Jacob Dannenbaum Sub Tr 93-","Jm Frost 1st Sub","Kenswick","Kenswick Forest","Kenswick Forest Sec 01","Kenswick Forest Sec 02","Kenswick Forest Sec 03","Kenswick Forest Sec 06","Kenswick Forest Sec 3","Kenswick Forest Sec 6","Kenswick Glen","Kenswick Mdws","Kenswick Mdws 01 Amd","Kenswick Mdws Amd 01","Kenswick Meadows","Kenswick Meadows Amd","Kenswick Sec 01 R\/P","Kenswick Sec 02","Kenswick Sec 03","Kenswick Sec 05","Kenswick Sec 07 Rep","Kenswick\/Mill Creek","Kings Lake Estates","Kings Lake Estates Sec 04","Kings Lake Estates Sec 2","Kings Lake Estates Sec 8","Kings Manor Patio Homes Sec 03","Kings Manor Sec 16","Kings River","Kings River Estates","Kings River Estates Sec 03","Kings River Village","Kings River Village Sec 01","Kings River Village Sec 02","Kings River Village Sec 03","Kings River Village Sec 04","Kings River Village Sec 06","Kings River Village Sec 09","Kings River Village Sec 10","Kings River Village Sec 12","Kings River Village Sec 8","Kingwood Glen Sec 06","Kingwood Glen Sec 3","Kingwood Glen Village","Kingwood Glen Village Sec 07","Lakeland","Lakeland Sec 02","Lakeland Sec 03","Lakes At Kings River Estates","Lalosevick","Laurel Place","Laurel Place Sec 03","Laurel Place Sec 1","Ludwick & Welch","Matthews","Mcashan Brashear & Slaughter S","Meadowbrook Mhp","Memorial Glen Sec 01 R\/P & Ext","Memorial Glen West","Memorial Glen West R\/P","Merrylands","Merrylands Sec 1","Merrylands Sec 2","Mill Creek Sec","Mill Creek Sec 01","Mill Crk","Moonshadows Reserves","North Hollow Estates R\/P","Northshire","Northshire Sec 01 R\/P & Ext","Northshire Sec 02","Northshire T\/H Sec 01 U\/R","Oak Hill Estates","Oaks Atascocita","Oaks Atascocita Sec 01","Oaks Atascocita Sec 03","Oaks Atascocita Sec 04","Oaks Of Atascocita","Omicron Centre","Parkside At Kingwood Glen","Parkside\/Kingwood Glen","Pinehurst","Pinehurst Af Atascocita Sec 01","Pinehurst Atascocita","Pinehurst Atascocita Sec 01","Pinehurst Atascocita Sec 02","Pinehurst Atascocita Sec 04","Pinehurst Atascocita Sec 05","Pinehurst Atascocita Sec 06","Pinehurst Atascocita Sec 07","Pinehurst Of Atascocita","Pinehurst Of Atascocita 8 Amnd","Pinehurst Of Atascocita Sec 1","Pinehurst\/Atascocita","Pinehurst\/Atascocita Sec 8","Pinehurst\/Atascocitasec 08","Pines Atascocita Sec 02","Pines Atascocita Sec 04","Pines Of Atascocita","Pines Of Atascocita Sec 4","Pines\/Atascocita","Pines\/Atascocita Sec 4","Plaza East U\/R Abst 703 J B Steven","Ramblewood","Riggs Sub","Rivergrove","Rivergrove Sec 2","Rivergrove Sec 3","Rivergrove Sec 4","Rivergrove Sec 6","Riverside Oil Field","Riverwood","Riverwood Sec 01","Riverwood Sec 02","Riverwood Sec 02 U\/R","Riverwood Sec 2 U\/R","Rsidences At Kingwood","Saddle Rdg","Saddle Rdg Sec 3","Saddle Rdg Sec 5","Saddle Rdg Sec 6","Saddle Ridge Sec 1","Serenity Estates","Stimson Edwin","Sunset Rdg","Sunset Rdg Sec 01","Sunset Rdg Sec 02","Sunset Rdg Sec 4","Sunset Rdg Sec 6","Sunset Rdg Sec 7","Sunset Rdg Sec 8","Sunset Rdg West Sec 01","Sunset Rdg West Sec 03","Sunset Rdg West Sec 1","Sunset Rdg West Sec 3","Sunset Rdg West Sec 5","Sunset Ridge","Sunset Ridge Sec 01","Sunset Ridge West","T H Patterson Sub","The Colony 1 & 2","The Forest","The Groves","The Groves Duets","The Groves Sec 18","The Reserve At Park Lakes","Timber Forest","Timber Forest Sec 01","Timber Forest Sec 04","Timber Forest Sec 05","Timber Forest Sec 6","Timberhills Sec 01","Timberwood","Timberwood Sec 01","Timberwood Sec 02","Timberwood Sec 04","Timberwood Sec 05 Prcl R P","Tour 18","Town\/Humble","Town\/Humble Rev Map","Usa Plat 1","Villages\/Tour 18","Villages\/Tour 18 Sec 2","Villages\/Tour 18 Sec 3","Walden Lake Houston Olympic Village","Walden Lake Houston Ph I Golfers","Walden On Lake Houston","Walden On Lake Houston Ph","Walden On Lake Houston Ph 01","Walden On Lake Houston Ph 02","Walden On Lake Houston Ph 03","Walden On Lake Houston Ph 04","Walden On Lake Houston Ph 05","Walden On Lake Houston Ph 06","Walden\/Lake Houston Ph 03","Waterhaven","Werrington Sec 01","Werrington Sec 1","Westheimer","Westheimers Add To Humble","Woodland Lakes","Woodland Pines","Woodland Pines Sec 03","Woodland Pines Sec 04","Woodland Pines Sec 06","Woodland Pines Sec 07","Woodland Pines Sec 08","Woodland Pines Sec 10","Woodland Pines Sec 4","Woodland Pines Sec 7","Woodlands Pines"],"zipcodes":["77325","77338","77339","77345","77346","77347","77396"]},"hungerford":{"label":"Hungerford","counties":["Wharton County"],"subdivisions":["A#26","A20058","David Hamilton League, A-45","El Lobo Sec2","Hungerford","Sarah Gilbert League Abs #24"],"zipcodes":["77448"]},"hunt":{"label":"Hunt","subdivisions":["Nf-Rb Ranch"]},"hunterscreekvillage":{"label":"Hunters Creek Village","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Boland","Creekside Manor","Creekside Manor U\/R","Hunterwood R\/P","Inverness","Memorial Drive Manor R\/P","Memorial Estates"],"zipcodes":["77024","77063"]},"huntington":{"label":"Huntington","counties":["Angelina County"],"subdivisions":["0586 - Scarborough H. M.","0586 Scarborough H. M","0586 Scarborough H. M.","0586 Scarboroughh. M.","Eli Grimes Surv Abs #1093","Houston Mcclure Surv Abs #455","Mullen P","Rutherford","Tanksleys Fm 2109 Sub","Wilson"],"zipcodes":["75949"]},"huntsville":{"label":"Huntsville","counties":["Walker County"],"subdivisions":["0032, Mercer G R","0049 - Stephens T A-49","0367 - Marsh A A-367","0485 - Riley F A-485","0665 - Mallard G A-665","3000 - Davids E Survey","3001 - Davids E Survey- Commercial","3346 - Elks Terrace - Sec 2","4401-Highland - Sec 1","7231 - Property Associates","A108 Lucio Enriquez","Acorn Hill - Sec 1","Acre Sub","Acreage","Allen","B W Robinson League Abs#42","Beard Aj Ab#67","Bennett T","Birdsell","Birdwell","Blalock","Blythe-Chandler #1","Blythe-Chandler #2","Brookview","Buckthorn Acres","Bush--Tanglewood","Canyon Ranch","Canyon Ranch - Sec 1","Canyon Ranch - Sec 2","Carolina Cove - Sec 1","Carolina Cove - Sec 2","Cedar Hills Sub Unrec","Cedar Ridge","Christopher Edinburgh League S","Crane J","Creekview","Creekwell","Crowe Add - Sec 2","Crown Point","Davids E Survey","Davids E Survey,","Davids E Survey, Lot 20, Acres 0.174","Dewitt J C","Dodge","Dogwood - Sec 1","Drew Slack Management Corp","East End","Eastham","Elkins Lake","Elkins Lake - Golfview Manor","Elkins Lake - Lakeview","Elkins Lake - Sec 1","Elkins Lake - Sec 2","Elkins Lake - Sec 3","Elkins Lake - Sec 3a","Elkins Lake - Sec 4","Elkins Lake - Waters Edge","Emerald Estates","Emerald Point","Ernst #1 Unplatted","Far Hills","Far Hills - Sec 1","Far Hills - Sec 2","First Texas Equities Sub Unpl","Forest Hills","Forest Hills - Sec 3 Reserved","Forest Hills - Sec 4","Forest Hills - Sec 5","Forest Hills - Twnhms","Forgotten Forest Ranchettes","Forgotten Forest Ranchettes Sec 2","Forgotten Forest Ranchettes Sec1","Forgotten Forest Ranchettes Sec2","Foster Bobo Surv Abs #74","Foxwood","Gibbs - 190e","Gibbs-Pritchett-- Abercrombie","Gray H","Green Rich Shores - Sec 4","Groce J E","Hall T J A-265","Harmon Creek Ranchettes","Harmon Creek Ridge","Harmon Creek Ridge - Sec 1","Harmon Creek Ridge - Sec 2","Harrell Estates","Harvard","Hayamnvillageasub","Heaton","Henderson Land Co - Sec 3","Henry Smith 282 Ac Tract","Hickory Hills Townhomes","Hickory Hills Twnhs Timb","Hidden Valley","Highland","Highland - Sec 4","Highland Creek Ranch - Sec 1","Hill N Dale","Hillcrest","Holleman Ranch","Horseshoe Lake","Hunters Creek","Huntsville Area","Huntsville Townsite","Huntsville Townsite Commercia","Huntsville Townsite Commercial","I & G N R R A-692","I Texas Grand Ranch","I Texas Grand Ranch Ph 1","I Texas Grand Ranch Ph 10","I Texas Grand Ranch Ph 14","I Texas Grand Ranch Ph 2","I Texas Grand Ranch Ph 3a","I Texas Grand Ranch Ph 3b","I Texas Grand Ranch Ph 4a","I Texas Grand Ranch Ph 4b","I Texas Grand Ranch Ph 5","I Texas Grand Ranch Ph 6","I Texas Grand Ranch Ph 7","I Texas Grand Ranch Ph 9","J Parker Surv A-36","John Crane League Abs #14","Johnson #2","Johnson M Survey","Jw Adame Surv Abs 63","Lake Falls Estates - Sec 2","Lake Forest Estates","Lake Jackson Estates - Sec 2","Lake Livingston Heights Sec 1","Lake Way Estates","Lakeland","Lakeside Village","Lakeside Village #1","Lakeside Village #2","Lakeside Village #3","Lakewood Acres","Lamb G A Tract 4","Legacy Estate","Legacy Estates","Ly Alllen Surv-64","Majestic Forest","Mcadams","Mcfadden Pines","Meadowlink Estates","Mercer","Midway","Neiderhofer Sub Unrec","Newmans Sportsman Club","No","North Ave F","Northcrest Terrace","Northgate Meadows","Northgate Meadows - Sec 4","Oak Creek","Oakwood Village","P Gray League A-24","Parker","Pine Shadows","Pinecrest","Pineview","Pleasure Hill - Sec 2","Porter J","Praytor","Property Assoc","Property Associates","R T Walker Survey Abstract 589","Ranch Acres - Sec 2","Ranch At Sam Houston","Randolph J A-467","Raven Terrace","Redskin Ridge","Redskin Ridge - Sec 2","Riverside Harbor","Riverside Lakeland","Riverside Lakeland - Sec 1","Riverside Lakeland - Sec 9","Riverwood Village","Robinson Way Subdivision","Rockbridge","Rockbridge Sub","Royal Pines Sub","Rural","Rustic Star","Saddle Ridge","Sam Houston Forest Estates","Sam Houston Forest Estates Sec 2","Sandbrook","Sandbrook - Sec 3","Shorewood Forest","Sleepy Hollow","Sleepy Hollow - Sec 2","Sleepy Hollow - Sec 3","Smither","South Park","South Park - Sec 2","Southwest Manor","Spring Lake","Stephen H Dawson Sub","Sterling Island","Sterling Island - Sec 1","Sterling Ridge","Sterling Ridge Sec-1","Sugar Hill Estates","Summer Place Village","Sunset Ridge","Sycamore","Sycamore Village Ii","Sycamore Village Iii","Sycamore Vlg Iii Plat\/Same Rec","Tbd","Texas Grand Ranch","Texas Grand Ranch Ph 1","Texas Grand Ranch Ph 10","Texas Grand Ranch Ph 2","Texas Grand Ranch Ph 3a","Texas Grand Ranch Ph 5","Texas Grand Ranch Ph 6","Texas Grand Ranch Ph 7","Texas Grand Ranch Phase 11","Texas Grand Ranch Phase 13","Texas Grand Ranch Sec #12","Texas Grand Ranch Sec 15","Texas Grand Ranch Sec Thirteen","The Meadow At Horse Creek","The Ranch At Sam Houston","The Ranches At Royal Pines","Timbercrest Townhomes","Timberwilde","Timberwilde - Sec 2","Timberwilde - Sec 4","Timberwilde Sub The Reserve S","Timberwilde The Reserve Sec 2","Veronica Add","Village At Sam Houston","Walker County, Texas","Walnut Creek","Waterwood","Waterwood - Country Club Est #3","Waterwood Bay Hill","Waterwood Country Club Estate","Waterwood Country Club Estate #2","Waterwood Country Club Estate #3","Waterwood Fairway One","Waterwood Greentree Vill #11a","Waterwood Lakeview Estates","Waterwood Park Forest Village","Waterwood Piney Point","Waterwood Whispering Pines","Waterwood Whispering Pines #1","Waterwood Whispering Pines #2","Watson Lake - Sec 1","Watson Lake - Sec 2","West Lake Shores - Sec 2","Wildwood Shores","Wildwood Shores Sec 10","Wildwood Shores Sec 11","Wildwood Shores Sec 12","Wildwood Shores Sec 13","Wildwood Shores Sec 2","Wildwood Shores Sec 3","Wildwood Shores Sec 4","Wildwood Shores Sec 5","Wildwood Shores Sec 6","Wildwood Shores Sec 7","Wildwood Shores Sec 9","Wiley Parker League Abstract 37","Wiley Parker Surv Abs#37","Wood Farm Road Estates","Woodlawn","Woodlawn East"],"zipcodes":["77320","77340","77341","77342","77343","77344","77348","77349"]},"hutto":{"label":"Hutto","counties":["Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["Enclave At Brushy Creek Sec 03","Huttoparke Sec 01"],"zipcodes":["78634"]},"hye":{"label":"Hye"},"industry":{"label":"Industry","counties":["Austin County"],"zipcodes":["78944"]},"inez":{"label":"Inez","counties":["Victoria County"],"subdivisions":["Garcitas Creek Ranch Estates","Inez"],"zipcodes":["77968"]},"ingleside":{"label":"Ingleside","counties":["Nueces County","San Patricio County"],"subdivisions":["Ingleside-Mccampbell Sub"],"zipcodes":["78336","78362","78374"]},"inglesideonthebay":{"label":"Ingleside on the Bay","counties":["San Patricio County"],"subdivisions":["Ingelside On The Bay"],"zipcodes":["78362"]},"iola":{"label":"Iola","counties":["Grimes County"],"subdivisions":["--","9999 - Other","A0038 M Mc Dowell","A0471-1 T Walker","Fiveland Sub #1","Gibbons Grove","Gibbons Grove Sub","Heyman Sub","Iola","Johnson Sub","Johnson Subdivision","King Oaks","King Oaks Sec 1","King Oaks Sec 2","King Oaks Sec 3","King Oaks Sec 4 Gated","Krat Sub","Tract 3","W Johnson Sub"],"zipcodes":["77861"]},"iowacolony":{"label":"Iowa Colony","counties":["Brazoria County"],"subdivisions":["Canterra Creek","H T & B R R","Klobouk Fields","Magnolia Bend Estates","Meridiana","Meridiana 40'","Meridiana Sec","Meridiana Sec 2 A0513 Ht&Brr","Meridiana Sec 3 A0513 & A0287","Meridiana Sec 38","Meridiana Sec 5 A0515 Ht&Brr","Meridiana Sec 59","Meridiana Sec 60","Meridiana Sec 66","Meridiana Sec 69 A0513 H&Brr","Meridiana Sec 7 A0515 Ht&Brr","Meridiana Sec 71","Meridiana Sec 73","Meridiana Sec 75 A0513 H&Brr","Meridiana Sec 76a","Meridiana Sec 81a","Meridiana Sec 81b","Sierra Vista","Sierra Vista 50's","Sierra Vista Sec 2","Sierra Vista West","Sierra Vista West Sec 1","Sierra Vista West Sec 2","Sierra Vista West Sec 3","Sterling Lakes","Sterling Lakes West","Sterling Lakes West Sec 1 A07","Sterling Lakes West Sec 2 A07","Sterling Lakes West Sec 3","Sterling Lakes West Sec 3 A07","Sterling Lakes West Sec 4"],"zipcodes":["77578","77583"]},"irving":{"label":"Irving","counties":["Dallas County"],"subdivisions":["Hackberry Creek Estates","Kings Country"],"zipcodes":["75014","75015","75016","75017","75038","75039","75050","75060","75061","75062","75063","75234"]},"itasca":{"label":"Itasca","counties":["Hill County"],"subdivisions":["A Hendricks","Albert Hendrix Surv Abs #412"],"zipcodes":["76055"]},"ivanhoe":{"label":"Ivanhoe","counties":["Tyler County"],"subdivisions":["Lake Charmaine","Lake Tristan"],"zipcodes":["75979"]},"jacksonville":{"label":"Jacksonville","counties":["Cherokee County"],"subdivisions":["C Burnett","H B Stephens Survey","Jose Pineda East Four Grant Le","Rolling Hills","South Shore"],"zipcodes":["75766"]},"jamaicabeach":{"label":"Jamaica Beach","counties":["Galveston County"],"subdivisions":["Jamaica Beach","Jamaica Beach 1","Jamaica Beach 11","Jamaica Beach 14","Jamaica Beach 14a","Jamaica Beach 16","Jamaica Beach 18","Jamaica Beach 19","Jamaica Beach 2","Jamaica Beach 20","Jamaica Beach 22","Jamaica Beach 23","Jamaica Beach 25","Jamaica Beach 26","Jamaica Beach 27","Jamaica Beach 3","Jamaica Beach 4","Jamaica Beach 6","Jamaica Beach 7","Jamaica Beach 8","Jamaica Beach 9","Jamaica Beach Blk A & Pt Blk B","Jamaica Beach Riviera","S4188 - Jamaica Beach 1","S4214 - Jamaica Beach 26","The Boardwalk At Jamaica 96"],"zipcodes":["77554"]},"jarrell":{"label":"Jarrell","counties":["Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["Schwertner Ranch"],"zipcodes":["76537","78626","78633"]},"jasper":{"label":"Jasper","counties":["Jasper County"],"subdivisions":["A.J. Youngblood","Bf Jones Surv Abs 22","Broadstreet Add","E Isaacs","E Thompson","Eastgate Village","H & Tc Rr Co Surv Sec 212","J Lane","Ja Sumral","Jno Bevil","Jno Bevil Tr","John Bevil League Abs 2","John Bevil Tract","L Walker Surv A-40","Original Townsite\/Jasper","Robert Conn Surv A-9","Robert Conn Surv Abs 9","Rolling Glenn Estates","Rollingwood Subdivision","Sales John H","Suncrest Park Add","Walker Crk Sub 10","William Ferguson Surv Abs #147","Woodland Park Add"],"zipcodes":["75951"]},"jefferson":{"label":"Jefferson","counties":["Marion County"],"subdivisions":["G Ethridge Sy","L Needham Sy","Potter","Ruben Bennington Headright Sur","Wm Archer Sy"],"zipcodes":["75657"]},"jerseyvillage":{"label":"Jersey Village","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Country Club Estates","Country Club Estates Sec 03 R\/","Country Club Estates Sec 04","Jersey Village","Jersey Village Cc Estates Sec 04 Rep","Jersey Village Country Club Es","Jersey Village Country Club Estates","Jersey Village\/Wyndham Village","Lakes Jersey Village","Lakes Of Jersey Village","Lakes\/Jersey Village"],"zipcodes":["77040","77041","77064","77065"]},"jewett":{"label":"Jewett","counties":["Leon County"],"subdivisions":["Bishop's Landing Lake Limestone","Briarwood Lake Limestone","Cedar Creek Estates","Forest Hills Add","Highlands","Highlands Sub","Jessie Johnson Survey","Lake Limestone Water","Lambs Crk Cove Sub","M C Rejon Ab 19 9.052 Ac Ag Approved 199","Mc Region Surv A-26","Mcgrew","Pineview Estates","Ranches\/Lost Crk","Shaw Woods","Shaw Woods Lake Limestone","Timber Oaks","Timbercrest Ranch"],"zipcodes":["75846"]},"johnsoncity":{"label":"Johnson City","counties":["Blanco County"],"subdivisions":["Byrd Ranch Estates","Legacy Hills"],"zipcodes":["78636"]},"jonescreek":{"label":"Jones Creek","counties":["Brazoria County"],"subdivisions":["Durazno Gardens 2","Hervey #1","Hervey #2","Jones Creek Terrace","Jones Creekwood","Peach Point Park","Peachcrest Homesites","Perry","S F Austin","Sbr.Abst"],"zipcodes":["77541"]},"jonesboro":{"label":"Jonesboro","subdivisions":["Charles Farnash Surv A-254"]},"jonestown":{"label":"Jonestown","counties":["Travis County"],"subdivisions":["Jonestown Hills","Pointe","South Jonestown Hills Unit 01"],"zipcodes":["78641","78645"]},"joshua":{"label":"Joshua","counties":["Johnson County"],"subdivisions":["Oak Trail Estates Ph 01"],"zipcodes":["76058"]},"junction":{"label":"Junction","counties":["Kimble County"],"subdivisions":["Rusk Ranch Sub"],"zipcodes":["76849"]},"karnack":{"label":"Karnack","subdivisions":["Taylor Island"]},"katy":{"label":"Katy","counties":["Fort Bend County","Harris County","Waller County"],"subdivisions":["*","Adelaide","Adelaide Sec 1","Adelaide Sec 2","Ana Sub","Anserra","Anserra Sec 3","Anserra Sec 4","Anserra Sec 5","Anserra Sec 7","August Lakes","August Lakes Sec 1","Aurora","Aurora Sec 1","Aurora Sec 2","Aurora Sec 3","Aurora Section 3","Austinville","Autumn Run Sec 01","Autumn Run Sec 02","Autumn Run Sec 02 02 Rep","Autumn Run Sec 03","Autumn Run Sec 1 & Pt Rp","Avalon At Seven Meadows","Avalon At Seven Meadows Sec 1","Avalon At Seven Meadows Sec 3","Avalon At Seven Meadows Sec 6","Avalon At Spring Green","Avalon At Spring Green Sec 1","Avalon At Spring Green Sec 3","Baileys Sub","Barker Village","Barker Village Sec 2","Barker Village Sec 2 Pt Rep 3","Barker Village Sec 3","Barker Village Sec 5","Bartlett","Bartlett 2","Bear Creek Meadows","Bear Creek Meadows Sec 01","Bear Creek Plantation","Bear Creek Plantation 01 R\/P","Bear Creek Plantation 02 Prcl","Bear Creek Plantation Sec 05","Bear Creek Plantation Sec 06","Bear Creek Plantation Sec 07","Bear Creek South","Bear Crk Mdws Sec 03","Bear Crk Mdws Sec 04","Bear Crk Mdws Sec 3","Bear Crk Mdws Sec 4","Bhridgewaer Mdw Sec 2","Biax N Ventana Lakes East Sec 4","Block 5 5\/Bridgewai Er Mdw Sec","Breckenridge East Sec 3","Brenwood","Brenwood Manor Town Homes","Brenwood Park","Brenwood Park Sec 01","Brenwood Sec 01","Brenwood Sec 02 Prcl R\/P","Brenwood Sec 03","Brenwood Sec 03 R\/P","Brenwood Sec 06","Brenwood Sec 07","Brenwood Sec 08","Brenwood Sec 7","Brenwood Trails","Brenwood Trails Sec 1","Brenwood Trls","Brenwood Trls Sec 01","Brenwood Village","Brenwood Village Sec 02","Brenwood Village Sec 2","Bridgewater Mdw Sec 01","Bridgewater Mdw Sec 02","Bridgewater Mdw Sec 02 02","Bridgewater Mdw Sec 1","Bridgewater Mdw Sec 4","Bridgewater Meadow","Bridgewater Meadow Sec 1","Bridgewater Meadows","Bridgewater Place","Bridgewater Place Sec 01","Bridgewater Place Sec 2","Bridgewater Pointe","Bridgewater Pointe Sec","Bridgewater Pointe Sec 01","Bridgewater Pointe Sec 02","Bridgewater Village","Bridgewater Village Sec 01","Brooks & Burl","Camillo Lakes","Camillo Lakes Sec 1","Camillo Lakes Sec 2","Camillo Lakes Sec 3","Camillo Lakes Sec 4","Camillo Lakes Sec 6","Camillo Lakes Sec Four 4","Camillo Lks Sec 3","Camillo-Lk Sec 5","Cane Island","Cane Island Sec 1","Cane Island Sec 14","Cane Island Sec 20","Cane Island Sec 21","Cane Island Sec 22","Cane Island Sec 27","Cane Island Sec 29","Cane Island Sec 31","Cane Island Sec 32a","Cane Island Sec 34","Cane Island Sec 38","Cane Island Sec 39","Cane Island Sec 4","Cane Island Sec 40","Cane Island Sec 5","Cane Island Sec 7","Cane Island Sec 8","Cane Island Section16","Canyon Gate Cinco Ranch","Canyon Gate Cinco Ranch Sec","Canyon Gate Cinco Ranch Sec 1","Canyon Gate Cinco Ranch Sec 2","Canyon Gate Cinco Ranch Sec 3","Canyon Gate Cinco Ranch Sec 5","Canyon Gate Cinco Ranch Sec 7","Canyon Lakes At Cardiff Ranch","Canyon Lakes At Cardiff Ranch Sec 1","Canyon Lakes At Cardiff Ranch Sec 5","Canyon Lakes West Sec 11","Cascade Creek Sec 01","Castle Rock","Castle Rock Sec 01","Castle Rock Sec 02","Castle Rock Sec 04","Castle Rock Sec 3","Castle Rock Sec 4","Chesterfield Sec 01","Cimarron","Cimarron Sec 01 R\/P","Cimarron Sec 02","Cimarron Sec 06","Cimarron Sec 07","Cimarron Sec 08 R\/P","Cimarron Sec 09","Cimarron Sec 09 R\/P","Cinco At Willow Fork Sec 2","Cinco Ranch","Cinco Ranch Cinco Forest Sec 1","Cinco Ranch Cinco Forest Sec 3","Cinco Ranch Equest Village 01","Cinco Ranch Equestrian Village Sec 3","Cinco Ranch Fm 1093 Tr Sec 1","Cinco Ranch Fountain View","Cinco Ranch Greenway Village","Cinco Ranch Greenway Village Sec 1","Cinco Ranch Greenway Village Sec 10","Cinco Ranch Greenway Village Sec 11","Cinco Ranch Greenway Village Sec 12","Cinco Ranch Greenway Village Sec 2","Cinco Ranch Greenway Village Sec 4","Cinco Ranch Greenway Village Sec 7","Cinco Ranch Greenway Village Sec 9","Cinco Ranch Institutional Core Sec 1","Cinco Ranch Mdw Place","Cinco Ranch Meadow Place","Cinco Ranch Meadow Place Sec 0","Cinco Ranch Meadow Place Sec 5","Cinco Ranch N Lake Village Sec","Cinco Ranch North Lake Village","Cinco Ranch North Lake Village Sec 1","Cinco Ranch North Lake Village Sec 13","Cinco Ranch North Lake Village Sec 3","Cinco Ranch North Lake Village Sec 6","Cinco Ranch Northwest","Cinco Ranch Northwest Sec 12","Cinco Ranch Northwest Sec 13","Cinco Ranch Northwest Sec 18","Cinco Ranch Northwest Sec 19","Cinco Ranch Northwest Sec 2","Cinco Ranch Northwest Sec 5","Cinco Ranch Northwest Sec 7","Cinco Ranch Northwest Sec 8","Cinco Ranch South Lake Village","Cinco Ranch South Lake Village Sec 2","Cinco Ranch South Lake Village Sec 3","Cinco Ranch South Lake Village Sec 5","Cinco Ranch Southpark","Cinco Ranch Southpark Sec 1","Cinco Ranch Southpark Sec 3","Cinco Ranch Southwest","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 1","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 12","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 14","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 15","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 17","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 18","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 2","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 20","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 21","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 23","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 24","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 25","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 26","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 27","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 29","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 3","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 30","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 31","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 33","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 34","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 35","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 38","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 39","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 4","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 41","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 42","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 43","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 49","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 54","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 57","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 59","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 6","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 60","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 62","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 63","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 66","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 67","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 70","Cinco Ranch Southwest Sec 71","Cinco Ranch West","Cinco Ranch West Sec 1","Cinco Ranch West Sec 12","Cinco Ranch West Sec 13","Cinco Ranch West Sec 14","Cinco Ranch West Sec 15","Cinco Ranch West Sec 16","Cinco Ranch West Sec 18","Cinco Ranch West Sec 19","Cinco Ranch West Sec 20","Cinco Ranch West Sec 21","Cinco Ranch West Sec 26","Cinco Ranch West Sec 29","Cinco Ranch West Sec 3","Cinco Ranch West Sec 32","Cinco Ranch West Sec 4","Cinco Ranch West Sec 5","Cinco West At Seven Meadows","Cinco West At Seven Meadows Sec 1","Cinco West At Seven Meadows Sec 2","Cinco West At Seven Meadows Sec 4","Cinco West At Seven Meadows Sec 5","Cinco West At Seven Meadows Sec 6","City Of Katy","Colvin Acres","Cornerstone Place Sec 01","Country Lakes","Country Lakes At Grayson Lakes","Country Lakes At Grayson Lakes Sec 6","Country Lakes At Grayson Lakes Sec 7","Country Lakes At Grayson Lakes Sec 9","Country Lakes Sec 2","Country Lakes Sec 3","Crawford","Creekside","Creekstone","Creekstone Sec 01","Creekstone Sec 02","Creekstone Sec 03","Creekstone Sec 04","Creekstone Sec 05","Cross Creek Sec 01","Cypress Falls","Cypress Falls Sec 02","Cypress Falls Sec 3","Cypress Mdw Sec 05","Cypress Mdw Sec 06","Cypress Mdw Sec 1","Cypress Mdws","Cypress Mdws Sec 01","Cypress Meadow","Cypress Meadow Sec 01","Cypress Meadow Sec 04","Cypress Meadow Sec 06","Cypress Meadow Sec 1","Cypress Meadow Sec 6","Cypress Meadows","Cypress Meadows 02","Cypress Meadows 03","Cypress Measow Setion 03","Cypress Place","Eagle Ranch West","Eagle Ranch West Sec 01","Eagle Ranch West Sec 02","Eagle Ranch West Sec 03","Eagle Ranch West Sec 1","Eastway Terrace","Elyson","Elyson 55s","Elyson 65s","Elyson 80s","Elyson Sec 10","Elyson Sec 11","Elyson Sec 12","Elyson Sec 14","Elyson Sec 15","Elyson Sec 18","Elyson Sec 19","Elyson Sec 21","Elyson Sec 22","Elyson Sec 24","Elyson Sec 26","Elyson Sec 28","Elyson Sec 3","Elyson Sec 30","Elyson Sec 33","Elyson Sec 36","Elyson Sec 37","Elyson Sec 4","Elyson Sec 5","Elyson Sec 8","Elyson Sec 9","Enclave At Bear Creek","Enclave At Bridgewater Sec 01","Enclave At Bridgewater Sec 02","Enclave\/Katy","Estates Highland Creek","Estates Highland Creek 02","Estates Highland Creek 03","Estates Highland Creek 04","Estates Of Highland Creek 02","Estates\/Grand Harbor Sec 01","Estates\/Highland Creek","Falcon Landing","Falcon Landing Sec 3","Falcon Landing Sec 4","Falcon Landing Sec 6","Falcon Point","Falcon Point Sec 01","Falcon Point Sec 1","Falcon Point Sec 5","Falcon Point Sec 7","Falcon Ranch","Falcon Ranch Sec 1","Falcon Ranch Sec 2","Falcon Ranch Sec 3","Falcon Ranch Sec 4","Falcon Ranch Sec 6","Falcon Ranch Sec 7","Falcon Rock","Falcon Rock Sec 01","Falcon Rock Sec 1","Falls At Green Meadows Sec 7","Falls\/Green Mdws Sec 1","Fawnlake","Fawnlake Sec 02b","Fawnlake Sec 03b","Firethorne","Firethorne Sec 1","Firethorne Sec 11","Firethorne Sec 12","Firethorne Sec 14","Firethorne Sec 15","Firethorne Sec 22","Firethorne Sec 25 Firethorne Sec 19 Prp","Firethorne Sec 28","Firethorne Sec 29","Firethorne Sec 3","Firethorne Sec 7","Firethorne Sec 8","Firethorne Sec 9","Firethorne West","Firethorne West Sec 1","Firethorne West Sec 10","Firethorne West Sec 11","Firethorne West Sec 12","Firethorne West Sec 15","Firethorne West Sec 16","Firethorne West Sec 17","Firethorne West Sec 18","Firethorne West Sec 19","Firethorne West Sec 2","Firethorne West Sec 5","Firethorne West Sec 8","Firethorne West Sec 9","Fred Eule Tract 24","Freeman Ranch","Freeman Ranch Sec 1","Freeman Ranch Sec 2","Freeman Ranch Sec 3","Freeman Ranch Sec 4","Fry Center","G W Cartwright","Garages Of Texas At Katy","Governors Place Sec 01","Governors Place Sec 02","Governors Place Sec 04","Grand Harbor Sec 01","Grand Lakes","Grand Lakes Crossing","Grand Lakes Ph 4 Sec 1","Grand Lakes Ph 4 Sec 5","Grand Lakes Ph Three Sec 1","Grand Lakes Ph Three Sec 10","Grand Lakes Ph Three Sec 2","Grand Lakes Ph Three Sec 3","Grand Lakes Ph Three Sec 4","Grand Lakes Ph Three Sec 7","Grand Lakes Ph Three Sec 8","Grand Lakes Ph Three Sec 9","Grand Lakes Ph Two Sec 3","Grand Lakes Phase Three","Grand Lakes Phase Two","Grand Lakes Sec 10","Grand Lakes Sec 12","Grand Lakes Sec 2","Grand Lakes Sec 4","Grand Lakes Sec 5","Grand Lakes Sec 6","Grand West Condo","Grayson Lakes","H & T C R R C","H & T C R R Co Surv A-172","H & T C Railroad Co Sec 04","H & T C Railroad Company Surv","H & T C Rr Co Sec 79","H & Tc Railroad Co Sec 68","H & Tc Railroad Company Surv S","H & Tcrr Co Surv Sec 61 A-450","H& Tcrr Co Surv Abs #1369","H&Tc Railroad Co Sec 80","H&Tc Railroad Company","H&Tc Rr Co Abs 450 Sec 61","H&Tch","H&Tcrr","Harbor Shores","Harris County Elyson","Haven At Kieth Harrow","Hawks Landing","Hawks Landing Sec 1","Hawks Landing Sec 2","Heritage Grand","Heritage Meadows","Heritage Meadows Corr Prcl R\/P","Heritage Park West","Heritage Park West Sec 02","Heritage Park West Sec 03","Heritage Square","Hickory Creek","Hickory Creek Sec 1","Hidden Forest Estates","Highland Creek Ranch","Highland Creek Ranch Sec 02","Highland Creek Village","Highland Creek Village Sec 01","Highland Crk Ranch Sec 05","Highland Trails","Highland Trails Sec 01","Highlands Crk Ranch Sec 05","Ht & C R R Company Surv Abs 14","Hunters Terrace","Hunters Terrace Sec 02","Hunters Terrace Sec 03 Ph 02","Hunters Terrace Sec 03 Ph 03","I & Gn","I & Gn Ry","I And Gn","Jas Conner","Jasmine Height","Jasmine Heights","Jasmine Heights Sec 04","Jasmine Heights Sec 10","Jasmine Heights Sec 11","Jasmine Heights Sec 12","Jasmine Heights Sec 13","Jasmine Heights Sec 14","Jasmine Heights Sec 15","Jasmine Heights Sec 16","Jasmine Heights Sec 23","Jasmine Heights Sec 5","Jasmine Heights Sec 6","Jasmine Heights Sec 7","Jasmine Heights Sec 8","Jasmine Heights Sec 9","Jasmine Hts Sec 21","Jh Hackett's Sub Abs #616","Jordan Ranch","Jordan Ranch Sec 25","Jordan Ranch Sec 28","Jordan Ranch Section 30","Katy","Katy Country Estates U\/R","Katy Court","Katy Creek Ranch","Katy Creek Ranch Sec 1","Katy Creek Ranch Sec 2","Katy Creek Ranch Sec 3","Katy Creek Ranch Sec 4","Katy Creek Ranch Sec 6","Katy Creek Ranch Sec 9","Katy Crossing","Katy Crossing Sec 1","Katy Estates","Katy Gaston Tr","Katy Heights","Katy Heights R\/P","Katy Lake Estates Sec 02","Katy Lake Estates Sec 03","Katy Lakes","Katy Lakes Estates Sec 3","Katy Lakes Sec 1","Katy Lakes Sec 2","Katy Lakes Sec 5","Katy Legacy","Katy Manor","Katy Manor Sec 2","Katy Manor Sec 3","Katy Manor Sec 5","Katy Manor Sec 7","Katy Manor Sec 8","Katy Manor South","Katy Manor South Sec 5","Katy Meadows","Katy Oaks","Katy Oaks Sec 1","Katy Oaks Sec 3","Katy Ol","Katy Old Towne","Katy Pointe","Katy Pointe Sec 1","Katy Pointe Sec 1 Add","Katy Pointe Sec 2","Katy Pointe Sec 3","Katy Pointe Sec 5","Katy Townsite","Katy Townsite U\/R","Katy Trails","Katy Trails Sec 1","Katy Trails Sec 2","Katy Trails Sec 3","Katy Trls","Katy Trls Sec 2","Katy Trls Sec I","Katy Xing","Katy Xing Sec 1","Katy Xing Sec 2","Katy Xing Sec 3","Katy Xing Sec 4","Katy Xing Sec 5","Katy Xing Sec 6","Katy Xing Sec 7","Katy Xing Sec 8","Katyland","Katyland Sec","Katyland Sec 02","Katyland Sec 03","Kelliwood","Kelliwood Enclave","Kelliwood Gardens","Kelliwood Gardens Sec 01","Kelliwood Greens","Kelliwood Greens Sec 2","Kelliwood Lakes","Kelliwood Links Sec 1","Kelliwood Nottingham Country","Kelliwood Nottingham Country 0","Kelliwood Park","Kelliwood Place","Kelliwood Place Sec 01","Kelliwood Place Sec 02 Amd","Kelliwood Place Sec 03","Kelliwood Pointe","Kelliwood Pointe Sec 1","Kelliwood Sec 05","Kelliwood\/Nottinghamcntry Sec","King Crossing","King Crossing Sec 9","King Lakes","King Lakes Sec 1","King Lakes Sec 10","King Lakes Sec 12","King Lakes Sec 2","King Lakes Sec 4","King Lakes Sec 5","King Lakes Sec 8","King Xing","King Xing Sec 10","King Xing Sec 11","King Xing Sec 3","King Xing Sec 4","King Xing Sec 8","Kings Crossing","Lake House","Lake House Sec 2","Lakecrest Forest","Lakecrest Forest Sec 01","Lakecrest Forest Sec 2","Lakecrest Forest Sec 3","Lakecrest Forest Sec 3 3","Lakecrest Park","Lakecrest Park Sec 1","Lakecrest Park Sec 3","Lakecrest Sec 01","Lakecrest Sec 02","Lakecrest Sec 04","Lakecrest Sec 05","Lakecrest Sec 08","Lakecrest Sec 09","Lakecrest Sec 10","Lakecrest Sec 11","Lakecrest Sec 9","Lakecrest Village","Lakecrest Village Sec 01","Lakecrest Village Sec 3","Lakeforest Kelliwood","Lakes At Grand Harbor","Lakes At Mason Park","Lakes Autumn Run","Lakes Bridgewater Sec 01","Lakes Bridgewater Sec 02","Lakes Bridgewater Sec 03","Lakes Bridgewater Sec 07","Lakes Bridgewater Sec 08","Lakes Bridgewater Sec 09","Lakes Buckingham Kelliwood","Lakes Of Bridgewater","Lakes Of Bridgewater Sec 05","Lakes Of Katy","Lakes\/Bridgewater Sec 07","Lakes\/Bridgewater Sec 7","Lakes\/Grand Harbor","Lakes\/Grand Harbor Sec 01","Lakes\/Grand Harbor Sec 02","Lakes\/Mason Park","Lakes\/Mason Park Sec 01","Lakes\/Mason Park Sec 2","Lakeville","Lakeville Sec 01","Lakeville Sec 02","Lakeville Sec 02 Amd","Lakeville Sec 03","Lakeville Sec 04","Lakeville Sec 05","Lakeville Sec 06","Lakeville Sec 07","Lakeville Sec 07 Amd","Lakeville Sec 4","Lakeville Sec 5","Lakeville Sec 6","Lantana","Lantana Sec 1","Lantana Sec 2","Lantana Sec 3","Lantana Sec 4","Lantana Sec 6","Lantana Sec 7","Lilac Residential Sec 1","Lilac Residential Sec 2","Lilac Terrace","Lone Cypress","Lot 17 Block 1 Of Aurora 40s","Marcello Lakes","Marcello Lakes Sec 1","Marcello Lakes Sec 2","Marcello Lakes Sec 3","Marisol","Marisol Sec 1","Marisol Sec 3","Marisol Sec One","Marshall Oaks Sec 2","Mason Creek","Mason Creek Park Sec 01","Mason Crk Village","Mason Lakes","Mason Lakes Sec 01 Amd","Mason Lakes Sec 02","Mason Lakes Sec 3","Meadow At Wesfield","Meadows At Westfield Village","Meadows\/Westfield Village","Meadows\/Westfield Village Sec 2","Meadows\/Westfield Village Sec 4","Meadows\/Westfield Village Sec 6","Memorial Parkway","Memorial Parkway Sec 15","Memorial Pkwy","Memorial Pkwy Sec 01 R\/P","Memorial Pkwy Sec 02","Memorial Pkwy Sec 03","Memorial Pkwy Sec 04","Memorial Pkwy Sec 05","Memorial Pkwy Sec 06 Correct","Memorial Pkwy Sec 06 R\/P","Memorial Pkwy Sec 07","Memorial Pkwy Sec 08","Memorial Pkwy Sec 09","Memorial Pkwy Sec 10","Memorial Pkwy Sec 10 R\/P","Memorial Pkwy Sec 11","Memorial Pkwy Sec 14","Memorial Pkwy Sec 5","Mills Pointe Sec 1","Mjc Felkner Abst 1510","Monterrey At Willowbend Sec 3","Morton Creek Ranch","Morton Creek Ranch Sec 03","Morton Creek Ranch South","Morton Crk Ranch","Morton Crk Ranch Sec 02","Morton Crk Ranch Sec 03","Morton Crk Ranch Sec 10","Morton Crk Ranch Sec 12","Morton Crk Ranch Sec 14","Morton Crk Ranch Sec 18","Morton Crk Ranch Sec 19","Morton Crk Ranch Sec 20","Morton Crk Ranch Sec 21","Morton Crk Ranch Sec 22","Morton Crk Ranch Sec 27","Morton Crk Ranch Sec 4","Morton Crk Ranch Sec 6","Morton Crk Ranch Sec 7","Morton Crk Ranch Sec 9","Morton Ranch","Morton Ranch Sec 01","Morton Ranch Sec 03","Morton Ranch Sec 05","Morton Ranch Sec 06","Morton Ranch Sec 1","Morton Ranch Sec 2","Morton Ranch Sec 4","Morton Road Acreage Lots","Motheral Sec 02","North Katy Terrace","North Thomas Katy","Nottingham Country","Nottingham Country Sec 01 R\/P","Nottingham Country Sec 02 R\/P","Nottingham Country Sec 03","Nottingham Country Sec 04","Nottingham Country Sec 06","Nottingham Country Sec 07","Nottingham Country Sec 08 R\/P","Nottingham Country Sec 09","Nottingham Country Sec 10","Oak Park Reserve A","Oak Park Trails","Oak Park Trails Sec 08","Oak Park Trails Sec 09","Oak Park Trails Sec 10","Oak Park Trails Sec 11","Oak Park Trails Sec 3","Oak Park Trails Sec 9","Palms Office Condo West","Parkway Oaks","Parkway Oaks Sec 2","Parkway Oaks Sec 4","Parkway Oaks Sec 5","Parkway West Sec 01","Parkway West Sec 01 R\/P","Phillips","Pin Oak Village","Pin Oak Village Sec 1","Pin Oak Village Sec 2","Pine Forest Katy","Pine Forest Sec 01","Pine Lakes","Pine Lakes Sec 01","Pine Meadows Terrace","Pine Mill Ranch","Pine Mill Ranch S","Pine Mill Ranch Sec 1","Pine Mill Ranch Sec 12","Pine Mill Ranch Sec 13","Pine Mill Ranch Sec 16","Pine Mill Ranch Sec 2","Pine Mill Ranch Sec 20","Pine Mill Ranch Sec 22","Pine Mill Ranch Sec 23","Pine Mill Ranch Sec 24","Pine Mill Ranch Sec 25","Pine Mill Ranch Sec 30","Pine Mill Ranch Sec 4","Pine Mill Ranch Sec 5","Pine Mill Ranch Sec 8","Pineview Terrace","Plantation Lakes","Plantation Lakes North Sec 8","Plantation Lakes Sec 02","Plantation Lakes Sec 04","Plantation Lakes Sec 05","Plantation Lakes Sec 06","Plantation Lakes Sec 07","Plantation Lakes Sec 2","Plantation Lakes Sec 22","Plantation Lakes Sec 24","Pm Cuny Surv Abs 355","Porter Ranch Sec 3","Raintree Village","Raintree Village Sec 01 R\/P","Raintree Village Sec 01 R\/P &","Raintree Village Sec 01 Reserve A","Raintree Village Sec 02 Prcl R","Raintree Village Sec 02 Pt Rep","Raintree Village Sec 02a","Raintree Village Sec 03 Prcl R","Raintree Village Sec 04 Prcl R","Raintree Village Sec 05","Raintree Village Sec 06","Raintree Village Sec 11","Raintree Village Sec 6","Raintree Village Sec 7","Raintree Village Sec 9","Raintree Vlg Sec 9","Ray","Reese Tract","Remington Trails 4","Res A1 & A3 Blk 1 Mills Arnold Court","Rice Sub","Ricefield Village","Riceland Terrace","Ricewood Vill Sec 02","Ricewood Village","Ricewood Village Sec 01","Ricewood Village Sec 06","Ricewood Village Sec 09","Ricewood Village Sec 1","Ricewood Village Sec 11","Ricewood Village Sec 2","Ricewood Village Sec 5","Robertson","Robertson H T C Ry","Robertson Htc Ry","Robertson Htc&Ry","Robertson Sub","Roesner Woods","Rose Dale","Rose Dale Sub U\/R Sec 1","S Hobermaker","S800002 Sunterra","San Tierra Apts","Settlers Village","Settlers Village Sec 01 R\/P","Settlers Village Sec 02","Settlers Village Sec 03","Settlers Village Sec 05","Seven Meadows","Seven Meadows Sec 1","Seven Meadows Sec 1 R\/P 1","Seven Meadows Sec 11","Seven Meadows Sec 13","Seven Meadows Sec 14","Seven Meadows Sec 15","Seven Meadows Sec 17","Seven Meadows Sec 18","Seven Meadows Sec 19","Seven Meadows Sec 2","Seven Meadows Sec 21","Seven Meadows Sec 5","Seven Meadows Sec 6","Seven Meadows Sec 7","Silver Ranch","Silver Ranch Sec 1","Silver Ranch Sec 11","Silver Ranch Sec 12","Silver Ranch Sec 13","Silver Ranch Sec 14","Silver Ranch Sec 16","Silver Ranch Sec 17","Silver Ranch Sec 2","Silver Ranch Sec 3","Silver Ranch Sec 5","Silver Ranch Sec 6","Silver Ranch Sec 8","Silvermill","Silvermill 1 Replat","Silvermill Sec 01 R\/P","Silvermill Sec 02","Silverstone","Silverstone Sec 01","Stone Crest","Stone Crest Sec 01","Stone Crest Sec 02","Stone Crest Sec 04","Stone Crest Sec 4","Stone Crest Sec 6","Stonegate Bus Center","Stonelodge","Strathmore Park","Strathmore Sec 01","Strathmore Sec 02","Strathmore Sec 03","Strathmore Sec 3","Sundown","Sundown Glen","Sundown Glen Sec 02 R\/P","Sundown Glen Sec 03","Sundown Glen Sec 04","Sundown Glen Sec 06 Amd","Sundown Glen Sec 4","Sundown Sec 01","Sundown Sec 02 R\/P","Sundown Sec 02 U\/R R\/P","Sunset Mdw Amd 1","Suntera","Sunterra","Sunterra 40' Cottage","Sunterra S49 & 50 40s","Sunterra Sec 12","Sunterra Sec 12 Amd","Sunterra Sec 13","Sunterra Sec 14","Sunterra Sec 16","Sunterra Sec 20","Sunterra Sec 37","Sunterra Sec 39","Sunterra Sec 4","Sunterra Sec 4 Amd #","Sunterra Sec 49","Sunterra Sec 6","Sunterra Sec 7","Sunterra Sec 8","Tamarron","Tamarron Sec 10","Tamarron Sec 11","Tamarron Sec 12","Tamarron Sec 13 Amd 1","Tamarron Sec 2","Tamarron Sec 21","Tamarron Sec 22","Tamarron Sec 26","Tamarron Sec 27","Tamarron Sec 29","Tamarron Sec 3","Tamarron Sec 30","Tamarron Sec 31","Tamarron Sec 32","Tamarron Sec 33","Tamarron Sec 36","Tamarron Sec 38","Tamarron Sec 4","Tamarron Sec 42","Tamarron Sec 43","Tamarron Sec 44","Tamarron Sec 48","Tamarron Sec 5","Tamarron Sec 53","Tamarron Sec 55 Amd 1","Tamarron Sec 6","Tamarron Sec 8","Tamarron Sec 9","Tamarron West","Tammaron","Terrace At Cinco","The Estates At Cane Island","The Meadows At Westfield Village","The Reserve At Katy Sec 4","The Reserve At Katy Sec 6","The Retreat At Kingsland","Theodore Lammert Add","Theodore Lammert Addition","Town Park","Town Park Add Sec 01","Town Park Sec 01","Town\/ Seville Rep","Towns At Seville","Towns Seville Repeat #1","Towns\/Seville Rep","Towns\/Seville Rep 1","Trails At Katy","Trails Of Katy","Trails Of Katy Sec 1","Trails Of Katy Sec 3","Trails Of Katy Sec 4","Trails Of Katy Sec 5","Trails Of Katy Sec 6","Treviso Gardens","University Park West Amd","Ventana Lakes","Ventana Lakes East","Ventana Lakes East Sec 1","Ventana Lakes East Sec 5","Ventana Lakes East Sec 7","Ventana Lakes East Sec 8","Ventana Lakes Ii","Ventana Lakes Sec 1","Ventana Lakes Sec 10","Ventana Lakes Sec 11","Ventana Lakes Sec 12","Ventana Lakes Sec 13","Ventana Lakes Sec 14","Ventana Lakes Sec 15","Ventana Lakes Sec 2","Ventana Lakes Sec 3","Ventana Lakes Sec 6","Ventana Lakes Sec 7","Ventana Lakes Sec 9","Ventana Lks East Sec 3","Village Green West","Village Way","Villages Bear Creek Sec 06","Villages Bear Creek Sec 07","Villages Bear Creek Sec 08","Villages Of Bear Creek Sec 0","Vineyard Mdw Sec 01","Vineyard Mdw Sec 02","Vineyard Mdw Sec 04","Vineyard Mdw Sec 1","Vineyard Mdw Sec 3","Vineyard Mdw Sec 6","Vineyard Mdw Sec 7","Vineyard Mdw Sec 8","Vineyard Meadow","Waterstone","Waterstone Heights","Waterstone Morton Ranch Reserv","Waterstone Sec 01","Waterstone Sec 05","Waterstone Sec 11","Waterstone Sec 12","Waterstone Sec 4","Waterstone Sec 9","Waterstone West","West Mem Sec 03 02 Pt Rep","West Memorial","West Memorial 2","West Memorial 3 2nd Rp & Pt Rp","West Memorial Sec 01 R\/P","West Memorial Sec 02","West Memorial Sec 03 R\/P","West Residential Condos","Westffield Village Sec 01","Westfield","Westfield Estates","Westfield Estates Sec 08","Westfield Pines 01 02 Prcl R","Westfield Pines Sec 01","Westfield Pines Sec 02","Westfield Ranch","Westfield Ranch Sec 1","Westfield Ranch Sec 3","Westfield Ranch Sec 5","Westfield Ranch Sec 6","Westfield Ranch Sec 7","Westfield Ranch Sec 7a","Westfield Sec 01","Westfield Sec 03","Westfield Sec 04","Westfield Sec 07","Westfield Sec 09","Westfield Sec 1","Westfield Sec 10","Westfield Sec 11","Westfield Sec 14","Westfield Sec 16","Westfield Sec 17","Westfield Sec 19","Westfield Sec 20","Westfield Terra","Westfield Terra R\/P","Westfield Terra Sec 02","Westfield Terra Sec 04","Westfield Village","Westfield Village Sec 01","Westfield Village Sec 02","Westfield Village Sec 03","Westfield Village Sec 2","Westfields","Westgreen","Westgreen 2","Westgreen Park","Westgreen Park Sec 01","Westgreen Park Sec 02","Westgreen Park Sec 03","Westgreen Park Sec 04","Westgreen Park Sec 1","Westgreen Park Sec 4","Westgreen Sec 01","Westgreen Sec 02","Westgreen Sec 03 R\/P","Westheimer Lakes North","Westheimer Lakes North Sec 1","Westheimer Lakes North Sec 11","Westheimer Lakes North Sec 2","Westheimer Lakes North Sec 4","Westheimer Lakes North Sec 6","Westheimer Lakes North Sec 7","Westhimer Lakes North","Westland Add","Westland Creek Village","Westland Creek Village Sec 01","Westland Estates","Westview Lndg Sec 4","Williamsburg Colony","Williamsburg Colony 2 & Rp","Williamsburg Colony 3","Williamsburg Colony Sec 01 R\/P","Williamsburg Colony Sec 02 R\/P","Williamsburg Colony Sec 03","Williamsburg Colony Sec 04","Williamsburg Hamlet Sec 01","Williamsburg Hamlet Sec 04","Williamsburg Parish","Williamsburg Parish Sec 01","Williamsburg Parish Sec 05","Williamsburg Parish Sec 08","Williamsburg Parish Sec 11","Williamsburg Settlement","Williamsburg Settlement Sec 01","Williamsburg Settlement Sec 02","Williamsburg Settlement Sec 03","Williamschase Sec 01 Prcl R\/P","Williamschase Sec 02","Williamschase Sec 1","Willow Fork Groves Sec 1","Willow Park Greens","Willow Park Greens Sec 1","Windstone Colony","Windstone Colony Sec 01","Windstone Colony Sec 01 Amd","Windstone Colony Sec 02","Windstone Colony Sec 03","Windstone Colony Sec 05","Windstone Colony Sec 06","Windstone Colony Sec 07","Windstone Colony Sec 08","Windstone Colony Sec 3","Windstone Colony Sec 7","Windstone Colony Sec 8","Windstone Colony South","Windstone Colony South Sec 01","Winward","Winward 40'","Winward 50","Winward Sec 11","Winward Sec 5","Winward Sec 7","Woodcreek Reserve","Woodcreek Reserve Sec 3","Woodcreek Reserve Sec 4","Woodcreek Reserve Sec 5","Woodcreek Reserve Sec 6","Young Ranch","Young Ranch Sec 12","Young Ranch Sec 4","Young Ranch Sec 5","Young Ranch Sec 9"],"zipcodes":["77423","77449","77450","77491","77492","77493","77494"]},"keller":{"label":"Keller","counties":["Tarrant County"],"subdivisions":["Idlewood Green\/Hidden Lakes"],"zipcodes":["76244","76248","76262"]},"kemah":{"label":"Kemah","counties":["Galveston County"],"subdivisions":["Bay Breeze Add","Casa Marina Del Sol","Clear Lake Shores","Columbia Retail Sub","Cypress Bay","Cypress Bay Sec 1","Cypress Bay Sec 2 2010","Cypress Bay Sec 3 2010","Glen Cove Add","Glen Cove Park","Herren Add 2003","Jarboe","Kemah Crossing","Kemah Crossing Ph","Kemah Crossing Th","Kemah Oaks","Kemah Oaks Sub 92","Kemah Townsite","Kemah Village 2005","Kemah Xing Sec 1","Lake Village","Lake Village Sec 1 2010","Lakeside","Lazy Bend","Marina Del Sol 88","Moon Caye Condo 2001","Palm Key 2000","Regatta Twnhms Sub 97","The Arbors At Waterford Harbor","The Dockside At Marina Del Sol","Twin Oaks Sub","Twin Oaks Sub Sec 1 2004","Twin Oaks Sub Sec 2 2007","Waterford Harbor","Waterford Harbor \/ Palm Key","Waterford Harbor Villas","Waterford Point 91","West Kemah","West Kemah 4"],"zipcodes":["77565"]},"kemp":{"label":"Kemp","counties":["Kaufman County"],"zipcodes":["75143"]},"kempner":{"label":"Kempner","counties":["Lampasas County"],"subdivisions":["King Ranch","Singing Quail Estates"],"zipcodes":["76522","76539"]},"kendelton":{"label":"Kendelton","subdivisions":["I Mcgary"]},"kendleton":{"label":"Kendleton","counties":["Fort Bend County"],"subdivisions":["Braxton Park Old","I Mcgary"],"zipcodes":["77417","77451"]},"kenefick":{"label":"Kenefick","counties":["Liberty County"],"subdivisions":["Reason Green","Shady Oaks"],"zipcodes":["77535"]},"kennard":{"label":"Kennard","counties":["Houston County"],"subdivisions":["A 981","Jno Rowan","John Box Surv Abs 14","No"],"zipcodes":["75847"]},"kennedale":{"label":"Kennedale","counties":["Tarrant County"],"subdivisions":["Crestdale #2 Add"],"zipcodes":["76017","76060","76140"]},"kenney":{"label":"Kenney","subdivisions":["D Chandler"]},"kerens":{"label":"Kerens","counties":["Navarro County"],"subdivisions":["Chambers Bay","Kernes"],"zipcodes":["75144"]},"kerrville":{"label":"Kerrville","counties":["Kerr County"],"subdivisions":["Bear Creek Rch Skv","Coronado Condos","Glen Oak","Guadalupe Heights","Loma Vista Ranch #4","Lowry","Turtle Creek Rchs"],"zipcodes":["78028","78029"]},"kilgore":{"label":"Kilgore","counties":["Gregg County","Rusk County"],"zipcodes":["75662","75663"]},"killeen":{"label":"Killeen","counties":["Bell County"],"subdivisions":["Arrowhead Trail Ranch","Heritage Oaks Ph Two","Hymesa Estates Ph Seven Sec","Meadows At Saegert Ranch","Patriots Ridge","River Ridge Ranch","Rosa Solis Add","Summerfield"],"zipcodes":["76540","76541","76542","76543","76544","76545","76546","76547","76549","76571"]},"kingsbury":{"label":"Kingsbury","counties":["Guadalupe County"],"subdivisions":["River Oaks Estates"],"zipcodes":["78638"]},"kingsland":{"label":"Kingsland","counties":["Llano County"],"subdivisions":["Big Creek Ranch","Big Creek Ranch Phase Two","Big Crk Ranch Ph 1","Big Crk Ranch Ph 2","Riverside"],"zipcodes":["78639"]},"kingsville":{"label":"Kingsville","counties":["Kleberg County"],"subdivisions":["Amco","College Ac"],"zipcodes":["78363","78364"]},"kingwood":{"label":"Kingwood","subdivisions":["Auburn Trails At Oakhurst 06","Barrington","Barrington Sec 02","Bear Branch Village","Bear Branch Village Sec 01","Bear Branch Village Sec 02","Bear Branch Village Sec 03","Bear Branch Village Sec 04","Brownstone Square-Kingwood","Deer Rdg Estates","Elm Grove","Elm Grove Village","Elm Grove Village Sec 01","Elm Grove Village Sec 02","Elm Grove Village Sec 03","Elm Grove Village Twnhm","Estates Sec 01","Estates Sec 04","Forest Cove","Forest Cove Sec 07","Forest Cove Sec 1a","Fosters Mill Village","Fosters Mill Village 1 Corr","Fosters Mill Village Sec 01","Fosters Mill Village Sec 02","Greentree","Greentree Village","Greentree Village Sec 01 Amd","Greentree Village Sec 02","Greentree Village Sec 03","Hamblen Road Estates Coml Reserv","Hunters Ridge","Hunters Ridge Village","Hunters Ridge Village Sec 03","Kings Crossing Sec 07","Kings Crossing Sec 21","Kings Crossing T\/H Condo Ph 1","Kings Forest Sec 01","Kings Manor","Kings Manor 01","Kings Manor 02","Kings Manor 05","Kings Manor 09","Kings Manor 11","Kings Manor 15","Kings Manor Patio Homes","Kings Manor Sec 08","Kings Manor Sec 15","Kings Manor Sec 16","Kings Manor Sec 17","Kings Mill","Kings Mill 01","Kings Mill 03","Kings Mill 07","Kings Mill 11","Kings Mill 12","Kings Point","Kings Point The Landing","Kings Point Village","Kings Point Village Sec 02","Kings Point Village Sec 04","Kings Point Village Sec 05","Kings Point Village Sec 06","Kings Point Village Sec 08","Kings Point Village Sec 10","Kings Point Village Sec 12","Kings River Village Sec 04","Kingwood Estates","Kingwood Greens","Kingwood Greens Village","Kingwood Greens Village Sec","Kingwood Greens Village Sec 02","Kingwood Greens Village Sec 03","Kingwood Greens Village Sec 04","Kingwood Lakes Village","Kingwood Lakes Village 04 02 R","Kingwood Lakes Village Sec 02","Kingwood Lakes Village Sec 05","Kingwood Lakes Vlg","Kingwood Place Village Sec 05","Kingwood Village Estates Condo","Kingwood Village Estates Condonimium","Mills Branch","Mills Branch Village","Mills Branch Village Sec 05","Mills Creek","Mills Creek Village","North Kingwood Forest","Northshore Ext","Owen Mary","Park At Kings Manor","Park At Kings Manor 01","Park At Kings Manor Condominiu","Riverchase","Riverchase Sec 01","Royal Brook","Royal Shores","Royal Shores Patio Hms Sec 02","Sand Creek","Sand Creek Village","Sand Creek Village Sec 02 R\/P","Sand Creek Village Sec 03 R\/P","Sherwood Trails","Sherwood Trails Sec 02","Sherwood Trails Sec 03","Trailwood","Trailwood Village","Trailwood Village Sec 02 R\/P","Trailwood Village Sec 06","Villages\/Riverchase Sec 01","Woodland Hills","Woodland Hills Village","Woodland Hills Village Sec 01","Woodland Hills Village Sec 04","Woodland Hills Village Sec 07","Woodland Hills Village Sec 08","Woodland Hills Village Sec 09","Woodland Hills Village Sec 10","Woodland Hills Village Sec 11","Woodland Hills Village Sec 12","Woodstream"]},"kirbyville":{"label":"Kirbyville","counties":["Jasper County"],"subdivisions":["000237 - H & T C Rr Co","000293-H & T C Rr Co","Ab 790 H D Fletcher Tr 76","City\/Kirbyville","H & T C R R Sec 7","H & Tc Surv Sec 41 Abs 293","H&Tc Sec 37 Abs 291","Kcisd","Metes & Bounds","Out Of Town","S H Everett","Tanner Tr 14","Tex Tran"],"zipcodes":["75956"]},"kirvin":{"label":"Kirvin","counties":["Freestone County"],"subdivisions":["A White A-648"],"zipcodes":["75848","75859","76693"]},"klein":{"label":"Klein","subdivisions":["Augusta Pines Estates","Champion Pines Condo 27th Supp","Legends Trace","Memorial Northwest"]},"kosse":{"label":"Kosse","counties":["Limestone County"],"subdivisions":["A0244 Leiba Jose M G De","Anderson Hugh","Carpenter John W","Chs Welch","Div043k - Block 043 Kosse","Hoskins Hugh","Pillow Sarah","Sgr"],"zipcodes":["76653"]},"kountze":{"label":"Kountze","counties":["Hardin County"],"subdivisions":["A0353 - Knight Isaac I","Ab 219 E Grigsby","Abstract #532","Abstract#532","Bear Creek Estate Sec 1","Bear Creek Estates","Coe Add","Coe Addn","Dorsey Greenbury -5","Greenbury Dorse Surv#4 Abs#194","Hardin Estates","John Kennedy Surv A-354","Lawrence & Creecy Surv Abs 371","Mathews Pl","Mcdade","Mcdade Samuel","Out Of Town","Smith-Feagin Add","Washington Co"],"zipcodes":["77625"]},"kurten":{"label":"Kurten","counties":["Brazos County"],"subdivisions":["Kurten Land Co"],"zipcodes":["77808","77862"]},"kyle":{"label":"Kyle","counties":["Hays County"],"subdivisions":["Elizabeth Brown Survey","Loma Verde","Plum Creek Phase 2"],"zipcodes":["78610","78640","78666"]},"laferia":{"label":"La Feria","counties":["Cameron County"],"zipcodes":["78559"]},"lagrange":{"label":"La Grange","counties":["Fayette County"],"subdivisions":["00","A053 - Hawkins E St John 1\/4 Lg","A064 - Lewis F Lg","A064 -Lewis F Lg","A071 Moore J H 1\/2 Lg","Abs A060 Jones","Anders Daniels","Bluff Haven 570","Cedar Creek","Cedar Creek Acres 626","Chapparel Ranchettes 580","City Of La Grange 425","Clear Lake Pines","Clear Lake Pines - Sec 3","Eblin 426","Eblin Addition","Eblin Farm Lts 427","Eblin J Lg","Eckel 428","Edmund St John Hawkins Surv Ab","Fair Park Add 432","Faison & Ligon 430","Fayette County School Land Sur","Frisch Auf","Frisch Auf - Sec 3","Frisch Auf - Sec 7","Frisch Auf Acres","Hawkins","High Hill Creek 628","Hilltop\/ J H Moore 1\/2 Lg","J Castleman Lg","J Green","John Eblin A-42","La Grange","Meyer 444","Moore Farm Blocks 446","Moore John","Moore John H 445","No","Northpoint 467","Not In Defined Subdivision","Old Town Winchester 542","Riverside 448","Robson 449","Rosenberg Paula 451","Rural","Rural Rutersville Area","S40442 - Woodland Meadows","S44028-Meyer","Samuel M Williams League #2 Ab","Silas Jones League A-60","Silas Jones League Abs #60","Sm Williams","The View","W H Taylor League","Weikel-Schiller 457","Williams","Wm Rabb 3 Leagues A-86","Woodland Meadows"],"zipcodes":["78945"]},"lamarque":{"label":"La Marque","counties":["Galveston County"],"subdivisions":["Ambrose","Ambrose Sec 1","Amburn Sub 2","Austin Place","Austin Place Sub","Bagattos Addition To La Marque","Beatrice Bogatto Add Ext","Bell Frank","Bogatto Add","Borondo Pines 2002","Britton","Brown J Homesite Add","Campbell Sub Of Lt 22","Carriage Lane","Carter Add","Causeway Park","Cook & Stewart","Cook & Stewart Sub","Corbett","Delaney Cove","Delany Cove","Delany Cove Sec 2 2006","Depot","Duane","Dugey E J Ext","Duroux A","Edgars Add","Ericksson","Eriksson","Fairview","Fedderson","Forman Sub","George T S","Halls Super Hwy Add","Haynes Terry","Hensarling Estates 2006","Highlands The","Holmes Sub 2006","Homesite Add","Intercity Place","Kirsten","La Marque Heights","Lago Mar Pod 3 Sec 3","Lago Mar Pod 4 Sec 5","Lago Mar Pod 5 Sec 1","Lago Mar Pod 6 Sec 2","Lamar","Landing At Delany Cove Sec 1","Landing At Delany Cove Sec 2","Landing\/Delaney Cove Sec 10","Landing\/Delaney Cove Sec 11","Landing\/Delany Cove Sec 14","Landing\/Delany Cove Sec 4","Landing\/Delany Cove Sec 6","Landing\/Delany Cove Sec 7","Laurel Manors","Lee Place 2","Lenz","Lenz Sub","Magnolia 2nd","Mainland Homesteads","Margot Ext","Margot Nw Of Holly St & Ne Of","Margot Sub Blk 23","Margot Sw Of Ross St & Se Hl&","Mcdaniel","Mcneels","Mentor & Bell","Michelle Park","Mosso A","Norman & Boatright","Oaklawn 3","Omega Bay","Omega Bay Lettered Sections","Omega Bay Numbered Sections","Painted Mdws Sec 4","Painted Meadows","Painted Meadows Sec 2 2008","Painted Meadows Sec 3 2015 A","Painted Meadows Sec 4","Paradise Landing","Pecan Grove Estates","Perthius Farms","Raggio","Rosewood 1","S F Austin Survey","S2775 - Cook & Stewart","Saltgrass Crossing Sec 1 2007","Scott Acre Homes","Seacrest Sec 1","Shannon Tr Sub","Sniders Resub Lts 3 Thru 14","Stafford","Stafford 1","Stafford 3","Strode","Sunset Grove","Super City","Theiler Add","Torry Ext","Trails At Woodhaven","Trails At Woodhaven Lakes","Trails At Woodhaven Lakes 45s","Veronica Boggatto Add","Westerlage","Westerlage Unrec Sub 90","Westward Pines","Williams","Williams Corner Lots A & B","Williams Drive Add 2009","Wilson & Coe"],"zipcodes":["77510","77563","77568"]},"laporte":{"label":"La Porte","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Alley\/Sylvan Beach 1st Sub","Artesia Village","Battle Grounds Vista","Battleground Estates","Battleground Estates Sec 01","Battleground Estates Sec 02","Bay Colony","Bay Creek","Bay Front Add","Bay Front La Porte","Bay Front Laporte","Bay Front To La Porte","Bay Ridge Park","Bay Village","Bay Village Sec 1","Bayoaks","Bayshore Condo","Bayside Crossing","Bayside Terrace","Beach Park","Beach Park To Town\/Laporte","Beach Pk","Boulevard Estates","Brookglen","Brookglen Sec 01 R\/P","Brookglen Sec 02 R\/P","Brookglen Sec 03","Butler Subdivision","Coronet Estates","Coronet Estates R\/P","Creekmont Sec 01","Creekmont Sec 02","Crescent Shores","Fairmont Park","Fairmont Park East","Fairmont Park East Sec 01","Fairmont Park East Sec 02","Fairmont Park East Sec 03 R\/P","Fairmont Park East Sec 04 Ph 0","Fairmont Park East Sec 04 Ph 04-A","Fairmont Park East Sec 08","Fairmont Park East Sec 10","Fairmont Park East Sec 11","Fairmont Park Sec 01","Fairmont Park Sec 02","Fairmont Park Sec 02 Rep","Fairmont Park West Sec 01","Fairmont Park West Sec 01 R\/P","Fairmont Park West Sec 02","Fairmont Park West Sec 03","Fairmont Park West Sec 04","Fieldcrest","Garden Walk T\/H Sec 01","Garden Walk Twnhm Sec 01","Glen Meadows","Glen Meadows Sec 01","Glen Meadows Sec 02","Greendale U\/R","Harris","La Porte","La Porte Outlots","La Porte\/Shoreacres","Lakes\/Fairmont Greens Sec 1","Loc Loma","Meadowcrest","Meadowcrest Sec 01","Meadowcrest Sec 1","Monument Estates Sec 01","Morgan's Landing","Morgan's Landing 50's","Morgans Landing","Morgans Lndg","Morgans Lndg Sec 11","Morgans Lndg Sec 13","Morgans Lndg Sec 3","Morgans Lndg Sec 5","Morgans Lndg Sec 8","Morgans Lndg Sec 9","Oakhurst","Pecan Crossing","Pecan Crossing Sec 01","Pine Bluff","Pinegrove Valley","Retreat\/Bay Forest North","San Jacinto Homes","Shady Oaks","Shady River Sec 01","Shady River Sec 02","Shady River Sec 03","Shoreacres","Spencer Highway Estates","Spencer Hwy Sec 1","Spencer Landing","Spencer Landing Sec 02","Spenwick Place Sec 02","Sunrise T\/H","Sylvan Beach","Sylvan Beach Add 01","Sylvan Beach Enclave Ph 2","Town\/La Pore","Town\/La Porte","Town\/Laporte","W P Harris","Woods On Bay T\/H Sec 01","Woods On Bay T\/H Sec 02 R\/P","Woods On The Bay Th"],"zipcodes":["77505","77507","77571","77572"]},"lavernia":{"label":"La Vernia","counties":["Wilson County"],"subdivisions":["Serenity Ranch Estates","The Estate"],"zipcodes":["78121"]},"laward":{"label":"La Ward","counties":["Jackson County"],"subdivisions":["Laward Farms 02","Neb Laward"],"zipcodes":["77970"]},"lagovista":{"label":"Lago Vista","counties":["Travis County","Starr County"],"subdivisions":["Bar-K Ranches","Bar-K Ranches 04","Bar-K Ranches 10","Bar-K Ranches 12","Greens Of Lake Travis Resub","Highland Lake Estates","Highland Lake Estates Sec 03","Highland Lake Estates Sec 04","Highland Lake Estates Sec 07","Highland Lake Estates Sec 26 A","Highland Lake Estates Sec 33","Lago Vista Country Club Estate","Oaks At Highland Lake Estates","Oaks At Highland Lake Estatesp"],"zipcodes":["78645","78654","78669","78545","78584"]},"lakecity":{"label":"Lake City","counties":["San Patricio County"],"subdivisions":["Westover Park Sec Sec 13a"],"zipcodes":["78368"]},"lakejackson":{"label":"Lake Jackson","counties":["Brazoria County"],"subdivisions":["Area B-C-D-E-G-H-J-K Etc. L","Area B-C-D-E-G-H-J-K-L Etc La","Bending Oaks Lake Jackson","Brazos Oaks","Brazos Oaks Lake Jackson","Briarwood Sec I-Ii-Iii Lake J","Buffalo Camp Farms","Creekside","Creekside Sd","Creekside Sd Sec 1","Creekside Sd Sec 2 A0066 Je G","Downtown Lake Jackson","Flagridge Estates","Flagridge Estates Lake Jackso","Flagridge Sec I-Ii-Iii Lake J","Forest Bend Sec 2 Lake Jackson","Glenwood Lake Jackson","Heritage Court Lake Jackson","Hunter Oaks Subdivision","Inwood Lake Jackson","J E Groce","Jackson Oaks Estates Lake Jac","Jackson Oaks Ii","Jackson Plantation","Kingswood Estates Lake Jackso","Kingswood Estates Lake Jackson","Knollwood Lake Jackson","Lake Forest Lake Jackson","Lake Jackson","Lake Jackson Farms","Lakewood Manor","Mesa Verde","Mesa Verde Lake Jackson","Northwood Estates","Northwood Estates Sec 1-2-3","Oak Forest Lake Jackson","Oak Island","Oyster Bend Estates Lake Jack","Oyster Bend Lake Jackson","Parkwood Terrace","Parkwood Terrace Lake Jackson","Pecan Grove Lake Jackson","Pecan Lake Estates Lake Jacks","Plantation Oaks","Plantation Oaks Sec 3 Lake Ja","Plantation Park Lake Jackson","Plantation Village","Plantation Village Sec 1-27 L","Red Oak Court Lake Jackson","Rivertree Lake Jackson","S2115 - B C I C Div 15 A0019 S F Austin","S5850 - Area B-C-D-E-G-H-J-K-L Etc Lake","Shady Oaks 3 Lake Jackson","Shywood","Shywood Lake Jackson","Sleepy Hollow 2","South Parkwood","South Parkwood Lake Jackson","Southern Oaks Lake Jackson","Sugar Cane Estate Rep 89-04 L","Tamarind Woods","Tanglewood","Tanglewood Lake Jackson","The Bridge","Timbercreek Sec 1-2 Rep La","Willow Court Lake Jackson","Willow Wood Lake Jackson","Yaupon Place Sec 3 Lake Jacks","Yaupon Place Sec 4 Lake Jacks"],"zipcodes":["77422","77515","77531","77566"]},"lakemcqueeney":{"label":"Lake McQueeney","subdivisions":["Happy Haven"]},"lakehills":{"label":"Lakehills","counties":["Bandera County"],"subdivisions":["Redus Cove"],"zipcodes":["78063"]},"lakeway":{"label":"Lakeway","counties":["Travis County"],"subdivisions":["Arbolago","Lakeway Sec 05","Lakeway Sec 22"],"zipcodes":["78669","78734","78738"]},"lampasas":{"label":"Lampasas","counties":["Lampasas County"],"subdivisions":["G C & S F","Lampasas","Live Oak Hills Sec Ii","Northington Creek Estates","Pecan Creek Ranch"],"zipcodes":["76550"]},"lancaster":{"label":"Lancaster","counties":["Dallas County"],"subdivisions":["Boardwalk Heights","George W. Hoover Abst"],"zipcodes":["75134","75146","75241"]},"laneville":{"label":"Laneville","subdivisions":["Daniel Reel Surv Abs #31","Jp Falcon Surv A-10"]},"laredo":{"label":"Laredo","counties":["Webb County"],"subdivisions":["Aquero"],"zipcodes":["78040","78041","78042","78043","78044","78045","78046","78049"]},"larue":{"label":"Larue","subdivisions":["City Of Larue","Legacy Shores","Safari Waters Ranch"]},"latexo":{"label":"Latexo","counties":["Houston County"],"zipcodes":["75835","75849"]},"leaguecity":{"label":"League City","counties":["Galveston County","Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Bay Colony Meadows West Sec 1","Bay Colony Northpointe Sec 2","Bay Colony Pointe West","Bay Colony Town Center Sec 3","Bay Ridge Sec 2","Bay Ridge Sec 3","Beacon Island Sec 1 2010","Beacon Island Sec 2 2010","Birdsong Resub Twnhms","Braskora Gardens","Briarglen","Brittany Bay","Brittany Bay Sec 2","Brittany Lakes","Brittany Lakes Sec 10","Brittany Lakes Sec 10 2004","Brittany Lakes Sec 12 2006","Brittany Lakes Sec 13 2006","Brittany Lakes Sec 14 2006","Brittany Lakes Sec 3 99","Brittany Lakes Sec 4 99","Brittany Lakes Sec 7 2003","Brittany Lakes Sec 8 2004","Brittany Lakes Sec 9 2004","Calder Square Apartment","Cedar Landing Sec 1 2000","Centerpointe","Centerpointe Sec 4 2001","Centerpointe Sec 5 2007","Centerpointe Sec 6 2004","Centerpointe Sec 9 2010","Claremont Park","Claremont Park Sec 2 99","Claremont Park Sec 3 2000","Claremont Park Sec 4 2000","Claremont Park Sec 5 2001","Clear Creek","Clear Creek Blk E","Clear Creek Blk G","Clear Creek Blk I","Clear Creek Heights","Clear Creek Meadows Sec 2","Clear Creek Village","Clear Creek Village Sec 2","Clear Creek Village Sec 3","Coastal Point","Coastal Point Sec 1","Coastal Point Sec 3","Constellation Pointe","Constellation Pointe Sec 2","Countryside","Countryside Sec 3","Countryside Sec 4","County Park","Crestwood","Cypress Bay","Cypress Bay Sec 1 2009","Dickinson Add D","Dickinson Townsite","Fairways At South Shore Harbou","Faulkner Estates","Glen Cove Park","Golden Acres","Harbour Park","Harbour Park Rep Resv A90","Harbour Park Sec 2 90","Harbour Park Sec 4","Harbour Park Sec 4 91","Harbour Pointe Sec 1","Harbour Pointe Sec 2 99","Harbour Pointe Sec 3 2000","Hidden Lakes","Hidden Lakes Sec 1 2009","Hidden Lakes Sec 2 2009","Hidden Lakes Sec 4 Ph 1a 2014","Hidden Lakes Sec 4 Ph 1b 2014","Hidden Lakes Sec 4 Ph 2","Hidden Lakes Sec 5 Ph 1a 2014","Hidden Lakes Sec 7 Ph 2","Hidden Lakes Sec 8 Ph 1","Hidden Lakes Sec 8 Ph I","Highland Terrace","Hoelscher Sub 95","I & Gn Rr Sur","Jarboe","Jarboe-4235","Lakes In Bay Colony","Lakeside Sub","League City","League City Div A","League City Div B","League City Div C","League City Div D","League City Orange Groves","League City Townsite","League City Townsite Blk 1-48","League City United Methodist Sub","Leisure Lakes","Magnolia Creek","Magnolia Creek Ph 2 Sec 5","Magnolia Creek Sec 1 Ph 2","Magnolia Creek Sec 2 2000","Magnolia Creek Sec 3 2000","Magnolia Creek Sec 4 Ph 2","Magnolia Creek Sec 5 Ph One","Magnolia Creek Sec 7 2005","Magnolia Creek Sec 8 2008","Magnolia Creek Sec 9 2007","Magnolia Crk Ph 2 Sec 5","Magnolia Crk Sec 15","Magnolia Crk Sestion 13","Magnolia Estates","Magnolia Estates Sec 1 2003","Mar Bella","Mar Bella Sec 1 2007","Mar Bella Sec 10-B 2011","Mar Bella Sec 10-C 2013","Mar Bella Sec 10-D 2011","Mar Bella Sec 12-A 2012","Mar Bella Sec 12-B","Mar Bella Sec 13-A","Mar Bella Sec 13a","Mar Bella Sec 15-A & B","Mar Bella Sec 15-C","Mar Bella Sec 16-B & C","Mar Bella Sec 16-B&C","Mar Bella Sec 2 2007","Mar Bella Sec 3 2007","Mar Bella Sec 9-A 2009","Marina Bay Park","Marina Bay Park 90","Marina Bay Park Sec 2 Ph 2","Marina Del Sol","Marina Palms Sec 1 2002","Marina Village","Marina Village 2000","Meadow Bend","Meadow Bend 2","Meadow Bend 3","Meadow Bend 4","Meadow Bend 6 Ph Iii 89","Meadow Bend Sec 5 Ph 5 93","Meadow Bend Sec 5 Ph 6 95","Merchants Addition","Moores Add","Newport","Newport 1","Newport 2","Newport 4","Newport 6","Oakcrest Manor Sec 1 98","Park On Clear Creek","Park On Clear Creek 2002","Parke Estates","Patton","Patton 2","Pecan Forest 2","Pecan Forest Village Twnhms","Pecan Grove","Pedregal","Pedregal Sec 1","Peninsula At Clear Lake Sec 1","Peninsula At Clear Lake Sec 2","Rustic Oaks","S6220 - Russells","Safari Mobile Hm Park Sub South","Samara","Sawyer","Secona","Sedona","Sedona 2009","Sedona Ph 2 Sec 6","Sedona Sec 3","Sedona Sec 4","Sedona Sec 4 Final","Sedona Sec 5","Smalley Sub","South Point Condos 88","South Shore Harbour","South Shore Harbour 1","South Shore Harbour 10 89","South Shore Harbour 2 Townhome","South Shore Harbour 3","South Shore Harbour Golf Course","South Shore Harbour Sec 16","South Shore Harbour Sec 17","South Shore Harbour Sec 2 Repl","South Shore Harbour Sec 8 88","South Shore Harbour Sec 9 90","South Shore Harbour Sec Sf 50","South Shore Harbour Sec Sf 50-","South Shore Harbour Sec Sf 60","South Shore Harbour Sec Sf 65-","South Shore Lake Estates 98","South Shore Park","South Shore Park 92","South Shore Village Sec 3 93","Teresa Terrace","The Commons At Sedona","The Lakefront","The Landing","The Landing 2","The Landing 3","The Meadows","The Meadows In Bay Colony Sec","The Meadows Sec 1 2002","The Meadows Sec 2 2003","The Meadows Sec 4 2006","The Meadows Sec 5 2005","The Oaks Of Clear Creek","The Oaks Of Clear Creek Sec 1","The Oaks Of Clear Creek Sec 2","The Pointe At Marina Del Sol","Tiegs","Tuscan Lake","Tuscan Lakes","Tuscan Lakes Sec Sf 50-1","Tuscan Lakes Sec Sf 50-1 Se","Tuscan Lakes Sec Sf 50-3-1 Se","Tuscan Lakes Sec Sf 50-4-1 20","Tuscan Lakes Sec Sf 50-4-2 Se","Tuscan Lakes Sec Sf 50-5 Se","Tuscan Lakes Sec Sf 55-1 Se & 60","Tuscan Lakes Sec Sf 55-1 Sp","Tuscan Lakes Sec Sf 55-12005","Tuscan Lakes Sec Sf 55-2","Tuscan Lakes Sec Sf 55-4 Se","Tuscan Lakes Sec Sf 55-4-1","Tuscan Lakes Sec Sf 60-1","Tuscan Lakes Sec Sf 60-3-1","Tuscan Lakes Sec Sf 60-3-3 20","Tuscan Lakes Sec Sf 65-1 2015","Tuscan Lakes Sec Sf 70-2","Tuscan Lakes Sec Sf 75-1","Tuscan Lakes Sec Sf 75-2","Veranda At South Shore","Veranda Twnhms Ph 1 2015","Victory Lakes","Victory Lakes Sec 1 2001","Victory Lakes Sec 6 2007","Victory Lakes Sec 7b","Village At Tuscan Lakes","Village At Tuscan Lakes Sec 1","Village At Tuscan Lakes Sec 4","Villages Of Oak Creek Colony","Villages Of Oak Creek Colony S","Westland Ranch","Westover Park","Westover Park 2003","Westover Park Sec 11a 2009","Westover Park Sec 11b 2011","Westover Park Sec 12 2007","Westover Park Sec 13 B 2012","Westover Park Sec 14b 2015 A","Westover Park Sec 17a 2015 A","Westover Park Sec 2 2002","Westover Park Sec 3 2003","Westover Park Sec 4 2003","Westover Park Sec 6a & 6b","Westover Park Sec 8a 2005","Westwood","Westwood Sub","Westwood Sub Amending Plat #2","Westwood Sub Ph 1 2007","Westwood Sub Sec 5","Westwood Sub Sec 7","Wharf At Clear Lake","Wharf Slips & Dock Areas","Whispering Lakes Ranch","Whispering Lakes Ranch Sec 1","Williams #1","Wilshire Place","Wilshire Place Sec 1 2001","Wilshire Place Sec 2 2007"],"zipcodes":["77511","77517","77539","77546","77565","77573","77574","77598"]},"leakey":{"label":"Leakey","counties":["Real County"],"subdivisions":["Rancho Real Iii"],"zipcodes":["78873"]},"leander":{"label":"Leander","counties":["Travis County","Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["Bar-K Ranches 11","Caughfield Ph 6","Lago Vista Sec 02","Martha G. Morrow"],"zipcodes":["78628","78641","78645","78646","78681"]},"ledbetter":{"label":"Ledbetter","subdivisions":["Green Dewitt League A-165","In The Country","Jg Wilkinson League A-108","Oak Bend Sub","Oooo","Post Oak Timbered","Rural Round Top Area"]},"leggett":{"label":"Leggett","subdivisions":["Hortense","Red Hollow"]},"leonvalley":{"label":"Leon Valley","counties":["Bexar County"],"subdivisions":["Grass Vly Sub Un 2a"],"zipcodes":["78238","78240"]},"leona":{"label":"Leona","counties":["Leon County"],"subdivisions":["Deerfield Sub","Pine Branch Hollow","Piney Grove Land","Two Mile Estates"],"zipcodes":["75850"]},"leonard":{"label":"Leonard","counties":["Fannin County"],"subdivisions":["John Hoffler"],"zipcodes":["75452"]},"lexington":{"label":"Lexington","counties":["Lee County"],"subdivisions":["A065 - Craddock, J. R.","A155 - Hudson, D.","A222 - Morrow, T.","Clemmons","Games Bailey Surv Abs 38","No","Old Town Lexington","Walleye Creek Ranch"],"zipcodes":["78947"]},"liberty":{"label":"Liberty","counties":["Liberty County"],"subdivisions":[".","...","000478 A Fowler 172, Tract 25, Acres 203","A B Hardin","A M Delajarza","A Taylor","Abshier Sub","Amos Green","B C Franklin","B W Hardin","Berryhill","Big Thicket Lake Estates","Bill Davis","C F Stevens-176","Cain","Cormier","Coronado Ridge I","Country Club","Cypress Lakes","D Minchey","Davidge","Edward Tanner","Forest Hills","Geo Orr","H B Johnston","H&Tc-173","Hillside Terrace, Sec 2","J Coronado","J D Martinez-1","J Devore","James Martin","James Robeson","Jas Knight","John Vanness","Jos Dunman","Knights Forest","Lacour, Sec 1","Lake Forest","Lakeland Drive","Liberty Heights","Liberty Inner Blocks","Liberty Outer Blocks","Lucky","M G White","Meyers","Milam Ranch","Oak Forest","Oak Shadows Lot 86","P P Dever","Partlow L-Lib","Pearson","Peter Mason","Pine Place","Pirtle, Sec 2","R Coleman","Raywood","Ridgewood","Robinson","Rye Smith & Adams Tr","S C Bute-172","S Jones","S Strong","Slay Strip","Steusoff","T D Yoacum","Thomas Murphy","Travis Park","Trinity Gardens","Trinity River Retreat","W C Ry-11","Whitmire","Whittington","William Harris","Wm Phelps","Wood Duck","Woodslawn"],"zipcodes":["77535","77575"]},"libertycity":{"label":"Liberty City","counties":["Gregg County"],"subdivisions":["S Strong"],"zipcodes":["75647","75662"]},"libertyhill":{"label":"Liberty Hill","counties":["Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["Santa Rita Ranch"],"zipcodes":["78642"]},"lighthousepoint":{"label":"Lighthouse Point","subdivisions":["Market Street Gardens"]},"lincoln":{"label":"Lincoln","subdivisions":["Willaim H Bynum Surv Abs #6"]},"lindale":{"label":"Lindale","counties":["Smith County"],"subdivisions":["Crossings Mission Ridge U-1","Stallion Lake Ranch"],"zipcodes":["75706","75771"]},"linden":{"label":"Linden","counties":["Cass County"],"subdivisions":["M Powell Sy"],"zipcodes":["75563"]},"lipan":{"label":"Lipan","counties":["Hood County"],"subdivisions":["Nash Acres"],"zipcodes":["76462"]},"lissie":{"label":"Lissie","subdivisions":["Dewberry Acres","Lissie"]},"littleelm":{"label":"Little Elm","counties":["Denton County"],"subdivisions":["Sunrise Bay At Lake Lewisville","Sunset Pointe Ph Fourteen","Valencia On The Lake Ph 1"],"zipcodes":["75034","75068","76227"]},"littleriveracademy":{"label":"Little River-Academy","counties":["Bell County"],"zipcodes":["76554"]},"liveoak":{"label":"Live Oak","counties":["Bexar County"],"subdivisions":["Auburn Hills At Woodcrest","Live Oak Village Un 2"],"zipcodes":["78148","78154","78233"]},"liverpool":{"label":"Liverpool","counties":["Brazoria County"],"subdivisions":["A H & B","A0006 - A H & B","A0006 A H & B","Alvin Mhs","Bayou Trails Estates","D L & C Co","H T & B R R","Harborview Homesites Sec 2","Henry Austin","John Smith","L F Tomlinson","Liverpool","Masterson","Sal-Southeast","San.Abs.O4","Snug Harbor","Snug Harbor Sec 2","T J Callihan Sub Trs 9a-9b","Texas Colonization","Treasure Island"],"zipcodes":["77511","77577"]},"livingston":{"label":"Livingston","counties":["Polk County"],"subdivisions":["0","10004 - Abst 4 Wm Beazley Survey","10027 - Abst 27 J M Dikes Survey","1009 - 9 John D Burks Survey","10400 - Abst 400 E Lloyd Survey","A Viesca Surv A 77","A Viesca Surv A-77","A Viesca Surv Abs #77","Abst 101 Calvin Barco Survey","Abst 15 M L Choate Survey","Abst 282 Wm C Hicks Survey Tract","Abst 289 J J Hill Survey","Abst 56 Joseph Morgan Survey","Abst 689 I & G N Rr Co Survey Tract 1","Abst 77 Augustin Viesca","Abst 77 Augustin Viesca Survey Tract 105","Alabama Point","Alexander","Augustin Viesca","B E & O Land","Bay Haven","Bay Haven #2","Beacon Bay","Beacon Bay #1","Beech Creek Village North","Beech Creek Village South","Beechcreek","Benjamin Harper Surv A-36","Big Thicket Lake Estates","Big Thicket Lake Estates Secti","Big Thicket Lake Estates Section 7","Blanchard","Blanchard Subdivision","Bluewater","Bonnie Hills Estates","Cactus Jack, Sec 1","Cannon-Norwood","Cedar Point","Cedar Point Sec 1","Cedar Point Sec 2","Cedar Point Sec 3","Cedar Point Sec 5","Cedar Point Sec 6","Cedar Point Section 1","Cedar Ridge","Chesswood Sec 1","Choate Survey Tract37-A Sec 4","Church Place 1300","Cochran 45","Commodore Cape","Commodore Cape Sec 3","Country Lane","Country Wood","Creekside Farms","Crescent Shores","Crystal Lakes","Crystal Lakes Sec 1","Crystal Lakes Sec 2","Davis","Davis Woods","Deerwood Pointe","Dickens Landing","Dickens Landing Sec 2","Double A Lake Estates","Double A Lake Estates Sec","Drew","Dunbar","E Stephenson Surv","Eastway","Enchanted Forest","Falcon Forest Sec 1","Falcone Forest","Falcone Forest Sec 4","Falcone Frst Sec 4","Feagin","Forest Hills","Forest Hills #2","Forest Hills #3","Forest Hills Sec 1","Forest Hills Sec 4","Forest Section","Forest Spgs","Forest Spgs Sec 1","Forest Spgs Sec 2","Forest Spgs Sec 4","Forest Springs","Forest Springs Poa","Foresters Retreat","Foresters Retreat Sec 1","Foresters Retreat Sec 2","Foresters Retreat Sec 3","Fountain Lake Townhomes","Fountain Lake Twnhms","Four Corner Estates","Four Corners Estates Ph Fou","Four Corners Estates Ph Four","Garden Acres","Garden City","Gdr","George Miles Surv","Glen Cove","Grand Oak","Grand Oaks","Green Acres","Harborlight","Hardwood Hills","Hillbilly Heaven Poa","Hillside Pines","Holleman Js","Hunters Ridge","I F Haynes","Indian Hill","Indian Hill #1","Indian Hill #2","Indian Hill 1-3","Indian Hill Estates","Indian Hill Estates Sec 1","Indian Hill Estates Sec 2","Indian Hill Estates Sec 3","Indian Hill Heights","Indian Hill Heights Sec 1","Indian Hill Heights Sec 2","Indian Spgs Lake Estates Se","Indian Springs Lake Estates","Indian Springs Lake Estates Section 13","Intown","Isaac N Moreland Survey","Issac N Moreland Surv Abs 54","J J Owens Survey Tract","J M Renfro Surv A-511","James W Abbey Surv A-87","Jcn","Jcn-Jcn","Jennings Cove","John D Nash Surv A-58 Tract 49","Jones-Mathews","Kelley Grounds","Kendalis Bryan","Kickapoo Estates","Lake Livingston","Lake Livingston Air Park","Lake Livingston Estates","Lake Livingston Estates 4","Lake Livingston Estates Sec 2","Lake Livingston Estates Sec 3","Lake Livingston Estates Sec 4","Lake Livingston Estates Sectio","Lake Livingston Village","Lake Livingston Village Sectio","Lake Livingston Village Section","Lake Livingston Village Section 12","Lake Livingston Village Section 13","Lake Livingston Village Section 4","Lakeland Hideaway Sec 1","Lakeland Hideaway Sec 3","Lakeland Hideaway Sec 4","Lakeshore Estates Sec 2","Lakeside","Lakeside Village","Liv-Liv","Livingston","Livingston Ot","Loden Survey Tract","Longhorn Valley Estates","Magnolia Woods Sec 2","Mangum Estates Sec 1","Mangum Estates Sec 2","Marston Heights","Mary Thomas Survey","Memorial Point","Memorial Point Twnhs Sec","Menard Chapel","Menard Creek Estates","Mills Forest","New Willard","North Glen","Nugents Cove","Nugents Cove Sec 1","Nugents Cove Sec 2","Oak Forest","Oak Hill","Oak Terrace Estates","Oak Terrace Estates Sec 2","Oak Terrace Estates Sec 3","Oak Terrace Estates Sec 4","Oak Terrace Estates Sec 8","Oak Terrace Estates Sec 9","Oakhurst","Outlaw Bent","Paradise Bay, Sec E Of Hvl","Pebble Creek","Pine Shadows","Pine Shadows Sec 2","Pinecrest","Pinewah Pine Estates Ii","Pinwah Pine","Pinwah Pine #1","Pinwah Pine Estates","Pinwah Pine Estates Ii","Pinwah Pine Estates Ii Sec","Pinwah Pine Estates Sec 3","Pinwah Pine Sec 2","Pinwah Pine Subdivision","Plum Creek","Plum Puddin Acres","Putnam's Landing","Putnams Landing Sec 1","Rainbow End","Rebel","Red Horse Ridge","Reileys Landing","Resort Country","Resort Country Sec 2","Retreat Of Livingston","Ridge Lake Estates","Rob Sub 164","Rollin Pines","Rolling Pines","Rolling Pines Sec 02","Rolling Pines Sec 1","Rolling Pines Sec 2","Rollingwoods","Royal Livingston","Rural","Sandy Ridge","Scenic Woods","Sda","Seven Oaks","Shelter Cove","Shelter Cove Sec 1","Shelter Cove Sec 1-A","Shelter Cove Sec 2","Shelter Cove Sec 3","Shelter Cove Sec 5","Shiloh Ridge Sec 1","Shiloh Ridge Sec 2","Shiloh Ridge Sec 3","Siesta Country Sec 1","Skyline","Soda","Soda Oaks","South","South Blk 7 W\/Pt","Southland Plantation","Southland Plantation Sec 1","Southland Plantation Sec 19","Spring Creek Sec 1","Spring Wood Sec 1","Spring Wood Sec 2","Stonebrook Estates In Four Corners","Stones Throw","Sunrise Subdivision","Sunset Shadows","Sunset Shadows Sec 1","Taylor Lake Estate Sec 2","Tempe Creek Reserve","Texas Landing","The Meadows","Thomas A Stanwood Surv A-533","Thomas Stubblefield","Thunder Mountain","Towne Forest #2","Twin Harbors","Twin Hills Cove","Two Forty","Two-Forty","Walker L K","Weaver Cove","West Park","White Sec 2","Wiggins Village #1 Sec 3","Wild Country Lakes Estates","Wild Country Lakes Estates Sec","Wilson Lakes Estates","Wilson Lakes Estates Sec 1","Wilson Lakes Estates Sec 2"],"zipcodes":["77351","77399"]},"llano":{"label":"Llano","counties":["Llano County"],"subdivisions":["20279 - E Garcia Abstract #279"],"zipcodes":["78643"]},"lockhart":{"label":"Lockhart","counties":["Caldwell County"],"subdivisions":["Hollub"],"zipcodes":["78644"]},"lohn":{"label":"Lohn","subdivisions":["Fisher & Miller"]},"lolita":{"label":"Lolita","counties":["Jackson County"],"subdivisions":["Clement Lolita","East Lolita","R F Clement"],"zipcodes":["77971"]},"london":{"label":"London","subdivisions":["Ind Rr Co"]},"loneoak":{"label":"Lone Oak","counties":["Hunt County"],"subdivisions":["Villages At Lone Oak Ph 1","Villages At Lone Oak Ph 4","Villages At Lone Oak Ph 5"],"zipcodes":["75453"]},"lonestar":{"label":"Lone Star","counties":["Morris County"],"zipcodes":["75668"]},"longbranch":{"label":"Long Branch"},"longview":{"label":"Longview","counties":["Gregg County","Harrison County"],"subdivisions":["Hallsville Heights South"],"zipcodes":["75601","75602","75603","75604","75605","75606","75607","75608","75615","75693"]},"lorena":{"label":"Lorena","counties":["McLennan County"],"subdivisions":["Park Meadows"],"zipcodes":["76630","76655"]},"losfresnos":{"label":"Los Fresnos","counties":["Cameron County","Webb County"],"subdivisions":["Indian Lake Sub"],"zipcodes":["78566","78586","78043"]},"lott":{"label":"Lott","counties":["Falls County"],"subdivisions":["Harrison Jno S","Mata Miguel"],"zipcodes":["76656"]},"louise":{"label":"Louise","counties":["Wharton County"],"subdivisions":["A20293","Abstract 269","Abstract 276","Abstract 293","Abstract 320","Cr 328","Farm Blocks","Louise","Metes And Bounds","Morris & Cummings Surv #15 Abs","Rural-West Central"],"zipcodes":["77455"]},"lovelady":{"label":"Lovelady","counties":["Houston County"],"subdivisions":["2 Acres Divided Off Of C Lovelady Ab 688","Foxwood Add","I Lopez","J A Aughenbaugh Surv Tract 3 A","Jas Henley","Lone Star Ridge Ranch","Ranches At Lone Star Ridge","Ranches\/Lone Star Rdg Ph 2","Southfield Ranch","Stephen Box Surv Abs #17","Town Lot 1","William Prissick Surv A-67","Wm Prissick"],"zipcodes":["75851"]},"lubbock":{"label":"Lubbock","counties":["Lubbock County"],"subdivisions":["Bent Tree","Caprock","Cherry Point","Maddox","Overton Park","Richland Hills","Rix","Sieber","Vandelia Village"],"zipcodes":["79401","79402","79403","79404","79405","79406","79407","79408","79409","79410","79411","79412","79413","79414","79415","79416","79423","79424","79430","79452","79453","79457","79464","79490","79491","79493","79499"]},"lufkin":{"label":"Lufkin","counties":["Angelina County"],"subdivisions":["0012 - Erie S.","Abs 0323 Hill J.,Tract 12,Acres .73","Abs 0671 Williams J. T.,Tract","Abs 0949","Allen Acres","Benton Ridge Sub","Bonton","Bonton J. A.","Briar Meadow","Brookhollow","Brookhollow #1","Cedar Hill","Coyote Crossing","Crown Colony","Crown Colony #2 Twnhs","Crown Colony #3","Crown Colony Sec Viii-A","Davis, Maas Add","Englewood Terrace","Erie","Four Seasons Sec I","Hays Wood","Hulsman Road Sub","Idlewood","Inwood Terrace","J Maga#surv Abs No 25","Keathley Road","Lewis & Poindexter","Los Pinares Sub","Lufkin","Massingall G. W. Jr","Meadowbrook Terrace Ph I","Micheli","Missouri Boyce Surv Abs #742","North Lufkin","Oak Grove Place","Oak Trace","Oak Trace I","Old Orchard","Parkview","Plantation","Quinalty","Rustic Pines","Rustic Pines Sub Sec Ii","Sandy Brook","Seth Donegan Surv Abs #200","Seth Dunnegan Sur Abs #200","Slu","South Bend Sub Ph Two","South Ridge","Sussex Downs","The Settlement","Timber Cove Ph 1-B","Timber Cove Ph 1-C","V Michelli Surv Abs #29","Vicente Micheli Surv Abs 29","Water Well Road","Weatherly J. A.,","West Wood Bend","Westbury Addition","Westwood Bend","Wildbriar","Woodcrest","Wooded Acres"],"zipcodes":["75901","75902","75903","75904","75915"]},"luling":{"label":"Luling","counties":["Caldwell County","Guadalupe County"],"subdivisions":["A012"],"zipcodes":["78648"]},"lumberton":{"label":"Lumberton","counties":["Hardin County"],"subdivisions":[".","A0002 - Arriola Francisco","Arriola Francisco","Artesian Acres","Beaumont Colony South","Brushy Creek Est Ii","Chance Estate","Copper Point","Copper Point Ph 2","Copper Point Ph 7","Deer Park","Duncan Elisha","Elisha Duncan Leaguea Abs #14","Emery Estate","Francisco Arriola League Abs #","Garden Village","Lancaster","Michael Peveto Surv Abs #419","Oak Ridge Park","River Birch Ph Ii","River Birch Place Ii","River Birch Place Ph I","Stonegate","Tbd","The Cascades","Tranquil Estates","Windsor Heights","Woodcrest","Woodcrest #1","Woosley Palms"],"zipcodes":["77625","77657"]},"lyons":{"label":"Lyons","subdivisions":["Perry O"]},"mabank":{"label":"Mabank","counties":["Henderson County","Kaufman County"],"subdivisions":["Del Mar Sub","Golden Oaks Sub"],"zipcodes":["75124","75143","75147","75156"]},"madisonville":{"label":"Madisonville","counties":["Madison County"],"subdivisions":[".","0000","A0173 - A J Morgan","Arter Crownover League Abs 13","Barrett Sub","F C Wilson Sub","Greenbriar","Greenbriar Acres","J S Hunter","J S Winters Est","John Clute Surv A-72","John Talbert","Madison","Madisonville","Madisonville Farms","Mathis Mdws","Mathis Meadows","North Heights Addition","Olde Oaks Estates","Preserve\/Hidden Trls"],"zipcodes":["77864"]},"magnolia":{"label":"Magnolia","counties":["Montgomery County"],"subdivisions":["A0612 Ward Cyrus","Abstract Area","Abstract Area 5 Non Fm 149-Abst-A5","Abstract Area 6","Abstract Area 6 Magnolia","Abstract Area 9 Southeast Magnolia","Alford Estates","Allen Thomas G - A0064","Allenwood","Ansley","Applewhite Henry","Ascot Farms","Audubon","Audubon 40's","Audubon 50's","Audubon Creekside North","Audubon Creekside North 02a","Audubon Creekside North 02b","Audubon Creekside North 03a","Audubon Creekside North 03b","Audubon Creekside North 05","Audubon Creekside South 01","Audubon Creekside South 02","Audubon Park","Audubon Park 02","Audubon Park 04","Barron Alex","Barron Alex F","Black Oak 01","Black Oak 01 Pt Rep 1","Brown Soloman","Bruce T H","Brushy Oaks 01","Butlers Bend","Canterbury Ranch 01","Cartwright","Champion Glen","Champion Glen 01","Church Acres","Cimarron Country","Cimarron Creek","Cimarron Creek 02","Cimarron Creek 03","Cimarron Creek 04","Cimarron Creek 06","Cimarron Creek 07","Cimarron Creek 08","Clear Creek Forest","Clear Creek Forest 11","Clear Creek Forest 12","Clear Creek Forest 13 Rep","Concord Estates","Country Forest 01","Country Pines","Country Place Acres 02","Country Place Estates","Country Woods Estates","Country Woods Estates 01","Creekside Court","Cripple Creek Farms","Cripple Creek Farms 01","Cyrus T Ward Surv A-612","Dawson Gamble","Decker Farms","Decker Farms 01","Decker Forest 01","Decker Heights","Decker Hills 03","Decker Hills Ranchettes","Decker Pines","Decker Place","Decker Place 01","Decker Woods","Deer Crossing 01","Dogwood Hills 01","Dogwood Hills 03","Dogwood Hills 04","Dogwood Patches 01","Dogwood Patches 05","Dunlavey","Durango Creek","Durango Creek 01","Durango Creek 02","Durango Creek 03","Durango Creek 04","Durango Creek 06","Emory Glen","Enchanted Forest","Enchanted Frst","Enclave At Dobbin","Enclave At Dobbin 01","Enclave At Dobbin 02","Enclave At Dobbin 03","Escondido","Escondido 01","Escondido 02","Escondido 03","Escondido 04","Estates Of Clear Creek","Estates Of Clear Creek 02 Repl","Falls Of Wildwood","Flower Mound Ranchettes","Forest Crossing","Forest Crossing 01","Forest Crossing 02","Forest Crossing 03","Forest West 02","Forest West U\/R","Foster","Glen Oaks","Glen Oaks 01","Glen Oaks 02","Glen Oaks 03","Glen Oaks 04 Rep 1","Glenmont East 02","Glenmont Estates","Glenmont Estates 03","Goheen","Goheen D M","Grand Pines","Greenfield Forest Estates","Greentree Forest Estates","Greenwood Country","Hazy Hollow East Estate 01","Hazy Hollow East Estate 04","Hazy Hollow East Estate 06","Hazy Hollow East Estate 07","Hazy Hollow East Estate 10","Hazy Hollow East Estate 11","Hazy Hollow East Estates","Hazy Hollow Estate 01","Hidden Lake Estates","Hidden Lake Estates 01","Hidden Lake Estates 02","High Meadow Indust Park","High Meadow Preserve","High Meadow Ranch","High Meadow Ranch 04","High Meadow Ranch 10","Highland Estates","Hodge Archibald","Indigo Lake Estates","Indigo Lake Estates 01","Indigo Lake Estates 02","Indigo Lake Estates 03","Indigo Lake Estates 06","Indigo Ranch","Inverness Crossing","Inverness Crossing 02","James Brown","James Brown Surv Abs #78","James Cooper","Lake At Black Oak","Lake Ck Ranchettes","Lake Ck Ranchettes 01","Lake Ck Ranchettes 07\/Bev Hls","Lake Windcrest","Lake Windcrest 01","Lake Windcrest 02","Lake Windcrest 04","Lake Windcrest 05","Lakes At Black Oak","Lakes At Black Oaks","Lakes Of Black Oak","Lakes Of Magnolia","Lee","Lexington Estates 02","Logan Square","Long Lake Estates","Magnolia Acres","Magnolia Escondido","Magnolia Hills 03","Magnolia Melton","Magnolia Park Land Co","Magnolia Place","Magnolia Ranch Estates","Magnolia Reserve","Magnolia Reserve 01","Magnolia Reserve 02","Magnolia Ridge","Magnolia Ridge 04","Magnolia Ridge 14","Magnolia Ridge Forest","Magnolia Ridge Forest 02","Magnolia Ridge Forest 06","Magnolia Ridge Forest 07","Magnolia Ridge Forest 08","Magnolia Ridge Forest 10","Magnolia Ridge Forest 11","Magnolia Ridge Forest 12","Magnolia Townsite","Mccall Sound","Mcrea Colin","Meadowood","Mill Creek","Mill Creek Estates","Mill Creek Estates 01","Mill Creek Estates 02","Mill Creek Estates 03","Mill Creek Estates 04","Mill Creek Estates 05","Mill Creek Landing 03","Mill Creek North 01","Mill Creek Trails","Mill Creek Trails 45's","Mill Creek Trails South 45's","Mill Crk North","Miller Joseph","Millers Crossing","Montgomery","Montgomery Trace","Montgomery Trace 01","Montgomery Trace 03","Mostyn Manor","Mostyn Manor 01","Mostyn Manor 02","Mostyn Manor 03","Mostyn Manor 05","Mostyn Manor 07","Mostyn Manor 08","Mostyn Manor Reserve","Mostyn Spgs Sub 01","Mostyn Spgs Sub 02","Mostyn Springs","Mury Bartley","Mury Bartley Southeast Magnolia","Mury Bartley, Tract 12, Mh Serial # Twia","Mustang Ridge","Mustang Ridge 01","Mustang Ridge 02","Myrtle Gardens","Navarro","Nichols Thos J","No","Northgrove","Northgrove - Villa Collection","Northgrove 02","Northgrove 03","Northgrove 04","Northgrove 05","Northgrove 07","Northgrove 08","Northgrove 09","Northgrove 12","Northgrove 13","Northgrove 14","Northgrove 16","Northgrove 17","Northgrove 19","Northland Indian Hills","Northwood","Oak Crest Estates","Oak Hollow","Park At Magnolia","Pearsall Lacy","Pierpoint James","Praries Edge","Ranch Crest","Ranch Crest 01","Ranch Crest 02","Ranch Crest 03","Ranch Crest 04","Read Ezra","Red Oaks","Remington Forest","Remington Forest 1","Remington Forest 1 Pt Rep","Retreat At Magnolia","Reynolds George Survey","River Park Ranch","River Park Ranch 02","River Park Ranch 03","Rolling Forest","Rosehill Lake","Royal Oaks On 1488","Royal Oaks On 1488 01","Royal Oaks\/1488","Rustic Oaks","Sendera Lake Estate","Sendera Lake Estate 01","Sendera Ranch 01","Sendera Ranch 02","Shady Acres 86","Silver Creek Ranch","Sma Noncity","Southwest Magnolia Area","Spring Creek Forest 03","Stagecoach Farms 08","T Ward Surv Abs # 613","Tall Pines","Taylor Thomas","The Cottage At Buckshot Landing","The Ranches Of Autumnwood","The Reserve At Autumnwood 01","The Village At High Meadow","The Villages Of Heritage Point","The Woodlands Village Sterling Ridge","Thomas J Nichols Surv Abs #397","Thousand Oaks","Thousand Oaks 01","Thousand Oaks 02","Thousand Oaks 04","Timber Hollow","Timberbrook Estates","Timbergreen","Timbergreen 04","Timbergreen 05","Timberloch Estates 02","Tj Nichols Surv Abs #397","Toby Smith High Chaparral","Tomwood Estate","Towering Oaks","Towering Oaks 02","Turtle Creek 01","Unrestricted","Villages At Heritage Point","Villages Of Magnolia","Walnut Creek","Walnut Grove 01","Walnut Springs","Wdlnds Vil Sterling Ridge","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 88","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 92","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 93","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 96","Westwood","Westwood 01","Westwood 02","Westwood 03","Westwood 04","Wildwood Acres","Wildwood Estates 03","William Berryman","Williams Trace","Williams Trace 01","Williams Trace 02","Williams Trace 03","Windmill Estates","Wisteria Farms","Woodland Lakes","Woodland Lakes 01 Mag","Woodland Lakes 04 Mag","Woodland Lakes 06 Mag","Woodland Lakes 07 Mag","Woodland Lakes 08 Mag","Woodland Oaks","Woodloch Forest 01"],"zipcodes":["77353","77354","77355"]},"magnoliabeach":{"label":"Magnolia Beach","subdivisions":["Rosehill Lake"]},"malakoff":{"label":"Malakoff","counties":["Henderson County"],"subdivisions":["Post Oak Meadows Ranch","Star Harbor Sub Sec 3 2nd Inst","Woodland Shores Estate"],"zipcodes":["75148"]},"manor":{"label":"Manor","counties":["Travis County"],"subdivisions":["Kimbro"],"zipcodes":["78621","78653"]},"mansfield":{"label":"Mansfield","counties":["Ellis County","Johnson County","Tarrant County"],"subdivisions":["Cabot Estates"],"zipcodes":["75104","76001","76063","76065","76084"]},"manvel":{"label":"Manvel","counties":["Brazoria County"],"subdivisions":["A C H & B","Allison Richey Gulf Coast Hm C","Allison Richey Gulf Coast Home","Bluewater Lakes","Bluewater Lakes Sec 2","Bluewater Lakes Sec 3","Bluewater Lakes Sec 5","Corporate Center","Crestmont","Crestmont Sec 2","Crestmont Sec 3","Del Bello Lakes","Del Bello Lakes Sec 1","Del Bello Lakes Sec 3","Del Bello Lakes Sec 5","Erastus Little","Gateway South","H T & B R R","Holland Estates","Jari Terrace","Kings Terrace","Lakeland Sd","Lakeland Sd Sec 1","Lakeland Sd Sec 2","Lakeland Sd Sec 3 A0283\/A0483","Lakeland Sd Sec 4 A0493 Ht&Br","Lee Ridge Sec I","Leedy Estates","Leedy Estates Sec 2","Lulling Stone","Lulling Stone Sec 2","Manvel","Manvel Acres","Manvel Lot Ol 156j Acres 3.0","Manvel Plaza","Mary V' O'donnell","Merdiana","Meridiana","Meridiana 100","Meridiana 65s","Meridiana Sec 27","Meridiana Sec 33a","Meridiana Sec 39a","Meridiana Sec 39b","Meridiana Sec 44","Meridiana Sec 46","Meridiana Sec 47","Meridiana Sec 48","Newport Lake Estates Sec 1 A0","Oak Crest","Oak Crest Sec 2","Parker","Pomona","Pomona Orchard","Pomona Sec 1 A0417 Ach&B","Pomona Sec 10","Pomona Sec 11","Pomona Sec 12","Pomona Sec 13","Pomona Sec 15","Pomona Sec 16","Pomona Sec 2 A0417 Ach&B & A0","Pomona Sec 21","Pomona Sec 4 A0298 Ht&Brr & A","Pomona Sec 7 A0298 Ht&Brr & A","Pomona Sec 8","Pomona Sec 9","Quail Valley Ranches","Rodeo Palms","Rodeo Palms - The Lakes","Rodeo Palms Palm Court","Rodeo Palms Palm Court Sec 2","Rodeo Palms Sec 1","Rodeo Palms Sec 3","Rodeo Palms The Colony Sec 5","Rodeo Palms The Lakes Sec 3","Rodeo Palms, Palm Court Sec 1","Rodeo Palms, Palm Shore","Rodeo Palms, Palm Villas Sec 1","Rodeo Palms, Royal Palms Sec 1","Rodeo Palms, The Colony Sec 1","Rodeo Palms, The Colony Sec 2","Rodeo Palms, The Colony Sec 4","S6398 - Manvel","Samuel Patterson","Scott Ave Estates","Sedona Lakes","Sedona Lakes Sec 3","Sedona Lakes Sec 6","Sedona Lakes Sec 8 A0541 Ach&","Sedona Lakes Sec 9 A0541 Ach&","Shady Meadow Area","Silvercreek","Silvercreek Sec 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-","Southfork","Southfork Sec 1a-1b-1c-2a-2b-2","Southfork Sec 5 A0540 A C H &","Southfork Sec 6a","Southfork Sec 8","Stonebridge Sec 1-2-3 At Silve","Sunset Gardens","Sunset Gardens Manvel","Terra Estates","Thos Spraggins","Valencia","Westwood","Wolfe Airpark"],"zipcodes":["77511","77578","77583","77584"]},"marblefalls":{"label":"Marble Falls","counties":["Burnet County"],"subdivisions":["Canyon Ridge Spgs","Lookout Ridge","Marble Falls Waterfront","Paradise Manor 10 Acres","Paradise Manor Sec 04 5.93 Ac","Parchaus At Mustang Drive","Point At Singleton Bend"],"zipcodes":["78654","78657"]},"marietta":{"label":"Marietta","counties":["Cass County"],"subdivisions":["Marietta Ot"],"zipcodes":["75566"]},"markham":{"label":"Markham","counties":["Matagorda County"],"subdivisions":["El Dorado Sub","Markham Original Townsite"],"zipcodes":["77456"]},"marlin":{"label":"Marlin","counties":["Falls County"],"subdivisions":["Chambers-Laserda","Falls 294 Tract 42","Laserda Atancio De","Oak Grove"],"zipcodes":["76661"]},"marquez":{"label":"Marquez","counties":["Leon County"],"subdivisions":["9999-Other","Brushy Creek Land Co","Hilltop Lakes Sec 26","J Allison Surv #44","J B & J E Therrill Sur A880","L J Streeter Surv Abs #1374","Lakewood","Lakewood Shores","Lakewood Shores Add","Unkn"],"zipcodes":["77865"]},"marshall":{"label":"Marshall","counties":["Harrison County"],"subdivisions":["College Heights 2nd","E Talley","Grillett","H Morgan","Harlem North 2nd","Henry Morgan Surv Abs 441","J L White","Jb Campbell Surv A 148"],"zipcodes":["75670","75671","75672"]},"mart":{"label":"Mart","counties":["Limestone County","McLennan County"],"subdivisions":["J Nelson","Martinez J D","Watson Add","William Pettus Surv A-456"],"zipcodes":["76664"]},"mason":{"label":"Mason","counties":["Mason County"],"zipcodes":["76856"]},"matagorda":{"label":"Matagorda","counties":["Matagorda County"],"subdivisions":["\/Na","Bahia De Matagorda Ph 2","Bay Harbour Sub","Bridge Pointe","Bridge Pointe S\/D","Colorado River Estate","Colorado River Estate Sec 1","Driftwood","E R Wightman","Elias R Wightman League Abs 10","Holiday Harbor Sub Sec Ii","Hubert & Watson Sub","Matagorda","Matagorda Dunes Homesites","Matagorda Front Tier 3","Matagorda Intracoastal Estates","Misd Sec 2 Abs Land, Misc","River Run Sub","Sterling Shores","Tier 1 Colorado Front","Tier 1 Matagorda Front","Tier 2 Matagorda Front","Tier 2 Northwest Fraction","Tier 3 Matagorda Front","Tier 4 Matagorda Front","Waterfront Sub"],"zipcodes":["77457"]},"mathis":{"label":"Mathis","counties":["San Patricio County"],"subdivisions":["Mathis"],"zipcodes":["78368"]},"mauriceville":{"label":"Mauriceville","counties":["Orange County"],"subdivisions":["Wilkerson"],"zipcodes":["77626","77632"]},"may":{"label":"May","subdivisions":["Oak Point Ph Three"]},"mcallen":{"label":"McAllen","counties":["Hidalgo County"],"zipcodes":["78501","78502","78503","78504","78505","78539","78541","78557","78572","78573"]},"mcgregor":{"label":"McGregor","counties":["Coryell County","McLennan County"],"subdivisions":["Moore William C"],"zipcodes":["76561","76657"]},"mckinney":{"label":"McKinney","counties":["Collin County"],"subdivisions":["Carter T Clift Survey","Heights At Westridge","Legacy On Rockhill Road","Vineyards Ph I, The"],"zipcodes":["75069","75070","75071","75454"]},"meadowsplace":{"label":"Meadows Place","counties":["Fort Bend County"],"subdivisions":["Meadowglen","Meadowglen Sec 1","Meadowglen Sec 2","Meadows","Meadows Sec","Meadows Sec 2","Meadows Sec 4","Park Meadow Twnhs","The Oasis Medical Campus Ph Ii"],"zipcodes":["77477"]},"menard":{"label":"Menard","counties":["Menard County"],"subdivisions":["Brandon Ranch"],"zipcodes":["76859"]},"mesquite":{"label":"Mesquite","counties":["Dallas County","Kaufman County","Starr County"],"zipcodes":["75126","75149","75150","75180","75181","75182","75185","75187","75228","75253","78584"]},"mexia":{"label":"Mexia","counties":["Limestone County"],"subdivisions":["Cedar Sub","Dale Dawson Life Estate","Helmcamp Ii Land Co","Highview North Add","Mexia","Murphy's Dairy","Murphy's Dairy Phase 2","Shlloh Community A Varela Xi L","Varela-Chelsie Estates","Yaupon Add"],"zipcodes":["76667"]},"mico":{"label":"Mico","subdivisions":["Dancing Bear Ranch","Dancing Bear Ranch Lake Estate","Ranchland Oaks Sub"]},"midfield":{"label":"Midfield"},"midland":{"label":"Midland","counties":["Martin County","Midland County"],"subdivisions":["Barkman Square Sec 5","Fci Condo"],"zipcodes":["79701","79702","79703","79704","79705","79706","79707","79708","79710","79711","79712","79765","79782"]},"midlothian":{"label":"Midlothian","counties":["Ellis County"],"subdivisions":["Crystal Forest Estates Ph V"],"zipcodes":["76065","76084"]},"midway":{"label":"Midway","counties":["Madison County"],"subdivisions":["A0224 - John Viven","A0261 - William Johnson","Beard","H W Bozeman","J Mitchell Surv Abs #23","Jesse Young","Jesse Young Surv","Jesse Young Surv Abs #247","John Christ","John Crist","Midway Improv","Midway Improv Sub","Midway Improvement Corp","Midway Land Co","Oakwood Estate #2","Ransom Allphin","River Oaks Estates","Samuel Brimberry Tract 6 & 7","Sunshine Acres"],"zipcodes":["75852"]},"milam":{"label":"Milam","counties":["Sabine County"],"zipcodes":["75948","75959"]},"milano":{"label":"Milano","counties":["Milam County"],"subdivisions":["A3230 Shields, James,","Lin Luce Ranches #2","N W Bush Surv Abs #98","None 120 Acres","Serenity Oaks","Shelton, James"],"zipcodes":["76556"]},"mildred":{"label":"Mildred","counties":["Navarro County"],"subdivisions":["Sunrise West"],"zipcodes":["75109"]},"mineola":{"label":"Mineola","counties":["Wood County"],"subdivisions":["Ham Add","Holiday Pines","Mineola Townsites"],"zipcodes":["75773"]},"mineralwells":{"label":"Mineral Wells","counties":["Palo Pinto County","Parker County"],"subdivisions":["Oneal & Cunningham"],"zipcodes":["76067","76068","76088"]},"mission":{"label":"Mission","counties":["Hidalgo County"],"subdivisions":["Acevedo #4","Bonito","Mission Original Townsite"],"zipcodes":["78572","78573","78574"]},"missouricity":{"label":"Missouri City","counties":["Fort Bend County","Harris County"],"subdivisions":["0280 - J Lafayette","Arcadia","Avalon At Sienna","Avalon At Sienna Plantation Sec 3","Bbb & C Ry","Bermuda Dunes Villas","Beverlywood","Bradford Village Sec 1","Briargate","Briargate Sec 5","Briargate Sec 6","Brightwater","Brightwater Point Estates Sec 1","Camden Park Twnhs","Colonial Lakes Office Park Condo","Colony Crossing Village\/Sawyers Crossing","Colony Lakes","Colony Lakes Sec 5","Colony Lakes Sec 8","Crescent Oak Village","Crescent Oak Village At Lake Olympia Sec","D. Fitzgerald","Dry Creek Village","Dry Creek Village Sec 1","Dry Creek Village Sec 2","Dry Creek Village Sec 3","E Roark","Estates Of Silver Ridge","Estates Of Waterford Sec 2","Fieldcrest","Flamingo Island At Lake Olympia","Fondren Grove Sec 01a Prcl R\/P","Fondren Grove Sec 01a R\/P","Fondren Park","Fondren Park Sec 03","Fondren Park Sec 04","Fondren Park Sec 05","Fonmeadow Sec 03","Garden Park Village","Glen Park","Glen Park Sec 1","Greyden Estates","Heritage Colony","Heritage Colony Sec 1","Heritage Colony Sec 3","Heritage Colony Sec 4","Heritage Colony Sec 5","Hunters Glen","Hunters Glen Sec 1","Hunters Glen Sec 3","Hunters Glen Sec 4","Hunters Glen Sec 5-B2","Hunters Glen Sec 5b1","Hunters Green","Hunters Park Sec 1","J Layfayette","Jade Island Lake Olympia Sec 1","Knanaya Homes","Lake Colony","Lake Colony Sec 1","Lake Colony Sec 2","Lake Colony Sec 3","Lake Colony Sec 4","Lake Olympia","Lake Shore Harbour","Lake Shore Harbour Sec 1","Lake Shore Harbour Sec 3","Lake Shore Harbour Sec 4","Lake Shore Harbour Sec 5","Lake Shore Harbour Sec 6","Lake Shore Harbour Sec 7","Lakeshore At Brightwater Sec 1","Lakeshore Forest Estates","Lakeshore Park At Brightwater Sec 1","Lakeshore Point At Brightwater","Lakeside Meadow Sec 2 At Brightwater","Lakeside Village At Lake Olympia Sec 1","Lexington Colony","Lexington Colony Sec 2","Lexington Colony Sec 3a","Lexington Colony Sec 3c","Lexington Colony Sec 4","Lexington Grove","Lexington Place","Lexington Place Sec 1","Lexington Point Sec 1","Lexington Settelement","Lexington Settlement Sec 1","Lexington Settlement Sec 3","Lexington Square","Lexington Square Sec 3","Lexington Village","Lexington Village Sec 1","Liberty Ridge","Liberty Ridge Sec 1","M Shipman","M Shipman Oakwick Forest Estates","Manors At Riverstone","Manors At Riverstone Sec 1","Manors At Silver Ridge","Meadowcreek","Meadowcreek Sec 1","Meadowcreek Sec 2","Meadowcreek Sec 3","Meadowcreek Sec 5","Meadowcreek Townhouses","Meadowcreek Twnhs Sec 1","Missouri City","Murphy Village Twnhms","Mustang Crossing At Lake Olympia Sec 1","Mustang Trails","Mustang Trails Sec 3","Oakwick Forest Estates","Olympia Estates","Olympia Estates Ph 1 Sec 4","Olympia Estates Sec 11","Olympia Estates Sec 2","Olympia Estates Sec 5","Olympia Estates Sec 8","Olympia Falls","Oyster Creek","Oyster Creek Place Lake Olympia Sec 1","Oyster Creek Place Lake Olympia Sec 3","Oyster Creek Plantation","Oyster Creek Village Lake Olympia Sec 2","Palmer Plnt-Lake Olympia","Park Edge","Park Lake Condo","Park Lake Condo Ph Ii","Park's Edge","Parks Edge","Parks Edge Sec 12","Parks Edge Sec 16","Parks Edge Sec 18","Parks Edge Sec 19","Parks Edge Sec 6","Parkview Village At Lake Olympia Sec 2","Parkway Trails","Parkway Trails Sec 1","Parkway Trails Sec 2","Pebble Beach","Pecan Estates At Anderson Spgs Sec 1","Pecan Estates At Anderson Springs","Pine Meadow","Plantation Creek","Plantation Creek Sec 1","Plantation Creek Sec 2-B","Plantation Creek Sec 2-D","Plantation Park","Plantation Park Sec 1","Plantation Settlement At First Colony","Plantation Trails At First C","Quail Glen Sec 1","Quail Green","Quail Green Sec 1","Quail Green Sec 2","Quail Green South Sec 2","Quail Green West","Quail Green West Sec 1","Quail Green West Sec 2","Quail Run","Quail Run Sec 2","Quail Valley","Quail Valley East","Quail Valley East Sec 1","Quail Valley East Sec 2","Quail Valley East Sec 3","Quail Valley East Sec 4","Quail Valley East Sec 5","Quail Valley Eldorado","Quail Valley Glenn Lakes","Quail Valley Glenn Lakes Sec 3","Quail Valley La Quinta","Quail Valley North Sec","Quail Valley North Sec 1","Quail Valley Thunderbird","Quail Valley Thunderbird Nor","Quail Valley Thunderbird Sec 2","Quail Valley Thunderbird W","Quail Valley Thunderbird W Sec 1","Quail Valley Thunderbird W Sec 2","Quail Valley Thunderbird West","Quail Valley Thunderbird West Courtyard","Quail Valley Townhomes","Quail Valley Twnhms","Quail Valley Twnhms Sec 1","Quail Valley Twnhs","Quail Village Twnhs","Quail Vly East Sub Sec 1","Quailvalley Thunderbird Patio Homes Sec2","Riverstone","Riverstone, The Crossing At Riverstone","Rustlers Crossing","Sedona Creek","Sedona Creek Sec 1","Sedona Creek Sec 2","Sedona Creek Sec 3","Sie????a S??ee?? Ba??k Village Sec 7-B","Sienna","Sienna Sec 16","Sienna - Premier Collection","Sienna - Select Collection","Sienna - Valencia By Perry Homes","Sienna - Villa Collection","Sienna 45'","Sienna 50'","Sienna Acreage Estates","Sienna Acreage Estates Ph 2","Sienna Executive Collection","Sienna Plantation","Sienna Plantation 45'","Sienna Plantation Sec","Sienna Plantation Sec 11","Sienna Plantation Sec 12","Sienna Plantation Sec 13a & 13b Pt Rep 3","Sienna Plantation Sec 14","Sienna Plantation Sec 15a","Sienna Plantation Sec 15b","Sienna Plantation Sec 16","Sienna Plantation Sec 17a","Sienna Plantation Sec 20","Sienna Plantation Sec 21 Final","Sienna Plantation Sec 23 Final","Sienna Plantation Sec 23 Final Plat","Sienna Plantation Sec 24","Sienna Plantation Sec 31","Sienna Plantation Sec 40-A","Sienna Point","Sienna Point Sec 1","Sienna Point Sec 2","Sienna Point Sec 3","Sienna Sec 17b & 17c","Sienna Sec 18","Sienna Sec 27","Sienna Sec 30","Sienna Sec 32a & 32b","Sienna Sec 33b","Sienna Sec 33d","Sienna Sec 34b","Sienna Sec 49","Sienna Steep Bank","Sienna Steep Bank Village","Sienna Steep Bank Village Sec 1","Sienna Steep Bank Village Sec 10b","Sienna Steep Bank Village Sec 11-A","Sienna Steep Bank Village Sec 13","Sienna Steep Bank Village Sec 2-A","Sienna Steep Bank Village Sec 2-B","Sienna Steep Bank Village Sec 5-A","Sienna Steep Bank Village Sec 5-C","Sienna Steep Bank Village Sec 6a","Sienna Steep Bank Village Sec 7-B","Sienna Steep Bank Village Sec 9","Sienna Townhomes At Parkway Place","Sienna Townhomes At Parkway Place Sales","Sienna Village Of Anderson","Sienna Village Of Anderson S","Sienna Village Of Anderson Spg","Sienna Village Of Anderson Spgs","Sienna Village Of Anderson Spgs Sec 17-A","Sienna Village Of Anderson Spgs Sec 3-A","Sienna Village Of Anderson Spgs Sec 4-A","Sienna Village Of Anderson Spgs Sec 4-B","Sienna Village Of Anderson Spgs Sec 4-C","Sienna Village Of Anderson Spgs Sec 5-A","Sienna Village Of Anderson Spgs Sec 5-B","Sienna Village Of Anderson Spgs Sec 5-C","Sienna Village Of Anderson Spgs Sec 6","Sienna Village Of Anderson Spgs Springs","Sienna Village Of Anderson Springs","Sienna Village Of Anderson Springs Sec 8","Sienna Village Of Bees Creek","Sienna Village Of Bees Creek Sec 14","Sienna Village Of Bees Creek Sec 20","Sienna Village Of Bees Creek Sec 22","Sienna Village Of Bees Creek Sec 28","Sienna Village Of Bees Creek Sec 29","Sienna Village Of Bees Creek Sec 4-B","Sienna Village Of Bees Creek Sec 8","Sienna Village Of Destrehan","Sienna Village Of Destrehan Sec 3","Sienna Village Of Destrehan Sec 5","Sienna Village Of Destrehan Sec 6","Sienna Village Of Destrehan Sec 8","Sienna Village Of Destrehan Sec 9","Sienna Village Of Shipmans","Sienna Village Of Shipmans Landing","Sienna Village Of Shipmans Landing Sec 1","Sienna Village Of Shipmans Landing Sec 3","Sienna Village Of Shipmans Landing Sec 4","Sienna Village Of Shipmans Lndng Sec 18a","Sienna Village Of Waters Lake","Sienna Village Of Waters Lake Sec 14","Sienna Village Of Waters Lake Sec 15","Sienna Village Of Waters Lake Sec 17","Sienna Village Of Waters Lake Sec 2","Sienna Village Of Waters Lake Sec 26-A","Sienna Village Of Waters Lake Sec 26-B","Sienna Village Of Waters Lake Sec 3","Sienna Village Of Waters Lake Sec 6-A","Sienna Village Of Waters Lake Sec 7-B","Sienna Village Of Waters Lake Sec 9-A","Sienna Village Of Waters Lake Sec 9-B","Stonebrook At Riverstone","Stonebrook At Riverstone Sec 1","Sunrise Bay At Lake Olympia Sec 3","Sunrise Bay Lake Olympia Sec 1","Swan Isle At Lake Olympia Sec 1","Talia Wood Patio Homes","The Enclave Sec 1","The Point At Riverstone Sec 1","The Terrace At Riverstone Sec 1","The Woods","Thunderbird North","Toll Brothers At Sienna","Toll Brothers At Sienna - Select Collect","Toll Brothers At Sienna - Villa Collecti","Venetian Village Sec 1","Vicksburg Village Of Cumberland","Vicksburg Village Of Shiloh Sec 1","Waterbrook West","Waterford Park Twnhms","Waters Edge At Colony Lakes Sec 1","Waters Edge At Colony Lakes Sec 2","Westbury Village","Westbury Villiage","Willow Park Residence A Sec 1","Wm Neal","Woodland West","Woodland West Sec 3"],"zipcodes":["77071","77459","77469","77477","77479","77489","77545","77583"]},"montbelvieu":{"label":"Mont Belvieu","counties":["Chambers County","Liberty County"],"subdivisions":["B Laubach Sub","Blue Heron Estates","Brookstone Sec 2","Brookstone Sec 3","Brookstone Sub Rep Sec 1","C Tilton","Carriage Trails","Champions Estates Sec 3","Champions Forest","Cherry Creek Sub","Cherry Creek, Sec 2","Colony Mont Belvieu Sec 01","Country Creek","Country Creek Subdivision","Crown Colony","Crown Colony Sec 03 Ph 01","Eagle Creek","Eagle Point Estate","Fishers Landing","Fishers Landing Sec 01","Fishers Landing Sec 02","Fishers Landing Sec 03","Fishers Lndg","Fishers Lndg Sec 3","K B Ranch","Kb Ranch","Lakes Of Champions Estates","Lakes Of Champions Estates Sec 1","Lakes\/Champion Estates Sec 2a","Lakes\/Champions Estates Sec","Lakes\/Champions Estates Sec 2b Ph","Lakes\/Champions Estates Sec 3","Lakes\/Champions Estates Sec 4","Lost Lake Village","Magnolia Landing","Magnolia Lndg Sub Sec 1","Magnolia Lndg Sub Sec 2","Old River Country Sub Sec 1","Out Of Town","Pancho Sub","Reserve\/Champions Estates Sec 1","Riceland","Riceland: Alley","River Oaks","South Lake Estate","South Lake Estates","St Augustine Mdws Sub Sec 1","St Augustine Mdws Sub Sec 2","St. Augustine Meadows","Villages\/Champions Gate Ph 01","Villages\/Champions Gate Ph 01 P","Villages\/Champions Gates Sec 3","W H Hodge League Tr 62b-0 A","Wilburn Ranch Sub","William Hodge League Abs #13","Winfree"],"zipcodes":["77523","77535","77580"]},"montalba":{"label":"Montalba","subdivisions":["0","I E G N R R Surv Abs #424","Reserve At Montalba"]},"montgomery":{"label":"Montgomery","counties":["Montgomery County"],"subdivisions":["177 Lake Estates 02","177 Lake Estates 05","177 Lake Estates 06","A0043 - White Ann","A0043 White Ann","A0396 Niles John W","A0396 Niles John W.","Abstract Area","Abstract Area 1 Richards","Abstract Area 1 Richards Fm149","Abstract Area 1 Richards-Abst-A1","Abstract Area 17 Lake Influence","Abstract Area 4 Fm 149\/ Jackson Road Ar","Acreage","Ann White Surv","Ann White Survey - 18 Acres","Anna White Surv Abs # 43","April Point 01","April Sound","April Sound 03","April Sound 04","April Sound 07","April Sound 08","April Sound 09","Archibald Hodge Surv A-18 Trac","Atkins Wm","Audubon","B Rigsby Surv Abs 31","Bear Canyons","Bellago Colony Place","Ben Rigsby","Benjamin Rigsby Surv Abs 31","Bentwater","Bentwater 02","Bentwater 03","Bentwater 04","Bentwater 05","Bentwater 06","Bentwater 07","Bentwater 08","Bentwater 09","Bentwater 10","Bentwater 12","Bentwater 15","Bentwater 16","Bentwater 18","Bentwater 19","Bentwater 23","Bentwater 24","Bentwater 27","Bentwater 29","Bentwater 30a","Bentwater 37","Bentwater 38","Bentwater 39","Bentwater 40","Bentwater 41","Bentwater 46","Bentwater 50","Bentwater 52","Bentwater 60","Bentwater 63","Bentwater 66","Bentwater 68","Bentwater 73","Bentwater 78","Bentwater 79","Bentwater 80","Bentwater 82","Bentwater 88","Bentwood Farms","Big Oak Estates","Big Oak Ranchettes","Blue Heron Bay 01","Bluejack National","Bluejack National Condo","Bluejack National Ph 1a","Bluejack National Ph 1b","Bluejack National Ph 1b Pt Rep 4","Bonterra At Woodforest","Bonterra At Woodforest 01","Bonterra At Woodforest 03","Bonterra At Woodforest 04","Bonterra At Woodforest 05","Bonterra At Woodforest 06","Bonterra At Woodforest 07","Bonterra At Woodforest 08","Bonterra At Woodforest 10","Brookwood","Buffalo Springs","Cape Conroe","Cape Conroe 01","Cape Conroe 01 Pt Rep 2","Cape Conroe 02","Capel Run","Capitol Hill Estates","Cardinal Acres","Cartwright Matthew","Chapel Bend","Chapel Run","Chapel Run 02","Clark Wm C","Clear Water Cove","Clear Water Point","Cliffs At South Shore","Convenient Country Estate","Convenient Country Estate Ph 2","Convenient Country Estates","Convenient Country Estates Pha","Corner John","Crescent Cove 03","Crestwood Farms","Crown Oaks","Crown Oaks 01","Crown Oaks 04","Crown Ranch","Crown Ranch 01","Crown Ranch 03","Crown Ranch Development","Crown Ranch Sec 2","Crown Ranch Sec 4","Crown Ranch Sec 6","Deep Forest Estates 02","Deer Lake Lodges","Del Lago","Del Lago 01","Del Lago 02","Del Lago 02 Rep 1","Del Lago Estates","Depado Dev 01","Dobbin Town Site","Dobbin Townsite","Dobbin Twon Center","Eighteenth At Walden","Emmett Estates","Estates Of Lake Creek Village","Estates Of Mia Lago","Fairwater","Fairwater 01","Fairwater 02","Fairwater 05","Falcon Point","Falcon Sound On The Lake","Falcones Pond","Fawn Forest","Flamingo Lakes","Fm 1097","Forest Hills 02","Forest Woods","Gemstone Estates","Grand Harbor","Grand Harbor 01","Grand Harbor 02","Grand Harbor 03","Grand Harbor 06","Grand Harbor 08","Grand Harbor 09","Grand Harbor 12","Grand Harbor 14","Grand Harbor 15","Grand Harbor 16","Grand Lake Estates","Grand Lake Estates 01","Grand Lake Estates 02","Grand Lake Estates 06","Grand Lake Estates 07","Grand Lake Estates 09","Grand Lake Estates 10","Grand Lake Estates 11","Grandview","Grandview 01","Grandview 02","Grandview 03","Griffith Noah","Hamlet R G","Harbor Point Rep A","Harbor Side","Harbor Side 01","Harbor Side 02","Harbour Point Rep B","Harbour Point Replat B","Harbour Vill Condos","Havenshire","Hickory Hills 398","Hidden Forest","Hidden Forest Estate","Hidden Forest Estate 01","Hidden Forest Estate 02","Hidden Forest Estate 04","Hidden Forest Estate 05","Hidden Forest Estates","High Meadow Estates","High Meadow Estates 01","High Meadow Estates 02","High Meadow Estates 04","High Meadow Estates 07","High Meadow Estates 07 Pt Rep 1","High Meadow Estates 09","High Meadow Estates 10","High Meadow Estates 11","High Meadow Estates Sec 4","High Meadow West","Highland Hills Estates","Hill Creek","Hill Creek 02","Hill Creek 03","Hme West","Hodge Archibald","Holly Estates","Holly Estates 02","Honea Forest Estates","Hunters Landing","Hunters Point","Inverness At Walden","Inverness Condo","Inverness Condo 01","Inverness Condo 02","Inwood Forest","Iron Gate","Jadak Manor 01","Johm Corner","John Shaffold Surv Abs #527","John Shaffold Survey","Joseph B Artoff Surv A-56","Keenan Woods","Kinkaid Farms","La Posada At Walden Condominiu","La Vie Villas 01","La Vie Villas 02","Lake Bonanza 01","Lake Ck Ranchettes 03","Lake Conroe Forest","Lake Conroe Forest 01","Lake Conroe Forest 02","Lake Conroe Terrace","Lake Conroe Village","Lake Creek Landing","Lake Creek Ranch","Lake Creek Village","Lake Creek Village 02","Lake Lorraine","Lake Meadows","Lake Pointe Condos Ph I","Lake Pointe Condos Ph Ii","Lake Side Villas","Lake Walden Cove Condo","Lakeside Conroe","Lakeview Terrace 03","Lakewood Farms","Landrum Zacharias","Landrum Zacharius Tract","Laramie Oaks","Larkhaven Woodforest","Live At Pine Market","Lone Star Estates","Lone Star Landing","Lundes Point","Magnolia East","Magnolia Spgs 01","Magnolia Spgs 02","Magnolia Springs","Marvins Gardens 02","Montgomery Farms","Montgomery Oaks 40s-Ln","Montgomery Townsite 02","Montgomery Townsite 03","Montgomery Townsite 05","Montgomery Trace","Montgomery Trace 04","Montgomery Trace 05","Montgomery Trace 06","Montgomery Trace 07","Moore Estates","Mount Pleasant Village 01","Mount Pleasant Village 02","No","Noble Greens","Noble Greens At Woodforest 01","Old Oak Estates","Patterson Wm","Perfection Ranch","Pine Island At Woodforest 01","Pine Island At Woodforest 02","Pine Island At Woodforest 03","Pine Lake Club","Pine Lake Cove","Pine Lake Cove 01","Playa Vista 0n Lake Conroe","Playa Vista Conroe Condo","Ponderosa City","Rankin Wm","Ridgelake Shores","Ridgelake Shores 01","Ridgelake Shores 02","Ridgelake Shores 03","Ridgelake Shores 04","Ridgelake Shores 05","Rigsby Ben J","River Road Estates","Rolling Oaks","Royal Ranch","Rural","Shady Oak Estates","Shady Oak Estates 02","Shaffold John","Shannon Jacob","Shoreline On Lake Conroe Condo","Silver Creek Ranch","Smo Noncity Front Fm1097 E Of Fm149","Spring Branch Road","Spring Branch Trails","Still Water Estates 02","Stone Creek","Stone Ranch 03","Summer Place","Sunrise Ranch","Sunrise Ranch 04","Sunrise Ranch 05","Tejascreek","Terra Vista At Waterstone","Terra Vista At Waterstone 01","The Cove At Walden","The Hills Of Town Creek","The Hills Of Town Creek 02","The Hills Of Town Creek 03","The Hills Of Town Creek 04","The Island At Grand Harbor","The Point At Walden","The Ranch","The Reserve At High Meadow Estates","The Vic At Woodforest","The Wilderness","The Woodlands Hills","Town Creek Crossing","Tri Lake Estate","Tri Lake Estate 01","Tri Lake Estates","Unrecorded","Unrestricted","Unrestricted Plus Woodforest Home","Valleywood Acres","Villas Of Mia Lago","Vintage Oaks 03","Vintage Oaks 04","Walden","Walden 01","Walden 02","Walden 03","Walden 04","Walden 05","Walden 06","Walden 07","Walden 08","Walden 09","Walden 10","Walden 11","Walden 12","Walden 15","Walden 16","Walden 17","Walden 18","Walden At The Eighteenth","Walden Harbour Vill Condos","Walden Lodge","Walden Lodge Bldg A","Walden Lodge Bldg B","Walden Marine Vistas","Walden Of Lake Conroe","Walden On Lake Conroe","Warwick Land","Water Oak","Water Oak 01","Waters Edge","Waterstone On Lake Conroe","Waterstone On Lake Conroe 01","Waterstone On Lake Conroe 02","West Of Montgomery","West Side At The Park 01","Westwood","White Ann","William Atkins Surv Abs # 3","William Patterson Surv Abs 421","William Rankin Survey","William Rankin Survey, A-30, Montgomery","Woodforest","Woodforest - City Series Collection","Woodforest - City Series: The Patios","Woodforest - City Series: The Villas","Woodforest - Kingsley Square","Woodforest - Townhom Villas","Woodforest - Townhomes - The Villas","Woodforest - Townhomes : The Patios","Woodforest - Townhomes: The Villas","Woodforest -City Series: The Patios","Woodforest 01","Woodforest 02","Woodforest 03","Woodforest 04","Woodforest 06","Woodforest 10","Woodforest 106","Woodforest 107","Woodforest 14","Woodforest 15","Woodforest 17","Woodforest 20","Woodforest 23","Woodforest 27","Woodforest 29","Woodforest 31","Woodforest 34","Woodforest 36","Woodforest 39","Woodforest 40","Woodforest 41","Woodforest 42","Woodforest 44","Woodforest 47","Woodforest 52","Woodforest 53","Woodforest 55","Woodforest 55s","Woodforest 57","Woodforest 59","Woodforest 60","Woodforest 61","Woodforest 64","Woodforest 65","Woodforest 67","Woodforest 69","Woodforest 71","Woodforest 72","Woodforest 72 Pt Rep 1","Woodforest 73","Woodforest 77","Woodforest 78","Woodforest 81","Woodforest 85","Woodforest 89","Woodforest 90","Woodforest 92","Woodforest 93","Woodforest 99","Woodforest Artisan Series 55","Woodforest City Series Collection","Woodforest City Series Collection:","Woodforest-City Series: The Patios","Woodforest-City Series:the Patios","Woodforest-Noble Greens","Worley Anderson\/Powell James","Zachariah Landrum Surv Abs # 2"],"zipcodes":["77316","77333","77356"]},"moody":{"label":"Moody","counties":["McLennan County"],"zipcodes":["76557"]},"moore":{"label":"Moore","counties":["Frio County"],"subdivisions":["Frio County Estates"],"zipcodes":["78057"]},"morganspoint":{"label":"Morgan\\'s Point","subdivisions":["Grandview"]},"moscow":{"label":"Moscow","subdivisions":[".","Corrigan","Emanuel Clements Surv Abs 1097","J Watts","Jones-Moscow Acres","Paces Creek"]},"mosshill":{"label":"Moss Hill","subdivisions":["Gaylor Creek"]},"moulton":{"label":"Moulton","counties":["Lavaca County"],"subdivisions":["A0004 David Burkett","Chase","H R Haase Sub","Lavaca 81 Tr 1 5.21 Ac","Lavaca 81 Tr 11 7.171 Ac","Lavaca 81 Tr 4 5.435 Ac","Moulton Townsite","S4600 - Moulton Townsite","T Barnes Surv Abs #112","William Chase Surv A-9","Wm Chase"],"zipcodes":["77975"]},"mountenterprise":{"label":"Mount Enterprise","counties":["Rusk County"],"subdivisions":["N"],"zipcodes":["75681"]},"mountpleasant":{"label":"Mount Pleasant","counties":["Titus County"],"subdivisions":["Cedar Ridge"],"zipcodes":["75455","75456"]},"mountvernon":{"label":"Mount Vernon","counties":["Franklin County"],"subdivisions":["Tall Tree","Tall Tree North"],"zipcodes":["75457"]},"mountainhome":{"label":"Mountain Home","subdivisions":["11 - 4 J.S. Anderson","Acreage","Y O Ranchlands"]},"muldoon":{"label":"Muldoon","subdivisions":["0","Buckners Creek Landing","Muldoon 480","See Agent Remarks","T O Berry Lg","Walter F Hamilton League A-52"]},"mullin":{"label":"Mullin","counties":["Mills County"],"subdivisions":["Regency"],"zipcodes":["76864"]},"nacogdoches":{"label":"Nacogdoches","counties":["Nacogdoches County"],"subdivisions":["A-17 J A Chireno P","Bostwick Lane","Bryan Brookshire No2","C Hotchkiss","City Of Nacogdoches","Driver-Hoya","Gilbreath City Addition","M Thorn","Northplace Add","Not In Subdivision","Royal Forest Sec 1","Spradley","Spring Creek","Stephen F Austin Add","W M Moore Surv","Whitetail Woods"],"zipcodes":["75961","75962","75963","75964","75965"]},"nassaubay":{"label":"Nassau Bay","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Bal Harbour Cove","Bal Harbour Cove R\/P","Bayfront Towers Condo","Harbour Martinique R\/P","Meridian On Clear Lake","Nassau Bay","Nassau Bay Sec 01","Nassau Bay Sec 03","Nassau Bay Sec 05","Nassau Bay Sec 07","Swan Lagoon"],"zipcodes":["77058"]},"natalia":{"label":"Natalia","counties":["Medina County"],"subdivisions":["San Antonio Trust"],"zipcodes":["78059"]},"navasota":{"label":"Navasota","counties":["Brazos County","Grimes County"],"subdivisions":[".","0","9999","99999","999z","A0010 Wm Burney","A008400 - Bbb & Crr A-84","Blackberry","Blackjacks","Bluebonnet Ctry","Bluebonnet Ctry, Sec 1","Bluebonnet Ctry, Sec 13","Bluebonnet Ctry, Sec 3","Caleb Wallace Survey Abstract N0. 58","Camp Canaan","Camp Im","Camp Sub","Caney Creek Crossing","D Tyler","Daniel Arnold Surv Abs #2","Dyer Mill","East End Heights","Felder","Fly Away Field","Forest Trails, Sec 3","H & D","H&Tc","Heritage Meadows, Sec 1","High Point","James Whitesides Surv Abs #62","John Moore Surv Abs #46","Liberty Acres","Lone Star Forest","Lynn Grove","Millstone","Millstone, Sec 1","Nolan","Park Woods","Pecan Lakes","Pecan Lakes Estates","Pecan Lakes Estates Ph 2","Pecan Lakes Estates Ph 3","Pecan Lakes Estates Ph 3 Sec 2","Pecan Lakes Estates Ph 4","Pro Nava","R Wilson","River Haven","Rural One","S Druery Surv A-183","S Fulton","South Hill Sub","Stone Ridge","Stoneridge Ph 1","Suburban West, Sec 1","Sw 500","Tract 38-A Cr 342","Unrecorded Sub","W Magnolia Forest","W Magnolia Forest Sec 13","W Magnolia Forest Sec 22","West Magnolia Frst Sec 13","William Burney Surv Abs #10","Wood Switch","Woodward","Yarboro","Yarborough"],"zipcodes":["77868","77869"]},"nechanitz":{"label":"Nechanitz","subdivisions":["Fayette County","J G Wilkinson League A-108","Jg Wilkinson League A-108"]},"nederland":{"label":"Nederland","counties":["Jefferson County"],"subdivisions":["Anderson Estates 2","Anderson Estates To Ned 2","C Doornbos Add","Central Gardens","Del Monte","Hamilton Court","Helena Park 4","Helena Terrace","Hillcrest 1","Hillcrest 2","J D Ford Add 01","Lakes Of Nederland","Laplace Village","Nederland Terrace 1","Nederland Terrace 2","Noreen Court","Out Of Town","Palco - Ned","Sterling Ridge Ph 2 Sec 1","Sycamore 4","Wagner 2","Walling Meadows","Willow Run Ph I","Youmans 1"],"zipcodes":["77627","77651","77705"]},"needville":{"label":"Needville","counties":["Fort Bend County"],"subdivisions":["0060 - S Miller","0242 H And Tc Ry, Acres 1.002, Lot 3 & 4","A C Sirviere","Barrett & Harris","Bernard Stern Sub","Blue Jays Landing","Brazos Bend Oaks","C Abendroth","C Wenzel Sub","C Wenzel Sub Sec 2","Campos Subdivision","Chas A Bettner","D H Milburn","Day Land & Cattle","Deer Creek Estates","E J Bell","F H Franze","F Kageler","F Willaert","Fort Bend","G Hilbert","Geo Huff","Geo Menefee","H & Tc","H & Tc Rr","H & Tc Ry","H And Tc Ry","Highland Pointe","Highland Pointe Sec 1","Highland Pointe Sec 5","Horseshoe Estates","I & Gn Ry","I J Harwood","J E Anderson","J Polley","Jas Scott","John Herring","Jurca","K W Davis","L Herman","Northgate Estates Sec 2","P Conrad","P Fairchild","Park Point","R Hodge","R S Dawson","Rosemeadow","Rosemeadow Sec 3","S Miller","Sand Hill Estates","Schroeder Add","Skrabanek Meadows Sec 2","Teal Landing Sec 1","Tejas Lakes","Tejas Landing","Tejas Trails Sub","Valka Bros Add Sec 1","Valka Bros Add Sec 2","Valka Bros Add Sec 3","W F Abendroth"],"zipcodes":["77461"]},"newboston":{"label":"New Boston","counties":["Bowie County"],"subdivisions":["J H Smelser"],"zipcodes":["75570"]},"newbraunfels":{"label":"New Braunfels","counties":["Comal County","Guadalupe County"],"subdivisions":["Braunfels Heights Bl 5049","Creekside Terrace","Dauer Ranch","Dauer Ranch Estates #1","Eden Ranch 2","Galvino Carrasco Srv # 273 Subdivision","Garden Oaks","Gruene Haven","Gruene River","Hueco Spgs Ranches 2","Inland Estates","Lake Front Hideaway 1","Lakecreek","Landa Park Estates","Landa Park Highlands 1","Laubach Sub Un 5","Magnolia Spgs 8","Oakwood Estates 19","River Chase 3","River Enclave","River Road","Royal Forrest","Sattler Estates","Settlement At Gruene","Summit Ph 3","Summit Ph 5","Town Crk Loft Condos","Vintage Oaks At The Vineyard 1","Vintage Oaks At The Vineyard 9","Vintage Oaks The Vineyard 1","Vintage Oaks\/The Vineyard","Waggener Ranch 2","West Village At Creekside 2","West Village At Creekside 4","Wildwood"],"zipcodes":["78130","78131","78132","78135"]},"newcaney":{"label":"New Caney","subdivisions":[".","A34.Fm1-A34.Fm1","Abstract Area 3","Abstract Area 38","Arbor Oaks","Autumn Acres 02","Bella Vista Acres","Brandon Woods","Brook Forest","Bryan Christopher","Bryan Pryor","C","Caney Creek Colony","Cartwright Thos","Christopher Bryan Survey","Crystalwood Estates","E L Branham","East River Estates","Edward L Branham Abs","El Branham","Emerald Forest","Garsee Seymou","Garsee Seymour","Green Oak","H Mcclain","Harrington Trails","Harrington Trails 01","Harrington Trails 03","Harrington Trails 04a","Harrington Trails 05a","Harrington Trails 05b","Harrington Trails 06a","Harrington Trails 08","Harrington Trails Cornerstone I Series","Holiday Forest","Idle Glen U\/R","Idle Wild U\/R","Idle Wilde","James Moffett Surv Abs # 382","James Moffett Surv Sec 1 Abs #","Johnson Community","Josey Sub","Kings Colony","Kings Colony 01","Kings Colony 02","Laird","Lazy Creek Estate Unr","Lazy Creek Estates","Lazy Creek Estates U\/R","Lilliput Farms","Lilliput Farms 02","M H Short Surv A-509","M\/T Prop 02","M\/T Property","Mac Comm Park","Magnolia Estates Sec 01 U\/R","Magnolia Estates, Sec 2","Mccleskey Tracts","Mcnaughton Findley","Mcwilkinson","Milliman Ira","Monte Oaks","New Caney Heights 01","New Caney Heights 668 01","None,Brookforest","Northcrest Ranch","Northcrest Ranch 02","Northcrest Ranch 03","Oak Grove South","Peach Creek Forest","Peach Creek Forest 01","Peach Creek Forest 02","Peach Creek Forest 03","Peach Creek Forest 05","Peach Creek Oaks","Peach Creek Pines","Peters H A","Pine Brook Village","Pine Forest 01","Pinewood At Grand Texas","Pinewood At Grand Texas 01","Pinewood At Grand Texas 02","Porters Mill","Porters Mill 01","Porters Mill 02","Porters Mill 03","Porters Mill 04","Porters Mill 05","Porters Mill 06","Post Oak Estates","Post Oak Estates 01","Prewett Beasley","Pryor Bryan Surv Abs #76","Ridgecrest Estates","River Hollow","Roman Forest","Roman Forest 01","Roman Forest 02","Roman Forest 03","Roman Forest 04","Roman Forest 06","Roman Forrest","Shady Oaks 509","Silver Trails 05","Stevens Forest","Tanglewood Manor","Tavola","Tavola 02","Tavola 04","Tavola 06","Tavola 07","Tavola 08","Tavola 09","Tavola 11","Tavola 12","Tavola 14","Tavola 15","Tavola 16","Tavola 17","Tavola 18","Tavola 19","Tavola 22","Tavola 24","Tavola 26","Tavola 27","Tavola 28","Tavola 29","Tavola 30","Tavola 31","Tavola 32","Tavola 34","Tavola 40","Tavola 42","Tavola 44","Tavola 45","Tavola W","Tavola West","Tayme Ranchettes","The Landing","The Trails","The Trails Houston","Village Of Alpestrine","White Oak Crossing","White Oak Crossing 03","White Oak Village","Wildwood Forest","Willis Mcwillinson Surv-A756","Windwood Forest 01","Woodbranch","Woodbranch 02","Woodbranch South 01","Woodway Forest 01","Woodway Forest 02"]},"newulm":{"label":"New Ulm","subdivisions":[".","A158 F B C Duff","Falls Sec Ii","Frelsburg","Howard Mcelroy Surv Abs #68","James Tylee Surv Abs 304","Mcelroy Estates","Mill Creek Ranch","Mill Creek Ranch Estates","New Ulm Townsite","No","None - Rural","Rural Austin County","Stephen F Austin 4 League Gran","The Falls","Thos Hill","Town Of New Ulm"]},"newwaverly":{"label":"New Waverly","counties":["Walker County"],"subdivisions":["--","0010 - Collard L M A-10","3 De La Garza Surv Abs 15","8551 - Tribute Ranch Section 2","A0015 - De La Garza","A018 Jose Maria De La Garza","Ada Oaks","Aswi.A1-Aswi.A1","Collard","Collard L M","Collard L M A-10","Deer Forest","Deer Forest Sub","Deer Forest Subdivision","Emerald Wood Ranchettes","Forgotten Forest - Sec 1","Forgotten Forest - Sec 2","Forgotten Forest - Sec 3","Garza J M","Garza J M #a-22 Tr #7015","Garza J M A-22","I Texas Grand Ranch Ph 8","I Texas Grand Ranch Phase 14","J M Garza","Jacob M Sheppard","Jones Reserve","Jose Marla De La Garza Abs","L Collard Surv Abs#10","Maffett Acres","Mount Zion Acres","Parrish","Prescott Estates","Republic Grand Ranch","Rural","Sadler J 1-45","Sleight Surv A#496","Texas Grand Ranch","Texas Grand Ranch Sec 14","The Oak Reserve Of Anderson Mize","Tribute Ranch","Tribute Ranch Sec 1","Unrestricted Land","Waverly Acres","Waverly Heights","Waverly Oaks","Waverly Place","Williamwinters One-Half League"],"zipcodes":["77358"]},"newton":{"label":"Newton","counties":["Newton County"],"subdivisions":["John H. Kirby","Liberty Community","Tbd"],"zipcodes":["75966"]},"nixon":{"label":"Nixon","counties":["Gonzales County","Wilson County"],"subdivisions":["Schl Add","Town\/Nixon"],"zipcodes":["78140"]},"nome":{"label":"Nome","counties":["Jefferson County"],"subdivisions":["F W Moon Add","Wm Mcfarland"],"zipcodes":["77613","77629"]},"normangee":{"label":"Normangee","counties":["Leon County","Madison County"],"subdivisions":["Hills Sub","Hilltop Lake Co Ltd","Hilltop Lakes","Hilltop Lakes Sec 3c","Hilltop Lakes Sec 70","Hilltop Lakes Sec 82a","Hilltop Lakes Sec#27","Hilltop Lakes Sub Sec 62a","Mike Land Company","No","Normangee","Sec 62a","Stetson Range Subdivision","Tanner Land Co Tr9 58.060 Ac Ab20 Jriley"],"zipcodes":["77871"]},"normanna":{"label":"Normanna","counties":["Bee County"],"zipcodes":["78104","78142"]},"northhouston":{"label":"North Houston","subdivisions":["Barkers Xing","Blue Creek Sec 05","City Gardens Sec 01 View Subdivision Pr","Golf Border","Irvington","Lindale Park","Melrose Park Sec 05","Pine Oak Forest","Retreat At Champions Landing","Rushwood","Sherwood Trails Sec 01","Stuebner Airline","Trophy Club","Washington Heights","White Oak Landing"]},"northrichlandhills":{"label":"North Richland Hills","counties":["Tarrant County"],"subdivisions":["North Ridge Add"],"zipcodes":["76053","76117","76180","76182"]},"northzulch":{"label":"North Zulch","subdivisions":["Gracie's Estates","Preserve At Hidden Trails","Preserve\/Hidden Trls","Robinson","Willow Branch Estates"]},"odonnell":{"label":"O\\'Donnell"},"oakisland":{"label":"Oak Island","counties":["Chambers County"],"subdivisions":["Anahuac Suburbs","Bayshore","Gerrard","Oak Island"],"zipcodes":["77514"]},"oakridgenorth":{"label":"Oak Ridge North","counties":["Montgomery County"],"subdivisions":["Oakhill Village East"],"zipcodes":["77385","77386"]},"oakhurst":{"label":"Oakhurst","counties":["San Jacinto County"],"subdivisions":["0","A004 David Beers","A333 W J Clark","A62-A062 A A Aden","David Beers","Rural Oakhurst","Scs","Staley Ridge","Tanglewood Forest","Victor Blanchet"],"zipcodes":["77359"]},"oakland":{"label":"Oakland"},"oakwood":{"label":"Oakwood","counties":["Freestone County","Leon County"],"subdivisions":["00","Bethel","Daniel Brooks Ab 58 19.730 Ac","Fhc Hageman","I & G N Rr","Keechi Land Co","Morning Star Ranch","Red Lake","Rural","St Paul Land Co Llc Sec 2","W M Little"],"zipcodes":["75855"]},"odessa":{"label":"Odessa","counties":["Ector County","Midland County"],"subdivisions":["Original Town 73-79-Htzg 6-Owen-Webb","Sherwood 01-72"],"zipcodes":["79706","79707","79758","79760","79761","79762","79763","79764","79765","79766","79768","79769"]},"oglesby":{"label":"Oglesby","counties":["Coryell County"],"zipcodes":["76561"]},"oilton":{"label":"Oilton","counties":["Webb County"],"zipcodes":["78371"]},"oldocean":{"label":"Old Ocean","subdivisions":["Scb","Vv Sec 2 Abs Land, Misc"]},"oldriverwinfree":{"label":"Old River-Winfree","counties":["Chambers County","Liberty County"],"subdivisions":["Estates At Eagles Landing","John Dorsett Surv Abs 491","R Wiseman","Robert Wiseman Surv Tract 1 Ab","Timber Rdg","Woodland Acres Sec 02","X"],"zipcodes":["77523","77535"]},"onalaska":{"label":"Onalaska","counties":["Polk County"],"subdivisions":["Am Delajarza Surv A-4","Autumn Forest","Autumn Shores","Bella Vista","Bella Vista Condoninium","Bella Vista Livingston Condomi","Bella Vista Livingston Condominium","Bella Vista Livingston Condominiums","Bridgeview","Brushy Crk Ranches Sec 1","C & W","Canyon Park","Canyon Park Sec 1","Canyon Park Sec 2","Canyon Park Sec 3","Canyon Park Sec 4","City","County Line","Creeklake Cove","Creekside","Creekside Sec 1","Creekside Sec 2","Emerald Bay","Forest Hills","Hidaway Ridge","Idlewilde Estates","Idlewilde Estates Sec 1","Idlewilde Estates Sec 4","Impala Woods","Impala Woods Sec 1","Impala Woods Sec 2","Impala Woods Sec 3","Impala Woods Sec 4","Impala Woods Sec 5","Jno Burgess Survey Tract 14 Abst 7","Kickapoo Forest","Leisurewood","Magnolia Creek Ranch P","Magnolia Creek Ranch Phase 1 Lot 8","Magnolia Creek Ranch Phase 2 Lot 6","Magnolia Creek Ranch Phase 6 Lot 12","Magnolia Ridge","Oak Ridge","Onalaska","Onalaska East","Onalaska Ot","Paradise Acres","Paradise Acres Ii","Paradise Acres Sec 1","Paradise Acres Sec 1 & Paradise Point","Paradise Acres Sec 2","Paradise Acres Sec Ii","Pelican Point","Pine Harbor","Pine Harbor Sec 1","Pine Harbor Sec 2","Pine Harbor Sec 3","Sandy Shores","Shady Ridge","Shady Shores","Sportsman Retreat","Sportsman Retreat Sec 2","Sportsman Retreat Sec 3","Sportsman Retreat Sec 5","Sportsman Retreat Sec 6","Sportsman Retreat Sec 7","Stanford Shores","Stowaway Bay","Texas Acres","Texas Acres Sec 2","Texas Acres Sec 3","The Point","Tree Farm Tracts","Twin Harbors","Twin Harbors Sec 2","Twin Harbors Sec 3","Twin Harbors Sec 4","Twin Harbors Sec 5","Twin Harbors Section 2","Twin Harors","Wells Landing Sec 2","Wells Landing Sec 3","Wildwood","Yaupon Cove","Yaupon Cove Mobile Home","Yaupon Cove Mobile Home Sectio","Yaupon Cove Mobile Home Section","Yaupon Cove Mobile Home Section 5"],"zipcodes":["77360"]},"orange":{"label":"Orange","counties":["Orange County"],"subdivisions":[".","104 Abst. 104 Mahlon Holden","129-Abst. 129 Henry B Longley","A. Nelson","Adolph Prejean Surv Abs # 267","Bennett First","Birds Nest","Brent Terrace","Bridgefield Estate Ph Vii 41-","Brownwood","C West","Camelot","Charlemont Place","Chasse Ridge Estates","Claiborne West Surv A-27","Country Club Estates","Country Colony # 2","Cypress Bayou Estates # 3","Cypresswood Village","Emerald Island","Forest Heights","Francis Young","Greenwood Acres","Heritage Forest","Hidden Meadows #2","Hillbrook Estates #3","Hobby Stark","Houseman Acres","J. S. Norris","J.W. Bohlin","James Dyson League Tr 6 Abs","James Dyson Surv A-8","Joseph Polley","Lindenwood","Little Cypress Grove","Lowe Add","Mahlon Holden Surv A-104","Mallard Lakes","Mary Gest Surv Tr I Abs 92","Metes And Bounds","Norris","Northmont Place","Oak Allie","Orange Farms","Orange Gardens","Orangeville","Out Of Town","Pierce","Pine Park","Pinemont","Quail Trail Sub","Regency Place","Reserve At Mallard Lakes","Richard Ballew","Richard Ballew League","Richard Ballew League Abs 2 Tr","Ridgecrest","Ridgemont Park","Roberts Add","Roselawn","Sheldon","Spooner Add # 3","Stark & White","T & N O Railroad Surv Abs #187","T & N O Rr Abs #187 Sec 9","T & N O Rr Surv #12 A-398","T Frederick Surv Abs # 36","Terry Estate Ph L","Thousand Oaks","Tyler Estates","West Chasse Add","West Orange","Westmont Place","William Clark Surv Abs 4","William Dyson","Winnona Park # 1 Sub In Schoo","Woodcrest","Woodridge Country # 1"],"zipcodes":["77630","77631","77632"]},"orangegrove":{"label":"Orange Grove","counties":["Jim Wells County"],"subdivisions":["Aimee Acres","Westdale Estate #3"],"zipcodes":["78372"]},"orchard":{"label":"Orchard","counties":["Fort Bend County"],"subdivisions":["Demny Sub Sec 4","Gail Borden","Shelby-Frz-Mccorm","Unrecorded"],"zipcodes":["77441","77464","77485"]},"otto":{"label":"Otto","subdivisions":["A0095 Brewton Jonas"]},"overton":{"label":"Overton","counties":["Rusk County","Smith County"],"zipcodes":["75684"]},"oystercreek":{"label":"Oyster Creek","counties":["Brazoria County"],"subdivisions":["Allen","B S Grayson","Burch Acres Sec 2","Linda Vista","Robinson","The Preserve At Oyster Creek"],"zipcodes":["77541"]},"ozona":{"label":"Ozona","counties":["Crockett County"],"subdivisions":["Indian Hills Sub"],"zipcodes":["76943"]},"paducah":{"label":"Paducah","counties":["Cottle County"],"subdivisions":["City Of Paducah"],"zipcodes":["79248"]},"paige":{"label":"Paige","subdivisions":["Carmean, John","Circle D East","Grimes, Robt. H.","Kerr, Wm P","Paige"]},"palacios":{"label":"Palacios","counties":["Matagorda County"],"subdivisions":["000","Bay Front","Bay Front Sub","Bayfront","Beachside","Boca Chica","Boca Chica Sub Jackson Cnty","Breakwater Point","Cape Carancahua","Cape Carancahua #4","Cape Carancahua 01","Cape Carancahua 02","Cape Carancahua 03","Cape Carancahua 04","Cape Carancahua Bus Park","Cape Carancahua Sec Iii","Cape Shores","Cape Shores Sub","Clarence Schicke 2","Clarence Schicke 3","Collegeport Estates","Collingsworth Tx Rice Dev Sub","D J Smith Tx Rice Dev Sub","E P Crosby Koch Sub","Foleys - College Add","Francitas Lands","Goodwin Dasher Lga162","Grassy Point Subdivision","H Yeaman","J M Norman Sur Abs #368","James Hughson Surv Abs #23","Jensen Point","Koch","L Goodwin","Live Oak Landing Sub","Palacios Original Townsite","Perkin\/Goodwin Tx Rice Dev Sub","S&M","Seahorse Reef Estates","T Dasher","Trapnel","Tres Palacios Oaks","Tres Palacios Oaks Creekside Sec","Tres Palacios Oaks High Meadow Sec","Tres Palacios Oaks Sub","Turtle Bay Cove Sub","Tx Rice Development","Vaquero River Estates","Waypoint Landing","Yacht Harbor Subdivsion","Young Sub"],"zipcodes":["77428","77465"]},"palestine":{"label":"Palestine","counties":["Anderson County"],"subdivisions":["00","Adams, John","Anderson County","City Of Palestine","Dogwood Add","Glad Tidings","Green","Homestead At Fort Houston","Larkin & Campbell","Lincoln Heights\/Western Annex","Lost Prairie Lake","Micheaux Park","Palestine","Reagan & Word","Rural","Southwest Hills #4","Thompson","William Kimbrough","Wm S Mcdonald Surv Tracts 7c &","Wrights 4th"],"zipcodes":["75801","75802","75803","75882"]},"palmer":{"label":"Palmer","counties":["Ellis County"],"subdivisions":["Chisolm Place #22 Phase 1"],"zipcodes":["75152"]},"palopinto":{"label":"Palo Pinto","counties":["Palo Pinto County"],"subdivisions":["River Canyon Ranch"],"zipcodes":["76484"]},"pampa":{"label":"Pampa","counties":["Gray County"],"subdivisions":["Cook Ad","Young 2"],"zipcodes":["79065","79066"]},"panhandle":{"label":"Panhandle","counties":["Carson County"],"subdivisions":["H&Gn"],"zipcodes":["79068"]},"panoramavillage":{"label":"Panorama Village","counties":["Montgomery County"],"subdivisions":["Panorama","Panorama Country House","Panorama Village"],"zipcodes":["77304","77318"]},"paris":{"label":"Paris","counties":["Lamar County"],"subdivisions":["City Of Paris"],"zipcodes":["75460","75461","75462","75473"]},"pasadena":{"label":"Pasadena","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Alta Vista Acres","Alta Vista Acres Sec 02","Alta Vista Acres Sec 03","Alta Vista Terrace","Amended Golden Acres","Armandwilde Twnhms","Baileys Property","Bayshore T\/H Condo","Bayshore Twnhses","Baywood Circle","Baywood Oaks Sec 01","Baywood Oaks Village","Baywood Oaks Village Sec 02","Baywood Oaks Village Sec 03","Baywood Oaks West","Baywood Oaks West Sec 03","Baywood Oaks West Sec 04","Baywood Oaks West Sec 05","Baywood Shadows","Baywood Shadows Sec 02","Baywood Shadows Sec 03 R\/P","Baywood Shadows Sec 04","Bennett Estates","Bennett Estates Sec 01 R\/P","Bennett Estates Sec 03 R\/P","Berkshire Village Sec 01","Beverly Courts","Birnham Wood T\/H Sec 01","Birnham Woods T\/H Sec 01","Bliss Meadows","Bliss Meadows Sec 01","Bowling Green Sec 01","Bowling Green T\/H","Bramley","Brantley Addition","Breezy Side Sec 01","Brookwood","Brookwood Sec 01b","Brookwood Sec 02","Brookwood Sec 03","Brookwood Sec 3","Browning Addition Sec 2","Burke Meadow Sec 02","Burnett Jno H","Burr","Campbells Little Farm Add","Center Place","Clear Brook","Clear Lake Forest Sec 7","Colombian Village","Country Briar Sec 01","Country Briar Sec 02","Country Briar Sec 03","Crest Haven Estates","Deepwater Terrace Sec 01","Deepwater Terrace Sec 02","Deepwater Terrace Sec 03","Deer Crk","Eastraven Sec 01","El Cary Estates","El Jardin Bay Shore","El Jardin Sec 01","Endeavour Condo","Fairmont Estates","Fairmont Estates Sec 01","Fairmont Estates Sec 02","Fairmont Estates Sec 03 R\/P","Fairmont Estates Sec 04 R\/P","Fairmont T\/H Sec 01","Fieldcrest","Frontier East Sec 01","Frontier East Sec 02","Frontier East Sec 04","Golden Acres","Golden Acres Annex","Golden Acres Annex R\/P","Golden Acres Sec 01","Golden Acres Sec 02","Golden Acres Sec 2","Gray & Elmer","Hart Sec 02","Highland Acres","Highland Acres Sub","Houston Suburban Estates","Huntington Sec 02","Huntington Sec 03","Inland Harbor","Jackson Place","Jackson Place Sec 01","Jackson Place Sec 04","John A Campbells Little Farms","Keith Street Center","Kingsdale","Kirby Bend","Kirby Lake","Kirbybend Sec 01","Little Farms Sec 02","Magnolia Courts","Mariner Village Condo","Marlen Terrace Sec 02","Maurice Rp","Meadow Woods","Oak Cliff Sec 03","Palametto Village Sec 01","Palmetto Village Sec 02","Palos Verde Villas R\/P","Park View Manor Sec 01","Park View Manor Sec 03","Park View Manor Sec 04","Parkgate","Parkgate North","Parkgate Sec 02","Parkgate Sec 03","Parkgate Sec 03-A","Parkgate Sec 03a","Parkgate Sec 04 R\/P","Parkland Village","Parkland Village Sec 01 R\/P","Parkland Village Sec 05","Parkview Estates Sec 02","Parkview Estates Sec 03","Parkview Manor Sec 02","Parkview Manor Sec 07","Parkview South","Parkview South Sec 01","Parkview South Sec 03","Parkview South Sec 05","Parkway Trails","Parkway Trails Villas","Parkway Trls","Parkway Trls Villas","Parkway Trls Villas Amd P","Parkwaytrails Villas","Parkwood","Parkwood Add","Parkwood Sec 01","Pasadena","Pasadena Gardens","Pasadena Heights","Pasadena Heights Sec 01","Pasadena Heights Sec 02","Pasadena Oaks","Pasadena Outlot","Pasadena Outlot 104","Pasadena Outlot 42","Pasadena Outlot 80","Pasadena Outlot 96","Pasadena Place","Pasadena Terrace","Pine Brook Sec 12 Amd","Pine Brook Sec 13","Pitts","Pitts O C","Providence Bayou Sec 02","Queens Oaks Sec 01","Red Bluff Terrace","Red Bluff Terrace 6 Amd","Red Bluff Terrace Sec 01","Red Bluff Terrace Sec 02","Red Bluff Terrace Sec 03","Red Bluff Terrace Sec 04","Red Bluff Terrace Sec 05","Red Bluff Terrace Sec 06 R\/P","Red Bluff Terrace Sec 07","Revelon Terrace","Robinhood","San Augustine Estates","San Jacinto Terrace","Satsuma Gardens","Satsuma Gardens Pt Rep #6","Satsuma Place 1","Satsuma Place Sec 04","Sha-D-Ree Villas","Shaver Place","Shaver Place Sec 02","Shaver Place Sec 03","Sherwood","Skylark Terrace 2","Skylark Terrace Sec 03","South Houston Gardens","South Houston Gardens Sec 01","South Houston Gardens Sec 02","South Houston Gardens Sec 05","South Pasadena","South Pasadena Villas","South Side Place Pasadena","Southmore Plaze Sec 02","Space Center","Spencer Hwy Gardens 3","Spencer Hwy Gardens Sec 01","Stadium Estates","Stadium Estates Sec 01 R\/P","Stadium Estates Sec 02","Strawberry Glen Sec 2","Strawberry Hill","Strawberry Hills Sec 04","Strawberry Hills Sec 05","Sunrise Mdws","Sunrise Meadows","Sunset Terrace Sec 01","Sunset Terrace Sec 03","Tanglebriar","Tanglebriar Sec 01","Tanglebriar Sec 02","Tanglebriar Sec 04","Tarrytown","Terreno Vista Twnhms","The Park At Fairmont","Town\/Pasadena","Travis Estates Sec 02","Turner","Twin Villas At Red Bluff","Twin Villas Redbluff","Twin Villas\/Red Bluff Sec 2","University Park Patio Homes 01","University Park Patio Homes 03","University Park Patio Homes 04","University Park Patio Homes Sc 4","Variety Villages R\/P","Vermillion","Village Grove","Village Grove East","Village Grove East Sec 01","Village Grove East Sec 03","Village Grove East Sec 04","Village Grove East T H","Village Grove East Townhomes","Village Grove Sec 01","Village Grove Sec 02a","Village Grove Sec 02b R\/P","Villages Grove East T H","Vince Heights Sec 01","Vince Heights Sec 02","Vince Heights Sec 03","Vince Heights Sec 04","Vince Wood Terrace 1","Vincewood Terrace Sec 01","Vista Villas Sec 02 R\/P","Vista Villas Sec 06 R\/P","Vista Villas Sec 06 Rep","Walnut Hill Condo","Ward Acres","Warren Acres U\/R","Wcrr Co Sec 2","Wedgewood","West Fall","West Jackson Park","Westover Sec 02","Whitney Estates Sec 03 Patio H","Williams Park","Wilshire Park Sec 01","Windward View Sec 01 R\/P"],"zipcodes":["77058","77059","77501","77502","77503","77504","77505","77506","77507","77508","77536","77571","77586"]},"pattison":{"label":"Pattison","counties":["Waller County"],"subdivisions":["*","0","A-337 A&M 337 Tracts","A303100-A-31 Samuel C Hady","A304800 - A-48 Juan A Padillo","Beaver Creek Estates","H&Tcrr","John Mc Farland Tract","Juan A Padillo","Juan A Padillo A-48 Tr 167","Oak Meadows","Quinteros Sub","R-7-R-7","Samuel C Hady","W Snyder"],"zipcodes":["77423","77466"]},"pattonvillage":{"label":"Patton Village","counties":["Montgomery County"],"subdivisions":["Cheatum 01","Lakeland Club","Patton Lake","Woodway Forest"],"zipcodes":["77357","77372"]},"pearland":{"label":"Pearland","counties":["Brazoria County","Fort Bend County","Harris County"],"subdivisions":["A C H & B","A C H & B Surv Abs 507 Sec 2","A0237 - H T & B","A0550 H T & B R R Tract","Afton Lake Amd #1 A","Airport Sites Pearland","Airport Sub #4 Pearland","Alexander","Alexander Landing","Alexander Landing Sec 4","Alexander Parc","Amended\/Bellavita\/Green Tee Se","Ashton Park","Ashton Park Sec 1","Audubon Place Sec 1","Autumn Lake Sec 1-2-3","Avalon Terrace","Avalon Terrace Sec 2 A0505","Avalon Terrace Sec 3","Avalon Terrace Sec 4","Bakers Landing Sec 1a","Bakers Landing Sec 1b A0147 &","Bakers Landing Townhomes","Bakers Lndg Twnhms","Banbury Cross Sec I-Ii-Iii-Iv","Bellavita","Bellavita At Green Tee","Bellavita At Green Tee Sec 03","Bellavita At Green Tee Sec 04","Bellavita\/Green Tee Sec 03","Blue Sage Gardens","Briarglen","Briarglen Sec 3","Briarwood Estates","Brookside Village","Bunker Hill Twnhs Pearla","Burk Minor Of West Friend","Cabot Cove Sec 1","Cambridge Lake Sec 2","Canterbury Park Sec 4 A0507-A","Canterbury Park Sec 6","Centennial Village Sec 1","Centennial Village Sec 2","Clear Brook Meadows Sec 04","Clear Creek Park","Cobblestone","Colonial Estates","Colony Park","Corrigan North","Corrigan Pearland","Country Grove Townhomes","Country Grove Twnhms Sec 1","Country Grove Twnhms Sec 5","Countryplace","Countryplace Sec 1","Countryplace Sec 2","Countryplace Sec 3","Countryplace Sec 7","Creek Bend Sec 1","Creekside","Creekside Sec 1","Creekside Sec 2","Crestwood Cove At Silverlake","Crown Oaks","Cypress Village","Cypress Village Sec 1-2","Cypress Village Sec 3","Dixie Hollow Pearland","Dixie Woods Sec 1&2&3 Ph1-Ph2","Enclave\/Hlnd Glen Sec 1","Fairway Village Sec 1 At Silve","Fairway Village Sec 2 Ph 1 At","Fairway Village Sec 2 Ph 2 At","Fieldstone Village - Silverlake","Fieldstone Village At Silver","Fieldstone Village At Silverla","Fieldstone Village At Silverlake","Figland Orchard","Garden Acres","Green Tee","Green Tee Terrace","Green Tee Terrace Sec 01","Green Tee Terrace Sec 02","Green Tee Terrace Sec 03","Green Tee Terrace Sec 04","H T & B R R","H T & B R R","H T & B R R Pearland","Hastings West Sec 1","Hazeldale Estates","Heritage Green Pearland","Hickory Creek Place Pearland","Highland Crossing Sec 2","Highland Crossing Sec 5","Highland Mdw","Highland Meadow","Ht && Brr","James Crawley","Jamison Landing Pearland","Jenkins","Johnston","L W Murdock Sub","Lakecrest Estates","Lakepointe At Silverlake","Lakepointe Sec 1 At Silverlake","Lakepointe Sec 2 At Silverlake","Lakeside Estates","Lawrence Place","Longwood Park","Massey Lakes Estates A0547 Heights","Massey Oaks","Massey Oaks Sec 1","Mcginnis Pearland","Midtown\/Magnolia Twnhms","Mimosa Acres Pearland","Oakbrook Estates","Oakbrook Estates Sec 1","Oakbrook Estates Sec 2","Oakbrook Estates Sec 6","Oakbrook Estates Sec 7","Oakbrook Sec 3","Park Village Estates Sec 1-2-3","Park Village Estates Sec 3 A0","Parks At Walnut Bend Sec 1-2","Parkview Sec 2 Pearland","Pearland","Pearland Estates","Pearland Farms","Pearland Farms Sec 1","Pearland Lakes Sec 1","Pearland Old Townsite","Pearland Place","Pine Hollow Sec 1-A\/1-B\/1-C","Pine Hollow Sec 2-A 2b","Pine Shadows Pearland","Preserve At Highland Glen","Preserve\/Hlnd Glen Sec 2","Province Village","Ravenwood Estates Sec 2","Regency Park Pearland","River Mist Sec 1&2","Riverstone Rance","Riverstone Ranch","Riverstone Ranch\/Clear Crk","Riverstone Ranch\/Clear Crk Sec","Riverstone Ranch\/Clr Crk Sec 3","Roy.Acr-Roy.Acr","Salazar Estates Pearland","Savannah Meadows Sec 6","Scofield Sec 1","Scofield Sec 2","Sedgefield Sec 1-2-3 At Silver","Sedgefield Sec 4 At Silverlake","Shadow Creek Ranch","Shadow Creek Ranch - Orchard Village","Shadow Creek Ranch Sf-45a","Shadow Creek Ranch Sf-45c Pt Rep 1","Shadow Creek Ranch Sf-46a","Shadow Creek Ranch Sf-46b","Shadow Creek Ranch Sf-48","Shadow Creek Ranch Sf-49 Pt Rep 1","Shadow Creek Ranch Sf-50","Shadow Creek Ranch Sf-51a","Shadow Creek Ranch Sf-51b","Shadow Creek Ranch Sf-52","Shadow Creek Ranch Sf-53","Shadow Creek Ranch Sf-55b","Shadow Creek Ranch Sf-57 Pt Rep 1","Shadow Creek Ranch Sf-61","Shadow Creek Ranch Sf-62","Shadow Creek Ranch Sf-63b","Shadow Creek Ranch Sf-7a Pear","Shadow Creek Ranch Sf-7b Pearland","Shadow Creek Ranch Sf-9b Pear","Shadow Creek Ranch Sf1-Sf2- Sf3","Shadow Creek Ranch Sf1-Sf2-S","Shadow Creek Ranch Sf1-Sf2-Sf3","Shadow Grove","Shadow Grove Sec 1","Shadow Grove Sec 2","Shadow Grove Sec 3","Shadow Grove Sec 6","Shadow Ridge Sec 1","Sharondale","Silver Lake","Silverlake","Silverlake Fairway Village","Silverlake Twnhms","Skyway Manor","Sleepy Hollow Pearland","South Hampton","South Hampton Sec 1-2","Southdown Sec I-Ii-Iii","Southdown Sub","Southdown Subdivision","Southern Oaks","Southern Trails","Southern Trails Ph 1 Sec 1-","Southern Trails Ph 1 Sec 6","Southern Trails Ph 1 Sec 7","Southern Trails Sec 13","Southern Trails West Sec 1","Southern Trails West Sec 2","Southern Trails West Sec 3","Southgate Sec 1","Southgate Sec 2","Southgate Sec 4","Southlake Sec 1","Southlake Sec 2","Southlake Sec 5","Southlake Sec 7","Southwyck","Southwyck \/ Lakecrest Estate","Southwyck \/ Silverlake","Spring Meadow Sub","Springbrook Sec 2 At Silverlak","Springfield","Springfield Pearland","Stonebridge Sec 1","Stonebridge Sec 2","Sunrise Lakes","Sunrise Lakes Sec 2","Sunrise Lakes Sec 4","Sunrise Lakes Sec 5","Sunrise Lakes Sec 6","Sunrise Lakes Sec 7","Sunset Lakes Sec 2","Sunset Lakes Sec 3","Sunset Meadows-Nasawood","T D Yocum","T J Green","The Gardens At Silverlak","The Gardens Sec 1 At Silverlak","The Lakes At Countryplace","The Lakes At Countryplace Se","The Lakes At Countryplace Sec","The Lakes At Highland Glen","The Lakes At Highland Glen Sec","The Villages At Marys Creek S","Trinity Country Mdws","Twin Creek Woods Pearland","Vie Villa 1 Pearland","Villa D Este Sec 01 Amd","Villa Verde","Villa Verde Sec","Villa Verde Sec 02 Amd","Villa Verde Sec 03","Village Grove","Village Grove Sec 1","Villages Of Edgewater Estates","W H Snyder","W. Zychlinski","Walker Estates","Waterbury Estates Sec 2","Waterbury Estates Sec 3","Weatherford Ph I At Silverlake","West Lea","West Oaks Sec 1 A-B\/Sec Two A-","West Oaks Sec 4 Ph A","West Oaks Village","West Oaks Village Sec 1 Ph","Westminister Pearland","Westwood Village","Westwood Village Sec 1 5","Willow Lake Estates Sec 2","Willowcrest Pearland","Wood Creek","Woodbend Sec 2 At Silverlake","Woodcreek Sec 1-2-2a-3-4 Pear","Yanni Gardens"],"zipcodes":["77047","77089","77511","77578","77581","77583","77584","77588"]},"pearsall":{"label":"Pearsall","counties":["Frio County"],"zipcodes":["78061"]},"pecos":{"label":"Pecos","counties":["Reeves County"],"subdivisions":["Ab 515 Blk 13 Sec 247h&Gn E\/2 Se\/4 Se\/5","H&Gnne","Psllot"],"zipcodes":["79772"]},"penitas":{"label":"Penitas","counties":["Hidalgo County"],"zipcodes":["78572","78576"]},"pennington":{"label":"Pennington","subdivisions":["No"]},"pflugerville":{"label":"Pflugerville","counties":["Travis County","Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["Cantarra Meadows","Gatlinburg Sec 02","Reserve At Westcreek Amd","Tech Junction"],"zipcodes":["78653","78660","78664","78691"]},"pharr":{"label":"Pharr","counties":["Hidalgo County"],"subdivisions":["Lowrie S"],"zipcodes":["78501","78577"]},"pilotpoint":{"label":"Pilot Point","counties":["Cooke County","Denton County","Grayson County"],"zipcodes":["76258","76271"]},"pineisland":{"label":"Pine Island","counties":["Waller County"],"zipcodes":["77445","77484"]},"pinehurst":{"label":"Pinehurst","counties":["Montgomery County","Orange County"],"subdivisions":["A0120 - Canfield Beckman, Tract 4","Arbor Trace","Buckman Canfield Surv A-120","Camelot","Colony At Pinehurst","Cripple Creek Estates","Cripple Creek Farms 01","Cripple Creek Farms West","Decker Oaks Estates 03","Decker Oaks Estates 04","Decker Prairie Comm Park","Hale E R","Hale E R Tract 12-E","Oak Hill Acres","Oak Hill Acres 02","Old Mill Lake","Pinehurst Heights # 1 & 2","Pinehurst Terrace # 2","Pinehurst Village","Studz Henry","Village Of Decker Oaks","Village Of Decker Oaks 02","Woodtrace","Woodtrace 01","Woodtrace 02","Woodtrace 07","Woodtrace 08","Woodtrace 11","Woodtrace 13","Woodtrace 15"],"zipcodes":["77354","77355","77362","77630"]},"pineland":{"label":"Pineland","counties":["Sabine County"],"subdivisions":["See Legal Description"],"zipcodes":["75968"]},"pineypointvillage":{"label":"Piney Point Village","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Flint Point","I Am Gold Sub","Piney Point","Piney Point Village","Radney Circle","Summerhill","Tynewood","Willowick"],"zipcodes":["77024","77063","77278"]},"pittsburg":{"label":"Pittsburg","counties":["Camp County"],"subdivisions":["City Of Pittsburg","Peoples Crossing","Spc","Woodland Harbor Sec 1"],"zipcodes":["75686"]},"plainview":{"label":"Plainview","counties":["Hale County"],"subdivisions":["Thunderbird"],"zipcodes":["79072","79073"]},"plano":{"label":"Plano","counties":["Collin County","Denton County"],"subdivisions":["Townbluff Condo"],"zipcodes":["75010","75023","75024","75025","75026","75074","75075","75082","75086","75093","75094","75252"]},"plantersville":{"label":"Plantersville","counties":["Grimes County"],"subdivisions":["Blackberry","County Line Estate Sec 2","Dyer Mill","Ellis Sub #1, Am Devereaux","Fox Fire","Lake Holly Hill","Lake Hollyhill","Mill Creek Est","Mill Creek Est, Sec 1","Mill Creek Est, Sec 10","Mill Creek Est, Sec 11","Mill Creek Est, Sec 2","Mill Creek Est, Sec 3","Mill Creek Estates","Mill Creek Estates 6","No","Pine Lake Estates","Pinebrook","Richard Prior Survey","Rural","Shadow Lakes","Shadow Woods, Sec 2","The Cedars","The Cedars Sec 1","Unrestricted","W Magnolia Forest","W Magnolia Forest Sec 10","W Magnolia Forest Sec 21","W Magnolia Forest Sec 23"],"zipcodes":["77363"]},"playadelcarmen":{"label":"Playa Del Carmen","subdivisions":["Lagunas De Ciudad Mayakoba","Solidaridad"]},"pleak":{"label":"Pleak","counties":["Fort Bend County"],"subdivisions":["A J James","Big Creek Rural Estate","J Thompson","R S Dawson"],"zipcodes":["77461","77469","77471"]},"pleasanton":{"label":"Pleasanton","counties":["Atascosa County"],"subdivisions":["A00668 - J F Pittman Sv-1094","Pleasanton 93 Tract 2","Pleasanton 93 Tract 6","Pleasanton-Original"],"zipcodes":["78064"]},"plum":{"label":"Plum","subdivisions":["A030 - Castleman A Lg"]},"point":{"label":"Point","counties":["Rains County"],"subdivisions":["Nathaniel G Crettenden Survey"],"zipcodes":["75472"]},"pointblank":{"label":"Point Blank","counties":["San Jacinto County"],"subdivisions":["A023 Isaac Jones","A036 Michael B Menard","Blue Water Cove","Forest Cove #1","Forest Cove Rep #3","Governor's Point","Governors Point","Governors Point #1","Governors Point #2","Heritage Shores","Hidden Cove","Hidden Cove #1","Hidden Cove #2","Hidden Oaks","Highland Addition - Patricks Ferry","Hilzendager Hills","Holiday Vilage","Holiday Village","Holiday Village Livingston","Holiday Village Of Lake Livingston","Holiday Village\/Hidden Oaks","Holiday Villages","Holly Glenn","Isaac Jones","Lake Livingston Forest","Magnolia Lake Estate I Sec F","Magnolia Lake Estate Ii Sec G","Magnolia Lake Estate Iii Sec H","Michael B Menard","North Woods #1","North Woods #2","North Woods #3","North Woods #5","Not Available","One Ninety Acres","Outlaw Ridge Estates #1","Palmetto Point","Paradise Bay","Paradise Bay, Sec E Of Hvl","Point Look Out Estates","Point Look Out Estates #1","Point Look Out Estates #2","Point Look Out Ests #2","Point Look Out West #1","Point Look Out West #2","Silver Creek, Sec D Of Hvl","Somerset Trails","Trinity Lagoon","Trinity Lagoon, Sec I Of Hvl","Water Wood","William Morris Surv A-38","Woodland Shores","Woodland Shores, Sec A Of Hvl"],"zipcodes":["77364"]},"pointventure":{"label":"Point Venture","counties":["Travis County"],"subdivisions":["Point Venture"],"zipcodes":["78645","78669","78734"]},"pollok":{"label":"Pollok","subdivisions":["Colby Morehead Sub #14"]},"portaransas":{"label":"Port Aransas","counties":["Nueces County"],"subdivisions":["Bella Vista North Condos","Gulf Shores Condo","Palmilla Beach","Palmilla Beach Resort & Golf","Sandcastle Condo","The Cottages At Pirates Bay","The Dunes Condo"],"zipcodes":["78373"]},"portarthur":{"label":"Port Arthur","counties":["Jefferson County","Orange County"],"subdivisions":["049400-000 - Palco - P.A.","Alamo Heights","Avant Lane","Bon Aire 2","Brisa Estates","Ch Cox Sub","City Of Port Arthur","Darnell","Del Mar & Del Mar Terrace","Elvista Terrace","Fairway Estates","Fairway Estates Sec Ii Ph 1","Foster Estates","Gahagen","Greenway Pointe Estates","Griffing Residential Park","Gulf Crest","Highland To Port Arthur","J Doornbos Add 2","Lafittes Landing Ph 2","Lake Arthur Village","Lakecrest","Lakeside Park","Lakeview","Lambert","M F Bledsoe Sub #1","Marina Colony Sec I","Minaldi Place","Model","Montrose","Normandy Place","Palco","Palco - Pa","Palomar","Park At Lake Arthur","Pasadena","Pleasure Pier Sea Cabins","Port Acres","Port Acres Dtp Ii Llc","Port Arthur City","Port Arthur Heights","Reservation","Royal Meadows Estates","Sabine Pass","Seacabin Hoa","Seacabins Homeowner Assoc","Skeff 2","Stonegate Manor","Stonegate Manor Sec 1","Stonegate Manor Sec 2 D","Stonegate Manor Sec 3","Sunset Gardens Rep","Tallow Woods Sec I Rep","Truman\/Port Acres Add","Van Buckner","Wgn Estates","Yates Estates"],"zipcodes":["77611","77627","77630","77640","77641","77642","77643","77655","77705"]},"portbolivar":{"label":"Port Bolivar","subdivisions":["Acreage","Bay Vue","Bolivar Acres","Bolivar Acres 2023","Crenneland","Gulf Shores 1","Gulfport Village Sub Rep","Holiday Shores","Holiday Shores Rep 2007","Intercoastal Canal Add","Johnson Andrew","Johnson-Crawford","Johnson-Crawford 1","Kingston Beach","Kingston Beach #2","Laguna Harbor","Laguna Harbor 2005","Laguna Harbor 2005,","Laguna Harbor Sec 2 2006,","Laguna Harbor Sec 3 2008","Live Oak Ridge","Ocean Shore","Ocean Shore 1 Unrec","Ocean Shore 3 Unrec","Ocean Shore 4 Unrec","Ocean Shore 5 Unrec","Palm Rep","Palms","Palms Rep","Palms Replat","Paramotor Paradise","Pelican Point","Port Bolivar","Port Bolivar Outlet","Port Bolivar Townsite","Ramada Beach","S & S Estates","Sandcastles\/Strand","Sanderling","Sea Drift 87","Sunset Estates","The Biscayne","The Biscayne Sec 1 2004","The Biscayne Sec 2 2006","The Biscayne Sec 3 2006","Thomas Way 2003","Ty-Jay","Van Nordstrand","Van Norstrand, A Survey","Van Nostrand","Verdia 1","West Grounds"]},"portlavaca":{"label":"Port Lavaca","counties":["Calhoun County"],"subdivisions":["A0035 - Maximo Sanchez","Alamo Beach","Alamo Heights 1 Port Lavaca","Alexander Esparza One-Half Lea","Bay Point Sub","Bayside Beach","Bayside Beach Highlands","Bayside Beach Unit #2","Blue Heron Sub","Brook Hollow Sub Sec 1","Brookhollow Estates Port Lava","Enchanted Harbor","Estates Of Jade Bay Port Lavaca","Estates Of Jady Bay Port Lava","Estates Of Jady Bay Port Lavaca","Juan Cano League Abs #5","Mallorys Second Add","Marshall Johnson Carancahua Beach","Olivia Townsite","Port Alto Unit Two","Redfish Retreat","Redfish Retreat Sub","Redfish Retreat Sub Ph 1","Redfish Retreat Sub Ph 2a","Rural","Sunilandings","Sunilandings Ph I","Sunrise Bay Sd","Thatcher & Leonard","William Arnold"],"zipcodes":["77979"]},"portneches":{"label":"Port Neches","counties":["Jefferson County"],"subdivisions":["Colony The","Drawhorn Place 2","Fig Land","Forest Oaks","Grandview 2","Hughann Place","Magnolia","Magnolia To Port Neches","New Texas","Oaks To Port Neches","Palco - Pn","Port Neches","Rachford & Dearmg Sub","River Park Estates","Tana Wood","Windsor Place"],"zipcodes":["77619","77642","77651"]},"portoconnor":{"label":"Port O Connor","subdivisions":["Joy Poc","Larrys Harbor Add Poc","Pershall Subd Poc","Pershall Subdivision","Port O' Conner","Port Oconnor","S0520-Port O'connor","Santiago Gonzales","The Sanctuary At Costa Grande","The Sanctuary Phase 1","The Sanctuary Sub Ph 1 Po","The Sanctuary Sub Ph 2 Po"]},"porter":{"label":"Porter","subdivisions":["5718100-Miller M1 Subdivision","A0104 - Beardslee Wm, Tract 12, 26, Acre","Adams Acres","Adams Oaks 02","Airport Acres","Auburn Trails","Auburn Trails At Oakhurst","Auburn Trails At Oakhurst 05","Auburn Trails At Oakhurst 06","Auburn Trails At Oakhurst 10","Azalea District","Azalea District 01","Azalea District, Valley Ranch","Barkley Nathan","Bentwood 01 Pt Rep #2","Briar Tree Court","Brooklyn Trails","Brooklyn Trails 01","Brooklyn Trails 02","Brookwood Forest 06","Brookwood Forest 08","Collins Tr","Copeland John R","Country Colony","Country Colony 03 A535","Country Colony 04","Country Colony 05","Country Colony 06","Cumberland Center","Cumberland Crossing","Cumberland Crossing 01","Cumberland Crossing 02","Cumberland Crossing 05","Cumberland Crossing 06","Cumberland Ph I","Day & Land Cattle Co.","Day Land & Cattle Co","Everett John","Forest Colony 01","Forest Colony 02","Freeway Oaks","Freeway Oaks 01","Freeway Oaks 02","Golden Trails","Harrison Jas P","Heritage Oaks","Holly Ridge","Holly Terrace 01","Howell Robt F","Indian Trails","Isaac A F","Jackson Surv Abs 293","John M Everett Surv Abstrct #1","Jrb Acres","Lakewood Colony","Laurel Woods","Levi James Surv Abs #292","Maple Heights","Maple Heights 02","Maple Heights Ph 1a","Mar Owen Abstract","Mary Owen","Mary Owens Surv Abs #405","Matilda Wilburn Surv Abs #591","Miller M1 Sub","Noble F N","North Country","North Country 01","Northpark Woods","Northpark Woods 01","Northpark Woods 02","Northpark Woods 03","Oak Lane Acres","Oak Lane Acres 01","Oak Manor U\/R","Oak Terrace","Oakhurst","Oakhurst Fairways 02","Oakhurst Greens","Oakhurst Greens 03","Oakhurst Terrace","Oakhurst Terrace 02","Owen Mary","P Hunt Surv A-273","Park At Oakhurst","Park At Oakhurst 03","Park At Oakhurst 04","Peppervine","Peppervine 01","Perkins Erastus","Plantation Est-254 01","Plantation Est-254 02","Point At Oakhurst 02","Porter Heights 02","Porter Plaza","Porter Plaza Ltd","Porter Terrace","Porter Townsite","Porter Woods","Ravenwood","Ridge At Oakhurst","Ridge At Oakhurst 01","River Oaks Estates","River Ridge","Riverwalk","Riverwalk 01","Riverwalk 02","Riverwalk 03","Riverwalk 04","Riverwalk 05","Riverwood At Oakhurst","Riverwood At Oakhurst 01","Riverwood At Oakhurst 04","Rolling Hill Estates 02","Rolling Hill Oaks","Rolling Hill Oaks 03","Rouse C H","Rouse C H 01","Rouse C H 02","Rouse C H 05","Royal Brook At Kingwood 09","Royal Brook At Kingwood 13 Rep 1","Royal Brook\/Kingwood Sec 6","Sarah Mcfadden","Shadowland Retreat","Silver Trails 01","Silver Trails 02","Summer Hills","Summer Hills 01","Summer Hills 02","Summer Hills Sec 2","Terrace At Oakhurst","Terrace At Oakhurst 01","Terrace At Oakhurst 03","The Highlands","The Highlands 01","The Highlands 02","The Highlands 03","The Highlands 05","The Highlands 07","The Highlands 08","The Highlands 75","Timberland Central 02","Timberland Estates","Timberland Estates 02","Timberland North 02","Timberland North 06","Timberland North 07","Timberland North 08","Timberland West 01","Timberlane Acres 01","Timberlane Acres 02","Timberlane Acres 06","Timberlane Acres 08","Townsend Reserve","Valley Ranch","Valley Ranch 03","Valley Ranch 04","Valley Ranch 05","Valley Ranch 06","Virginia Estates","Walker Ella","Walker Ella B","Williams Sub","Winchester Place","Wood Hollow","Wood Hollow 02","Woodridge Forest","Woodridge Forest 03","Woodridge Forest 08","Woodridge Forest 09","Woodridge Forest 15","Worley Acres U\/R","Yancy C R"]},"porterheights":{"label":"Porter Heights","counties":["Montgomery County"],"subdivisions":["The Highlands"],"zipcodes":["77365"]},"post":{"label":"Post","counties":["Garza County"],"subdivisions":["Mill Village Add"],"zipcodes":["79356"]},"poteet":{"label":"Poteet","counties":["Atascosa County"],"subdivisions":["E Ritledge","Shalimar Village"],"zipcodes":["78065"]},"prairiehill":{"label":"Prairie Hill","subdivisions":["Prairie Hills 1"]},"prairieview":{"label":"Prairie View","counties":["Waller County"],"subdivisions":["290-Corr","Alta Vista","Brookside Meadow","Clark","Ferguson Heights","George A Dennett Surv A-123","Hillcrest","Judith Daniels","Junto Liendo Surv","Justo Liendo","Monticello Estates","Muse","Pine Meadows Prairie View","Prairie Gables","Prairie Gables 1 Norris Estate","Prairie Hills","Prairie Hills 1","Prairie Hills 2","Prairie Hills 3","Prairie View","Prairie View Courts","Prairie View Estates 1","Thompson","Vicksburg Terrace","Villa Capri"],"zipcodes":["77445","77446","77484"]},"premont":{"label":"Premont","counties":["Jim Wells County"],"subdivisions":["Haldeman Sub"],"zipcodes":["78375"]},"princeton":{"label":"Princeton","counties":["Collin County"],"subdivisions":["A J Aycock Add"],"zipcodes":["75407"]},"puertomorelos":{"label":"Puerto Morelos","subdivisions":["Mukta"]},"quanah":{"label":"Quanah","counties":["Hardeman County"],"subdivisions":["Original Townsite Quanah"],"zipcodes":["79252"]},"quinlan":{"label":"Quinlan","counties":["Hunt County"],"subdivisions":["Not In Subdivision"],"zipcodes":["75474"]},"quintana":{"label":"Quintana","counties":["Brazoria County"],"subdivisions":["Quintana"],"zipcodes":["77541"]},"quitman":{"label":"Quitman","counties":["Wood County"],"subdivisions":["Clear Lakes, Zone 3"],"zipcodes":["75783"]},"ratcliff":{"label":"Ratcliff","subdivisions":["00"]},"raymondville":{"label":"Raymondville","counties":["Willacy County"],"subdivisions":["Cisneros Estates Sub","Narcisso Tr #4 Sub"],"zipcodes":["78580"]},"raywood":{"label":"Raywood","subdivisions":["H & T.C. -173"]},"reagan":{"label":"Reagan","subdivisions":["Falls County Rural","Reagan Call 151 Tract 2 Falls County","Reagan Call 151 Tract 4 Falls County","Reagan Call 151 Tract 5","Reagan Call 151 Tract 8","Reagan Call 151 Tract 9"]},"redoak":{"label":"Red Oak","counties":["Ellis County"],"subdivisions":["23 Lowrance Ests"],"zipcodes":["75125","75152","75154","75165"]},"redrock":{"label":"Red Rock","subdivisions":["Bee Creek","Blue Sky Estates"]},"redwater":{"label":"Redwater","counties":["Bowie County"],"zipcodes":["75501","75567","75573"]},"refugio":{"label":"Refugio","counties":["Refugio County"],"subdivisions":["Buckley Tracts","Refugio"],"zipcodes":["78377"]},"reno":{"label":"Reno","counties":["Parker County","Tarrant County","Lamar County"],"subdivisions":["Bella Vista"],"zipcodes":["76020","76082","75462"]},"richards":{"label":"Richards","subdivisions":[".","99999","Chapel Woods","Land B North Zone","Mcleod Daniel","Neb Richards","Rural Richards","Thomas Gilmore Surv Abs 220","Vince Allen - Richards Fm 149"]},"richland":{"label":"Richland","counties":["Navarro County"],"zipcodes":["76681"]},"richmond":{"label":"Richmond","counties":["Fort Bend County"],"subdivisions":["4803-01 - Lakes Of Bella Terra West Sec","A F Ward","A Kuykendall","A M Clopper","Aliana","Aliana Sec","Aliana Sec 12","Aliana Sec 13","Aliana Sec 15","Aliana Sec 16","Aliana Sec 20","Aliana Sec 21","Aliana Sec 22","Aliana Sec 23","Aliana Sec 27","Aliana Sec 28","Aliana Sec 29","Aliana Sec 3","Aliana Sec 31","Aliana Sec 36","Aliana Sec 43 Rep 1","Aliana Sec 44","Aliana Sec 45","Aliana Sec 47","Aliana Sec 5","Aliana Sec 54","Aliana Sec 58","Aliana Sec 59","Aliana Sec 62","Aliana Sec 67","Aliana Sec 7","Aliana Sec 71","Aliana Sec 8","Aliana Sec 9","Arabella On The Pairie","Arabella On The Prairie","B Wickson","Barnhills R\/P","Bayou Estates","Bbb & C Ry","Bella Vista","Bellfort Farms","Bonbrook Plantation North","Bonbrook Plantation North -1330","Bonbrook Plantation North Sec 6","Bonbrook Plantation South","Bonbrook Plantation South Sec 10","Bonbrook Plantation South Sec 6","Bonbrook Plantation South Sec 7","Bonbrook Plantation South Sec 9","Bordens Addition","Bradford Park","Bradford Park Sec 1","Bradford Park Sec 2","Brazos Gardens Sec 1","Brazos Lakes","Brazos Lakes Sec 1","Brazos Terrace","Brazos Village","Bridlewood Estates","Bridlewood Estates Sec 1","Bridlewood Estates Sec 2","Bridlewood Estates Sec 3","Bridlewood Estates Sec 4","Briscoe Falls Sec 3","Briscoe Falls Sec 4","Briscoe Falls Sec 5","Bryan Grove","Brynmawr Lake","C B Stewart","Camden Long Meadow Farms Homes For Rent","Camellia","Camellia Sec 1","Camellia Sec 2","Camellia Sec 4","Candela","Candela Sec 2","Candela Sec 3","Candela Sec 4","Candela Sec 6","Candela Sec 7","Canyon Gate At The Brazos","Canyon Gate At The Brazos Sec 1","Canyon Gate At The Brazos Sec 10","Canyon Gate At The Brazos Sec 3","Canyon Gate At The Brazos Sec 6","Canyon Gate At The Brazos Sec 7","Canyon Gate At The Brazos Sec 8","Canyon Gate At Westheimer Lakes","Canyon Gate At Westheimer Lakes Sec 1","Canyon Gate At Westheimer Lakes Sec 2","Canyon Lakes At The Brazos","Canyon Lakes At The Brazos Sec 1","Canyon Lakes At The Brazos Sec 2","Canyon Lakes At Westheimer Lakes","Canyon Lakes At Westheimer Lakes Sec 1","Canyon Lakes At Westheimer Lakes Sec 2","Canyon Spgs At Westheimer Lakes Sec 1","Canyon Spgs At Westheimer Lakes Sec 2","Canyon Springs At Westheimer Lakes","Canyon Village At Westheimer Lakes","Canyon Village At Westheimer Lakes Sec 2","Canyon Village At Westheimer Lakes Sec 3","Country Club Estates Sec 1","Country Club Estates Sec 2","Covells Brazos View","Covey Trails","Creekside Farms","Creekside Ranch","Creekside Ranch Sec 10","Creekside Ranch Sec 13","Creekside Ranch Sec 2","Creekside Ranch Sec 3","Creekside Ranch Sec 7","Cross Creek West","Crystal Lake Estates","Dave Fields Sub","Day Land & Cattle","Deer Run Meadows","Deer Run Meadows Sec 1","Deer Run Meadows Sec 2","Del Webb Richmond","Del Webb Richmond Sec 1","Del Webb Richmond Sec 10","Del Webb Richmond Sec 11","Del Webb Richmond Sec 16-B","Del Webb Richmond Sec 17","Del Webb Richmond Sec 18-A","Del Webb Richmond Sec 2","Del Webb Richmond Sec 5","Del Webb Richmond Sec 7","Del Webb Richmond Sec 9-A","Del Webb Richmond Sec 9-B","Del Webb Richmond Sweetgrass","Del Webb Sweetgrass","Del Webb-Richmond Sec 16-A","Edgewood Add","Estates At Lakes Of Williams Ranch","Estates At Lakes Of Williams Ranch Sec","Estates At Lakes Of Williams Ranch Sec 1","Estates Of Brazoswood","Fairchilds Estates Sec 1","Fieldstone","Fieldstone Sec 1","Fieldstone Sec 11","Fieldstone Sec 12","Fieldstone Sec 14","Fieldstone Sec 2","Fieldstone Sec 3","Fieldstone Sec 4","Fieldstone Sec 5","Fieldstone Sec 6","Fieldstone Sec 8","Foster Creek Estate","Foster Creek Estate Sec 2","Fountains At Jane Long Farms","Fountains At Jane Long Farms S","Fountains At Jane Long Farms Sec 1","Fulshear Run","G A Wetz","Gaston-Fulshear Corp","Glenwood","Goldenrod Estates","Golfcrest Residence A","Grand Meadow Sec 1","Grand Meadow Sec 3","Grand Meadow Sec 4","Grand Mission","Grand Mission Estates","Grand Mission Estates Sec 1","Grand Mission Estates Sec 10","Grand Mission Estates Sec 11","Grand Mission Estates Sec 12","Grand Mission Estates Sec 13","Grand Mission Estates Sec 14","Grand Mission Estates Sec 16","Grand Mission Estates Sec 19","Grand Mission Estates Sec 2","Grand Mission Estates Sec 20","Grand Mission Estates Sec 23","Grand Mission Estates Sec 25","Grand Mission Estates Sec 26","Grand Mission Estates Sec 28","Grand Mission Estates Sec 29","Grand Mission Estates Sec 3","Grand Mission Estates Sec 30","Grand Mission Estates Sec 4","Grand Mission Estates Sec 6","Grand Mission Estates Sec 8","Grand Mission Sec 13","Grand Mission Sec 14","Grand Mission Sec 15","Grand Mission Sec 17","Grand Mission Sec 18","Grand Mission Sec 19","Grand Mission Sec 3","Grand Mission Sec 7","Grand Mission Sec 8","Grand Mission Sec 9","Grand River","Grand River Sec 1","Grand Trails","Grand Trails Sec 1","Grand Vista","Grand Vista Lakes Sec 2","Grand Vista Lakes Sec 3","Grand Vista Sec 07","Grand Vista Sec 11","Grand Vista Sec 13","Grand Vista Sec 15","Grand Vista Sec 16","Grand Vista Sec 18","Grand Vista Sec 19","Grand Vista Sec 2","Grand Vista Sec 20","Grand Vista Sec 22","Grand Vista Sec 23","Grand Vista Sec 26","Grand Vista Sec 27","Grand Vista Sec 3","Grand Vista Sec 6","Greatwood Lake Sec 2a","Greatwood Lake Sec 2b","Greatwood Lakes","Greatwood Lakes Sec 1","H And Tc Ry","H Chriesman","Hartfiel Sub","Harvest Green","Harvest Green Sec 11","Harvest Green Sec 12","Harvest Green Sec 13","Harvest Green Sec 14","Harvest Green Sec 15","Harvest Green Sec 2","Harvest Green Sec 25b","Harvest Green Sec 28","Harvest Green Sec 3","Harvest Green Sec 30","Harvest Green Sec 35","Harvest Green Sec 40","Harvest Green Sec 5","Harvest Green Sec 7","Harvest Green Sec 9","Heritage Heights Sec 2","Hidden Lake Estates","Highland Meadows","Highland Meadows Sec 1","Highland Meadows Sec 2","Highland Meadows Section 1","Horseshoe Ridge At Westheimer Lks C-1","Hou - Candela 40' - Section 10 & 13","Huntington Oaks","Hy Jones","I & Gn","J H Cartwright","J Kuykendall","J T Edwards","Jane Long","Jane Wilkins","Jno Frederick","Knight & White","Kuykendall Joseph","Ladwig Add","Lake Of Bella Terra","Lakemont","Lakemont Court Sec 1","Lakemont Cove","Lakemont Cove Sec 1","Lakemont Cove Sec 2","Lakemont Cove Sec 3","Lakemont Grove Sec 1","Lakemont Manor Sec 1","Lakemont Manor Sec 2","Lakemont Manor Sec 3","Lakemont Meadows","Lakemont Meadows Sec 1","Lakemont Meadows Sec 3","Lakemont Ridge Sec 1","Lakemont Ridge Sec 2","Lakemont Sec 12","Lakemont Sec 13","Lakemont Sec 14","Lakemont Sec 2","Lakemont Sec 3","Lakemont Sec 4","Lakemont Sec 5","Lakemont Sec 7","Lakemont Sec 9","Lakemont Terrace","Lakemont Terrace Sec","Lakemont Terrace Sec 1","Lakemont Terrace Sec 2","Lakemont West Ridge Sec 2","Lakes Of Bella Terra","Lakes Of Bella Terra Sec 1","Lakes Of Bella Terra Sec 12","Lakes Of Bella Terra Sec 13","Lakes Of Bella Terra Sec 14","Lakes Of Bella Terra Sec 15","Lakes Of Bella Terra Sec 2","Lakes Of Bella Terra Sec 21","Lakes Of Bella Terra Sec 22","Lakes Of Bella Terra Sec 24","Lakes Of Bella Terra Sec 26","Lakes Of Bella Terra Sec 27","Lakes Of Bella Terra Sec 28","Lakes Of Bella Terra Sec 29","Lakes Of Bella Terra Sec 3","Lakes Of Bella Terra Sec 31","Lakes Of Bella Terra Sec 32","Lakes Of Bella Terra Sec 33","Lakes Of Bella Terra Sec 37 Rep 1","Lakes Of Bella Terra Sec 38","Lakes Of Bella Terra Sec 7","Lakes Of Bella Terra Sec 9","Lakes Of Bella Terra West","Lakes Of Bella Terra West Sec 1","Lakes Of Bella Terra West Sec 2","Lakes Of Bella Terra West Sec 3","Lakes Of Mission Grove","Lakes Of Mission Grove Sec 1","Lakes Of Mission Grove Sec 2","Lakes Of Williams Ranch","Lakes Of Williams Ranch Sec 1","Lakeview Retreat","Lakeview Retreat Sec 1 Amd 1","Lakeview Retreat Sec 2","Lakeview Retreat Sec 3","Lakeview Retreat Sec 4","Lakeview Retreat Sec 5","Lakeview Retreat Sec 6","Lakeview Retreat Sec 7","Lakeview Retreat Sec 8","Laurel Oaks","Long Meadow Farms","Long Meadow Farms Sec 10","Long Meadow Farms Sec 11","Long Meadow Farms Sec 12","Long Meadow Farms Sec 13","Long Meadow Farms Sec 16","Long Meadow Farms Sec 2","Long Meadow Farms Sec 23","Long Meadow Farms Sec 29","Long Meadow Farms Sec 3","Long Meadow Farms Sec 32","Long Meadow Farms Sec 4","Long Meadow Farms Sec 42","Long Meadow Farms Sec 5","Long Meadow Farms Sec 7","Long Woods","Lost Creek","Lost Creek Sec 1","Lost Creek Sec 2","Lost Creek Sec 3","Lost Creek Sec 4","Mandola Farms","Mandola Farms Sec 1","Mandola Farms Sec 2","Mccrary Meadows","Mccrary Meadows Sec 1","Mccrary Meadows Sec 10","Mccrary Meadows Sec 2","Mccrary Meadows Sec 2 Pt Rep 1 & Ext","Mccrary Meadows Sec 4","Mccrary Meadows Sec 5","Mccrary Meadows Sec 6","Mccrary Meadows Sec 7","Mccrary Meadows Sec 8","Meadow Bend Park Estates","Meadow Forest","Meadows Of Pkwy Lakes","Meadows Of Pkwy Lakes Sec 1","Mission Oaks","Mission Oaks Sec 1","Mission Oaks Sec 2","Mission Sierra","Mission Sierra Sec 1","Mission Sierra Sec 5","Mission Trace","Mission Trace Sec 1","Mission Trace Sec 2","Mission Trace Sec 3","Mission Trace Sec 5","Newton West S\/D","Newton West Sub Sec 1","Oasis At Clodine","Old Orchard","Old Orchard Sec 2","Old Orchard Sec 3","Old Orchard Sec 5","Old Orchard Sec 8","Parkway Lakes","Parkway Lakes Sec 3","Pecan Bend","Pecan Creek","Pecan Estates","Pecan Grove","Pecan Grove \/ The Grove","Pecan Grove \/ The Terrace At Pecan Grove","Pecan Grove Plantation","Pecan Grove Plantation Sec 11","Pecan Grove Plantation Sec 12","Pecan Grove Plantation Sec 2","Pecan Grove Plantation Sec 3","Pecan Grove Plantation Sec 4","Pecan Grove Plantation Sec 5","Pecan Grove Plantation Sec 6","Pecan Grove Plantation Sec 7","Pecan Grove Plantation Sec 9","Pecan Lakes","Pecan Lakes Sec 2","Pecan Lakes Sec 3","Plantation Meadows","Plantation Place Sec 1","R Hunter","R Jones","Rabbs Ridge Estates","Randons Add","Richmond","Richmond Landing","Rio Vista","Rio Vista Sec 1","River Edge","River Forest","River Forest Sec 2","River Forest Sec 3","River Park West","River Park West Sec 11","River Run At The Brazos Sec","River Run At The Brazos Sec 3-A","Riverpark West","Riverpark West Sec 1","Riverpark West Sec 13","Riverpark West Sec 3","Riverpark West Sec 5","Riverpark West Sec 6","Riverpark West Sec 7","Rivers Edge","Rivers Edge Sec 1","Rivers Edge Sec 10","Rivers Edge Sec 13","Rivers Edge Sec 15-A","Rivers Edge Sec 15-B","Rivers Edge Sec 16","Rivers Edge Sec 3","Rivers Edge Sec 6","Riverwood Village","Riverwood Village Sec 5","Rolling Creek","Rolling Oaks","Royal Estates","Royal Lakes Estates","Royal Lakes Estates Sec 2","Royal Lakes Manor","S Issacs","Sanford Sub","Sendero","Sendero Tr Sec 10","Sendero Tr Sec 2","Sendero Tr Sec 4","Sendero Tr Sec 7","Shadow Grove Estates","Shiloh Lake Estates","Sorrento","Still Creek Ranch","Still Creek Ranch Sec 1","Still Creek Ranch Sec 2","Stonecreek Estates","Stonecreek Estates Sec 1 Amd 1","Summer Lakes Sec 12","Sunrise Meadow","Sunrise Meadow Sec 1","Sunrise Meadow Sec 2","Sunrise Meadow Sec 3","Sunrise Meadow Sec 6","Sunset Crossing","Sunset Crossing Sec 1","Sunset Crossing Sec 5","Taj Residences","Talavara","Talavera","Tara","Tara Colony","Tara Colony Sec 1","Tara Sec 1","Tara Sec 2","Tara Sec 3","Tara Sec 4","Territory At Williams Way","Texana Plantation","The Grove","The Grove At Pecan Grove Plantation","The Grove Sec 1","The Grove Sec 10","The Grove Sec 11","The Grove Sec 12","The Grove Sec 2","The Grove Sec 3","The Grove Sec 5","The Grove Sec 6","The Grove Sec 7","The Grove Sec 8","The Retreat At Sovereign Shores","The Terrace At Pecan Grove","Trillium","Twin Oaks Village","Twin Oaks Village Sec 1","Twin Oaks Village Sec 10","Twin Oaks Village Sec 14","Twin Oaks Village Sec 2","Twin Oaks Village Sec 4","Twin Oaks Village Sec 5","Twin Oaks Village Sec 7","Twin Oaks Village Sec 9","Vacek Country Meadows","Vacek Country Meadows Sec 1","Vacek Country Meadows Sec 2","Veranda","Veranda Sec","Veranda Sec 14","Veranda Sec 16","Veranda Sec 17","Veranda Sec 19","Veranda Sec 20","Veranda Sec 22","Veranda Sec 25","Veranda Sec 28","Veranda Sec 30","Veranda Sec 34","Veranda Sec 36 Ph I","Veranda Sec 37","Veranda Sec 40","Veranda Sec 41","Veranda Sec 5","Villas At Westheimer Lakes Sec 1","Wall Street Village","Walnut Creek","Walnut Creek Sec 14","Walnut Creek Sec 15","Walnut Creek Sec 20","Walnut Creek Sec 4","Walnut Creek Sec 5","Walnut Creek Sec 7","Waterside Estates","Waterside Estates Sec 13","Waterside Estates Sec 3","Waterside Estates Sec 9","Waterside Village Sec 1","Waterside Village Sec 2","Waterside Village Sec 3","Waterview Estates","Waterview Estates Sec 1","Waterview Estates Sec 10","Waterview Estates Sec 11","Waterview Estates Sec 13","Waterview Estates Sec 14","Waterview Estates Sec 5","Waterview Estates Sec 6","Waterview Estates Sec 7","Waterview Estates Sec 8","West Oaks Village","West Oaks Village Sec 1","West Oaks Village Sec 4","Westcreek","Westheimer Lakes","Westpark Lakes Sec 1","Whispering Oaks","Williams Ranch","Williams Ranch Sec 5","Windsor Estates","Windsor Estates Sec 3","Windstone On The Prairie","Windstone On The Prairie Sec 2","Winston Terrace","Winston Terrace Sec 1","Withers Ridge Sec 1","Withers Ridge Sec 2","Wm Andrews","Wm Lusk","Wm Morton","Woods Edge","Woods Edge Sec 1"],"zipcodes":["77406","77469"]},"richwood":{"label":"Richwood","counties":["Brazoria County"],"subdivisions":["Audubon Woods Ii Ph I","Audubon Woods Iii","Audubon Woods Sec 1","Audubon Woods Sec 3","Audubon Woods Sec 4","Brazos Crossing Sec I","Creek Bend A0066 J E Groce","Davidson Slater Place","Glenwood Bayou","Marquis At Magnolia","Oakwood Shores","Rhodes","Richwood"],"zipcodes":["77531","77566"]},"riesel":{"label":"Riesel","counties":["McLennan County"],"subdivisions":["Sanchez J D"],"zipcodes":["76682"]},"riograndecity":{"label":"Rio Grande City","counties":["Starr County"],"subdivisions":["Stonegate Ph Ii Sub","The Estate"],"zipcodes":["78582"]},"riohondo":{"label":"Rio Hondo","counties":["Cameron County"],"subdivisions":["Arroyo Meadows","Garza-Guzman Sub"],"zipcodes":["78550","78583"]},"riverside":{"label":"Riverside","counties":["Walker County"],"subdivisions":["Allen E.","Lake Livingston Heights Sec 2","Pleasure Hill - Sec 1","Shorewood Forest","Shorewood Forest - Sec 1"],"zipcodes":["77320","77367"]},"riviera":{"label":"Riviera","counties":["Kleberg County"],"subdivisions":["Riviera Beach"],"zipcodes":["78379"]},"robstown":{"label":"Robstown","counties":["Nueces County"],"subdivisions":["Las Delicias - Rbst"],"zipcodes":["78380"]},"rochelle":{"label":"Rochelle","subdivisions":["Beebe W P"]},"rockisland":{"label":"Rock Island","subdivisions":["000","A-686 - R R Ratcliff","A636 I&Gn","Rock Island","Rock Island Outlots","T Smith"]},"rockdale":{"label":"Rockdale","counties":["Milam County"],"subdivisions":["A2910 Pharris","David A Thompson Surv Abs #398","Foster","Praesel I","Prewitt","S07200 - Coffield","Smith"],"zipcodes":["76567"]},"rockport":{"label":"Rockport","counties":["Aransas County"],"subdivisions":["Bahia Bay","Baylaurel Estates","Boardwalk Pud","Copano Cove","Doughty & Mathis","Fulton Mansion Add","Gables Of Copano Vista Condos","Hidden Oaks Condo","Holiday Beach Belaire","Holiday Beach Mesquite Tree","Holiday Beach St Charles","Islands Of Rockport","Key Allegro","Key Allegro Unit #5","Little Bay Shores #2","Manning","Neptune Harbor","Oak Hill Ranch Estates","Ocean Reef","Palm Harbor","Smith & Wood","Stewart","The Reserve At St Charles Bay","Wandering Oaks Sub Ph 2","West Terrace"],"zipcodes":["78336","78381","78382"]},"rocksprings":{"label":"Rocksprings","counties":["Edwards County"],"subdivisions":["Bison Trail Subdivision","Oak Valley Ranch"],"zipcodes":["78880"]},"roma":{"label":"Roma","counties":["Starr County"],"subdivisions":["Campobello Sub","Vista Falcon"],"zipcodes":["78584"]},"romanforest":{"label":"Roman Forest","counties":["Montgomery County"],"subdivisions":["Roman Forest","Roman Forest 01","Roman Forest 01 Pt Rep 1","Roman Forest 02","Roman Forest 03","Roman Forest 04","Roman Forest 05","Roman Forest 06","Tavola 24","Tavola 46"],"zipcodes":["77357"]},"roosevelt":{"label":"Roosevelt"},"rosanky":{"label":"Rosanky","subdivisions":["Jeddo Road Ranchettes"]},"rosebud":{"label":"Rosebud","counties":["Falls County"],"subdivisions":["Mclennan Neil"],"zipcodes":["76570"]},"rosenberg":{"label":"Rosenberg","counties":["Fort Bend County"],"subdivisions":["Allendale Manor","Allendale Manor Sec 2","Antonie Balle","Arabella On The Prairie","Bayou Bend Sub","Bayou Crossing Sec 1","Bayou Crossing Sec 2","Bayou Crossing Sec 3","Bbb & C Ry","Bernard Stern Sub","Blackwood 3 Corp","Bonbrook Lakes, Bonbrook","Bonbrook Plantation","Bonbrook Plantation North","Bonbrook Plantation North Sec 1","Bonbrook Plantation North Sec 12","Bonbrook Plantation North Sec 4","Bonbrook Plantation North Sec 8","Bonbrook Plantation North Sec 9","Bonbrook Plantation South","Bonbrook Plantation South Sec 1","Bonbrook Plantation South Sec 10","Bonbrook Plantation South Sec 2","Bonbrook Plantation South Sec 3","Bonbrook Plantation South Sec 4","Bonbrook Plantation South Sec 5","Briarwood Crossing","Briarwood Crossing Sec 1","Briarwood Crossing Sec 14","Briarwood Crossing Sec 15","Briarwood Crossing Sec 2","Briarwood Crossing Sec 3","Briarwood Crossing Sec 6","Briarwood Crossing Sec 8","Bridlewood Estates","Bridlewood Estates Sec 4","Bridlewood Estates Sec 4, Block 1, Lot 6","Brookewater","Bryan Crossing Sec 1","Bryan Crossing Sec 2","Bryan Grove","Bryan Grove Sec 1","C A Dickerson","C N Simpson","Cambridge","Cambridge Village Sec 2","Cambridge Village Sec 3","Cottonwood","Cottonwood Estates","Cottonwood Sec 1","Cottonwood Sec 3-C","Cottonwood Sec 4-A","Cottonwood Sec 4-B","Emma Meyer","Eva Polka Sub","Evergreen","F A Kennelly Sub","Fairpark Village","Fairpark Village Sec 1","Fairpark Village Sec 10","Fairpark Village Sec 3","Fairpark Village Sec 5","Fairpark Village Sec 6","Fred E Klauke Add","Freeway Manor","Freeway Manor Sec 2","G Cole","G M Stone","Garden Acres","Glenmeadow Sec 2","Goar Add","Golden Acres","Greenwood","Greenwood Sec 2","Greenwood Sec 3","Grunwald Estates","Grunwald Heights","H & Tc Ry","H L Bolton","Highland Acres","Horse Shoe Bend Sec 2","Hwy 90 A West","Hy Scott","Hy Thompson Add","J D Vermillion","J Kuykendall","J W Moore","Jas Lowery","Jno Foster Half League","Kaffenberger Add","Kingdom Heights","Kingdom Heights Sec 1","Kingdom Heights Sec 2","Kingdom Heights Sec 5","Kingdom Heights Sec 6","Kirkfield","Lane","Lester E Cross","Lillard, Arnold, Sterzig","Los Pinos Sec 1","Lucille K Dyer","Miller's Pond","Millers Pass","Millers Pond","Mulcahy Add Sec 1","N B Anderson","Pecan Park","Pecan Park Sec 1","Providence At Kingdom Heights","R E Handy","River Run At The Brazos","River Run At The Brazos Sec 1","River Run At The Brazos Sec 2","River Run At The Brazos Sec 4-B","River Run At The Brazos Sec 5","Riverside Ranch","Riverside Terrace Sec 2","Riverwood Village","Rosenberg","S H Winston","S P R R","Seabourne Landing","Seabourne Landing Sec 1","Seabourne Landing Sec 2","Seabourne Meadows Sec 1","Seabourne Meadows Sec 2","Sendero","Sendero Sec 1","Sendero Sec 2","Sendero Sec 3","Sendero Sec 4","Sendero Sec 6","Shady Oaks Estates","Sitta Sub","Southland Acres","Stavinoha Sub","Stonecreek Estates Sec 1 Amd 1","Stonecreek Estates Sec 4","Summer Lakes","Summer Lakes Sec 11","Summer Lakes Sec 12","Summer Lakes Sec 2","Summer Lakes Sec 3","Summer Lakes Sec 4","Summer Lakes Sec 5","Summer Lakes Sec 9","Summer Park","Summer Park Sec 1","Sunset Crossing","Sunset Crossing Sec 1","Sunset Crossing Sec 3","Sunset Crossing Sec 6","Sunset Crossing Sec 7","The Oaks Of Rosenberg Sec 1","The Oaks Of Rosenberg Sec 2","The Oaks Of Rosenberg Sec 3","The Oaks Of Rosenberg Sec 4","The Reserve At Brazos Town Center","The Reserve At Brazos Town Center Sec 1","The Reserve At Brazos Town Center Sec 2","The Reserve At Brazos Town Center Sec 3","The Trails At Seabourne Park","The Trails At Seabourne Parke","The Trails At Seabourne Parke Sec 2","The Twnhms At Brazos Town Center","Timberlane","Timberlane Add","Tinker Add","Tobola Sub Sec 1","Tobola Sub Sec 2","Town Center Sec 1","Tremont Village Sec 1","Villages Of Town Center","Villages Of Town Center Sec","Villages Of Town Center Sec 3","Villages Of Town Center Sec 4","Villages Of Town Center Sec 6","Walenta Sub","Walnut Creek","Walnut Creek At Stone Creek","Walnut Creek Sec 16","Walnut Creek Sec 23","Walnut Creek Sec 8","Ward-Waddell Add","Ward-Wadell Addition","Wessendorff Sub Sec 1","Whisler Sub","Wm Andrews","Wm Leech","Wm Marwood","Yandell Ferris"],"zipcodes":["77417","77469","77471"]},"rosharon":{"label":"Rosharon","counties":["Brazoria County"],"subdivisions":["2235-09 - Caldwell Ranch Sec 9","A Robinson","A0068 J W Hall","A0532 - C M Hays","Arcola Farms","Braebend Estates","C M Hays","C S Gorbett","Caldwell","Caldwell Ranch","Caldwell Ranch Sec 1","Caldwell Ranch Sec 4","Caldwell Ranch Sec 5","Caldwell Ranch Sec 7","Canterra Creek","Charleston Height","Charleston Heights","Charleston Heights Sec 1","Chas Heywood","Cladewell","Cold River Ranch","Cold River Ranch Ph 1","Colony Acres","Colony Trails Sec 2","D Fitzgerald","D. Fitzgerald","E R Bradley","Emigration Land Co Sub","F Bingham","F Moore","G Logan","Glendale Lake","Glendale Lakes","Glendale Lakes Sec 1","Glendale Lakes Sec 2","Glendale Lakes Sec 7","Gulf View Acres","H T & B R R","Ht& B Railroad Surv Abs 281","Ht&Brr","Huntington Place","Huntington Place Sec 2","Huntington Place Sec 3","J W Hall","John Peske","John W Hall","Lakes Of Savannah","Lakes Of Savannah Sec 13","Lakes Of Savannah, Laurel Heights","Laurel Heights At Savannah","Laurel Heights At Savannah Sec","Lav Nav Co","Lincoln Park","Magnolia Bend Estates","Magnolia Bend Sec 1","Meridiana","Meridiana Commercial Reserve #","Meridiana Sec 6 A0515 Ht&Brr","Meridiana Sec 64","Meridiana Sec 81a","Narcissus","Palm Crest","Pinedale Manor","Pradera Oaks","Randy Ridge","Riverside Estates","Robinson","S F Austin","S T Angier","San Abst","Savannah Bend","Savannah Bend Sec 1","Savannah Bend Sec 2","Savannah Cove Sec 3","Savannah Landing","Savannah Landing Sec 1-2-3","Savannah Meadows Sec 1-2-3-4-5","Savannah Plantation","Savannah Plantation Sec 2-3-4","Savannah Ridge","Savannah Ridge Sec 1-2-3","Savannah Trace Sec 1","Savannah Trace Sec 2","Sierra Vista","Sierra Vista Sec 2","Sierra Vista Sec 4b","Sierra Vista West","Sierra Vista West Sec 1","Sierra Vista West Sec 4","Southern Colony","Southern Colony Expansion Ph 1 Sec 1a","Southern Colony Expansion Ph 1 Sec 1b","Southern Colony Expansion Ph I Sec 2","Southern Colony Expansion Ph I Sec 3","Southern Colony Expansion Phase I","Southern Colony Sec 1","Southern Colony Sec 2a","Southern Colony Sec 2b","Southern Colony Sec 3a","Southern Colony Sec 3b","Southern Colony Sec 4-C","Southern Colony Sec 4a","Southern Colony Sec 4b","Sterling Lakes","Sterling Lakes At Iowa Colony","Sterling Lakes West Sec","Sterling Lakes West Sec 1 A07","Sterling Lakes West Sec 2 A07","Sterling Lakes West Sec 3 A07","Sterling Lakes West Sec 4","Sterling Lks\/Iowa Colony Sec 1","Stewart Heights","Stewart Heights Sec 14","Stewart Heights Sec 2","Stewart Heights Sec 3 A0403 A","Stewart Heights Sec 7 A0403 A","Stewart Heights Sec 8","Stewart Hts\/Savannah","Stewart Hts\/Savannah Sec 13","Stewart Hts\/Savannah Sec 9","Stoneridge Lakes Sec 1","Suncreek Estates","Suncreek Estates Sec 1-2","Suncreek Ranch","Suncreek Ranch Sec 1-2-3-4","Suncreek Ranch Sec 3 A0125 A","The Oaks At Suncreek Estates","Valley Vista Estates","Willow Manor","Wm Pettus"],"zipcodes":["77583"]},"roundmountain":{"label":"Round Mountain","counties":["Blanco County"],"subdivisions":["Round Mountain Reserve"],"zipcodes":["78636","78663"]},"roundrock":{"label":"Round Rock","counties":["Travis County","Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["Meadow Lake Sec 03","Paloma Lake","Townhomes At Gattis","Wellspring"],"zipcodes":["78626","78628","78664","78665","78680","78681","78682","78683","78728"]},"roundtop":{"label":"Round Top","counties":["Fayette County"],"subdivisions":["A. E. Baker League A008","A066 - Logan J Lg","Abs A057 Jack W Lg,10.58 Acres","Ae Baker League A-8","City Of Round Top 490","City Of Round Top Acreage","Cummins Creek","De Colton League A-33","Hackemack Road Sub","In The Country","James Winn League","James Winn League A-114","John Logan League","John Logan League A-66","John Shaw League A-92","John Shaw League Abs #92","Round Top","Round Top Oaks","Round Top Springs","Royal Ranch","Src_Nbhd","The Heart Field","The Heart Field At Round Top","Walhalla Ranch","William J Russell League A-89","William M Jack League A-57"],"zipcodes":["78954","78961"]},"rule":{"label":"Rule","counties":["Haskell County"],"subdivisions":["May Add Town Of Rule"],"zipcodes":["79547","79548"]},"rusk":{"label":"Rusk","counties":["Cherokee County"],"subdivisions":["Abs #37 J Musquiz Surv","Butler P T","Lacy G B"],"zipcodes":["75785"]},"rye":{"label":"Rye","subdivisions":["Cactus Jack, Sec 2","Hoop & Holler","Irion","J F Derumayor"]},"sabinepass":{"label":"Sabine Pass","subdivisions":["Jno Mcgaffey","Mcgaffey","Sabine Pass"]},"salado":{"label":"Salado","counties":["Bell County"],"subdivisions":["Armstrong Estates","Creekside Meadow Pha","The Carriage House Estates Of Salado"],"zipcodes":["76571"]},"sanangelo":{"label":"San Angelo","counties":["Tom Green County"],"subdivisions":["Tract 150 Surv 175 Abs#4030"],"zipcodes":["76901","76902","76903","76904","76905","76906","76908","76909"]},"sanantonio":{"label":"San Antonio","counties":["Bexar County","Comal County","Medina County"],"subdivisions":["95260-95260","Block 1364","Blossom Park","Braun Station","Bridgewood","Cb 4390 Westpointe East Ph 5 U","Churchill Estates","Conv A\/S Code","Crown Mdws Bl 18288 Un 3","E Houston So To","Forest Oaks Un 10","Forest Oaks Un 2","Forest Oaks Un-11","Gardendale Acreage Cnty Bl 587","Green Spg Vly Sub Un 4","Hot Wells","Kallison Ranch Ph 2 Un 10a","Kallison Ranch Ph 2 Un 9b","Lake View Add Ncb 3679","Landon Ridge","Lanormandie Condo","Laurelhurst Bl 13151","Leon Rdg Sub Bl 16474","Luckey Ranch Ut","Lynd Culebra Ncb 17636","Magnolia Village","Mariposa Park","Monteverde Ph 4 Un 2","Ncb","Ncb 14268","Ncb 15578","Ncb 8315","Ncb 9580","New City Bl 2143","Nvcb 1347 Blk 2 Lot 3 & E 21.4ft Of 2","Paloma Sub","Pembroke Forest Bl 17385 Un 2","Ranch\/Potranco Bl 4355","Riposa Vita Ut-2b","Road Sub","Rolling Rdg Sub Un 1","Sage Vly Sub Un 1 Ncb 15269 16","San Antonio Bl 8203","Solana Ridge Ut-10","Southside Rural So","Sunshine Park Estates Bl 13002 Un 4","Terrell Heights Un 5 Ncb 9069","The Summit","Timberwood Park Sub Un 2","University Estates Bl 14595 Un 8","University Estates Bl 14795 Un 14","Valley Forge Un 3 Ncb 15935","Vidorra Condo","Villa Aldama Bl 8296","Villa Coronado Bl 11048","Villas At College Park","Vista Point Heights","Westlakes Un 10","Westpointe North Un 1c","Westvoer Rdg Bl 18040 Un 5","Wilshire Terrace Bl 11011","Wurzbach Road 6-Acre Tr"],"zipcodes":["78023","78054","78056","78073","78109","78112","78154","78201","78202","78203","78204","78205","78206","78207","78208","78209","78210","78211","78212","78213","78214","78215","78216","78217","78218","78219","78220","78221","78222","78223","78224","78225","78226","78227","78228","78229","78230","78231","78232","78233","78234","78235","78236","78237","78238","78239","78240","78241","78242","78243","78244","78245","78246","78247","78248","78249","78250","78251","78252","78253","78254","78255","78256","78257","78258","78259","78260","78261","78262","78263","78264","78265","78266","78268","78269","78270","78275","78278","78279","78280","78283","78284","78285","78286","78287","78288","78289","78291","78292","78293","78294","78295","78296","78297","78298","78299"]},"sanaugustine":{"label":"San Augustine","counties":["San Augustine County"],"subdivisions":["Downtown","Rayburn Ranch","Rayburn Ranch Ii","Redmond & Improvement","Sunset Add"],"zipcodes":["75972"]},"sanbenito":{"label":"San Benito","counties":["Cameron County"],"subdivisions":["Broadway Place"],"zipcodes":["78586"]},"sandiego":{"label":"San Diego","counties":["Duval County","Jim Wells County"],"subdivisions":["A-491 Gt J R G Salinas"],"zipcodes":["78384"]},"sanelizario":{"label":"San Elizario","counties":["El Paso County"],"subdivisions":["Las Pampas #1"],"zipcodes":["79849","79927"]},"sanfelipe":{"label":"San Felipe","counties":["Austin County"],"subdivisions":["San Felipe De Austin Town Trac"],"zipcodes":["77473","77474"]},"sanjuan":{"label":"San Juan","counties":["Hidalgo County","Starr County"],"subdivisions":["Cesar Heights"],"zipcodes":["78516","78589","78584"]},"sanleon":{"label":"San Leon","counties":["Galveston County"],"subdivisions":["Aqua Residences","Bay Casa 2013","Carters Waterview Blk 53","Clearview","Cliffs Of San Leon","Dickinson Bayshore","Edwards Landing","Fiesta Estates","Fiesta Estates Iv","Gates","Gilliam Place","Lago Pesca","Lago Pesca Sub","Little Riviera","Magnolia Lake Sub 2006","Mariners Cove","Mariners Cove Sec 1 98","Park Plaza Unrec","Pirates Grove Unrec","Pirates Grove Unrecorded","Ponca Beach","Red Fish Reef Club","S6240 - San Leon","San Leon","San Leon Annex","San Leon Farm Home Tracts","San Leon Townsite","San Leon Townsites","Sapphire Palms Ct","Tennys","Thurmond","Vikings Port Subdivision","West Kemah","Wiggins Retreat By The Bay"],"zipcodes":["77539"]},"sanmarcos":{"label":"San Marcos","counties":["Caldwell County","Guadalupe County","Hays County"],"subdivisions":["A G Coers Ii","Blanco River Village For Greenway","Blanco Vista Tr G-H","Bridle Wood Ranches Sec 3","Cottonwood Creek Ph 3 Unit 2","Cowan","Hill Country Estates Sec 2","Kissing Tree","Kissing Tree Villas Condo","Oakwood Hills Unrec","Paso Robles Ph 4e"],"zipcodes":["78656","78666","78667"]},"sansaba":{"label":"San Saba","counties":["San Saba County"],"subdivisions":["Rocky Hollow"],"zipcodes":["76877"]},"sandia":{"label":"Sandia","counties":["Jim Wells County"],"subdivisions":["Carmel Hills I","Carmel Hills Sub","Lake Vista Sub Sec 9"],"zipcodes":["78383"]},"santafe":{"label":"Santa Fe","counties":["Galveston County"],"subdivisions":["A0021 - A0021 - Reynolds, A Survey","Akokisa Way Sub","Akokisa Way Sub 2023","Akokisa Way Sub\/Arcadia","Algoa Orchards","Algoa Suburbs Numbered","Alta Loma","Alta Loma Outlots","Alta Loma Outlots Lots 16&17, Blpck 1","Alta Loma Townsite","Amber Lynn's Sub","Angell-Runge Add","Arcadia Townsite","Asa Brigham","Avenue Acres","Baylan H Sub","Bellaire Farms","Cambiano Unrec Lt 30 & 31 Tham","Centennial Oaks","Crawford","Duplantis","Everest Glen Unrec","Final Tower Road Estates Ph","Gilbert Unrec","Gkk Estates","Grigsby Ests Minor Plat","Halls","Henkel Lane Unrec Lt 49 Tham","Hidden Meadows","Highland Farms","James Ferfuson","Jaros Sub","Johanssen","Jordan","Lago Santa Fe Sub 98","Langford","Lhommedieu Sub","Linda Leigh","Linda Leigh Unrec","Loma Sub","Maple Landing","Marshall Sub 2005","Mcgregors Sub","Mulberry Farm","Mulberry Farms","Murler's 1st Sub","New Algoa","Novelli","Orchard Place","Pourteau Sub 2005","Prairie Knoll Estates Ph 2","Quail Prairie Estates","Rain River Estates Sub Sec 2","Sandy Lane Unrec A L O\/L 453-","Schweim 2","Sentry Land Co","Shady Corners Unrec","Simpson Sub 2005","Stepchinski Unrec Blk 83 Ang-","Sunset Park","Thamans","Thamans 1st Sub","Thamans 2nd Sub 91","Tombrella Unrec Lts 329-338-3","Tower Road Estates","Tower Road Estates Ph 2","Tower Road Estates Ph I","Tower Road Estates Ph Ii","Triple Bar Estates","Tullis Addition","Vista Real Sub 2001","W T Smith Sub 91","Wilkens-Ernst Rep 2003"],"zipcodes":["77510","77511","77517","77539"]},"saratoga":{"label":"Saratoga","subdivisions":["Abstract 265 In Hardin County, Texas","Lender's Satisfaction","Thomas Hughes Surv A 265","Wood Reuben"]},"sargent":{"label":"Sargent","subdivisions":["2066 - Downey Caney Creek Sec 6","Ab 0023, Hinton Curtis","Allens Lndg","Camelot Forest Sec 1","Camelot Forest Sec 3","Caney Creek Estates","Caney Creek Estates Sec 1","Caney Creek Estates Sec 2","Caney Creek Estates Sec 3","Caney Creek Haven","Caney Creek Haven Sec 1","Caney Creek Haven Sec 2","Caney Creek Haven Sec 3","Caney Creek Haven Sec 4","Dccloa","Downey Caney Creek","Downey Caney Creek Sec 1","Downey Caney Creek Sec 10","Downey Caney Creek Sec 12","Downey Caney Creek Sec 14","Downey Caney Creek Sec 15","Downey Caney Creek Sec 16","Downey Caney Creek Sec 17","Downey Caney Creek Sec 18","Downey Caney Creek Sec 19","Downey Caney Creek Sec 2","Downey Caney Creek Sec 20","Downey Caney Creek Sec 3","Downey Caney Creek Sec 4 & Sec 6","Downey Caney Creek Sec 6","Downey Caney Creek Sec 7","Downey Caney Creek Sec 8","Downey Caney Creek Sec 9","Downey Caney Land, Misc","Estates Of Oak Circle","Hinton Curtis League Abs #23","Intercoastal Waterway","Live Oak Bend","Live Oak Bend Sec 1","Live Oak Bend Sec Ii","Live Oak Bend Sec Iv","Lonnie Glaze Campsite","M D Pierce","Pecan Shadows Sec 1","Sargent Beach","Sargent Beach Add","Sargent Beach Addition","Sargent Beach Sub","Seagull Estates","Spanish Oaks","Van Dorn & Balis","Vv Sec 3 Abs Land","Vv Sec 3 Abs Land, Misc","William Baxter","William Baxter League Abs 4"]},"schertz":{"label":"Schertz","counties":["Bexar County","Comal County","Guadalupe County"],"subdivisions":["Bindseil Farms Sub"],"zipcodes":["78108","78124","78132","78154","78266"]},"schulenburg":{"label":"Schulenburg","counties":["Fayette County"],"subdivisions":["0","0000","A004 - Anderson E Lg","A091 - Sargeant J A Lg","A091 Sargeant J A Lg","A120 - Almansur I Lg","A260 - Paine J Lg","Anderson","Baumgarten-Matula 498","City Of Schulenburg","City Of Schulenburg 497","Counsel J S Lg","Country Reserve","Daniel T Donaldson Surv Abs #1","Duff","High Hill Area","J S Counsel League A-36","Ja Sargeant League","Matula Add 506","Nix-Pennington Add 508","No","North I-10 521","S60001 - Engle 384","Samuel Young Surv Abs #60","Schulenburg","Steinmann Add 512","Swiss Alp Hills 635","Thomas Taylor League A-96","William Brookfield League A-20","Wolters Add 516"],"zipcodes":["78956"]},"scurry":{"label":"Scurry","counties":["Kaufman County"],"zipcodes":["75158"]},"seabrook":{"label":"Seabrook","counties":["Chambers County","Galveston County","Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Attaway Ests","Ballard","Bay Shore","Baybrook","Baybrook Sec 01","Baybrook Sec 03","Bayshore Acres","Baywood Place","Choate Add\/Seabrook","City\/Seabrook","Clear Creek Area-9950.01","Clear Lake Forest","Clear Lake Forest Sec 01","Clear Lake Forest Sec 02","Clear Lake Forest Sec 03 R\/P","Clear Lake Forest Sec 05","El Cary Estates","El Jardin","El Jardin Sec 01","El Jardin Sec 03 U\/R","El Lago Estates 2","El Lago Estates Sec 01","El Lago Estates Sec 03","El Lago Estates Sec 05","El Mar Village","Ellis Cove","Endeavour Condo","Gay Vista","Harbour Cove Estates","Harbour Cove Estates Sec 1 R\/P","Horner","Joann S Cottages Sec 01 Condo","Joann S Cottages T\/H","Lago Pointe","Lake Cove","Lake Cove Sec","Lake Cove Sec 02","Lake Cove Sec 03","Lake Cove Sec 03 Amd","Lake Cove Sec 04 Amd","Lake Cove Sec 05","Lake Cove Sec 07","Lake Cove Sec 10 Amd","Lake Cove Sec 11","Lake Cove Sec 3","Lake Mija Village","Lakeshore","Lakeshore Condo","Lakeside T\/H","Lakeside Th Lakeside & Harbor","Lakewood Condo","Lakewood Pointe","Ledtje","Marina Bay Condo","Mckinney R\/P","Miramar","Miramar Green Condo Amd","Miramar Green T\/H Condo R\/P","Miramar Park Sec 01","Miramar Park Sec 02","Miramar Sec 01","Morristown","Mystic Village At Lake Mija","Natchez Landing","Natchez Landing Condo","Oak Alley","Oaks Seabrook","Ocean Park R\/P","Old Seabrook Village","Pebble Brook","Pebble Brook Condo","Pebble Brook Condos","Pelicans Nest Final","Quintana Roo Place Sec 02","Red Oak Acres","Roy Iles Lake Estates","Ruggles","Ruggles East","Savings And Loan -3036.11","Seabrook","Seabrook Island","Seabrook Island Sec 01","Seabrook Island Sec 02","Seagate Condos T\/H Tr 03","Seargent Lk Homes","Searidge Sec","Seascape 1","Seascape Sec 01","Seascape Sec 02","Seascape Sec 02 Prcl R\/P","Shady Lake","Sunset Acres Unr Sav & Loan","Taylor Lake Estates","Taylor Lake Shores","Taylor Lakes Estates R\/P","The Point On Taylor Lake","Timber Cove Sec 02","Todville","Town\/Seabrook","Wildwood","Wildwood Sec 01","Wildwood Village","Yacht Club Cond Ph 1","Yacht Club Condo Ph 01"],"zipcodes":["77565","77586"]},"seadrift":{"label":"Seadrift","counties":["Calhoun County"],"subdivisions":["Bay Club At Falcon Point Ranch","Seadrift Townsite","The Sanctuary Sub Ph 1 Po"],"zipcodes":["77983"]},"seagoville":{"label":"Seagoville","counties":["Dallas County","Kaufman County"],"subdivisions":["Samuel Thompson"],"zipcodes":["75159","75253"]},"sealy":{"label":"Sealy","counties":["Austin County"],"subdivisions":["0","A003\/A003 M N Allen","A005 \/ A005 San Felipe De A","A006 S F Austin","A007 \/ A007 S F Austin","A007a007 S F Austin","A031 \/ A031 J Cummings","A237\/A237 H & T C R R","Allen Tract","Bartlett Estates","Bernard Crossing","Brazos Country Sec I","Cerda Estates","Creekmore Meadows","Creekmore Meadows Subdivision","Creekmore Meadows Sudivision","Crick Sub","Dove Hollow","Dove Landing","E Buchtien Surv Abs 339","Fm331","Gebhardt C Sub","Glen Acres I","Glostershire Aviation","Glostershire Sub","H & T C R R Co Surv Abs #","H & Tcrr Co Surv Abs","Hunters Crossing","J Cummings","James Cummings Hacienda A-31","Jp Borden","Keyes Estates","Krampitz O A Sub","Lakeside Estate","Lazy River Sub","Lazy River Subdivision","M M Kenney","Martin M Kenney Surv Abs 352","Moravian Ridge Sub","No","Pt Brophy","Quail Meadows Sub","Rexville Ranch Estates","Riverwood Sub","Rosalie Add","Rural","S F Austin","S580 \/ S 580 Sealy Sub","S580 \/ S580 Sealy Sub","San Bernard Ranches","San Felip De Austin","San Felipe De Austin","San Felipe De Austin 5 League","San Felipe De Austin Town Tr","Sealy","Sealy Homestead Sub","Sealy Sub","Sealy Townsite","Settlers Crossing","Settlers Crossing Sub","Settlers Meadows","Settlers Ridge","South End Add","Southfork Ranch","Spring Oaks Estates","Sr30 Sealy Area North","Stephen F Austin League Abs #7","Stephen F Austin League Abs 7","Sunrise Estates","Tejas Village","The Vesley","Walker Jj Addn Ii","Westview Add","Westview Terrace","Westward Pointe","Wilkerson Estates Sub","Wiluam H Landrum Surv Abs #252"],"zipcodes":["77474"]},"sebastian":{"label":"Sebastian","counties":["Willacy County"],"subdivisions":["J & T Sub","Sebastian Original Townsite"],"zipcodes":["78594"]},"sebastopol":{"label":"Sebastopol"},"seguin":{"label":"Seguin","counties":["Guadalupe County"],"subdivisions":["Backson Estates","Ballard Sub","Chico #1","Elm Grv Camp Sub","Farm","Goodrum","Hickory Forrest","Jackson Estates","Lone Oak City Of Seguin","Morningside","Navarro","Rural_G23","Seguin Rural","Skaggs","Solomon Barnes Abs #56","West #1"],"zipcodes":["78123","78155","78156","78638"]},"selma":{"label":"Selma","counties":["Bexar County","Comal County","Guadalupe County"],"subdivisions":["The Retreat At Retama Park"],"zipcodes":["78154"]},"seminole":{"label":"Seminole","counties":["Gaines County"],"subdivisions":["Wolf Spgs Ranch"],"zipcodes":["79360"]},"seymour":{"label":"Seymour","counties":["Baylor County"],"zipcodes":["76380"]},"shelbyville":{"label":"Shelbyville","subdivisions":["Smokey Hollar Sub"]},"shenandoah":{"label":"Shenandoah","counties":["Montgomery County"],"subdivisions":["Boulevard Green","Boulevard Green At Vision Park","Centro 01","Malaga Forest Rep","Parkgate Reserve Final Rep","Shenandoah Valley 01","Shenandoah Valley 05","Shoreacres","Silverwood Ranch","The Woodlands","Tuscany Woods","Wellman Manor"],"zipcodes":["77380","77381","77384","77385"]},"shepherd":{"label":"Shepherd","counties":["San Jacinto County"],"subdivisions":["002350 - Ballas 458, Sec 1","A034 Jose Dolores Martinez","A113 Henry W Farley","A114 John Faulk","A144 - A144 William Hays","A25 - A025 William M Logan","Ballas 459","Bitter Creek","Bluegill","Cherry Creek #2","Christian Smith","David G Kincaid","Dixon #1","Dixon#2","Flowing Wells","Flowing Wells #1","H Whites","J D Martinez Surv Abs 34","John Faulk","Lake Run -A- Muck Ests","Lake Run-A-Muck Estates","Lake Run-A-Muck Estates #1","Lake Run-A-Muck Estates #10","Lake Run-A-Muck Estates #12","Lake Run-A-Muck Estates #4","Lake Run-A-Muck Estates #6","Lake Run-A-Muck Estates #7","Lake Run-A-Muck Estates #8","Lake Tejas","Lake Water Wheel Estates #1","Lake Water Wheel Estates #2","Lake Water Wheel Estates #3","Lake Water Wheel Estates #4","Lake Water Wheel Estates #5","Live Water Farms","Lm York","National Forest","No","Old Langham #2 Rep","Old Langham #2 Replat","Old Langham #3 Rep","Pine Creek Estates","Ragsdale Spgs","Ragsdale Springs","Regency Forest #1","Rolling Hills","Rolling Hills #2","Rolling Hills #3","Rolling Hills #4","Rurcat3","Shepherd School Add","Shepherd Townsite","Sherwood Forest","Sherwood Forest #1","Sherwood Forest #2","Sherwood Forest #3","Six Lakes","Thomas-Castleberry Road Sub","Town & Country #2","Town & Country #3","Uriah Gibson Surv Abs133","Wildwood Estates","William Hardin","William Hardin Surv A-20","William Hardin Surv Tract A Ab","Winding Creek #2","Wonderland Forest Farmettes #1","Woodland Lakes"],"zipcodes":["77371"]},"sheridan":{"label":"Sheridan","subdivisions":["Central Harvey Morey Surv Abs","Cockrill","L Lidstrand","Lake Sheridan","Lake Sheridan Estates","Sheridan"]},"shiner":{"label":"Shiner","counties":["Lavaca County"],"subdivisions":["A0300 - Naham Mixon","A0464 - Thomas Toby - G Davenport","Brown","Thomas Toby","Wiley A Abercrombie"],"zipcodes":["77984"]},"shiro":{"label":"Shiro","subdivisions":["Shiro","Wm Mc Guffin"]},"shoreacres":{"label":"Shoreacres","counties":["Chambers County","Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Shady River Sec 03","Shoreacres","Shoreacres Heights","Shoreacres R\/P","Shores Acres"],"zipcodes":["77571"]},"siennaplantation":{"label":"Sienna Plantation","counties":["Fort Bend County"],"subdivisions":["Sienna Plantation Sec 14"],"zipcodes":["77459","77583"]},"sierrablanca":{"label":"Sierra Blanca","counties":["Hudspeth County"],"subdivisions":["Sunset Ranches","Sx600 - Public School Land"],"zipcodes":["79851"]},"silsbee":{"label":"Silsbee","counties":["Hardin County"],"subdivisions":["A0031 Hill Jacob","Abstract 801 Cm","Ellery Joseph","Henry Mcgill League Abs #38","Hill Jacob","Hoco 1","Hunter Elijah Acres","J Hill","Joseph Ellery League Abs 17","Long Leaf Sub","Mcgill Henry","N Silsbee #1","North Silsbee Add","Norvell Silsbee","Oakdale Add","Out Of Town","Progressive","Riddle","S P Bankston","Santa Fe Townsite Add","Silsbee","Singleton","Singleton Df Acres","Southwestern Settlement &Dev","Undeclared","Village Mills Sub","Whispering Pines"],"zipcodes":["77656"]},"simms":{"label":"Simms","subdivisions":["Maya 1005","William Payton Lands"]},"simonton":{"label":"Simonton","counties":["Fort Bend County"],"subdivisions":["Brazos Valley","Brazos Valley Sec 1","Brazos Valley Sec 2","Brazos Valley Sec 3","N F Roberts","T Westall"],"zipcodes":["77441","77476","77485"]},"sinton":{"label":"Sinton","counties":["San Patricio County"],"subdivisions":["Gregory-Paul Sub Cfp Co","Sinton","Sinton-Cantu Add","Sinton-Odem Sub #3","Sinton-Sinton Oil & Gas Sub"],"zipcodes":["78387"]},"skidmore":{"label":"Skidmore","counties":["Bee County"],"subdivisions":["Thomas Banuelos & Step Sons Gr"],"zipcodes":["78389"]},"slaton":{"label":"Slaton","counties":["Lubbock County"],"subdivisions":["South Slaton"],"zipcodes":["79364"]},"slendora":{"label":"Slendora","subdivisions":["Green Forest Estates"]},"smiley":{"label":"Smiley","counties":["Gonzales County"],"subdivisions":["Legal Description"],"zipcodes":["78159"]},"smithpoint":{"label":"Smith Point","subdivisions":["Bayou Bay Estate","Heartfield Sub","Heron Place","White Heron","White Heron Estates","White Heron Residence Estate","White Heron Residence Estates Inc Sec 1","White Heron Residence Estates Sec 01"]},"smithville":{"label":"Smithville","counties":["Bastrop County"],"subdivisions":["Burleson","Christian Wertzner 1\/3 League","Christian Wetzner","Garrett, John V L Evans","Isles, Perry B","Kellar Farms","Lake Thunderbird","Litton, Addison","Mckey, Ruth","Pin Oak Creek Acres","Sawyer, Samuel","Smithville Townsite","The Prairie","Tobin"],"zipcodes":["78957"]},"snook":{"label":"Snook","counties":["Burleson County"],"subdivisions":["0","A0056 - Singleton P","Cr 443","Grand Lake Of Snook","Grand Lakes Sub Sec Ii","Heritage Acres","J P Coles Survey","Moses Cummings Surv A-16","Oak Hill Sec 1","Rural"],"zipcodes":["77878","77879"]},"snyder":{"label":"Snyder","counties":["Scurry County"],"subdivisions":["Cedar Creek Lynnwood"],"zipcodes":["79549","79550"]},"socorro":{"label":"Socorro","counties":["El Paso County"],"subdivisions":["Socorro"],"zipcodes":["79836","79927","79928"]},"somerville":{"label":"Somerville","counties":["Burleson County"],"subdivisions":["A0019 Dewitt Jj","A0035-Lastley J","A0045 - Perry O","A0064 - Austin Sf","A0155 - Isbell Wm","A0190 - Miles A H","Alford","Anita Heights","Apache Hills","Big Creek Estates","Birch Creek","Birch Creek Forest","Birch Creek Park Estates","Birch Creek Village","Brenham Add","Buckhannan","Byron River Ranch","City Of Lyons","Cr 201 Ranch Estates","Deer Forest","Edwards","Enchanted Oaks Park","H & G Post Oak Hill","J Long Surv Abs #37","James Lastley A 35","Jrl #1","Lake View North","Lakeside Cove","Landolt #5","Landolt #7","Lastley","Lauderdale","Marshall Oaks","Oak Forest","Oak Hill Sub","Orville Perry League A-45","Orville Perry Surv A-45","Paul Taylor Sub","Post Oak Hill","Rufus Goings Addition","S2414 Brenham Addition","S2502 - Somerville Place","S3501 Budnick-Fritcher","Serenity Ranch Estates","Somerville","Somerville Place","The Reserve","W Taylor Add","Wa & Jrl #2","Watson","Whispering Woods","Wilderness Sounds","Woodland West"],"zipcodes":["77879"]},"sonora":{"label":"Sonora","counties":["Sutton County"],"zipcodes":["76950"]},"sourlake":{"label":"Sour Lake","counties":["Hardin County"],"subdivisions":["A0948 Loyd Roxie","Country Wood","Country Wood Estate","Electric Add","Electric Annex","Galveston & B N Co -8","Guedry","Holly Trails","Holly Trails Ph 1","Jackson S","Pinewood","Pinewood Sec 01","Pinewood Sec 04","Sarah Guidry 24","Stephenson H","William Wiess Sub"],"zipcodes":["77659"]},"southhouston":{"label":"South Houston","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Allen Genoa Condo","Anderson Lake","Contemporary Main Plaza","Golfview Manor","Larkstone Place","Merilyn Place Sec 01","Merilyn Place Sec 03","Merilyn Plaza","Pecan Terrace","Pecan Terrace Add","South Acres Estate Sec 05","South Houston","South Houston & Texans Park","South Houston Gardens Sec 01","South Houston Terrace","Southglen","Texans Park Sec 2"],"zipcodes":["77260","77502","77504","77587"]},"southpadreisland":{"label":"South Padre Island","counties":["Cameron County"],"subdivisions":["Aquarius Condo"],"zipcodes":["78578","78597"]},"southsideplace":{"label":"Southside Place","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Crain Square","Crain Square Add","Southside Place"],"zipcodes":["77005","77025"]},"spicewood":{"label":"Spicewood","subdivisions":["Angel Bay","Gritten E","La Isla At Angel Bay","Lake Travis Cypress Cove Treeh","Lost Cove","Origami Spicewood 6","Overlook At Pedernales","Reserve At Lake Travis","Spicewood Trails","The Reserves","Thurman Bend Estates Sec 02","Tres Vista","Windermere Oaks"]},"splendora":{"label":"Splendora","counties":["Montgomery County"],"subdivisions":["A0594 Wills William","Amberwood","Barker Wm","Black Street","Brent Road 02","Canopies At Presswoods","Creekwood","Cypress Lakes","Deerbrook Village 01","Dusty Trails","E Cordova Estate","Eastwood 01","Freeway Forest 04","Green Forest Estates","Harvest Acres","Harvest Acres Original","Harvest Acres-1","Harvest Acres, Sec 2","Harvest Acres, Sec 4","Hill & Dale Acres 01","Hill & Dale Acres 02","Hill & Dale Acres 03","Hill & Dale Ranch","Hill & Dale Ranch 01","Hill & Dale Terrace","Hill And Dale Ranch","Holiday Oaks","Holiday Oaks 01","Holiday Oaks 02","Holiday Oaks 03","Holiday Oaks 04","Ida Strauss","J Cole","La Escondida","Lake Splendora","Lake Splendora 03","Lakeland Club 01","Lakeland Club 03","Maywood Acres","Mcdonald","Muleshoe Lake 02","Muleshoe Lake 04","Mustang Oaks","Olympia Oaks","Parkland Community 02","Patton Lake","Peach Ck Estate 01","Peach Ck Estate 02","Peach Ck Estate 03","Peach Ck Estate 04","Peach Ck Estate 05","Pressley Gill Surv Abs # 230 S","Presswoods","Rio Vista","Rivercrest Park","Rural","S353000","San Jacinto Rec","Shady Dale","Southern Crossing, Sec 2","Southern Crossing, Sec 3","Southern Oaks","Splendora Estates","Splendora Farms 01","Splendora Fields","Splendora Fields 01 Ph One","Splendora Fields 02 Ph One","Splendora Fields 04 Ph One","Splenwood","Splenwood S\/D & Holiday Oaks S\/D","Ssp Csp","The Landing","The Landing Ii","The Presswoods","The Presswoods 02","The Presswoods 03","The Presswoods 04","Townsend Reserve","Townsend Reserve 02","Unrestricted","West Hwy 59\/Fm 2090","West Hwy 59\/South Fm 2090","White Oak Place","White Oak Plantation","White Oak Plantation 01","White Oak Plantation 02","White Oak Plantation Sec 1 & 2","William Wills","William Wills Surv Abs # 594","William Wills Surv Abs #594","Williams Wills League A-594","Wills William","Woodlane","Woodlane A"],"zipcodes":["77372"]},"spring":{"label":"Spring","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["A G Holland","A Reaves","Aarons Place","Abst 531 S Mcferon & Tr5a","Abst 532 R O W Mcmanus","Ag Holland","Aldine Westfield","Allegro At Harmony","Allegro At Harmony 01","Allegro At Harmony 02","Allegro At Harmony 04","Ambient Living\/Kuykendahl","Ambient Living\/Kuykendahl Rese","Auburn Lakes","Auburn Lakes Estates Sec 01","Auburn Lakes Estates Sec 5","Auburn Lakes Pines","Auburn Lakes Pines Sec 03","Auburn Lakes Pines Sec I","Auburn Lakes Reserve","Auburn Lakes Reserve Sec 01","Auburn Lakes Reserve Sec 02","Auburn Lakes Retreat","Auburn Lakes Retreat Sec 02","Auburn Lakes Retreat Sec 03","Audubon Grove\/Springwoods Village","Audubon Grv\/Springwoods Village Se","Augusta Creek","Augusta Creek\/Augusta Pines","Augusta Crk Sec 02","Augusta Crk Sec 03","Augusta Crk Sec 3","Augusta Pines","Augusta Pines Sec 05","Augusta Pines Sec 07","Augusta Pines Sec 12","Augusta Pines Sec 5","Becker Mdws Sec 1","Bella Sera","Benders Landing","Benders Landing 01","Benders Landing 02","Benders Landing 02 Pt Rep","Benders Landing Estates","Benders Landing Estates 01","Benders Landing Estates 02","Benders Landing Estates 02 Prcl","Benders Landing Estates 05","Benders Landing Estates 06","Benders Landing Estates 07","Bending Bough Add & Ext U\/R","Bentwater 37","Birnam Wood","Birnam Wood Sec 01","Birnam Wood Sec 02","Birnam Wood Sec 02 Reserve B","Birnam Wood Sec 03","Birnam Wood Sec 04","Birnam Wood Sec 05","Birnam Wood Sec 4","Birnam Woods Sec 03","Bradbury Forest","Bradbury Forest Sec 01","Bradbury Forest Sec 02","Bradbury Forest Sec 03","Bradbury Forest Sec 04","Bradbury Forest Sec 2","Bradbury Forest Sec 5","Bradbury Forest Sec 6","Bradbury Forest Sec 7","Bradbury Forest Sec 8","Brecken Rdg Forest Sec 13","Breckenride Forest North Sec 1","Breckenridge","Breckenridge East Sec 4","Breckenridge East Sec 7","Breckenridge Forest","Breckenridge Forest East","Breckenridge Forest North Sec 01","Breckenridge Forest Sec 01","Breckenridge Forest Sec 04","Breckenridge Forest Sec 05","Breckenridge Forest Sec 07","Breckenridge Forest Sec 08","Breckenridge Forest Sec 11","Breckenridge Forest Sec 9","Breckenridge Park","Breckenridge Park Pt Rep 2","Breckenridge Park Sec 2","Breckenridge Pk","Breckenridge Pk West","Breckenridge West","Breckenridge West Sec 1","Breckenridge West Sec 11","Breckenridge West Sec 2","Breckenridge West Sec 3","Breckenridge West Sec 4","Breckenridge West Sec 5","Breckenridge West Sec 8","Breckenridge West Sec 9","Breckenridge West Section 7","Brentwood Lakes Sec 01","Brentwood Lakes Sec 02","Bridgeston Crossing","Bridgestone","Bridgestone Crossing","Bridgestone Lakes","Bridgestone Lakes Sec 02","Bridgestone Lakes Sec 03","Bridgestone Ranch","Bridgestone Sec","Bridgestone Sec 01 R\/P","Bridgestone Sec 02","Bridgestone Sec 03","Bridgestone Sec 04 R\/P","Bridgestone Sec 04 Rep","Bridgestone Sec 05","Bridgestone Sec 06","Bridgestone West","Bridgestone West Sec 01","Bridgestone Xing","Bridgestone Xing Bldg 6","Brindley Estate","Bulrice M C","C W Fritz Surv Abs #971","Caldwell Gosling","Camden Woodmill Creek Homes For Rent","Camp Mirror Lake","Camp Mirror Lake Sec 1","Camp Mirror Lake Sub Sec 1 Rep 1","Candlelight Hills","Candlelight Hills Sec 01 R\/P","Candlelight Hills Sec 03","Candlelight Hills Sec 04","Candlelight Hills Sec 05","Candlelight Park Estates","Candlelight Park Estates Sec 0","Canyon Gate At Legends Ranch","Canyon Gate At Legends Ranch 0","Canyon Gate At Legends Ranch 07","Canyon Lakes At Legend Ranch 0","Canyon Lakes At Legends Ranch","Canyon Lakes At Spring Trails","Cedar Oaks U\/R","Champion Forest","Champion Forest Sec","Champion Forest Sec 01","Champion Forest Sec 02","Champion Forest Sec 03","Champion Forest Sec 05","Champion Forest Sec 06","Champion Forest Sec 07","Champion Forest Sec 07 Amd","Champion Forest Sec 08","Champion Forest Sec 09","Champion Forest Sec 10","Champion Forest Sec 7","Champion Heavens Sub","Champion Lake 01","Champion Pines Condo 27th Supp","Champion Spgs Sec 01 Amd","Champion Spgs Sec 02","Champion Spgs Sec 03","Champion Spgs Village","Champion Woods At Colony Creek","Champion Woods Estates","Champion Woods Estates Sec 01","Champion Woods Estates Sec 1","Champion Woods Estates Sec 3 Pt","Champions Cove","Champions Forest Sec 01","Chancel","Charis Place","Colony Creek Village","Colony Creek Village Sec 02","Colony Creek Village Sec 04","Colony Creek Village Sec 05","Colony Creek Village Sec 07","Colony Crk Village Sec 01","Colony Crk Village Sec 03","Corum Station Sec 01 Reserve E","Cotton Oaks Estates","Country Lake Estates","Country Lake Estates Sec 01","Country Lake Estates Sec 02","Country Lake Estates Sec 03","Coventry","Coventry Sec 01 Prcl R\/P","Coventry Sec 03","Coventry Sec 3","Covington Bridge","Covington Bridge Sec 02","Creek Wood Acres","Creekside Park","Creekside Village","Creekside Village 01","Creekside Village 02","Creekside Village 03","Creekside Village 04","Creekside Village 06","Creekwood Acres","Creekwood Acres U\/R","Creekwood Vill Condos","Cricket Hill Estates U\/R","Cw Fritz","Cypress Forest Lakes","Cypress Forest Lakes Sec 1","Cypress Forest Park","Cypress Landing","Cypress Trace Sec 02","Cypress Trails Timberlane","Cypress Trails Timberlane 01","Cypress Trails Timberlane 02","Cypress Trls\/Timber Lane","Cypress Trls\/Timber Lane Sec 1","Cypress Villas","Cypressdale","Cypressdale Sec 01","Cypressdale Sec 02","Cypressdale Sec 03","Cypressdale Sec 04","Cypressdale Sec 1","Cypresswood","Cypresswood Glen","Cypresswood Glen Estates","Cypresswood Glen Estates Sec 0","Cypresswood Glen Estates Sec 3","Cypresswood Glen Sec 01 Amd","Cypresswood Glen Sec 02","Cypresswood Glen Sec 2","Cypresswood Green","Cypresswood Green Sec 01","Cypresswood Green Sec 02","Cypresswood Lake","Cypresswood Lake Sec 02","Cypresswood Lake Sec 03","Cypresswood Lake Sec 04","Cypresswood Lake Sec 06","Cypresswood Lake Sec 4","Cypresswood Landing","Cypresswood Lndg Sec 3","Cypresswood Place Sec 01","Cypresswood Sec 02","Cypresswood Sec 03","Cypresswood Sec 04","Cypresswood Sec 05","Cypresswood Sec 08","Cypresswood Sec 09","Cypresswood Sec 12","D Spell","Del Webb The Woodlands","Del Webb The Woodlands 01","Del Webb The Woodlands 03","Del Webb The Woodlands 04","Del Webb The Woodlands 05","Del Webb The Woodlands 06","Del Webb The Woodlands 08 Pt Rep 1","Devonshire Woods","Devonshire Woods Sec 01","Devonshire Woods Sec 02","Devonshire Woods Sec 05","Dove Meadow Sec 2 Ext","Dove Meadows","Dove Meadows 1","Dove Meadows Sec 02 R\/P","Dove Meadows Sec 03 R\/P","Dove Meadows Sec 04 Prcl R\/P","Dove Meadows Sec 06 Prcl R\/P","East Lk\/Gleannloch Farms","Enchanted Oaks","Enchanted Oaks Sec 02","Enchanted Oaks Sec 04 R\/P","Enclave At Imperial Oaks","Enclave At The Woodlands","Enclave\/The Woodlands","Estates At Creeks End","Estates At Windrush Sec 02","Estates At Windrush Sec 03","Estates Of Legends Ranch 01","Estates Of Legends Ranch 02","Estates Of Legends Trace","Estates Of Legends Trace 01","Fairfax","Fairfax Sec 01","Fairfax Sec 02","Fairfax Sec 2","Fairfax Village","Falls At Champion Forest","Falls At Champion Forest Sec 0","Falls At Imperial Oaks","Falls At Imperial Oaks 04","Falls At Imperial Oaks 05","Falls At Imperial Oaks 06","Falls At Imperial Oaks 07","Falls At Imperial Oaks 10","Falls At Imperial Oaks 21","Falls At Imperial Oaks 22","Falls At Imperial Oaks 27","Falls\/Champion Forest","Falls\/Champion Forest Sec 02","Falls\/Champion Forest Sec 2","Finney Nathan","Forest Lakes","Forest Lakes Sec 01","Forest North Park","Forest North Sec 01","Forest North Sec 03 R\/P","Forest North Sec 03 Rep","Forest Rdg Sec 01","Forest Rdg Sec 02","Forest Rdg Sec 1","Forest Village","Forest Village 01","Forest Village 02","Forest Village 03","Forest Village 04","Forest Village 08","Forest Village 09","Forest Village 10","Forest Village 13","Founders Reserve","Fox Run","Fox Run 01","Fox Run 05","Fox Run 06","Fox Run 07","Fox Run 09","Fox Run 10","Foxhollow South Sec 01","Foxhollow West R\/P","Giles Robert","Gleannloch Farms","Gleannloch Farms Sec 05","Gleannloch Farms Sec 15","Gleannloch Farms Sec 17","Gleannloch Farms Sec 19 Amd","Gleannloch Farms Sec 20","Gleannloch Farms Sec 22","Gleannloch Farms Sec 23","Gleannloch Farms Sec 25","Gleannloch Farms Sec 27","Gleannloch Farms Sec 28","Gleannloch Farms Sec 30","Gleannloch Farms Sec 31","Gleannloch Farms Sec 32","Gleannloch Farms Sec 33","Gleannloch Farms Sec 37","Gleannloch Farms Sec 39","Gleannloch Farms Sec 40","Gleannloch Farms Sec Thirty-On","Gleannloch Farms\/ Grove Sec 2","Glenloch","Glenloch Memorial Chase Sec 02","Glenloch Sec 02","Gosling Levi","Gosling Pines Sec 01","Gosling Pines Sec 1","Greengate Place","Greengate Place Sec","Greengate Place Sec 01","Greengate Place Sec 02","Greengate Place Sec 03","Greengate Place Sec 04","Greengate Place Sec 04 Correct","Greengate Place Sec 05 R\/P","Greengate Place Sec 06","Greengate Place Sec 07","H T & B Rr Co Nw 1\/4 Sec 2","Hampton Creek","Hampton Crk","Hampton Crk Sec 4","Hampton Crk Sec 6","Hampton Crk Sec 9","Hannover Estates Sec 01","Hannover Forest Sec 01","Hannover Spgs","Hannover Spgs Sec 02","Hannover Springs","Hannover Village","Hannover Village Sec 01","Hannover Village Sec 04","Hargrave Beach","Harmon","Harmony","Harmony Central Sector 01","Harmony Central Sector 02","Harmony Creek","Harmony Landing","Harmony Village","Harmony Village 02","Harmony Village 03","Harmony Village 05","Harmony Village 06","Harmony Village 07","Harmony Village 08","Harmony Village 09","Harmony Village 10","Harper Woods","Havenwood","Herring F H","Highland Glen","Highland Glen Sec 01","Highland Glen Sec 2","Highland Glen Sec 4","Highland Glen Sec 5","Holly Tree Estates","Hooks Airport","Hydies Crossing U\/R","Imperial Oaks","Imperial Oaks 01","Imperial Oaks 02","Imperial Oaks 03","Imperial Oaks 05","Imperial Oaks 08","Imperial Oaks 09","Imperial Oaks 11","Imperial Oaks 12","Imperial Oaks Forest","Imperial Oaks Forest 01","Imperial Oaks Forest 03","Imperial Oaks Park","Imperial Oaks Park 15","Imperial Oaks Park 16","Imperial Oaks Park 18","Imperial Oaks Village","Imperial Oaks Village 01","Imperial Oaks Village 02","James Cooper Surv Abs 189","John Zimmerman Surv Tract 2k A","Kings Village North","Kings Village North Pt Rep 4","Klein Grove","Kleinwood","Kleinwood Sec 01","Kodiak Xing Sec 1","Lago Woods","Lakes At Avalon Village","Lakes Of Cypress Forest","Lakes Of Cypress Forest Sec 02","Lakes Of Cypress Forest Sec 03","Lakes Of Sterling Gate","Lakes Sterling Gate","Lakes\/Avalon Village Sec 01","Lakes\/Avalon Village Sec 1","Lakes\/Cypress Forest","Lakes\/Cypress Forest Sec 01","Lakes\/Fairmont Greens Sec 1","Laurel Glen","Laurel Park","Laurel Park North","Laurel Park North Sec 1","Laurel Park North Sec 3","Laurel Park North Sec 5","Laurel Park Sec 1","Laurel Park Sec 3","Laurel Park Sec 4","Legends Ranch","Legends Ranch 10","Legends Run","Legends Run 01","Legends Run 02","Legends Run 04","Legends Run 07","Legends Run 08","Legends Run 09","Legends Run 12","Legends Trace","Legends Trace 01 Pt Repla","Legends Trace 03","Levi Gosling Abs 280","Levi Gosling Surv Abs # 280","Lexington Park","Lexington Woods","Lexington Woods North","Lexington Woods North Sec 01","Lexington Woods Sec 01","Lexington Woods Sec 02","Lexington Woods Sec 03","Lexington Woods Sec 05","Lexington Woods Sec 06","Lexington Woods Sec 09","Lisa Lane","Lockeridge Farms","Lockeridge Farms 01","Londonderry","Londonderry R\/P","Londonderry Sec 02 R\/P","Londonderry Sec 03","Louetta Glen","Louetta Glen Sec 01","Louetta Glen Sec 02","Louetta Green","Louetta Lakes","Louetta Lakes Sec 01","Louetta Lakes Sec 02","Louetta Lakes Sec 03","Louetta Lakes Sec 4","Louetta Park","Louetta Park Sec 1","Louetta Road Office Park","Louetta Woods","Lyndhurst Village","Lynwood Estates R\/P","M\/R-2748.00","Maple Airline","Maple Terrace","Maple Terrace Amd","Maple Terrace Amd 01","Mays Ambrose","Mcdonald R D-West","Mckenzie Park Sec 1","Mckenzie Park Sec 2","Mckenzie Park Sec 4","Meadow Hill Run","Meadowhill Run Sec 1","Memorial Chase","Memorial Chase Sec 01","Memorial Chase Sec 02","Memorial Chase Sec 04","Memorial Chase Sec 05","Memorial Creek","Memorial Creek Estates","Memorial Creek Estates 01 Amd","Memorial Creek Sec 02","Memorial Creek Sec 04","Memorial Creek Sec 05","Memorial Northwest","Memorial Northwest 04 Prcl R\/P","Memorial Northwest Estates","Memorial Northwest Estates 01","Memorial Northwest Sec 01","Memorial Northwest Sec 02 R\/P","Memorial Northwest Sec 02 Rep","Memorial Northwest Sec 03 R\/P","Memorial Northwest Sec 06","Memorial Northwest Sec 09","Memorial Northwest Sec 1","Memorial Northwest Sec 11","Memorial Northwest Sec 16","Memorial Northwest Sec 17","Memorial Northwest Sec 19","Memorial Northwest Sec 19 R\/P","Memorial Northwest Sec 23","Middlecreek Village","Mosswood 02","Mossy Oaks","Mossy Oaks Sec 05 U\/R","Normandy Forest","Normandy Forest Sec 01","Normandy Forest Sec 02","Normandy Forest Sec 05","Normandy Forest Sec 06","Normandy Forest Sec 07","Normandy Forest Sec 3","North Hill Estates","North Hill Estates Sec 02","North Hill Estates Sec 03","North Spg Sec 07","North Spring","North Spring Sec 01 U\/R & R\/P","North Spring Sec 04","North Spring Sec 05","North Spring Sec 06","North Spring Sec 07","North Spring Sec 08","North Spring Sec 10","North Spring Sec 12","Northampton","Northampton 04 Amd & Prcl R P","Northampton Estates","Northampton Estates Ph","Northampton Estates Ph 02","Northampton Estates Ph 03","Northampton Forest","Northampton Forest Sec 01","Northampton Forest Sec 03","Northampton Sec 01","Northampton Sec 02","Northampton Sec 03","Northampton Sec 04 Amd","Northampton Sec 05 02 R\/P","Northampton Sec 08","Northampton Sec 5 1st & 2nd Rp","Northcrest Village","Northcrest Village Sec 01","Northcrest Village Sec 02","Northcrest Village Sec 1","Northcrest Village Sec 2","Northcrest Village Sec 7","Northgate Crossing","Northhampton Estates Ph 01","Northhampton Estates Ph 03","Northwood Farms","Northwood Farms Sec 01 U\/R","Northwood Park","Northwood Pines","Northwood Pines Sec 01","Northwood Pines Sec 04","Oak Hill Village","Oak Ridge North","Oak Ridge North 02","Oak Ridge North 05","Oak Ridge North 06","Oakhill Village East","Oakmont Village","Oakridge Forest 03","Oakridge Forest 04","Oaks Devonshire Sec 01","Oaks Of Devonshire","Oaks Spring Creek Amd","Oakwood Glen","Oakwood Glen Sec 01","Oakwood Glen Sec 02","Oakwood Glen Sec 02 Prcl R\/P","Oakwood Glen West","Oakwood Glen West Sec 02","Oakwood Village U\/R","Palms Office Louetta Condo","Park At Cypresswood","Park At Meadohill","Park At Meadowhill Run","Park At Northgate Crossing","Park Of Meadowhill","Park Spg Sec 01","Park Spg Sec 02","Park Spg Sec 03","Park Spg Sec 2","Park Spg Sec 6","Park Spg Sec 7","Park Spring","Park\/Klein Sec 1","Park\/Klein Sec 2","Park\/Meadowhill Run","Park\/Meadowhill Run Sec 02","Park\/Meadowhill Run Sec 1 Amd","Park\/Meadowhill Run Sec 2","Park\/Meadowhill Run Sec 4","Park\/Meadowhill Run Sec 5","Park\/Northgate Crossing Sec 04","Park\/Northgate Xing","Park\/Northgate Xing Sec 03","Park\/Northgate Xing Sec 04","Park\/Northgate Xing Sec 3","Pine Grove","Pine Grove Sec 1 Amend","Pine Grove Sec 2","Pinelakes Eagle Bend 02 Amd","Pinelakes Pinaster Pointe","Pinelakes Pinaster Pointe 02","Pk\/Meadowhill Run Sec 01 Amd Place","Post Wood","Post Wood Sec 01 R\/P","Post Wood Sec 01 Rep","Post Wood Sec 03","Post Wood Sec 04","Postwood","Postwood Glen","Postwood Glen 1","Postwood Glen Sec 01","Postwood Sec 05","Preserve","Preserve At Northampton","Preserve Sec 01 Amd","Preserve Sec 02","Preserve Sec 2","Preserve\/Northampton","Preserve\/Northampton Sec 1","Preserve\/Northampton Sec 2","Preserve\/Northampton Sec 3","Preserve\/Northampton Sec 4","R O W Mcmanus","Rayford Ridge","Rayford Ridge 01","Rayford Ridge 02","Retreat At Gleannloch Farms","Retreat\/Augusta Pines","Retreat\/Glennloch Farms Sec 01","Rhodes Landing","Rolling Oaks Country","Ruby John H G C & S F Ry","Sanctuary Veritas","Sandpiper","Sandpiper Sec 01","Sandpiper Village","Sandpiper Village Sec 01","Sawmill Ranch","Sawmill Ranch Sec 2","Sawmill Ranch Sec 3","Sawmill Ranch Sec 4","Sawmill Ranch Sec 5","Sciaaca Rd & Spring Creek Dr","Sec 40","Sellers-Holland","Senterra Lakes","Senterra Lakes Sec 01","Shadow Creek At Augusta Pines","Shadow Crk Estates Sec 1","Shadow Crk South","Shadow Crk South Sec 1","Shadow Crk South Sec 2","Shadow Crk\/Augusta Pines","Shannon Forest Sec 01","Solstice At Harmony 01","Spring","Spring Creek","Spring Creek Forest","Spring Creek Forest Sec 01","Spring Creek Forest Sec 03","Spring Creek Forest Sec 04","Spring Creek Oaks","Spring Creek Oaks Patio Home","Spring Creek Oaks Ph 02","Spring Creek Oaks Sec 04","Spring Creek Oaks Sec 05","Spring Creek Oaks Sec 09","Spring Creek Pines","Spring Crk Court","Spring Crossing","Spring Crossing Sec 01","Spring Cypress\/Louetta Apts","Spring Falls Sec 1","Spring Forest","Spring Forest 01","Spring Forest 02","Spring Hills","Spring Hills 01","Spring Hills 04","Spring Hills North","Spring Lakes","Spring Lakes Sec 01","Spring Lakes Sec 07","Spring Lakes Sec 12","Spring Lakes Sec 13","Spring Lakes Sec 15","Spring Lakes Sec 9","Spring Landing","Spring Landing Sec 01","Spring Landing Sec 02","Spring Park Village","Spring Pines Sec 01","Spring Place Sub","Spring Ridge","Spring Ridge 02","Spring Steubner Estates U\/R","Spring Terrace","Spring Terrace Sec 2","Spring Terrace Sec","Spring Terrace Sec 01","Spring Terrace Sec 02","Spring Terrace Sec 04","Spring Terrace Sec 05","Spring Terrace Sec 06","Spring Terrace Sec 1","Spring Terrace Sec 2","Spring Terrace Sec 3","Spring Trails","Spring Trails 01","Spring Trails 04","Spring Trails 05","Spring Trails 08","Spring Trails 11","Spring Trails 12","Spring Trails 13","Spring Trails 14","Spring Trails 16","Spring Trails 17","Spring Trails 18","Spring Village Estates","Spring Xing Sec 02","Springbrook","Springbrook Sec 01","Springbrook Sec 02","Springbrook Sec 05","Springbrook Sec 07","Springbrook Sec 4","Springbrook Sec 5","Springridge Sec 01","Springridge Sec 02","Springridge Sec 02 Prcl R\/P","Sterling Rdg\/Northampton","Stillmeadow Farm","Stone Forest","Stone Forest Sec 03","Stonecreek Courts Condo","Stonegate Court Sec 01","Stonemill Courts Condo","Stratton Woods","Sylvania Spgs","Terra Nova Sec 01","Terranova","Terranova Sec 01","Terranova Sec 02","Terranova Sec 2","Terranova West Sec 01","Terranova West Sec 02","Terranova West Sec 04","Terranova West Sec 2","Terravista Sec 01","The Enclave At Lexington Woods","The Falls At Imperial Oaks","The Meadows At Imperial Oaks","The Meadows Of Imperial Oaks","The Woodlands Carlton Woods Creekside","The Woodlands Carlton Woods Creekside 03","The Woodlands Carlton Woods Creekside 08","The Woodlands Carlton Woods Creekside 11","The Woodlands Creekside Park","The Woodlands Creekside Park 03","The Woodlands Creekside Park 04","The Woodlands Creekside Park 05","The Woodlands Creekside Park 06","The Woodlands Creekside Park 07","The Woodlands Creekside Park 08","The Woodlands Creekside Park 12","The Woodlands Creekside Park 14","The Woodlands Creekside Park 18","The Woodlands Creekside Park 19","The Woodlands Creekside Park 21","The Woodlands Creekside Park 23","The Woodlands Creekside Park 24","The Woodlands Creekside Park 26","The Woodlands Creekside Park 27","The Woodlands Creekside Park 28","The Woodlands Creekside Park 29","The Woodlands Creekside Park 32","The Woodlands Creekside Park 37","The Woodlands Creekside Park K 25","Then Enclave","Thicket At Cypresswood","Thicket At Cypresswood Sec 01","Thicket At Cypresswood Sec 02","Timber Lakes","Timber Lakes 01","Timber Lakes 02","Timber Lakes 3a&3b","Timber Lane","Timber Lane Sec","Timber Lane Sec 01","Timber Lane Sec 02","Timber Lane Sec 03","Timber Lane Sec 04","Timber Lane Sec 05","Timber Lane Sec 06","Timber Lane Sec 07","Timber Lane Sec 08","Timber Lane Sec 09","Timber Lane Sec 11","Timber Lane Sec 12","Timber Ridge","Timber Ridge 02","Timber Ridge 03","Toby Thomas Surv Abs 578 Tract","Tres Lagos Of Mckenzie Park","Twin Falls","Twin Falls Sec 01","Twin Falls Sec 2","Twin Falls Sec 3","Twin Falls Sec 4","Unrestricted","Vicksburg","Village Auburn Lakes Sec 01","Village Northgate Crossing 02","Village Of Auburn Lakes Sec 1","Village Of Oak Ridge Grove","Village\/Auburn Lakes","Village\/Auburn Lakes Sec 1","Village\/Spg Oaks Sec 03","Villages Gleannloch Farms 06","Villages Northgate Crossing","Villages Northgate Crossing 01","Villages Northgate Crossing 02","Villages Northgate Crossing 04","Villages Northgate Crossing 06","Villages Northgate Crossing 07","Villages Northgate Crossing 10","Villages Of Bridgestone","Villages Of Northgate Crossing","Villages Of Northgate Crossing Sec 12","Villages Spring Oaks","Villages Spring Oaks Sec 01","Villages Spring Oaks Sec 02","Villages\/Bridgestoneamd","Villages\/Northgate Xing","Villages\/Northgate Xing Sec 12","Villages\/Senterra Lakes","Villages\/Spg Oaks Sec 03","Villages\/Spring Oaks Sec 04","Villas Of Oakwood Glen","Vistas\/Klein Lake Sec 3","Vivace At Harmony","Vivace At Harmony 01","Vivace At Harmony 02","Wdlnds Harpers Lnd College Park","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 02","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 03","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 20","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 46","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 51","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 53","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 66","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 19","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 28","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Crossing","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 03","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 05","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 24","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 25","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 28","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 31","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 38","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 47","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml Lake Har","Wdlnds Village Indian Sprg 01","Wdlnds Village Indian Sprg 12","Wdlnds Village Of Carlton Woods 01","Wdlnds Village Of Carlton Woods 02","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 01","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 02","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 03","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 07","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 14","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 20","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 30","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 08","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 26","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 29","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 37","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 60","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 61","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 79","Wildewood Sec 1","William Lemm Surv Abs 519","Willow Estates #3","Willow Estates #6","Willow Park Office Condos","Willow Trace","Willow Trace Sec 01","Willow Trace Sec 2","Willowcreek Stables Estates","Willowick Forest","Wilson Holland & Beach","Wimbldon Pines Condominiums","Wimbledon Champions 01 Prcl R\/","Wimbledon Champions Estates","Wimbledon Champions Garden Estate","Wimbledon Champions Parks 02","Wimbledon Champions Sec 01","Wimbledon Chapions Estates","Wimbledon Chapions Estates Sec 2","Wimbledon Estate & Racquet Club 1","Wimbledon Estates & Racq Cl Se","Wimbledon Estates & Racq Cl Sec 01","Wimbledon Estates & Racq Cl Sec 2","Wimbledon Estates & Racq Club","Wimbledon Estates & Racquet Club","Wimbledon Forest","Wimbledon Forest Sec 01 Amd","Wimbledon Forest Sec 02 Amd","Wimbledon Park","Wimbledon Pines Condo","Windrose","Windrose Auburn Ridge","Windrose Auburn Ridge Sec 02","Windrose Eagle Bend Sec 03","Windrose Eaglewood","Windrose Eaglewood Sec 01","Windrose Eaglewood Sec 02","Windrose Tr Sf-16","Windrose West","Windrose West Sec 02","Windrose West Sec 11","Windrose West Sec 12","Windsor Forest R\/P","Woodbriar Place","Woodlands Vil Creekside Park","Woodlands Village Cochrans Crossing","Woodlands Village Grogans Mill","Woodlands Village Sterling Ridge","Woodlands Vlg\/Creekside Park Sec","Woodmill Creek","Woodmill Creek 01","Woodson Reserve","Woodson's Reserve","Woodson's Reserve - Aspen Collection","Woodson's Reserve - Cypress Collection","Woodson's Reserve - Magnolia Collection","Woodson's Reserve - Sycamore Collection","Woodson\u2019s Reserve","Woodsons Reserve","Woodsons Reserve 02","Woodsons Reserve 04","Woodsons Reserve 05","Woodsons Reserve 06","Woodsons Reserve 07","Woodsons Reserve 08","Woodsons Reserve 10","Woodsons Reserve 11","Woodsons Reserve 12","Woodsons Reserve 15","Woodsons Reserve 16","Woodsons Reserve 18","Woodsons Reserve 19","Wrights Landing At Legends Tra","Wrights Landing At Legends Trace","Wrights Landing At Legends Trace 03","Wunsche"],"zipcodes":["77373","77379","77380","77381","77382","77383","77386","77387","77388","77389","77391","77393"]},"springbranch":{"label":"Spring Branch","counties":["Comal County"],"subdivisions":["Comal Hills 1","Cypress Sprgs The Guadalupe 1","Guadalupe River Estates","Lake Of The Hills Estates","Mystic Shores 11","Mystic Shores 18","Mystic Shores 21","Mystic Shores 3","Rivermont 3","Shadyvilla Annex Sec 2","Silver Falls","Stallion Estates","Whispering Hills"],"zipcodes":["78070"]},"springvalleyvillage":{"label":"Spring Valley Village","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Bonnie Oaks","Bonnie Oaks Sec 03","Forest Retreat","Larston Court","Spring Oaks Sec 03","Spring Valley","Spring Valley Estates Sec 3","Spring Valley Village","Thomas Court","Voss"],"zipcodes":["77024","77055"]},"springtown":{"label":"Springtown","counties":["Parker County","Wise County"],"subdivisions":["William Cutbirth Abxt 266"],"zipcodes":["76082"]},"spur":{"label":"Spur","counties":["Dickens County"],"zipcodes":["79370"]},"spurger":{"label":"Spurger","subdivisions":["Bbb & C Sec 14 Abs 864","Rural","Spurger Pines","Spurger Pines North","Weiss"]},"sring":{"label":"Sring","subdivisions":["Cypress Trails Timberlane","Legends Run","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 12"]},"stafford":{"label":"Stafford","counties":["Fort Bend County","Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Applecreek Bend","Arcott Place Sec 2","Arias","Bbb & C Ry","Colony Lake Estates Sec 1","Crestmont Village","Dove Country","Dove Country R\/P","Estates At Promenade Sec 2","F P Hoffman","I & Gn","Jane Dees","Kingsway","Meadow Village","Meadowglen Sec 1","Oaks At Riverbend","Park Hill","Park Hill Villas","Quailridge","Ramirez S\/D","Retreat At Stafford","Southmeadow","Southmeadow Sec 1","Southmeadow Sec 2","Sta-Mo","Sta-Mo Annex","Stafford Oaks","Stafford Run","Stafford Run Sec 2","Stafford Run Sec 3","Sugar Creek","Sugar Creek Sec 28","The Promenade At Stafford Run Sec 2","Vaccaro Manor","Wm Neal","Woodland West Sec 2"],"zipcodes":["77477","77497"]},"stagecoach":{"label":"Stagecoach","counties":["Montgomery County"],"subdivisions":["Stagecoach Farms","Stagecoach Farms 06","Stagecoach Farms 08","Stagecoach Farms 09","Stagecoach Farms 10"],"zipcodes":["77355"]},"stamford":{"label":"Stamford","counties":["Haskell County","Jones County"],"subdivisions":["College Heights"],"zipcodes":["79521","79553"]},"stanton":{"label":"Stanton","counties":["Martin County"],"zipcodes":["79782"]},"stockdale":{"label":"Stockdale","counties":["Wilson County"],"subdivisions":["Free Timber Meadows Stockdale"],"zipcodes":["78160"]},"stowell":{"label":"Stowell","counties":["Chambers County"],"subdivisions":["Stowell"],"zipcodes":["77661","77665"]},"streetman":{"label":"Streetman","counties":["Freestone County","Navarro County"],"subdivisions":["Admiral Shores","April Cove","Rustling Oaks Estates Ph I","Southern Oaks","Southpoint On Richland Chamb","Streetman","The Woods At Richland Chamb"],"zipcodes":["75859","76681"]},"sublime":{"label":"Sublime","subdivisions":["W R Henry"]},"sugarland":{"label":"Sugar Land","counties":["Fort Bend County"],"subdivisions":["0054 Wm S Little","0054 Wm S Little, Acres","A Hodge","Alcorn Bend","Alden Spgs At Riverstone Sec 1","Alden Spgs At Riverstone Sec 2","Alkire Lake Sub","Alkire Lake Sub Sec 2","Alkire Lakes","Ashford Lakes","Ashford Lakes Sec 6","Ashford Lakes Sec 7","Auburn Manor At Riverstone Sec 2","Austin Meadow","Austin Meadow Sec 1","Austin Park Sec 2","Autumn Ridge","Avalon","Avalon At Riverstone","Avalon At Riverstone 60s Hagerson","Avalon At Riverstone Sec 10-A","Avalon At Riverstone Sec 10-B","Avalon At Riverstone Sec 2","Avalon At Riverstone Sec 20","Avalon At Riverstone Sec 21","Avalon At Riverstone Sec 3","Avalon Gardens Of Avalon","Avalon Gardens Of Avalon Sec 4","Avalon Meadows Of Avalon Sec 1","Barrington Place","Barrington Place Sec 1","Barrington Place Sec 2","Barrington Place Sec 3","Barrington Place Sec 5-B","Benj George","Brazos Landing","Brazos Landing Sec 1","Bridgewater Sec 1","Bridgewater Sec 2","Brookside","Brookside Add Sec 2","Brookside At Riverstone","Brown & Belknap","Chelsea Harbour","Chelsea Harbour Sec 1","Chelsea Harbour Sec 2","Chimneystone","Chimneystone Sec 1","Chimneystone Sec 2","City Plaza At Town Square","Claytons Bend Sec 1","Claytons Bend Sec 2","Clements Crossing Sec 2","Cleveland Lake Sub","Colony Bend","Colony Bend Sec 1","Colony Bend Sec 2","Colony Bend Sec 3","Colony Grant Sec 1","Colony Oaks","Colony Park","Commonwealth Estates","Commonwealth Estates Sec 1","Commonwealth Park Sec 3","Condominiums At Grants Lake","Covington West","Covington Woods","Covington Woods Sec 1","Covington Woods Sec 2","Covington Woods Sec 3","Covington Woods Sec 4","Covington Woods Sec 5","Creekshire Sec 1","Creekshire Sec 2","Creekshire Sec 3","Creekstone Village At Riverstone","Creekstone Village At Riverstone Sec 2","Creekstone Village At Riverstone Sec 4","Creekstone Village At Riverstone Sec 5","Creekstone Village At Riverstone Sec 6","Creekstone Village At Riverstone Sec 8","Crescent Lakes","Crescent Lakes Sec 1","Crescents On The Green","Crossing At Telfair","Crossing Cove At Riverstone Sec 2","Crown Garden At Imperial","Crown Garden At Imperial Sec 1b","Crown Garden At Imperial Sec 2b","Crown Garden At Imperial Sec 2c","Cypress Glen","D A Conner","Eaglewood Sec 7","Eaglewood Sec 8","Edgewater","Edgewood At Riverstone Sec 2","Eldridge Lake Sec 2","Eldridge Park Village","Eldridge Park Village Sec 2","Enclave At Riverpark","Englewood Place Estates","Gannoway Lake Estates Sec 2","Gardens Of Avalon Sec 1","Gardens Of Avalon Sec 2","Glen Laurel","Glen Laurel Sec 2","Glen Laurel Sec 3","Grants Lake","Grants Lake Condo","Grants Lake Tempos","Grants Lake Tempos Sec 1","Grants Lake Twnhms","Grants Lake Twnhms Sec 1","Grants Lake Twnhms Sec 3","Greatwood","Greatwood Arbor","Greatwood Arbor Sec 2","Greatwood Brooks Mill","Greatwood Crossing","Greatwood Crossing Sec 1","Greatwood Crossing Sec 3","Greatwood Fairview","Greatwood Forest","Greatwood Forest Sec 3","Greatwood Forest Sec 4","Greatwood Glen","Greatwood Glen Sec 1","Greatwood Highland Park Sec 2","Greatwood Knoll","Greatwood Knoll Sec 1","Greatwood Knoll Sec 3","Greatwood Knoll Sec 4","Greatwood Lakeside Village","Greatwood Shores","Greatwood Shores Sec 2","Greatwood Shores Sec 3","Greatwood Springfield Sec 1","Greatwood Stonebridge","Greatwood Stonebridge Sec 2","Greatwood Stonebridge Sec 3","Greatwood Terrace","Greatwood Terrace Sec 1","Greatwood Tr C-8","Greatwood Trails Sec 3 R\/P","Greatwood Tuscany Place","Greatwood Tuscany Place Sec 3","Greatwood Village","Greatwood Village Sec 1","Greatwood Woodcreek Sec 2","Greatwood Woodhaven","Greenbriar","Greenbriar Addn","Hagerson Road Tr Sec 1","Hall Lake R\/P","Hartford Landing At Riverstone","Hidden Lake Estate","High Meadows","High Meadows Sec 1","Imperial","Imperial Estates","Imperial Estates Sec 1","Imperial Estates Sec 2","Imperial Woods","Imperial Woods Sec 2","Ivory Ridge At Riverstone Sec 1","J Kuykendall","Jno Leverton","Kingsbridge Place","Kingsbridge Place Sec 1","Kingsbridge Place Sec 2","Kingsbridge Village","Kingsbridge Village Sec 3","Kingsbridge Village Sec 6","Lake Pointe","Lake Pointe Sec 3","Lake Pointe Sec 4","Lake Pointe Townhomes","Lake Village R\/P","Lakebend At Sugar Creek","Lakefield","Lakefield Sec 1","Lakefield Sec 2","Lakes Of Austin Park","Lakes Of Edgewater Sec 1","Landing At Grants Lake Sec 1","Lost Creek At Riverstone","Lost Creek At Riverstone Sec 1","M M Battle","Magnolia Plantation","Majestic Pointe At Riverstone","Mayfield Park Sec 1","Mayfield Park Sec 2","Meadowview Estates","Millwood At Riverstone","Millwood At Riverstone Sec 1","Millwood At Riverstone Sec 3","Millwood At Riverstone Sec 4","Napa Valley","New Territory","New Territory Fosters Green","New Territory Prcl C-6 Through C-9","New Territory Prcl Mcu-7","New Territory Prcl Sf-19a","New Territory Prcl Sf-19b","New Territory Prcl Sf-20","New Territory Prcl Sf-22","New Territory Prcl Sf-27","New Territory Prcl Sf-32","New Territory Prcl Sf-34","New Territory Prcl Sf-35","New Territory Prcl Sf-36a","New Territory Prcl Sf-36b","New Territory Prcl Sf-37","New Territory Prcl Sf-38","New Territory Prcl Sp-4","New Territory Sf-26","New Territory\/Crescent Ridge","Oak Lake Court","Oak Lake Estates","Oak Lake Estates Sec 2","Oak Lake Estates Sec 3","Oakland","Orchard Lake Estates","Orchard Lake Estates Sec 1","Oxford Sec 1","Oxford Sec 2","Oyster Point","Oyster Point Sec 1 R\/P","Park At Eldridge","Park Pointe Sec 4","Park Pointe Sec 5","Park Pointe Sec 7","Pecan Manor","Pheasant Creek","Pheasant Creek Sec 1","Pheasant Creek Sec 2","Plantation Bend","Plantation Colony Sec 1","Plantation Colony Sec 2","Point At Imperial","Point Royale","Point Royale, New Territory","Ragus Lake Estates","Ragus Lake Estates Sec 1","Richmond Road Farms Gardens","Riverbend North","Riverbend South","Riverpark","Riverpark Sec","Riverpark Sec 10","Riverpark Sec 12","Riverpark Sec 7","Riverpark Sec 9","Riverstone","Riverstone - Auburn Manor","Riverstone North Sec 1","Riverway Estates Sec 1","Robinson Landing","Robinson Landing Sec 1","S M Williams","Sanders Glen At Riverstone","Sanders Ridge","Sanders Ridge Sec 1","Settlers Grove","Settlers Park","Settlers Park Sec 1","Settlers Park Sec 2","Shadow Glen At Riverstone","Shadow Glen At Riverstone Sec 2","Shadow Glen At Riverstone Sec 4","Shadow Glen At Riverstone Sec 5","Silent Manor At Imperial","Ssugarmill Sec 7","Stephens Grant","Stonehaven Sec 1","Stratford Park Village","Stratford Park Village Four","Stratford Park Village One","Stratford Park Village Six","Stratford Park Village Two","Sugar Creek","Sugar Creek Sec 1","Sugar Creek Sec 10","Sugar Creek Sec 12","Sugar Creek Sec 14","Sugar Creek Sec 16","Sugar Creek Sec 21","Sugar Creek Sec 22","Sugar Creek Sec 24","Sugar Creek Sec 4","Sugar Grove","Sugar Grove Sec 1","Sugar Grove Sec 2","Sugar Grove Sec 3","Sugar Lakes","Sugar Lakes Sec 1","Sugar Lakes Sec 2","Sugarfield","Sugarfield Sec 1","Sugarfield Sec 2","Sugarmill","Sugarmill Sec 2","Sugarmill Sec 4","Sugarmill Sec 6","Sugarmill Sec 8","Sugarwood","Sugarwood R\/P Sec 1","Summerfield","Summerfield Sec 1","Summerfield Sec 2","Summerfield Sec 4","Summerfield Sec 6","Summerhill Sec 1","Sutton Forest Sec 1 R\/P","Sutton Forest\/Commonwealth","Sutton Park","Sweetbriar At Riverstone","Sweetbriar At Riverstone Sec 2","Sweetbriar Sec 1","Sweetwater","Sweetwater Estates","Sweetwater Estates Sec 1","Sweetwater Sec 1","Sweetwater Sec 12","Sweetwater Sec 3","Sweetwater Townhomes","Tealbriar","Telfair","Telfair Sec 10","Telfair Sec 17","Telfair Sec 18","Telfair Sec 2","Telfair Sec 24","Telfair Sec 26","Telfair Sec 28","Telfair Sec 3","Telfair Sec 34","Telfair Sec 35","Telfair Sec 6","Telfair Sec 7","Telfair Sec 9","The Enclave","The Enclave At Lake Pointe","The Grove At Riverstone Sec 1","The Highlands","The Highlands Sec 1","The Highlands Sec 2","The Highlands Sec 3","The Hill","The Island At Riverstone","The Lakes Sec 3","The Orchard","The Reserve At Glen Laurel Sec 1","The Towns Of Grants Lake","The Towns Of Grants Lake Sec 2","The Villas At Riverstone","Townewest","Townewest Sec 1","Townewest Sec 2","Townewest Sec 4","Townewest Sec 5","Townewest Sec 6","Venetian Estates","Venetian Estates Sec 1","Venetian Estates Sec 2","Village Of Oak Lake","Village Of Oak Lake R\/P","Village Of Oak Lake Sec 3","Village Of Oak Lake Sec 5","Villages Of Avalon Sec 4","Villas Of Sweetwater","Walker Station","Walker Station Sec 1","Waterford","Waterford Sec 1","Waters Of Avalon Sec 2","Williams Glen Sec 1","Williams Grant Sec 1","Wm S Little","Woodbridge Estates","Woodbridge Fbc Sec 2","Woodbridge Fbc Sec 3","Woodbridge Of Fbc Sec 11","Woodbridge Of Fbc Sec 16","Woodstream","Woodstream Sec 1","Woodstream Sec 2","Woodstream Sec 3"],"zipcodes":["77469","77477","77478","77479","77487","77496","77498"]},"sullivancity":{"label":"Sullivan City","counties":["Hidalgo County"],"zipcodes":["78595"]},"sunnyside":{"label":"Sunnyside","subdivisions":["Inwood Terrace Sec 03"]},"sunrisebeachvillage":{"label":"Sunrise Beach Village","counties":["Llano County"],"subdivisions":["Sunrise Beach","Sunrise Beach Ag"],"zipcodes":["78643"]},"surfsidebeach":{"label":"Surfside Beach","counties":["Brazoria County"],"subdivisions":["29 Palms Sub","B C I C","B C I C Div 1","B C I C Div 2 Surfside","B T Archer","Bay Breeze","Bayview","Bcic Div 2","Beachwood","City Of Surfside","Css","Detenbeck","Gulf Park Beach","Gulf Ridge","Hazen & Hazen","Ja-Dot Sub","Janik-Appleman Sd B C I C Div","Jordan","Kramig Lts 46-46a","Lazy Palms","Nesmith Tr 212","Palm Beach","Perry Homestead Tract Tract 5","Point Lookout Sd B C I C Div","S\/D Pt Tr 202 Condonunium","S\/D Tr 204","S\/D Tr 205","S\/D Tr 45a","San Luis Beach","San Luis Beach S\/D","Sea Breeze","Shanks","Shanks & Belanger Tr 193","Shanks & Belanger Tr 200","Southwind","Sunny Beach","Surfside","Surfside Beach","Surfside Beach Estates","Surfside Beach Ests Sec 2","Surfside Beach Proper","Surfside Ests","Surfside Shores","Surfside Townsite","Surfside Townsite C Sec 3","Surfside Townsite Sec 2","Surfside Townsite Sec 3","Surfside Townsite Sec A","Surfside Townsite Sub A","Townhomes Of West Palm","Velasco Shores","West Palm Village","West Palm Village Bcic Div 1","Yucca"],"zipcodes":["77541"]},"sweeny":{"label":"Sweeny","counties":["Brazoria County"],"subdivisions":["A0079 - I Keep","A0138 - S M Williams","Arch Mcdonald","Arch Mcdonald Sd Tr 6-7-11-12","Bernard River Oaks","D Mccormick","D Mcneel","Early Sweeny","Glenwood Ext Sweeny","Glenwood Sweeny","Hillcrest Sweeny","Homeland 1","Homeland 2","Homeland Acres","I Keep","J W & B","John Cummings","Joseph White","Macdonald Sweeny Tr 53-57-58","Macdonald Sweeny Tr 59-60","Mckinney Sweeny","Meador 2 Sweeny Tr 55-56","Meador Sweeny","Meador Sweeny Tr 50 Blk C","Oaks Sweeny","Plantation Oaks","R H Williams","Rural Oaks Sweeny","S M Williams","S\/D Trs A-B-D-E-H","S4600 - Hammond Sweeny","S7885 - Sweeny","S8054 Treehouse Terrace Sd","San Bernard Estates","San Bernard Villa Sec Iii","San Bernard Villas","Scb Abstracts","Shady Acres","Shipman & Charles","Silver Leaf 0079 I Keep","Smith Sweeny","Southend Add Sweeny","Sweeny","Townsite","W C Carson"],"zipcodes":["77480"]},"sweetwater":{"label":"Sweetwater","counties":["Nolan County"],"subdivisions":["Elm Grove"],"zipcodes":["79556"]},"taft":{"label":"Taft","counties":["San Patricio County"],"zipcodes":["78390"]},"talco":{"label":"Talco","counties":["Titus County"],"zipcodes":["75487"]},"taylor":{"label":"Taylor","counties":["Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["Taylor City"],"zipcodes":["76574","78634"]},"taylorlakevillage":{"label":"Taylor Lake Village","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Clear Lake Forest Sec 01","Clear Lake Forest Sec 02","Clear Lake Forest Sec 05","El Lago Estates Sec 03","Taylor Lake Canals","Taylor Lake Place","Timber Cove","Timber Cove Sec 01","Timber Cove Waterfront"],"zipcodes":["77586"]},"teague":{"label":"Teague","counties":["Freestone County"],"subdivisions":["Burns Add Sec 1","Chumney","City\/Teague","Cort Ranch","G Brewer Surv A-5","G Luna","J Mc Anulty","No","R Lawson A-375","Teague","Teague Hunting & Fishing","Teague Hunting And Fishing","Unk"],"zipcodes":["75860"]},"tehuacana":{"label":"Tehuacana","counties":["Limestone County"],"subdivisions":["130 Acres","A003 John Boyd"],"zipcodes":["76686"]},"temple":{"label":"Temple","counties":["Bell County"],"subdivisions":["Glendale Add Amd","Hardcastle","North Park","Overlook Ridge Estates","Valley Ranch","Western Hills 9th Ext"],"zipcodes":["76501","76502","76503","76504","76505","76508","76513","76528"]},"tenaha":{"label":"Tenaha","counties":["Shelby County"],"zipcodes":["75974"]},"tennesseecolony":{"label":"Tennessee Colony","subdivisions":["Meadowlark Sub Ph 2"]},"terrell":{"label":"Terrell","counties":["Kaufman County"],"subdivisions":["Pleasant Acres Estates"],"zipcodes":["75160","75161"]},"texarkana":{"label":"Texarkana","counties":["Bowie County"],"subdivisions":["City\/Triggs Add","H S Janes","Mark Epperson Surv Abs 185"],"zipcodes":["75501","75503","75504","75505","75507","75599"]},"texascity":{"label":"Texas City","counties":["Chambers County","Galveston County"],"subdivisions":["Amburn Boat Basin","Amburn Homesites","Amburn Oaks Sec 2 2006","Amburn Park Rep","Aristidis John Pontikas Enterp","Armstrong T D","Armstrong T D Ext","Avondale","B A & P","Bayside Landing Ph1\/4a","Bayway Sub 2004","Belke Tr","Bell H","Bell Isaac #2","Bell Ollie","Blue Jay Sub","Bohn Sub","Buttonwood Estates 2001","Central Park","Central Park South","Central Park Square","Central Pk Sec One","Chelsea Manor","Clairmont","Clearview Terrace","Clearview Terrace Sec 3","Clifton By The Sea","Cobblestone","Cobblestone Sec 1","Converse","Crescent Trace 2003","Duroux A","Estelle","Fairfield","Final Plat\/Pearlbrook Sec 2","Franks","Gatsby Condo","Godard Park","Grand Cay Harbour Sec 1 2007","Grand Cay Harbour Sec 2 2007","Grand Cay Harbour Sec 3 2007","Hawkins","Heights Annex","Herons Landing","Herons Lndg Sec 2","Hobgood","Holland Country Sub 99","Hubbard","Imps Only","Independence Park","J Sellers Sur","Jemison","Jemison Add","John Sellers League Share A","Jones P","Kohfeldt","Kohfeldt & Braun","Kohfeldt 1st Add","Kohfeldt 1st Addn Extn","Kohfeldt 2nd","Kohfeldt 2nd Abst 63","Kohfeldt F Resub","Kohfeldt F W","Kohfeldt Heights","Kohfeldts Sub","Lago Mar","Lago Mar Pod 11","Lago Mar Pod 11 Sec 5","Lago Mar Pod 11 Sec 6","Lago Mar Pod 11 Sec 7a","Lago Mar Pod 3 Sec 1","Lago Mar Pod 3 Sec 3","Lago Mar Pod 4","Lago Mar Pod 4 Sec 1","Lago Mar Pod 4 Sec 3","Lago Mar Pod 4 Sec 5","Lago Mar Pod 5 Sec 1","Lago Mar Pod 5 Sec 3","Lago Mar Pod 6","Lago Mar Pod 6 Sec 1","Lago Mar Pod 6 Sec 2","Lago Mar Pod 7 Sec 1","Lago Mar Pod 7 Sec 2","Lago Mar Pod 7 Sec 5","Lago Mar Pord 4","Lago Mar Sec 1 Pod 5","Lago Mar Sec 2 Pod 6","Lago Mar Sec 3 Pod 5","Lago Mar Sec 4 Pod 4","Lago Mar Sec 5 Pod 4","Lake Pointe Vista","Lakeview 1","Lakeview Sub 91","Lakeway Add 1","Linton","Lone Trail Village Sec 1 2007","Lone Trail Village Sec 2","Lynhurst 3","Mainland Bldg Condo","Mainland Park","Marlow Lake","Marlow Lake Sec 2","Marlow Lake Sec 3","Marlow Lakes","Marlow Lk-Sec 1b","Mc Clain Park 3","Mc Daniel Tr Unrec","Milton Land","Motor","Murff L A","No","North Village 2","Northside","Oak Park 1","Park Add To Texas City","Park Place Reserve Sec 2","Park Place South","Park Place South 94","Park Place South Ph 5 2004","Park View 2","Park West","Pearlbrook","Pearlbrook Sec 1","Pearlbrook Sec 3","Pearlbrook Sec 4","Pearlbrook Sec 5","Pearlbrook Sec 6","Pearlbrook Sec 7","Pearlbrook Sec 8","Pettit","Pettitt","Pilgram Estates Add #3 97","Pilgrim Estates Add #2 96","Pilgrims Landing","Pollitts 3 Ext","Rainsong Sec 2 2006","Rainsong Sec 3 2007","Ridgecrest","Ridgecrest 1","Righters","Roadside","Rose Add","Rouse & Whipple","S4417 - Kohfeldt 1st Addn","San Leon Farm Home Tracts","Seacrest","Seacrest Sec 1","Seacrest Sec 2","Seacrest Sec 3","Snug Harbor","Somerset","Sothview Terrace","South Acre Manor","South Acre Manor 3","South Acre Manor 4","South Point Estates","South Point Estates Sec 1","South Point Estates Sec 2 Ph 2","Southview Terrace","Speed","Stafford 2","Sunnycrest 2","Sunnycrest 3","Sunrise Cove","Sunset Terrace","T C Heights Sub Lts 73-77-78","Tarin","Texas City","Texas City Heights 2nd","Texas City Heights Sub 1","The Islands Ph 1 95","The Oaks At 25th","Tiffany Park","Toby Sur Tr","Twelve Oak Villas","Vida Costera","Vionett 1","W K Wilson","Washington","Washington Booker T","Waterman","Wayside Park","Wayside Place","Wayside Place 1","Wayside Place 2","Wayside Place 3","West Chase","Westhaven","Westhaven Terrace","Westview","Westview 1","Westview 2","Westview 3","Westview 4","Williams Terrace Sub 97","Williamson A","Willis","Willis F","Wilson","Wilson Sur","Wincrest","Wj Jones Surv","Wright Cuney"],"zipcodes":["77510","77518","77539","77554","77568","77573","77590","77591","77592"]},"thecolony":{"label":"The Colony","counties":["Denton County"],"subdivisions":["Colony 2"],"zipcodes":["75010","75024","75034","75056"]},"themeadows":{"label":"The Meadows","subdivisions":["Meadows","Meadows Sec 2"]},"thewoodlands":{"label":"The Woodlands","counties":["Harris County","Montgomery County"],"subdivisions":["Alden Bridge","Augusta Pines","Avonlea Court Condo Village Alden Bridge","Avonlea Court Condo Voab25","Carlton Woods Creekside","Carlton Woods Village Of Creekside Park","Clarke Sub","Condominiums At Sterling Green","Creekside Park","Creekwood Vill Condos 01","Creekwood Vill Condos 02","Creekwood Vill Condos 03","Creekwood Village Condominiums","East Shore","Enclave At The Woodlands","Fosters Ridge","Founders Reserve","Grogans Crest At Silver Crest","Grogans Crest Condo","Grogans Mill","Grove At Sterling Ridge","Harper Landing","Magnolia Pond Condo Rep Vop","Mcdonald R D-West","Modera At Six Pines","Northline Oaks","Panther Creek","Park Place Brownstones","Sterling Pointe @ Sterling Ridge","Sterling Ridge","Stillwater","Stonecreek Courts Condo","Stonemill Courts Condo","Stonemill Courts Condominium","The Arbor At Grogan's Mill","The Enclave At The Woodlands","The Enclave At The Woodlands - Villa Col","The Reserve At Woodmill Creek","The Woodlands","The Woodlands - Cochrans Crossing","The Woodlands Alden Bridge","The Woodlands Alden Bridge 3","The Woodlands Aldens Bridge","The Woodlands Carlton Woods Creekside 05","The Woodlands Carlton Woods Creekside 07","The Woodlands Cochrans Crossing","The Woodlands Creekside","The Woodlands Creekside Park","The Woodlands Creekside Park 01","The Woodlands Creekside Park 02","The Woodlands Creekside Park 03","The Woodlands Creekside Park 05","The Woodlands Creekside Park 07","The Woodlands Creekside Park 10","The Woodlands Creekside Park 12","The Woodlands Creekside Park 14","The Woodlands Creekside Park 17","The Woodlands Creekside Park 22","The Woodlands Creekside Park 24","The Woodlands Creekside Park 30","The Woodlands Creekside Park We","The Woodlands Creekside Park West","The Woodlands Creekside Park West 02","The Woodlands Creekside Park West 04","The Woodlands Creekside Park West 06","The Woodlands Creekside Park West 09","The Woodlands Creekside Park West 16","The Woodlands Grogans 38","The Woodlands Grogans 65","The Woodlands Grogans Mill","The Woodlands Harpers Landing","The Woodlands Indian Springs","The Woodlands Panther Creek","The Woodlands Shumard Oak","The Woodlands Sterling Ridge","The Woodlands Sterling Ridge 14","The Woodlands Sterling Ridge May Valley","The Woodlands Vil Sterling R","The Woodlands Village Cochrans Cr","The Woodlands Village Grogans Point","The Woodlands Village Of Aldend Bridge","The Woodlands Village Of Grogans Mill","The Woodlands Village Sterling Ridge","The Woodlands Vlg Of Creekside Park","The Woodlands Vlg\/Creekside Park Sec","The Woodlands\/Founders Reserve","Timber Lakes 02","Village Indian Springs","Village Of Creekside Park","Waterway Lofts","Waterway Village","Wdlands Grogans Mill","Wdlands Sterling Ridge","Wdlnds Indian Springs","Wdlnds Ashbury Square Condomin","Wdlnds Bay Branch Condo","Wdlnds Creekside Park","Wdlnds Forest Lake 03","Wdlnds Forest Lake Twnhms1","Wdlnds Grogans Forest 03","Wdlnds Grogans Forest 08","Wdlnds Grogans Forest 12","Wdlnds Harpers Lnd College Park","Wdlnds Lake Woodlands East Sho","Wdlnds Lake Woodlands East Shore","Wdlnds Lake Woodlands East Shore 18","Wdlnds Milbend Village 02","Wdlnds Milbend Village 03","Wdlnds Park At Research Forest","Wdlnds Sterling Ridge","Wdlnds Vil Of Cochrans Crossing","Wdlnds Vil Panther Ck","Wdlnds Vil Sterling Ridge 04","Wdlnds Village Alden Br","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 02","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 03","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 05","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 08","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 09","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 10","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 100","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 102","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 20","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 26","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 28","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 31","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 33","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 35","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 36","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 37","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 38","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 40","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 41","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 42","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 43","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 45","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 48","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 50","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 51","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 52","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 55","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 57","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 59","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 66","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 69","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 70","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 73","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 74","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 75","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 76","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 77","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 78","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 79","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 80","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 81","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 82","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 87","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 92","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 93","Wdlnds Village Alden Br 99","Wdlnds Village Alden Bridge","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 01","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 04","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 05","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 09","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 10","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 12","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 16","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 18","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 20","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 21","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 23","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 24","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 25","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 26","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 27","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 29","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 32","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 37","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 39","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 40","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 43","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 52","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Cr 57","Wdlnds Village Cochrans Crossing","Wdlnds Village Conchrans Cr42","Wdlnds Village Grogans Mill","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 01","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 02","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 03","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 05","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 06","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 07","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 10","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 11","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 13","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 14","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 15","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 18","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 21","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 23","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 24","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 25","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 26","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 28","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 30","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 35","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 38","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 41","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 51","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 59","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 62","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 63","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml 65","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml Lake Har","Wdlnds Village Grogans Ml Lake Harrison","Wdlnds Village Indian Spgs 27","Wdlnds Village Indian Sprg","Wdlnds Village Indian Sprg 01","Wdlnds Village Indian Sprg 04","Wdlnds Village Indian Sprg 06","Wdlnds Village Indian Sprg 09","Wdlnds Village Indian Sprg 13","Wdlnds Village Indian Sprg 15","Wdlnds Village Indian Sprg 18","Wdlnds Village Indian Sprg 31","Wdlnds Village Indian Spring","Wdlnds Village Of Carlton Woods","Wdlnds Village Of Carlton Woods 04","Wdlnds Village Of Carlton Woods 07","Wdlnds Village Of Carlton Woods 11","Wdlnds Village Of Carlton Woods 15","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 01","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 02","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 03","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 05","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 07","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 10","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 11","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 12","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 14","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 15","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 16","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 17","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 20","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 24","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 26","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 28","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 29","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 30","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 31","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 35","Wdlnds Village Panther Ck 42","Wdlnds Village Panther Cr 45","Wdlnds Village Panther Creek","Wdlnds Village Settlers Crnr 01","Wdlnds Village Settlers Crnr 02","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridg","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 01","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 06","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 100","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 12","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 13","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 14","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 20","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 21","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 23","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 25","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 29","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 30","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 32","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 34","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 36","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 39","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 40","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 41","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 42","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 44","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 45","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 50","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 51","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 56","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 60","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 62","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 63","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 65","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 68","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 73","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 74","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 75","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 79","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 84","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 85","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 88","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 91","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 97","Wdlnds Village Sterling Ridge 99","Wdlnds Windsor Hills","Wdlnds Windsor Hills 04","White Oak Estates 01","Willow Bend Twnhms","Woodlands","Woodlands Creekside Park","Woodlands Creekside Park Wes","Woodlands Creekside Park West","Woodlands Creekside Park West Se","Woodlands May Valley","Woodlands Panther Creek","Woodlands Village Alden","Woodlands Village Alden Br 57","Woodlands Village Alden Bridge","Woodlands Village Cochrans","Woodlands Village Cochrans Crossing","Woodlands Village Creekside Park","Woodlands Village Grogans Mill","Woodlands Village Grogans Ml","Woodlands Village Indian Springs","Woodlands Village Of Alden Bridge","Woodlands Village Of Carlton Woods","Woodlands Village Of Cochrans Crossing","Woodlands Village Of Grogans Mill","Woodlands Village Of Panther Creek","Woodlands Village Of Sterling Ridge","Woodlands Village Panther Creek","Woodlands Village Settlers Corner","Woodlands Village Sterling Ridge","Woodlands Windsor Lks Sec Ii","Woodmill Creek","Woodmill Creek 01","Wyngate Terrace At East Shore"],"zipcodes":["77354","77375","77380","77381","77382","77384","77385","77389"]},"thompsons":{"label":"Thompsons","counties":["Fort Bend County"],"subdivisions":["H Chriesman"],"zipcodes":["77469","77481"]},"thorndale":{"label":"Thorndale","counties":["Milam County","Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["George Gilleland Grant","Liendo Eggleston & Kueckler"],"zipcodes":["76577"]},"thornton":{"label":"Thornton","counties":["Limestone County"],"subdivisions":["0","A569 W M Williams","J Copeland","Lake Limestone Coves","M C Rejon Surv Abs #26","Mc Rejon 11 League Grant A-26","North Shores Sub","Oak Point Sub","Rejon-West","Sadler Lakeshore Estates","Stacys Lndg","Summer Place","Summer Place Add Sec 1","Summer Place Estates","Summer Place Sec 2","Thornton","W M Williams & H I Thompson"],"zipcodes":["76687"]},"thrall":{"label":"Thrall","counties":["Williamson County"],"subdivisions":["Henry Cooke A-126","Oak View Ranch","William Nichols Surv Abs 480"],"zipcodes":["76578"]},"tikiisland":{"label":"Tiki Island","counties":["Galveston County"],"subdivisions":["Harbour Cove Condo","The Residences At Tiki Island","Tiki Cove Estates 99","Tiki Island","Tiki Island 10","Tiki Island 11","Tiki Island 12","Tiki Island 13","Tiki Island 15a Th","Tiki Island 3","Tiki Island 5a","Tiki Island 5b","Tiki Island 6","Tiki Island 7","Tiki Island 8"],"zipcodes":["77554"]},"timpson":{"label":"Timpson","counties":["Shelby County"],"subdivisions":["Corder","Cozart Hiram Sur","Stm"],"zipcodes":["75975"]},"tivoli":{"label":"Tivoli","counties":["Refugio County"],"subdivisions":["Tivoli"],"zipcodes":["77990"]},"toddmission":{"label":"Todd Mission","counties":["Grimes County"],"subdivisions":["Cox"],"zipcodes":["77363"]},"tolar":{"label":"Tolar","counties":["Hood County"],"subdivisions":["Waymaker Estates"],"zipcodes":["76476"]},"tomball":{"label":"Tomball","counties":["Harris County","Montgomery County"],"subdivisions":["13f-2","2577","2920 West Solomon Brown","Abst 375 J M Hooper","Abst 50 J Miller","Abst 7 S Brown","Albury Manor","Albury Manor Sub","Albury Trail Estates","Albury Trails Estates","Albury Trls Estates Sec 3","Albury Trls Estates Sec 4","Alexander Estates","Alice Acres","Amira","Amira Sec 1","Amira Sec 11","Amira Sec 17","Amira Sec 2","Amira Sec 3","Amira Sec 4","Amira Sec 9","Anderson Blk 126 Tomball","Ashford Grove","Ashford Grove East Sec 1","Ashford Grove East Sec 2","Ashford Grove Sec 02","Ashford Grove Sec 3","Ashford Place","Ashford Place Sec 03","Ashford Place Sec 04","Ashford Place Sec 2","Baker","Barrister Creek","Bogs Est Tract 18","Boudreaux Estates","Boudreaux Ests Sec 3","Braemar","Braemar Village","Brown","Brown Sol","Canterbury Forest Sec 01","Canterbury Forest Sec 02","Canyon Gate","Canyon Gate At Northpointe","Canyon Gate At Northpointe 01","Canyon Gate At Northpointe 02","Canyon Gate At Northpointe 04","Canyon Gate At Northpointe 05","Canyon Gate At Northpointe 10","Canyon Gate\/Northpointe Sec 06","Canyon Gate\/Northpointe Sec 4","Champion Lakes Estates Sec 02","Chauncey Goodrich Surv Abs #31","Cherry Meadows","Cherry Pines","Cherry Pines Sec 1","Cherrywood Estates","Christilles Lots\/Percival Stre","City Of Tomball","City\/Tomball","Copper Cove Sec 1 Rep 1","Country Club Greens","Country Club Greens Prcl Rp Ph","Country Club Greens Pt Re","Country Meadows","Creekside Park","Creekside Park West","Creekside Place Sec 02","Creekside Place Sec 2","Crestview Sec 01","Cypress Creek Manor","Cypress Garden U\/R","Ellerden","Emile Girard Survey","Enclave\/Lakewood","Estates At Willow Creek","Estates Of Holly Creek","Estates\/Holly Lakes Sec 1","F Benignus Surv A-1463","Fairway Farms","Fairway Farms Sec 1","Fairway Farms Sec 1 Rep #1","Fairway Farms Sec 2","Fairway Farms Sec 3","Gettysburg","Gettysburg Sec 01","Grand Junction Sec 1","Grove Lndg","Hampton Place-Tomball Prcl R\/P","Hampton Woods","Hobby Wm","Hollow Glen #18","Holly Creek","Holly Creek 1 Unr","Hooks Airport","Hooper John M","Huntington Woods","Indian Woods","Inverness Estates","Inverness Estates Sec 06","Inverness Estates Sec 4","Inverness Estates Sec 9 Amendig P","J House","J M Hooper","J Miller","Jesse Pruitt Surv","John H Edwards League Abs20","Joseph House Survey Abstract","Joseph Miller Abs 50","Klein Mdws Sec 01","Klein Meadows","Klein Meadows Sec 1","Lakes At Creekside","Lakes At Creekside 45","Lakes At Creekside Sec 5","Lakes\/Creekside Sec 5","Lakes\/Creekside Sec 6","Lakes\/Creekside Sec 7","Lakes\/Creekside Sec 9","Lakewood Court","Lakewood Forest","Lakewood Forest Sec 14","Lakewood Forest Sec 15","Lakewood Forest Sec 15 Amd","Lakewood Forest Sec 15 Prcl R\/","Lakewood Grove","Lakewood Grove Sec 01","Lakewood Grove Sec 01 Amd","Lakewood Grove Sec 06","Lakewood Grove Sec 09","Lakewood Hills Sec 2","Lakewood Park","Lakewood Park Sec 02","Lakewood Place","Lakewood Village","Lakewood Village Sec 01","Little Cypress Oaks Estates","Lizzie-Persimmon","Main Street","Mccraw Acres","Mckinney Place","Meadow Lark Hill Unr","Memorial Spgs","Memorial Spgs Sec 01","Memorial Spgs Sec 04","Memorial Spgs Sec 05","Memorial Spgs Sec 13","Memorial Spgs Sec 14","Memorial Springs","Miramar Lake","Miramar Lake Sec 01","Miramar Lake Sec 03","Miramar Lake Sec 3","No","No Sudivision","North Star Estates","North Star Estates Sec 03 R\/P","North Star Estates Sec 4","Northern Point","Northern Point Sec 02","Northern Point Sec 03","Northern Point Sec 04","Northern Point Sec 05","Northpointe East","Northpointe East Sec 01","Northpointe East Sec 02","Northpointe East Sec 04","Northpointe East Sec 2","Northpointe Forest","Northpointe Mdws","Northpointe Meadows","Not In Subdivision","Oakview Farms","Oakview Farms Sec 1","Oakwood","Oakwood Trails","Park At Glen Arbor","Park At Glen Arbor R\/P","Park Place Estate","Pecan House Sub","Peltier Place","Pine Country Tomball Sec 01","Pine Country\/Tomabll Sec 2","Pine Country\/Tomball Sec 02","Pine Crest Village","Pine Trace Village","Pine Trace Village Sec 02","Pine Trace Village Sec 2","Pine Trace Village Sec 5","Pine Trace Village Sec 8","Pine Trails","Pine Trails \/Tomball","Pinecrest Forest Sec 01","Pinecrest Forest Sec 06","Pinecrest Forest Sec 07","Pinecrest Forest Sec 10","Pinecrest Forest Sec 11","Pinecrest Forest Sec 12","Pitcairn","Powder Mill Estates","Preserve\/Miramar Lake Sec 1","Princeton Place","Princeton Place Sec 01","Princeton Place Sec 1","Publee Surv Sec 1","Raburn Reserve","Raburn Reserve 50s","Raburn Reserve Sec 1","Raleigh Creek","Raleigh Crk Sec 3","Raleigh Crk Sec 4","Renmar Terrace Reserve A","Reserve\/Spg Lake Sec 1","Retreat At Lakewood Forest","Rodnicki","Rodriguez Tract","Rose Mdw Farms","Rose Meadow Farms","Rosehill","Rosehill Estates","Rosehill Mdw Sec 1","Rosehill Meadow","Rosehill Meadow 50's","Rosehill Meadows","Rosehill Medow","Rosehill Reserve","Rosehill Reserve Sec 1","Rosehill Reserve Sec 2","Rosehurst","Rosewood Hill 4 Unr","Rosewood Hill Sec 04 U\/R","Saddlebrook Estates","Saddlebrook Ranch Sec 01","Saddlebrook Ranch Sec 02","Saddlebrook Ranch Sec 2","Saddlebrook Village","Saddlebrook Village Sec 01","Seven Oaks Holderrieth Addition","Seven Oaks Townhomes","Sherwood Forest-Tomball U\/R Rp","Solomon Brown Surv Abs # 7","Solomon Brown Surv Abs #7","Sorella","Spring Creek Estates","Spring Creek Estates R P","Spring Forest Estates","Springwood","Stone Lake","Stone Lake Prcl R\/P 01","Stonebrook Estates Sec 1","Stonepine Sec 01","Stonepine Sec 02","Suburban Ranches","Sugarberry Place Ph 02","Sugarberry Place Ph 2","T & R Ranch","Tealpointe Lake Estates","Tealpointe Lake Estates Reserve A","The Hudson Tr","The Laurel At Vintage Park","The Woodlands Creekside Park","The Woodlands Creekside Park West","The Woodlands Creekside Park West 01","The Woodlands Creekside Park West 02","The Woodlands Creekside Park West 04","The Woodlands Creekside Park West 05","The Woodlands Creekside Park West 06","The Woodlands Creekside Park West 08","The Woodlands Creekside Park West 09","The Woodlands Creekside Park West 11","The Woodlands Creekside Park West 16","The Woodlands Creekside Park West Se","Three Lakes East","Three Lakes East Sec 02","Three Lakes East Sec 03","Three Lakes East Sec 04","Three Lakes East Sec 04 Prcl R","Three Lakes Sec1 Correcting Fina","Timber Trls","Timberlake Village","Tomball","Tomball Heights Reserve A & B","Tomball Hills","Tomball Isd","Tomball Medical District","Tomball Outlots","Tomball Rev Map","Tomball Sub","Tomball Terrace","Tomball Townsite","Tomball Townsite Rev Map","Town\/Tomball","Tr 35f Abst 20 J H Edwards","Tract 7 & 8","Traditions","Traditions Sec 01","Trails Of Cypress Lake","Trails\/Cypress Lake Sec 01","Trailwood Estates U\/R","Treeline","Treeline Sec 2","Trs 23h & S23m","Twelve Oaks","Twelve Oaks Sec 01","Twelve Oaks Subdivision","Unrestricted","Village Creek","Village Creek Sec 01","Village Creek Sec 03 Prcl R\/P","Village Creek Sec 10","Village Creek Sec 2","Village Crk Sec 02","Village\/Northpointe West Sec 01","Villages Creek Sec 09","Villages Northpointe Sec 01","Villages Northpointe Sec 04","Villages Of Northpointe","Villages Of Northpointe Sec 15","Villages Of Northpointe West Sec","Villages\/Northpoint West Sec 03","Villages\/Northpointe Sec 10","Villages\/Northpointe Sec 15","Villages\/Northpointe Sec 16","Villages\/Northpointe Sec 7","Villages\/Northpointewest D Se","Villas At Lakewood Park","Villas At Lakewood Park Sec 1","Vintage Creek","Vintage Crk","Vreicco","Vreicco Sec 01","Vreicco Sec 02","Waldenwood","Waterford Estates","Waterstone Estates","Westbourne","Westbourne S","Westbourne Sec 01 Prcl R\/P","Westbourne Sec 01 Pt Repla","Westbourne Sec 02","Westbourne Sec 02 Prcl R\/P","Westbourne Sec 2","Wildwood At Northpointe","Wildwood\/Northpointe","Wildwood\/Northpointe Sec 14","Wildwood\/Northpointe Sec 20","Wildwood\/Northpointe Sec 21","Wildwood\/Northpointe Sec 24","Wildwood\/Northpointe Sec 4","Wildwood\/Northpointe Sec 8","William Hobby Surv Abs #344","William Holderrieth Surv Abs 1","William Hurd Surv Abs 377","William Perkins Surv Abs #621","Willow Bend Estates","Willow Bend Estates U\/R","Willow Creek Manor","Willow Creek Manor Sec 01","Willow Dell Sec 01","Willow Dell Sec 02 Amd","Willow Dell Sec 03","Willow Dell Sec 1","Willow Falls","Willow Falls Sec 01","Willow Falls Sec 02","Willow Falls Sec 03","Willow Forest","Willow Forest Sec","Willow Forest Sec 01 R\/P","Willow Forest Sec 02","Willow Lake Village","Willow Wood Place","Willow Wood Place Sec 1","Willowcreek Ranch","Willowcreek Ranch Sec 10","Willowcreek Ranch Sec 2","Willowcreek Ranch Sec 2 Partia","Willowcreek Ranch Sec 8","Willowpoint","Willows Edge","Willows Edge Sec 1","Wimbledon Cntry North Sec 01 Pa","Wimbledon Country","Wimbledon Country North Sec 1","Wimbledon Country Sec 01","Wimbledon Falls","Wimbledon Falls Sec 02 Pt","Wimbledon Falls Sec 05","Wimbledon Falls Sec 4","Winfrey Estates","Winterhaven","Winterhaven U\/R","Wood Leaf Reserve","Wood Leaf Reserves","Woodlands Creekside Park West","Woodlands Creekside Park West 22","Woodlands Creekside Park West Se","Woodlands Creekside Park West Sec","Woodlands Crkside Park West Sec"],"zipcodes":["77375","77377"]},"townbluff":{"label":"Town Bluff"},"trinity":{"label":"Trinity","counties":["Trinity County"],"subdivisions":["356 Marina","A0067 - Aldridge, Issac","Angleview Add","Aztec Cove","Camp Branch Acres","Camp Branch Acres Sec 3","Camp Branch Acres Sec B","Colony Park Estates","County Line","Creekside Sec 1","Deep River","Deep River - Sec 1","Deep River - Sec 2","Deep River - Sec 3","Gibson Add","Glen Haven Estates","Glen Haven Estates Sec 2","Groveton E1","Guadalupe","Harbor Point","Harbor Point Sec A","Harbor Point Sec B","Harbor Point Sec G","Harbor Point Sec H","Harbor Point Sec I","Harbor Point Section D","Hardin, H.K. Tract","Harrison, William D","Harts Creek Estates","Hawg Heaven","Hawg Heaven Sec 03","Hawg Heaven Sec 2","Hawg Heaven Sec 3","Hillwood Acres","Hillwood Acres Sec B","Jose Ortega Surv #a-35","Jungle Village","Lake L Acres","Lake L Acres Sec A New","Lake L Acres Sec B","Lake L Acres Sec C","Lake L Acres Sec C New Platt","Lake Livingston","Lakewood Sec 1","Lakewood Sec 3","Lakewood Sec 4","Lakewood Sec 6","Lonesome Dove","Mill Pond","No","Oakdale Add","Oakridge Add","Oates","Old River Road Sub","Panteleon","Peach Island","Pine Forest Acres","Pinecest Estates","Pinecrest Estate","Pinecrest Estate Sec A","Pinecrest Estate Sec B","Pinecrest Hideaway","Pinecrest Hideaway Sec D","Pinecrest The Point","Port Adventure","Port Adventure Sec 1","Port Adventure Sec 2","Port Adventure Sec 5","Port Adventure Sec 6","Port Adventure Sec 7","Port Adventure Sec 8","Quail Creek","Reggie Land Co","Ridgecrest Add","Rock Creek Sub","Rolling Hills Estates","Rowe Acres","S05716 - Trinity, Tr 16","Sgre2-Sgre2","Sportsman Paradise","Spring Lake Estates","The Landing","The Landing On Lake Livingston","The Landing Sec 2","The Landing Sec 2a","The Landing Sec 3","The Landing Sec 4","The Landing Section","The Plantation","Timber Bay","Tom Smith #1","Trinity City Of","Trinity Cove","Trinity Cove Sec 1","Trinity Cove Sec 10","Trinity Cove Sec 3","Trinity Cove Sec 4","Trinity Cove Sec 5","Trinity Cove Sec 5 Annex","Trinity Cove Sec 6","Trinity Cove Sec 9","Trinity Forest","Trinity Pines Village","Trinity Plantation","Trinity Plantation Sec 3","Trinity Plantation Sec 4","Trinity Tr 18","Trinity Tr 29","Trinity Tr 31","Trinity Tr 43","Trinity Tr 46","Westpoint Wws","Westwood","Westwood Shores","Westwood Shores Poa, Section 09","Westwood Shores Sec","Westwood Shores Sec 1","Westwood Shores Sec 11","Westwood Shores Sec 12","Westwood Shores Sec 13","Westwood Shores Sec 14","Westwood Shores Sec 2","Westwood Shores Sec 3","Westwood Shores Sec 4","Westwood Shores Sec 5","Westwood Shores Sec 7","Westwood Shores Sec 8","Westwood Shores Sec 9","Westwood Village","Westwood Village Sec 2","Westwood Village Sec 3","White Rock Estate","White Rock Estate Sec 1","White Rock Estate Sec 2","White Rock Estates"],"zipcodes":["75862"]},"troup":{"label":"Troup","counties":["Cherokee County","Smith County"],"subdivisions":["East Side Lake Tyler"],"zipcodes":["75789"]},"troy":{"label":"Troy","counties":["Bell County"],"subdivisions":["Turtle Creek"],"zipcodes":["76501","76579"]},"tulia":{"label":"Tulia","counties":["Swisher County"],"subdivisions":["Mackenzie U-2","Rush Kelso"],"zipcodes":["79088"]},"tulumquintanaroo":{"label":"Tulum Quintana Roo","subdivisions":["Akumal","Bahia Principe Golf Resort","Bahia Principe Resort","Tulum"]},"tyler":{"label":"Tyler","counties":["Smith County"],"subdivisions":["Brighton Creek Woods","Cambridge Bend Estates","Cascades","College Station","East Side Lake Tyler","Guinn Farms Add","Hamilton Park","Hollytree","Kingspark","Legacy Bend U-3","Mt Lebanon","Oakleigh Meadows","River Oaks","Thedford Farm U-2"],"zipcodes":["75701","75702","75703","75704","75705","75706","75707","75708","75709","75710","75711","75712","75713","75798","75799"]},"unindesanantonio":{"label":"Uni\u00f3n de San Antonio","subdivisions":["Spacesavers Sub Bl 10946"]},"universalcity":{"label":"Universal City","counties":["Bexar County"],"subdivisions":["Meadows Apts Cb 5047"],"zipcodes":["78148","78150","78233"]},"uvalde":{"label":"Uvalde","counties":["Uvalde County"],"subdivisions":["Rancho Encino"],"zipcodes":["78801","78802"]},"valleymills":{"label":"Valley Mills","counties":["Bosque County","McLennan County"],"zipcodes":["76689"]},"van":{"label":"Van","counties":["Van Zandt County"],"subdivisions":["Green Meadows 1","No","T Homas"],"zipcodes":["75790"]},"vanvleck":{"label":"Van Vleck","counties":["Matagorda County"],"subdivisions":["0","0013 - Burnett & Sojouner","Ab 0083, D Rawls","Burnett & Sojourner League Abs","John D Newell Ab","Perry & Austin","Van Vleck Original Townsite","Vv Sec 1 Abs Land","William Rabb League #46 Abs 78"],"zipcodes":["77482"]},"vernon":{"label":"Vernon","counties":["Wilbarger County"],"subdivisions":["South Add"],"zipcodes":["76384","76385"]},"victoria":{"label":"Victoria","counties":["Victoria County"],"subdivisions":["00660 Felix De Leon Abst 66 Tract 208,","Avant-Garde Sub","Benchmark","Breeze Terrace","Brownson Terrace I","Cimarron I","Country Club Village I","Crestwood Sub","Desiderio Garcia","Eat Farm","Ebt Farm","Fox Creek Sub Sec I","Imperial Plaza","Kingwood Forest","Lake Forest Sub","Lake Forest Sub Sec Ii Ph I","Lakeview Sub Sec Ii","M D N Sub #25","Mayfair Terrace","Meadowview","Paradise Ranch Sub 1","Parkwood","Placid Valley","Schubert","Sunrise","Swmoody","The Park At Springwood","The Ridge At Springwood","Victoria","Victoria Housing Auth Sub","Victoria Plaza","Vogt Valley"],"zipcodes":["77901","77902","77903","77904","77905","77968"]},"vidor":{"label":"Vidor","counties":["Orange County"],"subdivisions":["3 - Abst. 3 T. H. Breece","Buford Heights","Cloverleaf","Dewitt, Jv","Gilbert Stephenson Surv Abs #1","I & #r R Surv Abs #44 Sec 38","L & G N Rr Surv Sec #6 Abs #11","Lakewood","Metes And Bounds","Miller-Vidor","Oak Forest","Southern Pines # 1","Stanley Add","Stephenson","T H Breece League","T H Breece League Abs #3","Tbd","Th Breece League Abs 3","Th Breece Surv Abs 3","Vidor","Vidor Acres","W C Sharp Surv Abs #384","Warren Stephenson Surv Abst 17","Wexford Park"],"zipcodes":["77662","77670"]},"villagemills":{"label":"Village Mills","subdivisions":["Village Crk Rdg","Wildwood","Wildwood Residence City","Wildwood Resort","Wildwood Resort City","X"]},"volente":{"label":"Volente","counties":["Travis County"],"subdivisions":["Lake Travis 07"],"zipcodes":["78641"]},"votaw":{"label":"Votaw","subdivisions":["Sloan William"]},"waco":{"label":"Waco","counties":["McLennan County"],"subdivisions":["Barron Lt","Garland"],"zipcodes":["76633","76638","76640","76643","76655","76657","76701","76702","76703","76704","76705","76706","76707","76708","76710","76711","76712","76714","76715","76716","76795","76797","76798","76799"]},"wadsworth":{"label":"Wadsworth","subdivisions":["B F Jacque Colonial Land Sub","Colonial Land","Pineridge Sub"]},"waelder":{"label":"Waelder","counties":["Gonzales County"],"subdivisions":["197 - George F","Adam Zumwalt Surv A-118","Hog Wild Subdivision","Independence Landing","Jacob Stiffler League & Labor","James Robinson League Abs #270","Ranches At Sunset Hills","Robinson","Woodcreek - Ph 2"],"zipcodes":["78959"]},"waller":{"label":"Waller","counties":["Harris County","Waller County"],"subdivisions":["2g 2g-1&2g-2","6t Ranch Estates","A306800 - A-68 Joseph W Anderson","A327400 - A-274 John C White","Abs A335300 A-353 Joseph D Wilson","Abs A338900 A-389 J H Pierson","Beacon Hill","Beacon Hill Sec 1","Beacon Hill Sec One","Beacon Hill Sec Three","Binford Creek","Binford Place","Briar Tree Sec 01","Briartree Sec 01","Cedar Creek Ranch","College Add First Amendin","D & W","Deerwood East 4","Deerwood Lakes 4","Dickens","Forest Hills Estate 1","Forest Hills Estate 2","Frontier Farms","G E Lloyd","Georgewood 2","H & T C R R Co","H & Tc Rr Co Surv A-182 Sec 15","H& Tc Railroad Company Surv Ab","Harris Co Sch Lds","Harris Co Sch Lds 11","Harris County School Lands Sur","Hedgepeth","Hernandez Acres","J C Ralston Surv Abs #324","Jg Dunn","John Baker Surv Abs #71","John C White","John Reese Surv Abs #242","John White","Justo Liendo Survey A-41","Kickapoo Farms U\/R","Lakeview","Lakeview Estates","Lakeview Sec 1","Lakeview Sec 2","Lakeview Sec Two","Madison North U\/R R\/P","Madison Square U\/R","Monticello Estates","No","Oakwood Estates","Oakwood Ests Sec 1","Owen Wingfield Surv Abs # 269","Penick Washington Reserves","Pine Lake Estates Fna Mill Cr","Pine Ridge 1","Pine Ridge 2","Pine Ridge 5","Pineridge","Plantation Lakes","Plantation Lakes Sec 3","Plantation Lakes Sec 4","Prairie Hills 1","Prairie View Estates 2","Riley Road Estates","Robinwood Estates","Rolling Hills 1","Rolling Hills 6","Rural","S864000 - Waller-South Side","Saddle Creek Forest","Saddle Creek Forest 1","Saddle Creek Forest 6","Saddle Creek Forest Sec 2","Saddle Creek Forest Sec 4","Section 1","Shamrock Estates","Sky Lakes 1","Sky Lakes 2","Sprr Co Surv Abs 261","The Grand Prairie 40'","Tr 8b Abst 332 Harris Co Sch Lds 3","Tranquility Park","Unrestricted","Unrestricted-N\/A","W Magnolia Forest","W Magnolia Forest Sec 6","Waller Acres","Waller Blocks 1-37","Waller Blocks A-E","Waller Fm 362","Waller-College Add","Waller-South Side","Walnut Creek","West Magnolia Forest","West Magnolia Forest 11","West Magnolia Forest 7","Willowbrook","Woodward Jno"],"zipcodes":["77484"]},"wallis":{"label":"Wallis","counties":["Austin County"],"subdivisions":["\/Na","3000 Wallis Area Eas","A Moore","A071 Milburn & Davis","A093 \/ A093 J Stevens","Call 158 Tr 5 Fort Bend","Gail Borden","Harry Add","J S Oconnor","Milburn & Davis","No","S B Evans Surv Abs #164","See Attached Exhibit A","Shelby-Frz-Mccorm","Tomlinson Sub","Tr 9, Call 100 Ac","Wallis Etj","Wallis T\/S"],"zipcodes":["77485"]},"wallisville":{"label":"Wallisville","subdivisions":["Babin Estates","Carroll","Ehr Wallis","Ehr Wallis I-10 N Side Feeder","Ehr Wallis Surv Abs #305","Indian Trails Rep","Indian Trls","Indian Trls Sub","J Mcfaddin","James Mcfaddin","M A Carroll","M A Carroll League","Ranches-Turtle Bayou Sec 03","S Burney","Tract 2 Elm Properties Llc"]},"warda":{"label":"Warda","subdivisions":["Owl Creek Estates"]},"warren":{"label":"Warren","counties":["Tyler County"],"subdivisions":["A0846 - A. Hutchins","Crosscourt Land Addition 1","Out Of Town","Rural","Sw Brick Class Rv4-Rv5","Tubb Sd","Warren Colony","Wildwood"],"zipcodes":["77664"]},"warrenton":{"label":"Warrenton","subdivisions":["John Shaw League Abs 92"]},"washington":{"label":"Washington","subdivisions":["A0018 Brown","A0021 - A0021 - Byrd, Micajah","A0021 A0021 - Byrd, Micajah","A0037 - A0037 - Davis, Joseph","A0080","A0083 - Miller, Andrew","Brown","Brown - Brown College","Call 232 Tr 23 Washington County","Childress Ranch Estates","Conner Crossing","E D Jackson Surv A64","Ed Jackson League Abs #64","Flewellen North","Flewelln.S Flewelln South - Flewellen","Gates Crossing","Hill Creek Ridge","John P Coles Surv Abs #34","Jordan Creek Equestrian Estate","Micajah Byrd Surv A-21","Postoake","Postoake - Post Oak East","Postoake - Postoak East","Reserve At Chappell Hill","S4930 - S4930 - Reserve At Chappell Hill"]},"waskom":{"label":"Waskom","counties":["Harrison County"],"subdivisions":["Cralon"],"zipcodes":["75692"]},"waxahachie":{"label":"Waxahachie","counties":["Ellis County"],"subdivisions":["Bison Meadow","Bison Meadows","Five Points Corner","Highland Park","Ranch At Stone Hill","W J Jeffers"],"zipcodes":["75165","75167","75168","76065"]},"webster":{"label":"Webster","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["9936.00-9936.00","Baybrook Condo","Camino Park","Clear Crk Shores Sec 2","Edgewater","Edgewater Sec 12","Edgewater Sec 13","Edgewater Sec 3","Edgewater Townhomes","Egret Bay Condo Ph 01","Egret Bay Condo Ph 02","Egret Bay Condo Ph 03","Egret Bay Villas Co Ph 1","Egret Bay Villas Condo Ph 01","El Dorado Trace","El Dorado Trace Condos","Heritage Park","Heritage Park Sec 01","Heritage Park Sec 04","Heritage Park Sec 05","Pipers Meadow","Pipers Meadow Sec 01","Point At Egret Bay Condo","Rio Vista Estates","Sterling Knoll Sec 01","Tranquility Lake Condo","Walnut Place","Webster"],"zipcodes":["77058","77598"]},"weimar":{"label":"Weimar","counties":["Colorado County"],"subdivisions":["0","A-220 - J Garwood","A-368 - A Kelso","A-454 M H Phelps","A-68 M Andrews","A007 - Austin H 5 Lgs","A246 - Mullin I","Abstract Number 509","B B Barta","Call 100 Tr 10 Weimar Colorado","M Andrews 1280","Mrs Mb Conlee Surv Abs #726","Oakridge Ranch","Oakridge Ranch Sec 2","Oakridge Ranch Sec 6","Ruiz Subdivision","Tract 2 - Cr 209","Weimar","Weimar Call 66 Tr 4 Fayette County","Weimar Call 66 Tr 5 Fayette County","Weimar Call 66 Tr 6 Fayette County"],"zipcodes":["78962"]},"weldon":{"label":"Weldon"},"weslaco":{"label":"Weslaco","counties":["Hidalgo County"],"subdivisions":["Expressway Heights #2","Weslaco Hills"],"zipcodes":["78537","78596","78599"]},"westcolumbia":{"label":"West Columbia","counties":["Brazoria County"],"subdivisions":["Bethel Estates","Burch Loggins West Columbia","Chas Brown","City Outlots Columbia","Colony De Bernard","Columbia Lakes","Columbia Lakes 1-2-3-4-5","Columbia Lakes Sec 1-2-3-4-5","Columbia Outlots","Crews","Dance East","East Jackson St","Gayle Estates","Gayle Estates Sec 3","Geo Tennille","Hogg","J B Bailey","J. H. Bell","J.H. Bell","Jenn Sd","Jesse Thompson","Lincoln Heights","Loggins Sub Tr 4g","Loggins Sub Trs 4-4a","Mcdonald Sd Blks 1-2-3 Uph We","Meadow Wood","Papendorf West Columbia","Pecan Oaks","S F Austin","S M Williams","Schaer Plaza","Shaer Plaza","West Columbia","Wiley Martin","Willow Farms Sd"],"zipcodes":["77486"]},"westlivingston":{"label":"West Livingston","counties":["Polk County"],"subdivisions":["Memorial Point","Oak Hill Unrecorded","Shelter Cove"],"zipcodes":["77351"]},"westorange":{"label":"West Orange","counties":["Orange County"],"subdivisions":["Cooper Add","Fair Park","West Orange"],"zipcodes":["77630"]},"westpoint":{"label":"West Point","subdivisions":["Fayette Shores","Feder Estates","James Mcfarland League A-232","West Point Hills"]},"westuniversityplace":{"label":"West University Place","counties":["Harris County"],"subdivisions":["Bissonnet Place","College Court Place","Collegeview","Colonial Terrace","Evanston","Fairhaven","Mathews Place","Monticello","Pemberton","Quenby Court Add","Rice Court","Tangley Terrace","University Place","University Place Townhomes","Virginia Court","West University","West University Pl 1","West University Place","West University Place Sec 01","West University Place Sec 02"],"zipcodes":["77005"]},"westhoff":{"label":"Westhoff"},"westonlakes":{"label":"Weston Lakes","counties":["Fort Bend County"],"subdivisions":["Jno Randon","Reserve At Weston Lakes Sec 4"],"zipcodes":["77441"]},"wharton":{"label":"Wharton","counties":["Wharton County"],"subdivisions":["Abstract 38","Abstract 42","Abstract 661","Ahldag","Barbee","Bear Bottom Sec1","Being 08522 Acre\/Land Situate","Brantley-King","Briarwoods","Brod Acres","Caney Trails 1","Caney Trails 2","Cat Island Estates","Chapel Heights Ext","Charles &","Cloud","Croom Plantation","Cwwilson","David Hamiltn Surv Abs 26","Edwards","El Campo","Gallaher","Gillis","Golf Crest Estate","Golf Crest Estates","Green Meadows","Harrison","Hawes","Hobben Oaks","Hodges","Jackson Surv Abs 34","John Harris","Linwood","Lipscomb Estates","Martin Allen League Abs #1","Mayfair","Mtcarmel","Oakwood","Old Caney Manor","Orsak Sub","Park","Peach Plantation","Pecan Glen Sec1","Pecan Shadows","Pecan Valley Colorado","R-Se","Randal Jones 1\/2 League Abs #3","River Valley","Rural","Rust 3","S A Larche League","Said Boones Bend West 2","Sols","Stavena","Sycamore Grove","Sylvanus Castleman League, Abst 11","Tanglewood","The Orchard Sec Ii","Washington Homes","Watson","West Milam","Westwood-Wharton","Wharton","Wharton A. Jackson Blk 60a","Wharton Ajackson Blk60a","Wharton Ajackson Lk60a","Whispering Oaks","William Kincheloe League","Wmkincheloe","Wygal Pt"],"zipcodes":["77488"]},"whitehouse":{"label":"White House","subdivisions":["Abst A0858 M Sewell Survey","South Hillcreek Lake Tyler"]},"whiteoak":{"label":"White Oak","counties":["Gregg County"],"subdivisions":["A0069 - Castleberry W H S"],"zipcodes":["75604","75693"]},"whitney":{"label":"Whitney","counties":["Hill County"],"subdivisions":["Lake Shadow","P Meeks A-640","White Bluff","White Bluff #11","White Bluff #12","White Bluff #22","White Bluff #23","White Bluff #33"],"zipcodes":["76692"]},"wichitafalls":{"label":"Wichita Falls","counties":["Wichita County"],"subdivisions":["E A Rutledge","Floral Heights W S","Washington Jackson"],"zipcodes":["76301","76302","76305","76306","76307","76308","76309","76310","76311","76367"]},"wiergate":{"label":"Wiergate","subdivisions":["Jasper Harding Abs 179 Sec 1"]},"willis":{"label":"Willis","counties":["Montgomery County"],"subdivisions":["A018 Jose Maria De La Garza","Area 19 West Of I-45","Arrowhead Lakes","Arrowhead Lakes 02","Arrowhead Lakes 03","Arrowhead Lakes 04","Arrowhead Lakes 06","Arrowhead Lakes 08","Aswi.A1-Aswi.A1","Bates 01","Bee Creek Estates 02","Caddo Village","Canyon Falls 01","Cape Malibu","Capps 01","Capps 02","Chambers Creek","Chambers Creek 02","China Grove Village 01","Clear View Estates","Collard E","Conroe Bay","Corinthian Point 01","Corinthian Point 02","Corinthian Point 03","Corinthian Point 04","Corinthian Point 3","Country Run","Coyle Mobile Home Park","Cude Timothy","De La Garza","Deer Forest Sub","Del Webb Chambers Creek","Dickman Cyrus","East Gate Villas","Elijah Collard Surv Abs # 7","Elkins James","Emerald Lakes","Emerald Lakes 01","Emerald Lakes 02","Emerald Lakes 03","Enchanted Waters","Enchanted Watwes","Estates","Estates Of Point Aquarius","Far Hills","Fowler William","Fowler William E 02","Fowler William E 03","French Quarter On Lake Conroe","French Quarter On Lake Conroe 04","Frontier Lakes","Frontier Lakes 01","Frontier Lakes 02","Frontier Lakes 03","Frontier Lakes 04","Frontier Lakes 05","Garden Estates","Gatherings At Chambers Creek","George W Lonis Surv Abs # 313","Grace Landing","Griffin Thornton","Gulf Coast Estates 01","Gw Lonis Surv Abs #313","Harbour Town Club","Harbour Town Club 01","Harbour Town Club 06","Hawthorne Ridge","Henderson Fk","Hidden Forest Estates","Hidden Spgs Ranch 02","Hilltop Park 01","Hostetter Creek","Hulon Lakes","Hulon Lakes 01","Hulon Lks Sec 2","J M De La Garza League Abs 18","John Saddler","Johnson Add","Johnson Bluff","Jose Maria De La Garza","Jose Maria De La Garza Surv A","Klawinsky Sub","Kleimann Estates","Kleimann Estates 01","Kleimann Estates 02","Lake Breeze","Lake Breeze 02","Lake Breeze 03","Lake Conroe Heights 02","Lake Conroe Hills","Lake Conroe Hills 01","Lake Conroe Hills 02","Lake Louise","Lake Paula Estates","Lakeside Place","Lakewood On Lake Conroe","Lexington Heights","Lindley Joseph","Lindley Samuel","Lonis Geo W","Metes And Bounds","Moran Ranch","Mustang Ranch","No","North Acres","North Forest","North Lake Estates","North Lakes Estates","North Meadows","Northstar Twnhms","Northwood Heights","Oak Hills","Oak Hills 01","Oak Meadows 01","Oak Valley Add","Oakwood Ranch","Oakwood Ranch 01","Olde Oaks","Olde Oaks 01","Orson Shaw Surv Abs 274","Paradise Cove","Paradise Cove 01","Paradise Cove 02","Paradise Cove 03","Paradise Point 01","Park Slope 01","Parker Hills 01","Peach Creek Farms","Peach Crk Farms","Pelican Bay 01","Pelican Island","Pin Oak","Pin Oak 03","Pin Oak 04","Point Aquarius","Point Aquarius 01","Point Aquarius 02","Point Aquarius 03","Point Aquarius 06","Rainbow","Republic Grand Ranch","Republic Grand Ranch 01","Republic Grand Ranch 03","Republic Grand Ranch 04","Republic Grand Ranch 05","Republic Grand Ranch 06","Republic Grand Ranch 07","Republic Grand Ranch 08","Ridgeland Hills","Robin Lane","Rose Hill Estates","Royal Forest 01","San Jacinto Gardens","Seven Coves","Seven Coves 01","Seven Coves 02","Seven Coves 03","Seven Coves 04","Seven Coves 05","Seven Coves 06","Shadow Bay","Shadow Bay 01","Shawdow Bay","Sorrento Bay","Sorrento Bay 02","South Bend","South Bend 01","South Meadows","South Meadows Amd 1","Summerchase 01","Summerchase 02","Summerwood Trails","Summerwood Trails Sec 2","Sunset Harbor Resort Luxury Co","Swi Noncity Lakefront N Of Fm1097","Teal Crossing 02","Texas National","Texas National 01","Texas National 02","Texas National 03","Texas National 09","The Harbor At Clear View Estates","The Oak Reserve Of Anderson Mize","The Pines At Seven Coves","The Pines At Seven Coves 01","The Vintage At Lake Conroe","The Woodlands Hill","The Woodlands Hills","The Woodlands Hills 01","The Woodlands Hills 02","The Woodlands Hills 03","The Woodlands Hills 09","The Woodlands Hills 11","The Woodlands Hills 14","Thompson Country","Timber Line Estates 01","Timber Line Estates 02","Timber Line Estates 03","Tin Barn 01","Tong J B","Turner Heights","Twains Landing","Twin Shores","Twin Shores 01","Walco Hills","Walnut Cove","Walnut Cove 01","Walnut Cove 02","Waters Edge Tiny Home Community","White Oak Hills","White Oak Hills 02","William Trails","William Weir Surv A-42","Willis Town Of","Willwood","Wm Martin","Woodcreek Valley 01"],"zipcodes":["77318","77378"]},"willspoint":{"label":"Wills Point","counties":["Van Zandt County"],"subdivisions":["J Deweye","Walnut Cove 01"],"zipcodes":["75169"]},"wimberley":{"label":"Wimberley","counties":["Hays County"],"subdivisions":["Conrad Overland Surv A-347","Green Acres Sec 1","Paradise Hills","Paradise Hills Sec 1","Paradise Hills Sec 4","Rainbow Ranch","River Mountain Ranch Sec 4","River Oaks Of Wimberley Unit 5","Riverledge Estate","Saddleridge Sec 2","Smith Nest","South River Sec Ii","Watkins Nobles And Amos Singleton Survey","Woodcreek Sec 25"],"zipcodes":["78666","78676"]},"winchester":{"label":"Winchester","subdivisions":["Berry","Whitesides, Geo W"]},"winnie":{"label":"Winnie","counties":["Chambers County"],"subdivisions":["0","0342060-0342060","Benson Sec 162-163-164","Briar Mdw 02","Briarmeadow","Charles O Ellstroms Sub Sec 1","Dunn","Dunn Subdivision","Dunn Subdivision Lot 16","Fox Winnie","Franzen Add","Highland Sub","James Hoggatt League","Je Mccormick","Koch F. Valmore","M L Franzen","Mcbride","Mcbride Sub","Ml Franzen Sub","O B Sterling 01-0","Pear Orchard","Raymond","Robin Miller","Spindeltop Manor","Stidham Sub","Sunny Acres","Theo F Koch Sub","Theo Koch Sub","Winnie Suburbs","Winnie Suburbs Sub","Winnie Townsite","Winnie Ts"],"zipcodes":["77665"]},"winnsboro":{"label":"Winnsboro","counties":["Franklin County","Wood County"],"subdivisions":["Pelican Bay"],"zipcodes":["75494"]},"woodbranch":{"label":"Woodbranch","counties":["Montgomery County"],"subdivisions":["Lilliput Farms","Lilliput Farms 02","Woodbranch","Woodbranch 05","Woodway Forest 01"],"zipcodes":["77357"]},"woodlake":{"label":"Woodlake","subdivisions":["Felix W. Goff"]},"woodland":{"label":"Woodland","subdivisions":["The Enclave At The Woodlands"]},"woodloch":{"label":"Woodloch","counties":["Montgomery County"],"subdivisions":["Whispering Oaks 01"],"zipcodes":["77385"]},"woodsboro":{"label":"Woodsboro","counties":["Refugio County"],"subdivisions":["Boenig"],"zipcodes":["78393"]},"woodville":{"label":"Woodville","counties":["Tyler County"],"subdivisions":["0","A0004 A. Barclay","A0657 - J. Wheat","Barclay","Bendon Forse Estates","Chesswood","Cousins Acres","Cwrf1","Dearwood","Deerlake Resort","Eaves Sd","Foster Hills","Galahad Estates","Harmony","Henderson Sd","Hyde","Ivanhoe","Ivanhoe Estates","Ivanhoe Ranchettes","J. Falvey","J. Wheat","J.Wheat","Jb Moser Surv Abs #450","Josiah Wheat Surv Abs657","Kelley Add #2","Lake Camelot","Lake Charmaine","Lake Galahad","Lake Ivanhoe","Lake Tristan","Lakeland Ranch Sec One","Ogden Bluff","Perry Smith Sd","Riley Sub","Rural","S. B. Cooper","The Timbers At 256","Timberland","Timberland Branch","Timberland Estates I","Tyler Cad Mbh Property","West Town Bluff","Woodway Sub"],"zipcodes":["75979","75990"]},"wortham":{"label":"Wortham","counties":["Freestone County"],"subdivisions":["Boston Land Co","Brett Land","Chumney Addn","Wortham"],"zipcodes":["76693"]},"yantis":{"label":"Yantis","counties":["Wood County"],"subdivisions":["Doughertys Landing"],"zipcodes":["75497"]},"yoakum":{"label":"Yoakum","counties":["DeWitt County","Lavaca County"],"subdivisions":["0","73 Robt Burns","A0450 - Isham Tate","Dewitt County","Dw & S Add","Jaresh & Burton Sub","John Canroy League","Patrick Ryan","Plaza","R Burns","Robert Burns Surv Abs #73","Simpson","Texas & New Orleans Railroad C","Yoakum"],"zipcodes":["77995"]},"yorktown":{"label":"Yorktown","counties":["DeWitt County"],"subdivisions":["A0340 - Abst 34"],"zipcodes":["78164"]},"zavalla":{"label":"Zavalla","counties":["Angelina County"],"subdivisions":["Bayou Village Estate","E Bridges League Abs #81","East Texas Railroad Sec #13","John Mcannelly Surv Abs #437","Moore Farm 2 Subdivision","Saron","Sza"],"zipcodes":["75980"]}}},"last_updated":"2024-07-15 15:25:01","version":1}