{"al":{"st":"AL","label":"Alabama","counties":["Chambers County","Henry County","Jefferson County","Winston County","Hale County","Shelby County","Marshall County","Tallapoosa County","Calhoun County","Pickens County","Blount County","Etowah County","Covington County","Lauderdale County","Cullman County","Limestone County","St. Clair County","Dale County","Houston County","Clay County","Escambia County","Lee County","Autauga County","Mobile County","Barbour County","Pike County","Baldwin County","Marion County","Monroe County","Lamar County","Franklin County","Fayette County","Sumter County","Lowndes County","Geneva County","Elmore County","Greene County","Talladega County","Wilcox County","Crenshaw County","Cullman","Bibb County","Jackson County","Tuscaloosa County","Cherokee County","Choctaw County","Chilton County","Washington County","Walker County","Clarke County","Conecuh County","Colbert County","DeKalb County","Lawrence County","Marengo County","Morgan County","Cleburne County","Coffee County","Bullock County","Macon County","Butler County","Coosa County","Randolph County","Madison County","Winston","Russell County","Perry County","Montgomery County","Dallas County"],"zipcodes":[36276,36310,35005,35060,35062,35073,35118,35214,35224,35540,35441,35007,35040,35080,35114,35115,35124,35137,35144,35950,35951,35957,35976,35010,35011,35089,36861,36250,36265,36279,35442,35013,35121,35952,36420,36421,35610,36201,36202,36203,36204,36205,36206,36207,36210,36254,36257,35016,35739,38449,35112,35120,35146,35173,36311,35541,36312,36251,35953,35987,35611,35612,35613,35614,35671,35756,36502,36503,36504,35954,36801,36804,36830,36831,36832,36849,36879,36003,36067,36505,36467,35019,35083,35087,36027,35903,36272,36005,36081,36507,36509,36523,36544,35543,35564,35565,35581,36425,35544,35653,35545,35555,35574,35470,36901,36582,36752,36785,35546,35020,35021,35022,35023,35111,35211,35226,35244,36006,35061,35064,35068,35094,35117,35127,35130,35201,35202,35203,35204,35205,35206,35207,35208,35209,35210,35212,35213,35215,35216,35217,35218,35219,35220,35221,35222,35223,35228,35229,35231,35232,35233,35234,35235,35236,35237,35238,35242,35243,35246,35249,35253,35254,35255,35259,35260,35261,35263,35266,35277,35280,35281,35282,35283,35285,35287,35288,35289,35290,35291,35292,35293,35294,35295,35296,35297,35298,35299,36314,35031,36092,36093,36017,36374,35956,35443,35032,35044,35150,36511,36535,36720,36723,36009,35033,35034,35042,36426,36427,35740,35548,35563,35594,35036,35041,35444,35490,35973,36010,36512,36560,36904,35051,36513,36726,36850,35549,36515,36545,35447,36432,36728,35959,35960,36518,35043,35147,35186,35616,36571,36610,36611,35014,35151,36521,36522,35045,35046,35048,35126,36322,36016,35049,36048,35449,35453,35901,36318,36524,35452,35961,35077,36319,36020,36025,36054,35550,35404,36320,35172,35618,35672,36301,36303,36321,35053,36525,35962,35963,36907,35055,35056,35057,35058,35179,36558,36919,36852,36853,36330,36352,36526,36527,36532,36528,36256,36738,36748,36022,35601,35602,35603,35609,35640,35673,35699,36529,36584,36258,36732,36742,35552,36302,36304,36305,36345,36350,35553,35964,35980,36028,35176,35744,36024,36261,36262,36264,36269,36323,36530,35554,35620,35459,36078,36331,35460,35461,36072,36340,35462,35621,36401,36439,36445,36460,36553,36533,35622,36029,36855,36441,36442,35630,35631,35632,35633,35634,36536,36542,36580,36740,36032,35967,35968,35984,36362,36083,36863,36539,36436,36446,36451,35971,35902,35904,35905,35906,35907,35464,35972,36038,35070,35071,35116,35119,35181,36033,35974,36908,35559,36034,36255,35072,35466,36343,36040,36035,36079,36263,36541,35747,36744,36037,36547,36561,35748,35570,35989,35078,36344,35749,35079,35180,35750,35761,35765,35978,35643,35136,35571,35082,35752,35769,35225,35230,35240,35245,35278,35142,35572,35649,35741,35757,35758,35759,35763,35773,35801,35802,35803,35804,35805,35806,35807,35808,35809,35810,35811,35812,35813,35814,35815,35816,35824,35893,35894,35895,35896,35897,35898,35899,36860,35768,35981,36501,35501,35502,35503,35504,35085,35573,35645,35091,36453,36862,36869,36870,35755,35771,35004,35983,35646,36548,35647,35648,36549,35096,35160,36260,36266,36912,35654,35674,36865,36455,35097,35133,36551,36567,36578,36049,35575,36375,36555,36556,36349,36750,36790,36051,36756,36456,36457,36053,36267,35576,36572,36575,36590,36601,36602,36603,36604,36605,36606,36607,36608,36609,36612,36613,36615,36616,36617,36618,36619,36621,36622,36625,36628,36630,36633,36640,36641,36644,36652,36660,36663,36670,36671,36675,36685,36688,36689,36690,36691,36693,36695,36461,36462,36013,36043,36064,36101,36102,36103,36104,36105,36106,36107,36108,36109,36110,36111,36112,36113,36114,36115,36116,36117,36118,36119,36120,36121,36123,36124,36125,36130,36131,36132,36133,36134,36135,36140,36141,36142,36177,36191,36280,35650,35474,36268,35660,35661,35662,36763,36764,36782,35577,35578,36915,36921,36351,35760,36765,36360,36371,36353,35006,35406,35473,35475,35476,36866,36766,36768,35579,35182,36271,36802,36803,36767,36253,36361,35764,35776,35477,35580,35054,35125,35128,35135,36916,36562,36471,36062,36867,36868,36877,36052,36057,36769,36066,35123,36564,35986,36008,36068,35670,36784,35131,36273,35582,36474,35481,36475,36476,36274,36576,35652,36071,36277,36477,36701,36702,36703,35143,36075,35063,35584,36577,36275,35585,36569,35178,35772,35183,36579,35586,35148,35149,35988,35161,36783,35171,36583,36082,35015,35401,35402,35403,35405,35407,35446,35485,35486,35487,36087,36088,35175,36089,36786,36480,36854,36872,36749,35184,35188,35592,35279,35286,35593,36481,35990,35677,36376,36278,35185,36482,35187,35074,36925]},"ar":{"st":"AR","label":"Arkansas","counties":["Mississippi County"],"zipcodes":[72315,72316],"cities":{"blytheville":{"label":"Blytheville","counties":["Mississippi County"],"subdivisions":["MARSH ADD"],"zipcodes":["72315","72316"]}}},"az":{"st":"AZ","label":"Arizona","counties":["Maricopa County","Pima County","Pinal County","La Paz County","Apache County","Santa Cruz County","Mohave County","Yavapai County","Yuma County","Gila County","Cochise County","Coconino County","Graham County","Navajo County","Greenlee County"],"zipcodes":[85320,85321,85634,85139,85325,85357,85920,85645,85646,86401,85086,85117,85119,85120,85178,85217,85218,85220,85278,85601,85123,85193,85223,86440,85322,86320,85364,85039,85323,85329,85338,85340,85353,85392,85653,85333,86321,85541,86432,85602,85630,85621,85603,86036,86040,85324,85128,85344,85348,85605,85543,85326,85337,85342,85343,85361,85390,85396,85365,86429,86430,86439,86442,86505,85530,85546,85548,85132,85232,86020,86322,86326,86327,85623,86022,85941,85266,85331,85377,85121,85221,85122,85130,85131,85172,85194,85222,85230,85293,85294,85704,85741,85742,85752,85737,85739,85712,85715,85716,85718,85728,85749,85750,85087,85327,86021,85531,85501,85539,85224,85225,85226,85233,85244,85246,85248,85249,85284,85286,86033,86503,86314,86315,86323,86334,86431,85911,85328,85334,85355,86409,86413,86324,85923,85532,85533,85540,84784,85924,85332,85191,85228,86333,86325,85641,86434,86437,86404,85550,85347,86535,86303,86329,86047,86441,86004,85607,85608,85626,85655,86555,85609,85746,85757,85192,85534,85925,85938,85346,85307,85335,85610,85611,85141,85231,86042,86001,86003,86011,85143,85279,85705,85743,85926,86504,86426,86427,85536,85367,85259,85268,85269,85336,85350,85339,85142,85206,85209,85212,85234,85236,85295,85296,85297,85298,85299,85301,85302,85303,85304,85305,85306,85308,85309,85310,85311,85312,85318,85345,85381,85382,85502,85118,85219,86436,85395,86023,85614,85622,85927,85283,86411,85554,86030,86039,85135,85235,85928,85933,86025,86032,85930,85935,86506,86512,85616,86031,86034,86331,86053,85137,85237,86502,86403,86405,86406,86335,86342,85929,86035,85901,86510,86520,85147,86507,86508,85618,85631,86538,85652,85658,85740,85138,85238,85239,85617,86444,85201,85202,85203,85204,85205,85207,85208,85210,85211,85213,85214,85215,85216,85227,85256,85274,85275,85277,85290,85615,86045,86446,86017,86336,85620,86540,85628,85662,85932,86511,86433,84536,85755,85250,85253,86018,86046,85624,86305,85547,85362,86332,85373,85380,85383,85385,85387,85542,85001,85002,85003,85004,85005,85006,85007,85008,85009,85010,85011,85012,85013,85014,85015,85016,85017,85018,85019,85020,85021,85022,85023,85024,85025,85026,85027,85028,85029,85030,85031,85032,85033,85034,85035,85036,85037,85038,85040,85041,85042,85043,85044,85045,85046,85048,85050,85051,85053,85054,85055,85060,85061,85062,85063,85064,85065,85066,85067,85068,85069,85070,85071,85072,85073,85074,85075,85076,85077,85078,85079,85080,85082,85083,85085,85096,85097,85098,85099,85251,85254,85255,85281,85313,85241,85544,85934,85371,86301,86302,86304,86313,86312,85359,85140,85242,86514,86544,85145,85245,85654,85747,85640,85648,85263,86545,85545,86547,85247,85552,85629,85551,85349,85632,85240,85243,89024,85252,85257,85258,85260,85261,85262,85267,85271,86043,86339,86340,86351,86556,86337,86054,85902,85912,85613,85635,85650,85670,85671,85636,85937,85637,85713,85936,86515,85272,85619,85756,85351,85372,85374,85375,85376,86029,85625,86435,85173,85273,85378,85379,85388,85352,85356,85748,85939,85280,85282,85285,85287,85289,85735,85736,85638,86044,85354,85553,85639,85701,85702,85703,85706,85707,85708,85709,85710,85711,85714,85717,85719,85720,85721,85722,85723,85724,85725,85726,85730,85731,85732,85733,85734,85738,85745,85751,85754,85775,85777,85744,85940,86341,86445,85358,85360,85643,85644,86330,85292,85942,85363,86438,85366,85369]},"ca":{"st":"CA","label":"California","counties":["Contra Costa County","San Joaquin County","Los Angeles County","San Bernardino County","Modoc County","Riverside County","Madera County","Stanislaus County","Alameda County","Mendocino County","Humboldt County","Orange County","Sierra County","Solano County","Tulare County","Plumas County","San Diego County","Alpine County","Placer County","Nevada County","Marin County","Santa Clara County","Amador County","Napa County","Santa Cruz County","Shasta County","Calaveras County","Sacramento County","Colusa County","Kings County","Monterey County","San Benito County","San Luis Obispo County","Glenn County","Kern County","Mono County","San Mateo County","Merced County","Fresno County","El Dorado County","Santa Barbara County","Butte County","Yuba County","Mariposa County","Ventura County","Tehama County","Del Norte County","Lassen County","Inyo County","Sonoma County","Imperial County","Trinity County","Siskiyou County","Tuolumne County","Yolo County","Lake County","Sutter County","San Francisco County"],"zipcodes":[94549,94597,95220,91390,93510,93550,93551,92301,92368,92371,92394,96006,91301,91376,92536,93601,93644,95354,94501,94502,94606,94621,94507,94706,94710,95410,95456,95511,91801,91802,91803,91804,91841,91896,91899,94553,92651,92653,92656,92677,95910,95688,93219,95923,90249,90250,90260,90506,93201,91901,91903,92019,96120,95701,95714,95949,91001,91003,91104,91107,94941,96101,95127,95601,95685,94503,94589,95076,92801,92802,92803,92804,92805,92806,92807,92808,92809,92811,92812,92814,92815,92816,92817,92825,92850,92887,92899,95445,96007,95221,95222,94508,95621,95843,94509,94513,94531,94561,94565,92539,92561,92307,92308,92345,92395,95003,95912,91006,91007,91077,91732,95518,95521,95524,95549,95608,95821,95825,95841,95860,95864,95865,95866,95887,93202,93230,95223,95224,95250,95004,93420,93421,90701,90702,95913,95963,95988,93203,94541,94578,94580,93546,93422,93423,94026,94027,95301,93602,93651,95602,95603,95604,95614,95205,90704,93204,93239,95233,93405,93424,93449,90601,91746,91010,91702,92309,93220,93301,93302,93303,93304,93305,93306,93307,93308,93309,93311,93312,93313,93314,93380,93381,93382,93383,93384,93385,93386,93387,93389,93390,91706,91797,93463,95303,95901,95914,95966,92220,92223,92311,92312,92327,93604,93669,94520,94806,95503,95903,95340,95338,93531,93561,92583,96122,96129,95915,90040,90058,90201,90270,91307,90202,96003,96008,90706,90707,94002,94920,94965,95005,95018,95542,96080,94510,94591,93512,93514,94701,94702,94703,94704,94705,94707,94708,94709,94712,94720,92203,95916,95531,94511,90209,90210,90211,90212,96009,92314,92386,92315,96011,93605,93634,95570,93513,92242,95917,93606,93630,93723,93515,94945,94506,93444,96103,94952,92316,92335,95525,92225,92226,94922,95465,94923,93205,94924,92257,93636,91902,91910,95060,92003,92026,92084,95415,93516,93596,93907,92004,92020,92021,95006,91905,93725,95416,95476,91008,93426,92227,92821,92822,92823,92835,92886,95358,93517,94005,94015,95007,95490,95321,95644,95666,95956,93427,90620,90621,90622,90624,95640,91501,91502,91503,91504,91505,91506,91507,91508,91510,91523,91526,95128,94010,96013,95527,95928,95954,95969,95942,95965,93206,94514,95351,96106,92230,90290,91302,91372,92231,92232,92249,93501,93504,93505,93207,92320,92373,92233,94515,95470,95482,96124,93010,93011,93012,93428,95124,95672,95682,95667,95709,93208,93265,92055,92058,95008,95009,95011,95032,95125,91906,95922,95960,96015,93608,92532,92587,96137,95010,95062,95984,92008,92009,92010,92011,92013,92018,92024,92054,92056,92081,93922,93923,93924,93921,95609,95628,96140,93013,93014,96094,90224,90248,90745,90746,90747,90749,90810,93549,93609,91320,91941,91977,93429,95420,95460,96016,91310,91384,94595,94546,94552,94577,95012,92234,92241,92264,92270,92276,95306,93430,95421,95370,95383,96104,93657,95307,95326,90703,95919,95925,93035,91722,91724,93263,92399,96020,95926,95927,95929,95973,95976,96105,96135,93555,95309,95327,91708,91710,92880,91709,93610,93925,91908,91909,91911,91912,91913,91914,91915,91921,91950,92154,91740,95610,95611,91711,91750,95612,95638,94517,95422,95424,95423,95451,95457,95437,95930,95941,95425,93611,93612,93613,93619,93626,93727,93747,92236,92274,93210,93614,95426,96091,95335,96107,96133,95713,95632,94014,94080,95613,95633,95651,92313,92324,95310,95932,90022,90023,90091,90101,90102,90103,95427,90059,90220,90221,90222,90223,94518,94519,94521,94522,94523,94524,94527,94598,95228,93212,96021,92503,92860,92877,92878,92879,92881,92882,92883,92118,92135,92147,92155,92178,94925,94976,92626,92627,92628,94926,94931,92679,96022,95311,95204,95615,95428,91723,95532,95934,95983,95312,95334,95388,92322,92325,92391,92404,93432,94525,95313,95360,90096,90016,90034,90066,90230,90231,90232,94024,95014,95015,95051,95070,95108,93615,93647,93254,90630,90720,94013,94016,94017,92624,92629,92675,94526,94528,94582,94583,93522,95017,95616,95617,95618,94574,94576,90045,90304,92014,93953,93616,93940,95356,93215,93216,93250,93280,93618,95315,95380,95316,93224,91916,92239,92240,92258,92282,92211,95363,91765,91789,95619,95623,94929,94971,94505,95620,95935,95962,96145,96023,96058,93620,96024,96093,90239,90240,90241,90242,95936,96109,95699,91017,94551,94568,93218,95937,96025,96067,95938,95958,93268,96110,92543,92544,90063,95659,95674,95361,94303,93257,95971,94805,91118,91775,93274,90604,93706,91752,93401,93523,93524,92071,92090,92243,92244,94530,95762,94019,91731,91733,91734,91735,91780,95317,93446,93447,95318,93247,93036,90245,94803,95433,95431,95442,93532,95939,95624,95757,95758,95759,95829,95830,95039,95625,95687,95626,95673,94062,94608,94662,95319,95357,92007,92023,92067,92075,95320,92025,92027,92029,92030,92033,92046,92082,95607,95627,95653,96027,92040,95501,95534,95564,93221,92127,94930,94533,94534,94535,94585,93637,93638,94542,96028,92028,92088,93223,93292,95230,95536,95629,95519,95537,93015,93016,93622,93623,90001,90002,90052,90255,95823,95828,96111,96029,95630,95671,95742,95763,92331,92334,92336,92337,92377,92402,95660,95842,95247,95631,95436,96112,95538,92310,96032,93720,95540,94404,92708,93625,95348,93225,95019,95832,94536,94537,94538,94539,94555,94587,95206,95231,96033,92563,92596,93650,93701,93702,93703,93704,93705,93707,93708,93709,93710,93711,93714,93715,93716,93717,93718,93721,93722,93724,93726,93728,93729,93730,93737,93740,93741,93744,93745,93750,93755,93760,93761,93764,93765,93771,93772,93774,93775,93776,93777,93778,93779,93780,93784,93786,93790,93791,93792,93793,93794,93844,93888,95820,90631,92831,92832,92833,92834,92836,92837,92838,95403,95439,92328,95215,90680,92683,92703,92840,92841,92842,92843,92844,92845,92846,90247,93454,95543,96034,95634,95635,96035,95441,95020,95021,91020,91021,91046,91201,91202,91203,91204,91205,91206,91207,91208,91209,91210,91214,91221,91222,91224,91226,91741,95670,93106,93111,93116,93117,93118,93199,93926,92570,95944,93291,95650,95746,95959,95945,95444,95472,92545,93927,96037,95947,96038,96064,95948,95950,95636,95305,93433,93445,93483,93434,93455,95446,95471,95637,95322,91715,91716,91745,91748,94018,95951,93232,96039,96049,93603,96040,90716,90251,90303,90310,96041,94540,94543,94544,94545,94557,94586,94588,95448,92546,92582,94547,94564,94572,96113,90254,90267,92340,92344,92392,95323,95461,95467,92507,92557,92346,92359,92410,94402,95324,95023,95024,92250,92548,92284,92285,93592,95639,95546,95449,96044,95325,90742,92605,92615,92646,92647,92648,92649,93234,96046,95547,93260,92549,92251,91932,91933,93526,92210,95502,92201,92253,91714,91744,90056,90301,90302,90305,90306,90307,90308,90309,90311,90312,90313,90397,90398,94937,94956,93527,92602,92603,92604,92606,92610,92612,92614,92616,92617,92618,92619,92620,92623,92637,92650,92660,92676,92697,92698,92709,91009,93107,95641,93235,95642,91934,91935,91978,92022,96114,95450,93528,96130,92252,92036,96048,93529,92501,92505,92509,92519,93530,93545,93518,94904,94957,94974,95452,93238,93285,96001,95328,95382,93930,96143,93631,95728,96161,95646,95548,95645,94548,91011,91012,90632,90633,94020,91942,91943,91944,90637,90638,90639,90623,95981,91747,91749,92202,92247,92248,95826,95827,94028,90008,90233,92688,92692,92694,94556,94563,92652,92609,92607,92654,94933,94938,94963,92317,92321,92326,92352,92378,92385,96115,95329,95369,92530,92531,92584,92595,92630,92691,93536,93240,93535,93591,92504,92508,92078,91361,95946,96051,95453,92567,90712,90713,90714,90715,93241,93656,93534,93539,93584,93586,95404,95492,94901,94914,94939,94977,95304,95330,93242,95454,95333,93243,93541,95585,93244,93286,91945,91946,92195,95824,93245,93246,96052,95026,95033,95044,96116,95648,95207,95961,95236,96117,96056,93543,95953,95065,94550,95237,95240,93932,95241,95242,95979,95551,92318,92350,92354,92357,92374,94021,94060,95918,90717,93436,93438,95346,90711,90731,90740,90755,90801,90802,90803,90804,90805,90806,90807,90808,90809,90813,90814,90815,90822,90831,90832,90833,90834,90835,90840,90842,90844,90845,90846,90847,90848,90853,90888,90895,90899,96054,95677,90721,93440,94022,94023,94304,90003,90004,90005,90006,90007,90009,90010,90011,90012,90013,90014,90015,90017,90018,90019,90020,90021,90024,90025,90026,90027,90028,90029,90030,90031,90032,90033,90035,90036,90037,90038,90039,90041,90042,90043,90044,90046,90047,90048,90049,90050,90051,90053,90054,90055,90057,90060,90061,90062,90064,90065,90067,90068,90069,90070,90071,90072,90073,90074,90075,90076,90077,90078,90079,90080,90081,90082,90083,90084,90086,90087,90088,90089,90090,90093,90094,90095,90099,90189,90213,90272,90291,90292,90293,90294,90295,90296,90402,90501,90502,90710,90732,90734,90744,90748,91040,91041,91042,91043,91225,91303,91304,91305,91306,91308,91309,91311,91313,91316,91324,91325,91326,91327,91328,91329,91330,91331,91333,91334,91335,91337,91340,91342,91343,91344,91345,91346,91352,91353,91356,91357,91364,91365,91367,91371,91388,91393,91394,91395,91396,91399,91401,91402,91403,91404,91405,91406,91407,91408,91409,91410,91411,91412,91413,91416,91423,91426,91436,91470,91482,91495,91496,91497,91499,91521,91522,91601,91602,91603,91604,91605,91606,91607,91608,91609,91610,91611,91612,91614,91615,91616,91617,91618,93635,95030,95036,96055,93441,93402,93412,93408,93409,93249,96118,94903,95458,92356,90262,92358,95526,95552,93639,90263,90264,90265,95459,90266,95336,95337,95366,96059,92518,92553,92554,93252,93933,93955,95654,95655,95955,91016,95652,95838,96057,93251,95341,92571,95722,92254,93023,93640,92564,92585,92586,94025,95343,95957,95345,92655,96121,94942,94030,96062,96073,95035,96061,96063,93022,95553,93105,92690,95350,95352,95353,95355,95368,95397,93502,95245,91066,91185,94037,91762,91763,95462,90640,93103,93108,93150,93942,93943,93944,91754,91755,91756,96065,96084,95695,93020,93021,95212,94575,92551,92552,92555,92556,95037,95046,92256,93442,93443,94558,94038,95041,95066,91948,95391,95246,94035,94039,94040,94041,94042,94043,94087,92562,92407,95554,94559,94581,91947,91951,92136,92363,97635,94560,95658,96134,92625,92657,92658,92659,92661,92662,92663,94946,95464,95485,94063,94801,92705,92711,92780,90650,90651,90652,90659,94947,94948,94949,94998,96068,91377,94601,94602,94603,94604,94605,94607,94609,94610,94611,94612,94613,94614,94615,94617,94618,94619,94620,94622,94623,94624,94625,94649,94659,94660,94661,94666,94562,95419,93475,92049,92051,92052,92057,92068,92083,92259,93388,93024,96071,91743,91758,91761,91764,91798,93255,93283,92782,92856,92857,92859,92862,92865,92866,92867,92868,92869,93646,95662,93457,95555,95940,95968,93001,93030,93031,93032,93033,93034,93041,93950,94044,92059,92255,92260,92261,92262,92263,92292,93552,93590,93599,94301,94302,94306,92266,90274,95967,90723,94206,93648,93662,91101,91102,91103,91105,91106,91108,91109,91110,91114,91115,91116,91117,91121,91123,91124,91129,91131,91182,91184,91188,91191,91199,96074,96075,94951,95663,92572,92599,94953,94954,94955,94975,94999,92329,95559,95466,90606,90660,90661,90662,95665,93222,91962,92372,92397,95689,93040,93448,93256,92870,92871,93267,95365,94566,95669,95468,95726,91766,91767,91768,91769,91799,93258,94569,93043,93044,91963,91990,95469,92064,92065,92074,95970,96078,93908,95972,95248,93652,95252,95683,95741,91701,91729,91730,91737,91739,91784,92235,90275,92091,92678,93554,95569,96002,96019,96099,92375,90261,90277,90278,95560,94061,94064,94065,93654,92376,93261,94802,94804,94807,94808,94820,94850,95974,93556,95001,95562,94571,95675,95367,92502,92506,92513,92514,92515,92516,92517,92521,92522,95676,95765,94927,94928,95407,90505,93560,91770,91771,91772,91776,95661,95668,95678,95747,94960,94979,95975,92382,94573,94203,94204,94205,94207,94208,94209,94211,94229,94230,94232,94234,94235,94236,94237,94239,94240,94244,94245,94246,94247,94248,94249,94250,94252,94254,94256,94257,94258,94259,94261,94262,94263,94267,94268,94269,94271,94273,94274,94277,94278,94279,94280,94282,94283,94284,94285,94286,94287,94288,94289,94290,94291,94293,94294,94295,94296,94297,94298,94299,95811,95812,95813,95814,95815,95816,95817,95818,95819,95822,95831,95833,95834,95835,95836,95837,95840,95851,95852,95853,95867,95894,93901,93902,93905,93906,93912,93915,92275,95249,94978,93450,92369,92401,92403,92405,92406,92408,92411,92412,92413,92414,92415,92418,92423,92424,92427,94066,93002,93003,93004,93005,93006,93007,93009,94070,92672,92673,92674,92037,92038,92039,92092,92093,92101,92102,92103,92104,92105,92106,92107,92108,92109,92110,92111,92112,92113,92114,92115,92116,92117,92119,92120,92121,92122,92123,92124,92126,92128,92129,92130,92131,92132,92133,92134,92137,92138,92139,92140,92142,92143,92145,92149,92150,92152,92153,92158,92159,92160,92161,92162,92163,92164,92165,92166,92167,92168,92169,92170,92171,92172,92173,92174,92175,92176,92177,92179,92182,92184,92186,92187,92190,92191,92192,92193,92194,92196,92197,92198,92199,91773,91341,91392,94101,94102,94103,94104,94105,94106,94107,94108,94109,94110,94111,94112,94114,94115,94116,94117,94118,94119,94120,94121,94122,94123,94124,94125,94126,94127,94129,94130,94131,94132,94133,94134,94135,94136,94137,94138,94139,94140,94141,94142,94143,94144,94145,94146,94147,94150,94151,94152,94153,94154,94155,94156,94158,94159,94160,94161,94162,94163,94164,94171,94172,94175,94177,94188,94199,91778,94973,92581,93660,94089,95002,95013,95050,95053,95101,95103,95106,95109,95110,95111,95112,95113,95115,95116,95117,95118,95119,95120,95121,95122,95123,95126,95129,95130,95131,95132,95133,95134,95135,95136,95138,95139,95140,95141,95148,95150,95151,95152,95153,95154,95155,95156,95157,95158,95159,95160,95161,95164,95170,95172,95173,95190,95191,95192,95193,95194,95196,95045,92693,94579,93954,93403,93406,93407,93410,92069,92079,92096,91125,91126,95038,94011,94401,94403,94497,94596,93451,94912,94913,94915,93452,92701,92702,92704,92706,92707,92712,92725,92728,92735,92799,93101,93102,93109,93110,93120,93121,93130,93140,93160,93190,95052,95054,95055,95056,91321,91322,91350,91351,91354,91355,91380,91381,91382,91383,91385,91386,91387,95061,95063,95064,95067,90605,90610,90670,90671,93453,93456,93458,90401,90403,90404,90405,90406,90407,90408,90409,90410,90411,93060,93061,95401,95402,95405,95406,95409,93063,93460,92072,95071,94966,95565,95497,90743,93562,95473,92273,93461,96087,96079,96089,93664,95589,95681,96088,92384,92389,96125,91024,91025,96126,93271,92342,91362,93062,93064,93065,93093,93094,93099,95977,95567,93960,93464,95073,95372,95379,93665,90280,96150,96151,96152,96154,96155,96156,96157,96158,91030,91031,91189,94083,94128,91792,93962,91976,91979,93641,93675,94305,94309,95374,94970,95978,95201,95202,95203,95208,95209,95210,95211,95213,95219,95267,95269,95296,95297,95980,93266,95375,93666,93067,94085,94086,94088,96127,95982,96148,96141,96142,95481,93581,96090,92589,92590,92591,92592,92593,93465,93270,95686,91319,91358,91359,91360,93237,93272,90503,90504,90507,90508,90509,90510,95376,95377,95378,93668,93673,95075,95563,96160,96162,93275,93276,95381,92710,92781,92277,92278,95418,91785,91786,95696,95251,94590,94592,94972,93437,89439,95253,92393,92861,92863,92864,96092,93227,93277,93278,93279,93290,92085,95254,91788,91795,94529,95680,95690,95986,95386,95077,93282,95389,95571,91790,91791,91793,93773,95255,95605,95691,95798,95799,95899,91363,95387,92684,92685,92281,93624,95692,90602,90603,90607,90608,90609,90612,95987,95573,93633,95693,92283,95694,95258,95776,93670,95697,92885,94599,96097,95991,95992,95993,92268,92286]},"fl":{"st":"FL","label":"Florida","counties":["Jackson County","Seminole County","Lee County","Hillsborough County","Orange County","DeSoto County","Alachua County","Lake County","Palm Beach County","Polk County","Miami-Dade County","Highlands County","Marion County","Citrus County","Monroe County","Holmes County","Manatee County","Levy County","Hernando County","Flagler County","Brevard County","Franklin County","Washington County","Gadsden County","Pinellas County","Hendry County","Broward County","Putnam County","Okaloosa County","Pasco County","Volusia County","Walton County","Charlotte County","Sarasota County","Indian River County","Nassau County","Clay County","St. Lucie County","Columbia County","St. Johns County","Madison County","Martin County","Duval County","Hamilton County","Osceola County","Suwannee County","Bay County","Baker County","Collier County","Lafayette County","Glades County","Okeechobee County","Escambia County","Taylor County","Bradford County","Leon County","Sumter County","Gilchrist County","Hardee County"],"zipcodes":[32420,32701,32714,32715,32716,32751,33920,33534,33570,33572,33573,32703,32704,32712,32768,32776,34265,34266,34269,32618,32102,33462,33823,33850,33868,33880,33881,33160,33180,33825,33826,33870,33154,33830,33831,33430,34420,34421,34464,34465,33043,33161,33427,33428,33429,33431,33432,33433,33434,33481,33486,33487,33488,33496,33497,33498,33499,33922,33945,32425,33928,33931,34110,34119,34133,34134,34135,34136,33424,33425,33426,33435,33436,33437,33472,33473,33474,33483,34201,34202,34203,34204,34205,34206,34207,34208,34209,34210,34211,34212,34280,34281,34282,33508,33509,33510,33511,33527,33578,33584,33594,33596,33619,32621,34601,34602,34603,34604,34605,34609,34610,34613,34614,32110,32164,32174,33438,33439,33476,32920,33903,33904,33909,33910,33914,33915,33955,33990,33991,33993,32322,32427,32707,32708,32718,32730,32792,32324,32626,32644,32428,32709,34433,34434,33755,33756,33757,33758,33759,33760,33761,33762,33763,33764,33765,33766,33767,33769,34711,34712,34713,34714,34715,33440,33406,32922,32923,32924,32926,32927,32931,32932,33063,33066,33073,33024,33026,33328,33330,33133,33134,33143,33146,33156,33158,33065,33067,33071,33076,34215,32112,32536,32539,34423,34428,34429,34448,33042,33157,33189,33190,33523,33525,33526,33004,33312,33314,33316,33836,33837,33844,33896,33897,33317,33324,33325,33326,33331,32114,32115,32116,32117,32118,32119,32120,32121,32122,32123,32124,32125,32126,32127,32198,32713,32753,33064,33441,33442,33443,32433,32435,32720,32721,32723,32724,33444,33445,33446,33447,33448,33482,33484,32725,32728,32738,32739,32764,32540,32541,33122,33126,33166,33172,33178,33050,33838,33859,33877,33884,33898,34430,34431,34432,32131,32177,32132,32141,32168,33138,33150,34221,34222,34223,34224,34295,33929,33967,32726,32727,32735,32736,32757,32784,32948,32958,32966,32967,32034,32035,32097,33109,32136,32003,32006,32073,34436,33034,33035,33301,33302,33303,33304,33305,33306,33307,33308,33309,33310,33311,33313,33315,33318,33319,33320,33321,33322,33323,33329,33332,33334,33335,33336,33337,33338,33339,33340,33345,33346,33348,33349,33351,33355,33359,33388,33394,33841,33847,33900,33901,33902,33905,33906,33907,33908,33911,33912,33913,33916,33917,33918,33919,33965,33966,33971,33994,34945,34946,34947,34948,34949,34950,34951,34954,34979,34981,34982,32038,33827,33843,32259,32601,32602,32603,32604,32605,32606,32607,32608,32609,32610,32611,32612,32613,32614,32627,32635,32641,32653,32667,33170,33177,32043,33413,33415,33463,33467,32331,34736,34737,33707,33711,33845,33008,33009,32145,33417,32640,34442,34445,34453,33002,33010,33011,33012,33013,33014,33015,33016,33017,33018,33142,33147,32615,32643,32655,33062,33455,33475,34690,34691,34692,33019,33020,33021,33022,33023,33025,33027,33029,33081,33083,33030,33031,33032,33033,33039,33090,33092,34446,34487,32903,32937,32963,34956,34449,32148,32149,34450,34451,34452,33036,33070,32099,32201,32202,32203,32204,32205,32206,32207,32208,32209,32210,32211,32212,32214,32215,32216,32217,32218,32219,32220,32221,32222,32223,32224,32225,32226,32227,32228,32229,32230,32231,32232,32233,32234,32235,32236,32237,32238,32239,32241,32244,32245,32246,32247,32250,32254,32255,32256,32257,32258,32260,32267,32277,32290,32052,34957,34958,34994,34996,33408,33418,33458,33468,33469,33477,33478,33173,33176,33183,33186,33149,33037,33040,33041,33045,32656,34741,34742,34743,34744,34745,34746,34747,34758,33935,33975,32158,32159,32162,32163,32195,32024,32025,32055,32056,32744,32746,32795,32799,33403,33404,33852,33862,33853,33454,33460,33461,33464,33465,33466,33480,33801,33802,33803,33804,33805,33806,33807,33809,33810,33811,33813,33815,33770,33771,33773,33774,33778,33779,33785,34460,34461,32059,32340,34748,34749,34762,34788,34789,34797,33936,33970,33972,33973,33974,33976,32060,32064,34228,32750,32752,32779,32791,33470,32404,32405,32409,32444,32063,32341,32950,33407,34140,34145,34146,33068,32446,32447,32448,34753,32066,32901,32902,32904,32912,32919,32934,32935,32936,32940,32941,32951,32952,32953,32954,33101,33102,33107,33111,33114,33116,33119,33121,33124,33125,33127,33128,33129,33130,33131,33132,33135,33136,33137,33139,33140,33141,33144,33145,33148,33151,33152,33153,33155,33159,33162,33163,33164,33165,33167,33168,33169,33174,33175,33179,33181,33184,33185,33187,33188,33193,33194,33195,33196,33197,33199,33206,33231,33233,33234,33238,33239,33242,33243,33245,33247,33255,33256,33257,33261,33265,33266,33269,33280,33283,33296,33299,33054,33055,33056,33222,32976,32050,32068,32754,32796,34755,34756,33471,32668,32756,32778,33860,34101,34102,34103,34104,34105,34106,34108,34109,34112,34113,34114,34116,34117,34120,34652,34653,34654,34655,34656,34668,32169,32170,32669,32578,32588,33410,34286,34287,34288,34289,34290,34291,34292,34293,32759,34470,34471,34472,34473,34474,34475,34476,34477,34478,34479,34480,34481,34482,34483,32818,34734,34761,34786,34787,33556,33558,34972,34973,34974,34677,34685,32763,32774,32065,32067,32789,32801,32802,32803,32804,32805,32806,32807,32808,32809,32810,32811,32812,32814,32815,32816,32817,32819,32820,32821,32822,32824,32825,32826,32827,32828,32829,32831,32832,32833,32834,32835,32836,32837,32839,32853,32854,32855,32856,32857,32858,32859,32860,32861,32862,32867,32868,32869,32872,32877,32878,32885,32886,32887,32891,32893,32896,32897,32898,32899,32173,32175,32176,32762,32765,32766,32178,32905,32906,32907,32908,32909,32910,32911,33412,34990,34991,32135,32137,32142,32143,34660,34681,34682,34683,34684,34698,32407,32408,32413,33028,33082,33084,32501,32502,32503,32504,32505,32506,32507,32508,32509,32511,32512,32513,32514,32516,32520,32521,32522,32523,32524,32526,32534,32559,32590,32591,32592,32347,32348,32180,33702,33709,33714,33716,33777,33780,33781,33782,33563,33564,33565,33566,33567,34759,32181,33060,33061,33069,33072,33074,33075,33077,33093,33097,33938,33948,33949,33952,33953,33954,33980,33981,32128,32129,34673,34992,34997,33927,33950,33951,33982,33983,32686,33503,33568,33569,33579,32955,32956,33411,33414,33575,34695,32771,32772,32773,33957,34230,34231,34232,34233,34234,34235,34236,34237,34238,34239,34240,34241,34242,34243,34276,34277,34278,32957,32978,33871,33872,33875,33876,33583,33493,34606,34607,34608,34611,32091,34995,33571,33598,33112,32301,32302,32303,32304,32305,32306,32307,32308,32309,32310,32311,32312,32313,32314,32315,32316,32317,32318,32395,32399,33601,33602,33603,33604,33605,33606,33607,33608,33609,33610,33611,33612,33613,33614,33615,33616,33617,33618,33620,33621,33622,33623,33624,33625,33626,33629,33630,33631,33633,33634,33635,33637,33646,33647,33650,33651,33655,33660,33661,33662,33663,33664,33672,33673,33674,33675,33677,33679,33680,33681,33682,33684,33685,33686,33687,33688,33689,33690,33694,34688,34689,34484,34491,34785,32780,32781,32782,32783,32693,32702,33530,33587,33595,34275,34284,34285,32960,32961,32962,32964,32965,32968,32969,33597,33449,33543,33544,33545,33559,33401,33402,33405,33409,33416,33419,33420,33421,33422,33327,32696,34777,34778,33839,33882,33883,33885,33888,32790,32793,32719,33539,33540,33541,33542,33890],"cities":{"alford":{"label":"Alford","counties":["Jackson County"],"subdivisions":["COMPASS LAKE HILLS","COMPASS LAKE HILLS 04","COMPASS LAKE HILLS UN 06","COMPASS LAKE HILLS UNIT 5","Compass Lake Hills Unit 6"],"zipcodes":["32420"]},"altamontesprings":{"label":"Altamonte Springs","counties":["Seminole County"],"subdivisions":["Crescent Place At Lake Lotus Condo"],"zipcodes":["32701","32714","32715","32716","32751"]},"alva":{"label":"Alva","counties":["Lee County"],"subdivisions":["Lehigh Acres","LEHIGH ACRES UNIT 10","LEHIGH ACRES UNIT 10, Block 38, Lot 11","LEHIGH ACRES UNIT 12","LEHIGH ACRES Unit 12, Block 48, Lot 17","LEHIGH ACRES UNIT 15","LEHIGH ACRES UNIT 3","LEHIGH ACRES UNIT 4"],"zipcodes":["33920"]},"apollobeach":{"label":"Apollo Beach","counties":["Hillsborough County"],"communities":["RIVER WALK"],"subdivisions":["Lake Chase Condo","River Walk","SOUTHSHORE FALLS PHASE 1"],"zipcodes":["33534","33570","33572","33573"]},"apopka":{"label":"Apopka","counties":["Orange County"],"communities":["Mirror Lake Manor"],"subdivisions":["BRADSHAW AND THOMPSON ADD TO APOPKA","LAKE HAMMER ESTS","MIRROR LAKE MANOR","SHEELER OAKS PH 4A","SURREY PARK"],"zipcodes":["32703","32704","32712","32768","32776"]},"arcadia":{"label":"Arcadia","counties":["DeSoto County"],"subdivisions":["Arcadia NW HWY 70","Nocatee"],"zipcodes":["34265","34266","34269"]},"archer":{"label":"Archer","counties":["Alachua County"],"subdivisions":["FOREST PARK UNIT 3 PHASE I"],"zipcodes":["32618"]},"astor":{"label":"Astor","counties":["Lake County"],"subdivisions":["ASTOR FOREST CAMPSITES"],"zipcodes":["32102"]},"atlantis":{"label":"Atlantis","counties":["Palm Beach County"],"communities":["ATLANTIS","Atlantis \/ Palms at Atlantis","Atlantis Atriums","Atlantis City","ATLANTIS CITY OF","Atlantis Country Club","Atlantis Eastwind","ATLANTIS ESTATES","ATLANTIS REGENCY","Atlantis Regency Condo","ATLANTIS REGENCY GARDEN APTS CONDO","ATLANTIS SHERBROOKE","ATLANTIS SHERBROOKE EAST","Atlantis Sherbrooke Villas","ATLANTIS SHERBROOKE VILLAS EAST","ATLANTIS TUDORS","ATLANTIS VILLAS","Atlantis-Cedar Key","ATLANTIS, CITY OF ATLANTIS","ATLANTIS, LAKE WORTH","city of atlantis","COLONY KEY","CYPRESS KEY","Divosta Homes","EASTWIND ATLANTIS CO","Embassy Park","FORESTVIEW VILLAS","French Royal Villas","French Royale","FRENCH ROYALE VILLA ASSN","French Royale Villas","Muirfield Villas","N\/A","PALMS AT ATLANTIS","Pine Villa","PINE VILLA, ATLANTIS","RIO VISTA","Sherbrooke","SHERBROOKE VILLAS","The Palms","THE PALMS AT ATLANTIS","TUDOR II NORTH","TUDOR II SOUTH","TUDOR TWO NORTH CONDOS","Tudor Two South Condos - Atlantis","TUDORS IN THE PINES","Woodland Villas","YORKTOWNE","Yorktowne Villas"],"subdivisions":["Acreage & Unrec","ATLANTIS","Atlantis - The Palms","ATLANTIS 1 CITY Of","Atlantis 2","ATLANTIS 2 CITY OF","ATLANTIS 3 CITY OF","ATLANTIS 4 CITY OF","ATLANTIS 5 CITY OF","ATLANTIS 7 CITY OF","ATLANTIS 8 CITY OF","Atlantis Atriums","Atlantis City","Atlantis City 01","Atlantis City 02","Atlantis City 03","Atlantis City 05","Atlantis City 11","Atlantis City 12","Atlantis City 14a","Atlantis City 16d","Atlantis City 16e","Atlantis City 17","ATLANTIS CITY OF","ATLANTIS CITY OF 11","ATLANTIS CITY OF 12","ATLANTIS CITY OF 14-C","ATLANTIS CITY OF 14A","Atlantis City Of 14A As","ATLANTIS CITY OF 14B","ATLANTIS CITY OF 16-B","ATLANTIS CITY OF 16-D","ATLANTIS CITY OF 16-E","ATLANTIS CITY OF 16-F","ATLANTIS CITY OF 17","ATLANTIS CITY OF PL","ATLANTIS CITY OF PL 11","ATLANTIS CITY OF PL 12","ATLANTIS CITY OF PL 14B","ATLANTIS CITY OF PL 16-D","Atlantis Country Club","Atlantis Est In The City Of Atlantis","ATLANTIS ESTATES","ATLANTIS NO 2 CITY O","ATLANTIS NO 2 CITY OF IN","ATLANTIS NO 3 CITY O","ATLANTIS NO 3 CITY OF IN","ATLANTIS PL 1 CITY O","ATLANTIS PL 1 CITY OF","ATLANTIS PL 1 CITY OF IN PB 26 PGS 222 & 223","ATLANTIS PL 5","ATLANTIS PL 5 CITY OF IN PB 28 PGS 147 & 148","ATLANTIS PL 8 CITY O","ATLANTIS PL 8 CITY OF","ATLANTIS PL1 CITY OF IN PB26 PGS 222 & 223","ATLANTIS REGENCY CONDO","ATLANTIS REGENCY CONDOMINIUM TR B (LESS E 27 FT) PLAT 6 CITY OF ATLANTIS PB28P174 IN","ATLANTIS REGENCY EAS","Atlantis Regency East","Atlantis Regency East Garden Apts","Atlantis Regency East Garden Apts Cond, Th Pt Of S","ATLANTIS REGENCY EAST GARDEN APTS COND, TH PT OF S 146 FT OF N 1081 FT OF ELY 245 FT","ATLANTIS REGENCY GARDEN APTS CONDO","Atlantis Sherbrooke","Atlantis Sherbrooke Villas","ATLANTIS SHERBROOKE VILLAS EAST COND","ATLANTIS SHERBROOKE VILLAS CONDO","ATLANTIS SHERBROOKE VILLAS EAST","ATLANTIS SHERBROOKE VILLAS EAST COND","ATLANTIS SHERBROOKE VILLAS EAST CONDO","Atlantis Sherbrooke Villas Par In 31-44-43 As In D","Atlantis Sherbrooke Villas South Cond","ATLANTIS SHERBROOKE VILLAS SOUTH CONDO","ATLANTIS TUDORS IN THE PINES","Atlantis TUDORS IN THE PINES CONDO","ATLANTIS VILLAS","ATLANTIS VILLAS IN P","ATLANTIS VILLAS IN PB 27 PGS 241 AND 242","ATLANTIS, Palms of Atlantis","Atlantis, small city, population about 2,000.","Atlantis\/TUDOR","Atriums","CARILLON CONDO","CEDAR KEY VILLA","CEDAR KEY VILLAS","CEDAR KEY VILLAS IN","City Atlantis 20","City of Atlantis","CITY OF ATLANTIS 13","CITY OF ATLANTIS 15","CITY OF ATLANTIS 16-A","CITY OF ATLANTIS CONDO","CITY OF ATLANTIS NO 2 LT 13 BLK","City of Atlantis NO 3 Lot 26 BK 2","CITY OF ATLANTIS RENTAL","COLONY KEY VILLAS","COLONY KEY VILLAS IN","COLONY KEY VILLAS IN PB 29 PGS 25 AND 26","Country Club","CYPRESS KEY VILLAS","DRIFTWOOD VILLAS","Driftwood Villas at Atlantis","EASTWIND OF ATLANTIS CONDO","FAIRVIEW OF ATLANTIS","FORESTVIEW VILLAS","FORESTVIEW VILLAS AS","FOURSOME AT ATLANTIS CONDO","French Royal Villas","French Royale Villas","FRENCH ROYALE VILLAS LOT 8 FRENCH VILLAS BLK &","JFK MEDICAL CENTRE","MUIRFIELD VILLAS","PALM BEACH FARMS CO 7","Palms At Atlantis","PINE VILLAS","Pine Villas 09","PINE VILLAS 10","Pine Villas 10, ATLANTIS","PINE VILLAS 9","Pine Villas 9 As","PINES TUDOR II","Pl 20 City Of Atlantis","Regency East","RIO VISTA VILL","RIO VISTA VILLAS","ROLLING HILLS","Sherbrooke","THE PALMS","THE PALMS AT ATLANTIS","The Tudors Condominium","Tudor Condo","Tudor Condo 02 North","TUDOR CONDO IN OR1533P9","Tudor II South","Tudor in the Pines","Tudor South","TUDOR TWO NORTH CONDOS","TUDOR TWO SOUTH COND","Tudor Two South Cond As In Decl In","TUDOR TWO SOUTH CONDO","TUDOR TWO SOUTH CONDOS","TUDORS IN PINES","Tudors in Pines 01 & 02","Tudors in the Pine, in the City of Atlantis","TUDORS IN THE PINES","TUDORS IN THE PINES CONDO","Turnberry Estates","Tutors in the Pines","Woodland Villas","YORKTOWNE VILLAS"],"zipcodes":["33462"]},"auburndale":{"label":"Auburndale","counties":["Polk County"],"subdivisions":["ESTATES OF AUBURNDALE"],"zipcodes":["33823","33850","33868","33880","33881"]},"avemaria":{"label":"Ave Maria","communities":["The National Golf & Country Club"],"subdivisions":["MAPLE RIDGE","MAPLE RIDGE AT AVE MARIA PH 5A","PALM RIDGE UNIT 2","SILVERWOOD AT AVE MARIA PH 2","The National Golf & Country Club at Ave Maria"]},"aventura":{"label":"Aventura","counties":["Miami-Dade County"],"communities":["Admiral Port","ADMIRALS PORT CONDO","ADMIRALS PORT EAST","Alaqua","ALAQUA CONDO","ARTECH RESIDENCES","AVENTI","AVENTI AT AVENTURA","AVENTURA","AVENTURA BAY","Aventura Marina","Aventura Marina II","BISCAYA CONDO IV","BISCAYNE COVE","BISCAYNE LAKE GARDEN","BONAVIDA","BONAVISTA","BRAVURA 1","Carisle at Aventura","Commodore","COMMODORE PLAZA","Coronado","Coronado Condo","CORONADO CONDO TOWER","Coronado Tower I","Coronado Towers","Costan Villas","Del Prado","DEL PRADO CONDO","Del Prado on the Bay","DELVISTA TOWERS COND","Echo Aventura","El Dorado","El Dorado Towers","Eldorado Towers","ENSENADA","HAMPTONS","HAMPTONS SOUTH","Hamptons West","Harbor Village","HIDDEN BAY","Marina Cove","MARINA PALMS","MARINER VILLAGE","Mystic Pointe","MYSTIC POINTE 200","NORTH TOWER AT THE POINT CONDO","One Island Place","Parc Central","Parc Central South","Plaza Del Prado","POINT EAST","PORTO VITA SOUTH","Portsview","Portsview at the Waterways","Prive","SOUTHVIEW","Southview at Aventura","SPINNAKER BAY","Terraces at Turnberry","TERZETTO VILLAS","TERZETTO\/ MERCO","THE LANDMARK CONDOMINIUM","THE PARC AT TURNBERR","THE PARC AT TURNBERRY ISLE","THE POINT","The Waterways","THE YACHT CLUB AT AVENTURA CONDO","Tower Biscayne Cove","TURNBERRY ISLE SOUTH","turnberry isles","Turnberry Tower","Turnberry Towers","TURNBERRY TOWERS CONDOMINIUM","TURNBERRY TOWERS CONDO","Turnberry TownHomes","TURNBERRY VILLAGE","TURNBERRY VILLAGE SOUTH","UPTOWN MARINA","UPTOWN MARINA LOFTS","UPTOWN MARINA LOFTS CONDO","VENTURE","VILLA DORADA","Villa Flora","Village By The BAy","WATERVIEW","Waterview Condo","WATERWAYS","Williams Island","WILLIAMS ISLAND 1000","Yacht Club at Aventu"],"subdivisions":["100 HIDDEN BAY CONDO","1000 ISL BLVD WILLIAMS ISL CONDO","3030 AVENTURA CONDO","4000 ISL BLVD WILLIAMS ISL CONDO","4000 ISLAND BLVD","7000 Isl Blvd Williams Isl Condo","Admirals Port","ADMIRALS PORT CONDO","ADMIRALS PORT CONDO WEST BLDG","Alaqua Condo","ARTECH RESIDENCES AT AVENTURA CONDO","ATLANTIC 1 AT THE POINT","ATLANTIC I AT THE POINT CONDO","Aventi at Aventura","AVENTI AT AVENTURA CONDO","AVENTURA BAY","AVENTURA BAY TOWNHOMES","AVENTURA BAY TOWNHOMES CONDO","Aventura El Dorado Condo","AVENTURA ELDORADO CONDO","AVENTURA LAKES - PHASE 1","Aventura Marina","AVENTURA MARINA CONDO NUMBER TWO","Aventura Marina II","AVENTURA MARINA TWO","Aventura Park Square","AVENTURA PARKSQUARE RESIDENCES CONDO","BISC LAKE GARDENS","BISC LAKE GARDENS NO 2 BLDG G","BISC LAKE GARDENS NO 2 BLDG M","BISCAYA CONDO 4","Biscaya Condo IV","Biscaya Iv Condo","BISCAYNE COVE","BISCAYNE LAKE GARDEN","BISCAYNE LAKE GARDENS","BONAVIDA CONDO","BONAVISTA","BONAVISTA CONDO","Bravura","BRAVURA I CONDO","BRAVURA II CONDO","Clipper At Biscayne Cove Condo","COMMODORE PLAZA","COMMODORE PLAZA COND","COMMODORE PLAZA CONDO","Coronado","CORONADO 1","CORONADO CONDO","CORONADO CONDO TOWER","Coronado Condo Tower III","CORONADO CONDO- TOWER I","CORONADO CONDO- TOWER II","Coronado Tower I","COSTAIN VILLAS HARBOR VILG CONDO","DEL PRADO CONDO","DEL PRADO CONDOMINIUM","DEL PRADO MARINA","Del Prado on the Bay","Del Prado. Hoa and application fees must be verified by HOA.","DELVISTA A CONDO","DELVISTA TOWERS CONDO","ECHO CONDO","Eldorado Towers","Eldorado Towers Condo","Ensenada Condo","ENSENADA CONDO BLDG E-II","FLAMENCO","FLAMENCO CONDO - TOWER I","FLAMENCO CONDO TOWER I","Flamenco Condo Tower II","Flamenco Towers","HAMPTONS SOUTH","HAMPTONS SOUTH CONDO","Hamptons West","HAMPTONS WEST CONDO","Harborside At The Waterways Condo","HIDDEN BAY","Landmark Condo The","Marina Cove","MARINA COVE AT HARBOR VILG CONDO","MARINA PALMS","MARINA PALMS RESIDENCES NORTH CONDO","MARINER VILLAGE","MARINER VILLAGE GARDEN CONDO #1","MARINER VILLAGE GARDEN CONDO #5","MERCO AT AVENTURA","Mystic Pointe","MYSTIC POINTE 200","Mystic Pointe Condo 02","Mystic Pointe Condo 03","MYSTIC POINTE CONDO NO ONE","MYSTIC POINTE CONDO NO THREE","MYSTIC POINTE TOWER 100","MYSTIC POINTE TOWER 400 CONDO","MYSTIC POINTE TOWER 500 CONDO","MYSTIC POINTE Tower 600","MYSTIC POINTE TOWER 600 CONDO","NORTH TOWER AT THE POINT CONDO","ONE ISLAND PLACE CONDO 1","PARC CENTRAL","Parc Central Aventura","PARC CENTRAL AVENTURA EAS","Parc Central Aventura East Condo","PARC CENTRAL AVENTURA SOUTH CONDO","Parc Central South","Plaza Del Prado","POINT EAST","POINT EAST CONDO","POINT EAST ONE CONDO-BLDG C","POINT EAST SEC II CONDO","POINT EAST SEC III CONDO","Point East Section III","Porto Vita","Portsview @ The Waterways Condo","PORTSVIEW @ THE WATERWAYS CONDO 1","Prive","SOUTH TOWER","SOUTH TOWER AT THE POINT CONDO","SOUTHVIEW","SOUTHVIEW AT AVENTURA","SOUTHVIEW AT AVENTURA CONDO","SPINNAKER BAY","Terraces at Turnberry","THE CLIPPER AT BISC COVE CONDO","THE LANDMARK","THE LANDMARK CONDO","THE PARC AT TURNBERRY ISL","THE PARC AT TURNBERRY ISLE CONDO","The Yacht Club","THE YACHT CLUB AT AVENTURA CONDO","Tower at Biscayne Cove","TOWER AT BISCAYNE COVE CONDO","TURNBERRY ISLE CONDO","TURNBERRY ISLE SOUTH","TURNBERRY ON THE GREEN CO","TURNBERRY ON THE GREEN CONDO","Turnberry Towers","TURNBERRY TOWERS CONDO","Turnberry Townhomes Aventura 9Th Addn","TURNBERRY VILLAGE","TURNBERRY VILLAGE SO TOWER CONDO","TURNBERRY VLG NO TOWER CONDO","UNPLATTED","UPTOWN MARINA LOFTS","UPTOWN MARINA LOFTS CONDO","VENTURE AT AVENTURA EAST CONDO","VENTURE AT AVENTURA WEST CONDO","VILLA DORADA CONDO","VILLA MARINA","VILLAGE BY THE BAY","VILLAGE BY THE BAY CONDO","WATERVIEW","WATERVIEW CONDO","WATERVIEW CONDO TOWER 1 & 2","WATERVIEW CONDO TOWER II","Waterview Tower 11","Williams Island","WILLIAMS ISLAND 3RD AMEND","Williams Island Condo","Yacht Club at Aventura"],"zipcodes":["33160","33180"]},"avonpark":{"label":"Avon Park","counties":["Highlands County"],"subdivisions":["APL RED HILL FARMS ADD UNIT A","APL RED HILL FARMS UNIT C","APL RED HILL FARMS UNIT G","AVON LAKES SUB","AVON PARK EST","AVON PARK EST UNIT 1","AVON PARK LAKES","HILLCREST RESUB","LAS PALMAS RESORT","RIVER RIDGE RANCHES UNREC","SAND BEACH SUB","TULANE SUB"],"zipcodes":["33825","33826","33870"]},"balharbour":{"label":"Bal Harbour","counties":["Miami-Dade County"],"communities":["Harbour House","OCEANA BAL HARBOUR","ONE BAL HARBOUR","The Plaza of Bal Harbour"],"subdivisions":["10295 COLLINS AVE RESDNTAL CONDO","ADMIRALTY APTS - CO-OP","Bal Harbour 101","BAL HARBOUR 101 CONDO","Harbour House","HARBOUR HOUSE CONDOMINIUM","OCEANA BAL HARBOUR CONDO","ONE BAL HARBOUR RESORT & SPA","One Bal Harbour Resort and Spa","THE PLAZA OF BAL HARBOUR","THE PLAZA OF BAL HARBOUR CONDO","Tiffany of Bal Harbour"],"zipcodes":["33154"]},"barefootbay":{"label":"Barefoot Bay","communities":["BAREFOOT BAY"],"subdivisions":["Barefoot Bay","BAREFOOT BAY UNIT 1","BAREFOOT BAY UNIT 2 PART 10","BAREFOOT BAY UNIT 2 PART 11","BAREFOOT BAY UNIT 2 PART 12","BAREFOOT BAY UNIT 2 PART 13","HAVEN GREEN PINEWOOD SEC, REPLAT"]},"bartow":{"label":"Bartow","counties":["Polk County"],"communities":["Rocker Road Ranches"],"subdivisions":["Mets and Bounds, (Not in Subdivision)","NOT IN SUBDIVISION"],"zipcodes":["33830","33831","33880"]},"bayharborislands":{"label":"Bay Harbor Islands","counties":["Miami-Dade County"],"communities":["Bar Harbour Island","BAY HARBORTOWERS","DRESDEN HOUSE","Island Pointe Condo","MEDITERRANEAN","Sereno","The Forum at Bay Harbor Islands"],"subdivisions":["101 BAY HARBOR TOWNHOUSE CONDO","AMBASSADOR PLACE","BAY HARBOR","BAY HARBOR ISLAND","BAY HARBOR ISLANDS","BAY HARBOR TOWERS CONDO","BAY HARBOR TOWNHOUSE CONDO","BERKSHIRE HOUSE CONDO","Common Laundry; Community Room; Elevator; Extra Storage; Fitness Center; Sauna; Trash Chute","GUILDFORD CONDO","Imperial Condo","Island Pointe","ISLAND POINTE CONDO","Le Jardin","LE JARDIN HOUSE CONDO","MEDITERRANEAN","NORTHERN STAR CONDO","PEARL HOUSE CONDO","Sereno","STUART HOUSE CONDO","The Vintage Condominium"],"zipcodes":["33154"]},"belleglade":{"label":"Belle Glade","counties":["Palm Beach County"],"communities":["GARDEN BELLE","Lyons Park","N\/A","Not Applicable","RADERS","Raders SUB","ROYAL PALM","RUTLEDGE","Sugarland Heights","SUGARLAND PARK","SYLDA HEIGHTS BELLE GLADE"],"subdivisions":["-","2nd Holloway Add","31-43-37 Sub","41-42-37, SUB BY STATE SURVEY OF BLK 5","ABIDJAN ESTATES","Acreage & Unrec","ALFAY GARDENS","ALMA AS","ALMA AS IN","ARROWHEAD ESTATES","ARROWHEAD ESTATES 1ST ADD","ARROWHEAD ESTATES 2ND ADD","ARROWHEAD ESTATES 3RD ADD","Athletic Club Subdivision Lt 4","Australian Pine Estate Add 01","Baileys 06 Sheet 01","Baileys 06 Sheet 02","BAILEYS ADD 4 1","BAILEYS ADD 4 2","BAILEYS ADD 4 PL 2 I","Baileys Sub","BAILEYS SUB 5","BAILEYS SUB 6 SHEET 1","BAILEYS SUB 6 SHEET 2","BAILEYS SUB 6 SHEET NO 2 IN","Belle Galde","BELLE GLADE","Belle Glade 02 Add 02","BELLE GLADE 2ND ADD 2","BELLE GLADE GARDENS","BELLE GLADE HEIGHTS","Belle Glade Lt 34","BELLE GLADE PARK IN","BELLE GLADE SUB OF LOT 34","BELLE GLADE TERMINALS","BEVERLY PARK","Beverly Park Belle Glade","BORCHARDTS","BRADDOCKS 2ND ADD","Braddocks 2Nd Add To B G","BRADDOCKS 3RD ADD","BRADDOCKS 3RD ADD TO B G IN","BRADDOCKS 4TH ADD","BRADDOCKS ADD TO B G","Clewiston","Confidential Record","COUNTY","EARWOODS 1ST ADD","Earwoods Add 01","EARWOODS SUB","EARWOODS SUB IN","East Glade Terrace Rep","Eastlake","EASTLAKE PARK","EASTLAKE PARK 1ST ADD","Eastlake Park Add 02","Eastlake Park Add 04","EASTLAKE PARK ADD 2","EASTLAKE PARK ADD 3","EASTLAKE PARK ADD 3 IN","EASTLAKE PARK ADD 4","ELLIOTS SUB IN","Glade","GLADE SUB DIV","GLADE SUB DIV IN","GLADES PARK","HIATUS","HIATUS PL 43\/44-37 B","HILLSBORO PARK","HOLLOWAY","HOLLOWAY 2ND ADD TO BELLE GLADE","Holloway Add Belle Glade","HOLLOWAY ADD TO 2ND ADD BELLE GLADE","HOLLOWAY ADDN TO BELLE GLADE","HOLLOWAY OF 3RD ADD TO BELLE GLADE","HOLLOWAY REPL OF 3RD","HOLLOWAY REPL OF 3RD ADD TO B G IN","HOOVER PARK","INDIANMOUND PARK","INDIANMOUND PARK ANNEX","IRENE PARK","Jay & Roe Park","JAY & ROE PARK IN","JAY AND ROE PARK","LAKE SHORE","Lake Shore Belle Glade","LAKE SHORE SUB B G I","LAKESHORE HEIGHTS 1","Lakeshore Heights 2","LYONS PARK","MAIN STREET","MANGA","MOSLEY","NORTHMOOR GARDENS","NORTHMOOR GARDENS BELLE GLADE","Northmoor Gardens Belle Glade Add","NORTHMOOR GDNS ADD B G","Not Given","Open subdivision","PARK ELOISE","PARK EST","PARK ESTATES","PROGRESSIVE PARK","PROGRESSIVE PARK 2","Rader 02","RADER ADD","Rader Add Belle Glade","RADER ADD TO BELLE GLADE","RADERS SUB","RADERS SUB 2","RADERS SUB 2 IN","RADERS SUB 3","Raders Sub 3 B G","RADERS SUB ADD","RADERS SUB ADD IN","RADERS SUB IN","ROYAL PALM","Royal Palm Belle Glade","Royal Palm Sub","ROYAL PALM SUB B G","ROYAL PALM SUB B G IN","RUTLEDDGE ADD B G IN","RUTLEDGE","Rutledge Add","RUTLEDGE ADD B G","S\/D OF 31-43-37 BY S","S\/D OF 31-43-37 BY ST SURVEY","S\/D OF 5-44-37, LOT","S\/D OF 5-44-37, LOT 7","S\/D OF LOT 17, 31-43-37 AMND PN IN","STEELE","STEELES","STEELES SECOND ADDITION","STERLING ESTATES","SUB BY STATE SURVEY","Sub by State Survey S 1\/2 of State","SUGAR SUB","Sugarland Heights","SUGARLAND HEIGHTS 1","SUGARLAND HEIGHTS 2","SUGARLAND HEIGHTS 3","SUGARLAND HEIGHTS 4","SUGARLAND HEIGHTS 4 AS","SUGARLAND HEIGHTS 5","SUGARLAND HEIGHTS PL 3","Sugarland Heights PL 3 AS IN","SUGARLAND PARK","Sugarland Park 01","SUGARLAND PARK 2","SUGARLAND PARK 3","SUNSET HEIGHTS BELLE GLADE","SUNSET HGTS BELLE GLADE","Sylda Heights","SYLDA HEIGHTS BELLE GLADE","Sylda Hgts Belle Glade","TEDDERS","Tedders Add","TEDDERS ADD REV PLAT","To be determined","UNINCORPORATED","UNWIN","Unwin Sub","Watts","WATTS SUB","WATTS SUBwtyjjybfew","WEST NORTHMOOR HEIGHTS","WHITAKERS ADD","WHITAKERS ADD IN","Zumpf","Zumpf 02","ZUMPF SUB","ZUMPF SUB 3"],"zipcodes":["33430"]},"belleview":{"label":"Belleview","counties":["Marion County"],"subdivisions":["LAKE WEIR HEIGHTS"],"zipcodes":["34420","34421"]},"beverlyhills":{"label":"Beverly Hills","counties":["Citrus County"],"communities":["Pine Ridge Estates"],"subdivisions":["OSCEOLA HILLS UNREC 32-17-18SW","PINE RIDGE UNIT 1","PINE RIDGE UNIT 3","PINE RIDGE UNIT 6"],"zipcodes":["34464","34465"]},"bigpinekey":{"label":"Big Pine Key","counties":["Monroe County"],"subdivisions":["CAHILL PINES AND PALMS","DOCTORS ARM 1ST ADD","SANDS SUBD","TROPICAL BAY ADD NO 3"],"zipcodes":["33043"]},"biscaynegardens":{"label":"Biscayne Gardens","subdivisions":["BISCAYNE GDNS ESTATE"]},"biscaynepark":{"label":"Biscayne Park","counties":["Miami-Dade County"],"communities":["BISCAYNE PARK","MATHEWS SUBDIVISION"],"subdivisions":["1ST ADDN BISCAYNE LAWN","BISCAYNE LAWN AMD PLAT","DAVIS ADDN TO BISC PARK VILLAGE","GRIFFING BISCAYNE PARK EST","GRIFFING BISCAYNE PARK ESTATES","MATHEWS SUBDIVISION"],"zipcodes":["33161"]},"bocagrande":{"label":"Boca Grande","communities":["Boca Grande"],"subdivisions":["Boca Grande"]},"bocaraton":{"label":"Boca Raton","counties":["Palm Beach County"],"communities":["---------IMMACULATE-",": BOCA CHASE","(Villa San Remo)","* CASH ONLY *","**OWNER WANTS SALE**","*BOCA SQUARE*","*boca teeca*","*CHELSEA MODEL*","*Thornhill Lakes*","\/ALLEGRO\/Paraiso","\\'\\'Beverly Model\\'\\'","\\'\\'BOCA LANDINGS \\'\\'\\'\\'LBX","\\'\\'Sunset Model\\'\\'","\\\\",""DUPLEXVILLE&qu","$500 selling agent bonus, contract before Jan 1st","1 BED INCLOSED PATIO","1 Mile from 84-acre park: Golf, trails, canoeing +","101 Via Mizner","2 BED\/ 1 BATH CONDO","200 East","200 East Condominium","200 East Palmetto","200 EAST PALMETTO PARK","200 East Palmetto Park Condo","3 BEDROOMS PLUS LOFT","3\/2 single family home","3000 South Condo","327 Royal Palm","3BR DEN OR 4TH BR","4% TO S.O.!!!","45 OCEAN","5 ACRE TRACT","5 PALMS","770 EAST CAMINO REAL CONDOS","A","ADDDISON ESTATES","Addisin Pointe","Addison","Addison Estates","ADDISON LAKES","Addison on the Ocean","Addison Point","ADDISON POINTE","Addison Pointe At Boca Raton","Addison Pointe At Boca Raton Condo","Addison Pointe at Boca Raton Condominium","Addison Pointe at Boca Raton*","ADDISON POINTE CONDO","ADDISON POINTE.","ADDISON, THE","ADISON POINT","Admirals Walk","Admirals Walk Condo","ADMIRALS WALK TOWER","Admirals Walk Tower A","Aegean","Akoya Boca West","Akoya Boca West Country Club","AKOYA BOCA WEST\/BOCA WEST COUNTRY CLUB","ALAIN CUSHMAN SUB 2","Alegro\/Paraiso","ALINA","ALINA Boca Raton","ALINA BOCA RATON CONDO","Alina Residences","ALINA RESIDENCES BOCA RATON","ALINA RESIDENCES BOCA RATON CONDO","ALL AGES","ALL AGES WELCOME","ALL NEW FOR 1775\/MO!","ALLEGRO","ALLEGRO \/ PARAISO","ALLEGRO\/PARAISO","AMBASSADORS EAST","AMBASSADORS NORTH","AMBER BAY","Amber Bay at Lakes at Boca Raton","AMBERWOOD","AMBERWOODS","AMBERWOODS OF BOCA","Amberwoods of Boca Raton","AMEICAN HOMES","AMERCIAN HOMES","American Home \/ Southwind Lakes","American Homes","AMERICAN HOMES - SOUTHWIND","American Homes - Southwind Lakes","AMERICAN HOMES @ SOUTHWIND LAKES HOA","American Homes \/ Southwind Lake","AMERICAN HOMES AT BO","American Homes At Boca Raton","American Homes at Boca Raton \/ Southwind Lakes","AMERICAN HOMES AT BOCA RATON 9","AMERICAN HOMES BOCA","American Homes Southwind Lakes","American Homes-Southwind Lakes","American Homes, Southwind Lakes","American Homes,Southwind Lakes","American Homes,Southwinds Lakes","AMERICAN HOMES\/SOUT","AMERICAN HOMES\/SOUTH","American Homes\/Southwind Lakes","ANTIGUA POINT","ANTIGUA POINTE","Aragon","ARAGON CONDO","Arbor Lake at Boca West","Arbor Wood","Arbor Wood Villas","arborwood","Arborwood \/ Cricklewood Estates","Arborwood Estates","ARBORWOOD VILLAS","Arborwood-Cricklewood Estates","ARBORWOOD\/CRICKLEWD","ARBORWOOD\/CRICKLEWOO","arborwood\/Cricklewood Estates","Arriba Real","Ascot\/Polo","Ashbourne","ASHBOURNE \/ THE POLO CLUB","ASHBOURNE \/POLO CLUB","Ashbourne\/Polo Club","ASHLEY PARK","Ashley Park Baywinds","Ashley Park Boca Winds","ASHLEY PARK,","ASHLEY PARK\/BOCA WINDS","ASHLEY PK","ATHENA","ATLANTIC CLOISTER","ATLANTIC CLOISTERS","ATLANTIC CLOISTERS CONDO","Atlantic Cloisters Condominium","Atlantic Closisters","Atrium","ATRIUM CONDO","ATRIUM CONDOMINIUM","Atrium Condominiums","Avalon","Avalon - Parkview Estates at Boca","Avalon \/ Parkview Estates at Boca","Avalon\/Parkview Estates at Boca Raton","Aviara","Aviara \/ Boca Rancho","Avis Acres","AZURA","Azura by Toll Brothers","B.WEST\/CHARTER CAY","B.WEST\/LAUREL OAKS","B.WEST\/QUAIL HOLLOW","B.WEST\/WILLOW WOOD","B\/WEST\/WATERS EDGE","BACARA","BALBOA POINT","Banyan","BANYAN COURT","Banyan Courts","BANYAN COURTS -","BANYAN COURTS CONDO","BANYAN LAKE","Banyan Lake Luxury Townhomes","BANYAN LAKE TOWNHOME","Banyan Lake Townhomes","BANYAN LAKE\/BOCA RIO","BANYAN LAKES","Banyan Lakes - Bermuda Isles - Cypress Lakes","BANYAN LAKES \/ BOCA RIO NORTH","Banyan Lakes Boca Rio","BANYAN LAKES BOCA RIO NORTH","BANYAN LAKES, BOCA RIO NORTH","Banyan Park","BANYAN PARK CONDO","Banyan Shores","Banyan Yake","BANYANS","Banyans at Broken Sound","Banyans Broken Sound","BANYANS OF ARVIDA CC","BANYANS OF ARVIDA COUNTRY CLUB","Banyans of Arvida\/Broken Sound Country Club","Banyans of Broken Sound","BANYANS\/BROKEN SOUND","Banyon Courts","BANYON LAKE","BANYON LAKE TOWNHOME","BANYON PARK","Banyon Park Condominiums","BARRINGTON","BARRINGTON BOCA CHASE","Barrington, Boca Chase","BARRINGTON\/BOCA CHAS","BARWOOD","BARWOOD COND I 105","BARWOOD COND III","BARWOOD COND III UNIT 407","BARWOOD CONDO","BARWOOD ESTATES","Barwood Estates \/ Sandalfoot Cove","Barwood Estates,Sandalfoot Cove","Barwood Estates*Homes of Boca Barwood","BARWOOD HOMES","Barwood\/Sandalfoot","BAY COLONY","BAY COLONY ESTATES","BAY POINTE","Bay Winds","Bay Winds - Ashley Park","BAY WINDS \/ ASHLEY PARK","Bay Winds \/ Ashley Park \/ Boca Winds","Bay Winds \/ Boca Winds","BAY WINDS-ASHLEY PAR","Bay Winds, Boca Winds, Ashley Park","BAY WINDS\/ashley Par","BAY WINDS\/BOCA WINDS","BAY WINDS\/WATER\\'S EDGE ESTATES","Bay Winds03","BAY WOOD","Baybury","BAYBURY \/ BOCA WINDS","Baybury\/Boca Winds","BAYOU","BayWinds AshleyPark","Bca Pointe","BCOA TOWERS","BCOA VILLAGE","BCP","BCP Boca Center Plaza","BCP Condo","BCP CONDO (Boca Center Plaza)","Beaulah Heights","BEAUTIFUL 2BR CONDO","BEHIND MIZNER PARK","Bel Air Apts","Bel Lido","Bel Mara","BEL MARRA","Bel Marra - Duplex","BEL MARRA - EAST BOCA","BEL MARRA - EAST BOCA RATON","BEL MARRA \/ EAST BOCA","Bel Marra Condo","Bel Marra Condominium","BEL MARRA EAST BOCA","BEL MARRA EAST BOCA RATON","BEL-MARRA","BELAIRE","BELAIRE AT BOCA","BELAIRE BOCA","BELAIRE CLUB","Belaire Club @ Boca","Belaire Club At Boca","Belaire Club at Boca Raton","Belaire Club At Boca Raton Condo","BELAIRE CLUB AT BOCA RATON CONDOMINIUM","Belaire of Boca","Belaire Tower Apartment Homes","BELMARRA","Bentbrook","Bentbrook II","BENTBROOK\/BOCA CHASE","Bentwood of Boca","Beresford","BERKELEY","Berkeley Boca Raton","Berkeley Square","Berkely Square Condo","Bermuda Isles","BERMUDA SQUARE","BERMUDA SQUARE, MIZNER PARK AREA, GOLDEN TRIANGLE","Bermuda Village","Bermuda Village- Boca Country Club","Best Value E. Boca!!","BEULAH HEIGHTS","BEULAH HEIGHTS - EAST BOCA RATON","Beulah Heights, One Street in East Boca","BIBLE CONFERENCE","BIBLE CONFERENCE ESTATES","Bica Greens","BICA LAGO","BIG 2\/2 WITH BALCONY","Bldg F","blue inlet","Blue Inlet\/Lake Roagers","Blue Lake Townhomes","BLUE WATER","Boa Greens","Boa Isles","BOC HOUSE","BOC TEECA","Boca club","Boca Grove","Boca Lago","Boca Pointe","Boca Raton Square","BOCA TEECA","Boca Villas, The Golden Triangle, Ocean Heights","BOCA WEST","BOCA WOODS COUNTRY CLUB","BOCA 1200","Boca Alta","Boca Alta\/Boca Del Mar","BOCA AZUL","Boca Azul ph 4 & 5","Boca Bailing and Rocket Club","Boca Barwood","Boca Barwood Condo","Boca Barwood Condo III","Boca Barwood Condos","BOCA BARWOOD ESTATES","BOCA BARWOOD NORTH","BOCA BARWOOD RIVER","Boca Barwood, Barwood","BOCA BARWOOD\/SANDAL","BOCA BARWOOD\/SANDALF","Boca Bath","BOCA BATH & TENNIS","Boca Bath & Tennis C","Boca Bath & Tennis Club","BOCA BATH & TENN","BOCA BATH + TENNIS","Boca Bath and Tennis","Boca Bath and Tennis Club","bOCA BATOU","BOCA BAY","Boca Bay Colony","Boca Bay Colony \/ Walkers Cay","BOCA BAY COLONY\/WALK","Boca Bay-West Boca L","BOCA BAY\/WEST BOCA LAKE","BOCA BAYOU","BOCA BAYOU *3.5%*","BOCA BAYOU CARIBBEAN","BOCA BAYOU CONDO","Boca Bayou Condominium","Boca Bayou Condominiums","BOCA BAYOU YACHT","Boca Belaire","Boca Bella","BOCA BELLA CONDO","BOCA BEND","BOCA BEND EAST","Boca Bend Marina","BOCA BEND WEST","BOCA BOYOU","Boca Boyou Condominium","BOCA BRIDGES","BOCA C C","BOCA CAPRI","BOCA CAPRI CONDO","Boca Capri Condo Apt","Boca Capri Condomium","BOCA CASA","boca cayou","BOCA CC","BOCA CC- ST TROPEZ","BOCA CC\/MYKONOS","Boca Center","Boca Center Plaza","Boca Center Plaza BCP","BOCA CENTER PLAZA\/BCP","BOCA CENTRE","Boca Cerro","BOCA CHASE","Boca Chase Coral Key","BOCA CHASE IMPRESSIONS","Boca Chase - Hidden Lake","BOCA CHASE - PETS OK","BOCA CHASE \/ GREENBRIAR","BOCA CHASE \/ HIDDEN LAKE","Boca Chase \/ Hidden Lakes","Boca Chase \/ Impressions","Boca Chase \/ Sweetwater IV","Boca Chase \/ The Villas of Waterberry","Boca Chase 05","Boca Chase at Coral Isles","BOCA CHASE BARRINGTON","BOCA CHASE BENTBROOK","Boca Chase Coco Poin","Boca Chase Coco Pointe","Boca Chase Coral Bay","BOCA CHASE CORAL KEY","Boca Chase Greenbriar","BOCA CHASE IMPRESSIONS","BOCA CHASE IMPRESSIONS II","Boca Chase Impressions III","BOCA CHASE SEC 3","BOCA CHASE STEAL","Boca Chase Tr 04","Boca Chase Tr 4","Boca Chase Waterberry","Boca Chase-Coral Bay","BOCA CHASE-Coral Isles","Boca Chase-Impressions","BOCA CHASE,","BOCA CHASE, CORAL BAY","BOCA CHASE, CORAL KEY","Boca Chase, Waterberry","Boca Chase,Coral Bay","Boca Chase,Greenbriar","Boca Chase,Impressions","Boca Chase,Sweetwater","BOCA CHASE. CORAL KEY","BOCA CHASE\/","BOCA CHASE\/BARRINGTO","Boca Chase\/Bentbrook","BOCA CHASE\/COCO POIN","Boca Chase\/Coco Pointe","Boca Chase\/Coral Bay","BOCA CHASE\/CORAL CHA","BOCA CHASE\/CORAL ISL","BOCA CHASE\/CORAL KEY","BOCA CHASE\/HIDD LAKE","BOCA CHASE\/HIDDEN LA","Boca Chase\/Hidden Lake","BOCA CHASE\/Hidden Lakes","BOCA CHASE\/IMPRESSIO","BOCA CHASE\/INPRESSIO","BOCA CHASE\/SWEETWAER","Boca Chase\/Sweetwater","Boca Chase\/Waterberr","BOCA CHASE\/WATERBURY","Boca Chica","BOCA CIELO","BOCA CIELO CONDO","Boca Club","Boca Club - Fairways at Somerset","Boca Club Colony","BOCA CLUB CONDO","BOCA CLUB CONDO B","BOCA CLUB CONDOMINUM","BOCA COLONNADE","BOCA COLONY","BOCA CONDO","Boca Counrty Club","BOCA COUNTRY","Boca Country Club","BOCA COUNTRY CLUB","Boca Country Club - St. Tropez","Boca Country Club (Boca Golf and Tennis)","Boca Country Club Golf & Tennis","Boca country Club Golf ⛳","BOCA COUNTRY CLUB-ANTIGUA POINT","BOCA COUNTRY CLUB-BALBOA POINT","Boca Country Club, Boca Golf and Tennis","Boca Country Club\/ Tiffany Trace","BOCA COUNTRY CLUB\/BOCA GOLF AND TENNIS CLUB","BOCA COUNTRY CLUB\/EASTBROOKE","BOCA COUNTRY CLUB\/GR","Boca Country Club\/Tiffany Trace","BOCA COUNTRY ESTATES","Boca Country Estates*","BOCA COUNTY CLUB","BOCA COURNTRY CLUB","BOCA COUTNRY CLUB","BOCA COUTRY CLUB","Boca Cove","Boca Cove Condo","Boca Cove Luxury","BOCA COVE UNIT 205","BOCA COVE*","Boca d","Boca del Mar","Boca Del Mar ; Woodhaven","BOCA DEL MAR, TIBURON","BOCA DEL MAR, WOODHAVEN","Boca Del Mar,Courtyards at Boca","Boca Del Mar,Marbella Lakes\/Woods","Boca Del Mar,Sierra Del Mar","Boca Del Mar\/Brookfield","Boca Del Mar\/Terra Tranquila","BOCA DELMAR","BOCA DUNE","Boca Dunes","BOCA DUNES \/ ENCLAVE","BOCA DUNES \/ ISLE OF SANDALFOOT","BOCA DUNES 3","BOCA DUNES BLDG 4","Boca East","BOCA EAST ESTATE","Boca East Estates","Boca East Estates ( Royal Palm Forest)","Boca Entrada","BOCA ENTRADA 1","BOCA ENTRADA CONDO","BOCA ENTRADA II","Boca est","BOCA FALLS","Boca Falls \/ Mystic Cove","BOCA FALLS CRYSTAL POINTE","BOCA FALLS - CASCADES","BOCA FALLS - CRYSTAL POINTE","BOCA FALLS - MAJESTIC BAY","Boca Falls - Majestic Pointe","Boca Falls - MYSTIC BAY","BOCA FALLS - THE CASCADES","BOCA FALLS - The Estates","Boca Falls - Victoria Falls","BOCA FALLS \/ CASCADES","Boca Falls \/ Crystal Point","BOCA FALLS \/ CRYSTAL POINTE","BOCA FALLS \/ EMERALD POINTE","BOCA FALLS \/ ESTATES","BOCA FALLS \/ Mystic Bay","BOCA FALLS \/ MYSTIC COVE","BOCA FALLS \/ THE ESTATES","BOCA FALLS \/ VICTORIA FALLS","BOCA FALLS \/CASACADE","BOCA FALLS CASCADES","BOCA FALLS CRYSTAL","BOCA FALLS CRYSTAL P","Boca Falls CRYSTAL POINTE","BOCA FALLS Emerald Isle","BOCA FALLS EMERALD PINTE","BOCA FALLS ESTATES","BOCA FALLS MAJESTIC","Boca Falls Majestic Bay","BOCA FALLS MAJESTIC POINTE","BOCA FALLS MYSTIC","BOCA FALLS MYSTIC BA","BOCA FALLS MYSTIC BAY","BOCA FALLS MYSTIC CO","BOCA FALLS MYSTIC COVE","BOCA FALLS PAR K","Boca Falls The Estates","BOCA FALLS VICTORIA FALLS","BOCA FALLS- EMERALD","Boca Falls- EMERALD ISLE","Boca Falls- Estates","BOCA FALLS- THE ESTATES","BOCA FALLS-ESTATES","BOCA FALLS, Majestic Bay","Boca Falls, The Estastes","BOCA FALLS\/ CRYSTAL POINTE","BOCA FALLS\/CASCADES","BOCA FALLS\/CRYSTAL P","BOCA FALLS\/CRYSTAL POINT","BOCA FALLS\/CRYSTAL POINTE","BOCA FALLS\/EMERALD","BOCA FALLS\/EMERALD I","Boca Falls\/Emerald Pointe","Boca Falls\/Estates","BOCA FALLS\/MAJESTIC","BOCA FALLS\/MYSTIC","Boca Falls\/Mystic Bay","BOCA FALLS\/MYSTIC CO","Boca Falls\/Mystic Cove","BOCA FALLS\/VICTORIA","Boca Flores","BOCA FONTANA","Boca Fontana \/ Casa Sul Lago","BOCA FONTANA PATIO H","BOCA FONTANA PATIO HOMES","Boca Fontana Ph 02b","BOCA FONTANA PH 1","BOCA FONTANA\/VACANT","Boca Gardens","Boca Gardens.","BOCA GLADES","Boca Glades Condo","Boca Glades Condominium Association","Boca Glades Condos","BOCA GLADES EAST","Boca Glades W","Boca Glades West","Boca Golf & Tennis Club \/ aka Boca Country Club","Boca Golf & Country Club","Boca Golf & Tennis","Boca Golf & Tennis Antigua Point","BOCA GOLF & TENNIS C","BOCA GOLF & TENNIS CLUB","BOCA GOLF & TENNIS COUNTRY CLUB","Boca Golf &Tennis Club","BOCA GOLF + TENNIS","Boca Golf and Tennis","Boca Golf and Tennis BOCA COUNTRY CLUB","Boca Golf and Tennis Club","Boca Golf and Tennis Condo","Boca Golf and Tennis Country Club","Boca Golf and Tennis, Boca Golf & Tennis","Boca Golf and Tennis, Balboa Point","BOCA GOLF VIEW","BOCA GOLF VIEW CONDO","Boca Golfview","BOCA GOLFVIEW CONDO","BOCA GOLFVIEW CONDOMINIUMS","BOCA GRANADA","Boca Grand","Boca Grand Condo","BOCA GRAND CONDOMINI","Boca Grand Condominium","Boca Grand Condominiums","BOCA GRAND*PENTHOUSE","Boca Grande","Boca Green","BOCA GREEN OF BOCA R","BOCA GREENS","BOCA GREENS (NO membership required)","BOCA GREENS 4","BOCA GREENS CC","BOCA GREENS COUNTRY","BOCA GREENS COUNTRY CLUB","BOCA GREENS STEAL!","BOCA GROVE","BOCA GROVE \/ ISLAND IN THE GROVE","Boca Grove C.C.","Boca Grove Chateau","Boca Grove Country Club","Boca Grove Golf and Tennis Club","Boca Grove Island in the Grove","boca grove plantatio","BOCA GROVE PLANTATION","Boca Grove Plantation\/Island in the Grove","BOCA GROVE, PLANTATION","BOCA GROVE\/COVENTRY","Boca Grove\/Coventry in the Grove","Boca Grove\/Gardens","BOCA GROVE\/GARDENS IN THE GROVE","BOCA GROVE\/Island in the Grove","Boca Grove\/Le Jardin","BOCA GROVE\/LOS RAYOS","Boca Hamlet","BOCA HARBOR","BOCA HARBOUR","BOCA HARBOUR ISLAND","Boca Harbour Maj","BOCA HARBOUR WATERFRONT","Boca Heights","Boca Heights Patio H","Boca Heights Patio Homes","Boca Heights Patio Homes Tudor Woods","Boca Heights Tudor","BOCA HEIGHTS\/TUDOR WOODS","BOCA HERMOSA","BOCA HERMOSA GARDENS","Boca Highland","Boca Highlands","BOCA HILL","BOCA HILL COND","BOCA HILL CONDO","Boca Hills","Boca Hills Condo","BOCA HILLS VILLAS","Boca House","Boca House Condo","Boca Inblet","BOCA INLET","BOCA INLET CONDO","BOCA ISLAND","Boca Islands","Boca Islands East","Boca Islands Sec 1","Boca Isle North","BOCA ISLE SOUTH","Boca Isles","Boca Isles N","Boca Isles North","BOCA ISLES NORTH\/ BOCA ISLES","BOCA ISLES NORTH\/BOCA ISLES","Boca Isles S","Boca Isles South","BOCA ISLES SOUTH PH 5D","BOCA ISLES SOUTH\/BOCA ISLES","BOCA ISLES SOUTH\/BOCA SILES","Boca Isles west","BOCA ISLES-BOCA ISLES NORTH","Boca Isles*","BOCA ISLES\/ BOCA ISLES NORTH","BOCA ISLES\/BOCA ISLES NORTH","BOCA ISLES\/BOCA ISLES SOUTH","BOCA ISLES\/SOUTH","BOCA ISLES\/WEST","BOCA KEY","BOCA KEYES","BOCA KEYS","BOCA L;ANDINGS","BOCA LADINGS","BOCA LAGO","BOCA LAGO - GLADES","BOCA LAGO - THE PINES","BOCA LAGO -PINES","Boca Lago \/ Horizons of Boca Lago","Boca Lago \/ The Glades","BOCA LAGO CC","BOCA LAGO CONDO","Boca Lago Country Club","BOCA LAGO FAIRWAYS","BOCA LAGO FAIRWAYS CONDO","Boca Lago Golf & Country Club","BOCA LAGO HORIZONS","Boca Lago Pines","Boca Lago Vistas","Boca Lago- Horizons","Boca Lago, Fairways","BOCA LAGO.","BOCA LAGO\/FAIRWAYS","BOCA LAGO\/GLADES","BOCA LAGO\/HORIZONS","BOCA LAGO\/PINES","Boca Lago\/THE GLADES","Boca Lagol","BOCA LAKE","Boca Lake Condo","BOCA LAKE ESTATES","Boca Lake, Boca Tier","BOCA LAKE\/BOCA TIERR","BOCA LAKES","BOCA LAKES COND","Boca Lakes Condo","BOCA LAKES ESTATES","Boca Landing","Boca Landing North","Boca Landing\/Weitzer","BOCA LANDINGG","Boca Landings","Boca Landings \/ Weitzer","BOCA LANDINGS -WEITZER SUB PL 2","BOCA LANDINGS \/ BOCA VISTA","BOCA LANDINGS AKA BOCA VISTA ESTATES","BOCA LANDINGS BOCA VISTA ESTATES","Boca Landings No.","BOCA LANDINGS NORTH","BOCA LANDINGS NORTH , BOCA VISTA ESTATES","Boca Landings Weitzer","Boca Landings, weitzer","BOCA LANDINGS\/ BOCA VISTA","BOCA LANDINGS\/BOCA VISTA","BOCA LANDINGS\/WEITZE","BOCA LANDINGS\/WEITZER","Boca Landings\/Weitzer sub 2","Boca LandingsWeitzer","BOCA LANE","BOCA LANE\/ ESTATES OF BOCA LANE","Boca Langings","Boca Largo","Boca Linda","BOCA LINDA CONDO","BOCA LINDA EAST","BOCA LINDA EAST COND","BOCA LINDA EAST CONDO","BOCA LINDA EAST WEST","BOCA LINDA EAST,WEST","BOCA LINDA N","BOCA LINDA NORTH","BOCA LINDA NORTH CON","Boca Linda West","BOCA LINDA WEST CONDO UNIT 228 BLDG B","BOCA LYONS","BOCA LYONS ESTATE","Boca Lyons Estates","Boca Madera","BOCA MADERA 2","Boca Madera II","Boca Madera Strathmore","BOCA MADERA STRATHMR","BOCA MADERA UNIT 1","Boca Madera Unit 3","BOCA MAR","BOCA MARINA","BOCA MARINA & YACHT","BOCA MARINA YACHT CL","Boca Marina Yacht Club","BOCA MARQUIS","Boca Oaks","BOCA P0INTE","BOCA PALMS","BOCA PALMS 01","Boca Palms 1","Boca Palms Condo","Boca Palms Two","BOCA PARK","BOCA PARK - L WOOD","Boca Park 2","Boca Park Condo","Boca Park\/ Lakes of Woodhaven","BOCA PATIO VILLAGE","BOCA PATIO VLG","Boca Perserve","Boca Pinar","BOCA PINAR CONDO","BOCA PINES","BOCA PINES \/ UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS","Boca Pines Condo","Boca Pines of Verde Trail","BOCA PINES\/VILLAGGIO","BOCA PLANTATION","Boca Plantations","Boca Poiinte","Boca Poine","BOCA POINET","BOCA POINITE","Boca Point","BOCA POINT CC","Boca Point Plum Cortina","BOCA POINT POINTE 100","Boca Point, Montego Bay","BOCA POINT\/LA MIRADA","BOCA POINTE","BOCA POINTE PLUM COMPLEX","Boca Pointe Villa Flora","Boca Pointe - Costa Brava","Boca Pointe - La Corniche","BOCA POINTE - LA PAZ","Boca Pointe - Montego Bay","Boca Pointe - Pointe 100","Boca Pointe - POINTE100","Boca Pointe - Southwinds","Boca Pointe \/ El viento","Boca Pointe \/ Montego Bay","Boca Pointe \/ Palomar","Boca Pointe \/ Plum","BOCA POINTE \/ VIA STEL","Boca Pointe \/ Villa Sonrisa","BOCA POINTE C.C.","BOCA POINTE CC","Boca Pointe Cortina","Boca Pointe Costa Brava","Boca Pointe Costa Del Sol","BOCA POINTE COUNTRY","Boca Pointe Country Club","BOCA POINTE Encantada","Boca Pointe La Paz","Boca Pointe LaMirada","Boca Pointe Montego","Boca Pointe Montego Bay","Boca Pointe Palomar","BOCA POINTE PROMENAD","Boca Pointe Promenade","Boca Pointe Regency","BOCA POINTE VALENCIA","Boca Pointe Villa Sonrisa","BOCA POINTE- PALOMAR","BOCA POINTE-CORTINA","Boca Pointe-Costa Brava","BOCA POINTE-LA MIRAD","BOCA POINTE-PALSM","BOCA POINTE-Panache","BOCA POINTE-PLUM","Boca Pointe-Villa Flora","BOCA POINTE,","BOCA POINTE, CARAVELLE","BOCA POINTE, COSTA BRAVA","Boca Pointe, EL Dorado Court","Boca Pointe, La Mirada","Boca Pointe, La Paz","Boca Pointe, Lakes at La Paz III","Boca Pointe, Montego Bay","Boca Pointe, Plum Cortina","Boca Pointe, Valencia","Boca Pointe, Villa Del Sol, Via Stel","Boca Pointe, Villa Flora","Boca Pointe,Costa Brava","Boca Pointe,Costa Del Sol","Boca Pointe,Esplanada","Boca Pointe,La Corniche","Boca Pointe,Regency","Boca Pointe,Villa Del Sol","Boca Pointe,Villa Flora","Boca Pointe\/ Promenade","Boca pointe\/ southwinds","Boca Pointe\/Cortina","Boca Pointe\/Costa Br","Boca Pointe\/Costa Del Sol","BOCA POINTE\/EL DORADO","BOCA POINTE\/EL VIENT","BOCA POINTE\/EL VIENTO","Boca Pointe\/Encantada","Boca Pointe\/Esplanada","Boca Pointe\/La Mirada","Boca Pointe\/La Paz","BOCA POINTE\/PALMS","Boca Pointe\/Palomar","BOCA POINTE\/PANACHE","BOCA POINTE\/PLUM","BOCA POINTE\/PROM","BOCA POINTE\/PROMENAD","BOCA POINTE\/REGENCY","BOCA POINTE\/SOUTHWIN","Boca Pointe\/Southwinds","Boca Pointe\/Valancia","BOCA POINTE\/VALENCIA","BOCA POINTE\/VILLA FL","Boca Pointe\/Villa Flora","BOCA POINTE\/VILLA SONRISA","BOCA POINTS","Boca Poite","BOCA POR LA MAR","Boca Preserve","BOCA PT\/MONTEGO BAY","Boca Pte - El Viento","Boca Quay","BOCA QUAY INTERCOSTL","BOCA QUAY PHASE 3","BOCA QUAY\/COACHHOUSE","BOCA R0YAL PALM COND","BOCA RANCHO","Boca Rancho \/ Aviara","BOCA RANCHO 02","Boca Rancho\/Aviara","BOCA RATON","BOCA RATON BATH & TENNIS","BOCA RATON BATH & TENNIS CLUB","Boca Raton Bath and tennis Club","Boca Raton Bth & Tennis Club","Boca Raton Country Club","Boca Raton Golf & Tennis Club","Boca Raton Golf and Tennis Country Club","Boca Raton Harbour","BOCA RATON HARBOUR APTS","Boca Raton Harbour Apts Condo","BOCA RATON HARBOUR CONDO","Boca Raton Harbour Condominium","BOCA RATON HARBOUR CONDOMINIUMS","BOCA RATON HEIGHTS","Boca Raton Heigts","Boca Raton Hills","Boca Raton Hills Sec","BOCA RATON HILS","Boca Raton Horbour","BOCA RATON MANORS","BOCA RATON POR LA MAR","BOCA RATON RIVERA","BOCA RATON RIVERIA","Boca Raton Riviera","BOCA RATON RIVIERA UNIT D IN","Boca Raton Sailing","Boca Raton Sailing & Racquet Club","Boca Raton Sq","Boca Raton Square","Boca Raton Square \/ Boca Square","BOCA RATON SQUARE Unit 19","Boca Raton Square, Boca Square","BOCA RATON SQUARE; EAST BOCA","boca ratone height","Boca Ratone Heights","BOCA RATONE HIGHTS","Boca Real Apartmetnts","Boca Real Villas","Boca Reef","BOCA REEF CONDO","Boca Reserve","BOCA RIDGE","BOCA RIDGE CONDO","Boca Ridge Condominiums","Boca Ridge Condos","Boca Ridge Glen","Boca Ridge Park","BOCA RIDGE PARK COND","BOCA RIDGE PARK COND DECL FILED 1\/30\/84","BOCA RIDGE PARK CONDO","Boca Ridge Villas","BOCA RIO","BOCA RIO HEIGHTS","Boca Rio Banyan Association","Boca Rio Banyan Lake","BOCA RIO DEV","BOCA RIO DEV.","BOCA RIO HEIGHTS","Boca Rio Heights, Estates of Boca Lyons","BOCA RIO NORHT","BOCA RIO NORTH","BOCA RIO NORTH \/ BANYAN LAKES","Boca Rio North Banyan Lake","BOCA RIO NORTH REPL","BOCA RIO NORTH; BANYAN LAKE","Boca Rio North*Banyan Lake","BOCA RIO NORTH\/ BANYAN LAKE","BOCA RIO NORTH\/BANYAN LAKE","BOCA RIO NOTH","BOCA RIO RPL","Boca Rio Townhomes","Boca Rio,banyan lake","BOCA RIO@BOCA DELMAR","Boca Rio\/Banyan Lake","BOCA RIVERA-BEACH","BOCA RIVIER","Boca Riviera","BOCA ROSA HEIGHTS","Boca Royal","Boca Royal Apartments","BOCA ROYAL APTS","BOCA ROYAL APTS COND","BOCA ROYAL PALM","BOCA ROYAL PALM APTS","Boca Royal Palm Apts Condo","BOCA SAILING","Boca Sailing & R","BOCA SAILING & RACQ","Boca Sailing & Racqu","BOCA SAILING & RACQUET","Boca Sailing & Racquet Club","BOCA SAILING & RAQUE","BOCA SAILING & R","BOCA SAILING AND RAC","BOCA SAILING AND RACQUET","BOCA SAILING AND RACQUET CLUB","Boca Sailing and Racquet Royal Oak Landing","BOCA SAILING RACQU","Boca Sailing Racquet","BOCA SAINING + RACQU","BOCA SOL","BOCA SOUTH","BOCA SOUTH COND","BOCA SOUTH CONDO","Boca South\/Deerhurst","BOCA SPRING","Boca Springs","Boca Square","Boca Square,Boca Raton Square","BOCA SQUARE\/PALMETTO","BOCA TECCA","Boca Tecca ALL AGES","BOCA TEECA","Boca Teeca - All Age","Boca Teeca \/ Palms","Boca Teeca \/ The Palms at Boca Teeca","Boca Teeca #4","boca Teeca 10","Boca Teeca 3","Boca Teeca 7","Boca Teeca All ages","BOCA TEECA C.C.","BOCA TEECA CC","BOCA TEECA COND NO 10","BOCA TEECA COND NO 6 UNIT 113","BOCA TEECA COND NO 8","Boca Teeca Condo","Boca Teeca Condo 1","Boca Teeca Condo 3","BOCA TEECA CONDO 4","Boca Teeca Condo 6","Boca Teeca Condo 7","Boca Teeca Condo 8","BOCA TEECA CONDO N09","Boca Teeca Condo Uni","Boca Teeca Condomini","BOCA TEECA CONDOMINIUM","Boca Teeca Condominium Assoc # 2","Boca Teeca Condominiums","Boca Teeca Furnished","Boca Teeca Sec 05","BOCA TEECA-all ages","Boca Teeca*","BOCA TEECA\/SAN REMO","Boca Teirra 2nd Sec\/Lakewood","Boca Terrace","Boca Terrace Condo","BOCA TERRACE CONDO ASSN.","Boca Terrace Condominiums","BOCA TIERA 2ND SEC","BOCA TIERRA","BOCA TIERRA 1ST SEC","BOCA TIERRA 2","BOCA TIERRA SEC 2","BOCA TIERRA SEC. 03","BOCA TIERRA SECTION 2","BOCA TIERRA-COLONNAD","BOCA TIERRA\/COLONNADE","Boca Tierra\/Colonnade at Glen Oaks","BOCA TOWERS","BOCA TOWERS COND","BOCA TOWERS CONDO","BOCA TOWERS CONDO - ICW & BEACH","BOCA TOWERS CONDOMIN","Boca Towers Condominium","BOCA TOWN CENTER","BOCA TOWN CENTRE","Boca Towne","BOCA TOWNE CENTER","BOCA TOWNE CENTRE","BOCA TOWNE CENTRE CO","BOCA TOWNE CENTRE COND BLDG B APT 217","BOCA TOWNE CENTRE CONDO","Boca Towne Centre Condominiums","BOCA TRACE","Boca Trails","BOCA TRAILS 2","BOCA TRAILS SEC 2","Boca Verde","BOCA VERDE AZALEA","Boca Verde Condo","Boca Verde E","Boca Verde East","Boca Verde East Cond","BOCA VERDE EAST CONDO","Boca Verde East Condo.","Boca Verde East Condominiums\\'","Boca Verde West","BOCA VIEW","BOCA VIEW CONDO","BOCA VIEW CONDOMINIU","Boca View Condominium","BOCA VIEW CONDOS","Boca Vilas","Boca Village","Boca Villas","Boca Villas - Mizner Park","Boca Villas (Mizner Park)","BOCA VILLAS \/ MIZNER AREA","BOCA VILLAS HEIGHTS","Boca Villas Sec B","Boca Villas Sec B Lt 6 Blk 12","Boca Villas-The Golden Triangle","Boca Villas, Mizner Park Area, Golden Triangle","Boca Villas,Golden Triangle, Downtown Boca Raton","BOCA VILLAS\/GOLDEN TRIANGLE","Boca Villas\/GoldenTriangle","Boca Villas\/Mizner Park Area","Boca Villas\/Whisem","Boca Vista","Boca Vista \/ Boca Landings","Boca Vista Boca Rato","Boca Vista Estates","BOCA VISTA ESTATES \/ BOCA LANDINGS NORTH","BOCA VISTA ESTATES\/BOCA LANDINGS","Boca Vista\/Boca Landings","BOCA VISTA\/BOCA LANDINGS NORTH","BOCA VISTAS","BOCA WALK","BOCA WALK - LBX","Boca Walk \/ Boca Del Mar","BOCA WESG","BOCA WEST","Boca West CC","Boca West -Lakewood","BOCA WEST -WILLOWWOOD GARDENS","BOCA WEST (NO MEMBERSHIP FEE)","Boca West \/ Lakewood","Boca West C C","Boca West C.C.","Boca West CC","BOCA WEST COUNRY CLUB","Boca West Country Club","BOCA WEST COUNTRY CL","Boca West Country Club","Boca West Country Club \/ Fairway Point","Boca West Country Club, Island Court","Boca West Laurel Oak","BOCA WEST PLANTATION COLONY","Boca West Realty","BOCA WEST SABAL LAKE","Boca West-Fairway Point","BOCA WEST, CLUBSIDE","Boca West*","BOCA WEST\/ PLANTATION COLONY","BOCA WEST\/FAIRWAY POINT CONDO","BOCA WEST\/LAKEWOOD","BOCA WEST\/LAUREL OAK","Boca West\/Oakbrook","BOCA WEST\/PEPPERTREE","BOCA WEST\/PLANTERS POINT","BOCA WEST\/SABAL LAKE","BOCA WEST\/WILLOWWOOD","Boca Wind, Waterways","Boca Winds","Boca Winds \/ Ashley Park","BOCA WINDS - CARLYLE","Boca Winds - Regency Place","BOCA WINDS - WATERS EDGE ENCLAVE","boca winds ? waterways","Boca Winds (Regency)","Boca Winds \/ Ashley Park","Boca Winds \/ Baybury","BOCA WINDS \/ CARLYLE ESTATES","BOCA WINDS \/ HAMPTON","BOCA WINDS \/ HAMPTON BAY","BOCA WINDS \/ HAMPTON PARK","BOCA WINDS \/ HAMPTONS","Boca Winds \/ Heritage Square","Boca Winds \/ Monterey Bay","Boca Winds \/ Regency","Boca Winds \/ Regency Place","Boca Winds \/ Regency Square","BOCA WINDS \/ WATERWAY","BOCA WINDS \/ WATERWAYS","BOCA WINDS \/REGENCY","BOCA WINDS AREA","Boca Winds Ashley Park","BOCA WINDS BAY WINDS","BOCA WINDS BAYBURY","BOCA WINDS CARLYLE","BOCA WINDS CARLYLE ESTATES","BOCA WINDS HERITAGE","BOCA WINDS HERITAGE SQUARE","BOCA WINDS MONTEREY","BOCA WINDS MONTEREY BAY","Boca Winds Par E","Boca Winds Prcl","BOCA WINDS REGENCY","BOCA WINDS WATERS EDGE ENCLAVE","BOCA WINDS WATERS EDGE ESTATES","Boca Winds Waterway","BOCA WINDS WATERWAYS","BOCA WINDS- Monterey","BOCA WINDS-ASHLEY PA","Boca Winds-Heritage Square","BOCA WINDS-MONTEREY BAY","BOCA WINDS-REGENCY P","Boca Winds, Heritage Square","Boca Winds,Waterways","Boca Winds\/ Carlyle Estates","Boca Winds\/ Heritage Square","BOCA WINDS\/ASHLEY","Boca Winds\/Ashley Park","BOCA WINDS\/ASHLEY PK","BOCA WINDS\/BAY","BOCA WINDS\/BAY WINDS","BOCA WINDS\/CARLYLE","Boca Winds\/Carlyle Estates","BOCA WINDS\/HAMPTON","BOCA WINDS\/HAMPTON PARK","BOCA WINDS\/HERITAGE","Boca Winds\/Heritage Square","BOCA WINDS\/MONTEREY","Boca Winds\/Monterey Bay","BOCA WINDS\/REGENCY","BOCA WINDS\/REGENCY P","Boca Winds\/Regency Place","BOCA WINDS\/WATERS","BOCA WINDS\/WATERS ED","BOCA WINDS\/WATERSEDG","BOCA WINDS\/WATERWAYS","BOCA WINDS\\\\HERITAGE","BOCA WINDS\\\\WATERWAYS","Boca Windss","BOCA WINDWOOD","BOCA WODDS","BOCA WOOD COUNTRY CLUB","Boca Woods","Boca Woods C C","Boca Woods C.C.","Boca Woods CC","Boca Woods City of Boca Raton","BOCA WOODS COOUNTRY CC","BOCA WOODS COUNTR CL","BOCA WOODS COUNTRY","BOCA WOODS COUNTRY C","Boca Woods Country Club","BOCA WOODS COUNTRY CLUB PH 2 LOT 45 BLK 2","BOCA WOODS COUNTRY CLUB.","Boca Woods Country Cluv","BOCA WOODS COUNTRY COUNTRY CLUB","Boca Woods CountryC","BOCA WOODS COUNTY C","Boca Woods Golf & Country Club","Boca Woods Golf & Country Clulb","Boca Woods Woods Country Club","Bocaa Bath & Tennis","BocaEast Estates","BOCAFALLS","BOCAINE COUNTRY CLUB","Bocaire","BOCAIRE CC","BOCAIRE COUNRTY CLUB","Bocaire Country Club","Bocaire Golf and Country Club","Bocaire Golf Club","BOCALAGO","BocaPointe","BOCAR","Bocar at Boca Raton","BOCAR CONDO","Bocar Condominium","Bocar Condominiums","Bocara","BOCARA AT BOCA RATON","Bocara Condo","BOCARA,BACARA","BOCARRA","BocaTeeca","BocaWest","BocaWinds \/ Baybury","BOCCA CHASE","Bocca Teeca","BOCO SOUTH","BOCQ QUAY","BONIELLO ACRES","BONIELLOS ACRES","Bonniellos Acres","Bougainvillea House","BRAMALEA UNICORP","BRAMALEA UNICORP BOCA RATON","BRAMALEA UNICORP BOCA RATON \/ WATERSIDE","BRAMALEA UNICORP BOCA RATON FIRST ADD","Bramelea \/ Parkside","BRAMLEA","BRAND NEW TOWNHOUSE","BREAKERS","BREAKERS AT BOCA","Breakers At Boca Raton","BREAKERS OF BOCA","Brentwood","BRENTWOOD BOCA","BRENTWOOD ESTATES","BRENTWOOD OF BOCA","BRENTWOOD OF BOCA ESTATES","BRIARCLIFF","Bridgewood","BRIDGEWOOD AT BOCA WEST C.C.","Bridgewood Mid- Rise Condo ll","Bridgewood Townhouse Condominiums","BRIDGEWOOD\/BOCA WEST","BRIDGEWOOD\/BOCA WEST C.C.","Brighton","BRIGHTON A","BRIGHTON AT CENTURY VILLAGE","BRIGHTON AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","BRIGHTON C","Brighton Condo","Brighton I","Brighton J at Century Village","BRIGHTON\/CENTURY VIL","BROKEN","BROKEN SOUND","BROKEN SOUND","Broken Sound Banyans","Broken Sound - Banyans","BROKEN SOUND BANYANS","Broken Sound C.C.","Broken Sound C.C.\/FAIRWAY LANDING","BROKEN SOUND CC","BROKEN SOUND CEDAR C","Broken Sound Club","BROKEN SOUND CLUBSID","BROKEN SOUND COUNTRY","BROKEN SOUND COUNTRY CLUB","Broken Sound Country Club \/ Whisper Trace","BROKEN SOUND COUNTRY CLUB-CEDAR CAY","BROKEN SOUND FAIRWAY BEND","Broken Sound Laurel Point","Broken Sound Laurel Pointe","Broken Sound Oak Run","BROKEN SOUND--BANYANS","BROKEN SOUND-TANGLEWOOD","BROKEN SOUND-WATER OAK ESTATES","BROKEN SOUND\/BANYANS","Broken Sound\/Bay Isles","BROKEN SOUND\/BAY POI","BROKEN SOUND\/OAK RUN","BROKEN SOUND\/TIMBER","BROKEN SOUND\/WILLOW","BROKEND SOUND COUNTRY CLUB","Brook Haven","BROOKFIELD","BROOKFIELD\/BOCA DEL","BROOKHAVEN","BROOKHAVEN BOCA RATON","BROOKWOOD","BRROKEN SOUND","BUE INLET","Buena Vista","Buena Vista, Cloisters","BUENA VISTA\/CLOISTERS","Buenavista","CABLE & H2O INCLUDED","CALDWELL","Caldwell Heights","CALDWELL HIEGHTS","CALL FRED\/NANCY","CAMBRIDGE PARK","CAMELOT VILLAGE","CAMEO WOODS","Caminio Gardens","CAMINIO REAL VILLAGE","Camino Del Quinta","Camino Del Sol","Camino Garden Villas","CAMINO GARDENS","CAMINO GARDENS VILLA","Camino Gardens Villas","CAMINO LAKES","CAMINO NORTH CONDO","Camino Real","CAMINO REAL CONDO","CAMINO REAL VILLAGE","CAMINO REAL VILLAGE CONDO","Camino Real Villages","Camino Woods","CAMINO WOODS 1","CAMINO WOODS 11","Camino Woods I","Camino Woods II","Camino Woods ll","Campus Heights","CANAL VIEW","CANARY PALM","Canary Palm Club","CANARY POINT","Canary Pointe","CANDLEWOOD","Candlewood at Boca Country Club","Cape Sable","CAPE SABLE\/LAKES AT","CAPELLA","Capella 1 \/ Saturnia","CAPELLA PL 2 LT 374","Captiva","CAPTIVA MODEL","Captova","CARIBBEAN","CARIBBEAN AT BOCA BAYOU CONDO","CARIBBEAN KEYS","CARIBBEAN@BOCA BAYOU","CARLTON","Carlton Condo","Carlton House","CARLYE ESTATES","Carlyle Estates","Carlysle Estates","Carriage Hill","Carriage Homes","CARRIAGE HOMES \/ FAIRFIELD @ BOCA","Carriage Homes at Woodfield","CARRIAGE HOMES AT WOODFIELD HUNT CLUB","Carriage Homes of Woodfield","Carriage Homes of WOODFIELD HUNT CLUB","Carriage House Condo","CARRIAGE HOUSES","CARRIAGE TRADE","CARRIBBEAN KEYS","CARRIBEAN KEYS","Cas Del Rio","Casa Del Mar","CASA DEL RIO","CASA DEL RIO CONDO","CASA NEUVA","Casa Nueva","CASA NUEVA CONDO","CASA SUL LAGO","CASCADE","CASCADES","CASE DEL RIO","CASTEL DEL MAR","CASTEL DEL MAR,CASTEL GARDENS","Castel Garden","Castel Gardens","Castle Del Mar","CATALINA","CATALINA \/ POLO CLUB","CATALINA AT THE POLO CLUB CONDO","Catalina\/Polo","CATALINA\/POLO CLUB","CAULDWELL HEIGHTS","Cedar Cay","Cedar Cay @ Broken Sound","Cedar Glen","CEDAR GROVE","Cedar Ridge","CENGURY VILLAGE","CENRE HILL COURTS","Centarl Park","Center Hill Courts","Centiury Village","CENTRA","CENTRA - BLUE LAKE TOWNHOMES","CENTRA - BLUE LAKE TOWNHOMES","Centra - Blue Lake Townhouses","CENTRA , BLUE LAKE TOWNHOMES","CENTRA \/ BLUE LAKE","CENTRA \/ BLUE LAKE TOWNHOMES","Centra at Blue Lake","CENTRA BLUE LAKE","Centra Blue Lake Townhomes","Centra blue lake townhouses","CENTRA PARK","CENTRA Townhomes","Centra Townhomes Inc.","CENTRA TOWNHOUSES","Centra, Blue Lake Townhomes","CENTRA, BLUE LAKES TOWNHOMES","Centra,BlueLakeTownh","Centra\/ Blue Lake","CENTRA\/ BLUE LAKE TOWNHOMES","CENTRA\/BLUE LAKE","Centra\/Blue Lake Townhomes","Centra\/Blue Lakes","Central Park","Central Park - Peninsula Village","Central Park - Peninsula Village Greens","CENTRAL PARK \/ PENINSULA VILLAGE GREEN","CENTRAL PARK \/ PENINSULA VILLAGE GREENS","Central Park Boca Raton","Central Park in Boca","Central Park, Peninsula Village Greens","Central Park\/Peninsular Village","CENTRALPARK","CENTRE HILL","CENTRE HILL COURT","Centre Hill Courts","CENTRE HILL COURTS CONDO","CENTRE OF BOCA BARWO","Centre of Boca Barwood","CENTRE OF BOCA BARWOOD\/SANDALFT","Centruy Village","Centry Village","CENTURY","Century Village","CENTURY VIILLAGE","Century Vilage","CENTURY VILALGE","CENTURY VILLAGE","CENTURY VILLAGE MANSDIELD k","CENTURY VILLAGE Mansfield","Century village _ Exeter B","Century Village - Boca Raton","CENTURY VILLAGE - CO","Century Village - Mansfield","CENTURY VILLAGE \/ MANSFIELD I","CENTURY VILLAGE AINSLE A","Century Village Ainslie","Century Village at Boca Raton","Century Village Boca","Century Village Boca Raton","CENTURY VILLAGE Brighton","CENTURY VILLAGE Brighton C","Century Village Brighton D","Century Village Building B","Century Village Cornwall","CENTURY VILLAGE DORSET","CENTURY VILLAGE EXETER","CENTURY VILLAGE EXETER A","CENTURY VILLAGE EXETER B","CENTURY VILLAGE FANSHAW","CENTURY VILLAGE GUILDFORD","Century Village Hamptons at Boca Raton","CENTURY VILLAGE HYTHE","CENTURY VILLAGE Hythe C","CENTURY VILLAGE IN BOCA RATON","Century Village Lincoln","Century Village Lincoln B","CENTURY VILLAGE mans","CENTURY VILLAGE MANSFIELD","CENTURY VILLAGE MANSFIELD D","CENTURY VILLAGE NEWCASTLE","Century Village of Boca Raton","CENTURY VILLAGE Rexford","CENTURY VILLAGE SUFFOLK UNIT E","CENTURY VILLAGE WEST","CENTURY VILLAGE WOLVERTON","Century Village Yarm","CENTURY VILLAGE- BRIGHTON","CENTURY VILLAGE-LBX","CENTURY VILLAGE-LINC","century village,","CENTURY VILLAGE, BOCA","Century Village, Dorset","Century Village, Exeter","Century Village, Preston, Preston B","CENTURY VILLAGE.","CENTURY VILLAGE.\/ CORNWALL E","Century Village\/ Boca Raton","CENTURY VILLAGE\/ FANSHAW","CENTURY VILLAGE\/ WOLVERTON","CENTURY VILLAGE\/cornwall","Century Village\/Dorset","Century Village\/Fanshaw","CENTURY VILLAGE\/MANS","CENTURY VILLAGEE","CENTURY VILLATE","CENTURY VILLGE","Century Villiage Boca Raton","Century Vlllage","CENUTURY VILLAGE","CERNTURY VILLAGE","Chalafonte Conto","CHALFONTE","CHALFONTE COND","CHALFONTE CONDO","Chalfonte Condominium","Chalfonte S Tower","Chalfonte South Tower","CHALFONTE\/OCEAN VIEW","Charelston Place","CHARESTON PLACE","CHARLESTON PLACE","Chatam Hills","Chateau On Knoll","Chateau on the Knoll","CHATHAM HILLS","CHATHAM HILL","CHATHAM HILLS","Chattam Hills","CHEYENNE","CIMARRON","cimarron \/ loggers run","CIMARRON LOGGERS RUN","Cimarron Sec 01","Cimarron, Loggers Run","Cimarron,Loggers Run","CIMARRON\/LOGGERS RUN","CIMMARRON","City of Boca Raton","Clarendon","CLOISTER","CLOISTER BEACH TOWER","Cloister Beach Towers","Cloister Del Mar","CLOISTER DEL MAR CONDO","Cloisters","Cloisters \/ Buenavista","Cloisters Buena Vista","CLOISTERS\/BUENAVISTA","CLOVERFIELD","Cloverfield 1","Club Royal","CLUB ROYALE","Club Royale Condo","CLUB ROYALE CONDOMINIUM","Club Royale Condominiums","CLUB ROYALE UNIT 735","CLUBSIDE","CLUBSIDE POINT","CNETURY VILLAGE","Coach Homes Ton Place","COACH HOUSE","Coach House of Town Place","Coach House of Towne Place","COACH HOUSE PLACE","Coach Houses","COACH HOUSES OF BOCA","COACH HOUSES OF T.P.","Coach Houses of Town","Coach Houses of Town Place","COACH HOUSES OF TOWN PLACE CONDO","Coach Houses of Town Place II","COACH HOUSES TOWN PL","COACH HOUSES TOWN PLACE","COAH HOUSES OF TOWN PLACE","COCO POINT AT BOCA CHASE","COCO POINT II","COCO POINTE","Coco Pointe 1","COCO POINTE II","Colonade","Colonnade","COLONNADE - BOCA TIERRA 3RD SEC","COLONNADE - GLEN OAKS","COLONNADE @GLEN OAKS","COLONNADE \/ BOCA TIERRA","Colonnade at Glen Oaks","COLONNADE BOCA TIERR","COLONNADE BOCA TIERRA","COLONNADE GLEN OAKS","Colonnade, Glen Oaks","COLONNADE@ GLEN OAKS","COLONNADE\/ GLEN OAKS","COLONNADE\/BOCA TIER","COLONNADE\/BOCA TIERR","COLONNADE\/BOCA TIERRA","Colonnade\/BocaTierra","COLONNADE\/GLEN OAKS","COLONNADE\/GLENOAKS","COLONNADES","COLONY AT L\\'ERMITAGE","COLONY AT LERMITAGE","Colony Point","COLONY WDS\/BOCADELMA","Colony Woods","Colony Woods Boca del Mar","Colverfield","Combo Lock Box - on line appointment","COMPLETELY REMODELED","Completely Renovated Residence","COMPLETELY UPDATED","COMTEMORARY\/MODERN","Concord Green","CONDO #3","CONDOMINIUM 4 BOCA TEECA","CONFERENCE","Conference Estates","CONFERENCE LAKE","CONFERENCE LAKE EST","CONFERENCE LAKE ESTA","Conference Lake Estates","CONFERENCE LAKE ESTS","CONFERENCE RIDGE","COPPER LAKE","Coquina Isle","Coquina\/Polo Club","Coral Bay","Coral Bay Boca Chase","Coral Bay, BOCA CHASE","CORAL CHASE","CORAL COVE","CORAL ISLES","CORAL ISLES at Boca Chase","CORAL KEY","Coral Key in Boca Chase","Coral Lake","CORAL LAKE \/ PLEASANT LAKES","Coral Lake at Boca Raton","Coral Lake at Boca River","CORAL LAKE\/PLEASANT LAKES","CORAL LAKES","Coral Lakes \/ Pleasant Lakes","Coral Lakes Pleasant","Coral Lakes PLEASANT LAKES","CORAL TRACE","CORDOBA","CORDOVA \/MISSION BAY","Cordova Estates","Cordova Estates, Mission Bay","Cordova Estates\/Mission Bay","CORDOVA MISSION BAY","CORDOVA\/MISSION BAY","Corinthian Gardens","Corinthian Gardens Condos","CORNER UNIT","CORNER UNIT LAKEVIEW","Corniche","Corniche Condo","CORNWALL","CORNWALL AT C.V.","Cornwall At Century","CORNWALL AT CENTURY VILLAGE","CORNWALL AT CENTURY VILLAGE COND","CORNWALL AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","CORNWALL C","CORNWALL CENTURY VIL","CORNWELL AT CENTURY","Coronado","CORONADO @BOCA RATON","CORONADO AT BOCA","Coronado at Boca Del Mar","Coronado at Boca Rat","Coronado at Boca Raton","Coronado at Boca Raton Condo","Coronado at Boca Raton Condominiums","CORTINA","CORTINA \/ PLUM","Cortina at Boca Pointe","CORTINA\/BOCA POINTE","CORTYARD TOWNHOUSE","COSTA BRAVA","COSTA BRAVA BOCA PT","Costa Brava\/Boca Pointe","Costa Del Sol","Costa Del Sol - Boca Pointe","Costa Del Sol \/ Boca Pointe","COSTA SOL BOCA POINT","COUCH HOUSES OF TOWN","Country Club","Country Club Cove","COUNTRY CLUB VILLA","COUNTRY CLUB VILLAGE","COUNTRY CLUB VILLAGE SEC E","COUNTRY CLUB VLG SEC","Country Club Vlg Sec C","COUNTRY LANDING","Country Landing \/ Loggers Run","COUNTRY LANDING 1","Country Landing 2","Country Landing 3","COUNTRY LANDING I","COUNTRY LANDING II","COUNTRY LANDING III","Country Landing III \/ Loggers Run","Country Landing in Loggers Run","COUNTRY LANDING SEC 1","Country Landing Sec 2","Country Landing Sec 2, Logger\\'s Run","Country Landing Sec 3,Loggers Run","COUNTRY LANDING SEC TWO","Country Landing Sec1","Country Landing Sec3","Country Landing South","Country Landing, Loggers Run","Country Landing,Loggers Run","Country Landing\/Loggers Run","country landings","Country Landings 1","Country Landings 3","COUNTRY LANDINGS II","COUNTRY LANDINGS III","Country Landings Section Two","country pak","COUNTRY PARK","Country Park At Boca","COUNTRY PARK AT BOCA RATON","COUNTRY VILLAGE","Countrypark","COUNTRYPARK AT BOCA","COUNTRYPARK SOUTH","Courchene Development Corp.","Court Homes 1","Court Homes 1 of Fairfield","Court Homes 2, Fairfield","Court Homes II","Court Homes III of Fairfield At Boca","COURTS OF SWEETWATER","Courtside","COURTSIDE VILLAS","COURTSIDE VILLAS mis","COURTSIDE\/BOCA WEST","COURTYARD","COURTYARD APARTMENT","COURTYARD OF BOCA II","Courtyard Run","Courtyard s at Boca","COURTYARDS","COURTYARDS AT BOCA","COURTYARDS AT BOCA 1","COURTYARDS AT BOCA I","Courtyards At Boca II","COURTYARDS AT BOCA RATON","COURTYARDS BOCA","Courtyards of Boca","COURTYARDS OF DELRAY","Courtyards Run","COURYARDS OF BOCA","COVENTRY IN THE GROVE","CrENTURY VILLAGE HYTHE","Crescent Lakes","CRESCENT LAKES - STERLING LAKES","CRESCENT LAKES \/ STERLING BRIDGE","Crescent lakes Boca Pines 2","CRESCENT LAKES,STERLING BRIDGE","CRESCENT LAKES,STERLING LAKES","CRESENT LAKES","CRICKLEWOOD ESTATES","Crsecent Lakes","CRYSTAL COVE","CRYSTAL COVE ESTATES","CRYSTAL COVE ESTATES \/ LOGGERS RUN","Crystal Pointe","CULVER HOUSE","CULVER HOUSE CONDO","CWV","Cynthia Gardens Apartments","CYPRESS BEND","CYPRESS OF BOCA LAGO","Cypresses","Cypresses at Boca Lago","CYPRESSES BOCA LAGO","CYPRESSES OF BOCA LAGO","Cypresses of Boca Lago Condominiums","CYSTAL POINT IN BOCA FALLS","Dalewood","DEER PARK ESTATE","deerhurst","Deerhurst \/ Boca South","Deerhurst\/Boca South","DEERPARK ESTATES","DEL MAR VILLAGE","Del Rio Apartments","Delray By The Sea Boca Cove","Delray Manor","DELRAY MANOR 3RD ADD","DELRAY MANORS","DELRAY MANORS 3RD ADD IN","DELRAY MNR","DELRAY VILLAS WEST","DELUXE FLOOR PLAN","DIANO","Digman Acres","DIRECT INTRACOASTAL","Dorset","DORSET C","DORSET H","Downtown Boca","Downtown Boca Raton","Dunes of Boca","DWV","E. BOCA \/ DOWNTOWN BOCA AREA","E. BOCA WATERFRONT","east boca","EAST BOCA - NO HOA","EAST BOCA \\'CULVER HOUSE \\' CONDO","EAST BOCA AREA","East Boca Delray Manors","EAST BOCA DUPLEX","EAST BOCA POOL HOME","EAST BOCA POOL HOME!","East Boca Raton","East Boca Raton Delray Manors","East Boca Triplex","East Boca Village","EAST BOCA WATERFRNT","EAST BOCA WHISEM","EAST BOCA- NO HOA","EAST BOCA-NO HOA","EAST BOCA!","East Gate","EAST GATE AT WHISPER WALK","EAST OF FED. NO HOA","EAST OF FEDERAL","EAST OF FEDERAL HWY","EAST OF FEDERAL!","EAST OF US 1","EAST OF US 1!!","EAST OF US1","EAST OF US1 CONDO","East Palmetto Park Condominiums","EastBrooke","EASTBROOKE COACH HOMES","Eastbrooke\/Boca Country Club\/Boca Golf & Tennis","Eastgate","EDEN","Edgewoo","EDGEWOOD","Edgewood Condo","Edgewood Condo North","EDGEWOOD CONDO\\'","EDGEWOOD CONDOMINIUM","EDGEWOOD CONDOMINIUMS","Edgewood Condos","Edgewood north","EDGEWOOD SOUTH","EDGEWOOD\/SANDALFOOT","EL DORADO","El Viento 2","El Viento At Boca Pointe","Emerald Isle","EMERALD ISLES","ENCANTADA","ENCANTADA \/ BOCA POINTE","Encantada of Boca Pointe","Enclave","ENCLAVE AT BOCA DUNES","ENCLAVE AT BOCA ISLE","Enclave of Boca Dunes","ESCONDIDIO","Escondido","ESCONDIDO AT BOCA","ESCONDIDO AT BOCA RATON","ESPLANADA","ESPLANADA AT BOCA PO","Esplanade","Esplanade Condo","ESTADA","Estada de los Paseos","ESTADA LOS PASEOS","Estada Los Paseos Tr","Estada of Los Paseos","Estada\/Town Center","ESTANCIA","ESTANCIA II WEST","ESTANCIA III","ESTANCIA IV OF VIA VERDE","ESTANCIA SOUTH","Estancia West","ESTANCIA WEST \/ ESTANCIA IV OF VIA VERDE","Estancia\/Estancia West","ESTATE OF BOCA LYONS","Estate Section","ESTATES","Estates at boca lyons","ESTATES BOCA LANE","ESTATES BOCA LYONS","ESTATES OF BOCA DEL","ESTATES OF BOCA LYON","Estates of Boca Lyons","Estates of Boca Lyons, Boca Rio Heights","ESTATES OF COUNTRY LANDING AT LOGGERS RUN","Estates of Country Landing, Loggers Run","Estates of Country Landing,Loggers Run","ESTATES OFBOCADELMAR","ESTATES SECTION","ESTATES\/ BOCA LANE","ESTERLY","ESTOVILLE","EXCELSIOR","EXCELSIOR CONDOMINIUM","EXETER AT CENTURY VI","EXETER E","EXQUISITE SEASIDE GEM!","FAIRFIELD","Fairfield - Carriage Houses","Fairfield - Grand Fairfield","FAIRFIELD @ BOCA","Fairfield at Boca","FAIRFIELD AT BOCA \/ CEDAR GROVE \/ COURT HOMES I","Fairfield at Boca 2 of Cedar Grove","Fairfield at Boca Carriage Houses","FAIRFIELD AT BOCA PL","Fairfield at Boca Ra","Fairfield at Boca Raton","FAIRFIELD BOCA","FAIRFIELD CARRIAGE H","FAIRFIELD CEDAR GROV","Fairfield Gardens","Fairfield of Boca","Fairfield-Grand Fairfield","FAIRFIELD'S FIN","FAIRFIELDS OF BOCA","Fairfiled","Fairfiled at Boca","FAIRFILED GARDENS","Fairlake","Fairway Terrace","Fairway Terrace \/ St Andrews Country Club","Fairway Village","Fairway Village Boca Del Mar","FAIRWAYS","Fairways Condo","Fairways \/Boca Lago","fairways at boc algo","Fairways at Boca Golf & Tennis","FAIRWAYS AT BOCA GOLF & TENNIS CONDO","Fairways at Somerset","FAIRWAYS AT SOMERSET BOCA COUNTRY CLUB","FAIRWAYS AT SOMERSET COND","Fairways at Somerset Condominiums","Fairways Condo","Fairways Condominium","Fairways of Boca Del Mar","FAIRWAYS OF BOCA LAGO","FAIRWAYS OF BOCA LAGO CONDO","FAIRWAYS\/BOCA DEL MAR","FANSHAW","FANSHAW AT CENTURY","Fanshaw at Century V","Fanshaw at Century Village","Fanshaw at Century Village Condominiums","Fanshaw C","FANSHAW F CENTURY","FANSHAW K","Fiarways of Boca Lago","Fieldbrook","Fieldbrook Estates","Fifth Avenue Place","FLA FRUIT LANDS","FLAGLER POINTE","Florenada","Florenada \/ Old Floresta","FLORENADA \/OLD FLORESTA AREA","FLORESTA AREA","Floresta Grove","FLORIDA FRUIT LANDS","FORSYTH PARK","FORSYTH PARK CONDO","FOX HILL ESTATES OF BOCA RATON","Fox Landing","FRENCH VILLAGE","FRENCH VILLAGE CONDO","G.L.HOMES","Gables","GABLES BOCA BARWOOD","GABLES BOCA BARWWOD","GABLES E OF BOCA BA","gables east","GABLES EAST OF BOCA BARWOOD","GABLES EAST BOCA BAR","GABLES EAST OF BOCA","GABLES EAST OF BOCA BARWOOD","Gables East Of Boca Barwood I Thru Vi Conds As","GABLES EAST-Courtyard","GABLES OF BARWOOD","GABLES OF BOCA","Gables of Boca Barwood","GARDEN VILLAS","Gardens in the Grove","Gardens of Sweetwater Condos","Gardens oof Sweetwater","Gateway","GATEWAY APT CONDOS","GATEWAY APTS","GATEWAY APTS CONDO","Gateway Condo","Gateway Manor Rentals","GATEWAY VILLAS","GEORGEOUS T\\'HOME","GEORGEOUS-MODEL LIKE","GL HOMES","GLADE LANDING","Glades at Boca Lago","Glades Landing","Glades of Boca Lago","GLADES OF BOCA LAGO CONDO","Glades of Boca largo","GLEN OAKS","GLEN OAKS COLONNADE","Glen Oaks at Colonnade","Glen Oaks, Colonnade","Glen Oaks,Colonnade","Glen Oaks\/Colonnade","GLENN OAKS","GLENS","GLENS CONDO","GLENS, THE GLENS","Glenview Palms","Glouchester","Glouchester House","Golden Arrow","GOLDEN ARROW COND","golden arrow condo","GOLDEN HABOUR","GOLDEN HARBOR","GOLDEN HARBOUR","Golden Triangle","Golden Triangle\/Mizner Park area","Golf and tennis membership included!! Golf cart","GOLF VISTA","GOLFVIEW","Gorgeous Updated","GRANADA WEST","Grand Bay\/POLO CLUB","GRAND CAYMAN V","GRAND CYPRESS","Grand Fairfield","GRAND FAIRFIELD \/ FA","GRAND LAKE ESTATES","GRANDE ORCHID","GREAT UNIT RENT","Green House Of Boca","GREENBRIAR","GREENBRIAR 55+","GREENBRIAR CONDO","Greenhouse","Greenhouse Boca","Greenhouse of Boca","Greenhouses of Boca","GREENLEAF","Greenleaf Whisper Walk","GREENS","Greens At Boca Golf And Tennis Club","Greens Boca Lago","Greens in Boca del Mar","Greens of Boca Lago","GREENS OF BOCA LAGO CONDO","GREENS@BOCA GOLF & T","Guildford at Century Village","Guildford at Century Village Condominiums","H20+ELECTRIC INC","H2O & ELECTRIC INCL","H2O & ELECTRIC INCL.","HAMMOCK OF SANALFOOT","HAMMOCK OF SANDALFOO","Hammock of Sandalfoot","HAMMOCK OF SANDALFT","HAMMOCK OF SANDLEFOO","Hammock of Sandlefoot","Hammock of Sandlfoot","Hammock ofSandalfoot","HAMMOCK POINT","Hammock Sandalfoot","HAMMOCKS","HAMPTON","HAMPTON \/ BOCA WINDS","Hampton Bay","Hampton Club","Hampton Court","Hampton Park","Hamptons","Hamptons\/Woodfield","HAMPTONS\/WOODFIELD C","HARBOR SPRINGS","Harbour","HARBOUR EAST","Harbour East House","HARBOUR HOMES","HARBOUR LANDING","HARBOUR SPRINGS","Harbour Springs at Mission Bay","Harbour Springs\/Mission Bay","Harbour Terrace","Harbour Terrace Condo","HAS DEEDED DOCK!","Heatherhill","HEATHERWOOD","HEATHERWOOD COMMUNITY","Heatherwood Condo","Heatherwood of Boca Raton","HEATHWOOD","Heritage Collection","HERITAGE SQ\/BOCA WIN","Heritage Square","Heritage Square\/Boca Winds","HERITIAGE","HH Boca East Apartments","HH villa rica","HIDDEN HAMMOOCK","Hidden Lake","HIDDEN LAKE AT BOCA","Hidden Lake Boca Chase","Hidden Lake,Boca Chase","HIDDEN LAKE\/ BOCA CHASE","HIDDEN LAKE\/BOCA CHASE","Hidden Lakes","HIDDEN LAKES\/ BOCA CHASE","HIDDEN OAKS","HIDDEN OAKS TOWNHOUSE ASSN","Hidden Oaks Townhouses","HIDDEN OAKS TOWNHOUSES ASSOCIATION","HIDDEN VALLEY","HIDDEN VALLEY \/ Hidden Lake","Hidden Valley Manor","HIDDEN VALLEY SEC 4","Hidden Valley\/ Hidden Lake","Hiden Valley","HIGHLAND BEACH CLUB","Highlands place","HILLSBORO COUNTRY CL","Hillsboro Country Club","Hillsboro Country Club - Meadow Lakes","Hillsboro Park","HILLSBORO PARK ADD N","HILLSBORO PARK PALM BEACH FARMS","Historic Old Floresta","Holiday City","Holiday City \/ Palmetto Pines","HOLIDAY CITY AT BOCA","Holiday City At Boca Raton","HOLIDAY CITY PALMETTO PINES","Holiday City, Boca Raton","Holiday City, Palmetto Pines","Holiday City,Palmetto Pines","HOLIDAY CITY\/PALMETT","Holiday City\/Palmetto Pines","HOME OF BOCA BARWOOD","HOMES BOCA BARWOOD","HOMES OF BOCA BARWD","HOMES OF BOCABARWOOD","Horizons","Horizons Boca Lago","HORIZONS OF BOCA LAG","Horizons of Boca Lago","Horizons of Boca Lago Cond","Horizons of Boca Lago Condo","Horizons of Boca Lago Condominiums","HORIZONS-BOCA LAGO","HORSESHOE ACERS","Horseshoe Acres","HORSESHOE ACRES AREA","http:\/\/www.theshoresatbocaraton.net","HUGE 4\/2 2 CG","HUGE DUPLEX","HUGE DUPLEX EAST","Huntington\/Polo Club","Hythe","HYTHE AT CENTURY VILLAGE","Hythe B","Imperial at Promenade","Impressions","IMPRESSIONS \/ BOCA CHASE","Impressions 1","IMPRESSIONS AT BOCA CHASE","IMPRESSIONS BOCA CHASE","IMPRESSIONS I","IMPRESSIONS\/BOCA CHA","Impressions\/Boca Chase","INDIAN HEAD","Indian Head at Loggers Run","Indian Head Sec 1","Indian Head Section 1","INDIAN HEAD\/LOGGERS RUN","INDIANHEAD","Indies","INTRACOASTAL SOUTH","INTRACOASTAL SOUTH C","Intracoastal Terrace","Ironwedge","IRONWWDGE SEC II","ISELS OF BOCA","Island Court","ISLAND IN THE GROVE","ISLAND LAKES","ISLAND LAKES \/ LOGGERS RUN","Island Lakes at Loggers Run","ISLAND LAKES LOGGERS","ISLAND LAKES LOGGERS RUN","Island Lakes, Loggers Run","ISLAND LAKES\/LOGGERS RUN","Isle of Sandalfoot","Isle At Mission Bay","ISLE BOCA DUNES","Isle of Sandalfoot Condo","ISLE OF BOCA","Isle of Boca Dune","ISLE of BOCA DUNES","Isle of Boca Dunes - Bldg 6","Isle of Boca Dunes 1","Isle of Boca Dunes 3","ISLE OF BOCA DUNES 5","Isle of Boca Dunes 6","ISLE OF BOCA DUNES, BOCA DUNES","Isle of Boca Dunes, Isle of Sandalfoot, Boca Dunes","ISLE OF MISSION BAY","Isle of Sandal Foot","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT \/ BOCA DUNES","Isle of Sandalfoot \/ Isle of Boca Dune","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT 2","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT 7","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT AKA ISLE OF BOCA DUNES","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT BOCA DUNES","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT C","Isle of Sandalfoot Condo","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT CONDO 2","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT CONDO, ISLE OF BOCA DUNES","Isle of Sandalfoot Condo\/ Boca Dunes","Isle of Sandalfoot\/Boca Dunes","ISLE OF SANDLEFOOT","ISLE OF SANSALFOOT","Isle Sandalfoot","Isle Sandalfoot Cond","ISLES AT MISSION BAY","ISLES AT MISSION BAY MISSION BAY","Isles of Boca","ISLES OF BOCA CONDOS","ISLES OF BOCA CONDS","Isles of Boca Dunes","Isles Of Boca Dunes Boca Dunes","Isles of boca north","Isles of Boca Raton","ISLES OF MISSION BAY","ISLES OF SANDALFOOT","ISLES OF SANDALFOOT*","ISLES OF SANDALFOOT\/BOCA DUNES","ISLES OF SANDLEFOOT","ITWHISPER WALK","JES JARDINES","JOHNSTON HEIGHTS","JOHNSTON HEIGHTS LT3","JOHNSTON HGTS","JOHSTON HEIGHTS","JUST REDUCED!","KENSGINTON WALK","KENSIGNTON WALK","KENSINGTOM WALK","KENSINGTON","KENSINGTON WALK","KENSINGTON WALK COND","KENSINGTON WALK CONDO","Kensington Walk Condos","Kensington Walk condos Association","KESINGTON WALKENK CONDO","Kings Court","Kings Court - Mizner Park Area - Golden Triangle","Kings Court, Boca Villas, The Golden Triangle","KINGS POINT","KINGS POINT CONDO","Kinney & Gates 02","Kinney and Gates","KNOB HILL","Knob Hill Club","Knob Hill Club Inc.","KNOB HILL SUB","KR Village","L \\'Ambiance","L AMBIANCE","L Ambiance of Via Verde","L AMBIANCEOF VIA VERDE","L\\' Ambiance","L\\' Ambiance VIa Verde","L\\'AMBIANCE","L\\'Ambiance 1 Story","L\\'Ambiance of Via Ve","L\\'AMBIANCE OF VIA VERDE","L\\'AMBIANCE VIA VERDE","L\\'ERMITAGE","L\\'ERMITAGE OF BOCA","L'AMBIANCE","L'ERMITAGE","La Corniche","LA COSTA","La Costa \/ Mission Bay","LA COSTA DEL MAR","La Costa Del Mar Con","LA COSTA DEL MAR CONDO","LA COSTA\/DEL MAR","LA COSTA\/MISSION BA","La Costa\/Mission Bay","LA FONT","LA FONTANA","LA FONTANA CONDO","LA JOYA","LA JOYA \/ L\\'ERMITAGE OF BOCA","LA JOYA L\\'HERMITAGE","LA JOYA\\\\L\\'ERMITAGE","LA MIRADA","LA MIRADA @ BOCA PTE","La Mirada \/ Boca Pointe","La Mirada at Boca Pointe","La Paz","La Paz at Boca Pointe","La Paz Boca Point","LA PAZ of Boca Point","LA PAZ of Boca Pointe","LA PERLA del\\' OCEANO","LA PROVENCE","La Residence","LA RESIDENCE CONDO","LA VIDA","LA VIDA\/BOCA DEL MAR","LACOSTA","Lady Palm","Ladypalm","Ladypalm of Waterberry","LADYPALM of WATERBERY","LADYPALM Waterberry","Lago Del Mar","LAGO DEL MAR CONDO","Lago Mar","Lago Mar Seaside Estates","Laguna","LAGUNA AT MISSION BA","Laguna at Mission Bay","LAGUNA BAY","Laguna Mission Bay","LAGUNA OF MISSION BA","Laguna Subdivision of Mission Bay","LAGUNA\/MISSION BAY","lake at Windwood con","LAKE BOCA VILLAS","Lake Catalina","Lake Estates","LAKE FLORESTA","Lake Floresta Park","Lake House","Lake House Condo Sou","LAKE HOUSE SOUTH","LAKE HOUSE SOUTH COND","LAKE HOUSE SOUTH CONDO","Lake of Woodhaven","Lake Rogers","LAKE ROGERS ISLE","Lake Rogers Isles","LAKE WAYMAN","Lake Windwood","LAKE WINDWOOD CONDO","LAKE WINDWOOD CONDO XI","LAKE WYMAN","LAKE WYMAN ESTATES","Lake Wyman Shores","Lakehouse South","Lakes at Boca","LAKES AT BOCA BARWOO","Lakes at Boca Raton","LAKES AT BOCA RATON - SYMPHONY","LAKES AT BOCA RATON \/ HARBOUR LAKES","Lakes At Boca Raton \/ Pelican Cay","LAKES AT BOCA RATON \/ PORT CAYMAN","Lakes at Boca Raton AMBER BAY","LAKES AT BOCA RATON-PELICAN CAY","Lakes At Boca Raton, Port Cayman","Lakes at Boca Raton,Symphony","Lakes at Boca Raton\/ Woodstream","LAKES AT BOCA RATON\/AMBER BAY","Lakes at Boca Raton\/Cypress Bend","Lakes at Boca Raton\/Lacrosse","Lakes at Boca Raton\/Port Cayman","Lakes at Boca Raton\/Symphony","LAKES AT BOCA RATON\/WOODSTREAM","LAKES AT BOCA RIO","LAKES AT BOCA RIO - VILLAGE AT BOCA RIO","Lakes at Boca Rio \/ Village at Boca Rio","LAKES BOCA BARWOOD","LAKES OF BOCA","LAKES OF BOCA BARWOO","LAKES OF BOCA BARWOOD","Lakes of Boca Raton","Lakes of Boca Raton \/ Cypress Bend","Lakes of Boca Raton\/Cypress Bend","LAKES OF BOCA RIO","LAKES OF BOCA\/CAPE","LAKES OF BOCABARWOOD","LAKES OF DELRAY","LAKES OF SUTTON","LAKES OF SUTTON \/ POLO CLUB","LAKES OF WINDWOOD","Lakes of Woodhaven","Lakewood","LAKEWOOD AT BOCA WES","LAKEWOOD MID-RISE CONDOMINIUMS","Lakewood Midrise","Lakewood Oaks","Lakewood Oaks\/Boca Tierra","Land\\'s End","LANDMARK","Landmark Townhomes","Landmark Townhouse","LANDMARK TOWNHOUSES","LANDS END","LaPerla","LARGE 1\/1 EAST BOCA","Las Brisas","LAS FLORES","Las Flores - Mission Bay","LAS FLORES -MISSION BAY","LAS FLORES AT MISSION BAY","LAS FLORES Mission Bay","Las Flores of Mission Bay","LAS FLORES-MISSION B","LAUREL OAKS\/B.WEST","LAVERS","LAVERS (LAKESIDE","Le Lac","Le Reve Boca Raton","Le Rivage","Left Bank Estates","Lennar","LENNAR HOMES","LES JARDIN","Les Jardins","Les Jardins, Patch Reef Estates","levey","LEXINGTON","Lexington Estates","LEXINGTON HOME ESTATES","Lexington Homes","Lexington Homes Estates","Library Commons","Lincoln","Lincoln at Century Village","LINCOLN B","Lincoln Court","LINCOLNWOOD","LINCOLNWOOD VILLAGE","Lincolnwood Village\/Villa Del Rio","Lincolwood","Linocln - Century Village","LOGGER RUN","LOGGER RUN\/TIMBERWAL","LOGGER RUN\\'S","Logger\\'s Run","Logger\\'s Run \/ Ponderosa","LOGGER'S RUN","LOGGERS RUN","LOGGERS RUN CIMARRON","Loggers Run - Country Landing","Loggers Run . Indian Head","Loggers Run \/ Island Lakes","LOGGERS RUN \/ TAMARRON","Loggers Run Cimarron","LOGGERS RUN COUNTRY LANDING","Loggers Run Country Landing 2","LOGGERS RUN ISLAND LAKES","LOGGERS RUN TAMARRON","LOGGERS RUN WINDING LAKES III","LOGGERS RUN-Crystal Cove Estates","Loggers Run, Country Landing Sec Two","Loggers Run, Island Lakes","Loggers Run, Timberwalk II","Loggers Run,Cimarron","Loggers Run,Country Landing","Loggers Run,Country Landing Sec 3","Loggers Run,Country Landing Sec Two","Loggers Run,Island Lakes","Loggers Run,Tamarron","Loggers Run,Winding Lakes","LOGGERS RUN\/CIMARRON","LOGGERS RUN\/country","Loggers Run\/Country Landing","Loggers Run\/Crystal Cove","Loggers Run\/Indian Head","Loggers Run\/Island Lakes","LOGGERS RUN\/PONDEROS","Loggers Run\/Timberwalk","Loggers\\' Run - Cimarron","Loggers\\' Run","LOGGERS' RUN","Long Lake","Long Lake estate","LONG LAKE ESTATES","LONG LAKE ESTATES PLAT 1 LT 32","long lake palm","Long Lake Palms","LONG LAKE PALMS\/PONTE VECCHIO","LONG LAKES ESTATES","LOS PASEOS","Los Paseos of Via Verde","Los Paseos Via Verde","Lotus","Lotus Boca Raton","Lotus Boca Raton - By GL Homes","Lotus by GL Homes","Lotus by GL Homes","Lotus of Boca Raton","Luxuria","LYONS POINTE \/ SANDALFOOT","MABELLA LAKES","Madera","Majestic Bay","Majestic Bay\/Boca Falls","Majestic Point","MAJESTIC POINTE","MAJESTIC POINTE AT BOCA FALLS","Majestic Pointe BOCA FALLS","Majorca","Majorca - Town Place","MAJORCA \/ TOWN PLACE TOWNHOMES","Majorca at Town Place","Majorca at Via Verde","MAJORCA CLUB","Majorca Club \/ Town","Majorca Zoom","MAJORCA\/ TOWN PLACE","MAJORCA\/TOWN PLACE","MANATEE POINTE AT LAGO MAR CONDO","Mandarin Oriental Residences","Manor Broken Sound","MANSFIELD","Mansfield at Century Village","MANSFIELD AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","Mansfield at Century Village Condominiums","Mansfield Century","MANSFIELD I","MANSFIELD M","Mansfield\/ century village","Mar Vista","MARANATHA","Maranatha Apartments","Maranatha Apts Inc","Marbella","MARBELLA COND","Marbella Condo","Marbella Lakes","Marbella Lakes, Boca Del Mar","MARBELLA LAKES, MARBELLA WOODS","Marbella Lakes\/ Marbella Woods","MARBELLA LAKES\/WOODS","MARBELLA WOODS","Marbella Woods \/ Marbella Lakes","Marbella Woods\/Marbella Lakes","MARCHAND","MARCHAND UNREC","Marina Del Mar","Marina Del Mar Estates","MARJORCA","Mayfair","MAYFAIR AT WOODFIELD COUNTRY CLUB","MAYFAIR BOCA RATON","Mayfair Condo\/Mayfair of Boca Raton","MAYFAIR OF BOCA RATO","MAYFAIR OF BOCA RATON","MEADOW HILL","MEADOW KNOLL","MEADOW KNOLL TOWNHOMES","Meadow Lake","Meadow Lakes","Meadow Lakes \/ Hillsboro Country club","MEADOW LAKES AT BOCA","Meadow Lakes at Boca Raton","MEADOW LAKES OF BOCA RATON","Meadow Lakes\/Hillsboro Country Club","MEADOW PARK ESTATES","MEADOWLAKES","Meadows","MEADOWS PARK ESTATES","MEADOWS VIEW VILLAS","Mediterranea","MEDITERRANIA","Meridian","MERIDIAN AT ONE NORTH OCEAN","MERIDIAN AT ONE NORTH OCEAN CONDO","MERIDIANA","Meridiana \/ Boca Pointe","MERIDIANA AT BOCA PO","Meridiana at Boca Pointe","Meridiana at Boca Pointe II","Meridiana, Boca Pointe","MICHEL EHRENTREU","Mill Pond","MILLPOND","MILLPOND - TIMBERCREEK NORTH","MILLPOND NORTH","Millwood","Minto","Minto Development","Mision Bay La Costa","MISISON BAY","MISSION BAY","MISSION BAY","Mission Bay Santa Laguna","MISSION BAY - CORDOVA ESTATES","Mission Bay - Laguna","MISSION BAY - REGATTA","Mission Bay - Relfections","Mission Bay - THE ISLE","Mission Bay \/ Cordova","Mission Bay \/ Laguna","Mission Bay \/ Las Flores","MISSION BAY \/ Reflections","Mission Bay \/ Regatta","Mission Bay \/ Ventura","MISSION BAY HARBOUR SPRINGS","MISSION BAY LAGUNA","Mission Bay Lakeview Townhomes","MISSION BAY LAS FLORES","MISSION BAY REFLECTI","MISSION BAY REFLECTIONS","MISSION BAY REGATTA","Mission Bay Sonata","MISSION BAY THE ISLE","Mission Bay Ventura","MISSION BAY-HARBOUR","Mission Bay-La Costa","MISSION BAY-LAGUNA","Mission Bay-Regatta","Mission Bay, Las Flo","Mission Bay, Las Flores","Mission Bay\/ Cordova Estates","Mission Bay\/ Harbour Springs","MISSION BAY\/ SONATA","MISSION BAY\/ THE ISLE","Mission Bay\/Cordova","Mission Bay\/Cordova Estate","MISSION BAY\/HARBOUR","MISSION BAY\/La Costa","Mission Bay\/Laguna","MISSION BAY\/LAS FLOR","Mission Bay\/Las Flores","Mission Bay\/Reflections","MISSION BAY\/REGATTA","Mission Bay\/Sonata","MISSION BAY\/THE ISLE","MISSION BAY\/VENTURA","MISSION BAY\\\\VENTURA","MISSION\/CORDOVA","MISSON BAY","MIZNE VILLAGE","Mizner","MIZNER AREA","MIZNER BOCA VIA ANCH","MIZNER COURT","Mizner Court Condo","MIZNER COURT VILLAGE","Mizner Court\/Mizner Village","MIZNER FOREST","MIZNER GRAND","MIZNER LAKE ESTATES","Mizner Park","Mizner Park - Golden Triangle","Mizner Park Area","Mizner Park Downtown","Mizner Point","Mizner Pointe","Mizner Pointe Boca","Mizner Pointe Boca Twnhs","Mizner Pointe of Boca","MIZNER POINTE OF BOC","MIZNER POINTE OF BOCA","Mizner Pointe of Boca Via Ancho","Mizner Tower","MIZNER TOWER CONDO","Mizner Village","MIZNER VILLAS","MODERNE","Moderne Boca","MODERNE BOCA SPANISH RIVER TOWNHOMES","MONTEGO BAY","Montego Bay at Boca Pointe","Montego Bay Boca Pointe","Montego Bay Boca Pt","MONTERAY BAY","MONTEREY","Monterey Bay","MONTEREY BAYK","Monterey House","Montery Bay","MONTEZ GARDENS","MONTOYA ESTATES","Montoya estates east","MONTOYA ESTATES UNIT 2","Moon Lake","Moon Lakes","MORNINGSIDE","MORNINGSIDE\/BOCA BAY","Morningside\/Boca Bay Colony","Mykonos","MYKONOS BOCA COUNTRY CLUB","MYKONOS COURT","MYKONOS COURT OF BOCA GOLF & TENNIS CLUB","MYSTIC BAY","MYSTIC BAY\/BOCA FALL","MYSTIC BAYE","Mystic cove","N\/A","NEAR FAU - H2O INCL.","NEAR FAU - PETS OK !","NEAR FAU- PETS OK!!","Near Old Floresta","New Floresta","NEW FLORESTA Woodlands","NEW FLORESTA\/WOODLAN","New Floresta\/Woodlands","New Port Bay Club","Newcastle","NEWCASTLE @ CENTURY","Newcastle C","NEWETH GARDENS","NEWHT GARDENS","NEWPORT","Newport Bay","Newport Bay \/ Tides","Newport Bay Club","Newport Bay Club - Copper Lake","NEWPORT BAY CLUB Copper Lake","NEWPORT BAY CLUB\/THE ESTATES","Newport Bay\/Copper Lake","NEWPORT BAY\/ESTATES","NEWPORT BAY\/HAMPTON","NEWPORT BAY\/THE TIDE","Newport Bay\/Tides","Newth Gardens","Newth Gardens Condo","NEWTH GARDENS CONDOMINIUM APT 105-N","Newth Gardens Condominiums","next to Old Floresta","NICE UPDATED HOME","NISSION BAY","NO DEVELOPMENT","NO HOA","NORTH BOCA ISLES","North East Boca","Oak Run","OAK RUN \/ BROKEN","OAK RUN BROKEN SOUND","OAK RUN\/BROKEN","Oakbrook of Boca West","Oakbrook of Boca West PUD","Oaks","OAKS AT BOCA","OAKS AT BOCA RATON","Oaks at Boca Raton","OAKS AT BOCA RATON 5","OAKS AT BOCA RATON PL 8","OAKS BOCA RATON","Oaks of Boca","OAKS OF BOCA CONDO","OAKS OF BOCA CONDO\/ SPANISH OAKS","OAKS OF BOCA RATON","OAKS OF BOCA, SPANISH OAKS","OAKS OF BOCA,SPANISH OAKS CONDO","OAKS OF BOCA\/ SPANISH OAKS","Oaks of Boca\/Spanish","Oakwood Apartments","Oalms At Boca Teeca","OCEAN BREEZE CC","OCEAN BREEZE COUNTRY","OCEAN CLUB","OCEAN DUNES","OCEAN FRONT CONDO","OCEAN GRANDE PLACE","OCEAN HEIGHTS","OCEAN III","Ocean Reef","OCEAN REEF TOWERS","Ocean Terrace North","OCEAN TOWERS","OCEAN TOWERS a\/k\/a Whitehall South","OCEAN TOWERS \/AKA WHITEHALL SOUTH","OCEAN TOWERS a\/k\/a Whitehall South","Ocean Towers condo","Ocean Towers Condominium","Ocean Towers Condominium, Inc.","Ocean Towers Condomiunium","OCEAN TOWERS f\/k\/a Whitehall South","Ocean Towers F\/K\/A Whitehall South Condo","OCEANS III","Oceans III Condo","Oceanside Modern","OCEANSIDE TOWNHOMES","Oceanside Townhomes South","Okey Estates","Old Floresta","Old Floresta \/ Tunison Palms","Old Floresta Area","Old Floresta Area\/ Campus Heights","Old Floresta\/Tunison Palms","on the golf course","One Thousand Ocean","Only 20 units","Orford","OSCEOLA ARMS","Oxford","Oxford Estate","Oxford Estates","Oxford Estates - Southampton","OXFORD ESTATES \/ Boca Lago","OXFORD ESTATES \/ SOUTHAMPTON","Oxford Estates at Boca Lago","Oxford Estates\/Southampton","PAIOS ON THE PARK","Paitos of Boca Barwood","PALACIO","PALACIO DEL MAR","PALLADIUM","Palladium at Boca Pointe","PALLADIUM@BOCA POINT","PALM AT BOCA POINTE","Palm Beach Farms","PALM BEACH FARMS CO 3","PALM BEACH FARMS; hillsboro park","Palm Beach Gardens","PALM EACH FARMS","PALM HILL","Palm Royal","Palm Royal Apartments","PALM ROYAL APTS","PALM ROYAL APTS INC COND","PALM ROYAL APTS, INC","Palma Vista","Palma Vista at Ponte Verde","Palma Vista Estates","PALME AT BOCA TEECA","PALMETO PARK WEST","Palmeto Pines","PALMETTO FIFTH AVENUE CONDO","Palmetto Palce","Palmetto Park Ter","PALMETTO PARK TERR","PALMETTO PARK TERR.","Palmetto Park Terrac","PALMETTO PARK TERRACE","Palmetto Park Terrace\/Boca Square","PALMETTO PARK TERRRA","PALMETTO PARK WEST","Palmetto Park Woods","Palmetto Pines","PALMETTO PINES \/ HOLIDAY CITY","Palmetto Pines HOA","Palmetto Pines Holiday City","PALMETTO PINES HOLIDAY CITY, PALMETTO PINES","Palmetto Pines-Holiday City","Palmetto Pines, Holiday City","Palmetto Pines,Holiday City","Palmetto PInes\/ Holiday City","PALMETTO PINES\/HOLI","PALMETTO PINES\/HOLID","Palmetto Pines\/Holiday City","PALMETTO PK. TERRACE","Palmetto Place","PALMETTO PLACE - DOWNTOWN BOCA RATON","Palmetto Place Condo","Palmetto Place Condominium","Palmetto Place Condominiums","Palmettoo Place","PALMETTTO PLACE","Palms","Palms At Boca Teeca","PALMS \/ BOCA POINTE","Palms At Boca Teeca","Palms at Boca Point","PALMS AT BOCA POINTE","Palms at Boca Teeca","PALMS AT BOCA TEECA #10","Palms Boca Pointe","PALMS OF BOCA TEECA","PALMS OF BOCA LAGO","Palms of Boca Lago Condominiums","PALMWOOD","PALOMAR","Palomar at Boca Pointe","Palomar Boca Pointe","PALOMAR\/ESPLANADA BOCA POINTE COUNTRY CLUB","Panache","PANACHE AT BOCA POINTE","Paradise Palms","Paradise Palm","PARADISE PALMS","Paradise Palms - Duplex","Paradise Palms - New Section","Paradise Palms Unit 3","PARADISE W\/ ELEVATOR","Paradisio","Paraiso","Paraiso \/ Allegro","PARAISO in ALLEGRO","Paraiso,Allegro","Paraiso\/Allegro","PARK AT WINDWOOD","Park at Windwood Condo","Park Lane at Whisper Walk","Park Lane Section","Park Shore","Parklane","Parkshore","Parkshore at Whisper Walk","PARKSIDE","Parkside At Boca","PARKVIEW ESTATES","Parkview Estates at Boca Avalon","Paseos","Paseos, Los Paseos","PATCH REEF ESTATES","Patios","Patios Boca Barwood","Patios Del Mar","PATIOS DEL MAR II","Patios Del Mar, Woodbriar","PATIOS FO BOCA BARWO","PATIOS OF BOCA","PATIOS OF BOCA BARWO","Patios of Boca Barwood","PATIOS OF BOCA BARWOOD COND","PATIOS OF BOCA BARWOOD CONDO","Patios of Boca Barwood Condominiums","PATIOS ON THE PARK","PATRICIAN","Patrician Condo","PATRICIAN CONDO; THE PATRICIAN","Patrios of Boca Barwood","PATTERSON PARK 3 A","PEARL CITY","Pelican Cay","PENINSULA","Peninsula Village","Peninsula Village Gr","PENINSULA VILLAGE GREEN","PENINSULA VILLAGE GREENS","Peninsula Village Greens \/ Central Park","Peninsula Vlg Greens","PEPPERTREE 3","Peragine Cottage","PH-WALK TO BEACH","PHEASANT WALK","Pheasant Walk Sec 8","Pheasant Walk Section 1","PheasantWalk","PHESANT WALK","Pine at Boca Del Mar","PINE LANDS","PINE SPRINGS","PINEAPPLE WALK","PINEAPPLE WALK 1","PINELAND","PINELAND SOUTH","PINELANDS","PINELANDS NORTH","Pines","PINES @ BOCA LAGO","pines at Boca Del Mar","PINES AT BOCA DELMAR","PINES BOCA BARWOOD","PINES BOCA BARWOOD 1","Pines of Boca Barwood","PINES OF BARWOOD","PINES OF BOCA","PINES OF BOCA BARWD","PINES OF BOCA BARWOO","Pines of Boca Barwood","PINES OF BOCA BARWOOD CONDO","Pines of Boca Lago","PINES OF BOCABARWOOD","PINES\/BOCA BARWOOD","Pins of Boca Lago","PLACIDE","PLAM BEACH FARMS","Plantation","Plantation Colony","Plantation Colony Boca West","Plantation Colony of Boca West","PLATINA","pleasant coral lakes","PLEASANT LAKE\/CORAL","PLEASANT LAKES","PLEASANT LAKES \/ CORAL LAKE","Pleasant Lakes \/ Coral Lakes","Pleasant Lakes,Coral Lakes","PLEASANT VILLE","PLUM","PLUM @ BOCA POINTE","Plum at Boca Point","Plum at Boca Pointe","PLUM AT BOCA POINTE COND","PLUM AT BOCA POINTE CONDOS","PLUM AT BOCA POINTE\/CORTINA","Plum Cortina","Plum Cortina Boca Pointe","PLUM@ BOCA POINTE","PLUM\/BOCA POINTE","PLUM\/CORTINA","PLUTE","Point Del Mar","Point South","POINTE 100","Pointe 100 at Boca Pointe","POINTE 100\/ BOCA POINTE","POINTE DEL MAR","POINTE DEL MAR CONDO","Pointe South","POINTE SOUTH COND0","POINTE SOUTH CONDO","Pointe South Condominium","POINTE100","polo","Polo Club","POLO CLUB \/ CATALINA","POLO CLUB \/ VILLE DE CAPRI","Polo Club - Windsor Parke","Polo Club \/ Ascot","POLO CLUB \/ ASHBOURNE","POLO CLUB \/ CATALINA","POLO CLUB \/ COQUINA","POLO CLUB \/ GRAND BAY","POLO CLUB \/ GRANDBAY","POLO CLUB \/ HUNTINGTON","POLO CLUB \/ MANCHESTER","POLO CLUB BOCA RATON","POLO CLUB C.C.","Polo Club Catalina","Polo Club Coquina Isle","POLO CLUB OF BOCA RATON","POLO CLUB STEEPLE CHASE","POLO CLUB VILLE DE CAPRI","POLO CLUB WINDSOR","Polo Club*","Polo Club\/ Ascot","POLO CLUB\/ HUNTINGTON","POLO CLUB\/ STEEPLE CHASE","Polo Club\/ Ville","Polo Club\/Ascot","POLO CLUB\/CATALINA","POLO CLUB\/COQUINA","POLO CLUB\/COQUINA IS","POLO CLUB\/COQUINA ISLE","Polo Club\/Coral Cove","POLO CLUB\/HUNTINGTON","POLO CLUB\/MANCHESTER","POLO CLUB\/VILLA DE C","POLO CLUB\/VILLE DE C","Polo Club\/Ville De Capri","POLO CLUB\/WINDSOR PA","Polo Club\/Windsor Parke","POLO CLUN","POLO COUNTRY CLUB","Polo Cub of Boca Raton","Polo\/Ashbourne","Polo\/Catalina","Polo\/lakes of Sutton","Polo\/Steeplechase","Polo\/Ville de Capri","Ponderosa","PONDEROSA \/ LOGGERS RUN","PONDEROSA\/LOGGERS RU","Ponte Verde","Ponte Verde\/PALMA VISTA","Por La Mar","Por La Mor","POR LE MAR","PORT BELLA EAST","PORT CAYMAN","PORT CAYMAN\/LAKES AT BOCA RATON","PORTA BELLA","porta bella","Porta Bella East","Porta Bella East And Porta Bella Southwest Cond As","Porta Bella South","Porta Bella Southwes","PORTA BELLA SW","Porta Bella Townhous","PORTA BELLA TOWNHOUSE","Porta Bella West","PORTA BELLA YACHT","PORTA BELLA YACHT &","Porta Bella Yacht & Tennis","Porta Bella Yacht & Tennis Club","Porta Bella Yacht & Tennis Club, East","PORTA BELLA YACHT AN","Porta Bella Yacht and Tennis","Porta Bella Yacht and Tennis Club","PORTA BELLA YACHT\/TE","PORTA BELLS","Portofino Estates of Boca Raton","PPORTA BELLA","PRADEERA","PRADERA","PRADERA BOCA DEL MAR","Pradera of Via Verde","PRADERA OF VISTA VER","PRADERA PH 2","Pradera Via Verde","PRESERVE","PRESIDENTIAL PLACE","PRESIDENTIAL PLACE CONDO","PRESTON","Preston at Century","Preston At Century V","Preston at Century Village","Preston At Century Village Condo","Preston F","PRESTON G","PRICE REDUCED $10 K","PRIVATE\/WOODED","Promenade","Promenade at Boca Pointe","Promenade Boca Pointe","provence","Provence at Boca Raton","PROVENCE BOCA","PULTE HOMES","Rainberrry Park","Rainberry","Rainberry Park","RAINBERRY PARK 2","Rainberry Park.","RAINBERRY PRK","RAINBERYY PARK","RAINTREE","RAPHAEL","RAPHAEL BUILDING","Reflections","Reflections at Mission Bay","Reflections \/ Mission Bay","Reflections at Mission Bay","REFLECTIONS MISSION BAY","Reflections of Mission Bay","Reflexions","REGARTTA MISSION BAY","Regata","REGATTA","REGATTA @ MISSION BAY","Regatta at Mission Bay","Regatta Mission Bay","Regency","Regency at Boca Pointe","REGENCY BOCA POINTE","REGENCY HIGHLAND","Regency Place","REGENTS SQUARE","REMODELED AWESOME VIEW","RENT OR OWN","Reserve Boca Isles S","RETAIL SPACE-OCC","Rexford","REXFORD AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","Ridgewood Condo","RIGHT BEHIND MIZNER PARK!","Rio Del Mar","RIO DEL MAR ESTATES","River Dome","RIVER FOREST","RIVER OAKS","River Oaks of Palm Beach County HOA Inc.","RIVER OAKS-BOCA BARW","RIVER OAKS\/BOCA BARW","River Oaks\/Sandalfoot Cove","RIVERDOME APT CONDO","RIVERFOREST","RIVIERA","Roal Oak Hills","Rogers East","Rogers East Condo","ROGERS HOUSE","Rogers House Condo","Rogers House Condominium","Rosewood","ROSEWOOD COND","Rosewood Condo","Royal Colonial","Royal Oak Hills","ROYAL OAK HILLS 1ST","Royal Oak Hils","Royal Oak Hlls","Royal Oak Landing","ROYAL OAKS","ROYAL OAKS HILLS","Royal Palm","ROYAL PALM APTS","Royal Palm Condo\\'s","Royal Palm Forest","Royal Palm Place","ROYAL PALM POLO","Royal Palm Polo by Toll Brothers","Royal Palm Residences","ROYAL PALM ROAD","ROYAL PALM VILLAS","ROYAL PALM Y & C C","ROYAL PALM Y&CC","ROYAL PALM YACHT","Royal Palm Yacht & C","Royal Palm Yacht & CC","ROYAL PALM YACHT & CLUB","ROYAL PALM YACHT & CNTRY CLUB","ROYAL PALM YACHT & COUNTRY CLUB","ROYAL PALM YACHT & COUNTY CLUB","ROYAL PALM YACHT &am","Royal Palm Yacht &CC","ROYAL PALM YACHT +CC","Royal Palm Yacht And Conutry Club","Royal Palm Yacht and Country CLub","ROYAL PALM YACHT CC","ROYAL PALM YACHT COUNTY CLUB","ROYAL PALM YACHT\/ CC","Royal Pam Polo by Toll Brothers","Royal Poinciana","Royal Woods","Royal Woods Condo","SABAL GARDENS","SABAL GARDENS AT BOCA TEECA","Sabal Lake","Sabal Lake West","SABAL LAKE WEST OF BOCA WEST CONDO","SABAL LAKE\/ BOCA WEST","SABAL PARK","SABAL PARK EAST BOCA RATON","SABAL PARK ADD","SABAL PARK VILLAS","SABAL PARK\/PINELANDS","SABAL POINT","SABAL RIDGE","SABAL RIDGE APTS COND","Sabal Shores","Sabal Shores Condominium","SABEL POINT","SABLA GARDENS","Sable Shores","SADDLE BROOK","SADDLE CREEK","Saddlebrook","SADDLEBROOK !!POOL!!","Saddlebrook \/ Spanish Isles","Saddlebrook,Spanish Isles","SADDLEBROOK\/ SPANISH ISLES","SADDLEBROOK\/Spanish Isles","SAILING + RACQUET","SAINT ANDREWS GRAND","SAME","SAN DE VANCE","San De Vance Golf","SAN DE VANCE GOLF &","San De Vance Golf & Tennis","San De Vance Golf & Tennis Club","SAN DE VANCE GOLF & TENNIS CLUB CONDO","San De Vance Golf and Tennis Club","SAN DE VANCE GOLF&TE","san de vance\/BOCA TECCA","San De Vance\/Boca Teeca","San de Vane","SAN DEVANCE","San Remo","SAN REMO BOCA","SAN REMO BOCA TEECA","SAN REMO CLUB","SAN REMO COND","San Remo Condo","SAN REMO CONDOMINIUM","San Remo Gold and Tennis Club","SAN REMO GOLF","SAN REMO GOLF & CC","SAN REMO GOLF & TEN","SAN REMO GOLF & TENN","SAN REMO GOLF & TENNIS","SAN REMO GOLF & TENNIS CLU","SAN REMO GOLF & TENNIS CLUB","SAN REMO GOLF & TENNIS CLUB CONDO","SAN REMO GOLF &","San Remo Golf &Tenni","San Remo Golf &Tennis Club Condo","SAN REMO GOLF + TENN","San Remo Golf and Te","San Remo Golf and Tennis","SAN REMO GOLF AND TENNIS CLUB","San Remo Golf and Tennis Club Condo","SAN REMO GOLF TENN","SAN REMO GOLF TENNIS","SAN REMO GOLF\/TENNIS","SAN REMO GOLF&TENNIS","SAN REMO GOLF+TENNIS","San Remo Ocean Club","SAN REMO VILLA FLORA","San Remo-Raphael","San Remo\/Boca Teeca","SAN REMO\/GOLF\/TENNIS","SAN RENO GOLF & TENN","San Sabino Waterside","SAN SIMEON","SANALFOOT COVE SEC 9","SANCTARY PINES","Sanctuary","SANCTUARY PINES","Sanctuary Pines In B","SANCTUARY PINES IN BOCA RATON CONDO","SANCTURAY PINES","SANDAL FOOT COVE","SANDALFOOT","Sandalfoot Apartments","SANDALFOOT BLVD","SANDALFOOT BLVD APT","Sandalfoot Blvd Apt Condo","Sandalfoot Blvd Apts","Sandalfoot Blvd Apts Condo","SANDALFOOT BLVD ESTA","Sandalfoot Blvd Estates","SANDALFOOT BLVD ESTS","SANDALFOOT BLVD. APA","SANDALFOOT BLVD. APT","SANDALFOOT BLVD.APTS","SANDALFOOT BLVESTATE","SANDALFOOT BOULEVARD","Sandalfoot Boulevard Estates","Sandalfoot Bvld Condos","SANDALFOOT CONDO","Sandalfoot Condos","Sandalfoot Cove","Sandalfoot Cove \/ Barwood Estate","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 1","Sandalfoot Cove Sec 11","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 2","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC1","Sandalfoot Cove Section Two","SANDALFOOT COVE, BOCA BARWOOD ESTATES","Sandalfoot Cove,Barwood Estates","SANDALFOOT ESTATES","SANDALFOOT ESTATES E","Sandalfoot Estates East","SANDALFOOT SOUTH","SANDALFOOT SOUTH 3","SANDALFOOT SOUTH CONDO 1","Sandalfoot South I","SANDALFOOT SOUTH II","SANDALFOOT SOUTH ONE","SANDALFOOT SOUTH ONE CONDO","SANDALFOOT SOUTH THR","SANDALFOOT SOUTH THREE","Sandalfoot South Three Condo","SANDALFOOT SOUTH TWO","SANDALFOOT SOUTH-3","Sandalfoot Squire","Sandalfoot Squire Phase 1","Sandalfoot Squire Co","Sandalfoot Squire II","SANDALFOOT\/SANDALFOOT SQUIRE","SANDALFT. COVE SEC 1","SANDALOOFT COVE","SANDCASTLE COVE","SANDLEFOOT COVE","SANDLEFOOT SQUIRE","SANDLWOOD ESTATES","SANREMO","SANTA BARBARA","SANTA BARBARA","SANTA BARBARA VACANT","Santuary Pines","Saturnia","SATURNIA (Boca Raton)","SATURNIA BY THE SEA","Saturnia Capella","SATURNIA, CAPELLA","Sea Raanch Club of Boca Raton","SEA RANCE","SEA RANCH","SEA RANCH BOCA","SEA RANCH BOCA A","SEA RANCH BOCA B","SEA RANCH BOCA D","Sea Ranch Building C","Sea Ranch Club","Sea Ranch Club Boca","SEA RANCH CLUB OF BO","Sea Ranch Club of Boa Raton","Sea Ranch Club of Boca","Sea Ranch Club of Boca 1 Condo","SEA RANCH CLUB OF BOCA CONDOMINIUMS","SEA RANCH CLUB OF BOCA I COND DECL FILED 1-18-82","Sea Ranch Club of Boca III","Sea Ranch Club of Boca Raton","SEA RANCH CLUN OF BOCA","SEA RANCH OF BOCA","SEA RANCH OF BOCA A","SEA RANCH OF BOCA D","SEA RAND CLUB","SEASONAL","SEASONAL OR ANNUAL","SEASONS","SEASONS OF BOCA","SECTION A","SEETWATER IV OF BOCA CHASE","SEGOVIA SQ BOCA BARW","SEGOVIA SQUARE","SERRA DEL MAR WEST","SEVEN SEVENTY EAST CAMINO REAL","SEVEN SEVENTY EAST CAMINO REAL CONDO","Seville Gardens","SEVILLE GARDENS COND","SFH W\/FENCED YARD","Sherwood","Sherwood House","SHORES","Shores at Boca","Shores at Boca Raton","SHORES AT BOCA RATON\/ THE SHORES","Shores of Boca Raton","SHOWINGS BEGIN MONDAY 2\/27","SIERR DEL MAR","Sierra Del Mar East","Sierra Del Mar","SIERRA DEL MAR - BACK ON MARKET","SIERRA DEL MAR 2","SIERRA DEL MAR EAST","SIERRA DEL MAR I","SIERRA DEL MAR II","SIERRA DEL MAR WEST","Sierra Del Mar, Boca Del Mar","Sierra Del Mar\/Boca Del Mar","SILVER WOODS","Silver Woods II","SILVERWOODS","Solimar","SOLIMAR AT BOCA DEL","Solimar at Boca Del Mar","Solimar at Boca Del Mar \/ Villa Nova","SOLIMAR I","SOLIMAR II","Solimar\/Villa Nova","Somerset","Sonata","SONATA @ MISSION BAY","SONATA AT MISSION BA","SONATA AT MISSION BAY","SONATA MISSION BAY","Sonata\/Mission Bay","Sonma Lake Estates At Boca Raton","SONOMA LAKE","SONOMA LAKE ESTATES","SONOMA LAKE ESTS AT","SONOMA LAKE ESTS AT BOCA RATON","Sonoma Lakes","Sonoma Lakes Estates","South wind Lakes","SOUTHAMPTON","SOUTHWIND","southwind \/ American home","Southwind Lake","SOUTHWIND LAKES","Southwind Lakes - American Homes","SOUTHWIND LAKES \/ AM","SOUTHWIND LAKES \/ AMERICAN HOMES","SOUTHWIND LAKES AMERICAN HOMES","Southwind Lakes at American Homes","SOUTHWIND LAKES RULES","Southwind Lakes, American Homes","SOUTHWIND LAKES,AMERICAN HOME","SOUTHWIND LAKES,AMERICAN HOMES","Southwind Lakes,American Homes,","SOUTHWIND LAKES\/AMER","SOUTHWIND LAKES\/AMERICAN HOMES","Southwind Lakse a\/k\/a American Homes","SOUTHWIND\/AMERICAN","SOUTHWINDLAKES","SOUTHWINDS","Southwinds 40% off 1st month\\'s rent","Southwinds \/ American Homes","Southwinds American Homes","SOUTHWINDS LAKE","SOUTHWINDS LAKES","SOUTHWINDS LAKES AT AMERICAN HOMES","SOUTHWINDS LAKES\/AME","southwinds\/american","Southwinds\/American homes","SPANIS RIVER LAND","Spanish Isles","Spanish Isles \/ Saddle Brook","SPANISH ISLES \/ SADDLEBROOK","Spanish Isles 02","Spanish Isles II","SPANISH ISLES PL","Spanish Isles,Saddlebrook","Spanish Isles\/Saddle","Spanish Isles\/Saddlebrook","Spanish Oaks","SPANISH OAKS BOCA RA","SPANISH OAKS COND","Spanish Oaks Condo","Spanish Oaks Condo \/ Oaks of Boca","Spanish Oaks Condominiums","SPANISH OAKS OF BOCA","SPANISH OAKS\/OAKS OF BOCA","Spanish River","SPANISH RIVER ESTATE","SPANISH RIVER GARDEN","Spanish River Gardens","Spanish River Gardens - Estoville","Spanish River Land","SPANISH RIVER LAND C","SPANISH RIVER LAND CO","Spanish River Land Co, subdivision unit 1","SPANISH RIVER LAND COMPANY","SPANISH RIVER LAND ESTATES","SPANISH RIVER LAND-THE ESTATES","Spanish River Landing","Spanish River Landing \/ The Estates","SPANISH RIVER TOWNHOMES","SPANISH RIVER TOWNHOMES\/moderne boca","Spanish River Villas","Spanish Village","SPYGLASS WALK COND","Spyglass Walk Condominiums","St Andrews Country Club","St Andrew Country C","St Andrews","ST ANDREWS C","ST ANDREWS C C","ST ANDREWS CC","ST ANDREWS COUNTR CLUB","St Andrews Country","ST ANDREWS COUNTRY C","ST ANDREWS COUNTRY CLUB","ST ANDREWS COUNTRY COUNTRY CLUB","ST ANDREWS GRAND","ST ANDREWS GRAND CIR","ST ANDREWS GRAND CONDO","ST ANDREWS GRANDE","St Tropez","ST TROPEZ AT BOCA GO","St. Andrew\\'s Country Club","ST. ANDREWS CC","St. Andrews Country Club","St. Andrews Grand","ST. TROPEZ","St. Tropez - Boca Country Club","ST.ANDREWS GRAND","STARLITE","STARLITE CONDO","Sterling Bridge","Sterling Bridge \/ Crescent Lakes","Sterling Bridge\/Crescent Lakes","Sterling Lakes","Stone Creek Ranch","Stonebridge","STONEBRIDGE 1","STONEBRIDGE C.C","STONEBRIDGE C.C.","Stonebridge CC","STONEBRIDGE CC\/ STONEBRIDGE GOLF AND CC","STONEBRIDGE COUNTRY","Stonebridge Country Club","STONEBRIDGE COUNTRY CLUB, STONEBRIDGE CC","STONEBRIDGE GOLF &CC","Stonebridge Golf Club","StonebridgeCC","STRATFORD ARMS","Stratford Arms Condominium","STRATHMORE","STRATHMORE BOCA MADERA","STRATHMORE STEAL!","STRATHMORE\/BOCA MAD*","STUDIO APARTMENT","Suffolk","SUFFOLK @ CENTURY VI","SUFFOLK AT CENTURY VILLAGE","SUFFOLK AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","SUFFOLK AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDo F","Suffolk C","SUMMER WINDS","Summerwinds","Sun & Surf","Sun & Surf","Sun & Surf Club","SUN & SURF CLUB COMM","SUN & SURF","SUN + SURF","Sun and Surf","SUNFLOWER","Sunflower Condo","Sunflower townhomes","Sunflower Townhouses","SUNSET RIDGE","SUNSET RIDGE LT 6 BL","SWEETWATER","Sweetwater , Boca Chase","Sweetwater \/ Boca Chase","Sweetwater 4","Sweetwater 4- BOCA CHASE","SWEETWATER BOCA CHAS","Sweetwater Boca Chase","SWEETWATER III","SWEETWATER IV","Sweetwater,Boca Chase","SWEETWATER\/BOCA CHASE","Symphony","Symphony Bay","SYMPHONY,LAKES AT BOCA RATON","SYMPHONY\/LAKES @ BOCA RATON","TAMARRON","TEECA WOOD","Teeca Woods","Tempo at Boca Townhouses","TENANT OCCUPIED DO NOT DISTURB!","TERRA DEL SOL","Terra Tranquila","Terra Tranquila of Boca Del Mar","TGOLDEN HARBOR","THE ADDISON","The Atrium","THE BERESFORD","THE BICYCLE CLUB","THE BREAKERS","The Brighton","THE CANARY POINTE","The Carlton","The Centre at Boca B","The Centre Boca Barwood","The Cloisters","the club @ boca poin","the club at boca poi","The Colonades","The Colony","The Colony at L\\'Ermi","The Coronado","The Cove","The Estate","The Estate Section","The Estates","THE ESTATES \/SPANISH","The Estates at Boca Falls","THE ESTATES OF BOCA DEL MAR (BOCA LANE)","THE ESTATES,BOCA DEL MAR","THE ESTATES\/NEWPORT BAY CLUB","THE EXCELSIOR","The Fairways","THE FORUM","THE FRENCH QUARTER","The Glades at Boca Lago","The Glens","The Glens condo","The Glens Condominium","THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE","The Golden Triangle of Boca Raton","THE GREENS","The Greens at Boca Golf and Tennis","THE HAMPTONS","THE HORIZONS","The Horizons of Boca Lago","THE INDIES","THE ISLA","The Isle","THE ISLE AT MISSION BAY","THE ISLE MISSION BAY","The Isle of Mission","the isles\/mission ba","The Lakes at Boca Raton","The Lakes at Boca Raton - Amber Bay","The Lakes at Boca Raton - Woodstream","The Lakes at Boca Raton\/Amber Bay","The Lakes at Boca Raton\/Cape Sable","The Lakes at Boca Raton\/Cypress Bend","The Lakes at Boca Raton\/Harbour Lakes","The Lakes at Boca Raton\/Harbour Landing","The Lakes at Boca Raton\/Lacrosse","The Lakes at Boca Raton\/Symphony","The Lakes at Boca Raton\/Woodstream","THE LAKES AT BOCA RIO","The lakes of Boca Raton","The Landings","The Marbella","The Mark at Cityscape","THE MAYFAIR OF BOCA RATON","The Oaks","THE OAKS @ BOCA RATO","The Oaks @Boca Raton","The Oaks at Boca","THE OAKS AT BOCA RAT","THE OAKS AT BOCA RATON","The Oaks Boca Raton","THE OAKS OF BOCA RATON","The Palms","THE PALMS AT BOCA POINTE","The Palms at Boca Teeca","The Palms at Venlencia","THE PALMS BOCA TEECA","The Palms of Boca Teeca","The Patrician","The Pinelands","The Pines","THE PINES OF BOCA","THE PLUM","THE PLUM BOCA POINTE","The Plum\/Cortina at Boca Pointe","The Polo Club","The Polo Club \/","THE POLO CLUB OF BOCA RATON","The Preserve","THE PRESERVE*BONUS*","THE RESERVE","The Residences at Mandarin Oriental Boca Raton","The San Remo Club","The Sanctuary","THE SEASONS","THE SHORES","THE SHORES AT BOCA","The Shores at Boca Raton","THE SHORES OF BOCA","The Shores of Boca R","The Shores of Boca Raton","The Trends","The Village of Boca Barwood","The Villas at Boca Barwood","The Villas of Boca Barwood","The Villas of Waterberry at Boca Chase","THE VINEYARDS","The Vista\\'s, Boca Vista","THE VISTAS","THE VISTAS AT BOCA","THE VISTAS OF BOCA","THE VISTAS OF BOCA LAGO","THE WATERWAYS AT BOCA WINDS","The Woodlet","The Woods","THE WOODS AT BOCA DEL MAR","THE YACHT & RACQUET CLUB OF BOCA RATON","THE YACHT & RACQUET","THE YACHT & RACQUET CLUB","THE YACHT & RACQUET CLUB OF BOCA RATON","THE YACHT $ RACQUET CLUB OF BOCA RATON","THE YACHT AND RACQUET CLUB OF BOCA RATON","The Zen House","THIS IS A 6 -PLEX.","Thornhill","THORNHILL ESTATES","Thornhill Glen","THORNHILL GLEN\/LAKE","THORNHILL GLEN\/LAKES","THORNHILL GREEN","Thornhill Lake","THORNHILL LAKE\/GLEN","Thornhill Lake\/THORNHILL GLEN","Thornhill Lakes","THORNHILL MEWS","THORNHILL VILLAGE","THREE THOUGHD SOUTH","THREE THOUSAND","Three Thousand Condo","THREE THOUSAND SOTH","Three Thousand South","Three Thousand South (3000 South)","THREE THOUSAND SOUTH CONDO","Three Thousand South Ocean","Thw Oaks of Boca Raton","Tiburon","TIBURON 11","TIBURON 01","Tiburon 01 Ph 06","Tiburon 1","Tiburon 1 - ALL AGES","TIBURON 11","TIBURON CIRCLE","Tiburon I","TIBURON I PHASE LT 3","Tiburon II","TIBURON II , TIBURON 02","TIBURON II PH II","TIBURON II PHASE II","Tiburon II, Tiburon 2","TIBURON ll PH ll","TIDES NEWPORT BAY","Tierra del Mar","TIERRA DEL MAR COND","TIERRA DEL MAR CONDO","TIERRA DEL MAR CONDO SOUTH","Tierra Del Mar Condominium","TIERRA DEL MAR CONDOMINUM","Tierra Del Mar Renovated","Tierra Del Mar South","TIERRA DEL SOL","TIERRA DEL SOL COND","TIERRA DELMAR SOUTH","TIERRA TRANQUILA","TIFFANY TRACE","TIFFANY TRACE\/BOCA COUNTRY CLUB","Timber Creek","Timber Walk","Timbercreek","TIMBERCREEK LOT","TIMBERCREEK NORTH","Timbercrrek North","TIMBERMILL","TIMBERS","Timbers Boca","Timbers of Boca","TIMBERWALK","TIMBERWALK 1","TIMBERWALK 2","TIMBERWALK I","Timberwalk II","TIMBERWALK SEC 03","TIMBERWALK SEC 1","TIMBERWALK SEC 2","TIMBERWALK, LOGGERS RUN","Timberwalk\/Loggers Run","TIMBERWALK2","TIMBREWALK","TIMERWALK SEC 1 AT LOGGERS\\' RUN","TIMERWK LOGGERS RUN","Timsberwalk 2","TMBERS OF BOCA","TMBERWALK","TODOR WOODS","Toledo Park","TOLEDO PARK HOMES SEC","TONSEND PLACE COND","TOSCANA","TOSCANA TOWERS","TOUNSEND","TOWER 155","TOWER 155 CONDO","TOWM PLACE","Town Place","TOWN PLACE 1&II COND","Town Place 11","TOWN PLACE CLUB","TOWN PLACE CLUB VIL","TOWN PLACE CLUB VILL","Town Place Club Villas","Town Place Condo","TOWN PLACE CONDO 1 & ll","Town Place Condo at Wimbledon","TOWN PLACE CONDO I & II","TOWN PLACE CONDOMINIUM","TOWN PLACE CONDOS","TOWN PLACE II","Town Place Townhomes","TOWN PLACE VIL HOMES","Town Place Village","Town Place Village Homes","TOWN PLACE VLG HOMES","Town Place*","TOWN PLACE\/MAJORCA","TOWN PLACE\/WIMBLEDON","Town Villa","TOWN VILLA-WEITZER","Town Villas","TOWN VILLAS - WEITZE","TOWN VILLAS \/ WEITZER SUB","TOWN VILLAS AT MOON LAKE","TOWN VILLAS OFFERS !","TOWN VILLAS- WEITZER","TOWN VILLAS-WEITZER","TOWN VILLAS, WEITZER","Town Villas\/Weitzer","TOWNE CENTRE","Townhome of Boca Rio","TOWNHOUSE","TOWNHOUSES OF HIGHLA","Townhouses of Highland Beach","TOWNPLACE","TOWNPLACE TOWNHOMES","TOWNSEND","TOWNSEND PALCE","Townsend Place","TOWNSEND PLACE 2","TOWNSEND PLACE COND","TOWNSEND PLACE CONDO","Townsend Place Condominiums","TOWNSEND PLACE II","TOWNVILLAS","TRADEWINDS","TRAFALGAR","TREND OF BOCA RATON","Trenda At Boca Raton","Trends","TRENDS AT BOCA","TRENDS AT BOCA RATON","TRENDS OF BOCA","Trends of Boca Raton","TRENDS-4TH PHASE!","TRES VIDA","Tres Vidas","TRIBECA MODEL","TRIESTE","TRIESTE @ BOCA RATON","Trieste At Boca","TRIESTE AT BOCA RATO","Trieste At Boca Raton","TRIESTE ATBOCA RATON","TRIESTE OF BOCA","TRNEDS AT BOCA RATON","Tropic Isle","TROPIC ISLE \/ WALKERS CAY \/ BOCA BAY COLONY","TUDOR","Tudor Wods","TUDOR WOODS","Tudor Woods \/ Boca Heights","Tudor Woods\/Boca Heights","Tudor Woods\/Boca Heights Patio Homes","TUDORWOODS","Tunison Palm FLOREST","Tunison Palms","TUNISON PALMS \/ OLD FLORESTA AREA","Tunison Palms near Old Floresta","tunison palms neighboring Old Floresta","Tunison Palms Old Floresta","TUNISON PALMS\/OLD FL","Tunison Palms\/Old Floresta","Tunison Palms\/Old Floresta Area","Tunison Palms\/Old Foresta Area","TUNISON PARK","Tuscany Village","University Gardens","University Heights","University Hill","UNIVERSITY HILLS","university manor","UNIVERSITY PARK","UNIVERSITY PARK COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES","UPDATED POOL HOME","VACANT ON CODED BOX","VACANT ON SUPER LOCK","Valencia","Valencia at Boca Pointe","VALETTA","Valleta","Valletta","VALLETTA - BOCA HIGHLANDS","VALLETTA BOCA HIGHLANDS","VALLHALA","Vallhala Village","Vallhala Village Condo","Varsity Heights","VENTURA","VENTURA - MISSION BAY","VENTURA AT MISSION BAY","Ventura Mission Bay","Ventura, Mission Bay","VENTURA\/MISSION BAY","Verona","VERSAILLES VILLAS","Via Del Sol","VIA GIULIA","VIA REALE","Via Verde","VICTORIA FALLS","VICTORIA ISLES","Villa","VILLA RICA","Villa Capri","VILLA D\\'ESTE","VILLA DEL MAR","VILLA DEL RIO","Villa Del Verde","VILLA DESTE","Villa Esto Condo","Villa Flora","Villa Flora at Boca Point","Villa Flora at Boca Pointe","VILLA FLORA BOCA POINTE","Villa Flora, Boca Pointe","VILLA FLORA\/BOCA POI","Villa Florentyna","Villa Nova","Villa Nova Solimar","Villa Nova, Solimar","VILLA NOVA@ BOCA DEL MAR","Villa Nova\/Boca Del Mar","Villa Nova\/Solimar","VILLA PORTOFINO","VILLA POTOFINO","VILLA RICA","VILLA RICA -","VILLA RICA - NO HOA","Villa Rica \/ EAST BOCA","Villa Rica Apartments","Villa Rica Apatments","Villa Rica Villas De La Costa","Villa San Remo","VILLA SAN REMO - BOCA AZUL","VILLA SAN REMO \/ BOCA AZUL","VILLA SAN REMO Boca Azul","VILLA SAN REMO, BOCA AZUL","VILLA SAN REMO\/BOCA AZUL","Villa Sonrisa","Villa Sonrisa at Boca Pointe","villa Sonrisa Boca Pointe","Villa Sonrisa Condo 3","Villa Sonrisa of Boca Pointe","VILLA VALENCIA","VILLA VALENCIA CONDO","Villa Valencia*","Villa Vallencia*","VILLAGE AT BOCA","Village at Boca Rio","VILLAGE BOCA BARWOOD","VILLAGE DEL MAR","Village Green","Village Green Boca R","Village Green Condominiums","Village Green of Boca","Village Green of Boca Raton","VILLAGE GREEN OF BOCA RATON CONDO","village homes","Village Homes & Wimbledon","Village Homes & Wimbledon Villas at Town Place","VIllage of Barwood","VILLAGE OF BOCA BAR","Village of Boca Barw","Village of Boca Barwood","Village of Boca Rio","Villages at Boca Rio","Villages of Boca Bar","Villaggio","Villaggio \/ Palmetto Park Woods","Villas at Boca Barwood","Villas at Boca Ridge","VILLAS AT RED REEF","Villas at Red Reef Condo","VILLAS DE LA COSTA","VILLAS DE LAS COSTA \/ VILLA RICA","VILLAS DEL MAR","Villas Del Mar, Boca Del Mar","Villas Del Mar,Boca Del Mar","Villas fo Sandalfoot","Villas of Berkley","VILLAS OF BERKLEY CONDO","VILLAS OF BOCA BARWO","Villas of Boca Barwood","VILLAS OF SANDALFOOT","Villas of Waterberry","VillaSanRemo","VILLE DE CAPRI","Villiage of Boca Bar","VINEYARDS","VINTAGE ESTATES","VISTA HILLS","VISTA VERDE","VISTA VERDI","VISTAS","VISTAS AT BOCA","Vistas Boca lago","VISTAS OF BOCA","Vistas of Boca Lago","VISTAS OF BOCA LAGO CONDO","VISTAZO","VISTAZO - ELEVATOR","Vistazo (elevator)","VISTAZO @ BOCA RATON","VISTAZO AT BOCA","VISTAZO AT BOCA RATO","VISTAZO AT BOCA RATON","VISTAZO BOCA RATON","VISTAZO BY LENNAR","VITAZO","VVILLAGE OF BOCA BAR","Walk to beach\/Mizner","Walker\\'s Isle","WALKERS CAY","WALKERS CAY BOCA BAY","WALKERS CAY TROPIC","WALKERS CAY\/BOCA BAY","WALKERS ISLE","Wargate - Sandalfoot","Washer\/Dryer","WATER & CABLE INC","WATER & CABLE INC.","WATER & CABLE INCL.","WATER EDGE","WATER OAK","Water Side","WATER\\'S EDGE","Waterberry","Waterberry at Boca Chase","Waterberry Boca Chase","WATERBERRY OF BOCA CHASE","WaterBerry Sec One","WATERBERRY VILLAS","Waterberry, Boca Chase","WATERBERRY\/BOCA CHAS","Waterberry\/Boca Chase","WATERFRONT COMMUNITY","Watergare","WATERGATE","Watergate - Sandalfoot","Watergate | Sandalfoot","Watergate Estates","WATERGATE MHC","WATERGATE MOBIL","WATERGATE MOBILE","WATERGATE MOBILE HM","WATERGATE MOBILE HOM","WATERGATE MOBILE HOME","WATERGATE MOBILE HOME ESTATES","WATERGATE MOBILE PAR","Watergate-Sandalfoot","WATERGTATE","Waters Edge","Waters Edge at Boca West","WATERS EDGE ESTATES","Waterside","WATERSIDE BOCA TRAIL","Waterside\/Bramalea","Waterway","Waterways","WATERWAYS BOCA WINDS","WATERWAYS OF BOCA","WATERWAYS OF BOCA WI","WATERWAYS\/BOCA WINDS","WEDGEWOOD","WEDGEWOOD EST","Wedgewood Estate","Wedgewood Estates","WEDGEWOOD ESTS","WEITZER","Weitzer Sub","WEITZER SUB 1","WEITZER SUB 2","Weitzer Sub 3","WEITZER SUB PL 1","Weitzer, Boca Landings, Boca Vista Estates","Weitzer\/Boca Landing","Wellesley","Wellesley Park","Wellesley Park Condo","West Boca","WEST BOCA ESTATES","West Boca Lake","WEST LAKE","West Lakes","West Lakes Boca Rato","WEST LAKES OF BOCA RATON","WEST LAKES OF BOCA RATON INC","WESTLAKES","WESTWOODS","WHIISPER WALK","WHISEM","Whisem - Mizner Park Area","Whisem \/ Mizner Park Area","WHISEM | Boca Villas Heights","Whisem Lake Wyman","Whisem Mizner Park","Whisem Unit B","Whisper Trace","Whisper Wak","WHISPER WALK","WHISPER WALK (Summerwinds)","Whisper Walk - East gate","WHISPER WALK - GREENLEAF","Whisper Walk - Parklane","Whisper Walk , Parkshore","WHISPER WALK .SUMMERWINDS","Whisper Walk \/ Greenleaf","Whisper Walk \/ Park Lane","WHISPER WALK \/ PARKLANE","WHISPER WALK \/EASTGATE","WHISPER WALK \/GREENLEAF","WHISPER WALK \/PAKLANE","WHISPER WALK \/PARKLANE","WHISPER WALK AKA GREENLEAF","WHISPER WALK AKA PARKLANE","WHISPER WALK AKA SUMMERWINDS","WHISPER WALK C","Whisper Walk Condo","WHISPER WALK CONDOS","WHISPER WALK EASTGAT","WHISPER WALK EASTGATE","WHISPER WALK GREENLEAF","Whisper Walk Park Lane","WHISPER WALK PARKLAN","Whisper Walk Parklane","WHISPER WALK PARKSHORE","Whisper Walk Sec B","WHISPER WALK SEC C - EAST GATE","WHISPER WALK SEC C CONDO","Whisper Walk Sec C Eastgate","WHISPER WALK SEC D CONDO","Whisper Walk Sec E Condo","Whisper Walk Summerwinds","WHISPER WALK- GREENLEAF","WHISPER WALK, EAST GATE","Whisper Walk, GreenLeaf","Whisper Walk,East Ga","Whisper Walk,East Gate","Whisper Walk,EastGate Section","Whisper Walk,Greenleaf","Whisper Walk\/ Eastgate","Whisper Walk\/ Park View","Whisper Walk\/East Gate","Whisper Walk\/Eastgate","WHISPER WALK\/GREENLEAF","WHISPER WALK\/PARKLAN","WHISPER WALK\/PARKLANE","Whisper Walk\/Parkshore","WHISPER WALK\/PKLANE\\'","WHISPER WALK\/SUMMERWINDS","Whisper Walp","WHISPER WLK\/EASTGATE","Whispering Palms","Whispering Palms Apartments","Whispering Pines Apartments","Whispering Woods","WHITEALL CONDO AT CAMINO REAL","Whitehall","Whitehall Camino Real","WHITEHALL @ CAMINO","Whitehall at Camino","Whitehall at Camino Real","WHITEHALL COND","WHITEHALL COND @ CAM","Whitehall Cond at Camino Real","Whitehall Condo","Whitehall Condo at C","Whitehall Condo at Camino Real","WHITEHALL CONDOMINIUM","Whitehall Condominiums","Whitehall of Camino Real","Whitehall South","WHITEHALL SOUTH d\/b\/a OCEAN TOWERS","WHITHALL","Whsiper Walk","Whsper Walk","WIDWOOD","Wiltshire House","WIMBELDON","Wimbeldon Villas","WIMBELDON\/TOWN PLACE","Wimbledon","Wimbledon - Town Place Village Homes","WIMBLEDON \/ TOWN PLACE","WIMBLEDON OF T.P.","WIMBLEDON TOWN PLACE","Wimbledon Villas","Wimbledon Villas at Town Place","WIMBLEDON VILLAS OF","Wimbledon Villas Of Via Verde","Wimbledon Villas\/Town Place","WIMBLEDON\/TOWN PLACE","WINBLEDON","WINBLEDON VILLAS","Wind Drift","WINDDRIFT","Windfield Park","WINDING LAKE ESTATES","WINDING LAKES","WINDING LAKES 1","Winding Lakes 1 \/ Loggers Run","WINDING LAKES 2","WINDING LAKES 2 \/ LOGGERS RUN","WINDING LAKES ESTATE","Winding Lakes Estates","Winding Lakes Estates,Winding Lakes Sec 3","Winding Lakes II","WINDING LAKES III","Winding Lakes\/Loggers Run","Windsong","WINDSONG AT BOCA DEL","Windsong at Boca Del Mar","WINDSOR PARK","Windsor parke \/ Polo Club","Windsor Parke\/Polo Club","WINDWARD","Windwood","Windwood Model Name Casablanca","Windwood Boca Raton","WINDWOOD LAKE VIEW","WINDWOOD UNIT II","Windwood- Palmwood","Windwood, Lake Windwood","WINDWOOD\/LAKE WINDWOOD","Winfield Park","WINFIELD PARK \/ EAST BOCA","WINFIELD PARK UNIT","Winston Bay","WINSTON BAY CONDO","WINWOOD","Wisper Walk","Wndwood","WODDFIELD CC","Wolverton","WOLVERTON AT CENTURY","WOLVERTON AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","Wolverton at Century Village Condominiums","WOLVERTON CENTURY VILLAGE","Wolverton- Century Village","WOOD BRIAR","Woodbriar","Woodbriar, Boca Del Mar","Woodbriar,Boca Del Mar","WOODBURY","WOODBURY \/ TOLEDO PARK","Woodbury\/Toledo Park","Woodcrest - Boca West","Woodfied Carriage Homes","WOODFIELD","Woodfield CC","WOODFIELD COUNTRY CLUB","WOODFIELD 2 PLUS DEN","WOODFIELD C","Woodfield C C","WOODFIELD C CAMBRIDG","WOODFIELD C HAMPTONS","WOODFIELD C.C","WOODFIELD C.C.","WOODFIELD CARRIAGE","WOODFIELD CARRIAGE H","Woodfield Carriage Homes","WOODFIELD CC","WOODFIELD CC, WOODFIELD COUNTRY CLUB","WOODFIELD CC\/CLUBSID","WOODFIELD CC\/HAMPTON","WOODFIELD CC\/KENSING","WOODFIELD CC\/REGENTS SQUARE","WOODFIELD CC\/STRATFO","Woodfield Club","WOODFIELD CNTRY CLUB","WOODFIELD COUNRTY CLUB","WOODFIELD COUNTRY","WOODFIELD COUNTRY C","WOODFIELD COUNTRY C.","Woodfield Country CC","WOODFIELD COUNTRY CL","Woodfield Country Club","Woodfield Country Club - Victoria Isles","Woodfield Country Club \/ Devon Place","WOODFIELD COUNTRY CLUB Mayfair","WOODFIELD COUNTRY CLUB-VICTORIA ISLES","Woodfield Country Club, Hamptons","Woodfield County Club","Woodfield Hunt","WOODFIELD HUNT CLUB","Woodfield Hunt Club II","Woodfield Hunt Club Section I","WOODFIELD HUNT II","WOODFIELD HUNT\/CARRIAGE HOMES","WOODFIELD KENSINGTON","WOODFIELD\/KENSINGTON","WoodHaven","WOODHAVEN COND","Woodhaven Condo","Woodhaven Condominium","Woodhaven Condos","WOODHAVEN EAST","WOODHAVEN EAST COND","Woodhaven East Condo","Woodhaven Villas","Woodlands","WOODLANDS COURT","WOODLET","WOODS","WOODS @ BOCA DEL MAR","WOODS \/ BOCA DEL MAR","WOODS A TBOCA DEL MAR CONDO 1 UNIT 101 BLDG 6","WOODS AT BOCA DEL","WOODS AT BOCA DEL M","WOODS AT BOCA DEL MA","WOODS AT BOCA DEL MAR","WOODS AT BOCA DEL MAR CONDO","WOODS AT BOCA DELMAR","WOODS BOCA DEL MAR","WOODS OF BOCA DEL MA","woods of boca del mar","WOODS\/BOCA DEL MAR","Woodstream","Woodstream, Lakes at Boca Raton","WOODSTREAM\/LAKES","WWest Lakes of Boca Raton","YACHT & RACQUET","YACHT & RACQUET CLUB","YACHT & RACQUET CLUB OF BOCA RATON","YACHT & RACQUET CLUB OF BOCA RATON COND A UNIT 210","YACHT & RACQUET CLUB OF BOCA RATON CONDO","YACHT & RACQUET OF BOCA RATON","YACHT & RACQUET","YACHT + RACQUET","YACHT + RACQUET CLUB","YACHT AND RACQUET","YACHT AND RACQUET CLUB","YACHT AND RACQUET CLUB OF BOCA RATON","Yacht and Raquet Club of Boca Raton","Yamato Terrace","Yarmouth","Yarmouth at Century"],"subdivisions":[".","*Banyan Lake*BOCA RIO NORTH","*Boca Teeca*","*LA MIRADA AT BOCA P","*MERIDIANA @ BOCA PO","*Thornhill Glen*","*TIERRA DEL SOL COND","\\'\\'\\'THE ISLE\\'\\' at MISSION BAY","0000","1\/4 OF SE 1\/4 & S 1\/2 OF NE 1\/4 OF SE 1\/4 OF SE 1\/4","101 Via Mizner.","1950 Yamato Road","1950 Yamato Road \/ The Preserve","200 East","200 EAST PALMETTO","200 East Palmetto Park","200 EAST PALMETTO PARK CONDO","200 East Palmetto Park Condominium","247 SOUTH OCEAN CONDO","2701 NE 27TH CIRCLE","3000 South Condo","327 Royal Palm","327 ROYAL PALM CONDO","461 CONDO","4Th Sec In Pb 25 Pgs 69 And 70","5 PALMS","5 Palms - Unit 6E","5Th Avenue Estates","7-47-43, S 160 FT OF N 210 FT OF E 1\/2 OF NE 1\/4 OF NE 1\/4 W OF NW 5TH AVE (LESS I-95 R\/W)","7235 IMPERIAL ROYALE AT BOCA POINTE CONDO ONE UNIT PER FLOOR","A1A South of Camino Real on Oceanside","ABERDEEN ARMS","Acreage","Acreage & Unrec","ACREAGE & UNREC PLAT","Addison","ADDISON COURT","ADDISON ESTATES","ADDISON LAKES","ADDISON ON THE OCEAN","ADDISON ON THE OCEAN IN BOCA RATON","ADDISON ON THE OCEAN IN BOCA RATON CONDO","ADDISON POINT","ADDISON POINTE","Addison Pointe At Boca Ra","Addison Pointe at Boca Raton","Addison Pointe At Boca Raton Condo","Addison Pointe at Boca Raton Condominium","Addison Pointe at Boca Raton*","Addison Pointe Unfurnished","ADDISON, THE","ADDISON,THE","ADMIRALS WALK","ADMIRALS WALK TOWER","ADMIRALS WALK TOWER CONDO","AEGEAN","AEGEAN CONDO","AINSLIE","AINSLIE AT CENTURY V","AINSLIE AT CENTURY VILLAGE","AINSLIE AT CENTURY VILLAGE COND DECL FILED 9-11-79","AINSLIE AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","Ainslie At Century Vlg Condo","AINSLIE D AT CENTURY VILLAGE","AKOYA","AKOYA \/ BOCA WEST","Akoya Boca West","AKOYA BOCA WEST COUNTRY CLUB","AKOYA BOCA WEST\/Boca West Country Club","Akoya\/Boca West Country Club","Albanese Commerce Center Condo","ALINA","ALINA BOCA RATON CONDO","ALINA RESIDENCES","ALINA Residences Boca Raton","All ages building, highly desired building in Boca Teeca, beautiful condo located in golf course.","Allegro","ALLEGRO - PARAISO","ALLEGRO (PARAISO)","ALLEGRO \/ PARAISO","ALLEGRO PARAISO","Allegro Rep","Allegro Rep \/ PARAISO","ALLEGRO REPL","ALLEGRO\/ Paraiso","ALLEGRO\/PARAISO","AMBASSADOR","ambassadors east","AMBASSADORS I SOUTH","Ambassadors I South Cond As In Decl In","Ambassadors I South Cond As In Decl Inalso known as 45 ocean","Ambassadors North","Ambassadors V North Cond As In Decl In","Ambassadors V South Cond As In Decl In","AMBER BAY","Amber Bay \/ Lakes at Boca Raton","Amber Bay at The Lakes at Boca Raton","Amber bay Lakes at boca raton","Amber Bay,Lakes at Boca","AMBER BAY\/The Lakes at Boca Raton","AMBER BAY\\\\LAKES OF B","Amberwoods","Amberwoods Boca","Amberwoods Boca Add 01","Amberwoods Boca Add 02","Amberwoods of Boca","AMBERWOODS OF BOCA 1","Amberwoods Of Boca 1St Add","AMBERWOODS OF BOCA 2","Amberwoods Of Boca 2Nd Add","Amberwoods Of Boca 2nd Addition","AMBERWOODS OF BOCA A","Amberwoods of Boca Raton","American Hms\/Boca Raton Plat 1","American Homes","AMERICAN HOMES - SOUTHWIND","American Homes - Southwind Lakes","AMERICAN HOMES \/ Southwind Lakes","American Homes \/Southwind lakes","AMERICAN HOMES \/southwinds","American Homes \/Southwinds Lakes","AMERICAN HOMES AT BO","AMERICAN HOMES AT BOCA","American Homes at Boca AKA Southwind Lakes","AMERICAN HOMES AT BOCA PLAT 3","AMERICAN HOMES AT BOCA RA","American Homes at Boca Raton","American Homes at Boca Raton \/ Southwind Lakes","American Homes At Boca Raton 01","American Homes At Boca Raton 02","American Homes At Boca Raton 03","American Homes At Boca Raton 04","AMERICAN HOMES AT BOCA RATON 05","American Homes At Boca Raton 07","American Homes At Boca Raton 08","American Homes At Boca Raton 09","AMERICAN HOMES AT BOCA RATON 1","American Homes At Boca Raton 1 As","AMERICAN HOMES AT BOCA RATON 10","AMERICAN HOMES AT BOCA RATON 2","American Homes At Boca Raton 2 As","AMERICAN HOMES AT BOCA RATON 3","American Homes At Boca Raton 3 As","AMERICAN HOMES AT BOCA RATON 4","American Homes At Boca Raton 4 As","AMERICAN HOMES AT BOCA RATON 5","American Homes At Boca Raton 5 As","AMERICAN HOMES AT BOCA RATON 7","AMERICAN HOMES AT BOCA RATON 8","AMERICAN HOMES AT BOCA RATON 9","AMERICAN HOMES AT BOCA RATON PLAT 2","AMERICAN HOMES AT BOCA RATON PLAT 3","American Homes at Boca Raton Plat 4","AMERICAN HOMES AT BOCA RATON PLAT 7","AMERICAN HOMES AT BOCA RATON Southwind Lakes","American Homes at Boca Raton\/Southwind lakes","AMERICAN HOMES BOCA","AMERICAN HOMES BOCA RATON","American Homes Boca Raton 8 Pb38p23 And 24","AMERICAN HOMES OF BOCA RATON 2","American Homes Southwind Lakes","American Homes-Southwind Lakes","American Homes, Southwind","American Homes, Southwind Lakes","American Homes,South Winds Lake","AMERICAN HOMES,Southwind Lakes","American Homes\/ Southwind Lakes","American Homes\/Boca Raton 0","AMERICAN HOMES\/SOUTH","American Homes\/Southwind Lakes","AMERICAN HOMESS","ANTIGUA","ANTIGUA POINT","ANTIGUA POINT\/Boca Country Club","Aragon","ARAGON COND DECL FIL","ARAGON CONDO","ARAGON CONDOMINIUM","ARBOR COND","ARBOR CONDO","ARBOR LAKE","ARBOR LAKE AT BOCA W","Arbor Lake at Boca West","ARBOR LAKE AT BOCA WEST COND","ARBOR LAKE AT BOCA WEST CONDO","ARBOR WOOD","Arbor Wood Villas","arborwood","Arborwood \/ Cricklewood Est","ARBORWOOD VILLAS","ARBORWOOD\/ CRICKLEWOOD EST","ARBORWOOD\/CRICKLEWD","ARBORWOOD\/CRICKLEWOO","ARBORWOOD\/CRICKLEWOOD","Arborwood\/Cricklewood Estates","ARVIDA COUNTRY CLUB 2 OF UNIVERSITY PARK","ARVIDA COUNTRY CLUB PAR 3","ARVIDA PARK OF COMMERCE 1","ASCOT","ASCOT \/ POLO CLUB","ASCOT\/POLO CLUB","ASHBOURNE","ASHBOURNE \/ POLO CLUB","ASHBOURNE \/ THE POLO CLUB","ASHBOURNE AT THE POLO CLUB CONDO","Ashbourne-POLO CLUB","ASHBOURNE\/ POLO CLUB","ASHBOURNE\/Polo Club","ASHBOURNE\/THE POLO CLUB","Ashley","ASHLEY P[ARK","ASHLEY PARK","Ashley Park - BAY WINDS 3","Ashley Park \/ Boca Winds","Ashley Park Bay Winds Boca Winds","ASHLEY PARK-BAY WIND","ASHLEY PARK, BAY WINDS 3","Ashley Park\/ Boca Winds","Ashley Park\/Bay Winds","ASHLEY PARK\/BOCA WIN","ASHLEY PARK\/BOCA WINDS","ASHLEY PK","atergate","ATHENA","ATLANTIC CLOISTERS","ATLANTIC CLOISTERS C","Atlantic Cloisters Cond Or877p89","ATLANTIC CLOISTERS CONDO","Atrium","Atrium Very nice condo W\/D, short walk to Boca inlet, heated salt water pool.","ATRIUM CONDO","Atrium Condo S 1\/2 Of Lt 1, All Lts 2,7 And 8","Atrium Condominium","ATRIUM CONDOMINIUM S","ATRIUM CONDOMINIUM S 1\/2 OF LT 1, ALL LTS 2,7 & 8 BLK 3 (LESS OR1787P1003)","Atrium Condominiums","Avalon","AVALON \/ PARKVIEW ESTATES AT BOCA","Avalon Parkview Estates","Avalon PARKVIEW ESTATES AT BOCA","Avalon PARKVIEW ESTATES AT BOCA LT","Avalon Pointe","AVALON POINTE WOODFIELD COUNTRY CLUB","AVALON\/PARKVIEW ESTATES","Avalon\/Parkview Estates At Boca","Aviara","Aviara \/ Boca Rancho","AVIS ACRES","AZURA","Azura By Toll Brothers","AZURA OXLEY NORTHERN","B WEST\/LAUREL OAKS","B.WEST\/LAUREL OAKS","BACA CLUB CONDO","BACARA","BALBOA POINT","Balboa Point AT Boca Golf And Tennis Club","BALBOA POINT BOCA COUNTRY CLUB","BALBOA POINT BOCA GOLF & TENNIS CLUB","BALBOA POINT BOCA GOLF AND TENNIS CLUB","BALBOA POINT\/ BOCA GOLF & TENNIS CLUB","BALBOA POINT\/BOCA COUNTRY CLUB","BALBOA POINTE","BALBOA PT\/BCC","BANAYN LAKE","BANTAN PARK","BANYAN ;LAKE","Banyan Court","Banyan Courts","banyan courts cond","Banyan Courts Cond I","BANYAN COURTS COND I AND II AS IN DECL IN OR2555P9","BANYAN COURTS CONDO","Banyan Courts Condo 01 & 02","BANYAN COURTS CONDO I","BANYAN COURTS CONDO1","BANYAN COURTS II","Banyan Lake","Banyan Lake - BOCA RIO NORTH REPL","Banyan Lake , Bermuda Isles, BOCA RIO NORTH","BANYAN LAKE BOCA RIO","BANYAN LAKE COMMUNITY \/BOCA RIO","BANYAN LAKE CYPRESS CT.","BANYAN LAKE LUXURY TOWNHOMES","BANYAN LAKE TOWNHOME","Banyan Lake Townhomes","Banyan Lake Townhonmes","BANYAN LAKE, BERMUDA ISLES, BOCA RIO, BOCA RIO NORTH","BANYAN LAKE, BOCA RIO NORTH","Banyan Lake,BOCA RIO NORTH","Banyan Lake\/ Boca Rio","BANYAN LAKE\/BOCA RIO","BANYAN LAKE\/BOCA RIO NORTH","Banyan Lakes","Banyan Lakes - Boca Rio","Banyan Lakes \/ Boca Rio North","Banyan Lakes \/ Boca Rio North Repl","BANYAN LAKES AT BOCA RIO","BANYAN LAKES BOCA RIO","Banyan Lakes BOCA RIO NORTH","BANYAN LAKES, BERMUDA ISLES AT BOCA RIO NORTH","Banyan Lakes\/Boca Rio North","BANYAN PARK","BANYAN PARK COND","BANYAN PARK COND DEC","BANYAN PARK COND DECL FILED 3-19-82","BANYAN PARK CONDO","BANYAN\/BOCA RIO NORTH","BANYANPARK","BANYANS","BANYANS \/ BROKEN SOUND","Banyans 02","Banyans 2","Banyans Arvida Country Club","BANYANS AT BROKEN SO","Banyans at Broken Sound","BANYANS BROKEN SOUND","BANYANS OF ARVIDA","BANYANS OF ARVIDA CO","BANYANS OF ARVIDA COUNTRY CLUB","BANYANS OF ARVIDA COUNTRY CLUB BROKEN SOUND","BANYANS OF ARVIDA COUNTRY CLUB Broken Sound","BANYANS OF BROKEN SOUND","Banyans of Broken Sound Country Club","BANYANS PL 2","BANYANS\/BROKEN SOUND","BANYON PARK","Barrington","BARRINGTON BOCA CHASE","BARRINGTON\/BOCA CHAS","Barrington\/Boca Chase","BARRINGTON\/BOCA CHASE SEC 5","BARWOOD","BARWOOD COND","BARWOOD COND I,II,II","BARWOOD COND I,II,III,IV,V & VI","Barwood Cond I,Ii,Iii,Iv,V And Vi As In Decl In Or","BARWOOD COND II","Barwood Condo","Barwood Condo 01-06","Barwood Condo 1,11,111,1V,V,& V1","BARWOOD CONDO 1,11,111,1V,V,V1","BARWOOD CONDO II","BARWOOD CONDO VI","BARWOOD CONDO,BOCA BARWOOD","BARWOOD ESTATES","Barwood Estates \/ Sandalfoot Cove","Barwood Estates SANDALFOOT COVE","Barwood Estates\/Sandalfoot Cove","BARWOOD HOMES","Basketball; Pool; Sidewalks; Tennis,Volleyball,Playground for children.Club house with big gym","BAY COLONY ESTATES","Bay Creek","BAY CREEK AT WOODFIELD COUNTRY CLUB","BAY ISLE","Bay Isles","Bay Pointe","BAY POINTE BROKEN SOUND","BAY POINTE OF UNIVER","Bay Pointe Of University Park","Bay Pointe University Park","BAY WINDS","Bay Winds - Ashley Park","Bay Winds - Ashley Park - Boca Winds","BAY WINDS \/ ASHLEY PARK","Bay Winds \/ Ashley Park \/ Boca Winds","BAY WINDS \/WATERS ED","Bay Winds 03","Bay Winds 04","Bay Winds 04 Ashley Park","BAY WINDS 3","BAY WINDS 3 ASHLEY PARK","BAY WINDS 3\/Ashley Park","BAY WINDS 4","BAY WINDS 4\/","BAY WINDS 4\/Ashley Park","BAY WINDS ASHLEY PARK","BAY WINDS PAR U","BAY WINDS PAR V","BAY WINDS PL 3","BAY WINDS PL 4","BAY WINDS PL4","Bay Winds Prcl V","Bay Winds, Boca Winds, Ashley Park","bay winds\/ashley Park","Bay Winds\/Boca Winds\/Ashley Park","BAY WOOD","BAY WOOD 2 AT BOCA WEST","BAY WOOD AT BOCA WEST","BAYAN COURTS II","BAYAN LAKE","Baybury","Baybury Boca Winds","Baybury in BOCA WINDS PAR N","Baywood","BAYWOOD AT BOCA WEST","BCP","BCP Boca Center Plaza","BCP COND","BCP COND AS IN DECL","BCP COND AS IN DECL IN","BCP CONDO","BCP CONDO (BOCA CENTER PLAZA)","Bcp Condo \/ Boca Center Plaza","Beacon Square Professional Campus","BEAUTIFUL SEASON HYTHE AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO - MINIMUM RENTAL 4 MONTH","Bel Highland III Condo","Bel Lido","BEL LIDO IN","BEL MARRA","Bel Marra - Duplex","Bel Marra - DuplexEast of Federal Highway Boca Raton","Bel Marra - East Boca Raton","BEL MARRA - East of Federal Highway","BEL MARRA COND DECL","Bel Marra Condo","BEL MARRA IN","BEL- MARRA","BEL-MARRA","Belaire","BELAIRE BOCA","BELAIRE CLUB","Belaire Club at Boca","Belaire Club at Boca Rato","Belaire Club At Boca Raton","Belaire Club At Boca Raton Condo","Belaire Club Condo","BELAIRE CUB AT BOCA RATON CONDOMINIUM","BELAIRE OF BOCA","Belaire of Boca ","BELLA MARRA","BELLE TERRE OF BOCA RATON CONDO","BENT CREEK","BENT CREEK OF BOCA WEST","Bentbrook","BENTBROOK -BOCA CHAS","Bentbrook 2","BENTBROOK II","Bentbrook of Boca Chase","BENTBROOK\/ BOCA CHASE","BENTBROOK\/BOCA CHASE","Bentbrook\/BOCA CHASE SEC 1","BERESFORD","BERESFORD COND AS IN","BERESFORD CONDO","BERESFORD CONDOMINIUM","BERKELEY","Berkeley Boca Raton","Berkeley COLLIER PUD","BERKELEY CONDO","Berkeley Square","BERKELEY SQUARE COND","BERKELEY SQUARE CONDO","BERKELEY SQUARE CONDO DECL FILED 1-1 90 OR6318P378","BERKLEY CONDO","Bermuda Isles","Bermuda Run","BERMUDA RUN BROKEN SOUND","BERMUDA RUN AT BROKEN SOUND","BERMUDA RUN BROKEN SOUND","BERMUDA SQUARE","BERMUDA SQUARE SEC A","BERMUDA SQUARE SEC B","BERMUDA SQUARE, BOCA VILLAS","BERMUDA SQUARE\/MIZNER PARK AREA","Bermuda Village","Bermuda Village \/ Boca Country Club","BERMUDA VILLAGE BOCA COUNTRY CLUB","Bermuda Village in Boca Country Club","BERMUDA VILLAGE\/BOCA","Bermuda Village\/Boca Country Club","BEULAH HEIGHTS","BEULAH HTS","BEULAH HTS IN","BIBLE CONFERENCE","BIBLE CONFERENCE EST","Bible Conference Estates","Bible Conference Ests","BIBLE CONFERENCE ESTS IN","Bike - Jog; Clubhouse; Manager on Site; Picnic Area; Pool; Sidewalks; Tennis","BLAKES RESUB","BLUE CORAL COVE","blue inlet","BLUE INLET IN","BLUE INLET\/LAKE ROGERS","BLUE LAKE","Blue Lake Townhomes","BLUE LAKE TOWNHOMES (Centra)","BLUE LAKE TOWNHOMES \/ CENTRA","BLUE LAKE TOWNHOMES \/ Centra Townhomes","BLUE LAKE TOWNHOMES CENTRA","BLUE LAKE TOWNHOMES LT 123","Blue Lake Townhomes\/ CENTRA","BLUE LAKE TOWNHOMES\/Centra","BLUE LAKE\/CENTRA","Blue Lakes Townhomes","BLUE LAKLE TOWNHOMES","BLUE WATER TOWNHOUSES","Blue Water Townhouses Pl","BOA DEL MAR","BOCA","Boca \/ Ashley Park","BOCA RATON SQUARE","BOCA 1200","BOCA ALTA","Boca Alta Sec 2","BOCA AZUL","Boca Azul Ph 04 & 05","BOCA AZUL PH 1","Boca Azul Ph 2","BOCA AZUL PH 4 & 5","Boca Azul Ph 4 And 5","Boca Azul Phase 2","BOCA AZUL PHASE ONE","BOCA BAOU","Boca Barwood","BOCA BARWOOD COND I,II,III,IV,V & VI","Boca Barwood Condo","Boca Barwood Estates","BOCA BARWOOD ESTATES, SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 9","Boca Bath","BOCA BATH & TENNIS","BOCA BATH & TENNIS CLUB","Boca Bath & Tennis, Boca Raton Bath & Tennis","BOCA BATH & TENNIS","BOCA BATH &TENNIS","BOCA BATH + TENNIS","Boca Bath and Tennis","BOCA BAY","BOCA BAY COLONY","Boca Bay Colony \/ Walker\\'s Cay","Boca Bay Colony\/Walkers Cay","BOCA BAY EXECUTIVE BLDG CONDO","BOCA BAY\/WEST BOCA LAKE","Boca Bayou","BOCA BAYOU - CARIBBEAN","Boca Bayou - Jamaica 10.","Boca Bayou ,","BOCA BAYOU *3.5%*","BOCA BAYOU \/ CARIBBEAN","BOCA BAYOU \/CARIBBEAN","Boca Bayou Caribbean","Boca Bayou Cond","BOCA BAYOU COND 1, 2","Boca Bayou Cond 1, 2, 3, 4 And 7 As In Or1937p144,","BOCA BAYOU CONDO","Boca Bayou Condo #26-506","Boca Bayou Condo 01-04","BOCA BAYOU CONDO 1","Boca Bayou Condo 1, 2, 3, 4 And 7 As In Or1937p144,","Boca Bayou Condominium","Boca Bayou Condominium Association","BOCA BAYOU CONDOS","BOCA BAYOU PH 1, 2 THRU 5 & 7 CONDOS","Boca Bayou PH 1, 2, thru 5 & 7 Condos","BOCA BAYOU PHASE III","BOCA BAYOU V COND","BOCA BAYOU-CARIBBEAN","BOCA BAYOU-CARRIBEAN","Boca Bayou\/Caribbean","Boca Beach Apts.","BOCA BELLA","BOCA BELLA COND AS I","BOCA BELLA COND AS IN DECL IN","Boca Bella Condo","BOCA BELLA CONDOMINI","Boca Bend","BOCA BEND East","BOCA BEND IN PB47P134 LT53","BOCA BEND WEST","BOCA BRIDGES","BOCA C.C. - FAIRWAYS","BOCA C.C.\/SAN TROPEZ","BOCA C.C.\/ST TROPEZ","BOCA CAPRI","BOCA CAPRI COND APTS","Boca Capri Condo Apts","BOCA CAPRI CONDO APTS SLY 218 FT OF ELY 198.54 FT O","BOCA CASA","BOCA CC ST. TROPEZ","BOCA CC\/CANDLEWOOD","BOCA CC\/TIFFANCY TRA","Boca Center Plaza","Boca Center Plaza - BCP","BOCA CENTER PLAZA (BCP CONDO)","Boca Center Plaza BCP","Boca Center Plaza, BCP","BOCA CENTER PLAZA\/BCP CONDO","Boca Century Village","Boca Cerro","BOCA CERRO COND","BOCA CERRO COND DECL","Boca Cerro Condo","BOCA CHASE","BOCA CHASE - BARRINGTON","Boca Chase - Bentbrook","Boca Chase - Hidden Lake","BOCA CHASE - IMPRESSIONS I","Boca Chase - WATERBERRY","Boca Chase -Coral Bay 09a","Boca Chase \/ Hidden Lakes","Boca Chase \/ Impressions","Boca Chase \/Barrington","BOCA CHASE \/CORAL BAY","BOCA CHASE \/Impressions","Boca Chase 09a","Boca Chase 09a Rep","BOCA CHASE 9A","BOCA CHASE 9A (CORAL BAY)","BOCA CHASE 9A REPL","BOCA CHASE 9A, Coral Bay","Boca Chase Barrington","Boca Chase Coco Pointe","BOCA CHASE CORAL BAY","BOCA CHASE Coral Isles","BOCA CHASE CORAL KEY","Boca Chase Greenbriar","Boca Chase Greenbrier","Boca Chase Hidden Lakes","BOCA CHASE IMPRESSIONS","BOCA CHASE PAR 10","BOCA CHASE PAR 10 (cocoplum)","BOCA CHASE PAR 11","Boca Chase Prcl 10","Boca Chase Prcl 11","BOCA CHASE SEC 01","Boca Chase Sec 02","Boca Chase Sec 04","Boca Chase Sec 05","BOCA CHASE SEC 1","BOCA CHASE SEC 2","BOCA CHASE SEC 3","BOCA CHASE SEC 4","BOCA CHASE SEC 4 \/ Bentbrook II","BOCA CHASE SEC 5","BOCA CHASE SEC 5\/Barrington","Boca Chase Sec Five","BOCA CHASE SEC TWO","BOCA CHASE SECTION 4","Boca Chase sweetwater sec 4","BOCA CHASE TR 04","Boca Chase Tr 09b","Boca Chase Tr 09b, Impressions","Boca Chase Tr 09c","Boca Chase Tr 09d","Boca Chase Tr 09e","BOCA CHASE TR 4","Boca Chase Tr 9 B","BOCA CHASE TR 9 B (IMPRESSIONS I)","BOCA CHASE TR 9 B\/Impressions 1","BOCA CHASE TR 9 BIMPRESSIONS","BOCA CHASE TR 9 C","BOCA CHASE TR 9 D","BOCA CHASE TR 9 E","BOCA CHASE TR 9 E Coral Isles","Boca Chase TR4","Boca Chase Waterberry","Boca Chase-Coral Bay","Boca Chase-Coral Isles","Boca Chase-Greenbriar","Boca Chase-Impressions","Boca Chase, Coco Pointe","Boca Chase, Coral Key","Boca Chase, Impressions","Boca Chase,Hidden Lake","Boca Chase,Impressions","Boca Chase\/ Coral Bay","Boca Chase\/ CORAL KEY","BOCA CHASE\/BARRINGTO","Boca Chase\/Bentbrook","Boca Chase\/Coco Pointe","Boca Chase\/Coral Bay","BOCA CHASE\/CORAL CHA","BOCA CHASE\/CORAL CHASE","BOCA CHASE\/CORAL ISL","Boca Chase\/Coral Key","Boca Chase\/GARDENS OF SWEETWATER CONDOS","BOCA CHASE\/GREENBRIA","Boca Chase\/Greenbriar","BOCA CHASE\/HIDD LAKE","BOCA CHASE\/HIDDEN LA","BOCA CHASE\/HIDDEN LAKE","BOCA CHASE\/HIDDEN LK","BOCA CHASE\/IMPRESSIO","Boca Chase\/Impressions","BOCA CHASE\/SWEETWATER","BOCA CHASE\/WATERBURY","BOCA CHASE\\\\HIDDEN LA","BOCA CHICA","Boca Cielo","Boca Cielo Condo","Boca Cielo Condominium","BOCA CLUB","BOCA CLUB COLONY","BOCA CLUB COLONY PHA","BOCA CLUB COND A & B","BOCA CLUB COND A & B","Boca Club Cond A And B As In Decl In Or2666p831 An","BOCA CLUB CONDO","Boca Club Condo A","BOCA CLUB CONDO A & B","BOCA CLUB CONDO A&B","BOCA CLUB CONDO B","BOCA CLUB CONDOMINUM","BOCA COLONY","BOCA COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL CONDO","BOCA CONDO","BOCA COUNRTY CLUB","BOCA COUNTRY","Boca Country Club","BOCA COUNTRY C\/ST TR","Boca Country Club","Boca Country Club St Tropez","Boca Country Club - Bermuda Village","Boca Country Club - EASTBROOKE","BOCA COUNTRY CLUB - ST TROPEZ","BOCA COUNTRY CLUB \/ ANTIGUA POINT","BOCA COUNTRY CLUB \/ BALBOA POINT","BOCA COUNTRY CLUB \/ CANDLEWOOD","BOCA COUNTRY CLUB \/ FAIRWAYS","BOCA COUNTRY CLUB BERMUDA VILLAGE","BOCA COUNTRY CLUB FA","BOCA COUNTRY CLUB MYKONOS COURT","BOCA COUNTRY CLUB SOMERSET","BOCA COUNTRY CLUB ST TROPEZ","BOCA COUNTRY CLUB TIFFANY TRACE","Boca Country Club- Somerset","BOCA COUNTRY CLUB\/EASTBROOKE","BOCA COUNTRY CLUB\/GR","BOCA COUNTRY CLUB\/SO","BOCA COUNTRY CLUB\/SOMERSET","BOCA COUNTRY CLUBCANDLEWOOD","Boca Country Est Condo","BOCA COUNTRY ESTATE","BOCA COUNTRY ESTATES","BOCA COUNTRY ESTATES COND","BOCA COUNTRY ESTATES CONDO","Boca Country Estates*","Boca Country Ests Condo","BOCA COUNTRY MYKONOS","BOCA COUNTRY\/BALBOA","Boca Cove","BOCA COVE ***","BOCA COVE COND","BOCA COVE COND DECL","BOCA COVE COND DECL FILED 8-1-86 IN","BOCA COVE COND DECL FILED 8-1-86 IN OR5090P1473","Boca Cove Condo","BOCA COVE DELRAY BY THE SEA","Boca Cove Luxury","Boca Cove Renovated","Boca Cove*","BOCA COVE***","Boca Crown Centre Condo","BOCA DEL MAR","BOCA DEL MAR - DEL MAR VILLAGE","Boca Del Mar -BOCA SOUTH","Boca Del Mar 01","BOCA DEL MAR 1","BOCA DEL MAR 1 FAIRWAYS","BOCA DEL MAR NO 1","BOCA DEL MAR NO 1, whitehall","BOCA DEL MAR NO 3","Boca Del Mar Tr 01 Ph 01","BOCA DEL MAR TRACT 1","Boca Del Mar Tract 1 Ph 1","BOCA DEL MAR TRACT 1 PH 2","BOCA DEL MAR TRACT 1 PHASE 1","Boca Del Mar\/ The Glens Condo","BOCA DELMAR TRACT 1 PHASE 1","BOCA DOWNTOWN *RETAIL\/OFFICE SPACE","Boca Dunes","BOCA DUNES \/ ENCLAVE AT BOCA DUNES","BOCA DUNES \/ ENCLAVE","BOCA DUNES \/ ISLE OF SANDALFOOT","BOCA DUNES \/ ISLES OF BOCA DUNES \/ ISLES OF SANDALFOOT","BOCA DUNES Enclave","BOCA DUNES PUD","BOCA DUNES PUD 60","Boca Dunes\/Isle of Sandalfoot","Boca East","BOCA EAST ESTATE","Boca East Estate\/Royal Palm Forest","BOCA EAST ESTATES","Boca East Estates AKA Royal Palm Forest","Boca East Estates ( Royal Palm Forest)","boca east estates, royal palm","Boca East Estates\/Royal Palm Forest","BOCA ENTRADA","BOCA ENTRADA 1","BOCA ENTRADA 1 & 2 C","BOCA ENTRADA 1 & 2 COND","BOCA ENTRADA 1 & 2 C","Boca Entrada 1 And 2 Cond As In Decls In Or4099p18","BOCA ENTRADA CONDO","Boca Entrada Condo 01 & 02","BOCA ENTRADA I","BOCA ESTE CONDO","BOCA FALL\/EMERALD ISLES","BOCA FALLS","BOCA FALLS CRYSTAL POINTE","BOCA FALLS - EMERALD ISLE","BOCA FALLS - THE CASCADES","BOCA FALLS \/ MAJESTIC POINTE","BOCA FALLS \/ THE ESTATES","BOCA FALLS AT CRYSTAL POINT,","BOCA FALLS - CASCADES","BOCA FALLS - Crystal Point","BOCA FALLS - CRYSTAL POINTE","Boca Falls - Emerald Isle","BOCA FALLS - EMERALD POINTE","BOCA FALLS - MAJESTIC BAY","BOCA FALLS - MAJESTIC POINT","Boca Falls - Majestic Pointe","BOCA FALLS - THE ESTATES","Boca Falls ( Mystic Bay )","BOCA FALLS \/ CASCADES","boca falls \/ crystal cove","BOCA FALLS \/ Crystal Pointe","BOCA FALLS \/ EMERALD POINTE","BOCA FALLS \/ ESTATES","Boca Falls \/ Majestic Bay","Boca Falls \/ Mystic Bay","BOCA FALLS \/ MYSTIC COVE","BOCA FALLS \/ THE ESTATES","Boca Falls \/ Victoria","BOCA FALLS \/ VICTORIA FALLS","BOCA FALLS \/CASCADES","BOCA FALLS \/EMERALD","BOCA FALLS \/Majestic Pointe","BOCA FALLS \/Mystic Cove","Boca Falls at Boca Ralls","BOCA FALLS AT MYSTIC","BOCA FALLS CASC","Boca Falls CASCADES","BOCA FALLS CRYSTAL P","BOCA FALLS CRYSTAL POINT","Boca Falls Crystal Pointe","BOCA FALLS EMERALD","BOCA FALLS EMERALD I","BOCA FALLS EMERALD ISLES","BOCA FALLS EMERALD POINTE","BOCA FALLS ESTATES","BOCA FALLS MAJESTIC","BOCA FALLS MAJESTIC BAY","Boca Falls Majestic Point","Boca Falls MAJESTIC POINTE","BOCA FALLS MYSTIC","BOCA FALLS MYSTIC BA","Boca Falls MYSTIC BAY","BOCA FALLS MYSTIC CO","BOCA FALLS MYSTIC COVE","BOCA FALLS PAR","BOCA FALLS PAR J","Boca Falls Par K","BOCA FALLS PAR K CRYSTAL POINT","Boca Falls Par L","BOCA FALLS PAR M","BOCA FALLS PAR O","BOCA FALLS PAR P","Boca Falls Par Q","Boca Falls Par R","BOCA FALLS PAR R - Victoria Falls","Boca Falls Par R Victoria Falls","BOCA FALLS PAR S","Boca Falls Par T","Boca Falls Par T, Majestic Bay","Boca Falls Park K \/ Crystal Pointe","Boca Falls Prcl J","Boca Falls Prcl L","Boca Falls Prcl M","Boca Falls Prcl R","Boca Falls Prcl S","Boca Falls The Estate","BOCA FALLS THE ESTATES","BOCA FALLS VICTORIA","Boca Falls Victoria Falls","BOCA FALLS- THE ESTATES","BOCA FALLS-CASCADES","BOCA FALLS-Emerald Pointe","BOCA FALLS-MYSTIC COVE","BOCA FALLS, CASCADES","BOCA FALLS\/ CASCADES","BOCA FALLS\/ CRYSTAL POINTE","BOCA FALLS\/ MAJESTIC BAY","Boca Falls\/ Mystic Bay","BOCA FALLS\/CASACADES","BOCA FALLS\/CASCADE","BOCA FALLS\/CASCADES","BOCA FALLS\/CRYSTAL","BOCA FALLS\/CRYSTAL P","BOCA FALLS\/Crystal Pointe","BOCA FALLS\/EMERALD","BOCA FALLS\/EMERALD I","BOCA FALLS\/EMERALD ISLE","BOCA FALLS\/EMERALD POINT","Boca Falls\/Emerald Pointe","Boca Falls\/Estates","BOCA FALLS\/MAJESTIC","Boca Falls\/Majestic Bay","BOCA FALLS\/MAJESTIC POINTE","BOCA FALLS\/MYSTIC","BOCA FALLS\/MYSTIC BA","Boca Falls\/Mystic Bay","BOCA FALLS\/MYSTIC CO","BOCA FALLS\/MYSTIC COVE","BOCA FALLS\/MYSTIC CV","Boca Falls\/The Estates","BOCA FALLS\/VICTORIA","BOCA FALLS\/VICTORIA FALLS","BOCA FALLSMAJESTIC BAY","Boca Flores","BOCA FLORES CONDO","Boca Fontana","Boca Fontana Ph 01","BOCA FONTANA PH 02A","Boca Fontana Ph 02b","BOCA FONTANA PH 1","BOCA FONTANA PH 2-A","Boca Fontana Ph 2-B","BOCA FONTANA TR E","BOCA FONTANA\/ VILLA MEDICI","BOCA FONTANA\/VACANT","BOCA GARDENS","BOCA GARDENS IN","BOCA GARDENS -","Boca Gardens 03","BOCA GARDENS 3","BOCA GARDENS 3 (P-S)","BOCA GARDENS 4","BOCA GARDENS PARKW","BOCA GARDENS PARKWAY","BOCA GARDENS PL 3","BOCA GARDENS PL 4","Boca Gardens PL4 LT b BLK 156","BOCA GARDENS TRAIL","BOCA GARDENS WATERS","Boca Gdns","Boca Gdns 3","Boca Gdns 4","Boca Gdns 4 Boca Gardens","BOCA GLADES","Boca Glades A","BOCA GLADES A-D","BOCA GLADES COND","Boca Glades Cond A","Boca Glades Cond A - Thru D Decl Filed 0R4136P147 OR4237P1 OR4565P727&4650P752","BOCA GLADES COND A T","Boca Glades Cond A Thru D","BOCA GLADES COND A THRU D DECL FILED","Boca Glades Cond A Thru D Decl Filed 0R4136P147 OR4237P1 OR4565P727&4650P752","Boca Glades Cond A thru D Decl Filed OR 4136P147 OR4237P1 OR4565P727&4650P752","BOCA GLADES COND A THRU D DECL FILED OR4136P147","Boca Glades Cond A thru D Decl Filed OR4136P147 OR4237P1 OR4565P727&4650P752","Boca Glades Cond A thru D Decl Filed OR4136P147 OR4237P1 OR4565P727&465OP752","Boca Glades Cond A Thru D Decl Filed OR4136P147 OR4237P1OR4565P727&4650P752","Boca Glades Cond A Thru D Decl Filed OR4136P147 OR4237PI OR4565P727&4650P752","Boca Glades Cond A Thru D Decl Filed OR4136PI47 OR4237PI OR4565P727&4650P752","Boca Glades Cond B","BOCA GLADES CONDO","BOCA GLADES CONDO A THRU D","Boca Glades Condo A Thru D Decl Filed OR4136147 OR4237PI OR4565P727&4650P752","Boca Glades Condo A Thru D Decl Filed OR4136P147 OR4237P1 OR4565P727&4650P752","Boca Glades Condo A Thru D Decl Filed OR4136P147 OR4237P1 OR4565P727&465OP752","Boca Glades Condo A Thru D Decl Filed OR4136P147 OR4237PI OR4565P727&4650P752","Boca Glades Condo A-D Decl Filed OR4136P147 OR4237P1 OR4565P727&465OP752","BOCA GLADES CONDO D","Boca Glades East","Boca Glades West","Boca Golf & Tennis","Boca Golf Club BERMUDA VILLAGE","BOCA GOLF VIEW","BOCA GOLFVIEW","BOCA GOLFVIEW COND","BOCA GOLFVIEW COND D","BOCA GOLFVIEW CONDO","BOCA GRANADA","BOCA GRANADA APTS CO","BOCA GRANADA APTS CONDO","BOCA GRANADA CENTRO CONDO","Boca Granada West","BOCA GRANADA WEST INC","BOCA GRAND","BOCA GRAND CONDO","BOCA GRAND CONDO ASSOCIATION","Boca Grand Condo Comm","BOCA GRAND CONDOMINI","Boca Grand Condominium","BOCA GRAND*PENTHOUSE","BOCA GRANDA CENTRO","Boca Grande","BOCA GRANDE CONDO","BOCA GRANDE\/WESTBOCA","BOCA GREENS","BOCA GREENS COUNTRY CLUB","BOCA GREENS (Estate Section)","Boca Greens 01","BOCA GREENS 02","Boca Greens 03","Boca Greens 04","Boca Greens 05","Boca Greens 06","Boca Greens 08","Boca Greens 09","BOCA GREENS 1","BOCA GREENS 2","Boca Greens 3","Boca Greens 4","BOCA GREENS 5","BOCA GREENS 6","BOCA GREENS 7","BOCA GREENS 8","Boca Greens 9","BOCA GREENS CC","BOCA GREENS COUNTRY CLUB","BOCA GREENS PL 4","BOCA GREENS PL 5","BOCA GREENS PL 8","BOCA GREENS PL 9","BOCA GREENS PLAT NO","BOCA GREENS PLAT NO 1","Boca Grenada West","BOCA GROVE","Boca Grove Plantation \/ ISLAND IN THE GROVE","Boca Grove - ISLAND IN THE GROVE","Boca Grove (Chateau)","Boca Grove \/ Island in the Grove","Boca Grove Chateau","Boca Grove Country Club","BOCA GROVE COVENTRY","Boca Grove Coventry in the Grove","Boca Grove Island in Grove","BOCA GROVE LOS RAYOS","BOCA GROVE P","BOCA GROVE PLANTATIO","BOCA GROVE PLANTATION","BOCA GROVE PLANTATION \/ THE CHATEAU","BOCA GROVE PLANTATION \/GARDENS IN GROVE","BOCA GROVE PLANTATION ISLAND IN THE GROVE","Boca Grove Plantation\/ Coventry","Boca Grove Plantation\/COVENTRY IN THE GROVE","BOCA GROVE-ISLAND IN THE GROVE","BOCA GROVE, GARDEN IN THE GROVE CONDO","Boca Grove, Island in the Grove","BOCA GROVE, LOS RAYOS","BOCA GROVE, PLANTATION \/GARDENS IN GROVE","BOCA GROVE,COVENTRY IN THE GROVE","Boca Grove\/ Los Rayos De Sol","Boca Grove\/Chateau","BOCA GROVE\/COVENTRY","Boca Grove\/Coventry In Grove Rep","BOCA GROVE\/COVENTRY IN THE GROVE","Boca Grove\/GARDEN IN THE GROVE CONDO","Boca Grove\/Gardens","Boca Grove\/GARDENS IN GROVE","Boca Grove\/Gardens in the Grove","BOCA GROVE\/ISLAND","BOCA GROVE\/Island In Grove","BOCA GROVE\/ISLAND IN THE GROVE","BOCA GROVE\/Los Rayos","BOCA GROVE\/LOS RAYOS DE SOL","BOCA HAMLET","Boca Hamptons Plaza","BOCA HARBOR","BOCA HARBOUR","BOCA HARBOUR 1ST SEC","BOCA HARBOUR 2ND SEC","Boca Harbour 3Rd Sec","BOCA HARBOUR 4TH SEC","BOCA HARBOUR 5TH SEC","BOCA HARBOUR 6TH SEC","BOCA HARBOUR 6TH SEC IN","Boca Harbour 7Th Sec","BOCA HARBOUR 8TH SEC","BOCA HARBOUR ISLAND","BOCA HARBOUR ISLAND SEC","BOCA HARBOUR ISLAND SEC IN","BOCA HARBOUR REPL IN","BOCA HARBOUR REPLAT","Boca Harbour Sec 01","Boca Harbour Sec 02","Boca Harbour Sec 03","Boca Harbour Sec 04","BOCA HARBOUR SEC 05","BOCA HARBOUR SEC 06","Boca Harbour Sec 07","Boca Harbour Sec 5","BOCA HARBOUR,","BOCA HARBOUR\/BOCA BA","Boca Heights","BOCA HEIGHTS - TUDOR WOODS","Boca Heights \/Tudor woods","BOCA HEIGHTS PATIO","BOCA HEIGHTS PATIO H","BOCA HEIGHTS PATIO HOMES","Boca Heights Patio Homes - TudorWoods","Boca Heights Patio Homes 01","Boca Heights Patio Homes 02","Boca Heights Patio Homes 1","BOCA HEIGHTS PATIO HOMES 1 \/ Tudor Woods","Boca Heights Patio Homes 1, Tudor Woods","Boca Heights Patio Homes 2","BOCA HEIGHTS PATIO HOMES, Tudor Woods","Boca Heights Patio Tudor Woods","Boca Heights Tudor woods","Boca Hermosa","BOCA HERMOSA \/ CANARY POINTE","BOCA HERMOSA GARDENS","BOCA HIGHLANDS","BOCA HIGHLANDS \/ Valletta","BOCA HIGHLANDS \/ VALLETTA AT BOCA RATON","BOCA HIGHLANDS VALLETTA","BOCA HIGHLANDS\/VALLETTA","BOCA HILL","BOCA HILL CONDO","BOCA HILLS","Boca Hills Cond As In Decl In","BOCA HILLS CONDO","BOCA HILLS VILLAS","BOCA HOUSE","BOCA HOUSE COND DECL","BOCA HOUSE CONDO","BOCA HOUSE CONDO #750, WALK TO BRIDGE OVER TO A1A OCEAN, FIRST FLOOR CORNER EAST","Boca House Condos","Boca Inlet","BOCA INLET CONDO","BOCA INLET CONDOMINI","BOCA ISELS NORTH","BOCA ISLAND","Boca Islands","BOCA ISLANDS EAST 1ST ADD","BOCA ISLANDS EAST 2N","BOCA ISLANDS EAST 2ND ADD","BOCA ISLANDS EAST 2ND ADD IN","Boca Islands East Add 02","Boca Islands Sec 01","Boca Islands Sec 02","Boca Islands Sec 03","Boca Islands Sec 05","Boca Islands Sec 07","BOCA ISLANDS SEC 1","BOCA ISLANDS SEC 1 IN","BOCA ISLANDS SEC 2","BOCA ISLANDS SEC 2 I","BOCA ISLANDS SEC 3","BOCA ISLANDS SEC 3 I","BOCA ISLANDS SEC 4","Boca Islands Sec 5","BOCA ISLANDS SEC 5 I","BOCA ISLANDS SEC 5 IN","BOCA ISLANDS SEC 6","BOCA ISLANDS SEC 6 I","BOCA ISLANDS SEC 7","BOCA ISLANDS SEC 7 I","Boca Isles","BOCA ISLES \/BOCA ISLES NORTH","BOCA ISLES DOUTH","Boca Isles North","BOCA ISLES NORTH \/ BOCA ISLES WEST PH 2 B","BOCA ISLES NORTH PH 2A-2","BOCA ISLES NORTH\/BOCA ISLES","BOCA ISLES SOUTH","BOCA ISLES SOUTH PH","Boca Isles South Ph 05a","Boca Isles South Ph 05c","Boca Isles South Ph 05d","Boca Isles South Ph 05e","BOCA ISLES SOUTH PH 05F","BOCA ISLES SOUTH PH 5A","BOCA ISLES SOUTH PH 5B","Boca Isles South Ph 5c","BOCA ISLES SOUTH PH 5D","Boca Isles South Ph 5E","BOCA ISLES SOUTH PH 5F","BOCA ISLES SOUTH PH5A","BOCA ISLES SOUTH V","BOCA ISLES SOUTH\/BOCA ISLES","BOCA ISLES WEST","BOCA ISLES WEST PH 01A","BOCA ISLES WEST PH 02A-2","BOCA ISLES WEST PH 02B","Boca Isles West Ph 03b","BOCA ISLES WEST PH 1","BOCA ISLES WEST PH 1 A","BOCA ISLES WEST PH 1B","BOCA ISLES WEST PH 1B, BOCA ISLES NORTH","BOCA ISLES WEST PH 2","BOCA ISLES WEST PH 2 B","BOCA ISLES WEST PH 2A-1","Boca Isles West Ph 2A-2","BOCA ISLES WEST PH 3","Boca Isles West Ph 3 A","Boca Isles West Ph 3 B","Boca Isles West Ph 3 B (Boca Isles North)","BOCA ISLES WEST\/ Boca Isles North","BOCA ISLES-BOCA ISLES NORTH","BOCA ISLES\/BOCA ISLES NORTH","BOCA ISLES\/SOUTH","BOCA ISLES\/WEST","BOCA KEY","BOCA KEYES","BOCA KEYS","Boca Keys entrance to Delray Manor","BOCA KEYS IN","Boca Lago","BOCA LAGO - GLADES","Boca Lago - Horizons","Boca Lago - The Greens","Boca Lago \/ PINES OF BOCA LAGO CONDO","Boca Lago Country Club","BOCA LAGO CYPRESSES","BOCA LAGO FAIRWAYS","BOCA LAGO FAIRWAYS CONDO","Boca Lago Glades","Boca Lago Horizons","BOCA LAGO OF GLADES","Boca Lago Pines","BOCA LAGO REPLAT","BOCA LAGO VISTAS","BOCA LAGO- HORIZONS","BOCA LAGO-GLADES","BOCA LAGO, PINES OF BOCA LAGO CONDO","Boca Lago, The cypresses","BOCA LAGO\/FAIRWAYS","BOCA LAGO\/HORIZONS","BOCA LAGO\/PINES","BOCA LAGO\/VISTAS","BOCA LAKE","Boca Lake - Boca Tierra","Boca Lake Est","BOCA LAKE ESTATES","BOCA LAKE\/B TIERRA","Boca Lake\/Boca Tierra","Boca Lake\/Boca Tierra Sec 02","Boca Lakes","BOCA LAKES C 294","BOCA LAKES COND","BOCA LAKES COND AS I","Boca Lakes Cond As In Decl In","BOCA LAKES COND UNIT 202","BOCA LAKES COND UNIT 26","BOCA LAKES CONDO","BOCA LAKES CONDO ASI","BOCA LAKES CONDO ASS","Boca Lakes Condominium","Boca Landing","Boca Landing\/weitzer","Boca Landings","BOCA LANDINGS \/ BOCA VISTA","Boca Landings \/ Boca Vista Estates","BOCA LANDINGS \/ Weitzer","Boca Landings \/ Weitzer Sub 2","BOCA LANDINGS \/WEITZER SUB 2","BOCA LANDINGS NORTH","BOCA LANDINGS NORTH \/ BOCA VISTA","BOCA LANDINGS NORTH \/ BOCA VISTA ESTATES","Boca Landings North 02","Boca Landings North 02, Boca Vista","Boca Landings North 2","BOCA LANDINGS NORTH, Boca Vista","BOCA LANDINGS NORTH\/BOCA VISTA","BOCA LANDINGS NORTH\/BOCA VISTA ESTATES","BOCA LANDINGS WEITZE","BOCA LANDINGS WEITZER","Boca Landings Weitzer Sub","Boca Landings Weitzer Sub 1","Boca Landings WEITZER SUB 2","Boca Landings, Weitzer","Boca landings, Weitzer 2","BOCA LANDINGS, WEITZER SUB 2","BOCA LANDINGS,WEITZER","Boca Landings\/ Weitzer Sub","Boca Landings\/Boca Vista","BOCA LANDINGS\/BOCA VISTA ESTATE","BOCA LANDINGS\/BOCA VISTA ESTATES","Boca Landings\/Weitzer","BOCA LANDINGS\/WEITZER SUB 2","BOCA LANE","BOCA LANE AS IN","Boca Lane As THE ESTATES of Boca Del Mar","BOCA LANE\/ESTATES","BOCA LINDA","BOCA LINDA *ALL AGES","Boca linda codo","BOCA LINDA CONDO","Boca Linda East","BOCA LINDA EAST COND","BOCA LINDA EAST CONDO","Boca Linda East North","Boca Linda East West & North","BOCA LINDA EAST,","BOCA LINDA EAST, ORT","BOCA LINDA EAST, WES","BOCA LINDA EAST, WEST & NORTH COND","Boca Linda East, West and North","Boca Linda East, West And North Cond As In Decl In","Boca Linda East, West And North Condo As In Decl In","BOCA LINDA N","BOCA LINDA NOETH","Boca Linda North","Boca Linda North Condo","BOCA LINDA WEST","BOCA LINDA WEST CONDO","Boca Linda West Condominium","BOCA LYONS ESTATE","Boca Madera","BOCA MADERA \/ STRATH","Boca Madera \/ Strathmore","Boca Madera 1","BOCA MADERA 2","Boca Madera II","BOCA MADERA STRATHMORE","Boca Madera Unit 01","Boca Madera Unit 02","Boca Madera Unit 03","BOCA MADERA UNIT 1","Boca Madera Unit 2","BOCA MADERA UNIT 3","BOCA MADERA UNIT 3 \/ STRATHMORE","BOCA MADERA\/STRATHMORE","BOCA MAR","BOCA MAR APTS","BOCA MAR APTS COND 2","BOCA MAR APTS COND 28-47-43, N 150 FT OF S 340 FT","BOCA MAR APTS CONDO","BOCA MARINA","BOCA MARINA & YACHT","Boca Marina and Yacht Club","BOCA MARINA REPL","BOCA MARINA YACHT CL","Boca Marina Yacht Club","BOCA MARQUIS","BOCA MARQUIS COND DE","BOCA MARQUIS CONDO","BOCA OAKS","BOCA OFFICE & WAREHOUSE PARK","BOCA PALM CONDOMINIU","Boca Palm Professional Plaza","BOCA PALM PROFESSIONAL PLAZA CONDO","BOCA PALMS","Boca Palms 1","Boca Palms 2","BOCA PALMS COND I","BOCA PALMS COND I TH","Boca Palms Cond I Thru Iv","BOCA PALMS COND PORT","Boca Palms Cond Portion Of Tr B Civic Center Plaza","BOCA PALMS Condo","BOCA PALMS CONDO TR B","Boca Palms Condo 01-04","BOCA PALMS CONDO I THRU IV","BOCA PALMS CONDO TR B","Boca Palms Condos","Boca Palms LLC","Boca Palms Three Cond Bldg 9 Unit 201","Boca Palms Two","BOCA PARK","Boca Park 2","Boca Park Condo","BOCA PARK LAKES OF WOODHAVEN I AND II CONDO","BOCA PATIO VILLAGE","Boca Patio Vlg","Boca Pinar","BOCA PINAR COND","Boca Pinar Cond As In Decl In","BOCA PINAR CONDO","BOCA PINAR CONDO ASSOC.","BOCA PINES","BOCA PINES 2","BOCA PINES 2\/Crescent Lakes","BOCA PINES COND","BOCA PINES COND AS I","BOCA PINES CONDO","BOCA PINES OF VERDE","Boca Pines Of Verde Trail","BOCA PINES OF VERDE1","Boca Pines Verde Trail","Boca Pines Verde Trl","BOCA PINES\/VILLAGGIO","BOCA POINT","BOCA POINT SOUTHWIND","BOCA POINT\/VALENCIA","Boca Pointe","BOCA POINTE LA MIRADA","BOCA POINTE - LA PAZ","Boca Pointe - Pointe100","BOCA POINTE - VALENCIA","BOCA POINTE \/ EL DOR","BOCA POINTE \/ PLUM","BOCA POINTE \/ VILLA FLORA","BOCA POINTE 100","BOCA POINTE CONDO","BOCA POINTE CORTINA","Boca Pointe El Dorado","Boca Pointe Encantada","Boca Pointe La Paz","Boca Pointe MONTEGO BAY","BOCA POINTE NO 1","BOCA POINTE VALENCIA","BOCA POINTE- PALOMAR","BOCA POINTE-CORTINA","BOCA POINTE-LA PAZ","Boca Pointe-LAKES AT LA PAZ CONDO","BOCA POINTE-MONTEGO BAY AT BOCA POINTE CONDO","Boca Pointe-PLUM AT BOCA POINTE CONDOS","BOCA POINTE, PALOMAR","BOCA POINTE\/ PLUM","BOCA POINTE\/CARAVELL","BOCA POINTE\/CORTINA","BOCA POINTE\/EL DORAD","BOCA POINTE\/EL VIENT","Boca Pointe\/la corniche","Boca Pointe\/La Mirada","BOCA POINTE\/LA PAZ","BOCA POINTE\/MONTEGO","Boca Pointe\/Montego bay","Boca Pointe\/Palomar","BOCA POINTE\/PLUM","BOCA POINTE\/REGENCY","BOCA POINTE\/SOUTHWIN","BOCA POINTE\/VILLA DE","BOCA POLO\/ASCOT","BOCA POR LA MAR","BOCA PRESERVE","BOCA PTE\/MERIDIANA","BOCA QUAY","Boca Quay ON THE INTERCOSTAL","BOCA QUAY PH 03","BOCA QUAY PH 3","BOCA QUAY PHASE 3","BOCA QUAY-COACH HOME","BOCA QUAY\/COACH HSE","BOCA RANCHO","BOCA RANCHO \/ ARIELE","Boca Rancho \/ Aviara","Boca Rancho 01","Boca Rancho 02","Boca Rancho 2","Boca Rancho I","BOCA RANCHO I \/ AVIARA","BOCA RANCHO PLAT 2","Boca Rancho\/Aviara","BOCA RAON HARBOUR APTS CONDO","Boca Raton","BOCA RATON BATH & TE","BOCA RATON BATH & TENNIS","BOCA RATON BATH & TENNIS CLUB","BOCA RATON BATH AND TENNIS","Boca Raton Bath And Tennis Club","Boca Raton Condo","BOCA RATON HARBOUR","BOCA RATON HARBOUR A","Boca Raton Harbour Apartments","Boca Raton Harbour Apts Cond Sly 420 Ft Of Nly 996","BOCA RATON HARBOUR APTS COND SLY 420 FT OF NLY 996.27 FT OF TH PT OF GOV LT 2 W OF","BOCA RATON HARBOUR APTS CONDO","BOCA RATON HARBOUR CONDO","Boca Raton Heights","BOCA RATON HEIGHTS A","BOCA RATON HEIGHTS APTS INC","BOCA RATON HGTS IN","BOCA RATON HILLS","BOCA RATON HILLS SEC","BOCA RATON HILLS SEC 02","Boca Raton Hills Sec 02 Rep","BOCA RATON HILLS SEC 03","BOCA RATON HILLS SEC 1","BOCA RATON HILLS SEC 2","BOCA RATON HILLS SEC 3","Boca Raton Hills See 02","BOCA RATON IN","BOCA RATON IND","Boca Raton Ind Park In","BOCA RATON MANORS","Boca Raton Manors Add","BOCA RATON MEDICAL ARTS CENTER CONDO","Boca Raton Medical Plaza Condo","BOCA RATON POR LA MA","BOCA RATON POR LA MAR","Boca Raton Riivera","Boca Raton Rivera","BOCA RATON RIVERIA","Boca Raton Riviera","BOCA RATON RIVIERA D","BOCA RATON RIVIERA U","Boca Raton Riviera Unit A","BOCA RATON RIVIERA UNIT B","BOCA RATON RIVIERA UNIT B IN","BOCA RATON RIVIERA UNIT B LT 51 BLK 1","BOCA RATON RIVIERA UNIT C","BOCA RATON RIVIERA UNIT D","BOCA RATON RIVIERA UNIT D IN","BOCA RATON RIVIERA.","Boca Raton Square","BOCA RATON SQUARE Boca Square","Boca Raton Square PALMETTO PARK WEST","BOCA RATON SQUARE 16","BOCA RATON SQUARE 17","Boca Raton Square 9","BOCA RATON SQUARE GA","Boca Raton Square Gateway","Boca Raton Square Gateway BLK 3","BOCA RATON SQUARE GATEWAY IN","BOCA RATON SQUARE NO","BOCA RATON SQUARE NO 9","BOCA RATON SQUARE TE","BOCA RATON SQUARE TERRACE","BOCA RATON SQUARE UN","Boca Raton Square Un 14","Boca Raton Square Unit 01","Boca Raton Square Unit 02","Boca Raton Square Unit 03","BOCA RATON SQUARE UNIT 04","Boca Raton Square Unit 05","Boca Raton Square Unit 06","Boca Raton Square Unit 07","Boca Raton Square Unit 09","BOCA RATON SQUARE UNIT 1","BOCA RATON SQUARE UNIT 10","BOCA RATON SQUARE UNIT 11","BOCA RATON SQUARE UNIT 11 IN","BOCA RATON SQUARE UNIT 12","BOCA RATON SQUARE UNIT 13","Boca Raton Square Unit 14","Boca Raton Square Unit 15","Boca Raton Square Unit 16","Boca Raton Square Unit 17","Boca Raton Square Unit 18","BOCA RATON SQUARE UNIT 19","BOCA RATON SQUARE UNIT 19 AS","BOCA RATON SQUARE UNIT 19, BOCA RATON SQUARE","BOCA RATON SQUARE UNIT 2","BOCA RATON SQUARE UNIT 2 IN","BOCA RATON SQUARE UNIT 3","BOCA RATON SQUARE UNIT 3 IN","BOCA RATON SQUARE UNIT 4","BOCA RATON SQUARE UNIT 4 IN","BOCA RATON SQUARE UNIT 4 lt 14 blk 29","BOCA RATON SQUARE UNIT 5","Boca Raton Square Unit 6","BOCA RATON SQUARE UNIT 7","BOCA RATON SQUARE UNIT 8","BOCA RATON SQUARE UNIT 8 IN","BOCA RATON SQUARE UNIT NO 4","BOCA RATON SQUARE, Boca Square","BOCA RATON SQUARE,BOCA SQUARE","BOCA RATON SQUARE; EAST BOCA","Boca Ratone Heights","BOCA RATONE HGHTS","BOCA RATONE HGTS","BOCA RATONE HGTS IN","BOCA RATONE HIGHTS","Boca Ratone Hts","Boca ratone par la mar","BOCA RATONE POR LA MAR","BOCA RATONSQUARE","BOCA REAL VILLAS","BOCA REAL VILLAS CON","Boca Real Villas Cond I","BOCA REAL VILLAS CONDO","Boca Reef","Boca Reef Condo","BOCA REEF CONDOMINIU","BOCA REEF CONDOMINIUM","BOCA RESERVE","BOCA RESERVE PUD","BOCA RESERVE PUD LT 43","BOCA RICA VILLAS CONDO","BOCA RIDGE","BOCA RIDGE COND DECL","BOCA RIDGE COND DECL FILED 5-13-80","BOCA RIDGE CONDO","BOCA RIDGE GARDEN VILLAS","Boca Ridge Glen","BOCA RIDGE GLEN LAKEFRONT","BOCA RIDGE PARK","BOCA RIDGE PARK COND","BOCA RIDGE PARK COND DECL FILED 1-30-84","Boca Ridge Park Condo","Boca Ridge Villas","BOCA RIO","BOCA RIO \/ BANYAN LAKES","BOCA RIO Banyan lake","BOCA RIO DEV","BOCA RIO HEIGHTS","Boca Rio Heights 01","Boca Rio Heights 02","Boca Rio Heights 03","Boca Rio Heights 1","BOCA RIO HEIGHTS 2","BOCA RIO HEIGHTS 2\/ Estates Boca Lyons","Boca Rio Heights 3","BOCA RIO HEIGHTS ESTATES OF BOCA L","BOCA RIO HEIGHTS PL","BOCA RIO HEIGHTS PL 2","Boca Rio Heights PL3","BOCA RIO HEIGHTS PLA","BOCA RIO HEIGHTS PLAT 1","BOCA RIO HEIGHTS PLAT 1\/Estates of Boca Lyons","BOCA RIO HEIGHTS\/ ESTATES BOCA LYONS","Boca Rio Hts Plat #2","BOCA RIO NORTH","Boca Rio North \/ banyan lake","Boca Rio North \/ Banyan Lakes","BOCA RIO NORTH \/ Banyan Lakes \/ Bermuda Isles","BOCA RIO NORTH BANYAN LAKES","BOCA RIO NORTH REPL","BOCA RIO NORTH REPL \/ BANYAN LAKE","Boca Rio North Repl Banyan Lake","Boca Rio North Repl,Banyan Lakes","BOCA RIO NORTH, BANYAN LAKES","BOCA RIO NORTH,Banyan Lake","BOCA RIO NORTH,BANYAN LAKES","BOCA RIO NORTH*Banyan Lake","BOCA RIO NORTH*BANYAN LAKES*","BOCA RIO NORTH\/ Banyan Lake","BOCA RIO NORTH\/BANYAN LAKE","Boca Rio North\/Banyan lakes","BOCA RIO NORTH\/BERMUDA ISLE","BOCA RIO TOWNHOMES","BOCA RIVERIA","Boca Riviera","BOCA ROSA","BOCA ROSA HEIGHTS","BOCA ROSA HGHTS","BOCA ROSA HGHTS (Golden Triangle)","Boca Rosa Hgts","Boca Rosa HGTS IN","BOCA ROYAL","BOCA ROYAL APTS COND","Boca Royal Apts Cond Bldg B Inc","BOCA ROYAL APTS CONDO","BOCA ROYAL APTS CONDO BUILDING B INC","BOCA ROYAL PALM APTS","Boca Royal Palm Apts Condo","BOCA ROYAL PALM COND","BOCA SAILING","BOCA SAILING & RACQ","BOCA SAILING & RACQU","BOCA SAILING & RACQUET","Boca Sailing & Racquet Club","BOCA SAILING & RAQUE","BOCA SAILING & RACQU","BOCA SAILING + RACQU","Boca Sailing and Racquet","BOCA SAILING AND RACQUET CLUB","BOCA SAILING and RACQUET CLUB\/BOCA SAILING & RACQUET CLUB","Boca Sailing and Racquet ROYAL OAK LANDING SEC 1","BOCA SAILING RACQU","Boca Sailing Racquet","BOCA SOL","BOCA SOUTH","BOCA SOUTH COND","BOCA SOUTH COND AS I","Boca South Cond As In Decl In","BOCA SOUTH CONDO","BOCA SOUTH CONDO - COMBO LOCK BOX","BOCA SOUTH\/DEERHURST","BOCA SOUTHG","Boca Spgs","BOCA SPRINGS","BOCA SQAURE","Boca Square","Boca Square \/ Boca Raton Square","BOCA SQUARE UNIT 18","BOCA SQUARE, BOCA RATON SQUARE","BOCA SQUARE\/BOCA RATON SQUARE","Boca Tecca","BOCA TEECA","BOCA TEECA - BLDG. 7","BOCA TEECA - CONDO 3","boca teeca , 6699 bldg 6, apt 115","Boca teeca , jog,common laundry ,lobby pool,","BOCA TEECA #7 CONDO","Boca Teeca 08 Bldg 04","Boca Teeca 3. well established east boca east.","Boca Teeca 7","Boca Teeca 7 Cond As In Decl In","BOCA TEECA 7 CONDO","Boca Teeca 9","Boca Teeca Bldg. 5 Unit 5","BOCA TEECA C.C.","BOCA TEECA CC","BOCA TEECA CON NO 2","BOCA TEECA COND","Boca Teeca Cond 10","Boca Teeca Cond 2 Decl","BOCA TEECA COND 3","BOCA TEECA COND 6 AS IN DECL IN","Boca Teeca Cond 8 Bldg 1,2 3 And 4 As In Decl In","Boca Teeca Cond 9","BOCA TEECA COND NO 1","BOCA TEECA COND NO 10","BOCA TEECA COND NO 10 BLDG A","BOCA TEECA COND NO 10 BLDG A UNIT 307","BOCA TEECA COND NO 10 BLDG B UNIT PH-23","BOCA TEECA COND NO 10 DECL FILED 4-14-82","BOCA TEECA COND NO 2","BOCA TEECA COND NO 2 5401","BOCA TEECA COND NO 2 DECL IN","BOCA TEECA COND NO 6","BOCA TEECA COND NO 8","BOCA TEECA COND NO 9","BOCA TEECA COND UNIT","BOCA TEECA COND UNIT FIVE","Boca Teeca Cond Unit Five As In Decl In","Boca Teeca Cond Unit Four Lts 2 And 3 Blk 3 And Lt","BOCA TEECA CONDO","Boca Teeca Condo #004","Boca Teeca Condo #8","Boca Teeca Condo #Four","Boca Teeca Condo 03","BOCA TEECA CONDO 1","BOCA TEECA CONDO 1 ALL AGES","BOCA TEECA CONDO 1, Lts 1 to 4 Blk 2","BOCA TEECA CONDO 10","BOCA TEECA CONDO 2","BOCA TEECA CONDO 2 PARCEL 310","BOCA TEECA CONDO 3","BOCA TEECA CONDO 4","BOCA TEECA CONDO 4 Furnished ONLY","BOCA TEECA CONDO 4 LTS 2 & 3 BLK 3 & LTS 4 TO 10 INC BLK 3 BOCA TEECA SEC","BOCA TEECA CONDO 5","BOCA TEECA CONDO 6","BOCA TEECA CONDO 8","Boca Teeca Condo 8 Bldg 1,2 3 And 4 As In Decl In","BOCA TEECA CONDO 8 BLDG 1,2,3 & 4","BOCA TEECA CONDO 9","Boca Teeca Condo II","BOCA TEECA CONDO N09 BLDG","BOCA TEECA CONDO NO 9","Boca Teeca Condo No. 9","Boca Teeca Condo Two","Boca Teeca Condo Unit 01","Boca Teeca Condo Unit 02","Boca Teeca Condo Unit 03","BOCA TEECA CONDO UNIT 04","Boca Teeca Condo Unit 05","Boca Teeca Condo Unit 06","Boca Teeca Condo Unit 07","Boca Teeca Condo Unit 08","Boca Teeca Condo Unit 09","Boca Teeca Condo Unit 10","Boca Teeca Condo Unit One, Lts 1 To 4 Blk 2","Boca Teeca Condo Unit Three S1\/2 Of Lt 3 All","Boca Teeca Condo Unit Three S1\/2 Of Lt 3 All lts 4 thru 11 incl & n1\/2","BOCA TEECA CONDOMINI","BOCA TEECA CONDOMINIMUM","BOCA TEECA CONDOMINIUM","Boca Teeca Condominium #2","Boca Teeca Condominium Assoc # 2","Boca Teeca Condominium unit 03","BOCA TEECA CONDOMINIUM UNIT ONE PARCEL 225","Boca Teeca Condominium Unit One, Lts 1 to 4 Blk 2 of Boca Teeca Sec 1 (PB28P167","BOCA TEECA CONDOMINIUM UNIT ONE, LTS 1 TO 4 BLK 2 OF BOCA TEECA SEC 1 (PB28P167)","BOCA TEECA CONDOMINIUM UNIT THREE S1\/2 OF LT 3 ALL LTS 4 THRU 11 INCL & N1\/2","BOCA TEECA CONDOMINIUM UNIT TWO PARCEL 329","BOCA TEECA COUNTRY C","Boca Teeca Furnished","Boca Teeca III","BOCA TEECA NO 7 COND","BOCA TEECA NO 7 COND PARCEL 310","Boca Teeca No. 1","Boca Teeca Renovated Furnished","Boca Teeca Sec 05","BOCA TEECA SEC 4","Boca Teeca Sec 4 As","BOCA TEECA SEC 5","BOCA TEECA SEC 5 AS","Boca Teeca The Palms at Bocca Teeca","BOCA TEECA-all ages","Boca Teeca, Community Pool , Tennis","BOCA TEECA*","BOCA TEECA\/TEECA WOODS","Boca Terr Cond Ph I And Ii As In Decl In Or261","BOCA TERRACE","BOCA TERRACE COND","BOCA TERRACE COND PH","BOCA TERRACE COND PHASE I & II","BOCA TERRACE COND PHASE I&II","BOCA TERRACE CONDO","BOCA TERRACE CONDO PH 01 & 02","BOCA TERRACE CONDO PH I AND II OR261","BOCA TERRACE CONDO PH I AND II OR261","BOCA TERRACE CONDO PHASE 1 UNIT 201 BLDG 872","BOCA TERRACE CONDOMINIUM","Boca Terrace Condos","BOCA TERRACE I","Boca Tierra","BOCA TIERRA - COLONNADE","Boca Tierra @ Colonnade","Boca Tierra \/ Colonnade","BOCA TIERRA 1ST SEC","BOCA TIERRA 1ST SECT","BOCA TIERRA 1ST SECTION","Boca Tierra 2Nd Sec","BOCA TIERRA 2ND SEC \/ LAKEWOOD OAKS","Boca Tierra 2nd Sec\/ Lakewood Oaks","Boca Tierra 2nd Sec\/Lakewood","BOCA TIERRA 2ND SEC\/LAKEWOOD OAKS","BOCA TIERRA 3RD SEC","BOCA TIERRA 3RD SEC \/ COLONNADE","BOCA TIERRA 3RD SECT","BOCA TIERRA AT COLONNADE","BOCA TIERRA COLONNADE","Boca Tierra Sec 01","Boca Tierra Sec 02","Boca Tierra Sec 02\/Boca Lake","Boca Tierra Sec 03","Boca Tierra,Colonnade","Boca Tierra@Colonnade","BOCA TIERRA\/COLONNAD","BOCA TIERRA\/Colonnade","BOCA TOWERS","BOCA TOWERS COND","BOCA TOWERS CONDO","BOCA TOWERS CONDO PORTION","Boca Towers Condo Portion Par 5 Of Pt Of","BOCA TOWERS CONDOMIN","BOCA TOWERS CONDOMINIUM","BOCA TOWERS CONDOS","BOCA TOWERS WEST","BOCA TOWN CENTER","BOCA TOWN CENTRE","BOCA TOWNE CENTER","BOCA TOWNE CENTRE","BOCA TOWNE CENTRE BLDG C","BOCA TOWNE CENTRE CO","Boca Towne Centre Cond","Boca Towne Centre Cond A-E","BOCA TOWNE CENTRE COND A,B,C,D & E","BOCA TOWNE CENTRE COND A,B,C,D AND E AS IN DECL IN","BOCA TOWNE CENTRE CONDO","Boca Towne Centre Condo A-E","Boca Trace","BOCA TRAIL","Boca Trails","Boca Trails 01","Boca Trails 02","BOCA TRAILS 1","Boca Trails 1 As","BOCA TRAILS 2","Boca Trails 2 As","BOCA TRAILS PL NO 2","BOCA TRAILS PLAT 1","BOCA TRAILS PLAT 1 A","BOCA TRAILS PLAT 1 LOT 72","Boca Tudor","Boca Verde","BOCA VERDE COND","BOCA VERDE COND W 34","Boca Verde Cond W 345 Ft Of E 801.51 Ft Of Sw 1\/4","BOCA VERDE CONDO","BOCA VERDE CONDO W 345 FT OF E 801.51 FT OF SW 1\/4","Boca Verde East","BOCA VERDE EAST COND","BOCA VERDE EAST COND ELY 453.08 FT OF SW 1\/4 LYG S","BOCA VERDE EAST COND ELY 453.08 FT OF SW 1\/4 LYG S OF WINFIELD PK UNIT 1","BOCA VERDE EAST CONDO","Boca Verde East,","Boca View","BOCA VIEW CONDO","BOCA VIEW CONDOMINIU","BOCA VIEW CONDOMINIUM","BOCA VIEW CONDOMINIUM UNIT4P","BOCA VILLA","BOCA VILLAGE","Boca Village Condo Ph 01","BOCA VILLAGE EXECUTIVE CENTRE CONDO","BOCA VILLAGE PH I CONDO","BOCA VILLAGE PH I-A CONDO","Boca Village Ph II Cond As in Decl In","BOCA VILLAGE PH II CONDO","BOCA VILLAGE PHASE I","BOCA VILLAGE PHASE I-A COND","BOCA VILLAGE, Village at Boca","BOCA VILLAS","Boca Villas (Whisem A)","Boca Villas (Whisem)","BOCA VILLAS HEIGHTS","Boca Villas Hgts","BOCA VILLAS HGTS IN","Boca Villas Mizner Park Area","Boca Villas Sec A","Boca Villas Sec B","BOCA VILLAS SEC B IN","BOCA VILLAS SEC C","BOCA VILLAS SEC C IN","Boca Villas Sec C IN PB 24 PGS 131 & 132","BOCA VILLAS SEC C IN PB 24 PGS 131 AND 132","BOCA VILLAS, GOLDEN TRIANGLE","BOCA VILLAS, GOLDEN TRIANGLE, MIZNER PARK","BOCA VILLAS\/KINGS COURT","BOCA VILLAS\/WHISEM","BOCA VISA","BOCA VISTA","Boca Vista \/ Boca Landings","Boca Vista Boca Raton","BOCA VISTA CONDO","BOCA VISTA ESTATE","Boca Vista Estates","BOCA VISTA ESTATES \/ BOCA LANDINGS NORTH","BOCA VISTA ESTATES-BOCA LANDINGS NORTH","Boca Vista Estates,BOCA LANDINGS NORTH","BOCA VISTA ESTATES\/BOCA LANDINGS","BOCA VISTA ESTATES\/BOCA LANDINGS NORTH","Boca Vista Estates\/Boca Landings North 2","BOCA VISTA SUB OF BO","BOCA VISTA SUB OF BOCA RATON","BOCA VISTA SUB OF BOCA RATON IN","BOCA VISTA. THE VISTAS","BOCA VISTA\/BOCA LANDINGS","BOCA VISTAS","Boca Walk","BOCA WALK-LBX","Boca West","Boca West QUAIL HOLLOW","Boca West - Courtside","Boca West - Watersedge","Boca West - Willow Wood","BOCA WEST \/ BRIDGEWOOD","BOCA WEST \/ CEDAR GLEN","Boca West \/ Clubside","Boca West \/ Courtside","Boca West BRIDGEWOOD","Boca West Bridgewood 01-03","BOCA WEST COUNTRY CLUB","Boca West Country Club Bridgewood","BOCA WEST DRIVE TO PLANTATION COLONY , SECTION 8","BOCA WEST LAKESIDE","BOCA WEST PAR E-4","BOCA WEST PINE LAKE","BOCA WEST PLANTERS POINT","BOCA WEST REPLAT OF HAMLET S","BOCA WEST-PINELAKE","BOCA WEST\/BRIDGEWOOD","Boca West\/Cedar Glen","BOCA WEST\/CHARTER CA","BOCA WEST\/COURTSIDE","BOCA WEST\/HAMMOCS","BOCA WEST\/LAKEWOOD","BOCA WEST\/LAUREL OAK","BOCA WEST\/PINE LAKE","BOCA WEST\/PLANTATION","BOCA WEST\/QUAIL HOLL","BOCA WEST\/SABAL LAKE","BOCA WEST\/WILLOW WOO","BOCA WEST\/WILLOWWOOD","BOCA WIND","Boca Winds","Boca Winds Waterway","BOCA WINDS : HERITAGE SQUARE","Boca Winds \/ Ashley Park","BOCA WINDS \/ Bay Winds","Boca Winds \/ Baybury","BOCA WINDS \/ CARLYLE ESTATES","BOCA WINDS \/ HAMPTON","BOCA WINDS \/ HAMPTON BAY","BOCA WINDS \/ HAMPTON PARK","BOCA WINDS \/ HAPMTON PARK","Boca winds \/ Heritage square","BOCA WINDS \/ Monterey","BOCA WINDS \/ Monterey Bay","BOCA WINDS \/ REGENCY","Boca Winds \/ Regency Place","Boca Winds \/ Regency Square","Boca Winds \/ Waters Edge","BOCA WINDS \/ WATERS EDGE ESTATES","Boca winds \/ waterways","Boca Winds \/Ashley Park","BOCA WINDS \/REGENCY","BOCA WINDS 04","BOCA WINDS 04 \/ ASHLY PARK","BOCA WINDS BAYBURY","BOCA WINDS CARLYLE","BOCA WINDS CARLYLE ESTATES","Boca Winds Hampton Park","BOCA WINDS HERITAGE","BOCA WINDS HERITAGE SQ","BOCA WINDS heritage square","BOCA WINDS HERTIAGE","BOCA WINDS MONTEREY","BOCA WINDS MONTEREY BAY","Boca Winds Par A","BOCA WINDS PAR A \/ Heritage Square","BOCA WINDS PAR A. Heritage Square","BOCA WINDS PAR D-1","BOCA WINDS PAR D-2","BOCA WINDS PAR D-2\/ Carlyle Estates","BOCA WINDS PAR E","BOCA WINDS PAR ETHE WATERWAYS","BOCA WINDS PAR F","Boca Winds Par G","BOCA WINDS PAR G LT","BOCA WINDS PAR G LT","BOCA WINDS PAR N","BOCA WINDS PAR N - Baybury","BOCA WINDS PAR N BAYBURY BAY WINDS","Boca Winds Parcel N","BOCA WINDS PL 4","Boca Winds Prcl A","Boca Winds Prcl D1","Boca Winds Prcl D2","Boca Winds Prcl E","Boca Winds Prcl F","Boca Winds Prcl F \/ Regency","Boca Winds Prcl F \/ Regency Place","Boca Winds Prcl G","Boca Winds Prcl N","Boca Winds Regency","Boca Winds REGENCY PLACE","BOCA WINDS WATERS ED","Boca Winds Waters Edge","BOCA WINDS WATERS EDGE ENCLAVE","BOCA WINDS WATERS EDGE ESTATES","Boca Winds Waterway","BOCA WINDS WATERWAYS","BOCA WINDS- Monterey","BOCA WINDS-CARLYLE ESTATES","BOCA WINDS-WATERS EDGE ENCLAVE","BOCA WINDS-WATERWAYS","BOCA WINDS, ASHLEY PARK","Boca Winds, Heritage Square","BOCA WINDS,ASHLEY PARK","Boca Winds,Waterways","BOCA WINDS: REGENCY PLACE","BOCA WINDS\/ HERITAGE SQUARE","Boca Winds\/ Ashley Park","Boca Winds\/ Heritage Square","BOCA WINDS\/ REGENCY","BOCA WINDS\/ REGENCY PLACE","BOCA WINDS\/ WATERSEDGE ENCLAVE","BOCA WINDS\/ASHLEY","Boca Winds\/Ashley Park","BOCA WINDS\/ASHLEY PK","BOCA WINDS\/BAYBERRY","BOCA WINDS\/CARLYLE E","BOCA WINDS\/CARLYLE ESTATES","BOCA WINDS\/HAMPTON","BOCA WINDS\/HAMPTON PARK","BOCA WINDS\/HERITAGE","Boca Winds\/Heritage Square","BOCA WINDS\/MONTEREY","Boca Winds\/MONTEREY BAY","Boca Winds\/Regence","BOCA WINDS\/REGENCY","Boca Winds\/Regency Place","BOCA WINDS\/WATERS E","BOCA WINDS\/WATERS ED","BOCA WINDS\/WATERS EDGE ENCLAVE","Boca Winds\/Waters Edge Estates","BOCA WINDS\/WATERSEDG","BOCA WINDS\/WATERWAYS","BOCA WINDS\\\\HERITAGE","BOCA WINDS\\\\WATERWAYS","BOCA WOOD EAST","Boca Woods","BOCA WOODS CC","BOCA WOODS COUNTRY","BOCA WOODS COUNTRY C","BOCA WOODS COUNTRY CLUB","Boca Woods Country Club 04","Boca Woods Country Club 05","Boca Woods Country Club 06","Boca Woods Country Club 07","Boca Woods Country Club 08","Boca Woods Country Club 09","BOCA WOODS COUNTRY CLUB 10","Boca Woods Country Club 11","BOCA WOODS COUNTRY CLUB 4","BOCA WOODS COUNTRY CLUB 4 IN PB 48 P 16 LOT 13 BLK 16","BOCA WOODS COUNTRY CLUB 5","BOCA WOODS COUNTRY CLUB 6","BOCA WOODS COUNTRY CLUB 7","BOCA WOODS COUNTRY CLUB 8","BOCA WOODS COUNTRY CLUB 9","Boca Woods Country Club P","Boca Woods Country Club Ph 01","Boca Woods Country Club Ph 02","Boca Woods Country Club Ph 03a","Boca Woods Country Club Ph 03b","Boca Woods Country Club Ph 1","BOCA WOODS COUNTRY CLUB PH 2","Boca Woods Country Club Ph 3A","Boca Woods Country Club Ph 3B","BOCA WOODS COUNTRY CLUB PHASE 3B","BOCA WOODS COUNTRY CLUB PL 10","BOCA WOODS COUNTRY CLUB PL 5","BOCA WOODS COUNTRY CLUB.","Boca Woods IN","Boca Woods Replat","BOCA WOODS REPLAT IN","BOCA-POINTE-PLUM","BOCADUNES SANDALFOOT","BOCAFALLS PAR K","BOCAIRE","Bocaire CC","Bocaire Country Club","BOCAIRE COUNTRY GOLF CLUB","BOCAIRE GOLF","Bocaire Golf and Country Club","BOCAIRE GOLF CC","Bocaire Golf Club","Bocaire Golf Club 01","Bocaire Golf Club 02","Bocaire Golf Club 03","BOCAIRE GOLF CLUB 1","Bocaire Golf Club 2","BOCAIRE GOLF CLUB 3","BOCAIRE GOLF CLUB NO 1","BocaLakes Condominium","Bocan Teeca Condo Unit Five","Bocar","Bocar at Boca Raton","BOCAR CONDO","BOCAR CONDO WITH GARAGE","BOCAR CONDOMINIUM","Bocar Condominium Unit 106 building 3131","Bocar Condominiums","Bocara","Bocara Condo","BOCARA,BACARA","BOCARRA CONDO","Boco Grove \/ Los Rayos","BONAIRE","BONIELLO ACRES","BONIELLOS ACRES","Boniellos Acres Ph 02","Boniellos Acres Ph 2","BONIELLOS ACRES PHAS","BOULEVARD COMMERCE PARK","BRAEMAR ISLE","Braemar Isle Condo","BRAMALEA","BRAMALEA UNICORP BOC","BRAMALEA UNICORP BOCA RATON","Bramalea Unicorp Boca Raton 2Nd Add","Bramalea Unicorp Boca Raton First Add","BRAMALEA UNICORP BOCA RATON FIRST ADDITION","BRAMALEA UNICORP BOCA RATON; WATERSIDE","BREAKERS","Breakers At Boca","BREAKERS AT BOCA CON","Breakers At Boca Condo","BREAKERS OF BOCA","BRENTBROOK AT BOCA CHASE","BRENTBROOK\/BOCA CHAS","BRENTWOOD","BRENTWOOD BOCA","Brentwood Boca Ph 01","Brentwood Boca Ph 02","BRENTWOOD BOCA PH 04 & 05","Brentwood Boca Ph 06","BRENTWOOD COMMUNITY, INC.","BRENTWOOD ESTATES","Brentwood of Boca","BRENTWOOD OF BOCA BCI VILLAS","BRENTWOOD OF BOCA ESTATES","BRENTWOOD OF BOCA PH","BRENTWOOD OF BOCA PH 1","Brentwood Of Boca Ph 2","Brentwood Of Boca Ph 3","BRENTWOOD OF BOCA PH 4 AN","Brentwood Of Boca Ph 4 And 5","BRENTWOOD OF BOCA PH 6","BRENTWOOD OF BOCA PH I","Brentwood Villas","BRIARCLIFF","BRIARCLIFF AT WOODFI","BRIARCLIFF AT WOODFIELD CC","BRIARCLIFF AT WOODFIELD COUNTRY CLUB","BRIARCLIFF\/WOODFIELD","Bridewood","Bridge wood","BRIDGEPOINTE","Bridgepointe \/ Broken Sound","BRIDGEPOINTE AT BROK","Bridgepointe At Broken Sound Con","BRIDGEPOINTE AT BROKEN SOUND CONDO","BRIDGEPOINTE\/BROKEN","BRIDGES MIZNER PUD BRIDGES SOUTH PLAT FIVE","BRIDGES MIZNER PUD BRIDGES SOUTH PLAT ON","BRIDGES MIZNER PUD BRIDGES SOUTH PLAT ONE","BRIDGES MIZNER PUD BRIDGES SOUTH PLAT SEVEN","Bridges Mizner PUD Bridges South Plat Six","BRIDGES MIZNER PUD BRIDGES SOUTH PLAT THREE","BRIDGEWOOD","BRIDGEWOOD - PINE LAKE CONDO","BRIDGEWOOD \/ BOCA WEST C.C.","BRIDGEWOOD AT BOCA WEST","BRIDGEWOOD AT BOCA WEST C.C","BRIDGEWOOD BOCA WEES","Bridgewood Dr","Bridgewood Mid Rise\/Boca West","BRIDGEWOOD MID-RISE","Bridgewood Mid-Rise Cond I And Ii","BRIDGEWOOD MID-RISE CONDO","BRIDGEWOOD MID-RISE CONDO 11","BRIDGEWOOD MID-RISE CONDO 2","Bridgewood Mid-Rise Condo II","BRIDGEWOOD MIDRISE","Bridgewood Midrise Condo 01-02","Bridgewood Townhouse","BRIDGEWOOD TOWNHOUSE COND I II & III","Bridgewood Townhouse Cond I Ii And Iii As In Decl","BRIDGEWOOD TOWNHOUSE CONDO","BRIDGEWOOD TOWNHOUSE CONDO 3","Bridgewood Twnhs Condo","Bridgewood Twnhs Condo 01-03","BRIDGEWOOD VILLA COND","BRIDGEWOOD VILLA CONDO","Bridgewood Villas","Bridgewood.","BRIDGEWOOD\/ BOCA WEST C.C.","BRIDGEWOOD\/BOCA WEST","BRIGEWOOD","Brighton","BRIGHTON AT CENTURY","Brighton At Century Vilage","Brighton at Century Village","BRIGHTON AT CENTURY VILLAGE COND DECL FILED 3-27-79 OR3030 P1355,3034 P1498,3042 P653,","BRIGHTON AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","BRIGHTON AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO.","Brighton At Century Vlg Condo","Brighton Century Village","BRIGHTON CONDO","BRIGHTON, CENTURY VILLAGE","BROKEN SOUND","Broken Sound \/whisper Trace","BROKEN SOUND - BANYA","BROKEN SOUND - HARBOUR GREEN OF UNIVERSITY PARK","BROKEN SOUND \/ OAK","Broken Sound BANYANS","BROKEN SOUND BAY POINTE","Broken Sound CC","BROKEN SOUND CEDAR C","broken sound cedar cay","BROKEN SOUND CLOISTER","BROKEN SOUND CLUBSID","Broken Sound Community - Cedar Cay Subdivision","BROKEN SOUND COUNTRY CLUB. CEDAR CAY.","Broken Sound Laurel Pointe","BROKEN SOUND NASSAU BAY","Broken Sound Oak Run","BROKEN SOUND OF UNIVERSITY PARK PAR 18","BROKEN SOUND OF UNIVERSITY PARK PAR 28","BROKEN SOUND OF UNIVERSITY PARK PAR 28BAY ISLE","BROKEN SOUND PAR 13-B Fairway Lake","BROKEN SOUND PAR 29","BROKEN SOUND WHISPER","Broken Sound-Banyans","BROKEN SOUND-LAUREL","BROKEN SOUND-WATER OAK ESTATES","BROKEN SOUND, OAK RU","BROKEN SOUND\/BANYANS","BROKEN SOUND\/BAY POI","Broken Sound\/Bermuda Run","BROKEN SOUND\/CEDAR","BROKEN SOUND\/CEDAR C","Broken Sound\/Clubside Point","BROKEN SOUND\/FAIRWAY","BROKEN SOUND\/LAUREL","Broken Sound\/Laurel Pointe","BROKEN SOUND\/NASSAU","BROKEN SOUND\/OAK","BROKEN SOUND\/OAK RUN","BROKEN SOUND\/TIMBER","BROKEN SOUND\/TIMBERM","BROKEN SOUND\/VINTAGE","BROOK HAVEN OF BOCA RATON","BROOKFIELD","BROOKFIELD SEC 1","BROOKFIELD SEC 2","Brookfield\/Boca Del Mar","BROOKHAVEN","Brookhaven Boca Raton","BROOKHAVEN OF BOCA RATON","Brookwood","Brookwood at Boca West","BROOKWOOD BOCA WEST","BROOKWOOD OF BOCA WEST CONDO","BUENA VISTA","BUENAVISTA","BUENAVISTA \/ Cloisters","BUENAVISTA CLOISTERS","BUENAVISTA\/CLOISTER","BUENAVISTA\/CLOISTERS","Caldwell Heights","CALDWELL HEIGHTS","CALDWELL HEIGHTS IN","CAMBRIDGE","Cambridge Park","Cambridge Park (golf membership)","Cambridge Park at Woodfield CC","Cambridge Park at Woodfield Country Club","CAMBRIDGE PARK WOODFIELD","CAMBRIDGE PARK WOODFIELD CC","CAMBRIDGE PARK\/WOODF","CAMBRIDGE WOODFIELD","CAMBRIDGE\/WOODFIELD","CAMELOT VILLAGE","CAMEO WOODS","Cameo Woods Cond As In Decl In","CAMEO WOODS CONDO","CAMINO DEL QUINTA","Camino Del Sol","CAMINO GARDEN VILLAS","CAMINO GARDENS","Camino Gardens in East Boca Raton","Camino Gardens Sec 01","Camino Gardens Sec 02","Camino Gardens Sec 03","CAMINO GARDENS SEC 1","CAMINO GARDENS SEC 1 IN PB 27 PGS 139 & 140","Camino Gardens Sec 1 In Pb 27 Pgs 139 And 140","CAMINO GARDENS SEC 2","CAMINO GARDENS SEC 3","CAMINO GARDENS VILLA","Camino Gardens Villas","Camino Gdns Sec 2 In Pb 27 P 214 And 215","CAMINO LAKES","Camino Lakes Unit 01","Camino Lakes Unit 02","CAMINO LAKES UNIT 2","CAMINO NORTH","CAMINO NORTH COND AS","Camino North Cond As In Decl In","CAMINO NORTH CONDO","CAMINO RAEL VILLAGE","CAMINO REAL","CAMINO REAL 5 COND","CAMINO REAL COND DEC","CAMINO REAL CONDO","Camino Real Village","CAMINO REAL VILLAGE 01-06","CAMINO REAL VILLAGE CONDO","Camino Real Village Condos","CAMINO REAL VILLAGE CONDS I THRU VI DECLS IN OR3299P1658 3405P359 3530P970 4378P562 &","Camino Real Villas","CAMINO REAL VLG CONDO I THRU VI DECLS IN OR329","Camino Real Vlg Conds I Thru Vi Decls In Or329","Camino Woods","Camino Woods 02","CAMINO WOODS 1","Camino Woods I","CAMINO WOODS II","Campus Heights","CAMPUS HGTS IN","CANARY PALM","CANARY PALM CLUB","CANARY PALM CLUB-LOC","CANARY POINT","Canary Pointe","Canary Pointe Boca Hermosa","CANDLEWOOD","CANDLEWOOD at Boca Country Club","CANDLEWOOD- Boca Country Club","CANDLEWOOD, BOCA GOLF AND TENNIS","CANDLEWOOD\/BOCA COUNTRY CLUB","CANINO LAKES","CAPE SABAL","Cape Sable","CAPE SABLE LAKES AT","Cape Sable\/Lakes at Boca Raton","CAPELLA","Capella 01","CAPELLA 02","CAPELLA 1","Capella 1 \/ Saturnia","Capella 2","CAPELLA PL 1","Captiva","CARAVELLE","Caravelle at Boca Pointe","CARAVELLE, BOCA POINTE","CARAVELLE\/BOCA POINT","CARAVELLE\/Boca Pointe","CARIBBEAN","CARIBBEAN AT BOCA BA","CARIBBEAN AT BOCA BAYOU","CARIBBEAN AT BOCA BAYOU CONDO","CARIBBEAN KEYES","CARIBBEAN KEYS","Caribbean Keys 01","Caribbean Keys 1","CARIBBEAN KEYS PL 1","CARIBBEAN KEYS PL 1 LT 6 BLK","CARIBBEAN KEYS PLAT","CARIBBEAN KEYS PLAT 1","CARIBBEAN KEYS PLAT 1 IN","CARIBBEAN\/BOCA BAYOU COND","CARLTON","CARLTON CONDO","CARLTON ESTATES","Carlton Place","Carlton Place at Woodfield CC","CARLTON-UNIT PH1B","CARLYLE ESTATES","CARLYLE ESTATES AT BOCA WINDS","CARLYLE ESTATES BOCA WINDS","CARLYLE ESTATES\/BOCA WINDS","Carriage Hill","CARRIAGE HOMES","CARRIAGE HOMES AT WOODFIELD HUNT","Carriage Homes at Woodfield Hunt Club","Carriage Homes OF WOODFIELD","Carriage Homes of woodfield hunt","Carriage Homes Woodfield Hunt Club","CARRIAGE HOUSES","CARRIAGE HOUSES - FAIRFIELD","Carriage Houses 01 Condo Bldg 01","CARRIAGE HOUSES I CO","CARRIAGE HOUSES I CONDO","CARRIAGE HOUSES I CONDO \/ FAIRFIELD AT BOCA","CARRIAGE HOUSES I CONDO DECL FILED 3-18-86- IN OR4821P552","CARRIAGE HOUSES I CONDO FAIRFIELD AT BOCA","Carriage Houses of Fairfield","CARRIAGE HOUSES of FAIRFIELD AT BOCA","CARRIAGE TRADE","CARRIBBEAN KEYS","CARRIBEAN KEYS","Carron House","CASA DEL MAR","CASA DEL RIO","CASA DEL RIO COND","CASA DEL RIO COND DE","CASA DEL RIO COND DECL FILED 3-20-","CASA DEL RIO COND DECL FILED 3-20-80","CASA DEL RIO CONDO","CASA DEL RIO Condominium.","Casa Del Rio Condominiums","Casa Nueva","casa nueva 1st floor","CASA NUEVA COND","CASA NUEVA COND 1 TH","CASA NUEVA COND 1 THRU 4","Casa Nueva Cond 1 Thru 4 As In Or3868p503,3950P407","CASA NUEVA CONDO","Casa Nueva Condo 01-04","Casa Nueva Condo 4","casa nueva condo unit 104","Casa Sul Lago","Casa Sul Lago \/ BOCA FONTANA TR E","casas nueva","Cascades \/ Boca Falls","Cascades Boca Falls","CASCADES\/BOCA FALLS","CASTEL DEL MAR","castel dle mar","Castel Garden","CASTEL GARDENS","CASTEL GARDENS,CASTEL DEL MAR","CATALINA","CATALINA \/ POLO CLUB","CATALINA \/ THE POLO CLUB","CATALINA \/POLO CLUB","Catalina At Polo Club Condo","CATALINA AT THE POLO","Catalina at the Polo Club","CATALINA AT THE POLO CLUB CONDO","CATALINA AT THE POLO CLUB CONDUNIT 16U","CATALINA POLO CLUB","CATALINA THE POLO CLUB","Catalina\/Polo Club","CAULDWELL HEIGHTS","Cedar Cay","Cedar Cay at Broken Sound","CEDAR CAY AT BROKEN SOUND COUNTRY CLUB","CEDAR CAY BROKEN SOUND","CEDAR CAY\/ BROKEN SOUND","CEDAR CAY\/ BROKEN SOUND COUNTRY CLUB","CEDAR CAY\/BROKEN SOU","Cedar Glen","CEDAR GLEN IN BOCA W","CEDAR GLEN IN BOCA WEST","Cedar Glen In Boca West Par H4","CEDAR RIDGE","CEDARWOOD","CEDARWOOD BOCA WEST","CEDARWOOD OF BOCA WE","CEDARWOOD OF BOCA WEST","Ceder Glen","Center Hill Courts","CENTER OF BOCA BARWO","Centra","CENTRA \/BLUE LAKE TOWNHOMES","Centra Blue lake Townhomes LT 22","CENTRA - BLUE LAKE TOWNHOMES","CENTRA (BLUE LAKE TOWNHOME)","Centra (Blue Lake)","CENTRA @ BLUE LAKE TOWNHOMES","CENTRA \/ BLUE LAKE","Centra \/ BLUE LAKE TOWNHOMES","CENTRA \/ BLUE LAKES TOWNHOMES","CENTRA BLUE LAKE","Centra Blue Lake Townhome","CENTRA Blue Lake Townhomes","CENTRA TOWNHOMES","Centra- Blue Lakes Townhomes","Centra-BLUE LAKE TOWNHOMES","CENTRA, BLUE LAKE TOWNHOMES","CENTRA\/ BLUE LAKE","CENTRA\/ BLUE LAKE TOWNHOMES","Centra\/Blue Lake","CENTRA\/BLUE LAKE TOWNHOMES","CentraBlue Lake Townhouses","Central Park","Central Park - Peninsula Village","Central Park - Peninsula Village Greens","Central Park (Peninsula Village Greens)","Central Park (Peninsula Vlg Greens)","CENTRAL PARK \/ PENINSULA VILLAGE GREENS","CENTRAL PARK \/ PENINSULA VILLAGE GREENS","CENTRAL PARK AT PENINSULA VILLAGE GREENS","Central Park in Peninsula Village Green","Central Park in Peninsula Village Greens","CENTRAL PARK OF BOCA","CENTRAL PARK PENINSULA VILLAGE GREENS","Central Park Townhomes","Central Park, PENINSULA VILLAGE GREENS","CENTRAL PARK. PENINSULA VILLAGE GREENS","CENTRAL PARK\/PENINSULA GREENS","CENTRAL PARK\/PENINSULA VILLAGE GREENS","Central Park\/Peninsula Vlg Greens","CENTRAL PARKPENINSULA VILLAGE GREENS","Centre at Boca Barwood","CENTRE HILL","CENTRE HILL COURT","CENTRE HILL COURTS","CENTRE HILL COURTS C","CENTRE HILL COURTS COND AS IN DECL IN","CENTRE HILL COURTS CONDO","CENTRE OF BOCA BARWO","CENTRUY VILLAGE","CENTURY VILLAGE","Century Vilalge","CENTURY VILLAG","CENTURY VILLAG @BRIGHTON","CENTURY VILLAGE","CENTURY VILLAGE DORSET","CENTURY VILLAGE BRIGHTON H","Century Village BRIGHTON D","CENTURY VILLAGE BRIGHTON C","CENTURY VILLAGE BRIGHTON G","CENTURY VILLAGE FANSHAW","Century Village BRIGHTON","CENTURY VILLAGE BRIGHTON A","CENTURY VILLAGE BRIGHTON J","Century Village DORSET","CENTURY VILLAGE FANSHAW","CENTURY VILLAGE FANSHAW C","CENTURY VILLAGE MANSFIELD","Century Village MANSFIELD AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","CENTURY VILLAGE MANSFIELD D","CENTURY VILLAGE MANSFIELD L","CENTURY VILLAGE - 55+ Community","Century Village - Brighton","Century Village - Cornwall","CENTURY VILLAGE - FANSHAW","CENTURY VILLAGE - Fanshaw at Century Village","CENTURY VILLAGE - HYTHE","Century Village - Mansfield","Century Village - Mansfield K","Century VIllage - Mansfield Section","Century Village - Newcastle","Century Village - Wolverton","CENTURY VILLAGE -CORNWALL","Century Village -Exeter A","Century Village -Yarmouth","Century Village , Fanshaw K","CENTURY VILLAGE , REXFORD","CENTURY VILLAGE ( Fanshaw B)","Century Village \/ Brighton","CENTURY VILLAGE \/ Cornwall","Century Village \/ Exeter","CENTURY VILLAGE \/ EXETER A","Century Village \/ Fanshaw","CENTURY VILLAGE \/ Mansfield","CENTURY VILLAGE \/ REXFORD","CENTURY VILLAGE \/MANSFIELD","CENTURY VILLAGE \/SUFFOLK","Century Village 55+ Community","CENTURY VILLAGE AINSLE A","Century Village at Brighton","CENTURY VILLAGE AT DORSET","CENTURY VILLAGE AT LINCOLN B CONDO","CENTURY VILLAGE BOCA","Century Village Boca Raton","Century Village Boca Raton - Mansfield M Bldg","CENTURY VILLAGE BOCA RATON PRESTON","CENTURY VILLAGE BRIGHTON","CENTURY VILLAGE Brighton At Century Vlg Condo","CENTURY VILLAGE BRIGHTON H","Century Village Building E","CENTURY VILLAGE COND","CENTURY VILLAGE COND DECL FILED 10-22-79 OR3158 P1165,3158 P1296","CENTURY VILLAGE COND E PAR 1097","CENTURY VILLAGE COND E PAR 2099","CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO EXETER","CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO - AINSLIE","CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO - LINCOLN","CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO (Suffolk G)","CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO Ainslie","CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO at Ainslie","CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO AT MANSFIELD","CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO Brighton","CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO CORNWALL","CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO REXFORD","CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO-BRIGHTON","CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO, EXETER","CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO. HYTHE","CENTURY VILLAGE CONDOMINI","Century Village Cornwall C","CENTURY VILLAGE CORNWALL D","CENTURY VILLAGE DORSET","Century Village Dorset at Century Vlg Condo","CENTURY VILLAGE Dorset CONDO","CENTURY VILLAGE DORSET F","CENTURY VILLAGE EXETER","CENTURY VILLAGE EXETER D","CENTURY VILLAGE EXETER E","CENTURY VILLAGE FANS","CENTURY VILLAGE FANSHAW","CENTURY VILLAGE FANSHAW H","CENTURY VILLAGE FANSHAW I","CENTURY VILLAGE FANSHAW M","Century Village Guildford","Century Village Guildford D","CENTURY VILLAGE HYTHE","CENTURY VILLAGE HYTHE C","CENTURY VILLAGE LINCOLN","Century Village Mansfield","Century Village MANSFIELD AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","CENTURY VILLAGE MANSFIELD E","CENTURY VILLAGE N","CENTURY VILLAGE NEWCASTLE","Century Village Newcastle A","Century Village of Boca Raton","CENTURY VILLAGE PRESTON","CENTURY VILLAGE PRESTON E","Century Village Preston I","Century Village speaks for itself. Spacious Clubhouse, activities, buses, security. Also Synagogue.","Century Village Suffolk","CENTURY VILLAGE SUFFOLK C","CENTURY VILLAGE W MA","CENTURY VILLAGE WEST","CENTURY VILLAGE WEST PL 1","CENTURY VILLAGE WEST PL 2","CENTURY VILLAGE WEST PL 3","CENTURY VILLAGE WOLVERTON","Century Village Yarmouth","Century Village- Guildford E","Century Village--FANSHAW","Century Village-Ainslie","Century Village-Boca Raton","CENTURY VILLAGE-FANSHAW","Century Village-Lincoln A","Century Village-Preston","CENTURY VILLAGE-PRESTON I","CENTURY VILLAGE-SUFF","CENTURY VILLAGE-SUFFOLK","Century Village, BRIGHTON AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","Century Village, Cornwall B","Century Village, Exeter","CENTURY VILLAGE, EXETER D","CENTURY VILLAGE, SUFFOLK","CENTURY VILLAGE,EXETER","CENTURY VILLAGE\/ CORNWALL","Century Village\/Ainslie","CENTURY VILLAGE\/BOCA","CENTURY VILLAGE\/BRIGHTON","Century Village\/Cornwall","Century Village\/Dorset","Century Village\/Fanshaw","Century Village\/Guildford","CENTURY VILLAGE\/HYTHE","CENTURY VILLAGE\/LINCOLN","CENTURY VILLAGE\/MANS","CENTURY VILLAGE\/MANSFIELD","CENTURY VILLAGE\/REXFORD","CENTURY VILLAGE\/WOLVERTON","CENTURY VILLAGEA","CENTURY VILLAGEExeter","Century VillageHythe","CENTURY VILLGAE","CENTURY VLG","CENTURY VLG.","Century Vlllage Condo","Cetury Village Boca Raton","CETURY VILLAGE CONDO","CHALFONTE","CHALFONTE ALL NEW","Chalfonte Cond","Chalfonte Cond Apt 2302 Bldg South","CHALFONTE COND AS IN","Chalfonte Cond As In Decl In","CHALFONTE CONDO","Chalfonte Condoi","Chalfonte Condominium","CHALFONTE NORTH","CHALFONTE VIEWS!!","Chapel Creek","CHARLESTON ACE","CHARLESTON PLACE","Charleston Place Amd","Charleston Place Amd Pl","CHARLESTON PLACE AME","CHARLESTON PLACE AMENDED PL","Charter Cay","CHARTER CAY CONDO","Charter Cay.","CHARTER CAY\/BOCA WES","CHATAM HILLS","CHATEAU AT BOCA GROVE PLANTATION CONDO","Chateau On Knoll","Chateau On Knoll Ph 01","Chateau On Knoll Ph 02","CHATEAU ON THE KNOLL","Chateau On The Knoll Ph 2","CHATEAU ON THE KNOLL PHASE 2","CHATHAM HILL","CHATHAM HILLS","CHATHAM HILLS LT 25 BLK","CHATHAM HILLS IN","CHATHAM HILLS SEC B","CHRIS APARTMENTS","Cimarron","Cimarron \/loggers run","Cimarron at Logger\\'s Run","CIMARRON AT LOGGERS RUN","Cimarron Loggers Run","Cimarron Sec 01","CIMARRON SEC 02","CIMARRON SEC ONE","Cimarron Sec Two","Cimarron Section 1","CIMARRON SECTION ONE","CIMARRON SECTION TWO","CIMARRON, Loggers Run, Cimaron","Cimarron,Loggers Run","CIMARRON\/Loggers Run","CIMMARON","CIMMARRON\/LOGGER RUN","CITY OF BOCA RATON","Clarendon","CLOISTER","CLOISTER AT BROKEN SOUND","CLOISTER AT BROKEN SOUND ARVIDA COUNTRY","Cloister At Broken Sound Arvida Country Club Par 4","CLOISTER BEACH","CLOISTER BEACH TOWER","CLOISTER BEACH TOWERS","Cloister Beach Towers Cond","Cloister Beach Towers Cond S 200 Ft Of Blk A Spani","CLOISTER BEACH TOWERS CONDO","CLOISTER BROKEN SOUND","CLOISTER DEL MAR","CLOISTER DEL MAR CON","CLOISTER DEL MAR CONDO","Cloister Del Mar Condo As In Decl In","CLOISTERS","Cloisters \/ Buenavista","CLOISTERS BUENA VISTA","CLOISTERS BUENAVISTA","Cloisters,Boca Del Mar","CLOISTERS\/BUENA VIST","CLOISTERS\/BUENAVISTA","CLOVERFIELD","CLOVERFIELD (master association, Boca Del Mar)","Cloverfield 1","CLOVERFIELD I","CLUB ROYALE","CLUB ROYALE COND DEC","CLUB ROYALE COND DECL FILED 12-14-81","Club Royale Condo","CLUB ROYALE CONDO UNIT432","Clubhouse, Exercise Room, Library, Pool, Sauna, Shuffle Board, Sidewalks, Spa-Hot Tub, Tennis","Clubhouse, Pool, Tennis, Playground, Security Patrol, Sidewalks","Clubhouse, Tennis, Pool, Whirlpool","Clubhouse; Community Room; Exercise Room; Picnic Area; Pool; Sauna; Sidewalks; Spa-Hot Tub","CLUBSIDE","CLUBSIDE AT WOODFIEL","CLUBSIDE AT WOODFIELD COUNTRY CLUB","CLUBSIDE BROKEN SOUND","CLUBSIDE COND DECL F","CLUBSIDE CONDO","Clubside Point","CLUBSIDE POINT \/ BROKEN SOUND","CLUBSIDE POINT AT BR","Clubside Point At Broken Sound","CLUBSIDE POINT AT BROKEN SOUND CONDO","CLUBSIDE POINTE","Clubside Pointe at Broken Sound","Clubside Villas","CLUBSIDE, BOCA WEST","CLUBSIDE\/Broken Sound","CLUBSIDE\/WOODFIELD C","COACH HOUSE","COACH HOUSE OF TOWN","COACH HOUSE PLACE","COACH HOUSES","COACH HOUSES OF BOCA","COACH HOUSES OF T.P.","COACH HOUSES OF TOWM","COACH HOUSES OF TOWN","Coach Houses of Town Place","COACH HOUSES OF TOWN PLACE COND","COACH HOUSES OF TOWN PLACE CONDO","COACH HOUSES OF TOWN PLACE CONDO I","COACH HOUSES OF TOWN PLACE II","COACH HOUSES OF TOWN PLACE II CONDO","Coach Houses ofTown Place Condo","COACH HOUSES TOWN 02","COACH HOUSES TOWN PL","Coach Houses Town Place","Coach Houses Town Place 02 Condo","Coach Houses Town Place Condo","COACH HOUSES\/BOCA QU","COACHHOUSE TOWN PLAC","COACHHOUSE\/BOCA QUAY","Coastal Planning And Engineering","COCO POINT","COCO POINT\/BOCA CHAS","Coco Pointe","Coco Pointe \/ Boca Chase","Coco Pointe \/BOCA CHASE PAR 10","COCO POINTE 1","Coco Pointe\/ Boca Chase","COLDWELL HEIGHTS","COLLETTE APARTMENTS","COLLIER PUD","Colonade","COLONIAL COURT","COLONIAL COURT APTS","Colonnade","COLONNADE BOCA TIERRA 1ST SEC","COLONNADE -","COLONNADE - BOCA TIERRA 3RD SEC","Colonnade - Glen Oaks","Colonnade - GLEN OAKS 1ST ADD","COLONNADE @ GLEN OAK","COLONNADE @ GLEN OAKS","COLONNADE @ GLEN OAKSCOLONNADE AT GLEN OAKS","Colonnade \/ Boca Tierra","Colonnade \/ BOCA TIERRA 1ST SEC","Colonnade \/ Glen Oaks","COLONNADE \/ GLEN OAKS 1ST ADD","COLONNADE AT GLEN OAKS","Colonnade at Glen Oaks Boca Tierra","COLONNADE BOCA TIERR","Colonnade Boca Tierra","COLONNADE GLEN OAKS","COLONNADE GLEN OAKS 1ST ADD","Colonnade, Glen Oaks","COLONNADE@ GLEN OAKS","Colonnade@Glen Oaks","COLONNADE\/BOCA TIER","COLONNADE\/BOCA TIERR","Colonnade\/Boca Tierra","COLONNADE\/BOCA TIERRA 1ST SEC","Colonnade\/Glen Oaks","COLONNADE\/GLEN OAT","COLONNADE\/GLENOAKS","ColonnadeBoca Tierra 3Rd Sec","COLONNADES","COLONNADES\/BOCA TIER","COLONNADES\/GLEN OAKS","COLONY AT L ERMITAGE","Colony At L\\'Ermitage","Colony At Lermitage","COLONY POINT","Colony Woods","Colony Woods As","COLONY WOODS AS IN","Community Medical Plaza Condo","CONCORD GREEN","CONDO ON BANYAN I","CONDOMINIUMS ON THE INTRACOASTAL","CONDOS 1 THRU 84 OF","Condos 1 Thru 84 Of Sec A Of Whisper Walk Dec","CONDS 85 THUR 171 OF","Conds 85 Thur 171 Of Sec B Of Whisper Walk Dec","CONDS 85 THUR 171 OF SECTION B OF WHISPER WALK DECLS IN OR5037P668 & 5501P1662","conference Lake Estates","CONFERENCE ESTATES","Conference Estates east of Old Floresta","CONFERENCE ESTS IN","CONFERENCE LAKE","Conference Lake Add","Conference Lake Estates","CONFERENCE LAKE ESTS","CONFERENCE LAKE ESTS IN","CONFERENCE LAKE\/EAST","CONFERENCE LAKES OLD FLORESTA AREA","Conference Ridge","Conference Ridge Boca Raton Hills","CONFERENCE RIDGE IN","CONGRESS CORPORATE PLAZA I","CONGRESS CORPORATE PLAZA I CONDO","contemporary","Copper Lake","COPPER LAKE NEWPORT BAY CLUB","Copper Lake, Newport Bay","Copper Lake\/Newport Bay","COQUINA","COQUINA \/ POLO CLUB","Coquina Isle","COQUINA ISLE \/ POLO CLUB","COQUINA ISLE CONDO","COQUINA ISLE CONDO \/ POLO CLUB","COQUINA ISLE CONDO at Polo Country Club","Coquina Isle Condo Polo","COQUINA ISLE CONDOMI","Coquina Isle Polo","COQUINA ISLE POLO CLUB","COQUINA ISLE\/Polo","COQUINA ISLE\/POLO CLUB","COQUINA ISLE\/SOLANA CONDO","COQUINA ISLES","COQUINA\/POLO CLUB","CORAL","CORAL BAY","Coral Bay @ Boca Chase","CORAL BAY *MUST SEE*","CORAL BAY \/ BOCA CHASE","Coral Bay at Boca Chase","CORAL BAY BEAUTY","CORAL BAY BOCA CHASE","CORAL BAY in Boca Chase","CORAL BAY, BOCA CHASE","Coral Bay\/Boca Chase","CORAL CHASE","Coral Chase at Boca Chase","Coral Chase\/Boca Chase","CORAL COVE \/ POLO CLUB","Coral Cove\/Polo Club","CORAL ISLE","Coral Isles","CORAL KEY","CORAL KEY, BOCA CHASE","Coral Key\/Boca Chase","Coral Key\/BOCA CHASE TR 9 C","CORAL LAKE","Coral Lake - Pleasant Lake","CORAL LAKE \/ PLEASANT LAKES","CORAL LAKE \/ Pleasant Lakes Rep","CORAL LAKE--BOCA BEL","CORAL LAKE-BOCA BELL","Coral Lake, Pleasant lake","CORAL LAKE, PLEASANT LAKES","Coral Lake\/Pleasant Lakes","Coral Lake\/Pleasant Lakes Rep","Coral Lakes","Coral Lakes - Pleasant Lakes Rep","Coral Lakes \/ Pleasant Lakes","Coral Lakes \/PLEASANT LAKES","Coral Lakes, Pleasant Lakes","Coral Lakes,Pleasant Lakes","CORAL LAKES\/PLEASANT LAKES","CORAL LKE","CORAL RIDGE ADD B 41","CORAL TRACE","CORDOVA","Cordova \/ MISSION BAY TR A","CORDOVA ESTATE AT MISSION BAY","CORDOVA ESTATES","Cordova Estates - Mission Bay","Cordova Estates \/ Mission Bay","CORDOVA ESTATES AT MISSION BAY","CORDOVA ESTATES\/ MISSION BAY","CORDOVA ESTATES\/MISSION BAY","CORDOVA MISSION BAY","CORDOVA\/MISSION BAY","Corinthian Gardens","CORINTHIAN GARDENS I","CORINTHIAN GARDENS INC CONDO","Corinthian Gdns Inc Cond Par In 30-47-43 As In","Corniche","Corniche C","CORNICHE CONDO","CORNICHE CONDOMINIUM","CORNWALL","Cornwall @ Century Village","Cornwall \/ Century Village","Cornwall A","CORNWALL A AT CENTURY VILLAGE","CORNWALL AT CENTURY","Cornwall at Century Village","CORNWALL AT CENTURY VILLAGE COND B","CORNWALL AT CENTURY VILLAGE COND C","CORNWALL AT CENTURY VILLAGE COND DECL FILED 3-28-79 OR3032 P1,3042 P645,3032 P31,3068","CORNWALL AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","Cornwall At Century Vlg Condo","CORNWALL B AT CENTURY VILLAGE","Cornwall C","CORNWALL C AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","CORNWALL D","Cornwall\/CENTURY VILLAGE","CORONADO","CORONADO @ BOCARATON","CORONADO AT BOCA RAT","Coronado At Boca Raton","CORONADO AT BOCA RATON CONDO","Coronado At Highland Beach Condo","CORONADO AY BOCA RAT","CORONADO CONDO","CORONADO OCEAN CLUB","CORPORATE PLAZA","CORPORATE PLAZA CONDO","Cortina","CORTINA - PLUM AT BOCA POINTE","CORTINA \/ BOCA POINTE","CORTINA \/ PLUM AT BOCA POINTE","CORTINA \/ PLUM AT BOCA POINTE CONDS","Cortina AT BOCA POINTE","CORTINA BOCA POINTE","Cortina Plum At Boca Pointe Condo","Cortina Plum,Boca Pointe","CORTINA\/BOCA POINTE","CORTINA\/BOCA PTE","CORTINA\/PLUM","Cortina\/Plum at Boca Pointe","Cortina\/Plum At Boca Pointe Condo","Costa Brava","COSTA BRAVA - Boca Pointe","Costa Brava \/ BOCA POINTE","COSTA BRAVA AT BOCA","Costa Brava at Boca Pointe","Costa Brava Boca Pointe","COSTA BRAVA-BOCA POINTE","COSTA BRAVA, BOCA POINTE","Costa Brava,Boca Pointe","COSTA BRAVA\/BOCA POI","COSTA BRAVE\/BOCA PTE","Costa Del Sol","COSTA DEL SOL - BOCA POINTE","Costa Del Sol at Boca Pointe","COSTA DEL SOL BOCA P","Costa Del Sol Rep","COSTA DEL SOL REPL","Costa Del Sol,Boca Pointe","COSTA DEL SOL\/BOCA P","COSTA DEL SOL\/BOCA POINTE","COUNRTY LANDING","COUNRTY LANDINGS III","COUNTRY C;UB VILLAGE","COUNTRY CLUB","COUNTRY CLUB APTS","Country Club Cove","COUNTRY CLUB VILLAGE","COUNTRY CLUB VILLAGE APARTMENTS","COUNTRY CLUB VILLAGE APTS.","COUNTRY CLUB VILLAGE REPL SEC A IN PB 25 PGS 149 & 150","COUNTRY CLUB VILLAGE SEC","COUNTRY CLUB VILLAGE SEC A","Country Club Village Sec A Rep","Country Club Village Sec B","COUNTRY CLUB VILLAGE SEC C","Country Club Village Sec D","Country Club Village Sec E","COUNTRY CLUB VLG SEC A IN","COUNTRY CLUB VLG SEC A IN PB 25 PGS 149","Country Club Vlg Sec B","COUNTRY CLUB VLG SEC C IN PB 27 PGS 67 AND 68","COUNTRY LANDING","COUNTRY LANDING 1","COUNTRY LANDING 2","COUNTRY LANDING 3","Country Landing at Loggers Run","COUNTRY LANDING EST.","COUNTRY LANDING ESTATES","Country Landing I","COUNTRY LANDING I \/ Loggers Run","COUNTRY LANDING II","Country Landing II \/ Loggers Run","Country Landing III","Country Landing III\/ Loggers Run","COUNTRY LANDING III\/Loggers Run","COUNTRY LANDING ll","COUNTRY LANDING SEC","Country Landing Sec 01","Country Landing Sec 02","Country Landing Sec 03","Country Landing Sec 04","COUNTRY LANDING SEC 1","Country Landing Sec 2","Country Landing Sec 3","COUNTRY LANDING SEC 3,Loggers Run","Country Landing Sec 4","Country Landing Sec 4, Loggers Run","COUNTRY LANDING SEC 4,Loggers Run","COUNTRY LANDING SEC I","COUNTRY LANDING SEC TWO","COUNTRY LANDING SEC.","COUNTRY LANDING SECTION ONE","Country Landing,Loggers Run","Country Landing\/Loggers Run","COUNTRY LANDINGS","Country Landings 1","COUNTRY LANDINGS 2","COUNTRY LANDINGS 3","COUNTRY LANDINGS II","COUNTRY LANDINGS III","COUNTRY PARK","COUNTRY PARK AT BOCA","Country Park at Boca Raton","Country Park At Boca Raton 01","Country Park At Boca Raton 02","Country Park At Boca Raton 03","COUNTRY PARK AT BOCA RATON I","Country park At Boca Raton I, Part Of Boca Rio","COUNTRY PARK AT BOCA RATON II","COUNTRY PARK AT BOCA RATON III","COUNTRY VILLAGE","COUNTRYPARK","COUNTRYPARK AT BOCA","COUNTRYPARK AT BOCA RATON I,","Countrypark At Boca Raton I, Part Of Boca Rio","Countrypark At Boca Raton I, Pt Of Rio","COURTS OF SWEETWATER CONDO 5","COURTSIDE","COURTSIDE - BOCA WE","COURTSIDE VILLAS","COURTSIDE VILLAS AT MISSION BAY CONDO","COURTSIDE\/BOCA WEST","COURTSIDEHAMMOCKS AT BOCA WEST CONDO","COURTYARD","Courtyard At Boca","Courtyard at Boca II","Courtyard Run","COURTYARDS","Courtyards At Boca","Courtyards At Boca 01","Courtyards At Boca 02","COURTYARDS AT BOCA 11","COURTYARDS AT BOCA 2","COURTYARDS AT BOCA I","COURTYARDS AT BOCA II","Courtyards At Boca II UNIT 122","COURTYARDS AT BOCA II Unit 161","COURTYARDS AT BOCA II Unit 7738","COURTYARDS AT BOCA RATON","COURTYARDS OF BOCA","COURTYARDS OF BOCA D","COURTYARDS OF DELRAY","COURYARDS","Cove","COVE - BOCA WEST","COVE AT BOCA WEST","COVE AT BOCA WEST CO","COVE AT BOCA WEST CONDO","Coventry","COVENTRY AT WOODFIELD CC","COVENTRY AT WOODFIELD COUNTRY CLUB","Coventry in the Grove","COVENTRY IN THE GROVE\/BOCA GROVE","Crescenst Lakes (Sterling Bridge)","Crescent Lake \/ Sterling Bridge","Crescent Lakes","CRESCENT LAKES - STERLING LAKES","Crescent Lakes \/ BOCA PINES 2","CRESCENT LAKES \/ STERLING BRIDGE","Crescent Lakes Boca Pines 2 Sterling Bridge","CRESCENT LAKES-STERLING BRIDGE","Crescent Lakes, Sterling Bridge","CRESCENT LAKES(STERLING BRIDGE)","CRESCENT LAKES\/BOCA PINES","Crescent lakes\/Boca Pines 2","CRESCENT LAKES\/Sterling Bridge","Cricklewood","CRICKLEWOOD EST","Cricklewood Estates","CRYSTAL COVE","CRYSTAL COVE ESTATES","CRYSTAL COVE ESTATES \/ LOGGERS RUN","CRYSTAL POINTE","CRYSTAL POINTE \/ BOCA FALLS","CRYSTAL POINTE AT BOCA FALLS","Crystal Pointe\/Boca Falls","CULVER HOUSE","CULVER HOUSE COND DE","CULVER HOUSE CONDO","CULVER HOUSE CONDOMINIUM","CUSHMAN ALAIN","Cushman Alain | Boca Villas","CUSHMAN ALAIN SUB","CUSHMAN ALAIN SUB IN","Cushman Alain\/Boca Villas","Cypress","CYPRESS BEND","CYPRESS BEND AT LAKES AT BOCA","CYPRESS BEND, LAKES AT BOCA RATON","CYPRESS BEND\/LAKES","CYPRESS LAKES AT BOCA RIO","Cypress Of Boca Lago","CYPRESS POINT","CYPRESS POINT PATIO HOMES","CYPRESS POINT PATIO HOMES PH II A","Cypress Point Patio The Point","Cypress Point Villas","Cypress Point Villas Of Boca West","Cypress Point Villas\/boca west","CYPRESS POINT\/BOCA WEST","CYPRESS PTE.","CYPRESS WALK","CYPRESS WALK AT BOCA WEST","Cypresses","Cypresses Boca Lago Condo","CYPRESSES OF BOCA LA","Cypresses of Boca Lago","CYPRESSES OF BOCA LAGO COND DECL","CYPRESSES OF BOCA LAGO COND DECL FILED 8-14-79","CYPRESSES OF BOCA LAGO CONDO","CYPRESSES,BOCA LAGO","Cypressres of Boca Lago","DALEWOOD COND","DALEWOOD COND DECL F","DALEWOOD CONDO","Dalton Place","Dalton Place Cond I","DEERHURST","DEERHURST (Boca South)","Deerhurst \/ Boca South","DEERHURST,BOCA SOUTH","Deerhurst\/Boca South","Deerpark Est","DEERPARK ESTATES","DEL MAR VILLAGE","DEL MAR VILLAGE AKA","DEL MAR VILLAGE SEC","Del Mar Village Sec 01","DEL MAR VILLAGE SEC 1","DEL MAR VILLAGE-get best deal!","Del Ray Manor IN","DELARY MANORS","DELRAY KEYS","DELRAY MANOR","DELRAY MANOR 3RD ADD","DELRAY MANORS","DELRAY MANORS - HAVANA DR","DELRAY MANORS 3RD AD","DELRAY MANORS 3RD ADD","DELRAY MANORS 3RD ADD IN","Delray Manors Add 03","Delray Manors Delray Manor","Delray Manors Eastside of Federal","Delray Manors In","DELRAY MNR","Delray Mnr 3Rd Add","Delray Mnr East of US1","Delray Mnr East of US1 Delray Manors","DELRAY MNR east side of US1","DELRAY MNR IN","DELRAY VILLAS PLAT 2","DEVON PLACE","DEVON PLACE \/ Woodfield Country Club","DINGMAN ACRES","DORSET","DORSET Building E","Dorset At Century Bldg Condo","DORSET AT CENTURY VI","DORSET AT CENTURY VILLAGE","DORSET AT CENTURY VILLAGE COND I","DORSET AT CENTURY VILLAGE COND DECL FILED 8-3-79 OR3111 P476,3111 P588,3111 P595,3142","DORSET AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","Dorset At Century Vlg Condo","DORSET B AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","Dorset C \/ Century VILLAGE","Dorset H At Century Village","Dorset I","DOWNTOWN BOCA","Downtown Boca \/ East Boca","DOWNTOWN BOCA RATON","DOWNTOWN BOCA\/STORE FRONT","DOWNTOWN EAST BOCA","Dunes of Boca","Dwv","DWV Plat","DWV Townhomes","E CAMINO REAL","E. BOCA 4TH \/CAMINO","E.BOCA DOWNTOWN OFFICE SUITE *","EAST BOCA","EAST BOCA CULVER HOUSE CONDO","EAST BOCA DELRAY MANORS","EAST BOCA DOWNTOWN","EAST BOCA DOWNTOWN *RETAIL\/OFFICE SPACE","EAST BOCA DOWNTOWN- 4 blocks w of Dixie","EAST BOCA DUPLEX!!!","EAST BOCA ESTATES","EAST BOCA POOL HOME","East Boca Raton","EAST BOCA TRIPLEX","EAST BOCA TRIPLEX !!","EAST BOCA TRIPLEX!!","EASTBROOK","EASTBROOKE","EASTBROOKE - Boca Country Club","Eastbrooke (Boca Country Club)","EASTBROOKE BOCA COUNTRY CLUB","EASTBROOKE COACH HOM","Eastbrooke Coach Home","EASTBROOKE COACH HOMES","EASTBROOKE COACH HOMES COND","EASTBROOKE COACH HOMES CONDO","EASTBROOKE COACH HOMES CONDO- Boca Country Club","EASTBROOKE COACH HOMES CONDO\/Boca Country Club","Eastbrooke\/Boca Country Club","EDEN","EDGEWOOD","EDGEWOOD COND","EDGEWOOD CONDO","EDGEWOOD CONDO 10","EDGEWOOD CONDO 4","Edgewood Condo S As In Decl In Or2026p319, Or","EDGEWOOD CONDO S As In Declin Or2026p319","EDGEWOOD CONDOMINIUM","EDGEWOOD CONDOMINIUMS","EDGEWOOD CONDOS","EDGEWOOD CONDOS AS IN DECL IN OR2026P319, OR","EDGEWOOD NORTH","EDGEWOOD SOUTH","Edgewood South Condos","EL DORADO","El Dorado Boca Pointe","EL DORADO COURT","EL DORADO COURT REPL","EL DORADO COURT SECOND","EL DORADO COURT THIRD","EL DORADO COURT-SECO","EL DORADO COURT, BOCA POINTE","EL DORADO COURT\/BOCA POINTE","EL DORADO\/BOCA POINT","EL DORADO\/BOCA PTE","EL VIENT0","El Viento","el viento @ boca pointe","El VIENTO 2","EL VIENTO AT BOCA PO","El Viento at Boca Pointe","El Viento At Boca Pointe Cond Nos I And Ii Decls","El Viento at Boca Pointe Condo","EL VIENTO AT BOCA POINTE CONDO NOS I AND II DECLS","EL VIENTO BOCA POINT","EL VIENTO BOCA POINTE","El Viento I","El Viento in Boca Pointe Golf and Country Club","EL VIENTO-BOCA POINTE","EL VIENTO\/BOCA POINT","EMERALD ISLES\/BOCA","EMERALD POINT","EMERALD POINTE","ENCANTADA","ENCANTADA @ Boca Pointe","ENCANTADA \/ BOCA POINTE","ENCANTADA \/Boca Pointe","ENCANTADA AT BOCA PO","ENCANTADA at Boca Pointe","Encantada, a village in Boca Pointe","Encatada","Enclave","ENCLAVE @ WOODFIELD COUNTRY CLUB","ENCLAVE AT BOCA DUNES","ENCLAVE AT WOODFIELD","Enclave At Woodfield Country Club","enclave BOCA DUNES PUD","ENCLAVE\/OAKS","ENTRADA II","Escondido","Escondido 04","ESCONDIDO AT BOCA RA","ESCONDIDO AT BOCA RATON","Escondido At Boca Raton 02","ESCONDIDO AT BOCA RATON 1","ESCONDIDO AT BOCA RATON 2","ESCONDIDO AT BOCA RATON PL 2","Escondido at Boca Raton\/Vista Del Boca","ESCONDIDO IV","ESPLANADA","ESPLANADA @ BOCA PT","ESPLANADA AT BOCA PO","ESPLANADA AT BOCA POINTE","Esplanada At Boca Pointe 01","Esplanada At Boca Pointe 1","ESPLANADA Expanded","Esplanada,Boca Pointe","ESPLANADA\/BOCA POINT","ESPLANADA\/BOCA PTE","Esplanade","ESPLANADE COND","Esplanade Condo","ESTADA","Estada \/ Los Paseos","ESTADA LOS PASEOS","ESTADA LOS PASEOS RE","Estada Los Paseos Tr A","Estada Los Paseos Tracts E & F","ESTADA OF LOS PASEOS","Estada Of Los Paseos Pb37p110 And Pb38p33","ESTADA OF LOS PASEOS REPL","ESTANCIA","Estancia 02 Via Verde","Estancia 04 Via Verde","Estancia As","ESTANCIA I","ESTANCIA II OF VIA V","ESTANCIA II OF VIA VERDE","Estancia II Of Via Verde As","ESTANCIA II WEST","ESTANCIA III OF VIA","ESTANCIA III OF VIA VERDE","Estancia III, or Estancia South","Estancia Iv Of Via Verde","Estancia South","Estancia West","Estancia\/ESTANCIA WEST","ESTATE AREA","ESTATE OF BOCA LYONS","Estate Section","ESTATES","ESTATES AT BOCA FALLS","Estates at Boca Lyons","ESTATES BOCA LANE","ESTATES BOCA LYONS","Estates Boca Lyons\/ Boca Rio Heights","ESTATES IN THE GROVE","ESTATES OF BOCA","ESTATES OF BOCA DEL","Estates of Boca del Mar","ESTATES OF BOCA LYO","ESTATES OF BOCA LYON","Estates of Boca Lyons","Estates of Boca Lyons, Boca Rio Heights","Estates Of Boca Lyons\/BOCA RIO HEIGHTS","ESTATES SECTION","Estates\/Boca Falls","ESTATES\/BOCA LANE","ESTERLY","ESTERLY IN","ESTIVULLE-SP RIVER G","ESTOVILLE","ESTOVILLE - Spanish River Gardens","ESTOVILLE\/ Spanish River Gardens","Estoville\/Spanish River Gardens","EVANTON BAYE TWNHMES CONDO","EXCELSIOR","Excelsior Condo","EXCELSIOR CONDOMINIU","Exeter","Exeter @ Century Village","EXETER A","Exeter At Century","Exeter At Century Bldg Cond As In Decl In","EXETER AT CENTURY VI","Exeter at Century Village","Exeter at Century Village Cond","EXETER AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","Exeter At Century Vlg Cond As In Decl In","EXETER CENTURY VILLAGE","EXETER\/ CENTURY VILLAGE","EXTETER","Faircondo","Fairfield","FAIRFIELD - STEAL!","FAIRFIELD @ BOCA","FAIRFIELD \/ CARRIAGE HOUSES I CONDO","FAIRFIELD \/ GRAND F","FAIRFIELD AT BOCA","Fairfield At Boca 01 Ceda","Fairfield At Boca 02 Cedar Grove","FAIRFIELD AT BOCA 03","Fairfield At Boca 04 Cedar Grove","Fairfield At Boca 05 Cedar Grove","Fairfield At Boca 06 Ceda","Fairfield At Boca 06 Cedar Grove","Fairfield At Boca 1 Of Cedar Grove","FAIRFIELD AT BOCA 1 OF CEDAR GROVE \/ COURT HOMES I","Fairfield At Boca 2 1St Add Cedar Grove","FAIRFIELD AT BOCA 2 OF CEDAR GROVE","FAIRFIELD AT BOCA 3 OF CEDAR GROVE","Fairfield At Boca 4 Of Cedar Grove","Fairfield At Boca 4 of Cedar Grove, Court Homes III","Fairfield At Boca 5 Of Cedar Grove","FAIRFIELD AT BOCA 6 OF CEDAR GROVE","Fairfield at Boca Carriage Houses","Fairfield at Boca Cedar Grove","Fairfield At Boca Cedar Grove 03","FAIRFIELD AT BOCA PL","FAIRFIELD AT BOCA PL 1 OF CEDAR GROVE","FAIRFIELD AT BOCA PL 2 1ST ADD CEDAR GROVE","FAIRFIELD AT BOCA PL 2 OF CEDAR GROVE","FAIRFIELD AT BOCA PL 5 OF CEDAR GROVE","fairfield at boca place","FAIRFIELD AT BOCA PLAT 1 OF CEDAR GROVE","FAIRFIELD AT BOCA RATON","FAIRFIELD AT BOCA\/CARRIAGE HOUSE","Fairfield at Boca\/Cedar Grove","FAIRFIELD AT BOCA\/GRAND FAIRFIELD","Fairfield Carriage House I","FAIRFIELD CARRIAGE HOUSES","FAIRFIELD CARRIAGE HOUSES I CONDO","Fairfield Gardens","Fairfield of Boca","Fairfield of Boca Carriage Houses I Condo","FAIRFIELD OF BOCA OF BOCA","Fairfield\/Boca 02 Cedar Grv 01","FAIRFIELD\/GRAND FAIRFIELD","FAIRFIELD\/VACANT","FAIRFIELDS OF BOCA","FAIRWAY BEND","FAIRWAY BEND BROKEN SOUND","Fairway Lake","FAIRWAY LAKE BROKEN SOUND","FAIRWAY LANDING","FAIRWAY LANDING\/BROKEN SOUND","FAIRWAY OAKS","FAIRWAY OAKS \/ Boca West","FAIRWAY OAKS AT BOCA WEST","FAIRWAY POINT","FAIRWAY POINT CONDO","Fairway Pointe","Fairway Pointe \/ Broken Sound","FAIRWAY VILLAGE","Fairway Village Vlg","Fairway Vlg","FAIRWAYS","FAIRWAYS \/ BOCA DEL MAR","FAIRWAYS AT BOCA COUNTRY CLUB","FAIRWAYS AT BOCA Country ClubFairways at Boca Country Club","FAIRWAYS AT BOCA DEL MAR","FAIRWAYS AT BOCA GOL","FAIRWAYS AT BOCA GOLF & TENNIS","Fairways at Boca Golf & Tennis Boca Country Club","FAIRWAYS AT BOCA GOLF & TENNIS COND UNIT 804","FAIRWAYS AT BOCA GOLF & TENNIS CONDO","Fairways at Boca Golf and Tennis","Fairways At Boca Golf And Tennis 2","Fairways At Boca Golf And Tennis Condo","Fairways at Boca Lago","Fairways At Somerset","FAIRWAYS AT SOMERSET & Boca Country Club","FAIRWAYS AT SOMERSET - BOCA COUNTRY CLUB","Fairways at Somerset Boca Country Club","FAIRWAYS AT SOMERSET COND DECL FILED 8-31-90 IN OR6566P1642","FAIRWAYS AT SOMERSET COND UNIT 2201","FAIRWAYS AT SOMERSET CONDO","FAIRWAYS AT SOMERSET CONDO 1","Fairways At Somerset\/Boca Country","FAIRWAYS BOCA COUNTRY CLUB","Fairways Boca Lago","Fairways Boca Lago Condo","Fairways Boca Lago Condo Ph 01","FAIRWAYS CONDO","Fairways Condo N 135 Ft (Less W 400 Ft) Blk","Fairways Condominium","Fairways of Boca Del Mar","FAIRWAYS OF BOCA LAG","Fairways of Boca Lago","Fairways Of Boca Lago Cond Ph 1 As In Decl In","FAIRWAYS OF BOCA LAGO CONDO","fairways of boca lago condo bld. 5 unit j","Fairways of Boca Lago Condo Ph 01","FAIRWAYS SOMERSET","FAIRWAYS@SOMERSET","FAIRWAYS\/BOCA COUNTRY CLUB","FAIRWAYS\/BOCA DEL MA","FALLS AT RIVER OAKS","FANSHAW","FANSHAW \/ CENTURY VILLAGE","FANSHAW AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","FANSHAW AT CENTURY V","FANSHAW AT CENTURY VILLAG","Fanshaw At Century Village","FANSHAW AT CENTURY VILLAGE COND DECL FILED 10-22-79 OR3158 P1165,3158 P1296","FANSHAW AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","FANSHAW AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO, Century Village","Fanshaw At Century Vlg Condo","FANSHAW CONDO","Fanshaw J","FANSHAW L","FANSHAW L \/ CENTURY VILLAGE","FANSHAW\/ CENTURY VILLAGE","FANSHAW\/Century Village","FEDERAL HIGHWAY BOCA RATON","FESTIVITIES","FIELDBROOK","FIELDBROOK ESTATES","FIFTH AVENUE PLACE","FIFTH AVENUE PLACE CONDO ONE","FITH AVENUE PLACE","FLA FRUIT LANDS","Fla Fruit Lands Co","FLA FRUIT LANDS CO I","FLA FRUIT LANDS CO IN","FLORENADA","Florenada As","FLORESTA","Floresta Add Boca Raton","Floresta Add To Boca Raton","FLORESTA ADD TO BOCA RATON LT 5 BLK 2","Floresta Grove","FLORESTA MACHLE","Florida Fruit Land","Florida Fruit Lands","FLORIDA FRUIT LANDSCO","FORSYTH PARK","Forsyth Park Condo","FORSYTH PARK CONDO UNIT 2","FOUR PLEX - Country Club Village","FOX HILL ESTATES OF","FOX HILL ESTATES OF BOCA RATON","Fox Landing","Fox Ridge Estates","FRENCH VILLAGE","French Village Chateau","FRENCH VILLAGE COND","FRENCH VILLAGE CONDO","French Village Condo Chateau","French Village Condo Chateau 01-05","French Vlg Cond Chateau I, Ii,Iii,Iv And V As","FRFIELD GARDENS","GABLES BOCA BARWOOD","GABLES EAST","GABLES EAST - ALL AGES\/PET FRIENDLY","Gables East Boca Barwood","Gables East Boca Barwood 01-06","GABLES EAST OF BOCA","GABLES EAST OF BOCA BARWO","Gables East of Boca Barwood","GABLES EAST OF BOCA BARWOOD III COND","GABLES EAST OF BOCA BARWOOD I THRU VI CONDS","Gables East Of Boca Barwood I Thru Vi Conds As","GABLES OF BOCA","Gables of Boca Barwood","GARDEN IN THE GROVE","GARDEN IN THE GROVE CONDO","GARDEN IN THE GROVE CONDO\/BOCA GROVE","GARDEN IN THE GROVE\/BOCA GROVE","GARDEN VILLAS AT BOCA RIDGE","Gardens in the Grove","Gardens of Lakewood","GARDENS OF LAKEWOOD CONDO","GARDENS OF LAKEWOOD II","GARDENS OF SWEETWATE","Gardens of Sweetwater","GARDENS OF SWEETWATER CONDOS","Gardens of Sweetwater Conds 2,3&4","GATEWAY APTS","GATEWAY APTS COND","GATEWAY APTS COND AS","Gateway Apts Cond As In Decl In","GATEWAY APTS CONDO","Gateway Manor Rentals","GATEWAY VILLAS","GATEWAY VILLAS IN","Gdns Of Lakewood Cond I,Ii And Iii As In Decl In","GINAIRE WAREHOUSE CONDO","Glades","GLADES @BOCA LAGO","GLADES AT BOCA LAGO","Glades Boca Lago Condo","Glades Landing 2","GLADES LANDING 3","GLADES LANDING 4","GLADES LANDING 4 SANTA BARBARA","GLADES LANDING PL 2","GLADES LANDING PL 3","GLADES LANDING PL 3 - SANTA BARBARA","GLADES LANDING PL 4","Glades of Boca Lago","Glades of Boca Lago","Glades of Boca Lago Cond","GLADES OF BOCA LAGO COND Bldg 6 Unit 6A","Glades Of Boca Lago Cond Decl Filed 1-30-79","GLADES OF BOCA LAGO CONDO","Glades Of Boca Lago Condo Decl Filed 1-30-79","GLADES\/BOCA LAGO","Gladess of Boca Lago","GLEN OAKS","GLEN OAKS 1ST ADD","Glen Oaks Add 01","GLEN OAKS COLONNADE","GLEN OAKS\/ Colonnade","GLEN OAKS\/COLONNADE","GLENS","GLENS COND","GLENS COND DECL FILE","GLENS CONDO","GLENS,THE GLENS","GLENVIEW PALMS COND","GLENVIEW PALMS CONDO","GLOUCHESTER","Glouchester House","GLOUCHESTER HOUSE CO","GLOUCHESTER HOUSE COND","Glouchester House Cond As In Decl In","GLOUCHESTER HOUSE CONDO","Golden Arrow","GOLDEN ARROW COND","GOLDEN ARROW COND PT LTS 1 AND 10 BLK 2 GATEWAY VI","GOLDEN ARROW CONDO","GOLDEN HARBOUR","GOLDEN HARBOUR *3.5%","Golden Harbour Sec 01","GOLDEN HARBOUR SEC 02","GOLDEN HARBOUR SEC 03","Golden Harbour Sec 04","GOLDEN HARBOUR SEC 1","GOLDEN HARBOUR SEC 1 IN","GOLDEN HARBOUR SEC 2","GOLDEN HARBOUR SEC 3","GOLDEN HARBOUR SEC 4","GOLDEN HARBOUR SEC 5","Golden Triangle","Golf Vista","Golf Vista As","GRANADA WEST","Grand Bay","GRAND BAY \/ POLO CLUB","GRAND CYPRESS","GRAND CYPRESS OF HAMMOCK POINT","Grand Fairfield","GRAND FAIRFIELD\/FAIRFIELD","GRAND OAK","GRAND OAKS","Grand Oaks Arvida Country Club","GRAND OAKS AT BROKEN SOUND","GRAND OAKS OF ARVIDA","GRAND OAKS OF ARVIDA COUNTRY CLUB","GRANDE ORCHID","Great town home in Boca.Private gated courtyard.Community pool & clubhouse","GREEN LEAF","Greenbriar","GREENBRIAR BOCA CHASE","GREENBRIAR COND DECL","Greenbriar Condo","Greenbriar of Boca Chase","GREENBRIAR\/BOCA CHASE","GREENBRIER","GREENHOUSE","GREENHOUSE BOCA","Greenhouse Of Boca","GREENHOUSE OF BOCA AS","Greenhouse of Boca Cluster","Greenhouse of Boca\/Gardens","Greenhouses of Boca","GREENLEAF","GREENLEAF (SECTION A)","GREENLEAF AT WHISPER WALK","Greenleaf of Whisper Walk","Greenleaf Sec of WHISPER WALK","GREENS","GREENS @ BOCA DEL","Greens at Boca Country Club","GREENS AT BOCA GOLF","Greens at Boca Golf & Tennis","GREENS AT BOCA GOLF & TENNIS CLUB","GREENS AT BOCA GOLF & TENNIS CLUB PALM AIRE EAST","GREENS AT BOCA GOLF AND TENNIS CLUB","GREENS AT BOCA GOLF AND TENNIS CLUB PALM AIRE EAST","Greens Boca Lago Condo","Greens of Boca Lago","GREENS OF BOCA LAGO CONDO","GREENS, THE","Greens, The Greens","Greens\/ Boca Country Club","Greens\/Boca Country Club","GREENS\/BOCA DEL MAR","Guard gated community,2 story lakefront pool home with 3 car garage and hurricane shutters.","GUILDFORD","GUILDFORD ASSOCIATION","GUILDFORD AT CENTURY","Guildford at Century Village","GUILDFORD AT CENTURY VILLAGE BOCA CONDO","GUILDFORD AT CENTURY VILLAGE COND DECL FILED 5-5-80 OR3285 P103,3298P1525,3314P619,3346","Guildford at Century Village Cond decl Filed 5-5-80 OR3285 P103,3298PI525,3314P619,3346","Guildford at Century Village Cond Decl Filed 5-5-80OR3285P103,3298P1525,3314P619,3346","GUILDFORD AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","Guildford at Century Village Condominiums","Guildford At Century Village Ph C","Guildford at Century Village West","GUILDFORD C","HAMILTON & STE GEORGE","HAMILTON & STE GEORGE OFFICE CONDO","HAMILTON & STE GEORGE OFFICE CONDOMINIUM","Hamilton Place","HAMILTON PLACE AT WOODFIELD CC","HAMILTON PLACE WOODFIELD COUNTRY CLUB","HAMLET C AT BOCA WEST 2","HAMLET C AT BOCA WEST 3","HAMMOCK OF SANDALFOO","Hammock of Sandalfoot","HAMMOCK OF SANDALFT","HAMMOCK OF SANDLEFOOT","Hammock Point","HAMMOCK POINT\/BOCA LAGO","Hammock Sandalfoot","HAMMOCKS","HAMMOCKS AT BOCA WEST CONDO","HAMMOCKS I AT BOCA W","Hammocks I At Boca West Cond As In Decl Or2635p181","HAMMOCKS\/COURTSIDE","Hampton Club","Hampton Club - Newport Bay","HAMPTON COURT","HAMPTON COURT \/ POLO CLUB","HAMPTON COURT \/ POLO CLUB","HAMPTON COURT OF POLO CLUB","Hampton Court Polo Club","HAMPTON COURT-POLO CLUB","HAMPTON COURT\/Polo Club","HAMPTON PARK","Hampton Park \/ Boca Winds","HAMPTON PARK BOCA WI","Hampton Park Boca Winds","HAMPTON PARK\/BOCA WI","HAMPTON\/BOCA WINDS","HAMPTON\/NEWPORT","HAMPTON\/NEWPORT BAY","Hamptons","HAMPTONS WOODFIELD COUNTRY CLUB","HAMPTONS \/ BOCA WINDS","HAMPTONS \/ WOODFIELD COUNTRY CLUB","HAMPTONS AT BOCA WINDS","HAMPTONS AT WOODFIELD","HAMPTONS AT WOODFIELD CC","Hamptons at Woodfield Country Club","Hamptons of Woodfield Country Club","HAMPTONS WOODFIELD CC","HAMPTONS WOODFIELD COUNTRY CLUB","HAMPTONS\/WOODFIELD C","HARBOR DRIVE","Harbor East Sec 04","HARBOUR EAST","HARBOUR EAST HOUSE","HARBOUR EAST HOUSE C","Harbour East House Cond W 405 Ft Of Sly 245.05 Ft","HARBOUR EAST HOUSE CONDO","Harbour East Sec 02","HARBOUR EAST SEC 03","Harbour East Sec 04","Harbour East Sec 1","HARBOUR EAST SEC 2","HARBOUR EAST SEC 2 I","Harbour East Sec 3","HARBOUR EAST SEC 3 I","HARBOUR EAST SEC 4","HARBOUR GREEN","HARBOUR GREEN OF UNIVERSITY PARK","HARBOUR HOMES","HARBOUR HOMES Boca Bayou","Harbour Homes of Boca Bayou","Harbour Homes Of Boca Condo","HARBOUR ISLAND","Harbour Lakes","HARBOUR LAKES\/LAKES","Harbour Lakes\/The Lakes at Boca Raton","HARBOUR LANDING","Harbour Landing (The Lakes at Boca Raton)","HARBOUR LANDINGS","Harbour Spgs At Mission Bay","HARBOUR SPRING","HARBOUR SPRINGS","HARBOUR SPRINGS AT M","Harbour Springs At Mission Bay","HARBOUR SPRINGS MISSION BAY","HARBOUR SPRINGS\/MIS","HARBOUR SPRINGS\/MISS","Harbour Springs\/Mission Bay","HARBOUR TERRACE","HARBOUR TERRACE CONDO","Heatherhill","Heatherhill Condo","HEATHERWOOD","HEATHERWOOD COND DEC","HEATHERWOOD COND DECL FILED 9-5-85 IN","HEATHERWOOD CONDO","HEATHERWOOD CONDO IN MARINA DEL MARDOCK AVAILABLE","HEATHERWOODS","HERITAGE","HERITAGE BOCA WINDS","Heritage Place","HERITAGE PLACE CONDO","HERITAGE SQUARE","HERITAGE SQUARE \/ BOCA WINDS","HERITAGE SQUARE AT BOCA WINDS","Heritage Square Boca Winds","HERITAGE SQUARE\/ BOCA WINDS","HERITAGE SQUARE\/BOCA","Heritage Square\/Boca Winds","Herman Boca Raton Indust","HIDDEN ACRES","HIDDEN ACRES IN","HIDDEN LAKE","Hidden Lake - Boca Chase","HIDDEN LAKE - FABULOUS LAKE VIEW","HIDDEN LAKE @ BOCA CHASE","HIDDEN LAKE \/ BOCA CHASE","HIDDEN LAKE AT BOCA","HIDDEN LAKE AT BOCA CHASE","HIDDEN LAKE BOCA CHASE","Hidden Lake Lot 4 Blk D","Hidden Lake\/ Boca Chase","HIDDEN LAKE\/BOCA CH","HIDDEN LAKE\/BOCA CHA","Hidden Lake\/Boca Chase","HIDDEN LAKE\/BOCA CHASE TR 4","HIDDEN LAKES","HIDDEN LAKES BOCA CHASE TR 4","HIDDEN LAKES BOCA CHASE","HIDDEN LAKES BOCA CHASE TR 4","HIDDEN LAKES\/BOCA CH","HIDDEN OAKS TOWNHOUSE","HIDDEN OAKS TOWNHOUSES","Hidden Valley","HIDDEN VALLEY \/ Hidden Lake","HIDDEN VALLEY \/SEC 3\/","Hidden Valley Manor","HIDDEN VALLEY MANOR\/UNIVERSITY APT","Hidden Valley Sec 02","Hidden Valley Sec 03","Hidden Valley Sec 04","HIDDEN VALLEY SEC 1","HIDDEN VALLEY SEC 2","Hidden Valley Sec 2 Replat","HIDDEN VALLEY SEC 3","HIDDEN VALLEY SEC 4","HIDDEN VALLEY SEC 4A","Hidden Valley Sect 2","Hidden Valley Sub","HIDDEN VALLEY SUB (SEC 4)","HIDDEN VALLEY\/E.BOCA","HIDDEN VALLEY\/Hidden Lake","Hidden Vly Sec 04","Highland Beach Club","Highland Beach Club Condo","Highland Beach Isles","Highlands Place Cond Decl","Hillsboro","HILLSBORO COUNTRY CL","HILLSBORO COUNTRY CLUB","Hillsboro Country Club - Meadow Lakes","HILLSBORO COUNTRY CLUB (Meadow Lakes)","Hillsboro Country Club \/ ME","Hillsboro Country Club 01","Hillsboro Country Club 1","Hillsboro Country Club 2","Hillsboro Country Club Meadow Lake","HILLSBORO COUNTRY CLUB PL 1","HILLSBORO COUNTRY CLUB PL 2","HILLSBORO COUNTRY CLUB PL 2 LT","HILLSBORO COUNTRY CLUB\/MEADOW LAKES","HILLSBORO COUNTRY CLUBMEADOW LAKES","HILLSBORO PARK","HILLSBORO PARK \/ PALM BEACH FARMS","Hillsboro Park Add","HILLSBORO PARK ADD N","Hillsboro Park Add N Deerfield Pb14p5-7, Adj Lts 1","Hillsboro Park Add North Deerfield","HILLSBORO PARK Mizner Forest","HILLSBORO PARK; Palm Beach Farms","HILLSBORO PK ADD","Historic Spanish Village","HISTORIC SPANISH VILLAGE ESTABLISHED 1926 BOASTING THE SECOND LARGEST NUMBER OF HISTORIC HOMES","HOLIDAY CITY","Holiday City , Palmetto Pines","HOLIDAY CITY @ BOCA","HOLIDAY CITY \/ Palmetto Pines","Holiday City & Palmetto Pines","HOLIDAY CITY AT BOCA","Holiday City at Boca Rat","Holiday City At Boca Rato","HOLIDAY CITY AT BOCA RATON","Holiday City At Boca Raton Sec 02","Holiday City At Boca Raton Sec 03","Holiday City At Boca Raton Sec 04","Holiday City At Boca Raton Sec 05","Holiday City At Boca Raton Sec 06","Holiday City At Boca Raton Sec 07","Holiday City At Boca Raton Sec 08","Holiday City At Boca Raton Sec 09","HOLIDAY CITY AT BOCA RATON SEC 10","HOLIDAY CITY AT BOCA RATON SEC 2","HOLIDAY CITY AT BOCA RATON SEC 3","Holiday City At Boca Raton Sec 3 As","HOLIDAY CITY AT BOCA RATON SEC 3\/PALMETTO PINES","HOLIDAY CITY AT BOCA RATON SEC 4","Holiday City At Boca Raton Sec 4 As","HOLIDAY CITY AT BOCA RATON SEC 5","Holiday City At Boca Raton Sec 5 As","HOLIDAY CITY AT BOCA RATON SEC 6","HOLIDAY CITY AT BOCA RATON SEC 7","Holiday City At Boca Raton Sec 8","HOLIDAY CITY AT BOCA RATON SEC 9","Holiday City At Boca Raton,Palmetto Pines","Holiday City- Palmetto Pines","Holiday City-Palmetto Pines","Holiday City, Palmetto Pines","Holiday City,Palmetto Pines","Holiday City\/Boca Raton S","Holiday City\/Boca Raton Sec","HOLIDAY CITY\/PALMETTO PINES","HOLIDAY CITY\/PALMETTO PINES AT BOCA RATON SEC 4","HOMES OF BOCA BARWD","HOMES OF BOCA BARWOO","Horizons","Horizons \/ Boca Lago","Horizons at Boca Lago","Horizons Boca Lago","Horizons Boca Lago Condo","Horizons of Boca","HORIZONS OF BOCA LAG","HORIZONS OF BOCA LAGO","Horizons Of Boca Lago Cond As In Decl In","HORIZONS OF BOCA LAGO COND UNIT 23-B","HORIZONS OF BOCA LAGO CONDO","HORIZONS\/BOCA LAGO","Hornes J R","HORSESHOE ACERS","Horseshoe Acres","HORSESHOE ACRES AREA","HUNTINGTON","HUNTINGTON \/ POLO CLUB","HUNTINGTON\/POLO CLUB","HYDER AGR PUD SOUTH PLAT FIVE","HYDER AGR PUD SOUTH PLAT FOUR","HYDER AGR PUD SOUTH PLAT ONE","HYDER AGR PUD SOUTH PLAT SEVEN","HYDER AGR PUD SOUTH PLAT SIX","HYDER AGR PUD SOUTH PLAT TWO","Hythe","HYTHE AT CENTURY VIL","HYTHE AT CENTURY VILLAGE","HYTHE AT CENTURY VILLAGE COND DECL FILED IN OR3367P1067 AMEND 3417P1318 & 3398P1064","HYTHE AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","Hythe At Century Vlg Condo","HYTHE Century Village","IMPERIAL","IMPERIAL CONDO","IMPERIAL at BOCA POINTE","Imperial At Promenade","IMPERIAL AT PROMENADE CONDO","IMPERIAL AT PROMENADE CONDO DECL FILED 11-19-86 IN 0R5078P108","Imperial Of Promenade","IMPERIAL ROYALE","IMPERIAL ROYALE AT B","IMPERIAL ROYALE at BOCA POINTE","Imperial Royale At Boca Pointe Condo","Imperial Royale At Boca Pointe Lot","IMPRESSION IN BOCA CHASE","Impressions","Impressions @ Boca Chase","Impressions 1","IMPRESSIONS AT BOCA CHASE","IMPRESSIONS BOCA CHA","Impressions Boca Chase","IMPRESSIONS I","IMPRESSIONS,BOCA CHASE","IMPRESSIONS\/BOCA CHA","INDIAN HEAD","INDIAN HEAD \/ LOGGERS RUN","INDIAN HEAD LOGGERS","Indian Head Sec 01","Indian Head Sec 02","Indian Head Sec 1","INDIAN HEAD SEC 1 . Loggers Run","Indian Head Sec 1 lot 133","Indian Head Sec 1, LT 7 PB 00038 PG 0094","INDIAN HEAD SEC 2","Indian Head Sec.01","INDIAN HEAD SECTION 1","Indian Head\/ LOGGERS RUN","INDIANHEAD","Indies","Indies Pl","Individual","INTRACOASTAL","INTRACOASTAL CONDO","Intracoastal Gated community with lush landscaping, community pool, private fenced back yard, +++","INTRACOASTAL NORTH","INTRACOASTAL PARK","INTRACOASTAL SOUTH","INTRACOASTAL SOUTH COND AS IN DECL IN","Intracoastal South Condo","Intracoastal Terrace","INTRACOASTAL TERRACE CONDO","Ironwedge","Ironwedge Sec 02","IRONWEDGE SEC 2 PUD","IRONWEDGE SEC II","IRONWEDGE SECTION II","ISLAND","ISLAND AT BOCA WEST","Island Court","ISLAND COURT AT BOCA WEST","ISLAND COURT AT BOCA WEST. BOCA WEST","ISLAND COURT AT BOCA WEST. BOCA WEST","Island In Grove\/Boca Grove","Island in the grove","Island in the Grove Boca Grove","ISLAND IN THE GROVE\/BOCA GROVE","Island Lakes","ISLAND LAKES @ Loggers Run","ISLAND LAKES \/ LOGGERS RUN","ISLAND LAKES \/LOGGERS RUN","Island Lakes 01 Sec 01","ISLAND LAKES 02 SEC 01","Island Lakes 03 Sec 01","Island Lakes at Loggers Run","ISLAND LAKES IN LOGGERS RUN","Island Lakes LOGGERS RUN","ISLAND LAKES SEC","ISLAND LAKES SEC 1 1","ISLAND LAKES SEC 1 2","ISLAND LAKES SEC 1 3","ISLAND LAKES SEC 1 P","ISLAND LAKES, Loggers Run","Island Lakes,Loggers Run","Island Lakes\/ Logger\\'s Run","ISLAND LAKES\/LOGGERS","Island lakes\/Loggers Run","Island of the Grove","Islas of Boca","ISLE","ISLE AT MISSION BAY","ISLE OF BOCA \/ ISLE OF SANDALFOOT","Isle OF BOCA DUNE","ISLE OF BOCA DUNES","Isle of Boca Dunes # 5","ISLE OF BOCA DUNES #5","Isle of Boca Dunes 1","ISLE OF BOCA DUNES 2","ISLE of BOCA DUNES 3","Isle of Boca Dunes 6","ISLE OF BOCA DUNES 7","ISLE OF BOCA DUNES CONDO 3","ISLE OF BOCA DUNES SANDALFOOT","Isle of Boca Dunes-Isle Of Sandalfoot","ISLE OF BOCA DUNES, ISLE OF SANDALFOOT","Isle of Boca Dunes. ISLE OF SANDALFOOT CONDO","Isle of Mission Bay","Isle of Sandal Foot Condo 01-07","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT \/\/ Boca Dunes","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT \/ Isle of Boca Dune","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT \/ ISLE OF BOCA DUNES","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT 1","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT C","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT COND","Isle Of Sandalfoot Cond 1 Thru 7","Isle Of Sandalfoot Cond 1 Thru 7 AKA ISLE OF BOCA DUNES","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT COND 1 UNIT 124","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT COND 2","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT COND 4","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT CONDO","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT CONDO \/ Boca Dunes","Isle of Sandalfoot Condo 01","Isle of Sandalfoot Condo 1","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT CONDO 1 THRU 7","Isle Of Sandalfoot condo 1-7 AKA ISLE OF BOCA DUNES","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT CONDO 3","Isle of Sandalfoot Condo 4","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT CONDO 6","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT CONDO 7","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT CONDO a\/k\/a Isle of Boca Dunes 2","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT CONDO AKA ISLE OF BOCA DUNES","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT CONDO- Isles of Boca Dunes","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT CONDO, Boca Dunes","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT CONDO, ISLE OF BOCA DUNES","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT COVE","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT, BOCA DUNES 3","Isle of Sandalfoot\/Boca Dunes","ISLE OF SANDALFOOT\/ISLE OF BOCA DUNES","ISLE OF SANDLEFOOT","ISLE SANDALFOOT","Isle Sandalfoot 04","Isle Sandalfoot Condo","Isle Sandalfoot Condo ,BOCA DUNES","Isle Sandalfoot Condo 01-07","Isle Sandalfoot Condo- Boca Dunes","Isle Sandalfoot Conod 01","Isle Sandalfoot\/ Boca Dunes","Isle Sandalfoot\/Boca Dunes","ISLE\/MISSION BAY","ISLES AT MISSION BAY - TRACT C OF MISSION BAY","Isles Boca Condo 01 & 02","Isles Of Sandalfoot","ISLES OF BOCA","Isles of Boca - Condo Section I Building # 11","ISLES OF BOCA Condo","ISLES OF BOCA CONDOS","ISLES OF BOCA CONDOS ONE AND TWO DECLS FILED IN OR4","ISLES OF BOCA CONDS","ISLES OF BOCA CONDS ONE & TWO DECLS FILED IN","Isles Of Boca Conds One And Two Decls Filed In Or4","ISLES OF BOCA DUNES","ISLES OF BOCA DUNES 2","ISLES OF BOCA DUNES 3","Isles of Boca Raton Condo One","Isles of Boca Sec 01 Ph 01","ISLES OF MISSION BAY","ISLES OF SANDALFOOT","J E INGRAHAM","J R Campbells","Johnston Heights","JOHNSTON HGTS IN","KENSIGTON","KENSINGTON","KENSINGTON @ WOODFIELD CC","KENSINGTON AT WOODFI","Kensington at Woodfield CC","KENSINGTON AT WOODFIELD CC.","KENSINGTON AT WOODFIELD COUNTRY CLUB","KENSINGTON AT WOODFIELD COUNTRY CLUB 2","KENSINGTON AT WOODFIELD COUNYRY CLUB","Kensington Walk","Kensington Walk Cond","Kensington walk cond f unit 105","KENSINGTON WALK CONDO","KENSINGTON WALK CONDO A THRU M AS IN DECL IN OR398","Kensington Walk Condo A-M","Kensington Walk Condo Association","Kensington Walk Condos","Kensington Walk Condos A Thru M As In Deck In Or398","KENSINGTON WALK CONDS A THRU M","Kensington Walk Conds A Thru M As In","Kensington Walk Conds A Thru M As In Decl In Or398","Kensington Walk II Condo","KENSINGTON WALKENK CONDO","KENSINGTON WLAK","KENSINGTON\/WOODFIELD","KENSINGTON\/WOODFIELD C.C.","KENSINGTON\/WOODFIELD COUNTRU CLUB","KENSINGTON\/WOODFIELD COUNTRY CLUB","KETAY CENTER CONDO","Kings Court","KINGS COURT IN","Kings Court Rep","KINGS COURT REPLAT","KINGS COURT REPLAT 1","KINGS COURT REPLAT I","kings Court- Golden Triangle","KINGS COURT, Golden Triangle","KINGS COURT, GOLDEN TRIANGLE, MIZNER PARK AREA","Kings Court\/Mizner Park Area","KINGS POINT","KINGS POINT CONDO","KINNEY & GATES","Kinney & Gates 02","Kinney and Gates","Kinney And Gates Sub 2","KINNEY P D & H D GATES","KINNEY P D & H D GATES SUB 1 IN","KNOB HILL","Knob Hill Club Inc","KNOB HILL SUB","KOB HILL","L \\'Ambiance","L Ambiance","L Ambiance , l\\'ambiance","L AMBIANCE OF VIA VE","L AMBIANCE OF VIA VERDE","L Ambiance Via Verde","L\\' Ambiance","L\\' AMBIANCE VIA VERDE","L\\'AMBIANCE","L\\'Ambiance L Ambiance","L\\'AMBIANCE OF VIA VERDE","L\\'AMBIANCE VIA VERDE","L\\'AMBIANCE,LAMBIANC","L\\'ERMITAGE OF BOCA","L'AMBIANCE","La Boca Casa","LA BOCA CASA CONDO","LA CASTA","LA CORNICHE","LA CORNICHE AT BOCA","LA CORNICHE AT BOCA POINTE","la corniche in boca pointe","La Costa","La Costa \/ Mission Bay","LA COSTA \/MISSON BAY","La Costa at Mission Bay","La Costa Del Mar","LA COSTA DEL MAR CON","LA COSTA DEL MAR CONDO","LA COSTA MISSION BAY","LA COSTA\/ MISSION BAY","LA COSTA\/DEL MAR","LA COSTA\/MISSION BA","LA COSTA\/MISSION BAY","LA COSTA\/MISSION BAY TR H PH 2","LA CROSSE\/LAKES OF","LA FONT","LA FONTANA","LA FONTANA COND DECL","La Fontana Condo","LA JOYA","LA JOYA \/ L\\'ERMITAGE OF BOCA","LA JOYA L\\'ERMITAGE","LA JOYA-L\\'ERMITAGE","LA MIRADA","LA MIRADA @ BOCA POINTE","LA MIRADA @ BOCA PT","LA MIRADA @BOCA POIN","LA MIRADA AT BOCA PO","LA MIRADA AT BOCA POINTE","LA MIRADA AT BOCA POINTE CONDO","LA MIRADA AT BOCA POINTE CONDOS","LA MIRADA AT BOCA POINTE CONDS","La Mirada At Boca Pointe Conds 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 And","LA MIRADA AT BOCA PT","LA MIRADA BOCA POIN","LA MIRADA BOCA POINTE","La Mirada in Boca Pointe","La Mirada of BOCA POINTE","LA MIRADA-BOCA POINTE","LA MIRADA@BOCA POINT","LA MIRADA\/BOCA POINT","La Mirada\/Boca Pointe","LA PAZ","LA PAZ - BOCA POINTE","la paz @ boca pointe","LA PAZ @ BOCA PT","LA PAZ \/BOCA POINTE","La Paz \\'\\'PETS WELCOME\\'\\'","La Paz at Boca Point","LA PAZ AT BOCA POINTE","LA PAZ AT BOCA POINTE - PHASE II","La Paz At Boca Pointe Phs I And Ii Decls In Or415","La Paz Boca Pointe","La Paz Condo","La Paz or Lakes at La Paz","La Paz, LAKES AT LA PAZ CONDO","La Paz\/ Boca Pointe","La Paz\/Boca Pointe","LA PERLA DEL OCEANO","LA PERLA del\\' OCEANO","LA PROVENCE","LA RESIDENCE","LA RESIDENCE COND DE","LA RESIDENCE CONDO","LA RESIDENCE CONDOMINIUM","LA VIDA","LACOSTA","LACOSTA DEL MAR","Lacrosse","LACROSSE\/ SANDCASTLE COVE","LACROSSE\/LAKES AT BO","Lacrosse\/Lakes at Boca","LaCrosse\/Sandcastle Cove","LacrosseSandcastle Cove","LADY PALM","LADY PALM LANE","LADY PALM\/WATERBERRY","LADYPALM","LADYPALM \/ WATERBERR","LADYPALM \/ WATERBERRY","LADYPALM LANE","LadyPalm, Waterberry","Lago Del Mar","LAGO DEL MAR COND","LAGO DEL MAR COND DE","LAGO DEL MAR COND DECL FILED 2-22-85 IN","LAGO DEL MAR CONDO","Lago Mar","LAGO MAR PUD","Lago Mar Seaside Estates","LAGO MAR SHORES","Laguna","LAGUNA - TRACT G OF MISSION BAY","Laguna @ Mission Bay","Laguna \/ Mission Bay","Laguna \/Mission Bay","LAGUNA AT MISSION","LAGUNA AT MISSION BA","Laguna at Mission Bay","LAGUNA ATMISSION BAY","LAGUNA MISSION BAY","LAGUNA-MISSION BAY","Laguna\/Mission Bay","LaJoya","LAKE","LAKE AT BOCA RIO","LAKE BOCA VILLAS","LAKE CATALINA","Lake Catalina\/Polo Club","LAKE ESTATES","LAKE FLORESTA","LAKE FLORESTA PARK","LAKE FLORESTA PARK 1","Lake Floresta Park 1St Sec","Lake Floresta Park 1st Sec In","LAKE FLORESTA PARK 2","Lake Floresta Park 2nd","LAKE FLORESTA PARK SEC 01","Lake Floresta Park Sec 02","Lake House","Lake House Condo South","LAKE HOUSE SOUTH","LAKE HOUSE SOUTH CON","LAKE HOUSE SOUTH CONDO","Lake House South Condo Spanish River Land Co","Lake House South Condo, Unit # 9-G","Lake House South Condominium","LAKE HOUSE SOUTH CONDOMINIUM SPANISH RIVER LAND CO","Lake House South CondominiumSpanish River Land Company","LAKE ROGERS","LAKE ROGERS ISLE","LAKE ROGERS ISLE UNI","LAKE ROGERS ISLE UNIT A","LAKE ROGERS ISLE UNIT A IN","LAKE ROGERS ISLE UNIT C","LAKE ROGERS ISLE UNIT D","LAKE ROGERS ISLE UNIT E","LAKE ROGERS ISLE UNIT E IN","LAKE ROGERS ISLES","lake wind wood","LAKE WINDWOOD","LAKE WINDWOOD COND XI UNIT N-220","LAKE WINDWOOD COND XIII","LAKE WINDWOOD COND XIII UNIT L-221","LAKE WINDWOOD CONDO","LAKE WINDWOOD CONDO 01-14","LAKE WINDWOOD I THRU","LAKE WINDWOOD I THRU XIV COND","LAKE WINDWOOD I THRU XIV COND AS DECL IN OR409","Lake Windwood I Thru Xiv Cond As In Decl In Or409","LAKE WINDWOOD I THRU XIV COND AS IN DECL IN OR4097P694 & 6255P1362","LAKE WINDWOOD II","LAKE WINDWOOD, WINDWOOD","LAKE WYMAN","LAKE WYMAN EST","LAKE WYMAN ESTATES","LAKE WYMAN SHORES","LAKE WYMAN SHORES IN","LAKES AT BOCA","LAKES AT BOCA BARWOOD","Lakes At Boca Barwood 01","Lakes at Boca Raton","LAKES AT BOCA RATON \/ HARBOUR LAKES","Lakes at Boca Raton \/ Lacrosse \/ Sandcastle Cove","Lakes at Boca Raton \/ Pelican Cay","LAKES AT BOCA RATON \/ PORT CAYMAN","LAKES AT BOCA RATON \/ SANDCASTLE COVE","LAKES AT BOCA RATON \/ SYMPHONY","LAKES AT BOCA RATON AMBER BAY","Lakes at Boca Raton CYPRESS BEND","Lakes At Boca Raton Par E","LAKES AT BOCA RATON PAR K","LAKES AT BOCA RATON PAR K (Pelican Cay)","LAKES AT BOCA RATON PARK","Lakes At Boca Raton Ph 04","Lakes At Boca Raton Ph 4","Lakes At Boca Raton Prcl E","LAKES AT BOCA RATON PRCL K","Lakes At Boca Raton-Symphony","LAKES AT BOCA RATON,SYMPHONY","Lakes at Boca Raton\/HARBOUR LAKES","Lakes At Boca Raton\/Pelican Cay","LAKES AT BOCA RATON\/PORT CAYMAN","Lakes at Boca Raton\/Sandcastle Cove","LAKES AT BOCA RIO","LAKES AT BOCA RIO - VILLAGE AT BOCA RIO","Lakes at Boca Rio \/ Village at Boca Rio","LAKES AT BOCA RIO \/ VILLAGE AT BOCA RIO PH 1","LAKES AT BOCA RIO \/ VILLAGE AT BOCA RIO PH-2","Lakes At Boca Rio Ph 03","LAKES AT BOCA RIO-VILLAGE AT BOCA RIO","Lakes at Boca Rio, Village of Boca Rio","LAKES AT BOCA\/HARBOR","Lakes At La Paz","LAKES AT LA PAZ COND","LAKES AT LA PAZ COND DECL FILED 4-20-88 IN OR5640P1774","Lakes At La Paz Condo","LAKES AT LA PAZ III,Boca Pointe","Lakes at La Paz\/ Boca Pointe","LAKES AT PORT CAYMAN","LAKES BOCA BARWOOD","Lakes Boca Barwood 02","Lakes Boca Barwood PL 1","LAKES OF BOCA","LAKES OF BOCA BARWOO","LAKES OF BOCA BARWOOD","Lakes Of Boca Barwood 01","LAKES OF BOCA BARWOOD 1","LAKES OF BOCA BARWOOD 2","Lakes of Boca Raton","Lakes of Boca Raton CYPRESS BEND","LAKES OF BOCA RATON, WOODSTREAM","LAKES OF BOCA RIO","Lakes Of Boca\/Woodstream","LAKES OF BOCABARWOOD","Lakes of Sutton","LAKES OF SUTTON \/ POLO CLUB","LAKES OF SUTTON \/ POLO","LAKES OF SUTTON \/ POLO CLUB","Lakes Of Sutton Place","LAKES OF SUTTON PLACE \/ POLO CLUB","LAKES OF SUTTON PLACE POLO CLUB","LAKES OF WOODHAVEN","LAKES OF WOODHAVEN \/ BOCA PARK","LAKES OF WOODHAVEN \/ BOCA PARK","Lakes Of Woodhaven Condo 01 & 02","LAKES OF WOODHAVEN I","LAKES OF WOODHAVEN I & II","Lakes Of Woodhaven I And Ii Cond Decls Filed In Or","LAKES OF WOODHAVEN I AND II COND DECLS FILED IN OR BOCA PARK","LAKES OF WOODHAVEN I AND II CONDO","LAKES OF WOODHAVEN II COND","Lakes of Woodhaven, Boca Park","Lakes Woodhaven Condo 01 & 02","Lakeside","Lakeside Indust Condo","LAKEWOOD","LAKEWOOD \/ Boca West","LAKEWOOD Boca West","LAKEWOOD GARDENS","Lakewood Gardens\/ Boca West","Lakewood Mid Rise Condo 1","Lakewood Mid Rise Condominium","LAKEWOOD MID-RISE","LAKEWOOD MID-RISE COND III","LAKEWOOD MID-RISE CONDO","LAKEWOOD MIDRISE","LAKEWOOD MIDRISE 600 bldg","LAKEWOOD MIDRISE ,","Lakewood Midrise 03","LAKEWOOD MIDRISE 1","LAKEWOOD MIDRISE CON","Lakewood Midrise Cond I Unit 365","LAKEWOOD MIDRISE COND I,II, III & IV","Lakewood Midrise Cond I,Ii, Iii And Iv As In Dec","Lakewood Midrise Cond I,Ii, Iii And Iv As In Decl","LAKEWOOD MIDRISE CONDO","LAKEWOOD MIDRISE CONDO - BOCA WEST","LAKEWOOD MIDRISE CONDO (BOCA WEST)","LAKEWOOD MIDRISE CONDO \/ Boca West","Lakewood Midrise Condo 01-04","LAKEWOOD MIDRISE CONDO III","LAKEWOOD MIDRISE\/B.W","Lakewood Midrises","LAKEWOOD OAKS","Lakewood Oaks \/ BOCA TIERRA 2ND SEC","Lakewood Oaks\/Boca Tierra","Lakewood Oaks\/BOCA TIERRA 2ND SEC","LAKEWOOD OF BOCA WEST","LAKEWOOD*","LAKEWOOD\/ BOCA WEST","LAKEWOOD\/BOCA WEST","Land\\'s End","Landings","LANDINGS AT WOODFIEL","LANDINGS at WOODFIELD CC","Landings at Woodfield Country Club","LANDINGS WOODFIELD C","Landings\/Woodfield Country Club","LANDMARK","LANDMARK TOWNHOMES","LANDMARK TOWNHOUSE OF BOCA RATON CONDO","LANDMARK TOWNHOUSES","LANDMARK TOWNHOUSES OF BOCA RATON COND","LANDMARK TOWNHOUSES OF BOCA RATON COND DECL FILED 9-6-79","LANDMARK TOWNHOUSES OF BOCA RATON CONDO","Landmark Twnhs Boca Raton Condo","LANDS END","LAPAZ","LAS BRISAS","Las Brisas Boca","Las Brisas Boca Condo","las brisas cir condo","LAS BRISAS OF BOCA C","Las Brisas of Boca Condo","LAS FLORAS","LAS FLORES","LAS FLORES MISSION BAY","Las Flores - Mission Bay","LAS FLORES *500*","Las Flores \/ Mission Bay","LAS FLORES \/ MISSION BAY PAR F PH 1","LAS FLORES AT MISSION BAY","Las Flores Mission Bay","Las Flores of Mission Bay","Las Flores- MISSION BAY PAR F PH 1","LAS FLORES-MISSION B","Las Flores\/ Mission Bay","LAS FLORES\/MISSION","LAS FLORES\/MISSION B","LAS FLORES\/MISSION BAY","Laurel Oaks","LAUREL OAKS & LAUREL OAKS CONDO","LAUREL OAKS & LAUREL","Laurel Oaks And Laurel Oaks 400 Condo","Laurel Oaks at Boca West","LAUREL OAKS BOCA WES","Laurel Oaks Boca West","Laurel Oaks Condo","LAUREL OAKS\/B.WEST","LAUREL OAKS\/BOCA WES","Laurel Point","LAUREL POINT\/BROKEN","LAUREL POINTE","Laurel Pointe Broken Sound","LAUREL POINTE \/ Broken Sound","LAUREL POINTE 02","LAUREL POINTE 2","LAUREL POINTE at BROKEN SOUND","LAUREL POINTE BROKEN SOUND","LAUREL POINTE\/BROKEN SOUND","LAURELS","LAURELS \/ POLO CLUB","LAURELS \/ THE POLO CLUB","LAVERS RESORT & RACQ","LAVERS- LAKESIDE","LE LAC","LE LAC 2","LE LAC 3","LE LAC 4 PUD","LE LAC PL 4 PUD","LE RIVAGE","LE RIVAGE PUD","LEEWOOD TERRACE\/windwood","LEFT BANK ESTATES","LEFT BANK ESTATES (GOLDEN HARBOR AREA)","LErmitage of Boca","Les Jardins","Les Jardins, Patch Reef Estates","LES JARDINSPATCH REEF ESTATES","LEXINGTON","LEXINGTON ESTATES","Lexington Home Estates","Lexington Homes","Lexington Homes Est","LEXINGTON HOMES ESTA","LEXINGTON HOMES ESTATES","Library Commons","LIBRARY COMMONS\/BOCA RATON HILLS","Lincoln","Lincoln At Century Village","LINCOLN AT CENTURY VILLAGE COND DECL FILED 12-31-81","LINCOLN AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","Lincoln At Century Vlg Condo","LINCOLN AT CENTURYVILLAGE COND DECL FILED 12-31-81","LINCOLN COURT","Lincoln Court Add","LINCOLN COURT IN","LINCOLNWOOD","LINCOLNWOOD VILLAGE","Lincolnwood Village-Villa Del Rio","Lincolnwood Village\/VILLA DEL RIO","LINCOLONWOOD VILLAGE","Linocln - Century Village","Located in Bocar","LOCATED ON THE WESTSIDE OF A1A BEAUTIFUL AND UPSCALE 24HOUR SECURED BUILDING WITH OCEAN ACCESS.","Logger\\'s Run \/ Cimarron Sec 01","Loggers Run","Loggers Run \/ Island Lakes","loggers run cimarron","LOGGERS RUN CIMARRON SEC ONE","Loggers Run-Crystal Cove Estates","Loggers Run, Island Lakes","LOGGERS RUN\/CIMARRON","LOGGERS RUN\/CNTRY LN","Loggers Run\/Country Landing 2","LoggersRun\/COUNTRY LANDING SEC 2","Long Lake Est 1 As","Long Lake Estate","LONG LAKE ESTATES","Long Lake Estates 01","LONG LAKE ESTATES 1 AS","LONG LAKE ESTATES PL","Long Lake Estates Plat 1 Lot 4","Long Lake Palm","LONG LAKE PALM PONTE VECCHIO","Long Lake Palms","Long Lake Plms","LONG LAKES","LONG LAKES ESTATES","LOS PASEOS","LOS PASEOS OF VIA VE","LOS PASEOS OF VIA VERDE","LOS PASEOS OF VIA VERDE REPLAT","Los Paseos Via Verde Rep","LOS RAYOS BOCA GROVE","Los Rayos de Sol","LOS RAYOS DE SOL PH 2","LOS RAYOS DEL SOL","LOS RAYOS\/BOCA GROVE","Lotus","LotusBRIDGES MIZNER PUD BRIDGES SOUTH PLAT SIX","Luxuria","LUXURIA CONDO","LYONS POINT","LYONS POINTE","MACHLE PROPERTY ON AM 49","Mahogany Bend","Mahogany Bend Boca West","Mahogany Bend Court","MAHOGANY BEND OF BOCA WEST","MAJESTIC BAY","MAJESTIC BAY BOCA FA","MAJESTIC POINTE","Majorca","Majorca \/ Town Place","MAJORCA \/ TOWN PLACE TOWNHOMES","Majorca at Town Place","Majorca Club","MAJORCA-C ADDENDA","MAJORCA\/TOWN PLACE","Majorca\/TOWN PLACE TOWNHOMES","MANATEE POINTE AT LAGO MAR CONDO","MANCHESTER","MANCHESTER \/ POLO CLUB","MANCHESTER \/ POLO CLUB","Mandarin Oriental Residences Boca Raton","Manor Broken Sound","Mansfield","MANSFIELD A","Mansfield - Century Villa","MANSFIELD \\'\\'B\\'\\' AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","Mansfield association","MANSFIELD AT CENTURY","Mansfield At Century Vill","MANSFIELD AT CENTURY VILLAGE","MANSFIELD AT CENTURY VILLAGE COND","MANSFIELD AT CENTURY VILLAGE COND DECL FILED 4-8-80 OR3264 P906,3267P1437,3267P1445,3267","Mansfield at Century Village Cond Decl Filed 4-8-80 OR3264 P906,3267PI437,3267P1445,3267","Mansfield at Century Village Cond Decl Filed 4-8-80 OR3264 P906,3267PI437,3267PI445,3267","MANSFIELD AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","Mansfield at Century Village Condo Decl Filed 4-8-80 OR3264 P906,3267P1437,3267P1445,3267","Mansfield at Century Village Condo E par 201","Mansfield At Century Vlg Condo","Mansfield atCentury Village","Mansfield Century Village","Mansfield F","Mansfield G","Mansfield in Century VIllage Boca Raton","MANSFIELD K","MANSFIELD L AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","Mansfield N\/Century Village","MAR JO DOR ACRES","MAR VISTA","MAR VISTA COND AS IN","MAR VISTA CONDO","MAR-JO-DOR ACRES","MARANATHA","Maranatha Apartments","MARANATHA APTS","MARANATHA APTS INC","MARBELLA","MARBELLA COND","MARBELLA COND AS IN","Marbella Cond As In Decl In","MARBELLA CONDO","MARBELLA LAKES","Marbella Lakes \/ Marbella Woods","Marbella Lakes of Boca Del Mar","Marbella Lakes,Boca Del Mar","Marbella on the ocean","MARBELLA WOODS","MARBELLA WOODS, MARBELLA LAKES","Marbella Woods\/Marbella Lakes","MARCHAND","MARCHAND SUB","MARCHAND SUB UNREC O","MARCHAND UNREC","Marina Del Mar","MARINA DEL MAR ESTAT","MARINA DEL MAR ESTATES","MARJORCA","MAYA PALM CONDO APTS","MAYFAIR","MAYFAIR AT WOODFIELD","MAYFAIR AT WOODFIELD COUNTRY CLUB","Mayfair Boca Raton Condo","Mayfair Condo\/ MAYFAIR OF BOCA RATON COND DECL FILED","MAYFAIR OF BOCA RATO","MAYFAIR OF BOCA RATON","MAYFAIR OF BOCA RATON CONDO","MAYFAIR WOODFIELD COUNTRY CLUB","MEADOW HILL","MEADOW HILL AS","MEADOW HILL AS IN","MEADOW KNOLL","MEADOW KNOLL TOWNHOM","MEADOW KNOLL TOWNHOMES","Meadow Lake","Meadow Lakes","MEADOW LAKES - HILLSBORO COUNTRY CLUB","MEADOW LAKES AT BOCA","Meadow Lakes at Hillsboro Country Club 2","MEADOW LAKES-HILLSBORO COUNTRY CLUB","MEADOW LAKES, Hillsboro Country Club 2","Meadow Lakes\/Hillsboro Country Club","MEADOW PARK ESTATES","MEADOWLAKES","MEADOWS LAKE","MEADOWS PARK","MEADOWS PARK ESTATES","MEADOWS VIEW VILLAS","MEADOWS VIEW VILLAS CONDOMINIUM","Mediterranea","MEDITERRANIA","MERIDIAN","MERIDIAN AT ONE NORTH OCEAN","MERIDIAN AT ONE NORTH OCEAN CONDO","MERIDIAN AT ONE NORTH OCEAN CONDOMINIUM","Meridiana","MERIDIANA \/ Boca Pointe","MERIDIANA AT BOCA PO","Meridiana At Boca Pointe","Meridiana At Boca Pointe 01","Meridiana At Boca Pointe 02","MERIDIANA AT BOCA POINTE I","MERIDIANA AT BOCA POINTE II","MERIDIANA AT BOCA POINTE PL II","MERIDIANA\/BOCA POINT","MFAR PLAZA","MILLPOND","MILLPOND - TIMBERCREEK NORTH","MILLPOND -Timbercreek North","Millpond \/ Timbercreek","MILLPOND NORTH","Millpond\/Timbercreek North","MILPOND","MINZER FOREST","MISSION","Mission Bay","MISSION BAY REFLECTIONS","MISSION BAY Regatta","MISSION BAY - LA COSTA","Mission Bay - Laguna","MISSION BAY - THE ISLE","MISSION BAY \/ HARBOUR SPRINGS","MISSION BAY \/ LA COSTA","MISSION BAY \/ LAGUNA","MISSION BAY \/ Las Flores","MISSION BAY \/ REFLECTIONS","MISSION BAY \/ REGATTA","Mission Bay \/ Ventura","MISSION BAY \/REGATTA","MISSION BAY 02","MISSION BAY 2","MISSION BAY 2 REFLECTIONS","MISSION BAY 2Reflections","MISSION BAY LA COSTA","MISSION BAY La Plata","Mission Bay Laguna","Mission Bay Las Flores","MISSION BAY PAR F PH","Mission Bay Par F Ph 1","MISSION BAY PAR F PH 1 LAS FLORES","MISSION BAY PAR F PH 1 REPL","MISSION BAY PL 2","Mission Bay Prcl F Ph 01","MISSION BAY REFLECTIONS","Mission Bay Regatta","Mission Bay Repl Tr C","Mission Bay Repl Tr C\/ the isle","MISSION BAY TR A","Mission Bay Tr D Rep","MISSION BAY TR F PH 2","Mission Bay Tr G Rep","MISSION BAY TR H PH","Mission Bay Tr H Ph 01","Mission Bay Tr H Ph 02","Mission Bay Tr H Ph 1","MISSION BAY TR H PH 1 Regatta","Mission Bay Tr H Ph 2","Mission Bay Tr H Ph 2 La Costa","MISSION BAY TRACT D","MISSION BAY VENTURA","MISSION BAY-LA COSTA","MISSION BAY-Laguna","Mission Bay-REGATTA Tr H Ph 01","Mission Bay, Cordova Estates","MISSION BAY, Harbour Springs","Mission Bay, Las Flores","MISSION BAY\/ LA COSTA","MISSION BAY\/CORDOVA","Mission Bay\/Cordova Estate","MISSION BAY\/HARBOUR","MISSION BAY\/Isle","MISSION BAY\/LA COSTA","MISSION BAY\/LA SALIN","MISSION BAY\/LAGUNA","MISSION BAY\/LAS FLORES","MISSION BAY\/REGATTA","MISSION BAY\/SONATA","Mission Bay\/The Isle","MISSION BAY\/VENTURA","Mission BayHarbour Springs","MIZNER AREA","Mizner Court","Mizner Court Cond I","MIZNER COURT COND I UNIT 219","MIZNER COURT COND I UNIT 221","MIZNER COURT COND I UNIT 316","MIZNER COURT CONDO","Mizner Court Condo 01","MIZNER COURT CONDO 1","Mizner Court Condo I","MIZNER COURT CONDOMINIUM","MIZNER COURT I","MIZNER COURT IN MIZNER VILLAGE","MIZNER CT","MIZNER FOREST","MIZNER FREE MONTH","MIZNER GRAND","MIZNER GRAND COND","MIZNER GRAND CONDO","MIZNER LAKE ESTATES","MIZNER LUXURY TOWNHOMES","Mizner Park","MIZNER PARK\/WHISEM","MIZNER POINT","Mizner Pointe","Mizner Pointe Boca Raton","Mizner Pointe Boca Twnhs","MIZNER POINTE OF BOC","MIZNER POINTE OF BOCA","MIZNER POINTE OF BOCA akaVIA ANCHO","MIZNER POINTE OF BOCA VIA","MIZNER POINTE OF BOCA VIA ANCHO","MIZNER POINTE OF VIA ANCHO","Mizner Pointe Town Homes","MIZNER POINTE TOWNHOUSES","MIZNER POINTEOF BOCA","MIZNER TOWER","MIZNER TOWER COND DE","MIZNER TOWER CONDO","MNR CARE OF BOCA RATON","MNSFIELD ASSOCIATION","MODEL LAND CO","MODERNE","MODERNE BOCA","Moderne \/ SPANISH RIVER TOWNHOMES","Moderne Boca","Moderne Boca \/ SPANISH RIVER TOWNHOMES","MODERNE BOCA SPANISH RIVER TOWNHOMES","MODERNE BOCA\/SPANISH RIVER TOWNHOMES","MODERNE\/SPANISH RIVER TOWNHOMES","Montego Bay","MONTEGO BAY @ BOCA P","Montego Bay \/ Boca Pointe","Montego Bay \/ Montego Bay","MONTEGO BAY 3","MONTEGO BAY AT BOCA","MONTEGO BAY AT BOCA POINTE","Montego Bay At Boca Pointe 01-05","Montego Bay At Boca Pointe 02","MONTEGO BAY AT BOCA POINTE 1 THRU 5 CONDS","Montego Bay At Boca Pointe 1 Thru 5 Conds Filed Or","MONTEGO BAY AT BOCA POINTE CONDO","MONTEGO BAY BOCA POINTE","MONTEGO BAY PL 3","MONTEGO BAY, BOCA POINTE","Montego Bay.","MONTEGO BAY\/BOCA POI","Montego Bay\/Boca Pointe 01","Montego Bayat Boca Pointe","MONTEGO BOCA POINTE","MONTEREY BAY","Monterey Bay \/ Boca Winds","MONTEREY BAY BOCA WI","Monterey Bay Boca Winds","MONTEREY BAY Boca Winds Par G","MONTEREY BAY\/BOCA WI","Monterey Bay\/Boca Winds","Monterey House Cond Decl","Monterey Office Condo","MONTEREY SOUTH CONDO","Monterey South Condominium","Monterrey Bay","Monterrey Bay \/ BOCA WINDS PAR G","MONTERY BAY","MONTEZ GARDENS","Montez Gardens IN","Montoya Est Unit 1","Montoya Est Unit 2","MONTOYA ESTAATES","MONTOYA ESTATES","MONTOYA ESTATES EAST","Montoya Estates East5","MONTOYA ESTATES UNIT","Montoya Estates Unit 01","MONTOYA ESTATES UNIT 1","MONTOYA ESTATES UNIT 2","MONTOYA ESTATES UNIT 2 (West)","Morbeck Bldg Condo","Morningside","Morningside (Boca Bay Colony)","MORNINGSIDE\/BOCA BAY","MYKNONOS COURT","MYKONOS","Mykonos Court","MYKONOS COURT \/ BOCA COUNTRY CLUB","Mykonos Court at Boca Country Club","MYKONOS COURT BOCA COUNTRY CLUB","MYKONOS COURT OF BOC","MYKONOS COURT OF BOCA GOLF & TENNIS CLUB","MYKONOS COURT OF BOCA GOLF & TENNIS COUNTRY CLUB","Mykonos Court Of Boca Golf And Tennis Club","MYKONOS CT","MYKONOS OF BOCA GOLF & TENNIS CLUB","MYSTIC BAY","Mystic Bay \/ Boca Falls","MYSTIC BAY\/BOCA FALL","Mystic Bay\/Boca Falls","Mystic Cove","Mystic Cove\/Boca Falls","Mystice Cove\/Boca Falls","N","NASSAU BAY","NASSAU BAY \/ BROKEN SOUND","NASSAU BAY COND DECL","Nassau Bay Condo","NASSAU BAY II","NASSAU BAY II \/ BROKEN SOUND","NASSAU BAY II COND D","NASSAU BAY II CONDO","NASSAU BAY\/BROKEN SO","NEW CASTLE C","NEW CASTLE, CENTURY VILLAGE","New Floresta","New Floresta \/Woodlands Sec 1","New Floresta Woodlands","NEW FLORESTA Woodlands Sec 1","NEW FLORESTA Woodlands Sec 1 Amd Pl","New Floresta WOODLANDS SEC 2","NEW FLORESTA-WOODLANDS","New Floresta, Woodlands Sec 01 Amd","New Floresta\/Woodlands","New Floresta\/Woodlands Sec 02 Amd","NEW FLORESTA\/WOODLANDS SEC 1","NEW FLORESTA\/WOODLANDS SEC 2","NEWCASTLE","NEWCASTLE AT CENTURY","Newcastle at Century Village","NEWCASTLE AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","Newcastle At Century Vlg Condo","NEWETH GARDENS","Newport","Newport Bay","Newport Bay - Hampton Club","NEWPORT BAY CLUB","Newport Bay Club Copper Lake","Newport Bay Club - Cooper Lake","Newport Bay Club - Copper Lake","NEWPORT BAY CLUB \/ COPPER LAKE","NEWPORT BAY CLUB \/ HAMPTON CLUB","NEWPORT BAY CLUB \/THE TIDES","NEWPORT BAY CLUB COPPER LAKE","Newport Bay Club The Tides","Newport Bay Club- Copper Lake","NEWPORT BAY CLUB\/ TIDES","NEWPORT BAY CLUB\/COP","Newport Bay Club\/Copper Lake","NEWPORT BAY CLUB\/ESTATES","Newport Bay Club\/Hampton Club","NEWPORT BAY CLUB\/THE ESTATES","NEWPORT BAY CLUB\/THE TIDES","Newport Bay ClubCopper Lake","Newport Bay Copper Lake","NEWPORT BAY\/ Tides","Newport Bay\/Copper Lake","NEWPORT BAY\/ESTATES","Newport Bay\/Tides","NEWTH GARDENS","NEWTH GARDENS C COND","NEWTH GARDENS C CONDO","NEWTH GARDENS COND P","NEWTH GARDENS CONDO","Newth Gardens Condo C","Newth Gardens Condo South","NEWTH GARDENS S COND","NEWTH GARDENS S CONDO","Newth Gdns C Condo Pt Of Lts 3 And 4 Blk 2","NORTH BOCA ISLES","NORTH FEDERAL HIGHWAY","OAK CIRCLE COND WAREHOUSE DECL FIL","OAK CIRCLE CONDO WAREHOUSE","Oak Circle Ind Park","Oak Circle Indust Park","OAK RUN","OAK RUN \/ BROKEN SOUND","OAK RUN BROKEN SOUND","OAK RUN OF ARVIDA CO","Oak Run Of Arvida Country Club","Oak Run Of Arvida Country Club Broken Sound","Oak Run of Broken Sound Club","OAK RUN-BROKEN SOUND","OAK RUN\/Broken Sound","Oakbrook","Oakbrook Boca West","OAKBROOK OF BOCA WES","OAKBROOK OF BOCA WEST","OAKBROOK\/BOCA WEST","Oaks","Oaks at Boca Raton","Oaks At Boca Raton 01","Oaks At Boca Raton 03","Oaks At Boca Raton 04","Oaks At Boca Raton 05 Tr A","Oaks At Boca Raton 06","Oaks At Boca Raton 08","OAKS AT BOCA RATON 1","OAKS AT BOCA RATON 2","OAKS AT BOCA RATON 3","OAKS AT BOCA RATON 4","OAKS AT BOCA RATON 5","OAKS AT BOCA RATON 6","OAKS AT BOCA RATON 7","OAKS AT BOCA RATON 8","OAKS AT BOCA RATON 8; The Oaks","OAKS AT BOCA RATON P","OAKS AT BOCA RATON PL 4","OAKS MEDICAL COMPLEX CONDO","Oaks of Boca","OAKS OF BOCA RATON","OAKS OF BOCA, SPANISH OAKS","OAKS OF BOCA\/SPANISH","Oakwood Apartments","OCEAN CLUB","OCEAN CLUB CONDO","OCEAN DUNES","Ocean Dunes Condo","OCEAN GRANDE PLACE","OCEAN HEIGHTS","OCEAN HEIGHTS IN","OCEAN HEIGHTS\/MIZNER","Ocean Place Villas Condo","Ocean Reef","Ocean Reef Towers","OCEAN REEF TOWERS IN","Ocean Reef Towers Inc Cond N 242.94 Ft Of Par 4 E","OCEAN REEF TOWERS INC CONDO","Ocean Residences At Boca Beach Club Condo","Ocean Terr North Cond Decl Filed 7-17-81","Ocean Terrace North","OCEAN TOWERS","OCEAN TOWERS (f\/k\/a Whitehall South)","Ocean Towers a\/k\/a Whitehall South Condominium Association, Inc.","OCEAN TOWERS CONDO","Ocean Towers Condominium","Ocean Towers Condominium a\/k\/a Whitehall South Condominium Association, Inc.","Ocean Towers formerly known as Whitehall South","Ocean Towers l\/k\/a Whitehall South Condominium Association, Inc.","OCEANS III","OCEANS III COND DECL","OCEANS III CONDO","OCEANSIDE TOWNHOMES","OCEANSIDE TOWNHOMES SOUTH","OKEY EST","OKEY ESTATES","OKEY ESTATES IN","Old Floresta","OLD FLORESTA , Adjacent (FLORESTA)","OLD FLORESTA AREA","Old Floresta Area\/ Campus Heights","Old Floresta Historic District","OLD FLORIESTA","OLEANDER PARK","ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED FIFTY YAMATO R","One Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Yamato Road","ONE THOUSAND OCEAN","OSCEOLA ARMS","Osceola Arms Inc","Oxford Estates","Oxford Estates - Southampton","OXFORD ESTATES \/ SOUTHAMPTON","OXFORD ESTATES\/SOUTHAMPTON","OXLEY NORTHERN","PALACIO DEL MAR","Palladium","PALLADIUM@BOCA POINT","PALM BEACH FARMS","PALM BEACH FARMS CO","PALM BEACH FARMS CO 10","Palm Beach Farms Co 10 Of North Deerfield Pb6p1","PALM BEACH FARMS CO 11","PALM BEACH FARMS CO 3","PALM BEACH FARMS CO PL 10 OF NORTH DEERFIELD PB6P11-14, ADJ LTS 1 OWNRSHP COMB\/W HILLSBORO","PALM BEACH FARMS CO PL NO 3","Palm Beach Farms-Hillsboro Park","Palm Beach Farms, HILLSBORO PARK","PALM BEACH FARMS\/HILLSBORO PARK","Palm Beach Farms\/Hillsboro Pk","PALM FOREST","PALM HILL","Palm Royal","PALM ROYAL APT INC CONDO","PALM ROYAL APTS","PALM ROYAL APTS INC","PALM ROYAL APTS INC COND (UNREC) AM 85 BEING S 1\/2","PALM ROYAL APTS INC CONDO","Palm Royal Apts Inc Condo Unrec","PALM ROYAL APTS, INC","PALM\/BOCA POINTE","Palma Vista","Palma Vista at Ponte Verde","Palma Vista Estates","PALMETO PINES","PALMETTO FIFTH AVENUE CONDO","PALMETTO PARK","Palmetto Park Plat","PALMETTO PARK TERR","Palmetto Park Terr Unit 1","Palmetto Park Terr Unit 2","Palmetto Park Terr Unit 9","Palmetto Park Terr, Boca Raton Sq","PALMETTO PARK TERR.","PALMETTO PARK TERRAC","Palmetto Park Terrace","Palmetto Park Terrace Unit 01","PALMETTO PARK TERRACE UNIT 03","Palmetto Park Terrace Unit 04","Palmetto Park Terrace Unit 05","Palmetto Park Terrace Unit 06","Palmetto Park Terrace Unit 07","Palmetto Park Terrace Unit 08","Palmetto Park Terrace Unit 09","PALMETTO PARK TERRACE UNIT 1","PALMETTO PARK TERRACE UNIT 2","PALMETTO PARK TERRACE UNIT 3","PALMETTO PARK TERRACE UNIT 4","PALMETTO PARK TERRACE UNIT 5","PALMETTO PARK TERRACE UNIT 6","PALMETTO PARK TERRACE UNIT 7","PALMETTO PARK TERRACE UNIT 8","PALMETTO PARK TERRACE UNIT 9","Palmetto Park Terrace, Boca Sq","Palmetto Park West","PALMETTO PARK WEST\/ BOCA RATON SQUARE","PALMETTO PARK WOODS","PALMETTO PARK WOODS \/ Villaggio","PALMETTO PARK\/BOCA","PALMETTO PINES","PALMETTO PINES - HOLIDAY CITY AT BOCA RATON SEC 4","PALMETTO PINES \/ HOLIDAY CITY","PALMETTO PINES \/ Holiday City At Boca Raton Sec 03","PALMETTO PINES \/ HOLIDAY CITY AT BOCA RATON SEC 4","PALMETTO PINES HOLIDAY CITY","Palmetto Pines, Holiday city","PALMETTO PINES, HOLIDAY CITY AT BOCA RATON SEC 3","PALMETTO PINES, HOLIDAY CITY AT BOCA RATON SEC 7","Palmetto Pines,Holiday City","PALMETTO PINES\/HOLID","Palmetto Pines\/Holiday City","PALMETTO PINES\/HOLIDAY CITY AT BOC","Palmetto Pines\/HOLIDAY CITY AT BOCA RATON SEC 3","Palmetto PinesHoliday City","PALMETTO PK TERRACE","Palmetto Pk West","Palmetto Place","PALMETTO PLACE CONDO","PALMETTO PLACE CONDOMINIUM","PALMMETTO","PALMS","PALMS AT BOCA POINTE","PALMS AT BOCA TEECA","PALMS AT PALLADIUM \/ BOCA POINTE","Palms Boca Lago Condo","PALMS OF BOCA LAGO","PALMS OF BOCA LAGO C","PALMS OF BOCA LAGO COND DECL FILED 9-16-80","PALMS OF BOCA LAGO CONDO","PALMS OF BOCA LOGO","Palomar","PALOMAR LT","PALOMAR AT BOCA POIN","PALOMAR AT BOCA POINTE","PALOMAR ESPLANADA","Palomar\/ Esplanada","PALOMAR\/Boca Pointe","PALOMAR\/ESPLANADA","PANACHE","PANACHE @ BOCA POINT","PANACHE AT BOCA POIN","PANACHE AT BOCA POINTE","PANACHE AT BOCA POINTE COND","PANACHE AT BOCA POINTE CONDO","PANACHE AT BOCA POINTE CONDO, BOCA POINTE","Panache Boca Pointe","PANACHE\/BOCA POINTE","PARADISE PALMS","PARADISE PALMS UNIT","Paradise Palms Unit 01","Paradise Palms Unit 02","PARADISE PALMS UNIT 03","Paradise Palms Unit 04","Paradise Palms Unit 05","PARADISE PALMS UNIT 1","PARADISE PALMS UNIT 2","PARADISE PALMS UNIT 3","PARADISE PALMS UNIT 4","PARADISE PALMS UNIT 4 IN PB 27 PGS 169 & 170","Paradise Palms Unit 4 In Pb 27 Pgs 169 And 170","PARADISE PALMS UNIT 5","PARADISE PALMS UNIT NO 2","Paraiso","Paraiso \/ Allegro","Paraiso AKA Allegro","Paraiso,Allegro","Paraiso\/Allegro","PARK AT WINDWOOD","PARK AT WINDWOOD CON","PARK AT WINDWOOD CONDO","Park At Windwood Condo 01-05","PARK AT WINDWOOD CONDO III","PARK AT WINDWOOD CONDO IV","PARK AT WINDWOOD CONDO, WINDWOOD, LAKE WINDWOOD","PARK AT WINDWOOD CONDS 1 THRU 5","Park At Windwood Conds 1 Thru 5 As In Or4572p785","PARK AT WINDWOOD I THRU V CONDO","PARK AT WINDWOOD, WINDWOOD","Parklane","PARKLANE\/WHISPER WAL","Parkshore","PARKSiDE","Parkside - Bramalea","PARKSIDE - BRAMALEA UNICORP BOCA RATON FIRST ADD","Parkside at Boca","Parkside BRAMALEA UNICORP BOCA RATON","PARKSIDE\/BRAMALEA UNICORP BOCA RATON 2ND ADD","PARKSIDE\/BRAMALEA UNICORP BOCA RATON FIRST ADD","ParksideBRAMALEA UNICORP BOCA RATON FIRST ADD","Parkview Est At Boca","Parkview Est At Boca Avalon","Parkview Estates","PARKVIEW ESTATES AT","PARKVIEW ESTATES AT BOCA","Parkview Estates At Boca \/ Avalon","PASEOS","Paseos Via Verde","PASOES","PATCH REEF EST","PATCH REEF ESTATE","PATCH REEF ESTATES","Patios","Patios Boca Barwood","Patios Boca Barwood Condo","PATIOS DEL MAR","Patios Del Mar 02","Patios Del Mar Conte","PATIOS DEL MAR CONTEMPO","Patios Del Mar Contempo As","PATIOS DEL MAR II","PATIOS DEL MAR\/BOCA DEL MAR","Patios of Boca","PATIOS OF BOCA BARWO","Patios of Boca Barwood","Patios of Boca Barwood Cond","PATIOS OF BOCA BARWOOD CONDO","PATIOS ON THE PARK","PATRICIAN","PATRICIAN COND DECL","PATRICIAN COND, 1-V","PATRICIAN CONDO","PATRICIAN CONDO; THE PATRICIAN","PATRICIAN CONDOMINIU","Patrician Renovated","PATTERSON PARK 3 ADD","PEARL CITY","PELICAN CAY","PELICAN CAY-LAKES AT BOCA RATON PAR K","PELICAN CAY\/LAKES AT","PELICAN CAY\/LAKES AT BOCA RATON","PENINSULA VILLAGE GREENS","PENINSULA VILLAGE GREENS - CENTRAL PARK","PENINSULA VILLAGE GREENS \/ CENTRAL PARK","PENINSULA VILLAGE GREENS CENTRAL PARK","PENINSULA VILLAGE GREENS, Central Park","PENINSULA VILLAGE GREENS,CENTRAL PARK","Peninsula Vlg Greens","PEPPERTREE","Peppertree 2","PEPPERTREE BOCA WEST","PEPPERTREE CONDO","PEPPERTREE CONDO II","PEPPERTREE I","Peppertree I\/Boca West","PEPPERTREE II","PEPPERTREE II CONDO","Peppertree III","peppertree*","PEPPERTREE\/BOCA WEST","PHEASANT WALK","PHEASANT WALK SEC","PHEASANT WALK SEC 01","Pheasant Walk Sec 02","Pheasant Walk Sec 03","Pheasant Walk Sec 04","Pheasant Walk Sec 05","Pheasant Walk Sec 06","PHEASANT WALK SEC 07","Pheasant Walk Sec 08","PHEASANT WALK SEC 1","PHEASANT WALK SEC 2","PHEASANT WALK SEC 3","PHEASANT WALK SEC 3 FINAL AS","PHEASANT WALK SEC 4","Pheasant Walk Sec 5","Pheasant Walk Sec 6","PHEASANT WALK SEC 7","Pheasant Walk Sec 8","Pheasant Walk Sec Seven","PHEASANT WALK SEC TW","Pheasant Walk Sec Two As","PHEASANT WALK SECTIO","PHEASANT WALK SECTION 4","PHESANT WALK","PIEAPPLE WALK","Pine Lake","PINE LAKE CONDO","PINE LAKE CONDO Boca West","Pine Lake\/Boca West","PINE LANDS","PINE OF BOCA BARWOOD","PINE SPRINGS","Pine Springs , Plat 1","Pine Springs 1","PINE SPRINGS 2","PINE SPRINGS PL 1","PINE SPRINGS PL 2","PINEAPPLE WALK","Pineapple Walk 01","PINEAPPLE WALK 1","PINEAPPLE WALK PL 1","PINELAKE","PINELAKE - 1ST FLOOR","PINELAKE COND","PINELAKE COND AS IN","PINELAKE CONDO","PINELAKE\/BOCA WEST","PINELAKES","PINELAND SOUTH","PINELANDS","PINELANDS NORTH","PINELANDS NORTH, SABAL PARK","PINELANDS NORTH\/SABA","Pinelands The As","PINELANDS THE AS IN","PINELANDS THE SEC 2 AS","PINES","PINES @ BOCA LAGO","PINES AT BOCA BARWOO","PINES AT BOCA DEL MA","PINES AT BOCA DEL MAR","PINES AT BOCA DELMAR","PINES BOCA BARWOOD","Pines Boca Barwood Condo 01 & 02","Pines Boca Lago Condo","Pines Boca Lago Condo Ph 01-03","PINES OF BARWOOD","PINES OF BOCA BARW00","PINES OF BOCA BARWD","PINES OF BOCA BARWOO","Pines of Boca Barwood","PINES OF BOCA BARWOOD COND I & II","PINES OF BOCA BARWOOD COND I & II IN","Pines Of Boca Barwood Cond I And Ii In Or3202p1259","PINES OF BOCA BARWOOD CONDO","PINES OF BOCA BARWOOD CONDO\\'\\'Segovia Square\\'\\'","Pines of Boca Barwood ll","Pines of Boca Del Lago","PINES OF BOCA DEL MA","Pines of Boca Del Mar","Pines Of Boca Lago","PINES OF BOCA LAGO C","PINES OF BOCA LAGO COND PH I,II,III","PINES OF BOCA LAGO COND PHASE I,II,III DECL FILED 3-3-80","PINES OF BOCA LAGO CONDO","PINES OF BOCABARWOOD","PINES\/BOCA BARWOOD","PLACIDE","PLACIDE COND DECL FI","PLACIDE CONDO","Plantation Colony","PLANTATION COLONY BOCA WEST","PLANTATION COLONY OF","PLANTATION COLONY OF BOCA WEST","PLANTATION COLONY OF BOCA WEST COND DECL FILED 1-13-83","Plantation Colony Of Boca West Condo","PLANTATION COLONY\/BOCA WEST","Planters Point","Planters Point at Boca West.","PLANTERS POINT BOCA WEST","PLATINA","PLEASANT LAKES","PLEASANT LAKES , CORAL LAKES","PLEASANT LAKES \/ CORAL LAKE","Pleasant Lakes \/ Coral Lakes","PLEASANT LAKES at Coral Lakes","Pleasant Lakes Rep","PLEASANT LAKES REPL","PLEASANT LAKES\/ CORAL LAKES","PLEASANT LAKES\/CORAL LAKE","PLEASANT LAKES\/CORAL LAKES","PLOL\/COQUINA ISLE","Plum","PLUM -CORTINABOCA POINTE PLUM-CORTINA","Plum , Cortina","PLUM @ BOCA POINTE","PLUM @ BOCA POINTE CONDO","PLUM A BOCA POINTE","PLUM AT BOCA POINT","PLUM AT BOCA POINTE","PLUM AT BOCA POINTE COND 10","PLUM AT BOCA POINTE CONDO","PLUM AT BOCA POINTE CONDOS","PLUM AT BOCA POINTE CONDOS ONE THRU 15","PLUM AT BOCA POINTE CONDOS ONE THRU 15 FILED IN OR","Plum At Boca Pointe Conds","PLUM AT BOCA POINTE CONDS ONE THRU 15 F","Plum At Boca Pointe Conds One Thru 15 Filed In Or","Plum at Boca Pointe, Cortina","PLUM BOCA POINTE","Plum Cortina","PLUM CORTINA BOCA POINTE","Plum,Boca Pointe","PLUM@ BOCA POINTE","PLUM\/ BOCA POINTE","PLUM\/BOCA POINT","PLUM\/BOCA POINTE","Plum\/Cortina at Boca Pointe","Point Del Mar","POINT SOUTH","Pointe","POINTE 100","POINTE 100 BOCA POINTE","Pointe 100 \/ Boca Pointe","Pointe 100 at Boca Pointe","POINTE 100 CONDO","Pointe 100 in Boca Pointe","POINTE CONDO","POINTE DEL MAR","POINTE DEL MAR COND","POINTE DEL MAR CONDO","Pointe Del Mar Condo APT 3-B","Pointe South","POINTE SOUTH COND","POINTE SOUTH COND AS","Pointe South Cond As In Decl In","POINTE SOUTH COND0","POINTE SOUTH CONDO","Pointe South Condominium","POINTE100","POLO","polo club","POLO CLUB \/ ASHBOURNE","Polo Club Windsor Parke","POLO CLUB - COQUINA","Polo Club - Ville De Capri","POLO CLUB \/ HAMPTON COURT","POLO CLUB \/ ASCOT","POLO CLUB \/ ASHBOURNE","POLO CLUB \/ CATALINA","POLO CLUB \/ COQUINA","POLO CLUB \/ COQUINA ISLE","Polo Club \/ Coquina Isle Condo","POLO CLUB \/ CORAL COVE","POLO CLUB \/ GRAND BAY","POLO CLUB \/ HAMPTON COURT","POLO CLUB \/ HUNTINGTON","POLO CLUB \/ LAKE CATALINA","POLO CLUB \/ LAKES OF SUTTON PLACE","Polo Club \/ LAURELS","POLO CLUB \/ MANCHESTER","POLO CLUB \/ ROYAL PALM COVE","POLO CLUB \/ STEEPLE CHASE","POLO CLUB \/ STEEPLECHASE","POLO CLUB \/ VILLE DE CAPRI","Polo Club \/ Waterford","POLO CLUB \/ WINDSOR PARKE","POLO CLUB \/STEEPLECHASE","POLO CLUB ASCOT","Polo Club Ashbourne","POLO CLUB CATALINA","Polo Club Coquina","Polo Club Coral Cove","POLO CLUB LAKES OF SUTTON PLACE","POLO CLUB OF BOCA RATON\/Windsor Parke","POLO CLUB WINDSOR","POLO CLUB WINDSOR PARKE","POLO CLUB- HUNTINGTON","POLO CLUB-ASHBOURNE","POLO CLUB-CATALINA","POLO CLUB-COQUINA IS","POLO CLUB-HUNTINGTON","POLO CLUB-MANCHESTER","Polo Club, Lake Catalina","POLO CLUB, WINDSOR","POLO CLUB\/ COQUINA ISLE CONDO","POLO CLUB\/ HAMPTON COURT","polo club\/ SOLANA CONDO","POLO CLUB\/ VILLE DE","POLO CLUB\/ Ville De Capri","POLO CLUB\/ASCOT","Polo Club\/Ashbourne","Polo Club\/Catalina","POLO CLUB\/COQUINA","POLO CLUB\/COQUINA IS","POLO CLUB\/COQUINA ISLE","Polo Club\/COQUINA ISLE CONDO","POLO CLUB\/CORAL COVE","Polo Club\/Grand Bay","POLO CLUB\/HAMPTON C","POLO CLUB\/HAMPTON CO","Polo Club\/Hampton Court","POLO CLUB\/HAMPTON CT","POLO CLUB\/HUNTINGTON","POLO CLUB\/KNIGHTSBRI","Polo Club\/Lake Catalina","POLO CLUB\/LAKES OF S","POLO CLUB\/LAKES OF SUTTON","POLO CLUB\/LAKES OF SUTTON PLACE","Polo Club\/Laurels","POLO CLUB\/MANCHESTER","Polo Club\/Royal Palm Cove","POLO CLUB\/SOLANA","POLO CLUB\/STEEPLE CHASE","POLO CLUB\/STEEPLECHA","POLO CLUB\/VILLA DE C","Polo Club\/Villa De Capri","POLO CLUB\/VILLE DE C","Polo Club\/Ville de Capri","POLO CLUB\/WINDSOR PA","Polo Club\/Windsor Parke","POLO CLUB\/WINDSOR PK","POLO VILLE DE CAPRI","Polo\/ Huntington","Polo\/Catalina","Polo\/Coquina Isle","POLO\/COQUINA ISLES","Polo\/Hampton Court","Polo\/Lakes of Sutton","Polo\/Ville de Capri","Polo\/Windsor Parke","PONDEROSA","Ponderosa \/ Loggers Run","PONDEROSA\/LOGGERS RU","PONTE VECCHIO","Ponte Vecchio (Long Lake Palms)","Ponte Vecchio-Long Lake Palms","PONTE VECCHIO\/LONG LAKE PALMS","PONTE VERDE","PONTE VERDE\/PALMA VISTA","Pool, Clubhouse","pool, tennis, gated unmanned, walk to municipal golf","Pool, Tennis,Basketball.","POR LA MA","Por La Mar","POR LE MAR","PORT CAMAN","Port Cayman","PORT CAYMAN \/ Lakes at Boca Raton","Port Cayman \/Lakes at Boca","PORT CAYMAN, Lakes At Boca Raton","PORT CAYMAN, Lakes of Boca","Port Cayman\/Lakes at Boca Raton","PORTA BELLA","Porta Bella & Porta Bella SW","Porta Bella Boca Raton","Porta Bella E","Porta Bella E & Porta Bella Sw","PORTA BELLA EAST","PORTA BELLA EAST & P","Porta Bella East & Porta Bella South West Condominium","Porta Bella East & Porta Bella Southwest","PORTA BELLA EAST & PORTA BELLA SOUTHWEST COND","PORTA BELLA EAST & PORTA BELLA SOUTHWEST CONDO","PORTA BELLA EAST & P","Porta Bella East And Porta Bella Southwest Cond As","Porta Bella East and Porta Bella Southwest Condo","PORTA BELLA EAST AND PORTA BELLA SOUTHWEST CONDO AS","Porta Bella East and Porta Belle Southwest Condo","Porta Bella east bldg #2","PORTA BELLA EAST CON","Porta bella East Condo unit 111 Bld. 2","PORTA BELLA EAST YACHT & TENNIS CLUB","PORTA BELLA SOUTH","PORTA BELLA SOUTH ....","PORTA BELLA SOUTHWEST","PORTA BELLA SOUTHWEST CONDO","PORTA BELLA SW","Porta Bella Townhomes","PORTA BELLA TOWNHOUS","Porta Bella Townhouse","PORTA BELLA TOWNHOUSE CONDO","PORTA BELLA WEST","PORTA BELLAFURNISHED PORTA BELLA","Portofino Estates","Portofino Estates of Boca Raton","Pradera","PRADERA OF VIA VERDE","Pradera Of Via Verde Ph 1 Replat","Pradera PH 02","PRADERA PH 2","PRADERA PHASE 2","Pradera Via Verde","Pradera Via Verde Ph 01 Rep","PRESERVE","PRESIDENTIAL PLACE","PRESIDENTIAL PLACE C","Presidential Place Condo","Preston","PRESTON @ CENTURY VILLAGE","Preston at Centruy Village","PRESTON AT CENTURY V","Preston at Century Village","PRESTON AT CENTURY VILLAGE COND","PRESTON AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","Preston At Century Vlg Condo","PRESTON E","Preston of Century Village","PRESTON\/CENTURY VILLAGE","PRINCETON ESTATES","Promenade","PROMENADE BOCA POINTE","Promenade @ Boca Pointe Condo 3","Promenade \/ Boca Pointe","PROMENADE 111","Promenade 2","PROMENADE AT BOCA PO","PROMENADE AT BOCA POINTE","Promenade at Boca Pointe Condo No 1 Unit A 102","Promenade At Boca Pointe Condo No 1,2 & 3","Promenade at Boca Pointe Condominium","PROMENADE AT BOCA POINTE CONDOS 1,2 AND 3 IN OR413","PROMENADE AT BOCA POINTE CONDOS 1,2, AND 3IN OR413","PROMENADE AT BOCA POINTE CONDOS 2","Promenade At Boca Pointe Conds 1,2 And 3 In Or413","PROMENADE AT BOCA POINTE CONDS NO 1, 2 & 3 IN OR4135P891,4420P 883 & 4793P402","Promenade Boca Pointe","PROMENADE I","Promenade II","PROMENADE III","PROMENADE III Boca Pointe","PROMENADE lll BOCA POINTE","Promenade\/Boca Pointe","PROMENADE\/BOCA PT.","Provence","PROVENCE COND DECL F","PROVENCE CONDO","Provence Condo Ph 01","Quail Hollow","QUAIL HOLLOW COND DE","QUAIL HOLLOW CONDO","QUAIL HOLLOW\/B.WEST","Quail Hollow\/Boca West","RAINBERRY 4","RAINBERRY PARK","RAINBERRY PARK -Boca Lago Golf Course","Rainberry Park 01 Amd","Rainberry Park 02","RAINBERRY PARK 04","Rainberry Park 1","Rainberry Park 1 Amd","RAINBERRY PARK 2","RAINBERRY PARK 3","RAINBERRY PARK 5","RAINBERRY PARK 6","RAINBERRY PARK PL 1","RAINBERRY PARK PL 1 AMENDED","RAINBERRY PARK PL 2","RAINBERRY PARK PL 3","RAINBERRY PARK PL 5","Rainberry Park.","RAINBERRY PL 4","RAINTREE","Redlhammer Sub","REFELCTIONS","Reflection MISSION BAY 2","REFLECTION\/MISSION B","REFLECTIONS","REFLECTIONS - MISSION BAY","Reflections \/ Mission Bay","REFLECTIONS \/ MISSION BAY 2","REFLECTIONS AT MISSION BAY","REFLECTIONS in Mission Bay","REFLECTIONS MISSION","REFLECTIONS MISSION BAY","REFLECTIONS\/MISSION","Reflections\/Mission Bay","Reflectios at Mission Bay","REGATA","REGATA\/MISSION BAY","Regatta","REGATTA @ MISSION BAY TR H PH","REGATTA MISSION BAY","REGATTA - MISSION BAY","REGATTA \/ MISSION BAY","Regatta at Mission Bay","REGATTA MISSION BAY","REGATTA-MISSION BAY","REGATTA-MISSION BAY TR H PH 1","REGATTA\/MISSION BAY","REGENCY","REGENCY AT BOCA POIN","REGENCY AT BOCA POINTE","Regency At Boca Pointe Condo","REGENCY BOCA WINDS","REGENCY CONDO AT BOCA POINTE","REGENCY HIGHLAND","Regency Highland Club Cond As In Decl In","REGENCY PLACE","REGENCY PLACE \/ BOCA WINDS","REGENCY POINT AT BOCA POINTE CONDO","REGENCY\/BOCA POINTE","Regency\/Boca Pointe Condo","REGENCY\/BOCA POINTEB","REGENCY\/BOCA WINDS","Regent Square","REGENTS SQUARE","REGENTS SQUARE WOODFIELD CC","REGENTS SQUARE AT WOODFIELD CC","REGENTS SQUARE OF WO","REGENTS SQUARE OF WOODFIELD CC","Regents Square Woodfield Cc","RELFECTIONS","RELFECTIONS AT MISSION BAY","RESIDENCES AT BOCA DUNES PUD","REXFORD","REXFORD AT CENTURY VILLAGE","REXFORD AT CENTURY VILLAGE COND DECL","REXFORD AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","Rexford At Century Vlg Condo","RIDGEWAY BCH RESUB T","Ridgewood","Ridgewood Condo","RIO DEL MAR","RIO DEL MAR ESTATES","RIVER DOME","RIVER DOME APTS COND","River Dome Apts Condo","RIVER FOREST","River Oaks","River Oaks (Sandalfoot Cove)","River Oaks of Palm Beach County HOA, Inc.SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 12","River Oaks SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 12","RIVER OAKS\/SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 12","RIVERFOREST","RIVIERA","RIVIERA APARTMENTS","RIVIERA APTS","RIVIERA Greenbriar","Riviera Sec 01","RIVIERA- Greenbriar","Rogers Circle","ROGERS CONDO","Rogers Condo East","Rogers East","ROGERS EAST COND","ROGERS EAST CONDO","ROGERS HOUSE","ROGERS HOUSE CONDO","ROGERS HOUSE CONDOMI","Rogers House Condominium","ROSEWOOD","ROSEWOOD (VILLAS)","ROSEWOOD COND","ROSEWOOD COND DECL F","Rosewood Condo","Royal Oak","ROYAL OAK HIILS","ROYAL OAK HILLS","ROYAL OAK HILLS 1ST","ROYAL OAK HILLS 1ST SEC","ROYAL OAK HILLS 1st section","ROYAL OAK HILLS 2ND","ROYAL OAK HILLS 2ND SEC","ROYAL OAK HILLS SEC 01","ROYAL OAK HILLS SEC 02","Royal Oak Hills Sec 2","Royal Oak Hills, Palmetto Park Terrace","ROYAL OAK LANDING SEC 1","ROYAL OAK LANDING SEC II","ROYAL OAK LANDING SEC III","Royal Oak Lndg Sec 02","Royal Oaks Hills","royal palm","ROYAL PALM \/ POLO CLUB","ROYAL PALM CIVIC & SHOPPING CENTER UNIT","ROYAL PALM CIVIC & SHOPPING CENTER UNIT B IN","ROYAL PALM COVE","ROYAL PALM COVE \/ POLO CLUB","ROYAL PALM COVE POLO CLUB","ROYAL PALM FOREST","ROYAL PALM FOREST\/ BOCA EAST ESTATES","ROYAL PALM PLAZA","Royal Palm Polo","Royal Palm Polo By Toll Brothers","ROYAL PALM POLO PLAT","Royal Palm Residences","ROYAL PALM TOWERS CONDO","ROYAL PALM TOWERS OFFICE CONDOS","ROYAL PALM VILLAS","Royal Palm Villas Pud","ROYAL PALM Y + CC","ROYAL PALM Y&CC","ROYAL PALM YACHT","ROYAL PALM YACHT & C","ROYAL PALM YACHT & C C","Royal Palm Yacht & CC","Royal Palm Yacht & Country Clu","Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club","ROYAL PALM YACHT & COUNTRY CLUB SUB IN PB 26 PGS 57 TO 62 INC & AMENDED PLAT IN PB","ROYAL PALM YACHT & C","ROYAL PALM YACHT &CC","ROYAL PALM YACHT &CC","ROYAL PALM YACHT &CO","ROYAL PALM YACHT +CC","Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club","Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club Sub in Pb 26 pgs","ROYAL PALM YACHT AND COUNTRY CLUB SUB IN PB 26 PGS 57 TO 62 INC & AMENDED PLAT IN PB","ROYAL PALM YACHT CC","ROYAL POINCIANA","ROYAL POINCIANA AT BOCA RATON","Royal Poinciana Tr A","Royal Woods","ROYAL WOODS CONDO","ROYAL WOODS CONDOMINIUM","s","S\/D OF 32-46-43 IN","SABAL GARDENS","SABAL GARDENS AT BOC","Sabal Gardens At Boca Teeca 03","SABAL GARDENS AT BOCA TEECA 1","SABAL GARDENS AT BOCA TEECA 2","SABAL GARDENS AT BOCA TEECA 3","Sabal Gdns At Boca Teeca 3","SABAL LAKE","SABAL LAKE BOCA WEST","SABAL LAKE OF BOCA W","SABAL LAKE OF BOCA WEST","SABAL LAKE OF BOCA WEST CONDO","SABAL LAKE WEST","Sabal Lake West Boca West","SABAL LAKE WEST OF B","SABAL LAKE WEST OF BOCA WEST","SABAL LAKE WEST OF BOCA WEST CONDO","SABAL LAKE\/ BOCA WEST","SABAL LAKE\/ BOCA WEST C.C.","SABAL LAKE\/BOCA WEST","SABAL LAKES","SABAL PALM","SABAL PARK","SABAL PARK ADD","SABAL PARK VILLAS","SABAL PARK\/PINELANDS","Sabal Point","SABAL POINT APTS CONDO","Sabal Point Apts Condo 28\/29-47-43, S 317 Ft","SABAL RIDGE","Sabal Ridge Apts Condo","SABAL SHORES","SABAL SHORES APT CON","SABAL SHORES APTS CO","Sabal Shores Apts Cond S 160 Ft Of Gov Lt 1 And N","SABAL SHORES APTS CONDO","SABAL SHORES CONDO","Sabal Shores Condominium","SABEL POINT","SABLE GARDENS","SABLE LAKE","SABLE PARK","Sable Shores","SADALFOOT COVE","Saddlebrook","Saddlebrook - Spanish Isles","SADDLEBROOK !!POOL!!","Saddlebrook (Spanish Isles)","Saddlebrook \/ Spanish Isles","SADDLEBROOK \/ SPANISH ISLES II","SADDLEBROOK \/ SPANISHISLS II","SADDLEBROOK A\/K\/A SPANISH ISLES II,","SADDLEBROOK\/SPANISH","SAILING + RACQUET","Saint Andrews Grand","SALDALFOOT COVE SEC 6","SAM REMO","SAM REMO COND","SAN AND SURF","SAN DE VANCE","SAN DE VANCE GOLF","SAN DE VANCE GOLF &","SAN DE VANCE GOLF & TENNIS","SAN DE VANCE GOLF & TENNIS CLUB","SAN DE VANCE GOLF & TENNIS CLUB #1","SAN DE VANCE GOLF & TENNIS CLUB CONDO","SAN DE VANCE GOLF & TENNIS CLUB NO 1 COND UNIT 101 BLDG A A\/K\/A","SAN DE VANCE GOLF &","SAN DE VANCE GOLF &A","SAN DE VANCE GOLF AND TENNIS","San De Vance Golf And Tennis Club","San De Vance Golf And Tennis Club #1 Condo","San De Vance\/BOCA TECCA Golf And Tennis Club #1 Condo","SAN DEVANCE","San Marino","San Remo","SAN REMO CLUB","San Remo Codominiums","SAN REMO COND","San Remo Cond Decl","SAN REMO COND DECL I","SAN REMO CONDO","San Remo Condominium","SAN REMO CONOD","SAN REMO GOLF","SAN REMO GOLF & TEN","SAN REMO GOLF & TENN","San Remo Golf & Tennis","SAN REMO GOLF & TENNIS CL","San Remo Golf & Tennis Club","San Remo Golf & Tennis Club Club","SAN REMO GOLF & TENNIS CLUB COND","SAN REMO GOLF & TENNIS CLUB COND DECL FILED 10-17-85 IN","SAN REMO GOLF & TENNIS CLUB CONDO","SAN REMO GOLF & TENN","San Remo Golf &Tennis","SAN REMO GOLF + TENN","SAN REMO GOLF AND TE","San Remo Golf and Tennis","SAN REMO GOLF AND TENNIS CLUB","San Remo Golf and Tennis Club Condo","SAN REMO GOLF TENN","SAN REMO GOLF TENNIS","SAN REMO GOLF\/TENNIS","SAN REMO GOLF&TENNIS","SAN REMO GOLG & TENN","San Remo Ocean Club","SAN REMO VILLAS MILANO","SAN SIMEON","SAN TROPEZ","Sanalfoot","SANCTUARY","Sanctuary Centre","SANCTUARY CENTRE CONDO","SANCTUARY CENTRE CONDOMINIUM","Sanctuary Pines","SANCTUARY PINES IN B","SANCTUARY PINES IN BOCA RATON","Sanctuary Pines In Boca Raton Cond Decl In","SANCTUARY PINES IN BOCA RATON CONDO","SANCTUARY REPL","Sand De Vance\/Tennis Club","Sandal Foot Squire","SANDAL FOOT SQUIRE COND & SANDALFOOT SQUIRE","SANDAL FOOT SQUIRE COND & SANDALFOOT SQUIRE 1, 2, 8 & 9 CONDOS","Sandal Foot Squire Cond And Sandalfoot Squire 1, 2","Sandal Foot Squire Condo & Sandal Foot Squire 1, 2, 8, & 9 Condos","SANDALFOOOT COVE","SANDALFOOT","Sandalfoot ,villlage of boca bar","SANDALFOOT BLVD","SANDALFOOT BLVD 501 APTS","SANDALFOOT BLVD APAR","Sandalfoot Blvd Apt Condos","SANDALFOOT BLVD APTS","Sandalfoot Blvd Apts Cond","Sandalfoot Blvd Apts Cond Bldgs 101,201,301,401","SANDALFOOT BLVD APTS CONDO","Sandalfoot Blvd Apts Condo Bldg 101,201,301,401","SANDALFOOT BLVD APTS CONDO.","SANDALFOOT BLVD ESTATES","SANDALFOOT BLVD ESTS","SANDALFOOT BLVD. APT","Sandalfoot Blvd. Apts.","SANDALFOOT BOULEVARD","SANDALFOOT CHERRYWOOD","SANDALFOOT CONDO","SANDALFOOT COV SEC 1","SANDALFOOT COVE","SANDALFOOT COVE 02","SANDALFOOT COVE 2","Sandalfoot Cove River Oaks","Sandalfoot Cove S","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 01","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 02","Sandalfoot Cove Sec 02 Resub","Sandalfoot Cove Sec 03","Sandalfoot Cove Sec 04","Sandalfoot Cove Sec 05","Sandalfoot Cove Sec 06","Sandalfoot Cove Sec 07 &","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 07 & 08","Sandalfoot Cove Sec 09","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 1","Sandalfoot Cove Sec 10","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 10 VILLAGE OF BARWOOD","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 10 VILLAGE OF BOCA BARWOOD","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 10, village of boca barwood","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 11","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 12","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 12 (RIVER OAKS)","Sandalfoot Cove Sec 12 Rep","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 12 REPL","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 12, River Oaks","Sandalfoot Cove Sec 13","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 2","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 3","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 4","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 4 LT 14 BLK 17","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 5","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 6","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 7","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 7 & 8 AS IN","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 7 AND","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 7 AND 8","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 9","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 9 OF BARWOOD ESTATES","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 9- Boca Barwood","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC ELEVE","Sandalfoot Cove Sec Eleven","Sandalfoot Cove Sec Five","Sandalfoot Cove Sec Four","Sandalfoot Cove Sec Six","Sandalfoot Cove Sec Three As In Pb29p140-142","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC TWO","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC. 10","SANDALFOOT COVE SEC2","SANDALFOOT COVE SECS","SANDALFOOT COVE SECS 7 & 8","Sandalfoot Cove Secs 7 And 8 As","SANDALFOOT COVE SECT","SANDALFOOT COVE SECT 2","SANDALFOOT COVE SECT 3","SANDALFOOT COVE SECTION 1 IN","SANDALFOOT COVE SECTION 2","SANDALFOOT COVE SECTION 2 IN","Sandalfoot Cove Section Four","Sandalfoot cove section six","SANDALFOOT COVE SECTION THREE","SANDALFOOT COVE THE CENTRE OF BOCA BARWOOD","SANDALFOOT COVE TWO","SANDALFOOT COVE, BOCA BARWOOD ESTATES","Sandalfoot Cove,Barwood Estates","SANDALFOOT COVE\\\\LYON","SANDALFOOT COVESEC.1","SANDALFOOT ESTATES","SANDALFOOT ESTATES E","Sandalfoot Estates East","SANDALFOOT ISLE OF","SANDALFOOT SEC 3","SANDALFOOT SOUTH","SANDALFOOT SOUTH 3","SANDALFOOT SOUTH CONDO 01","Sandalfoot South Condo 02","Sandalfoot South Condo 03","SANDALFOOT SOUTH ONE","Sandalfoot South One Cond Pt Of Lts 12, 33 And 34","Sandalfoot South One Condo","SANDALFOOT SOUTH ONE CONDO PT OF LTS 12, 33 AND 34","SANDALFOOT SOUTH THR","SANDALFOOT SOUTH THREE","Sandalfoot South Three Condo","SANDALFOOT SOUTH TWO","SANDALFOOT SOUTH TWO COND","Sandalfoot South Two Cond As In Decl In Or2089p775","SANDALFOOT SOUTH TWO COND UNIT 1118 BLDG MARLEWOOD","SANDALFOOT SOUTH TWO CONDO OR2089P775","SANDALFOOT SOUTH TWO CONDO OR2089P775","SANDALFOOT SQUIRE","SANDALFOOT SQUIRE CO","Sandalfoot Squire Condo","SANDALFOOT SQUIRE I","Sandalfoot Squire II","Sandalfoot Squire Phase 2","SANDALFOOT SQUIRE Phase II","Sandalfootcove section six","SANDALFT.COVE SEC.1","Sandallfoot Squire Condo","Sandcastle Cove","SANDCASTLE COVE LT","Sandcastle Cove \/ Lakes at Boca","Sandcastle Cove \/ Lakes at Boca Raton","Sandcastle Cove\/LAKES AT BOCA RATO","Sandelfoot","SANDLEFOOT","Sandlefoot Cove","Santa Barbara","Santa Barbara","Santa Barbara (Glades Landing 04)","SANTA BARBARA \/ GLADES LANDING 2","Santa Barbara Glades Landing 3","SANTA BARBARA Glades Landing PL 3","Santa Barbara Rep","SANTA BARBARA REPL","Santa Barbara, Glades Landing","SANTA BARBARA\/GLADES LANDING 2","Santa BarbaraGLADES LANDING 4","SANTUARY PINES","SAPPHIRE VALLEY","SATURNIA","SATURNIA CAPELLA 1","SATURNIA - CAPELLA","SATURNIA - CAPELLA 2","SATURNIA - CAPELLA PL 2","Saturnia \/ CAPELLA 2","SATURNIA \/ CAPELLA PL 1","SATURNIA \/ CAPELLA PL 2","Saturnia By The Sea","SATURNIA CAPELLA 1","SATURNIA CAPELLA 2","SATURNIA CAPPELLA 2","SATURNIA- CAPELLA 1","Saturnia-CAPELLA 1","Saturnia, Capella","SATURNIA\/ Capella 02","SATURNIA\/ CAPELLA 1","Saturnia\/Capella 01","SATURNIA\/CAPELLA 1","Saturnia\/Capella 2","SaturniaCapella 1","SEA RANCH","SEA RANCH -town home","SEA RANCH ( Seasonal)","Sea Ranch Bldg D unit 1605 at Boca Raton","SEA RANCH BOCA","SEA RANCH BOCA A","SEA RANCH BOCA B","SEA RANCH BOCA D","SEA RANCH CLUB","Sea Ranch Club Boca","Sea Ranch Club Boca Condo 01","Sea Ranch Club Boca Condo 02","Sea Ranch Club Boca Condo 03","SEA RANCH CLUB OF BO","Sea Ranch Club of Boc","Sea Ranch Club of Boca","SEA RANCH CLUB OF BOCA 1 CONDO BLDG A UNTI 1107","Sea Ranch Club Of Boca Condo 2","Sea Ranch Club of Boca Cove Tower","Sea Ranch Club of Boca D Tower","SEA RANCH CLUB OF BOCA HARBOUR TOWER","SEA RANCH CLUB OF BOCA I COND BLDG B","SEA RANCH CLUB OF BOCA I COND DECL FILED 1-18-82","SEA RANCH CLUB OF BOCA I CONDO","SEA RANCH CLUB OF BOCA II","Sea Ranch Club Of Boca II Condo","SEA RANCH CLUB OF BOCA III","SEA RANCH CLUB OF BOCA III CONDO","Sea Ranch Club of Boca Raton","SEA RANCH OF BOCA 111 CONDO UNIT D-1603","SEA RANCH OF BOCA A","SEA RANCH OF BOCA D","Seagate Of Highland Condos 1 Thru 4","SEASONS","SEASONS OF BOCA","SEC.ONE SANDALFOOT","SEGOVIA","SEGOVIA SQUARE","SEVEN SEVENTY EAST CAMINO REAL COND","SEVEN SEVENTY EAST CAMINO REAL CONDO","SEVILLE GARDENS","SEVILLE GARDENS CONDO","SEVILLE GARDENSS","SEVILLE GARDES CONDO","SEVILLE GDNS CONDO","SHERWOOD","Sherwood House","SHERWOOD HOUSE APTS","Sherwood House Apts Cond W 110 Ft Of N 262.94 Ft O","SHERWOOD HOUSE APTS COND W 110 FT OF N 262.94 FT OF E 1\/2 OF SE 1\/4 OF NE 1\/4 LYG","SHERWOOD HOUSE APTS CONDO","SHORE AT BOCA RATON","SHORES","SHORES AT BOCA RATON","Shores At Boca Raton 4","Shores At Boca Raton Ph 0","Shores At Boca Raton Ph 01","Shores At Boca Raton Ph 02-04","Shores At Boca Raton Ph 03 & 04","Shores At Boca Raton Ph 1","Shores At Boca Raton Ph 2","SHORES AT BOCA RATON PH 2, 3 & 4","Shores At Boca Raton Ph 2, 3 And 4","Shores At Boca Raton Ph 3 And 4","SHORES AT BOCA RATON\/ THE SHORES","Shores of Boca Raton","SHORES,THE SHORES","Shores\/Boca Raton Ph 01","SIERRA DEL MAR","Sierra Del Mar 02","Sierra Del Mar 02 West","SIERRA DEL MAR 1","Sierra Del Mar 2","SIERRA DEL MAR EAST","SIERRA DEL MAR I","Sierra Del Mar II","SIERRA DEL MAR WEST","Sierra Del Mar,Boca Del Mar","SILVER WOODS","SILVER WOODS PH II","SILVER WOODS PHASE I","SILVERWOODS","SIMBELDON VILLAS","Sliver Woods","SOLANA \/ POLO CLUB","Solana Cond Decl","SOLANA CONDO","Solimar","Solimar \/ Villa Nova","SOLIMAR AT BOCA DEL","Solimar at Boca Del Mar","Solimar At Boca Del Mar P","Solimar At Boca Del Mar Ph 01","Solimar At Boca Del Mar Ph 03","Solimar At Boca Del Mar Ph 1","SOLIMAR AT BOCA DEL MAR PH 2","Solimar At Boca Del Mar Ph 3","Solimar at Boca Del Mar Ph. 3","SOLIMAR VILLA NOVA","Solimar, Villa Nova","Solimar\/Boca Del Mar Ph 03","SOMERSET","SOMERSET \/ FAIRWAYS","Somerset A","SOMERSET AT BOCA COU","SOMERSET AT BOCA GOLF & TENNIS","SOMERSET AT WOODFIEL","Somerset At Woodfield Country Club","SOMERSET C","SOMERSET C - FAIRWAYS AT BOCA GOLF & TENNIS","Somerset C \/ Fairways","SOMERSET VILLAS","SOMERSET\/WOODFIELD C","SONATA","SONATA @ MISSION BAY","SONATA \/ MISSION BAY","Sonata a Mission Bay","SONATA AT MISSION BA","SONATA AT MISSION BAY","SONATA AT MISSION BAY\/BRING OFFERS","SONATA\/ MISSION BAY","Sonata\/Mission Bay","SONOMA LAKE","SONOMA LAKE ESTATES","Sonoma Lake Estates At Boca Raton","SONOMA LAKE ESTS AT","Sonoma Lake Ests At Boca Raton","SONOMA LAKES ESTATES","South East Coast Land Co 01","South East Coast Land Co 1","South Hampton","South Wind Lakes","SOUTH WINDS AT BOCA","SOUTH WINDS\/AMERICAN","SOUTH WINDS\/AMERICAN HOMES","Southampton","SOUTHAMPTON OXFORD ESTATES","SOUTHAMPTON\/OXFORD ESTATES","SOUTHHAMPTON\/OXFORD ESTATES","SOUTHWIND","Southwind , American Homes At Boca Raton","SOUTHWIND HOMES","SOUTHWIND LAKE","Southwind Lakes","Southwind Lakes - AMERICAN HOMES","SOUTHWIND LAKES \/ AMERICAN HOMES","SOUTHWIND LAKES \/ AMERICAN HOMES AT BOCA RATON","SOUTHWIND LAKES \/ AMERICAN HOMES AT BOCA RATON 8","Southwind Lakes a\/k\/a AMERICAN HOMES AT BOCA RATON 2","SOUTHWIND LAKES AMERICAN HOMES AT BOCA RATON","Southwind Lakes HOA \/ AMERICAN HOMES AT BOCA RATON 5 AS","Southwind Lakes, American Homes","Southwind Lakes,American Homes","SOUTHWIND LAKES\/AMERICAN HOMES","SOUTHWIND LKAES","SOUTHWINDS","Southwinds 40% off 1st month\\'s rent","SOUTHWINDS AMERICAN","SOUTHWINDS AT BOCA P","SOUTHWINDS AT BOCA POINTE","Southwinds At Boca Pointe Cond One And Two As In D","SOUTHWINDS AT BOCA POINTE CONDO","SOUTHWINDS AT BOCA POINTEONE &TWO","SOUTHWINDS BOCA POIN","SOUTHWINDS BOCA POINTE","SOUTHWINDS LAKE","SOUTHWINDS LAKES \/ AMERICAN HOMES","SOUTHWINDS LAKES AMERICAN HOMES","SOUTHWINDS LAKES\/AMERICAN HOMES","Southwinds of Boca Pointe","SOUTHWINDS\/BOCA POINTE","SOUTHWINND LAKES","Spanish Isle II","Spanish Isles","SPANISH ISLES 01 REP","Spanish Isles 02","Spanish Isles 1 Replat As","SPANISH ISLES II","SPANISH ISLES II (Saddlebrook)","SPANISH ISLES II \/ SADDLEBROOK","SPANISH ISLES II Saddlebrook","SPANISH ISLES II, A\/K\/A SADDLEBROOK","SPANISH ISLES II\/Saddlebrook","SPANISH ISLES PL 1 R","SPANISH ISLES PL II","SPanish Isles,Saddlebrook","Spanish Oaks","Spanish Oaks \/ Oaks of Boca","SPANISH OAKS COND","SPANISH OAKS COND DE","Spanish Oaks Condo","Spanish Oaks Condo, oaks of boca","SPANISH OAKS CONDO,OAKS OF BOCA","SPANISH OAKS CONDO(Oaks of Boca)","SPANISH OAKS CONDO\/ OAKS OF BOCA","Spanish Oaks Condominium","Spanish Oaks Condominiums","Spanish Oaks of Boca","SPANISH OAKS, OAKS OF BOCA","SPANISH OAKS\/ OAKS OF BOCA","SPANISH OAKS\/OAKS OF BOCA","SPANISH RIVER","SPANISH RIVER APT","SPANISH RIVER ESTATE","SPANISH RIVER GARDEN","SPANISH RIVER LAND","SPANISH RIVER LAND \/ THE ESTATES","SPANISH RIVER LAND C","Spanish River Land Co","SPANISH RIVER LAND CO A","Spanish River Land Co Sub","SPANISH RIVER LAND CO SUB UNIT 1","SPANISH RIVER LAND CO SUB UNIT 1 IN","SPANISH RIVER LAND CO SUB UNIT 2","SPANISH RIVER LAND CO SUB UNIT 2 IN","SPANISH RIVER LAND CO SUB UNIT 3","SPANISH RIVER LAND CO SUB UNIT 3 IN","Spanish River Land Co Unit 01","Spanish River Land Co Unit 02","Spanish River Land Co Unit 03","Spanish River Land Co Unit 3","Spanish River Land Co.","Spanish River Land CompanyLake House South Condominium","SPANISH RIVER LAND COSUB UNIT 1","SPANISH RIVER LAND ESTATE SECTION","SPANISH RIVER LAND SUB UNIT 1","SPANISH RIVER LAND The Estates","SPANISH RIVER LANDIN","Spanish River Landing","Spanish River Townhomes","SPANISH RIVER TOWNHOMES, Moderne","SPANISH RIVER TOWNHOMES\/moderne boca","Spanish Village","SPANISH VILLAGE IN","SPANISH VILLAGE LY 2","SPANISH VILLAGE, BEULAH HEIGHTS, EAST BOCA","Spanish Vlg","Spyglass","SPYGLASS II","Spyglass Walk","Spyglass Walk BOCA COUNTRY CLUB","SPYGLASS WALK COND","SPYGLASS WALK COND D","Spyglass Walk Condo","SPYGLASS WALK CONDO C","SPYGLASS\/BOCA COUNTRY CLUB","Squires Boca Raton Condo","SQUIRES OF BOCA RATON COND","SQUIRES OF BOCA RATON CONDO","St Andrews","ST ANDREWS CC","ST ANDREWS COUNTRY C","ST ANDREWS COUNTRY CL","ST ANDREWS COUNTRY CLLUB","St Andrews Country Club","St Andrews Country Club 02","St Andrews Country Club 03","St Andrews Country Club 05","St Andrews Country Club 09","ST ANDREWS COUNTRY CLUB 1","ST ANDREWS COUNTRY CLUB 10","ST ANDREWS COUNTRY CLUB 11","ST ANDREWS COUNTRY CLUB 14","ST ANDREWS COUNTRY CLUB 2","ST ANDREWS COUNTRY CLUB 3","ST ANDREWS COUNTRY CLUB 4","ST ANDREWS COUNTRY CLUB 5","ST ANDREWS COUNTRY CLUB 6","ST ANDREWS COUNTRY CLUB 7","ST ANDREWS COUNTRY CLUB 8","ST ANDREWS COUNTRY CLUB 9","St Andrews Country Club PL 17","St Andrews County Club","ST ANDREWS GRAND","ST ANDREWS GRAND CIR","ST ANDREWS GRAND CON","ST ANDREWS GRAND COND","ST ANDREWS GRAND CONDO","St Andrews Grand Condo Filed 6-19-95 In Or8796p654","St Andrews Grand Condo Prcl 01","ST ANDREWS GRAND\/st andrews grand","ST ANDREWS GRANDE","St James Park","ST TROPEZ","St Tropez \/ Boca Country Club","ST TROPEZ AT BOCA COUNTRY CLUB","ST TROPEZ AT BOCA GO","St Tropez At Boca Golf Coach Homes Condo","St Tropez At Boca Golf Villas","ST TROPEZ AT BOCA GOLF VILLAS COND","ST TROPEZ AT BOCA GOLF VILLAS CONDO","St Tropez Boca Golf and Tennis Club","ST TROPEZ\/BOCA CC","ST. ANDREWS","St. Andrews Country Club","ST. ANDREWS GRAND","ST. TROPEZ","St.Tropez","STARLITE","Starlite Cond Decl","STARLITE COND DECL I","STARLITE COND DECL IN","STARLITE CONDO","Starlite Condo Association","Starlite Condominium","STEEPLE CHASE","STEEPLE CHASE \/ POLO CLUB","STEEPLE CHASE POLO CLUB","Steeplechase","STEEPLECHASE \/ POLO CLUB","STEEPLECHASE\/Polo","STEPI COND DECL FILE","Steps to Mizner Park\/Royal Palm","STERLING BRDG-CRESCE","STERLING BRIDGE","Sterling Bridge \/ Crescent Lakes","STERLING BRIDGE REPL","Sterling Bridge, Crescent Lakes","STERLING BRIDGE,CRESCENT LAKES","Stone Creek Ranch","Stonebridge","STONEBRIDGE COUNTRY CLUB","Stonebridge 02","Stonebridge 1","Stonebridge 2","STONEBRIDGE 2 \/ STONEBRIDGE","STONEBRIDGE 2STONEBRIDGEStonebridge Country Club","STONEBRIDGE C.C.","Stonebridge CC","STONEBRIDGE COUNTRY","Stonebridge Country Club","STONEBRIDGE COUNTRY CLUB, STONEBRIDGE CC","STONEBRIDGE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB","STONEBRIDGE GOLF& CC","STONEBRIDGE PL 2","STONEBRIDGE PL NO 1","STONEBRIDGE SPYGLASS","STONEBRIDGE TR","Stonebridge Tr P","STRATFORD ARMS","STRATFORD ARMS COND","STRATFORD ARMS CONDO","Stratford Arms Condominium","Stratford Green","STRATFORD GREEN AT WOODFIELD","STRATFORD GREEN AT WOODFIELD CC","STRATFORD GREEN at Woodfield Country Club","STRATFORD GREEN WOODFIELD CC","STRATFORD\/WOODFIELD","Strathmore","STRATHMORE BEAUTY!","Strathmore\/Boca Madera","STRATHMORE\/MADERA II","SubdivisionPROMENADE AT BOCA POINTE CONDS NO 1,2 & 3","Suffolk","SUFFOLK @ CENTURY VILLAGE","SUFFOLK AT CENTURY V","SUFFOLK AT CENTURY VILLAGE","SUFFOLK AT CENTURY VILLAGE COND DECL FILED 6-5-81","SUFFOLK AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","SUFFOLK AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO F PAR 233","Suffolk At Century Vlg Condo","SUFFOLK E AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","Suffolk G","SUFFOLK\/ CENTURY VILLAGE","SUFFOLK\/CENTURY VILLAGE","SUMMERWIND","SUMMERWINDS","Summerwinds (WHISPER WALK SEC D)","SUN & SURF","SUN & SURF CLUB","SUN & SURF CLUB COMM","Sun & Surf Club Community","SUN & SURF COMM","SUN & SURF","SUN & SURF CLUB COMM","SUN + SURF","SUN + SURF CLUB","Sun and Surf","SUN AND SURF CLUB COMMUNITY","SUNFIELD","SUNFLOWER","SUNFLOWER COND AS IN","Sunflower Cond As In Decl In Or2614p1404 And Amnd","SUNFLOWER CONDO","Sunflower Condos","Sunflower Townhomes","SUNFLOWER Townhouse","SUNSET RIDGE","SUNSET RIDGE IN","SUNSET RIDGE LT 6 BLK 1","SWEET WATER","SWEETWATER","SWEETWATER IV","SWEETWATER \/ GARDENS OF SWEETWATER CONDOS","Sweetwater 1","Sweetwater 1, 2, 3","SWEETWATER 1,11,111","SWEETWATER 1,2,3","SWEETWATER 123","Sweetwater 4","SWEETWATER 5","SWEETWATER AT BOCA CHASE","Sweetwater BOCA CHASE","SWEETWATER I","SWEETWATER I,II,III","SWEETWATER I,III,III","SWEETWATER IV","Sweetwater IV \/ Boca Chase","Sweetwater Sec 01","Sweetwater Sec 01\/ Boca Chase","Sweetwater Sec 02","Sweetwater Sec 04","Sweetwater Sec 1","SWEETWATER SEC 1 \/ Boca Chase","SWEETWATER SEC 2","SWEETWATER SEC 3","SWEETWATER SEC 4","SWEETWATER SEC 4 Boca Chase","SWEETWATER SEC 4, LOT 169","SWEETWATER SEC IV","SWEETWATER\/BOCA CHAS","sweetwater\/boca chase","SWEETWATER\/BOCACHASE","Sweetwater\/Gardens of Sweetwater Condo","Sweetwater4","SYMPHONY","SYMPHONY \/ LAKES AT BOCA RATON","SYMPHONY BAY","SYMPHONY BAY -LOCKBO","Symphony,Lakes At Boca","Symphony,Lakes at Boca Raton","T M RICKARDS SUB","Tamarron","TAMARRON \/ LOGGERS RUN","TAMARRON, Loggers Run","TAMARRON,LOGGERS RUN","TANGLEWOOD","TANGLEWOOD \/ BROKEN SOUND","TANGLEWOOD ARVIDA COUNTRY CLUB","Tanglewood Arvida Country Club 4 Of University","TANGLEWOOD-BROKEN SOUND","TEECA WOODS","Terra Tranquila","TERRA TRANQUILA AS","TERRA TRANQUILA AS I","TERRA TRANQUILA\/Boca Del Mar","TERRA TRANQUILLA","THE ADDISON","THE ATRIUM","The Atrium Condominium","THE BICYCLE CLUB","THE CANARY POINTE","THE CENTRE","THE CLOISTERS","The Colony","THE COVE","The Cove in Boca West","THE ENCLAVE EAST","The Estate \/ Boca Lane","The Estate Section","THE ESTATES","The Estates at Boca Falls","The Estates in Old Boca Raton","THE ESTATES NORTH","THE ESTATES OF BOCA DEL MAR, BOCA LANE","The Estates of Boca Falls","The Estates Section","THE ESTATES, BOCA FALLS","The Estates,Boca Del Mar","The Estates\/Boca Falls","THE EXCELSIOR","THE FAIRWAYS","The Fairways as 2 pools.","THE FAIRWAYS- BOCA DEL MAR","THE FORUM","THE GLADES","The Glades of Boca Lago","The Glens","THE GLENS CONDO","THE GREENS","The Greens @ Boca Lago","The Greens of Boca Lago","THE GREENS\/BOCA CC","The Hamptons","THE HAMPTONS AT WOODFIELD CC","The Indies","THE ISLE","The Isle at Mission Bay","THE ISLE MISSION BAY","THE ISLE - MISSION BAY","The isle -Mission Bay","THE ISLE @MISSION BAY","The Isle at Mission Bay","THE ISLE MISSION BAY","The Isle of Mission Bay","THE ISLE OF MISSION BAY _ PROPERTY IS BEING SHOWN NOW","THE ISLES","The Isles at Mission Bay","THE LAKES \/SYMPHONY","THE LAKES AT BOCA RATON","The Lakes at Boca Raton\/Cape Sable","The Lakes at Boca Rio","The Lakes at Boca\/Harbour Landing","The Lakes at Boca\/Pelican Cay","The Lakes at Boca\/Symphony","THE LAKES OF BOCA","THE LANDINGS","THE LAURELS \/ POLO CLUB","The Mark at Cityscape","The Meridian","The Oaks","THE OAKS \/ FOX HILL ESTATES OF BOCA RATON","THE OAKS \/ ROYAL ESTATES","THE OAKS \/ THE ESTATES","THE OAKS AT BOCA RAT","THE OAKS AT BOCA RATON","THE OAKS AT BOCA RATON 4OAKS","THE OAKS AT BOCA RATON 5","THE OAKS AT BOCA RATON 6","THE OAKS AT BOCA RATON 8","THE OAKS BOCA RATON","THE OAKS\/ ENCLAVE EA","THE OAKS\/ENCLAVE","The Oaks\/Enclave East","The Oaks\/Estates","The Oaks\/Fox Hill Estates","THE OAKS\/FOX HILL ESTATES OF BOCA RATON","THE OAKS\/GRAND ESTATES","THE OAKS\/THE ESTATES","THE OCEAN CLUB","THE PALM-BOCA POINTE","The Palms","THE PALMS AT BOCA PO","The Palms at Boca Teeca 10","The Palms.","The Palms\/Boca Pointe","THE PINELANDS","The Pinelands No HOA No pet restrictions 3 Bed + Den!","THE PINELANDS SEC 2","THE PINES","THE PLUM","The Plum at Boca Pointe","THE PLUM AT BOCA PT","THE PLUM BOCA POINTE","THE PLUMS","the point","The Pointe","The Polo Club \/ Ashbourne","The Preserve","The Residences at Mandarin Oriental Boca Raton","The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Boca Raton","The Sanctuary","THE SHORES","THE SHORES AT BOCA","The Shores at Boca Raton","The Village of Boca Barwood","THE VINEYARDS","THE VISTAS","THE VISTAS AT BOCA","THE VISTAS OF BOCA","THE VISTAS OF BOCA LAGO","the woods","THE WOODS AT BOCA DE","THE WOODS AT BOCA DEL MAR","This is a gated community at Boca Pointe.","Thornhill","THORNHILL ESTATES","THORNHILL GLEN","THORNHILL GLEN, THORNHILL LAKE","THORNHILL GLEN\/LAKES","Thornhill Glen\/Thornhill Lake","THORNHILL GREEN","Thornhill Lake","THORNHILL LAKE GLEN","Thornhill Lake, Thornhill Glen","THORNHILL LAKE\/ GLEN","THORNHILL LAKE\/GLEN","THORNHILL LAKE\/THORNHILL GLEN","THORNHILL LAKES","THORNHILL LAKES\/GLEN","Thornhill Mews","THORNHILL VILLAGE","Thornhill Vlg","THREE S1\/2 OF LT 3 ALL LTS 4 THRU 11 INCL & N1\/2","THREE THOUSAND","THREE THOUSAND CONDO","THREE THOUSAND SO OC","THREE THOUSAND SOTH","THREE THOUSAND SOUTH","THREE THOUSAND SOUTH (3000 South)","Three Thousand South Cond Pl. of N.280.34 Ft. of S49","Three Thousand South Cond Pt Of N 280.34 Ft Of S49","THREE THOUSAND SOUTH CONDO","THREE THOUSAND SOUTH(3000 South)","TIBURON","TIBURON - I-","tiburon -I-","Tiburon 01","Tiburon 01 Ph 01","Tiburon 01 Ph 02","TIBURON 01 PH 03","Tiburon 01 Ph 04","Tiburon 01 Ph 05","Tiburon 01 Ph 06","Tiburon 02","Tiburon 02 Ph 01","Tiburon 02 Ph 02","Tiburon 1","TIBURON 1 PH 1","TIBURON 1 PHASE 1","TIBURON 11","Tiburon I","TIBURON I PH II","TIBURON I PH III","TIBURON I PH IV","TIBURON I PH IV REPL","Tiburon I Ph V","TIBURON I PH V \/ Boca Del Mar","Tiburon I Ph Vi","TIBURON I PHASE","TIBURON I PHASE I","TIBURON I PHASE III","TIBURON I PHASE IV P","TIBURON I PHASE V","TIBURON I PHASE VI","TIBURON II","Tiburon II Ph I","Tiburon II Ph II","TIBURON II PHASE I","Tiburon II Phase II","Tides At Newport Bay","TIDES AT NEWPORT BAY LT","TIDES\/NEWPORT BAY","TIERRA DEL MAR","TIERRA DEL MAR COND","Tierra Del Mar Cond As In Decl In","TIERRA DEL MAR CONDO","TIERRA DEL MAR CONDO SOUTH","TIERRA DEL MAR CONDOMINIUM","Tierra Del Mar Luxury","Tierra Del Mar Renovated","Tierra Del Mar South","Tierra Del Mar South Cond As In Decl In","Tierra Del Mar South Condo","TIERRA DEL SOL","Tierra Del Sol Cond","TIERRA DEL SOL COND PAR OF LAND IN SW 1\/4 OF 17-47","TIERRA DEL SOL COND PAR OF LAND IN SW 1\/4 OF 17-47-43","TIERRA DEL SOL CONDO","TIERRA del SOL Ivory colored bldg.","TIERRA DEL SOL-55 PLUS","TIERRA DELMAR SOUTH","TIERRA TRANQUILLA","TIFANY TRACE","TIFFANY TRACE","TIFFANY TRACE @ BOCA COUNTRY CLUB","Tiffany Trace, Boca Country Club","Tiffany Trace\/ BOCA COUNTRY CLUB","Tiffany Trace\/Boca Country Club","TIMBER CREEK","Timber Mill","Timber Walk","TIMBERCREEK","TIMBERCREEK AS","TIMBERCREEK AS IN","TIMBERCREEK NORTH","TIMBERCREEK, a family-oriented community in Central Boca with 300 single family homes.","TIMBERMILL","TIMBERMILL\/BROKEN S.","TIMBERMILL\/TIMBER MI","Timbers","TIMBERS BOCA","TIMBERS OF BOCA","Timbers Of Boca LOT 140","TIMBERWALK","Timberwalk 02 Sec 04","Timberwalk 02 Sec 05","Timberwalk 02 Sec 06","Timberwalk 1","TIMBERWALK 2","TIMBERWALK 2 SEC 6","TIMBERWALK I","TIMBERWALK II","Timberwalk Ii Sec 4","TIMBERWALK II SEC 5","Timberwalk of Loggers Run","TIMBERWALK SEC 01","Timberwalk Sec 02","Timberwalk Sec 03","TIMBERWALK SEC 1","Timberwalk Sec 2","TIMBERWALK SEC 3","TIMBERWALK SEC I","Timberwalk Section 1","Timberwalk\/Loggers Run","TOLEDO PARK","TOLEDO PARK - Woodbury","TOLEDO PARK \/ WOODBURY","TOLEDO PARK HOMES","TOLEDO PARK HOMES \/WOODBURY","TOLEDO PARK HOMES SE","Toledo Park Homes Sec 01","TOLEDO PARK HOMES SEC 1","TOLEDO PARK HOMES SEC 2","TOLEDO PARK HOMES SEC 2WOODBURY","TOLEDO PARK WOODBURY","TOSCANA","Toscana North","Toscana North Condo","TOSCANA NORTH TOWER","TOSCANA NORTH TOWER I","Toscana West Condo","TOWER 155","TOWER 155 CONDO","TOWN PLACE","TOWN PLACE VILLAGE HOMES & WIMBLEDON","Town Place \/ Fox Hollow","TOWN PLACE \/ WIMBLEDON","Town Place 02 Ph 01","TOWN PLACE CLUB VILL","TOWN PLACE CLUB VILLAS","TOWN PLACE COND 1","TOWN PLACE COND I &","TOWN PLACE COND I & 2","TOWN PLACE COND I&II","Town Place Condo","Town Place Condo 01","Town Place Condo 01 Bldg 5706","Town Place Condo 01 Bldg 5706 ....Quad Number VI","Town Place Condo 01 Ph 01 & 02","TOWN PLACE CONDO 1 & 11","TOWN PLACE CONDO I &","TOWN PLACE CONDO I & II","TOWN PLACE CONDO I AND II","TOWN PLACE II","Town Place Townhomes","Town Place Twnhm","Town Place Twnhms","TOWN PLACE VIL HOMES","TOWN PLACE VILLAGE","TOWN PLACE VILLAGE H","Town Place Village Homes","Town Place Village Homes\/Wimbledon","Town Place Village Homes\/Wimbleton","Town Place Villas","TOWN PLACE VLG HOMES","TOWN PLACE\/WIMBLEDON","TOWN VILAS, Weitzer 03","TOWN VILLA","TOWN VILLA-WEITZER","Town Villa, Weitzer Sub.","Town Villas","Town Villas WEITZER SUB 3","TOWN VILLAS - WEITZER","Town Villas - Weitzer Sub 3","Town Villas -Weitzer Pud 03","TOWN VILLAS \/ WEITZER SUB 3","TOWN VILLAS \/ WEITZER SUB","TOWN VILLAS \/ WEITZER SUB 3","TOWN VILLAS \/ WEITZER SUB 3,\/","TOWN VILLAS \/WEITZER SUB 3","TOWN VILLAS 3--VERT SORT AFTER \\'\\'TOWN VILLAS\\'\\'! THE MOST AFFORDABLE 55+ COMMUNITIES IN BOCA RATON!","TOWN VILLAS AT MOON LAKE","TOWN VILLAS BRING","TOWN VILLAS SUB 3","Town Villas Weitzer","Town Villas Weitzer Sub 3","TOWN VILLAS-FULL LAKE VIEW","TOWN VILLAS-WEITZER","Town Villas-Weitzer 03","TOWN VILLAS-WEIZTER","TOWN VILLAS, Weitzer","TOWN VILLAS\/ WEITZER SUB 3","Town Villas\/Weitzer","TOWN VILLAS\/WEITZER SUB 3","TOWN VILLASWEITZER SUB 3","TOWNHOUSES OF HIGHLA","TOWNHOUSES OF HIGHLAND BEACH","TOWNHOUSES OF HIGHLAND BEACH CONDO","TOWNPLACE TOWNHOMES","Townsend Place","TOWNSEND PLACE COND","TOWNSEND PLACE CONDO","TOWNSEND PLACE II","townvillas at moonlake","TRACT C OF MISSION BAY","TRACT C REPL-MISSION","Tract C Repl-Mission Bay","TRACT D OF MISSION BAY","TRACT D OF MISSION BAY - VENTURA","TRACT D OF MISSION BAY, Ventura,","TRACT D REPL OF MISS","TRACT G OF MISSION BAY","TRACT G REPL OF MISS","TRAFALGAR","TRANS WORLD RADIO PROPERTY AS IN","TRANSFLORIDA BANK CENTRE CONDO","TRENDS","Trends At Boca","TRENDS AT BOCA RATON","Trends At Boca Raton Unit","Trends At Boca Raton Unit 01","Trends At Boca Raton Unit 02","Trends At Boca Raton Unit 04","TRENDS AT BOCA RATON UNIT 1","TRENDS AT BOCA RATON UNIT 2","Trends At Boca Raton Unit 3","TRENDS AT BOCA RATON UNIT IV","TRENDS OF BOCA RATON","Trends\/Boca Raton Un 01","TrendsAt BocaRaton Unit 1","TRES VIDA","TRES VIDAS","TRES VIDAS COND ONE","Tres Vidas Condo 01","TRES VIDAS CONDO ONE","TRIESTE","Trieste At Boca","TRIESTE @ BOCA RATON","TRIESTE AT BOCA","Trieste At Boca Lot 21","Trieste At Boca Raton","TRIESTE of Boca","Triste at Boca","TROPIC BAY CONDO","TROPIC ISLE","TROPIC ISLE 4TH SEC","Tropic Isle 4Th Sec In Pb 25 Pgs 69 And 70","Tropic Isle Sec 04","TUDOR WOODS","Tudor Woods BOCA HEIGHTS","Tudor Woods Boca Heights Patio Homes 1","TUDOR WOODS,BOCA HEIGHTS PATIO HOME","Tudor Woods\/Boca Heights","TUDORWOODS","Tunison Palms","TUNISON PALMS \/ Old Floresta Area","TUNISON PALMS IN","Tunison Palms In City of BOCA RATON ,","Tunison Palms Old Floresta","Tunison Palms OLD FLORESTA AREA","Tunison Palms Sec 01","Tunison Palms Sec 02","Tunison Palms Sec 02 Vacant Lot","TUNISON PALMS SEC 1","TUNISON PALMS SEC 2","TUNISON PALMS SEC 2, neighboring Old Floresta","TUNISON PALMS SEC 2\/OLD FLORESTA AREA","TUNISON PALMS SEC 2OLD FLORESTA AREA","TUNISON PALMS SECTION 2 LT 5 BLK 11","TUNISON PALMS\/OLD FL","TUNISON PALMS\/OLD FLORESTA","Tunison Palms\/Old Floresta Area","TUNISON PARK","Tunison Plams","TUSCANY VILLAGE","Tuscany Vlg","TWIN LAKES","TWIN LAKES PROFESSIONAL CENTER CONDO","UNIVERSITY APT CONDO","UNIVERSITY APT CONDO IRREG PARCEL IN WLY 380","UNIVERSITY APT CONDOMINIUM","UNIVERSITY GARDENS","UNIVERSITY GARDENS 1","UNIVERSITY GARDENS I","UNIVERSITY GARDENS IN","UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS","UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS 1","UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS 1ST ADD","University Heights Add 01","UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS I","UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS IN","UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS LT 8 BLK 1","University Hill","UNIVERSITY HILL 1ST","UNIVERSITY HILL 1ST SEC","UNIVERSITY HILL 1ST SEC IN","UNIVERSITY HILL 2ND","UNIVERSITY HILL 2ND SEC","UNIVERSITY HILL 2ND SEC IN","UNIVERSITY HILL SEC 01","University Hill Sec 02","UNIVERSITY HILLS","UNIVERSITY PARK","UNIVERSITY PARK COUN","UNIVERSITY PARK COUNTRY","University Park Country Club","University Park Country Club Est","UNIVERSITY PARK COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES","UNIVERSITY PARK COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES 1ST ADD","UNIVERSITY PARK COUNTRY CLUB ESTS","University Park Country Club Ests 2Nd Add","UNIVERSITY PARK COUNTRY CLUB ESTS IN","University Park Ctry Club","University Park Ctry Club Est","VALENCIA","VALENCIA \/ BOCA POINTE","VALENCIA At Boca Pointe","VALENCIA BOCA POINT","VALENCIA BOCA POINTE","VALENCIA, Boca Pointe","VALENCIA\/BOCA POINTE","VALETTA","VALHALLA VILLAGE","VALLETA","VALLETTA","VALLETTA - BOCA HIGLANDS","Valletta BOCA HIGHLANDS","Valletta of Boca Raton","VALLHALA","VALLHALA VILLAGE","VALLHALA VILLAGE CON","VALLHALA VILLAGE CONDO","Vallhala Vlg Condo","VARSITY HEIGHTS","VARSITY HEIGHTS , SPANISH VILLAGE","VARSITY HEIGHTS\/SPANISH VILLAGE area","Varsity Hgts","VARSITY HGTS IN","Ventura","VENTURA - MISSION BAY","Ventura @ Mission Bay","VENTURA AT MISSION BAY","VENTURA AT MISSION BAY TRACT D OF MISSION BAY","VENTURA AT MISSION BAYTRACT D OF MISSION BAY","VENTURA MISSION BAY","VENTURA MISSIONBAY","Ventura of Mission Bay","Ventura-Mission Bay","VENTURA, MISSION BAY","VENTURA\/ MISSION BAY","VENTURA\/MISSION BAY","VENTURA\\\\MISSION BAY","Versailles Villa","VERSAILLES VILLAS","VERSAILLES VILLAS FI","Versailles Villas Filed","VERSAILLES VILLAS FILED IN","Via Stel","VICTORIA FALLS","VICTORIA FALLS-BOCA FALLS","VICTORIA ISLES","VICTORIA ISLES WOODFIELD cc","Victoria Isles - Woodfield Country Club","VICTORIA ISLES AT WOODFIELD","VICTORIA ISLES AT WOODFIELD CC","Victoria Isles at Woodfield Country Club","VICTORIA ISLES REP","VICTORIA ISLES-WOODFIELD COUNTRY CLUB","Vila San Remo","VILLA D\\'ESTE","Villa De Capri","VILLA DE LA COSTA","Villa Del","VILLA DEL MAR","Villa Del Rio","Villa Del Rio \/ Lincolnwood","VILLA DEL RIO IN","VILLA DEL SOL","VILLA DEL SOL ( a\/k\/a Via Stel)","VILLA DEL SOL \/ VILLA STEL","VILLA DEL SOL AT BOCA POINTE","Villa Del Sol, Boca Pointe","VILLA DEL SOL\/BOCA P","Villa del Sol\/VILLA STEL","VILLA DEL VERDE","VILLA DEL VERDE COND","Villa Del Verde Condo","VILLA DESTE","VILLA ESTO COND DECL","Villa Esto Condo","Villa Flora","VILLA FLORA BOCA POINTE","VILLA FLORA AT BOCA","VILLA FLORA AT BOCA POINTE","VILLA FLORA BOCA POINTE","Villa Flora of Boca Pointe","VILLA FLORA\/BOCA POI","VILLA FLORA\/Boca Pointe","Villa Florentyna","Villa Mare Condo","VILLA NOVA","VILLA NOVA SOLIMAR","Villa Nova, Solimar","Villa Nova\/Solimar","VILLA NOVA\/SOLIMAR I","Villa Portofino","Villa Portofino - Boca Raton","Villa Portofino 02","VILLA PORTOFINO 2","VILLA RAN REMO","VILLA RICA","VILLA RICA IN PB 14 PGS73 TO 82 INC","VILLA RICA IN PB14 P","VILLA RICA IN PB14 PGS73 TO 82 INC","Villa Rica Rep","VILLA RICA REPLAT IN","Villa Rica, East Boca Raton","VILLA RICCA","Villa San Remo","VILLA SAN REMO BOCA AZUL","VILLA SAN REMO - BOCA AZUL","VILLA SAN REMO - BOCA AZUL PH 4 & 5","VILLA SAN REMO \/ BOCA AZUL","VILLA SAN REMO \\'\\'NEIGHBORHOOD F\\'\\'","VILLA SAN REMO BOCA AZUL","VILLA SAN REMO BOCA AZUL PH 2","Villa San Remo BOCA AZUL PH 4 AND 5","VILLA SAN REMO BOCA AZUL PH2","VILLA SAN REMO C","VILLA SAN REMO COND","Villa San Remo Cond I And Ii Filed 3-23-89 In Or60","VILLA SAN REMO COND II","VILLA SAN REMO CONDO","Villa San Remo Condo 01 & 02","VILLA SAN REMO CONDO I","Villa San Remo Condo I And Ii Filed 3-23-89 In Or60","Villa San Remo Condo II","VILLA SAN REMO NEIGHBORHOOD F","Villa San Remo, Boca Azul","Villa San Remo, Domenica Floor plan","VILLA SAN REMO,BOCA AZUL","VILLA SAN REMO,BOCA AZUL PH 2","VILLA SAN REMO,VILLA REALE","VILLA SAN REMO; BOCA AZUL PH 4 AND 5","VILLA SAN REMO\/BOCA AZUL","Villa San Remo\/BOCA AZUL PH 3","Villa San Remote\/Boca Azul Ph 01","VILLA SONRISA","VILLA SONRISA - BOCA POINTE","VILLA SONRISA \/ BOCA POINTE","VILLA SONRISA 5 CONDO","Villa Sonrisa at Boca Pointe","VILLA SONRISA Boca Pointe","VILLA SONRISA CONDO","Villa Sonrisa Condo 01-05","Villa Sonrisa Condos","VILLA SONRISA of Boca Pointe","VILLA SONRISA ONE TH","Villa Sonrisa One Thru Five Conds Decls In Or4536p","VILLA SONRISA\/BOCA P","VILLA STEL","VILLA STEL \/ BOCA POINTE \/ VILLA DEL SOL","VILLA STEL \/ VILLA DEL SOL","VILLA STEL AT BOCA POINTE","Villa Stel,Villa Del Sol,Boca Pointe","VILLA STEL\/ Villa Del Sol","VILLA VALENCIA","Villa Valencia Con","VILLA VALENCIA COND","Villa Valencia Cond As In Decl In (Less Old Dixie","VILLA VALENCIA CONDO","Villa Valencia*","VILLAGE AT BOCA","VILLAGE AT BOCA RIO","Village At Boca Rio Ph 01","Village At Boca Rio Ph 02","VILLAGE AT BOCA RIO PH 1","VILLAGE AT BOCA RIO PH 3","VILLAGE AT BOCA RIO PH-2","VILLAGE AT BOCA RIO\/LAKES AT BOCA RIO","VILLAGE BOCA BARWOOD","VILLAGE COND DECL FILED 3-27-79 OR3030 P1355,3034 P1498,3042 P653,","Village Del Mar","VILLAGE DEL MAR\/CASA","Village Green","VILLAGE GREEN BOCA RATON","VILLAGE GREEN BOCA RATON CONDO","VILLAGE GREEN OF BOC","VILLAGE GREEN OF BOCA RATON","VILLAGE GREEN OF BOCA RATON COND DECL FILED 3-23-79","VILLAGE GREEN OF BOCA RATON CONDO","VILLAGE HOMES","Village Homes at Town Place","VILLAGE OF BOCA BAR","VILLAGE OF BOCA BARW","Village of Boca Barwood","VILLAGE OF BOCA BARWOOD, SANDALFOOT COVE SEC 10","VILLAGE OF BOCA BARWOOD,SANDALFOOT","Village of Boca Rio PH3","Village of Lakewood","VILLAGE OF PEPPERTRE","VILLAGE OF PEPPERTREE","VILLAGE OF PEPPERTREE 1 CONDO","Village Of Peppertree Cond I, Ii And Iii In Or3121","VILLAGE OF PEPPERTREE CONDO","VILLAGE OF PEPPERTREE CONDO III","VILLAGE OF WOODBRIDGE CONDO","Villages of Barwood","Villages of Boca Barrwood","Villaggio","VILLAGIO","Villas at Boca Barwood, Sandalfoot Cove Sec 10","VILLAS AT RED REEF CONDO","VILLAS DE LA COSTA","VILLAS DE LA COSTA C","Villas De La Costa Condo","VILLAS DE LAS COSTA","Villas Del Mar","VILLAS DEL MAR UNIT","Villas Del Mar Unit 01","Villas Del Mar Unit 02","Villas Del Mar Unit 1","VILLAS DEL MAR UNIT 2","VILLAS OF BERKLEY","VILLAS OF BERKLEY CO","VILLAS OF BERKLEY CONDO","VILLAS OF BOCA BARWO","Villas Of Sandalfoot","Villas Raphael","Villas Sandalfoot","Ville De Capri\/Polo Club","Ville De Capri","VILLE DE CAPRI \/ POLO CLUB","VILLE DE CAPRI - POLO CLUB","Ville De Capri \/ Poll Club","VILLE DE CAPRI \/ POLO CLUB","Ville De Capri 01","Ville De Capri 02","Ville De Capri 1","Ville De Capri 2","VILLE DE CAPRI\/POLO","VILLE DE CAPRI\/Polo Club","Ville Del Sol","VINEYARD","VINEYARDS","Vineyards of Boca Raton","VINTAGE ESTATES","VINTAGE ISLE","Vintage Place","VISTA DEL BOCA","VISTA HILLS","VISTA HILLS IN","VISTA OF BOCA LAGO","Vista Verde","Vista Verde Sec 01 Via Verde Tr A","Vista Verde Sec 02 Tr M","VISTA VERDE SEC 03 VIA VERDE","VISTA VERDE SEC 1","VISTA VERDE SEC 1 OF","Vista Verde Sec 1 Of Via Verde","VISTA VERDE SEC 2","VISTA VERDE SEC 3","Vista Verde Sec Three Of Via Verde","Vista Verde Sec Two","VISTA VERDE SECTION","Vista Verde Section 1","VISTA VERDI","VISTAS","VISTAS AT BOCA","Vistas Boca Lago","Vistas Boca Lago Condo","VISTAS OF BOCA","Vistas Of Boca Lago","Vistas of Boca Lago Cond","VISTAS OF BOCA LAGO COND AS IN DECL IN","VISTAS OF BOCA LAGO CONDO","VISTAZO","VISTAZO - PARADISE","VISTAZO @ BOCA RATON","Vistazo a beautiful new townhome community","Vistazo at Boca Raton","VISTAZO AT BOCA RATO","VISTAZO AT BOCA RATON","Vistazo at Boca Raton FL","W.ROGERS CIRCLE","WALK TO BEACH","Walker\\'s Cay - Tropic Isle 4th Sec","Walker\\'s Isle","WALKERS CAY","Walkers Cay \/ Boca Bay Colony","WALKERS CAY BOCA BAY","WALKERS CAY TROPIC","Walkers Cay\/ Boca Bay Colony","WALKERS CAY\/BOCA BAY","WALKERS CAY\/BOCA BAY COLONY","WALKERS ISLE","WALKERS ISLE AT BOCA BAY COLONY \/ WALKER\\'S CAY","WATER OAK","Water Oak Estates","WATER OAK\/ BROKEN SOUND","WATER OAKS","Water Oaks Estates","Water Side BRAMALEA UNICORP BOCA RATON","WATERBERRY","Waterberry BOCA CHASE SEC 3a","WATERBERRY VILLAS SEC. III","Waterberry - Boca Chase","WATERBERRY - LADYPALM","Waterberry \/ Boca Chase","WATERBERRY \/ Ladypalm","WATERBERRY \/ Ladypalm Lane","WATERBERRY AT BOCA CHASE","WATERBERRY BOCA CHAS","WATERBERRY BOCA CHASE","WATERBERRY HOMES","WATERBERRY HOMES - WOW! REMODELED","Waterberry Sec 01","Waterberry Sec 03","WATERBERRY SEC 04","WATERBERRY SEC 1","WATERBERRY SEC 2","Waterberry Sec 3","Waterberry Sec 4","Waterberry Sec One","Waterberry Sec.. 04","WATERBERRY VILLAS","Waterberry Villas-PETS OK !","WATERBERRY\/Boca Chase","WATERBERRY\/Ladypalm","WATERBERRY\/Ladypalm Lane","WATERFORD","Waterford \/ Polo Club","Watergate","Watergate - Sandalfoot","Watergate | Sandalfoot","WATERGATE AS","WATERGATE AS IN","Watergate Estate","WATERGATE ESTATES","Watergate Mnr Est As In Or2147p1476-1","Watergate Mnr Unrec Am-97","Watergate Mobil Home","WATERGATE MOBILE","WATERGATE MOBILE HM","WATERGATE MOBILE HOM","Watergate Mobile Home","Watergate Mobile Home Est","Watergate mobile home estate","Watergate Mobile Home Estates","WATERGATE MOBILE HOME ESTATES LOT","WATERGATE MOBILE HOME ESTATES LOT 559","Watergate Mobile Home K","Watergate Mobile Home Unrec","WATERGATE MOBILE HOME UNREC LOT","Watergate Mobile Home unrec am 97","WATERGATE MOBILE HOME UNREC AM-97","WATERGATE MOBILE HOME UNREC LOT 84","Watergate Mobile Homes","Watergate mobile homes Sandalfoot Estates","Watergate Mobile Homes Unrec","WATERGATE MOBILE PAR","WATERGATE MOBL.HOME","Watergate-Sandalfoot","Waters Bend","WATERS BEND AT BOCA","WATERS BEND AT BOCA WEST","Waters Edge","WATERS EDGE AT BOCA","Waters Edge At Boca West","WATERS EDGE AT BOCA WEST 1","WATERS EDGE AT BOCA WEST 2","WATERS EDGE AT BOCA WEST 3","WATERS EDGE ENCLAVE","Waters Edge Enclave \/ Boca Winds","Waters Edge Enclave\/Boca Winds","Waters Edge Estates","WATERS EDGE\/B.WEST","WATERS EDGE\/BOCA WIN","WATERS EDGE\/ENCLAVE","WATERS EDGE\/ESTATE","WATERS EDGE\/ESTATES","Waters Reach","WATERS REACH AT BOCA","WATERS REACH AT BOCA WEST","WATERS REACH AT BOCA WEST COUNTRY CLUB","WATERS REACH AT BOCA WEST PH 1","WATERS REACH AT BOCA WEST PH 2","WATERS REACH AT BOCA WEST PH III","WATERS REACH BOCA WEST","WATERSEDGE C","Waterside","WATERSIDE (BRAMALEA)","WATERSIDE @ BOCA TRA","WATERSIDE AT BOCA","Waterside Bramalea Unicorp","WATERSIDE BRAMALEA UNICORP BOCA RATON","WATERSIDE; BRAMALEA UNICORP BOCA RATON","Waterview","WATERWAY","WATERWAYS","WATERWAYS at BOCA WINDS PAR E","WATERWAYS BOCA WINDS","WATERWAYS\/ BOCA WINDS","WATERWAYS\/BOCA WINDS","WEDGEWOOD","Wedgewood \/Boca West","WEDGEWOOD EST","WEDGEWOOD ESTATES","Wedgewood Ests","WEDGEWOOD ESTS LT 58","Weitzer","Weitzer \/ Boca Landings","Weitzer 01","WEITZER 01 Boca Landing","WEITZER 01 BOCA LANDINGS","Weitzer 02","WEITZER 03","Weitzer Sub","WEITZER SUB 1","WEITZER SUB 1 - Boca Landings HOA","WEITZER SUB 1, BOCA LANDINGS","WEITZER SUB 1\/ Boca Landings","WEITZER SUB 2","WEITZER SUB 2 Boca Landings","Weitzer Sub 3","WEITZER SUB 3 \/ Town Villas","Weitzer Sub Pl","WEITZER SUB PL 1","WEITZER SUB PL 2","WEITZER SUB PL 2 LT 14 BLK","WEITZER SUB PL 3","WEITZER SUB PL 3 LT 1 BLK 57","WEITZER SUB PL 3Town Villas","Weitzer Sub PL2, Boca Landings","WEITZER-TOWN VILLAS","WEITZER\/BOCA LANDINGS","WELLESLEY PARK","WELLESLEY PARK COND","Wellesley Park Cond One","WELLESLEY PARK CONDO","WELLESLEY PARK CONDO 01","wellley park","WELLSELEY PARK","West Boca Est 1 As","WEST BOCA ESTATES","West Boca Estates 01","West Boca Estates 01 Lot:5 Blk:2 Lot SqFt:8276 Frontage:85","West Boca Estates 1","WEST BOCA ESTATES PL","WEST BOCA LAKE","WEST BOCA LAKE - BOCA BAY","West Boca Lake 01","West Boca Lake 1","WEST BOCA LAKE PL NO","West Boca Lake-Boca Bay","WEST BOCA LAKE\/BOCA BAY","West Lakes","West Lakes Boca Raton","West Lakes Boca Raton Inc","WEST LAKES OF BOCA RATON","WEST LAKES OF BOCA RATON I","WEST LAKES OF BOCA RATON INC","WESTLAKES","WESTWOOD\/SANDALFOOT","WESTWOODS","Whisem","Whisem (Boca Villas)","WHISEM *LOWEST PRICE","WHISEM \/ Boca Villas","WHISEM |Boca Villas Heights","WHISEM LT 5 BLK 5","Whisem Mizner Park","Whisem Unit","WHISEM UNIT A","WHISEM UNIT A IN","WHISEM UNIT B","WHISEM UNIT B IN","WHISEM\/Golden Triangle\/Mizner Park Area","Whisem\/Mizner Park Area","WHISM","Whisper Trace","WHISPER TRACE \/ BROKEN SOUND","Whisper Trace at Broken Sound","WHISPER TRACE PAR 8","Whisper Trace Par 8 Arvida Country Club","WHISPER TRACE\/ BROKEN SOUND","WHISPER TRACE\/ BROKEN SOUND COUNTRY CLUB","WHISPER TRACE\/AUSTIN","WHISPER TRACE\/BROKEN","WHISPER TRACE\/BROKEN SOUND C.C.","WHISPER WALK","WHISPER WALK - PARKSHORE","WHISPER WALK - CONDS 85 THUR 171 OF SEC B OF WHISPER WALK DEC","WHISPER WALK - Eastgate","Whisper Walk - Greenleaf","WHISPER WALK - GREENLEAF - SECTION A","WHISPER WALK - GREENLEAF SECTION A","WHISPER WALK - PARKLANE","WHISPER WALK - SUMMERWINDS","WHISPER WALK -PARKSHORE","WHISPER WALK -Summer Winds","WHISPER WALK .SUMMERWINDS","Whisper Walk \/ Greenleaf","Whisper Walk \/ Park Lane","WHISPER WALK \/ PARKLANE","WHISPER WALK \/ PARKSHORE","WHISPER WALK \/EASTGATE","WHISPER WALK \/GREEN LEAF","WHISPER WALK \/GREENLEAF","WHISPER WALK \/PARKLANE","WHISPER WALK CONDO","Whisper Walk Condo section A","WHISPER WALK CONDOMINIUM","WHISPER WALK CONDOS","WHISPER WALK CONDOS (Section B)","Whisper Walk Condos \/ Parkland","Whisper Walk CONDOS 1 THRU 84 OF SECTION A OF WHISPER WALK DECLS IN OR3963P1027 & OR4743P1606","WHISPER WALK CONDOS\/Park Lane","WHISPER WALK DEC CONDOS 1 THRU 84 OF SEC A","WHISPER WALK EASTGAT","WHISPER WALK EASTGATE","WHISPER WALK GREENLEAF","Whisper Walk Park Shore","Whisper Walk Parklane","WHISPER WALK Parkshore","WHISPER WALK PARKSHORE SEC E","WHISPER WALK Parkshore Section","Whisper Walk Sec 1..Greenleaf","WHISPER WALK SEC A CONDO","Whisper Walk Sec B","WHISPER WALK SEC C","WHISPER WALK SEC C CONDO","WHISPER WALK SEC C CONDO (Eastgate)","WHISPER WALK SEC C CONDO EASTGATE","WHISPER WALK SEC C EASTGATE","WHISPER WALK SEC D","Whisper Walk Sec D Cond Summerwind","WHISPER WALK SEC D CONDO","WHISPER WALK SEC D CONDO (Summerwinds)","Whisper Walk Sec D Condo AKA SUMMERWINDS","WHISPER WALK SEC D CONDO Summerwinds","Whisper Walk Sec E","Whisper Walk Sec E Condo","WHISPER WALK SEC E CONDO (Parkshore)","WHISPER WALK SEC E CONDO Parkshore","WHISPER WALK SEC E CONDO-PARKSHORE","WHISPER WALK SEC E CONDO. PARKSHORE.","WHISPER WALK SEC E CONDOPARKSHORE","WHISPER WALK SECTION","Whisper Walk Section C","WHISPER WALK SECTION C COND","Whisper Walk Section C Condo","Whisper Walk Section C Eastgate","WHISPER WALK SECTION D COND BLDG 258","Whisper Walk Section D Cond Decl filed 11-1-89 in OR6245 PI534","Whisper Walk Section E, Parkshore","WHISPER WALK SUMMERWINDS","WHISPER WALK SUMMERWINDS SEC D CONDO","WHISPER WALK-EASTGATE","WHISPER WALK-GREEN LEAF","Whisper Walk-Greenleaf","WHISPER WALK-Greenleaf Section","WHISPER WALK-GREENLEAF-SECTION A","Whisper Walk-Parklane","WHISPER WALK-PARKSHORE","WHISPER WALK-SUMMERWINDS","WHISPER WALK, GREENLEAF","WHISPER WALK, Parklane","Whisper Walk,East Gate","Whisper Walk,Greenleaf","Whisper Walk,Parklane","Whisper Walk,Summerwinds","WHISPER WALK(CONDOS 1 THRU 84 OF SECTION A OF WHISPER WALK DECLS IN OR3963P1027 & OR4743P1606)","Whisper Walk\/ Greenleaf","WHISPER WALK\/ PARKLANE","WHISPER WALK\/ PINELAKE","WHISPER WALK\/EastGate","WHISPER WALK\/GREENLE","Whisper Walk\/Greenleaf","Whisper Walk\/Park Lane Section","WHISPER WALK\/PARKLAN","WHISPER WALK\/PARKLANE","Whisper Walk\/Parkshore","WHISPER WALK\/SUMMER","WHISPER WALK\/SUMMERWINDS","Whispering Palms","Whispering Woods","WhiteCond at Camino Real 1 thru 17 Decls Filed OR4281 P829,4285P621,4290P1227,4295","Whitehall","WHITEHALL @ CAMINO","WHITEHALL AT CAMINO","WHITEHALL AT CAMINO REAL","Whitehall at Camino REAL NO 5","Whitehall Cond","WHITEHALL COND AT CA","Whitehall cond at Camino Real","WHITEHALL COND AT CAMINO REAL 1","Whitehall Cond At Camino Real 1 Thru 17 Decls Fil","Whitehall Cond At Camino Real 1 Thru 17 Decls Filed OR 4281,P829,4285P621,4290P,1227,4295","WHITEHALL COND AT CAMINO REAL 1 THRU 17 DECLS FILED OR4281 P829,4285P621,4290P1227,4295","WHITEHALL COND AT CAMINO REAL 1 THRU 17 DECLS OR4281 P829, 4285P621, 4290P1227, 4295","Whitehall Cond at Camino Real 1 thru 17, filed OR4281, P829,4285P621, 4290P1227,4295","WHITEHALL CONDO","WHITEHALL CONDO @ CA","Whitehall Condo 32-47-43, Sly 100 Ft Of Gov","Whitehall Condo at Camino","WHITEHALL CONDO AT CAMINO REAL","Whitehall Condo South","WHITEHALL CONDOMINIU","Whitehall Condominium","WHITEHALL ON CAMINO","Whitehall South","WHITEHALL SOUTH COND","WHITEHALL SOUTH COND AS IN DECL IN","WHITEHALL SOUTH CONDO","WHITEHALL SOUTH d\/b\/a OCEAN TOWERS","WHITEHALL\/ WHITEHALL CONDO AT CAMINO REAL","Whtehall Condo","WILLOW GREEN\/BROKEN","WILLOW GREENS","WILLOW GREENS AT BRO","WILLOW GREENS AT BROKEN SOUND","WILLOW WOOD","WILLOW WOOD AT BOCA","Willow Wood Boca West","Willow Wood Condo Midrise II","Willow Wood Gardens","WILLOW WOOD GARDENS BOCA WEST","WILLOW WOOD GARDENS CONDO","Willow Wood Gardens\/Boca West","WILLOW WOOD I,II &","Willow Wood Mid Rise","Willow Wood Mid Rise II","Willow Wood Mid-Rise","WILLOW WOOD MID-RISE CONDO","WILLOW WOOD MIDRISE","Willow wood midrise 2","Willow Wood Midrise Cond I","WILLOW WOOD MIDRISE COND I,II & III DECL FILED IN OR3325P122 OR3473P929 & OR3575P356","WILLOW WOOD MIDRISE COND I,II AND III","WILLOW WOOD MIDRISE CONDO","WILLOW WOOD MIDRISE CONDO 01-03","WILLOW WOOD MIDRISE CONDO 1","Willow Wood Midrise Condo I","Willow Wood Midrise I","Willow Wood Midrise II","WILLOW WOOD MISRISE","WILLOW WOOD-BOCA WES","WILLOW WOOD\/B.WEST","WILLOW WOOD\/BOCA WES","WillowWood","WILLOWWOOD @ BOCA W","WILLOWWOOD GARDENS","WILLOWWOOD GARDENS C","WILLOWWOOD GARDENS CONDO","WILLOWWOOD GDNS CONDO","WILLOWWOOD MIDRISE","WILLOWWOOD MIDRISE CONDO","WILTSHIRE HOUSE","WIMBELDON","Wimbeldon Villas Via Verde","WIMBELDON\/TOWN PLACE","Wimbledon","WIMBLEDON VILLAS","WIMBLEDON VILLAS OF","WIMBLEDON VILLAS OF VIA VERDE","WIMBLEDON VILLAS OF VIA VERDE\/Town Place","Wimbledon Villas Via Verde","Wimbledon Villas Via Verde Pud","WIMBLEDON\/TOWN PLACE","WINBLEDON VILLAS","WIND DRIFT","WIND DRIFT AS","WIND DRIFT AS IN","Wind Key","WIND KEY AT BOCA WEST","WINDDRIFT","WINDFIELD PARK unit 2","Winding Lake Estates","WINDING LAKES","WINDING LAKES 1","WINDING LAKES 2","WINDING LAKES 2 \/ LOGGERS RUN","Winding Lakes 3","Winding Lakes Estate","Winding Lakes Estates","Winding Lakes Estates sec 03-","Winding Lakes Estates,Winding Lakes Sec 3","Winding Lakes I","Winding Lakes II","WINDING LAKES III","Winding Lakes Sec 01","WINDING LAKES SEC 03","Winding Lakes Sec 1","WINDING LAKES SEC 2","WINDING LAKES SEC 3","WINDSONG","WINDSONG AT BOCA DEL","WINDSONG AT BOCA DEL MAR","WINDSONG AT BOCA DEL MAR COND","WINDSONG AT BOCA DEL MAR COND DECL FILED 5-5-82","WINDSONG AT BOCA DEL MAR CONDO","WINDSOR BAY","WINDSOR BAY AT WOODFIELD CC","Windsor Bay Woodfield Country Club","Windsor Parke","WINDSOR PARKE ? POLO CLUB","WINDSOR PARKE \/ POLO CLUB","WINDSOR PARKE AT POLO CLUB","WINDSOR PARKE POLO CLUB","WINDSOR PARKE, POLO CLUB BOCA RATON","Windwood","WINDWOOD PARK AT WINDWOOD CONDO","WINDWOOD 1ST FLOOR","WINDWOOD CONDO","Windwood Condos 1","WINDWOOD LAKE WINDWOOD CONDO","WINDWOOD PARK AT WINDWOOD CONDO","Windwood Unit 01","Windwood Unit 02","WINDWOOD UNIT 1","Windwood Unit I","WINDWOOD UNIT II","Windwood, Lake Windwood","WINDWOOD, LAKE WINDWOOD CONDO","WINDWOOD, PARK AT WINDWOOD","WINDWOOD,LAKE WINDWOOD","WINDWOOD\/ LAKE WINDWOOD CONDO","WINDWOOD\/GREENWOOD","WINDWOOD\/NORWOOD","WINFIELD","Winfield Park","Winfield Park 02","Winfield Park Unit 01","Winfield Park Unit 02","WINFIELD PARK UNIT 1","WINFIELD PARK UNIT 2","WINFIELD PARK UNIT 2 IN PB 25 PGS 52 & 5","WINFIELD PARK UNIT 2 IN PB 25 PGS 52 & 53","Winfield Park Unit 2 In Pb 25 Pgs 52 And 53","WINSTON BAY","WINSTON BAY COND DEC","WINSTON BAY COND DECL","WINSTON BAY CONDO","Winwood","Wolverton","WOLVERTON AT CENTURY","Wolverton at Century Village","WOLVERTON AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","WOLVERTON AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO E par 4097","Wolverton At Century Vlg Condo","Wolverton D At Century Vilage Condo","WOOD FIELD COUNTRY CLUB\/VICTORIA ISLES","WOODBRIAR","WoodBriar PATIOS DEL MAR CONTEMPO","WOODBRIAR, Patios Del Mar Contempo","WOODBRIAR\/PATIOS DEL","WOODBRIDGE","Woodbridge at Boca West CC","WOODBURY","WOODBURY \/ TOLEDO PARK","Woodbury at Boca del Mar","Woodbury\/Toledo Park","Woodcrest","Woodcrest -Boca West","WOODFIELD","WOODFIELD C C","WOODFIELD C.C.","WOODFIELD C\/AVALON","WOODFIELD CC","WOODFIELD CC \/ HAMPTONS","WOODFIELD CC CAMBRIDGE PARK","WOODFIELD CC DEVON PLACE","WOODFIELD CC\/CAMBRID","WOODFIELD CC\/DEVON","WOODFIELD CC\/HAMILTO","WOODFIELD CC\/HAMPTON","WOODFIELD CC\/KENSING","WOODFIELD CNTRY CLUB","WOODFIELD COUNTRY CL","WOODFIELD COUNTRY CLUB","WOODFIELD COUNTRY CLUB-HAMILTON PLACE","WOODFIELD HUNT","WOODFIELD HUNT CLUB","Woodfield Hunt Club 02","WOODFIELD HUNT CLUB I","WOODFIELD HUNT CLUB II","WOODFIELD HUNT I","Woodfield Hunt II","WOODFIELD\/CAMBRIDGE","WOODFIELD\/CAMBRIDGE PARK","WOODFIELD\/HAMPTONS","WOODFIELD\/VICTORIA","WOODFIELD\/WINDSOR BAY","Woodhaven","WOODHAVEN COND I,II","WOODHAVEN CONDO","Woodhaven Condo 01-03","Woodhaven Condo East","WOODHAVEN EAST","WOODHAVEN EAST COND","Woodhaven East Condo","WoodhavenBoca Del Mar","WOODHUE","WOODLANDS COURT","Woodlands Sec 01 Amd","Woodlands Sec 02 Amd","WOODLANDS SEC 1","Woodlands Sec 1 Amd Pl","WOODLANDS SEC 2","Woodlands Sec Two Amd","WOODLET","WOODLET COND DECL FI","WOODLET COND DECL FILED 7-2-80","Woodlet Condo","WOODS","WOODS @ BOCA DELMAR","WOODS AT BOCA DEL MA","WOODS AT BOCA DEL MAR","Woods At Boca Del Mar Con","WOODS AT BOCA DEL MAR COND 1,2 3,4 DECL IN OR3763P","WOODS AT BOCA DEL MAR CONDO","Woods At Boca Del Mar Condo 01-04","Woods At Boca Del Mar Condo 1,2 3,4 Deck In Or3763p","WOODS AT BOCA DELMAR","WOODS OF BOCA DEL MA","Woods of Boca Del Mar","WOODS\/BOCA DEL MAR","Woods\/Boca Del Mar 02","Woods\/Boca Del Mar 04","Woodstream","WOODSTREAM SLY 23.70 FT OF NLY 114.28 FT","WOODSTREAM - The Lakes at Boca Raton","WOODSTREAM\/LAKES AT","WOODSTREAM\/LAKES AT BOCA RATON","WOODSTREAM\/VACANT","y","YACHT & RACQUET","YACHT & RACQUET CLUB","YACHT & RACQUET CLUB OF BOCA RATON","YACHT & RACQUET CLUB OF BOCA RATON COND F UNIT 205","YACHT & RACQUET CLUB OF BOCA RATON CONDO","YACHT & RACQUET CLUB OF BOCA RATON CONDO E UNIT 505","YACHT & RACQUET CLUB OF BOCA RATON CONDO F BUILDING","YACHT & RACQUET CLUB","YACHT + RACQUET CLUB","YACHT AND RACQUET","YACHT AND RACQUET CLUB","Yacht And Racquet Club of Boca Raton","YACHT AND RACQUET CLUB OF BOCA RATON COND","Yacht And Racquet Club Of Boca Raton Cond A,D,E,F,","YACHT RACQUET CLUB","YAMATO","YAMATO TERRACE","Yarmouth","YARMOUTH AT CENTURY","Yarmouth At Century Village","YARMOUTH AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO","YARMOUTH AT CENTURY VILLAGE CONDO UNIT 4016","Yarmouth At Century Vlg Condo","Yarmouth C At Century Vlg Condo","Yarmouth D"],"zipcodes":["33427","33428","33429","33431","33432","33433","33434","33481","33486","33487","33488","33496","33497","33498","33499"]},"bokeelia":{"label":"Bokeelia","counties":["Lee County"],"subdivisions":["KREAMER\\'S AVOCADO"],"zipcodes":["33922","33945"]},"bonifay":{"label":"Bonifay","counties":["Holmes County"],"subdivisions":["WRIGHTS CREEK FARMS"],"zipcodes":["32425"]},"bonitasprings":{"label":"Bonita Springs","counties":["Lee County"],"subdivisions":["BONITA NATIONAL GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB","BONITA SHOR ES","HUNTERS RIDGE VILLAS","ROSEMARY PARK NO 2 RESUB","VILLA NOVA BONITA ESTATES"],"zipcodes":["33928","33931","34110","34119","34133","34134","34135","34136"]},"boyntonbeach":{"label":"Boynton Beach","counties":["Palm Beach County"],"communities":[";EISUREVEILLLE",".275",".Bella Vista West","(Includes 2 Parcels)","****LEASE OPTION****","*2 BEDROOMS DEN*","*DIAMANTE VILLAGE*PLATINA","*PLATINA*","*SNUG HARBOR GARDENS*","1 BED DEN","1.12 ACRE SITE APPRO","1\/1 PLUS DEN","1692","1ST FLOOR LAKE VIEW","2 BR plus Loft","2BR + den","3 BDRS + FLORIDA RM","5 HOMES ONLY","55 + COMMUNITY","55 COMMUNITY","ABEDEEN","Abeerden Estates - Muirhead","ABERDEEN","Aberdeen ASHFORD","Aberdeen \/Mooring","ABERDEEN \/STRATFORD","Aberdeen CC","ABERDEEN COVES AT PARKWALK","Aberdeen Landings","ABERDEEN THE SHORES","Aberdeen - Ashford Green","ABERDEEN - Bermuda Isle","Aberdeen - Bermuda Isles","ABERDEEN - BRISTOL LAKES","ABERDEEN - BRITTANY LAKES","Aberdeen - Cambridge","Aberdeen - Canterbury","Aberdeen - Coves","Aberdeen - Dorchester Estates","Aberdeen - Hampton","Aberdeen - Hamptons","Aberdeen - Harbours","Aberdeen - Lancaster Lakes","Aberdeen - Landings","Aberdeen - Moorings","ABERDEEN - MUIRHEAD","Aberdeen - Muirhead Estates","ABERDEEN - Oxford","Aberdeen - Sheffield Estates","Aberdeen - STERLING LAKES","Aberdeen - The Coves","Aberdeen - The Shores","ABERDEEN - TURNBERRY ISLE","ABERDEEN - WATERFORD","ABERDEEN -THE SHORES","Aberdeen @ Muirhead Estates","Aberdeen \/ Aberdeen","ABERDEEN \/ ADDISON GREEN","Aberdeen \/ Brittany","ABERDEEN \/ BRITTANY LAKES","Aberdeen \/ Cambridge","Aberdeen \/ Carrington Lakes","ABERDEEN \/ COVES","Aberdeen \/ Hampton","Aberdeen \/ Hamptons","ABERDEEN \/ HARBOURS","Aberdeen \/ Isles","ABERDEEN \/ LANCASTER LAKES","Aberdeen \/ Landing","ABERDEEN \/ LANDINGS","Aberdeen \/ Mooring","Aberdeen \/ Moorings","ABERDEEN \/ PARKWALK","ABERDEEN \/ SHORES","Aberdeen \/ The Coves","ABERDEEN \/ THE LANDINGS","ABERDEEN \/ THE SHORES","Aberdeen \/ Turnberry Isle","ABERDEEN \/ WATERFORD","ABERDEEN \/CAMBRIDGE","Aberdeen \/Coves","Aberdeen \/Coves at Parkwalk","Aberdeen \/Moorings","ABERDEEN 13","ABERDEEN 16 \/ CARRINGTON LAKES","ABERDEEN 22 - Isles of Aberdeen","ABERDEEN ADDISON GRE","Aberdeen Addison Green","Aberdeen Ashford","ABERDEEN BERMUDA ISLE","Aberdeen Bermuda Isles","Aberdeen Bristol Lakes","Aberdeen Brittany Lakes","ABERDEEN C.C.","Aberdeen Cambridge","Aberdeen Canterbury","ABERDEEN CARRINGTON LAKES","Aberdeen CC\/Ashford","Aberdeen CC\/Dorchester","Aberdeen Country Club","Aberdeen Country Club - Brittany Lakes","ABERDEEN COVES","ABERDEEN COVES AT PARKWALK","ABERDEEN Dorchester","Aberdeen East","ABERDEEN EAST THE LANDINGS","ABERDEEN EAST THE COVES","ABERDEEN EAST THE LANDINGS","Aberdeen Estates","Aberdeen Estates - Dorchester","Aberdeen Estates of Aberdeen","Aberdeen Estates\/Sheffield","Aberdeen Estates\/Sheffield Estates","Aberdeen Fairways","Aberdeen Fairways - Turnberry Isle","Aberdeen Fairways- Oxford","Aberdeen Gofl & Country Club, Aberdeen 7","ABERDEEN GOLF & C CL","Aberdeen Golf & CC","Aberdeen Golf & Country Club","ABERDEEN GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB\/CARRINGTON LAKES","Aberdeen Golf and CC","Aberdeen Golf and Country Club","Aberdeen Gollf & Country Club","Aberdeen Hampton","ABERDEEN HAMPTONS","ABERDEEN HARBOURS","Aberdeen Isles","ABERDEEN LAKES","Aberdeen Lakes\/Brittnay Lakes","Aberdeen Lancaster Lakes","Aberdeen Landings","ABERDEEN MOORINGS","Aberdeen Muirhead Estates","Aberdeen non equity","ABERDEEN PL 24","ABERDEEN PL- OXFORD PLACE","Aberdeen Sheffield Estates","Aberdeen Shores","Aberdeen Stratford","Aberdeen The Fairways","ABERDEEN THE SHORES","Aberdeen Waterford","Aberdeen- Hamptons","ABERDEEN- STERLING LAKES","ABERDEEN--SHORES","Aberdeen--Waterford At Aberdeen","ABERDEEN-ASHFORD","Aberdeen-Bermuda Isle","Aberdeen-Brittany Lakes","ABERDEEN-BRITTANY LK","ABERDEEN-CANTERBURY","ABERDEEN-COVES","ABERDEEN-DORCHESTER","ABERDEEN-HAMPTONS","ABERDEEN-LANCASTER","Aberdeen-Lancaster Lakes","ABERDEEN-LANDINGS","ABERDEEN-MOORING","ABERDEEN-MOORINGS","Aberdeen-Muirhead Estates","ABERDEEN-NO MEMBERSH","ABERDEEN-SHORES","Aberdeen-The Landings","ABERDEEN-THE MOORING","ABERDEEN-WATERFORD","Aberdeen,","ABERDEEN, BRISTOL LAKES","Aberdeen, Lankaster Lakes","Aberdeen, Muirhead Estates","Aberdeen, Sterling Lakes, Aberdeen Lakes","ABERDEEN,COVE,PARKWA","ABERDEEN\/ ASFORD","Aberdeen\/ Cambridge","Aberdeen\/ Coves","Aberdeen\/ Dorchester Estates","Aberdeen\/ HAMPTON","Aberdeen\/ Hamptons","Aberdeen\/ Harbours","ABERDEEN\/ ISLES","ABERDEEN\/ Lancaster Lakes","Aberdeen\/ Moorings","ABERDEEN\/ OXFORD","Aberdeen\/ Oxford Place","Aberdeen\/ Sterling Lakes","ABERDEEN\/ THE LANDINGS","ABERDEEN\/ THE MOORINGS","Aberdeen\/ Turnberry Isle","Aberdeen\/ Waterford","ABERDEEN\/ADDISON GRE","Aberdeen\/Addison Green","ABERDEEN\/ASH GREEN","Aberdeen\/Ashford","Aberdeen\/Ashford Green","ABERDEEN\/ASHFORD GRN","ABERDEEN\/BERMUDA ISL","Aberdeen\/Bermuda Isle","ABERDEEN\/BERMUDA ISLES","ABERDEEN\/BRITTANY","Aberdeen\/Brittany La","ABERDEEN\/BRITTANY LAKES","ABERDEEN\/BRITTANY LK","ABERDEEN\/BRITTNAY","Aberdeen\/Brittnay Lakes","ABERDEEN\/BURMUDA ISL","Aberdeen\/Cambridge","Aberdeen\/Canterbury","ABERDEEN\/CARRINGTON","Aberdeen\/Carrington Lakes","Aberdeen\/Cove","ABERDEEN\/COVES","ABERDEEN\/COVES AT PARKWALK","Aberdeen\/Dorchester","Aberdeen\/Dorchester Estates","Aberdeen\/Estates","Aberdeen\/Fairways\/ Addison Green","Aberdeen\/Hampton","ABERDEEN\/Hamptons","ABERDEEN\/HARBOURS","ABERDEEN\/HOURBORS","ABERDEEN\/ISLES","ABERDEEN\/ISLES OF ABERDEEN","Aberdeen\/Lancaster L","ABERDEEN\/LANCASTER LAKES","ABERDEEN\/LANDCASTER","ABERDEEN\/LANDING","Aberdeen\/Landings","ABERDEEN\/MOORIN","ABERDEEN\/MOORING","Aberdeen\/Moorings","Aberdeen\/Muirhead","Aberdeen\/Muirhead Estates","ABERDEEN\/OXFORD","Aberdeen\/Oxford Place","Aberdeen\/Parkwalk","ABERDEEN\/PARKWALK 1","ABERDEEN\/SHEFFIELD","ABERDEEN\/SHEFFIELD ESTATES","ABERDEEN\/SHORES","ABERDEEN\/STERLING LAKES","Aberdeen\/Stratford","Aberdeen\/The Coves","Aberdeen\/The Estates","ABERDEEN\/THE HABOURS","Aberdeen\/The Landing","Aberdeen\/The Landings","Aberdeen\/The Mooring","Aberdeen\/The Moorings","ABERDEEN\/THE SHORES","Aberdeen\/Turnberry Isle","Aberdeen\/Turnberry Isle\/ Fairway Lakes","Aberdeen\/Turnbery Isle","ABERDEEN\/WATERFORD","ABERDEEN\\'S COVES AT PARKWALK","Aberdeen\\'s Muirhead Estate community","Aberden","ABERDEN \/ ISLES","ACRE PLUS ESTATE","Acreage","ACREAGE & UNREC","ADDINGTON ESTATES WE","Addison Green","Addison Green at Aberdeen Golf & Country Club","ADDITION LTS 2 + 3","AHSFORD@ABERDEEN","Alden Ridge","Alden Ridge - Strathmore Estates","Alden Ridge \/ Strathmore Estates","Alden Ridge Strathmore Estates","Alden Ridge, Strathmore Estates","Alden\/ Strathmore 2","Alexandra","ALEXANDRA VILLAGE","Alexandra Village at Platina","Alexandria Village","AMETHYST MODEL","Annoreno Estates","APPLEGATE","Applegate at Indian Spring","APPROVED SHORT SALE!","Aquamarine w\/Loft","ARBOR GLEN","ARDEN PARK","Artesa","Artesa \/ Jonathans Creek","ARTESA JONATHANS CREEK","Artesa, Jonathans Creek","Artesa,Jonathans Creek","ASFORD @ ABERDEEN COUNTRY CLUB","Ashford","Ashford @ Aberdeen","Ashford Green","Ashford\/ Ashford Green","ASHFORD\/ASHFORD GREEN","ASPEN GLEN","Aspen Glen - Indian Spring","Aspen Glen - Indian Springs","Aspen Glen at Indian Spring","Aspen Glen at Indian Springs","ASPEN GLEN CONDO","ASPEN GLEN INDIAN SPRINGS","Aspen Glen PUD","Avalon","AVALON ESTATE","AVALON ESTATES","Avandale Pines","Avondale","AVONDALE - NO HOA","Avondale Pine","Avondale Pines","AVONDLE PINES","Azalea","B B Leisureville","Bank Approved","BANYAN SPRINGS","Banyan Creek","BANYAN SPRING","BANYAN SPRINGS","Banyan Springs - Cedar Point","Banyan Springs - Lakeside","BANYAN SPRINGS CLEARBROOK","Banyan Springs\/ Clearbrook Village","BANYAN SPROINGS","Banyon Springs","Barcelona Villas","BARRET HEIGHTS","Barrett Heights","BARROWOOD","Barrwood","BARWOOD","Bay Estate","Bay Estates","Bay Estates at Rainbow Lakes","Bay Estates Lansdowe","Bay Estates of Rainbow Lakes","BAY ESTATES-LANSDOWN","Bay Estates-Lansdowne","BAY ESTATES\/LANSDOWNE","Bay Esyayes","Bay Tree","Bayfront","BAYFRONT BOYNTON BEA","Bayfront Of Boynton Beach","BAYFRONT OF BOYNTON BEACH CONDOMINIUMS","Baynan Springs\/Cedar Point","Baytree","BAYTREE AT MEADOWS","BEACHFRONT BUILDERS","Beachfront Properties","BELEVISTA VILLAGE","BELLA VERDE","BELLA VERDE CONDO","BELLA VERDE CONDOMINIUM","Bella Verde Condominiums","BELLA VISTA","BELLA VISTA EAST","Bella Vista East, Verona Lakes","BELLA VISTA WEST","BELLAMY HEIGHTS","BELLAMY HEIGHTS BOYNTON BEACH","BELLAVISTA EAST","BELLAVISTA VILLAGE","BELLAVISTA VILLAGE CONDO","BELLAVISTA, PLATINA","Belmont","BELMONT AT BOYNTON B","Belmont at Boynton Beach","Belmont Place","BELMONT-BOYNTON BCH","Belmont, The Belmont","Belmont, The Residences of Belmont","BEN T TREE VILLAS","BEND TREE VILLAS EAS","Benr Tree Gardens","Bent Tre Villas East","BENT TREE","Bent Tree East","BENT TREE EAST VILLA","Bent Tree Garden Wes","Bent Tree Garden West","Bent Tree Gardens","Bent Tree Gardens Condo","BENT TREE GARDENS W","Bent Tree Gardens We","Bent Tree Gardens West","BENT TREE GARDENS WEST CONDO","BENT TREE GDNS WEST","BENT TREE GEADENS W.","Bent Tree Villa East","Bent Tree Villa West","BENT TREE VILLAS","Bent Tree Villas E","BENT TREE VILLAS E.","Bent Tree Villas Eas","Bent Tree Villas East","BENT TREE VILLAS EAST COND,PB3447,PP1889","BENT TREE VILLAS EAST CONDO","Bent Tree Villas East Condominiums","Bent Tree Villas S=East","BENT TREE VILLAS W","BENT TREE VILLAS WES","BENT TREE VILLAS WEST","BENT TREE VILLAS WEST CONDO","Bent Tree W","Bent Tree West","Bentr Tree West","BERMUDA CAY","Bermuda Cay Condo","Bermuda Cay on The Intracoastal","Bermuda Isle","BERMUDA ISLES","Bethesa Park","Bethesda Palk","BETHESDA PARK","BETHESDA PARK CIRCLE","Bethesda Park Codo","BEVERLY HILLS","Blue Heron","BLUM","BLUM PL","Bobwhite","Bobwhite A","Bobwhite B","Bobwhite C","Boca Linda Lakes","Boca Linda Lakes - Le Chalet","BOGARTA","BONTON LAKES NORTH","BORGATA","Borgata - Melear","Borgata \/ Melear","Borgata, Melear","Borgata\/ Melear","Borgata\/Melear","BORGATTA","Bounton Lakes","bower park","Bowers Park","Boynon Lakes 1","Boynotn Lakes","BOYNTON","BOYNTON LEISUREVILLE","Boynton Beach","Boynton Beach Leasureville","Boynton Beach Leisureville","BOYNTON BEACH LEISUREVILLE SEC 10","Boynton Beach Villas","Boynton Center","BOYNTON CENTER 2","Boynton Center 3","Boynton Center No 1 Condo","Boynton Estates","Boynton Estates , Citrus Park","Boynton Estates Citrus Park","Boynton Estates, Citrus Park","Boynton Gardens","Boynton Gradens","BOYNTON HEIGHTS","BOYNTON HILLS","Boynton Isles","BOYNTON LAKE","Boynton Lakes","Boynton Lakes 05","BOYNTON LAKES 06","BOYNTON LAKES 2","BOYNTON LAKES 3","BOYNTON LAKES 4","Boynton Lakes 6","BOYNTON LAKES N","BOYNTON LAKES NORTH","Boynton Lakes North Community","BOYNTON LAKKES","Boynton Landing","BOYNTON LANDINGS","BOYNTON LANDINGS CON","BOYNTON LANDINGS CONDO","BOYNTON LANDINGS CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION","BOYNTON LEISUREVILLE","Boynton Leisureville Section 10","Boynton Oasis","BOYNTON OASIS CONDO","Boynton Oasis Villa","Boynton Park Townhomes","BOYNTON PARK TOWNHOMES AKA PELICAN POINTE","BOYNTON PLACE","Boynton Rdg","BOYNTON RIDGE","BOYNTON TOWN OF","BOYNTON VISTAS","Boynton Waters","BOYNTON WATERS WEST","BOYNTON WATERS WEST 1","BOYNYON ESTATES","Boytnon Lakes North","Boytnton Waters","BOYTON LAKES NORTH","BRENT TREE VILLAS E","Briar Ridge Briarridge Country Fair","BRIARRIDGE","Briarridge Country Fair","BRIARRIDGE PL 1","BRIARRIDGE-COUNTRY FAIR","BRIARWOOD","BRIARWOOD AT INDIAN SPRING","BRIARWOOD AT INDIAN SPRINGS","Briarwood at Indian Springs Condominiums","Briarwood of Indian Spring","Briella","Briella 2","BRIELLA CONDO","Briella Condominium","BRIELLA NO 2 CONDO","Brighton Lakes","Briny Breezes","BRISTOL ISLE","Bristol Lakes","BRISTOL LAKES - ABER","Bristol Lakes Aberdeen","Bristol Lakes Aberdeen 24","BRISTOL LAKES, ABERDEEN","Bristol Lakes\/ Aberdeen \\'NO\\' Membership Required","Bristol Lakes\/Aberdeen","Bristol Lakes\/Aberdeen \\'NO\\' Membership Required","BRITTANY LAKES","Brittany Lakes \/ Aberdeen","Brittany Lakes at Aberdeen","BRITTNEY LAKES","Brookside","Brookside - Indian spring","Brookside at Indian Spring","BROOKSIDE IND SPG","BROOKSIDE-INDIAN SPR","Brookview","BUILDING 9","CAMBRIA PARC","CAMBRIA PARC TOWNHOMES","CAMBRIA PARC\/FLAVOR PIC TOWNHOMES PUD","CAMBRIA PARC\/FLAVOR PICT TOWNHOMES","Cambria Park","CAMBRIDGE","CAMBRIDGE 1 & 11AT HUNTER RUN CONDO","Cambridge @ Aberdeen","Cambridge at Aberdeen","Cambridge at Boynton","Cambridge\/ Aberdeen","Canria Parc","Cantebury at Quantum Village","CANTERBURY","Canterbury @ Quantum","Canterbury at Aberdeen","CANTERBURY AT ABERDEEN CONDO","Canterbury At Quantu","Canterbury at Quantum","Canterbury At Quantum Village","Canterbury at Quantum Vlg","Canterbury of Aberdeen","Canterbury Quantum","Canterbury\/Quantum V","CANTON ISLES","Canyon","CANYON ISLE","CANYON ISLES","CANYON ISLES 2","Canyon Isles Pl 3","Canyon Isles Place","Canyon Isles Place01","CANYON ISLES, Canyon Isles","CANYON LAKES","CANYON LAKES \/ \\'\\'Highlands Collection\\'\\'","CANYON LAKES PL 1 (A","Canyon Lakes\/ Aspen Collection","Canyon Springs","Canyon Springs \/ Cedar Collection","CANYON SPRINGS \/ Cypress Springs","Canyon Springs \/Cedar Springs","Canyon Springs ~ Estate Homes","Canyon Springs\/ Cypress Springs","Canyon Springs\/ Summit Springs","Canyon Trails","Canyon Trails \/ Trails At Canyon","CANYONS","CANYOS ISLES","Capri","CARIAGE GATE","Cariage Gate Condo","Carrara","CARRARA VILLAGE","CARRARA VILLAGE CONDO","Carriage Gate","CARRIAGE GATE CONDO","Carriage Gate Condominium","CARRIAGE POINT","CARRIAGE POINTE","Carriage Pointe Townhhomes","CARRIAGE POINTE TOWNHOMES","Carriage Pointe Twnh","CARRIAGE PONTE","CARRINGTON \/ ABERDEEN LAKES","Carrington Lakes","Carrington Lakes Aberdeen","Carrington Lakes at Aberdeen","Carrington\/Aberdeen Lakes","CASA BLANCA ISLES","Casa Costa","Casa Costa - Ex Promenade Condo","CASA COSTA CONDO","Casa Costa Condominium","CASA COSTA CONDOMNIUM","CASA COSTA formerly","Casa Costa Promenade","Casa del Mar","CASABLANCA","CASABLANCA - BONUS!","Casablanca Isles","Casablanca Isles Condominium","Casablanca Isles Con","Casablanca Isles Condo","CASABLANCA ISLES CONDOMINIUM","Casablanca Isles Condominium Residences","CASABLANCA LAKES","CASABLANCE ISLES","Cascade Lakes","CASCADE LAKE","CASCADE LAKES","CASCADE LAKES,","Cascades","Cascades - Limoge","CASCADES - WEDGEWOOD","Cascades Jones PrclD","CASCADES LAKES","CASCADES LALIQUE","Cascades WATERFORD","Cascades;Waterford","Cascades\/ Waterford","CASCADES\/LA LIQUE","Cascades\/Limoge","Cascades\/Waterford","CASCADES\/WEDGEWOOD","Cascase Lakes","Cascde Lakes","Caynon Isles","Ccascades","Cedar Point","CEDAR POINT 6","CEDAR RIDGE","Cedar Ridge Estates","Cedar Ridge Townhomes Community","Cedar Springs","CEDAR WOOD VILLAS","Cedarwood","CEDARWOOD VILLACE","CEDARWOOD VILLAGE","CEDARWOOD VILLAS","CENTRAL PARK","CENTRAL PARK ANNEX","chadwick-redesigned","Chalet","CHALET \/ SANDALWOOD","CHALET \/ SANDALWOOD @ BOYNTON BEACH","CHALET 4","CHALET SANDALWOOD","Chalet\/ Sandalwood","Challenger model","CHANTACLAIR VILLAS","CHANTECLAIR","Chanteclair Villa","Chanteclair Villas","CHANTECLAIR VILLAS COND NO ONE DECL","Chanteclair Villas Condo Two","Chaoel Hill","CHAPEL HILL","CHAPEL HILL FOREST HILLS","CHAPEL HILL - FOREST HILL","Chapel Hill - Forest Hill Section","Chapel Hill \/ Forest","Chapel Hill \/ Forest Hill","Chapel Hill \/ Forest Hills","Chapel Hill \/ Seacrest Hills","Chapel Hill Area","Chapel Hill FOREST HILLS","Chapel Hill Mission Hill","CHAPEL HILL-FOREST HILLS","CHAPEL HILL, GULFSTREAM ESTATES","Chapel Hill\/Forest H","Chapel Hill\/Forest Hill","Chapel Hill\/Forest Hills","Chapel Hill\/Mission Hill","CHAPEL HILL\/SEACREST HILLS","CHAPELHILL","ChapellHill","CHERRY HILLS","Chinaberry","CHRISTIAN VILLAS","CHRISTIAN VILLAS 2","Cinnabar","CINNABAR AT RAINBOW","Cinnabar at Rainbow Lakes","Cinnabar of Rainbow Lakes","Cinnabar Rainbow Lakes","CINNABAR\/RAINBOW","CINNABAR\/RAINBOW LAK","Cinnabar\/Rainbow Lakes","Citation Model","Citris Glen","Citrus Glen","Citrus Glen - Execut","CITRUS GLEN - EXECUTIVE ESTATES","CITRUS GLEN -EXECUTIVE ESTATES","Citrus Glen-Exec Est","CITRUS GLEN-EXECUTIVE ESTATES","Citrus Glen, Executive estates","CITRUS GLEN\/CITRUS TRAIL","CITRUS GLENN","Citrus Park","Citrus Park \/ Boynton Estates","Citrus Trail","Citrus Trail \/ Citrus Glen","Citrus Trail \/ Executive Estates \/ Citrus Glen","citrus trail\/Citrus Glen","CITY OF BOYNTON BEAC","Cityside","CIVIC CENTER","CLEARBROOK VILLAGE","CLEARBROOK VILLAGE CONDO","Clover Bend","Clover Bend \/ Meadows","Clover Bend at The Meadows","CLOVER BEND ESTATES \/ DOGWOOD CIRCLE","CLOVER BEND\/MEADOWS","CLOVERBEND","Club at Indian Lakes","CLUB MEM. INCLUDED!!","CNY AT BOYNTON BEACH","COARL LAKES","Coasal Bay","COASTAL BAY","COASTAL BAY -BONUS!","COASTAL BAY COLONY","Coastal Towers","Coastal Towers Condo","Coastal Towers Condominiums","COASTOAL BAY COLONY","Cobbelstone Creek","cobblestone","COBBLESTONE CREEK","COBBLESTONE CREEK \/ COUNTRYSIDE MEADOWS","COBBLESTONE CREEK-COUNTRYSIDE MEADOWS","Cobblestone Creek, Countryside Meadows","Cobblestone Creek\/ Countryside Meadows","Cobblestone Creek\/Countryside Meadows","COCOA PINE ESTATES","Colonial Club","COLONIAL CLUB COND SEC NO 1 UNIT 201-B BLDG 27","COLONIAL CLUB CONDO","COLONIAL CLUB CONDO SEC 2","Colonial Club Sec 1","COLONIAL CLUB SEC 2","Colonial Club Section 1","Colonial Estates","COLONIAL ESTATES INC MOBILE HOME PARK","COLONIAL ESTATES INC MOBILE HOME PARK CO-OP","Colonial Estates Mobile Home Park","Colonial Ridge","COLONIAL RIDGE CLUB","COLONIAL RIDGE-LANCA","Colony","COLONY @ BOYNTON BEA","Colony At Boynton","COLONY AT BOYNTON BC","Colony At Boynton Be","Colony At Boynton Beach","Colony Lake","Colony Lake Townhomes","Colony Preserve","Colony Preserve Community","COLONY PRESERVE PUD","Colors","Colors \/ Rainbow Lak","COLORS AT RAINBOW LA","Colors at Rainbow Lakes","Colors Le Palais","Colors of Rainbow Lakes","Colors\/Rainbow Lakes","Compson Place Apartments","CONDO CONVERSION","condo on the lake","Congress Groves","CONGRESS GROVES DUPLEX","CONONADO ESTATES","Coquina Cove","Coral Lakes","CORAL COVE","CORAL COVE \/ CORAL LAKES","Coral Cove Condo","CORAL LAKAES","CORAL LAKES","Coral Lakes \/ Coral Cove","CORAL LAKES Condo is clean, vacant ready for Ten","CORAL LAKES REGAL SHORES SOUTH","CORAL LAKES REGENCY COVE","CORAL LAKES REGENCY COVE NORTH","Coral Lakes - Regal Shores","Coral Lakes - Regency Cove North","CORAL LAKES - ROYAL LANDINGS","Coral Lakes \/ coral cove","Coral Lakes \/ Coral Cove Condominium","CORAL LAKES \/ CRYSTAL POINTE","Coral Lakes \/ REGAL SHORES","Coral Lakes \/ Regency Cove North","Coral LAKES \/ ROYAL LANDINGS","CORAL LAKES \/ TUSCANY","CORAL LAKES \/ TUSCANY ASSOCIATION","CORAL LAKES \/EGRET POINTE","CORAL LAKES \/TUSCANY","CORAL LAKES 12","CORAL LAKES 2","coral lakes coral cove","CORAL LAKES COVE","Coral Lakes Crystal Point","Coral Lakes Crystal Pointe","Coral Lakes III - Regency Cove","Coral Lakes III, Regency Cove North","Coral Lakes III\/Regency Cove North","Coral Lakes IV","CORAL LAKES N","Coral Lakes Reg Cove","Coral Lakes Regal Shores","CORAL LAKES REGENCY","Coral Lakes Regency Cove","CORAL LAKES REGENCY COVE NORTH","CORAL LAKES REGENCY COVE SOUTH","CORAL LAKES ROYAL LANDING","Coral Lakes Tuscany","CORAL LAKES V-ROYAL LANDINGS","CORAL LAKES-","CORAL LAKES-ROYAL LANDINGS","CORAL LAKES-TUSCANY","CORAL LAKES, CORAL COVE","CORAL LAKES, REGAL SHORES","CORAL LAKES, REGAL SHORES SOUTH","CORAL LAKES, REGENCY COVE SOUTH","CORAL LAKES, TUSCANY","CORAL LAKES,CRYSTAL POINTE","Coral Lakes,REGENCY COVE NORTH","CORAL LAKES\/ CRYSTAL POINTE","CORAL LAKES\/ REGAL SHORES","Coral Lakes\/ Regal Shores North","Coral Lakes\/ Regency Cove N","CORAL LAKES\/ REGENCY COVE NORTH","CORAL LAKES\/ TUSCANY","CORAL LAKES\/CORAL CO","Coral Lakes\/Coral Cove","CORAL LAKES\/CRY PT","Coral Lakes\/Crys Pt.","CORAL LAKES\/CRYST\/PT","CORAL LAKES\/CRYSTAL","Coral Lakes\/Crystal Pointe","CORAL LAKES\/CRYSTAL POINTE II","CORAL LAKES\/CRYSTAL POINTEe","CORAL LAKES\/EGRET","CORAL LAKES\/EGRET POINT","CORAL LAKES\/EGRET PT","CORAL LAKES\/REGAL SH","CORAL LAKES\/REGAL SHORES","CORAL LAKES\/REGAL SHORES N.","CORAL LAKES\/REGAL SHORES NORTH","CORAL LAKES\/REGAL SHORES SOUTH","CORAL LAKES\/REGALSHORES NOTRH","Coral Lakes\/Regency Cove North","CORAL LAKES\/REGENCY COVE SOUT","CORAL LAKES\/REGENCY COVE SOUTH","CORAL LAKES\/ROYAL LAKES","CORAL LAKES\/ROYAL LANDINGS","CORAL LAKES\/ROYAL LN","CORAL LAKES\/ROYLAND","CORAL LAKES\/TUSCANY","CORAL LAKES\/TUSCANY AT CORAL LAKES","Coral Lks\/Royal Land","CORAL RIDGE","CORALAKES\/REGCOV","Coralberry","Coronado Estates","Coronado Lake Estates","Corsica Park","CORSICA PARK AT VENETIAN ISLES","costa Bella","COSTA BELLA \/ Old Boynton Estates","Countrtside meadows","Country Fair","Country Fair Briarridge","COUNTRY FAIR or BRIARRIDGE","Country Fair\/ Briarridge","Country Fair\/Briaridge","Country Fair\/Briarridge","Country Green","Country Greens","Country Greens - Southpointe 2","COUNTRY GREENS \/ SOUTHPOINTE","COUNTRY GREENS AT SOUTHPOINTE","COUNTRY GREENS AT WESTCHESTER","COUNTRY GREENS, SOUTHPOINTE","Country Greens\/Southpointe","Country Ridge or Briarridge","Countryside Meadows","COUNTRYSIDE MEADOWS \/ COBBLESTONE CREEK","COUNTY","County Fair","COURTS","Courts at Boynton Pl","COURTS OF BOYNTON","COVES","COVES \/ ABERDEEN","COVES ABERDEEN","Coves at Aberdeen","COVES AT PARKWALK","COVES AT PARKWALK CONDO","COVES PARKWALK","Coves\/ Aberdeen","CRANBROOK LAKE","Cranbrook Lake Estates","CRANBROOK LAKE ESTATES, THE ESTATES OF SILVERLAKE","Cranbrook Lakes Estates \/ Silverlake","CRESCENT HEIGHTS","CRESTVIEW","Crestview Boynton","CRESTVIEW GARDENS","crestview gardens condo","CROSSING","CROSSING OF BOYNTON","CROSSINGS","Crossings Boynton Be","Crossings of Boynton","Crossings of Boynton Beach","CROSSINGS OF BOYNTON BEACH COND","CROSSINGS OF BOYNTON BEACH CONDO","CROWN COLONY","CROWN COLONY CLUB","CRYATAL KEY","CRYSTAL KEY","Crystal Key @ Woolbright Place","CRYSTAL KEY AT WOOLB","Crystal Key At Woolbright","Crystal Key at Woolbright Place","CRYSTAL POINT\/CORAL LAKES","Crystal Pointe","CRYSTAL SHORES","Cscades","CYPESS CREEK","CYPESS CREEK COUNTRY CLUB","Cypress Creek","CYPRESS CREEK C.C","CYPRESS CREEK C.C.","CYPRESS CREEK CC","CYPRESS CREEK CC W","CYPRESS CREEK COUNTR","Cypress Creek Country Club","Cypress Creek Country Club SE Quad","CYPRESS CREEK COUNTY","Cypress Creek Dev","Cypress Creek East","Cypress Creek East Gate","CYPRESS CREEK W","Cypress Creek West","Cypress Creek-EastR","CYPRESS MODEL","Cypress Park","Cypress Spring","Cypress Springs","CYPRESS VILLAS","CYPRESS VILLAS CONDO","CYRYSTAL POINTE II","Dandalwood","Debonaire Estates","DELRAY DUNES","Delray Dunes \/ Fairway Villas","DELRAY DUNES ACACIA","Delray Dunes Acacia Villa","DELRAY DUNES BONSAI","DELRAY DUNES C C","Delray Dunes Fairway Villas","Delray Dunes Garden Villas, Inc.","Delray Dunes Golf &","Delray Dunes Golf & CC","DELRAY DUNES GOLF & COUNTRY","DELRAY DUNES GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB","Delray Dunes Golf and Country Club","DELRAY DUNES GOLF CC","Delray Dunes\/Slash Pine Villas","Delray Dunes`","Development","Dewey Heights","DIAMANTE VILLAGE","Diamante Village 55+ no pets","DIRECT INTRACOASTAL","Dogwood Circle","DONATELLA","DORCHESTER","DORCHESTER ESTATES","Dorchester Estates @ Estates at Aberdeen","Dorchester Estates at Aberdeen","DOS LAGAS","DOS LAGOS","Dos Lagos - Southlake II","Dos Lagos - Tradewind","DOS LAGOS \/ SHORELINE HOMES","DOS LAGOS \/ SOUTH LAKE","Dos Lagos \/ Southlake Condo","Dos Lagos \/Southlake","Dos Lagos Shoreline","Dos Lagos South Lake","Dos Lagos Southlake","DOS LAGOS SOUTHLAKE II","Dos Lagos Townhome","Dos Lagos Tradewinds","Dos Lagos- Shoreline","DOS LAGOS-SOUTHLAKE","DOS LAGOS-TRADEWINDS","Dos Lagos, Shoreline Homes","Dos Lagos, South Lake","Dos Lagos\/ Tradewinds","DOS LAGOS\/SHORELINE","DOS LAGOS\/SOUTH LAKE","Dos Lagos\/Southlake","Dos Lagos\/Tradewinds","DOS LOGOS","DOUBLE LOT","Downtown Boynton Beach","Downtown East Boynton Beach","Duplex","Easco","Easco Apartments","EASCO BUILDING","EAST BOYNTON REDEV","EAST RIDGE","Eastgate","EASTGATE AT HUNTERS RUN","Eastview Park","EDEN RIDGE","Edgewood","Edgewood Model","Egret","Egret Pointe","Egret Pointe at Coral Lakes","Emerald Green","Enclave at Boynton Waters","ENCLAVE AT WESTCHEST","ENCLAVE AT WESTCHESTER","EQUESTRIAN","Equestrian 02","Equus","Equus Estates","ESSEX","EST.\/WESTCHESTER C.C","ESTANCIA","Estancia At Boynton Beach","Estancia Boynton Beach","Estate of Boynton Waters","ESTATE OF SILVER LAKE","Estate of Silverlake","ESTATE OF SILVERLAKES","ESTATES","ESTATES (WINDCHIME)","ESTATES AT BOYNTON WATERS","Estates at Heritage","Estates At Heritage Club","ESTATES AT HERITAGE CLUB\/ HERITAGE CLUB","Estates of Aberdeen","ESTATES OF BOYNTON W","Estates of Boynton Waters","Estates of Boynton Waters - INCREDIBLE PRICE","ESTATES OF BOYNTON WEST","Estates of Heritage Club","Estates of Hunters R","ESTATES OF INDIAN SP","ESTATES OF SILVER LA","ESTATES OF SILVER LAKE","ESTATES OF SILVER LAKE \/ CRANBROOK LAKE ESTATES","ESTATES OF SILVER LAKES","ESTATES OF SILVERLAK","Estates of Silverlake","Estates of Silverlake Cranbrook Lake Estates","ESTATES OF SILVERLAKE,CRANBROOK LAKE ESTATES","Estates of Silverlakes","ESTATES OF WESTCHEST","Estates of Westchester","Estates of Westchester - Lakes of Westchester","Estates Of Westchster","Estates Silverlake","ESTATES,RAINBOW LAKE","ESTATES\/SHEFFIELD","ESTS OF WESTCHESTER","Evian at Indian Springs","EVIAN INDIAN SPRINGS","EXECUTIVE ESTATE","Executive Estates","Executive Estates of Citrus Glen Communities","EXECUTIVE ESTATES, CITRUS GLEN","EXECUTIVE ESTS","EXECUTIVE ESTS-","Executve Estates\/Citrus Glen","EXT BEING PAINTED!!","EXTRA 1\/2 BATH","FAILRFIELD","FAIRFEILD","Fairfield","Fairfield Apartments","Fairfield Apt Condos","FAIRFIELD APTS","FAIRFIELD APTS CONDO","FAIRFIELD CONDO","FAIRFIELD CONDO APT.","Fairlfield","FAIRMONT","Fairmont Place","Fairmont Place \/ EQUESTRIAN PL 2","Fairmont Place, Equestrian","Fairmont-Equestrian","Fairmount Place","Fairview Model","Fairway","Fairway Park","Fairway Park at Indian Springs","FAIRWAY PARK COND","Fairway Park Condo \/ Indian Springs","FAIRWAY PARK INDIAN SPRING","FAIRWAY VILLAS","FERN RIDGE","Firenze","Firenze - Renaissance Commons","Firenze \/Renaissance","FIRENZE \\'\\'LIVE\/WORK\\'\\'","Firenze at Renaissance","Firenze at Renaissance Commons","Firenze Renaissance Commons","Firenze Renaissance Comons","Firenze, Renaissance Commons","Firenze\/Renaissance Commons","FLAVOR PICT TOWNHOMES PUD LT","FOREST GROVE","Forest Grove \/ Patio Homes","Forest Grove at Indian Springs","FOREST GROVE PATIO HOMES","Forest Grove, Patio Homes, Indian Spring","Forest Grove\/Indian Spring","FOREST HILL \/ CHAPEL HILL","forest hills","FOREST HILLS\/CHAPEL","FOREST PARK","FOREST PARK HEIGHTS","Forest Park Neighborhood","Foster","Fosters Mill","Fosters Mill Development","FOUNTAIN","Fountains","Fountains at Rainbow Lakes","FOUNTAINS\/RAINBOW LAKES","FOUNTINS","Four Sea Sunds","Four Sea Suns","FOUR SEA SUNS COND0","FOUR SEA SUNS CONDO","Four Sea Suns Condominium","Fox Hollow","FOX HOLLOW \/ MANOR FOREST","Fox Hollow Manor Forest","Fox Hollow \/ Manor Forest","Fox Hollow at Manor Forest","Fox Hollow-Manor Forest","fox hollow\/forest manor","Fox Hollow\/Manor For","Fox Hollow\/Manor Forest","Frenze at Renaissance Commons","FRIENZE","GABLES","GABLES END","Garden","GATEWAY","Gateway Gardens","GATEWAY GARDENS \/ GATEWAY PALMS","Gateway Palm","Gateway Palms","GATEWAY PALMS \/ Gateway Gardens","Gateway Palms \/ Gateway Gardens","Gateway Palms\/Gardens","GATEWAYS PALMS","Giardino Village C Condos","GIARDINO\/PLATINA","GL Homes","Glades","Glen Arbor","GLOFVIEW HARBOUR","Golf Colony","GOLF HARBOR ESTATES","Golf View","GOLF VIEW HARBOR","Golf View Harbour","Golf View Harbour Es","GOLF VIEW HRBOUR","Golf Villas","GOLFVIEW HABOUR","GOLFVIEW HARBOR","Golfview Harbour","GOLFVIEW HARBOUR EST","GOLFVIEW HARBOUR ESTATES","GOLFVIEW HARBOUR TOWNHOMES","Golfview Harbour Townhouses","Golfview harbour, Golf View Harbour","GOLFVIEW HAROUR EST","Golgview Harbour","Gr Heron N.","Gr Heron S.","GRAND PALLADUIM","GRAND PALMS","GRANDE PALMS","Grande Palms Gateway Palms","Grayson Heights","GREATER BOYNTON","Greater Boynton Pl","Greater Boynton Plac","GREATER BOYNTON PLACE","GREATER BOYNTON PLACE, COURTS AT BOYNTON PLACE","GREEN CAY","GREEN CAY \/ elevator","Green Cay Condo","Green Cay Village","GREEN CAY VILLAGE CONDO","Green Cay Village Condominium","Green Glen","Green Glen II","Green Heron N","Green Heron N.","Green Heron S","Green Heron S.","Green Lake","Green Lake \/ Indian Spring","Green Lake Condo","Green Lakes","GREEN LAKES AT INDIAN SPRINGS","Green Lakes Condo","GREEN LAKES CONDO 1 THRU 21 OR3248P1","Green Tree","Green Tree Villas","Greenside","Greenspointe","Greentree","GREENTREE - HAWKWOOD","Greentree Villa","Greentree Villas","Greentree Villas Con","Greentree Villas Cond","Greentree Villas Cond 1","Greentree Villas Condo","Greentree Villas Condo II Hawkwood","Greentree Villas Condo Phase 1","Greentree Villas Condo.","Greentree Villas Condominiums","Greentree Villas Condos","GREENTRESS VILLAS","Greystone","Greystone and Mini Assemblage","Greystone by GL Homes","Greystone, mini","Greystone, Mini Assemblage","GREYSTONE\/MINI ASSEMBLAGE","GROVE","Grove Estates","GROVE ESTATES II","Grove Isle","Grove Isle Luxur","GROVE ISLE**","Grove Village","GULF STREAM ESTATES","Gulf Stream Estates 2","GULF STREAM VIEWS","Gulfstream","GULFSTREAM ESTATES","GULFSTREAM PARK","Hampshire Gardens","Hampshire Gardnes","Hampton","Hampton at Aberdeen","Hampton Fairways","HAMPTON LAKES","HAMPTONS","Hamptons at Indian Spring","Hamptons of Aberdeen","Hanpton Lakes","HAPPY HOME HEIGHTS","HAPPY HOME HGTS IN","HARBOR ESTATES","HARBOR ESTATES +DOCK","HARBORS","HARBORS \/ THE HARBORS","HARBORS INTRACOASTAL WATERFRONT","Harbors Way","Harbors, The Harbors","HARBOUR HALL","HARBOUR HALL CONDO","Harbour Hall Condos","Harbour Hall Inlet","HARBOUR HALL INLET C","HARBOUR HALL INLET CLUB","Harbour Hall Inlet Club II","HARBOURS","Harbours at Aberdeen","Harbours At Aberdeen - NON-MEMBERSHIP","Harbours at Aberdeen Condo","Harbours at Aberdeen Condo-","Harbours at Aberdeen Condominiums","HARBOURS AT ABERDEEN EAST","HARBOURS OF ABERDEEN EAST","Harvest Duplex II","Harvest Residential","HATHAWAY PARK","Hawks Landing","Hawkwood","HEATHER LAKE","Heather Lake at the Meadows","heatherlake","HEATHERLAKE AT THE MEADOWS","HEATHERLAKE, MEADOWS","HEATHERLAKES","HERITAGE CLUB","Hibiscus N","Hibiscus N.","Hibiscus S","Hibiscus S.","Hibiscus South","HIDDEN LAKES","HIGH POINT","HIGH POINT WEST 2","High Point (Just North of Chapel Hill)","high point 4A","HIGH POINT COND SEC 4","High Point Condo","High Point Condo Sec 3","HIGH POINT CONDO SEC 4","High point Condominium","High Point Court","HIGH POINT CT. 4A","High Point of Boynton Beach 55+ Community","High Point Section 2","HIGH POINT SECTION 4","HIGH POINT WEST","HIGH POINT WEST CONDO","High Point West Condo 2","HIGH POINT WEST CONDOMINIUM NO 2 UNIT D IN BLDG 27","High Point West Condominiums","High Point West No","High Point West Sec 1","High Ridge","Highpoint","Hight Point","hih point","Hills At Lake Eden","HILLS OF LAKE EDEN","Historic Boynton Hills","Historic Cottage area in Boynton","HISTORIC COTTAGE D","HISTORIC COTTAGE DIS","homes at lawrence","HOMES OF LAWRENCE","http:\/\/casacostacondos.com\/","Hunter Run","Hunter\\'s Run","hunters run","Hunters Court","Hunters Run","Hunters Run CC","HUNTERS RUN COUNTRY","HUNTERS RUN COUNTRY CLUB","Hunters Run Golf & Country Club","Hunters Run Golf and Country 1club","Hunters Run\/EASTGATE","HUNTERS RUN\/STRATFOR","IBROOKSIDE","ILLUSTRE of PLATINA","ILLUSTRE VILLAGE","ILLUSTRE VILLAGE CONDO","IMT Boynton","IN-TOWN BOYNTON","Indain Spring","INDIAN SPRING","INDIAN HILLS 1","INDIAN SPRG WESTGATE","INDIAN SPRIING","Indian Spring","Indian Spring FAIRWAY PARK","Indian Spring Green Lakes","Indian Spring - Aspen Glen","Indian Spring - Brookside","INDIAN SPRING - EVIAN","Indian Spring - Fairway Park","INDIAN SPRING - THE GLADES","Indian Spring - Villas of Monterey","INDIAN SPRING - VILLAS OF MONTERY","Indian Spring (The Estates)","INDIAN SPRING \/ ASPEN GLEN","INDIAN SPRING \/ BROOKSIDE","Indian Spring \/ Fairway Park","INDIAN SPRING \/ FOREST GROVE","Indian Spring \/ Green Lakes","INDIAN SPRING \/ Hampton Fairways","Indian Spring \/Forest Grove","INDIAN SPRING \/HAMPTON FAIRWAYS","Indian Spring Applegate","INDIAN SPRING ASPEN GLEN","Indian Spring Aspen Glen Condo","Indian Spring Briarwood","Indian Spring C.C.","INDIAN SPRING CC","Indian Spring Country Club","Indian Spring Country Club - Brookside Community","Indian Spring Country Club\/Green lakes","Indian Spring Evian","INDIAN SPRING FAIRWAY PARK","INDIAN SPRING FOREST GROVE","Indian Spring Glades","INDIAN SPRING GREEN GOLF VILLAGE","Indian Spring Green Lake","Indian Spring Green Lakes","Indian Spring Greenspointe","Indian Spring Hampton Fairways","Indian Spring Kiowa","INDIAN SPRING LAURELWOOD","Indian Spring Oakdale","Indian Spring Oakmont","INDIAN SPRING SOUTHGATE","INDIAN SPRING THE ES","Indian Spring The Estates","Indian Spring The Glades","Indian Spring Trails","Indian Spring Villas of Green Glen","INDIAN SPRING VILLAS OF MONTEREY","INDIAN SPRING WESTGATE","Indian Spring- Aspen Glen","Indian Spring-Aspen","INDIAN SPRING-BROOKS","Indian Spring-Oakdale","INDIAN SPRING-VILLAS OF GREEN GLEN","Indian Spring, Aspen Glen","Indian Spring, Fairway Park","INDIAN SPRING, OAKDALE TOWNHOMES","INDIAN SPRING, VILLA","Indian Spring, Villas of Monterey, Indian springs","INDIAN SPRING: THE GLADES","INDIAN SPRING\/ FAIRWAY PARK","INDIAN SPRING\/ASPEN","INDIAN SPRING\/BRIARWOOD","INDIAN SPRING\/FAIRWAY PARK","INDIAN SPRING\/GREEN LAKES","Indian Spring\/Hampton Fairways","Indian Spring\/laurelwood","Indian Spring\/Westgate","Indian Springs","Indian Springs - Green Lakes","Indian Springs - Hampton Fairways","INDIAN SPRINGS BRIARWOOD","Indian Springs Country Club","Indian Springs Fairway Park","Indian Springs Forest Grove","Indian springs Westgate","Indian Springs- Forest Grove","Indian Springs, Aspen Glen","Indian Springs, Forest Grove","Indian Springs, Forest Grove Patio Homes","INDIAN SPRINGS, GREENSPOINTE","INDIAN SPRINGS\/ Lakeview Mews","Indian Springs\/Fairway Park","Indian Springs\/Forest Grove","INDIAN SPRINGS\/LAURELWOOD","INDIAN SPRNG","INDIAN SRING","INDIAN WELLS","INDIN SPRING","Inlet Cay","Inlet Harbor","Inlet Harbor Club","Intracoastal","Intracoastal Condo","IRIS MODEL","Isles","ISLES AT Hunters Run","Isles of Aberdeen","Isles of Aberdeen, ABERDEEN 22","J&J Patio Homes","Jamaica Bay","JAMAICA BAY MOBILE HOME","JAMAICA BAY MOBILE HOME CO-OP","Jamaica Bay Mobile Home Coop","Jog Estates","JOG ESTATES - SANDHURST","JOG ESTATES - SANDHURST","Jog Estates \/ Sandhurst","Jog Estates Sandhurst","JOG ESTATES\/SANDHURST","Jonathan Grove","Jonathan\\'s Grove","JONATHANS CREEK","JONATHANS CREEK \/ ARTESA","JONATHANS GROVE","Josephine s Latino","Kensington Gardens","KENSINGTON GARDENS CONDO","Kensington Place","KESINGTON PLACE","Kingfisher","Kingfisher N","Kingfisher S","KINSINGTON PLACE PUD","KIOWA","Kiowa at Indian Spring","Kittiwake","Knollwood","Knollwood Grove","Knollwood Pud","KNOLLWOOD SUB","Knowllwood","LA CHALET","LA Firenze","La Firenze at Renaissance Commons","La Florence","La Florence at Renaissance Commons","La Palais","lake add","Lake Add Boynton","LAKE ADD TO BOYNTON","LAKE BOYNTON","LAKE BOYNTON ESTATE","Lake Boynton Estates","LAKE BOYNTON ESTS","LAKE BOYNTON ESTS PL 1","LAKE EDEN","LAKE EDEN PL 4","LAKE EDEN SUB","LAKE EDEN\/LAKE IDA","Lake Monterey","LAKE RIDGE","Lake ridge Falls","LAKE SHORE\/MEADOWS","LAKE VIEW HAVEN","Lake Vista","Lake Worth Mariner","LAKE WORTH MARINER VILLAGE","Lakeidge","LAKEPOINTE","LAKERIDGE","Lakeridge Greens","Lakeridge - Sawgrass Lakes","LAKERIDGE FALLS","LAKERIDGE FALLS E @ WESTCHESTER CC","LAKERIDGE GREEENS AT PIPERS GLEN","Lakeridge Green","Lakeridge Greens","Lakeridge Greens - at Pipers Glen","LAKERIDGE GREENS - PIPERS GLEN","Lakeridge Greens @ Westchester CC","Lakeridge Greens at Pipers Glen","Lakeridge Greens at Westchester CC","Lakeridge Greens in Pipers Glen","Lakeridge- Sawgrass","Lakeridge- SAWGRASS LAKES HOMES","LAKERIDGE-SAWGRASS","Lakeridge-Sawgrass Lakes","LAKERIDGE\/WESTCHEST","Lakes of Westchester","lakes of monterey","Lakes of Tara","LAKES OF TARA WEST","Lakes of Westchester","Lakes of Westchester at Westchester CC","Lakes of Westchester Pipers Glen","Lakes of Westchester\/ Westchester CC","Lakes of Westchester\/Westchester CC","Lakes Tara","Lakeshore","Lakeshore At Meadows","LAKESHORE AT THE MEADOWS","Lakeside","Lakeside Condo 8 of Banyan Springs","Lakeside Gardens","Lakeside Harbor","Lakeside\/Sawgrass Lakes Homes","Lakesshore at the Meadows","Lakeview Mews","Lakewood","LALIQUE","Lalique\/Cascades","LANCASTER \/ ABERDEEN","Lancaster Lakes","Lancaster LAkes, Aberdeen","Lancaster Lakes\/Aberdeen","Landings","Landings @ Aberdeen","Landings of Aberdeen","Lanehart","Lansdowne","Lansdowne \/ Bay Estates","LANTERN KEY","LaPalais Rainbow Lakes","LARGE FENCED IN BACK YARD","Largo Pointe","LAS PALMAS LANDING","LAS PALMES LANDING","LAUREL HILLS","LAWERENCE GROVE","Lawerence Oaks","LAWRANCE GROVE","Lawrence Grove","LAWRENCE GROVE 1","LAWRENCE GROVE 2 PUD","Lawrence Lake","Lawrence Lake Estate","Lawrence Lake Estates","LAWRENCE LAKE ESTS","Lawrence Oaks","LAWRENCE OAKS \/ MNR FOREST 4","Lawrence Oaks, Manor Forest","Lawrence Oaks\/Manor Forest","LE CHALET","Le Chalet - Boca Linda Lakes","Le Chalet \/ Boca Linda Lakes","Le Chalet 4","Le Chalet IV","Le Chalet IV-B","Le Palais","LE PALAIS @ RAINBOW","Le Palais at Rainbow Lakes","Le Palais HOA Inc. aka Colors Le Palais of Boynton","Le Palais in Rainbow Lakes","Le Palais RAINBOW LAKES","LE PALAIS\/Rainbow Lakes","Le Palias","Le Pelais","LEASUREVILLE","LeChalet","Lee Manor Isles","Lee Manor Isles (An Intracoastal Community)","Leiserville","Leisueville","Leisurecille","Leisurevile","Leisureville","Leisureville Lake Condo","LEISUREVILLE - BOYNTON","Leisureville \/ Boynton Leisureville","Leisureville BB","Leisureville Golf View Condo","Leisureville Golf View North","LEISUREVILLE LAKE","Leisureville Lake Condo","LEISUREVILLE LAKE CONDO UNIT B","Leisureville Lake Condominiums","Leisureville Lakes","LEISUREVILLE LK CNDO","Leisureville Palm Beach","LEISUREVILLE PB","LEISUREVILLE SEC 9","Leisureville Section 10","Leisureville, Boynton Beach","LEISUREVILLE, PALM BEACH LEISUREVILLE","Leisureville\/Palm Beach Leisureville","leisureviller","leisureviolle","Leisurevlle","Leisurville","Lennar","LENNAR HOMES","LePalais","LES PALAIS","LESTER PUD PL 6","Lesureville","Lexington Lakes","LEXININGTON LAKES","Liesureville","Lime","LIME TREE","Lime Tree Condo","LIME TREE COURT","Limeberry","LIMERTEE","LIMETRE COURT COND","Limetree","Limetree condo","Limetree Condos","limetree court","LIMETREE COURT CONDO","LIMETREE VILLAS","LITTLE RIVER GLEN PUD","LOS MANGOS","LOS MANGOS PATIO VIL","Los Mangos Patio Villas","Los Mangos Patio Villas & Townhomes","LOS MANGOS PATIO VILLAS AND TOWNHOMES","LOS MANGOS PATIO-VIL","LOS MANGOS PATIO-VILLAS & TOWNHOMES","Los Mangs Villas","Lucente Village","Lyon Ranches","Lyons Ranches","LYONS WEST AGR PUD 4","M","MADISON LAKES","MAHOGANY","MAJESTIC ISLE","MAJESTIC ISLES","Mallard","MANATEE COVE","MANATEE COVE (AKA)","MANGO HEIGHTS","Mangrove","Mangrove Walk","Manor","Manor Forest","Manor Forest - Fox Hollow","MANOR FOREST \/ FOX HOLLOW","MANOR FOREST- FOX HOLLOW","Manor Forest,Fox Hollow","Manor Forest\/Fox Hollow","Marbella","MARINA VILLAGE","MARINA VILLAGE","Marina Village at Boynton Beach","MARINA VILLAGE AT BOYNTON BEACH CONDO","Marina Village at Boynton Beach Condominium","Marina Village at Boynton Beach Florida","Marina Village Condominium","Marina Village Condominiums","Marina Village TH","Marina Village**","MARINER VILLAGE","MARINER\\'S COVE","Mariners Cay","Mariners Village","Mariners Way","Marribella","Marribella Villas","Mattamy Homes","MC DONALD PARK","MCDONALD PARK","MEADOW LAKE","Meadow Lake at The Meadows","Meadow on the Green","MEADOWLAKE","Meadowlark","MEADOWS","Meadows -DOGWOOD","MEADOWS \/ CLOVER BEND","Meadows 300","Meadows 300 01","MEADOWS BAYTREE","MEADOWS BAYTREE SECT","MEADOWS OF BOYNTON","Meadows On Green","MEADOWS ON THE GREEN","MEADOWS ON THE GREEN CONDO","MEADOWS ON THE GREEN CONDOMINIUM","Meadows Park","MEADOWS PARK \/ WINDEMERE","MEADOWS-Clover Bend","MEADOWS(CLOVER BEND)","MEADOWS\/BAYTREE","MEEKS & ANDREWS","Meeks & Andrews Ad","MEEKS & ANDREWS ADD","MEEKS + ANDREWS","Melear","MELEAR Borgata","MELEAR - San Savino","Melear \/ Borgata","Melear San Savino","Melear, San Savino","MELEAR\/ San Savino","Melear\/San Savino","Melrose","Melrose at Verona Lakes","MELROSE PARK","Melrose Pud","Melrose Pud Prcl D","MELROSE PUD VERONA L","Melrose Pud Verona Lakes","Melrose Verona Lakes","MELROSE\/VERONA LAKES","Meridian Reserve","Merlrose Verona Lakes","Messina","Millicent","Millicent Condo","MILLICIENT CONDO","Mini Assemblage Pud 1","MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD PL 8","Mirabell Villas","Mirabella","MIRABELLA VILLAS","Mirabella CONDO","Mirabella Villa","Mirabella Villa Del Sol","Mirabella Villa Del Sol Condo","Mirabella Villas","Mirabella Villas AKA Villa Del Sol Condominium","Mirabella Villas \/","Mirabella Villas \/ DEL SOL","MIRABELLA VILLAS \/ VILLA DEL SOL","MIRABELLA VILLAS, VILLA DEL SOL","Mirabella Villas\/Villa del Sol","MIRABELLA VILLSA","MIRABELLA-VILLA DEL","Mirabella-Villa Del Sol","Mirabella, Villa Del Sol","MIRABELLA\/Villa Del Sol","MIRABELLS VILLAS","MIRRABELLA","MIRRABELLA VILLAS","MIRROR LAKES","Mirror Lkaes","MIRRORLAKES","Mission Hill","MISSION HILL\/CHAPEL HILL","Mizner Falls","Mockingbird","Monarca","MONTEREY","Monterey at Indian S","MONTEREY BAY","Monterey Bay Pud","MONTEREY BOYNTON BEA","Monterey Boynton Beach","Monterey Lakes","MONTERREY","Montery","MONTEVERDE","MONTEVERDE CONDO","MONTEVERDE CONDOMINIUM","Monteverde Condominiums","Monteverde Renaissan","Monteverde\/Renaissanace Commons","MONTREUX","Mooring","Moorings","MOORINGS AT ABERDEEN","MUIRFIELD ESATATES","Muirfiled","Muirhead","MUIRHEAD ESTATES","Muirhead in the Estates of Aberdeen","Murano","Murano Bay","n\/a","NA","narina Village","Nautia Sound","Nautica","Nautica 1","NAUTICA 2","Nautica Lakes","NAUTICA PL 1","NAUTICA PL 1 LOT 83","NAUTICA PL 2","NAUTICA PLACE","Nautica Sound","NAUTICA SOUND 2","NAUTICA SOUND PL 2","Nautica Sounds","NAUTICAL SOUND","Near Bethesda Hospital","NEW CONSTRUCTION","NEW CONVERSION","no waiting","North Pointe","North Pointe at Westcher","North Ridge Estates","Northern Pines","NORTHERN PINES MOBILE HOME PARK","NORTHERN PINES MOBILE HOME PARK 6","NORTHERN PINES MOBILE HOME PARK NO 3 IN","Northpoint","Northpointe","NORTHPOINTE 1","NORTHPOINTE AT WESTC","Northpointe at Westchester","Northpointe I","NORTHPOINTE WESTCHESTER","Northpointe\/ Westchester Country Club","NORTHPOINTE\/WESTCHES","Northwoods II","NOT KNOWN","NOT ON GREEN","NOT ON GREEN SOUTHSIDE OF GATEWAY","Nr.US1 (Federal Hwy)","Oak Run","Oakdale at Indian Spring","OAKDALE TOWNHOMES II","Oakwood","OAKWOOD LAKES W","Oakwood 2","OAKWOOD II","OAKWOOD LAKES","Oakwood Lakes Condo","Oakwood Lakes Condominiums","Oakwood Lakes West","Oakwoods a","OASIS","Ocean Park Manor","OCEAN RIDGE YACHT CL","OCEAN SHORE","Old Boynton Estates","OLD BOYNTON ESTATES-","OLFVIEW HARBOUR","Osprey","OXFORD AT ABERDEEN","OXFORD PLACE","Oxford Place in Aberdeen Golf & CC","Oxford Place in The Fairways of Aberdeen Golf & CC","OXFORD PLACE\/ABERDEE","Oyster Bay","P B LEISUREVILLE","P BCH LEISUREVILLE","P T V","p t v , Pine Tree Village","P T V Pine Tree Village","P T V, Pine Tree Village","P. Bch Leisureville","P.B. LEISUREVILLE","PALAMLAND VILLAS","PALERMO","Palladian","Palladium","PALLADIUM - Twin Lakes","Palladium Twin Lake","Palladium Twin Lakes","PALLADIUM-","Palladium- Twin Lakes","Palladium, Twin Lakes","PALLADIUM\/TWIN LAKES","Palm Isles","Palm Bch Leisurevill","Palm Beach","PALM BEACH FARMS","palm beach leasureville","PALM BEACH LEISUREVI","Palm Beach Leisurevile","Palm Beach Leisureville","PALM BEACH LEISUREVILLE 10TH SECTION","PALM BEACH LEISUREVILLE REPLAT","PALM BEACH LEISUREVILLE SEC 10","Palm Beach Leisureville Sec 3","PALM BEACH LEISUREVILLE SEC 7","PALM BEACH LEISUREVILLE SEC 9","Palm Beach leisurville","Palm Beach Lesurevile Sec 6","PALM BEACH RANCHES","PALM BEACHLEAISUREVILLE","PALM BH LEISUREVILLE","Palm Chae","Palm Chase","PALM CHASE CONDO","Palm Chase Condo Community","Palm Chase Condos","PALM CHASE LAKES","Palm Chase Lakes Con","Palm Chase Lakes Condo","Palm Chase Lakes Condominiums","Palm Isle West","Palm Isles","Palm Isles - Southwind Estates","Palm Isles - Southwind Estates Section","Palm Isles \/ Southwinds","PALM ISLES 1","Palm ISLES 111","Palm Isles at Southwinds","Palm Isles Condo I","Palm Isles Condo III","Palm Isles I","Palm Isles II","PALM ISLES III","Palm Isles lll","Palm Isles Southwinds","Palm Isles West","Palm Isles4600","PALM ISLESPALM ISLES","PALM ISLRS","PALM MEADOWS","Palm Meadows Estates","PALM SHORE","Palm Shores","PALM SHORES - WINDWARD GABLES END","PALM SHORES AT GABLE","Palm Shores at Gables End","Palm Shores at Windward Palms","PALM SHORES, WINDWARD","Palm Shores, Windward Palms","PALM SHORES\/WINDWARD","Palm Shores\/Windward Palm","Palmland","Palmland Villas","PALMLAND VILLAS I","Palmyra","PALMYRA 1","PALMYRA Estates","Palmyra Estates HOA Debbie C\/O Quality Mngmnt Grou","PALMYRA ESTATES PUD","PALMYRA ESTATES\/DAHLGREN","PALMYRA, DAHLGREN","PALMYRA\/DAHLGREN","Palymyra Estates","Pam Isles I","PARK LANE","PARK LANE COND APTS","PARK LANE CONDO","PARKLANE","PARKSIDE","PARKSIDE @ QUANTUM","Parkside Quantum","Parkside Quantum Par","Parkside Square","PARKSIDE SQUARE-QUANTUM PARK TOWNHOMES","Parkside Townhomes","Parkside Village","Parkside Village \/ Quantum Park Townhomes","PARKSIDE VILLAGE QUANTUM PARK TOWNHOMES","Parkside Village, Quantum Park Townhomes","PARKWALK","PARKWALK PL @","Parkwalk\/Aberdeen","Parry","PARRY TRAILER VILLAGE","Parry Village","Partridge","PB LEISUREVILLE","PBL","PELICAN BEACH","Pelican Beach Condo","PELICAN HARBOR","PELICAN POINT","PELICAN POINT AT BOY","PELICAN POINT AT BOYNTON BEACH","PELICAN POINT AT BOYNTON BEACH CONDOMINIUM","PELICAN POINTE","PELICAN PONT","PENINSULA","PENINSULA ON THE INTRACOASTA:","Peninsula on the Intracoastal","PENINSULA ON THE INTRACOASTAL CONDO","Penninsula on the Intracoastal","PIN-GRO-VIL, Inc.","Pine Grove","PINE GROVE VILLAGE","PINE GROVE VILLAGE UNREC ON AM-7","PINE POINT","PINE POINT VILLAS","PINE POINT VILLAS CONDO","Pine Ridge","PINE TREE","Pine Tree Club Estates","Pine Tree Country Club Estates","Pine Tree Estates","PINE TREE GOLF","PINE TREE GOLF CLUB","PINE TREE GOLF CLUB ESTATES","Pine Tree Village","Pine Tree Village P T V","Pine Tree Village, PTV","Pine Tree Villas","Pine Tree Vllage","PINETREE","PINETREE VILLAGE","PIPER GLEN ESTATES","Piper Glenn Estates","Piper\\'s Glen Estates","Pipers Glen","Pipers Glen STARLIGHT COVE","Pipers Glen Esates","Pipers Glen Estates","Pipers Glen Estates (Westchester Country Club)","Pipers Glen Estates \/ Golf Colony","Pipers Glen Estates Golf Colony","PIPERS GLEN ESTATES GOLF COLONY WESTCHESTER","PIPERS GLEN ESTATES, GOLF COLONY","Pipers Glen San Marco","PiperS Glen Westchester","Pipers Glen-The Lakes of Westchester","PIPERS GLEN\/ SAN MARCO","PIPERS GLEN\/ Starlight Cove","Pipers Glen\/Lakes of Westchester","PIPERS GLEN\/WESTCHESTER","Pipers Glenn Estates","Plam Chase","PLAM CHASE LAKES","PLANTINA","PLATINA","Platina - Illustre Village","Platina - Alexandra Village","Platina - Giardino Village","Platina - Illustre Village","Platina - Lake","Platina \/ Alexandra village","PLATINA \/ GIARDINO VILLAGE","PLATINA \/ALEXANDRA0","Platina Alexandra","PLATINA ALEXANDRA VILLAGE","PLATINA Alexandra Village Condo","PLATINA BELLAVISTA VILLAGE","PLATINA BELLAVISTA VILLAGE CONDO","Platina Cararra Vill","PLATINA EXCELLENTE","PLATINA ilustre Vil","PLATINA- EXCELLENTE VILLAGE","PLATINA-ALEXANDER","PLATINA-ALEXANDRA VILLAGE","PLATINA-CARRADA","PLATINA-CARRARA VILL","PLATINA-Diamonte","PLATINA-EXCELLENTE","Platina-Excellente Village","Platina-Illustre","PLATINA-LUCENTE","PLATINA-LUCENTE VILL","Platina-Lucente Village\/LUCENTE VILLAGE A & B COND","PLATINA, ALEXANDRA","PLATINA, DIAMANTE VILLAGE CONDO","Platina\/ Diamante","Platina\/ Festivita Village","Platina\/ Lucente Village LAKE","Platina\/Alexandra Village","Platina\/Bellavista","Platina\/Bellavista Village","Platina\/Carrara Village","Platina\/Carrara Village Renovated Kitchen","Platina\/Diamante Village","PLATINA\/FESTIVITA VILLAGE","PLATINA\/GIARDINO","Platina\/Giardino Village","Platina\/Illustre Village","Platina\/Lucente Village","PLATINA\/MILANO VILLAGE","PLM BCH LEISUREVILLE","PNTE VECCHIO","Poincian West","Poinciana","Poinciana Condo","POINCIANA HEIGHT","Poinciana West","POINCIANA WEST COND","Poinciana West Condo","Poincianna West","Point Vecchio","POINTCIANA COND0","POINTE","Pointe Vecchio","PONCIANA CONDO","PONTE VECCCHIO WEST","Ponte Vecchio","PONTE VECCHIO \\'\\'LAKE\\'\\'","Ponte Vecchio East","Ponte Vecchio Wes","Ponte Vecchio West","Ponte Vecchio\/Tuscany","PONTE VECCIHO WEST","Ponte Vechio","PonteVecchio","Portifino","Preserve @ Boynton","Preserve at Boynton","PRESERVE AT BOYNTON BEACH","Prestwick","Prestwick Estates","Princetion Place","PRINCETON GABLES","PRINCETON PLACE","Princeton Place at Gables","PRINCETON PLACE AT GABLES END","Prine Grove Village","PROMENADE","PROMENADE CONDO","Promenade Condo - Casa Costa","PROMENADE\/CASA COSTA","PTV","PTV PINE TREE VILLAGE","PUDAR HOMES","Qail Run","Qantum Park","Qantum Park Parkside Village","Qantum Park Townhomes","QUAIL RIDGE","QUAIL RIDGE COUNTRY CLUB","QUAIL RIDGE-OSPREY","QUAIL RUN","Quail Run Cond","Quail Run Condo One","Quail Run Villas","QUAL RUN VILLAS","QUANTOM TOWNHOMES","QUANTUM","QUANTUM PARK","Quantum Park - Parkside Square","QUANTUM PARK PARKSIDE","QUANTUM PARK PARKSIDE VILLAGE","QUANTUM PARK TOWNHOM","QUANTUM PARK TOWNHOME","QUANTUM PARK TOWNHOMES","Quantum Park Townhomes \/ Parkside","Quantum Park townhomes, Parkside Village","Quantum Park townhomes\/Parkside Village","Quantum Park Twhhms","Quantum Park Twhhms, Parkside Village","Quantum Park Twnhms","Quantum Park, Parkside Square","Quantum Park\/ Parkside Village","Quantum Pk Townhomes","Quantum Pk Townhomes, Parkside Square","QUANTUM TOWN","Quantum townhms","QUANTUM TOWNHOMES","Rainblw Lakes\/Cinnabar","RAINBOW","Rainbow Lakes","RAINBOW LAKES \/ Le Palais","Rainbow Lakes LE PALAIS","Rainbow Lakes - Cinnabar","RAINBOW LAKES \/ COLORS","Rainbow Lakes 01","Rainbow Lakes 02","RAINBOW LAKES 1","RAINBOW LAKES 2","RAINBOW LAKES 2-FOUNTAINS","Rainbow Lakes Colors","Rainbow Lakes East","RAINBOW LAKES I","Rainbow Lakes Le Palais","Rainbow Lakes Northeast","RAINBOW LAKES TR","RAINBOW LAKES TR A","Rainbow Lakes, Cinnabar","Rainbow Lakes, Le Palais","Rainbow Lakes, Tartan Lakes","Rainbow Lakes\/Cinnabar","Rainbow Lakes\/Colors","RAINBOW LAKES\/Fountains","Rainbow Lks\/Fountain","Ranbow Lakes - Bay Estates","RARE DOUBLE LOT IN DUNES","Regal Shores","Regal Shores at Coral Lakes","REGAL SHORES CONDO","REGAL SHORES CONDO CORAL LAKES","Regal Shores Condominiums","REGAL SHORES\/CORAL LAKES","REGENCY COVE","Regency Cove @ Coral Lakes","Regency Cove North","Regency Cove North at Coral Lakes","Regency Cove South","REINAISSANCE COMMONS","Ren Comm-Firenze","RENAISSANCE","Renaissance Commmons","Renaissance Common","RENAISSANCE COMMONS","RENAISSANCE COMMONS - VIZCAYA LAKES","Renaissance Commons - Firenz","Renaissance Commons - Firenze","RENAISSANCE COMMONS - SAN RAPHAEL CONDOMINIUM","Renaissance Commons - Vistabella","RENAISSANCE COMMONS -FIRENZE","Renaissance Commons \/ Firenze","RENAISSANCE COMMONS \/ FRIENZE","RENAISSANCE COMMONS \/ LA FLORENCE","Renaissance Commons Firenze","RENAISSANCE COMMONS PUD","Renaissance Commons San Raphael","Renaissance Commons Vistabella","Renaissance Commons Vizcaya Lakes","RENAISSANCE COMMONS, SAN RAPHAEL","RENAISSANCE COMMONS\/ Firenze","RENAISSANCE COMMONS\/ Villa Lago","Renaissance Commos","RENAISSANCE MONTEVER","Renaissance Monteverde","RENAISSANCE VILLAGE","Renaissance, Firenze","RENAISSENCE COMMONS","RENASSAINCE","RENASSIANCE COMMONS","Rennaisance Commons","RENNAISSANCE COMMONS","Rennanaisance","RESERVE @ ASHLEY LK","Residence of Belmont","Residences Belmont at Boynton Beach","RESIDENCES OF BELMON","Residences of Belmont","Residences of Belmont at Boynton Beach","RESIDENCES OF BELMONT AT BOYNTON BEACH CONDO","Residences of Belmont Boynton Beach","Ridge Grove Estates","Ridge Harbour Estates","Ridgepinte WoodsVillas","Ridgepoint Villas","Ridgepointe","RIDGEPOINTE WOODS","RIDGEPOINTE WOODS VI","Ridgepointe Woods Villas","RIDGEWOOD ESTATES","RIDGEWOOD HILLS","RIVIERA","ROARING 50\\'S","ROBERT WELLS SUB","ROBINSON ADD","ROLLING GREEN","ROLLING GREEN RIDGE","ROLLING GREEN RIDGE 1ST ADD","ROLLING GREEN RIDGE SEACREST","ROSEDALE AT INDIAN SPRING","Rosehill","Roseview Garden","ROSEVIEW GARDEN CONDO","ROSEVIEW GARDENS","Rossmoor Lakes","Royal Lakes","ROYAL LANDING","Royal Landings","ROYAL LANDINGS Coral Lakes","Royal Tern","Royal Tern Lane","SAME","SAN SAVINO","SAN CASTLE","San Marco","San marco - Westches","San Marco - Westchester CC","San Marco @ Estates of Westchester Country Club","San Marco \/ Westchester CC","San Marco at Estates of Westchester","San Marco at Westchester Cc","SAN MARCO OF WESTCHESTER","San Marco Pipers Glen","San Marco\/ Pipers Glen","SAN MARCO\/ WESTCHESTER","SAN MARCO\/LAKES OF WESTCHESTER","San Marco\/Pipers Glen","SAN MARCO\/PIPERS GLN","SAN MARCO\/WESTCHESTE","San Marco\/Westchester","San Marco\/Westchester CC","San Marco\/Westchester Country Club","San Marco\/Westchester\/Pipers Glen","SAN MICHELE MODEL","SAN MICHELLE","SAN RAFAEL","San Rapael of Renaissance Commons","San Raphael","San Raphael at Renaissance Commons","San Raphael Condo","SAN RAPHAEL CONDOMINIUM","SAN RAPHAEL CONDOMINIUM - RENAISSANCE COMMONS","SAN RAPHAEL CONDOMINIUM - RENAISSANCE COMMONS -","San Raphael of Renaissance Commons","San Raphael Renais","SAN RAPHAEL RENAISSANCE","San Raphael Renaissance Commons","San Raphael- Renaissance","San Raphael-Renaissance","San Savino","SAN SAVINO - MELEAR","San Savino \/ Melear","San Savino Melear","SAN SAVINO; MELEAR","San Savino\/Melear","San Sevino","Sandalwood","SANDALWOOD @ BB","SANDALWOOD @ BOYNTON","SANDALWOOD @ BOYNTON BEACH","SANDALWOOD \/ CHALET","SANDALWOOD AT BOYNTO","SANDALWOOD AT BOYNTON","SANDALWOOD AT BOYNTON BEACH","Sandalwood Boynton","Sandalwood Boynton Beach","SANDALWOOD CHALET","Sandalwood Chalet 4","SANDALWOOD LAKES","Sandalwood of Boynton Beach","Sandalwood Townhomes","Sandalwood\/Chalet","Sandelwood","Sanderling","SANDHURST","Sandhurst - Jog Estates","SANDHURST (JOG ESTATES)","Sandhurst at Jog Estates","Sandhurst Jog Estate","SANDHURST JOG ESTATES","SANDHURST-JOG ESTATE","SANDHURST, JOG ESTAT","Sandhurst, Jog Estates","SANDHURST\/JOG ESTATE","SANDLEWOOD","SANDLEWOOD @BOYNTON","Sandpiper","SANTA CRUZ","SANTAN CRUZ","SAUSALITO","Sausalito Dr","SAUSALITO PLACE","SAWGRASS ESTATES","SAWGRASS LAKE","Sawgrass Lakes","Sawgrass Lakes - Lakeridge","SAWGRASS LAKES \/ LAKERIDGE","SAWGRASS LAKES HOME","Sawgrass Lakes Homes","SAWGRASS LAKES HOMES - LAKERIDGE","SAWGRASS LAKES HOMES\/LAKERIDGE","SAWGRASS LAKES-LAKERIDGE","Sawgrass-Lakeridge","Sea Meadow","Sea Meadows","Sea Terrace","Sea Terrace Condo","Sea Terrace Condominiums","SEACRES VILLAS","SEACREST","SEACREST APARTMENTS","SEACREST ESTATES","Seacrest Hills","Seacrest Hills \/ Chapel Hill","Seacrest Hills\/Chapel Hill","Seacrest Villa","Seacrest Villas","SEACRETS VILLAS","SEAGATE","Seagate Gulfsream","SEAGATE GULFSTREAM","Seagate Gulfstream Condo","Seagate of Golfstream","SEAGATE OF GULFSTRE","SEAGATE OF GULFSTREA","Seagate of Gulfstream","Seagate of Gulfstream Cond","SEAGATE OF GULFSTREAM CONDO","SEAGATE OF GULSTREAM","Seaholly","Seaside Village","SEAWAY PATIO VILLAS","Seaway Terrace","SEAWAY VILLAS","Seaway Villas Property","SECREST VILLAS","Section 4","SEGATE OF GULFSTREAM","Serrano","Sheffield","Sheffield @ Aberdeen","SHEFFIELD ESTATES","Sheffield Estates @ Aberdeen","Sheffield Estates in Aberdeen Estates","Shelldrake","Shepard Funk","Shepards","Shepards Subdivision","SHEPARDS W","Shepards W.S.","SHLESSINGER HOMES","SHORE","SHORELINE","Shoreline at Dos Lagos","SHORES","Shores at Aberdeen","Siena Lakes","SIENNA LAKES","Sierra Heights","Silver Lake","SILVER LAKE ESTATES","Silverlake","SILVERLAKE ESTATES","Silverlakes Estates","SKY LAKE","SKY RANCH","Sky Ranch Estates","SKY RANCH ESTATES - Boynton Beach","SKYLAKE","Snug Harbor","Snug Harbor Gardens","SNUG HARBOR GARDENS CONDO","SNUG HARBOR ICW","SNUG HARBOR VILLAGE","Sonata","SORRENTO","Sorrento at Venetian Isles","SOUTH EAST PARK CONDO","SOUTH LAKE","SOUTH LAKE CONDO","South Lake Condo at Dos Lagos","South Lake Condo\/ Dos Lagos","South lake condos @ dos Lagos","South Lake Condos at Dos Lagos","SOUTH LAKE CONDS","SOUTH LAKE CONDS ONE @ DOS LAGOS","SOUTH LAKE CONDS ONE & TWO","South Lake I","South Lake II","SOUTH LAKE\/DOS LAGOS","SOUTH PACIFIC","Southeast Park","Southeast Park Condo","Southgate","SOUTHLAKE","SOUTHLAKE 11","Southlake 2","Southlake Condo","SOUTHLAKE II","Southlake, Dos Lagos","Southpointe","SouthPointe Country Greens","SOUTHPOINTE COUNTRY GREENS","Southport","SOUTHPORT AT HUNTERS RUN","Southwind Estates","Southwinds","Southwinds at Palm Isles","Southwinds Palm Isles","SPACIOUS HUGE WATERFRONT BALCONY","Spicewood","SPICEWOOD VILLAGE","Spidewood","SQUIRE HILL","SQUIRE HILL CONDO","ST ANDREW","St Andrews","ST ANDREWS BOYNTON","ST ANDREWS BOYNTON B","St Andrews Club","St. Andrews","ST. ANDREWS BOYNTON","St. Andrews Club","Starlight Cove","Starlight Cove \/ Westchester CC","STARLIGHT COVE - PIPERS GLEN","Starlight Cove \/ Pipers Glen","Starlight Cove Pipers Glen","Starlight Cove, Pipers Glen","STERLING LAKES","Sterling Village","STERLING VILLAGE CONDO","Sterling Village Condominium","Sterling Village Condominiums","Stone Haven","Stonehaven","STONEHAVEN PL","stovehaven","STRATFORD","Stratford at Aberdeen Condominiums","STRATFORD AT HUNTERS RUN","Stratford Hunters Run","Stratford,Aberdeen","Strathmore","STRATHMORE ESTATES","STRATHMORE ESTATES AT BOYNTON BEACH","Strathmore Estates, Alden Ridge","STRATHMORE ESTATES\/ALDEN RIDGE","SUB OF 20-45-43","SUN VALLEN","SUN VALLET EAST","SUN VALLEY","Sun Valley 2","Sun Valley East","Sun Valley East Condo","Sun Valley East Condominiums","SUN VALLEY PUD 2","SUN VALLEY2","SUNNYSIDE ESTATES","Sunset Cay","Sunup Grove","Sunup Grove- No Hoa","SUTTON MANOR","Tamarisk","TARA ESTATES","TARA LAKES","TARA LAKES WEST","Tartan Lake","Tartan Lakes","Tartan Lakes - Waterchase","Tartan Lakes \/ Waterchase","Tartan Lakes 02","Tartan Lakes Waterchase","Tartan Lakes\/Rainbow Lakes Cinnabar","TARTAN\/WATERCHASE","TERRACE HOMES 1","Terranova","The Estates of Aberdeen","The Belmont","THE BELMONT AT BOYNT","THE BELMONT AT BOYNTON BEACH","The Belmont of Boynton Beach","The Cascades","The Cascades \/ Wedgewood","The Club","The Club at Indian","The Club At Indian Lakes","THE CLUB AT INDIAN LAKES (ROSSMOOR LAKES)","The Club, ROSSMOOR LAKES","The Club\/Rossmoor Lakes","THE COLONY","The Courts","The Courts @ Boynton","THE COURTS AT BOYNTO","The Courts at Boynton","The Courts at Boynton Beach","The Courts At Boynton Place","The Courts at Boynton Place Circle","The Courts at Greater Boynton Place","The Courts at Greater Boynton Place Circle","The Courts of Boynton Place","The Courts of Greater Boynton Place","The Coves","The Coves at Aberdeen","The Coves at Parkwalk\/Aberdeen","THE COVES\/ABERDEEN","THE CROSSING","THE CROSSINGS","THE CROSSINGS OF BOYNTON BEACH","The Crossinsgs","The Enclave","The Enclave at Boynton Waters","THE ESTATES","The Estates \/ Windchime Lakes","The Estates at Heritage Club","The Estates at Windchine Lakes","The Estates of Boynron Waters","The Estates Of Boynton Waters","The Estates of Rainbow Lakes","The Estates of Silver Lake","The Estates of Silver Lakes","The Estates of Silverlake","The Estates Windchim","The Estates-Windchime Lakes","The Estates\/Winchime Lakes","The Fountains","The Fountains of Rainbow Lakes","The Glades","The Glades at Indian Springs","The Grove","THE GROVE - INDIAN HILLS","The Grove Estates","THE GROVE INDIAN HILLS","The Grove of Indian Hills","THE GROVE VILLAGE","THE GROVE\/INDIAN HILLS","The Groves At Boynton Beach","THE HAMPTONS","THE HARBORS","THE HARBORS \/ HARBORS","The Harbors \/ Harbors","THE HARBORS PUD","The Harbors, Harbors","The Harbours","The Harbouurs","The Isles","The Isles at Aberdeen","The Isles of Aberdeen","The Lakes of Westchester","THE LANDINGS","THE LANDINGS ABERDEEN EAST","The Meadows","THE MEADOWS - Wellesley at Boynton Beach","The Meadows \/ Lakeshore Heatherlake","The Meadows of Boynton Beach","The Meadows, Windemere","The Moorings at Aberdeen","The Oasis","The Palms Boynton Beach","THE PARKFIELD MODEL","The Peninsula Club","The Preserve","THE RES. OF BELMONT","The Reserve at Ocean Ridge","The Residences of Belmont at Boynton Beach","The Shores","The Shores of Aberdeen East","THE SPRINGS","THE TREVI","The village at Verona Lakes","THIRD FLOOR VAULTED","Tivloi Reserve","tivoli","TIvoli Reserve","TIVOLI E RESERVE","Tivoli Laes","TIVOLI LAKES","TIVOLI RESERVE","TIVOLI RSERVE","Town of Boynton","TOWN OF BOYNTON BEACH","TOWNHOMES OF GOLFVIE","TOWNHOUSES OF GOLF","TOWNHOUSES OF GOLF V","TOWNHOUSES OF GOLF VIEW","TOWNHOUSES OF GOLVIE","TRACEWOOD","TRADEWINDS","Tradewinds @Dos Lagos","TRADEWINDS AT DOS LAGOS","TRADEWINDS AT DOS LAGOS CONDO","TRADEWINDS DOS LAGO","TRADEWINDS DOS LAGOS","TradeWinds Estates","TRADWINDS","Trails at Canyon","Treasure Island","TROPICAL BREESE","Tropical Breeze","Tropical Breeze Esstates","TROPICAL BREEZE EST.","Tropical Breeze Estate","Tropical Breeze Estates","TROPICAL BREEZE ESTS","Tropical Breezes","TROPICAL OASIS","TUCSANY INTRACOASTAL","Turnberry Isle","Turnberry Isle @ Aberdeen Fairways","Turnberry Isle\/Aberdeen Golf & CC","TURNBERRY ISLES","Turscany Bay","Turtle Beach","TUSCANT INTRACOASTAL","Tuscany","TUSCANY BAY","Tuscany \/ Coral Lakes","Tuscany at Coral Lake","Tuscany at Coral Lakes","tuscany at the intercostal","Tuscany Bay","Tuscany in the Intracoastal","Tuscany Intracoastal","TUSCANY INTRACOSTAL","TUSCANY ON INTERCOAS","Tuscany On Intracoas","Tuscany On Intracoastal","Tuscany on tha Intracoastal","TUSCANY ON THE INTER","TUSCANY ON THE INTERCOASTAL","Tuscany on the Intra","TUSCANY ON THE INTRAC","Tuscany on the Intracaoastal","Tuscany on the Intracoastal","TUSCANY ON THE INTRACOASTAL CONDO","TUSCANY ON THE INTRACOASTAL CONDOMINIUM","TUSCANY ON THE INTRACOASTAL CONDOMINUIM","TUSCANY ON THE INTRACOSTAL","TUSCANY PARCEL A\/B","TUSCANY WAY","Tuscany\/Coral Lakes","TUSCANY\/Ponte Vecchio","TWENTY FOUR TWENTY CORPORATION","TWIN LAKES","Twin Lakes \/ Palladium","Twin Lakes PALLADIUM","TWIN LAKES, PALLADIUM","UPGRADED","VACANT LOT","Valeancia Pointe","Valencia","Valencia Bay","VALENCIA COVE","Valencia Grand","VALENCIA ISLES","VALENCIA ISLES modified","VALENCIA LAKE","VALENCIA LAKES","Valencia Lakes I","VALENCIA POINT","Valencia point 1","VALENCIA POINTE","VALENCIA PONTE","VALENCIA RESERVE","VALENCIA RESERVE \/ LYONS WEST","Valencia Reserve Lyons West","Valencia Resreve","Valencia Sound","Valenica Cove","Valenica Pointe","VALENICIA LAKES","Varga Homes","VENETIAL ISLES - SIENA LAKES","Venetian","VENETIAN ISLE","Venetian Isles","Venetian Isles - Murano","Venetian Isles - Murano Subdivision","VENETIAN ISLES - SORRENTO","Venetian Isles - Terranova","Venetian Isles , Savona","Venetian Isles (Melrose)","Venetian Isles \/ Mel","Venetian Isles \/ Siena Lakes","Venetian Isles \/ Sienna","VENETIAN ISLES \/ Terranova","VENETIAN ISLES \/MURANO","VENETIAN ISLES SIENA LAKES","Venetian Isles Sorrento","VENETIAN ISLES TERRANOVA","Venetian Isles-Corsi","Venetian Isles.","Venetian Isles\/Corsica Park","VENETIAN PARK","VENETIAN TERR CONDDO","Venetian Terrace","VENETIAN TERRACE CON","VENETIAN TERRACE CONDO","VENETIAN VILLAS","VENITIAN ISLES","VENTETIAN VILLAS","Ventian Isles","Ventian Villas","Veona Lakes","VERONA","Verona Lake","Verona Lakes","VERONA LAKES - BELLA VISTA WEST","VERONA LAKES *END*","VERONA LAKES BELLA VISTA EAST","Verona Lakes Bella Vista West","Verona Lakes Melrose","Verona Lakes The Riviera","VERONA LAKES- BELLA VISTA","VERONA LAKES, Bella Vista East","Verona Lakes, Bella Vista West","Verona Lakes\/Bella Vista West","VERONA LAKES\/MELROSE","VERONA LAKES\/MELROSE PUD","Veronal Lakes","very easy to move in","VIA LAGO","VIA LUGANO","Via Lugano Condo","Viacaya lakes","Villa Del Sol","Villa Del Sol aka Mirabella Villas","Villa Del Sol aka Mirabella Villas","Villa Del Sol AKA Mirabella Villas","VILLA DEL SOL , MARIBELLA VILLAS","Villa Del Sol (aka) Mirabella Villas","Villa Del Sol aka Mirabella Villas","Villa Del Sol Condo","VILLA DEL SOL CONDOMINIUM","Villa del Sol Condominiums","Villa del Sol\/Mirabella","VILLA DEL SOL\/Mirabella Villas","VILLA DEL SOLE","VILLA LAGO","Villa Lago at Renaissance Commons","Villa Lago Condo","VILLA LAGO CONDOMINIUM","VILLA LAGO CONDOMINIUM - RENAISSANCE COMMONS","Villa Lago Condominiums","Villa Lago\/Renaissance Commons","Villa Largo","Village of Golf","Village of Oakwood Lakes","Village of Royale","Village Royal","Village Royal green","VILLAGE ROYAL GREEN TREE","VILLAGE ROYAL ON THE GREEN","VILLAGE ROYAL\/GREEN","Village Royale","VILLAGE ROYALE (NOT ON GREEN)","VILLAGE ROYALE COND","VILLAGE ROYALE CONDO","VILLAGE ROYALE CONDOMINIUM","Village Royale Condos","VILLAGE ROYALE FOREST GREEN","VILLAGE ROYALE GREEN","Village Royale Greendale","Village Royale Greendale Condominiums","Village Royale Greenhaven Condo","VILLAGE ROYALE GREENHILL COND","Village Royale Greenhill Condo","Village Royale Greenhill Condominiums","Village Royale Greenside","VILLAGE ROYALE GREENTREE","VILLAGE ROYALE GREENTREE CONDO","Village Royale Greenview","Village Royale Greenwood Condo","Village Royale on","VILLAGE ROYALE ON G","VILLAGE ROYALE ON GR","VILLAGE ROYALE ON TH","Village Royale on the Green","VILLAGE ROYALE ON THE GREEN CONDO","VILLAGE ROYALE ON THE GREEN CONDO COMPLEX","VILLAGE ROYALE ON THE GREEN Evergreen","Village Royale on the Grreen","Village Royale OTG","VILLAS AT MALIBU","Villas at Verona Lakes","Villas del Sol","VILLAS GOLF VIEW HAR","Villas of Brentwood at Hunters Run","VILLAS OF CYPRESS CREEK CONDO","VILLAS OF GOLF VIEW HARBOUR","VILLAS OF GOLF VIEW HARBOUR CONDO","VILLAS OF HAMPSHIRE","Villas Of Monterey","Villas of Monterey - Indian Spring","VILLAS OF MONTEREY AT INDIAN SPRING","VILLAS OF OCEANRIDGE","VILLAS OF PINE TREE","VILLAS OF PINETREE","Viscaya lakes","Vista Bella","VISTA BELLA AT RENAISSANCE COMMONS","Vistabella","VISTABELLA AT RENAISSANCE COMMONS","VISTABELLA AT RENAISSANCE COMMONS PUD","Vistabella at Renaisssance Commons","Vistabella Renaissance Commons","Vizcay lakes","VIZCAYA","VIZCAYA LAKES","Vizcaya Lake","VIZCAYA LAKES","VIZCAYA LAKES At Renaissance Commons","Vizcaya Lakes (Villa Lago)","Vizcaya Lakes \/ Villa Lago at Renaissance Commons","Vizcaya Lakes at Renaissance Commons","VIZCAYA LAKES Condo","Vizcaya Lakes Condo Association","VIZCAYA LAKES CONDOMINIUM","Vizcaya Lakes\/Renaissance Commons","VRG","VRG Greenhaven","WALL DOWN","Water Chase","Waterchase","Waterchase \/ Tartan Lakes","WATERCHASE EST","Waterchase West","Waterchase\/Tartan","WATERCHASE\/TARTAN LAKES","Waterford","Waterford at Aberdeen","Waterford at Cascades","Waterford Cascades","Waterford II","Waterford\/Aberdeen","WATERFRONT BUILDING","WATERSEDGE","Watersedge Club Inc.","WATERSIDE","Waterside at Boynton Beach","Waterside E ast","Waterside of Boynton Beach","Waterside Townhomes","WATERSIDE VILLAGE","WATERTSIDE","WATERWAYS AT OCEAN RIDGE","Wateside Village","Watrerchase","Waxwing","WEDGEWOOD","Welleslet at Boynton Beach","Wellesley","WELLESLEY AT BOYNTON","WELLESLEY AT BOYNTON BEACH","Wellesley at the Meadows","WELLESLY","Wellington Arms","WEST BOYNTON","West Boynton aka Avondale","WEST BOYNTON PL 2 C","WEST BOYNTON PL 2B","WEST CHESTER","WEST CHESTER C.C.","WEST CHESTER ESTATES","Westchester","Westchester - Pipers Glen","WESTCHESTER \/ PIPERS GLEN POD","WESTCHESTER AT PIPER","WESTCHESTER C.C","WESTCHESTER C.C.","WESTCHESTER CC","Westchester cc \/ lakes of Westchester","WESTCHESTER CC ESTAT","WESTCHESTER CC PIPER GLEN ESTATES","Westchester CCC","Westchester Country","WESTCHESTER Country Club","Westchester CountryC","WESTCHESTER COUNTY CLUB","Westchester Est CC","Westchester Estates","WESTCHESTER G &","Westchester Heights","WESTCHESTERCC","Westchster CC","WESTGATE","White Feather Estates","White Feather Estates\/Acreage & Unrec","WILLIS GLIDERPORT","WILLIS GLIDERPORT PL","WILLOW BROOK","Willowbrook","Willowbrook, Meadows","Willowbrrok","Winchime Lakes","WIND CHIME LAKES","WINDCHIME","Windchime Lakes","Windchimes - Estates","WINDEMER","Windemere","WINDERMERE","Windmere","WINDSOR AT HUNTERS CONDOMINUMS","WINDWARD","Windward Palm","Windward Palm Beach","Windward Palm Beach\/ Palm Shores","WINDWARD, PALM SHORES","Woodbridge","WOODCREST MANOR","WOODCREST MANORE","Woodside","Woolbright Place","WYNDSONG","Wyndsong Estates","Wyndsong Isle Estate","Wyndsong Isle Estates","YACHT CLUB","Yachtmans Cove","ZONED COMMERCIAL"],"subdivisions":["-","***ANY AGE**SMALL PET OK**","*DIAMANTE VILLAGE\/PLATINA","*PLATINA*","*SNUG HARBOR GARDENS CONDO*","\\'Coral Lakes 2","00","0028-45-43","08-43-45-21-00-000-0022","08434527190000220","08434533000005100","1st Add to Rolling Green","1st Financial Plaza Condo","20-45-43","27-49-42","34-45-43, N 166.84 FT OF GOV LT 2 (LESS W 519.46 FT, OCEAN BLVD, N 80 FT OF E 111.99 FT LYG W OF OCE","ABERDEE\/PARKWALK PL","ABERDEEB-LANDINGS","Aberdeeb\/Waterford","ABERDEEEN\/COVES","ABERDEEEN\/HARBOURS","aberdeen","ABERDEEN LANCASTER","ABERDEEN \/ LANDINGS","Aberdeen \/ Stratford","ABERDEEN BERMUDA ISLE","ABERDEEN Dorchester","ABERDEEN ISLES","ABERDEEN Parkwalk 1 Aberdeen East The Landings","Aberdeen - Ask about seller incentives!","ABERDEEN - BERMUDA","Aberdeen - Bermuda Isle","ABERDEEN - Bermuda Isles","ABERDEEN - BRISTOL LAKE","ABERDEEN - BRISTOL LAKES","Aberdeen - Brittany Lakes","Aberdeen - Cambridge","Aberdeen - Canterbury","Aberdeen - CARRINGTON LAKE","ABERDEEN - CARRINGTON LAKES","ABERDEEN - COVES","Aberdeen - Coves at Parkwalk","Aberdeen - Hampton","ABERDEEN - HARBOURS","Aberdeen - Lancaster Lakes","Aberdeen - Landings","Aberdeen - Moorings","ABERDEEN - MUIRHEAD ESTATES","ABERDEEN - OXFORD","Aberdeen - Sheffield","ABERDEEN - SHORES","Aberdeen - Sterling Lakes","Aberdeen - The Hamptons","Aberdeen - The Mooring","Aberdeen - The Shores","ABERDEEN - TURNBERRY ISLE","ABERDEEN - WATERFORD","ABERDEEN -BERMUDA IS","ABERDEEN -HAMPTON","ABERDEEN -WATERFORD","ABERDEEN , Bermuda Isle","Aberdeen (Brittany Lakes)","Aberdeen \/ Addision Green","ABERDEEN \/ ADDISON GREEN","ABERDEEN \/ ASHFORD","ABERDEEN \/ ASHFORD GREEN","Aberdeen \/ Bermuda Isle","ABERDEEN \/ BERMUDA ISLES","ABERDEEN \/ Brittany","ABERDEEN \/ Brittany Lakes","Aberdeen \/ Cambridge","ABERDEEN \/ CARRINGTON LAKES","ABERDEEN \/ COVES","Aberdeen \/ Coves At Parkwalk","ABERDEEN \/ Hampton","Aberdeen \/ Hamptons","ABERDEEN \/ HARBOURS","ABERDEEN \/ HARBOURS Condo 01 & 02","Aberdeen \/ Isles","ABERDEEN \/ Isles of Aberdeen","ABERDEEN \/ JUDSON","ABERDEEN \/ Lancaster","ABERDEEN \/ LANCASTER LAKES","Aberdeen \/ Landing","Aberdeen \/ Landings","Aberdeen \/ Mooring","Aberdeen \/ Moorings","ABERDEEN \/ MUIRHEAD ESTATES","Aberdeen \/ Oxford","ABERDEEN \/ PARKWALK 1","ABERDEEN \/ PARKWALK 2","ABERDEEN \/ SHEFFIELD ESTATES","Aberdeen \/ Shores","ABERDEEN \/ STERLING LAKES","ABERDEEN \/ Sterlinng Lakes","ABERDEEN \/ STRATFORD","Aberdeen \/ The Coves","Aberdeen \/ The Shores","Aberdeen \/ Turnberry Isle","ABERDEEN \/ WATERFORD","Aberdeen \/Aberdeen Brittany Lakes","ABERDEEN \/Addison Green","ABERDEEN \/Ashford Green","Aberdeen \/Cambridge","ABERDEEN \/COVES","ABERDEEN \/Hampton","ABERDEEN \/HAMPTONS","ABERDEEN \/HARBOURS","ABERDEEN \/ISLES","ABERDEEN \/LANCASTER LAKES","Aberdeen \/Landing","ABERDEEN \/WATERFORD","Aberdeen 03","Aberdeen 04","Aberdeen 04 - Hamptons","Aberdeen 04-Hamptons","Aberdeen 07","Aberdeen 08","Aberdeen 09","ABERDEEN 10","ABERDEEN 10 - Sheffield Estates","ABERDEEN 12","ABERDEEN 12 - Waterford","ABERDEEN 12 (Waterford)","ABERDEEN 12 \/ Waterford","ABERDEEN 12 Waterford","ABERDEEN 13","ABERDEEN 13 - BERMUDA ISLE","ABERDEEN 13 \/ Bermuda Isles","Aberdeen 14","ABERDEEN 14 \/ ASHFORD","ABERDEEN 14, Ashford","ABERDEEN 14\/ASHFORD","ABERDEEN 15","Aberdeen 15 Lancaster Lakes","ABERDEEN 15\/Lancaster","ABERDEEN 16","ABERDEEN 16 - Carrington Lakes","ABERDEEN 16 \/ CARRINGTON LAKES","ABERDEEN 16 Carrington lakes","ABERDEEN 17","Aberdeen 17\/ Brittany","ABERDEEN 17\/Brittany Lakes","ABERDEEN 18","ABERDEEN 18 - BRITTANY LAKES","ABERDEEN 18\/Brittany Lakes","ABERDEEN 19","ABERDEEN 19 - Sterling Lakes","ABERDEEN 22","ABERDEEN 22 \/ ISLES","Aberdeen 24","ABERDEEN 24 (BRISTOL LAKES)","Aberdeen 24 Bristol Lakes","ABERDEEN 24, BRISTOL LAKES","Aberdeen 24\/Bristol Lakes","ABERDEEN 25","ABERDEEN 25 - TURNBERRY","Aberdeen 25 AberdeenFairways","Aberdeen 25 Turnberry Isle","Aberdeen 26","Aberdeen 26 \/ Addison Green","ABERDEEN 26 ADDISON GREEN","Aberdeen 26 Repl","ABERDEEN 27","ABERDEEN 27- OXFORD PLACE","ABERDEEN 3","ABERDEEN 3\/ Cambridge","ABERDEEN 3CAMBRIDGE","ABERDEEN 4","ABERDEEN 4 - Hamptons","ABERDEEN 4 Hampton","ABERDEEN 4 Hamptons","Aberdeen 4, Hamptons","ABERDEEN 4\/Hampton","ABERDEEN 7","ABERDEEN 7 - Ashford Green","ABERDEEN 7 \/ Ashford Green","ABERDEEN 8","ABERDEEN 8 - Muirhead","ABERDEEN 9","Aberdeen Addison Green","ABERDEEN ASHFORD","Aberdeen Ashford Green","ABERDEEN AT HARBOURS","ABERDEEN Bermuda Isle","Aberdeen Bermuda Isles","ABERDEEN BRISTOL","ABERDEEN BRISTOL LAKES","ABERDEEN BRITTANY LA","ABERDEEN BRITTANY LAKES","ABERDEEN BRITTNAY LAKES","Aberdeen Cambridge","Aberdeen Canterbury","ABERDEEN CONDO","ABERDEEN CONDO\/ CANTERBURY","ABERDEEN COUNTRY CLUB","Aberdeen Country Club - Brittany Lakes","Aberdeen Country Club 4","ABERDEEN COUNTRY CLUB\/ BRITTANY LAKES","Aberdeen Coves","ABERDEEN COVES AT PARKWALK","Aberdeen Coves At Parkwalk Condo","ABERDEEN COVES PARKWALK CONDO","ABERDEEN DORCHESTER","Aberdeen East","ABERDEEN EAST \/ THE LANDINGS","ABERDEEN EAST IN COVES AT PARKWALK CONDO","ABERDEEN EAST\/HARBOURS","ABERDEEN ESTATES","Aberdeen Estates - Sheffield Estates","Aberdeen Estates \/ Sheffield","ABERDEEN ESTATES\/MUIRHEAD ESTATES","Aberdeen Estates\/Sheffield","ABERDEEN FAIRWAY LAKES","ABERDEEN FAIRWAYS\/ADDISON GREEN","ABERDEEN Golf & Country Club","Aberdeen Golf & Country Club, Aberdeen 7","ABERDEEN GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB\/CARRINGTON LAKES","Aberdeen Golf and Country Club","ABERDEEN HAMPTONS","ABERDEEN HARBOURS","ABERDEEN HARBOURS Condo 01 & 02","ABERDEEN Isles","ABERDEEN ISLES OF ABERDEEN","ABERDEEN LAKES","Aberdeen Lakes\/Brittany Lakes","ABERDEEN LANCASTER","ABERDEEN LANCASTER LAKES","Aberdeen Landings","ABERDEEN LANDINGS PARKWALK 01","ABERDEEN LANDINGS PARKWALK 1","ABERDEEN MOORINGS","Aberdeen MOORINGS\/Parkwalk","Aberdeen Muirhead","Aberdeen no equity","ABERDEEN PARKWALK","Aberdeen PARKWALK 1 \/ The Landings","ABERDEEN PARKWALK 2","ABERDEEN PL","ABERDEEN PL 10","ABERDEEN PL 12","ABERDEEN PL 13","ABERDEEN PL 14","ABERDEEN PL 15","ABERDEEN PL 17","ABERDEEN PL 18","ABERDEEN PL 18 LT","ABERDEEN PL 22","ABERDEEN PL 22 LT 1 BLK","ABERDEEN PL 24","ABERDEEN PL 25","ABERDEEN PL 26 REPL","ABERDEEN PL 27","ABERDEEN PL 3","ABERDEEN PL 4","ABERDEEN PL 4 LOT 129","Aberdeen PL 4\/Hampton","ABERDEEN PL 7","ABERDEEN PL 8","ABERDEEN PL 9","ABERDEEN SHEFFIELD","ABERDEEN SHEFIELD 10","Aberdeen Shores","ABERDEEN SHORES \/ PARKWALK 2","ABERDEEN SHORES Parkwalk 02","ABERDEEN SHORES\/PARKWALK 2","ABERDEEN STERLING LK","ABERDEEN STRATFORD","Aberdeen Stratford at Aberdeen condo","ABERDEEN THE LANDINGS","Aberdeen The Landings PARKWALK 1","ABERDEEN THE SHORES PARKWALK 2","ABERDEEN Turnberry","Aberdeen Waterford","ABERDEEN--SHORES","Aberdeen-Addison Green","ABERDEEN-ASHFORD","ABERDEEN-BERMUDA ISL","ABERDEEN-BRISTOL LAK","ABERDEEN-BRISTOL LAKES","ABERDEEN-BRITTANY LAKES","ABERDEEN-CAMBRIDGE","ABERDEEN-CANTERBURY","ABERDEEN-COVES","ABERDEEN-DORCHESTER","ABERDEEN-EAST","ABERDEEN-HAMPTON","ABERDEEN-HAMPTONS","ABERDEEN-HARBOURS","ABERDEEN-ISLES","ABERDEEN-LANCASTER","ABERDEEN-LANDINGS","ABERDEEN-MOORINGS","Aberdeen-Muirhead Estates","ABERDEEN-OXFORD","ABERDEEN-SHEFFIELD","ABERDEEN-SHORES","ABERDEEN-STERLING LK","ABERDEEN-STRATFORD","ABERDEEN-THE COVES","Aberdeen-The Estates","ABERDEEN-THE LANDINGS","ABERDEEN-THE MOORING","ABERDEEN-TURNBERRY","ABERDEEN-WATERFORD","ABERDEEN,","ABERDEEN, COVES","Aberdeen, Sterling Lakes at Aberdeen","Aberdeen, Brittany Lakes","ABERDEEN, Muirhead","ABERDEEN, OXFORD","ABERDEEN, Oxford Place","Aberdeen, The Moorings","ABERDEEN, THE SHORES","ABERDEEN,BRITTANY LK","Aberdeen,Lancaster Lakes","Aberdeen\/ Addison Green","ABERDEEN\/ ASHFORD","ABERDEEN\/ Bermuda Isles","ABERDEEN\/ BRITTANY","ABERDEEN\/ BRITTANY LAKES","ABERDEEN\/ Cambridge","ABERDEEN\/ CARRINGTON LAKES","ABERDEEN\/ COVES","ABERDEEN\/ DORCHESTER","ABERDEEN\/ Dorchester Estates","ABERDEEN\/ HAMPTON","ABERDEEN\/ HAMPTONS","Aberdeen\/ Harbours","Aberdeen\/ Isles","Aberdeen\/ Isles of Aberdeen","ABERDEEN\/ LANCASTER LAKES","ABERDEEN\/ LANDINGS PARKWALK 01","Aberdeen\/ Landings\/","ABERDEEN\/ MUIRHEAD ESTATES","ABERDEEN\/ OXFORD","Aberdeen\/ Oxford Place","ABERDEEN\/ SHEFFIELD ESTATES","ABERDEEN\/ SHORES","ABERDEEN\/ Sterling Lakes","ABERDEEN\/ THE LANDINGS \/ PARKWALK 1","Aberdeen\/ Waterford","ABERDEEN\/ADDISON","Aberdeen\/Addison Green","ABERDEEN\/ASFORD","ABERDEEN\/ASH GREEN","Aberdeen\/Ashford","ABERDEEN\/Ashford Green","ABERDEEN\/ASHFORD GRN","ABERDEEN\/Ashford Lane","ABERDEEN\/BERMUDA ISL","Aberdeen\/Bermuda Isle","Aberdeen\/Bermuda Isles","ABERDEEN\/BRITANNY","ABERDEEN\/BRITTANY","Aberdeen\/Brittany Lakes","Aberdeen\/Brittany Lakes 18","ABERDEEN\/BRITTANY LK","Aberdeen\/Brittnay Lakes","ABERDEEN\/BURMUDS ISL","ABERDEEN\/Cambridge","Aberdeen\/Canterbury","ABERDEEN\/Carrington","ABERDEEN\/Carrington Lakes","Aberdeen\/Cove","Aberdeen\/Coves","ABERDEEN\/COVES AT PARKWALK","ABERDEEN\/COVES AT PARKWALK CONDO","Aberdeen\/Dorchester","ABERDEEN\/DORCHESTER ESTATES","Aberdeen\/Estates","ABERDEEN\/Fairways","Aberdeen\/Fairways of Aberdeen","Aberdeen\/Hampton","Aberdeen\/Hamptons","Aberdeen\/Harbours","ABERDEEN\/ISLES","ABERDEEN\/LANCASTER","ABERDEEN\/Lancaster Lake","Aberdeen\/Lancaster Lakes","ABERDEEN\/LANDING","ABERDEEN\/LANDINGS","ABERDEEN\/MOORING","Aberdeen\/Moorings","Aberdeen\/Muirhead","ABERDEEN\/MUIRHEAD ESTATES","Aberdeen\/Oxford","Aberdeen\/Oxford Place","ABERDEEN\/PARKWALK","Aberdeen\/PARKWALK 2","ABERDEEN\/Sheffield","ABERDEEN\/Sheffield Estates","ABERDEEN\/SHORES","Aberdeen\/Sterling","ABERDEEN\/STERLING LAKES","Aberdeen\/Stratford","ABERDEEN\/STRATFORD AT ABERDEEN I & III CONDS DECL IN OR5860P1132 & OR5944P884 & OR6443P444","Aberdeen\/The Coves","ABERDEEN\/THE HARBOUR","Aberdeen\/The Moorings","ABERDEEN\/The Shores","ABERDEEN\/Turnberry","Aberdeen\/Turnberry Isle","ABERDEEN\/TURNBERRY ISLES","Aberdeen\/Waterford","ABERDEENCOVES","ACERAGE-UNRECORDED","Acreage","ACREAGE & UNREC","ACREAGE & UNREC LOT","ACREAGE + UNREC PLAT","Acreage and Unrec","Acreage and Unrecorded","Acreage Boynton Beach","ACREAGE-UNRECORDED","Addison Green","Addison Green \/ Aberdeen","Alden Ridge","ALDEN RIDGE - STRATHMORE ESTATES","ALDEN RIDGE STRATHMORE ESTATES AT BOYNTON BEACH 1","ALDEN RIDGE - STRATHMORE ESTATES","Alden Ridge - STRATHMORE ESTATES AT BOYNTON BEACH 1","ALDEN RIDGE - STRATHMORE ESTATES AT BOYNTON BEACH 2","Alden Ridge \/ Strathmore Estates","Alden Ridge \/ Strathmore Ests","Alden Ridge \/Strathmore Est","ALDEN RIDGE \/STRATHMORE ESTATES AT BOYNTON BEACH","ALDEN RIDGE STRATHMORE ESTATES AT BOYNTON BEACH 1","ALDEN RIDGE-STRATHMORE ESTATES","Alden Ridge, Strathmore Estates","Alden Ridge, STRATHMORE ESTS AT BOYNTON BCH 2","Alden Ridge\/ Strathmore Estates","ALDEN RIDGE\/STRATHMORE ESTATES","Alden Ridge\/STRATHMORE ESTATES AT BOYNTON BEACH 1","ALDEN RIDGE\/STRATHMORE ESTS","ALEXANDRA","ALEXANDRA VILLAGE","ALEXANDRA VILLAGE A","ALEXANDRA VILLAGE A -K COND DECLS","ALEXANDRA VILLAGE A -K COND DECLS FILED 1-9-90 IN","Alexandra Village A-K Condo","ALEXANDRA VILLAGE CONDO","ALEXANDRA VILLAGE CONDO at Platina","ALEXANDRA VILLAGE CONDO; PLATINA","ALEXANDRA VILLAGE CONDO\/Platina","ALEXANDRA VILLAGE FCondo unit 2212 IN PLATINA","Alexandra Village Platina","ALEXANDRA VLG A -K COND DECLS FILED 1-9-90","ALPHA AT INDIAN SPRING","Alpha at Indian Springs","AMENITIES;BASKETBALL\/BUS CENTER\/ CLUBHOUSE\/ COMM ROOM\/ ELEVATOR\/EXERCISE R\/MNG ON SITE\/POOL\/SPA","ANNORENO EST","ANNORENO ESTATES","APPLEGATE","Applegate At Indian Spring","ARBOR GLEN","ARBOR GLEN PL 1","Arden Park","ARDEN PARK ADD","ARDEN PARK ADD IN","Artesa","ARTESA JONATHANS CREEK","ARTESA \/ JONATHANS CREEK","ARTESA JONATHANS CREEK","Artesa, Jonathans Creek","Artesa\/ Jonathans Creek","ASCOT LYONS & ATLANTIC PUD PRESERVE PAR 2","ASHFORD","ASHFORD GREEN AT ABERDEEN","ASHLEY LAKE PARK","Aspen Glen","ASPEN GLEN COND DECL","Aspen Glen Cond Decl Filed 1-8-83","ASPEN GLEN CONDO","ASPEN GLEN CONDO At Indian Springs","ASPEN GLEN CONDO Indian Spring","ASPEN GLEN INDIAN SPRING","Aspen Glen Pud","Atrium Place","AVALON","Avalon Est","AVALON ESTATES","AVALON ESTATES Lt 63","AVALON ESTATES PUD","AVALON ESTATESEstates","AVONDALE","AVONDALE - NO HOA","Avondale Pine","AVONDALE PINES","avondale pines west boynton","B & B APARTMENTS","Bamboo Office Building","Bannock","BANNOCK CONDO","BANNOCK CONDO - INDIAN SPRING","BANYAN CREEK","Banyan Spgs","Banyan Spings - Clearbrook Village","BANYAN SPRING","Banyan springa","BANYAN SPRINGS","Banyan Springs - CEDAR POINT 3","Banyan Springs - CEDAR POINT 6","Banyan Springs - Clearbrook","BANYAN SPRINGS - CLEARBROOK VILLAGE CONDO","BANYAN SPRINGS - COACH HOMES","BANYAN SPRINGS - LAKESIDE CONDO 9","Banyan Springs -CEDAR POINT 6","BANYAN SPRINGS CEDAR POINT","Banyan Springs Cedar Point 4 As","Banyan Springs CEDAR POINT 5","BANYAN SPRINGS CEDAR POINT 6","BANYAN SPRINGS CLEARBROOK","Banyan Springs Clearbrook Village","Banyan Springs CLEARBROOK VILLAGE CONDO","BANYAN SPRINGS COND","BANYAN SPRINGS CONDO","BANYAN SPRINGS DECL","BANYAN SPRINGS LAKESIDE CONDO 3","BANYAN SPRINGS ROSE HILL","BANYAN SPRINGS-TERRACE HOMES AT BANYAN SPRINGS CONDO","BANYAN SPRINGS, CEDAR POINT 6","BANYAN SPRINGS, LAKESIDE CONDO","Banyan Springs, ROSEHILL CONDO","BANYAN SPRINGS,CLEARBROOK VILLAGE CONDO","BANYAN SPRINGS\/CEDAR POINT 5","Banyan Springs\/LAKESIDE CONDO 2 OF BANYAN SPRINGS","Banyan Springs\/LAKESIDE CONDO 5 OF BANYAN SPRINGS","Banyan SpringsLAKESIDE CONDO 8","Barclay House","Barrett Heights","Barrett Hgts","BARRETT HGTS IN","BARRWOOD","Barrwood Homeowners Association","BARRWOOD LT 1-B","BARWOOD","BASKIN ADD TO BRINY","BASKIN ADD TO BRINY BREEZES","Bat Estates","Bay Estates","BAY ESTATES - LANSDOWNE","Bay Estates \/ Lansdowne","BAY ESTATES AKA LANSDOWNE","Bay Estates at Rainbow Lakes","BAY ESTATES\/LANSDOWNE","Bayfront","Bayfront Boynton Beach","Bayfront Boynton Beach Condo","BAYFRONT OF BOYNTON BEACH","Bayfront Of Boynton Beach Condo","BAYFRONT OF BOYNTON BEACH CONDOMINIUM","BAYFRONT\/BOYNTON BEACH","Bayfrony Boynton Beach","Baynan Springs","Baytree","Baytree at Meadows","Beachway North","BEAUTIFUL 1\/1 IN HIGH POINT WEST CONDO NEAR THE BEACH.","Beautiful tropical setting in this complex. 3 heated pools, spa, grills, gym, indoor basketball.","Bel Air","Bel Air Add county pocket","BEL AIR ADD IN","BELLA VERDE","Bella Verde COND","BELLA VERDE CONDO","BELLA VERDE CONDO (TOTALLY RENOVATED)","BELLA VERDE CONDOMIN","BELLA VISTA EAST","BELLA VISTA VILLAGE -Platina","Bellamy Heights","BELLAMY HEIGHTS BOYNTON","BELLAMY HGTS","Bellamy Hgts Boynton","BELLAVISTA at PLATINA","BellaVista Village","BellaVista Village - Platina","BELLAVISTA VILLAGE CONDO","BELLAVISTA VILLAGE CONDS A-D DECL FILED 11-8-91 IN OR7017 P1099 & OR7065P782,2-6-92","BELLAVISTA VLG CONDS A-D","BELLAVISTA\/ PLATINA","Bellmont","Belmont","BELMONT (RESIDENCES OF BELMONT)","BELMONT AT BOYNTON","Belmont At Boynton Beach","BELMONT AT BOYNTON BEACH CONDO","BELMONT AT BOYNTON BEACH CONDOMINIUM","BELMONT PLACE","BELMONT, THE RESIDENCES OF BELMONT","BELOMNT AT BOYNTON","BENT TREE","BENT TREE E","BENT TREE East","BENT TREE EAST VILLA","Bent Tree Garden","BENT TREE GARDENS","Bent Tree Gardens Condo","Bent Tree Gardens Condo West","BENT TREE GARDENS W","BENT TREE GARDENS WE","Bent Tree Gardens West","BENT TREE GARDENS WEST COND BLDG 1 UNIT 207","BENT TREE GARDENS WEST COND DECL FILED 5-4-81","BENT TREE GARDENS WEST CONDO","Bent Tree Gdns Condo West","Bent Tree Gdns West Condo","Bent Tree Vilas West","Bent Tree Villa East","Bent Tree Villas","BENT TREE VILLAS CONDO","BENT TREE VILLAS CONDO EAST","Bent Tree Villas Condo West","BENT TREE VILLAS E","BENT TREE VILLAS E.","BENT TREE VILLAS EAS","Bent Tree Villas East","BENT TREE VILLAS EAST COND DECL FILED 1-19-81","BENT TREE VILLAS EAST CONDO","BENT TREE VILLAS EAST CONDO DECL FILED 1-19-81","BENT TREE VILLAS EAST CONDO Villa","Bent Tree Villas East.","BENT TREE VILLAS W","BENT TREE VILLAS WES","BENT TREE VILLAS WEST","BENT TREE VILLAS WEST COND","BENT TREE VILLAS WEST CONDO","BENT TREE VILLAS WEST-UPDATED","BENT TREE WEST","BENTTREE GARDENS","BERMUDA CAY","Bermuda Cay Condo","BERMUDA CAY CONDOMINIUM","Bermuda Isle","Bermuda Isle - ABERDEEN","Bermuda Isle -- Aberdeen","BERMUDA ISLE ABERDEEN 13","BERMUDA ISLE AT ABERDEEN","Bermuda Isles","BETHESDA PARK","BETHESDA PARK CIRCLE","Bethesda Park Condo","BEVERLY BOYNTON COND LTS 37 TO 42 INC BLK 12 REV P","BEVERLY BOYNTON CONDO","BEVERLY HILLS","BEVERLY HILLS ADD 03","BEVERLY HILLS ADD 2","BEVERLY HILLS ADD 3","BLUM PL","Bnayan Springs","BOCA TEECA CONDOMINI","Bocalinda Lakes POA","BORGATA","Borgata - Melear","BORGATA \/ MELEAR","Borgata MELEAR","Borgata-Melear","BORGATA, MELEAR","BORGATA,MELEAR","Borgata\/Melear","BORGATTA","Bowers Park","BOWERS PARK IN","Bowers Park Lt 4 Blk 7","Bowers Pk","BOYN CENTER","BOYNTON","BOYNTON BEACH","Boynton Beach Apartments","BOYNTON BEACH CONDO BLDG F","BOYNTON BEACH HEIGHT","Boynton Beach Heights","BOYNTON BEACH LEISUR","Boynton Beach Leisureville","BOYNTON BEACH LEISUREVILLE SEC 10","BOYNTON BEACH PARK","Boynton Beach Townhomes AKA PELICAN POINT AT BOYNTON BEACH CONDO","Boynton Beach Villas","Boynton BeachLEISUREVILLE SEC 10","BOYNTON CENTER","BOYNTON CENTER #3","BOYNTON CENTER 01 CONDO","BOYNTON CENTER 02 CONDO","BOYNTON CENTER 03 CONDO","Boynton Center 04 Condo","BOYNTON CENTER 1 CONDO","BOYNTON CENTER 2","BOYNTON CENTER 2 CONDO","Boynton Center 3 Cond Lts 1,2,3 And 4 Blk 9 Town","BOYNTON CENTER 3 CONDO","BOYNTON CENTER 4 CONDO","BOYNTON CENTER 5 CONDO","BOYNTON CENTER NO 2","BOYNTON CENTER NO 3","Boynton Center NO 3 COND","BOYNTON CENTER NO 5","BOYNTON EACH TOWNHOMES\/AKA Pelican Point At Boynton Beach Condo","Boynton Estates","Boynton Estates CITRUS PARK PL","Boynton Estates-Citrus Park Pl","Boynton Gardens","BOYNTON GARDENS REPL","BOYNTON GARDENS REPL LT 22 BLK B","BOYNTON HEIGHTS","Boynton Heights Add","Boynton Heights Add 01","BOYNTON HEIGHTS ADD 1","BOYNTON HEIGHTS ADD NO 1 LOT","Boynton Heights Add Rev","BOYNTON HEIGHTS ADD REVIS","BOYNTON HEIGHTS ADD REVISED PL","BOYNTON HEIGHTS ADDREV PL","Boynton Hgts","Boynton Hgts Add 1","BOYNTON HGTS ADD REV","Boynton Hgts Add Rev Pl","BOYNTON HGTS ADD REV PL IN","BOYNTON HILLS","BOYNTON HILLS IN","Boynton Historic Cottage District (nickname)","BOYNTON IND PARK IN","BOYNTON INDUSTRIAL","BOYNTON ISLES","BOYNTON ISLES 2","BOYNTON ISLES IN","BOYNTON LAKE","BOYNTON LAKES","Boynton Lakes 01","Boynton Lakes 02","Boynton Lakes 03","BOYNTON LAKES 03A","Boynton Lakes 03b","Boynton Lakes 03c","Boynton Lakes 04","Boynton Lakes 05","Boynton Lakes 06","Boynton Lakes 06a","Boynton Lakes 1","Boynton Lakes 2","BOYNTON LAKES 3","BOYNTON LAKES 3-A","BOYNTON LAKES 3-B","Boynton Lakes 3-C","Boynton Lakes 3A","Boynton Lakes 4","BOYNTON LAKES 5","BOYNTON LAKES 6","Boynton Lakes 6-A","Boynton Lakes I","BOYNTON LAKES N","BOYNTON LAKES NORTH","Boynton Lakes North \/ Boynton Lakes 6","Boynton Lakes North 06","BOYNTON LAKES NORTH Phase 4","BOYNTON LAKES PL 1","BOYNTON LAKES PL 2","BOYNTON LAKES PL 3","Boynton Lakes PL 3-B","BOYNTON LAKES PL 3-C","BOYNTON LAKES PL 3A","BOYNTON LAKES PL 4","BOYNTON LAKES PL 5","BOYNTON LAKES PL 6","BOYNTON LAKES PL 6-A","Boynton Lakes PL3","BOYNTON LAKES\/The Villas","BOYNTON LANDING","Boynton Landings","BOYNTON LANDINGS CON","BOYNTON LANDINGS CONDO","BOYNTON LANDINGS CONDOMINIUM","Boynton Leisureville","BOYNTON LEISUREVILLE SEC 10","Boynton Leisureville.","Boynton Lks 04","Boynton Lndgs Condo","Boynton Mariner Village","Boynton Oasis","Boynton Oasis Condo","BOYNTON PARK TOWNHOMES aka PELICAN POINT","BOYNTON PARK TOWNHOMES AKA Pelican Point At Boynton Beach Condo","BOYNTON PARK TOWNHOMES AKA\/Pelican Point At Boynton Beach Condo","BOYNTON PARK TOWNHOMES\/ AKA Pelican Point At Boynton Beach Condo","BOYNTON PARK TOWNHOMES\/AKA Pelican Point At Boynton Beach Condo","BOYNTON PARK TOWNHOMES\/AKA\/PELICAN POINT AT BOYNTON BEACH CONDO","Boynton Place","Boynton Place IN","Boynton Rdg","Boynton Ridge","BOYNTON RIDGE IN","BOYNTON RIDGE LT 2 BLK 9","Boynton Sub & Charles D Owens Sub","BOYNTON SUB AMNDED PL","Boynton Town","Boynton Town BOWERS","BOYNTON TOWN OF","BOYNTON TOWN OF IN","BOYNTON TRAIL CENTRE","Boynton Villa Apartments","Boynton Villas","BOYNTON VISTAS","Boynton Waters","Boynton Waters West","BOYNTON WATERS WEST \/ ESTATES OF BOYNTON WATERS","Boynton Waters West 02","BOYNTON WATERS WEST 1","Boynton Waters West 1 At Lakes Of Boynton Beach","BOYNTON WATERS WEST 1-B","BOYNTON WATERS WEST 2","BOYNTON WATERS WEST 2 THE ESTATES AT BOYNTON WATERS","Boynton West Condo","BOYNTONBOROUGH","boynyton landings","BOYTON LAKES NORTH","BOYTON RIDGE IN","BRAND NEW construction. Townhome has never been lived in before. Townhome is right across from poo1!","BRENT TREE VILLAS E","Brentwood at Hunters Run","BRIARIDGE","Briarridge","Briarridge \/ Country Fair","BRIARRIDGE 01","BRIARRIDGE 01, COUNTRY FAIR","Briarridge 02","Briarridge 02 - Country Fair","BRIARRIDGE 1","BRIARRIDGE 1, Country Fair","BRIARRIDGE 1\/Country Fair","BRIARRIDGE 1Country Fair","BRIARRIDGE 2","Briarridge 2 - Country Fair","BRIARRIDGE 2 Country Fair","BRIARRIDGE 2; COUNTRY FAIR","Briarridge at Country Fair","BRIARRIDGE Country Fair","BRIARRIDGE PL 1","BRIARRIDGE PL 2","Briarridge PL1","Briarridge Place 2","Briarridge-Country Fair","Briarridge\/Country Fair","BRIARWOOD","BRIARWOOD AT INDIAN","BRIARWOOD AT INDIAN SPRING","BRIARWOOD AT INDIAN SPRING CONDO","BRIARWOOD AT INDIAN SPRINGS","BRIARWOOD AT INDIAN SPRINGS COND DECL FILED 11-16-87 IN OR 5484P708","BRIARWOOD AT INDIAN SPRINGS CONDO","BRIELLA","Briella 01","Briella 02 Condo","Briella 04","BRIELLA 1","Briella 1 Condo","BRIELLA 2","BRIELLA 2 CONDO","Briella 3 Condo","BRIELLA 4","BRIELLA 4 CONDO","Briella Condo 01","Briella No 1 Condominium","BRIELLA NO 2 CONDO","Brighton Lakes","Briny Breezes","BRINY BREEZES ADD 2","BRINY BREEZES INC","bristol at hunters run","BRISTOL AT HUNTERS RUN CONDO","Bristol Lakes","BRISTOL LAKES - ABERDEEN","Bristol Lakes \/ NO Mandatory Membership Required, All Ages Welcome. NO HOPA in This Community","BRISTOL LAKES ABERDEEN","Bristol Lakes Aberdeen 24","Bristol Lakes ABERDEEN PL 24","Bristol Lakes No Mandatory Membership","Bristol Lakes Village of Aberdeen","Bristol Lakes, Aberdeen","Bristol Lakes, Aberdeen 24","BRISTOL LAKES; Aberdeen","BRISTOL LAKES\/ ABERDEEN","Bristol Lakes\/ Aberdeen \\'NO\\' Membership Required","BRISTOL LAKES\/ ABERDEEN\/ NO MEMBERSHIP","Bristol Lakes\/Aberdeen","Bristol Lakes\/Aberdeen \\'\\'NO\\'\\' Membership Required","Bristol Lakes\/Aberdeen No Membership Required","BRISTOL LAKES\/ABERDEEN\/NO MEMBERSHIP","Britney Lakes","Brittany Lakes","BROOKSIDE","BROOKSIDE \/ INDIAN SPRING","BROOKSIDE AT INDIAN SPRING","Brookside at INDIAN SPRING (7)","Brookside INDIAN SPRING 7","BROOKSIDE-INDIAN SPRINGS","Brookview","BROWN SAM JR","Brown Sam Jr Sub","BROWN SAM JRLakeside Harbour","BURCLAY HOUSE","C W COPPS","CAMBRIA PARC","Cambria Parc FLAVOR PICT TOWNHOMES PUD","CAMBRIA PARC - FLAVOR PICT TOWNHOMES PUD","Cambria Parc FLAVOR PICT TOWNHOMES PUD","CAMBRIA PARC FLAVOR PICT TOWNHOMES PUD REPLAT","Cambria Parc.","CAMBRIA PARC\/FLAVOR PICT TOWNHOMES PUD","Cambria ParcFLAVOR PICT TOWNHOMES PUD","CAMBRIAC","CAMBRIDGE","Cambridge 1 and 11 at Hunters Run Condo Unit79","Cambridge Aberdeen","Cambridge at Aberdeen","Cambridge at Aberdeen HOA","Cambridge at Boynton","Cambridge at Hunters Run","CAMBRIDGE I & II AT HUNTERS RUN COND","CAMBRIDGE I & II AT HUNTERS RUN CONDO","Cambridge I And At Hunters Run Condo Decks Filed","Cambridge I And Ii At Hunters Run Cond Decls Filed","CAMBRIDGE I AT HUNTERS RUN","CAMBRIDGE I AT HUNTERS RUN CONDO","CAMBRIDGE II at HUNTERS RUN","Cambridge of Boynton","Cambridge\/ Aberdeen PL 3","Cantaberry","Canterberry at Quantum","CANTERBURY","CANTERBURY @ QUANTUM","CANTERBURY AT ABERDE","CANTERBURY AT ABERDEEN","CANTERBURY AT ABERDEEN CONDO","CANTERBURY AT QUANTU","CANTERBURY AT QUANTUM","CANTERBURY AT QUANTUM VILLAGE","Canterbury At Quantum Vlg","Canterbury Quantum Village","CANYON","CANYON CANYON TRAILS","Canyon Isle","CANYON ISLES","Canyon Isles 01","CANYON ISLES 1","CANYON ISLES 2","Canyon Isles 3","CANYON ISLES PL 1","CANYON ISLES PL1","Canyon Isles Place","Canyon Isles Place 01","Canyon Isles Place 02","Canyon Isles Place 03","CANYON ISLES PLACE 1","Canyon Lakes","Canyon Lakes 01","Canyon Lakes 02","Canyon Lakes 05","Canyon Lakes 06","CANYON LAKES 1","Canyon Lakes 1 (A\/K\/A Fogg North)","CANYON LAKES 2","CANYON LAKES 3","CANYON LAKES 4","CANYON LAKES 5","CANYON LAKES 6","CANYON LAKES CYPRESS","CANYON LAKES PL","CANYON LAKES PL 1","CANYON LAKES PL 1 (A","CANYON LAKES PL 1 (A\/K\/A FOGG NORTH)","CANYON LAKES PL 3","Canyon Lakes Pl 3 Lt 68","CANYON LAKES PL 5","CANYON LAKES PL 6","CANYON LAKES PRESERVE AREA 4","Canyon Spgs","Canyon Spgs R-1","Canyon Spings","CANYON SPRINGS","CANYON TRAIL","Canyon Trails","CANYON TRAILSI","Canyons Springs","CANYOUN TRAILS","Capri","CAPRI CO-OP APTS INC 5700 OLD OCEAN BLVD OCEAN RID","Capri Coop Apts Inc","Carrara Village","CARRARA VILLAGE CONDO","Carrara Village Condos A-C","CARRARA VILLAGE in PLATINA","CARRARA VILLAGE IS ONE OF THE PRETTIEST VILLAGES IN PLATINA.SATELLITE POOL & PARKING LOT AS WELL","CARRARA VLG CONDS A,B, AND C","Carriage Gate","CARRIAGE GATE COND D","CARRIAGE GATE COND DECL","CARRIAGE GATE CONDO","CARRIAGE GATE CONDO unit 117","CARRIAGE POINT","CARRIAGE POINTE","CARRIAGE POINTE TOWN","Carriage Pointe Townhomes","CARRIAGE POINTE TOWNHOMES PUD","Carriage Pointe Townhouses Pud","Carriage Pointe Twnhm Pud","Carriage Pointe Twnhms","Carriage Pointe Twnhms Pud","Carriage PointeTwnhms Pud","CARRINGTON","CARRINGTON LAKES","Casa Costa","Casa Costa - Ex Promenade Condo","CASA COSTA CONDO","Casa Costa Condominium","CASA COSTA CONDOS","CASA COSTA formerly PROMENADE CONDO","Casa Costa PROMENADE CONDO","CASA COSTA was \\'\\'The Promenade\\'\\'","Casa Costa, Promenade","CASA DEL MAR","Casablanca","CASABLANCA ISLE CONDOMINIUM","CASABLANCA ISLES","CASABLANCA ISLES C","CASABLANCA ISLES CON","Casablanca Isles Condo","Casablanca Isles Condo BLDG # 4","Casablanca Isles Condominium","CASABLANCA LAKES","CASACDES","Cascade","CASCADE LAKE","Cascade Lakes","Cascade Lakes, Lester Pud 03","Cascade Lakes,Lester Pud","Cascade Lakes\/LESTER PUD 2","Cascades","Cascades - Lalique","Cascades - Limoge Sec","CASCADES - WEDGEWOOD","Cascades \/ Limoge","CASCADES \/ WEDGEWOOD","CASCADES \/LIMOGE SECTION","CASCADES AT JONES PAR D-2","Cascades JONES PAR C","Cascades Lakes","CASCADES LALIQUE","CASCADES LALIQUE ON GOLF","Cascades Limoge Sec.","Cascades Wedgewood","CASCADES-WEDGEWOOD","Cascades, JONES PAR A","Cascades\/Jones Prcl C1","CASCADES\/LALIQUE","Cascades\/Limoge","Cascades\/Limoge Subdivision","Cascades\/Waterford","Cascades\/Waterford II","Cascades\/Wedgewood","CASCADES\/WEDGEWOOD\/JONES PAR D-2","CascadesJones Par B","CEDAR KEY VILLAS IN","Cedar Point","Cedar Point 02","Cedar Point 05","Cedar Point 06","CEDAR POINT 2","CEDAR POINT 3","CEDAR POINT 5","Cedar Point 6","CEDAR POINT 6 - Banyan Springs","CEDAR POINT Banyan Springs","CEDAR POINT PLAT 1","CEDAR POINT PLAT 2","CEDAR POINT PLAT 3","CEDAR POINT PLAT 5","CEDAR POINT PLAT 6","Cedar Ridge","CEDAR RIDGE & HIGH RIDGE COMMERCE PARK","CEDAR RIDGE EST","CEDAR RIDGE ESTATES","CEDAR RIDGE ESTATES - TOWNHOMES","Cedar Wood","CEDAR WOOD VILLAS","CEDARWOOD \/ CHRISTIAN VILLAS","Cedarwood Villas","CEDARWOOD VILLAS\/CHRISTIAN VILLAS","CENTRAL PARK","Central Park - Boynton Beach","Central Park Add Boynton","Central Park Anex","CENTRAL PARK ANNEX","CENTRAL PARK ANNEX I","CENTRAL PARK ANNEX IN","CENTRAL PARK ANNEX-FOREST PARK","Central Pk Anx","CHALET","CHALET \/ SANDALWOOD","CHALET 04 01","Chalet 04 02","Chalet 04 03","Chalet 04 04","CHALET 4","CHALET 4 1","CHALET 4 1 \/ Sandwood","Chalet 4 2","CHALET 4 3","CHALET 4 3 Sandalwood","CHALET 4 4","CHALET 4 PL 1","CHALET 4 PL 2","CHALET 4 PL 3","CHALET 4 PL 4","CHALET 4-4","CHALET 4-SANDALWOOD","CHALET SANDALWOOD","CHALET,Sandalwood","CHANTACLAIR","CHANTECLAIR","CHANTECLAIR VILLAS ONE","CHANTECLAIR VILLA","CHANTECLAIR VILLAS","Chanteclair Villas 3","CHANTECLAIR VILLAS C","Chanteclair Villas Cond No Two","Chanteclair Villas Cond One","Chanteclair Villas Cond Three","Chanteclair Villas Cond Two","Chanteclair Villas Condo #1","Chanteclair Villas Condo 01","CHANTECLAIR VILLAS CONDO 02","CHANTECLAIR VILLAS CONDO 03","CHANTECLAIR VILLAS CONDO ONE","CHANTECLAIR VILLAS CONDO THREE","CHANTECLAIR VILLAS CONDO TWO","Chanteclair Villas Condominium","Chanteclair Villas, Section 3","CHAPEL HILL","CHAPEL HILL \/ FOREST HILL","CHAPEL HILL \/ MISSION HILL","CHAPEL HILL \/ SEACREST HILLS","Chapel Hill Area","CHAPEL HILL FOREST HILLS","CHAPEL HILL IN","Chapel Hill neighborhood: Seacrest Hills Subdivision","Chapel Hill, Forest Hills","CHAPEL HILL. FOREST HILLS","CHAPEL HILL\/ RIDGEWOOD ESTATES","Chapel Hill\/Forest Hills","CHAPEL HILL\/SEACREST HILLS","CHAPEL HILLS","Charles Lo Dolce Warehouse","CHARLES LO DOLCE WAREHOUSE 02","CHERRY HILL","CHERRY HILLS","CHERRY HILLS IN","CHINABERRY","CHRISTIAN VILLAS","Christian Villas 01","Christian Villas 02","CHRISTIAN VILLAS 1","Christian Villas 2","Christian Villas PL 2","CHRISTIAN VILLAS PLA","CHRISTIAN VILLAS PLAT 1","Christian Villas, Cedarwood Villas","Christian Villas\/CEDARWOOD VILLAS","CINABAR\/RAINBOW LAKE","CINNABAR","CINNABAR - RAINBOW LAKES","CINNABAR - RAINBOW LAKES TR B PH 2","Cinnabar @ Rainbow Lakes","Cinnabar at RAINBOW LAKES","CINNABAR AT RAINBOW LAKES TR B PH 2","CINNABAR OF RAINBOW LAKES","CINNABAR RAINBOW LAKES","CINNABAR- RAINBOW LAKES","Cinnabar-Rainbow Lakes3\/2 PLUS DEN!","CINNABAR\/RAINBOW","Cinnabar\/Rainbow Lakes","Citrus Glen","Citrus Glen - Citrus Trail","Citrus Glen - Executive Estates","CITRUS GLEN -EXECUTIVE ESTATES","Citrus Glen \/ Executive Est","Citrus Glen Executive Est","Citrus Glen EXECUTIVE ESTATES","Citrus Glen- Executive Estates","Citrus Glen-Citrus Trail","CITRUS GLEN\/CITRUS TRAIL","CITRUS GLENN","CITRUS PARK","CITRUS PARK - BOYNTON ESTATES","Citrus Park Pl","CITRUS PARK PLACE","Citrus Park\/Boynton Estates","CITRUS TRAIL","CITRUS TRAIL \/ CITRUS GLEN","Citrus Trail Rep","CITRUS TRAIL REPLAT","CITRUS TRAIL, CITRUS GLEN, EXECUTIVE ESTATES","Citrust Trail\/Citrus Glen","City of Boynton","Civic Center","CIVIC CENTER SUB","CLEARBROOK VILLAGE CONDO","CLEARBROOK VILLAGE CONDO\/BANYAN SPRINGS","CLOVER BEND","Clover Bend in Meadows","Clover Bend\/ The Meadows","CLOVER BEND\/MEADOWS","Cloverbend","CLUB AT INDIAN LAKE","Club at Indian Lakes","Club At Indian Lakes \/ Rossmoor Lakes","Club at Indian Lakes a.k.a. Rossmoor Lakes","Club house; Community room; Exercise Room; Game Room; Picnic Area; Pool; Sidewalks; Street Lights;","CLUBHOUSE,BILLIARDS,EXERCISE ROOM, GAME ROOM,GOLF COURSE,LIBRARY,PICNIC AREA, POOL, SAUNA, SHUFFLEBO","COACH HOMES OF BANYAN SPRINGS CONDO","Coastal Bay","COASTAL BAY COLONY","Coastal Bay Colony Pud","Coastal Towers","Coastal Towers Cond","COASTAL TOWERS COND APTS","Coastal Towers Cond Apts As In Decl In","COASTAL TOWERS CONDO","Coastal Towers Condo Apts","Coastal Towers Condo Apts As In Decl In","Cobbleston Creek","Cobblestone","Cobblestone COUNTRYSIDE MEADOWS","Cobblestone Countryside Meadows","Cobblestone Creek","Cobblestone Creek - Countryside Meadows","Cobblestone Creek -Country Meadows","COBBLESTONE CREEK \/ COUNTRYSIDE MEADOWS","COBBLESTONE CREEK-COUNTRYSIDE MEADOWS","Cobblestone Creek, COUNTRYSIDE MEADOWS","Cobblestone Creek,Countryside Meadows","Cobblestone Creek\/ COUNTRYSIDE MEADOWS","Cobblestone Creek\/Countryside Meadows","Cobblestone lakes","COBBLESTONE POINT","COCOA PINE EST","COCOA PINE ESTATES","COLONIAL CENTER","COLONIAL CENTER CONDO","COLONIAL CLUB","COLONIAL CLUB Boynton Beach","Colonial Club 02","COLONIAL CLUB COND S","Colonial Club Cond Sec 1","Colonial Club Cond Sec 2","COLONIAL CLUB COND SEC NO 1","COLONIAL CLUB COND SEC NO 2","COLONIAL CLUB CONDO","COLONIAL CLUB CONDO SEC 01","Colonial Club Condo Sec 02","COLONIAL CLUB CONDO SEC 1","COLONIAL CLUB CONDO SEC 2","COLONIAL CLUB CONDO SEC NO 1","Colonial Club Condo Sec NO 2","COLONIAL ESTATES","COLONIAL ESTATES INC","COLONIAL ESTATES INC MOBI","COLONIAL ESTATES INC MOBILE HOME PARK","Colonial Estates Inc Mobile Home Park Co-Op 12375 Military Trail","COLONIAL ESTATES INC MOBILE HOME PARK CO-OP 12375 N MILITARY TRAIL","COLONIAL RIDGE CLUB","COLONIAL RIDGE CORP","Colonial Ridge Corp 5505 N Ocean Blvd Ocean Ridge","Colonial Ridge Corp-LANCASTER","Colony","COLONY AT BOYNTON","COLONY AT BOYNTON BE","Colony At Boynton Beach","COLONY LAKE","Colony of Boynton Beach","Colony Preserve","COLONY PRESERVE PUD","Colors","Colors - Rainbow Lakes","COLORS @ RAINBOW LAKES","Colors \/ Rainbow Lakes","Colors \/ Rainbow Lakes Tr E","Colors \/RAINBOW LAKES","Colors at Rainbow Lakes","COLORS AT RAINBOW LAKES TR E","COLORS LE PALAIS","Colors Rainbow Lakes","COLORS\/RAINBOW LAKES","Colors~Rainbow Lakes","COMMERCIAL BUSINESS DISTRICT","Compson Place Apartment","Compson Place Apartments","Compson Place Apartments in Renaissance Commons","COMPSON PLACE CONDO","Compson Place- Renaissance Commons center, professional office space","CONGRESS GROVE","CONGRESS GROVES","Congress Groves\/Boynton Beach","CONTRYFAIR","COPPS C W ADD BOYNTON","COPPS C W ADD TO BOY","COPPS C W ADD TO BOYNTON","Coquina Cove","COQUINA COVE IN","CORAL COVE","CORAL COVE \/ CORAL LAKES","CORAL COVE CONDO","CORAL COVE CONDO \/ Coral Lakes","Coral Cove Condo\/coral lakes","CORAL COVE CONDOMINIUM","Coral Cove Condominium \/ Coral Lakes","Coral Cove-Coral Lakes","CORAL LAKES","CORAL LAKES REGAL SHORES SOUTH","CORAL LAKES REGENCY COVE NORTH","Coral Lakes - Large Spacious Condo alltiled in living areas Walk to pool & tennis Vacant","Coral Lakes - REGAL SHORES","CORAL LAKES - REGAL SHORES CONDO","Coral Lakes - Regency Cove North","CORAL LAKES - VERY ACTIVE 55+ ADULT COMMUNITY WITH SHOWPLACE CLUBHOUSE AND MANY AMENETIES.","CORAL LAKES -Crystal Pointe I Condo","CORAL LAKES \/ CORAL COVE","CORAL LAKES \/ CORAL COVE CONDO","Coral Lakes \/ CORAL LAKES 12 \/ Tuscany","Coral Lakes \/ Crystal Pointe","CORAL LAKES \/ CRYSTAL POINTE I COND","CORAL LAKES \/ CRYSTAL POINTE III CONDO","CORAL LAKES \/ REGAL SHORES","CORAL LAKES \/ REGAL SHORES CONDO","Coral Lakes \/ Regency Cove North","CORAL LAKES \/ Regency Cove South","CORAL LAKES \/ ROYAL LANDINGS","CORAL LAKES \/ TUSCANY","CORAL LAKES \/ TUSCANY ASSOCIATION","Coral Lakes \/Coral Cove Condo","CORAL LAKES \/CRYSTAL POINTE","Coral Lakes 01","Coral Lakes 03","Coral Lakes 04","Coral Lakes 05","Coral Lakes 05-Royal Lakes","Coral Lakes 1","CORAL LAKES 1 \/ Egret Point","CORAL LAKES 1\/Egret Pointe","Coral Lakes 12","CORAL LAKES 12 \/ Tuscany","CORAL LAKES 12 TUSCANY","CORAL LAKES 12\/","CORAL LAKES 12\/TUSCANY","CORAL LAKES 2","CORAL LAKES 2 \/ REGENCY COVE SOUTH","CORAL LAKES 2\/ REGENCY COVE","CORAL LAKES 2\/Regency cove South","Coral Lakes at Regal Shores","CORAL LAKES at REGAL SHORES SOUTH CONDO","CORAL Lakes CONDO","CORAL LAKES CORAL COVE","CORAL LAKES CORAL COVE CONDO","CORAL LAKES COVE CONDO","CORAL LAKES CRYSTAL POINTE","Coral Lakes Egret","Coral Lakes Egret Point","CORAL LAKES EGRET POINTE","CORAL LAKES II","CORAL LAKES III","CORAL LAKES III - REGENCY COVE","CORAL LAKES III, Regency Cove North","CORAL LAKES III\/REGENCY COVE NORTH","CORAL LAKES IV","CORAL LAKES IV REGENCY COVE NORTH","CORAL LAKES IV - Regency Cove North","CORAL LAKES IV\/Regency Cove","CORAL LAKES IV\/regency Cove North","CORAL LAKES REGAL SH","Coral Lakes Regal Shores","CORAL LAKES REGAL SHORES CONDO","CORAL LAKES REGAL SHORES SOUTH","CORAL LAKES REGENCY","Coral Lakes Regency Cove North","CORAL LAKES RGL SHOR","CORAL LAKES ROYAL LANDING","CORAL LAKES ROYAL LANDINGS","CORAL LAKES TUSCANY","CORAL LAKES V","CORAL LAKES V-ROYAL LANDINGS","CORAL LAKES V\/ROYAL LAKES","CORAL LAKES V\/ROYAL LANDINGS","Coral Lakes- Coal Cove","CORAL LAKES- CORAL COVE","CORAL LAKES- CRYSTAL POINTE","Coral Lakes-Beautiful 1st floor coach home","Coral Lakes, Coral cove","CORAL Lakes, CORAL COVE CONDO","CORAL LAKES, Crystal Pointe I Condo","CORAL LAKES, LOVELY 55+ ADULT COMMUNITYWITH MANY AMENITIES, INDOOR POOL, OUTDOOR POOLS, CAFE, ETC","Coral Lakes, Regal Shores","CORAL LAKES, REGAL SHORES CONDO","CORAL LAKES, Regency Cove North","Coral Lakes, ROYAL LANDINGS","CORAL LAKES, SHOWCASE CLUB HOUSE WITH CAFE, THEATER, SHOWS,& MUCH MORE","CORAL LAKES, TUSCANY","CORAL LAKES\/ CORAL COVE","CORAL LAKES\/ CORAL COVE CONDO","CORAL LAKES\/ CORAL COVE CONDO\/","CORAL LAKES\/ CRYSTAL POINTE I CONDO","CORAL LAKES\/ EGRET","CORAL LAKES\/ REGENCY","CORAL LAKES\/ REGENCY COVE NORTH","CORAL LAKES\/ TUSCANY","CORAL LAKES\/CORAL COVE","CORAL LAKES\/CORAL COVE CONDO","CORAL LAKES\/CORAL CV","CORAL LAKES\/COVE CONDO","CORAL LAKES\/CRYSTAL","CORAL LAKES\/CRYSTAL POINTE","Coral Lakes\/Crystal Pointe 11","CORAL LAKES\/CRYSTAL POINTE CONDO 1","CORAL LAKES\/CRYSTAL POINTE I CONDO","CORAL LAKES\/CRYSTAL POINTE II CONDO","CORAL LAKES\/CRYSTAL POINTE III CONDO","CORAL LAKES\/CRYSTALPOINTE III CONDO","CORAL LAKES\/EGRET POINTE","CORAL LAKES\/MAJESTIC","CORAL LAKES\/REGAL GLEN SOUTH","CORAL LAKES\/REGAL SH","Coral Lakes\/REGAL SHORES","CORAL LAKES\/REGAL SHORES 1","CORAL LAKES\/REGAL SHORES CONDO","CORAL LAKES\/REGAL SHORES N.","CORAL LAKES\/REGAL SHORES NORTH","CORAL LAKES\/REGAL SHORES SOUTH","CORAL LAKES\/REGENCY","Coral Lakes\/Regency Cove North","CORAL LAKES\/REGENCY COVE SOUTH","CORAL LAKES\/ROYAL LANDING","Coral Lakes\/Royal Landings","CORAL LAKES\/TUSCANY","CORAL LAKESCRYSTAL POINTE II COND","CORAL LAKLES\/CRYSTAL POINTE","CORAL RIDGE COND DEC","CORALLAKES","Coronado","Coronado Est","Coronado Estates","CORONADO ESTATES LT40","CORSICA PARK","COSTA BELLA","COSTA BELLA \/ Old Boynton Estates","Counrty Fair \/ Briarridge 01","COUNTRY CLUB ESTS","COUNTRY FAIR","Country Fair - Briarridge","Country Fair - Briarridge 01","COUNTRY FAIR \/ BRIARRIDGE","Country Fair \/ Briarridge 01","Country Fair at Boynton","Country Fair Briarridge","Country Fair Briarridge 01","COUNTRY FAIR BRIARRIDGE 1","COUNTRY FAIR VILLAS","COUNTRY FAIR,BRIARRIDGE","COUNTRY FAIR,BRIARRIDGE 02","COUNTRY FAIR; Briarridge 02","Country Fair\/Briarridge","Country Green","Country Greens","Country Greens - Southpointe 2","COUNTRY GREENS \/ SOUTHPOINTE","Country Greens \/ SOUTHPOINTE PL 2","COUNTRY GREENS AT SOUTHPOINTE","Country Greens Southpointe","Country Greens Southpointe 02","Country Greens, Southpointe","Country Greens\/Souhtpointe","COUNTRY GREENS\/SOUTHPOINTE","Country Greens\/Southpointe 02","Country GreensSouthpointe","COUNTRY TRAIL PUD","COUNTRY TRAIL PUD LT","Countryside Meadow","Countryside Meadows","COUNTRYSIDE MEADOWS \/ COBBLESTONE CREEK","COUNTRYSIDE MEADOWS Cobblestone Creek","Countryside Meadows or COBBLESTONE CREEK","COUNTRYSIDE MEADOWS, COBBLESTONE CREEK","COUNTY","COUNTY-NO NAME","COURTS","COURTS OF BOYNTON","COURTYARD VILLAS","Cove at Parkwalk","COVES","COVES \/ ABERDEEN","COVES AT PARKWALK","COVES AT PARKWALK CO","Coves At Parkwalk Cond A Thru N","COVES AT PARKWALK CONDO","Coves At Parkwalk Condo A-N","Coves at Parkwalk,Aberdeen coves","Coves@Parkwalk","COVES\/ABERDEEN","CRANBROOK LAKE EST AS","CRANBROOK LAKE ESTAT","CRANBROOK LAKE ESTATE","Cranbrook Lake Estates","CRANBROOK LAKE ESTATES \/ SILVER LAKES ESTATES","CRANBROOK LAKE ESTATES SILVERLAKE","CRANBROOK LAKE ESTATES, Estates of Silverlake","CRANBROOK LAKE ESTATES, THE ESTATES OF SILVERLAKE","CRANBROOK LAKE ESTATES,ESTATES of Silver Lake","CRANBROOK LAKE ESTATES,ESTATES OF SILVERLAKE","CRANBROOK LAKE ESTATES\/ ESTATES OF SILVERLAKE","CRANBROOK LAKE ESTATES\/Estates of Silverlake","Cranbrook Lk Ests","Cranbrook of Estates of Silverlake","CRANBROOK, SILVER LAKE ESTATES","CRESCENT HEIGHTS","CRESCENT HEIGHTS LOT 7 BLK 3","CRESCENT HGTS","CRESCENT HGTS IN","CRESTVIEW","Crestview Boynton","CRESTVIEW BOYNTON IN","CRESTVIEW GARDENS","CRESTVIEW GARDENS CO","CRESTVIEW GARDENS COND DECL FILED 6-27-73 OR2179P44 AMND 5-23-79 OR3064P1173","CRESTVIEW GARDENS CONDO","CROSSING","Crossing at Boynton Beach","crossing of boynton","CROSSING OF THE BOYNTON BEACH","Crossings","Crossings At Boynton Beach Condo","Crossings Boynton Beach C","CROSSINGS BOYNTON BEACH CONDO","CROSSINGS CIR","Crossings of Boynton Beach","CROSSINGS OF BOYNTON","CROSSINGS OF BOYNTON BEAC","Crossings Of Boynton Beach","CROSSINGS OF BOYNTON BEACH COND","CROSSINGS OF BOYNTON BEACH COND","CROSSINGS OF BOYNTON BEACH CONDO","Crossings Of Boynton Condo","Crosspointe Indust Plaza Condo","CROSSPOINTE INDUSTRIAL PLAZA CONDO","CROWN COLONY CLUB","Crown Colony Club Paget House","Crystal Key","CRYSTAL KEY AT WOOLB","CRYSTAL KEY AT WOOLBRIGHT","Crystal Key At Woolbright Place","Crystal Key At Woolbright Place***All Ages Community (No Age Restriction)***","Crystal Lake","Crystal Point","Crystal Point Condo 02","CRYSTAL POINTE","CRYSTAL POINTE I CONDO","CRYSTAL POINTE II CONDO","CRYSTAL POINTE III CONDO","CRYSTAL POINTE III CONDO Coral lakes","CRYSTAL POINTE III\/CORAL LAKES","CRYSTAL POINTE\/CORAL LAKES","Crystal Shores","CULVERHOUSE Northwoods 1 at Hunters Run","CULVERHOUSE SUB at Hunters Run","CYPREES CREEK EAST","CYPRESS CREEK","CYPRESS CREEK CC","CYPRESS CREEK CNTRY","CYPRESS CREEK COUNTR","Cypress Creek Country Club","CYPRESS CREEK COUNTRY CLUB SE QUAD","Cypress Creek Country Club Se Quad (Unrec) Am #102","CYPRESS CREEK COUNTRY CLUB SW QUAD","Cypress Creek Country Club Sw Quad (Unrec)","CYPRESS CREEK COUNTRY CLUB WEST","CYPRESS CREEK DEV","CYPRESS CREEK DEV ON","CYPRESS CREEK DEV ON AM-80","Cypress Creek East","CYPRESS CREEK EAST GATE","CYPRESS CREEK PH II","CYPRESS CREEK PH II (UNREC) AM-101","CYPRESS CREEK W","CYPRESS CREEK WEST","Cypress Park Condo","CYPRESS PARKWAY","CYPRESS VILLAS","CYPRESS VILLAS COND","CYPRESS VILLAS COND UNIT NO 1","CYPRESS VILLAS CONDO","Cypress Villas Condo Unit 01","DAHLGREN","DAHLGREN Palmyra","Dahlgren Pud","Dahlgren Pud \/ Palmyra","Dahlgren Pud, Palmyra","DAHLGREN PUD\/PALMYRA","Dahlgren PUD\/Palmyra Estates","DAHLGREN- PALMYRA ESTATES","DAHLGREN\/PALMYRA","DEBONAIRE ESTATES","Debonaire Ests","DEIERL PARK","DELRAY BEACH","DELRAY DUNES","Delray Dunes - Slash Pine","DELRAY DUNES 2ND SEC","DELRAY DUNES ACACIA","DELRAY DUNES ACACIA VILLA","DELRAY DUNES ACACIA VILLA COND DELRAY DUNES FIRST","DELRAY DUNES ACACIA VILLA CONDO DELRAY DUNES FIRST","Delray Dunes Acacia Villas Condo","DELRAY DUNES BAHIA VILLA COND DELRAY DUNES 2ND SE","Delray Dunes Bahia Villa Condo","DELRAY DUNES BAHIA VILLA CONDO DELRAY DUNES 2ND SE","DELRAY DUNES BONSAI","DELRAY DUNES BONSAI VILLA CONDO","DELRAY DUNES FAIRWAY","Delray Dunes Fairway Villas","DELRAY DUNES FAIRWAY VILLAS CONDO","DELRAY DUNES FIRST S","Delray Dunes First Sec","DELRAY DUNES GARDEN","Delray Dunes Garden Villas","Delray Dunes Garden Villas Cond As In Decl In","DELRAY DUNES GARDEN VILLAS CONDO","Delray Dunes Golf & Country Club","Delray Dunes Golf a;nd Country Club","Delray Dunes Golf and Country Club","Delray Dunes Golf Club","DELRAY DUNES HOLLY V","Delray Dunes Holly Villas Cond As In Decl In","DELRAY DUNES HOLLY VILLAS CONDO","DELRAY DUNES PARCEL","DELRAY DUNES PARCEL 8","Delray Dunes Sec 01","Delray Dunes Sec 02","DELRAY DUNES SLASH PINE VILLAS COND DECL","DELRAY DUNES SLASH PINE VILLAS CONDO","DELRAY\/BOYNTON LINE","DEWEY HEIGHTS","Dewey Hgts","DEWEY HGTS IN","DHALGREN","Diamante Village","DIAMANTE VILLAGE CONDO","DIAMANTE VLG CONDS A,B,C, AND D DECLS IN OR7525","Diamond Beach","DORCHESTER","Dorchester Estates at Aberdeen","DOS LAGO","DOS LAGOS","DOS LAGOS SOUTH LAKE CONDO","DOS LAGOS Shoreline Homes","DOS LAGOS SOUTHLAKE II","Dos Lagos - South Lake","DOS LAGOS - SOUTH WIND CONDO","DOS LAGOS - SOUTHLAKE","DOS LAGOS - Tradewinds","Dos Lagos - Tradewinds @ Dos Lagos","DOS LAGOS \/ SHORELINE","DOS LAGOS \/ SHORELINE HOMES","DOS LAGOS \/ SOUTH LAKE","Dos Lagos \/ South Lake Condo","Dos Lagos \/ Southlake","Dos Lagos South Lake","Dos Lagos South Lake Condo","Dos Lagos Southlake","Dos Lagos Tradewinds","DOS LAGOS-","DOS LAGOS- Shoreline","DOS LAGOS-SOUTH LAKE CONDO","DOS LAGOS-SOUTHLAKE","Dos Lagos, SOUTH LAKE CONDO","DOS LAGOS\/ SOUTHLAKE II","DOS LAGOS\/SOUTH LAKE CONDO","Dos Lagos\/South Lake Condos","Dos Lagos\/SouthlakeII","DOS LAGOS\/TRADEWINDS","Dos Logos","Downtown Boynton Beach","DOWNTOWN EAST BOYNTON","Downtown East Boynton Beach","DUBOIS AGR - PRESERVE PL 1","Dunes Ocean Ridge Condo","Easco Apartments","EAST","EAST BOYNTON","EAST RIDGE","EASTGATE","Eastgate 02 At Hunters Run","EASTGATE AT HUNTERS RUN","EASTGATE AT HUNTERS RUN COND","EASTGATE AT HUNTERS RUN CONDO","Eastgate at Hunters Run Country Club","EASTGATE I","EASTGATE I AT HUNTERS RUN CONDO","EASTGATE II AT HUNTE","EASTGATE II AT HUNTERS RUN","EASTGATE II AT HUNTERS RUN CONDO","Eastgate ll at Hunters Run Condo","Eastgate\/ Hunters Run","EASTVIEW PARK","EDEN RIDGE","Egret Point","Egret Pointe","Egret Pointe Coral Lakes","EMERALD ISLE LAKE CH","ENCLAVE AT BOYNTON WATERS","ENCLAVE AT BOYNTON WATERS 1","ENCLAVE AT WESTCHEST","ENCLAVE AT WESTCHESTER","EQUESTRIAN","EQUESTRIAN - Fairmont Place","EQUESTRIAN \/ Fairmount Place","Equestrian 02,Fairmont Place","Equestrian 2","EQUESTRIAN FAIRMONT PLACE","EQUESTRIAN PL 2","EQUESTRIAN, Fairmont Place","Equestrian,Fairmont","Equestrian,Fairmont Place","EQUESTRIAN; Fairmont Place","EQUESTRIAN;FAIRMONT PLACE","Equestrian\/ Fairmont Place","Equestrian\/AG","EQUESTRIAN\/Fairmont Place","equus","Equus Agr Pud Ph 01","Equus Agr Pud Ph 01 Rep","EQUUS AGR PUD PH 01 REP 02","Equus Agr Pud Ph 02","Equus Agr Pud Ph 03","Equus Agr Pud Ph 04","Equus Agr Pud Ph 1","EQUUS AGR PUD PH 2","EQUUS AGR PUD PH 3","EQUUS AGR PUD PH 4","EQUUS, EQUUS AGR PUD PH 1","ESSEX","ESSEX AT HUNTERS RUN","ESSEX AT HUNTERS RUN CONDO","Est At Heritage Club","Est At Heritage Club Pud 1","Est At Hunters Run Condo","EST OF BOYNTON WATER","Estancia","ESTANCIA AT BOYNTON BEACH","Estancia At Boynton Beach Pud","ESTATES","Estates at Boynton Waters","Estates at Heritage","Estates at Heritage Club","ESTATES AT HERITAGE CLUB PUD 1","ESTATES AT HERITAGE CLUB PUD REPL NO 1","ESTATES AT HERITAGE CLUB\/ HERITAGE CLUB","Estates at Hunter Run Cond unit 3-Vl","Estates At Hunters Run Condo","ESTATES INDIAN SPRIN","Estates of Aberdeen\/Dorchester","Estates Of Boynton Waters","ESTATES OF BOYNTON WATERS WEST","ESTATES OF BOYNTON WATERS WEST 1","ESTATES OF BOYNTON WATERS WEST 2","ESTATES OF SILVER LAKE","ESTATES OF SILVER LAKE \/ CRANBROOK LAKE ESTATES","ESTATES OF SILVERLAK","Estates of Silverlake","ESTATES OF SILVERLAKE\/CRANBROOK LAKE ESTATES","Estates of Silverlakes","Estates of Windchime Lakes","ESTATES\/INDIAN SPRIN","ESTATES\/RAINBOW LAKE","ESTATES\/WINDCHIME","EVIAN - INDIAN SPRING","EVIAN AT INDIAN SPRING","EVIAN AT INDIAN SPRINGS","EVIAN INDIAN SPRINGS","Excellente Village","Excellente Village A-D F & G","EXCELLENTE VILLAGE A,B,C,D,F, & G COND DECLS IN OR8941P934,OR7612P1704,OR7874P1603,OR79","EXCELLENTE VILLAGE A,B,C,D,F, & G CONDO","EXCELLENTE VLG A,B,C,D,F, AND G COND DECLS IN O","EXCELLENTE\\' VILLAGE A,B,C,D,F & GCOND DECLS IN OR8941P934, OR7612P1704OR7612P1704,OR7874P1603,OR","EXECUTIVE ESTATES","EXECUTIVE ESTATES - CITRUS GLEN","EXECUTIVE ESTATES, CITRUS GLEN","Executive Ests","EXECUTIVE ESTS-Cirtus Glen","EXERCISE ROOM, POOL","FAIRFIELD","FAIRFIELD APARTMENTS","Fairfield Apartments Cond","FAIRFIELD APT CONDO","FAIRFIELD APTS","FAIRFIELD APTS COND","FAIRFIELD APTS CONDO","FAIRFIELD CONDO","FAIRFIELD CONDO APT","FAIRFIELD CONDOS","FAIRMONT","Fairmont Place","Fairmont Place-Equestrian","Fairmont Place-INSTALLING NEW ROOF!","Fairmont Place, Equestrian","FAIRMONT PLACE; EQUESTRIAN","FAIRMONT PLACE; Equestrian 2","FAIRMONT PLACE\/EQUESTRIAN","FAIRMONTEQUESTRIAN, FAIRMONT PLACE","Fairway Park","FAIRWAY PARK \/ INDIAN SPRING","Fairway Park at Indian Spring","FAIRWAY PARK COND 1","Fairway Park Cond 1 Thru 32 Decl In Or3228p1691,32","FAIRWAY PARK CONDO","Fairway Park Condo \/ Indian Springs","Fairway Park Condo 01-32","Fairway Park Condo 1 Thru 32 Decl In Or3228p1691,32","FAIRWAY PARK CONDO\/INDIAN SPRING","FAIRWAY PARK CONDOS 1 THRU 32","FAIRWAY PARK INDIAN SPRING","Fairway Park Indian Springs","Family Homes","FERN RIDGE","FERN RIDGE IN","FESTIVITA VILLAGE A & B CONDO","Firenze","Firenze at Renaissance","Firenze at Renaissance Commons","Firenze Renaissance Commons","Firenze\/Renaissance Commons Pud","FIRST ADD TO ROLLING","FIRST ADD TO ROLLING GREEN","FIRST FINANCIAL PLAZA CONDO","FLAVOR PIC TOWNHOMES \/ CAMBRIA PARC","FLAVOR PICT","Flavor Pict Townhomes","FLAVOR PICT TOWNHOMES PUD","FLAVOR PICT TOWNHOMES PUD REPLAT","FLAVOR PICT TOWNHOMES PUD\/CAMBRIA PARC","Flavor Pict Twnhms PUD","Floral","FLORAL PARK LANTANA","FOREST GROVE","Forest Grove Indian Spring","FOREST GROVE PATIO H","FOREST GROVE PATIO HOMES","Forest Grove Patio Homes Pb37p87","Forest Grove Patio Homes Rep","FOREST GROVE PATIO HOMES, INDIAN SPRING","FOREST GROVE\/ INDIAN SPRING","Forest Grove\/ Indian Springs","Forest Grove\/Indian Spring","FOREST GROVE\/INDIAN SPRINGS","Forest GroveIndian Spring","Forest Hill \/ Chapell Hill Area","Forest Hill IN","FOREST HILLS","Forest Hills \/ Chapel Hill","FOREST HILLS IN","Forest Hills- chapel Hill","FOREST HILLS, CHAPEL HILL","Forest Hills,Chapel Hill","Forest Hills\/Chapel Hill","FOREST PARK","FOREST PARK HEIGHTS","Forest Park Hgts","Forrest Hills","FOSTER MILL","FOSTER\\'S MILL","Fosters Mill","FOUNTAINS","Fountains at Rainbow Lakes","FOUNTAINS OF BOYNTON","Fountains of Rainbow Lakes","Fountains\/Rainbow Lakes","FOUR SEA SUNS","FOUR SEA SUNS CONDO","Four Sea Suns Condo Prcl 01-10","Four Sea Suns Condo S Parcels 1 To 10 In Post","FOUR SEA SUNS CONDOM","FOUR SEA SUNS CONDOMINIUMS PARCELS 1 TO 10 IN POSTED TO PLAT B25P174","Fox Hollow","Fox Hollow Manor Forest","Fox Hollow \/ Manor Forest","Fox Hollow Manor Forest","FOX HOLLOW, MANOR FOREST","Fox Hollow\/ Manor Forest","FOX HOLLOW\/MANOR FOR","FOX HOLLOW\/MANOR FOREST","FOX HOLLOW\/MANOR FOREST 02","FOX HOLLOW\/MANOR FOREST 02 REP","FOX HOLLOW\/Manor Forest Cond I","Fox Hollow\/MNR FOREST CONDO I","FRANTZ PELICAN","FRANTZ PELICAN BEACH","Frantz Pelican Beach Add","GABLES END","GATEWAY","Gateway Gardens","GATEWAY GARDENS \/ Gateway Palms","GATEWAY GARDENS\/ GATEWAY PALMS","Gateway Gardens\/Palms","GATEWAY PALMS","GATEWAY PALMS \/ Gateway Gardens","GATEWAY PALMS GRANDE PALMS","Gateway Palms,Gateway Gardens","GATEWAY PALMS\/GRANDE PALMS","GATEWAYPALMS","GAY MAR ESTATES","GAY MAR ESTS","GAY MAR ESTS IN","Gay-Mar Estates","GAYMAR ESTATES","Giardino Villag","GIARDINO VILLAGE A,B,C & D CONDS DECLS IN OR8418P1382, OR 8456P73, OR8558P1865 & OR8598","Giardino Village Condo A-D","GIARDINO VILLAGE CONDOS","GIARDINO VILLAGE IN PLATINAWALK TO CLUBHOUSE, SATELLITE POOL IS AROUND CORNER, HANDICAPPED SPACES","Giardino Vlg A,B,C And D Conds Decls In Or8418p1","GLADES","Glen Arbor","Glen Arbor Add","Glen Arbor Add 01","GLEN ARBOR ADD 1","GLEN ARBOR ADD 1 IN","Glen Arbor Add 2","GLEN ARBOR ADD 2 IN","GLEN COVE APTS CONDO","GLENS AT HUNTERS RUN","GLENS AT HUNTERS RUN CONDO","GLENS EAST HUNTERS RUN CONDO","GLENS WEST AT HUNTERS RUN","Glens West At Hunters Run Cond Unit N-21VIII","GOLDEN RIDGE 57-12 B","GOLDVIEW HARBOUR","GOLF COLONY","Golf Colony (Pipers Glen Estates\/ Westchester CC)","Golf Colony Lakeridge Estates","GOLF COLONY PIPERS GLENN","Golf Colony Repl","GOLF COLONY, PIPERS GLEN","GOLF COLONY, Pipers Glen Estates","GOLF COLONY, PIPERS GLEN ESTATES,","Golf Colony,Pipers Glen Estates","Golf Colony; Pipers Glen Estates","GOLF COLONY\/WESTCHESTER","GOLF VIEW HARBOR","GOLF VIEW HARBOUR","GOLF VIEW HARBOUR 1ST SEC","Golf View Harbour 1St Sec","GOLF VIEW HARBOUR 1ST SEC IN","GOLF VIEW HARBOUR 2ND SEC","GOLF VIEW HARBOUR ESTATES","Golf View Harbour Sec 01","GOLF VILLAGE OF UNIT 1","Golf Village Unit 01","GOLF VILLAS","GOLFVEIW HARBOUR","GOLFVIEW","GOLFVIEW HARBOR","GOLFVIEW HARBOR EST.","GOLFVIEW HARBOR ESTA","Golfview Harbour","Golfview Harbour \/ Golf View Harbour","GOLFVIEW HARBOUR 1ST","GOLFVIEW HARBOUR 1ST SEC","GOLFVIEW HARBOUR 2ND","GOLFVIEW HARBOUR 2ND SEC","GOLFVIEW HARBOUR 2ND SEC IN PB 27 PGS 46 & 47","Golfview Harbour 2Nd Sec In Pb 27 Pgs 46 And 47","GOLFVIEW HARBOUR 3RD SEC","Golfview Harbour Est","GOLFVIEW HARBOUR ESTATES","Golfview Harbour Estates Rep","GOLFVIEW HARBOUR ESTATES REPL","Golfview Harbour Sec 01","Golfview Harbour Sec 02","GOLFVIEW HARBOUR TOW","GOLFVIEW HARBOUR TOWNHOMES","GOLFVIEW HARBOUR TOWNHOUSES","Golfview Harbour, Golf View Harbour","Golfview Harbour, Section 1","GOLFVIEW TOWNHOMES","GORDON PARK","Gordon Park Sub","GORDON PARK SUB IN","GRANDE PALMS","Grande Palms \/ Gateway Palms","GRAYSON HEIGHT","Grayson Heights","Grayson Hgts","Great community pool area right on wide Intracoastal with a tiki hut, hot tub spa and restrooms.","GREATER BOYNTON","GREATER BOYNTON 02","GREATER BOYNTON PL","GREATER BOYNTON PLAC","Greater Boynton Place","Greater Boynton Place - The Courts","GREATER BOYNTON PLACE 02","Greater Boynton Place 02 -COURTS","Greater Boynton Place 03","GREATER BOYNTON PLACE 2","GREATER BOYNTON PLACE 3","Greater Boynton Place 3 THE COURTS","Greater Boynton Place Circle","GREATER BOYNTON PLACE PL 2","GREATER BOYNTON PLACE PL 3","Greater Boynton Place The courts","GREATER BOYNTON PLACE, COURTS AT BOYNTON PLACE","Greater Boynton Place, The Courts","GREATER BOYNTON PLACE\/THE COURTS","Green Cay","Green Cay Village","GREEN CAY VILLAGE , GreenCay","GREEN CAY VILLAGE CONDO","Green Cay Village Condominium","GREEN CAY VILLAGE TOWNHOUSES","Green Cay Villge Condominium","Green Cay Vlg","Green Cay Vlg Condo","GREEN LAKE","Green Lake Indian Spring","Green Lakes","GREEN LAKES - Indian Springs","GREEN LAKES COND 1 T","GREEN LAKES COND 1 THRU 21","Green Lakes Cond 1 Thru 21 As In Decl In Or3248p1","GREEN LAKES COND 1 THRU 21 AS IN DECL IN OR3248P1931,2984P16 84,3073P1751,3080P1375,3062P","GREEN LAKES COND. 1","Green Lakes Condo","GREEN LAKES CONDO \/ Indian Springs","GREEN LAKES CONDO 01-21","GREEN LAKES CONDO 1","GREEN LAKES CONDO 1 THRU 21 OR3248P1","Green Lakes Condo 1 Thru 21 As In Deck In Or3248p1","GREEN LAKES CONDO 1 THRU 21 as in Decl OR3248P1","GREEN LAKES CONDO 1 THRU 21 OR3248P1","Green Lakes Condo Association","GREEN LAKES CONDO INDIAN SPRING","Green Lakes Condominiums","GREEN LAKES- Indian Springs","Green Tree Villas","GREENSPOINTE","GREENSPOINTE CONDO","GREENTREE","GREENTREE CONDOS","Greentree Villa","GREENTREE VILLAS","GREENTREE VILLAS CON","Greentree Villas Cond Ph I Thru Ph Vi As","Greentree Villas Cond Ph V","Greentree Villas Cond Phase 1 Thru Phase VI","GREENTREE VILLAS COND PHASE I THRU","Greentree Villas Cond Phase I thru VI","GREENTREE VILLAS CONDO","Greentree Villas Condo II","Greentree Villas Condo Ph 01","Greentree Villas Condo Ph II Unit 219A","GREENTREE VILLAS CONDO Phase 1 thru Phase VI","GREENTREE VILLAS PH","GREY STONE","Greystone","GREYSTONE MINI ASSEMBLAGE","GREYSTONE MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD 1","GREYSTONE (MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD 8)","Greystone (MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD PL 9)","Greystone (Mini Assemblage)","GREYSTONE \/ MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD 7","Greystone \/ MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD PL 1 \/","Greystone Boynton Beach","Greystone MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD 7","Greystone-Mini Assemblage","Greystone, Mini Assemblage","greystone, Mini Assemblage Pud 1","Greystone,MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD 6","Greystone.","Greystone\/MINI ASSEMBLAGE","Greystone\/Mini Assemblage Pud","GREYSTONE\/MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD 1","GREYSTONE\/MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD 9","GROVE","GROVE ESTATES","Grove Isle","Grove Mannor","GROVE MANOR","Grove Plaza Rep","GROVE VILLAGE","GROVE VILLAGE COND","GROVE VILLAGE CONDO","GROVE VILLAGE CONDOMINIUM","Grove Vlg Condo","GULF STREAM","GULF STREAM ESTATES","Gulf Stream Estates 02","Gulf Stream Estates 02 Rep","GULF STREAM ESTS","Gulf Stream Ests 2","Gulf Stream Ests 2 Replat As","GULF STREAM ESTS PL","GULF STREAM ESTS PL 2 IN","GULF STREAM PARK IN","GULF STREAM VIEWS","GULF STREAM VIEWS CONDO","GULF VIEW HARBOUR","GULFSTREAM ESTATES","GULFSTREAM ESTATES 2","GULFSTREAM ESTATES 2, CHAPEL HILL","GULFSTREAM PARK","Half moon Bay","HAMPSHIRE","Hampshire at Hunters Run","HAMPSHIRE AT HUNTERS RUN CONDO","HAMPSHIRE GARDENS","Hampshire Gardens 2542 Corp","HAMPTON","Hampton Fairways","HAMPTON FAIRWAYS - Indian Spring","Hampton Fairways 01","Hampton Fairways 1","HAMPTON FAIRWAYS 2","HAMPTON FAIRWAYS 3","HAMPTON FAIRWAYS AT INDIAN SPRINGS","Hampton Fairways\/Indian Spring","Hampton Lakes","HAMPTON\/ABERDEEN","Hamptons - Aberdeen","Hamptons ABERDEEN 4","Hamptons at Aberdeen","HAMPTONS\/ABERDEEN","HAPPY HOME HEIGHTS","Happy Home Hgts In","HAPPY LANE BOYNTON","HARBOR ESTATES","Harbor Ests","HARBOR ESTS IN","Harbor Hall","Harbor Hall Condos","Harbor Hall Inlet Club Condo","HARBORS","Harbors \/ The Harbors","HARBORS PUD","Harbors Pud LT 39","HARBORS WAY","HARBOUR HALL","HARBOUR HALL CONDO","Harbour Hall Condo 01-03","Harbour Hall Condo 2","Harbour Hall Condo S 1,2 And 3 In Sec 22-45-43","HARBOUR HALL CONDOMI","HARBOUR HALL CONDOS","Harbour Hall Inlet","HARBOUR HALL INLET C","Harbour Hall Inlet Club","HARBOUR HALL INLET CLUB COND & COND II","HARBOUR HALL INLET CLUB COND I AND II AS IN DECL I","HARBOUR HALL INLET CLUB COND II","HARBOUR HALL INLET CLUB CONDO","HARBOUR HALL INLET CLUB CONDO & CONDO II","Harbour Hall Inlet Club II","Harbours","Harbours \/ Aberdeen","Harbours At Aberdeen","HARBOURS AT ABERDEEN AND II COND DECLS FILED 6-19-","HARBOURS AT ABERDEEN CONDO","HARBOURS AT ABERDEEN CONDO - NON - MEMBERSHIP","HARBOURS AT ABERDEEN CONDO -NO MEMBERSHIP FEE REQUIRED","Harbours At Aberdeen Condo 01 & 02","Harbours\/Aberdeen","HATHAWAY PARK","HATHAWAY PARK IN","HAWK\\'S LANDING","Hawks Landing","Hawks Landing Pud","HEATHER LAKE","Heather Lake at Meadows","HEATHER LAKES","Heatherlake At Meadows","HEATHERLAKE AT THE M","HEATHERLAKE AT THE MEADOWS","HEATHERTRACE","Heritage Club","HIGH POINT","HIGH POINT (just north of Chapel Hill)","HIGH POINT COND SEC","High Point Cond Sec 4A","HIGH POINT CONDO","HIGH POINT CONDO SEC 03","High Point Condo Sec 04","HIGH POINT CONDO SEC 2","HIGH POINT CONDO SEC 3","HIGH POINT CONDO SEC 4","HIGH POINT CONDO SEC 4A","High Point Condo Section 4","HIGH POINT CONDOMINI","High Point Condominium Sec 4","High Point Condominium Sec","HIGH POINT CONDOMINIUM SEC 3","HIGH POINT EAST","HIGH POINT IN","HIGH POINT LT 10","HIGH POINT SEC 2","HIGH POINT SEC 4","High Point section 2","HIGH POINT SECTION 3","HIGH POINT SECTION 4","High Point Section 4A","HIGH POINT WEST","High Point West 2","HIGH POINT WEST COND","HIGH POINT WEST CONDO","HIGH POINT WEST CONDO 02","HIGH POINT WEST CONDO 2","High Point West Condominium","HIGH POINT WEST CONDOMINIUM NO 2","HIGH POINT WEST CONDOMINIUM NO 2 UNIT C IN BLDG 310","HIGH POINT WEST CONDOMINIUM NO 208-43-45-33-16-160-0020","high point west condominium section 1","High Point West No.1 Condominum","High Ridge","High Ridge Commerce Center","HIGH RIDGE COMMERCE CENTER 2 CONDO","HIGH RIDGE COMMERCE CENTER PID","HIGH RIDGE ESTATES","HIGH RIDGE HEIGHTS","High Ridge Scrub Natural Area","HIGH RIDGE SUB","HIGH RIDGE SUB IN","Highpoint","Hills at Lake Eden","HILLS OF LAKE EDEN","HILLTOP VILLAGE","HILTOP VILLAGE","Historic Cottage area in Boynton","HISTORIC COTTAGE DIS","Historic Cottage District","Historic Cottage district in Boynton","HISTORIC DISTRICT","Homes at Lawrence","Homes At Lawrence 01","HOMES AT LAWRENCE 02","Homes At Lawrence 03","Homes At Lawrence 1","Homes At Lawrence 2","HOMES AT LAWRENCE 3","HOMES AT LAWRENCE PL","homes at lawrence pl 1","HOMES AT LAWRENCE PL 3","HOMES AT LAWRENCE PL NO 2","HOMES AT LAWRENCE PLACE","HOMES OF LAWRENCE","HOMESTEAD PT","HUNTERS COURT","HUNTERS RUN","Hunters Run - Essex","Hunters Run \/ Cambridge","HUNTERS RUN CONDO","HUNTERS RUN Country Club","Hunters Run Eastgate","HUNTERS RUN GLEN WES","Hunters Run Golf and Racquet Club","HUNTERS RUN NORTHWOODS","Hunters Run\/Hampshire","HUNTERS RUN\/STRATFOR","HUNTERS RUN\/VILLAS OF NORTHWOODS","HUNTERS RUN\/WESTGATE","HUNTERS RUN\/WINDSOR","HYPOLUXO VILLAGE","HYPOLUXO VILLAGES","HYPOLUXOS MARINERS C","HYPOLUXOS MARINERS CAY","ILLAGE ROYALE CONDO 4","Illustre Village","Illustre Village \/ Platina","ILLUSTRE VILLAGE CONDO","Illustre Village Condo A-E","ILLUSTRE VILLAGE- Platina","Illustre Vlg A,B,C,D And E Conds Decls In Or8628","IMT Boynton","includes both parcels","Indian Hills","Indian Hills 01","Indian Hills 02","INDIAN HILLS 1","INDIAN HILLS 2","INDIAN HILLS PL 1","INDIAN HILLS THE GROVE","Indian SpPring","INDIAN SPRFAIRWAY PARK CONDO 01-32","INDIAN SPRIN","INDIAN SPRING","Indian Spring HAMPTON FAIRWAYS","INDIAN SPRING - BRIARWOOD","Indian Spring FAIRWAY PARK","Indian Spring GREENSPOINTE","INDIAN SPRING - ASPEN GLEN","INDIAN SPRING - ASPEN GLEN","Indian Spring - Aspen Glen Condo","INDIAN SPRING - BRIARWOOD","INDIAN SPRING - EVIAN","INDIAN SPRING - FAIRWAY PARK","INDIAN SPRING - FAIRWAY PARK CONDO","Indian Spring - Forest Grove","Indian Spring - Green Lake","Indian Spring - Green Lakes","INDIAN SPRING - GREEN LAKES CONDO","INDIAN SPRING - Hamptons","INDIAN SPRING - LAURELWOOD","Indian Spring - Rosedale","INDIAN SPRING - Southgate","INDIAN SPRING - THE GLADES","Indian Spring - The Mews","Indian Spring - Village on the Green","Indian Spring - Villas of Green Glen 11 -B","Indian Spring - VILLAS OF GREEN GLEN II-B","INDIAN SPRING - VILLAS OF GREEN GLEN II-B -","INDIAN SPRING - VILLAS OF MONTEREY","Indian Spring -THE ESTATES","INDIAN SPRING \/ APPLEGATE","INDIAN SPRING \/ ASPEN GLEN","INDIAN SPRING \/ Briarwood","INDIAN SPRING \/ BROOKSIDE","INDIAN SPRING \/ FAIRWAY PARK","INDIAN SPRING \/ FOREST GROVE","INDIAN SPRING \/ GREEN LAKES","Indian Spring \/ Greenspointe","Indian Spring \/ HAMPTON FAIRWAYS 1","INDIAN SPRING \/ HAMPTON FAIRWAYS 3","INDIAN SPRING \/ South Gate","INDIAN SPRING \/ VILLAS OF GREEN GLEN II","INDIAN SPRING \/ VILLAS OF GREEN GLEN II-B","INDIAN SPRING \/FAIRWAY PARK","Indian Spring \/FAIRWAY PARK CONDO","INDIAN SPRING \/HAMPTON FAIRWAYS 2","Indian Spring \\'\\'The Glades\\'\\'","Indian Spring 01","INDIAN SPRING 02","Indian Spring 06","Indian Spring 07","Indian Spring 07 Brookside","INDIAN SPRING 07\/BROOKSIDE","INDIAN SPRING 1","Indian Spring 1 As","INDIAN SPRING 2","INDIAN SPRING 2 - Oakmont","INDIAN SPRING 2 J & J PATIO HOMES","INDIAN SPRING 2-OAKMONT","INDIAN SPRING 5","INDIAN SPRING 5--Westgate","INDIAN SPRING 6","INDIAN SPRING 7","INDIAN SPRING 7 Brookside","Indian Spring Applegate","INDIAN SPRING ASPEN GLEN","Indian Spring ASPEN GLEN CONDO","INDIAN SPRING Briarwood","INDIAN SPRING BRIARWOOD CONDO","Indian Spring Brookside","Indian Spring Country Club - Brookside Community","INDIAN SPRING Evian","INDIAN SPRING FAIRWAY PARK","INDIAN SPRING FOREST GROVE","INDIAN SPRING GATE 1 ESTATES SECT","Indian Spring Glades","Indian Spring Green Glen","Indian Spring Green Lake","INDIAN SPRING GREEN LAKES","Indian Spring GREEN LAKES CONDO","Indian Spring Greenspointe","INDIAN SPRING HAMPTON FAIRWAYS","INDIAN SPRING HAMPTON FAIRWAYS 2","Indian Spring Kiowa","Indian Spring LAURELWOOD","Indian Spring OAKDALE TOWNHOMES II","Indian Spring Oakmont","INDIAN SPRING PL 2","INDIAN SPRING PL 7","INDIAN SPRING PL 7 - Brookside","INDIAN SPRING PLAT NO 1 LT 18 BLK","INDIAN SPRING PLAT NO 3","Indian Spring Southgate","INDIAN SPRING THE ESTATES","INDIAN SPRING THE GLADES","INDIAN SPRING THE HAMPTONS","INDIAN SPRING TR H","INDIAN SPRING TR H, The Glades","Indian Spring VILLAS OF GREEN GLEN","Indian Spring VILLAS OF GREEN GLEN II","INDIAN SPRING VILLAS OF MONTEREY","INDIAN SPRING WESTGATE","INDIAN SPRING- Evian","Indian Spring- Fairway Park","Indian Spring- Laurelwood","INDIAN SPRING- VILLAS OF MONTEREY","Indian Spring-Aspen Glen","INDIAN SPRING-Aspen Glen.","INDIAN SPRING-BRIARWOOD","Indian Spring-Briarwood Condo","Indian Spring-Fairway Park","INDIAN SPRING-FOREST GROVE","INDIAN SPRING-Glades","Indian Spring-Green Lake","Indian Spring-GREEN LAKES CONDO 1 THRU 21 OR3248P1","Indian Spring-Hampton Fairways","INDIAN SPRING-HAMPTON FAIRWAYS 3","Indian Spring-Laurelwood","INDIAN SPRING-OAKDALE TOWNHOMES II","Indian Spring-Southgate","Indian Spring-The Estates","INDIAN SPRING-THE MEWS","INDIAN SPRING-VILLAS OF MONTEREY","INDIAN SPRING, BRIARWOOD","Indian Spring, Brookside","Indian Spring, Hampton Fairways","INDIAN SPRING, OAKDALE TOWNHOMES","INDIAN SPRING, VILLAS OF MONTEREY, Indian Springs","INDIAN SPRING:THE GLADES","Indian Spring.","INDIAN SPRING\/ APPLEGATE","INDIAN SPRING\/ ASPEN GLEN","Indian Spring\/ Briarwood","Indian Spring\/ Fairway Park","Indian Spring\/ Green Lake","Indian Spring\/ Greenspointe","Indian Spring\/ Hampton Fairways","Indian Spring\/ Hamptons","Indian Spring\/Applegate","INDIAN SPRING\/ASPEN","Indian Spring\/Aspen Glen","Indian Spring\/ASPEN GLEN CONDO","INDIAN SPRING\/BRIARWOOD","Indian Spring\/Brookview","INDIAN SPRING\/EVIAN","INDIAN SPRING\/FAIRWA","Indian Spring\/Fairway Park","INDIAN SPRING\/FAIRWAY PARK CONDO","INDIAN SPRING\/GREEN LAKE","Indian Spring\/Greenspointe","Indian Spring\/Hampton Fairways","Indian Spring\/HAMPTON FAIRWAYS 1","Indian Spring\/HAMPTON FAIRWAYS 2","INDIAN SPRING\/HAMPTON FAIRWAYS 3","Indian Spring\/Hampton\/Fairways","INDIAN SPRING\/HAMPTONS","Indian Spring\/Lakeview Mews","INDIAN SPRING\/LAUREL","INDIAN SPRING\/SOUTHG","Indian Spring\/Southgate","INDIAN SPRING\/THE ESTATES","Indian Spring\/The mews","Indian Spring\/Villas Green Glen","Indian Spring\/VILLAS OF GREEN GLEN III","Indian Spring\/Villas of Green Glen lll","INDIAN SPRINGFAIRWAY PARK","Indian Springs","Indian Springs Westgate","Indian Springs - Fairway Park","Indian Springs - Green Lakes","Indian Springs \/ Fairway Park","Indian Springs \/ Hampton Fairways","INDIAN SPRINGS BRIARWOOD","INDIAN SPRINGS CONDO Briarwood","Indian Springs Evian","Indian Springs Forest Grove Patio Homes","Indian Springs GREEN LAKES CONDO 1 THRU 21 OR3248P1","INDIAN SPRINGS GREEN LAKES CONDO 1 THRU 21 OR3248P1","Indian Springs Hampton Fairways","Indian Springs Hampton Fairways 02","INDIAN SPRINGS-HAMPTON FAIRWAYS","Indian Springs, Forest Grove","INDIAN SPRINGS,VILLAS OF GREEN GLEN II-B,INDIAN SPRING","INDIAN SPRINGS\/ VILLAS GREEN","INDIAN SPRINGS\/ASPEN GLEN CONDO","INDIAN SPRINGS\/FAIRWAY PARK","INDIAN SPRINGS\/FOREST GROVE","Indian Springs\/Green Lakes","INDIAN SPRINGS\/LAURELWOOD","INDIAN SPRINGS\/THE GLADES","Indian Springs\/The Mews","INDIAN SRPINGS","INDIAN WELLS","INDIAN WELLS LT 15 BLK","INDIAN WELLS, NOT 55","IndianSprings \/ Hamtons \/ Hamptons","Inlet Cay","INLET HARBOR","Inlet Harbor Club","Inlet Harbor Club As In Decl In","INLET HARBOR CLUB CO","Inlet Harbor Club Cond As In Decl In","INLET HARBOR CLUB CONDO","Intracoastal Community","Intracoastal complex - great Intracoastal view from unit. Community pool. common laundry room.","Intracoastal Medical Bldg Condo","ISLES","ISLES \/ ABERDEEN","ISLES AT HUNTERS RUN","Isles of Aberdeen","Isles of Aberdeen, ABERDEEN 22","IT\\'S OWN SATELLITE POOL & GORGEOUS LANDSCAPING. A GREAT MAILMAN & FRIENDLY.WALK TO THE CLUBHOUSE!!","Jamaica Bay","JAMAICA BAY A 55+ COMMUNITY","Jamaica Bay Mnr Co-Op 13005 Jamaica Bay B","JAMAICA BAY MOBILE H","JAMAICA BAY MOBILE HOME CO OP","Jamaica Bay Mobile Home Co-Op","JAMAICA BAY MOBILE HOME CO-OP 13005 JAMAICA BAY BLVD BOYNTON BEACH FL","Jamaica Bay Mobile Home Coop","JOG EST","Jog Estates","JOG ESTATES - SANDHURST","JOG ESTATES ( SANDHURST)","Jog Estates \/ Sandhurst","JOG ESTATES AT SANDHURST","JOG ESTATES SANDHURST","Jog Estates,Sandhurst","Jog Estates\/Sandhurst","Jonathan\\'s Grove","JONATHANS CREEK","JONATHANS CREEK \/ ARTESA","Jonathans Creek,Artesa","JONATHANS CREEK\/ARTESA","Jonathans Grove","JONES PAR","JONES PAR A","JONES PAR B","JONES PAR C","JONES PAR C-1","JONES PAR D","JONES PAR D-2","JONES PAR D-3","Jones Prcl C1- Cascades","Jones Prcl D2","JONES PUD","JOSEPHINE S LATINO","JOSEPHINE S LATINO S","Josephine S Latino Sub","JOURNEYS END","Kensington Gardens","KENSINGTON GARDENS C","Kensington Gardens Condo","Kensington Gdns Condo","KENSINGTON PLACE","Kensington Place Pud","KESINGTON PLACE","KING SOUTH KING NIEBEL TOWNSEND","KINGS SUB","Kiowa","Kiowa at Indian Spring also known as Green Glen III","Kittiwake","KNOLLWOOD","KNOLLWOOD PUD","KNOLLWOOD SUB","KNOLLWOOD SUB IN","LA CHALET","La Chalet lv-B","La Florence at Renaissance Commons","La Palais- Rainbow Lakes","lake add to Boynton","Lake Add","Lake Add Boynton","Lake Add To Boynton","LAKE ADD TO BOYNTON LTS 23 TO 25 (LESS RD R\/W)","Lake Boynton Est 2","LAKE BOYNTON EST 4A","LAKE BOYNTON ESTATE","Lake Boynton Estates","Lake Boynton Estates 01","Lake Boynton Estates 02","Lake Boynton Estates 04a","LAKE BOYNTON ESTATES 1","LAKE BOYNTON ESTATES 2","LAKE BOYNTON ESTATES 4A","Lake Boynton Estates PL 1","LAKE BOYNTON ESTATES PL 2","LAKE BOYNTON ESTATES PL 4A","LAKE BOYNTON ESTS","Lake Boynton Ests 01","Lake Boynton Ests 1","LAKE BOYNTON ESTS PL","LAKE BOYNTON ESTS PL 1","LAKE CHARLESTON","Lake Eden","Lake Eden \/ Lake Ida","Lake Eden 02","LAKE EDEN 04","LAKE EDEN 4","LAKE EDEN PL 4","LAKE EDEN PL NO 2 LT 26 BLK 2","Lake Eden Sub","LAKE EDEN SUB 2","LAKE EDEN SUB LT 2","LAKE EDEN SUB PL 2 I","LAKE EDEN SUB PL 2 IN","Lake Monterey","Lake of Westchester","LAKE RIDGE","LAKE SHORE","LAKE SHORE\/MEADOWS","Lake View Haven","Lake Vista","LAKE WORTH MARINER V","Lake Worth Mariner Village","LAKE WORTH MARINER VLG","LAKERIDGE","Lakeridge - Sawgrass Lakes","Lakeridge -Sawgrass Lakes","Lakeridge \/ Sawgrass","LAKERIDGE \/ SAWGRASS LAKES","LAKERIDGE \/ SAWGRASS LAKES HOMES","LAKERIDGE FALLS","LAKERIDGE GREENS","Lakeridge Greens @ Pipers Glen","Lakeridge Greens \/ Pipers Glen","LAKERIDGE GREENS AT","Lakeridge Greens At Pipers Glen","Lakeridge Greens At Pipers Glen; Westchester Country Club","Lakeridge Greens-at Pipers Glen","Lakeridge Greens,Westchester","Lakeridge Sawgrass Lakes","LAKERIDGE SAWGRASS LAKES HOMES","Lakeridge- SAWGRASS LAKES","Lakeridge- SAWGRASS LAKES HOMES","LAKERIDGE-SAWGRASS","Lakeridge-Sawgrass Lakes","Lakeridge, SAWGRASS LAKES HOMES","LAKERIDGE\/SAWGRASS LAKES HOMES","Lakes of Tara","Lakes Of Tara Unit 1","Lakes Of Tara Unit 2","LAKES OF TARA UNIT 2,Tara Lakes","Lakes of Westchester","LAKES OF WESTCHESTER -PIPERS GLEN","Lakes of Westchester at Westchester CC","Lakes of Westchester, Pipers Glen","Lakes of Westchester\/Westchester CC","Lakes of Westcheter","Lakes Tara","Lakes Tara Unit 01","Lakes Tara Unit 02","LAKESHORE","Lakeshore At Meadows","LAKESHORE AT THE MEA","LAKESHORE AT THE MEADOWS","Lakeshore Heatherlake \/ The Meadows","LAKESIDE","LAKESIDE COND 3 OF BANYAN SPRINGS","Lakeside Cond 6 Of Banyan Springs","LAKESIDE COND NO 1 O","LAKESIDE COND NO 1 OF BANYAN SPRINGS","LAKESIDE COND NO 2 OF BANYAN SPRINGS DECL FILED 8-4-81 IN","LAKESIDE COND NO 5 O","LAKESIDE COND NO 6 O","LAKESIDE COND NO 7 O","LAKESIDE COND NO 9 O","LAKESIDE CONDO","Lakeside Condo 01 Banyan Spgs","Lakeside Condo 06 Banyan Spgs","LAKESIDE CONDO 1 OF BANYAN SPRINGS","LAKESIDE CONDO 2 OF BANYAN SPRINGS","LAKESIDE CONDO 3 OF BANYAN SPRINGS","LAKESIDE CONDO 4 OF BANYAN SPRINGS","LAKESIDE CONDO 5 OF BANYAN SPRINGS","LAKESIDE CONDO 6 OF BANYAN SPRINGS","LAKESIDE CONDO 7 OF BANYAN SPRINGS","LAKESIDE CONDO 8 OF BANYAN SPRINGS","LAKESIDE CONDO 9 OF BANYAN SPRINGS","LAKESIDE CONDO at Banyan Springs","Lakeside Gardens","LAKESIDE GARDENS IN","LAKESIDE HARBOR","LAKEVIEW","LAKEVIEW HAVEN","LAKEVIEW MEWS Villas Of Green Glen Ii-B","LALIQUE","Lancaster Lakes","Lancaster Lakes of Aberdeen Lakes","Lancaster Lakes, Aberdeen","Landings \/ Aberdeen","LANDINGS AT PARKWALK","Landings of Aberdeen","LANDSDOWNE - BAY ESTATES","LANEHART","Lanehart Sub Of Lot 3","LANEHART SUB OF LOT 3 IN","LANEHARTS","LANEHARTS SUBDIVISION REPLAT NO","LANSDOWNE","Lansdowne - Bay Estates","Lansdowne \/ Bay Estates","Lansdowne at Bay Estates","LANSDOWNE\/Bay Estates","LANTERN KEY","LAPALAS","LARGO POINT","LARGO POINTE","LAS PALMAS LANDING","Las Palmas Park","LAUDERDALE MANORS 19","LAUREL HILLS","LAUREL HILLS 2ND ADD","LAUREL HILLS 2ND ADD IN","Laurel Hills 3Rd Add","LAUREL HILLS 4TH ADD","LAUREL HILLS 5TH ADD","LAUREL HILLS 5TH ADD IN","Laurel Hills Add 02","Laurel Hills Add 03","Laurel Hills Add 04","LAUREL HILLS ADD 05","LAUREL HILLS BOYNTON","LAUREL HILLS BOYNTON BEACH","LAURELWOOD","LAURELWOOD at Indian Spring","LAURELWOOD INDIAN SPRING","Lawerence Grove","LAWNS","Lawrence Grove","Lawrence Grove 01","LAWRENCE GROVE 01 HOME SOLD AS IS","LAWRENCE GROVE 01 REP","Lawrence Grove 01a Pud","Lawrence Grove 1","Lawrence Grove 1 Rep l","Lawrence Grove 1 Repl","Lawrence Grove 2 Pud","LAWRENCE GROVE PL 1","LAWRENCE GROVE PL 1 REPL","LAWRENCE GROVE PL NO","LAWRENCE GROVE PL NO 2 PUD","Lawrence Grove Pud","Lawrence Grove Pud 02","LAWRENCE LAKE","LAWRENCE LAKE ESTATE","LAWRENCE LAKE ESTATES","LAWRENCE LAKE ESTS","Lawrence Lake Rec Tr B","LAWRENCE LAKES","Lawrence Oakes","Lawrence Oaks","Lawrence Oaks \/ Manor Forest 04","LAWRENCE OAKS \/ MNR FOREST 4","LAWRENCE OAKS, MNR FOREST 4","LAWRENCE OAKS\/MANOR FOREST","Lawrence Oaks\/Manor Forest 04","Le Chalet","Le Chalet 02a","LE CHALET 02B","Le Chalet 04a","Le Chalet 04b","LE CHALET 2A","Le Chalet 2A As","Le Chalet 2B","Le Chalet 4","LE CHALET 4-A","Le Chalet Iv-B","LE CHALET IV-B Boca Linda Lakes","LE CHALET IV-B Boca Linda Lakes","LE CHALET PL 2B","LE CHALET PL 2B LT 41 BLK 5","LE CHALET PL 4-A","LE CHALET PL NO IV-B","LE CHALET PLAT 2A","LE CHALET PLAT 2A AS","Le Palais","LE PALAIS - COLORS","Le Palais - Rainbow Lakes","Le Palais \/ RAINBOW LAKES","Le Palais Rainbow Lakes","Le Palais RAINBOW LAKES TR A - ONE","LE PALAIS-RAINBOW LK","Le Palais, Rainbow Lakes","Le Palais,Rainbow Lakes","LE PALAISRAINBOW LAKES TR A","LECHALET 02A","Lee Manor","LEE MANOR ISLES","LEE MANOR ISLES IN","Lee Mnr Isles","Leisueville","Leisure Lake Circle Cond As In Decl In Or2171p1551","LEISURE LAKE CIRCLE CONDO","Leisureivlle","LEISUREVILE","Leisureville","LEISUREVILLE Lake","Leisureville - Palm Beach Leisureville","LEISUREVILLE \/Palm Beach Leisureville","Leisureville 10th Sec","Leisureville 55+","LEISUREVILLE 9TH SEC","LEISUREVILLE 9TH SEC PB30P14-17","Leisureville BB","LEISUREVILLE BOYNTON","Leisureville Boynton Beach","LEISUREVILLE GOLF LANE","LEISUREVILLE GOLF VI","LEISUREVILLE GOLF VIEW","Leisureville Golf View Cond As In Decl In","LEISUREVILLE GOLF VIEW CONDO","Leisureville Golf View North","LEISUREVILLE GOLF VIEW NORTH AS IN DECL IN","Leisureville Lake","LEISUREVILLE LAKE CO","LEISUREVILLE LAKE CONDO","leisureville lake condo g","Leisureville Lake Condo Units A To J, N And O In P","Leisureville Lake Condos Units A To J, N And O In P","LEISUREVILLE LAKE CONDS UNITS A TO J, N & O IN PB28P245 & PB29PGS 30 & 31 &","Leisureville Lake Conds Units A To J, N And O In P","Leisureville Lake Unit E","LEISUREVILLE LAKE UNIT J APT 116","LEISUREVILLE Palm Beach","LEISUREVILLE PB","LEISUREVILLE SEC 10","LEISUREVILLE SEC 3","Leisureville Sec 5A","Leisureville Sec 7","Leisureville Sec 9","Leisureville Section 10","LEISUREVILLE, PALM BEACH LEISUREVILLE,","LEISUREVILLE.","LeisurevilleLeisureville","Leisurevillle","LEISURVILLE","LePalais","LePalais, Rainbow Lakes","Lester Pud 01","Lester Pud 02","LESTER PUD 1","LESTER PUD 2","LESTER PUD 3","LESTER PUD 4","LESTER PUD 5","LESTER PUD 6","LESTER PUD PL 4","LESTER PUD PL 5","Lester PUD Plt 04","Lester Pud Plt 05, CASCADE LAKES","LEXINGTON LAKES","Lexington Lks","LIME TREE","LIMETRE COURT COND","Limetree","Limetree Cond","LIMETREE COND","LIMETREE CONDO","LIMETREE CONDO UNIT 241","LIMETREE CONDO-BEST PRICED-SEASONAL RENTAL","Limetree Condominiums","LIMETREE COURT","LIMETREE COURT COND","Limetree Court Condo","Limetree Court Condos","LIMETREE VILLAS","LIMETREE--BEAUTIFUL VILLA AVAILABLE FOR SEASONAL OR CORPORATE LEASE.TURNKEY 4MON @ $2,550 + SECURITY","LITTLE RIVER GLEN","LITTLE RIVER GLEN PU","Little River Glen Pud","Located a block from the beach","Los Mangos","LOS MANGOS PATIO VIL","LOS MANGOS PATIO VILLAS & TOWNHOMES","Los Mangos Patio Villas & Twnhms","Los Mangos Patio Villas And Townhomes","Lot 1, Block 8, CHAPEL HILL","LUCENTE VILLAGE A & B CONDO","Lucente Village A & B Conds","Lucente Vlg A And B Conds Decl In Or8738p1856 And","LYONS RANCHES","LYONS WEST AGR PUD","LYONS WEST AGR PUD 1","Lyons West Agr Pud 3","LYONS WEST AGR PUD 4","LYONS WEST AGR PUD 5","MADISON LAKES","MAJESTIC ISLES","Majestic Isles 02","MAJESTIC ISLES 03","MAJESTIC ISLES 1","MAJESTIC ISLES 2","MAJESTIC ISLES 3","MAJESTIC ISLES PL 1","Majestic Isles PL 1 lt 90","MAJESTIC ISLES PL 2","MAJESTIC ISLES PL 3","Majestic Isles PT 1","MANATEE COVE","MANATEE COVE\/INCLUDES BOAT DOCK","MANGO HEIGHTS","MANGO HEIGHTS FIRST ADD","Mangrove","Mangrove Walk","Mangrove Walk - BOYNTON PLACE","MANOR FOREST","MANOR FOREST - FOX HOLLOW","Manor Forest \/ Fox Hollow","MANOR FOREST \/ LAWRENCE OAKS","Manor Forest 01 Rep Tr 04","Manor Forest 02 Rep","Manor Forest 03","Manor Forest 04","Manor Forest 04\/Lawrence Oaks","Manor Forest 1","MANOR FOREST 2","MANOR FOREST 4","MANOR FOREST COND NO","MANOR FOREST COND NO I DECL FILED 11-1-83 IN","Manor Forest condo","Manor Forest Condo 01","MANOR FOREST CONDO I","MANOR FOREST CONDO I \/ FOX HOLLOW","Manor Forest condo.","MANOR FOREST PL 2 RE","MANOR FOREST PL 2 REPL","MANOR FOREST PL 3","MANOR FOREST PL 4","MANOR FOREST-FOX HOLLOW","Manor Forest, Fox Hollow","Manor Forest\/ Fox Hollow","MANOR FOREST\/Fox Hollow","MANOR FOREST\/LAWRENCE OAKS","Manor Forrest","Manor Frst 04","MANOR GROVE VILLAGE","MARINA VILIAGE","Marina Village","Marina Village at B.B. Marina","Marina Village At Boynton","Marina Village at Boynton Beach","MARINA VILLAGE AT BOYNTON BEACH CONDO","MARINA VILLAGE AT BOYNTON BEACH CONDO BLDG 01","MARINA VILLAGE AT BOYNTON BEACH CONDO Unit 607 Bldg 1","Marina Village at Boynton Beach Condominium","MARINA VILLAGE AT BOYNTON BEACH MARINA CONDOMINIUMS","MARINA VILLAGE AT BOYNTON BEACH MARINA TOWNHOUSE CONDOMINIUMS","Marina Village at Boynton Beach Townhouses Condominium","Marina Village Boynton Beach","MARINA VILLAGE BOYNTON BEACH CONDO","MARINA VILLAGE BUILDING 3","Marina Village Condominium","Marina Village,","Marina Village,PH 15th Floor Boynton Beach","MARINA VILLAGE*","MARINA VILLAGE*ALL AGES*","Marina Vlg At Boynton Beach Condo","Mariner Townhomes","MARINER VILLAGE","MARINER WAY","MARINER\\'S COVE","MARINERS COVE","Mariners Way","MARINERS WAY - MANATEE COVE","MARINERS WAY\/MANATEE COVE","Marribella \/Villa Del Sol Condo","MC CORMICK MILE","Mc Cormick Mile Add 01","MC CORMICK MILE ADD 1","MC CORMICK MILE IN","Mc Donald Park","Mc Donald Park Add","MC DONALD PARK ADD I","MC DONALD PARK ADD IN","Mc Donald Park Add.","Mc Donald Pk Add","McDonald Park","MCDONALD PARK ADD","Mcdonald Pk","MEADOW LAKE","Meadow Lake at The Meadows","MEADOWS","Meadows -Willbrook","MEADOWS 300","Meadows 300 01","Meadows 300 01, WILLOWBROOK","MEADOWS 300 1","Meadows 300 2","MEADOWS 300 PL NO 2","MEADOWS 300 PL NO 3","MEADOWS 300 PLAT NO","MEADOWS 300 PLAT NO 1","Meadows Clover Bend","Meadows Green Condo","MEADOWS LAKES","Meadows on Green","Meadows On Green Condo","MEADOWS ON THE GREEM","Meadows On The Green","MEADOWS ON THE GREEN COND","MEADOWS ON THE GREEN CONDO","MEADOWS ON THE GREEN CONDOMINIUM","MEADOWS ONTHE GREEN","Meadows Park","Meadows Park Windemere","MEADOWS PARK \/ WINDEMERE","Meadows Park\/Windemere","Meadows Plat No. 1","MEADOWS Willowbrook","MEADOWS-Clover Bend","Meadows-Cloverleaf","MEADOWS, Meadow Lake","MEADOWS\/CLOVER BEND","MEADOWS\/GREEN CONDO","MEEKS & ANDREWS","Meeks & Andrews Add","MEEKS & ANDREWS ADD IN","MEEKS & ANDREWS ADD SUB OF BLK 6 IN","MEEKS + ANDREWS","MEEKS + ANDREWS ADD","MEEKS ADD TO BOYNYON","Meeks And Andrews","MEEKS AND ANDREWS ADD","MEEKS AND ANDREWS ADD SUB OF BLK 6","MELEAR","MELEAR Borgata","Melear (SAN SAVINO)","MELEAR - Borgata","Melear - San Savino","MELEAR \/ San Savino","MELEAR BORGATA","MELEAR Pod A Home Owners Assoc. Inc","Melear San Savino","MELEAR, Borgata","MELEAR, SAN SAVINO","MELEAR; SAN SAVINO","MELEAR\/ San Savino","Melear\/ San Savino","MELEAR\/Borgata","Melrose","Melrose at Verona Lakes","MELROSE P U D VERONA","MELROSE PARK","MELROSE PARK SEC 01","MELROSE PARK SEC 1","MELROSE PARK SEC 2","Melrose Park Sec 3","MELROSE PARK SEC 4","Melrose PUD","MELROSE PUD VERONA LAKES TR B2","Melrose Pud - Verona Lakes","MELROSE PUD PAR D","MELROSE PUD PAR H","MELROSE PUD PAR H- Venetian Isles","MELROSE PUD POD E","MELROSE PUD POD E, V","MELROSE PUD POD F","MELROSE PUD POD G","Melrose Pud Prcl D","Melrose Pud venetian isles","MELROSE PUD VENETIAN ISLES PAR I","Melrose Pud Venetian Isles Prcl 01","MELROSE PUD VERONA","MELROSE PUD VERONA L","Melrose Pud Verona Lakes","MELROSE PUD VERONA LAKES TR","Melrose Pud Verona Lakes Tr B-2","MELROSE PUD VERONA LAKES TR B2","MELROSE PUD VERONA LAKES TR B2\/VERONA LAKES","Melrose Pud Verona Lakes Tr C1","MELROSE PUD VERONA LAKES,verona lakes","Melrose Pud Verona Lks","MELROSE VENETIAN ISLES TERRANOVA","Melrose, Verona Lakes","Military Trail to Pipers Glen Blvd - W to Starlight Cove Entrance (L on Fairway Dr) - R on Pleasant","MILLICENT","MILLICENT COND APT","Millicent Condo","MILLICENT CONDO LTS 4,5 AND 6 BLK 3 TWN OF BOY","MILLICENT CONDOMINIU","MILLICIENT CONDO","Miner Ridge Estates","MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD","MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD 1","MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD 1\/GREYSTONE","Mini Assemblage Pud 2","MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD 3","MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD 4","MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD 6","MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD 7","MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD 8","MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD 9","MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD 9 GreyStone","MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD PL 1\/GREYSTONE","MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD PL 6","MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD PL 9 LT 347","Mini Assemblage Pud Plat 7","MINI ASSEMBLAGE PUD, mini assemblage, greystone","Mirabella","MIRABELLA - VILLA DEL SOL CONDO","MIRABELLA \/ VILLA DEL SOL CONDO","Mirabella Villa","Mirabella Villa Del Sol","Mirabella Villa Del Sol Condo","Mirabella Villas","Mirabella Villas aka Villa Del Sol","Mirabella Villas \/ Villa Del Sol","MIRABELLA VILLAS AKA VILLA DEL SOL CONDO","Mirabella Villas - VILLA DEL SOL CONDO","Mirabella Villas - Villa Del Sol Condominium","MIRABELLA VILLAS \/ VILLA DEL SOL","MIRABELLA VILLAS \/ VILLA DEL SOL CONDOMINIUM","Mirabella Villas aka Villa Del Sol","MIRABELLA VILLAS, Villa Del Sol","Mirabella Villas\/Villa del Sol","Mirabella Villas\/VILLA DEL SOL CONDO","Mirabella, Villa Del Sol","Mirabella, Villa Del Sol Condo","MIRABELLA\/VILLA DEL SOL","MIRABELLA\/VILLA DEL SOL CONDO","MIRROR LAKES","MIRROR LAKES 01","Mirror Lakes 02","MIRROR LAKES 1","MIRROR LAKES 2","MIRROR LAKES PL 2","MIRROR LAKES PLAT 1","MISSION HILL","MISSION HILL \/ CHAPEL HILL","Mission Hill In","Mission Hill, Chapel Hill","MISSION HILL\/CHAPEL HILL","Mission Hill\/Chapel Hill Neighborhood","MIZNER FALLS","MIZNER FALLS P U D","MNR FOREST 1","Mnr Forest 2","MNR FOREST 3","MNR FOREST 4","MNR FOREST 4, LAWRENCE OAKS","Mnr Forest Cond I","MNR FOREST CONDO","MNR FOREST CONDO I","Mnr Forest Tr 4 1","MONARCA","MONOR FOREST 2 \/ FOX HOLLOW","Monterey","Monterey Bay","MONTEREY BAY PUD","Monterey Bay PUD Trs A Th","Monterey Bay Pud Trs A Thru U","MONTEREY BAY TR","Monterey Bay Tr C1","MONTEREY BOYNTON BEA","Monteverde","MONTEVERDE @ RENAISSANCE COMMONS","Monteverde at Renaissance Commmons","Monteverde at Renaissance Commons","Monteverde Condo","Monteverde Condo - Renaissance Com","Monteverde Condo @ Renaissance Com","Monteverde Condo at Renaissance Commons","MONTEVERDE CONDO Renaissance Commons","Monteverde Condo, Renaissance","MONTEVERDE CONDO, Renaissance Commons","MONTEVERDE CONDOMINIUM","MONTEVERDE\/RENAISSANCE COMMONS","MONTICELLO AGR PUD PLAT FIVE","MONTICELLO AGR PUD PLAT SIX","Montreux","Montreux 2","MOORING","MOORINGS","Moorings \/ Aberdeen","MOORINGS AT ABERDEEN","MOORINGS AT LANTANA","Moorings\/Parkwalk 4","MORRISON HEIGHTS","MORRISON HGTS IN","mriabella villas","Muirhead Estates","Muirhead Estates \/ Aberdeen","MUIRHEAD ESTATES, ABERDEEN","Muirhead Estates\/Aberdeen","MUIRHEAD\/THE ESTATES","MURANO BAY","Murano Bay Pud","N","N\/A Cottage District","Nanak Place Preserve Area 05","Nautica","Nautica 01","Nautica 02","NAUTICA 1","NAUTICA 2","NAUTICA 2Pls verify directly with HOA re renting or pet restriction (agressive breed)","Nautica PL 02","NAUTICA PL 1","NAUTICA PL 2","NAUTICA PL1","NAUTICA SOUND","Nautica Sound 01","Nautica Sound 02","NAUTICA SOUND 1","NAUTICA SOUND 1 LOT 11","Nautica Sound 2","NAUTICA SOUND PL 1","NAUTICA SOUND PL 1 LT","NAUTICA SOUND PL 2","NAUTICA SOUND PL 2 LT","NAUTICA SOUND PL2","NDIAN SPRING","NDIAN SPRINGS OAKMONT","NEAR DOWNTOWNL BUS DISTRICT","Neptune Business Condominium","NEW CONSTRUCTION","NIETO PARK LT 1","NO MEMBERSHIP FEES","None (Unincorporated Palm Beach County)","NORTH RIDGE ESTATES","North Ridge Ests","NORTH RIDGE ESTS IN","NORTH TREE","Northern Pines Mhp 03","Northern Pines Mnr Park 5","Northern Pines Mnr Park 6","NORTHERN PINES MOBIL","NORTHERN PINES MOBILE HOM","Northern Pines Mobile Home Park","NORTHERN PINES MOBILE HOME PARK 1","NORTHERN PINES MOBILE HOME PARK 2","NORTHERN PINES MOBILE HOME PARK 2, TROPICAL BREEZE ESTATES","NORTHERN PINES MOBILE HOME PARK 3","NORTHERN PINES MOBILE HOME PARK 4","NORTHERN PINES MOBILE HOME PARK 5","NORTHERN PINES MOBILE HOME PARK 6","NORTHERN PINES MOBILE HOME PARK 6,TROPICAL BREEZE ESTATES","NORTHERN PINES MOBILE HOME PARK NO 1 IN","NORTHERN PINES MOBILE HOME PARK NO 2 IN","NORTHERN PINES MOBILE HOME PARK NO 3 IN","NORTHERN PINES MOBILE HOME PARK NO 4 IN","NORTHERN PINES MOBILE HOME PARK NO 5 IN","NORTHERN PINES MOBILE HOME PARK PL 6","Northpointe","Northpointe \/Westchester Country Club","Northpointe 01","NORTHPOINTE 02","Northpointe 1","NORTHPOINTE 11","NORTHPOINTE I","NORTHPOINTE I AFFIDA","Northpointe I Affidavit Of Waiver-Platting Blks 4","NORTHPOINTE II","NORTHPOINTE II AFFID","NORTHPOINTE II AFFIDAVIT OF WAIVER-PLATTING BLKS 6","NORTHSIDE COND DECL FIELD 7-2-81 IN","NORTHSIDE COND DECL FILED 7-2-81 IN","NORTHSIDE CONDO","NORTHTREE","northwoods at hunters run","NORTHWOODS AT HUNTERS RUN ADD NO 1","NORTHWOODS AT HUNTERS RUN CONDO","NORTHWOODS II AT HUNTERS RUN CONDO","not gated","NOT KNOWN","Oak Run","OAKDALE","OAKDALE AT INDIAN SPRING","Oakdale II","OAKDALE TOWNHOMES II","Oakmont at Indian Springs","OAKS","Oaks At Hunters Run","OAKS AT HUNTERS RUN CONDO","OAKWOOD","Oakwood 02","Oakwood Ii","Oakwood Lakes","OAKWOOD LAKES COND D","Oakwood Lakes Condo","OAKWOOD LAKES CONDO.","Oakwood Lakes West","OAKWOOD PLAT II","OASIS","Oasis Boynton","OCEAN BREEZE WEST","OCEAN CAY","OCEAN PARK MANOR","Ocean Park Manor Condo","OCEAN PARK MNR COND AS IN DECL IN","OCEAN RIDGE","OCEAN RIDGE BEACH","OCEAN RIDGE YACHT CL","Ocean Shore Estates","OCEAN SHORE ESTS UNREC ON AM-71","OCEAN TERRACE COND A","OCEANWALK CONDO","Old Boynton Estates","OLD BOYNTON ESTATES-BLUM","ORCHARD ESTATES","Orchard Groves","Oyster Bay","P T V","P T V Pine Tree Village","P T V - Pine Tree Village","P T V As","P T V Pine Tree Village","P T V PLAT","P T V PLATPINE TREE VILLAGE","P T V, Pine Tree Village","P T V, Pine Tree Village, Pinetree Village","P T VPine Tree Village","Paget House Condo","Palermo at Venetian Isles","Palladian, Twin Lakes","PALLADIUM","PALLADIUM - TWIN LAKES","Palladium TWIN LAKES","PALLADIUM - TWIN LAKES","Palladium \/ TWIN LAKES","Palladium TWIN LAKES","Palladium- Twin Lakes","PALLADIUM, TWIN LAKES","Palladium,Twin Lakes","Palladium\/Twin Lakes","Palm BeachCH LEISUREVILLE","PALM BEACH","PALM BEACH COUNTRY C","PALM BEACH COUNTY","palm beach farms","PALM BEACH FARMS CO","PALM BEACH FARMS CO 03","Palm Beach Farms Co 08","PALM BEACH FARMS CO 3","PALM BEACH FARMS CO 8","PALM BEACH FARMS CO PL 8 IN","PALM BEACH FARMS CO PL NO 3","PALM BEACH LEISURE","PALM BEACH LEISUREVI","palm beach leisureville","Palm Beach Leisureville Sec 10","Palm Beach Leisureville 02","Palm Beach Leisureville 03","Palm Beach Leisureville 05","Palm Beach Leisureville 05a","Palm Beach Leisureville 06","Palm Beach Leisureville 07","Palm Beach Leisureville 08","Palm Beach Leisureville 10Th Sec","PALM BEACH LEISUREVILLE 10TH SEC A","Palm Beach Leisureville 10Th Sec As In Pb30p129-14","Palm Beach Leisureville 10Th Sec lt 1 blk 86","Palm Beach Leisureville 10Th Sec Replat Of Parcels","PALM BEACH LEISUREVILLE 10TH SEC REPLAT OF PART","Palm Beach Leisureville 10Th Sec Replat Of Part As","PALM BEACH LEISUREVILLE 9TH SEC","Palm Beach Leisureville 9Th Sec Pb30p14-17","Palm Beach Leisureville Community","PALM BEACH LEISUREVILLE CONDO","Palm Beach Leisureville Condo E","palm beach Leisureville leisure lake","Palm Beach Leisureville R","Palm Beach Leisureville Rep","Palm Beach Leisureville Replat","PALM BEACH LEISUREVILLE REPLAT IN","Palm Beach Leisureville Replat l0t 5 blk 8","Palm Beach Leisureville S","Palm Beach Leisureville Sec 9","Palm Beach Leisureville Sec 02","Palm Beach Leisureville Sec 07","Palm Beach Leisureville Sec 09","Palm Beach Leisureville Sec 10","Palm Beach Leisureville Sec 10 Rep","PALM BEACH LEISUREVILLE SEC 10Boynton Leisureville","Palm Beach Leisureville Sec 2","PALM BEACH LEISUREVILLE SEC 2 IN","Palm Beach Leisureville Sec 3","PALM BEACH LEISUREVILLE SEC 3 IN","Palm Beach Leisureville Sec 5","PALM BEACH LEISUREVILLE SEC 5A","PALM BEACH LEISUREVILLE SEC 5A IN","Palm Beach Leisureville Sec 6","PALM BEACH LEISUREVILLE SEC 6 IN","PALM BEACH LEISUREVILLE SEC 7","Palm Beach Leisureville Sec 7 As Recorded","PALM BEACH LEISUREVILLE SEC 7 AS RECORDED IN","PALM BEACH LEISUREVILLE SEC 8","Palm Beach Leisureville Sec 8 As Recorded","PALM BEACH LEISUREVILLE SEC 9","Palm Beach Leisureville.","PALM BEACH RANCHES U","Palm Beach Shore","Palm Beach Shore Acres","PALM BEACH SHORE ACRES BLKS A,B AND Z","palm beach shores","PALM BH LEISUREVILLE","PALM CHASE","PALM CHASE \/\\'\\'NEW KITHCEN\\'\\'","PALM CHASE COND 91 VILLA A","PALM CHASE CONDO","Palm Chase Condos","PALM CHASE CONDOS 1 thru 133","Palm Chase Conds","PALM CHASE CONDS 1 T","PALM CHASE CONDS 1 THRU 133","Palm Chase Conds 1 Thru 133 As In Or4657p1596 And","Palm Chase Lakes","PALM CHASE LAKES CON","PALM CHASE LAKES COND","PALM CHASE LAKES CONDO","PALM GREENS II","Palm Isle III","Palm Isle West","PALM ISLES","PALM ISLES WEST","PALM ISLES 1","PALM ISLES CONDO","Palm Isles Condo 01-03","Palm Isles Condo III","PALM ISLES CONDOS","PALM ISLES I","PALM ISLES I COND","PALM ISLES I, II & I","PALM ISLES I, II & III","Palm Isles I, II & III Conds","PALM ISLES I, II & III CONDS DECLS FILED IN OR6990P1561,OR 7720P141, & OR8284P242","PALM ISLES I, II & I","PALM ISLES I, II AND III","PALM ISLES I, II AND III CONDOS","Palm Isles I, Ii And Iii Conds Decls Filed In Or69","PALM ISLES I, II, AND III CONDOS","PALM ISLES I,II, AND III CONDOS","PALM ISLES III","PALM ISLES WEST","PALM ISLES\/SOUTHWIND ESTATES","PALM LAND VILLAS","Palm Meadows","PALM MEADOWS ESTATES","PALM SHORE \/WINDWARD PALM BEACH","PALM SHORE\/WINDWARD PALM BEACH","Palm Shores","PALM SHORES - WINDWARD PALM BEACH","PALM SHORES (Windward Palm Beach 2)","Palm Shores \/ WINDWARD PALM BEACH","PALM SHORES AT GABLE","PALM SHORES AT GABLES END","Palm Shores Windward","PALM SHORES WINDWARD PALM BEACH WINDWARD","PALM SHORES, WINDWARD PALM BEACH","PALM SHORES, WINDWARD PALM BEACH 2","Palm Shores, Windward Palms","Palm Shores\/Windward Palm Beach","PALM SHORES\/Windward Palms","PALMBEACH LEISUREVILLE","PALMER ESTATES","PALMLAND VILLAS","Palmland Villas Condo","PALMLAND VILLAS I","PALMLAND VILLAS I CO","PALMLAND VILLAS I COND","PALMLAND VILLAS I CONDO","Palmway Cond Decl","PALMWAY COND DECL FI","Palmway Condo","Palmyra","Palmyra - Dahlgren Pud","Palmyra Est Pud","Palmyra Estate","Palmyra Estates","Palmyra Estates - Dahlgreen Pud","Palmyra Estates - Dahlgren Pud","PALMYRA ESTATES DAHLGREN PUD","PALMYRA ESTATES II","Palmyra Estates Pud","PALMYRA ESTATES\/DAHLGREN","Palmyra,Dahlgren","Palmyra\/ Dahlgren","PALMYRA\/DAHLGREN","PALTINA","PARADISE COMMONS","PARK LANE","PARK LANE COND APTS","PARK LANE CONDO","PARK LANE CONDO APTS","Park Shores Manor","Park Terrace in Renaissance Commons","Parker Estate","PARKER ESTATES","Parker Estates Boynton Beach","PARKLANE-MUST SEE!!!","Parkside","PARKSIDE , QUANTUM PARK TOWNHOMES","PARKSIDE EAST","PARKSIDE QUANTUM PARK TOWNHOMES","PARKSIDE SQUARE","PARKSIDE SQUARE , Quantun Park","Parkside Square \/ Quantum Park","Parkside Square, Quantum","PARKSIDE TOWNHOMES","Parkside Village","Parkside Village -- Quantum Park","PARKSIDE VILLAGE \/ QUANTUM PARK TOWNHOMES","PARKSIDE VILLAGE QUANTUM PARK TOWNHOMES","Parkside Village\/ Quantum Park","Parkside, Quantum Park Townhomes","Parkwalk","PARKWALK - ABERDEEN","PARKWALK - LANDINGS","Parkwalk 01\/Aberdeen\/The Landings","Parkwalk 02","Parkwalk 04","PARKWALK 1","PARKWALK 1 (ABERDEEN)","PARKWALK 2","PARKWALK 2 \/ Aberdeen","PARKWALK 4","PARKWALK 4 \/ ABERDEEN","PARKWALK 4 Aberdeen","Parkwalk 4\/Aberdeen East","PARKWALK ABERDEEN","PARKWALK CONDO","PARKWALK PL 1","PARKWALK PL 2","PARKWALK PL 4","PARKWALK, The Moorings","PARKWALK\/ABERDEEN","PARRY TRAILER VILLAG","PARRY TRAILER VILLAGE","PARRY TRAILER VILLAGE UNREC ON AM-37","PARRY TRAILER VILLAGE UNREC ON AM37","PARRY VILLAGE","PB LEISUREVILLE","PBCH LEISUREVILLE","Pelican Beach","Pelican Beach Condo","PELICAN HARBOR","Pelican Point","Pelican Point at Boynton Beach","PELICAN POINT AT BOYNTON BEACH CONDO","PELICAN POINT AT BOYNTON BEACH CONDOMINIUM","PELICAN POINT TOWNHOMES","PELICAN POINTE","Pence Sub 1","Pence Sub No 1","Pences 01","PENCES SUB NO 1 IN","PENINSULA","PENINSULA IPUD","Peninsula on the Intracoastal","PENINSULA ON THE INTRACOASTAL CONDO","Penninsula on the Intracoastal","Picnic Area; Pool; Sidewalks","PINE GARDENS","Pine Grove","PINE GROVE VILLAGE","Pine Grove Village Unrec","PINE GROVE VILLAGE UNREC ON AM-7","Pine Point","PINE POINT VILLA","Pine Point Villas","Pine Point Villas Association","PINE POINT VILLAS CO","PINE POINT VILLAS COND A THRU I","Pine Point Villas Cond A Thru I As In Decl In Or2","PINE POINT VILLAS CONDO","Pine Point Villas Condo A-I","Pine Ridge","PINE TREE","PINE TREE CC","Pine Tree Country Club Estates","PINE TREE GARDEN W","Pine Tree Golf","PINE TREE GOLF C","PINE TREE GOLF CLUB","Pine Tree Golf Club Amd Unrec","PINE TREE GOLF CLUB AMD UNREC ON AM-73","PINE TREE GOLF CLUB AMENDED UNREC","Pine Tree Golf Club AMND","PINE TREE GOLF ESTATES","Pine Tree Village","Pine Tree Village - P T V","Pine Tree Village P T V As","Pine Tree Village PTV","Pine Tree Village, P T V","Pine Tree Villas","PINETREE VILLAGE","PIPER GLEN ESTATES","PIPERS GLEN","PIPERS GLEN - GOLF COLONY","PIPERS GLEN - STARLIGHT COVE","Pipers Glen -SAN MARCO-WESTCHESTER","Pipers Glen \/ Starlight Cove","PIPERS GLEN A-2A","Pipers Glen A-3","PIPERS GLEN A-3, Starlight Cove","PIPERS GLEN A-3\/ Starlight Cove","PIPERS GLEN A-3\/Star Light Cove\/Westchester CC","Pipers Glen A3","Pipers Glen A3, Starlight Cove","Pipers Glen Estates","Pipers Glen Estates - WESTCHESTER","PIPERS GLEN ESTATES (Golf Colony)","Pipers Glen Estates \/ Golf Colony","Pipers Glen Estates, Golf Colony","Pipers Glen Estates\/Golf Colony","PIPERS GLEN GOLF VIL","PIPERS GLEN Lakes of Westchester","PIPERS GLEN PAR E","Pipers Glen Pods F & H","PIPERS GLEN PODS F &","PIPERS GLEN PODS F AND H","Pipers Glen Prcl E","Pipers Glen San Marco","Pipers Glen Starlight Cove","PIPERS GLEN\/ SAN MARCO","PIPERS GLEN\/GOLF COLONY","PIPERS GLEN\/SAN MARCO","Plantina","PLATINA","PLATINA ILLUSTRE VILLAGE CONDO","Platina Festivita","Platina ILLUSTRE VILLAGE CONDO","PLATINA -BELLAVISTA VILLAGE CONDO","PLATINA Bellavista Vlg Conds A-D","Platina Lucente Village","Platina - Alexandra","Platina - Alexandra Village","PLATINA - ALEXANDRA VILLAGE CONDO","Platina - Alexandra Vlg A -K Cond Decls Filed 1-9-90","Platina - Bellavista","PLATINA - BELLAVISTA VILLAGE","PLATINA - CARRARA VILLAGE","PLATINA - CARRARA VILLAGE CONDO","PLATINA - DIAMANTE VILLAGE CONDO","Platina - Excellante Village","PLATINA - EXCELLENTE VILLAGE","PLATINA - Exellente","Platina - Illustre","Platina - Illustre Village","Platina - ILLUSTRE VLG A,B,C,D AND E CONDS DECLS IN OR8628","Platina - Lucente Village","PLATINA - LUCENTE VILLAGE E COND Unit 3905","Platina - Milano","Platina ,DIAMANTE","PLATINA (BELLAVISTA)","PLATINA \/ ALEXANDRA VILLAGE","PLATINA \/ ALEXANDRA VILLAGE CONDO","PLATINA \/ BELLAVISTA","PLATINA \/ BELLAVISTA VILLAGE","PLATINA \/ CARRARA VILLAGE","PLATINA \/ CARRARA VILLAGE CONDO","PLATINA \/ DIAMANTE VILLAGE","PLATINA \/ DIAMANTE VILLAGE CONDO","Platina \/ Excellente Village","PLATINA \/ EXCELLENTE VILLAGE A,B,C,D,F, & G CONDO","PLATINA \/ FESTIVITA VILLAGE","PLATINA \/ FESTIVITA VILLAGE A & B CONDO","Platina \/ Furnished","PLATINA \/ GIARDINO VILLAGE","Platina \/ GIARDINO VILLAGE CONDOS","PLATINA \/ ILLUSTRE","PLATINA \/ ILLUSTRE VILLAGE","PLATINA \/ ILLUSTRE VILLAGE CONDO","PLATINA \/ LUCENTE VILLAGE","Platina \/ LUCENTE VILLAGE A & B CONDO","PLATINA \/ALEXANDRA","PLATINA 2","PLATINA 2 -Milano Village","Platina Alexandra","PLATINA ALEXANDRA VILLAGE","PLATINA Alexandra Village A-K Cond","Platina ALEXANDRA VILLAGE CONDO","PLATINA ALEXANDRIA VILLAGE","PLATINA Bellavista","Platina Bellavista Village","PLATINA BELLAVISTA VILLAGE CONDO","PLATINA CARRARA","PLATINA Carrara Village Condos A-C","Platina Carrara Vlg Conds A,B, And C","Platina Coach House","PLATINA CONDO","PLATINA DIAMANTE","PLATINA DIAMANTE VILLAGE","PLATINA DIAMANTE VILLAGE CONDO","PLATINA DIAMANTE VILLAGE CONDS A-D","Platina Diamonte Village","Platina Excellente","Platina Giardino","Platina GIARDINO VILLAGE CONDOS","Platina ILLUSTRE VILLAGE CONDO","Platina in Carrara Village Condos","Platina Seasonal","PLATINA- ALEXANDRA VILLAGE","PLATINA- ALEXANDRA VILLAGE CONDO","Platina- Alexandra Villiage","Platina--Alexandra Village","Platina-Alexandra Village","PLATINA-ALEXANDRA VILLAGE CONDO","PLATINA-BELLAVISTA VILLAGE","PLATINA-CARRARA VILLAGE CONDO","Platina-Excellente Village","Platina-Festivita Village","PLATINA-GIARDINO VILLAGE","Platina-Lucente Village A & B Cond","PLATINA, ALEXANDRA","Platina, Alexandra Village","Platina, Bella Vista Village","Platina, Diamante Village","PLATINA, DIAMANTE VILLAGE CONDO","PLATINA, GRANDI","Platina*","Platina\/ Alexandra Village Condo","Platina\/ Festivita Village","Platina\/ Giardino Village","Platina\/ Illustre Village","Platina\/ Lucente Village","Platina\/Alexandra","Platina\/Alexandra Village","Platina\/ALEXANDRA VILLAGE CONDO","Platina\/Alexandra Village new kitchen","PLATINA\/BELLAVISTA VILLAGE","PLATINA\/BELLAVISTA VILLAGE CONDO","PLATINA\/CARRARA","Platina\/Carrara Village","PLATINA\/CARRARA VILLAGE CONDO","PLATINA\/DIAMANTE VILLAGE","PLATINA\/DIAMANTE\\' VILLAGE","Platina\/Excellente Vill A-D F & G","PLATINA\/EXCELLENTE VILLAGE","Platina\/Festivita","PLATINA\/FESTIVITA VILLAGE","PLATINA\/FESTIVITA VILLAGE A & B CONDO","PLATINA\/GIARDINO VILLAGE","PLATINA\/GIARDINO VILLAGE CONDOS","Platina\/ILLUSTRE VILLAGE","PLATINA\/ILLUSTRE VILLAGE CONDO","PLATINA\/Illustre Village Condo A-E","Platina\/Lucente Village","PLATINABEAUTIFULLY LANDSCAPED COMMUNITY WITH EVERYTHING!!CLUBHOUSE, 4 POOLS, TENNIS, CHECK THE PIC","PlatinaBELLAVISTA VILLAGE CONDO","PLAZA AT BOYNTON","PLM BCH LEISUREVILLE","POINCIANA","POINCIANA CONDO","Poinciana Condo West","POINCIANA HEIGHTS","POINCIANA HGTS","Poinciana West","Poinciana West Cond","Poinciana West Cond As In Decl In","POINCIANA WEST CONDO","Poinciana West Condo 360","POINICANA WEST","Pointe Vecchio","PONCIANA WEST COND","Ponte Vecchio","Ponte Vecchio ( Tuscany )","PONTE VECCHIO - TUSCANY PAR A\/B","PONTE VECCHIO (TUSCANY PAR D)","Ponte Vecchio \/ Tuscany","Ponte Vecchio \/ Tuscany Par","PONTE VECCHIO \/TUSCANY PAR D","Ponte Vecchio East","Ponte Vecchio Tuscany","Ponte Vecchio TUSCANY PAR C","Ponte Vecchio Tuscany Par D","PONTE VECCHIO WEST","Ponte Vecchio West \/ TUSCANYPARA\/B","Ponte Vecchio West TUSCANY PAR A\/B","Ponte Vecchio WestTUSCANY PAR A\/B","Ponte Vecchio-TUSCANY PAR D","Ponte Vecchio\/Tuscany","PONTE VECCHIO\/TUSCANY PAR C","PONTE VECCHIO\/TUSCANY PAR E","PONTE VECCHIOTUSCANY PAR C","Ponte VecchioTUSCANY PAR D","Ponte VecchioTUSCANY PAR E","POOL, CLUBHOUSE, EXERCISE ROOM, TENNIS, BILLIARDS,BASKETBALL,BUISNESS CENTER","Portofino Ocean Ridge Condo","POST LANDING","PRESERVE AT BOYNTON BEACH","PRESERVE AT BOYNTON BEACH 1","Preserve At Boynton Beach 12 Condo","PRESERVE AT BOYNTON BEACH 13 CONDO","PRESERVE AT BOYNTON BEACH 14 CONDO","Preserve At Boynton Beach 15 Condo","PRESERVE AT BOYNTON BEACH 2 CONDO","Preserve At Boynton Beach 9 Condo","Preserve At Boynton Beach Condo 02","Preserves at Boynton Beach","Prestwick Estates","PRESTWICK PLAT","PRINCESTON","Princeton","PRINCETON PLACE","PRINCETON PLACE AT GABLES END","PRINCETON PLACE AT G","Princeton Place At Gables","Princeton Place At Gables End","Princeton Place at Gables End.","PRINSTON PLACE","Private","PRIVATE ROAD","Promenade","PROMENADE \/ CASA COSTA","PROMENADE CASA COSTA","Promenade Condo","Promenade Condo - Casa Costa","PROMENADE CONDO CASA COSTA","Promenade Condo, Casa Costa","PROMENADE\/CASA COSTA","PTV PINE TREE VILLAGE","Quail One Condo One","QUAIL RIDGE","QUAIL RIDGE 23","QUAIL RIDGE 6","QUAIL RIDGE COND 10-","QUAIL RIDGE COND 13","QUAIL RIDGE COND 14","QUAIL RIDGE COND 15","QUAIL RIDGE COND 3 A","QUAIL RIDGE COND 3A","QUAIL RIDGE COND 8 A","Quail Ridge Condo 09","QUAIL RIDGE CONDO 10-B","QUAIL RIDGE CONDO 11","QUAIL RIDGE CONDO 12","QUAIL RIDGE CONDO 13","QUAIL RIDGE CONDO 14","QUAIL RIDGE CONDO 24","QUAIL RIDGE CONDO 3","QUAIL RIDGE CONDO 30","QUAIL RIDGE CONDO 3A","QUAIL RIDGE CONDO 4","QUAIL RIDGE CONDO 5","QUAIL RIDGE CONDO 7","QUAIL RIDGE CONDO 8","QUAIL RIDGE CONDO 9","Quail Ridge Condo Four As In Decl In","QUAIL RIDGE CONDO KITTWAKE COURT","Quail Ridge Condominium 14","Quail Ridge Country Club","QUAIL RIDGE PL 6","QUAIL RIDGE PLAT 1","QUAIL RIDGE PLAT NO 21","QUAIL RIDGE-KINGFISH","QUAIL RIDGE\/OSPREY","QUAIL ROW","Quail Run","Quail Run Cond One","QUAIL RUN COND ONE D","QUAIL RUN CONDO","Quail Run Condo 01","Quail Run Condo 1","QUAIL RUN CONDO ONE","QUAIL RUN VILLAS","Quail Run Villas Pud","QUAIL RUN--BEAUTIFUL FIRST FLOOR CORNER UNIT WITH OUTSTANDING LAKE VIEWS!","Quaill Run","Quantum","QUANTUM CANTERBURY","QUANTUM PARK","Quantum Park Townhomes","Quantum Park - Parkside","Quantum Park \/ Park Place","QUANTUM PARK PARKSIDE \/ PARK SIDE TOWNHOMES","QUANTUM PARK PARKSIDE SQUARE","QUANTUM PARK THS","QUANTUM PARK TOWNHOM","QUANTUM PARK TOWNHOME, PARKSIDE VILLAGE","Quantum Park Townhomes","QUANTUM PARK TOWNHOMES \/ PARKSIDE","QUANTUM PARK TOWNHOMES | PARKSIDE VILLAGE","QUANTUM PARK TOWNHOMES PARKSIDE SQUARE","QUANTUM PARK TOWNHOMES PARKSIDE VILLAGE","QUANTUM PARK TOWNHOMES, Parkside","Quantum Park Townhomes, Parkside Square","QUANTUM PARK TOWNHOMES, Parkside village","QUANTUM PARK TOWNHOMES;PARKSIDE VILLAGE","QUANTUM PARK TOWNHOMESPARKSIDE SQUARE","QUANTUM PARK TOWNHOMESParkside Village","Quantum Park Townhouse","QUANTUM PARK TWNHMS","Quantum Park Twnhms Parkside","Quantum Park Twnhms-Park Side","Quantum Park Twnhms\/Parkside Vill","Quantum Park Village","QUANTUM PARK,PARKSIDE","Quantum Parkside","QUANTUM PK AT BOYNTON BCH PL 2","Quantum Pk Twnhm","QUANTUM WEST PLAZA","Rainbow Lake\/Fountains","Rainbow Lakes","Rainbow Lakes - Bay Estates","RAINBOW LAKES - CINNABAR","Rainbow Lakes - Cinnebar","Rainbow Lakes - Colors","RAINBOW LAKES \/ COLORS","Rainbow Lakes \/ Fountains","Rainbow Lakes 01","Rainbow Lakes 02","Rainbow Lakes 02 \/ Fountains","Rainbow Lakes 02\/Fountains","Rainbow Lakes 1","Rainbow Lakes 2","RAINBOW LAKES 2 \/ FOUNTAIN","RAINBOW LAKES 2 FOUN","RAINBOW LAKES 2\/ FOUNTAINS","RAINBOW LAKES 2\/FOUNTAINS","Rainbow Lakes Bay Estates Landsown","Rainbow Lakes Cinnabar","RAINBOW LAKES ESTATE","RAINBOW LAKES FOUNTAINS","Rainbow Lakes I","RAINBOW LAKES ONE","RAINBOW LAKES TR A","RAINBOW LAKES TR A -","RAINBOW LAKES TR A - Le Palais","RAINBOW LAKES TR A - ONE","RAINBOW LAKES TR A \/ Le Palais","Rainbow Lakes Tr A 01","RAINBOW LAKES TR A\/Le Palais","RAINBOW LAKES TR B P","Rainbow Lakes Tr B Ph 01","Rainbow Lakes Tr B Ph 01\/ CINNABAR","Rainbow Lakes Tr B Ph 02","RAINBOW LAKES TR B PH 1","RAINBOW LAKES TR B PH 1\/Cinnabar","RAINBOW LAKES TR B PH 1CINNABAR","RAINBOW LAKES TR B PH 2","Rainbow Lakes TR B PH1","RAINBOW LAKES TR E","RAINBOW LAKES TR E - COLORS","RAINBOW LAKES TR E - The Colors","RAINBOW LAKES TR E COLORS","RAINBOW LAKES TR E\/COLORS","RAINBOW LAKES TR EColors","RAINBOW LAKES- FOUNTAINS","Rainbow Lakes-Fountains","Rainbow Lakes-Le Palais","Rainbow Lakes, Cinnabar","RAINBOW LAKES, TARTAN LAKES","RAINBOW LAKES\/ FOUNTAINS","RAINBOW LAKES\/CINNAB","Rainbow Lakes\/Cinnabar","RAINBOW LAKES\/COLORS","Rainbow Lakes\/FOUNTAINS","RAINBOW LAKES\/THE ESTATES","Rainbow Lks 02","Regal Shores","REGAL SHORES \/ CORAL LAKES","REGAL SHORES CONDO","Regal Shores Condo 02","REGAL SHORES CONDO Building 7","REGAL SHORES CONDOMI","Regal Shores South\/Coral Lakes","REGAL SHORES\/Coral Lakes","Regency Bus Plaza Condo","REGENCY BUSINESS PLAZA","REGENCY BUSINESS PLAZA CONDO","Regency Cove North","REGENCY SQUARE","Renaissance","Renaissance Com \/ Firenze","Renaissance Common","Renaissance Commons","RENAISSANCE COMMONS - VIZCAYA LAKES CONDO","Renaissance Commons - Firenze","RENAISSANCE COMMONS - SAN RAPHAEL CONDOMINIUM","Renaissance Commons - Villa Lago","RENAISSANCE COMMONS - VISTABELLA","RENAISSANCE COMMONS (SAN RAPHAEL)","RENAISSANCE COMMONS \/ LA FIRENZE","Renaissance Commons \/ vizcaya lakes","RENAISSANCE COMMONS 2 PUD","RENAISSANCE COMMONS FIRENZE","RENAISSANCE COMMONS PL 2 PUD","RENAISSANCE COMMONS PUD","Renaissance Commons Pud Firenze","RENAISSANCE COMMONS PUD LT 232","RENAISSANCE COMMONS PUD\/FIRENZE","RENAISSANCE COMMONS REPL 1 PUD","RENAISSANCE COMMONS SAN RAPHAEL","RENAISSANCE COMMONS SAN RAPHAEL CONDO","RENAISSANCE COMMONS VILLA LAGO","RENAISSANCE COMMONS- Firenze","Renaissance Commons-Firenze","RENAISSANCE COMMONS, FIRENZE","Renaissance Commons, Monteverde","Renaissance Commons, Villa Lago","Renaissance Commons,Firenze","RENAISSANCE COMMONS\/ Firenze","Renaissance Commons\/ Monteverde","RENAISSANCE COMMONS\/MONTEVERDE CONDO","Renaissance Commons\/San Raphael","Renaissance Commons\/Villa Lago","Renaissance Monteverde","Renaissance San Raphael","RENAISSANCE Villa Lago","RENAISSANCE VIZCAYA LAKES CONDO","RENAISSANCE, FIRENZE","RENAISSANCE\/FIRENZE","RESERVE AT ASHLEY LK","RESIDENCE OF BELMONT","Residence of belmont at boynton beach condo","Residences at Belmont","Residences Belmont Boynton Pla","RESIDENCES OF BELMON","RESIDENCES OF BELMONT","RESIDENCES OF BELMONT AT BOYNTON","RESIDENCES OF BELMONT AT BOYNTON B","RESIDENCES OF BELMONT AT BOYNTON BEACH","RESIDENCES OF BELMONT AT BOYNTON BEACH C","RESIDENCES OF BELMONT AT BOYNTON BEACH CONDO","RESIDENCES OF BELMONT AT BOYNTON BEACH CONDOMINIUM","Residences of Belmont Place","Residences\/Belmont\/Boynton Bch","RIDGE COURT","Ridge Grove Est","RIDGE GROVE ESTATES","RIDGE GROVE ESTS","RIDGE HARBOUR ESTATES","RIDGE HARBOUR ESTS I","RIDGEPOINT VILLAS","RidgePointe","Ridgepointe Woods","RIDGEPOINTE WOODS VI","Ridgepointe Woods Villas","RIDGEWOOD","RIDGEWOOD ESTATES","RIDGEWOOD HILLS","RIDGEWOOD MANOR","Ridgewood Mnr","RIVIERA","ROARING 50\\'S","ROBERT ADD TO TOWN O","ROBERT WELLS SUB","ROBERTS E ADD","ROBERTS E ADD TO BOY","ROBINSON","ROBINSON ADD","ROBINSON ADD IN","ROLLING GREEN","Rolling Green 2nd Add","Rolling Green Add 01","Rolling Green Add 02","Rolling Green Hill","ROLLING GREEN IN","ROLLING GREEN RIDGE","Rolling Green Ridge 1 st addition","ROLLING GREEN RIDGE 1ST ADD","ROLLING GREEN RIDGE 1ST ADD LT 22 BLK","ROLLING GREEN RIDGE 1ST ADD IN PB","Rolling Green Ridge 1St Add In Pb 24 Pgs 223 To 22","ROLLING GREEN RIDGE 1ST ADD IN PB 24 PGS 223 TO 226 INC","ROLLING GREEN RIDGE 2ND ADD","ROLLING GREEN RIDGE 3RD ADD","Rolling Green Ridge Add 01","Rolling Green Ridge Add 02","Rolling Green Ridge Add 03","ROLLING GREEN RIDGE BLK 34","ROLLING GREEN RIDGE IN","ROLLING GREEN RIDGE SEACREST","ROLLING GREEN RIDGE SEACREST ADD","ROLLING GREEN RIDGE SEACREST ADD IN","ROSEDALE AT INDIAN S","ROSEDALE AT INDIAN SPRING","ROSEDALE AT INDIAN SPRING AS IN","ROSEDALE AT INDIAN SPRINGS","ROSEDALE ATDIAN SPRING","ROSEDALE INDIAN SPRING","ROSEHILL BANYAN SPRINGS","ROSEHILL COND NO 1 O","ROSEHILL CONDO","roseview garden","ROSEVIEW GARDEN COND","Roseview Garden Cond As In Decl In Or2055p1177 And","ROSEVIEW GARDEN CONDO","ROSEVIEW GARDENS","ROSSMOOR LAKES","ROSSMOOR LAKES 2","Rossmoor Lakes,The Club","Rossmoor, Club at Indian Lakes","Royal Lakes","ROYAL LAKESRoyal Lakes is a 55+ community","Royal Landing","Royal Landings","Royal Landings \/ Coral Lakes","S\/D 28-45-43","S\/D OF 12-45-42, SE","S\/D OF 12-45-42, SE 1\/4 IN","S\/D OF 12-45-42, SE 1\/4 INand S\/D OF 12-45-42, SE 1\/4 IN","S\/D OF 33-45-43, W 3","S\/D of 33-45, W 3\/4","Salerno","SAM BROWN JR.","SAN CASTLE","San Castle 3Rd And 4Th Adds In Pb 26 Pgs 33 And 34","San Marco","San Marco - Pipers Glen","San Marco @ Estates of Westchester Country Club","San Marco @ Estates of Westchester\/Pipers Glen","San Marco \/ PIPERS GLEN","SAN MARCO \/ PIPERS GLEN POD","San Marco in Westchester","SAN MARCO OF WESTCHESTER","SAN MARCO-WESTCHESTER","San Marco, Pipers Glen","San Marco, PIPERS GLEN PODS F AND H","San Marco\/ Pipers Glen","San Marco\/ Pipers Glen","SAN MARCO\/ WESTCHESTER","San Marco\/Estates at Westchester","San Marco\/Lakes of Westchester","SAN MARCO\/Westchester","San Marco\/Westchester CC","San Marco\/Westchester Country Club","San Marco\/Westchester\/Pipers Glen","San Rafael","SAN RAFAEL AT RENAISSANCE COMMMONS","SAN RAPHAEL","San Raphael \/ Renaissance","San Raphael \/ Renaissance Commons","SAN RAPHAEL at Renaissance Commons","SAN RAPHAEL CONDO","San Raphael Condo Association","San Raphael Condo at Renaissance Commons","San Raphael Condo Condo Prcl 01","San Raphael Condo Condo Prcl 3-111","San Raphael Condo Prcl 01","SAN RAPHAEL CONDO RENAISSANCE","San Raphael Condo Renaissance Commons","San Raphael Condo- Renaissance","San Raphael Condo, Renaissance","SAN RAPHAEL CONDO. Renaissance Commons","SAN RAPHAEL CONDOMINIUM","SAN RAPHAEL CONDOrenaissance commons","San Raphael of Renaissance Commons","San Raphael Renaissance","San Raphael Renaissance Common","SAN RAPHAEL RENAISSANCE COMMONS","SAN RAPHAEL, RENAISSANCE","San Raphael, Renaissance Commons","San Raphael\/Renaissance","SAN RAPHAEL\/RENAISSANCE COMMONS","San Raphal \/ Renaissance common","San Savino","San Savino Melear","San Savino - MELEAR","SAN SAVINO (MELEAR)","SAN SAVINO \/ MELEAR","San Savino Melear","San Savino- Melear","San Savino, Melear","SAN SAVINO,MELEAR","San Savino\/Melear","Sand & Sea","Sand & Sea Village","Sandallwoods of Boynton Beach","SANDALWOOD","Sandalwood Chalet 4 3","Sandalwood - Chalet 4 2","Sandalwood - CHALET 4 3","SANDALWOOD @ BB","Sandalwood @ Boynton Beach","SANDALWOOD \/ CHALET 4","SANDALWOOD \/ CHALET 41","SANDALWOOD AT BOYNTON","Sandalwood at Boynton Beach","Sandalwood Boynton","SANDALWOOD BOYNTON BEACH","Sandalwood CHALET","SANDALWOOD CHALET 4","Sandalwood CHALET 4 1","SANDALWOOD LAKES","Sandalwood of Boynton | CHALET 4 3","SANDALWOOD-CHALET 4 3","SANDALWOOD, CHALET","sandalwood, Chalet 4 1","Sandalwood, CHALET 4 2","Sandalwood, CHALET 4 3","Sandalwood; Chalet 04 01","Sandalwood\/Chalet","Sandalwood\/CHALET 4 2","SANDALWWOD","SANDHURST","Sandhurst - Jog Estates","Sandhurst at Jog Estates","Sandhurst at Jog Palm Estates","Sandhurst Jog Estates","SANDHURST,JOG EST","SANDHURST,JOG ESTATES","SANDLEWOOD","Sanoma","Santa Cruz","Santa Cruz Pud","SANTA CRYZ","SARATOGA AT ROYAL PALM 4","Sausalito","SAUSALITO PLACE","Sawgrass Lakes","Sawgrass Lakes Home","SAWGRASS LAKES HOMES","SAWGRASS LAKES HOMES - LAKERIDGE","SAWGRASS LAKES HOMES (LAKERIDGE}","Sawgrass Lakes Homes Lake Ridge","SAWGRASS LAKES HOMES, Lakeridge","Sawgrass Lakes Homes\/Lakeridge","Sawgrass Lakes Lt 105","Sea Meadow","Sea Meadows","Sea Terrace","SEA TERRACE COND LTS 54,55,74 & 75 THE LAWNS PB9 P69","SEA TERRACE CONDO","Sea Terrace Condominiums","SEACREST","SEACREST ESTATES","SEACREST ESTATES","SEACREST ESTATES IN","SEACREST ESTATES LT 33 BLK 6","Seacrest Ests","SEACREST ESTS IN","SEACREST HILLS","Seacrest Hills \/ Chapel Hill","Seacrest Hills AKA Chapel Hill","Seacrest Hills Sub","SEACREST HILLS SUB I","SEACREST HILLS SUB IN","Seacrest Hills, (Chapel Hill Area)","SEACREST HILLSChapel Hill Area","SEACREST LAKES","SEACREST PARK IN","seacrest villa","Seacrest Villas","Seacrest Villas - A Hidden Gem","SEACREST VILLAS COND","SEACREST VILLAS CONDO","Seacrest Villas Condo Lts 50 To 52 54 To 61","SEACREST VILLAS CONDOMINIUM LTS 50 TO 52 54 TO 61 BLK 2 W S SHEPHERDS SUBD & FILLED","SEAGATE","Seagate Gulfstream","Seagate Gulfstream 02 Condo","Seagate Gulfstream Condo","Seagate of Golfstream","SEAGATE OF GULFSTRE","SEAGATE OF GULFSTREA","Seagate of Gulfstream","SEAGATE OF GULFSTREAM COND","SEAGATE OF GULFSTREAM COND PART ONE & TWO","Seagate Of Gulfstream Cond Part One And Two","SEAGATE OF GULFSTREAM CONDO","SEAGATE OF GULFSTREAM CONDO PART ONE & TWO","SEAGATE OF GULFSTREAM CONDO.","SEAGATE OF GULFSTREAM FURNISHED","Seagate of Gulfstream-INTRACOASTAL VIEWS","Seaside Village","SEAWAY TERR","SEAWAY TERRACE","SEAWAY TERRACE IN","Seaway Villa","SEAWAY VILLAS","SECOND","SECOND ADD TO ROLLIN","Second Add To Rolling Green","second addd to rolling green","Serrano","SERRANO PUD","Sheffield Estates","Shepard Add Boynton","SHEPARD ADD TO TOWN","Shepard Add To Town Of Boynton","SHEPARD FUNK","Shepard Funk Add Boynton","SHEPARD FUNK ADD TO TOWN OF BOYNTON","Shepard W S","Shepards","Shepards Landing","SHEPARDS SUB","SHEPARDS W S","SHEPARDS W S IN","SHEPHARDS W S","Sherwood Gardens Condo","SHORE VIEW","SHORES","Siena Lakes","Sienna Lakes at Venetian Isles","Sierra Heights","Sierra Hgts","SIERRA HGTS IN","Silver Lake Estates","SILVERLAKE","Sky Lake","Sky Lake 01","Sky Lake 02","Sky Lake 03","Sky Lake 1","SKY LAKE 2","SKY LAKE 3","Sky Lake 3 Pb46p130 Affidavit Or4475p14","Sky Lake Ii Pb46p81 To 83","SKY LAKE PL 1","SKY LAKE PL NO 3 PB4","SKY LAKE PLAT NO II","Sky Lane","SKY RANCH","SKY RANCH ESTATES","SKY RANCH ESTS","SKY RANCH ESTS IN","SKYLAKE","SMITH DAIRY WEST PL","Snug Harbor","Snug Harbor Condo","Snug Harbor Gardens","SNUG HARBOR GARDENS CONDO","SNUG HARBOR GARDENS CONDO VILLAS A THRU H & 1","Snug Harbor Gdns","Snug Harbor Gdns Cond Villas A Thru H And 1 As","Snug Harbor Gdns E & F","SNUG HARBOUR","SOMERSET 4 CONDO","SORRENTO","SOUTH EAST PARK","SOUTH EAST PARK CONDO","SOUTH LAKE","SOUTH LAKE at DOS LAGOS","SOUTH LAKE CONDO","SOUTH LAKE CONDO \/DOS LAGOS","SOUTH LAKE CONDO 1","South Lake COndo 2","South Lake Condo at Dos Lagos","SOUTH LAKE CONDO DOS LAGOS SUR","SOUTH LAKE CONDO II","SOUTH LAKE CONDO, dos lagos","SOUTH LAKE CONDO\/DOS LAGOS","south lake condos","SOUTH LAKE CONDOS ONE & TWO DECL IN OR 3899P854 & 501 7p 1312","south lake condos@ dos Lagos","SOUTH LAKE CONDS","SOUTH LAKE CONDS ONE","SOUTH LAKE CONDS ONE & TWO","SOUTH LAKE CONDS ONE & TWO DECL IN OR3899P854 & 5017P 1312","South Lake Conds One And Two Decl In Or3899p854 An","South Lake I - DOS LAGOS","SOUTH LAKE II","SOUTH LAKE II CONDO","South Lake II of Dos Lagos","SOUTH LAKE TWO","South Lakes Condo Dos Lagos Sur","South Park","Southeast park","SOUTHEAST PARK COND","Southeast Park Condo","Southeast Pk Condo","SOUTHGATE AT INDIAN SPRING","SOUTHGATE AT INDIAN SPRINGNo Club Membership Required","Southlake","SOUTHLAKE - Dos Lagos","SOUTHLAKE AT DOS LAGOS","Southlake Condo","Southlake Condo - DOS LOGOS","Southlake Condo 01 & 02","Southlake Condo 01, Dos Lagos","Southlake Condo 11","SOUTHLAKE CONDO II","Southlake Condos","SOUTHLAKE II","Southlake, Dos Lagos","Southpointe","SOUTHPOINTE (Country Greens)","SOUTHPOINTE \/ COUNTRY GREENS","Southpointe 02","SOUTHPOINTE 2","SOUTHPOINTE Country Greens","Southpointe-Counrty Greens","SOUTHPOINTE-COUNTRY GREENS","SOUTHPOINTE, COUNTRY GREENS","SOUTHPOINTE\/Country Greens","SOUTHPORT","Southport \/ Hunters Run","Southport \/Hunters Run","SOUTHPORT AT HUNTERS","SOUTHPORT AT HUNTERS RUN","SOUTHPORT AT HUNTERS RUN CONDO","southport condo at hunters run","SPRINGS PL 1","Squire Hill","SQUIRE HILL COND DEC","SQUIRE HILL CONDO","SQUIRE HILL CONDO IN","St Andrews","St Andrews AT BOYNTON BEACH","St Andrews At Boynton Beach Condo","ST ANDREWS BOYNTON","ST ANDREWS BOYNTON B","ST ANDREWS BOYNTON BEACH","ST ANDREWS FAIRWAYS CONDO","ST ANDREWS OCEAN CONDO","ST ANDREWS@BOYNTON B","St. Andrews","ST. ANDREWS AT BOYNT","ST. ANDREWS BOYNTON","St. Andrews Club","ST. RAFAEL","Starlight Cove","STARLIGHT COVE - PIPERS GLEN","Starlight Cove (Pipers Glen)","Starlight cove at Pipers glen","Starlight Cove Pipers Glen","Starlight cove Westchester CC","STARLIGHT COVE-PIPERS GLEN","Starlight Cove, Pipers Glen","STARLIGHT COVE,PIPERS GLEN","Starlight Cove\/Pipers Glen","STARLIGHT COVE\/PIPERS GLEN A-2A","Starlight Cove\/Pipers Glen A3","Starlight Cove\/Pipers Glen\/Westchester CC","STERLING VILLAGE","STERLING VILLAGE 150","STERLING VILLAGE 150 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 170 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 200 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 210 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 230 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 240 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 240 CONDO Parcel 109","STERLING VILLAGE 300 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 320","STERLING VILLAGE 320 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 340 COND DECL IN","STERLING VILLAGE 340 CONDO","Sterling Village 350 CONDO DECL IN","STERLING VILLAGE 350 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 370","STERLING VILLAGE 370 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 450 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 480 COND DECL IN","STERLING VILLAGE 480 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 530","STERLING VILLAGE 530 COND DECL IN","STERLING VILLAGE 530 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 560 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 580 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 600","STERLING VILLAGE 600 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 610 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 610 CONDO PARCEL 211","STERLING VILLAGE 620 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 620 CONDO UNIT 202","Sterling Village 650 Cond Decl in","STERLING VILLAGE 650 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 660 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 680 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 700 COND DECL IN","STERLING VILLAGE 700 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 740 COND DECL IN","STERLING VILLAGE 740 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 770 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 800","Sterling Village 800 CONDO DECL IN","STERLING VILLAGE 800 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 850 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE 880 CONDO","STERLING VILLAGE CONDO","Sterling Village Condo 150","Sterling Village Condo 200","Sterling Village Condo 210","Sterling Village Condo 230","Sterling Village Condo 240","Sterling Village Condo 320","Sterling Village Condo 340","STERLING VILLAGE CONDO 370","STERLING VILLAGE CONDO 530","Sterling Village Condo 580","Sterling Village Condo 600","Sterling Village Condo 620","Sterling Village Condo 650","STERLING VILLAGE CONDO 650 PARCEL 210","Sterling Village Condo 660","Sterling Village Condo 680","Sterling Village Condo 740","Sterling Village Condo 800","Sterling Village Condo 850","Sterling Village Condo 880","STERLING VILLAGE CONDOMINIUM 200 PARCEL 203","Sterling Vlg 200 Cond Decl","Stone Haven 1","Stonehaven","STONEHAVEN 01","Stonehaven 1","Stonehaven PL 1","STONEHAVEN PL 1 IN PB48P1 LT","STRATFORD","Stratford \/Hunters Run","STRATFORD AT ABERDEEN","STRATFORD AT ABERDEEN CONDO","Stratford At Aberdeen Condo 01","STRATFORD AT HUNTERS","Stratford at Hunters Run","STRATFORD AT HUNTERS RUN COND","STRATFORD AT HUNTERS RUN CONDO","STRATFORD HUNTERSRUN","Stratford West at Hunters Run","Strathmore Estates","STRATHMORE ESTATES AT BOY","Strathmore Estates at Boynton","STRATHMORE ESTATES AT BOYNTON BEACH","STRATHMORE ESTATES AT BOYNTON BEACH 1","STRATHMORE ESTATES AT BOYNTON BEACH 2","STRATHMORE ESTATES AT BOYNTON BEACH 3","STRATHMORE ESTATES AT BOYNTON BEACH PL 1 IN","Strathmore Estates At Boynton Beach-Alden Ridge","Strathmore Estates, Alden Ridge","STRATHMORE ESTS","STRATHMORE ESTS AT B","Strathmore Ests At Boynton Bch 2","STRATHMORE ESTS OF B","Strathmore Ests Of Boynton Beach 1","STREAMAIRE","Streling Village","SUB OF 19-45-43","SUB OF 20-45-43","SUMMIT PLAT 1","Sun Valley","Sun Valley 01 Pud","Sun Valley 01a","SUN VALLEY 02","SUN VALLEY 1","Sun Valley 1-A","SUN VALLEY 2","SUN VALLEY EAST","SUN VALLEY EAST COND","SUN VALLEY EAST CONDO","SUN VALLEY PUD 1","SUN VALLEY PUD 2","SUN VALLY","Sunny Hills","SUNNY OAKS","Sunny South Estates","Sunnydale","SUNNYDALE IN","Sunnyside Estates","Sunnyside Ests Pl","SUNSET CAY","SUNSET COURT","SUNUP GROVE","SUNUP GROVE UNREC ON AM 36","SUNVALLEY","SUSSMAN 5","Sutton Manor","Sutton Mnr","Sutton Place","SUTTON PLACE AT HUNTERS RUN","Tara Est As","TARA ESTATES","TARA ESTATES AS","TARA ESTATES AS IN","Tara Lakes","Tara Lakes HOA Approval","TARA LAKES WEST","Tartan Lake","TARTAN LAKES","Tartan Lakes \/ Waterchase","TARTAN LAKES 01","Tartan Lakes 01- Waterchase","Tartan Lakes 02","TARTAN LAKES 1","TARTAN LAKES 1 Waterchase","TARTAN LAKES 1- Waterchase","TARTAN LAKES 2","TARTAN LAKES 2 \/ Waterchase","TARTAN LAKES PL NO 2","TARTAN LAKES PLAT NO","TARTAN LAKES PLAT NO 1","Tartan Lakes Waterchase","TARTAN LAKES\/WATER C","Tartan Lakes\/Waterchase","Tartan Lks 02","TARTEN LAKES","TBD","TERRACE HOMES AT BANYAN SPRINGS 3 CONDOS","TERRACE HOMES AT BANYAN SPRINGS COND DECL FILED 3-22-94 IN OR8177 P1926","TERRACE HOMES AT BANYAN SPRINGS CONDO","TERRANOVA","Terranova in Venetian Isles","THE BELMONT","The Cascades","The Cascades at JONES PAR D","THE CLU AT ROSSMOOR","The Club","The Club \/ Rossmoor Lakes","THE CLUB AT INDIAN LAKES","The Club at Indian Lakes (Rossmoor Lakes)","The Club at Indian Lakes \/ Rossmoor Lakes","The Club at Indian Lakes \/Rossmoor Lakes","The Club at Indian Lakes Rossmoor","THE CLUB AT INDIAN LAKES ROSSMOOR LAKES","The Club at Indian Lakes, Rossmoor","The Club at Indian Lakes, ROSSMOOR LAKES","The Club at Rossmoor","The Club at Rossmoor Lakes","The Club, ROSSMOOR LAKES","The Club\/Rossmoor Lakes","The Colonly at Boynton Beach","THE COLONY","THE COLONY AT BOYNTON BEACH","THE COURTS","The Courts at Boynton Place","THE COURTS AT GREATER BOYNTON PLACE","THE COURTS,HERON PT.","The Coves","THE COVES AT PARKWALK CONDO","THE COVES\/ABERDEEN","The Crossing of Boynton Beach","THE CROSSINGS","The Crossings at Boynton Beach","The crossings of Boynton beach","THE CROSSINGS OF BOYNTON BEACH CONDO","The Enclave","THE ENCLAVE AT WESTCHESTER","The Estates","The Estates - WINDCHIME LAKES","The Estates \/ Windchime Lakes","THE ESTATES AT HERITAGE CLUB","The Estates at Windchime Lakes","THE ESTATES OF BOYNTON WATERS","THE ESTATES OF BOYNTON WATERS WEST 1","THE ESTATES OF WINDCHIME LAKES","The Estates, Windchime Lakes","THE ESTATES\/ WINDCHIME LAKES","The Estates\/Windchime Lakes","The Fountains in Rainbow Lakes 2","The Glades Indian Spring","THE GROVE","THE GROVE - GROVE VILLAGE","The Grove - Indian Hills","THE GROVE \/ GROVE VILLAGE","The Grove \/ Indian Hills","THE GROVE \/ INDIAN HILLS 1","THE GROVE \/ INDIAN HILLS 2","THE GROVE ESTATE","The Grove Estates","THE GROVE INDIAN HILLS 2","The Grove Manor","THE GROVE VILLAGE","The Grove VillageGrove Village condoThe GroveThe Grove","THE GROVE, INDIAN HILLS","the grove\/ Indian Hills 01","The Grove\/ Indian Hills 1","THE GROVE\/INDIAN HILLS","THE GROVE\/INDIAN HILLS 1","The Harbors","THE HARBORS \/ HARBORS","THE HARBORS PUD","The Harbors PUD Three story Townhomes on the Intracoastal with 18 docks.","The Harbors, Harbors","The Harbours at Aberdeen","THE HERITAGE CLUB","THE HILLS AT LAKE EDEN","THE ISLES AT ABERDEEN","The Isles of Aberdeen","The Lakes of Westchester","THE LAKES OF WESTCHESTER \/PIPERS GLEN","The Landings","THE LANDINGS ABERDEEN EAST","THE MEADOWS","The Meadows at Boynton Beach","The Mews","The Mews - Indian Spring","The Moorings at Aberdeen","The Moorings of Parkwalk Aberdeen","The Oasis","The Peninsula","THE PLAZA AT BOYNTON","The Preserve","The Preserve at Boynton Beach","The Promenade","THE RES. OF BELMONT","The Residence of Belmont at Boynton Beach","THE RESIDENCES OF BE","The Residences of Belmont at Boynton Beach","The Residences of Belmont at Boynton Beach Condominium Association, Inc.","The Residences of Belmont Place","The Sands Section 1 Condominium","The Shores","The Shores at Aberdeen","THE SHORES AT ABERDEEN EAST","THE SPRINGS","The Villages at Verona Lakes","The Villas of Monterey","THE WEBER FRANK ADDITION","TIVOLI","TIVOLI LAKES","Tivoli Lakes Pud","Tivoli Reserve","TIVOLI RESERVE LT 124","Town of Boynton","TOWN OF BOYNTON BEACH","Town\/Boyton Beach","TOWNHOUSES GOLFVIEW HARBOUR","TOWNHOUSES OF GOLF VIEW HARBOR","TOWNHOUSES OF GOLF VIEW HARBOUR","Tracewood","TRADE WIND ESTS AMND","TRADE WINDS","TRADE WINDS AT DOS LAGOS CONDO","TRADE WINDS ESTATES","TRADE WINDS ESTATES FIRST ADD","TRADE WINDS ESTS AMND PL","Tradeswinds at Dos Lagos Condo","TRADEWIND ESTATES","Tradewind Estates Amd","TRADEWINDS","TRADEWINDS AT DOS LA","TRADEWINDS AT DOS LAGOS","TRADEWINDS AT DOS LAGOS COND","Tradewinds At Dos Lagos Condo","Tradewinds at Dos Lagos Condos","TRADEWINDS-DOS LAGOS","Tradwinds","TRAILS AT CANYON","TRAILS AT CANYON \/ CANYON TRAILS","Trails At Canyon 1","TRAILS AT CANYON 1, Canyon Trails","TRAILS AT CANYON 2","TRAILS AT CANYON 3","TRAILS AT CANYON PL 1","TRAILS AT CANYON PL 5","TRAILS AT CANYON, CANYON TRAILS","TRAILS AT CANYON,Canyon Trails","Treasure Island","Tropical Breeze Estates","Tropical Breeze","Tropical Breeze (Northern Pines)","TROPICAL BREEZE EST","TROPICAL BREEZE EST.","TROPICAL BREEZE ESTA","Tropical Breeze Estate","Tropical Breeze Estates","Tropical Breeze Estates, NORTHERN PINES","Tropical Breeze Estates.","TROPICAL BREEZE ESTS","Tropical Breeze Ests 1","TROPICAL BREEZE ESTS PL 1","Tropical Breeze NORTHERN PINES MOBILE HOME PARK","Tropical Park Add 01","TROPICAL PARK ADD 1","TROPICAL TERRACE","TURNBERRY","Turnberry Isle","Turtle Beach Condo","TUSCANY","Tuscany at Coral Lakes","Tuscany at the intercostal","TUSCANY BAY","Tuscany Intra Coastal","TUSCANY INTRACOASTAL","TUSCANY INTRACOSTAL","TUSCANY ON INTERCOAS","Tuscany On Intracoastal","Tuscany On Intracoastal Condo","TUSCANY ON THE INTER","TUSCANY ON THE INTERCOASTAL CONDO.","TUSCANY ON THE INTRA","Tuscany on the Intracoast","TUSCANY ON THE INTRACOASTAL","TUSCANY ON THE INTRACOASTAL CONDO","TUSCANY ON THE INTRACOASTAL CONDOMINIUM","TUSCANY ON THE INTRACOASTAL CONDOMINIUMS","Tuscany Par A\/B","TUSCANY PAR A\/B LT 44","TUSCANY PAR C","TUSCANY PAR C\/Ponte Vecchio","TUSCANY PAR D","TUSCANY PAR E","Tuscany Prcl A\/B","Tuscany Prcl A\/B Repl","TUSCANY\/ CORAL LAKES","TUSCANY\/CORAL LAKES","Tuscany\/Intra Coastal","TUSCAY ON THE INTRAC","TWENTY FIVE FIFTY TW","TWENTY FIVE FIFTY TWO CORP OF HAMPSHIRE GARD","TWENTY FIVE FORTY TWO CORP OF HAMPSHIRE GARD","TWENTY FIVE SEVENTY CORP OF HAMPSHIRE GARD","TWENTY FIVE SIXTY CORP OF HAMPSHIRE GARD","TWENTY FIVE SIXTY CORP OF HAMPSHIRE GARDENS","TWENTY FOUR THIRTY CORP OF HAMPSHIRE GARD","TWENTY FOUR THIRTY CORP OF HAMPSHIRE GARDENS","TWENTY FOUR TWENTY CORP OF HAMPSHIRE GARD","Twin Lakes","TWIN LAKES - Palladium","TWIN LAKES \/ PALLADIUM","TWIN LAKES PALLADIUM","TWIN LAKES-PALLADIUM","Twin Lakes, Palladium","Twin Lakes,Palladium","TWIN LAKES\/ Palladium","TWIN LAKES\/PALLADIUM","TWIN LAKES\/Palldium","UNINCORPORATED","unincorporated palm beach","UNINCORPORATED Palm Beach County","Unincorporated PBC","UNRECORDED","VALENCIA BAY","VALENCIA BAY AGR PUD SOUTH PL","VALENCIA COVE","VALENCIA COVE AGR PUD","VALENCIA COVE AGR PUD PL 1","VALENCIA COVE AGR PUD PL 6","VALENCIA COVE AGR PUD PL 7","VALENCIA COVE AGR PUD PL 8","VALENCIA COVE AGR PUD SOUTH PL","VALENCIA COVE AGR PUD SOUTH PL Valencia Bay","Valencia Grand","Valencia Isle","VALENCIA ISLES","Valencia Isles 01","VALENCIA ISLES 03","Valencia Isles 1","VALENCIA ISLES 2","Valencia Isles 3","VALENCIA ISLES PL 1","VALENCIA ISLES PL 1 LT","VALENCIA ISLES PL 2","VALENCIA ISLES PL 3","Valencia Isles PL3","Valencia Isles Repl","Valencia Lakes","Valencia Lakes 02","VALENCIA LAKES 03","VALENCIA LAKES 1","Valencia Lakes 2","VALENCIA LAKES 3","VALENCIA LAKES PL 1","VALENCIA LAKES PL 3","Valencia Lakes Repl","VALENCIA POINTE","Valencia Pointe 01","Valencia Pointe 03","VALENCIA POINTE 1","Valencia Pointe 2","VALENCIA POINTE 3","VALENCIA POINTE PL 3","Valencia Pointe Place 01","VALENCIA RESERVE","VALENCIA RESERVE \/ LYONS WEST","VALENCIA RESERVE \/ LYONS WEST AGR PUD 9","Valencia Reserve Lyons West AGR PUD 1","Valencia Reserve,LYONS WEST AGR PUD","VALENCIA RESERVE,LYONS WEST AGR PUD 5","Valencia Reserve\/ lyons west","Valencia ReserveLYONS WEST AGR PUD 1","Valencia ReservePalm Beach Farms Co 3","Valencia Sound","Valencia Sound Valleyside","various","VELAIRE","Velaire Plat","VELAIRE PLAT IN","Venetian","Venetian Court","VENETIAN ISLE","VENETIAN ISLE ADD 1","VENETIAN ISLE ADD 1\/ TREASURE ISLAND","VENETIAN ISLE, TREASURE ISLAND","VENETIAN ISLES","VENETIAN ISLES MELROSE PUD POD F","VENETIAN ISLES - CORSICA PARK","VENETIAN ISLES - SORRENTO","VENETIAN ISLES - TERRANOVA","Venetian Isles (Melrose)","venetian Isles (Murano) Melrose Pud Venetian Isles Par I","VENETIAN ISLES (Siena Lakes)","VENETIAN ISLES (Terranova)","VENETIAN ISLES \/ Melrose","Venetian Isles \/ Terranova","Venetian Isles Corsica Park","Venetian Isles MELROSE PUD POD E","VENETIAN ISLES MELROSE PUD POD G","VENETIAN ISLES PAR I","Venetian Isles Prcl 01","VENETIAN ISLES SIENA LAKES","Venetian Isles Sienna","Venetian Isles Sorrento","Venetian Isles Sorrento section","Venetian Isles-Murano","VENETIAN ISLES-SIENA","VENETIAN ISLES-TERRANOVA","Venetian Isles, Melrose Pud","VENETIAN ISLES.","Venetian Isles\/Corsica Park","VENETIAN ISLES\/MELROSE","Venetian Isles\/Melrose Pud","Venetian Isles\/MELROSE PUD POD E","Venetian Isles\/Siena Lakes","VENETIAN ISLES\/SORRENTO","Venetian Isles\/Terranova","VENETIAN ISLES\/VILLA\/LAKE","VENETIAN ISLESMELROSE PUD VENETIAN ISLES PAR I","VENETIAN PARK","VENETIAN PARK IN","Venetian Terr Cond As In Decl In","VENETIAN TERR CONDO","Venetian Terr Condo As In Decl In","Venetian Terrace","VENETIAN TERRACE CON","VENETIAN TERRACE COND","VENETIAN TERRACE CONDO","VENETIAN VILLAS","Venitian Isles","VENITIAN TERRACE","VERANO AT DELRAY","Verdona","Verona Lakes","VERONA LAKES MELROSE PUD VERONA LAKES TR B2","Verona Lakes - Melrose PUD","VERONA LAKES * END*","VERONA LAKES *END*","Verona Lakes \/ MELROSE","VERONA LAKES Melrose","Verona Lakes Melrose Pud","VERONA LAKES MELROSE PUD VERONA LAKES TR B2","VERONA LAKES TR","VERONA LAKES TR B-2","VERONA LAKES TR B2","VERONA LAKES,MELROSE","VERONA LAKES,MELROSE PUD","VERONA LAKES\/MELROSE PUD","VIA LAGO","VIA LAGO COND DECL F","VIA LAGO CONDO","VIA LUGANO","VIA LUGANO CONDO","Via Lugano Condo Bldg 01","Villa Del Sol","Villa Del Sol - Mirabella Villas","Villa Del Sol \/ Mirabella","VILLA DEL SOL \/ Mirabella CONDOMINIUM","VILLA DEL SOL CONDO","VILLA DEL SOL CONDO \/ MIRABELLA","VILLA DEL SOL CONDO \/ Mirabella","VILLA DEL SOL CONDO \/ Mirabella CONDO","VILLA DEL SOL CONDO aka MIRABELLA VILLAS","VILLA DEL SOL CONDO MIRABELLA","Villa Del Sol Condo-Mirabella Villas","Villa Del Sol Condo, Mirabella","Villa Del Sol Condo, Mirabella Villas","Villa Del Sol Condo,Mirabella","VILLA DEL SOL CONDO\/ MRABELLA VILLAS","VILLA DEL SOL CONDO\/MIRABELLA VILLAS","VILLA DEL SOL CONDOM","Villa Del Sol Condominium","VILLA DEL SOL CONDOMINIUM UNIT 114 BLDG 1","VILLA DEL SOL CONDOMIRABELLA","VILLA DEL SOL CONDOS","Villa Del Sol Mirabella","VILLA DEL SOL\/ MIRABELLA","Villa Del Sol\/Mirabella","VILLA DEL SOL\/Mirabella Villas","VILLA LAGO","Villa Lago - Vizcaya Lakes","VILLA LAGO @ RENAISSANCE COMMONS","Villa Lago \/ RENAISSANCE COMMONS","Villa Lago \/ Vizcaya Lakes - Penthouse","Villa Lago at Renaissance Commons","Villa Lago Cond at Renaissance","Villa Lago Condo","Villa Lago Condo at Renaissance","VILLA LAGO CONDO VIZCAYA","Villa Lago Condo- Renaissance Commons","Villa Lago Condominium","Villa Lago Renaissance Commons","Villa Lago Rennaisance","Villa Lago\/Renaissance","Villa Lago\/Renaissance Commons","Villa Vizcaya","Village of Golf","Village of Royale","Village Royal","VILLAGE ROYAL FOREST GREEN CONDO","VILLAGE ROYAL GREEN","VILLAGE ROYAL ON THE GREEN","VILLAGE ROYAL OTG","VILLAGE ROYALE","VILLAGE ROYALE GREENDALE","Village Royale -UNIT E","VILLAGE ROYALE COND","Village Royale Cond 2 Decl","Village Royale Cond 3 Decl","Village Royale Cond 4 Decl","Village Royale Cond 6 Decl","VILLAGE ROYALE COND 7 DECL","Village Royale Cond 8 Vlg Royale Replat, Pt","VILLAGE ROYALE COND NO 1 DECL IN","VILLAGE ROYALE COND NO 2 DECL IN","VILLAGE ROYALE COND NO 3 DECL IN","VILLAGE ROYALE COND NO 4 DECL IN","VILLAGE ROYALE COND NO 4 UNIT NO 21-101","VILLAGE ROYALE COND NO 7 DECL IN","VILLAGE ROYALE COND NO 8","VILLAGE ROYALE CONDNO 4 DECL IN","VILLAGE ROYALE CONDO","Village Royale Condo 03","Village Royale Condo 04","Village Royale Condo 05","Village Royale Condo 06","Village Royale Condo 07","VILLAGE ROYALE CONDO 1","VILLAGE ROYALE CONDO 2","VILLAGE ROYALE CONDO 3","VILLAGE ROYALE CONDO 4","VILLAGE ROYALE CONDO 5","VILLAGE ROYALE CONDO 6","VILLAGE ROYALE CONDO 7","VILLAGE ROYALE CONDO 8","VILLAGE ROYALE CONDO I","Village Royale Condo No 4 DECL In","VILLAGE ROYALE CONDO NO 8","VILLAGE ROYALE CONDO O6","VILLAGE ROYALE CONDOMINIUM","Village Royale Emerald Green","VILLAGE ROYALE EMERALD GREEN COND","VILLAGE ROYALE EMERALD ON GREEN","VILLAGE ROYALE EVERGREEN COND","VILLAGE ROYALE FORES","VILLAGE ROYALE FOREST GREEN","VILLAGE ROYALE FOREST GREEN COND","VILLAGE ROYALE FOREST GREEN COND AS IN DECL IN","VILLAGE ROYALE FOREST GREEN CONDO","VILLAGE ROYALE GREEN","Village Royale Greenbriar","VILLAGE ROYALE GREENBROOKE","Village Royale Greendale","VILLAGE ROYALE GREENDALE COND AS IN DECL IN","VILLAGE ROYALE GREENDALE CONDO","Village Royale Greendale Condominiums","VILLAGE ROYALE GREENHAVEN","VILLAGE ROYALE GREENHAVEN CONDUNIT","Village Royale Greenhill","Village Royale Greenhill Cond As In Decl In","VILLAGE ROYALE GREENHILL CONDO","Village Royale Greenridge","VILLAGE ROYALE GREENRIDGE COND","Village Royale Greenridge Cond As In Decl In","VILLAGE ROYALE GREENRIDGE CONDO","Village Royale Greenridge Condo As In Decl In","Village Royale Greenside","Village Royale Greentree","VILLAGE ROYALE GREENTREE COND","Village Royale Greentree Cond As In Decl In","VILLAGE ROYALE GREENTREE CONDO","Village Royale Greenview","VILLAGE ROYALE GREENVIEW CONDO","VILLAGE ROYALE GREENWAY CONDO","Village Royale Greenwood","Village Royale Greenwood Cond As In Decl In","VILLAGE ROYALE GREENWOOD CONDO","VILLAGE ROYALE ON GR","Village Royale On Green","VILLAGE ROYALE ON T","VILLAGE ROYALE ON TH","Village Royale on the Greeen","Village Royale on the Green","VILLAGE ROYALE ON THE GREEN Greenhaven bldg 3","VILLAGE ROYALE ON THE GREEN CONDO","VILLAGE ROYALE ON THE GREEN CONDO COMPLEX","Village Royale On The Green Condo Complex As In De","VILLAGE ROYALE ON THE GREEN EMERALD GREEN BLDG 5","Village Royale on the GreenGreenwood","Village Royale, Forest Green Condo","VILLAS AT MALIBU","VILLAS AT MONTEREY\/INDIAN SPRINGS","Villas Brentwood \/Hunters Run","Villas Brentwood Condo","VILLAS GLEN GREEN II","VILLAS GOLF HARBOUR","VILLAS GOLF VIEW HARBOUR","Villas Golf View Harbour Condo","Villas Green Glen 02","Villas Green Glen 02b","Villas Green Glen 03","Villas Green Glen Indian Spring","VILLAS GREEN GLEN, INDIAN SPRING","Villas Monterey At Indian Spring","Villas Northwoods \/ Hunters Run","Villas Northwoods Condo","Villas of Brentwood at Hunters Run","VILLAS OF BRENTWOOD CONDO","VILLAS OF CYPRESS CREEK CONDO","VILLAS OF GOLF VIEW","VILLAS OF GOLF VIEW HARBOUR","Villas Of Golf View Harbour Cond As In Decl In","VILLAS OF GOLF VIEW HARBOUR CONDO","Villas of Green Glen","VILLAS OF GREEN GLEN II","VILLAS OF GREEN GLEN II-B","VILLAS OF GREEN GLEN II-B, Indian Spring","VILLAS OF GREEN GLEN II-BIndian Spring","VILLAS OF GREEN GLEN III","VILLAS OF GREEN GLEN III AT INDIAN SPRINGS","VILLAS OF HAMPSHIRE","Villas Of Hampshire Cond Decl Filed 10-2-87 In Or","VILLAS OF HAMPSHIRE CONDO","VILLAS OF MONTEREY","Villas of Monterey - Indian Spring","Villas of Monterey @Indian Spring","VILLAS OF MONTEREY A","VILLAS OF MONTEREY AT INDIAN SPRING","Villas Of Monterey At Indian Spring As In","Villas of Monterey at Indian Springs, Indian Springs","VILLAS OF MONTEREY INDIAN SPRING","VILLAS OF NORTHWOOD","VILLAS OF NORTHWOODS at HUNTERS RUN","VILLAS OF NORTHWOODS CONDO","VILLAS OF OCEANRIDGE","VILLAS OF PINE TREE","VILLAS OF PINETREE","Villas Pinetree","VISCAYA LAKES","Viscaya Lakes Condo Renaissance Commons","Vista Bella","Vista Bella At Renaissance Commons","VISTA VILLAS CONDO A","VISTABELLA","Vistabella @ Renaissance Commons","VISTABELLA AT RENAISSANCE","VISTABELLA AT RENAISSANCE COMMONS","Vistabella At Renaissance Commons 1 Pud","VISTABELLA AT RENAISSANCE COMMONS 2 PUD","Vistabella at Renaissance Commons Pud","Vistabella at Renaissance Commons REPL 2 PUD","Vizcay Lakes Condo","VIZCAYA","VIZCAYA , VILLA LAGO","Vizcaya Lake Condo","Vizcaya Lakes","VIZCAYA LAKES Renaissance Commons","VIZCAYA LAKES , VILLA LAGO","Vizcaya Lakes (Villa Lago)","Vizcaya Lakes \/ Villa Lago at Renaissance Commons","Vizcaya Lakes at Renaissance Commons","VIZCAYA LAKES CONDO","Vizcaya Lakes Condo Association","VIZCAYA LAKES CONDO IN RENAISSANCE COMMONS","VIZCAYA LAKES CONDO Renaissance Commons","Vizcaya Lakes condo unit 1409","Vizcaya Lakes Condos","VIZCAYA LAKES RENAISSANCE COMMONS","Vizcaya Lakes\/ Renaissance Commons","VIZCAYA LAKES\/Renaissance Commons","VRG on the greens","W S Shepard","WATER CHASE","WATERCHASE","Waterchase - Tartan Lakes","Waterchase at TARTAN LAKES 1","Waterchase East \/ Tartan Lakes 1","Waterchase TARTAN LAKES","Waterchase West","WATERCHASE WEST 01","WATERCHASE WEST 1","Waterchase West of Rainbow Lakes","WATERCHASE WEST PL 1","WATERCHASE WEST#1","WATERCHASE\/TARTAN LAKES","Waterchase\/Tartan Lakes 02","WATERCHASE\/TARTAN LAKES 1","Waterchase\/Tarttan Lakes 1","Waterford","Waterford at Aberdeen","WATERFORD-ABERDEEN 12","WATERFORD\/ABERDEEN","WATERSEDGE","WATERSIDE","WATERSIDE VILLAGE","WATERSIDE VILLAGE OF","Waterside Village Palm Beach","WATERSIDE VILLAGE PUD","WATERSIDE VLG PUD","WATERWAY CONDO","WATERWAYS AT OCEAN RIDGE","WAXWING-QUAIL RIDGE","Wedgewood","Wellesley","WELLESLEY AT BOYNTON","Wellesley at Boynton BEac","WELLESLEY AT BOYNTON BEACH","WELLESLEY\/MEADOWS","WELLINGTON ARMS COND","Wellington Arms Condo","WELLS ROBERT SUB","WELLSELY","WELLSLEY","WEST BOYN","WEST BOYNTON","West Boynton 01","West Boynton 01 Avondale Pine","West Boynton 02a","WEST BOYNTON 02B","West Boynton 02c","West Boynton 1","West Boynton 2 B","West Boynton 2 C","West Boynton 2A","WEST BOYNTON 2A \/ Avondale Pines","WEST BOYNTON 2B","WEST BOYNTON 2C","west Boynton Avondale pines","WEST BOYNTON PL 2 B","WEST BOYNTON PL 2 B IN","WEST BOYNTON PL 2 C","WEST BOYNTON PL 2 C IN","WEST BOYNTON PL 2-B","West Boynton Place","WEST BOYNTON PLAT 1","WEST BOYNTON PLAT 2A","WEST BOYNTON PLAT 2B","west boynton woodbridge","West Boynton- Avondale Pines- Wood Bridge","West Quantum Plaza","West Quantum Plaza Condo","WESTCHESTER","WESTCHESTER CC","WESTCHESTER COUNTRY","Westchester Country Club","WESTCHESTER HEIGHTS","WESTCHESTER HGTS","Westchester HGTS IN","WESTCHESTER-PIPERS","WESTCHESTER\/PIPERS GLEN ESTATES","WESTGATE","Westgate @ Indian Spring","Westgate \/ Hunters Run","Westgate \/Hunters Run","WESTGATE AT HUNTERS RUN","Westgate at Hunters Run Condo","WESTGATE HUNTERS RUN","Westgate Indian Spring","White Feather","White Feather Estates","White Feather Estates\/Acreage & Unrec","Willis Gliderport","WILLIS GLIDERPORT 2","WILLOWBROOK","WILLOWBROOKE","WILMS WAY","WINDCHIME LAKES","Windchime Lakes - Estates","WINDCHIME LAKES \/ THE ESTATES","WINDCHIME LAKES, The Estates","Windchime Lakes,ESTATES","Windchime lakes\/ The Estates","Windchime Lks","Windemere","Windemere \/ Meadows Park","WINDEMERE MEADOWS PARK","WINDEREME MEADOWS","Windsor","WINDSOR AT HUNTERS CONDO","Windsor at Hunters Run","Windsor at Hunters Run condo","Windward","WINDWARD PALM BEACH","WINDWARD PALM BEACH *PALM SHORES*","Windward Palm Beach 02","Windward Palm Beach 2","WINDWARD PALM BEACH 2\/ PALM SHORES","Windward Palm Beach, Palm Shores","WINDWARD PALM BEACH\/PALM SHORES","WINDWARD PALM SHORES","WINGATE RIDGE 37-50","woodbridge west boynton","Woodbridge\/West Boynton\/Avondale Pines","WOODCREST MANOR","WOODCREST MANOR IN","WOODCREST MNR","WOODS","WOODS AT HUNTERS RUN","Woods At Hunters Run Condo","Woodside","Woodside 01","Woodside 02","Woodside 03","WOODSIDE 1","WOODSIDE 2","WOODSIDE 3","WOODSIDE PLAT","WOODSIDE PLAT 1","WOODSIDE PLAT 1 AS I","WOODSIDE PLAT 2","Woolbright Office Center-Mupd","WOOLBRIGHT@CONGRESS","Woolbright>Seacrest Blvd>Left onto SW 8th Ave","WS SHEPARDS","Wyndsong","Wyndsong Estates","Wyndsong Estates (Crystal Lake)","Wyndsong Isle Est","WYNDSONG ISLE ESTATE","WYNDSONG ISLE ESTATES","Wyndsong Isle Ests","YACHT CLUB","yacht Club on the intracoastal","YACHTMANS COVE"],"zipcodes":["33424","33425","33426","33435","33436","33437","33472","33473","33474","33483"]},"bradenton":{"label":"Bradenton","counties":["Manatee County"],"communities":["Heritage Harbour"],"subdivisions":["BACCIANO II AT ESPLANADE LAKEWOOD RANCH PH 21 OR2811\/1492","Harbor Hills","LAUREL PARK","MILL CREEK PHASE IV","POINT PLEASANT","ROBERTS PARK","SERENITY CREEK","STONEYBROOK AT HERITAGE H SPC U2 PB44\/74","STONEYBROOK AT HERITAGE HARBOUR C-2","WATERBURY TRACTS CONTINUED","WORNS PARK"],"zipcodes":["34201","34202","34203","34204","34205","34206","34207","34208","34209","34210","34211","34212","34280","34281","34282"]},"brandon":{"label":"Brandon","counties":["Hillsborough County"],"communities":["Pine Haven Mobile Home park"],"subdivisions":["ALAFIA ESTATES UNIT A","HEATHER LAKES UNIT XIV B","PEPPERMILL V AT PROVIDENCE LAKES","TIMBERS AT WILLIAMS LANDING TOWNHOMES","ZZZ unplatted"],"zipcodes":["33508","33509","33510","33511","33527","33578","33584","33594","33596","33619"]},"brinybreezes":{"label":"Briny Breezes","counties":["Palm Beach County"],"communities":["BRINY BREEZES"],"subdivisions":["Briny Breezes","BRINY BREEZES C","BRINY BREEZES INC","BRINY BREEZES INC 5000 N OCEAN BLVD BOYNTON BEACH FL","Briny Breezes Inc.","Briny Breezes section 3","STREAMAIRE IN"],"zipcodes":["33435"]},"bronson":{"label":"Bronson","counties":["Levy County"],"subdivisions":["BRONSON HEIGHTS 3 ADD (000361.00)","RAINBOW LAKES ESTATES SEC N","University Estates","W1\/2 OF SW1\/4 OF NE1\/4 OF NE1\/4 OF SW1\/4"],"zipcodes":["32621"]},"brooksville":{"label":"Brooksville","counties":["Hernando County"],"communities":["Royal Highlands","ROYAL HIGHLANDS UNIT 7(3357)","ROYAL HIGHLANDS UNIT 8(3360)"],"subdivisions":["Hill N Dale","ROLLING ACRES","Royal Highlands Unit 1-B BLK 85 Lot 14","ROYAL HIGHLANDS UNIT 7","ROYAL HIGHLANDS UNIT 8","Spring Lake Area"],"zipcodes":["34601","34602","34603","34604","34605","34609","34610","34613","34614"]},"bunnell":{"label":"Bunnell","counties":["Flagler County"],"communities":["Mondex, Daytona North or Unincorporated Western Co"],"subdivisions":["DAYTONA NORTH","Daytona North, Mondex","FLAGLER ESTS UNIT 4","Palm Pointe"],"zipcodes":["32110","32164","32174"]},"camuy":{"label":"Camuy","subdivisions":["Mendez"]},"canalpoint":{"label":"Canal Point","counties":["Palm Beach County"],"communities":["CANAL POINT","Canal Point Apartments"],"subdivisions":["Acreage & Unrec","CANAL POINT","Canal Point Add 02","CARTER J E","Carter JE Resub in","LONG BEACH COLONY","MAYACA HOMESITES","MAYACA HOMESITES TR 10","MAYACA HOMESITES TR 12","NEMAHA","NEMAHA SUB","PIONEER INV CO 1","WATERWAY"],"zipcodes":["33438","33439","33476"]},"capecanaveral":{"label":"Cape Canaveral","counties":["Brevard County"],"communities":["NA","THE VILLAGES OF SEAPORT"],"subdivisions":["Royal Mansion Condominium","SEA ERA SANDS CONDO","THE PLAZA CONDO","THE VILLAGES OF SEAPORT CONDO"],"zipcodes":["32920"]},"capecoral":{"label":"Cape Coral","counties":["Lee County"],"communities":["Cape Coral","EDGEWATER CONDO"],"subdivisions":["C4","CAPE CORAL","CAPE CORAL FL, LEE COUNTY","Cape Coral Lot on Canal","Cape Coral Subdivision","CAPE CORAL UNIT 18","CAPE CORAL UNIT 19","CAPE CORAL UNIT 21","CAPE CORAL UNIT 22","CAPE CORAL UNIT 23","CAPE CORAL UNIT 24","CAPE CORAL UNIT 25","CAPE CORAL UNIT 26","CAPE CORAL UNIT 31","CAPE CORAL UNIT 32","CAPE CORAL UNIT 32BLK 2138 PB 16 PG 12LOTS 37 + 38","CAPE CORAL UNIT 33","Cape Coral Unit 34","CAPE CORAL UNIT 35","CAPE CORAL UNIT 36","CAPE CORAL UNIT 36 1","CAPE CORAL UNIT 38","CAPE CORAL UNIT 40","CAPE CORAL UNIT 41","CAPE CORAL UNIT 42","Cape Coral Unit 43","CAPE CORAL UNIT 44","CAPE CORAL UNIT 45","CAPE CORAL UNIT 45 1","Cape Coral Unit 46","CAPE CORAL UNIT 48","CAPE CORAL UNIT 49","CAPE CORAL UNIT 51","CAPE CORAL UNIT 54","CAPE CORAL UNIT 55","CAPE CORAL UNIT 60","CAPE CORAL UNIT 62","CAPE CORAL UNIT 66","CAPE CORAL UNIT 69","CAPE CORAL UNIT 70","CAPE CORAL UNIT 82","CAPE CORAL UNIT 84","CAPE CORAL UNIT 87","CAPE CORAL UNIT 88","CAPE CORAL UNIT 89","CAPE CORAL UNIT 92","CAPE CORAL UNIT 93","Cape Coral UNIT 97","CLUBHOUSE VILLAS II AT BANYAN TRACE","CornwallisCAPE CORAL UNIT 20 2","EDGEWATER CONDO","MARINER","Parcel# 174324c405767.0160","PARKWAY VILLAGE CONDO","picnic area, play area.","SHOREHAVEN ESTATES UNIT 1","SOUTH PASS","SQUARE ONE CONDO"],"zipcodes":["33903","33904","33909","33910","33914","33915","33922","33955","33990","33991","33993"]},"carrabelle":{"label":"Carrabelle","counties":["Franklin County"],"zipcodes":["32322"]},"caryville":{"label":"Caryville","counties":["Washington County"],"subdivisions":["5 3 15 4.65 ORB 1269 P 130 PRCL DESC IN ORB 1269 P 130"],"zipcodes":["32427"]},"casadecampo":{"label":"Casa de Campo","communities":["Casa de Campo"],"subdivisions":["Bahia Chavon in Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic","Barranca Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic","Barranca Este 18, Casa de Campo , Dominican Republic","Barranca Este in Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic","Barranca in Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic","Barranca, Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic.","Batey Norte 2, Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic","Batey Norte 4, Casa de Campo, dominican Republic","Cacique Casa de Campo, Dominican Replublic","Cajuiles, Casa de campo; Dominican REpublic","Cajulies, Casa de Campo, La Romana; Republica Dominicana.","Casa de Campo, Dominica Republic, Las canas 56","Casa de campo, Dominican Republic","Casa de campo, Dominican Republic ; Las pinas","Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic Golf villa","Casa de campo, Dominican Republic, Las canas 17","Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic. Barranca Oeste 15","Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic. Batey Norte 4","Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic. Las Canas 052.","Casa de campo, Dominican republic. Los limones","Casa de campo, Dominican Republic. Vivero 49A","Casa de Campo, Dominican RepublicGolf Vila 131","Casa de campo, Dominican RepublicGolf villa 42","Casa de campo, Golf villa","Casa de campo, Republica Dominicana","Casa de capo, Dominican Republic. Vivero 058","Costamar, Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican republic","Costaverde, casa de campo;Dominican Republic","Dye Fore Estates in Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic","El Molino in Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic","Golf Villa in Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic","Golf Villa, Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic","La cerezas, Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic","Las Canas II in Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic","Las Canas in Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic","Las Cerezas in Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic","LAS COLINAS in Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic","Las Lomas in Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic","Los Mangos, Casa de Campo","Los Altos I in Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic","Los Lagos 31, Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic","Los Lagos Casa de Capo, Dominican Republic","Los Lagos in Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic","Los Lagos, Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic","Los Mango 3 Casa de Campo Dominican Republic","MONTE PLATA","No Subdevision","Punta Aguila in Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic","Punta Aguila, Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic","Residencial Bella Stonia","Residencial Orquidea II","Riomar in Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic","Riomar In Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic","Vista Lagos in Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic","Vivero , Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic","Vivero II in Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic"]},"casselberry":{"label":"Casselberry","counties":["Seminole County"],"subdivisions":["FIELD CLUB","LEGACY PARK RESIDENTIAL PHASES 1 AND 2 A REPLAT","OAKHURST RESERVE UNIT ONE"],"zipcodes":["32701","32707","32708","32718","32730","32751","32792"]},"chattahoochee":{"label":"Chattahoochee","counties":["Gadsden County"],"zipcodes":["32324"]},"chiefland":{"label":"Chiefland","counties":["Levy County"],"zipcodes":["32626","32644"]},"chipley":{"label":"Chipley","counties":["Washington County"],"communities":["SUNNY HILLS"],"subdivisions":["Sunny Hills (7)","SUNNY HILLS UN 08","SUNNY HILLS UNIT 6"],"zipcodes":["32428"]},"christmas":{"label":"Christmas","counties":["Orange County"],"communities":["Discovery Palms"],"subdivisions":["Discovery Palms Condo"],"zipcodes":["32709"]},"citra":{"label":"Citra","subdivisions":["SILVER PALMS ESTATES UNIT 2"]},"citrussprings":{"label":"Citrus Springs","counties":["Citrus County"],"communities":["Citronelle Ranchettes","Citrus Springs","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 15","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 23"],"subdivisions":["000329 - CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 04","000342 - CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 06","000399 - CITRUS SPRINGS","001816 - SUNKIST ESTATES","CITRONELLE RANCHETTES UNRC 320","CITRUS SPGS UNIT 07","CITRUS SPGS UNIT 23","CITRUS SPRINGS","CITRUS SPRINGS FLORIDA","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 01","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 03","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 04","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 05","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 06","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 07","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 08","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 09","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 10","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 11","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 12","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 13","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 14","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 15","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 16","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 17","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 18","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 19","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 20","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 21","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 22","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 23","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 25","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 26","CITRUS SPRINGS UNIT 27","HILLS OF FLORIDA WOODS","homosassa","HOMOSASSA TOWN","MINI FARMS UNIT 13 UNREC 4B000","RAINBOW ESTATES UNIT 2","TOWN OF SO CITRONELLE PROPOSED","UNREC TRACTS IN 07-17S-19E"],"zipcodes":["34433","34434","34465"]},"clearwater":{"label":"Clearwater","counties":["Pinellas County"],"subdivisions":["Clearwater Manor","COLLEGE HILL PARK","Douglas Manor","Eldridge","GREENBRIAR UNIT 5","SKY HARBOR ESTATES CORPORATION INC CONDO"],"zipcodes":["33755","33756","33757","33758","33759","33760","33761","33762","33763","33764","33765","33766","33767","33769"]},"clermont":{"label":"Clermont","counties":["Lake County"],"communities":["Clermont Gardens","Hunter\\'s Run","SERENITY AT SILVER CREEK","VERDE RIDGE"],"subdivisions":["Clermont Garden","CLERMONT HGTS","Glenbrook","Hunter\\'s Run","LAKE HIGHLANDS COMPANY PLAT","SERENITY AT SILVER CREEK","TRADDS LANDING","VERDE RIDGE UNIT 1","VISTA GRANDE PHASE I"],"zipcodes":["34711","34712","34713","34714","34715"]},"clewiston":{"label":"Clewiston","counties":["Hendry County"],"communities":["CLEWISTON RIDGEVIEW ESTS","MONTURA RANCH","MONTURA RANCH ESTATES","MONTURA RANCHES"],"subdivisions":["BASS & SUN CONDOMINIUM PHASE 2-B","CLEWISTON","CLEWISTON GOLFVIEW","CLEWISTON RIDGEVIEW ESTATES","CLEWISTON RIDGEVIEW ESTS","CLEWISTON RIDGEWOOD","CLEWISTON SUGARLAND ESTS","CLEWISTON SWEET LAKE VILLAS","DENNIS","Everhigh Acres\/La Deca","HARLEM","HARLEM S\/D","HOLIDAY ISLES","La Deca","LADECA ACRES S\/D UNREC SEC 29","LANKFORD","MIDWAY ACRES","Montero Ranch","Montura","MONTURA RANCH","MONTURA RANCH ESTATE","MONTURA RANCH ESTATES","MONTURA RANCH ESTATES 1 ST S\/D","Montura Ranch Estates 1st S\/D","MONTURA RANCH ESTS","Montura Ranch Section E","MONTURA RANCH STATES","MONTURA RANCH UNREC SEC 13","MONTURA RANCH UNREC SEC 14","MONTURA RANCH UNREC SEC 26","MONTURA RANCH UNREC SEC 31","MONTURA RANCH UNREC SEC 34","MONTURA RANCH UNREC SEC 35","MONTURA RANCH UNREC SEC 36","MONTURA RANCHES","MONTURA RANCHES ESTATES","Montura Ranches Estates,Florida 33440","Montura South Half (100804.00)","NALLS COURT","Pioneer","PIONEER (101601.00)","PIONEER PLANT UNREC SEC 22","Pioneer Plantation","RIDGDILL","Ridgeview Estates","RIDGVIEW ESTATES S\/D A RESUB OF BLOCKS 81-88","RIGDILL","S\/D OF 20-43-35 FRAC SEC IN","SEMINOLE MNR","SKY VALLEY","SOUTHRIDGE S\/D","Sugarland Estates","SWEET LAKES VILLAS","TOWER LAKE ESTS","Tower lakes estates","TWIN LAKES","W 1\/2 of NW 1\/4 of NE 1\/4 of NE 1\/4 + E 1\/2 of NE 1\/4 of NW 1\/4 of NE 1\/4 Tracts 1036 to 10310.00 AC","WOODLAND"],"zipcodes":["33440"]},"cloudlake":{"label":"Cloud Lake","counties":["Palm Beach County"],"communities":["Cloud Lake"],"subdivisions":["CLOUD LAKE","CLOUD LAKE IN"],"zipcodes":["33406"]},"cocoa":{"label":"Cocoa","counties":["Brevard County"],"communities":["FOREST LAKES OF COCOA"],"subdivisions":["Canaveral Groves","Canaveral Groves Subd","Canaveral Groves Subd Per Sb 2","CLEARLAKE VILLAGE-UNIT 2","Cocoa","FOREST LAKES OF COCOA CONDO PH III","FOREST LAKES OF COCOA CONDO PH III UNIT 190 FOREST LAKES OF COCOA","OAKS ON RIVERS EDGE","PALM ESTATES UNREC","PARKCHESTER UNIT 2","PINERIDGE SUBD UNIT 2","PORT ST JOHN UNIT 4","PORT ST JOHN UNIT 6","PORT ST JOHN UNIT 7","Port St John Unit 8","RESURVEY OF PART OF LOT 5 SUBD","SHAKESPEARE PARK SEC 1","Subdivision","VERONICA ESTATES PHASE ONE"],"zipcodes":["32922","32923","32924","32926","32927"]},"cocoabeach":{"label":"Cocoa Beach","counties":["Brevard County"],"subdivisions":["BAYVIEW PARK REPLAT","CANAVERAL GROVES","COCOA ISLES 5TH ADDN REPLAT","Cocoa Ocean Beach","JEANIE II BY THE SEA CONDO","PEBBLE COVE CONDO","SOLANA LAKE CONDO PH VII","THE COMMODORE CONDO PH II","VENETIAN WAY SEC 2"],"zipcodes":["32931","32932"]},"coconutcreek":{"label":"Coconut Creek","counties":["Broward County"],"communities":["* Carrington at Coconut Creek*","3+ DEN\/ OFFICE","ANDROS ISLE","ANTIGUA","Antigua Village Condominiums","Applewiood Village III (Township)","Applewood","APPLEWOOD \/ TOWNSHIP","APPLEWOOD 2 TOWNSHIP","Applewood II","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE","Applewood Village 1","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 1A","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 2","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 3","Applewood Village 4","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE I","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE II","Applewood Village III","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE IV","Ashton Parc","BAHAMA BEND","BAHAMA VILLAGE","BANYAN TRAIL","BANYAN TRAILS","Banyon Trails","BAYPORT","BAYPORT @ TOWNSHIP","BAYPORT VILLAGE","BAYPORT VILLAGE E CONDO","Bayport Village of Township","Bayport Village Township","BayView","BAYVIEW AT THE TOWNS","Bayview at the Township","BAYVIEW VILLAGE","Bayview Village in The Township","BAYWOOD","Baywood 3 Township","Baywood Village","BAYWOOD VILLAGE 1","Baywood Village 111","BAYWOOD VILLAGE 2","Baywood Village II","BERMUDA COVE","BERMUDA VILLAGE","BIMINI VILLAGE","Breckenridge North","BREEDING PROPERTY","BREEDING PROPERTY COQUINA ESTATES","BRITTANY","BRITTANY PARK","BUTTONWOOD HAMMOCK","Buttonwood Hammocks","CAMBRIDGE PARK","carambola\/township","Carrington","CARRINGTON AT COCONU","CARRINGTON AT COCONUT CREEK","Center Pointe Condo","CENTERPOINT\/TOWNSHIP","CENTERPOINTE","Centerpointe \/ Towns","CenterPointe at the Township","CENTERPOINTE CONDO","CENTURA PARC","CENTURA PARC AT COCONUT CREEK","CENTURA PARK","CENTURY PARC","Club Caribe","Club Caribe Condo","CLUB CARIBE CONDO BL","COCO BAY","Coco Lake","coco lakes","Coco Palms","Coco Parc","COCO PARC CONDO","Coco Park, Coco Parc","Cocobay","COCOBAY COCO BAY","Cocobay\/Winston Park","COCOLAKE","Coconut Creek","COCONUT CREEK RANCHES","COCONUT POINT","Coconut Pointe","Cocopalms","Coquina","COQUINA - BREEDING PROPERTY","CORAL POINT","CORAL POINTE","Coral Pointe, Winston Park Two","COUNTRY LAKES","COUNTRY WOODS","Crescent Creek","CRESCENT CREEK COCONUT POINTE","CRESENT CREEK","CYPRESS ESTATES","CYPRESS LAKE","Cypress Lake @ Winston Park","Cypress Lakes","DEERFIELD LAKE","EAGLE CAY","Eagles Cay","EDGEFIELD","EDGEFIELD 1ST SEC","Eleuthera","ELEUTHERA VILLAGE","ESSEX PARK","Estates Lyons Gate","ESTATES OF LYONS GATE","ESTATES OF LYONS GATE - TALL TREES","EVERGREEN","Evergreen Lakes","EVERGREEN LAKES CONDO","Evergreen Lakes Condominium","EVERGREEN LAKES CONDOMINIUMS","FAIRMONT PARK","Foxford Trails Whispering Trails","Ginger Tree","GOLDEN RAINTREE","Golden Raintree 1","Golden Raintree 2","Golden Raintree 4","GOLDEN RAINTREE I","GOLDEN RAINTREE II","Golden Raintree II @ The Township of Coconut Creek","Golden Raintree III","Golden Raintree IV","GOLDEN RAINTREE V","GOLDEN RAINTREE VI","Granada","GRANADA VILLAGE","Grand Cypress","Hammock Estates","HAMMOCKS","Hammocks at Coconut Creek","Hammocks Estates","Hammocks Lake Forest","Hammocks-Lake Forest","Hidden Lake","HILLSBORO PINES","HILTON ESTATES","HUNTINGTON SQUARE","Indigo Lakes","Indigo Lakes (St Croix)","INDIGO LAKES \/ LAKE WINDERMERE","Indigo Lakes \/ Wiles Butler","INDIGO LAKES\/COMO","Indigo, Winston park","Julia Gardens","Karanda","KARANDA \/ TOWNSHIP","KARANDA 1","KARANDA 1 TOWNSHIP","KARANDA 2","KARANDA 4","Karanda 6","Karanda III","Karanda V","KARANDA VILLAGE","Karanda Village 3","KARANDA VILLAGE 4","KARANDA VILLAGE 5","KARANDA VILLAGE 6","KARANDA VILLAGE 7","Karanda Village at The Township","KARANDA VILLAGE COND","KARANDA VILLAGE I","KARANDA VILLAGE I-B CONDO UNIT 33142 BLDG 25 PER C","KARANDA VILLAGE III","KARANDA VILLAGE III - TOWNSHIP","KARANDA VILLAGE IV","Karanda Village VI","KARANDA\/TOWNSHIP","KS Park","LA MARGARITA \/ COCOPALMS","Lago Vista","LAKE COMO","LAKE FRONT CONDO","Lake St Croix","Lake St. Croix","Lake St. Croix at Indigo Lakes","Lake Windemere","Lake Windemere \/ Indigo Lakes","LAKE WINDERMERE","Lakeview Homes At Centura","LAKEVIEW HOMES AT CENTURA PARC","LAKEVIEW HOMES AT CP","Lakeview Homes\/Centu","LAKEWOOD EAST","Lauren\\'s Turn","Laurens Turn","Long Pine Townhomes","Long Pines","Long Pines Townhomes","Lyons Creek \/ SABAL PINES","Lyons Gate","Lyons Gate \/ Sabal Pines","LYONS GATE\/SABAL PIN","LYONS GATE\/SABAL PINES","Mallards Landing","Mallards Landing, Regency Lakes","Mallards Landing\/Regency Lakes","Martinique","Martinique Village","Monarch Station","NASSAU VILLAGE","OLIVINE","OLIVINE AT THE TOWNS","OLIVINE AT THE TOWNSHIP","OSPREY","PALM BEACH FARMS","PALM BEACH FARMS 2","PALOMA LAKES","PARKWOOD","Parkwood 5","PARKWOOD V","Parkwood VI","Pine Creek","PINECREEK ESTATES","POND APPLE","pond apple 1","POND APPLE 2","Pond Apple 4","POND APPLE 4 TOWNSHI","POND APPLE 4 TOWNSHIP","Pond Apple Place","POND APPLE PLACE 3","POND APPLE PLACE 4","Portofino","PORTOFINO VILLAGE CONDOMINIUMS","PRE-FORECLOSURE","Rain Forest Estates \/ Odonnell Farms Plat 1","Rainforest Estates","REGENCY BRITNEY PARK","REGENCY LAKES","Regency Lakes At Coconut Creek","REGENCY LAKES EAGLE","Regency Lakes Fairmont","Regency Lakes,Osprey","REGENCY LAKES\/EAGLE","Regency Lakes\/Eagle\\'s Cay","REGENCY LAKES\/FAIRMONT","Residence of Long Pine","riveria palms","RIVIERA PALMS","RIVIERA PALMS CONDO","Rossmoor Bahama Village","SAN MALINA","San Mellina","san millina","Sandpiper","SANDPIPER LANDING","Sandpiper Landings","SAWGRASS VILLAGE 1","SAWGRASS VILLAGE II","SECRET PON PUD","Secret Pond","Somerset","SOMERSET AT LAUREN&A","Sorbet","SORBET AT WINSTON PARK","SORBET WINSTON PARK","SORBET\/WINSTON PARK","South Creek","SOUTHCREEK","ST CROIX","ST. CROIX","SUNRISE","Sunrise Estates","SWANS LANDING","SWANS LANDING REGENC","Tall Pines","Tall Trees","TALL TREES \/ LYONS GATE ESTATES","Tallowood Isle","Tallowood Isles","TALLOWWOOD","Tamarind Village","Tamarind Village at Township","Tartan","TARTAN COCONUT CREEK","TARTAN COCONUT CREEK PH 1\/Sawgrass Village 1","TARTAN COCONUT CREEK PHASE II","The BERMUDA","The Cordiality","The Hammocks","The Landings at Victoria Isles","The Township","THE TOWNSHIP - KARANDA VILLAGE VI","The Township\/Golden Raintree VI","The Township\/Tradewinds","THE TOWNSHIPS","TOWNSHIP","TOWNSHIP - APPLEWOOD","TOWNSHIP - APPLEWOOD VILLAGE","TOWNSHIP - KARANDA 3","Township \/ Baywood Village 1","Township \/ Applewood 2","Township \/ Karanda 1 Village","TOWNSHIP APPLEWOOD 1","TOWNSHIP APPLEWOOD 4","Township Applewood Village II","Township Bayport","TOWNSHIP BAYPORT VILLAGE","Township Bayview village","TOWNSHIP COMMUNITY","township estates","Township Golden Raintree 6","Township Golden Raintree IV","TOWNSHIP GR 6","Township Karanda","TOWNSHIP KARANDA 3","Township Karanda Village 5","Township Karanda Village V Karanda Village 5","TOWNSHIP KARANDA VLG","TOWNSHIP POND APPLE","Township Pond Apple 1","TOWNSHIP TRADEWINDS","Township,Pond Apple","TOWNSHIP\/APPLEWOOD 4","Township\/Applewood Village III","TOWNSHIP\/BAYWOOD I","TOWNSHIP\/BAYWOOD VILLAGE","TOWNSHIP\/KARANDA","TOWNSHIP\/KARANDA 3","TOWNSHIP\/KARANDA 7","TOWNSHIP\/KARANDA IV","Township\/Karanda Vil","TOWNSHIP\/KARANDA7","Township\/KarandaVI","TOWNSHIP\/TRADEWINDS","Townships","TRADEWINDS","Tradewinds A","TRADEWINDS C CONDO","Tradewinds Condo","Tradewinds Condominium","TRADEWINDS D","TRADEWINDS TOWNSHIP","TRADEWINDS\/TOWNSHIP","VICTORIA","VICTORIA ISLE","Victoria Isles","Victoria Isles \/ Sawgrass Exchange","VICTORIA VILLAGE","WHISPERING TRAILS","Whispering Trails - FOXFORD TRAILS","Wildwood","WILDWOOD ESTATES","Wildwood Estates at Adios","WINDERMERE","WINDMERE","Winstom Park","Winston Park","WINSTON PARK \/ SOMERSET AT LAURENS","WINSTON PARK \/ SOMERSET AT LAURENS TURN","WINSTON PARK SEC 2-A","Winston park Sec 3","Winston Park Sec Three","Winston Park Sect 3","Winston Park Section three","WINSTON PARK,","WINSTON PARK\/Bermuda Cove","WINSTON PARK\/SOMERSE","Woodlake Villa","Woodlake Villas","Woodside","WYNDMOOR","WYNM00R","WYNMOOR","WYNMOOR VILLAGE","WYNMOOR - ANDROS","WYNMOOR - BAHAMA","WYNMOOR - ELEUTHERA","WYNMOOR - MARTINIQUE","WYNMOOR - PORTOFINO","WYNMOOR - PORTOFINO VILLAGE","Wynmoor - Victoria","WYNMOOR -ANTIGUA","WYNMOOR -BERMUDA","Wynmoor \/ Lucaya","WYNMOOR ABACO","Wynmoor Aruba","WYNMOOR BAHAMA VILLA","WYNMOOR BERMUDA","WYNMOOR CAYMAN VILLAGE","WYNMOOR COMMUNITY","Wynmoor Country Club","Wynmoor Lucaya","Wynmoor Lucaya Village","WYNMOOR PORTOFINO","Wynmoor Victoria","Wynmoor Vilage","Wynmoor Village","Wynmoor Village - Andros Village Condominiums","Wynmoor Village - Bahama Village Condominiums","Wynmoor Village - Bimini","WYNMOOR VILLAGE - LUCAYA VILLAGE CONDOMINIUMS","WYNMOOR VILLAGE - NASSAU VILLAGE CONDOMINIUMS","Wynmoor Village - Nassau Village West Condominiums","WYNMOOR VILLAGE AT COCONUT CREEK","WYNMOOR VILLAGE COUNTRY CLUB","Wynmoor- Bimini","Wynmoor-Abaco","WYNMOOR-ANTIGUA","WYNMOOR-ARUBA","WYNMOOR-BIMINI","WYNMOOR-ELEUTHERA","WYNMOOR-LUCAYA","WYNMOOR-MARTINIQUE","Wynmoor-Portofino","WYNMOOR, PORTOFINO","Wynmoor\/Abaco","Wynmoore - Abaco","WYNMOR","Wynnmoor","Wynoor"],"subdivisions":["*Carrington at Coconut Creek*","\\'\\'KARANDA VILLAGE 1-\\'\\'\\'\\'D\\'\\'","5150 HILLSBORO","Abaco","Abaco Village","ABACO VILLAGE A CONDO","ABACO VILLAGE A CONDO @ WYNMOOR","Abaco Village B Condo","Abaco Village Condo A","ABACO VILLAGE F CONDO","ABACO VILLAGE G CONDO","ABACO VILLAGE H CONDO","ALHAMBRA","ANDROS VILLAGE","ANDROS VILLAGE AT WYMNOOR","ANDROS VILLAGE B CONDO","ANDROS VILLAGE C CONDO","ANDROS VILLAGE D CONDO","ANDROS VILLAGE E CONDO","ANDROS VILLAGE E CONDO - Wynmoor","Antigua Village","ANTIGUA VILLAGE l A CONDO","ANTIGUA VILLAGE 1-A CONDO","ANTIGUA VILLAGE 1-B","ANTIGUA VILLAGE 1-B CONDO","ANTIGUA VILLAGE 1-C CONDO","ANTIGUA VILLAGE 1-D CONDO","ANTIGUA VILLAGE 1-E CONDO","ANTIGUA VILLAGE 2-A CONDO","ANTIGUA VILLAGE 2-D CONDO","ANTIGUA VILLAGE 2-E CONDO","Antigua Village Condo 01c","Antigua Village Condo 02c","Antigua Village Condo 02e","ANTIGUA VILLAGE I C CONDO","ANTIGUA VILLAGE I D CONDO","Antigua Village Wynmoor","ANTIGUA VILLAGE WYNMOOR VILLAGE","ANTIGUA VILLLAGE \/ WYNMOOR","APPLEWOOD","Applewood 1","APPLEWOOD 2","Applewood 2 Condominium","APPLEWOOD 3","APPLEWOOD 3 TOWNSHIP","APPLEWOOD 4\/TOWNSHIP","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE - TOWNSHIP","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 01","Applewood Village 01d","Applewood Village 02b","Applewood Village 02d","Applewood Village 03b","Applewood Village 04d","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 1","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 1-","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 1-A CONDO","Applewood Village 1-B Condo","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 1-C CONDO","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 1-D CONDO","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 2","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 2-","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 2-A CONDO","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 2-B CONDO","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 2-C CONDO","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 2-D CONDO","Applewood Village 2-E Condo","Applewood Village 2-F Condo","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 3","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 3-A CONDO","Applewood Village 3-B","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 3-B CONDO","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 4","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 4 \/Township","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 4- A CONDO","Applewood Village 4- B Condo","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 4- D CONDO","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 4- E CONDO","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 4-C CONDO","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE 4D COND","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE I","Applewood Village II","Applewood Village II D","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE IV-D","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE IV-D CONDO","APPLEWOOD VILLAGE IV-E CONDO","APPLEWOODII TOWNSHIP","ARUBA VILLAGE A CONDO","ARUBA VILLAGE AT WYNMOOR","ARUBA VILLAGE B CONDO","ARUBA VILLAGE C CONDO","ARUBA VILLAGE D CONDO","ARUBA VILLAGE E CONDO","Aruba Village Wynmoor","Ashton Parc","Ashton Parc, Simonton Court","ASHTON PARK","BAHAMA BEND","Bahama Village","BAHAMA VILLAGE - WYNMOOR","BAHAMA VILLAGE CONDO","Banyan Square 168-33 B","BANYAN TRAIL","BANYAN TRAILS","Banyan Trails 154-3","Banyan Trails 154-3 B","BANYAN TRAILS IN WINSTON PARK","Banyan Trails Prcl A 154-3 B","Banyan Trails*","BAYPORT @ TOWNSHIP","BAYPORT Township","BAYPORT VILLAGE","BAYPORT VILLAGE A CONDO","Bayport Village AT TOWNSHIP","BAYPORT VILLAGE B CONDO","BAYPORT VILLAGE C CONDO","Bayport Village Condo D","BAYPORT VILLAGE D","BAYPORT VILLAGE D CONDO","Bayport Village E Condo","Bayport Village Township","BAYVIEW","BAYVIEW VILLAGE","BAYVIEW VILLAGE A","Bayview Village B","Bayview Village B, Township","BAYVIEW VILLAGE C","BAYVIEW VILLAGE D CONDO","BAYVIEW VILLAGE E CONDO","Bayview Village F","BAYVIEW VILLAGE F CONDO","Bayview Village Township","BAYWOOD","BAYWOOD 1","BAYWOOD I","BAYWOOD VILLAGE","BAYWOOD VILLAGE 02 C","Baywood Village 03 A","Baywood Village 03 B","Baywood Village 1","BAYWOOD VILLAGE 1-A CONDO","BAYWOOD VILLAGE 1-B","BAYWOOD VILLAGE 2","BAYWOOD VILLAGE 2-A CONDO","BAYWOOD VILLAGE 2-B","Baywood Village 2-B Condo","BAYWOOD VILLAGE 2-C","BAYWOOD VILLAGE 2-C CONDO","BAYWOOD VILLAGE 2-D","Baywood Village 2-D Condo","BAYWOOD VILLAGE 3","BAYWOOD VILLAGE 3-A CONDO","BAYWOOD VILLAGE 3-B","BAYWOOD VILLAGE 3-B CONDO","BAYWOOD VILLAGE II","Baywood Village III","BAYWOOD VILLAGE III-B CONDO","BAYWOOD VILLAGE TOWNSHIP","BERMUDA","BERMUDA COVE","BERMUDA COVE \/ WINSTON PARK","BERMUDA VILLAGE WYNMOOR","BERMUDA VILLAGE A CO","BERMUDA VILLAGE A CONDO","BERMUDA VILLAGE AT WYNMOOR","BERMUDA VILLAGE B CONDO","BERMUDA VILLAGE C CONDO","BERMUDA VILLAGE D CONDO","BERMUDA VILLAGE E CONDO","Bill Blacks Plat","BIMINI VILLAGE "G" C","BIMINI VILLAGE A CONDO","BIMINI VILLAGE B CONDO","BIMINI VILLAGE D CONDO","BIMINI VILLAGE E CONDO","BIMINI VILLAGE F CONDO","BIMINI VILLAGE G CONDO","Black Bill 134-39 B","Breeding Prop 165-19 B","BREEDING PROPERTY","BREEDING PROPERTY 165-19 B POR TR A AKA: LOT 195 COQUINA","BRITTANY PARK","Brittany Park \/ Regency Lakes","Buttonwood Hammocks","Buttonwood Hammocks Lyons West","Cambridge Park","CARRINGTON","CARRINGTON AT COCONUT CRE","CARRINGTON AT COCONUT CREEK","Cayman Village","CAYMAN VILLAGE A CONDO","Cayman Village C Condo","Center point","CENTERPOINT","Centerpointe","CENTERPOINTE AT THE TOWNSHIP","Centerpointe Condo","Centerpointe Township","Centura Parc","CENTURA PARC AT COCONUT C","CENTURA PARC AT COCONUT CREEK","Centura Parc Decl","CENTURA PARK","CLUB CARIBE","Club Caribe Condo","COCO BAY","COCO LAKE","Coco Lakes","COCO LAKES 155-25 B","Coco Lakes 155-25 B Prcl A","Coco Palms","COCO PARC","Coco Parc Condo","Coco Parc Condo Sub","Coco Parc Condo Subaccount","Coco Parc, Coco Park","Cocobay","COCOBAY 160-6 B","COCOBAY COCO BAY","Cocobay\/Winston Park","COCOLAKE","COCONUT CREEK","COCONUT CREEK 11TH","COCONUT CREEK 11TH SEC","COCONUT CREEK 2 SEC","COCONUT CREEK 4TH SEC","COCONUT CREEK 5TH SEC","COCONUT CREEK 9TH SEC","COCONUT CREEK RANCHES","COCONUT CREEK SEC 02 54-29 B","Coconut Creek Sec 05 57-19 B","Coconut Creek Sec 07 65-14 B","Coconut Creek Sec 10","Coconut Creek Sec 11 74-15 B","COCONUT CREEK SEC 7","COCONUT CREEK SEC 8","Coconut Creek\/Edgefield 5th Sec","COCONUT POINT","COCONUT POINT 164-27","Coconut Pointe","COCONUT POINTE 164-2","Coconut Pointe Crescent Creek","Cocopalms","COQNINA","Coquina","COQUINA - BREEDING PROPERTY","COQUINA \/ BREEDING PROPERTY","Coquina EstatesBreeding","COQUINA LAKES","Coquina\/Breeding Property","Coral Key","CORAL POINT","CORAL POINTE","CORAL POINTE AT WINSTON PARK","CORAL POINTE WINSTON PARK","Country Lakes","COUNTRY WOODS","COUNTRY WOODS 168-5","Country Woods 168-5 B","CRESCENT CREEK","CRESENT CREEK","Cypress Estates","Cypress Lake","CYPRESS LAKE AT WINSTON PARK","Cypress Lake At Winston Park Decl","CYPRESS LAKES","Cypress Lakes at Winston Park","Cypresses At Coconut Creek","DEERDIELD LAKE","DEERFIELD LAKES","EAGLE CAY","EAGLE CAY REGENCY","Eagle\\'s Cay","EDGEFIELD","EDGEFIELD 1ST SEC","EDGEFIELD 1ST SEC \/ SOUTH CREEK","EDGEFIELD 1ST SEC 49","Edgefield 1st Sec 49-31 B","Edgefield Sec 01 49-31 B","Eleuthera","Eleuthera Village","ELEUTHERA VILLAGE A CONDO","ELEUTHERA VILLAGE C CONDO","ELEUTHERA VILLAGE D CONDO","Eleuthera Village E","ELEUTHERA VILLAGE E CONDO","EMERALD PINES ESTATE","Estates Coconut Creek 175-110 B","Estates Lyons Gate","ESTATES LYONS GATE 148-30","Estates of Coconut Creek","ESTATES OF LYONS GAT","Estates Of Lyons Gate","ESTATES OF LYONS GATE\/ Tall Trees","ESTATES OF LYONS GATE\/TALL TREES","EVERGREEN LAKES","Evergreen Lakes Condo","Evergreen Lakes Condominium","EVERGREEN LAKES CONDOMINIUMS","FAIRMONT AT REGENCY","Fairmont at Regency Lakes","FAIRMONT PARK","FLORIDA RESIDENTIAL","FLORIDA RESIDENTIAL CENTERS","FLORIDA RESIDENTIAL CENTERS PLAT 1","Florida Residential Centre","FOXFORD TRAILS","Foxford Trails 174-162 B","Ginger Tree","GINGER TREE TOWNSHIP","Golden Rain Tree II","GOLDEN RAIN TREE VI","GOLDEN RAINTREE","Golden Raintree 05 Decl","Golden Raintree 06","Golden Raintree 06 Decl","Golden Raintree 2","GOLDEN RAINTREE 4","GOLDEN RAINTREE 4-A CONDO","GOLDEN RAINTREE 4-B CONDO","Golden Raintree 4-C Condo","Golden Raintree Condo","GOLDEN RAINTREE II","Golden Raintree III","Golden Raintree IV","GOLDEN RAINTREE IV-C CONDO","Golden Raintree Lii","GOLDEN RAINTREE lll","GOLDEN RAINTREE V","Golden Raintree VI","Golden Raintree VI\/The Township","GOMBOS PLAT","GRANADA","GRANADA VILLAGE A CONDO","GRANADA VILLAGE B CONDO","GRANADA VILLAGE C CONDO","GRANADA VILLAGE D CONDO","Granada Village E Condo","GRANADA VILLAGE F CONDO","GRANADA VILLAGE F CONDO UNIT H-2 PER CDO BK\/PG: 10742\/782","GRANADA VILLAGE WYNMOOR CONDO","GRAND CYPRESS","GRAND CYPRESS AT COCONUT CREEK","GRAND CYPRESS REPLAT","Granddad Village A Condo","Grande\/Evergreen Lakes","Great community. Walking distance to parks, elementary school and community center.","HAMMOCK ESTATES","HAMMOCKS","Hammocks at coconut creek","Hammocks At Coconut Creek 103-6 B","Hammocks At Coconut Creek Ph 1","Hammocks Lake Forest","Hammocks Lake Forest Condo","HAMMOCKS-LAKE FOREST","HAMMOCKS-LAKE FOREST CONDO","Hammocks, The Hammocks","Hidden Lake","Hidden Lakes","Hillsboro Associates Plat","HILLSBORO ASSOCIATES PLAT Julia Gardens","HILLSBORO EXECUTIVE CENTER","HILLSBORO EXECUTIVE PARK COMM CONDO","HILLSBORO PINES","HILLSBORO PINES SEC","HILLSBORO PINES SEC B","Hillsboro Pines Sec C 47-2 B","HILLSBORO PINES SEC D","HILTON ESTATES","IN THE PINES","Indigo Lakes","INDIGO LAKES \/ LAKE WINDERMERE","INDIGO LAKES \/ WINDMERE","INDIGO LAKES\/ST CROIX","Julia Gardens","Julia Gardens Un 05","K S PARK","K S PARK , Tallowwood","KARANDA","KARANDA 2","KARANDA 3","Karanda III","KARANDA VI","KARANDA VILLAGE","KARANDA VILLAGE -2","KARANDA VILLAGE 1","KARANDA VILLAGE 1- A CONDO","Karanda Village 1- B Condo","KARANDA VILLAGE 1- C CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE 1- D CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE 1-"C","KARANDA VILLAGE 2","KARANDA VILLAGE 2- A CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE 2- B CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE 2-D CONDO","Karanda Village 3","KARANDA VILLAGE 3- A CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE 3- B CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE 3-C","KARANDA VILLAGE 3-C CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE 3-D CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE 3-E CONDO","Karanda Village 3B","KARANDA VILLAGE 4","KARANDA VILLAGE 4- A CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE 4- B CONDO","Karanda Village 4-C","KARANDA VILLAGE 4-C CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE 5","KARANDA VILLAGE 5-A CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE 5-B CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE 5-C","Karanda Village 5-C Condo","Karanda Village 6","KARANDA VILLAGE 6-A CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE 6-B CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE 6-C CONDO","Karanda Village 7 Township","KARANDA VILLAGE 7-A CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE 7-B","KARANDA VILLAGE 7-B CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE 7-E CONDO","Karanda Village Condo 01b","Karanda Village Condo 01d","Karanda Village Condo 02a","Karanda Village Condo 02b","Karanda Village Condo 03a","Karanda Village Condo 03B","Karanda Village Condo 04a","Karanda Village Condo 04c","Karanda Village Condo 05a","Karanda Village Condo 05b","Karanda Village Condo 06a","Karanda Village Condo 06b","Karanda Village Condo 06c","Karanda Village Condo 07b","KARANDA VILLAGE I","Karanda Village I Township","Karanda Village II","Karanda Village II-A","KARANDA VILLAGE II-A CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE II-D CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE III","KARANDA VILLAGE III-B CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE III-B CONDO UNIT 3597 BLDG 13 PER CDO BK\/PG: 12034\/523","KARANDA VILLAGE III-E CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE IV","KARANDA VILLAGE IV-A CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE V","Karanda Village V township","KARANDA VILLAGE V-A CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE V-C CONDO, Karanda 5, Township, Karanda V","KARANDA VILLAGE VI-A CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE VI-B CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE VI-C CONDO","KARANDA VILLAGE VII","KARANDO VILLAGE","LA MARGARITA","LA MARGARITA PLAT","LA MARGARITA PLAT \/ COCOPALMS","Lago Vista","LAGO VISTA AT COCONU","LAGO VISTA AT COCONUT CREEK","Lake St Croix @ Indigo Lakes","Lake St Croix","LAKE ST. CROIX","Lake Windemere","Lake Windemere \/ Indigo Lakes","LAKE WINDEREME","LAKE WINDERMERE","Lakeview Homes","Lakeview Homes \/ Centura Parc","LAKEVIEW HOMES AT","LAKEVIEW HOMES AT CE","LAKEVIEW HOMES AT CENTURA","LAKEVIEW HOMES AT CENTURA PARC","LAKEVIEW HOMES AT CENTURA PARC II","LAKEVIEW HOMES AT CENTURA PARC IV","LAKEVIEW HOMES AT CENTURA PARC V","LAKEVIEW HOMES CENTURA PARC","Lakewood East","Lakewood East Sec 01 93-4 B","Lakewood East Sec 1","LAKEWOOD EAST SEC 2","Lakewood East Sec 2 94-31","Lakkwood East","LAUREN S TURN","Lauren\\'s Turn","Lauren\\'s Turn - WINSTON PARK SEC 1","LAUREN'S TURN","LAURENS TURN","Long Pines","Long Pines Residences","LUCAYA","LUCAYA VILLAGE","LUCAYA VILLAGE 1-A CONDO","LUCAYA VILLAGE 1-B CONDO","LUCAYA VILLAGE 1-C CONDO","LUCAYA VILLAGE 1-D CONDO","LUCAYA VILLAGE 1-E CONDO","LUCAYA VILLAGE 2-A CONDO","Lucaya Village 2-B Condo","LUCAYA VILLAGE 2-C CONDO","LUCAYA VILLAGE 2-D CONDO","LUCAYA VILLAGE 2-E CONDO","Lyon West","LYONS GATE","Lyons Gate \/ Sabal Pines","Lyons Gate at Sabal Pines","Lyons Gate\/sabal pines","LYONS WEST","LYONS WEST 137-40 B","Lyons West 137-40 B - Hammock","LYONS WEST, Buttonwood Hammocks","M & S OFFICE PLAT","MARTINIQUE ii","MARTINIQUE VILLAGE 1 CONDO","Martinique Village 1 CondoWynmoor","MARTINIQUE VILLAGE 2A CONDO","MARTINIQUE VILLAGE 2B CONDO","MARTINIQUE VILLAGE 2C CONDO","MARTINIQUE VILLAGE 2D CONDO","MARTINIQUE VILLAGE 2E CONDO","MARTINIQUE VILLAGE 2F CONDO","MARTINIQUE VILLAGE AT WYNMOOR","MARTINIQUE VILLAGE I CONDO","MARTINIQUE VILLAGE II E CONDO","Monarch Station","MORGAN PROFESSIONAL CENTER","NASSAU VILLAGE 1\/WYNMOOR","NASSAU VILLAGE WEST 2 CONDO","Nassau Village West Condo 2wynmoor","NASSAU VILLAGE WEST I ROSSMOOR","NASSAU VILLAGE WEST II CONDO","NASSAU VILLAGE WYNMOOR CONDO","NASSAU VILLAGE, WYNMOOR CONDO","NASSAU VILLAGE, WYNMOOR CONDO UNIT G2","Nassua Village West 1, Rossmoor Condo","North Andrews","ODONNELL FARMS PLAT 1","Olivine","Olivine At The Township","Olivine At Township","OSPREY POINT","OSPREY POINT \/ REGENCY LAKES","Palm Beach Farms","PALM BEACH FARMS 2","PALM BEACH FARMS 2-5","PALM BEACH FARMS BLK 82 02-53 PB","PALM BEACH FARMS CO 3","Palm Beach Farms zoned A1 Agriculture-","Paloma Lakes","Paloma Lakes 176-171 B","PALOMA LAKES CONDO NO 1","PALOMA LAKES CONDOMINIUM NO 1","PALOMA LAKES PLAT","Parkwood 05 140-6 B","PARKWOOD AT WINSTON","PARKWOOD V","Parkwood VI","PARKWOOD VI 148-37 B","Pine Creek 174-177 B","PINE CREEK PLAT","PINECREEK ESTATES","POND APPLE","Pond Apple 1","POND APPLE 4 TOWNSHIP","POND APPLE PLACE","POND APPLE PLACE #2","POND APPLE PLACE 1 CONDO","POND APPLE PLACE 2","POND APPLE PLACE 2 CONDO","POND APPLE PLACE 3","Pond Apple Place 3 \/TOWNSHIP","POND APPLE PLACE 3 CONDO","Pond Apple Place 3 or Pond Apple Place III","POND APPLE PLACE 4","POND APPLE PLACE 4-A","POND APPLE PLACE 4-A CONDO","POND APPLE PLACE 4-B CONDO","POND APPLE PLACE 4-C CONDO","POND APPLE PLACE CONDO","Pond Apple Place Condo 04c","Pond Apple Place II","Pond Apple Place III","POND APPLE PLACE IV","POND APPLE PLACE IV-C CONDO","Pondapple 2","Portofino","Portofino Village","PORTOFINO VILLAGE 1-C CONDO","PORTOFINO VILLAGE 1-D CONDO","PORTOFINO VILLAGE 1-E CONDO","PORTOFINO VILLAGE 2-A CONDO","PORTOFINO VILLAGE 2-B CONDO","Portofino Village 2-B Condo Unit L2","PORTOFINO VILLAGE 2-C CONDO","PORTOFINO VILLAGE 2-D CONDO","PORTOFINO VILLAGE 2-F CONDO","Portofino Village 2-G Condo","PORTOFINO VILLAGE AT WYNMOOR","Rain Forest Estates \/ ODONNELL FARMS PLAT 1","Rainforest Estates","REGENCY \/BRITTANY","Regency Lake","REGENCY LAKE AT COCONUT CREEK","Regency Lakes","REGENCY LAKES (SANDPIPER LANDINGS)","Regency Lakes \/ Fairmont","REGENCY LAKES \/ OSPREY POINT","REGENCY LAKES AT COC","Regency Lakes At Coconut Creek","REGENCY LAKES AT COCONUT CREEK - Fairmont Neighborhood","REGENCY LAKES AT COCONUT CREEK \/ OSPREY","REGENCY LAKES AT COCONUT CREEK | EAGLE CAY","REGENCY LAKES AT COCONUT CREEK\/SANDPIPER","REGENCY LAKES BRITTA","REGENCY LAKES BRITTANY PARK","REGENCY LAKES ESSEX","Regency Lakes Fairmont","REGENCY LAKES SWANS","Regency Lakes,Fairmont","Regency Lakes,Mallards Landing","Regency Lakes,Osprey","Regency Lakes,Sandpiper Landings","REGENCY LAKES\/ SANDPIPER","Regency Lakes\/Brittany Park","REGENCY LAKES\/CAMBRI","REGENCY LAKES\/EAGLE","REGENCY LAKES\/EAGLE CAY","Regency Lakes\/Mallards Landing","REGENCY LAKES\/OSPREY","REGENCY LAKES\/SANDPIPER","Regency Lakes\/Sandpiper Landing","REGENCY LKS BRITTANY","RIVERA PALMS","riveria palms","Riviera Palms","RIVIERA PALMS CONDO","RIVIERA PALMS CONDOMINIUM","Rossmoor Bahama Village Condo","ROSSMOOR NASSAU VILLAGE WEST 1 CONDO","SABAL PINES","SABAL PINES \/ Lyons Creek","SABAL PINES \/ LYONS GATE","SABAL PINES LYONS GATE","SABAL PINES, LYONS GATE","SABAL PINES\/LYONS GATE","SAN MELLINA","SAN MELLINA 176-44 B","SANDPIPER LANDING","SANDPIPER\/REGENCY LAKES","SAWGRASS EXCHANGE PL","Sawgrass Exchange Plat","Sawgrass Village 01 Decl","Sawgrass Village 1","SAWGRASS VILLAGE I","Sawgrass Village OneTARTAN COCONUT CREEK PHASE I","Secret Pond","SECRET POND PUD","SECRET POND PUD 170-","Secret Pond Pud 170-70 B","SIMONTON COURT","SOMERSET\/WINSTON PAR","Sorbet","Sorbet (Winston Park)","Sorbet 147-42 B","Sorbet at Winston Park","Sorbet at Winston Park Sect 3","SORBET AT WINSTON PK","SORBET OF WINSTON PARK","SORBET OF WINSTON PARK SEC 3","SORBET\/WINSTON PARK","South Creek - Edgefield 1St Sec","South Creek Edgefield","SOUTH CREEK-COCONUT","ST CROIX","St Croix at Indigo Lakes","St Croix of Indigo Lakes","ST. CROIX","St. Croix at Indigo Lakes","SUNRISE @ SORBET","Sunrise Estates","Tall Pines\/Estates of Lyons Gate","Tall Trees","Tallowwood","TALLOWWOOD - K S PARK","Tallowwood Decl","Tallowwood Isle","Tallowwood Isles","TAMARIND VILLAGE","Tamarind Village \/ Tartan Coconut Creek","TARTAN COCONUT CREEK","TARTAN COCONUT CREEK PARCEL","Tartan Coconut Creek Ph 1","TARTAN COCONUT CREEK PH 1\/Sawgrass Village 1","TARTAN COCONUT CREEK PH 1GOLDEN RAINTREE II","TARTAN COCONUT CREEK PH I","TARTAN COCONUT CREEK PH II","TARTAN COCONUT CREEK PHAS","TARTAN COCONUT CREEK PHASE 1","TARTAN COCONUT CREEK PHASE I","TARTAN COCONUT CREEK PHASE II","THE HAMMOCKS","THE HAMMOCKS AT COCONUT C","THE HAMMOCKS LAKE","The Hammocks- Lake Forest","THE HAMMOCKS-LAKE FOREST CONDO","THE HAMMONCKS","The Township Golden Raintree VI","THE TOWNSHIPS","Township","Township \/ Baywood Village 1","Township Applewood Village 4- D Condo","Township Bayport Village","TOWNSHIP ESTATES","TOWNSHIP GOLDEN RAIN","Township Golden Raintree 06","TOWNSHIP KARANDA 4","TOWNSHIP KARANDA 7","Township Karanda III","Township KARANDA VILLAGE 1- D CONDO","Township Village","Township, Applewood Village 04d","TOWNSHIP\/BAYVIEW","TOWNSHIP\/BAYWOOD 1","township\/golden raintree","TOWNSHIP\/GOLDEN RAINTREE V","TOWNSHIP\/KARANDA 3","TOWNSHIP\/KARANDA 7","Township\/KARANDA VILLAGE 3","TOWNSHIP\/Pond Apple Place Condo 02","TOWNSHIP\/TARTAN COCO","TOWNSHIPS","TRADEWINDS","TRADEWINDS A CONDO","TRADEWINDS AT TOWNSHIP","Tradewinds B Condo","TRADEWINDS C CONDO","Tradewinds Condo B","Tradewinds Condo C","TRADEWINDS D CONDO","TRADEWINDS TOWNSHIP","VICTORIA ISLE","Victoria Isles","Victoria Isles (SAWGRASS EXCHANGE PLAT)","Victoria Isles \/ Sawgrass Exchange","VICTORIA VILLAGE A CONDO","VICTORIA VILLAGE AT WYNMOOR","Victoria Village Condo F","VICTORIA VILLAGE D CONDO","VICTORIA VILLAGE G CONDO","VICTORIA VILLAGE J CONDO","victoria village k condo","WHISPERING TRAILS","Whittingtons 119-13 B","WILDWOOD","WILDWOOD ESTATES","Wildwood Estates AKA Florida Residential Centers Plat 1","Wildwood Estates, aka FLORIDA RESIDENTIAL CENTERS PLAT 1","Wiles Butler 01 160-18 B","Wiles\/Butler Plat 1","WILES\/BUTLER PLAT ON","WILES\/BUTLER PLAT ONE","WILES\/BUTLER PLAT ONE INDIGO LAKES","Willowbend of WINSTON PARK SEC 2-A","Windermere Indigo Lakes","Winston Park","WINSTON PARK \/ BERMUDA COVE","Winston Park Sec 01 131-23","Winston Park Sec 01a 131-24 B","Winston Park Sec 02 136-1 B","Winston Park Sec 02a 138-40 B","Winston Park Sec 02b 141-42 B","Winston Park Sec 03 147-42 B","WINSTON PARK SEC 1","WINSTON PARK SEC 2","Winston Park Sec 2-A","WINSTON PARK SEC 2-B","Winston Park Sec 3","Winston Park Sec One 131-","WINSTON PARK SEC ONE-A","Winston Park Sec Three","WINSTON PARK SEC TWO","Winston Park Sec Two-A","Winston Park Sec Two, Coral Pointe","WINSTON PARK SECTION","Winston Park section 2","WINSTON PARK SECTION ONE","WINSTON PARK SECTION THREE","WINSTON PARK SECTION TWO-","WINSTON PARK SECTION TWO-A","Winston Park Section Two-Breckenridge North","Winston Park Somerset","WINSTON PARK SOUTH","Winston Park, Lauren\\'s Turn","WINSTON PARK, PARKWOOD V","WINSTON PARK\/ SUNRISE ESTATES","WINSTON PARK\/BRECKENRIDGE","WINSTON PARK\/CYPRESS LAKE","WINSTON PARK\/SOMERSE","WNYMOOR\/NASSAU BEND","Woodlake Villa","Woodlake Villas","Woodlake Villas Unrec","WOODLAKES VILLAS","Woodside","WYNMMOOR","WYNMOOR","Wynmoor Abaco Village","Wynmoor Villages","WYNMOOR - ANTIGUA VILLAGE","WYNMOOR - BAHAMA","WYNMOOR - BAHAMA VILLAGE CONDO","WYNMOOR - BIMINI VILLAGE D CONDO","WYNMOOR - ELEUTHERA","Wynmoor - Eleuthera Village E","Wynmoor - Lucaya","WYNMOOR - LUCAYA VILLAGE CONDO","Wynmoor - MARTINIQUE","WYNMOOR - MARTINIQUE VILLAGE","WYNMOOR - NASSAU VILLAGE WEST 2 CONDO","WYNMOOR - PORTOFINO II VILLAGE","Wynmoor - Portofino Isle","Wynmoor - VICTORIA","Wynmoor @ Andros","WYNMOOR \/ ANTIGUA VILLAGE","WYNMOOR \/ GRANADA VILLAGE","WYNMOOR ABACO","WYNMOOR ANDROS VILLAGE A CONDO","Wynmoor Antigua","WYNMOOR BAHAMA VILLA","WYNMOOR BAHAMA VILLAGE","Wynmoor Bahama Village Condo","Wynmoor BERMUDA VILLAGE","Wynmoor Bermuda Village Condo","WYNMOOR CONDO NASSAU VILLAGE","Wynmoor Counrty Club, Abaco Village","Wynmoor Country Club","Wynmoor LUCAYA","Wynmoor MARTINIQUE VILLAGE 2B CONDO","WYNMOOR PORTOFINO","WYNMOOR PORTOFINO Village","Wynmoor PORTOFINO VILLAGE 1-C CONDO","WYNMOOR PORTOFINO VILLAGE 2-A CONDO","WYNMOOR Portofino Village Condo II","Wynmoor Victoria","WYNMOOR VICTORIA VILLAGE C CONDO","Wynmoor Village","WYNMOOR- ANTIGUA","Wynmoor- Bimini Village Condo A","WYNMOOR-ANTIGUA","WYNMOOR-ARUBA","WYNMOOR-BIMINI","Wynmoor-Lucaya Village","Wynmoor-Martinique","WYNMOOR-PORTOFINO","WYNMOOR-VILLAGE","WYNMOOR, ANDROS VILLAGE E CONDO","WYNMOOR, PORTOFINO VILLAGE 2-E CONDO","WYNMOOR*ABACO VILLAG","WYNMOOR\/BIMINI","WYNMOOR\/NASSAU VILLA","WYNMOOR\/PORTOFINO ISLE","WYNMOOR\/PORTOFINO VILLAGE","WYNMOORE","WYNMOORE CAYMAN VILLAGE A CONDO","WYNMOR","WYNNMOOR COUNTRY CLUB MARTINIQUE VILLAGE 1 CONDO"],"zipcodes":["33063","33066","33073"]},"coconutgrove":{"label":"Coconut Grove","communities":["Cloisters on the Bay","COCONUT GROVE MANOR","Gifford Lane","Grovenor House","YACHT HARBOUR CONDO"],"subdivisions":["Cloisters on the Bay","Coconut Grove","COCONUT GROVE MANOR","EWAN PEACOCK SUB","FROW HOMESTEAD","Gifford Lane Condounit","GROVE ENCLAVE CONDO","Grovenor House","Grovenor House Condo","Provence Village","SUNSHINE VISTAS","TORBERTVILLE","Utopia","YACHT HARBOUR CONDO"]},"coopercity":{"label":"Cooper City","counties":["Broward County"],"communities":["BAFFYWOODS","Camelot Gardens","Camelot Lakes","Capistrano","CASCADA ISLE","Cimarron","Cooper City Colony Estates","Cooper Colony Estates","COOPERS GROVE","Country Address Encore","Country Glen","COUNTRYSIDE WEST","DIAMOND HEAD","East Landing at Rock Creek","Embassy Lakes","Embassy Place","ESTADA AT MONTERRA","FLAMINGGO GARDENS","Flamingo Gardens","FLAMINGO GARDENS PH 5","FLAMINGO LAKES TOWNHOMES","Forest Lake","Guardian Estates","Harbor Point@ Rock Creek","HIBBS GROVE","LAKE MARANATHA ESTATES","Marin Ranches","Mill Creek","MONTERRA","PINE ISLAND ESTATES","RANCHETTE ISLE","ROCK CREEK","ROCK CREEK-LE CRISTA","STIRLING PALM ESTATE","Summertime Isles","Tanglewood","Timberlake","TINDAL ESTATES"],"subdivisions":["BAFFYWOODS CONDO","BILTMORE GROVE","CAMELOT GARDENS","Camelot lakes","Cascada at Monterra","CASCADA ISLE","CASCADA ISLES","Cimarron \/ PINE ISLAND COMMERCIAL","Colony At Stirling 125-37 B","COOPER COLONY ESTATES","COOPER COLONY ESTATES SEC 1","Cooper Colony Estates Sec 2","COOPER COLONY ESTATES SEC 2-A","Cooper Estates","COOPER ESTATES SEC 1","COOPER ESTATES SEC 2","Coopers Grove","COUNTRY ADDRESS","COUNTRY ADDRESS ENCORE","COUNTRY GLEN","COUNTRY III","COUNTRY SEC 1","Country Sec 2","COUNTRYSIDE WEST 114-11 B","DARLINGTON PARK","Darlington Pk","Diamond Head Plat","Embassy Lakes","EMBASSY LAKES PARCEL L","EMBASSY LAKES PARCEL N","EMBASSY LAKES PARCEL O","Embassy Lakes Ph 02 141-4 B","EMBASSY LAKES PH II","EMBASSY LAKES PH III","Embassy Lakes Prcl L 135-5 B","ESTADA","EVERGLADES SUGAR & LAND CO","FLAMINGO GARDENS","Flamingo Gardens Ph 03 122-1 B","Flamingo Gardens Ph 06 130-27 B","FLAMINGO GARDENS PH 2","FLAMINGO GARDENS PH 4","FLAMINGO GARDENS PH 5","FLAMINGO GARDENS PH 6","FLAMINGO GARDENS PHASE 3","FLAMINGO GARDENS PHASE FOUR","Flamingo Gardens Poinciana Sec","FLAMINGO GARDENS-JACARANDA SEC","FLAMINGO LAKES TOWNHOMES","FLAMINGO TOWNHOMES","Forest Lake","FOREST LAKE 127-11 B","Frst Lake 127-11 B","GUARDIAN ESTATES","Guardian Estates 81-41 B","HIBBS GROVE","HIBBS GROVE PLANTATION 171-139B","LAKE MARANATHA ESTATES","Marin Ranches","Mill Creek","MILL CREEK AT COOPER CITY","Monterra","Monterra 175-155 B","Monterra Plat","Pine Island Comm 167-50 B","PINE ISLAND ESTATES","PINE LAKE","Pine Lake 96-41 B","RANCHETTE ISLE","Rock Creek","Rock Creek Ph 02 104-34 B","ROCK CREEK PH TWO","Rock Creek Phase Two","ROCK CREEK PHASE TWO 104-","STIRLING PALM ESTATE","STONEBRIDGE","STONEBRIDGE PH 1","STONEBRIDGE PHASE 1","SUMMERTIME HILLS","SUMMERTIME ISLES","SUMMERTIME ISLES 1ST ADD","SUMMERTIME ISLES 2ND ADD","SUMMERTIME ISLES 66-12 B LOT 20 BLK 3","Timberlake","Timberlake Add 01","Timberlake Add 01 83-24 B","TIMBERLAKE ADD 2","TIMBERLAKE FIRST ADD","Timberlake First Add 83-2","Town Homes of Rock Creek","Trellises Embassy Lakes","Trellises Rock Creek"],"zipcodes":["33024","33026","33328","33330"]},"coralgables":{"label":"Coral Gables","counties":["Miami-Dade County"],"communities":["Andalusia","BANYAN TREE","COCONUT GROVE","CORAL GABLES","CORAL GABLES RIVIERA","Douglas Grand","Douglas Grand Condo","Edgewater East Condo","Edgewater East Condo Apt II","Gables Plaza","GAbles Plaza Condo","Gables Waterway Towers","KINGS BAY","One Village Place","SUNRISE POINT","TEN ARAGON","The Gallery Plaza","The Ponce Tower","University Estates","University Inn","University Inn Condo","University Inn Condominium","UNIVERSITY INN CONDOMINIUMS","VILLA CAPRI","WATERS EDGE"],"subdivisions":["Andalusia Condo Residences","BANYAN TREE","C G BISC BAY SEC 1 PL A","C GAB DOUGLAS SEC","C GABLES RIVIERA SEC 12","COCONUT GROVE","COCOPLUM SEC 2 PLAT C","CORAL GABLE COUNTRY CLUB SEC 1","CORAL GABLES BILTMOR","CORAL GABLES COUNTRY CLUB SEC","CORAL GABLES COUNTRY CLUB SEC 2","CORAL GABLES COUNTRY CLUB SEC PT 5","CORAL GABLES CRAFT","CORAL GABLES DOUGLAS SEC","CORAL GABLES GRANADA","Coral Gables Granada Rev","CORAL GABLES GRANADA SEC","Coral Gables Granada Sec Rev","CORAL GABLES RIVIERA","CORAL GABLES RIVIERA SEC","CORAL GABLES RIVIERA SEC 1 REV","CORAL GABLES RIVIERA SEC 14","Coral Gables Riviera Sec Pt 1 Rev","CORAL GABLES SEC A","CORAL GABLES SEC B","CORAL GABLES SEC E","Corbetts Eighth St Addn","DOUGLAS GRAND","DOUGLAS GRAND CONDO","EDGEWATER EAST CONDO APTS II","Edgewater of Coral Gables","EDGEWATER OF CORAL GABLES CONDO","FUTURA SANSOVINO CONDO","Gables Park Tower Condo","Gables Plaza Condo","Gables Waterway Towers","GABLES WATERWAY TOWERS CONDO","Golden Gate","GRANADA PLACE AMD PL","Kings Bay","MAC FARLANE HOMESTEAD","One Village Place Condo","Ponce Tower","PUERTA DE PALMAS CONDO","SANTONA CONDOMINIUMS","Snapper Creek Lakes Add 01","SUNRISE POINT","TAMIAMI PLACE PLAN 2","Ten Aragon","TEN ARAGON CONDO","The Gables Waterway Towers","The Gallery Plaza","Tierra Alta","UNIVERSITY ESTATES","UNIVERSITY INN","UNIVERSITY INN CONDO","UNIVERSITY INN CONDOMINIUM","VILLA CALABRIA CONDO","VILLA CAPRI","Waters Edge Coral Gables Condo","West Flagler Center Le Jeune Addn"],"zipcodes":["33133","33134","33143","33146","33156","33158"]},"coralsprings":{"label":"Coral Springs","counties":["Broward County"],"communities":["**JUST REDUCED**","4\/2 with Pool","Addison Court","ADDISON COURT\/WYNDHAM LAKES","ADDISON ESTATES","APPLEWOOD","Applewood GRENADIER ESTATES","ARBORS\/CORAL CREEK","Arro Condo","Atlantic Springs","ATLANTIC SPRINGS CON","ATLANTIC SPRINGS CONDO","banyan bay","Bay Pointe","Bay Pointe at Wyndham Lakes","BEACHWOOD HEIGHTS","Beacon Hill","Beacon Place","BEACON PLACE CONDO","Blue Coral","Brentwood Village","Briarwood","BRITTANY COURT","Broken Woods","Broken Woods \/ Village Green","BROOKSIDE","Brookside Court","BROOKSIDE GROVE","BROOKSIDE ISLE","Brookside Isles","BUTLER FARMS","Butler Farms sec 02","Butler Farms Sec 2","BUTLER FARMS SECTION TWO","C.S. TOWER CLUB 1","CACHE","Canterbury Estates","CARDINAL PLACE","CARRIAGE POINT","CARRIAGE POINT ESTAT","CARRIAGE POINTE","CARRIAGE POINTE EST","CARRIAGE POINTE ESTATES","CARRINGTON","Casa Coral","CASA VERDE","castel","CASTLEWOOD","CAYMAN","Chelsea","CHELSEY \/ KENSINGTON","CHEVY CHASE","Cinnamon Crossing","Cinnamon Crossing Mainstreet","Cinnamon Crossing\/KENSINGTON MANOR","CINNAMON CROSSINGS","CITATION","Citation Way","Citation Way Condo","Citation Way Condominiums","Classics at Kensingston","Clusters","COBBLESTONE WALK","COLONIAL GARDEN","COLONIAL GARDENS","COLONY AT CORAL","COQUINA COVE","CORAL CREEK","CORAL CREEK \/ PARKWOOD","Coral Creek \/ Waterside","CORAL CREEK\/WATERSID","CORAL GARDENS","Coral Gardens Condo","CORAL GARDENS CONDO III","CORAL ISLE","CORAL KEY","Coral Lago","CORAL PALM VILLAGE","Coral Park","CORAL PARK EAST","Coral Park Townhomes","CORAL PARK WEST","CORAL PINE","Coral Pine Condo #1","Coral Pines","CORAL PINES VILLAS","CORAL PLAZA","CORAL REEF","CORAL REEF CLUB","Coral Shores","CORAL SHORES\/WYNDHAM","Coral Spgs 01 59-30","Coral Spgs Country C","Coral Spring Gardens","CORAL SPRINGS","CORAL SPRINGS C.C.","Coral Springs CC","Coral Springs Countr","Coral Springs Country Club","CORAL SPRINGS COUNTRY CLUB West Addition","CORAL SPRINGS COUNTY CLUB","Coral Springs County Club West","CORAL SPRINGS ESTATE","CORAL SPRINGS ESTATE TOWNHOMES","CORAL SPRINGS ESTATES","Coral Springs Estates IV","Coral Springs Garden","Coral Springs Gardens East","CORAL SPRINGS LAKE","Coral Springs Lakes","Coral Springs Sub","CORAL SPRINGS SUB 1","CORAL SPRINGS TOWER","CORAL SPRINGS TOWER CLUB","CORAL SPRINGS TOWNHO","CORAL SPRINGS UNIVER","CORAL SPRINGS UNIVERSITY","CORAL SPRINGS VILLAG","CORAL SPRINGS VILLAGE GREEN","Coral Springs Village Greens","CORAL SPRINGS VILLAS","Coral Sun","Coral Sun Townhomes","Coral Trace","Coral Village","CORAL VILLAGE CONDO","Coral West","CORAL WEST CONDO","COUNTRY CLUB","COUNTRY CLUB MANOR","Country Club of CS","COUNTRY CLUB TOWER","Country Club Towers","COUNTRY CLUB VILLAGE","COUNTRY GARDENS","COUNTRY GARDENS CONDO","COUNTRY VILLAGE","COUNTRYWOOD ESTATES","Covenrty Cove","Coventry","COVENTRY COVE","COVENTRY PLACE","Crescent Cove","Crescent Cove Condominiums","Cresent Cove","CROSSINGS","Cypess Pointe","CYPRESS CREEK VILLAS","CYPRESS CREEK VILLAS II","Cypress Creek Villas of Coral Springs","CYPRESS GLEN","CYPRESS GLEN TOWNHOM","Cypress Glen Townhouses","CYPRESS GLENN","CYPRESS ISLE","Cypress Lakes","Cypress Lakes Cypress Run","CYPRESS POINTE","Cypress Pointe at Coral Springs","Cypress Pointe Building 27","Cypress Pointe Condo","CYPRESS POINTE*BONUS","CYPRESS RUN","CYPRESS RUN TOWNHOME","Cypress Run Villas","Cypress Trace","Daniela Springs","DEER RUN SPRINGS","DIAFLOR","Eagle Creek","EAGLE CREEK TOWNHOME","Eagle Creek Townhomes","EAGLE GLEN\/EAGLE TR","Eagle Landing","eagle trace","Eagle Trace \/ Eagle Landing","Eagle Trace Ascot Vi","EAGLE TRACE ESTATES","EAGLE TRACE STEEPLEC","EAGLE TRACE\/ HAMPTON","Eagle Trace\/Ascot V","EAGLE TRACE\/EAGLE LA","Eagle Trace\/Eagles Landing","Eagles Nest Townhome","Eagles\\'s Nest","Eastridge Village","EDGE WATER","EDGEWATER","Edgewater Condo","Edgewaters","el ad poinciana","EL-AD Poinciana","EL-AD POINCIANA COND","EL-AD POINCIANA CONDO","ELECTRA-LAB","EMERALD SPRINGS","ESTATES OF TURTLE RU","Estates of Turtle Run","FAIRWAY LAKE","FAIRWAY TOWNHOUSE","Fairways","Fairways - Heron Bay","Fairways at Heron Ba","FAIRWAYS OF CORAL SP","FAIRWAYS OF CORAL SPRINGS CONDO","Fairways South","Fairways@ Heron Bay","FEATHERTREE","FOREST HILL PARK EST","Forest Hills","FOREST HILLS PARK ESTATES","FOREST HILLS SOUTH","FOREST HILLS SOUTH-NO HOA","FOREST PARK","Forest Park Condo","FOREST PARK SOUTH","FOREST VILLAS","FOREST VILLAS CONDO","Forrest Hills South","Forst Hills","Fountain Spring","FOXWOOD HOLLOW","FRENCH QUARTERS","French Riviera","Gand Oasis","Georgetown","GLEN OAKS","Glen Walk","Glen Walk @West Glen","GLEN WALK\/WEST GLEN","GLENOAKS","Glenwood","GLENWOOD SUBDIVISION","GODEN BAY","Golden Bay","GOLF COURSE TOWNHOUS","Golf Inn","GOLFVIEW TOWNHOUSES","Governor\\'s Walk","Governors Walk","GRAN OASIS CONDO","GRAND ISLE \/ WYNDHAM LAKES CENTRAL","GRAND ISLE\/WYNDHAM","GRAND OASIS","Grand Oasis Condo","grand reserve","GRAND RESERVE-CORAL CREEK","GRAND RESERVE,CORAL CREEK","Grand Reserve\/Coral Creek","GRANDE RESERVE","GREENGLADES","GREENGLADES CONDO","GREENWOOD","GRENADIER","GRENADIER EAST CONDO","GRENADIER GARDENS","GRENADIER GARDENS CONDO","Grenadier Trace","Hammock","Hampshire Condo","HAMPTONS\/EAGLE TRACE","Harbor Island","HAYLOFTS","HAYLOFTS OF CORAL SP","HayLofts Of Coral Springs","Heron Bay","HERON BAY - TUSCANY","HERON BAY 4","Heron Bay Preserve","Heron Bay Tuscany","HERON BAY VILLA SORR","HERON BAY-L\\'HERMITAGE","HERON BAY\/ THE FALLS","HERON BAY\/ENCLAVE","HERON BAY\/FAIRWAYS","Heron Bay\/long cove","HERON PRESERVE","Hidden Hammock","HIDDEN HAMMOCKS","HIDDEN HAMMOCKS EST","HIDDEN HAMMOCKS ESTA","HIDDEN HAMMOCKS ESTATES","HIDDEN LAKE","Hidden Lakes","High Gate Town Homes","HighGates Townhomes","Holiday Village","Island Club","ISLAND CLUB AT CORAL","Isles East","ISLES OF WEST GLEN","JEFFERSON","JEFFERSON II","KENILWORTH","KENSIGNTON GARDENS","KENSINGTON","KENSINGTON CLASSIC","KENSINGTON CLASSICS","KENSINGTON GARDENS","KENSINGTON GLEN","KENSINGTON GREEN","Kensington Green South","Kensington Manor\/Cinnamon Crossing","KENSINGTON\/KNIGHTSBRIDGE","Kingsport Estates","KNIGHTSBRIDGE","L\\'Hermitage","L\\'Hermitage\/ Heron Bay 3","L'HERMITAGE","La Placida","Lafayette","LAFAYETTE CONDO","LAFEYETTE CONDO","Laguna Pointe","Laguna Springs","LAKE FOREST","LAKE FOREST CONDO","LAKEVIEW HAMLET","Lakeview West","LAKEVIEW WEST-158-44","LAKEWIEW WEST","Lakewood Viillage","LAKEWOOD VILLAGE","Lakewood Village Of","LENNOX ISLE","Lennox Isles","LOVINS TOWNHOUSES","LOVINS TOWNHOUSES CO","LOVINS TOWNHOUSES CONDO","Madison Manor Condo","MAINSTREET\/CINNAMON","MAPLEWOOD","MAPLEWOOD ADDITION","MAPLEWOOD ESTATES","Maplewood Isle","Maplewood Townhomes","MAPLEWOOD TOWNHOUSES","Mariners Cove","MARINERS COVE OF EAGLE LAKE","Mayfair","Mayfair at Wyndham Lakes","Mizner Village","NAPOLI GARDEN","Napoli Gardens","NEWPORT","Newport at Turtle Run","Newport\/Turtle Run","NEWPORT\\\\TURTLE RUN","North Springs","OAK WOOD","Oakbrook","OAKBROOK\/HIDDEN HAMM","OAKBROOK\/HIDDEN HAMMOCKS","Oakwood","Oakwood on the Green","Oakwood\/Verona","ORANGE TREE","ORANGE TREE 2","ORANGE TREE OF CORAL","OWNER FINANCE AVILA.","PALM COURT","Palm Court Condo","Palm Terrace","Palm Village","PALM VILLAGE CONDO","Palm Village Coral S","Palm Villas","Palms Point","Palms Point at Lake Coral Springs","Palms Ponte","PALMS SPRINGS VILLAG","Palms Villas Condo","Park Place","PARK PLACE AT WYNDHAM LAKES","PARKSIDE","Parkside of Coral Springs","PARKWOOD","Parkwood\/Coral Creek","PATIOS OF OAKWOOD","Pelican Isle","Pelican Isles","PELICAN POINT","PELICAN POINT\/WYNDHAM LAKES EAST","PELICAN POINTE","Pelican Trail","PELICAN TRAIL EAST","Pelican Trail West","Pelican Trails West","Pine Crest","PINE CREST\/PINE RIDG","Pine Glen","PINE LANDING","PINE RIDGE","Pine Ridge 112-37 B","PINE RIDGE NORTH","PINE RIDGE VILLAS","Pine Ridge\/Pine Cres","Pine Springs Townhouses","PINERIDGE","Poiciana Place Condominium","Poincian place","Poinciana","Poinciana Condo","Poinciana Place","Poinciano Condominium","Portofino","RAMBELWOOD EAST","RAMBLE EAST","Ramblewood","Ramblewood 76-49 B","RAMBLEWOOD ALTA-VIST","RAMBLEWOOD COURT","RAMBLEWOOD EAST","Ramblewood East Cond","RAMBLEWOOD EAST CONDO","Ramblewood South","Ramblewood Villas","RAMBLEWOOD**3.5%**","Ramblewwod","RIDGEVIEW","Ridgeview Crossing","RIVERS EDGE","RIVERS EDGE CONDO","Riverside Estates","Riverside Walk","Royal Garden","Royal Gardens","ROYAL GRENADIER","ROYAL GRENADIER II","ROYAL LAND","ROYAL LAND AMENDED","Royal Palm Pointe","ROYAL PALM VILLAGE","ROYAL PARK II","ROYAL RIDGE CONDO","Royal River Condo II","Running Brook Hills","Rushwood","SANCTUARY","SANCTUARY AT KENSING","SANCTUARY AT KENSINGTON","Sandpiper","SANDPIPER CONDO","Savanah at Riverside","SAVANNA AT RIVERSIDE","SAVANNAH","SAVANNAH AT RIVERSID","Savannah at Riverside","SAVANNAH AT RIVERSIDE CONDO","Savannah Condo","Saxon Woods","SHADOW WOOD","SHADOW WOOD CONDO","Shadow Wood Villas","SHERWOOD SQUAR","SHERWOOD SQUARE","single story fourlex","SPARROWS WALK","SPRING CIRCLE VILLAS","Springs Colony","SPRINGS HAMLET","SPRINGS HAMLET VILLA","SPRINGS PARK","Springs Park East","SPRINGS PARK EAST CONDO","Springs Pointe","SPRINGWOOD","Springwood Condo","SUMMER WIND","SUMMERWIND","SUN & LAKE","SUN & LAKE CONDO","SUN & LAKE","SUN&LAKE","Tara Gardens","TARA GARDENS 1","The Arbors","The Arbors at Coral Creek","the Clusters","THE CLUSTERS,","THE CROSSINGS","The Dells","THE EDGEWATER","THE ENCLAVE","The Fairways","The Falls","THE GRAND OASIS","The Hamptons","THE HAYLOFTS","The Island","The Island at Wyndham Lakes","THE ISLES","THE ISLES ADDITION","THE ISLES EAST","THE LAKES","The Oaks","THE OAKS @ OAKWOOD","The Oaks at Glen Oaks","THE PRESERVE","The Preserve at Woodside Estates","THE PRESERVE\/WOODSID","The Thunderbird","The Windings","Tower Club","TOWER CLUB II","Towers Club II","TOWNHOUSES OF CORAL","TREASURE\/MAPLEWOOD","TURTLE RUN","TURTLE RUN EST","Turtle Run Estates","Turtle Run Newport","Turtle Run- Newport","TURTLE RUN\/HIDDEN LA","TUSCANY","TUSCANY @ HERON BAY","UNIVERSITY CLUB","University Drive","UNIVERSITY MAPLEWOOD","UNIVERSITY MAPLEWOOD TOWNHOUSES","University Place","Vanderbilt Estates","Venetian Isles","VENTANA","Verona \/ Oakwood","VICTORIA SQUARE","VICTORIA SQUARE COND","VICTORIA SQUARE CONDO","VILLA BIANCA","VILLA MAR","VILLA MAR CONDO","Villa Marie","Villa Marie Condo","VILLA SORRENTO","VILLAGE GREEN","Villager","Villager Condo","VILLAS AT CORAL SPRI","VILLAS OF RIVERSIDE","VILLAS OF RIVERSIDE CONDO","Visconti","VISCONTI CONDO","Visconti Condominium","VIZCAYA","Vizcaya Lennar","Vizcaya\/ Lakeview West","WATERS EDGE","WATERS EDGE OF CORAL SPRINGS","Waterside","Waterside at Coral Creek","WELLINGTON MANOR","West Glen","West Glen Village","WEST VIEW","West View Estates","WESTCHESTER","WESTCHESTER LAKES","WESTVIEW ESTATES","WESTVIEW VILLAGE ADD","Westwood","Westwood@CypressRun","Whispering Woods","Whispering Woods Estates","WINDINGS","Windsor Bay","WOOD LAKE","Woodlake Village townhomes","WOODSIDE ESTATES","WYGHAM LAKES","WYNDAM LAKES","WYNDHAM","WYNDHAM - PARK PLACE","Wyndham Circle","Wyndham Heights","WYNDHAM LAKES","Wyndham Lakes - Addison Court","Wyndham Lakes - Bay Pointe","Wyndham Lakes East","WYNDHAM LAKES NORTH","Wyndham Lakes West","Wyndham Lakes- Grand Isle","WYNDHAM LAKES\/BAY POINTE","Wyndham Lakes\/Circle - Enclave","WYNDHAM LAKES\/MAYFAI","WYNDHAM-COVENTRY PLA","Yadley Estates","Yardley Estates"],"subdivisions":["00","2801 Professional Bldg Condo","2nd Floor corner with 965 SQF office condominium in this 3 story professional office building","4450 BUILDING OF CORAL SPRINGS COMML CONDO","8705 HAMPSHIRE DR CONDO","Addison Court","ADDISON COURT\/WYNDHAM LAKES","ADDISON ESTATES","AMAZING POOL AND GYM FACILITIES. PROPERTY IS LOCATED VERY CLOSE TO BOTH.","APPLEWOOD","ARBORS","ARRO CONDO","Ascot Villas At Eagle Trace","ASCOT VILLAS AT EAGLE TRACE CONDO","Atlantic Spgs Condo","Atlantic Springs","Atlantic Springs Condo","BAY POINTE","BEACHWOOD HEIGHTS","BEACON HILL CONDO","Beacon Place","BEACON PLACE CONDO","Beacon Place Condo Bldg 04 & 05","Blue Coral","BLUE CORAL CONDO","Blue Coral Condominium","BREEZEWOOD","BRENTWOOD VILLAGE","BRIARWOOD","Briarwood Club 1 Condo","BRIARWOOD CLUB 4","Briarwood Club 4 Condo","BRIARWOOD CLUB CONDO","BRIARWOOD CLUB CONDO 1","BRIARWOOD CLUB CONDO 3","BRITTANY COURT","BRITTANY COURT CONDO","BROKEN WOODS","Broken Woods Estates","Broken Woods Estates 63-29 B","BROOKSIDE","Brookside 139-3 B","BROOKSIDE GROVE","BROOKSIDE ISLE","BROOKSIDE ISLES","Brookside North","BROOKSIDE NORTH 154-","BUTLER FARMS","Butler Farms Hidden Hammocks","Butler Farms Sec 02 118-49 B","BUTLER FARMS SEC 1","Butler Farms Sec 2","BUTLER FARMS SEC ONE","BUTLER FARMS SECTION","Butler Farms Section Two","CACHE","CANTERBURY ESTATES","Canterbury Estates 100-31 B","CARDINAL GREENS TOWNHOUSE","CARDINAL PLACE","CARRIAGE POINT","CARRIAGE POINTE","Carriage Pointe Estates","Carrington","Carrington At Coconut Creek","CASA CORAL CONDO","CASA DEL SOL","Casa Verde Condo","CASTLEWOOD","CASTLEWOOD 71-37 B","CASTLEWOOD VILLAGE","CASTLEWOOD VILLAGE CONDO","CASTLEWOOD-WINDINGS","CEDAR BREEZE","CEDAR BREEZE CONDO","CHEVY CHASE","Chevy Chase 70-36 B","Chevy Chase Amd Blks A B C D E F G","CHEVY CHASE AMD PLAT","CHEVY CHASE AMD PLAT OF B","CHEVY CHASE AMD PLAT OF BLKS A THRU G","CHEVY CHASE COMMERCIAL","Cinnamon Crossing","Cinnamon Crossing Mainstreet","Cinnamon Crossing\/Main Street","CINNAMON CROSSINGS\/ MAIN STREET","Citation","CITATION WAY","Citation Way Condo","Clusters","CLUSTERS CORAL SPRINGS","Cobblestone Walk","COLONIAL GARDEN","COLONIAL GARDENS","Colony At Coral Spgs","Colony At Coral Springs","COLONY AT CORAL SPRINGS (THE) UNIT 10667","COQUINA COVE","COQUINA COVE VILLAS","CORAL CREEK","CORAL CREEK \/ PARKWOOD","CORAL CREEK \/ Waterside","CORAL CREEK \/WATERSIDE","Coral Creek 146-6 B","Coral Creek 155-26","Coral Creek Rep 01 155-26 B","Coral Creek Rep 05 169-21 B","CORAL CREEK REP 5","CORAL CREEK REPLAT 1","CORAL CREEK REPLAT 2","CORAL CREEK REPLAT 3","Coral Creek Replat 5","CORAL CREEK REPLAT 5 - GRAND RESERVE","CORAL CREEK REPLAT N","CORAL CREEK REPLAT NO 5","Coral Creek Windsor Bay","CORAL CREEK,PARKWOOD","CORAL CREEK\/Waterside","Coral Gardens","CORAL GARDENS CONDO","CORAL GARDENS CONDO III","CORAL ISLE","CORAL ISLE CONDO","Coral Key Condo","CORAL LAGO","CORAL PALM VILLAGE","CORAL PALM VILLAGE TOWNHOMES","CORAL PARK EAST","CORAL PARK TOWNHOMES CONDO","CORAL PARK TOWNHOMES WEST CONDO","CORAL PARK WEST","CORAL PINE","Coral Pine Condo 01","CORAL PINE CONDO 1","CORAL PINES VILLAS","CORAL PINES VILLAS C","Coral Pines Villas Condo","CORAL PLAZA","Coral Reef","CORAL REEF CLUB","CORAL REEF CLUB\/WESTVIEW VILLAGE ADD","CORAL RIDGE DRIVE CO","CORAL SHORES","CORAL SHORES\/WYNDHAM LAKE","CORAL SPGS","Coral Spgs 01 59-30 B","CORAL SPGS 02 59-49","Coral Spgs 02 59-49 B","CORAL SPGS CNTRY CLB","CORAL SPGS COUNTRY C","Coral Spgs Country Club","Coral Spgs Country Club 60-43 B","Coral Spgs Country Club W","Coral Spgs Estate Twnhms Bldg 01","Coral Spgs Estate Twnhms Condo","Coral Spgs Gardens East Condo 02","Coral Spgs Lakes 68-12 B","Coral Spgs Sub 1 59-30 B","Coral Spgs Tower Club Condo","Coral Spgs Tower Club Condo 02","Coral Spgs Tower Club II","Coral Spgs Town Homes Condo 02","CORAL SPR COUNTRY CL","CORAL SPRING GARDENS","CORAL SPRING GARDENS CONDO","CORAL SPRING GARDENS EAST 2 CONDO","Coral Spring Gardens East Condo","CORAL SPRINGS","Coral Springs Better Homes, Inc.128-12 B","Coral Springs Business Park","CORAL SPRINGS C C TOWNHOUSES A","CORAL SPRINGS CITY C","CORAL SPRINGS CITY CENTER COMMERCIAL SEC 1","Coral Springs City Center Commercial Sec 3","CORAL SPRINGS COMMERCIAL ADD","CORAL SPRINGS COMMERCIAL PLAZA","CORAL SPRINGS COUNTR","CORAL SPRINGS COUNTRY CLU","Coral Springs Country Club","CORAL SPRINGS COUNTRY CLUB SUB","CORAL SPRINGS COUNTRY CLUB WEST","CORAL SPRINGS COUNTRY CLUB WEST ADD","CORAL SPRINGS COUNTRY CLUB WEST ADD 74-36 B LOT 14 BLK D","CORAL SPRINGS COUNTY CLUB","Coral Springs County Club West Add","CORAL SPRINGS ESTATE","CORAL SPRINGS ESTATE TH IV CONDO","CORAL SPRINGS ESTATE TOWN","CORAL SPRINGS ESTATE TOWNHOMES","CORAL SPRINGS ESTATE TOWNHOMES II","CORAL SPRINGS ESTATE TOWNHOMES II CONDO","CORAL SPRINGS ESTATE TOWNHOMES III CONDO","Coral Springs Estate Townhoms III","Coral Springs Estates IV","Coral Springs Garden","CORAL SPRINGS GARDENS EAST CONDO","Coral Springs Hills","Coral Springs Ii","CORAL SPRINGS II 59-","Coral Springs II 59-49 B","CORAL SPRINGS LAKES","Coral Springs Lakes\/The Clusters","CORAL SPRINGS SAMPLE ROAD COMMERCIAL","Coral Springs Sub","Coral Springs Sub 1","CORAL SPRINGS SUB NO","CORAL SPRINGS SUB NO 1","CORAL SPRINGS SUB NO 1 59","Coral Springs Subdivision","CORAL SPRINGS TOWER","Coral Springs Tower Club","Coral Springs Tower Club 2 Condo","CORAL SPRINGS TOWER CLUB CONDO","CORAL SPRINGS TOWER CLUB CONDO CON","CORAL SPRINGS TOWER CLUB II","CORAL SPRINGS TOWNHO","CORAL SPRINGS TOWNHOMES","Coral Springs Townhomes Condo","CORAL SPRINGS TOWNHOMES II","CORAL SPRINGS TWNH","CORAL SPRINGS UNIVER","Coral Springs University","CORAL SPRINGS UNIVERSITY DR SUB","CORAL SPRINGS UNIVERSITY DRIVE","CORAL SPRINGS UNIVERSITY DRIVE SUB ADD 1","Coral Springs University Drive Sub Add 2","CORAL SPRINGS VILLAGE","CORAL SPRINGS VILLAGE GRE","CORAL SPRINGS VILLAGE GREEN","CORAL SPRINGS VILLAGE GREEN ADD 1","CORAL SPRINGS VILLAGE GREEN RESUB","CORAL SPRINGS VILLAS","CORAL SPRINGS VILLAS CONDO","CORAL SPRINGS\/ DELLS","CORAL SPS. COUNTRY CLUB","CORAL SRONGS COUNTRY CLUB","Coral Sun Townhomes","CORAL SUN TOWNHOMES CONDO","CORAL TRACE","Coral Village","CORAL VILLAGE CONDO","Coral Village Condo Bldg 01","CORAL WEST","CORAL WEST CONDO","COUNTRY CLUB","COUNTRY CLUB MANOR","COUNTRY CLUB MANOR C","COUNTRY CLUB MANOR CONDO","COUNTRY CLUB TOWER","COUNTRY CLUB TOWER OF COR","COUNTRY CLUB TOWERS","COUNTRY CLUB TOWERS CORAL SPRINGS CONDO","Country Club Towers of Coral Springs","COUNTRY CLUB TOWERS OF CORAL SPRINGS CONDO","COUNTRY CLUB VILLAGE","Country Club Village \/ French Quar","Country Club Village 110-23 B","COUNTRY CLUB WEST","COUNTRY GARDENS","Country Gardens Condo","COUNTRY PARK CONDO","COUNTRY VILLAGE","COUNTRY VILLAGE CONDO","COUNTRYWOOD ESTATES","COVENTRY COVE","Coventry Place","Crescent Cove","Crescent Cove Condo","CROSSINGS","Crossings 02 97-42 B","CROSSINGS 2","CROSSINGS 3","Crossings 93-5 B","CROSSINGS NO 2","CUMBER PROFESSIONAL PARK CONDO","CYPRESS CREEK #2","Cypress Creek Villas","CYPRESS CREEK VILLAS II","CYPRESS CREEK VILLAS OF CORAL SPRINGS","CYPRESS CREEK VILLAS OF CORAL SPRINGS 2 CONDO","CYPRESS CREEK VILLAS OF CORAL SPRINGS 3 CONDO","CYPRESS GLEN","CYPRESS GLEN 104-26","Cypress Glen 104-26 B","CYPRESS GLEN TOWNHOM","CYPRESS GLEN TOWNHOMES CONDO","CYPRESS GLEN TOWNHOUSES CONDO","Cypress Glen Twnhms","Cypress Lakes","Cypress Lakes Cypress Run","Cypress Pointe","CYPRESS POINTE AT CORAL S","CYPRESS POINTE AT CORAL SPGS CONDO","Cypress Pointe At Coral Springs","CYPRESS POINTE AT CORAL SPRINGS CONDO","CYPRESS POINTE CONDO","CYPRESS RUN","CYPRESS RUN - PINE LANDING","CYPRESS RUN 93-16 B","CYPRESS RUN TOWNHOMES","CYPRESS RUN TOWNHOMES CONDO","CYPRESS RUN VILLAS","Cypress Run Villas 106-35 B","Cypress Trace","CYPRESS TRACE CONDO","Cypress Trace Condominium","DANIELA SPRINGS","Daniela Springs - LA PLACIDA","Deer Run Spgs 70-24 B","Deer Run Springs","DEER RUN SPRINGS 2 OF CORAL SPRINGS CONDO","DEER RUN SPRINGS 3 OF CORAL SPRINGS CONDO","DEER RUN SPRINGS 4 OF CORAL SPRINGS CONDO","DEER RUN SPRINGS 70-","DEER RUN SPRINGS II CONDO","DEER RUN SPRINGS OF CORAL SPRINGS CONDO","Dell 64-40 B","DELLS","DELLS ADD","Dells Add The","DIAFLOR SUBDIVISION","EAGLE CREEK","Eagle Creek 143-15 B","Eagle Creek Townhomes","EAGLE LANDING","EAGLE POINT","Eagle Point 127-12 B","Eagle Point\/Eagle Trace","EAGLE TRACE","EAGLE TRACE \/ EAGLE GLEN","EAGLE TRACE 116-19 B","EAGLE TRACE at the HAMPTONS","EAGLE TRACE EAGLE LANDING","EAGLE TRACE\/ HAMPTON","EAGLE TRACE\/EAGLE GL","EAGLE TRACE\/EAGLE P","Eagle Trace\/Eagle Point","EAGLE TRACE\/THE FAIRWAYS","EAGLE TRACE\/THE HAMP","EAGLE VILLAGE","Eagles Nest Twnhs","EAGLESS NEST TOWNHOMES CONDO","EAGLETRACE\/GEORGETOW","EASTRIDGE VILLAGE","EDGE WATER","Edgewater","EDGEWATER CONDO","Edgewater Condo Bldg 01","Edgewater Condo Bldg 15","Edgewater Condo Bldg 15 UNIT 101","Edgewater Condominiums","El Ad Poinciana Condo","El-Ad Poinciana","El-Ad Poinciana Condo","EMERALD SPRINGS","EMERALD SPRINGS HOMES CONDO","ENCLAVE","Enclave - Wyndham Lakes\/Circle","Enclave (Heron Bay 04 160-1 B)","ENCLAVE @ HERON BAY","ENCLAVE AT HERON BAY","Enclave at Wyndham Lakes","FAIRWAY LAKE","Fairway Lake 110-22 B","FAIRWAY TOWNHOUSE","Fairway Twnhs","FAIRWAYS","FAIRWAYS AT EAGLE TRACE","Fairways at Heron Bay","FAIRWAYS OF CORAL SP","Fairways of Coral Springs","FAIRWAYS OF CORAL SPRINGS CONDO","FAIRWAYS SOUTH","FAIRWAYS SOUTH AT EAGLE TRACE","FAIRWAYS SOUTH EAGLE TRACE","FAIRWAYS- HERON BAY","FAIRWAYS\/EAGLE TRACE","FEATHERTREE","FOREST HILL PARK ESTATES","FOREST HILLS","FOREST HILLS 72-47 B","Forest Hills Condo South","FOREST HILLS N","FOREST HILLS NORTH","FOREST HILLS PARK ESTATES CONDO","FOREST HILLS SOUTH","FOREST HILLS SOUTH 7","FOREST HILLS SOUTH C","Forest Hills South Condo","FOREST HILLS WEST","FOREST PARK","FOREST PARK CONDO","FOREST PARK CONDOS","FOREST PARK SOUTH","FOREST PARK SOUTH #2","Forest Park South #2 Cond","FOREST VILLAS CONDO","Forrest Hills South","FOXWOOD HOLLOW","FOXWOOD HOLLOW AT CO","FOXWOOD HOLLOW AT CORAL SPRINGS","FRENCH QUARTERS","French Riviera","Frst Hills 72-47 B","Frst Hills West 74-38 B","GEORGETOWN AT EAGLE TRACE","GLEN 1 (THE) CONDO","GLEN WALK","GLENOAKS","Glenwood","Glenwood 69-33 B","Glenwood Sub 69-33 B","GLENWOOD SUBDIVISION","GLENWOOD SUBDIVISION 69-3","GOLDEN BAY","GOLF COURSE TOWNHOUS","GOLF COURSE TOWNHOUSES","GOLF INN TOWNHOUSE","GOLF INN TOWNHOUSE CONDO","GOLF VIEW","Golfview Townhouse Of Coral Springs Condo","GOLFVIEW TOWNHOUSES","Governors Walk","Grand Isle","GRAND ISLE \/ WYNDHAM LAKES CENTRAL","GRAND OASIS","GRAND OASIS CONDO","Grand Oasis Condo Bldg A01","GRAND RESERVE","Grand Reserve - Chateau","GRAND RESERVE -CORAL CREEK REPLAT 5","GRAND RESERVE CORAL CREEK","GRAND RESERVE-CORAL CREEK","GRAND RESERVE\/TIVOLI","GRANDE RESERVE","Green Hill Condo","GREENGLADES","GREENGLADES 2 CONDO","Greenglades 3 Condo","GREENGLADES 4 CONDO","GREENGLADES CONDO","Greenglades Condo 04","GREENGLADES I CONDO","GREENS OF EAGLE TRAC","GREENS OF EAGLE TRACE","GREENWOOD","Greenwood 92-48 B","GREENWOOD II","GREENWOOD II 103-46 B","GREENWOOD\/CORAL SPRI","grenadier","GRENADIER EAST CONDO","GRENADIER ESTATES","GRENADIER ESTATES 12","GRENADIER ESTATES 124-7 B","Grenadier Gardens","Grenadier Gardens Condo","Grenadier Trace","GRENADIER TRACE 1 CONDO","GRENADIER WEST CONDO","Gulfview Arms Condominium.","Hamptons","HAROR ISLAND","HAY LOFTS OF CORAL SPRINGS","HAY LOFTS OF CORAL SPRINGS 1 CONDO","Haylofts Condo 01 Coral Spgs","HAYLOFTS OF CORAL SPRINGS","Heron Bay","Heron Bay Preserve","HERON BAY - The Enclave","HERON BAY \/ENCLAVE","Heron Bay 02 159-39 B","Heron Bay 04 160-1 B","HERON BAY 04 160-1 B THE POINT","HERON BAY 3","Heron Bay 4","Heron Bay Comm","Heron Bay Commercial","HERON BAY COMMERCIAL HERON PRESERVE","HERON BAY CORPORATE CENTER 1","HERON BAY CORPORATE CTR 1","HERON BAY FAIRWAYS","HERON BAY FOUR 160-1","HERON BAY FOUR 160-1 B PO","Heron Bay South","Heron Bay South 167-44 B","HERON BAY SOUTH\/ Tuscany","HERON BAY THREE 159-41 B","HERON BAY Tuscany","HERON BAY TWO 159-39","Heron Bay Villa Sorrento","HERON BAY, VILLA SORRENTO","Heron Bay\/ Long Cove","HERON BAY\/ENCLAVE","HERON BAY\/FAIRWAYS","HERON PRESERVE","HIDDEN HAMMOCK","HIDDEN HAMMOCKS","HIDDEN HAMMOCKS ESTA","HIDDEN HAMMOCKS ESTATES","HIDDEN HAMMOCKS ESTATES 1","Hidden Hammocks Estates 134-50 B","HIDDEN HAMMOCKS ESTS","HIDDEN HAMMOCKS\/OAKBROOK","HIGHLAND PLACE","Holiday Village","HOLIDAY VILLAGE COND","HOLIDAY VILLAGE OF C","HOLIDAY VILLAGE OF CORAL SPRINGS CONDO","HORIZON CENTER CONDO","Island Club","ISLAND CLUB AT CORAL SPRINGS","ISLES","ISLES ADD","ISLES ADD 151-48 B","Jefferson","JEFFERSON II","JEFFERSON OF CORAL SPRINGS","JEFFERSON OF CORAL SPRINGS CONDO","KENSIGNTON GARDENS","KENSINGTON","Kensington 146-39","KENSINGTON 146-39 B","KENSINGTON CLASSICS","KENSINGTON COMMONS","KENSINGTON GARDENS","KENSINGTON GLEN","Kensington Green","KENSINGTON MANOR","KENSINGTON MANOR 155","KENSINGTON MANOR, CINNAMON CROSSINGS","KENSINGTON NORTH","KENSINGTON SOUTH","KENSINGTON\/KNIGHTSBRIDGE","KINGSPORT ESTATES CONDO","Knightbridge","Knightsbridge","KNIGHTSBRIDGE\/KENSIN","L\\'HERMITAGE","L\\'HERMITAGE-HERON BAY 3","L\\'HERMITAGE\/HERON BA","LA PLACIDA","La Placida Condo Ph 01","LA PLACIDA CONDO PH 1","LA PLACIDA CONDO PHA","LA PLACIDA VILLAS","LAFAYETTE","LAFAYETTE CONDO","LAKE FOREST","LAKE FOREST CONDO","Lakeview Drive","Lakeview Drive Subdivision","LAKEVIEW HAMLET","LAKEVIEW WEST","Lakeview West 158-44 B","Lakeview West Vizcaya","Lakeview West, Viscaya","LAKEVIEW WEST\/ VIZCAYA","LAKEWOOD VILLAGE","LAKEWOOD VILLAGE CONDO","Lakewood Village Coral Spgs","Lakewood Village Coral Spgs Condo","LAKEWOOD VILLAGE OF","LAKEWOOD VILLAGE OF CORAL","LAKEWOOD VILLAGE OF CORAL SPRINGS","LAKEWOOD VILLAGE OF CORAL SPRINGS CONDO","LAS ROSAS TOWNHOMES","LAS ROSAS TOWNHOMES CONDO","LENNOX ISLE","Leto Townhome Community Condo","LONG COVE","LONG COVE - HERON BAY","LONG KEY CONDO","LOVINS TOWNHOUSES CONDO","MADISON MANOR","MADISON MANOR CONDO","Main Street","MAINSTREET","MAPLE WOOD","Maple Wood 80-37 B","MAPLE WOOD ADD","MAPLE WOOD ADDITION","MAPLE WOOD VILLAS","MAPLEWOOD","Maplewood 80-37 B","Maplewood Addition","Maplewood Estates","Maplewood Isle","MAPLEWOOD TOWNHOUSES","MAPLEWOOD TOWNHOUSES CONDO","Maplewood\/Treasure Island","MARATHON KEY CONDO","MARINERS COVE","Mariners Cove Eagle Lake 161-7 B","MARINERS COVE OF EAGLE LAKE","Meggan townhomes","Meggan Twnhms Condo","Mizner Village","Mizner Village Heron Bay","MIZNER VILLAGE\/HERON","NAPOLI GARDEN","NAPOLI GARDENS","NAPOLI GARDENS AT CORAL S","Napoli Gardens At Coral Spgs Condo","NAPOLI GARDENS AT CORAL SPRINGS","NAPOLI GARDENS AT CORAL SPRINGS CONDO","NAPOLI GARDENS AT CORAL SPRINGS CONDO UNIT 957 BLDG 25PER CDO BK\/PG: 39380\/943","NORMANDY TERRACE","North Pine Ridge","NORTH SPGS 132-38 B","North Spgs Ct","NORTH SPRINGS","NORTH SPRINGS 132-38","NORTH SPRINGS 132-38 B","North Springs Court","North Springs Court 143-45 B","North Springs\/North Additions","NORTH SPRINGS\/SPRINGS POINTE","NORTH SRINGS","Northwest 44Th Court Condo 2","NW41","OAK WOOD","Oak Wood 80-39 B","OAKBROOK","OAKBROOK HIDDEN HAMM","OAKWOOD","Oakwood Riverside Walk","OAKWOOD 80-39 B","OAKWOOD ON THE GREEN","OAKWOOD ON THE GREEN CONDO","OAKWOOD, RIVERSIDE WALK","OAKWOOD; RIVERSIDE WALK","Orange Tree","ORANGE TREE OF CORAL","Orange Tree Of Coral Springs Condo","OXFORD CONDO","PALM COURT","PALM COURT CONDO","PALM RIDGE VILLAGE CONDO","PALM SPRINGS VILLAGE","Palm Terrace","PALM TERRACE CONDO","PALM VILLAGE","PALM VILLAGE CONDO","Palm Village Coral Spgs Condo","Palm Villas","PALM VILLAS & CONDO SEC 02","Palms Point","Palms Point Condo","Palms Point(The)Condo","Palms Villas","PALMS VILLAS & CONDO","PALMS VILLAS & CONDOS SEC 2","PALMS VILLAS CONDO","PALMS VILLAS CONDO UNIT 6-E PER CDO BK\/PG: 8362\/785","PARK PLACE","PARK PLACE @ WYNDHAM","PARK PLACE \/WYNDHAM LAKES","Park Place\/Wyndham Lakes\/Wyndham Circle","PARKSIDE","Parkside 117-18 B","PARKSIDE 117-18B","parkside117-18 B","PARKWOOD","PARKWOOD AT CORAL CREEK","PARKWOOD CONDO","PARKWOOD\/CORAL CREEK","Patios Oakwood Condo","PATIOS OF OAKWOOD","PATIOS OF OAKWOOD CONDO","Pelican Isle","PELICAN ISLES","PELICAN POINT","Pelican Point in WYNDHAM LAKES EAST","PELICAN POINT\/WYNDHAM LAKES EAST","PELICAN POINTE","PELICAN TRAIL EAST","PELICAN TRAIL WEST \/ WYNDHAM LAKES","Pelican Trails West","PINE CREST","PINE GLEN","PINE LANDING","Pine Landing\/Cypress Run","PINE RIDGE","PINE RIDGE 112-37 B","Pine Ridge 112-37 B Lot 6 Blk Kk","PINE RIDGE 112-37B","Pine Ridge Amended","PINE RIDGE NORTH","Pine Ridge North 127-29 B","PINE RIDGE SOUTH","PINE RIDGE SOUTH ADD","PINE RIDGE SOUTH ADDITION","PINE RIDGE VILLAS","PINE RIDGE\/PINE GROV","PINE SPRING TOWNHOUSES CONDO","Pine Springs Townhouses","PINERIDGE","PINES OF CORAL SPRIN","PINES OF CORAL SPRINGS 2 CONDO","PINESOFCORALSPRINGS2","POINCIANA","Poinciana Condo","POINCIANA PLACE","Poinciana Place, El Ad Poinciana Condo,Poinciana","POINCIANA PLACE, Poinciana, El-Ad Poinciana","PONCIANA PLACE","Portofino","PORTOFINO A CONDO","PORTOFINO CONDOMINIUM","PORTOFINO CONDOMINIUM SECTION 2","PORTOFINO SEC 2 CONDO","RAMBLE EAST","RAMBLE WOOD EAST","RAMBLEWOOD","RAMBLEWOOD \/ ROYAL PALM","Ramblewood 76-49 B","RAMBLEWOOD COURT","RAMBLEWOOD COURT CONDO","Ramblewood East","RAMBLEWOOD EAST COND","Ramblewood East Condo","Ramblewood South","RAMBLEWOOD SOUTH 78-","Ramblewood South 78-19 B","Ramblewood Villas","RAMBLEWOOD**3.5%**","RAMBLING PELICAN WEST CONDO","RIDGE GROVE GARDENS CONDO","RIDGEVIEW","Ridgeview 130-6 B","RIDGEVIEW 130-6 B LOT B","Ridgeview Crossing Rep","RIDGEVIEW CROSSING REPLAT","RIVERS EDGE","RIVERS EDGE @ OAKWOO","RIVERS EDGE AT OAKWO","Rivers Edge At Oakwood","RIVERS EDGE AT OAKWOOD CO","RIVERS EDGE AT OAKWOOD CONDO","RIVERS EDGE CONDO","Riverside Estates","RIVERSIDE ESTATES CO","RIVERSIDE ESTATES CONDO","RIVERSIDE WALK","Riverview Subdivision","ROAYAL PALM VILLAGE","Royal Garden","ROYAL GARDENS","Royal Gardens A-Q","ROYAL GARDENS A-Q CONDO","ROYAL GRENADIER","ROYAL GRENADIER #2","Royal Grenadier Condo 02","ROYAL GRENADIER II","Royal land","ROYAL LAND AMENDED","Royal Palm Pointe","ROYAL PALM POINTE 86","ROYAL PALM VILLAGE","Royal Palm Village 131-35 B","ROYAL PARK 2 CONDO","Royal Park Condo 02","ROYAL PARK II","Royal Ridge Condo","Royal River Condo 02","ROYAL RIVER II","Royal River Ii Condo","RUNNING BROOK HILLS","Running Brook Hills 70-23 B","Running Brook Hills Add","Rushwood","SANCTUARY AT KENSINGTON","Sanctuary\/Kensington","SANDPIPER CONDO","SAVANNA","Savannah","SAVANNAH AT RIVERSID","Savannah at Riverside","SAVANNAH AT RIVERSIDE CON","Savannah At Riverside Condo","Saxon Woods","SAXON WOODS NORTH CONDO","SAXON WOODS SOUTH CO","SEVILLE TOWNHOUSES CONDO","Shadow Wood","Shadow Wood 80-38 B","SHADOW WOOD CONDO","Shadow Wood Villas","Shdowwod","SHERWOOD SQUARE","SHERWOOD SQUARE A CO","Sherwood Square A Condo","SHERWOOD SQUARE B CO","SHERWOOD SQUARE B CONDO","SHERWOOD SQUARE CONDOMINIUM","SPARROWS WALK","SPARROWS WALK CONDO","SPARROWS WALK.","Spgs Colony Club Condo","Spgs Park East Condo","Spgs Pointe 139-24 B","Spings Park East Condo","SPRING CIRCLE VILLAS","Spring Cove Condo","Spring Townhomes Condo","SPRINGS","SPRINGS COLONY CLUB CONDO","SPRINGS HAMLET","SPRINGS HAMLET VILLA","SPRINGS HAMLET VILLAS","SPRINGS PARK","SPRINGS PARK 77-2 B","SPRINGS PARK CONDO","SPRINGS PARK EAST","SPRINGS PARK EAST CONDO","SPRINGS POINTE","Springwood","SPRINGWOOD CONDO","STEEPLECHASE","STEEPLECHASE AT EAGL","STEEPLECHASE AT EAGLE TRACE","STEEPLECHASE AT EAGLE TRACE CONDO","SUMMERHILL ESTATES","SUMMERHILL-PINE RIDGE","Summerwind","SUN & LAKE","SUN & LAKE CONDO","SUN & LAKE","SUN &LAKE","SUN&LAKE","SUNRISE GOLF VILLAGE","SUTTON WATERSIDE","SUTTON WATERSIDE 117-39 B","TARA GARDENS 1","Tara Gardens 1 Condo","Tara Gardens Condo 01","TARA II","TARGIN CONDO","The Clusters","THE COLONY AT CORAL SPRINGS","The Crossings","The Crossings 93-5 B","THE DELLS","THE DELLS 64-40 B","THE EDGEWATER","THE ENCLAVE","THE FALLS","THE FRENCH QUARTER","THE GRAND OASIS","THE HAMLET","THE ISLES","THE ISLES 145-36 B","THE ISLES EAST","The Oaks","The Oaks of Oakwood","THE OXFORD","THE PALMS POINT","THE PRESERVE","The Preserve\/Woodside Estates","THE SANCTUARY","The Sanctuary at Kensington","THE SPRINGS","THE SPRINGS \/ CYPRESS RUN","THE WINDINGS","The Windings 70-44 B","THUNDERBIRD","TOWER CLUB","Tower Club Condo","TOWER CLUB I","TOWER CLUB II","Towers Club II","TOWNHOMES AT TUSCANY","Townhomes of Essex Greens","TOWNHOUSES OF CORAL","TURTLE RUN","TURTLE RUN - Newport","TURTLE RUN \/Newport","Turtle Run 131-12 B","Turtle Run Estate","Turtle Run Estates","Turtle Run Harbor Island","TURTLE RUN PARCEL N-","Turtle Run Prcl J-1 Rep","TURTLE RUN- Newport","TURTLE RUN\/HARBOUR","TURTLE RUN\/HIDDEN LAKE","TURTLE RUN\/NEWPORT","TURTLE RUN\\\\NEWPORT","Tuscany","TUSCANY \/ HERON BAY","Tuscany Heron Bay","TUSCANY-HERON BAY","UNIVERSITY CLUB COND","UNIVERSITY MAPLEWOOD","UNIVERSITY MAPLEWOOD TOWNHOUSES","UNIVERSITY MAPLEWOOD TOWNHOUSES CONDO","UNIVERSITY PLACE CONDO","VANDERBILT ESTATES","Vanderbilt Estates - KENSINGTON NORTH","VENTANA","Verona \/ Oakwood","Vestal Sub","VESTAL SUBDIVISION","VICTORIA SQUARE","VICTORIA SQUARE COND","VICTORIA SQUARE CONDO","VILLA BIANCA CONDO","VILLA MAR","VILLA MAR CONDO","VILLA MARIE CONDO","VILLA SORRENTO","Villa Sorrento \/ HERON BAY 4","VILLA SORRENTO\/HERON","VILLAGE GREEN AT BROKENWOOD CONDO","VILLAGE GREEN TOWNHOUSES I","VILLAGER CONDO","Villas at Coral Springs","Villas of Riverside","VILLAS OF RIVERSIDE CONDO","Villas Riverside Condo","Visconti","Visconti Condo","VISCONTI CONDOMINIUM","Visconti Condominiums","Vizcaya","VIZCAYA\/ LAKEVIEW WEST","waters edge","WATERS EDGE OF CORAL","WATERS EDGE OF CORAL SPRINGS","WATERS EDGE OF CORAL SPRINGS CONDO","WATERSIDE","WATERSIDE\/CORALCREEK","Wellington Manor","WELLINGTON MANOR CON","WELLINGTON MANOR CONDO","WEST GLEN","West Glen 128-3 B","WEST GLEN ADD","WEST GLEN ADDITION","WEST GLEN MANOR","West Glen Manor 145-7 B","West Glen Square 132-3 B Lakeview","WEST GLEN VILLAGE","WEST GLEN VILLAGE\/Vantana","WEST GLEN VILLAGE\/Ventana","WEST SHORE","West View Estates","WEST VIEW ESTATES 14","WESTCHESTER","WESTCHESTER 72-43 B","WESTCHESTER LAKES","Westchester Lakes 155-47 B","WESTVIEW ESTATES","WESTVIEW VILLAGE","WESTVIEW VILLAGE ADD","WESTWOOD AT CYPRESS RUN","WESTWOOD AT CYPRESS RUN CONDO","Whispering Woods","Whispering Woods 118-25 B","WHYNDHAM LAKES NORTH","WILES BUSINESS CENTER COMMERCIAL CONDO UNIT 11312","WILES BUSINESS CTR COMML CONDO","WILES ROAD CENTER","WILLOWS TOWNHOMES","Windings","Windings 70-44 B","Windsor Bay","WINDSOR BAY CORAL CREEK REPLAT 3","WOOD LAKE","WOOD LAKE 89-49 B","WOODBRIDGE CONDO","WOODLAKE VILLAGE TOWNHOMES CONDO","WOODSIDE \/ THE PRESERVE","WOODSIDE ESTATE","WOODSIDE ESTATES","WOODSIDE ESTATES 127","Woodside Estates 127-10 B","WOODSIDE VILLAGE SEC 1","WYNDHAM CIRCLE","Wyndham Circle 157-9 B","WYNDHAM HEIGHTS","Wyndham Heights 158-5 B","WYNDHAM HEIGHTS\/WYNDHAM LAKES","WYNDHAM LAKE\/ENCLAVE","Wyndham Lakes","Wyndham Lakes - Bay Pointe","Wyndham Lakes \/ Coral Shores","Wyndham Lakes \/Eagle Creek","WYNDHAM LAKES CENTRAL","Wyndham Lakes Central 159-46 B","WYNDHAM LAKES EAST","WYNDHAM LAKES EAST 1","Wyndham Lakes East 159-50 B","WYNDHAM LAKES MAYFAIR","WYNDHAM LAKES NORTH","WYNDHAM LAKES NORTH 158-2","Wyndham Lakes North 158-23 B","Wyndham Lakes South","Wyndham Lakes South 161-33 B","WYNDHAM LAKES WEST","WYNDHAM LAKES WEST ( Pelican Isle)","WYNDHAM LAKES WEST 160-43","WYNDHAM LAKES-COVENT","Wyndham Lakes\/ Grand Isle","WYNDHAM LAKES\/BAY POINTE","WYNDHAM LAKES\/COVENTRY PLACE","WYNDHAM LAKES\/MAYFAI","WYNDHAM LAKES\/PARK PLACE","Wyndham Lakes\/The Enclave","Yardley Estates","YARDLEY ESTATES BROOKSIDE"],"zipcodes":["33065","33067","33071","33076"]},"cortez":{"label":"Cortez","counties":["Manatee County"],"subdivisions":["SMUGGLERS LANDING PHASE I"],"zipcodes":["34210","34215"]},"crescentcity":{"label":"Crescent City","counties":["Putnam County"],"subdivisions":["CRESCENT SHORES HEIGHTS"],"zipcodes":["32112"]},"crestview":{"label":"Crestview","counties":["Okaloosa County"],"subdivisions":["Nanterre a Riverfront Community"],"zipcodes":["32536","32539"]},"crystalriver":{"label":"Crystal River","counties":["Citrus County"],"communities":["crystal river","DE ROSA","DE ROSA INC. UNIT 4 \/ SUNSHINE GULF ESTATES","DE ROSA INC. UNIT 2 \/ SUNSHINE GULF ESTATES","DE ROSA, INC.\/SUNSHINE GULF ESTATES","DEROSA INC. \/ SUNSHINE GULF ESTATES","DEROSA, INC. \/ SUNSHINE GULF ESTATES","DEROSA, INC.\/SUNSHINE GULF ESTATES"],"subdivisions":["AMERICAN DATA & COMP CREDIT CO","BRESNAHAN","CEDAR LAKE ESTATES","COSTA & SON INC PB 5- PG 59","CRYSTAL MANOR UNIT 2","CRYSTAL PARADISE ESTATES UNREC","CRYSTAL RIVER (CITY OF)","crystal river magnolia shores","DE ROSA INC. UNIT 4","DE ROSA INC. UNIT 2","HOLIDAY ACRES UNIT 2","HOLIDAY HEIGHTS UNIT 1 PB 4 PG 61 LOT 31 BLOCK 1, UNREC TRACTS IN 21-17S-17E","RAINBOW FOREST","SUNSHINE GULF ESTATES UNIT 2","UNREC TRACTS IN 06-18S-17E","UNREC TRACTS IN 34-18S-17E","WILLIAMS POINT"],"zipcodes":["34423","34428","34429","34448"]},"cudjoekey":{"label":"Cudjoe Key","counties":["Monroe County"],"subdivisions":["339","Cudjoe Acres","CUDJOE GARDENS 2ND ADD","CUTTHROAT HARBOR ESTS"],"zipcodes":["33042"]},"cutler":{"label":"Cutler","subdivisions":["BENSON MANOR","Cutler Creek West","Manatee Cove at Lakes by the Bay"]},"cutlerbay":{"label":"Cutler Bay","counties":["Miami-Dade County"],"communities":["Cutler Cay","CUTLER RIDGE","ISLE OF BAYSHORE","Isles at Bayshore","Lakes by the Bay","Manatee Cove","MONTEREY LAKES","Monterrey Lakes","THE COURTS","THE ENCLAVE","The Palms","the shore","THE SHORES","THE SHORES CONDO","WATERWAYS","Whispering Pines","WINDY POINTE"],"subdivisions":["BEL AIRE","BEL AIRE SEC 10","BEL AIRE SEC 13","BEL-AIRE SEC 1","BLACK CREEK VILLAS","CANTAMAR","CORSONS WAREHOUSE CONDO","CUTLER CAY","Cutler Creek Club","CUTLER CREEK VILLAGE","Cutler Ridge","CUTLER RIDGE PINES","Cutler Ridge Sec 04","Cutler Ridge Sec 07","CUTLER RIDGE SEC 3","Cutler Ridge Sec 4","CUTLER RIDGE SEC 5","CUTLER RIDGE SEC 7 LOT 3 BLK 50","ISLE OF BAYSHORE","Isles at Bayshore","Lakes by the Bay","LAKES BY THE BAY CEE","LAKES BY THE BAY DAY","LAKES BY THE BAY EVE REPLAT","LAKES BY THE BAY FAYE REPLAT","LAKES BY THE BAY JAY","LAKES BY THE BAY SEC 11","Lakes By The Bay Sec 12","LAKES BY THE BAY SEC 5","LAKES BY THE BAY SEC 8","Manatee Cove at Lakes by the Bay","MARK MANOR PINES SEC 3","Old Cutler Cove","OLD CUTLER FOREST","OMNI ESTS","PINE TREE MANOR SEC 2","RL OLD CUTLER","Saga Bay Sec 01 Pt 06","SAGA BAY SEC 1","SAGA BAY SEC 1 PT 5","SAGA BAY TOWNHOMES","SAGA VIEW","SANTA BARBARA 1ST ADDN","THE COURTS AT BAYSHORE II","THE COURTS AT BAYSHORE II CONDO","The Shores Condo No 1","THE SHORES CONDO NO 2","Villas Of Old Cutler","Water Ways at Lakes by the Bay","WHISPERING PINES EST SEC 4","WHISPERING PINES ESTATES","Whispering Pines Estates Sec 2","Whispering Pines Ests Sec 1","WHISPERING PINES ESTS SEC 3","Windy Pointe","WINDY POINTE CONDO NO 65"],"zipcodes":["33157","33189","33190"]},"dadecity":{"label":"Dade City","counties":["Pasco County"],"subdivisions":["Holiday Acres","MADILL SUB"],"zipcodes":["33523","33525","33526"]},"dania":{"label":"Dania","communities":["CHATEAU DE VILLE","COLLEGE TRACT","DANIANS","HARBOR ISLES","Hidden Harbour","Meadowbrook Lakes","OAK HILLS CONDO","Oakbridge","OAKRIDGE CONDO","PALM VILLAGE CLUB","Palm Village Club Co","RAVENSWOOD ESTATES","REED LAND CO","SHERIDAN BEACH CLUB","Sheridan Ocean Club","THE OAKS AT HIDDEN Harbour","Treasure Cove Villas","VILLAS AT HARBOR ISLES"],"subdivisions":["CAPE FEAR","CHATEAU DE VILLE CON","Chateau Deville Was 1203 Zr","Collins Parc 141-17 B","Dania Heights 03-22 B","Dania Heights Ext 05-19 B","Dania Town","Dania Town B-49 D","DANIANS","DANIANS CONDOMINIUM NO 2","DAVIS ISLES SEC 04 41-50 B","DRIFTWOOD ACRES","HARBOR ISLES","Highland Square 07-5 B","Hollywood Center","MARSHALLS EVERGLADE SUB","Mason Amd 14-19 01\/2 B","MASON SUB AMENDED PLAT","Meadowbrook Lakes","MEADOWBROOK LAKES #1","MEADOWBROOK LAKES 3","MEADOWBROOK LAKES VIEW F CONDO","Melaleuca Gardens Resub 25-10 B","North Hollywood 04-1 B","OAK HILLS CONDO","Oak Ridge Condo","Oakbridge","PALM VILLAGE CLUB","Palm Village Club Condo","PLAYLAND ISLES","RAVENSWOOD ESTATES &","RAVENSWOOD ESTATES & MARINAS 2ND ADD","REED LAND CO","Sandpiper Bay 119-7 B","SEABOARD HEIGHTS 14-14 B","SHERIDAN BEACH CLUB","Sheridan East Condo Bldg 01","Sheridan Ocean Club","STEVENS HOMESITES 02 37-26 B","Sway Shores","TOWN & COUNTRY ESTATES","TOWN OF DANIA B-49 D","Twin Oaks","Victory Heights 21-2 B","VILLAGE TOWNHOUSE 2 CONDO","VILLAS AT HARBOR ISL","VILLAS AT HARBOR ISLES CONDO","West Moorland 19-8 B"]},"daniabeach":{"label":"Dania Beach","counties":["Broward County"],"communities":["BANYAN OAKRIDGE","CANAL GROVES","Chateau De Ville","CHATEAU DE VILLE CON","COLLEGE TRACT","Dania beach","Davis Isles","East Dania Beach","ELLAS LITTLE ACRES","HARBOR ISLES","Hidden Harbour","Meadowbrook Lakes","MELALEUCA GARDENS","OAKBRIDGE","Ravenswood","RAVENSWOOD ESTATES","Reed Land","Sandpiper Woods","SEA OAKS","Sea Oaks Condo","Sheridan Beach Club","Sheridan East Condo","Sheridan Ocean Club","ST JAMES PARK NORTH","The Place At Dania","Townhouse East","Treasure Cove","TWIN LAKES GARDENS","VILLAS AT HARBOR ISL","W 1\/2 BLK 2","Watermark"],"subdivisions":["8","AVON HEIGHTS","BANYAN OAKRIDGE","BANYAN OAKRIDGE COMMERCIAL PLAT","BROWARD GARDENS","BROWARD HEIGHTS","C & S Subdivision 89-40 B","CANAL GROVES","CAPE FEAR","CHATEAU DE VILLE CON","CHATEAU DE VILLE CONDO","College Tract","Dania Beach","DANIA BEACH SUB","DANIA BEACH SUB RESUB BLK 2","DANIA ESTATES","DANIA HEIGHTS","DANIA HIGHLANDS","Dania Highlands 87-1B","DANIANS NORTH CONDO","DAVIS ISLES","Davis Isles Sec 4","DAVIS ISLES SEC 5","EDGEWATER MANOR NO 2","ELLAS LITTLE ACRES","Emerald Isles","ESKILSON ADD TO DANIA AMENDED PLAT","Estates Of Fort Lauderdal","FLORIAN ISLES","GEO M PHIPPENS SUB","GEO M PHIPPENS SUB 2-90 D","HOLLYWOOD CENTER AMEN PLAT","JACARANDA HEIGHTS 31-31 B","KOLENDA HOMESITES","LA BEAU ACRES 2","LA BEAU ACRES FOURTH UNIT","MARSHALLS EVERGLADE SUB","MASON SUB AMENDED PLAT 14-19 1\/2","Meadowbrook 15","Meadowbrook Lakes","MEADOWBROOK LAKES VIEW \\'G\\' CONDO","MEADOWBROOK LAKES VIEW A CONDO","MEADOWBROOK LAKES VIEW B CONDO","MEADOWBROOK LAKES VIEW C CONDO","MEADOWBROOK LAKES VIEW CONDO","MEADOWBROOK LAKES VIEW E","MEADOWBROOK LAKES VIEW F CONDO","MEADOWBROOK LAKES VIEW H CONDO","MEADOWBROOK LAKES VIEW I CONDO","MEADOWBROOK LAKES VIEW K CONDO","MELALEUCA GARDENS","MELALEUCA GARDENS RESUB","modelo","MODELO (DANIA)","MODELO PARK","NORTH DANIA HEIGHTS","NORTH HOLLYWOOD","OAKBRIDGE","OAKS CONDO","OCEAN VIEW GOLF ADD","PALM VILLAGE CLUB CONDO","PARADISE MANOR","PLAYLAND ISLES","POINCIANA PARK","POINCIANA PK AMEN PL BLKS 4 5","POINCIANA PK AMEN PL BLKS 4 5 & POR OF 6","RAVENSWOOD ESTATES","RAVENSWOOD ESTATES & MARINAS","RAVENSWOOD ESTATES & MARINAS 2ND","Ravenswood Estates & Marinas 2Nd Add","RAVENSWOOD NORTH","RAVENSWOOD REPLAT","REED LAND","REED LAND CO","REED LAND CO SUB","Royal Palm Gardens Condo","ROYAL PALM VISTA","SANDPIPER WOODS Sandpiper Bay","SCHOONER RIDGE","Sea Oaks Condo","SEABOARD HEIGHTS","SEABOARD PARK","SEC 33-50-42","SHERIDAN BEACH CLUB","Sheridan Beach Club No 3 Condo","SHERIDAN EAST","Sheridan East Condo Bldg 1","SHERIDAN EAST CONDO BLDG 2","Sheridan Ocean Club","SOUTH DANIA HEIGHTS AMEN PLAT 6-9","SPAR-RICH RESUB OF BLKS 2","ST JAMES PARK NORTH","STEVENS HOMESITES NO 2","SUNSHINE VILLA CO-OP","The Place At Dania","TOWN OF DANIA","TOWN OF MODELO (DANIA) B-49","Townhouse East 1 Condo","Treasure Cove","TROPICAL HAVEN","TWIN LAKES GARDENS","U S LEND LEASE PLAT NO ONE","U S LEND LEASE, Sheridan Ocean Club","VICTORIA VILLAS","VICTORY HEIGHTS","Villas at Harbor Isles","VILLAS AT HARBOR ISLES CONDO","WATERMARK 3 CONDO","WEST MOORLAND","WEST MOORLAND AMD"],"zipcodes":["33004","33312","33314","33316"]},"davenport":{"label":"Davenport","counties":["Polk County"],"communities":["Bimini Bay","Regal Palm Resort","Retreat @ Champions Gate","Sereno","West Haven"],"subdivisions":["BIMINI BAY PHASE II","Calabay Parc-Unit One","POITRAS ESTATES","PROVIDENCE N-4B REPLAT - PHASE 2","REGAL PALMS AT HIGHLAND RESERVE PH 03","Retreat at Champions Gate","SANCTUARY AT WEST HAVEN","SERENO PHASE TWO","STONEYBROOK SOUTH NORTH PARCEL PH 3","VILLAS AT REGAL PALMS","WELLINGTON PHASE II","WESTRIDGE PHASE 01 AND 02","WINDSOR ISLAND RESORT"],"zipcodes":["33836","33837","33844","33896","33897"]},"davie":{"label":"Davie","counties":["Broward County"],"communities":["ALPINE WOODS","Alpine Woods Estates","ARBORETUM","Arborwood","ARISTA PARK","Arrowhead","Arrowhead Condo","ARROWHEAD GOLF","ARROWHEAD GOLF & TENNIS","Blackhawk Reserve","BLAWKHAWK RANCHES","BRANDY WINE","Brandywine","BRENTWOOD","BRENTWOOD WEST TWNHS","Carlton Ranches","CHELSEA AT IVANHOE","Chelsea At Ivenhoa","CHEMIN DES PALMS","Cimarron","COUNTRY CREEK","Country Pines","Countryside","COUNTRYSIDE CONDO","Courtyards","Courtyards at Davie","D & M Acres","D & M Acres","Davie Junction","Davie Little Ranches","DAVIE WEST","EMERALD ISLES","Emerald Springs","Escape at Arrowhead","Estates of Sterling Lake","ESTATES OF STIRLING LAKE","EVERGREEN","Evergreen of Pine Island Ridge","EXOTIC ACRES","FALCON\\'S LEA","FALCONS LEA","FLORIDA FRUIT LANDS","Forest Ridge","GARDENS","Gateland","GATELAND VILLAGE","Glen Eden at Davie","GROVE CREEK ESTATES","GROVE ESTATES II","Groves Estate 2","HARMONY LAKE","HARMONY LAKES","Harmony Lakes Estate","Harmony Village","Harvest","Hawke\\'s Bluff","Hawkes Bluff","Hidden Cove","Hidden Hollow","Honey Lake","Honey Lakes","Imagination Farms","ISLA MERITA","Isla Merita Homes","Ivanhoe","IVANHOW","KHovnanian Homes - Sterling Ranch","Lake Estates at Roll","LAKE ESTATES ROLLING HILLS","Lake Park","LAKE PINE","LAUREL OAKS EAST","LIVE OAK","Live Oak 06 Pine Isl","LIVE OAK CONDO","LIVE OAK CONDO AT PINE ISLAND RIDGE","LIVE OAK PINE ISLAND RIDGE","LONG LAKE ESTATES","LONG LAKE RANCHES","LONG LAKE RANCHES WEST","Madison Lakes","MARLBORO ESTATES","Martha Bright Farms","Mystique Estates","Nob Hill Palms","NOB HILL VILLAGE","North Acres","NOVA GARDENS","NOVA GARDENS CONDO","NOVA HILLS","NOVA HILLS NORTH","NOVA LAKES","NOVA NORTH","Nova North I","NOVA TOWNHOMES","Nova Village","Oak Knoll Estates","ORANGE TREE HOMES","Orchid Tree","OSPREY PRESERVE","Parkwood Isles","PASADENA ESTATES","PASADENA LAKES","PHOENICIAN COVE","Pine Island Bay","PINE ISLAND ESTATES","Pine Island Lakes","PINE ISLAND RIDGE","Pine Island Ridge \/ Poinciana","PINE ISLAND RIDGE CC","Poinciana","POINCIANA - PINE ISLAND RIDGE","Poinciana Parc","Poinciana Pine Island Ridge Condominium","PONCIANA PARC","REFLECTIONS","RENT ME NOW!!!","RIDGE ON NOB HILL","Ridgewood","Riverstone","Rolling Hills","Rolling Hills Golf & Tennis Club","ROLLING HILLS GOLF AND TENNIS CLUB","Rolling Hills Lake Estates","Royal Grand","Royal Palm","Sabal Palm Condos","SADDLE BRIDGE","Saddle Up","SADDLE-UP","Saddlebrook","SAGA ESTATES","SCARBOROUGH","Serenity Palms","Serenity Palms Cond","SHENANDOAH","SHERIDAN EAST CONDO","Sheridan Glen","Silverado","SOUTHWOOD","Sterling Ranch","Stonebrook Estates","Sundance","Sundance @ Davie","Sundance at Davie","TANGERINE CONDOMINIUM 7","The Cove at Lago Mar","The Enclave","THE ESCAPE AT ARROWHEAD","The Ridge on Nob Hill","THE RIDGE ON NOB HILL\/FOREST RIDGE","The Village of Harmony Lakes","The Villas of Rolling Hills","Townhomes at Orange","TOWNHOMES OF ORANGE DRIVE","University Parc","University Parc Condo","University Village","VALENCIA VILLAGE","Vaquero Trails","Villa Nova Condo","VILLAGE AT LAKE PINE","VILLAGE AT LAKE PINE II","VILLAS DE TUSCANY","Villas of Arista Park","Villas of Palomino LLC","Vista Filaire","Vista Filare","Waterford","WATERFORD\/IVANHOE","WEST PARK","WESTBROOK HOMES","WESTRIDGE","WHISPERING PINES","Whitehall","WILLOW GROVE","Willow Lake","WOODVALE"],"subdivisions":["595 CORPORATE PARK OF COMMERCE","A J BENDLES","A J BENDLES SUB","ALHAMBRA CIRCLE","ALPINE CENTER","ALPINE WOODS ESTATES 2 CONDO","Alpine Woods Villa 5 Condo","Alpine Woods Villa Condo 05","APPLE CREEK","APPLE CREEK 133-8 B","APPLE CREEK 133-8 B POR T","ARBORETUM","ARBORETUM AT DAVIE","ARBORWOOD","Arista Park","ARISTA PARK CONDO","Arrow Head Condominium","ARROWHEAD","Arrowhead Condo 03","Arrowhead Condo 05","Arrowhead Condo 08","Arrowhead Condo 09","ARROWHEAD CONDO 7","ARROWHEAD CONDO 8","ARROWHEAD CONDO NO V","Arrowhead Condo\\'s","Arrowhead Condominium","ARROWHEAD COUNTRY HOMES 71-12 B","Arrowhead Golf &","ARROWHEAD GOLF & TEN","Arrowhead Golf & Tennis C","ARROWHEAD GOLF & TENNIS CLUB","ARROWHEAD GOLF & TENNIS CLUB CONDO","ARROWHEAD GOLF AND TENNIS","ARROWHEAD GOLF AND TENNIS CLUB","ARROWHEAD GOLF AND TENNIS CLUB CONDO","ARROWHEAD GOLF AND TENNIS CLUB PH II PB","ARROWHEADGOLF&TENNIS","Belmont Lakes at Davie","BENSONS ACRES","BLACKHAWK RANCHES","Blackhawk Reserve","BLASE ESTATES","BRENTWOOD","BRENTWOOD TOWNHOUSE","BRENTWOOD TOWNHOUSE 3 CONDO","BRENTWOOD TOWNHOUSES","Brentwood Twnhs Condo 02","BRENTWOOD WEST TOWNHOUSES CONDO","BRENTWOOD WEST TWNHS CONDO","BRITANNIA","BUCKRAM OAK FARM","C H E ACRES","Calusa Ridge","CALUSA RIDGE Nob Hills Palms","Carlton Ranches","CHARLESTON OAKS","CHELSEA AT IVANHOE","CHEMIN DES PALMS","Cimarron","COLONIAL LAKES VILLAS","CONDO 1 OF SABAL PALM CONDOS","CONDO 3 OF SABAL PALM CONDOS","CONDO 6 OF SABAL PALM CONDOS","COUNTRY CREEK","COUNTRY CREEK ESTATE","Country Creek ORANGE TREE VILLAS","Country Pines","Country Pines Condo","COUNTRY WESTERN STORE","Countryside","COUNTRYSIDE CONDO","COURTYARDS AT DAVIE","COURTYARDS AT DAVIE CONDO","CROSSBOW","D & M Acres","DAVIE 03-71 D","DAVIE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE","Davie Heights 49-38 B","DAVIE JUNCTION","DAVIE LITTLE","DAVIE LITTLE RANCHES","DAVIE LITTLE RANCHES AMENDED","Davie Manor Add 02 79-49 B","Davie Oaks 1st Add","DAVIE SQUARE OFFICE CONDO","DAVIE SQUARE OFFICE CONDOMINIUM","Davie West Unrec","DAVIE WHISPERING PINES","Davie Whispering Pines 118-5 B","DAVIE-3-71 D","DOWNTOWN","DRIFTWOOD ESTATES NO 10","DRIFTWOOD ESTATES NO 15","EMERALD ISLES WEST PHASE 1 CONDO","Emerald Spgs Homes Davie 149-48","ESCAPE AT ARROWHEAD","ESCAPE AT ARROWHEAD GOLF AND TENNIS CLUB","ESTATES OF STIRLING LAKE","ETON COUNTRYSIDE #1 CONDO","ETON COUNTRYSIDE 3 C","Eton Countryside Condo 02","Everglade Land Sales Co Sub","EVERGLADES LAND SALES CO","EVERGLADES LAND SALES CO SUB","EVERGLADES PARK","EVERGREEN 2 OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE A CONDO","EVERGREEN 3 OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE A CONDO","EVERGREEN 5 OF PINE","EVERGREEN 5 OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE A CONDO","EVERGREEN 8 OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE A CONDO","Evergreen of Pine Island","EXOTIC ACRS","FALCON\\'S LEA","FALCONS LEA","Falcons Lea 128-6 B","FALCONS LEA\/IVANHOE","Family Homes","FIRST IMPRESSIONS II","FLA Fruit Lands","FLA FRUIT LANDS CO","FLA FRUIT LANDS CO S","FLA FRUIT LANDS CO SUB","FLA FRUIT LANDS CO SUB 1","FLA FRUIT LANDS CO SUB NO 1","FLAMINGO GROVES","FLAMINGO GROVES UNIT D AMEND PL SUB","Florida Mangroves","forest ridge","FOREST RIDGE CLUSTER","Forest Ridge Cluster Home","FOREST RIDGE CLUSTER HOMES","FOREST RIDGE CLUSTER HOMES II","Forest Ridge Cluster Homes Iii","FOREST RIDGE CLUSTER HOMES IV A","FOREST RIDGE CLUSTER HOMES IV C","FOREST RIDGE SINGLE FAMIL","FOREST RIDGE SINGLE FAMILY","FOREST RIDGE SINGLE FAMILY II","FOREST RIDGE SINGLE FAMILY V","FOREST RIDGE SINGLE FAMILY VI","FOREST RIDGE SINGLE FAMILY VII","FORTY-ONE HUNDRED CONDO","GARDEN PARK ESTATES","GARDENS","GARDENS (THE) #1 CONDO","Gardens Condo 01","GATELAND VILLAGE SEC C CONDO","Gateland Village SEC E Co","GATELAND VILLAGE SEC E CONDO","GATELAND VILLAGE SEC F CONDO","GLEN EDEN AT DAVIE","GLEN EDEN AT DAVIETOWNHOMES OF ORANGE DRIVE","GRIFFIN PARK ESTATES","Grove Comml CTR at Davie","GROVE CREEK ESTATES","GROVE ESTATES","GROVE PARK ESTATES","GROVES PARK","HALSTEAD APTS CONDO","Happy Valley Farms Unrec","HARMONY LAKE","HARMONY LAKES","HARMONY LAKES ESTATE","HARMONY LAKES ESTATES","Harmony Village","Harvest","HARVEST SEC #3 CONDO","HARVEST SEC 2 CONDO","Hawke\\'s Bluff","Hawke\\'s Bluff Too","Hawkes Bluff","Hawkes Bluff 134-24 B","HAWKES BLUFF TOO","HIATUS RANCHETTES","HIDDEN COVE CONDO","Hidden Cove Condo Bldg 01","Hidden Hollow","HIGHLAND RANCH ESTATES","Honey Lake - FAMILY HOMES","Imagination Farms","Imagination Farms East","IMAGINATION FARMS EAST 16","ISLA MERITA HOMES 10 CONDO","Isla Merita Homes Condo 04","ISLA MERITA HOMES II","Jasmine Lakes 01 Ph 01 02 03 04 05","JASMINE LAKES II BLDG 6","KAPOK GROVE ESTATES","Lagoon Place Pine Ridge","Lake Pine Village","LAKE PINE VILLAGE 11","LAUDERDALE LITTLE RANCHES","LAUREL OAKS EAST","Lawson Isles","Les Chateaux","LIVE OAK","Live Oak 06 Pine Island Ridge","LIVE OAK 1 OF PINE RIDGE F","LIVE OAK 11 OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE F","LIVE OAK 14 OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE F","LIVE OAK 6 OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE F","LIVE OAK CONDO","LIVE OAK CONDO SEVEN","LONG LAKE ESTATES","LONG LAKE RANCHES","LONG LAKE RANCHES PLAT 3","LONG LAKE RANCHES WEST","LYCHEE WOODS PLAT 15","Madison Lakes","MADISON LAKES 170-11","Magnolia Trails","MAJESTIC GROVES","MARLBORO ESTATES","MARTHA BRIGHT FARMS","MARTHA BRIGHT FARMS 15-16","Melody Gardens","Mews at Arrowhead","Mews At Arrowhead Sec 02a Unrec","Miele Simonson Estates 167-27 B","Mystique Estates","Newmans Surv 02-26 D 29-50-41","NEWMANS SURVEY","NEWMANS SURVEY 2-26 D 25-50-41 PT TR 29 DESC AS BEG INTERSEC E R\/W ST RD 7 & N R\/W GRIFFIN RD,ELY AL","Nob Hill Village","North Acres 69-47 B","NOVA ESTATES","NOVA GARDENS CONDO","NOVA HILLS 1 CONDO","NOVA HILLS NORTH CONDO","NOVA HOMES TWO","NOVA LAKES","NOVA NORTH","Nova North Condo 01","NOVA TOWNHOMES","NOVA TOWNHOUSE 2 CONDO","Nova Village","Nova Village Unrec","NOVA VILLAS 6 CONDO","OAK GROVE AT FOREST","Oak Grove At Forest Ridge","OAK KNOLL II","Orange Drive Professional Building","ORANGE PARK CLUB SEC 2","ORANGE TREE HOMES","ORANGE TREE VILLAS","Orchid Tree","ORCHID TREE CONDO ONE","Osprey Landing","OSPREY PRESERVE","Palm Garden Park","PALM GARDEN PARK UNI","PALM GARDEN PARK UNIT 01 07-56 B","PALM GARDEN PARK UNIT 1","PARAGON CENTRE","PARK CITY SEC ONE","PARK CITY SEC THREE 65-5","PARK CITY SEC TWO","PARK CITY WEST","Parkside Estates Davie","PARKSIDE ESTATES OF DAVIE","Parkwood Isle Nob Hill 0118-03-002","PARMA ESTATES","Patio Homes Pine Island Ridge Decl","PHOENICIAN COVE","Phoenician Cove 172-108 B","Pine Island Estates","Pine Island Lakes","PINE ISLAND LAKES TOWNHOMES PER DECL RECD IN OR","Pine Island Ridge","PINE ISLAND RIDGE SEC EIGHT","Pine Island- Orange Drive","Pine Lake Ridge Rep 127-45 B","Playland Village","Playland Village Sec 01 49-32 B","Playland Village Sec 03 51-11 B","Playland Village Sec 04 52-38 B","PLAYLAND VILLAGE SEC 1","PLAYLAND VILLAGE SEC 2","PLAYLAND VILLAGE SEC 3","PLAYLAND VILLAGE SEC 3 51-11 B LOT 232","PLAYLAND VILLAGE SEC 4","Playland Vlg Sec 3","POINCIANA","POINCIANA - PINE ISLAND RIDGE","POINCIANA #9 PINE ISLAND RIDGE G CONDO","POINCIANA 3 OF PINE","POINCIANA 5 OF PINE ISLAND","POINCIANA 6 OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE G CONDO","POINCIANA Pine Island","Poinciana Place","PONCIANA PARC","REFLECTIONS","REGENCY","Regency at Chelsea At Ivenhoa","REPLAT OF PORTION","RIDGEVIEW LAKES ESTA","RIDGEWOOD","Ridgewood at Pine Island Ridge","Ridgewood at PINE ISLAND RIDGE SEC EIGHT","Rio Ranches","RIVERSTONE","Rolling Hills","ROLLING HILLS GOLF &","ROLLING HILLS GOLF & TENN","Rolling Hills Golf & Tennis Club","ROLLING HILLS GOLF & TENNIS CLUB #1 CONDO","ROLLING HILLS GOLF & TENNIS CLUB #6 CONDO","ROLLING HILLS GOLF & TENNIS CLUB #6 CONDO UNIT 308","ROLLING HILLS GOLF & TENNIS CLUB #7 CONDO","ROLLING HILLS GOLF & TENNIS CLUB #9 CONDO","Rolling Hills Golf & Tennis Club C","ROLLING HILLS GOLF AND","ROLLING HILLS LAKE ESTATES","ROLLING HILLS LAKE ESTATES PH 1","ROLLING HILLS LAKE ESTATES PH II","Rollings Hill Golf & Tennis","Royal Grand","ROYAL GRAND CONDO","Sabal Palm","Sabal Palm Condos","SABAL PALM OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE","SABAL PALM OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE CONDO 11","SABAL PALM OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE CONDO 5","SABAL PALM OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE CONDO 6","SADDLE BRIDGE","Saddle Up","SADDLE-UP PLAT","SADDLEBROOK","SAGA ESTATES","SCARBOROUGH","SCARBOROUGH 11","SCARBOROUGH I","SCARBOROUGH II","Serenity Palms","SERENITY PALMS CONDO","SHENANDOAH","Shenandoah Sec 01 128-8 B","Shenandoah Sec 01 Rep Pt 130-19 B","Shenandoah Sec 02 128-22 B","Shenandoah Sec 02 Rep 133-36 B","Shenandoah Sec 03 130-22 B","Shenandoah Sec 04 131-27 B","SHENANDOAH SEC 1","SHENANDOAH SEC 2","SHENANDOAH SEC 2 REPLAT OF TRACT H","Shenandoah Sec 3","SHENANDOAH SEC 4","Shenandoah Section Four","SHENANDOAH SECTION ONE","SHENANDOAH SECTION T","SHENANDOAH SECTION TWO","SHERIDAN EAST CONDO BLDG","SHM parcel 174105b","Silver Lake","Silver Lakes 51-31 B","SOUTHWOOD","STERLING RANCH","Stillwater Shores","STIRLING LAKE","STIRLING LAKE 48-45 B","STIRLING MEADOWS","STIRLING TOWN PLACE","STIRLING VILLAS TOWN","Stonebrook Estates","Summer Lake","Sundance","Sundance @ Davie","SUNDANCE AT DAVIE","SUNDANCE AT DAVIE CONDO","SUNDANCE DAVIE CONDO","TANGERINE","TANGERINE #6 OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE B CONDO","TANGERINE CONDO OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE B1","TANGERINE CONDO OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE B2","Tangerine Condo One Of","TANGERINE CONDOMINIUM SEVEN","The Cove at Lago Mar","THE CROSSBOW","THE ENCLAVE","The Escape at Arrowhead","The Harvest","THE ORANGE-DRIVE-PINE ISL","THE RIDGE ON NOB HIL","The Ridge on Nob Hill","THE VILLAGE AT HARMO","THE VILLAGE AT LAKE PINE II","The Village Of Harmony Lakes","Town of Davie","TOWNHOMES AT ORANGE DRIVE","TOWNHOMES OF ORANGE DRIVE","TOWNHOUSES AT NOVA 2 CONDO","Townhouses Nova Condo 03","Tree Haven Estates","University Parc","University Parc Residences","UNIVERSITY PARC RESIDENCES CONDO","UNIVERSITY VILLAGE EAST II","VALENCIA VILLAGE","VALENCIA VILLAGE PH #2 CONDO","VALENCIA VILLAGE PH I","Vaquero Trails","VILLA NOVA CONDO","VILLAGE AT HARMONY LAKE","VILLAGE AT HARMONY LAKES","VILLAGE AT LAKE PINE","VILLAGE AT LAKE PINE II","Village Lake Pine","Village Lake Pine Decl","Villas De Tuscany Condo","Villas De Tuscany Condo Bldg 701","VILLAS OF PALOMINO CONDO","Vista Filaire","Vista Filare","WATERFORD","Waterford 116-43 B CommA","WAVERLY HUNDRED","WAVERLY HUNDRED 141-40 B","WEST PARK HOTEL SITE","West Park Hotel Site 142-14 B","WESTRIDGE","WESTRIDGE II PLAT","WHITE HALL","White Park 48-42 B","WHITEHALL CONDOS","WHITEHALL II","WHITEHALL OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE","WHITEHALL OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE #2 CONDO 23","Whitehall Of Pine Island Ridge #2 Condo 26","WHITEHALL OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE #2 CONDO 27","WHITEHALL OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE CONDO 1","WHITEHALL OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE CONDO 10","WHITEHALL OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE CONDO 12","WHITEHALL OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE CONDO 13","WHITEHALL OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE CONDO 3","WHITEHALL OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE CONDO 4","WHITEHALL OF PINE ISLAND RIDGE CONDO 9","Whitehall Pine Island Ridge Condo","WILLOW GROVE","WILLOW LAKE","Willow Lake\/First Impression","WOODS OF ROLLING HILLS","Woods Rolling Hills 105-28 B","ZARBAFI ESTATES"],"zipcodes":["33024","33312","33314","33317","33324","33325","33326","33328","33330","33331"]},"daytonabeach":{"label":"Daytona Beach","counties":["Volusia County"],"communities":["GRAND PRESERVE","Gray Hawk","LAKE ELLABELLE","PELICAN BAY PH IV UT 3 REPLAT"],"subdivisions":["00 - 00 - 0023","CONRAD - BULLARD SUB","Daytona Beach Resort","DAYTONA HIGHLANDS BLKS 7 TO 61","DAYTONA INN BEACH RESORT CONDO","FAIRWAY ESTATES","GRAND PRESERVE PH 1","GRAPELAND PARK","GRAY HAWK AT LPGA INTERNATIONAL","HILLCREST BLK 1-28","HOLLOWAY PLACE","HORIZONS CONDO","INDIGO UNIT 3","LAKE ELLABELLE EXT 1","MAGNOLIA MANOR UNREC SUB NO 235","MASON & CARSWELLS HOLLY HILL D","Palma del Sol at Pelican Bay","UNIVERSITY HIGHLANDS","WALKERS HOLLY HILL","WEST END SUB","WESTWOOD HEIGHTS UNIT 1"],"zipcodes":["32114","32115","32116","32117","32118","32119","32120","32121","32122","32123","32124","32125","32126","32127","32174","32198"]},"daytonabeachshores":{"label":"Daytona Beach Shores","counties":["Volusia County"],"subdivisions":["PENNLANTIC SUB","ROBBINS SUB","SEA HAVENS SUB"],"zipcodes":["32118"]},"debary":{"label":"Debary","counties":["Volusia County"],"subdivisions":["LAKE MARIE ESTS REPLAT","ST JOHNS RIVER EST UNIT 1"],"zipcodes":["32713","32753"]},"deerfieldbeach":{"label":"Deerfield Beach","counties":["Broward County"],"communities":["*Meadows*","\\'\\'SWANSEA \\'\\'\\'\\'A\\'\\'\\'\\'\\'\\'","1 OCEAN BLVD","1 Ocean Blvd.","1 OCEAN BOULEVARD","1 OCEAN BOULEVARD CONDO","1 OCEAN PENTHOUSE","1900 Deerfield","505 APTS","505 DEERFIELD","505 Deerfield Condo","505 Deerfield Condominium","Alexander","AMBASSADOR","AMBASSADOR PARK","Ambassador Square","ANGLO-AMERICAN","ARBOR GREEN","Arbor Green at Deer Creek","ARBOR GREEN OF DEER CREEK","ARLINGTON PARK","ASHBY D","Atlantic Apartments","ATLANTIC APT CO-OP","ATLANTIC APTS COOP","Aurora Gardens","BACK ON MARKET!","BARWAL","Beach Area","BEACH HAVEN GARDENS","Beach House","BEACH HOUSE CONDO","BEACH HOUSE VILLAGE","BEACH VILLAS OF DEERFIELD","BEACH VILLAS OF DEERFIELD CONDO","BEACH VILLAS OF DF","BELLA MAR","BEVERLY APTS","BOCA DEER","Bonita Park","Bonita PK","BONNIE LOCH","Boutique Condo","BriarCliff Manor","Brookfield Gardens","BROOKFIELD GARDENS N","BROOKFIELD GARDENS NORTH","BROOKS OF DEER CREEK","Buccaneer Condo","BUILD 6 UNITS","CALL LA FOR SHOWINGS","Cambridge","CAMBRIDGE B","CARVER HEIGHTS","Caver Heigths","Cen","CENTENNIAL SQUARE -- INDEPENDENCE BAY","CENTRUTY VILLAGE","Centruy Village East","Century Village","CENTURY V\/EAST\/VEN F","Century Village","Century Village - Newport U","Century Village - Tilford","Century Village - Westbury","CENTURY VILLAGE -DURHAM O","Century Village \/ OAKRIDGE","CENTURY VILLAGE 55","Century Village Deerfield","Century Village Deerfield Beach","Century Village Deerfield Beach \/ Berkshire C","CENTURY VILLAGE DEERFIELD BEACH CAMBRIDGE","CENTURY VILLAGE DEERFILED BEACH","Century Village Durham","Century Village Ease","Century Village East","Century Village East - Oakridge B","CENTURY VILLAGE EAST VENTNOR P","Century Village East, Newport U","Century Village East\/ Tilford","Century Village Farn","Century Village Farnham A","CENTURY VILLAGE KESWICK C","Century Village Newport","Century Village Newport A","CENTURY VILLAGE PRESCOTT","CENTURY VILLAGE TILFORD","Century Village\/Ellesmare","Century Village\/Tilford D","CENTURY VILLAGE\/VENTNOR","CENTURY VILLAGE\/WESTBURY G","Cenury Village East","CLEARWATER","CLEARWATER MEADOWLAK","Clearwater Of Meadow","CLEARWATER OF MEADOWLAKES","Coastal Terrace","Coastal Terrace Condo","COCO CAY","Coco Cay Condo","College Park","COLLEGE PARK ESTATES","COMMON HIGHLANDS","COMMONWEALTH MANOR","COQUINA \/ RIVERGLEN","Coquina Lakes","Coquina Lakes - Riverglen","COQUINA LAKES \/ RIVERGLEN","COQUINA LAKES 105-22","COQUINA LAKES RIVERGLEN","COQUINA LAKES\/HARBOR","COQUINA LAKES\/RIVERG","COQUINA RIVERGLEN","COQUINA\/WINDSOR","CORAL HOMES HEIGHTS","Coral Manor","CORAL MANOR 2ND","Coral Point North","Coral Point,Discovery Pointe","Courtyard Pool Home","COURTYARDS OF WATERF","COURTYARDS OF WATERFORD","COVE","Cove Beach Club","COVE BEACH CLUB CO-OP","COVE GARDENS CONDO","COVE HARBOR ESTATES","COVE HARBOUR ESTATES","COVE VILLAGE","COVE VILLAGE CONDO","CRANBROOK TOWN HOMES","CRANBROOK TOWNHOMES","Crestbrooke","CRYSTAL BAY CLUB","CRYSTAL GREENS","crystal greens inc","CRYSTAL HEIGHTS","Crystal Heights - Waterford Homes","CRYSTAL HILLS","CRYSTAL HILLS 2","CRYSTAL HILLS IV CONDO","Crystal House","CRYSTAL KEY POINT","Crystal Key Pointe","Crystal Key Pointe at Deerfield Beach","Crystal Lake","Crystal Lake 4th","CRYSTAL LAKE 4TH SEC","CRYSTAL LAKE CONDO","CRYSTAL LAKE CONDOS","Crystal Lake Golf","CRYSTAL LAKE POINT","CRYSTAL LAKE VILLAGE","Crystal Lake Villas","Crystal Lakes","Crystal Palms Condominium","Crystal View","CRYSTAL VIEW THS","Crystal View Townhomes","CrystalView Townhomes","DEER CREEEK","DEER CREEK","DEER CREEK - VILLA D\\'ESTE","DEER CREEK CC","DEER CREEK COUNTRY","Deer Creek Country C","Deer Creek Country Club","Deer Creek Country Club Estates","Deer Creek Golf Estates","Deer Creek Golf Estates \/ Deer Creek CC","DEER CREEK RACQUET","DEER CREEK RACQUET C","Deer Creek Racquet Club","Deer Creek Racquet Club II","Deer Creek Tennis","DEER CREEK VERONA","DEER CREEK VILLAS ON THE GREEN","DEER CREEK WOODLANDS","DEER CREEK\/LAKES","Deer Isle","Deer Isle \/ Villages of Hillsboro","Deer Park","Deer Pointe","Deer Pointe - Yorkville","Deer Pointe \/ Yorkville","DEER POINTE A\/K\/A YORKVILLE","Deer Pointe Yorkville","Deer Pointe-Yorkville","Deer Pointe,Yorkville","Deer Pointe\/Yorkvill","Deer Pointe\/Yorkville","Deer Run","Deer Run \/ West Deerfield Beach","DEERCREEK","Deercreek County Club","DEERCREEK RACQUET C","DEERCREEK\/VERONA","DEERFIELD","Deerfield Arms Apartments","DEERFIELD BCH ESTATE","DEERFIELD BCH GARDEN","Deerfield Beach","DEERFIELD BEACH 4-4","DEERFIELD BEACH EST","DEERFIELD BEACH ESTA","Deerfield Beach Estates","DEERFIELD BEACH GARD","Deerfield Beach Gardens","DEERFIELD BEACH GARDENS CONDO","Deerfield Beach Gardens Condominiums","Deerfield Condo","Deerfield Court","Deerfield Court Townhomes","DEERFIELD DEV & LA","Deerfield Dev & Land Co Sub","DEERFIELD DEV.& LA","Deerfield Lake","DEERFIELD LAKE CONDO","Deerfield Lakes","Deerfield Landings","DEERFIELD MANOR","Deerfield Palms Cond","DEERFIELD PINES","Deerfield Pines Cond","DEERFIELD PINES N","DEERFIELD PINES NORT","Deerfield Pines North","DEERFIELD PINES S","DEERFIELD PINES SOUTH","DEERFIELD PLAZA \/ VIZCAYA GARDEN VILLAS","DEERFIELD SHORES","DEERFIELD VILLAS","Deerk Creek","DEERPOINTE","DEERPOINTE, YORKVILLE","DIPLOMAT","DIPLOMAT SQUARE","DIPLOMAT SQUARE CONDO","Discover Pointe","DISCOVERY","Discovery Point","DISCOVERY POINTE","Due West","DURHAM A CONDO","Durham L","DURHAM Q","DURHAM W CONDO","EAST WAY PARK","EASTRIDGE","EASTWAY HARBOR","Eastway Harbour","EASTWAY PARK","EASTWAY VILLAGE","EKALI PLACE","Ekali Place Condo","El Prado","Elizabeth House","ELLESMERE","ELLESMERE B CONDO","Elysian","Elysian 1900 DB","Embassy Square Condominiums","FAIRLAWN","FARNHAM","Farnham Condominiums","FARNHAM I","Fleur De Mer","FLORESTA ESTATES","Fordham","Forest Park","FREEDOM SQUARE","FREEDOM SQUARE CONDO","GATES OF HILLSBORO","Gates of Hillsboro - Deer Isle","goldcrest","Golf Estates","GRANTHAM","Grantham E","Hammocks","HAMMOCKS @ RIVERGLEN","HAMMOCKS AT RIVERGLE","Hammocks at Riverglen","Hampton Gardens","HARBOR BAY","Harbor Bay\/Waterways","HARBOR POINT","HARBOR POINTE","Harbor PointWaterway","HARBORS AT COQUINA L","HARBORS AT RIVERGLEN","Harbors of Riverglen","HARBORS OR RIVERGLEN","HARBORS\/ RIVERGLEN","HARBORS\/COQUINA\/RIVERGLEN","HARBORS\/RIVERGLEN","HARBORS\/RIVERGLEN\/COQUINA LAKES","HARBOURS OF RIVERGLE","HARBOURS\/RIVERGLEN\/C","HARWOOD","Hemingway","Hemingway Condos","HERITAGE CIRCLE","HERITAGE CIRCLE CONDO","HERON BAY","HERON LANDING","HERTIAGE CIRCLE","HERTIGAE CIRCLE","HIDDEN WOODS","Hidden Woods of Deer Creek","Highland Meadows","Highland Meadows East","HIGHLANDS","HIGHLANDS MEADOWS","HILLSBORO COLLONADE","Hillsboro Cove","Hillsboro Cove \/ East Port","Hillsboro Cove Condo","Hillsboro Cove Condominiums","Hillsboro Cove Waterfront Condos","Hillsboro Heights","HILLSBORO LANDING","HILLSBORO LANDING 1","Hillsboro Landings","Hillsboro Landings #2","HILLSBORO LANDINGS 1","HILLSBORO LANDINGS 2","HILLSBORO LANDINGS II","HILLSBORO LANDINGS ONE","HILLSBORO RIVER ES","Hollows","HOLLOWS DEER CREEK C","Hollows of Deer Creek","HOLLOWS OF DEERCREEK","Indepence Bay","INDEPENDANCE BAY","Independece Bay","Independence","Independence Bay","INDEPENDENCE BAY - Columbia Square","Independence Bay - Freedom Square","INDEPENDENCE BAY - LIBERTY SQUARE","Independence Bay - Lincoln","Independence Bay \/ Embassy Square","Independence Bay \/ Republic Square","INDEPENDENCE BAY-CAPITOL SQUARE","Indepenence Bay","Indpendence Bay","Intracoastal House","ISLAND BREEZE","ISLAND PIONT CONDO","ISLAND POINT","ISLAND POINT CONDO","ISLEWOOD","La Cote","LAKE ISLAND","lake island\/woodsett","Lake Pointe","LAKEMONT","Lakes","Lakes Deer Creek","Lakes of Deer Creek","Lakes of Deer Creek Verona","Lakeside Villas","LAKEVIEW","LAS MERCEDES","Las Mercedes Townhouses","LEMANS","Lemar Gardens","Liberty Square","Lighthouse Point Pla","Little Harbor","Little Harbor Estates","LITTLE HARBOR ON THE","Lyndhurst Condominiums","LYNDHURST J","MAISON DE VILLE","Maison DeVille Condo","MARKHAM","MASSACHUSETTS","Massachusetts Apartments","MEADOW","MEADOW LAKES","MEADOW OF CRYSTAL LA","MEADOW RIDGE","Meadowlakes","MEADOWRIDGE","Meadowridge Condo","MEADOWRIDGE CONDO EAST","MEADOWRIDGE EAST","MEADOWRIDGE EAST CON","Meadowridge East Condo","Meadows Crystal Lake","MEADOWS OF CRYSTAL L","Meadows of Crystal Lake","Meadows of Crystal Lake - 55 and Older Persons","MEADOWS OF CRYSTAL LAKE PH 1","MEADOWS OF CRYSTAL,L","MEADOWS OF CRYTAL LAKE","Mirage","MIRAGE AT CRYSTAL","MONACO GARDENS","MONACO GARDENS CONDO","Montecristi","Montecristi Country Club","N BROWARD HIGHLANDS","N\/A","Narura","Natura","Natura Condo","natura villas","New York Apts","NEWPORT","NEWPORT C CONDO","Newport Condominiums","Newport Condominiums - Century Village","Newport G","NEWPORT J","NEWPORT N CONDO","Newport S","NEWPORT T CONDO","Ninth Green","NO AGE RESTRICTIONS","NO SMOKING\/$1650-M-A","North Broward","North Broward Highla","NORTH BROWARD HIGHLANDS","NORTH GARDENS","North Gardens of Deerfield Bch","NORTH GARDENS OF DEERFIELD BEACH","Ocean Breeze","Ocean Breeze Club","OCEAN HARBOR","Ocean Haven","OCEAN PLAZA","OCEAN REEF","Ocean Vue","OCEAN VUE (Sherwood Forest)","OCEAN VUE \/ OCEAN BREEZE CLUB","OCEAN WAY VILLAS","OLD FLORIDA BUGALOW","Old Florida Bungalow","OLD FLORIDA BUNGALOWS","OLIVER","OLYMPIA & YORK","Olympia&York Residen","one ocean blvd","OPAL TOWERS","ORCHID BEACH","ORCHID BEACH CONDO","PALM VILLAGE","Palms","Palms of Deer Creek","PARK MANOR 52-10 B","Pennsylvania Apts","penthouse north","PENTHOUSE NORTH COND","PENTHOUSE SOUTH","PINE BEACH ESTATES SEC 1","Pinehill Acres","PIRATES COVE","Pleasant Ridge","POINSETTIA GARDENS","POMPANO BEACH","POMPANO BEACH HIGHLA","Pompano Beach Highlands","Pompano Beach Highlands 7","Pompano Highlands","Pompano Lakes","PORT DE MER","Portion","Porto Fino Gardens","PORTOFINO","Portofino Gardens","PRAXIS OF DEERFIELD","Princeton Place","PRINCETON PLACE TOWNHOMES","PROFESSIONAL PICTURES COMING SOON!","PUERTA DEL SOL","R.H.GARDENS CONDO","RACQUET CLUB","Racquet Club of Deer Creek","Racquet club 2","Racquet Club Deer Cr","Racquet Club Deer Creek","Racquet Club II of Deer Creek","Racquet Club of Deer","Racquet Club of Deer Creek","RACQUET CLUB OF DEER CREEK CONDO","Rainbow Oceanshores","RAQUET CLUB","Regis House","REGIS HOUSE CONDO A","REPUBLIC SQUARE","RESID. DE PROVENCE","RESIDENCES DE PROVENCE","RICHMOND","RICHMOND E","River Glen A at Coquina Lakes","RIVER GLEN, DEER ISL","River Glen\/ Coquina Lakes","River Glen\/Coquina","River House","RIVER HOUSE GARDENS","River House Gardens","River House Gardens Condo","RIVER HOUSE TERRACE","River House Towers","Riverglen","RIVERGLEN \/ COQUINA LAKES","RIVERGLEN \/COQUINA","Riverglen A at Coquina Lakes","Riverglen at Coquina Lakes","RIVERGLEN EAST","RIVERGLEN EAST 120-4","RIVERGLEN\/COQUINA","RIVERGLEN\/COQUINA LA","RIVERGLEN\/COQUINA LAKES","RIVERGLEN\/HARBORS","RIVERGLEN\/HARBORS\/COQUINA","Riverhouse","RIVERHOUSE GARDEN","Riverhouse Gardens","RIVERHOUSE TOWERS","RIVERTOWN MANOR","RIVERVIEW SOUTH CONDO DEERFIELD","Rosewood Cove","SAN BRIANA","Sand Pebble","SANDDOLLAR","SANDPIPER APTS","Sandpiper Pointe","Sandpiper Pointe at Deerfield Beach","Satrlight Cove","Sea Cove","SEA ESTA","Sea Esta Condominium","Sea Mist Apts","Sea Shell Apartments, Inc","SEQUOIA GARDENS","SERENITY PLACE","SERENITY PLACE AT CRYSTAL LAKE","SHERWOOD FOREST","Sherwood Park","SHOREWOOD","Shorewood 45-36 B","SHOREWOOD LT-7 BLK-6","SOMERSET CONDO","SOUTH GARDEN CONDO OF DEERFIELD BEACH","South Garden of Deerfield Beach","SOUTH GARDENS","SPRING LAKE VILLAS","STAGER APTS","starlight","Starlight Cove","SUN RAY MAR","Suncoast Apartments","Sunset East","SUNSET EAST \/ THE COVE","SWANSEA B CONDO","T H Jacksons Add To Deerfield","TAKE I-95 TO TO HILLSBORO BLVD. HEAD WEST. FOLLOW","The Beach House","THE COVE","The Cove 3rd","The Cove 3rd Sec","The Cove 4th Sec 38","THE COVE 5TH SEC","THE COVE LHP AREA","THE COVE SEC 5","THE COVE\/Downtown Deerfield Beach","The Elysian","The Fordham","The Gates of Hillsboro, Deer Isle","The Harbors at Riverglen","The Harbours at Riverglen","The Hemingway at Deerfield Beach","The Hemingway at Deerfield Beach Condo","THE HILLSBORO COVE","The Hollows","The Hollows of Deer Creek","THE LAKES","THE LAKES OF DEER CR","THE LAKES OF DEER CREEK","THE LAKES\/CRYSTAL KEY POINTE","The lakeview townhomes","THE MEADOWS","The Meadows of Crystal Lake","The Palms","The Palms \/ Deer Creek","THE PALMS OF DEER CR","The Palms of Deer Creek","THE PARKSIDE CONDO","THE PENTHOUSE SOUTH","The Racquet Club of Deer Creek","The Townehomes of Deer Creek","THE VILLAGES OF HILL","the villages of hillsboro","THE VILLAS AT MEADOW","The Villas of Deer Creek","The Waterways","THE WATERWAYS AT QUIET WATERS","The Waterways\/Harbor Pointe","TIARA EASR CONDO","TIARA EAST","TIARA EAST CONDO","TIDEWATER ESTATES","Tidewater Estates Co","TIERRA EAST","Tilford","Tilford Century Vill","Tilford Condominiums","Tivol Trace","TIVOLI","Tivoli Park","TIVOLI TERRACE","Tivoli Trace","Tivoli Trace 5 Condo","TORREMAR","TOWN ACRES","Town Greene","TOWN OF DEERFIELD","TOWNE GREENE","TOWNE GREENE CONDO","Towne Greene Condominiums","Townhomes of Cranbro","Townhomes of Deer creek","Townhomes of lakes of deer creek","Townhouse of Crystal Lake","TOWNHOUSES OF CRYSTAL LAKE","TWIN OAKS","two lots; room to expand","V","Van Dutch Apartments","VELEIROS","Veleiros at Crystal Lake","Veleiros At Deerfield Beach","Venetian Villas","Venetian Villas Cond","Venetian Villas Condo","Ventnor Condominiums","VENTNOR D","VENTNOR R","VERANA AT DEER CREEK","Vernoa at Deer Creek","Verona","Verona @ Deer Creek","VERONA at Deer Creek","Verona at Deercreek","Verona Deer Creek","Verona Heights","Verona of Deer Creek","VILAS AT MEADOW LAKE","Villa at Meadow Lakes","Villa D\\'Este","Villa D\\'Este at Deer Creek","Villa D\\'Este Deercre","VILLA DI CAPRI","Villa Lago","Villa Largo","Villa P","Villa P - Keystone Apartments","Villa P Apartments","Villa P Apts","Villa Pisani","Villa Portofino","VILLA VERDE","Village of Hillsboro","Village of Hillsboro","Village park","VILLAGE PARK AT DEERFIELD BEACH","Village Park of Deerfield Beach","Villager Townhomes","VILLAGES HILLSBORO","VILLAGES OF HILLSBOR","VILLAGES OF HILLSBORO","VILLAGES OF HILLSBORO SEC 2","Villages of Hillsboro\/Starlight Cove","VILLAGES OF MEADOW","Villas @ Meadow Lake","Villas At Meadow Lak","VILLAS AT MEADOW LAKE","VILLAS AT MEADOW LAKES","VILLAS AT MEADOWLAKE","VILLAS AT MEADOWLAKES GARDENS","VILLAS ATMEADOWLAKES","VILLAS MEADOW LAKES","Villas of meadow","villas of meadowlake","Villas on the Green","Vista Gardens","VISTA GARDENS CONDOMINIUMS","VIZCAYA GARDEN","WATER WAYS","WATER\\'S EDGE","WATER\\'S EDGE AT DEER","WATER\\'S EDGE AT DEERFIELD","Water\\'s Edge Condo.","WATERFORD","Waterford Courtyard","Waterford Courtyard Townhomes","WATERFORD COURTYARDS","WATERFORD COURTYARDS AT CRYSTAL LAKE NORTH","Waterford Courtyards at Crystal Lakes South","Waterford Crystal Heights","Waterford Homes","Waters Edge","Waters Edge At Deerfield","WATERS EDGE AT DEERFIELD CONDO","waters edge tower","Waters Edge Towers","WATERS EDGE TOWERS CONDO","Watersedge At Deerfield Condominium","WATERWAY","WATERWAYS","Waterways at Quiet Waters","waterways harbor lan","Waterways Pelican","WATERWAYS PELICAN .","WATERWAYS, The Waterways","Waterways,Harbor Point","Waterways\/ Harbor Pointe","WATERWAYS\/DEERFIELD","WATERWAYS\/HARBOR POINTE","WATERWAYS\/LAKEVIEW","WATERWAYS\/lLAKEVIEW","WATERWAYS\/PELICAN","WATERWAYS\/PELICAN LANDINGS","WATERWAYSX","West Deerfield","WEST DEERFIELD BEA","WEST DEERFIELD BEACH","WILDWOOD","WILDWOOD OF DEER CRE","WILDWOOD OF DEER CREEK","WINCAST ARMS","Wincast Arms North Condo","Windcast Arms Condominium","WINDWOOD ISLES","Windwood Isles Condo","Woodcrest Manor","Woodlands","Woodlands of Deer Creek","WOODMAR ESTATES","Woodsetter","Woodsetter North","Yorkville"],"subdivisions":["(DEER POINTE) Yorkville 115-18 B","\\'\\'PRESCOTT CONDO \\'\\'\\'\\'B\\'\\'\\'\\'\\'\\'","1 OCEAN","1 OCEAN BLVD","1 Ocean Boulevard","1 OCEAN BOULEVARD CONDO","1-48-42","1021 Crystal Lake","1900 DB","1900 DB AT DEERFIELD BEACH CONDO","31-47-43","31-47-43 N 100 OF S 310 OF E 90 OF W 105 OF W1\/2 OF NW1\/4 OF SW1\/4 OF SW1\/4 LESS N 50","36-47-42 POR SE1\/4 OF SE1\/4 OF SE1\/4 SEC 36","4-PARCELS INCLUDED: 484306000540, 560, 570 & 580","505 APTS","505 DEERFIELD","505 DEERFIELD BEACH","505 Deerfield Condo","55+ Active retirement community.Century Village East. Country Club style amenities","7-48-43 PT OF SE1\/4 OF NW","Albert Gibson Estates","ALBERT GIBSON ESTS","Alexander PLACE CONDOMINIUM","ALWOOD HOMES","Alwood Homes 73-17 B","AMBASSADOR PARK","Ambassador Park 55-8 B","Ambassador Square","AMBASSADOR SQUARE CO","AMBASSADOR SQUARE CONCO","AMBASSADOR SQUARE CONDO","Ambassador Square Condo unit 1004","Ambassador Square of Independence Bay","Anglo American 02 125-34 B","ANGLO-AMERICAN PLAT","Anglo-American Plat 1","Anglo-American Plat 2","Arbor Green","ARBOR GREEN AT DEER CREEK","ARBOR GREEN AT DEERCREEK","Arbor Green Of Deer Creek","ARCH ESTATES 71-6 B","ARLINGTON PARK","ARLINGTON PARK 11-52","ASHBY B CONDO","ASHBY C","Ashby Condo C","ATLANTIC APT CO-OP","Atlantic Apts Coop","Aurora Gardens","B T H C PLAT 157-18","Barwal","BARWAL 2ND SEC","BARWAL 2ND SECTHE COVE","Barwal 38-40 B","BARWAL 3RD","BARWAL 3RD SEC","BARWAL 3RD SEC 42-25","Barwal 3rd Sec 42-25 B","BARWAL 4TH SEC","Barwal Sec 02 40-50 B","Barwal Sec 03 42-25 B","BEACH HAVEN","BEACH HOUSE","Beach House Condo","BEACH HOUSE VILLAGE CONDO","BEACH VILLAS OF DEERFIELD","Beach Villas of Deerfield Beach","BEACH VILLAS OF DEERFIELD CONDO","BELLA MAR","BELLA MAR A CONDO","BELLA MAR B CONDO","BERKSHIRE A CONDO","BERKSHIRE B CONDO","BEVERLY APTS","Boca Deer","Bonita","BONITA PARK","Bonita Park 54-25 B","BONNIE LOCH","BONNIE LOCH 50-16 B","BONNIE LOCH SEC 1","Bonnie Loch Sec 2","Bonnie Loch Sec 2 52-47 B","BONNIE LOCH SEC 2 RESUB","BONNIE LOCH SEC 2 RESUB BLK 16","BONNIE LOCH SEC 2 RESUB BLK 16 55-35 B LOT 25 & THE APPORTIONED PT OF THE ABUTTING LAKE BLK 16","Brookfield Gardens","BROOKFIELD GARDENS 1","Brookfield Gardens 1 Condo","BROOKFIELD GARDENS 2 CONDO","BROOKFIELD GARDENS 3","BROOKFIELD GARDENS 4","BROOKFIELD GARDENS 4 CONDO","BROOKFIELD GARDENS 5","Brookfield Gardens Condo","Brookfield Gardens Condo 01","Brookfield Gardens Condo 03","Brookfield Gardens Condo 04","Brookfield Gardens Condo North","BROOKFIELD GARDENS CONDO ONE","BROOKFIELD GARDENS N","BROOKFIELD GARDENS NORTH","Brookfield Gardens North 05","BROOKFIELD GARDENS NORTH 1 CONDO","BROOKFIELD GARDENS NORTH 2 CONDO","BROOKFIELD GARDENS NORTH 5 CONDO","Brookfield Gardens North Condo 03","Brookfield Gardens North Condo 04","Brookfield Gardens North Condo 05","BROOKFIELD GARDENS NORTH NO 5","BROOKFIELD GARDENS NORTH NO.2","BROOKS OF DEER CREEK","BROOKS OF DEER CREEK CONDO","CAMBRIDGE A","CAMBRIDGE A CONDO","CAMBRIDGE B CONDO","CAMBRIDGE C CONDO","Cambridge Condo G","CAMBRIDGE D CONDO","Cambridge E","CAMBRIDGE E CONDO","Cambridge F\/Century Village","Cambridge G","CAMBRIDGE G CONDO","CARVER HEIGHTS","CARVER HEIGHTS 25-41","Carver Heights 25-41 B","Carver Heights Add 01 26-10 B","CARVER HEIGHTS FIRST ADD","CENRUTY VILLAGE","Central Indust Park","CENTUARY VILLAGE","Century","CENTURY VILLAGE","CENTURY VILAGE EAST~ OAKRIDGE P CONDO","CENTURY VILLAGE","Century Village - Harwood","Century Village - Swansea Crescent","Century Village - Ventnor","Century Village - Westbury","Century Village , Deerfield Beach","Century Village \/ Cambridge","Century Village \/ Farnham","Century Village \/ OAKRIDGE A CONDO","CENTURY VILLAGE \/ OAKRIDGE E CONDO","CENTURY VILLAGE 55","CENTURY VILLAGE CAMBRIDGE C","Century Village CAMBRIDGE C CONDO","Century Village Cambridge D","Century Village Deerfield","Century Village Deerfield Beach","CENTURY VILLAGE DEERFIELD BEACH CAMBRIDGE","Century Village Deerfield East","Century Village Durham Condo K","Century Village Durham Condo L","Century Village Durham Condo Y","CENTURY VILLAGE DURHAM F","CENTURY VILLAGE DURHAM R CONDO","century village east","Century Village East - Markham E Condo","Century Village East - Newport U","Century Village East (CVE)","century village east farnham I","CENTURY VILLAGE EAST, DEERFIELD BEACH","Century Village East, NEWPORT Q CONDO","Century Village East, UPMINSTER F CONDO,","CENTURY VILLAGE EAST\/HARWOOD","Century Village Farnham Condo B","Century Village Farnham Condo P","CENTURY VILLAGE FARNHAM N","Century Village Farnham P","CENTURY VILLAGE FARNHAM Q","Century Village Grantham E","Century Village Harwood Condo B","Century Village Harwood Condo F","Century Village Harwood E","CENTURY VILLAGE KESWICK C","Century Village Keswick Condo A","Century Village Keswick Condo C","Century Village Lyndhurst Condo A","Century Village Lyndhurst Condo J","Century Village Markham Condo D","Century Village Markham Condo H","CENTURY VILLAGE MARKHAM R","Century Village Newport","Century Village Newport A","CENTURY VILLAGE NEWPORT CONDO L","CENTURY VILLAGE OAKRIDGE","Century Village Oakridge Condo J","Century Village Oakridge Condo V","Century Village Oakridge F","Century Village TILFORD R CONDO","CENTURY VILLAGE TILFORD V","CENTURY VILLAGE VENTNOR","CENTURY VILLAGE Ventnor Condo G","CENTURY VILLAGE VENTNOR E CONDO","CENTURY VILLAGE VENTNOR P","CENTURY VILLAGE WESTBURY","CENTURY VILLAGE WESTBURY E CONDO","Century Village Westbury F","CENTURY VILLAGE WESTBURY F CONDO","Century Village WESTBURY J CONDO","CENTURY VILLAGE WESTBURY K CONDO","Century Village- Cambridge D","CENTURY VILLAGE-LYNDHURST I CONDO","CENTURY VILLAGE-TILFORD","Century Village, Durham C Condo","Century Village, Farnham","century village,Swansea Condo","Century Village,Westbury L Condo","Century Village\/ DURHAM K CONDO","CENTURY VILLAGE\/ISLE","Century Village\/Islewood Condo D","CENTURY VILLAGE\/PRESCOTT","Century Village\/Tilford D","CENTURY VILLAGE\/Ventnor F","Century Villager","CENTURY VILLIAGE","CITY OF DEERFIELD BE","Clearwater Meadowlakes Condo","CLEARWATER OF MEADOW","Clearwater of Meadow Lakes","CLEARWATER OF MEADOWLAKES","CLEARWATER OF MEADOWLAKES CONDO","CLOPTON ADD TO DEERFIELD","CLUB HOUSE COVE","CLUB HOUSE COVE CONDO","COASTAL TERRACE","COASTAL TERRACE CONDO","Coastal Terrace Was 8305 Nw 19","Coco Cay","COCO CAY CONDO","COLLEGE PARK","College Park 23-42 B","COLLEGE PARK ESTATES","College Park Estates 41-1","College Park Estates 41-14 B","COMMONWEALTH ESTATES","COMMONWEALTH GARDENS","COMMONWEALTH MANOR","COMMONWEALTH MANOR 7","Commonwealth Manor 75-29","Commonwealth Manor 75-29 B","COMMONWEALTH MANOR SEC 2","Commonwealth Park Sec 01 77-24 B","COMMONWEALTH PARK SEC 1","COQINA LAKES","COQUINA \/ RIVERGLEN","COQUINA LAKES","Coquina Lakes - Riverglen","COQUINA LAKES \/ HARBORS","COQUINA LAKES \/ HARBORS AT RIVERGLEN","COQUINA LAKES \/ RIVERGLEN","Coquina Lakes \/Riverglen 105-22 B","COQUINA LAKES 105-22","Coquina Lakes 105-22 B","Coquina Lakes 105-22 B &","COQUINA LAKES AKA:RIVERGLEN","COQUINA LAKES Harbors at Riverglen","COQUINA LAKES\/HARBORS","COQUINA LAKES\/HARBORS AT RIVERGLEN","COQUINA LAKES\/HARBORS\/RIVERGLEN","COQUINA LAKES\/RIVERG","COQUINA LAKES\/RIVERGLEN","COQUINA LAKESRIVERGLEN","Coquina Lks","COQUINA RIVERGLEN","COQUINA\/HARBORS\/RIVERGLEN","COQUINA\/RIVERGLEN","Coral Homes Heights 1st S","CORAL HOMES HEIGHTS 1ST SEC","CORAL MANOR","CORAL MANOR 2ND","CORAL MANOR 2ND ADD","Coral Manor 2nd Add 55-37","CORAL MANOR 4TH ADD","Coral Manor 50-5 B","CORAL MANOR 5TH ADD","Coral Manor 5th Add 57-35","Coral Manor Add 02 55-37 B","Coral Manor Add 04 53-43 B","Coral Manor Add 05 57-35 B","CORAL MANOR APTS CONDO","CORAL MANOR FIRST ADD","CORAL MANOR FOURTH","CORAL MANOR FOURTH ADD","Coral Manor Fourth Add 53","CORAL MANOR THIRD ADD","CORAL POINT","Coral Point Discovery","CORAL POINT NORTH","CORAL POINT NORTH 126-32","CORAL POINT NORTH 126-32 B A PORTION PARCEL A DESC AS COMM AT NW COR SAID PAR A,E 1362.69, S 421.43,","Coral Point North Pb","CORAL POINT NORTHDiscovery Pointe","CORAL POINT,DISCOVERY POINTE","Country Knolls Mobile Home Park","COURTYARDS OF TIVOLI","COURTYARDS OF WATERF","COURTYARDS OF WATERFORD","COVE","COVE 2ND SEC","Cove 32-48 B","Cove 3Rd Sec","COVE 4TH SEC","COVE 5TH SEC","Cove Beach Club","COVE BEACH CLUB CO-OP","COVE BEACH CLUB COOP","COVE GARDENS CONDO","COVE HARBOR ESTATES","COVE SEC 02 33-27 B","COVE SEC 03 36-2 B","COVE SEC 04 38-14","Cove Sec 05 39-5 B","COVE VILLAGE","COVE VILLAGE CONDO","COVE YACHT BASIN DOCKOMINIUM","COVE-SUNSET EAST","COVE\/Downtown Deerfield Beach","CRANBROOK TOWN HOMES","CRANBROOK TOWN HOMES DECL","Cranbrook Town Homes Declaration","CRANBROOK TOWNHOMES","CRANBROOK TWNHMS DECL OR 7961\/104","Crystal Heights 80-40","CRYSTAL BAY CLUB","CRYSTAL BAY CLUB CONDO","CRYSTAL GREENS CONDO","CRYSTAL HEIGHTS","CRYSTAL HEIGHTS 80-4","Crystal Heights 80-48 B","CRYSTAL HILLS","CRYSTAL HILLS 1 CONDO","CRYSTAL HILLS 2 CONDO","CRYSTAL HILLS 4 CONDO","CRYSTAL HILLS 5 COND","CRYSTAL HILLS 5 CONDO","CRYSTAL HILLS II CONDO","Crystal Hills III","CRYSTAL HILLS IV CONDO","CRYSTAL HOUSE CONDO","CRYSTAL KEY","CRYSTAL KEY POINT","Crystal Key Pointe","Crystal Key Ponite","CRYSTAL LAKE","Crystal Lake 04","CRYSTAL LAKE 04 SEC 66-19 B","CRYSTAL LAKE 1021 CONDO","CRYSTAL LAKE 1ST","CRYSTAL LAKE 1ST SEC","CRYSTAL LAKE 1ST SEC\/VELEIROS","CRYSTAL LAKE 2ND SEC","CRYSTAL LAKE 2ND SEC 59-5B LOTS 15 16 17 18 19 & 2","CRYSTAL LAKE 2ND SEC 59-5B LOTS 15,16,17,18,19 & 2","CRYSTAL LAKE 3930 CONDO","CRYSTAL LAKE 4TH","CRYSTAL LAKE 4TH SEC","CRYSTAL LAKE 941 CONDO","CRYSTAL LAKE 960 CONDO","CRYSTAL LAKE CONDO","CRYSTAL LAKE CONDO 4100","CRYSTAL LAKE CONDOS","Crystal Lake Golf Villas Phase 2","CRYSTAL LAKE POINT","Crystal Lake Village","CRYSTAL LAKE Villas","CRYSTAL POINTE","CRYSTAL POINTE TOWNHOMES","Crystal View","CRYSTAL VIEW TOWNHOM","CRYSTAL VIEW TOWNHOMES","CRYSTAL VIEW TOWNHOMES 11","CRYSTAL VIEW TOWNHOMES PLAT","CRYSTAL VIEW TOWNHOMES PLAT 1","Crystal View Townhomes Plat 1\/ Eastridge","Dear Pointe","DEEFIELD COURT TOWNHOMES","Deer Creek","DEER CREEK - WOODLAN","DEER CREEK \/ ARBOR GREEN","Deer Creek \/ Verona","DEER CREEK C.C. THE PALMS","DEER CREEK CC","DEER CREEK COUNTRY","DEER CREEK COUNTRY C","DEER CREEK COUNTRY CLUB","DEER CREEK COUNTRY CLUB E","deer creek country club estates","DEER CREEK COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES 1 CONDO","DEER CREEK GOLF ESTA","DEER CREEK GOLF ESTATES","Deer Creek Golf Estates Sec 1","DEER CREEK GOLF ESTATES SEC 2","DEER CREEK LAKES TOWNHOME","DEER CREEK RACQUET","DEER CREEK RACQUET C","Deer Creek Racquet Club","Deer Creek Racquet club 2","DEER CREEK RAQUET","DEER CREEK THE PALMS","Deer Creek Verona","DEER CREEK WOODLAND","DEER CREEKDEERCREEK","DEER ISLE","DEER POINT","Deer Pointe","DEER POINTE - YORKVILLE","DEER POINTE -YORKVILLE","Deer Pointe \/ Yorkville","Deer Pointe \/ Yorkville unit 3","DEER POINTE A\/K\/A YORKVILLE","Deer Pointe of Yorkville","Deer Pointe Yorkville 115-18B","Deer Pointe-Yorkville","Deer Pointe\/YORKVILLE","DEER RUN","DEER RUN \/ WEST DEERFIELD BEACH","DEERCREEK","DEERCREEK RACQUET C","DEERCREEK THE PALMS","DEERFIELD","DEERFIELD 4-4","Deerfield Arms Apartments","DEERFIELD BCH GARDEN","DEERFIELD BEACH","Deerfield Beach - Ocean Way Villas","Deerfield Beach 04-4 B","DEERFIELD BEACH 4-4","DEERFIELD BEACH 4-4 B","DEERFIELD BEACH 4-4 B LOT 15 BLK 2","DEERFIELD BEACH 4-4 B LOT 16 BLK 2","DEERFIELD BEACH 4-4 B LOT 17, 18 B","DEERFIELD BEACH ESTA","DEERFIELD BEACH ESTATES","DEERFIELD BEACH ESTATES 3","Deerfield Beach Estates 38-45 B","DEERFIELD BEACH ESTATES SEC","DEERFIELD BEACH ESTATES SEC A","DEERFIELD BEACH ESTATES-RESUB OF BLK 6","DEERFIELD BEACH GARD","Deerfield Beach Gardens","DEERFIELD BEACH GARDENS 4","Deerfield Beach Gardens 44-20 B","DEERFIELD BEACH GARDENS CONDO","DEERFIELD BEACH GARDENS CONDO A","DEERFIELD BEACH GARDENS CONDO B","Deerfield Beach Oceanfront Neighborhood","Deerfield Beach Townhomes","DEERFIELD BEACH4-4","Deerfield Buccaneer Condo","DEERFIELD COLONY COU","DEERFIELD COLONY COURT","Deerfield Colony Court 49-4 B","DEERFIELD COLONY CT","Deerfield Court","Deerfield Court Town","Deerfield Court Townhome","DEERFIELD COURT TOWNHOMES","DEERFIELD COVE","DEERFIELD CROSSING","Deerfield Crossing 183-33","DEERFIELD DEV & LAND","DEERFIELD DEV & LAND CO","Deerfield Dev & Land Co 02-100 Pb","DEERFIELD DEV & LAND CO SUB","DEERFIELD DEV & LAND CO SUB IN","DEERFIELD DEV.","DEERFIELD GARDENS CONDO","DEERFIELD HIGHLANDS","Deerfield Highlands 75-40 B","Deerfield Lake","DEERFIELD LAKE CONDO","Deerfield Lake Condo B","Deerfield Lake Condo C","Deerfield Lake Condo D","DEERFIELD LAKE RB CONDO","Deerfield Landings","DEERFIELD MANOR","DEERFIELD MANOR CO-O","DEERFIELD PALMS CONDO","Deerfield Pines","DEERFIELD PINES COND","DEERFIELD PINES CONDO","DEERFIELD PINES NORT","Deerfield Pines North","DEERFIELD PINES NORTH CONDO","DEERFIELD PLAZA \/ VIZCAYA GARDEN VILLAS","Deerfield Plaza 71-34 B","Deerfield Ridge","Deerfield Ridge Sec 01 38-28 B","DEERFIELD RIDGE SEC 1","Deerfield Ridge Sec 1 38-","DEERFIELD SHORES","DEERFIELD SHORES 33-45 B","DEERFIELD SURF CLUB","DEERFIELD SURF CLUB CO-OP","Deerfield Town 05-31 Pb","DEERFIELD VILLAS","DEERPOINT\/YORKVILLE","DEERPOINTE","Deerpointe\/Yorkville","DEERWOOD","Diplomat Square","DIPLOMAT SQUARE COND","DIPLOMAT SQUARE CONDO","discovery point","Discovery Pointe","Discovery Pointe \/ Coral Point","DISCOVERY POINTE \/ CORAL POINT NORTH","DISCOVERY POINTE \/ CORAL POINT NORTH PB","Discovery Pointe Decl","DISCOVERY POINTE,Coral Point North","DISCOVERY POINTE\/CORAL POINT NORTH","DISCOVERY POINTE\/CORAL POINTE NORTH","DIXIE HEIGHTS","Due West","DURHAM A CONDO","DURHAM B CONDO","Durham C Condo","DURHAM D CONDO","DURHAM E CONDO","DURHAM F CONDO","DURHAM G CONDO","Durham H Condo, Century Village","DURHAM I CONDO","DURHAM J CONDO","DURHAM K CONDO","DURHAM K CONDO Century Village","Durham N Condo","DURHAM O CONDO","DURHAM P CONDO","DURHAM Q Century Village","DURHAM Q CONDO","DURHAM S CONDO","DURHAM T CONDO","DURHAM U CONDO","Durham W","Durham W Condo","DURHAM X CONDO","DURHAM Y CONDO","East Deerfield","EAST DEERFIELD BEACH","EAST PARK SEC 4","Eastport","Eastport Bldg\/Hillsboro Cove","EASTRIDGE","EASTRIDGE, CRYSTAL VIEW TOWNHOMES PLAT 1","EASTWAY","EASTWAY HARBOR","EASTWAY HARBOUR","Eastway Harbour\/Massachusetts","EASTWAY PARK","Eastway Park (Cove area)","Eastway Park 49-5 B","Eastway Park Sec 04 52-22 B","EASTWAY PARK SEC 2","EASTWAY PARK SEC 3","Eastway Park Sec 4","EASTWAY PARK SEC 4 5","EKALI PLACE CONDOMINIUM","El Prado","ELLESMERE","ELLESMERE A CONDO","ELLESMERE A CONDO CENTURY VILLAGE EAST","Ellesmere B","ELLESMERE B CONDO","ELLESMERE C CONDO","Ellesmere D Condo","ELLESMERE E CONDO","ELLESMERE STRAIGHT PAST GUARD PASS 3RD STOP SIGN ON RIGHT SIDE","Elysian","EMBASSY SQUARE","Embassy Square - Independence Bay","EMBASSY SQUARE CONDO","F R HUMPHRIES VILLA","FAIRLAWN","FAIRLAWN 1ST ADD","FAIRLAWN 1ST ADD 43-","Fairlawn 41-44 B","FAIRLAWN ADD 01","Fairlawn Add 01 43-31 B","FARNHAM","FARNHAM A CONDO","Farnham B Condo","FARNHAM B CONDO CENTURY VILLAGE","FARNHAM Century Village","Farnham Condo Q","FARNHAM D CONDO","Farnham E","FARNHAM E CONDO","FARNHAM F CONDO","FARNHAM G CONDO","FARNHAM H CONDO","FARNHAM I CONDO","FARNHAM J CONDO","FARNHAM K CONDO","FARNHAM L CONDO","FARNHAM M CONDO","FARNHAM O CONDO","FARNHAM P CONDO","FARNHAM Q CONDO","FIRST FEDERAL OF BROWARD DEERFIELD WEST 102-16- B PARCEL B","FLEUR DE MER","FLEUR DE MER CONDO","FLORESTA ESTATES","FLORESTA ESTATES 2ND","FLORESTA ESTATES 2ND SEC","FLORESTA ESTATES 3RD","FLORESTA ESTATES 3RD SEC","FLORESTA ESTATES 44-","Floresta Estates 44-28 B","Floresta Estates 44-28 B The Cove","Floresta Ests","Fordham","FORDHAM CONDO","FOREST PARK","FOREST PARK SEC 2","FREEDOM SQUARE \/ INDEPENDENCE BAY","FREEDOM SQUARE CONDO","GATES OF HILLSBORO","GEORGE APARTMENTS","GIBSON ESTATES","goldcrest","GOLDCREST CONDO","GOLF ESTATES OF DEER CREE","GRANTHAM A CONDO","GRANTHAM B CONDO","GRANTHAM C CONDO","Grantham Condo E","Grantham E","GRANTHAM E CONDO","GRANTHAM F CONDO","HAMMOCKS","HAMMOCKS @ RIVERGLEN","HAMMOCKS AT RIVERGLE","Hammocks At Riverglen","Hammocks at Riverglen 159","Hammocks At Riverglen 159-29 B","HAMPTON GARDENS","HAMPTON GARDENS 1 CO","HAMPTON GARDENS 1 CONDO","HAMPTON GARDENS 2 CO","HAMPTON GARDENS 2 CONDO","Hampton Gardens 3","HARBOR BAY","HARBORS AT COQUINA L","HARBORS AT RIVERGLEN","HARBORS AT RIVERGLEN \/COQUINA LAKES","HARBORS OF RIVERGLEN","HARBORS\/ RIVERGLEN","HARBORS\/COQUINA","HARBORS\/COQUINA LAKE","HARBORS\/RIVERGLEN","HARBORS\/RIVERGLEN\/HA","HARBOURS AT RIVERGLE","HARBOURS AT RIVERGLN","HARBOURS OF RIVERGLE","HARBOURS RIVERGLEN","HARBOURS\/COQUINA","Harwood","HARWOOD A CONDO","HARWOOD B CONDO","HARWOOD C CONDO","HARWOOD C CONDO 2011","HARWOOD D CENTURY VILLAGE","HARWOOD D CONDO","HARWOOD E CONDO","Harwood F Condo","HARWOOD G CONDO","HARWOOD J CONDO","Hemingway","HEMINGWAY AT DEERFIELD","Hemingway At Deerfield Bch Condo","HEMINGWAY AT DEERFIELD BE","Hemingway\/Deerfield Beach","HERITAGE CIRCLE","HERITAGE CIRCLE CONDO","HERITAGE CIRCLE CONDO UNIT 1C BLDG 3","HERON","Heron Landing","HERON LANDINGS","HERONLANDING","HERTIAGE CIRCLE","HIDDEN WOODS","HIDDEN WOODS DEER CR","HIDDEN WOODS OF DEER CREEK CONDO","HIGHLAND MEADOWS ESTATES","HIGHLAND MEADOWS ESTATES WEST","HIGHLAND PARK","HILLSBORO COLLONADE","Hillsboro Commerce Park 171-12 B","Hillsboro Cove","Hillsboro Cove Eastport","Hillsboro Cove \/ East Port","Hillsboro Cove Condo","Hillsboro Cove Condo East Port","HILLSBORO COVE CONDOMINIUMS","Hillsboro Cove East Port","Hillsboro Cove Waterfront condo","HILLSBORO COVE WATERFRONT CONDOS","HILLSBORO HEIGHTS","HILLSBORO HEIGHTS 28-38 B","Hillsboro Imperial Apts","HILLSBORO LANDING","Hillsboro Landing 1","HILLSBORO LANDINGS","HILLSBORO LANDINGS #","HILLSBORO LANDINGS 1","Hillsboro Landings 1 Condo","Hillsboro Landings 2","Hillsboro Landings Condo 01","Hillsboro Landings Condo 02","HILLSBORO LANDINGS CONDO NO ONE","HILLSBORO LANDINGS CONDO NO TWO","Hillsboro Landings I","HILLSBORO RIVER","HILLSBORO RIVER ESTATES","Hillsboro River Estates 52-15 B","HILLSBORO RIVER ESTATES ADD","HOLLOWS DEER CREEK C","Hollows of Deer Creek","HOLLOWS OF DEER CREEK CONDO","HOLLOWS OF DEERCREEK","HYDER PLAT","Illinois Apts Condo","ILLINOIS APTS INC CONDO","INDENPENDENCE BAY","INDEPENDENCE BAY","INDEPENDENCE BAY - AMBASSADOR SQUARE","INDEPENDENCE BAY - AMBASSADOR SQUARE CONDO","INDEPENDENCE BAY - CENTENNIAL SQUARE","INDEPENDENCE BAY - CENTENNIAL SQUAREANGLO-AMERICAN PLAT 2","Independence Bay - Columbia Square","Independence Bay - Diplomat Square","Independence Bay - Embassy Square","INDEPENDENCE BAY - EMBASSY SQUARE CONDO","INDEPENDENCE BAY - FREEDOM SQUARE","Independence Bay - Freedom Square Condo","INDEPENDENCE BAY - LIBERTY SQUARE","Independence Bay - Republic Square","Independence Bay \/ Republic Square","INDEPENDENCE BAY \/ REPUBLIC SQUARE CONDO","INDEPENDENCE BAY AMBASSADOR SQUARE","INDEPENDENCE BAY ANGLO-AMERICAN PLAT 2","Independence Bay Centennial Square","Independence Bay Embassy Square Condo","Independence Bay Freedom Square","Independence Bay Lincoln Square","Independence Bay- Embassy Square","INDEPENDENCE BAY-CAPITOL SQUARE","Independence Bay-Republic","Independence Bay, Embassy Square","Independence Bay\/ Republic Square","INDEPENDENCE BAY\/DIPLOMAT SQUARE","Independence Bay\/Republic Square","Independence Way","Intracoastal House","INTRACOASTAL HOUSE CONDO","ISLAND BREEZE","ISLAND BREEZE AT DEERFIELD BEACH CONDO","Island Point","ISLAND POINT CONDO","ISLEWOOD B CONDO","ISLEWOOD C CONDO","ISLEWOOD D CONDO","Jackson T H Add Deerfield 02-64 Pb","JAMES D BUTLER","Joseph & Blanche Ely 170-25 B","JOSEPH AND BLANCHE ELY PLAT","KESWICK A CONDO","KESWICK C CONDO","KINSALE BY THE SEA","L.C.L. PLAT","LA COTE CONDO","Lake Island","LAKES","Lakes 109-9 B","Lakes Deer Creek","Lakes Deer Creek Condo","LAKES OF DEER CREEK","LAKES OF DEER CREEK CONDO","LAKES OF DEER CREEK, Verona","LAKES OF DEER CREEK\/Verona","LAKES TOWNHOMES","LAKESIDE VILLA\\'S","Lakeside Villas","Lakeview Condo","LAKEVIEW TOWNHOMES","LAS MERCEDES TOWNHOU","Las Mercedes Townhouses","LAZNICKA PLAT 1","LEMANS","LEMANS CONDO","LEMAR GARDENS","LIBERTY SQUARE CONDO","Lighthouse Point Plaza","LINCOLN SQUARE CONDO","LITTLE HARBOR","LITTLE HARBOR ON THE","LITTLE HARBOR ON THE HILL","LITTLE HARBOR ON THE HILLSBORO","Little Harbor on the Hillsboro \/ Little Harbor Estates","LITTLE HARBOR ON THE HILLSBORO SEC 1","LITTLE HARBOR ON THE HILLSBORO SEC 3","LITTLE HARBOR ON THE HILLSBORO SEC 4","Lois Lane 46-32 B","LOT:B,W1\/2 DIST:1112 CITY\/MUNI\/TWP:DEERFIELD BEACH SEC\/TWN\/RNG\/MER:SEC 01 TWN 48S RNG 42E ARLINGTON","LUDWIG SUBDIVISION","LYNDHURST A CONDO","LYNDHURST B CONDO","LYNDHURST C CONDO","LYNDHURST D CONDO","LYNDHURST E CONDO","LYNDHURST F CONDO","LYNDHURST H CONDO","LYNDHURST I CONDO","LYNDHURST J CONDO","LYNDHURST K CONDO","LYNDHURST L CONDO","LYNDHURST N CONDO","MAISON DEVILLE CONDO","MARKHAM A CONDO","MARKHAM D CONDO","MARKHAM E CONDO","Markham F Century Village","MARKHAM F CONDO","MARKHAM I CONDO","MARKHAM K CONDO","MARKHAM L CONDO","MARKHAM M CONDO","MARKHAM N CONDO","MARKHAM Q CONDO","MARKHAM R CONDO","MARKHAM S CONDO","Markham T Condo","MASSACHUSETTS","MASSACHUSETTS APTS","MASSACHUSETTS APTS C","Massachusetts Apts Condo","MASSACHUSETTS CONDO","MEADOW LAKES","MEADOW LAKES GARDENS","MEADOW RIDGE CONDO","Meadow Ridge East","Meadow Ridge East Condo","MEADOWLAKES","MEADOWLAKES GARDENS","MEADOWLAKES GARDENS CONDO","Meadowlands Comm 111-42 B","MEADOWRIDGE","MEADOWRIDGE CONDO","MEADOWRIDGE EAST","MEADOWRIDGE EAST CONDO","Meadowridge East Condos","Meadows Crystal Lakes","Meadows Crystal Lakes Unrec","MEADOWS OF CRYSTAL","MEADOWS OF CRYSTAL L","MEADOWS OF CRYSTAL LAKE","MEADOWS OF CRYSTAL LAKE PH 1","MEADOWS OF CRYSTAL LAKE PH 1 55 and over community.","MEADOWS OF CRYSTAL LAKE PH 1ADULT COMMUNITY - 55 YEARS & OVER","Meadows of Crystal Lakes","MICHIGAN APARTMENTS","Michigan Apts Condo","MIRAGE AT CRYSTAL LA","MIRAGE AT CRYSTAL LAKE","MONACO GARDENS","MONACO GARDENS CONDO","MONTECRISTI COUNTRY","MONTECRISTI COUNTRY CLUB","MONTECRISTI COUNTRY CLUB CONDO","n","N. BROWARD HIGHLANDS","Natura","NATURA 1 CONDO","NATURA 2 CONDO","NATURA 3 CONDO","NATURA 4 CONDO","NATURA CONDO","Natura Condo 01","Natura Condo 02","NATURA CONDO 03","Natura Condo 2","NATURA CONDO NO 2","Natura Ph 02 Unrec","NATURA SENIOR COMMUNITY","NEW YORK APTS CONDO","Newport","NEWPORT A CENTURY VILLAGE","NEWPORT A CONDO","NEWPORT B CONDO","NEWPORT C CONDO","NEWPORT CENTER PLAZA","Newport Condo A","Newport Condo Q","Newport Condo S Century Village","NEWPORT D CONDO","NEWPORT E CONDO","NEWPORT F CONDO","NEWPORT G","NEWPORT G CONDO","NEWPORT I CONDO","NEWPORT J CONDO","NEWPORT K CONDO","NEWPORT L CONDO","NEWPORT M CONDO","Newport O Condo","NEWPORT P CONDO","Newport Q","NEWPORT Q CONDO","NEWPORT R CONDO","NEWPORT S CONDO","NEWPORT T CONDO","Newport U","Newport U - Century Village","NEWPORT U CONDO","NEWPORT U CONDO, CENTURY VILLAGE","NINTH GREEN AT CRYSTAL LAKE","NINTH GREEN AT CRYSTAL LAKE CONDO","NORTH BROWARD HIGHLA","NORTH BROWARD HIGHLANDS","NORTH BROWARD HIGHLANDS S","NORTH BROWARD HIGHLANDS SEC 1","North Broward Highlands Sec 2","NORTH BROWARD HIGHLANDS SEC 3","NORTH BROWARD HIGHLANDS SEC 4","NORTH BROWARD HIGHLANDS SEC 5","NORTH BROWARD HIGHLANDS SEC 6","NORTH BROWARD HIGHLANDS SEC 7","NORTH GARDENS","NORTH GARDENS OF DEE","NORTH GARDENS OF DEERFIELD BCH","NORTH GARDENS OF DEERFIELD BEACH","NORTHWEST 45 STREET CLUB CONDO","OAKRIDGE","OAKRIDGE A CONDO","OAKRIDGE B CONDO","OAKRIDGE C CONDO","Oakridge Condo D","Oakridge Condo F","OAKRIDGE D CONDO","OAKRIDGE E CONDO","OAKRIDGE F","OAKRIDGE F CONDO","OAKRIDGE I CONDO","OAKRIDGE L CONDO","Oakridge P Century Village","OAKRIDGE P CONDO","Oakridge Q Condo","OAKRIDGE R CONDO","OAKRIDGE S","OAKRIDGE U CONDO","OAKRIDGE V CONDO","OCEAN BREEZE","Ocean Breeze Club","Ocean Grande Beach Marina","Ocean Harbor","OCEAN HARBOR CONDO","Ocean Haven","OCEAN HAVEN CO OP","Ocean Plaza","OCEAN PLAZA ON DEERFIELD BEACH","OCEAN PLAZA ON DEERFIELD BEACH CONDO","OCEAN REEF","OCEAN VUE","Ocean Vue - 2 Blocks to Ocean-Boca","OCEAN VUE (Sherwood Forest)","Ocean Vue 03-34 B","OCEAN VUE 3-34 B","OCEAN VUE AMD PLAT","OCEAN VUE AMENDED PLAT","OCEAN VUE, Ocean Breeze Club","OCEAN WAY VILLAS","OCEAN- VUE","OCEANVUE","OLD FLORIDA BUNGALOW","Old Florida Bungalows","OLD FLORIDA BUNGALOWS \/ SEILER 2","OLIVER SUBDIVISION","OLIVER SUBDIVISION\/PRINCETON PLACE","OLIVER SUBDIVISION\/PRINCETON PLACE TOWNHOMES","OLYMPIA","OLYMPIA & YORK RESID","Olympia & York Residentia","Olympia & York Residential Pla","Olympia & York Residential Plat","OLYMPIA & YORK RESIDENTIAL PLAT,WATERWAYS","OLYMPIA & YORK RESIDENTIAL PLAT\/WATERWAYS","OLYMPIA & YORK RESIDENTIAL PLATWATERWAYS","OLYMPIA & YORK WATERWAYS","Olympia York 161-49 B","Olympia&York Residential","OPAL TOWERS WEST CON","ORCHID BEACH","ORCHID BEACH CONDO","PALM CREST GARDENS 1 ADD","PALM PLAZA","Palm Village","Palm Village DEERFIELD BEACH","PALMS","Palms at Deer Creek","Palms of Deer Creek","PARK MANOR","Park Manor Add 01 53-27 B","PARK MANOR FIRST ADD","PARK RIDGE","PARK RIDGE 48-6 B","PARKSIDE","PARKSIDE(THE)CONDO","PATRIOT SQUARE","PENINSULA","PENNSILVANIA APTS CONDO","PENNSYLVANIA APARTMENTS","PENNSYLVANIA APTS CONDO","PENNSYLVANIA APTS CONDOEASTWAY HARBOUR","Penthouse Condo","Penthouse north","PENTHOUSE NORTH COND","PENTHOUSE NORTH CONDO","PENTHOUSE SOUTH","PETER J PEDICINI PLAT 1","PETTY PLACE","PINE BEACH ESTATES SEC 1","PINE BEACH ESTATES SEC 2","Pine Hill Acres","PINE TREE PARK CO-OP","PINEHILL ACRES","PINEHILL ACRES 36-29","Pinehill Acres 36-29 B","Pines Deer Creek","PINES OF DEER CREEK","PIRATES COVE","PLEASANT RIDGE","Pleasant Ridge Sec 1","PLEASANT RIDGE SEC 2","Pleasant Ridge Sec 2 72-1","PLEASANT RIDGE SEC O","POINSETTIA GARDENS","POINSETTIA GARDENS 29-32","POINSETTIA GARDENS FIRST ADD","POMPANO BEACH HIGHLANDS","POMPANO BEACH HIGHLANDS 6TH SEC","POMPANO BEACH HIGHLANDS 7","POMPANO BEACH HIGHLANDS 7TH SEC","POMPANO BEACH HIGHLANDS 8TH SEC","Pompano Highlands","PORT DE MER","Porto Fino","Porto Fino Gardens","PORTO FINO GARDENS C","PORTO FINO GARDENS CONDO","PORTOFINO GARDENS CONDO","POWERLINE INDUSTRIAL PARK","POWERLINE ROAD","Praxis Deerfield Beach","PRAXIS OF DEERFIELD BEACH","PRESCOTT","PRESCOTT A","PRESCOTT A CONDO","PRESCOTT B CONDO","PRESCOTT C CONDO","PRESCOTT C CONDO CENTURY VILLAGE","Prescott Condo L","PRESCOTT D CONDO","Prescott E","PRESCOTT E CONDO","PRESCOTT F CONDO","PRESCOTT H CONDO","PRESCOTT H CONDO Century Village East","PRESCOTT K CONDO","PRESCOTT N CONDO","PRESCOTT O CONDO","Prescott of Century Village","Princeton Place","Princeton Place Town Homes","Princeton Place Twnhms","PUERTA DEL SOL","PUERTA DEL SOL CONDO","RACKET CLUB OF DEER CREEK II","Racquet Club","RACQUET CLUB DEER CR","Racquet Club Deer Creek","Racquet Club Deer Creek Condo","Racquet Club Deer Creek Condo 02","RACQUET CLUB DEERCRE","RACQUET CLUB OF DEER","Racquet Club Of Deer Cree","RACQUET CLUB OF DEER CREEK","RACQUET CLUB OF DEER CREEK 2 CONDO","RACQUET CLUB OF DEER CREEK CONDO","Racquet Club of Deer Creek\/Arbor Greens","RACQUET CLUB OF DEERCREEK","Rainbow Oceanshores","REGIS HOUSE","REGIS HOUSE CONDO","Regis House Condo A","REPUBLIC SQUARE","Republic Square Bldg 04-12","Republic Square Condo","RESIDENCE DE PROVENC","RESIDENCES DE PROVENCE","RICHMOND C CONDO","RICHMOND D CONDO","Richmond E","RICHMOND E CONDO","RICHMOND F","RICHMOND F CONDO","River House","RIVER HOUSE GARDENS","RIVER HOUSE GARDENS CONDO","RIVER HOUSE GARDENS CONDO UNIT 220 BLDG S PER CDO BK\/PG: 8386\/244","RIVER HOUSE GARDENS CONDO UNIT 220 BLDG S PER CDO BK\/PG: 8386\/2444743 31 AB 0770","RIVER HOUSE TERRACE","RIVER HOUSE TERRACE CONDO","River House Towers","RIVER HOUSE TOWERS C","RIVER HOUSE TOWERS CONDO","Riverglen","RIVERGLEN \/ COQUINA LAKES","RIVERGLEN COQUINA LAKES","RIVERGLEN EAST","Riverglen East \/ Deer Isle","RIVERGLEN EAST 120-4","Riverglen East 120-44 B","RIVERGLEN\/COQUINA","RIVERGLEN\/COQUINA LA","RIVERGLEN\/COQUINA LAKES","RIVERGLEN\/WINDSOR\/CO","RIVERHOUSE GARDEN","Riverhouse Gardens","Riverhouse Gardens Condo","RIVERHOUSE TOWERS","RIVERHOUSE TOWERS CO","RIVERTOWN MANOR","Rivertown Manor Bldg D & E","RIVERTOWN MANOR CONDO","Riverview Landing","RIVERVIEW NORTH CONDO","RIVERVIEW SOUTH CONDO","RIVERVIEW SOUTH CONDO DEERFIELD","RIVERVIEW TERRACE","Rosewood Cove Twnhms Decl","RUTH RIDGE","SAN BRIANA","San Briana at Crystal Lake","Sand Pebble Condo","Sandpiper","Sandpiper Pointe","Sandpiper Pointe at Deerfield Beach","SandpiperPointe","SANTA FE BY-THE-SEA","SANTA FE BY-THE-SEA CONDO","SANTE FE BY-THE-SEA CONDO","SCHOOL PARK","SEA COVE","SEA ESTA CONDO","SEA MIST","Sea Mist at Oceanvue","SEILER 2","Sequioa Gardens","SEQUOIA GARDENS","SEQUOIA GARDENS #1 C","SEQUOIA GARDENS #2 CONDO UNIT H8","SEQUOIA GARDENS #2 C","SEQUOIA GARDENS #2 CONDO UNIT H-8","SEQUOIA GARDENS #2 CONDO UNIT H8","SEQUOIA GARDENS #3 C","SEQUOIA GARDENS #3 CONDO","SEQUOIA GARDENS 1 CONDO","SEQUOIA GARDENS 2 CONDO","SEQUOIA GARDENS 3 CONDO","Sequoia Gardens Condo 01","Sequoia Gardens Condo 03","SEQUOIA GARDENS I CONDO","SEQUOIA GARDENS II CONDO","Sequoia Gardens III","SERENITY PLACE","SERENITY PLACE #3 CO","SERENITY PLACE 2 CONDO","SERENITY PLACE 4 CONDO","SHERWOOD FOREST","Sherwood Park","Sherwood Park of Deerfield Beach","SHORE WOOD","Shorewood","Shorewood 45-36 B","Somerset Condominium","Sommerset","SOMMERSET CONDO","SOMMERSET CONDO OF BROWARD","SOMMERSET CONDOMINIUM","SOMMERSET CONDOMINIUMS","SOUTH GARDEN","SOUTH GARDEN CONDO OF DEERFIELD BEACH","SOUTH GARDEN OF DEERFIELD BEACH","SOUTH GARDENS","SPRING LAKE 2ND SEC PB","Spring Lake Villas","SPRING LAKE VILLAS 1 CONDO","SPRING LAKE VILLAS CONDO 3","SPRING LAKE VILLAS NO 1 CONDO UNIT 19","Starlight Cove","Starlight Cove \/ VILLAGES OF HILLSBORO SEC 2","Starlight Cove\/ VILLAGES OF HILLSBORO SEC 2","Starlight Cove\/VILLAGES OF HILLSBORO","STARLITE COVE","SUB OF","SUB OF 1-8","SUMMERTIME","SUMMERTIME SUBDIVISION","SUN RAY MAR","SUNCOAST APT CO-OP","SUNCOAST APTS COOP","SUNSET EAST","SUNSET EAST 60-2 B","SUNSET EAST SECOND","SUNSET EAST SECOND SECTION","Swansea Condo","T H JACKSONS ADD TO","T H Jacksons Add To Deerfield","TALLMAN PINES","TALLMAN PINES 2ND SEC","Tarhell 144-44 B","TEDDER","THE COVE","THE COVE 2ND SEC 33-","THE COVE 2nd Sec 33-27 B","The Cove 32-48 B","The COVE 3RD SEC","THE COVE 3RD SEC 36-","THE COVE 4TH SEC 38-","The Cove 4th Sec 38-14 B","The COVE 4TH SEC 38-14 B lot 5 blk 42","THE COVE 4TH SEC 38-14 B LOT 5 BLK 48","THE COVE 5TH","THE COVE 5TH SEC","THE COVE 5TH SEC 39-","The Cove Harbor Estates","THE COVE\/Downtown Deerfield Beach","The Elysian","THE FORDHAM CONDO","The Harbors at Riverglen","The Hemingway","THE HEMINGWAY AT DEERFIELD BEACH","The Hollows of Deer Creek","THE LAKES","THE LAKES OF DEER CR","THE LAKES OF DEER CREEK","THE MEADOWS","THE MEADOWS OF CRYST","THE MEADOWS OF CRYSTAL LAKE","The Meadows Of Crystal LaLes","The Palms","THE PALMS AT DEER CREEK","THE PALMS OF DEER CR","The Palms of Deer Creek","The Palms of Deer Creek\/ Deer Creek Country Club","The Palms\/ Deer Creek Country Club","THE PARKSIDE CONDO","THE PENTHOUSE CONDO","THE PINES OF DEER CR","THE PINES OF DEER CREEK","THE RAQUET CLUB OF DEER CREEK","THE TOWNHOMES OF DEER CREEK","THE VILLAGES OF HILL","THE VILLAGES OF HILLSBORO","The Waterways","The Waterways \/ Lake Pointe","The Waterways, Waterways","THE WOODLANDS","THE WOODLANDS OF DEER CRE","Tiara East","TIARA EAST COND","TIARA EAST CONDO","TIDEWATER ESTATES","TIDEWATER ESTATES CO-OP","TIERRA EAST","Tilford","TILFORD A CONDO","TILFORD C CONDO","Tilford Century Village","Tilford Condo D","Tilford Condo J","Tilford Condo N","Tilford Condo U","TILFORD D CONDO","Tilford F Condo","TILFORD I CONDO","TILFORD I CONDO CENTURY VILLAGE","TILFORD J CONDO","TILFORD K CONDO","TILFORD L CONDO","TILFORD N","TILFORD N CONDO","TILFORD O CONDO","TILFORD Q CONDO","TILFORD R CONDO","TILFORD S CONDO","TILFORD T CONDO","TILFORD U CONDO","TILFORD W CONDO","TIVIOLI TRACE","TIVOLI TRACE","TIVOLI TRACE #2 COND","TIVOLI TRACE #2 CONDO","TIVOLI TRACE #4 COND","TIVOLI TRACE #8 COND","TIVOLI TRACE #9 COND","TIVOLI TRACE 1 CONDO","TIVOLI TRACE 2 CONDO","Tivoli Trace 3 Condo","TIVOLI TRACE 4 CONDO","TIVOLI TRACE 5 CONDO","TIVOLI TRACE 6 CONDO","TIVOLI TRACE 7 CONDO","TIVOLI TRACE 8 CONDO","TIVOLI TRACE 9 CONDO","TIVOLI TRACE CONDO NO 7","TIVOLI TRACE CONDO NO 9","Tivoli Trce 02","Tivoli Trce 05","Tivoli Trce 06","Tivoli Trce 07","TIVOLI, TIVOLI TRACE","TORREMAR","TORREMAR CONDO","TOWN ACRES","TOWN ACRES 37-25 B","TOWN GREENE CONDO","TOWN OF DEERFIELD","TOWN OF DEERFIELD 5-","Towne Greene","TOWNE GREENE CONDO","TOWNEHOMES OF DEER CREEK https:\/\/www.thodc.com\/","Townhomes","Townhouses at The Cove","Townhouses of Crystal Lake","Trail Park Commerce Condo","TWIN OAKS","TWIN OAKS 1ST ADD","TWIN OAKS 41-43 B","UPMINSTER","UPMINSTER A","UPMINSTER A CONDO","UPMINSTER B CONDO","UPMINSTER C CONDO","UPMINSTER E CONDO","UPMINSTER H CONDO","Upminster I Condo","UPMINSTER J CONDO","UPMINSTER M CONDO","Van Dutch Apartments","VELEIROS","VELEIROS AT CRYSTAL LAKE","VELEIROS CRYSTAL LAKE","Veleiros CRYSTAL LAKE 1ST SEC","Venetian Villas","VENETIAN VILLAS COND","VENETIAN VILLAS CONDO","VENTNOR","VENTNOR A CONDO","VENTNOR B CONDO","VENTNOR C CONDO","Ventnor Condo D","Ventnor Condo H","VENTNOR D CONDO","VENTNOR E CONDO","VENTNOR F CONDO","VENTNOR G CONDO","Ventnor H Condo","VENTNOR I CONDO","VENTNOR J CONDO","VENTNOR K CONDO","VENTNOR L CONDO","VENTNOR M CONDO","Ventnor O","VENTNOR P CONDO","VENTNOR R","VENTNOR R CONDO","Ventnor S","VENTNOR S CONDO","VENTNOR-G","VENTNOR\/CENTURY VILLAGE","VERONA","VERONA AT DEER CREEK","Verona at Deer Creek Twnhms Decl","Verona Deer Creek","Verona Deer Creek Twnhms Decl","Verona Heights","Verona of Deer Creek","Verona of Deercreek","Verona\/Lakes of Deercreek","VILLA D\\'ESTE","VILLA D\\'ESTE CONDO","Villa D\\'Este\/Deer Creek","VILLA D'ESTE","VILLA DESTE","VILLA DESTE CONDO","Villa Deste Condo or Villa D\\'ESTE","VILLA DI CAPRI","VILLA LAGO CONDO","VILLA LAGO CONDO APTS","Villa P - Keystone Apartments","Villa P Apartments","Villa P Apts","VILLA PISANI","Villa Pisani Condo","Villa Portofino","VILLA PORTOFINO or BOCA DEER","VILLA VERDE","VILLAGE AT TIVOLI","Village of Hillsboro","Village of Hillsboro","VILLAGE OF HILLSBORO STARLIGHT COV","Village Park","VILLAGE PARK AT DEERFIELD BEACH","VILLAGE TIVOLI","VILLAGER TOWNHOMES","VILLAGES HILLSBORO","Villages Hillsboro Sec 02 108-12 B","Villages Hillsboro STARLIGHT COVE","VILLAGES OF HILLSBOR","Villages Of Hillsboro","VILLAGES OF HILLSBORO SEC 2","VILLAGES OF HILLSBORO SEC 1","Villages Of Hillsboro Sec 2","VILLAGES OF HILLSBORO SEC 2\/Starlight Cove","Villages of Hillsboro\/Deer Isle","Villages\/Hillsboro Sec 1","VILLAS AT MEADOW LAK","VILLAS AT MEADOW LAKES","VILLAS AT MEADOW LAKES CONDO","VILLAS AT MEADOW LK","VILLAS AT MEADOWLAKE","Villas Deer Creek 104-45 B","VILLAS OF DEER CREEK","VILLAS OF DEER CREEK \/ Villas on the Green","VILLAS OF MEADOW LAK","Villas of meadow lakes","villas of meadowlakes","VILLAS ON THE GREEN","VILLAS ON THE GREEN - Deer Creek","VILLAS ON THE GREEN DEER CREEK","VILLAS@ MEADOW LAKES","VISTA GARDENS","VISTA GARDENS #1 CON","VISTA GARDENS 1 CONDO","VISTA GARDENS CONDO","Vista Gardens Condo 01","VIZCAYA GARDEN","VIZCAYA GARDEN 1 CONDO","VIZCAYA GARDEN 19TH","WALK TO BEACH","WASHINGTON PARK 4TH ADD","WATEFORD COURTYARDS","WATER\/HARBOURPOINTE","WATER\\'S EDGE","WATER\\'S EDGE AT DEERFIELD","Water\\'s Edge At Deerfield Beach","WATER\\'S EDGE AT DEERFIELD CONDO","Water\\'s Edge at Deerfield Condominium","Water\\'s Edge Deerfield Condo","WATERFORD","Waterford Courtyard","WATERFORD COURTYARDS","Waterford Courtyards Add","WATERFORD COURTYARDS ADDITION","WATERFORD COURTYARDS AT CRYSTAL LAKE NORTH","Waterford Courtyards Crystal","Waterford Courtyards Crystal Lake","WATERFORD COURTYARDS N.","Waterford Courtyards South","WATERFORD COURYARDS","WATERFORD CRYSTAL LA","WATERS EDGE","WATERS EDGE AT DEERFIELD CONDO","Waters Edge Deerfield","WATERS EDGE DEERFIELD CONDO","WATERS EDGE TOWER","Waters Edge Tower Condo","Waters Edge Tower Condominium","WATERS EDGE TOWER-ALL AGES OK","WATERS EDGE TOWERS","WATERS EDGE TOWERS CONDO","WATERS EDGE TOWERS CONDO BLDG 2","Waters Edge\/Deerfield Condo","WATERWAY","WATERWAYS","waterways - 24 hour security, pools, basketball, tennis","WATERWAYS - OLYMPIA & YORK RESIDENTIAL PLAT","waterways \/ harbor point","Waterways \/ Heron Landing","WATERWAYS \/ LAKEMONT","Waterways \/ OLYMPIA","Waterways \/ WATERWAYS \/ OLYMPIA","WATERWAYS AT QUIET W","Waterways At Quiet Waters","WATERWAYS HERON LANDING","Waterways OLYMPIA & YORK RESIDENTIAL PLAT","waterways*HARBOR POINTE*OLYMPIA & YORK RESIDENTIAL PLAT","Waterways\/Harbour Point","WATERWAYS\/LAKEVIEW","WATERWAYS\/OLYMPIA & YORK","Waterways\/OLYMPIA & YORK RESIDENTIAL PLAT","WATERWAYSPLA","WEST DEERFIELD BEACH","West Deerfield Beach \/ Deer Run","West Deerfield Beach 42-4","West Deerfield Beach 42-41 B","West Deerfield Beach,Deer Run","Westbury","WESTBURY B CONDO","WESTBURY C CONDO","Westbury Condo A","WESTBURY D CONDO","WESTBURY E","WESTBURY F CONDO","WESTBURY G CONDO","WESTBURY G CONDO\/CENTURY VILLAGE","WESTBURY H CONDO","WESTBURY I CONDO","WESTBURY J CONDO","WESTBURY K CONDO","WESTWOOD GARDENS","WILDWOOD","WILDWOOD at DEER CREEK","WILDWOOD DEER CREEK","WILDWOOD OF DEER CRE","WILDWOOD OF DEER CREEK","Wildwood of Deer Creek Country Club","WINCAST ARMS","WINCAST ARMS NORTH CONDO","WINDWOOD ISLES","WINDWOOD ISLES CONDO","Woodcrest Manor","WOODCREST MANOR CO-OP","WOODLAKE OF DEER CRE","WOODLAKE OF DEER CREEK","Woodlake of DeerCreek","Woodlands","Woodlands Deer Creek 101-11 B","WOODLANDS OF DEER CREEK","WOODLANDS OF DEERCREEK","WOODMAR ESTATES","WOODSETTER NORTH","WOODSETTER NORTH 115-28B","XAVIER PLAT 1","Yorkville","YORKVILLE (Deer Pointe)","YORKVILLE 115-18 B","YORKVILLE 115-18 B PT PAR","YORKVILLE- Deer Pointe","YORKVILLE, Deer Pointe","YORKVILLE, DEERPOINTE"],"zipcodes":["33064","33073","33441","33442","33443"]},"defuniaksprings":{"label":"DeFuniak Springs","counties":["Walton County"],"subdivisions":["OAKWOOD HILLS UNIT 01"],"zipcodes":["32433","32435"]},"deland":{"label":"Deland","counties":["Volusia County"],"subdivisions":["BLOCKS SUB BLKS 150 & 160","C F PIERSONS PIERSON","CASTLE HEIGHTS","Collier Park","COUNTRY CLUB ESTS IN 28 17","DAYTONA PARK EST SEC C","Mount Vernon Heights","Mt Vernon Heights","NORRIS SUB DUPONT & GAUDRY GRANT","SOUTH CLARA HIGHLANDS DELAND M","SUNNY SIDE GARDENS","UNIVERSITY HIGHLANDS"],"zipcodes":["32720","32721","32723","32724"]},"delraybeach":{"label":"Delray Beach","counties":["Palm Beach County"],"communities":[": RAINBERRY LAKE PH IV-B",":) NICE NEIGHBORHOOD","!!!!!!TENANT OCCUPIED DO NOT DISTURB!!!!",".39 Acre on Lake Access\/Waterfront","(Orchid model)","[PALACINO PARK","** $5000 BONUS **","****BEING SOLD FURNISHED*****","***COURTYARD***","***MOVE IN TODAY***","**MOVE RIGHT IN**","*LAS VERDES*","*SUPRA* CALL-2-SHOW","\\'\\'\\'\\'\\'\\'NEW YORK LOFT\\'\\'\\'\\'\\'\\'","1 OF 4 UNITS","111 First Delray","111 First Delray Beach","111 First Delray Beach Condo","111 First Delray Condominium","111 First Delrayt","1112 Ocean Terrace","1202","1202 CONDO","1202 Condominium Association","150 Oceanside","1625 Ocean","1625 South Ocean","1ST FLOOR CORNER WITH SCREENED PATIO","2 HOUSES","2\/2 ALL UPGRADED","2243 Florida Boulevard","236 Fifth Ave","236 Fifth Avenue","236 S.E. 5th Ave","272 TUSCANY E AT KINGS POINT","301 First","342 NE 7th Avenue","4-PLEX","5","501 Villas","55+, QUICK APPROVAL","5th Ave Delray","5th Ave Delray, LLC","7 on 7th","800 N. Ocean","801 Palm Trail","8th Ave Villas","Abbey","ABBEY COND","Abbey Condo","Abbey Condos","Abbey of Oriole","ABBEY VILAGE","Abbey Village","Abbey Village Condominium","Abbey Village Villages of Oriole","Abbey Villages","ABBEY\/VILLAGES OF OR","ABBY VILLAGE","Acacia House","Acreage & Unrec","ADDISION RESERVE","Addison Reserve","Addison Reserve CC","Addison Reserve Ciountry Club","Addison Reserve Country Club","Addison Reserve Country Club \/ Playa Rienta","Addison Reserve Country Club, Via Monte","Addison Reserve Isla Verde","Addison Reserve, Village of Villa D\\'Este","Addison Reserve*","ADDISON RESERVE\/L\\'A","ADDISON RESERVE\/PALE","ADDISON RESERVE\/VDE","Addison Trace","ADDSION RESERVE COUNTRY CLUB","ADMIRAL","ADMIRAL APTS","AG RESERVE","Allamanda Gardens","Alta Meadows","American Heritage","American Heritage -- Pine Wood Cove","AMERICAN HERITAGE HO","ANCHORAGE","ANDOVER","ANTILLES","ANTILLES PL","Antiquers Aerodome","Antiquers Aerodrome","Ashland","ASHLAND A","Ashland D Condo","Ashland F","Ashland G","Aspen","Aspen Condo","ASPEN RIDGE","Astor","Astor Condo","ASTOR CONDOMINIUM","Astor Condominiums","Atlantic Commons","ATLANTIC COMMONS PL 5 LT 142","ATLANTIC GARDENS","ATLANTIC GARDENS DELRAY","Atlantic Grove","ATLANTIC GROVE TOWNHOMES","ATLANTIC GROVE CONDO","Atlantic Grove Condominium","ATLANTIC GROVE TOWN HOMES","ATLANTIC GROVE TOWNHOMES","Atlantic Park Garden","ATLANTIC PARK GARDENS","ATLANTIC PARK GARDENS DELRAY","Atlantic Park Gardens Priests","ATLANTIC PINES","ATLANTIC PK GARDENS","Atlantico at Tuscany","Atlatnic Grove Condo","Avalon Trails","AVALON TRAILS AT VILLAGES OF ORIOLE","AVALON TRAILS AT VILLAGES OF ORIOLE PUD","Avila","Awesome Delray Beach","AZAELA","AZAELA MODEL","AZAELA-INNER COURT","B","BACKSTREET","Bahai at Delray","Bahai at Delray Cond","BAHAMA HOUSE","Bahia","BAHIA AT DELRAY","BAHIA AT DELRAY","Bahia @ Delray","BAHIA AT DELRAY","BAHIA AT DELRAY BEACH","BAHIA AT DELRAY BEACH","BAHIA AT DELRAY COND","Bahia At Delray Condo","BAHIA AT DELRAY CONDOMINIUM","BAHIA AT DELRAY CONDOMINUM","BAHIA DELRAY","Bahia Delray Beach","Bahia Delray Condo","Bahia Delray Townhomes","BAHIA MAR","Bahia of Delray","Ballantrae","Balmoral","BANKER\\'S ROW","Bankers Row","Bankers Row area","BANYAN","BANYAN CONDO","Banyan Court","Banyan House","Banyan House Condo","Banyan Tree","Banyan Tree Village","BANYAN TREE VILLLAGE","Banyon Tree Village","BAR HARBOUR","Bar Harbour Condo","BAR HARBOUR CONDOMINIUM","BARR TERRACE","Barr Terrace Condo","BARRTON","Barrton Apartments","BARRTON APTS","BARRTON APTS INC CON","Barrton Apts Inc Condo","BARRTON APTS INC.","BARRTON CONDOMINIUM","Barton Apts","BARWICH ESTATES","Barwick","Barwick Avenue","Barwick Estate","Barwick Estates","BARWICK RANCH","Barwick Ranch Estate","Barwick Ranch Estates","Bass Creek","Bath and Tennis Club","BAYFRONT","Bayside","BE SURE TO WATCH THE VIDEO FOR AN EXCLUSIVE TOUR!","Beach Area","Beach Area Delray","Beach Area Residence","Beach House","BEACH LOTS DELRAY","Beach Lts Delray","BEACH SIDE DELRAY","BEACON HILL","BEECHWOOD ESTATES","BEEKMAN CONDO","BEEKMAN CONDOMINIUM","behia of Delray","Bel -Aire","BEL AIRE","Bel Aire \/ La Casa","BEL AIRE LA CASA","Bel Airew","BELAIRE","Bella Vista","BELLA VISTA CONDOMIN","BELLAMAR HOUSE","BELLEHAVEN","Bellview Court","BERMUDA HIGH","Bermuda High Condo Decl IN","BERMUDA HIGH SOUTH","Bermuda High West","BEXLEY","BEXLEY PARK","Boanire Village","BOCA CENTER PLAZA","Boca Delray","BOCA DELRAY GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB","BOCA DELRAY C.C.","BOCA DELRAY CC","Boca Delray CC Condo 1","BOCA DELRAY CONDO 2","BOCA DELRAY CONDO 3","BOCA DELRAY COUNTRY CLUB","BOCA DELRAY GOLF","BOCA DELRAY GOLF & C","Boca Delray Golf & CC","Boca Delray Golf & CC Condo 1","Boca Delray Golf & Country Club","Boca Delray Golf & Country Club Condo 2","BOCA DELRAY GOLF &CC","Boca Delray Golf and","BOCA DELRAY GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB","Boca Delray Golf and CC","Boca Delray Golf and Country Club","BOCA DELRAY GOLF CC","BOCA DELRAY GOLF CONDO 1","BOCA DELRAY GOLF CONDO 2","BOCA DELRAY GOLF CONDO 3","Boca Delray Golf Country Club","BOCA DELRAY GOLF+C.C","BOCA DELRAY GOLF+CC","BOCA DELRAY I-III COND","BOCA DELRAY II CONDO S FILED IN","BOCA DELRAY VILLA 1","Boca Delray Villas 2","Boca Delrayl","BOCA DERAY","BOCA ISLE","Boca Isle Cond","Boca Isle Condo","Boca Isles","Bonaire","BONAIRE - ORIOLE","Bonaire 4","Bonaire BLDG#.14623","Bonaire in Oriole","BONAIRE VILLAGE","Bonaire Village Condo","Bonaire VillagE\/VILLAGES OF ORIOLE","BONAIRE-ORIOLE","Bonaire\/ Oriole","Bonnie Crest","BONNIECREST","BONUS!","Bottlebrush at LAS VERDES","Brand New Construction","BREEZY ACRES","BRIDGEHAMPTON","Bridges","BRIDGES PL 1","BRIDGES PL 7","Bridges*","BRIDGEVIEW","Bridgeview Condio","Bridgeview Condo","Bridgeview Condominium","BRISTOL POINTE","BRITANNY H","Brittany","BRITTANY CONDOS","Brittany Kings Point","BROOK HAVEN","BROOKFIELD ESTATES","BROOKHAVEN","BROOKS LANE","BUILDING M","Bungalow 4 Chic Downtown Delray Beach Oasis","BURGANDY","Burgundy","Burgundy G","BUTTONWOOD","BUTTONWOOD-PROMENADE","Cache11","CALL FOR APPT","CALL L\/O LOCK BOX #","Camalot Village","CAMBRIA CREST","CAMBRIDGE","CAMELOT","CAMELOT VILLAGE","Camelot Village 2","Camelot Village in Villages of Oriole","Camelot Village\/Villages of Oriole","CAMELOT VILLAGES","CAMELOT VILLAGES OF ORIOLE","CAMELOT VLG-ORIOLE","Canelot Village","Cannery Row","CANNERY ROW REPLAT","CAPRI","Capri @ Kings Point","Capri L","CAPT\\'S WALK","CAPTAIN\\'S WALK","CAPTAIN'S WALK","Captains Walk","Captains Walk \/ Pelican Harbor","CAPTAINS WALK CONDO","Carrotwood","CARVER MEMORIAL PARK","Carver Park","CARVER SQUARE","CASA BELLA","CASA BELLA\/ GRAND HAVEN AT LINTON","CASA DEL MAR","CASA DEL MAR CONDO","Casa Del Ray","Casa Del Rey","CASA DELRAY","Casa La Brisa","Casa Playa","Casabella","CATAINS WALK","Centex homes","CENTURY VILLAGE","CHARMING OLD FLORIDA","Chataeu Wood","CHATEAU LAFITE\/68A","Chateau Wood","CHATEAU WOOD \/ LE VILLAGE","Chateau Wood \/ Le Village De Provence","CHATEAU WOODS","CHATEAUWOOD","Chatelaine","Chatelaine 01","Chevy Chase","Chevy Chase -","CHEVY CHASE LAKE IDA","CHURCHILL","Churchill at Delray Beach","Churchill Condo","CITY","CITY LIMITS DELRAY","CITY OF DELRAY BEACH","city walk","City Walk At Pineapp","CITY WALK AT PINEAPPLE GROVE","City Walk at Pineapple Grove Condo","CITYWALK","CLARIDGE HOUSE","CLEARBROOK","CLEARBROOK \/ HIDDEN LAKE","Clearbrook Hidden Lake","Clearbrook Park","Clearbrook Park, Hidden Lake","Clearbrook-Hidden","Clearbrook\/Hidden Lake","Coastal House","COASTAL HOUSE ASSO","COASTAL HOUSE ASSOC","COASTAL HOUSE CONDO","Coco Wood","Coco Wood Lakes","COCO WOOD LAKE","Coco Wood Lakes","COCO WOOD LAKES SEC","coco wood lakes sec3","COCO WOODS","COCO WOODS LAKES","Coconut Key","Coconut Palm","Coconut Palm Condo","COCONUT PALMS","Cocoplum Apartments","Coda","CODED LOCKBOX IF OUT","Colonial Estates","Colonial Estates over 55 yrs","COLONIAL HGTS","COLONUT KEY","COLONY AT DELRAY","COLONY AT DELRAY BCH","COLONY OF DELRAY","Colony Palms","Colony Palms Luxury Townhomes","Commodore","COMMODORE APARTMENTS","Commodore Apts Condo","Condo 1 Boca Delray","Contry Lake","Contry Manor","Contry Manors","coo wood lakes","Coral Bay","CORAL COVE","Coral Trace","CORAL TRACE\/gated","Coralina Village","Corner Magellan","Costa Del Rey","COSTA DEL REY NORTH","Costa DelRey","COUNTRY ACRES 3","COUNTRY CLUB","Country Club Acres","Country Club Acre","COUNTRY CLUB ACRES","COUNTRY CLUB ACRES 2","Country Club Acres 2Nd Add","Country Club Acres 3","COUNTRY CLUB ACRES 4","COUNTRY CLUB ACRES EAST","COUNTRY CLUB ACRES I","Country Club Acres N","Country Club Manors","Country Lake","Country Lane Estates","COUNTRY LN\/COCO WOOD","Country Manor","Country Manorrs","Country Manors","Country Manors Assc.","COUNTRY SETTING","County Club Acres","County Lake","Court of Delray","Court of Delray Condo","Court Yards at Marte","Courtyards","Courtyards at Martel","Courtyards at Martel Arms","COURTYARDS AT MARTEL ARMS CONDO","COURTYARDS DELRAY","COURTYARDS OF DELRAY","Coutyards of Delray","CREGO SUB","Crest","CRESTWOOD","Crestwood Delray","CRESTWOOD DELRAY IN","CRISTAL","Cristal Mizner\\'s Preserve","Crossdwinds of Delray","CROSSWINDS","Crosswinds Phase II","crosswinds,eastwinds","CROSSWINDS\/SOUTHWINDS","CROSWSWINDS","Crystal Bay at Polo Club","Cypress","Cypress Condo","Cypress Condo at Las Verdes","CYPRESS ISLE","Dakota","Dakota\/Sussman","Dalota","DARREN RIDGE","DARRENS RIDGE","Deauville","Deauville at Oriole","Deauville Condominium","DEAUVILLE in the Villages of Oriole","DEAUVILLE IN VILLAGES OF ORIOLE","Deauville Vilage","DEAUVILLE VILLAGE","DEAUVILLE VILLAGES","DEAUVILLE\/VILLAGES O","Decarie","Deco Delray","DEHAVEN","Del Aire","Del Harbour","DEL HARBOUR CONDO","DEL HARBOUR CONDOMINIUMS","Del Haven","Del Ida","Del Ida Historic","DEL IDA PARK","DEL IDA PARK HISTO","Del Ida Park Historic District","Del Ida Park Historice District","Del lda Park","DEL RATON PARK","DEL-IDA PARK","DELAIRE","DELAIRE CC","Delaire Counry Club","Delaire Country Club","Delaire Country Club","DELAIRE GOLF CLUB","Delhaven","DELHAVEN COND","DELHAVEN CONDO","Delhaven Condominium","Dell Grove","dell ida park","Dell Park","Dell Park Apartments","Dell Park, Lake Ida","DELL-IDA PARK HIST.","Delprado","DELRAY -ATLANTIC NW","DELRAY BCH CLUB","DELRAY BCH ESPLANADE","DELRAY BCH SHORES","DELRAY BEACH","Delray Beach acht Cl","Delray Beach Club","DELRAY BEACH CLUB AP","Delray Beach Club Apts Condo","Delray Beach Club Apts Condominium","Delray Beach Club Condos","Delray Beach Club Conto\\'s","DELRAY BEACH CLUB RESIDENCES","Delray Beach Esplanade","DELRAY BEACH ESTATES","Delray Beach Heights","Delray Beach Highlan","DELRAY BEACH HIGHLANDS","Delray Beach Ocean Front","DELRAY BEACH RESUB","DELRAY BEACH SHORES","DELRAY BEACH YACHT C","Delray Beach Yacht Club","Delray Beach Yacht Club Residence","Delray Colonial","Delray Colonial Inc.","Delray Cottages","Delray Equestian Cen","Delray Estates","Delray Estates Condos","DELRAY ESTATES WEST","DELRAY GARDEN","DELRAY GARDEN EST","DELRAY GARDEN ESTA","DELRAY GARDEN ESTAES","DELRAY GARDEN ESTATE","DELRAY GARDEN ESTATES","DELRAY GARDEN ESTS","DELRAY GARDEN ESTS.","Delray Gardens","DELRAY GARDENS ESTATES","Delray Gold View","DELRAY GOLF VIEW","DELRAY GOLF VIEW CON","Delray Golf View Condo Apts","DELRAY GRANDE","Delray Grande Condo","DELRAY HARBOR","Delray Harbor Club","Delray Harbor Club C","DELRAY ISLE","DELRAY ISLE LT 45","DELRAY ISLES","DELRAY LAKE ESTATES","DELRAY LAKES","DELRAY LAKES ESTATES","DELRAY LAKES ESTATES, DELRAY LAKES EST","DELRAY LOFTS","Delray Luxury Homes","Delray Manor","Delray Marina Villas","Delray Modern Intracoastal","Delray Oak West","Delray Oakes West Co","DELRAY OAKS","Delray Oaks Condo","DELRAY OAKS CONDO AS","Delray Oaks West","DELRAY OAKS WEST \\'97","DELRAY OCEAN ESTATES","Delray Ocean Villas","DELRAY RACQUET","Delray Racquet Club","DELRAY RAQUET CLUB","Delray Ridge","DELRAY SEBASTIAN","Delray Sebastian, San Sebastian","Delray Shores","DELRAY SHORES FIRST","Delray Summit","Delray Summit Condo","Delray Summit Inc","DELRAY SUMMITT","Delray Town","Delray Town - the new 5th Ave in East Delray!!","DELRAY TOWN OF","DELRAY V ILLAS","DELRAY VILLA PHASE 3","Delray Village","Delray Village by the Sea","DELRAY VILLAGE BY THE SEA CONDO","DELRAY VILLAS","DELRAY VILLAS 4\/5","DELRAY VILLAS 01","Delray Villas 02","Delray Villas 03","Delray Villas 04","Delray Villas 05","Delray Villas 1","Delray Villas 2","Delray Villas 3","Delray Villas 4","DELRAY VILLAS 4\/5","DELRAY VILLAS 5","DELRAY VILLAS I","Delray Villas III","DELRAY VILLAS IV","Delray Villas IV & V","Delray Villas IV\/V","Delray Villas North","DELRAY VILLAS PHASE","Delray Villas Pl 1","DELRAY VILLAS PL 4","DELRAY VILLAS PL 4 SWLY 5 FT OF LT 7 & LT 8 BLK 6","Delray Villas Pl 4\/5","Delray Villas Pl 5 Lt 6 Blk 5","Delray Villas Plat 1","Delray Villas Plat 4\/5","Delray Villas plt 2","DELRAY VILLAS PLT 3","Delray Villas PLT 4\/","DELRAY VILLAS V","Delray Villas West","Delray Villas West Estates","DELRAY VILLAS\/CAMPAN","Delray West Estates","Delray West Estates plat 2","DELRAY WEST VILLAS","DELRAYBEACH HIGHLAND","Delrays Villas","Delrose District","Delrose Place","DELRY OAKS WEST","DEUVILLE","Deuville Villages","Deuville-Corner","DIERRA VERDE","Direct Oceanfront","DiVosta","DiVosta Homes","DOGWOOD","DOMAINE","Domaine Delray","DOMAINE DELRAY CONDO","Dorchester","DOWN TOWN","DOWNTOWN DELRAY","DOWNTOWN DELRAY BCH","Downtown Delray Beach","Downtown Delray Beach Area","Downtown Delray Upper East Side","Downtown Delray\/Lake Ida Neighborhood","DOWNTOWN LOFTS","Drexel Park","DREXEL PARK TOWNHOMES","Driftwood","DUVAL PLACE","DUVAL PLACE CONDOMINIUM","DUVALL PLACE","EAGLE POINT","EAGLE POINTE","East Crosswinds","East Delray - Hoffman Village","EAST DELRAY | Heart of Lake Ida Neighborhood","EAST DELRAY BEACH","East Delray Beach 1 block to beach & Atlantic Ave","EAST HAVEN","EAST HAVEN CONDO","East Indies","EAST OCEAN","EAST OF FEDERAL","East of Federal Hwy Delray Beach","East WInd Beach Club","East WindBeach Club","Eastview","EASTVIEW VILLAGE","EASTVIEW VILLAGE SQ","EASTVIEW VILLAGE SQUARE","Eastview Villiage Square","Eastwinds","EASTWINDS AT CROSSING","Eastwinds at Crossswinds","Eastwinds at Crosswinds","EASTWINDS AT CROSSWINDS COND","EASTWINDS\/CROSSWINDS","Eight Hundred Ocean Place","Emeral Pointe","EMERALD","Emerald Building","EMERALD POIINT","EMERALD POINT","Emerald Pointe","Emerald Pointe 2","ENEAGLES CC","Environment","Environment Condo","Environment I Condo","ES","Estates at Tuscany","Estates of Tuscany","ESTUARY","Evergreen","EVERGREEN - VILLAGES OF ORIOLE","Evergreen 01 Village","Evergreen 1","Evergreen at Oriole","EVERGREEN CONDO","EVERGREEN CONDO AT LAS VERDES","Evergreen Condominium Association\/Villages of Orio","EVERGREEN I CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION, INC.","EVERGREEN I OF VILLAGES OF ORIOLE","Evergreen of Oriole","EVERGREEN OF VILLAGES OF ORIOLE","EVERGREEN\/ VILLAGES OF ORIOLE","EVERGREEN\/ORIOLE","FAIRCREST HEIGHTS","Faircrest Heights Oakmont","FAIRWAY","Fairway All ages","Fairway Condo","Fairway Condo Villas","FAIRWAY CONDOMINIUM","Fairway Condominiums","Fairway Condos","FAIRWAY VILLAS","FAIRWAYS","FAIRWAYS CONDOS","Fairways Delray","Fairways of Delray","Fall Ridge of Delray","Fessler Estates","First Encounter","First encounter Cond","First Encounter Condo","Flanders","Flanders King\\'s Point)","Flanders S","Flora Lakes","Floral Laies","FLORAL LAKES","Floral Lakes 01","FLORAL LAKES 3 & 4","FLORAL LAKES PH 3 &","FLORAL LAKES PL 1","FORSYTHIA","Fou rSeasons\/Tivoli Isles","Fountain House","Four Season","Four Seasons","Four Seasons \/ TIVOLI ISLES","Four Seasons \/Tivoli","Four Seasons at Delray Beach","Four Seasons Tivoli","FOUR SEASONS\/DELRAY BEACH","Four Seasons\/Tivoli","Four Seasons\/Tivoli Isles","Fox Chase","FOXE CHASE","Franwood","FRANWOOD PINES","Frey Sophia","Frey Sophia Add To Delray","G.L. Homes","GL","GL Homes","GL HOMES -The Bridges","Gleaneagles","GLEASON ST VILLAS","Gleason Street TH","Gleason Street Villa","GLEBEAGLES COUNTRY CLUB","Gleeneagles Country Club","Glen Eagles","GLENAGLES","Glendevon","Gleneaagles Country Club","Gleneagle Country Club","Gleneaglels C.C.","GLENEAGLES","Gleneagles CC","GLENEAGLES COUNTRY CLUB","GLENEAGLES C OUNTRY CLUB","GLENEAGLES C.C","Gleneagles C.C.","GLENEAGLES CC","GLENEAGLES CONDO","Gleneagles Condo 03","GLENEAGLES CONDO 1","GLENEAGLES CONDO V","Gleneagles Countr Club","Gleneagles CountrY Club","GLENEAGLES COUNTRY C","GLENEAGLES COUNTRY CLUB","Gleneagles Country Club Condo V","GLENEAGLES COUNTRYCLUB","GLENEAGLES COUNTY CLUB","GLENEAGLES HOA","GLENEAGLES IV","Gleneagles VI Condo","Gleneagles\\'s country\\' Club","GLENEAGLESMCOUNTRY C","GLENEAGLS COUNTRY CLUB","GLENEGLES COUNTRY CLUB","Gold Club Estates","GOLF APARTMENTS","Golf Club Est","GOLF CLUB ESTATES","GOLF CLUB ESTATES IN","GOLF PARK","GOLF PARK DELRAY","GOLFSTREAM ESTATES","GOLFVIEW ESTATES","Good morning Steve Please find the cash offer","Governor House","Gramercy Square","GRAND HAVEN","Grand Haven at Linton","Grand Haven at Linton Blvd","GRANDE ORCHID","GRANDE ORCHID","Grande Orchid Esatetes","GRANDE ORCHID ESTATE","GRANDE ORCHID ESTATES","GREAT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY!","Greensward Village","Greensward Village Condo","Greensward Village One Condo","Greensward\/Seagate","Griffin Gate","GROSVENOR HOUSE","Grosvenor House Inc","Grove","Grove Condo","Grove Park","GULF STREAM","GULF STREAM APTS","Gulf Stream Villas","Gulfstream Apts","Gulfstream Estates","GULFSTREAM SHORES","GULFSTREAM SHORES CONDO","Gulfstream Villas at Heritage Landings","Gullstream Villas at Heritage Landings","H","Hagen Ranch Heights","Hagen Ranch Heights Newport Cove","Half of a Duplex","HALLER & GROOTMANS","Haller and Grootmans","HAMILTON HOUSE","hamilton place","Hamlet","Hamlet & Seagate","HAMLET CC","HAMLET COUNTRY CLUB","HAMLET FOXPOINT","HAMLET FOXPOINTE","HAMLET GREENSWARD","Hamlet Greensward Village 1","Hamlet Seagate","Hamlet Seagate Greensward","HAMLET- GREENSWARD","HAMLET-GREENSWARD","Hamlet-Seagate","Hamlet, Greensward Village One","HAMLET,GREENSWARD","Hamlet*greensward","HAMLET\/ESTATES","HAMLET\/GREENSWARD","HAMLET\/SEAGATE","Hamlett Country Club","Hammock Circle","Hammock House","Hammock Reserve","HAMPTON HOUSE","HANOVER SQUARE","HARBOUR CLUB","Harbour House","HARBOUR POINT","Harbour Pointe","Harbour Villas","Harbourside","Harbourside Condo","HARBOURSIDE III","Harbourside on the Intracoastal","HAROURBSIDE","Heritage","Heritage Club","HERITAGE CLUG","Heritage Landing","Heritage Landings","HERITAGE PARK","HH 613","HIDDEN COVE \/ POLO CLUB","Hidden Cove\/Polo","Hidden Lake","HIDDEN LAKE \/ CLEARBROOK","HIDDEN LAKE\/Clearbrook","Hig Point Sec #7","HIGG POINT","High Point of Delray sec 2 West","High Point of Delray West","HIGH ACRES","HIGH ACRES LOT 3","High Acres, Lake Ida","HIGH OF DELRAY SEC 7","High oint of Delray West","High Point","High Point - Sec 3","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SEC 7","High Point Section #7","HIGH POINT SECTION 7","High Point - Sec 4","HIGH POINT 1","High Point 1 West","HIGH POINT 2","High Point 2 We","High Point 2 West","High Point 3","High Point 3 - Ct C","HIGH POINT 3 WEST","High Point 5","High Point 6","High Point 7","High Point Delray","HIGH POINT DELRAY 1W","High Point Delray 2","High Point Delray 3","HIGH POINT DELRAY 5","High Point Delray Be","High Point Delray Beach Sec 7","High Point Delray Section 4","HIGH POINT DELRAY W","HIGH POINT DELRAY W3","High Point Delray We","High Point Delray West","High Point Delray West Condo","High Point Delray West Section III","High Point HP1W","HIGH POINT II","High Point III","High Point III West","High Point IIIWest","HIGH POINT IV","High Point od Delray Section 5","HIGH POINT OF DALREY","HIGH POINT OF DEL RAY WEST","High point of Delraay section 2 west","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY #5 CONDO","High Point of Delray 2 west","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY 3","High Point of Delray 5","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH","High Point of Delray Beach Cond Sec 1","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH CONDO I","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH CONDO SEC III","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH CONDO SECTION lll","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH SEC 1","High point of Delray Beach sec 2 West","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH SECTION 1","High Point of Delray Beach Section 3 West","High Point of Delray Beach Section 5","High Point of Delray Beach west section 2","High Point of Delray Condo Section 2","High Point of Delray Sec #6","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SEC 1","High Point of Delray Sec 1 West","High Point of Delray Sec 2","High point Of Delray sec 2 West","High Point of Delray Sec 3","High point of Delray Sec 3 West","High Point of Delray Sec 4","High Point of Delray Sec 5","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SEC 5 CONDO","High Point Of Delray Sec 6","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SEC 6 CONDO","High Point of Delray Sec 7","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SEC 7 COND","High Point of Delray Sec 7 Condo","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SEC I","High Point of Delray Sec II","High Point of Delray sec III","High Point of Delray Sect 1 West","High Point of Delray Section # 7","High Point of Delray section 1","High Point of Delray section 1 West","High Point of Delray Section 1West","High Point of Delray section 2","High Point of Delray section 2 West","High Point of Delray Section 3","High Point of Delray Section 3 West","High Point of Delray Section 4","High Point of Delray section 5","High Point of Delray Section 6","High Point of Delray Section 6 Condo","High Point of Delray Section 7","High point of Delray Section III","High Point of Delray Section V","High Point of Delray Section7","High Point of Delray West","High Point of Delray West - SECTION 2","High Point Of Delray West #","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST 2","High Point of Delray West across from The Boys Mkt","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST CONDO","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST CONDO SEC 1&2","High Point of Delray West Condo Sec 3","High Point of Delray West Condo Section 2","High Point of Delray West Condo Section 3","High Point of Delray West Condominiums","High Point of Delray West Condsec 1","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST SEC 1","High Point of Delray west Sec 2","High Point of Delray West Sec 3","High Point of Delray West section 1","High Point Of Delray West SECTION 2","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST Section 3","High Point of Delray West Section II","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST SSECTION 2","High Point One West","High Point Point","High Point Sec # 6","High Point Sec #2","High Point Sec #3","High Point Sec #5","High Point Sec #6","High Point Sec #7","High Point Sec 01","High Point Sec 02","High Point sec 03","HIGH POINT SEC 04","High Point Sec 05","High Point Sec 07","High Point Sec 1","High Point sec 1 W","HIGH POINT SEC 1 WES","High Point Sec 1 West","High Point sec 1W","High Point sec 1West","High Point Sec 2","HIGH POINT SEC 2 W","High Point Sec 2 Wes","High Point Sec 2 West","High Point Sec 2West","HIGH POINT SEC 3","High Point Sec 3 West","High point sec 3 W","HIGH POINT SEC 3 WES","High Point Sec 3 West","High Point sec 3W","High Point Sec 4","High Point Sec 5","High Point Sec 6","HIGH POINT SEC 7","High Point sec Three","HIGH POINT SEC V","High Point Sec. #4","High Point Sec. #6","High Point Sec. #7","High Point Sect 2 West","High Point Sect. 7","HIGH POINT SECTION #5","High Point Section #7","High point Section 1","High Point Section 1 west","High Point Section 111","HIGH POINT SECTION 2","High Point section 2 West","High Point Section 3","High Point section 3 West","HIGH POINT SECTION 4","High Point Section 5","HIGH POINT SECTION 6","High Point Section 7","HIGH POINT SECTION 7 CONDO","HIGH POINT SECTION I","HIGH POINT SEVEN","High Point Three Wes","HIGH POINT V","HIGH POINT VILLAS","HIGH POINT W","HIGH POINT W.SEC 2","High Point West","High Point West - Sec 1 & 2","HIGH POINT WEST 1","HIGH POINT WEST 2","High Point West 3","HIGH POINT WEST OF DELRAY 1","HIGH POINT WEST OF DELRAY 2","High Point West off Delray II","HIGH POINT WEST SEC 1 & 2","High Point West section 2","High Point- Section II","HIGH POINT,SECTION 7","High Pointe of Delray West Sec 3","HIGH POINTSEC 6","HIGH POIT OF DELRAY","High Pount of Delray West","HIGH PT SEC 2","HIghalnd Grove","Highland Grove","HIGHLAND GROVE ESTAT","HIGHLAND GROVE ESTATES","Highland Park","HIGHLAND PARK DELR","Highland Park Delray","HIGHLAND TRAILER PARK","Highly Desirable","Highpoint","highpoint 7","HIGHPOINT DELRAY 5","Highpoint Delray Wes","HIGHPOINT I","HIGHPOINT OF DELRAY","Highpoint of Delray West","HIGHPOINT SEC 7","highpoint6","HIGHT POINT","Hight Point III","HIGHT POINT WEST","HISTORIC","HISTORIC ARTS DIST","Historic Banker\\'s Row","Historic Del Ida Park","HISTORIC DELRAY","HISTORIC DISTRICT","Historic Lake Ida","Historic Swinton Avenue","HISTORICAL DELRAY","HIUGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST","HOFMAN VILLAGE","Hofmans","HOIGH POINT SEC 3 W","Holiday","HOLLOWS","Homes at Joe Lee Circle","Homewood","HOMEWOOD LAKES","Homewood Lakes - Woodlake","Homewood Lakes \/ Woodlake","HOMEWOOD LAKES SEC C","Homewood Lakes, Wood","HOMEWOOD LAKES, WOODLAKE","Homewood Lakes,Woodlake","Homewood Lakes\/ Woodlake","Homewood Park","https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/watch?v=xahDJFND7Wc&featur","Hungtington Lakes","Hungtinton Lakes","Hungtinton Pointe","Hunitngton Pointe","HUNTIINGTON POINTE","HUNTING LAKES","Huntingdon Pointe","Huntingotn Pointe","HUNTINGTIN LAKES","HUNTINGTN POINTE","Huntington","Huntington Towers","Huntington Laes","HUNTINGTON LAKES","Huntington Lakes Bldg 14","HUNTINGTON LAKES 3","Huntington Lakes 03","Huntington Lakes 05","Huntington Lakes Community","Huntington Lakes Condos","HUNTINGTON LAKES IV","Huntington Lakes Seasonal or Annual rent available","Huntington Lakes Sec 1","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC 2 CONDO","Huntington Lakes sec 5","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC FIVE","Huntington Lakes Sec Four","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC FOUR CONDOS","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC ONE CONDOS","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC THREE CONDOS","Huntington Lakes Sec Three Conds 20 Thru 28 De","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC TWO CONDOS","HUNTINGTON LAKES Section 1","Huntington Lakes Section 2 bldg #17","Huntington Lakes Section 3","Huntington Lakes Section 5","Huntington Lakes Section One","huntington lakes, whitmore","Huntington Lakes.","Huntington Lkes","HUNTINGTON POINT","Huntington Pointe","HUNTINGTON POINTE 1","Huntington Pointe Condo","Huntington Pointe I thru IV Cond","HUNTINGTON POINTE II","HUNTINGTON POINTE SOUTH","Huntington Towers","Huntington Towers Assn","HUNTINGTON WALK 1","Huntinton Pointe","HUNTIONGTON LAKES","HUNTUNGTON LAKES","HYDER PUD","IDA LAKE TERRACE","Imperial Manor","IMPERIAL MANOR CONDO","Imperial Vil;as","Imperial Villas","Imperial Villas Condo","INGRAHAM HOUSE","Inlet Cove","Inner Circle","Inner Circle Condo","Intercoastal Cove","International Club","INTERNATIONAL CLUB - VILLAGES OF ORIOLE","International Club at Huntington Lakes","International Club at Villages of Oriole","INTERNATIONAL CLUB CONDO","International Club of Villages of Oriole","Interntional Club","INTRACOASTAL PROP","INTRACOSTAL POINT LT","Ironwood","Isle of Capri","Isle of Capri \/ Kings Point","Isles of Capri","ISLES OF DELRAY","izcaya","Jardin Del Mar","JARDIN DELMAR","JEFFERSON MANOR","JOHN B REIDS","JOHN B REIDS VILLAGE","JOHN B. REIDS","JOHN REIDS VILLAGE","JOHNSON\\'S FOLLY HORSE FARM","K Hovnanian Four Seasons of Delray","K Hovnanian Four Seasons of Delray Beach","KCMCL","Kenmont","KENMONT FIRST","Kent","Kent Properties","Kent Property","King Point","King Point Golf & Country Club","King Point\/Las Verdes","KING\\'S POINT","KING\\'S POINT DELRAY BEACH","King\\'s Point Seville","King\\'s Point`","KING'S POINT","Kinga Point Golf & Country Club","KINGLAND PINES","Kings Point","KINGS OINT","Kings Piont","KINGS POIINT","Kings Poing","KINGS POINT","KINGS POINT BURGUNDY","Kings Point Capri","Kings Point Flanders","Kings Point Normandy","KINGS POINT SAXONY N","Kings Point 55+Community","Kings Point Golf & Country Club","Kings Point Golf and Country Club","KINGS POINT Monaco Condos","Kings Point -","Kings Point - Active Adult Community","Kings Point - Capri","KINGS POINT - DELRAY","Kings Point - Flanders","Kings Point - Flanders E","Kings Point - Peidmo","Kings Point - Piedmont G","Kings Point - Saxony","Kings Point - Saxony B","Kings Point - Seville","Kings Point - Valencia F","Kings Point (Flanders)","Kings Point \/ Brittany","Kings Point \/ Monaco","Kings Point \/ Tuscany","KINGS POINT \/ WATERFORD","Kings Point \/Tuscany","KINGS POINT & COUNTRY CLUB","Kings Point 02","Kings Point 55+community","Kings Point All Ages","Kings Point at Delray Beach","KINGS POINT BONUS","Kings Point Brittany","Kings Point Brittany A","KINGS POINT BRITTANY CONDOS","Kings Point Brittany L","Kings Point Brittany N","KINGS POINT BURGUNDY","KINGS POINT BURGUNDY A","Kings Point Burgundy A Thru Q condos","KINGS POINT BURGUNDY CONDOS","Kings Point Burgundy D","KINGS POINT BURGUNDY E","KINGS POINT BURGUNDY O","KINGS POINT CAPRI","KINGS POINT CAPRI CONDO","Kings Point Capri H","KINGS POINT CONDOMINIUMS 55+","Kings Point Country Club","Kings Point D","KINGS POINT DELRAY","Kings Point Delray Beach","Kings Point Delray Beach FLANDERS off Linton Blvd.","KINGS POINT FLANDERS","KINGS POINT FLANDERS A THRU T CONDOS","Kings Point Flanders C","KINGS POINT FLANDERS CONDOS Q","KINGS POINT FLANDERS G","Kings Point Flanders H","KINGS POINT FLANDERS O","Kings Point Gof and Country Club","KINGS POINT GOLF & C","KINGS POINT GOLF & CC","Kings Point Golf & Country Club","Kings Point Golf & Country Club Delray","Kings Point Golf & Country Clubs","Kings Point Golf & Country Cub","Kings Point Golf & County Club","Kings Point Golf & Cuntry Club","Kings Point Golf & Tennis Country Club","Kings Point Golf and Country Club","KINGS POINT GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB","Kings Point Golf and Country Club (Delray Beach)","Kings Point Golf and Country Clubs","Kings Point Isle of Capri","Kings Point Monaco","KINGS POINT MONACO B","KINGS POINT MONACO C","KINGS POINT MONACO CONDOS","Kings Point Monaco D","KINGS POINT Monaco E","KINGS POINT MONACO I","KINGS POINT MONACO I COND","Kings Point Monaco J","KINGS POINT Monaco L","KINGS POINT MONACO N","KINGS POINT MONACO P","Kings Point Monaco Section","Kings Point Normandy","Kings Point Normandy Condos","Kings Point Normandy G","KINGS POINT NORMANDY I 429","Kings Point Normandy J","Kings Point Normandy K condo 509","KINGS POINT NORMANDY L","Kings Point Normandy S","Kings Point Nromandy","Kings Point of Delray","Kings Point Piedmont","Kings Point Piedmont Condo","KINGS POINT PIEDMONT CONDOS","Kings Point Piedmont E","KINGS POINT PIEDMONT G","Kings Point Piedmont H","Kings Point Piedmont I","Kings Point Saxony","KINGS POINT SAXONY M","KINGS POINT SAXONY CONDOS","KINGS POINT SAXONY F","KINGS POINT SAXONY G","KINGS POINT SAXONY I","Kings Point Saxony O","KINGS POINT SEVILLE","Kings Point Seville A Thru O Condos","KINGS POINT SEVILLE CONDOS","KINGS POINT SEVILLE H COND PAR 16","KINGS POINT SEVILLE H CONDOS","KINGS POINT TUSCANY","KINGS POINT VALENCIA","Kings Point Valencia VILLA","Kings Point Waterford","Kings Point Waterford A Thru J Condos","KINGS POINT WATERFORD CONDOS","Kings Point Waterford Section","Kings Point- Valencia","KINGS POINT-NORMANDY","Kings Point,","Kings Point, Flanders","Kings Point, Piedmont","Kings Point, Saxony section","kings point,piedmont","KINGS POINT\/ PIEDMONT","KINGS POINT\/ TUSCANY","Kings Point\/Flanders","KINGS POINT\/ISLE OF CAPRI","Kings Point\/Las Verdes","Kings Point\/Normandy","KINGS POINT\/SAXONY","Kings Point\/Tuscany","KINGS POINTE","Kings pointe Flanders F","Kings Pointe Monaco","Kings Pointe Monaco Section M","KINGS POINTE N","Kings Poit","Kings Poitn Country Club","KINGS PONIT","Kings Pont","KINGS PONT GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB","Kings Ponte","Kingsland","KINGSLAND ESTATES","KINGSLAND PINES","KingsPoint","Kingss Point","kk","KNGS POINT","KNGS PT WATERFORD H","Knightsbridge","KOKOMO","Kokomo Key","KOKOMO KEY PLACE","KOMOMO KEY","L","L\\'HERMITAGE","LA CASA \/ BEL AIRE","La Casa \/ Bel Aire","La Hacienda","LA HACIENDA DELRAY","LA HACIENDA, DELRAY","LA SEDONA","La Sedona \/ Sierra Vista","La Sedona\/ Sierra Vista","LA SEDONA\/SIERRA VISTA","LADO DEL REY","LAEKS OF DELRAY","Lag Del Rey","Lage Del Rey","Lago","LAGO DEL RAY","Lago Del Ray Condo","Lago Del Rey","LAGO DEL REY COND 1","LAGO DEL REY COND 10","LAGO DEL REY COND 5","LAGO DEL REY CONDO","LAGO DEL REY NORTH","Lago Delray","Lago Delray North","Lago Delrey","LAGO DELREY NORTH","LAKE EDEN","LAKE EDEN LAKE IDA","Lake Forest","Lake Forest South","LAKE FRONT VIEW","Lake Heights","LAKE IDA","Lake Ida \/ Lake Eden","LAKE IDA AREA","Lake Ida Chevy Chase","LAKE IDA GARDENS","LAKE IDA MANOR","LAKE IDA NEIGHBORHOOD","LAKE IDA NEIGHBORHOOD DOWNTOWN DELRAY BEACH","LAKE IDA PINEVIEW","LAKE IDA SHORES","Lake Ida Terrace","Lake Ida Totterdale","Lake Ida\/ Ye Little Wood","Lake IdaAcreage & Un","Lake of Delray","LAKE OF DELRAY WATERSEDGE B","Lake Shore Estates","LAKE SHORE ESTATES\/Lake Ida","LAKE SIDE TOWNHOMES","Lake View Greens","LAKE VIEW NON HOA","LAKES AT DELRAY","Lakes if Delray","Lakes of Del","Lakes of Delray","LAKES OF DELRAY PEMBRIDGE H","LAKES OF DELRAY - PEMBRIDGE","LAKES OF DELRAY - TOWBRIDGE","Lakes of Delray - Watersedge","LAKES OF DELRAY - WATERSEDGE D","Lakes of Delray - Witney","Lakes of Delray \/ Ashland","Lakes of Delray \/ Ashland C","Lakes of Delray \/ Watersedge C","Lakes of Delray \/ Witney B","LAKES OF DELRAY \/TROWBRIDGE B","Lakes of Delray 55+","Lakes of Delray Ashl","Lakes of Delray Ashland","Lakes of Delray Beach","Lakes of Delray Pembridge","LAKES OF DELRAY PEMBRIDGE E","Lakes of Delray Watersedge","Lakes of Delray Whitney","Lakes of Delray-Watersedge","LAKES OF DELRAY, WATERS EDGE","Lakes of Delray, Ashland","Lakes of Delray\/Ashland E","Lakes of Delray\/Towbridge B","Lakes of Delray\/Watersedge","LAKESDIE OF DELRAY","LAKESDIE TOWNHOMES","Lakeside","LAKESIDE - LAVERS","LAKESIDE AT DELAY","LAKESIDE AT DELRAY","Lakeside at Delray condominiums","Lakeside at Lavers","Lakeside CONDO","Lakeside Condominium","LAKESIDE CONDOMINIUMS","LAKESIDE CONDOMINUM","Lakeside Condomiums","LAKESIDE CONDOS","LAKESIDE LAVERS","lakeside of Delray","LAKESIDE OF DELRAY CONDO","LAKESIDE OF DELRAYT","LAKESIDE TOWN HOMES","LAKESIDE TOWNHOME","Lakeside Townhomes","Lakeside, Lavers","Lakeside\/Lavers","LAKEVIEW","LAKEVIEW GREENS","LAKEVIEW ESTATES","LAKEVIEW GARDENS","Lakeview Greens","LAKEVIEW GREENS CONDO","LAKEVIEW GREENS CONDO ASSOCIATION A","LAKEVIEW HEIGHTS","LAKEVIEW HEIGHTS 1","Lakeview Heights, Chevy Chase","LAKEVIEW HGHTS","Lakeview Hgts Unit 1","LAKEVIEW PH 02","LAKEVIEW\/SHERWOOD PK","Lakewiew Greens","LAKEWOODE","LANDINGS","LANDINGS OF DELRAY","LANDINGS OF DELRAY B","Landings of Delray Beach","Landings of Delray Beach Condo","Lanikai","LANIKAI VILLA","LANIKAI VILLAS","Large Lot - Room to expand","largo del rey","Las Palmas","Las Verdes","Las Verdes Aspen","Las Verdes Copperleaf","LAS VERDES - All Age","LAS VERDES - Forsythia","LAS VERDES - Forsythia Villas","LAS VERDES - PALMETTO","Las Verdes -Dogwood Condo","LAS VERDES \/ ALL AGE","LAS VERDES \/ Banyan Condo","LAS VERDES \/ BOTTLEBRUSH","LAS VERDES \/ BREADFRUIT","LAS VERDES \/ CYPRESS CONDOMINIUM","LAS VERDES \/ DOGWOOD CONDO","LAS VERDES \/ FORSYTHIA","LAS VERDES \/ FORSYTHIA HOA","LAS VERDES \/ LAUREL OAK","Las Verdes \/ LAUREL OAK VILLAS","LAS VERDES \/ OLEANDER CONDO","LAS VERDES \/ OLEANDER CONDOMINIUM","LAS VERDES \/ Oleaner Condo","LAS VERDES \/ Olive Leaf Condo","Las Verdes \/ Palmetto","LAS VERDES \/ Palmetto Condo","LAS VERDES \/ VIBURNUM HOA","LAS VERDES ALL AGES","Las Verdes at Kings Point","Las Verdes Copperleaf","Las Verdes Cypress","LAS VERDES DEV. CYPRESS CONDO","Las Verdes Development - Carrotwood Villas","LAS VERDES DOGWOOD","LAS VERDES OLEANDER","Las Verdes Olive Leaf","LAS VERDES OLIVE LEAF CONDO","LAS VERDES PALMETTO","Las Verdes Seagrape","Las Verdes...All Ages.Renovated","Las Verdes\/Banyan Condo","Las Verdes\/Copperleaf","Las Verdes\/Dogwood","LAS VERDES\/Dogwood Condo","LAS VERDES\/Forsythia","las verdes\/laurel oaks","LasVerdes Copperleaf","Latitude","Latitude Delray","Latitude Delray Beach","LATITUDE DELRAY BEACH CONDO","Lattitude","Laurel Oak Villas of Las Verdes Development","LAVAERS DELRAY RACQU","LAVER DELRAY RACQUET","LAVERRS DELRAY RACQU","LAVERS","Lavers \/ Garden Apar","Lavers at the Delray Racquet Club","LAVERS DEKRAY RACQUE","LAVERS DELRAY","Lavers Delray Raquet Club","LAVERS DELRAY R.C","LAVERS DELRAY RACQ","LAVERS DELRAY RACQUE","Lavers Delray Racquet","Lavers Delray Racquet Club","Lavers Delray Racquet Club 01-09","LAVERS DELRAY RACQUET CLUB COND I","LAVERS DELRAY RACQUET CLUB CONDO","Lavers Delray Racquet Cub","LAVERS DELRAY RAQUET","LAVERS DELRAY RAQUET CLUB","LAVERS DELRAYRACQUET","LAVERS LAKESIDE","LAVERS LAKESIDE COND","LAVERS NORTH","LAVERS RACQUET CLUB","LAVERS RACUET CLUB","LAVERS RAQUET CLUB","Lavers Resort","LAVERS RESORT & RACQ","Lavers Resort & Racquet Club","Lavers Resort & Racquet Club A","Lavers Resort & Racquet Club A & B","LAVERS RESORT & RACQUET CLUB A & B DECLS FILED 1-2","LAVERS RESORT & RACQUET CLUB ACOND","lavers Resort & Raqu","LAVERS RESORT &","Lavers Resort and Racquet Club","LAVERS RESORT RACQUE","LAVERS\/DELRAY RACQUE","LE VILLAGE DE PROVEN","LE VILLAGE DE PROVENCE","LE VILLAGE DE PROVENCE \/ Chateau Wood","Le Village De Provence 02","LE VILLAGE DE PROVENCE aka Chatuau Wood","LEDGES CONDO","LEE CROSSING","LEE\\'S CROSSING","LEES CROSSING","LEES CROSSING DELRAY","Legacy","LEGACY @ SHERWOOD","Legacy at Sherwood","LEGACY AT SHERWOOD F","Legacy at Sherwood Forest","Legacy at Sherwood Golf Course","LEGACY PARK","LEGAVY","Lennar","LENNAR HOMES","LEWIS COVE","LEXINGTON CLUB","LEXINGTON CLUB -- VILLAGE 16","LEXINGTON CLUB 2","Lexington Club Community Associaiton","LEXINGTON CLUB COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION","LEXINGTON CLUB VILLAS","LEXINGTON CLUB VILLAS CONDO","LEXINGTON CLUB VILLAS CONDOMINIUM ASSOC., INC.","LEXINGTON CLUB VILLAS CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION","Lexington Club--Village 4","Lexington Cub","Lexington Villas Condominium Association","Lextingon Club","Lincoln Atlantic Park Gardens","LINNS ADD TO OSCEOLA","LINTON RIDGE","Linton Ridge Condo","LINTON RIDGE CONDO.","Linton Ridge Condominiums","LINTON RIDGE CONDOS","Linton Woods","Lkaes of Delray","LOFTS","LONE PINE","LONE PINE ESTATES","LONE PINE\/ACREAGE","Lowery Park Estates","Lowry Park Estates","Lucaya Delray","Lucaya Delray - Delray Estates","Luxury Model 1st Flr","LYNDON ARMS","Macfarlane Arms","MALLORY SQUARE","MANDOLIN","Mango de Paris Estates","MANOR HOUSE","MARINA BAY","MARINA BAY OF DELRAY","Marina Del Rey","Marina del Rey Condo","Marina Delray","Marina District","Marina Historic District","Marina Triplex","Marina Villas","Marina Villas of Delray Beach","Marine Historic District","MARINELLO ESTATES","MARINELLO ESTATES","Mark Downtown","MARK DOWNTOWN CONDO","MARK DOWNTOWN, MARK","Martel Arms","Martel Arms Condo","MARTELL ARMS","MARTIN HOMES","Matthew Goldstein","Meridain","MERIDIAN","Meridian Condo","Meridian Delray","MERIDIAN DELRAY CONDO","MERIDIAN DELRAY CONDOMINIUM","Meridian Lofts","MET CALF\\'S","METCALFS","Military Ridge","MILITARY RIDGE IN","Mirabella","MIRAMAR GARDEN","Miramar Garden Apt Condo","MIRAMAR GARDEN APTS.","Miramar Gardens","Miramr Garden","MIZNER COUNTRY CLUB","MIZNER C. CLUB \/ ENCANTADA","MIZNER CC","MIZNER CONTRY CLUB","MIZNER COUNRY CLUB","Mizner Country Club","Mizner Country Club - Capri","MIZNER COUNTRY CLUB - PALMA","Mizner Country Club \/ Capri","MIZNER COUNTY CLUB","Mizner Grande Estates","Mizner Preserve","Mizner\\'s Preserve","MIZNERS PRESERVE","MLLORY SQUARE","Monaco","Monaco - Kings Point","Monaco at Kings Pt","MONACO C","Monaco K","Monaco N","MONACO P","Monaco\/ kings Point","MONROE SUB.","Monterey Estates","MONTEREY LAKE","Monterey Lake of Boca Delray","MONTEREY LAKE REPL","MONTERRAY ESTATES","MOORES LANDING","Morningstar","MORNINGSTAR AT DELRA","Morningstar at Delray","Morningstar of Delray","Morningstart at Delray","MURANO","MURANO @ DELRAY","MURANO AT DELRAY","MURANO AT DELRAY BCH","Murano At Delray Be","MURANO AT DELRAY BEA","MURANO AT DELRAY BEACH","MURANO AT DELRAY BEACH CONDO","Murano at Delray Beach Condominium","Murano at Delray Beach Condominiums","MURANO CONDOMINIUMS","MURANO DELRAY BEACH CONDOMINIUM","Murano of Delray","Murano of Delray Beach","N\/A","NA","Narberth","Narbeth Condo","NASSAU PARK","Nassau Street Historic District","Nautical Air","Nautical Aire","NAUTICAL AIRE INC","NEW CONSTRUCTION","NEW MONMOUTH COND","NEW MONMOUTH CONDO","New pool with marble patio","New Port Cove","NEW ROOF ON THE WAY","New Townhome Development","NEW YORK STYLE LOFT","NEW:Kitchen Water Htr, Electric, Microwave,AC 2yrs","NEWPORT COVE","NEWPORT COVE \/ HAGAN RANCH HEIGHTS","Newport Cove\/Hagen Ranch","Nichols 1st Add","No HOA","Norfolk","NORFOLK DELUXE","NORMANDY","NORMANDY CONDOS","NORMANDY E","Normandy J","Normandy Kings Point","Normandy L","Normandy U","North Beach","North Beach District","North del Ida Estates","NORTH PALM TRAIL","North Pineapple Grove","North Swinton Estate Homes","Northridge","NORTHRIDGE IN","NOT 55 , QUICK APPRO","Number 2 Condominium","OAKMONT","Oakmont\/Faircrest Heights","OCCUPIED BUT ON SUPR","OCCUPIED-CALL- APPT.","OCCUPIED-IF OUT SUPR","OCCUPIED-ON SUPRA LK","OCCUPIED\/-ON SUPRA","Ocean Apple Estates","OCEAN BREEZE","Ocean Breeze Estates","OCEAN BREEZE VILLAS","Ocean Breezes","Ocean City Lofts","Ocean City Lofts Con","Ocean City Lofts Condo","Ocean Condo","Ocean Crest","Ocean Delray","Ocean East","Ocean East Condo","Ocean Estates","OCEAN HAMMOCK","OCEAN ISLES","OCEAN ISLES AT DEL-RATON","Ocean Place","Ocean Place 2155","Ocean Place Condo","Ocean Reach","OCEAN TERR","Ocean Terrace","Ocean Terrace Condo","Ocean Terraces","Ocean Terraces at Delray Beach","OCEAN TERRACES OF DELRAY BEACH","oceanfront","Oceanview Townhomes","OCEOLA PARK","Ocsela Park","OCSEOLA PARK","Odmanns","Odmanns sub LT BLK 4","office space","OLD PALM GROVE","OLD SCHOOL HISTORI","Old School Square","Old School Square Historic District","OLEANDER","Oleander CONDO","OLEANDER CONDO BDLNG","Olive Leaf","OLIVE LEAF CONDO","ON CODED LOCKBOX","ON SUPRA LOCKBOX","ON SUPRA SHOW","ORIOLE","Oriole Village","Oriole-Abbey","Osceloa Park","Osceola Park","Osceola Park","OSCEOLA PARK - EAST","OSCEOLA PARK - EAST DELRAY BEACH","Osceola Park, Delray Beach","Osceola Park\/SofA","OSHAD DISTRICT","Outrigger","OUTRIGGER CONDO","Outrigger Condominium","OWNER OCCUPIED","PALM BATH AND TENNIS","PALM BCH BATH & TENN","PALM BCH BATH &","PALM BCH BATH + TENN","PALM BCH BATH AND TE","PALM BCH BATH TENNIS","Palm Bch Bath\/Tennis","Palm Bch Bath&Tennis","PALM BEACH BATH","PALM BEACH BATH &","PALM BEACH BATH & TE","Palm Beach Bath & Tennis","PALM BEACH BATH & TENNIS. TROPICAL LAKES","PALM BEACH BATH &","PALM BEACH BATH +TEN","Palm Beach Bath AND","PALM BEACH BATH AND TENNIS","Palm Beach Bath and Tennis \/ Tropical Lakes","Palm Beach Bath aned Tennis","PALM BEACH BATH&","PALM BEACH BATH&TENN","PALM BEACH BATH+TENN","PALM GREEN","PALM GREEN II","Palm Green Villas I","Palm Greens","PALM GREENS Condo 1","PALM GREENS -- COURT 17","Palm Greens \/ Condo 2","Palm Greens 1","Palm Greens 11","Palm Greens 2","PALM GREENS AT VIA VILLA DELRAY","PALM GREENS AT VILLA","Palm Greens At Villa Del Ray","Palm Greens At Villa Del Ray Condo","Palm Greens at Villa Del Ray Condo 2","PALM GREENS AT VILLA DELRAY","Palm Greens at Villa Delray Condo","PALM GREENS AT VILLA DELRAY CONDO 2","Palm Greens Condo","Palm Greens Condo 1","Palm Greens Condo 11","Palm Greens Condo 2","PALM GREENS CONDO I","PALM GREENS CONDO II","PALM GREENS CONDO TW","Palm Greens I","Palm Greens II","PALM GREENS II AT VILLA DEL RAY","PALM GREENS ONE","PALM GREENS PHASE 1","Palm Greens Phase 2","Palm Greens Sec 2","Palm Greens Villa Del Ray","Palm Grens","Palm of Delray","Palm Square","PALM STATE HEIGHTS","Palm Trail","PALM TRAIL AREA","Palm Trail North","Palm Trail Place","PALM TRAIL PLACE CON","PALM TRAIL PLACE CONDO","Palm Trail Yacht","PALM TRAIL YACHT CLU","Palm Trail Yacht Club","palm villa","Palm Villas","Palm Villas At Delray Beach","PALM VILLAS AT DELRAY BEACH CONDOMINIUM","PALM VILLAS CONDO APTS","PALMBEACHBATH&TE","PALMETTO AT LAS VERDES","PALMETTO CONDO","Palmetto Condominium","Palmetto House","Palms Delray","Palms of Delray","Pam Greens 2","Paradise Heights","PARADISE HEIGHTS HISTORIC DISTRICT","Park View Manor","Parkview Manor","PARKVIEW MANOR CONDO","Patio Beach","PB BATH & TENNIS","PB Bath &Tennis","Pelican Habor","PELICAN HARBOR","Pelican Harbor \/ Captains Walk","Pelican Harbor Captains Walk","PELICAN HARBOR PELICAN POINTE","Pelican Harbor, Captains Walk","Pelican Harbor\/Captains Walk","Pelican Harbour","PELICAN POINT","Pelican Pointe","Pelican Pointe Condo","Pelican Pointe Pelican Harbor","Pelicans Harbor","PELKICAN HARBOR","PEMBRIDGE","PEMBRIDGE A THRU I D","Pembridge A-1 Condo","Pembridge A-I Condo","PEMBRIDGE C","Pembridge F","Pembridge F @ Lakes of Delray","PENTHOUSE","PENTHOUSE DELRAY","Penthouse Condo","PENTHOUSE DELRAY","Penthouse Delray Condo","PENTHOUSE OF DELRAY","PG AT VILLA DEL RAY","Philodendron","PIAZZA DELRAY","Piedmont","PIEDMONT CONDOS","Pinapple Place condo","PINE BEACH SOUTH","PINE OF DELRAY","Pine Of Delray North","PINE OF DELRAY WEST","Pine Ridge","Pine Ridge at Delray","PINE RIDGE AT DELRAY BCH CONDO","Pine Ridge at Delray Beac","Pine Ridge at Delray Beach","PINE RIDGE AT DELRAY BEACH CONDO","Pine Ridge at Delray Beach.","Pine Ridge At Delray Beaxh","PINE RIDGE DELRAY","PINE RIDGE OF DELRAY","PINE RIDGE OF DELRAY BEACH","Pine Trail","Pine Trail East","Pine Trail Sec 1","PINE TRAIL SEC 3","PINE TRAIL SEC II","PINE TRAIL SOUTH","PINE TRAILS","Pine Trails South","Pine Wood Cove","Pineallple Grove Condo","PINEAPPLE APARTMENTS","PINEAPPLE GROVE","Pineapple Grove (PGV)","PINEAPPLE GROVE 3%","Pineapple Grove Condos","PINEAPPLE GROVE VILL","PINEAPPLE GROVE VILLAGE","Pineapple Grove Village Condo","Pineapple Grove Village Condominium","Pineapple Grove Village Condominiums","Pineapple Grove Village Condominum","Pineapple Place","PINEAPPLE PLACE COND","Pineapple Place Condo","Pineapple Road","Pineapple Trail Apts","PINEAPPLE WALK","Pinecrest Sub Delray","Pineridge Heights","Pines","Pines Delray","Pines Delray Condo","PINES DELRAY N","PINES DELRAY NORTH","PINES DELRAY VILLAS","Pines North Delray","PINES O` DELRAY","PINES OD DELRAY NORT","PINES OF DELARY","Pines of Delrat","Pines of Delray","PINES OF DELRAY BEACH","Pines Of Delray Cond One,Two, Three,Four,Five,Six","PINES OF DELRAY CONDO","PINES OF DELRAY CONDO EAST","PINES OF DELRAY CONDO ONE,TWO AND THREE","Pines of Delray East","Pines of Delray N","PINES OF DELRAY N.","PINES OF DELRAY NO","PINES OF DELRAY NO.","Pines of Delray Nort","PINES OF DELRAY NORTH","PINES OF DELRAY NORTH CONDO","PINES OF DELRAY WEST","Pines of Delray West 55+","PINES OF DELRAY WEST SECTION THREE","PINES OF DELRAY.","PINES OF DELRYA","PINES WEST","PineTrail","PINEVIEW","PINEWOOD COVE","Pings Point","PLACE AU SOLEIL","PLACE AU SOLIEL","PLAM BEACH BATH &","Plam Greens","Plumosa Park","Plumosa Park Area","Pm Bch Bath & Tennis","Point at Delray","POINT AT DELRAY COND","Point At Delray Condo","POINT OF DELRAY","POLO CLUB","POLO CLUB CYPRESS ISLES","POLO CLUB \/ PORTOFINO","POLO CLUB \/ CYPRESS ISLE","POLO CLUB \/ Hollows","POLO CLUB \/ KNIGHTSBRIDGE","POLO CLUB \/ VINTAGE OAKS","Polo Club \/ Wedgewood","Polo Club at Boca Raton","Polo Club at Boca Raton\/ Portofino","POLO CLUB C.C.","POLO CLUB CC","Polo Club Hollows","POLO CLUB OF BOCA RATON","Polo Club-Crystal Bay","Polo Club*","Polo club\/ Knightsbridge","POLO CLUB\/CRYSTAL BA","Polo Club\/Cypress","POLO CLUB\/CYPRESS IS","POLO CLUB\/Cypress Isle","POLO CLUB\/Isle of Palms","POLO CLUB\/KNIGHTSBRI","Polo Club\/Knightsbridge","POLO CLUB\/Portofino","Polo Club\/San Michel","POLO CLUB\/WEDGWOOD","Polo Country Club","Polo Trace","POLO TRACE PRESERVE","Polo Trace 02 03","POLO TRACE 2 PL 3 LT 303","POLO TRACE 3.5%","Polo Trace Country Club","Polo\/Cypress Isle","Polo\/Wedgwood","PoloTrace","PORTA AL MARE","Porta Al More","Portofino","Private Paradise","QUICK APPROVAL","Quick Move In","Rabbit Holllowe","Rabbit Hollowe","RABBITT HOLLOWE","Racquet Club B","Radius 246","Rain Berry Bay","Rainbedrry Bay","RAINBERRY","RAINBERRY BAY","RAINBERRY BAY","Rainberry Bay - Villas","Rainberry Bay Estates","RAINBERRY BAY HOMES","RAINBERRY BAY SEC 1 LOT 5 BLK 4","Rainberry Bay Villas","RAINBERRY ESTATES","Rainberry Lake","RAINBERRY LAKE PHASE IV-A REPLAT","RAINBERRY LAKES","Rainberry Way","RAINBERRY WOOD","RAINBERRY WOODS","Rainbery Bay","RAINBOW HOMES","Rainbrerry bAY","RAINBWERRY BAY","Ranger","Ranger Condo","Ranger Condo Apts","Ranger Condos","READY TO DEVELOPE","Reid John B Villag","Reid John B Village","Reids John B Village","REIDS VILLAGE","REIDS VILLAGE, REPLA","REMODELED CORNER LOT","Renaissance","RENAISSANCE VILAGE","Renaissance Village","Renovated 2017","RENOVATED UNIT","Residence at Latitude Delray","Resort & Racquet Club","REW","Rick Taylor","RIDGEWOOD HGTS DELRA","Ridgwood Heights","Riker Square","RIO DEL RAY SHORES","RIO DEL REY SHORES","Rio Del Shores","RIO POCCO","RIO POCO","ROCKLAND PARK","ROSEMONT GARDENS","ROSEMONT PARK DELRAY","Royal Atlantic","ROYAL ATLANTIC CONDO","Ruby At Delray Condo","Ruby at Morningstar","RUNNYMEDE","Sabal Lake","Sabal Lakes","Sabal Lakes #3","SABAL LAKES 2","Sabal Lakes III","Sabal Lakes PH 04","Sabal Lakes Ph 2","SABAL LAKES PH 3","SABAL LAKES PH 4","SABAL LAKES PH3","SABAL PINE","Sabal Pine Condo","Sabal Pine Condo Sou","SABAL PINE CONDO TWO","Sabal Pine Condominium","Sabal Pine Condominiums","Sabal Pine Ease","Sabal Pine east","SABAL PINE EAST COND","Sabal Pine East Condo","Sabal Pine East Condominiums","Sabal Pine South","SABAL PINE SOUTH CONDO","SABAL PINES","SABAL PINES CONDO","sabal pines east","Sabal Pines Of Delray Beach","SABAL PINES SOUTH","SABEL PINE","SABLE PINE","Sable Pine East","Sable Pine South","San Sebastian","San Sebastian Town Homes","Sands Terrace Condo","Saturia Isles","Saturina Isles","Saturnia Ilses","Saturnia Isle","SATURNIA ISLES","SATURNIA ISLES 1","Saturnia Isles by GL Homes","Saturnua Isles","Saxony","SAXONY 1 409","SAXONY CONDOS","SE 7th Avenue Cottages","SE 7TH COTTAGES","Sea Fields","SEA FIELDS CLUB","SEA GATE","SEABREEZE ISLE","Seabreeze Isles","SEACREST ESTATES","SEACREST PARK","SEACREST SUB","Seagate","SEAGATE CC AT THE HAMLET","Seagate at the Hamlet","SEAGATE at the HAMLET \/ GREENSWARD VILLAGE","SEAGATE AT THE HAMLET CC","SEAGATE AT THE HAMLET COUNTRY CLUB","SEAGATE AT THE HAMLET,HAMLET,GREENSWARD.","Seagate Beach Villas","Seagate CC","SEAGATE CC AT THE HAMLET","Seagate CC at Hamlet","Seagate CC at The Hamlet","Seagate CC at the Hamlet - FOXPOINTE","Seagate CC at the Hamlet Greensward Village","Seagate CC at the Hamlet-EVERGREENE","Seagate CC at The Hamlet, Greensward Village Condo","SEAGATE CC\/GREENSWARD VILLAGE","Seagate Country Club","Seagate Country Club @ The Hamlet","SEAGATE COUNTRY CLUB \/ HAMLET","Seagate Country Club at Hamlet","Seagate Country Club at Helmet","Seagate Country Club at the Hamlet","Seagate Country Club- Hamlet","Seagate County Club","Seagate Ext","SEAGATE EXT IN","Seagate Extension","Seagate Extension \/ White Columns","Seagate Greensward Village II condo","SEAGATE HAMLET GREENSWARD","SEAGATE MANOR","Seagate Residences","SEAGATE TOWER","SEAGATE TOWERS","Seagate Yacht Club","SEAGATE, CC GREENSWARD","Seagate, Hamlet, Greensward Village One","Seagate\/Hamlet","Seaglass Cottages","SEAGRAPE","SEAGRAPE - ALL AGES","SEAGRAPE COND DECL F","Seagrape condo","SEAGRAPE CONDO AT LAS VERDES","Seagrape Condominium","Seaside Cottage","Seaside Dunes","SEASPRAY ESTATES","Seastone Apts","Seaway Villas","SEC ONE CONDOS","SEC THREE CONDOS","SECTION 2","Seemiller Harry","SEESTEDT STEVENS","SEGATE EXTENSION","SEGERS ADD","SELLERS ADD","Serena","SERENA VISTA","SERENA VISTA CONDO","SEVEN BRIDES","Seven Bridges","SEVEN BRIDGES \/ 7 BRIDGES","Seven Bridges \/ Hyder","SEVEN BRIDGES-Woodlands","Seven Bridges, 7 Bridges","SEVEN BRIDGES\/ GL Homes","SEVILLE","SEVILLE O","SHADDYWOODS II","SHADYWOOD","shadywood I","SHADYWOOD TWO","shadywoods","SHADYWOODS 1","Shadywoods 2","Shadywoods I","SHADYWOODS II","Shadywoods North","Shadywoods One","SHADYWOODS PH TWO","Shadywoods Phase One","SHADYWOODS TWO","Sherwood","Sherwood Forest","Sherwood Gardens","Sherwood Gardens Condo","Sherwood Park","SHERWWOD FOREST","Shorewalker","Shorewalker Palce","Shorewalker Place","SHORT SALE","Siena At Tuscany","Sierra Palms","SIERRA PALMS PUD","Sierra Vista","SIERRA VISTA \/ SEDONA","SILVER TERRACE DELRA","SILVER TERRACE DELRAY","Sloan Hammock","Snow Hill","SNOW HILL IN","SOFA","SOPHIA FREY","SOPHIA FREY ADD","SOUTH CASTLE TOWNHOM","South Castle Townhomes","South Ocean Condo","SOUTH RIDGE","SOUTH SWINTON","Southampton","SOUTHRIDGE","SOUTHRIDGE ROAD","Southwinds","SOUTHWINDS AT CROSSI","SOUTHWINDS AT CROSSW","Southwinds at Crosswinds","SPAINISH WELL","SPAINSH WELLS","Spanish Wells","SPANISH TRAIL","SPANISH TRAIL APTS","SPANISH TRAIL APTS CONDO","Spanish Trail Townhomes","Spanish Wells","SPANISH WELLS COND 1","Spanish Wells Condo","SPANISH WELLS CONDO II","SPANISH WELLS I CONDO","SPANISH WELLS II CONDO","SPANISH WELLSL","SpanTrail","SSABAL PINE SOUTH","St Andrews","St George","St George at Delray Beach","St Tropes","St Tropez","St Tropez Condo","St Tropez LAVERS","St. Andrews","St. Andrews Club","St. George","St. George at Delray","St. George At Delray Beach","St. George at Delray Place","St. George of Place","ST. GEORGE\\'S LANDING","ST. TROPEZ","Stone Creek","Stone Creek Ranch","Stone Creek Ranch; KENCO RANCH","Sudan","Sundy & Cromer","Sundy Villlage","SUNFLOWER","Sunflower Delray","Sunflower Delray 01","SUNFLOWER DELRAY SEC","Sunflower\/Lake Forest","SUNSET PARK DELRAY","SUNSET PINES","SUNSET PINES CONDO","Sussman \/ Dakota","Sweet Spot Downtown Near the Water","SWINTON HEIGHTS","SWINTON PLACE","Swinton Square","TAHATI COVE","TAHITI COVE","Tahiti Cove Condo","TAITI COVE","Talavera","Talbot House","Talbot House III Condo","Te Pines of Delray of East","Tennis Villas","Terraces at Delray","Terraces of Delray","TH1 MODEL","The Addison Reserve(r) Country Club","The Astor","The Astor Condominium","THE BALMORAL","THE BARRTON","The Barrton Condo","The Barrton Condos","The Barton","The Bridges","The Bridges, Bridges","THE BRIDGES,BRIDGES","The Cambridge","The Churchill","The Colony","The Colony \/ Winterplace","The Colony \/ WINTERPLACE PUD","THE COLONY AT DELRAY","The Colony at Delray Beach","The Colony Delray","The Colony of Delray","THe Colony of Delray Beach","THE COLONY,COLONY","The Colony\/WINTERPLACE","The Colony\/Winterplace PUD","The Commodore","The Cottages on 7th","The Cottages on 7th Avenue","The Court of Delray","THE DELHAVEN","The Delray Chalet","The Delray Colonial","THE ENCLAVE","The Environment","THE ESTUARY","THE ESTUARY DELRAY","The Estuary on the Intracoastal","The Fairways","THE GABLES","The Grove","THE HAMLET","The Hamlet at The Seagate Country Club","THE HAMLET ESTATES","The Heritage Club","The Lakes at Polo Trace","THE LANDINGS","The Latitude","The Ledges","The Lexington Club","The Mark Downtown","The Mark-Downtown","The Phoenix at Delray","the pines","The Pines of Delray","The Pines of Delray East","THE PINES OF DELRAY NORTH","The Point at Delray","THE POINTE AT DELRAY","THE POLO CLUB","The Preserve","THE RESERVE AT POLO TRACE","THE RESIDENCES AT LATITUDE","The Residences at Latitude Delray Beach","The Residences of Latitude Delray","The Royal Atlantic","The Seagate","The Seagate Country Club","The Seagate Country Club at the Hamlet","The Seagate Residences","The Village at Swinton Square","The Wellery","The Williamsburg","This 1.5 acre gem is it\\'s own gated private devel.","Tierra","Tierra Verde","TIERRA DEL RAY NORTH","Tierra Del Rey","TIERRA DEL REY ESTATES SOUTH","Tierra Del Rey South","Tierra Del-Rey South","TIERRA DELREY SO","TIERRA VERDE","TIERRA VERDE @ DELRA","TIERRA VERDE AT DEL","TIERRA VERDE AT DELR","TIERRA VERDE AT DELRAY","TIERRA VERDE AT DELRAY BEACH","TIERRA VERDE AT DELRAY BEACH CONDO","TIERRA VERDE AT DELRAY BEACH CONDOMINIUM","Tierra Verde at Delray Beach Condominiums","Tierre Verde","Tierrra Verde","Tile Floors + Patio","TIVOLI ISLES","Topic Harbor","Topic Palms","Total Remodel","TOTTERDALE","TOTTERDALE ADD IN","Totterdale of Lake Ida","TOURIST NOOK","tourist nook delray","Town & Country","TOWN & COUNTRY EST","TOWN & COUNTRY EST.","TOWN & COUNTRY ESTAT","TOWN & COUNTRY ESTATES","TOWN & COUNTRY ESTATES CONDO","TOWN & COUNTRY ESTS","TOWN + COUNTRY","TOWN + COUNTRY ESTAT","Town and Country","Town and Country Estates","TOWN AND COUNTRY ESTATES - TOWN & COUNTRY ESTATES","Town and Country Estates Condominiums","TOWN AND COUNTY","Town of Delray","TOWN OF DELRAY AND MARIN DISTRICT","TOWN OF DELRAY BEA","Town of Delray Beach","TOWN PLACE","Town Place At Delray","TOWN PLACE OF DELRAY","Town Square","TOWN SQUARE TOWN HOMES","TOWNHOUSE","Townhouse Beach area","Townhouse Beach area unit B","TOWNSQUARE","Trade Winds","TRADE WINDS ESTATES","TRADE WINDS ESTS","TRADEWIND ESTATE","Tradewind Estates","TRADEWIND ESTS","TRADEWINDS","TradeWinds Estate","Tradewinds Estates","Tree HOuse","Treehouse","Trieste","Tropic B","TROPIC BAY","TROPIC BAY C","Tropic Bay COA","TROPIC BAY CONDO","Tropic Bay Condo and Marina","TROPIC BAY CONDOMINIMUMS & MARINA","Tropic Bay Condominium","TROPIC BAY CONDOMINIUM & MARINA","TROPIC BAY CONDOMINIUMS & MARINA","TROPIC BAY CONDOS & MARINA","Tropic Cay","Tropic Cay Delray","Tropic Cay Delray Beach","Tropic Harbor","Tropic Harbor Condominium","Tropic Hrbor","Tropic Isle","Tropic Isle 2nd Sec","TROPIC ISLE 3RD SEC","TROPIC ISLE AREA","Tropic Isle Delray Beach","Tropic Isle Townhomes","TROPIC ISLES","Tropic Isles Townhom","Tropic Isles Townhomes","TROPIC PALM","TROPIC PALMS","TROPIC PALMS 01","Tropic Palms 02","Tropic Palms 2","TROPIC PALMS BASS CR","Tropic Palms Bass Creek","TROPIC PALMS PL 2 IN","TROPIC PALMS\/BASS CREEK","Tropic View","TROPIC VIEW CONDO","TROPIC VIEW CONDOS","Tropica Plams","TROPICAL ISLE","Tropical Lakes","Tropical Lakes \/Palm Beach bath and Tennis","Tropical Lakes Ph 02","Tropical Lakes PH 2","TROPICAL LAKES, PALM BEACH BATH AND TENNIS","Tropical Lakes\/Palm Beach Bath & Tennis","Tropical LakesPh 02","TropicPalms","Trowbridge","TROWBRIDGE A","TROWBRIDGE C","TROWBRIDGE CONDO","Tuscany","Tuscany Kings Point","Tuscany Atlantic Commons","Tuscany North","Tuscany South","TUSCANY\/ATLANTIC COMMONS","TWELVE-0-TWO COND","TWELVE-O-TWO BLDG","TWELVE-O-TWO CONDO","UPGRADED w GARAGE","USE OF HUNTINGTON LK","VACANT -CODED LCKBX","VACANT ON CODED LCBX","VACANT ON CODED LCK","VACANT ON CODED LCKB","VACANT ON CODED LCKX","VACANT ON CODED LOCK","VACANT ON LCKBX","VACANT ON SUPER LCKB","VACANT ON SUPER LCKX","VACANT ON SUPER LOCK","VACANT ON SUPERLOCK","VACANT ON SUPR LCK","VACANT ON SUPRA LCK","VACANT ON SUPRA LOCK","VACANT-0N SUPER LCBX","VACANT-CODED LOCKBOX","VACANT-ON CODED LOCK","VACANT-SUPRA LOCKBOX","Valencia","VALENCIA COURT","Valencia Falls","Valencia Fals","Valencia Lakes","Valencia Palms","Valenciia Falls","VALENICA FALLS","VALHALLA","VENETIAN","VENETIAN HOUSE","Venetian Vilas","VENETIAN VILLAGE","Ventura","Ventura Pud","Verano","Verano At Delray","VERANO AT DELnRAY","Verano at Delray","Verano At Delray Beach","Verano At Delray Condo","VERANO AT DELRAY CONDOMINIUM","VERANO OF DELRAY","VERANO WITH GARAGE!","VERENA AT DELRAY","VERNO","Verona Woods","VIA DELRAY","VIA MARINA","VIA PALMA","Via Palma Delray","Viburnum","Viburnum Villas","Viilages of Oriole Bonaire","Viilla Borghese","VILAGES OF ORIOLE","Vilages of Oriole Bonaire","Vilal Borghese","Villa B","Villa Borgese","Villa Borghese","Villa Borghese \/ Huntington Walk","VILLA BORGHESE - Huntington Walk 2","Villa Borghese AKA Huntington Walk","Villa Borghese, Huntington walk","Villa Borghese,Huntington Walk","VILLA BORGHESE\/Huntington Walk","Villa Borgheses","VILLA DEL RAY CONDOS","VILLA DELRAY","VILLA GORGHESE","VILLA OF OCEAN CREST","VILLAAGES OF ORIOLE","VILLAGE - BONAIRE","VILLAGE 1","VILLAGE 12","VILLAGE 13","VILLAGE 14","VILLAGE 16","Village 17","VILLAGE 3","VILLAGE 4","VILLAGE 5","VILLAGE 6","VILLAGE 7","Village 8","VILLAGE AT SWINTON","village at swinton s","Village at Swinton Square","Village at Swinton Square Condominium","VILLAGE BONAIRE","VILLAGE BONARIE","Village Grande","Village Grande of DB","Village Grande of Delray Beach","VILLAGE OF ABBEY","Village of Delray","Village of Oriole","VILLAGE OF ORIOLE ABBEY","VILLAGE OF ORIOLE AT CAMELOT","Village of Oriole Bonaire","Village of Oriole Deauville","village of swinton","Villages at Oriole, DEAUVILLE","VILLAGES BONAIRE","VILLAGES CAMELOT","VILLAGES OF ABBEY","Villages of Bonaire","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE","Villages of Oriole Bonaire","Villages of Oriole International Club","Villages of Oriole - Abbey","Villages of Oriole - Bonaire","Villages of Oriole - Deauville","Villages of Oriole \/ Camelot Village","Villages of Oriole A","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE ABBEY","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE ABBEY COND","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE ABBEY CONDO","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE ABBEY VILLAGE","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE BONAIRE","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE BONAIRE 1 THRU 12 COND","Villages Of Oriole Bonaire 1 Thru 12 Cond As In De","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE CAMELOT","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE Camelot Village","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE DEAUVILLE","Villages of Oriole Deauville B","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE E","Villages of Oriole- Bonaire","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE-DEAUVILLE","Villages of Oriole\/ International Club","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE\/Abbey Village","VIllages of Oriole\/Deauville","Villages of Oriole\/Evergreen Condo","Villages Oriole","Villages Oriole Abbe","VILLAGES ORIOLE BO","Villages Oriole Bona","VILLAGES ORIOLE\/BON","Villagesof Oriole abbey Condo","Villaggio","VILLAGGIO ISLES","Villaggio Reserve","VILLAGGIO RESERVER","VILLAGIO RESERVE","VILLAS AT VENETIANDR","VILLAS BORGHESE","Villas of Bond Way","VILLAS OF OCEAN CRES","Villas of Ocean Crest","VILLAS OF OCEANCREST","Villas of Rainberry","Villas Sobre Del Mar","VINTAGE OAKS","VISCAYA","Vista Del Lago","VISTA LAGO","Vista Lago at Lago Del Rey","VISTA LAGO CONDO","Vista Lago Condo 19 ABC","VISTA LAGO NORTH","VISTA VILLA","Vizcaya","VIZCAYA ->DOG FRIENDLY 55+ COMMUNITY","VIZCAYA 2","Vllages of Oriole","VUILD C","WALK TO BEACH!!!","WALK TO THE BEACH","WALLACE SQUARE","Water ways of Delray","WATERFORD","Waterford at Kings Point","WATERFORD CONDOS","Waterford Village","WATERFRONT LAKE EDEN ACCESS","WATERSEDGE","Watersedge at Lakes of Delray","WATERSEDGE at Lakes of Delray Condo A","WATERSEDGE AT THE LAKES OF DELRAY","WATERSEDGE C","Watersedge I","Watersedge I at Lakes of Delray","Waterview","Waterview Apartments","Waterview Apts","Waterview Condominium","WATERWAY NORTH","WaterWay North Condo","Waterways","WATERWAYS AT DELRAY","Waterways at Delray","Waterways at Delray PH 4","Waterways of Delray","WEDGEWOOD","WEDGEWOOD ARMS","WEDGEWOOD ARMS COND","WELLBROCK","West Settlers","WEST SETTLERS CONDO","WEST SIDE HEIGHTS","Westchester","Westgate","Wheatley","Wheatleys","WHEATLEYS SUB","Whispering Oaks","Whitney","WILLIAMSBURG INN","Williamsburg Inn Condo","Willowbrook","Windemer House","Windemere","Windemere House","WINDEMERE HOUSE COND","WINDEMERE HOUSE CONDO","Windermere House Condo","WINDSOR","WINDSOR COURT","Windsor Townhomes","WINDWARD PALMS","WINDY CREEK","Windycreek","WINSTON CONDO","Winterplace","Winterplace Pud","Witherspoon","WITNEY A","WITNEY A & B CONDO","WITNEY E CONDO","Witney in Lakes of Delray","WITNEY MANOR","Wood Lake","Woodbrooke","WOODBROOKE _ NO ASSOCIATION APPROVAL AS PER LANDLO","WOODBROOKE CONDO","WOODHAVEN","Woodlake","WOODLAKE \/ HOMEWOOD","Woodlake \/ Homewood Lakes","WOODLAKE BATH & RACQ","WOODLAKE BATH & RACQUET","WOODLAKE HOMEWOOD","WOODLAKE, HOMEWOOD","WOODLAKE, Homewood lakes","Woodlake,Homewood","Woodlake,Homewood La","Woodlake,Homewood Lakes","Woodlake,homewood lakes,homewoodHOMEWOOD LAKES SEC","WOODLAKE\/HOMEWOOD","Woodlake\/Homewood La","Woodlake\/Homewood Lakes","WoodlLake","WOODS AT SOUTHRIDGE","woods of southridge","Woodvue","Ye Little Wood","Your own private & gated 1.5 acre development","Yusem Properties, LP"],"subdivisions":["-",": I95 to linton e to RIGHT AT SW. 10th n to stop sign left to crystal way, on right Bahia \/ CRYSTAL",".","**Las VERDES*","00","00-Unincorporated","0000000","0008-46-43 DELRAYBCH","0800 Ocean Place Condo","0CEAN TERR","1.26 Acre Ocean Front lot located on A1A in Delray Beach Fl. 130\\' Ocean Frontage","10 Palms | PALM TRAIL ESTATES | 10PALMS","100 Bldg","101 SE 7TH AVENUE","104 NE 2nd Avenue Plat TR C","10th & 10th Center","1107 WALLACE DRIVE","111 First Delray","111 First Delray Beach Condo.","111 FIRST DELRAY CONDO","111 First Delray Condominium","1112 OCEAN TERRACE CONDO","1177 Moderne","12-42-46-13-19-011-0010","12-43-46-29-45-003-0070 CONDO","1202 Condo","150 Oceanside","1625 Ocean","1st Encounter Condo","21-46-43","21-46-43, S 120 FT OF N 1055 OF GOV LT 1 LYG E OF OCEAN BLVD","215 Macfarlane","215 MACFARLANE PLAT","2243 FLORIDA BOULEVARD CONDO","236 Fifth Ave","236 Fifth Avenue","236 FIFTH AVENUE CONDO","250 CONGRESS AVENUE CONDO","2504 Oceanview Avenue","28-46-43","342 NE 7th Avenue","4-46-43","4-PLEX","5th Ave Condo","5th Ave Delray","5th Ave Delray, LLC","5TH AVENUE AT DELRAY","5TH AVENUE AT DELRAY CONDO","5th Delray is two blocks north from Atlantic","7 on 7th","711 SE 2nd ST","711 SE 2ND ST.","7th Ave Cottages","7th Avenue Cottages","8-43-46","8-46-43","800 OCEAN PLACE","8th Ave Villas","9-46-43","912 PLAT","ABBEY","Abbey Village","ABBEY VILLAGES ORIOL","ACACIA HOUSE","Acacia House Condo","Acreage","ACREAGE & UNREC","ACREAGE & UNREC PLAT","ACREAGE+UNRECORDED","ADDISON TRACE","Addison Reserve","ADDISON RESERVE \/ Mirasol","Addison Reserve - Mirasol","ADDISON RESERVE - Porto Vecchio Pl","Addison Reserve \/ Monteverde","ADDISON RESERVE \/ Palencia","ADDISON RESERVE \/ Sarimento","ADDISON RESERVE \/ Villa d Este","ADDISON RESERVE \/ VILLA D\\'ESTE","Addison Reserve \/ Villa Vizcaya","Addison Reserve \/L\\'Aquila Way","ADDISON RESERVE 2","ADDISON RESERVE AQUILA","ADDISON RESERVE BROOKFIELD","ADDISON RESERVE Casa Grande","ADDISON RESERVE CC","ADDISON RESERVE CC\/ MONTECITO","Addison Reserve Country Club","Addison Reserve Country Club \/ L\\'Aquila","ADDISON RESERVE ISLA VERDE","ADDISON RESERVE LTS 9 THRU 14","ADDISON RESERVE MIRASOL","ADDISON RESERVE PAR","Addison Reserve Par 11","ADDISON RESERVE PAR 11 Isla Verde","Addison Reserve Par 12","ADDISON RESERVE PAR 12 LT 3","Addison Reserve Par 13","ADDISON RESERVE PAR 14","ADDISON RESERVE PAR 15","ADDISON RESERVE PAR 16","ADDISON RESERVE PAR 17","Addison Reserve Par 18","ADDISON RESERVE PAR 3","ADDISON RESERVE PARS","ADDISON RESERVE PARS 1 AND 2","ADDISON RESERVE PARS 4 AND 5","ADDISON RESERVE PARS 7 AND 8","ADDISON RESERVE PARS 9, 10 &","Addison Reserve Pars 9, 10 & 19","ADDISON RESERVE PARS 9, 10 AND 19","Addison Reserve Prcl 03","Addison Reserve Prcl 07 &","Addison Reserve Prcl 07 & 08","Addison Reserve Prcl 09-10 & 19","Addison Reserve Prcl 13","Addison Reserve Prcl 14","Addison Reserve Prcl 15","Addison Reserve Villa D Este","ADDISON RESERVE Villa D\\'Este","ADDISON RESERVE- MONTECITO","Addison Reserve-Montecito","Addison Reserve-Porto Vecchio","Addison Reserve-Trieste","Addison Reserve-Villa D\\'Este","Addison Reserve, Village of Bella Verde","Addison Reserve, Village of Villa D Este","ADDISON RESERVE\/\\'Villa Vizcaya","Addison Reserve\/Brookfield Estates","ADDISON RESERVE\/CASA","Addison Reserve\/Casa Grande","ADDISON RESERVE\/FLOR","ADDISON RESERVE\/ISLA","ADDISON RESERVE\/L\\'A","ADDISON RESERVE\/L\\'AQUILA WAY","ADDISON RESERVE\/MONT","ADDISON RESERVE\/Montecito","ADDISON RESERVE\/PALE","ADDISON RESERVE\/Talavera","ADDISON RESERVE\/TRIESTE","ADDISON RESERVE\/VDE","ADDISON RESERVE\/VILLA D ESTE","ADDISON RESERVE\/Villa Vizcaya","Addison Reserved CC","Addison ReserveTalavera","Addison Trace","ADDISON TRACE CONDO","ADDISON TRACE CONDOM","Addison Trace of Delray Beach","ADMIRAL APTS CONDO","ADMIRAL APTS CONDOMINIUM","ADMIRAL ARMS","ALLAMANDA GARDENS","AMERICAN HERITAGE","AMERICAN HERITAGE HO","AMERICAN HERITAGE HOMES","American Heritage Homes Ph 01","AMERICAN HERITAGE HOMES PH 1","American Heritage Homes Ph 1Pinewood Cove","American Heritage Pinewood Cove","ANCHORAGE","ANCHORAGE COND DECL","ANDALUCIA","ANDERSON BLOCK DELRAY","ANDOVER","Andover Sec 01","Andover Sec 02","Andover Sec 03","ANDOVER SEC 1","ANDOVER SEC 2","ANDOVER SEC 3","ANDOVER SEC2","ANTILLES","ANTILLES PL","Antiquers Aerodrome","ANTIQUERS AERODROME UNREC","Antiquers Aerodrome UNREC on AM-93","ARCHER & WARRINER INC","ARCHER & WARRINER INC % WEDGEWOOD CORP LESSEE 725 PALM TRAIL","ARCHER & WARRINER IN","ARDMORE COND DECL","ASHLAND","ASHLAND A CONDO","ASHLAND B COND DECL","ASHLAND B CONDO","ASHLAND C COND DECL FILED 3-16-82","ASHLAND C CONDO","Ashland Condo B","Ashland Condo D","Ashland Condo F","Ashland Condo I","ASHLAND D CONDO","ASHLAND E CONDO","ASHLAND F COND DECL","ASHLAND F CONDO","ASHLAND G CONDO","ASHLAND H CONDO","Ashland I Condo","ASHLAND I CONDO Lakes of Delray","ASPEN","ASPEN COND DECL FILE","ASPEN CONDO","ASPEN CONDO at Las Verdes","ASPEN CONDOMINIUM","ASPEN CONDOMINIUM at LAS VERDES","ASPEN of LAS VERDES","Aspen Ridge","ASTOR","ASTOR CONDO","ASTOR CONDOMINIUM","ATLANITC GROVE","Atlantic at East Delray","Atlantic Avenue Shops of Delray Beach","ATLANTIC COMMONS","ATLANTIC COMMONS PL 2","ATLANTIC COMMONS PL 3","ATLANTIC COMMONS PL 5","ATLANTIC COMMONS PL 5\/TUSCANY","Atlantic Commons Plat 5","ATLANTIC GARDENS","ATLANTIC GARDENS DEL","ATLANTIC GARDENS DELRAY","ATLANTIC GARDENS DELRAY IN","ATLANTIC GARDENS DELRAY LT 9 BLK 9","Atlantic Gdns Delray","Atlantic Grove","ATLANTIC GROVE CONDO","ATLANTIC GROVE LOFTS","ATLANTIC GROVE LT 38","Atlantic Grove Subdivision","ATLANTIC PARK","ATLANTIC PARK GARDEN","Atlantic Park Gardens","ATLANTIC PARK GARDENS DELRAY","ATLANTIC PARK GARDENS PRIESTS","Atlantic Park Gardens Priests Add","Atlantic Park Gardens Priests Add In","Atlantic Park Gdns Delray","ATLANTIC PARK GDS","ATLANTIC PINES","ATLANTIC PINES IN","ATLANTIC PK GARDENS","ATLANTIC PK GDNS","ATLANTIC SQUARE","ATLANTICA DELRAY","Atlantico At Tuscany","Avalon Trails","AVALON TRAILS AT VILLAGES OF ORIOLE PUD","BACKSTREET HOMES","BAHAMA HOUSE","BAHAMA HOUSE OF DELRAY BEACH CONDO","Bahia","BAHIA AT DELRAY","BAHIA AT DELRAY BEACH","BAHIA AT DELRAY CONDO","Bahia At Delray Beach","BAHIA AT DELRAY CONDO","BAHIA AT DELRAY CONDOMINI","BAHIA AT DELRAY CONDOMINIUM","BAHIA AT DELRAY CONDOMINIUM UNIT P BLDG 1205","Bahia at DelRay Condos","Bahia At Delray Oaks Condo","Bahia Delray","Bahia Delray Beach","Bahia Delray Condo","BAHIA DELRAY TOWNHOMES","BAHIA DELRAY TOWNHOMES CONDO","Bahia of Delray","BALLANTRAE","BALLANTRAE COND DECL","BALLANTRAE CONDO","Balmoral","BALMORAL COND DECL","BALMORAL COND DECL I","BALMORAL CONDO","Bamboo Lane","BANKER\\'S ROW","Bankers Row","Bankers Row area","Bankers Rown","Banyan","Banyan 2020","BANYAN CONDO","BANYAN CONDO\/Las Verdes","BANYAN CONDOMINIUM","Banyan Court","Banyan House","BANYAN HOUSE COND DE","Banyan House Cond Decl","BANYAN HOUSE CONDO","Banyan House Condominium","BANYAN TREE","Banyan Tree Villaga","BANYAN TREE VILLAGE","BANYAN TREE VILLAGE CONDO","BANYAN TREE VILLAGE CONDO PHASE I & II COND","BANYAN TREE VILLAGE PH 01 & 02","BANYAN TREE VILLAGE PHASE I & II COND","Banyan Tree Village tucked away off od Federal Hwy.","Banyan Tree Vlg","Banyan Tree Vlg Ph 01 & 02","Banyan Tree Vlg Ph I And Ii Cond As In Decl","BANYON COND","BAR HARBOUR","BAR HARBOUR APTS","BAR HARBOUR APTS CON","BAR HARBOUR CONDO","BAR HARBOUR CONDOMIN","Bar Harbour Condominium","BARR TERRACE","BARR TERRACE COND DE","Barr Terrace Cond Decl IN","BARR TERRACE CONDO","Barr Terrace Condominium","BARRTON","BARRTON APTS","BARRTON APTS INC CON","BARRTON APTS INC CONDO","Barrton Apts Inc Condo Portion Of Blks 1 And 12 Osceola Park in Decl In","BARRTON APTS INC CONDOMINIUM","Barwick","BARWICK ESTATES","BARWICK ESTATES\/RANC","BARWICK RANCH","BARWICK RANCH Estate","Barwick Ranch Estates","BASS CREEK","BAYFRONT OF BOYNTON BEACH CONDO","Beach Area","BEACH AREA DELRAY","BEACH HOUSE","Beach House Delray Condo","BEACH HOUSE OF DELRA","BEACH HOUSE OF DELRAY","Beach House Of Delray Condo","BEACH LOTS","BEACH LOTS DELRAY","Beach Lts Delray","BEACH LTS. DELRAY","BEACON HILL","BEACON PLAT","BEECHWOOD ESTATES","BEEKMAN","BEEKMAN COND","BEEKMAN COND DECL","BEEKMAN COND DECL IN","BEEKMAN CONDO","behia of Delray","Behind Franklin Club","BEL AIRE","Bel Aire \/ La Casa","BEL AIRE \/ LA CASA 1","Bel-Aire","BELAIR HEIGHTS","BELAIR HGTS IN","BELAIRE","Bella Verde","BELLA VISTA","BELLA VISTA CONDO","BELLAMAR HOUSE","Bellamar House Condo","Bellehaven","BELLEHAVEN UNIT A","BELLEHAVEN UNIT A IN","BELLEHAVEN UNIT B","BELLEHAVEN UNIT B IN","BELLVIEW COURT","BELLVIEW COURT IN","BELLVIEW MANOR","BELLVIEW MANOR IN","BELLVIEW MNR","Benjamin L R","BENJAMINS","BENJAMINS L R","BERMUDA GARDENS","BERMUDA GARDENS 1","BERMUDA GARDENS PL N","Bermuda Gardens PL No 1","BERMUDA HIGH","Bermuda High 01 & 02 West","BERMUDA HIGH COND DE","BERMUDA HIGH CONDO","BERMUDA HIGH CONDO SOUTH","Bermuda High South","BERMUDA HIGH SOUTH C","BERMUDA HIGH SOUTH CONDO","Bermuda High West","BERMUDA HIGH WEST ON","BERMUDA HIGH WEST ONE AND TWO CONDO","BETHESDA PUD","BETHESDA\/MONTEREY ESTATES","Bexley","BEXLEY PARK","Bexley Park Trs A-1 Thru A-10","Bike-Jog;Billards;clubhouse;community romm;exercise romm;pool;sauna;tennis","BLAIRS DOWNTOWN CONDO","BLAIRS DOWNTOWN SUB","BLANK NICHOLS","BLANK-NICHOLS","BLANK-NICHOLS SUB","BLANK-NICOLS SUB","Boanire Village","BOCA - DELRAY COUNTRY CLUBDELRAY BEACH FL","BOCA CENTER PLAZA","BOCA CHASE 9 A","BOCA DELRAY","BOCA DELRAY GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB","BOCA DELRAY C.C.","BOCA DELRAY CC","Boca Delray Condo","Boca Delray Condo 01-03","BOCA DELRAY COUNTRY CLUB","BOCA DELRAY COUNTRY CLUB -- (VILLAS OF BOCA DELRAY CONDO in tax records)","Boca Delray Golf","BOCA DELRAY GOLF & C","BOCA DELRAY GOLF & CC","BOCA DELRAY GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB","Boca Delray Golf & Country Club Condo 2","Boca Delray Golf & Country Club Villa 2","BOCA DELRAY GOLF & C","BOCA DELRAY GOLF &COUNTRY CLUB","BOCA DELRAY GOLF +CC","BOCA DELRAY GOLF AND CC","Boca Delray Golf and Country Club","Boca Delray Golf and Country Club Villas II","Boca Delray Golf and County Club","BOCA DELRAY GOLF CC","Boca Delray Golf Country Club","Boca Delray Golf&CC","BOCA DELRAY GOLLF & COUNTRY CLUB","BOCA DELRAY I","BOCA DELRAY I-III","Boca Delray I-Iii Cond Decls Filed In Or3857p483,4","BOCA DELRAY I-III COND DECLS FILED IN OR3857P483,4239P753, & 4720P1318","BOCA DELRAY I-III CONDO S FILED IN OR3857P483,4","Boca Delray III","BOCA DELRAY PAR S","BOCA DELRAY PAR S LT 122","BOCA DELRAYGOLF & COUNTRY CLUB","boca Isle","Boca Isle Cond","BOCA ISLE COND DECL","Boca Isle Condo","BOCA ISLES","BOCA ISLES CONDO","Bonaire","Bonaire Oriole","BONAIRE VILLAGE","Bonaire Village Condo","BONAIRE VILLAGES OF ORIOLE","BONAIRE VILLAGES ORIOLE 01-12","BOND PLAT","BONNIECREST","Bonniecrest - Del Ida","BONNIECREST SUB","BONNIECREST SUB 2ND ADD","BONNIECREST SUB 3RD","BONNIECREST SUB 3RD ADD","Bonniecrest Sub In","Bottlebrush","Bottlebrush \/ Las Verdes","BOTTLEBRUSH AT LAS VERDES","BOTTLEBRUSH HOA","Bottlebrush Villas of Las Verdes","BOUGAINVILLA","Brand New, community pool & fitness center","BREADFRUIT \/ LAS VERDES","BREEZY ACRES","BREEZY ACRES IN","Bridgehampton","BRIDGEHAMPTON INC","BRIDGES","BRIDGES - Empire Collection","BRIDGES PL 1","BRIDGES PL 2","BRIDGES PL 3","BRIDGES PL 4","BRIDGES PL 5","BRIDGES PL 5,the bridges","BRIDGES PL 6","BRIDGES PL 7","BRIDGES PL 8","BRIDGES, The Bridges","Bridges*","BRIDGEVIEW","BRIDGEVIEW COND","BRIDGEVIEW COND DECL","Bridgeview Cond Unit","BRIDGEVIEW COND UNIT C BLDG 44","BRIDGEVIEW CONDO","Bridgeview Condominium","Bridgeview Villa","BRISTOL POINTE","BRITTANY","Brittany H Condo","BRITTANY M","Brook Haven","BROOK HAVEN CONDO","BROOKHAVEN","BROOKS LANE COND","BROOKS LANE CONDO","BURGUNDY","Burgundy D - King\\'s Point","Burgundy N","C\/High Point\/Delray West Sec I","CAMBRIA CREST","CAMBRIDGE","CAMBRIDGE COND DECL","Cambridge Condominium","CAMELOT","CAMELOT @ ORIOLE","CAMELOT VILLAGE","CAMELOT VILLAGE SEC","Camelot Village Sec 01","CAMELOT VILLAGE SEC 01 VILLAGES OF","Camelot Village Sec 02","Camelot Village Sec 03","Camelot Village Sec 04","camelot village sec 1","Camelot Village Sec 1 as","CAMELOT VILLAGE SEC 2","CAMELOT VILLAGE SEC 2 VILLAGES OF ORIOLE","CAMELOT VILLAGE SEC 3","Camelot Village Sec 3 Villages of Oriole","Camelot Village Sec 4","Camelot Village Sec. 1","Camelot Village\/Villages of Oriole","CAMELOT VILLAGES","CAMELOT VILLAGES OF ORIOLE","CAMELOT VILLIAGE","Camelot VLG Sec 1","Camelot Vlg Sec 1 As","Camelot Vlg Sec 2 Vlg Of Oriole","Camelot Vlg Sec 3 Vlg Of Oriole","Camelot Vlg Sec 4 As","CAMELOT VLG-ORIOLE","CAMILLA HOUSE","Canal Point","CANNERY ROW","CANNERY ROW REPLAT","CAPRI","CAPRI \/ MIZNER COUNTRY CLUB","CAPRI J\/KINGS POINT","CAPRI KINGS POINT","Captain\\'s Walk","Captain\\'s Walk Condo","CAPTAINS WALK","Captains Walk \/ Pelican Harbor","Captains Walk \/ Pelican Harbor","Captains Walk at Pelican Harbor","CAPTAINS WALK COND D","CAPTAINS WALK COND DECL FILED 4-23-86","CAPTAINS WALK CONDO","Captains Walk Condo \/ Pelican Harbor","CAPTAINS WALK CONDO, Pelican Harbor","CAPTAINS WALK\/PELICAN HARBOR","Carrotwood at Las Verdes","Carrotwood Breadfruit HOA","Carrotwood Villas of Las Verdes Development","Carrotwood\/Breadfruit","CARVER MEMORIAL PARK","CARVER PARK","CARVER PARK IN","CARVER PARK LT 25 BL","CARVER PARK LT 40 BLK 2","CARVER SQUARE","CARVER SQUARE IN","CAS DEL RAY","Casa Bella","Casa Bella - Grand Haven","Casa Bella \/ GRAND HAVEN AT LINTON BLVD","Casa bella Grand Haven","Casa Bella, Grand Haven At Linton Blvd","CASA BELLA\/ GRAND HAVEN AT LINTON","CASA DEL MAR","CASA DEL MAR COND AS","Casa Del Mar Cond As In Decl In","CASA DEL MAR CONDO","Casa Del Ray","CASA DEL REY","Casa Del Rey 01","Casa Del Rey 02","CASA DEL REY 1","CASA DEL REY 2","CASA DEL REY PL 1","CASA DEL REY PL 2","CASA DELRAY","Casa Grande","CASA LA BRISA","CASA PLAYA COND","CASA PLAYA CONDO","Casabella","CASUARINA","CASUARINA DELRAY TOWNHOMES","CENTURY VILLAGE","CH DIGGINS","CHARMING VILLA","CHATEAU WOOD","Chateau Wood aka LE VILLAGE DE PROVENCE","Chateau Wood - Le Village De Provence","Chateau Wood (Le Village de Provence)","CHATEAU WOOD \/ Le Vlg De Provence","Chateau Wood \/ Le Vlg De Provence 2","Chateau Wood Le Village D Provence","Chateau Wood-Le Village De Provence","Chateau Wood\/Le Village De Provence","Chateau Woods","Chateau Woods LE VILLAGE DE PROVENCE 2","CHATEAU WOODS - Le Vlg De Provence 2","Chateau Woods \/ LE VILLAGE DE PROVENCE","Chateau Woods\/LE VILLAGE DE PROVENCE 2","CHATELAINE","Chatelaine 01","Chatelaine 1 Pb 29 Pgs 94 And 95","CHATELAINE PL NO 1 P","CHATELAINE PL NO 1 PB 29 PGS 94 & 95","CHATELAINE PLACE","Chatlaine","CHEROKEE PLAT","Chevy Chase","CHEVY CHASE COND DEC","CHEVY CHASE COND DECL","Chevy Chase Condo","CHEVY CHASE IN","CHEVY CHASE Lake Ida","CHEVY CHASE\/Lake Ida","CHURCHILL","CHURCHILL COND DECL","CHURCHILL CONDO","CHURCHILL HOUSE","CITY OF DELRAY","CITY WALK","CITY WALK AT PINEAPPLE","CITY WALK AT PINEAPPLE GROVE","City Walk At Pineapple Grove Condo","CLARKE RUNGE","Clarke Runge Add","CLEARBROOK","CLEARBROOK \/ HIDDEN LAKE","CLEARBROOK HIDDEN LAKE","CLEARBROOK PARK","Clearbrook-Hidden Lake","Clinton And Morgan Sub","CLUNIE PLACE","COACH GATE COND DECL","COACH GATE COND UNIT","Coach Homes Addison Trace Condo","COACH HOMES OF ADDIS","COACH HOMES OF ADDISON TRACE","COACH HOMES OF ADDISON TRACE CONDO","COACHGATE","COASTAL HOUSE","COASTAL HOUSE COND D","COASTAL HOUSE COND DECL","COASTAL HOUSE CONDO","Coastal House Condominium","COCO WOOD","COCO WOOD LAKES","COCO WOOD LAKES 3","COCO WOOD LAKES SEC","Coco Wood Lakes Sec 01","Coco Wood Lakes Sec 02","COCO WOOD LAKES SEC 03","Coco Wood Lakes Sec 1","COCO WOOD LAKES SEC 2","COCO WOOD LAKES SEC 2 lot 6 Blk J","COCO WOOD LAKES SEC 3","Coco Wood Lakes Sect","COCO WOOD\/COUNTRY LN","COCO WOODS LAKES","Coconut Key","COCONUT PALM COND DECL FILED 9-16-85 IN","Coconut Palm Condo","COCONUT PALM CONDOMINIUM","COCONUT PALMS","Coconut Road","Cocoplum Apartments","CODA","CODA REPLAT NO 1","CODA REPLAT No1","Colnon Repl","COLNON SUB","Colonial Heights","COLONIAL HEIGHTS SUB","COLONIAL HGTS","COLONIAL HGTS SUB IN","COLONY","COLONY \/ WINTERPLACE","COLONY AT DELRAY","Colony at Delray - Winterplace","COLONY AT DELRAY BCH","COLONY DELRAY BEACH","COLONY OF DELRAY","COLONY OR WINTERPLACE","Colony Palms","Colony Palms Tr A","Colridge Condo","Commodore","COMMODORE APARTMENTS","COMMODORE APARTMENTS CONDO","COMMODORE APTS CONDO","Community Room; Exercise Room; Game Room; Library; Shuffleboard; Street Lights; Tennis","CONGRESS AT ATLANTIC PARCEL","Congress Commerce Center","CONGRESS COMMERCE CENTER CONDO","CONGRESS COMMERCE CENTER CONDOMINIUM","Congress Commerce Center Condominium Unit 203","CONGRESS PARK OFFICE CONDO","Congress Park Relat Tr Drive","CONGRESS PARK REPL","CONGRESSPINES OF DELRAY NORTH CONDO","CORAL COVE","CORAL COVE APTS","CORAL COVE APTS.","CORAL COVE COND AS I","CORAL COVE CONDO","CORAL TRACE","CORAL TRACE OFFICE PARK","CORAL TRACE OFFICE PARK CONDO","Coral Trace Office Park Condominium","Coralina Village","CORALINA VILLAGE PL","CORALINA VLG PL","Coralina Vlg Pl 4","COSTA DEL REY","COSTA DEL REY COND","COSTA DEL REY COND A","Costa Del Rey condo","Costa Del Rey Condominium","COSTA DEL REY NORTH","COUNTRY CLUB ACRES","COUNTRY CLUB ACRES 1","COUNTRY CLUB ACRES 2","COUNTRY CLUB ACRES 2ND ADD","Country Club Acres 2nd Add Lt 64","COUNTRY CLUB ACRES 3","COUNTRY CLUB ACRES 4","COUNTRY CLUB ACRES 4 IN","COUNTRY CLUB ACRES 5","COUNTRY CLUB ACRES 5 IN","Country Club Acres Add 01","Country Club Acres Add 02","COUNTRY CLUB ACRES ADD 03","Country Club Acres Add 04","Country Club Acres Add 05","COUNTRY CLUB ACRES EAST","COUNTRY CLUB ACRES FIRST ADD","COUNTRY CLUB ACRES I","Country Club Acres No 4","COUNTRY CLUB ACRES#4","Country Club Arces","COUNTRY CLUB LAKES","COUNTRY CLUG ACRES","Country Lake","Country Lakes","Country Lane Est As","COUNTRY LANE ESTATES","COUNTRY LANE ESTATES AS IN","Country Lk","COUNTRY MANOR","COUNTRY MANORS","COUNTRY MANORS COND","COUNTRY MANORS COND 1,2,3,4,5, 6,7 & 8","COUNTRY MANORS COND PART 2","COUNTRY MANORS CONDO","COUNTRY MANORS CONDO 01-08","Country Manors Condo Part 3","Country Mnr Cond 1,2,3,4,5, 6,7 And 8 As In Decl","COUNTY","County Manors","COUNTY OF PALM BEACH","COUNTY POCKET","Court Delray Condo W W W","Court of Delray","COURT OF DELRAY COND","COURT OF DELRAY CONDO","COURT OF DELRAY CONDO W W W","Court of Delray Condominium","COURT YARDS AT MARTE","COURTYARDS AT MARTEL","COURTYARDS AT MARTEL ARMS","Courtyards At Martel Arms Condo","Courtyards at MARTELL ARMS","Courtyards Delray","COURTYARDS OF DELRAY","Cove 4","COVE 4 CONDO","COVE APT CONDO","COVE APTS CONDO","CREGO AMD","Crego Amd 03","CREGO SUB AMEND PL 3","CREST CONDO","Crest Condo Apts","CRESTWOOD","CRESTWOOD DELRAY","CRESTWOOD DELRAY IN","CROSSWINDS","Crosswinds Ph 01","Crosswinds Ph 02","CROSSWINDS PH 1","CROSSWINDS PH II","CROSSWINDS PHASE 1","CROSSWINDS PHASE II","CRUZAN CORNER","CRYSTAL BAY","CRYSTAL BAY \/ POLO CLUB","CYPRESS COND DECL FILE 9-25 87 AS","CYPRESS CONDO","CYPRESS ISLE","Cypress Isle @ Polo Club","CYPRESS ISLE \/ POLO CLUB","CYPRESS ISLE \/ POLO CULB","Cypress Isle At Polo Club","CYPRESS ISLE AT POLO CLUB COND","CYPRESS ISLE AT POLO CLUB CONDO","CYPRESS ISLE AT POLO CLUB CONDO \/ Polo Club","CYPRESS ISLE\/POLO CL","Cypress Isle\/Polo Club","CYPRESS ISLES","DAKOTA","DAKOTA - SUSSMAN AGR PUD NORTH PLAT ONE","DAKOTA SUSSMAN AGR PUD NORTH PLAT ONE","DARRENS RIDGE","Deauville","Deauville in Villages of Oriole.","Deauville Village","Deauville Village of Oriole","DEAUVILLE\/VILLAGES OF ORIOLE","DECAIRE","DECARIE","Decarie Sub","DECARIE SUB IN","Del Aire Golf Club","DEL AIRE GOLF CLUB ADD 01","DEL HARBOUR","DEL HARBOUR COND","DEL HARBOUR COND DEC","DEL HARBOUR CONDO","Del Harbour Condo Decl filed 6-28-89","DEL HARBOUR CONDOMINIUMS","DEL HARBOUR IN","Del Ida","DEL IDA HISTORIC","DEL IDA PARK","DEL IDA PARK LT 23 BLK 13 (DEL-IDA PARK","DEL IDA PARK (Historic District)","Del Ida Park \/ Lake Ida","DEL IDA PARK HISTORI","DEL IDA PARK Historic District","DEL IDA PARK IN","DEL IDA POINT","Del Park\/Lake Ida Area","DEL RATON PARK","Del Raton Park Add 01","Del Raton Park Add 01\/Tropic Isles","DEL RATON PARK IN PB","Del Raton Park In Pb 14 Pgs 9 And 10","DEL RATON PARK IN PB 14 PGS 9& 10","DEL RATON PK IN BB","Del- Ida","DEL-AIRE GOLF CLUB","DEL-AIRE GOLF CLUB F","DEL-AIRE GOLF CLUB FIRST","DEL-AIRE GOLF CLUB FIRST ADD","DEL-AIRE GOLF CLUB SECOND ADD","Del-Ida","DEL-IDA PARK","Delair Country Club","DELAIRE","DELAIRE CC","Delaire Country Club","Delaire Golf Club","DELAIRE GOLF CLUB FIRST ADD","DELHAVEN","Delhaven Cond Decl","DELHAVEN COND DECL I","DELHAVEN COND DECL IN","DELHAVEN CONDO","Delhaven Condo Decl","DELHAVEN CONDOMINIUM","DELL GROVE","DELL IDA PARK","DELL PARK","Dell Park Apartments","DELL PARK AREA","Dell Park commercial lease","DELL PARK IN","DELL-IDA PARK HIST.","Delraton Park","DELRAY","Delray 5th Ave","DELRAY 7 TOWNHOMES","DELRAY BCH ESPLANADE","DELRAY BCH ESPLANADE IN","DELRAY BCH HGTS 1ST","Delray Bch Hgts 1St Add","DELRAY BCH HGTS 1ST ADD IN","DELRAY BCH HGTS EXT SEC A IN","DELRAY BCH HGTS IN","DELRAY BCH HIGHLANDS","Delray Bch Highlands Sec 1","DELRAY BCH HIGHLANDS SEC 2","DELRAY BCH HIGHLANDS SEC 2 IN","Delray Bch Highlands Sec 3","DELRAY BCH RESUB BLK","DELRAY BCH RESUB BLK 17","DELRAY BCH RESUB BLK 17 IN","Delray Bch Resub Blk 29","DELRAY BCH RESUB PT","Delray Bch Resub Pt Blks 38 And 39","DELRAY BCH SHORES","DELRAY BCH SHORES IN","DELRAY BCH SUB BLK 4","Delray Bch Sub Blk 42","DELRAY BCH SUB BLK 42 IN","DELRAY BCH SUB BLK 5","DELRAY BCH SUB PL OF","DELRAY BCH SUB PL OF BLK 64","Delray Bch Sub Pt Blk 56","DELRAY BEACH","Delray Beach Blk 05","Delray Beach City Limits","Delray Beach City Limits, Quiet hidden paradise on private and gated 1.5 acres w\/ room to build more","DELRAY BEACH CLUB","DELRAY BEACH CLUB AP","DELRAY BEACH CLUB Apts","Delray Beach Club Apts Cond Apts Cond","Delray Beach Club Apts Cond As In Decl In","DELRAY BEACH CLUB APTS CONDO","DELRAY BEACH CLUB CO","Delray Beach Club Condo","DELRAY BEACH CLUB Residence","DELRAY BEACH CLUB RESIDENCES CONDO","DELRAY BEACH ESPLANA","DELRAY BEACH ESPLANADE","DELRAY BEACH ESTATE","DELRAY BEACH ESTATES","DELRAY BEACH ESTS","DELRAY BEACH ESTS IN","DELRAY BEACH HEIGHTS","DELRAY BEACH HEIGHTS 1ST ADD","Delray Beach Heights Ext Sec A-B","DELRAY BEACH HIGHLAN","DELRAY BEACH HIGHLANDS","Delray Beach Highlands Sec 01","Delray Beach Highlands Sec 02","DELRAY BEACH HIGHLANDS SEC 1","DELRAY BEACH HIGHLANDS SEC 3","DELRAY BEACH LOTS","Delray Beach Ocean Front","DELRAY BEACH RESUB","Delray Beach Resub Blk 29","Delray Beach Resub BLK 54 S 1\/2","Delray Beach Resub Pt Blk 54","Delray Beach Shores","DELRAY BEACH SHORES,","DELRAY BEACH YACHT C","Delray Beach Yacht Club","Delray Beach Yacht Club Cond Dec Filed 8-16-95","DELRAY BEACH YACHT CLUB CONDO","DELRAY BY THE SEA","Delray Colonial","DELRAY COLONIAL INC","DELRAY COND A THRU H DECLS FILED IN OR5035P827,OR5683P579","Delray Cottages","DELRAY EAST","Delray Est Cond Ph Two As In Decl In","DELRAY ESTATE SECTIO","DELRAY ESTATES","Delray Estates Condo","DELRAY ESTATES CONDO PH IV","DELRAY GARDEN","DELRAY GARDEN EST","Delray Garden Est 3","Delray Garden Est Of 1","DELRAY GARDEN EST REPL OF PL 1LT","DELRAY GARDEN ESTATE","DELRAY GARDEN ESTATES","Delray Garden Estates 02","Delray Garden Estates 03","DELRAY GARDEN ESTATES 1","DELRAY GARDEN ESTATES 2","DELRAY GARDEN ESTATES 3","DELRAY GARDEN ESTATES PLAT 3","DELRAY GARDEN ESTATES PLAT 3 IN","Delray Garden Estates Rep","DELRAY GARDEN ESTATES REPL OF PL 1 IN","Delray Garden ESTS","DELRAY GARDEN ESTS PL 3","DELRAY GARDEN ESTS.","DELRAY GARDENS","DELRAY GARDENS ESTAT","DELRAY GOLF VIEW","DELRAY GOLF VIEW COND APTS","DELRAY GOLF VIEW COND APTS AS IN DECL IN","Delray Golf View Condo Apts","DELRAY GRANDE","DELRAY GRANDE CONDO","Delray Grande Condo Cu-1","DELRAY HARBOR","Delray Harbor Club","DELRAY HARBOR CLUB C","DELRAY HARBOR CLUB COND","Delray Harbor Club Cond Decl Or3773p11 Filed (8-10","DELRAY HARBOR CLUB CONDO","Delray Harbor Club Condo Unit 23","DELRAY HIST","DELRAY ISLE","DELRAY ISLE IN","DELRAY ISLE LOT 27","DELRAY ISLE LT 37","DELRAY ISLE LT 45","DELRAY ISLES","DELRAY LAKES","DELRAY LAKES EST","DELRAY LAKES ESTATES","DELRAY LOFTS","DELRAY MANOR","DELRAY MANOR ADD","Delray Manor Add Delray","DELRAY MANOR ADD TO","DELRAY MANOR ADD TO DELRAY IN","Delray Marina District","DELRAY MARKETPLACE PRESERVE 3","DELRAY MEDICAL CENTER OFFICE CONDO","DELRAY MEDICAL CENTER OFFICE CONDO II","DELRAY MNR ADD TO DELRAY","DELRAY OAKES WEST","DELRAY OAKS","Delray Oaks - all age community","DELRAY OAKS ***VACAN","DELRAY OAKS **LCKBX","DELRAY OAKS COND DEC","DELRAY OAKS CONDO","Delray Oaks Condominium","Delray Oaks West","DELRAY OAKS WEST #2 COND","DELRAY OAKS WEST 1","DELRAY OAKS WEST 1 &","Delray Oaks West 1 & 2 Conds","Delray Oaks West 1 And 2 Conds Decls Filed 2-17-81","DELRAY OAKS WEST CON","DELRAY OAKS WEST CONDO","Delray Oaks West Condo 01","Delray Oaks West Condo 01 & 02","DELRAY OAKS WEST TH","DELRAY OAKS WEST TWO CONDO","Delray Ocean Est","DELRAY OCEAN ESTATES","Delray Ocean Estates North","DELRAY OCEAN VILLAS","DELRAY OCEAN VILLAS COND","Delray Ocean Villas Cond As In Decl In","DELRAY OCEAN VILLAS CONDO","Delray Park Commerce Rep","DELRAY PARK OF COMMERCE TR R","DELRAY RACQUET","Delray Racquet Club","DELRAY RACQUET CLUB CONDO","DELRAY RACQUET CLUB IS DESIRABLE COMMUNITY WHO OFFER THE RESIDENTS A CLEAN, SAFE AND FUN ENVIROMENT","DELRAY RACQUET CLUB\/","DELRAY RAQUET CLUB","Delray Resub Blk 72","DELRAY RESUB OF BLK","DELRAY RESUB OF BLK 72 & W PT OF BLK 80","Delray Resub Of Blk 72 And W Pt Of Blk 80","Delray Ridge","DELRAY SAN SEBASTIAN","DELRAY SEBASTIAN","Delray Sebastian, San Sebastian","DELRAY SHORES","DELRAY SHORES LT 1 BLK","Delray Shores 1st Add","Delray Shores Add 01","DELRAY SHORES FIRST","Delray Shores First Add","DELRAY SHORES FIRST ADD IN","DELRAY SHORES IN","DELRAY SHORES PROFESSIONAL PLAZA CONDO","Delray Summit","DELRAY SUMMIT CONDO","Delray Summit Condominium","Delray Summit Inc","DELRAY SUMMIT INC CO","Delray Summit Inc Condo","Delray Summit Inc. Condo","DELRAY SUMMITT","DELRAY TOWN","DELRAY TOWN OF","DELRAY TOWN OF DELRAY","DELRAY TOWN OF S1.5ftoflot1&lot2\/less s.3 ft\/blk59\/old school square historic","DELRAY TOWN OF, TOWN OF DELRAY","DELRAY TOWN OFadfasdf","DELRAY TRAINING CENT","DELRAY TRAINING CENTER PUD PAR B","DELRAY TRAINING CENTER PUD PAR D","DELRAY TRAINING CENTER PUD PAR E","Delray Training Center Pud Par G","DELRAY TRAINING CENTER PUD PAR H","DELRAY TRAINING CENTER PUD PAR I","DELRAY TRAINING CENTER PUD PAR J","DELRAY TRAINING CENTER PUD PAR K","DELRAY TRAINING CENTER PUD PARD LT 8","DELRAY VILLA PLACE 1","Delray Village by the Sea","DELRAY VILLAGE BY THE SEA CONDO","DELRAY VILLAS","DELRAY VILLAS 01","DELRAY VILLAS 02","Delray Villas 03","Delray Villas 04","Delray Villas 05","Delray Villas 1","DELRAY VILLAS 1V-V","DELRAY VILLAS 2","Delray Villas 2 As","Delray Villas 2 As DELRAY WEST ESTATES","DELRAY VILLAS 3","Delray Villas 4","Delray Villas 4\/5","Delray Villas 5","Delray Villas 5-A","Delray Villas III","Delray Villas Inc","DELRAY VILLAS IV","DELRAY VILLAS PL 1","DELRAY VILLAS PL 3","DELRAY VILLAS PL 4","DELRAY VILLAS PL 5","DELRAY VILLAS PL4","DELRAY VILLAS PLAT 1","DELRAY VILLAS PLAT 2","Delray Villas Plat 3","DELRAY VILLAS Plat 4\/5","DELRAY VILLAS PLT 2","DELRAY VILLAS PLT 4\/5","DELRAY VILLAS SECTION 1","DELRAY VILLAS SECTION 2","DELRAY VILLAS SECTION 4\/5","DELRAY VILLAS WEST","Delray Villas West Estates","DELRAY VILLAS, Phase 1","DELRAY WEST ESTATES","DelrayRacquet club","Denery Lane","DENERY LN","Deuville","DIAMOND AT DELRAY","DIAMOND AT DELRAY CO","DIAMOND AT DELRAY CONDO","DIGGANS C H","Diggans C H Blk 55","DIGGANS C H SUB\/BLK 55 TOWN OF LINTON","DIGGINS CH SB BLK 55","DIXIE DEL IDA","Dodge House Condo","DOGWOOD","DOGWOOD CONDO","DOMAIN DELRAY","Domaine Delray","DOMAINE DELRAY COND","DOMAINE DELRAY COND DECL FILED 1-26-83 IN","DOMAINE DELRAY CONDO","Dorchester","Dorchester Inc","DORCHESTER INC 200 N OCEAN BLVD DELRAY B","DORCHESTER INC 200 N OCEAN BLVD DELRAY BEACH","DORCHESTER INC 200 N OCEAN BLVD DELRAY BEACH FL","Double-Duplex","DOVER HOUSE CONDO","DOWN TOWN DELRAY","DOWNTOWN DELRAY","Downtown Delray 8 plex","Downtown Delray Beach","Downtown Delray Beach - LINNS","Downtown Delray Beach \/ Highland Park Delray","Downtown Delray BeachAtlantic Avenue and US1","DOWNTOWN DELRAY HALLER & GROOTMANS","Downtown Delray\/Lake Ida Neighborhood","DOWNTOWN LOFTS","DOWNTOWN LOFTS CONDO","Drexel Park","Drexel Park Townhomes","DREXEL PARK TOWNHOMES 1 CONDO","Drexel Park townhomes condominium I","DREXEL PARK TOWNHOMES I","DREXEL PARK TOWNHOMES I CONDO","DREXEL PARK TOWNHOMES I CONDOMINIUM","Drexel Park Twnhms Condo 01","DRINKWATERS","DUBAL PLACE CONDOMINIUM","DUVAL PLACE","DUVALL PLACE","Duvall Place Condo","DUVALL PLACE CONDOMINIUM","EAGLE PLANTS PRESERVE AREA PAR 3","EAGLE PLANTS PRESERVE AREA PAR 3 DRO APPROVED","Eagle Point","EAGLE POINTE","EAST","EAST DELRAY","EAST DELRAY BEACH","East Delray Town","EAST HAVEN","EAST HAVEN COND DECL","EAST INDIES","EAST OCEAN","EAST OF US1(FEDERAL)","East Wind Beach Club","EAST WIND BEACH CLUB INC","East Wind Beach Club Inc 150 N Ocean Blvd Delray B","EASTBROOKE BOCA COUNTRY CLUB","EASTVIEW","Eastview Of Delray Beach Condo","EASTVIEW VILLAGE","EASTVIEW VILLAGE SQU","EASTVIEW VILLAGE SQUARE","EASTVIEW VILLAGE SQUARE COND DECL FILED 3-10-80","EASTVIEW VILLAGE SQUARE CONDO","EASTWINDS","EASTWINDS AT CROSSWI","EASTWINDS AT CROSSWIND","EASTWINDS AT CROSSWINDS","EASTWINDS AT CROSSWINDS CONDO","Eastwinds At Crosswinds Condo,","EASTWINDS AT CROSSWINDS CONDONO PETS ALLOWED IN THIS BUILDING & APPLICATION PROCESS TAKES 30 DAYS","EIGHT HUNDRED OCEAN","EIGHT HUNDRED OCEAN PLACE CONDO","EL MAR CONDO","EL SOLANO","EMERALD AT DELRAY CO","EMERALD AT DELRAY CONDO","EMERALD AT DELRAY,MORNINGSTAR","Emerald At Morningstar Condo","Emerald Pointe","Emerald Pointe 01","Emerald Pointe 02","EMERALD POINTE 1","EMERALD POINTE 2","EMERALD POINTE COND","Emerald Pointe Cond I And Ii Filed 9-7-89 As In Or","EMERALD POINTE CONDO","EMERALD POINTE PL 1","Emerald Pointe Pl 2","EMERALD POINTE01","EmeraldE Pointe","Enclave At Hamlet","ENCLAVE AT THE HAMLET","ENVIRNMENT","ENVIROMENT","Environment","ENVIRONMENT 1 COND DECL FILED 5-7-82","ENVIRONMENT COND","ENVIRONMENT CONDO","ENVIRONMENT CONDO 01","Environment Condominium","ENVIRONMENT I COND D","Environment I Condo","Environmet","ESPLANADE","ESQUIRE","ESTATES AT OCEAN DELRAY","Estates at Tuscany","ESTATES III THE","ESTATES IV","ESTATES MANGO DE PAR","ESTATES MANGO DE PARIS","ESTATES OF GLENEAGLES","ESTATES OF TUSCANY","ESTUARY","Estuary 02","ESTUARY 2","Evergeen","EVERGREEN","EVERGREEN - HUNTINGTON LAKES","EVERGREEN - VILLAGES OF ORIOLE","Evergreen 01 Condo 01-04","Evergreen 01 Villages Oriole","Evergreen 1","Evergreen 1 of Villages of Oriole condo","Evergreen Condo","EVERGREEN CONDO VILLAGES OF ORIOLE","EVERGREEN CONDOMINIUM","EVERGREEN i condo IV unit 103","EVERGREEN I CONDS I","EVERGREEN I CONDS I THRU IV OF VILLAGES OF ORIOLE DECLS FILED 2-8-84","Evergreen I Conds I Thru Iv Of Vlg Of Oriole","EVERGREEN I OF VILLS OF ORIOLE COND 5-10","Evergreen I Of Vills Of Oriole Cond 5-10 As In Dec","EVERGREEN I OF VILLS OF ORIOLE CONDO","EVERGREEN OF VILLAGES OF ORIOLE","Evergreen Villages of Oriole","EVERGREEN-HUNTINGTON","EVERGREEN\/ORIOLE","Evergreene","EVERGREENEVERGREEN","EVERGREENI","EVERGREN I Of Vills Of Oriole Cond","EXECUTIVE SQUARE PLAZA CONDO","FAIRACRE","FAIRCREST HEIGHTS","FAIRCREST HEIGHTS - OAKMONT","Faircrest Heights Amd","FAIRCREST HEIGHTS OAKMONT","FAIRLAWN","FairLawn In","FAIRWAY","FAIRWAY CONDO","Fairway Condo As In Decl In","FAIRWAY CONDOMINIUM","FAIRWAY CONDOMINIUMS","Fairway Villas","FAIRWAYS","Fairways condo","FAIRWAYS CONDOS","Fairways Delray","Fairways Of Delray","FAIRWAYS OF DELRAY, Located next to Delray Golf Club","Fall Ridge Delray Condo","FALL RIDGE OF DELRAY","Fall Ridge Of Delray Condo","FAVALE ESTATES","FESSLER EST","FESSLER ESTATES","FIFTH AVENUE ESTATES","FILED IN OR3857P483,4239P753, & 4720P1318","Firs Encounter Condo","FIRST ENCOUNTER","FIRST ENCOUNTER COND","FIRST ENCOUNTER COND UNIT D-101","FIRST ENCOUNTER CONDO","First Encounter Condos","Flanders","Flanders at Kings Point","Flanders I","Flanders K","Flanders Q","FLORAL LAKES","FLORAL LAKES PH 3 AND 4","Floral Lakes 01","Floral Lakes 01 Repl","Floral Lakes 02","Floral Lakes 1","FLORAL LAKES 2","FLORAL LAKES PH 03 & 04","FLORAL LAKES PH 3 &","FLORAL LAKES PH 3 & 4","FLORAL LAKES PH 3 &","FLORAL LAKES PH 3 7 4","FLORAL LAKES PH 3 AND 4","FLORAL LAKES PL 1","FLORAL LAKES PL 1 RE","FLORAL LAKES PL 2","FLORANADA","FLORANADA\/ADDISON RESERVE","Forsythia","Forsythia - Las Verdes","FORSYTHIA AT LAS VERDES","FORSYTHIA HOA","Forsythia Villas of Las Verdes","Fountain House","FOUNTAIN HOUSE INC LESSEE","FOUNTAIN HOUSE SOUTH INC","FOUNTAIN SQUARE","FOUNTAIN SQUARE OFFICE CONDO","FOUNTAIN SQUARE OFFICE CONDO OF DELRAY","Fountain Square Office Condominium","Four Seasons","FOUR SEASONS \/ TIVOLI","Four Seasons \/ TIVOLI ISLES","FOUR SEASONS \/ TIVOLI ISLES PUD","FOUR SEASONS \/TIVOLI ISLES","Four Seasons at Delray Beach","Four Seasons Delray Beach","Four Seasons Tivoli Isles","FOUR SEASONS, TIVOLI ISLES PUD","Four Seasons, TIVOLI ISLES PUD","Four Seasons,TIVOLI ISLES PUD","Four Seasons\/ Tivoli Isles","FOUR SEASONS\/TIVOLI","Four Seasons\/Tivoli Isles","FOUR SEASONS\/TIVOLI ISLES PUD","FOX HOLLOW","Fox Hollow - Seagate\/Hamlet","Fox Hollow\/Hamlet","Fox Hollow\/Hamlet Country Club","FOXE CHASE","FOXE CHASE PB38P1&2","FOXPOINTE","Foxpointe As","FOXPOINTE AT THE HAMLET","FOXPOINTE, HAMLET","FOXPOINTELocated in Seagate CC","FRANKLIN AT DELRAY BEACH","FRANWOOD PINES","Frey Sophia","FREY SOPHIA ADD DELR","Frey Sophia Add Delray","FREY SOPHIA ADD TO D","FREY SOPHIA ADD TO DELRAY","FREY SOPHIA ADD TO DELRAY IN","Garden Court","GARDEN COURT - DOWNTOWN DELRAY BEACH","GARDENS BY THE SEA C","GLEASON ST VILLAS","GLEASON STREET TOWNH","Gleason Street Townhome","Gleason Street Twhs","GLEASON STREET VILLA","GLEASON STREET VILLAS","Gleneagles","GLENEAGLES COUNTRY CLUB","Gleneagles 02","Gleneagles 09","GLENEAGLES 2","GLENEAGLES 5","GLENEAGLES 6","GLENEAGLES 9","GLENEAGLES C.C","GLENEAGLES C.C.","GLENEAGLES CC","GLENEAGLES COND I","GLENEAGLES COND I DE","GLENEAGLES COND I UNIT 1108","GLENEAGLES COND II","GLENEAGLES COND II A","Gleneagles Cond Iii","GLENEAGLES CONDO","GLENEAGLES CONDO I","Gleneagles Condo 01","Gleneagles Condo 02 Amd","Gleneagles Condo 03","Gleneagles Condo 04","Gleneagles Condo 05","Gleneagles Condo 06","Gleneagles Condo 1V","GLENEAGLES CONDO I","GLENEAGLES CONDO IGleneagles Country Club","GLENEAGLES CONDO II","GLENEAGLES CONDO III","GLENEAGLES CONDO IV","Gleneagles CONDO IV UNIT 14601","Gleneagles Condo lll","GLENEAGLES CONDO V","GLENEAGLES CONDO VI","Gleneagles country c","Gleneagles Country Club","GLENEAGLES COUNTRY CLUB(GLENEAGLES CONDO IV)","GLENEAGLES Estate Section","Gleneagles Fairway Homes","GLENEAGLES IV COND -","GLENEAGLES IV COND D","GLENEAGLES IV CONDO","GLENEAGLES PL 1","GLENEAGLES PL 2","GLENEAGLES PL 6","GLENEAGLES V COND DE","Gleneagles V Condo","GLENEAGLES VI COND","Gleneagles Vi Condo","GLENEAGLES\/GLENDEVON","GLENEGLES COND I DECL FILED 8-9-85 IN","GOLF CLUB EST","GOLF CLUB ESTATES","GOLF PARK","GOLF PARK DELRAY","GOLF PARK DELRAY IN","GOLF VIEW CLUB","Golfclub estates","GOLFVEIW ESTS","Golfview","GOLFVIEW CLUB OF GULFSTREAM CONDO","GOLFVIEW COLONY","GOLFVIEW COLONY CONDO","GOLFVIEW CONDOMINIUM","GOLFVIEW ESTATES","GOLFVIEW ESTATES DELRAY","Golfview Ests Delray","GOODISON PARK EST","GOODISON PARK ESTATES","Gout lot","GOV LTS","GOV'T LOTS","Gracey Byrd","GRACEY-BYRD","GRAEVE JT","GRAEVE JT SUB","Gramercy","Gramercy Square","Gramercy Square 2","GRAMERCY SQUARE PL","GRAMERCY SQUARE PL 2","GRAND BAHAMA PROFESSIONAL PARK CONDO","Grand Bahamas Professional Park","Grand Haven At Linton \/ Casa Bella","GRAND HAVEN AT LINTON BLVD","GRANDE ORCHID","GRANDE ORCHID - NORTH OAKS","Grande Orchid Estates","Grande Orchid NORTH OAKS","GREENSWARD","Greensward \/ Hamlet","GREENSWARD HAMLET","Greensward Hamlet Seagate","GREENSWARD VILLAGE","GREENSWARD VILLAGE C","GREENSWARD VILLAGE COND One And Two","GREENSWARD VILLAGE CONDO","Greensward Village Condo 01 & 02","GREENSWARD VILLAGE CONDO ONE","GREENSWARD VILLAGE CONDO-THE HAMLET","GREENSWARD VILLAGE CONDO, HAMLET","GREENSWARD VILLAGE CONDOSeagate CC at The Hamlet","GREENSWARD VILLAGE II CONDO","GREENSWARD VILLAGE ONE CONDO","Greensward Village,The Hamlet","GREENSWARD VILLAGE\/SEAGATE","Greensward Village\/THE HAMLET","Greensward Vlg Cond One And Two As In Decl In","GREENSWARD, Seagate at The Hamlet","GREENSWARD\/HAMLET","GREGO SUB AMEND PL 3","Griffin Gate","Griffin Gate east Delray","GROSVENOR HOUSE","GROSVENOR HOUSE INC","Grosvenor House Inc 120 N Ocean Blvd Delray Beach","GROVE AT LAKE IDA","GROVE COND AS IN DECL IN","GROVE CONDO","Grove Delray","GROVE PARK","Grove Park Sub","GROVE PARK SUB D B IN","Grove The Delray","GROVE THE DELRAY IN","Groves Of Delray","GROVES OF DELRAY 561 276-1822","GULF STREAM","GULF STREAM APTS","GULF STREAM ESTS 2","Gulf Stream Villas","Gulfstream ESTS","GULFSTREAM APARTMENTS","Gulfstream Apts.","GULFSTREAM ESTATES","Gulfstream Estates Rep","GULFSTREAM ESTS IN","Gulfstream Ests Of Blks 2 Thru 5","GULFSTREAM ESTS REPL","Gulfstream Ocean Trs","Gulfstream Prop 02 Rep","GULFSTREAM PROP REP","GULFSTREAM SHORES","GULFSTREAM SHORES CO","Gulfstream Shores Cond As In Decl In","GULFSTREAM SHORES CONDO","GULFSTREAM VILLAS AT HERITAGE LANDING","Gulfstream Villas at Heritage Landings","GULFSTREAM VILLAS COND","GULFSTREAM VILLAS SO","H V POPE SUB AS IN","Hagen Ranch Heights","HAGEN RANCH HEIGHTS ,NEWPORT COVE","Hagen Ranch Heights NEWPORT COVE","Hagen Ranch Heights, Newport Cove","Hagen Ranch Heights,Newport Cove","HAGEN RANCH HEIGHTS\/ NEWPORT COVE","Hagen Ranch Heights\/NEWPORT COVE","HAGEN RANCH HEIGHTSNEWPORT COVE","HALLER & GROOTMANS","Haller And Grootmans","Haller And Grootmans Sub","Hamilton House","HAMILTON HOUSE COND","Hamilton House Cond Apts As In Decl In","HAMILTON HOUSE CONDO","Hamilton House Condo Apts","Hamilton Place","HAMLET","Hamlet Greensward Seagate","HAMLET - EVERGREENE","HAMLET - PINE LAKE","Hamlet -Greensward Village Condo","HAMLET \/ ESTATES SEC","Hamlet \/ Foxpointe","Hamlet \/ Seagate","HAMLET \/GREENSWARD","HAMLET AT DELRAY BEACH","Hamlet C.C. \/ Seagate C.C.","HAMLET CC","HAMLET CC NO EQUITY","HAMLET COUNTRY CLUB","HAMLET EVERGREENE","HAMLET FOXPOINTE","HAMLET GREENSWARD","HAMLET GREENSWARD SEAGATE","HAMLET GREENSWARD VI","Hamlet Greensward Village 1","Hamlet Seagate","Hamlet Seagate Evergreene","Hamlet Seagate Greensward","Hamlet Seagate Greensward Cond One And Two As In Decl In","HAMLET- LAKEWOODE","HAMLET-GREENSWARD","HAMLET, BOUGAINVILLA","HAMLET, GREENSWARD","HAMLET, LAKEWOODE","Hamlet, Seagate,","Hamlet, Seagate, Greensward","Hamlet, Seagate, GREENSWARD VILLAGE CONDO","HAMLET,FOX HOLLOW","HAMLET,GREENSWARD","HAMLET*GREENSWARD","HAMLET\/EVERGREENE","HAMLET\/FOX HOLLOW","HAMLET\/FOXPOINTE","HAMLET\/GREENSWARD","HAMLET\/GREENSWARD VI","Hamlet\/Greensward Village One","Hamlet\/Pine Lake","Hamlet\/Seagate","Hamlet\/Seagate\/Foxponite","HAMMOCK RESERVE","HAMMOND PROP PL","HAMPTON HOUSE","HAMTON HOUSE","HANCOCK SUB","Hanover","Hanover Square","Hanover Square Pb48p192","Hanover Square, WINDYCREEK","HARBOR VILLAS COND I","HARBOR VILLAS COND I & II","HARBOR VILLAS CONDO","Harbor Villas Condo 01 & 02","HARBOUR CLUB","Harbour House","Harbour Pointe","Harbour Pointe Delray Condo","HARBOUR POINTE OF DELRAY CONDO","HARBOuR VILLAS","HARBOURSIDE","Harbourside 01-03","Harbourside Building #3","HARBOURSIDE I, II & III","HARBOURSIDE I,II & I","HARBOURSIDE I,II & III","HARBOURSIDE I,II & I","Harbourside I,Ii And Iii As In Decl In Or2493p447,","HARBOURSIDE III COND","HARBOURSIDE on the Intracoastal","HARRY SEEMILLER","HARRY SEEMILLER SUB","Hartman House Prcl A","Heritage Club","HERITAGE CLUB REPL","Heritage Landing","Heritage Landing GULFSTREAM VILLAS","Heritage Landings","HERITAGE LANDINGS GULFSTREAM VILLAS","Heritage Park","HERITAGE PARK HEALTH CENTER","HIBISCUS HOUSE CONDO","Hibiscus Lake Est","HIDDEN COVE","HIDDEN COVE \/ POLO CLUB","HIDDEN COVE\/POLO","HIDDEN COVE\/POLO CLUB","Hidden Harbour Ests","Hidden Lake","Hidden Lake - Clearbrook","HIDDEN LAKE \/ CLEARBROOK","HIDDEN LAKE\/CLEARBROOK","HIDDEN VALLEY","HIGH ACRES","HIGH ACRES 1ST ADD","HIGH ACRES 1ST ADD I","HIGH ACRES 1ST ADD LAKE IDA","HIGH ACRES 2ND ADD","HIGH ACRES 2ND ADD IN","HIGH ACRES 3RD ADD","HIGH ACRES 3RD ADD I","HIGH ACRES 3RD ADD IN","HIGH ACRES 3RD ADD Lake Ida Neighborhood","HIGH ACRES 3RD ADDLAKE IDA NEIGHBORHOOD","High Acres Add 01","High Acres Add 02","High Acres Add 03","HIGH ACRES DELRAY","High Acres Delray \/ Lake Ida","HIGH ACRES DELRAY IN","HIGH ACRES DELRAY, LAKE IDA NEIGHBORHOOD","HIGH ACRES DELRAYLake Ida","High Acres-Lake Ida","High Acres, Lake Ida","High Acres\/Lake Ida","HIGH ACRO","HIGH PINT WEST OF DELRAY 2","HIGH PIONT","HIGH POINT","High Point 7","High Point - Section 1","HIGH POINT 1","HIGH POINT 2","HIGH POINT 2 OF DELRAY WEST","High Point 3 - Court \\'\\'C\\'\\'","High Point 5","High Point 6","high point 7","High Point 7 Delray","High Point 7 of Delray Bldg 19 Unit C","High Point 7, Delray Beach","HIGH POINT CONDO SEC 4A","High Point Condominium Sec 3","High Point Delray","HIGH POINT DELRAY 3","High Point Delray 3 West","HIGH POINT DELRAY 5","HIGH POINT DELRAY BC","HIGH POINT DELRAY BEACH","High Point Delray Beach I","High Point Delray Beach S","High Point Delray Beach Sec 01","High Point Delray Beach Sec 02","High Point Delray Beach Sec 03","HIGH POINT DELRAY BEACH SEC 04","High Point Delray Beach Sec 05","High Point Delray Beach Sec 06","High Point Delray Beach Sec 07","High Point Delray Beach Sec 5","HIGH POINT DELRAY SEC 07","High Point Delray Sec 1 West","High Point Delray sec 3 West","High Point Delray Section 6","High Point Delray Three West Condo","HIGH POINT DELRAY W","High Point Delray West","HIGH POINT DELRAY WEST 3","High Point Delray West Co","High Point Delray West Condo","High Point Delray West Condo Sec 1","High Point Delray West Condo Sec 2","HIGH POINT DELRAY WEST CONDO SEC 3","HIGH POINT DELRAY WEST SEC 1","High Point Delray West Sec 3","HIGH POINT DELRAY WEST SECTION 2","HIGH POINT EAST 7","High Point III","High point III of Delray West","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY #5","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY #7 CONDO","High Point of Delray 1 West","High Point of Delray 3","High Point of Delray 3 West","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY 5","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH COND","High Point of Delray Beach 7 07","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH COND SEC 1","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH COND SEC 1 UNIT C BLDG 180","High Point Of Delray Beach Cond Sec 1, Trs 19,20,2","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH COND SEC 1, TRS 19,20,21 & 22 (LESS N 1155 FT), TRS 42,43,","High Point Of Delray Beach Cond Sec II","High Point Of Delray Beach Cond Sec II,","High Point Of Delray Beach Cond Sec Ii, N 1155 Ft","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH COND SEC II, N 1155 FT OF TRS 19,20,21 & 22 OF SEC 18-46-43","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH COND SEC III","High Point Of Delray Beach Cond Sec Iii As In Decl","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH COND SEC III UNIT B BLDG 772","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH COND SEC III UNIT D BLDG 825","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH CONDO I","High Point of Delray Beach Condo Sec 1","High Point of Delray Beach Condo Sec 111","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH CONDO SEC 2","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH CONDO SEC I","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH CONDO SEC II","High Point Of Delray Beach Condo Sec Ii, N 1155 Ft","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH CONDO SEC III","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH CONDO SEC III UNIT B BLD 780","High Point Of Delray Beach Condo SEC lll","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH SEC 1","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH SEC 6","High Point of Delray Beach Sec III","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY BEACH SEC1","High Point of Delray Beach Section 1","High Point of Delray Beach Section 5","High Point of Delray Condo Sec 2","High Point of Delray Condominium Section 2","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SEC","High Point of Delray Sec #6","High Point of Delray Sec 04","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SEC 1","High Point Of Delray Sec 2","High Point of Delray SEC 3 West","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SEC 4","High Point Of Delray Sec 4 As In Decl In","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SEC 4 Condo","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SEC 5","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SEC 5 COND","High Point Of Delray Sec 5 Cond As In Decl In","High Point of Delray sec 5 cond bldg. 1102 unit b","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SEC 5 CONDO","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SEC 5 CONDO A 55 + SENIOR COMMUNITY","High Point Of Delray Sec 6","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SEC 6 COND","High Point Of Delray Sec 6 Cond As In Decl In","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SEC 6 CONDO","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SEC 7","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SEC 7 COND","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SEC 7 COND DECL FILED 2-28-79 OR3015 P918 & AMEND OR3028P717,3035P2","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SEC 7 CONDO","High Point of Delray Sec 7 condo bldg. 4 unit C","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SEC I","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY Sec II","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SEC II CONDO","High Point Of Delray Sec. 4","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SEC. 5","High Point of Delray sec2","High Point of Delray section 1 West","High Point of Delray Section 2","High Point of Delray section 2 West","High Point of Delray Section 3","High Point of Delray Section 4","High Point of Delray Section 5","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY SECTION 6","High Point of Delray Section 6 Condo","High Point of Delray Section 7","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST","High Point of Delray West Cond Sec 1 & 2","High Point of Delray West - Section 3","High Point of Delray West 3","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST COND SEC 1","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST COND SEC 1 & 2","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST COND SEC 1 & 2, HIGH POINT WEST, HIGH POINT","High Point Of Delray West Cond Sec 1 And 2 As In D","High Point Of Delray West Cond Sec 2","High Point Of Delray West Cond Sec 3","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST COND SEC 3 DECL FILED 8-4-82","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST CONDO","High Point of Delray West Condo III","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST CONDO SEC 1","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST CONDO SEC 1 & 2","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST CONDO SEC 1&2","High Point Of Delray West Condo Sec 2","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST CONDO SEC 3","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST CONDO SEC 3 phone 561-496-0377 Paula","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST CONDSEC","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST CONDSEC 1","High Point of Delray West Condsec 1 Unit B Bldg 25","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST CONDSEC 2 UNIT C BLDG 268","High Point of Delray West II","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST SEC 1","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST SEC 3","High Point of Delray West Sec. 1","HIGH POINT OF DELRAY WEST Section 1","High Point of Delray West Section 2","High Point Sec #5","High Point Sec #6","High Point Sec #7","High Point sec 1","HIGH POINT SEC 2 W","HIGH POINT SEC 3","High Point Sec 3 West","HIGH POINT SEC 3W","High Point Sec 4","High Point Sec 5","HIGH POINT SEC 6","High Point Sec 7","HIGH POINT SEC I","HIGH POINT SEC II","HIGH POINT SEC III","HIGH POINT SEC V","High Point Sec. #6","HIGH POINT SECTION 1","High point section 3","HIGH POINT SECTION 4","HIGH POINT SECTION 5","High Point Section 6","high point section 6 condominium","HIGH POINT SECTION 7","HIGH POINT SECTION 7 DELRAY","High Point Section V","HIGH POINT VI","HIGH POINT VILLAS","HIGH POINT W","HIGH POINT W.SEC 2","HIGH POINT WEST","HIGH POINT WEST 1 & 2","HIGH POINT WEST 1 OF DELRAY","High Point West 2 ..off Military trail","HIGH POINT WEST 3 OF DELRAY","High Point West Condo","HIGH POINT WEST CONDO SEC 3","High Point West Delray","High Point West III","HIGH POINT WEST OF DELRAY","HIGH POINT WEST OF DELRAY 1","HIGH POINT WEST OF D","HIGH POINT WEST OF DELRAY 1","HIGH POINT WEST OF DELRAY 2","High Point West off Military Trail","HIGH POINT WEST SEC","High Point West Sec 1","High Point West Section II","High Point- Section 1","Highland Grove Est","HIGHLAND GROVE ESTATES","HIGHLAND PARK","HIGHLAND PARK DELRAY","HIGHLAND TRAILER PAR","HIGHLAND TRAILER PARK","HIGHLAND TRAILER PARK IN","HIGHLAND TRAILOR PARK","HIGHOPINT 1","HIGHPOINT","HIGHPOINT 1","HIGHPOINT 3","HIGHPOINT 5","HIGHPOINT 6","HIGHPOINT 7","HIGHPOINT I","Highpoint III Delray West","HIGHPOINT OF DELRAY","HIGHPOINT W SEC I","HIGHPOINT WEST","Hight Point of Delray West condo section 1&2","Historic Bankers Row","HISTORIC DELRAY","Historic Delray Beach","Historic District","HISTORICAL","HISTORICAL DELRAY","HOFFMAN VILLAGE","HOFMAN ADD","HOFMAN ADD IN","HOFMAN VILLAGE","HOFMAN VILLAGE IN","HOFMANS","Hofmans 08 Ave Add","HOFMANS 8TH AVE ADD","HOFMANS 8TH AVE ADD IN","Hofmans 8Th Ave Add\/Palm Trail Neighborhood","Hollows","HOLLOWS \/ POLO CLUB","HOLLOWS\/POLO CLUB","HOMELAKE","HOMEWOOD","HOMEWOOD L AKES SEC A","HOMEWOOD LAKES","Homewood Lakes - Woodlake","HOMEWOOD LAKES \/ Woodlake","HOMEWOOD LAKES \/ Woodlakes","HOMEWOOD LAKES DELRAY","HOMEWOOD LAKES SEC A","Homewood Lakes Sec A As","HOMEWOOD LAKES SEC A, homewood lakes","Homewood Lakes Sec A, Woodlake","Homewood Lakes Sec A,Woodlake","HOMEWOOD LAKES SEC B-1","HOMEWOOD LAKES SEC B-2","Homewood Lakes Sec B1","Homewood Lakes Sec B2","HOMEWOOD LAKES SEC C","HOMEWOOD LAKES SEC D","Homewood Lakes Sec D, Woodlake","Homewood Lakes Sec D,Woodlake","HOMEWOOD LAKES SECTI","HOMEWOOD LAKES SECTION B-2","Homewood Lakes-Woodlake","HOMEWOOD LAKES, woodlake","Homewood Lakes,Woodlake","Homewood Lakes\/ Woodlake","Homewood Lakes\/Woodlake","HOMEWOOD PARK","Homewood Park Plat","Homewood Park Rep","HOMEWOOD PARK REPLAT","HOMEWOOD Woodlake","HORIZON OF DELRAY BEACH INC","Hunting Pointe","Huntington","Huntington Lakes","Huntington Lakes SECTION FOUR COND 32","HUNTINGTON LAKE","HUNTINGTON LAKES","HUNTINGTON LAKES SECTION THREE","Huntington Lakes Section Two Condo 11 Unit 204","Huntington Lakes #10","Huntington Lakes bldg 29","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC 02","Huntington Lakes Sec 03","Huntington Lakes Sec 03 Condo 26","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC 04","Huntington Lakes Sec 05","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC 1","Huntington Lakes Sec 1 And Sec 1-A Condo","Huntington Lakes Sec 1, Bld 5","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC 2","Huntington Lakes Sec 2 Bldg 14","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC 3","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC 3 BUILDING 27","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC 5","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC FIVE","Huntington Lakes Sec Five Condo 37 Thru 44 De","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC FIVE CONDOS","Huntington Lakes Sec Five Conds 37 Thru 44 De","Huntington Lakes Sec Four Cond 29 Thru 36 Dec","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC FOUR CONDOS","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC ONE","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC ONE & building 6 CONDO DECL FILED IN OR3468","Huntington Lakes Sec One And Sec 1-A Condo","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC ONE CONDOS","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC THREE CONDO","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC THREE CONDOS","Huntington Lakes Sec Three Condos 20 Thru 28 De","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC THREE CONDOS bldg. 24","Huntington Lakes Sec Three Conds 20 Thru 28 De","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC TWO","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC TWO CONDOS","Huntington Lakes Sec Two Condos 10,11,12,14","HUNTINGTON LAKES SEC TWO CONDOS bldg 10","Huntington Lakes Sec Two Conds 10,11,12,14 Thr","hUNTINGTON lAKES sEC. 03","Huntington Lakes Sec. 4. Bldg. 35","HUNTINGTON LAKES SECT 2","Huntington Lakes Section 1","HUNTINGTON LAKES SECTION 2 CONDO","Huntington Lakes Section 2 Condos","Huntington Lakes Section 3","HUNTINGTON LAKES SECTION 4","Huntington lakes section 4 building 36","Huntington Lakes Section 5","HUNTINGTON LAKES SECTION FIVE","HUNTINGTON LAKES SECTION FIVE CONDS","HUNTINGTON LAKES SECTION FIVE CONDS 37 THRU 44 DECLS FILED IN OR5479P31","Huntington Lakes SECTION FOUR CONDO 35 UNIT 406","HUNTINGTON LAKES SECTION ONE","Huntington Lakes Section Three","HUNTINGTON LAKES SECTION THREE CONDO 26 UNIT 401","Huntington Lakes Section Three Condos","Huntington lakes section three condos 20 thru 28 decls in or5012p1206,4648p443, 4992p307","HUNTINGTON LAKES SECTION THREE CONDS 20 THRU 28","HUNTINGTON LAKES SECTION TWO","HUNTINGTON LAKES SECTION TWO CONDS","Huntington LakesBldg 31 Section 4","HUNTINGTON POINT","HUNTINGTON POINTE","Huntington Pointe Phase IV","Huntington Pointe - Active Adult Community","HUNTINGTON POINTE 1","Huntington Pointe 1 Thru IV Cond","HUNTINGTON POINTE 11","HUNTINGTON POINTE 2","Huntington Pointe Condo","HUNTINGTON POINTE CONDO 01-04","Huntington Pointe Condo 1","Huntington Pointe Condo 2","HUNTINGTON POINTE I","HUNTINGTON POINTE I THRU IV COND","Huntington Pointe I Thru Iv Condo","HUNTINGTON POINTE III","Huntington Pointe III Condo","HUNTINGTON POINTE IV COND BLDG 127","Huntington Pointe IV Condo","HUNTINGTON POINTE Ph 2","HUNTINGTON POINTE phase 1","Huntington Pointe Phase I (1Thru Iv Condo","Huntington Pointe Section 1V","Huntington Towers","HUNTINGTON TOWERS CO","HUNTINGTON TOWERS CONDO","Huntington Walk","Huntington Walk 01","HUNTINGTON WALK 1","HUNTINGTON WALK 2","Huntington Walk 2 Villa Borghese","Huntington Walk Pod H","Hyder Agr PUD 1","Hyder Agr PUD 3","HYDER AGR PUD PL","HYDER AGR PUD PL 1","HYDER AGR PUD PL 2","HYDER AGR PUD PL 3","HYDER AGR PUD PL 4 REPL","HYDER AGR PUD PL 5","HYDER AGR PUD PL 6","HYDER AGR PUD PL 7","Ida Lake Terr","IDA LAKE TERRACE","Ida Lake Terrace Rep","IDA LAKE TERRACE REPL","IMPERIAL MANOR","IMPERIAL MANOR COND","IMPERIAL MANOR CONDO","Imperial Mnr Cond Decl","Imperial Villas","IMPERIAL VILLAS COND","IMPERIAL VILLAS COND 1,2,3,4,5 & 6","Imperial Villas Cond 1,2,3,4,5 And 6 As In Decl In","IMPERIAL VILLAS COND 1,2,3,4,5,&6","IMPERIAL VILLAS COND 1,2,3,4,5&6","IMPERIAL VILLAS CONDO","IMPERIAL VILLAS CONDO 01-06","IMPERIAL VILLS","INGRAHAM HOUSE","INGRAHAM HOUSE CONDO","INGS POINT BURGUNDY","INLET COVE","INLET COVE CONDO","INNER CIRCLE","INNER CIRCLE COND","Inner Circle Condo","Intercoastal Cove","INTERCOASTAL COVE CONDO","INTERNATIONAL CLUB","INTERNATIONAL CLUB C","International Club Cond 11,12, 14,15,16,17,18,19,","INTERNATIONAL CLUB CONDO","IRISH ACRES","Isla Verde","Isles of Capri","ISLES OF DELRAY","Isles Of Delray Sec 2 Amnd","JARDIN DEL MAR","JARDIN DEL MAR COND","JARDIN DEL MAR CONDO","JEFFERSON MANOR","JEFFERSON MANOR IN","JEFFERSON MNR","JENNINGS SUB","JENNINGS SUBDIVISION","John B Reids Village","JOHN B. REIDS","JOHN B. REIDS VILLAGE","JOHN B.REIDSVILLAGE","John Reids Village","JOHNSON A J SUB","JOHNSON\\'S FOLLY HORSE FARM","KENCO RANCH","KENCO RANCH; Stone Creek Ranch","KENMONT","Kenmont \/ Downtown Delray Beach","Kenmont Add 01","Kenmont Fiirst Add LT 18","KENMONT FIRST ADD","KENMONT FIRST ADDITION","KENMONT IN","KINBGS POINT","King Point","King Point Brittany","King\\'s Point","King\\'s Point Condo","KINGS P[ONT","KINGS POINT","Kings Point 55+ Community","Kings Point Brittany J Condos","KINGS POINT Burgundy","Kings Point Burgundy A - Q condos","Kings Point Monaco B thru P Condos","KINGS POINT NORMANDY","KINGS POINT SAXONY CONDOS","KINGS POINT TUSCANY","Kings Point -","Kings Point - East side of Jog","Kings Point - Brittany","Kings Point - Burgundy","Kings Point - Flanders N","Kings Point - Isle of Capri","Kings Point - Normandy","KINGS POINT - SAXONY","Kings Point - Tuscany B","KINGS POINT - VALENCIA","Kings Point - Waterford section","Kings Point (Piedmont E section)","kings point \/ brittany","KINGS POINT \/ CAPRI","KINGS POINT \/ MONACO","Kings Point \/ Normandy","Kings Point \/ Saxony","KINGS POINT \/capri","Kings Point 03","Kings Point 08","Kings Point 10","KINGS POINT 11","KINGS POINT 13","KINGS POINT 13 Las Verdes\/Forsythia","KINGS POINT 2","KINGS POINT 3","KINGS POINT 3 \/ Las Verdes","KINGS POINT 4","KINGS POINT 5","KINGS POINT 8","KINGS POINT A-O","Kings Point B Thru P Condos","Kings Point Brittany","Kings Point Brittany A Thru O Condos","Kings Point Brittany A-O","KINGS POINT BRITTANY COND","Kings Point Brittany Condo","KINGS POINT BRITTANY CONDOS","KINGS POINT BRITTANY E COND PAR 227 -","Kings Point Brittany F","KINGS POINT BRITTANY J COND PAR 451","KINGS POINT BRITTANY L","Kings Point Brittany N","KINGS POINT BRITTANY O","KINGS POINT BURGANDY CONDOS","Kings Point Burgundy","KINGS POINT BURGUNDY 0","KINGS POINT BURGUNDY A THRU Q CONDOS","Kings Point Burgundy A-Q","Kings Point Burgundy A-Q condos","KINGS POINT BURGUNDY B COND PAR 62","KINGS POINT BURGUNDY C CONDO","KINGS POINT BURGUNDY C CONDOS","KINGS POINT BURGUNDY COND","KINGS POINT BURGUNDY CONDOS","Kings Point Burgundy I","Kings Point Burgundy K","KINGS POINT BURGUNDY N","KINGS POINT BURGUNDY Q CONDOS","Kings Point Capri","KINGS POINT CAPRI A","Kings Point Capri A THRU L Condos","Kings Point Capri A Thru L Condos","Kings Point Capri A-L","KINGS POINT CAPRI CONDO","KINGS POINT CAPRI CONDOS","Kings Point Capri condos.","KINGS POINT CAPRI I","Kings Point Capri J","Kings Point Capri K","KINGS POINT CAPRI K CONDO 484","KINGS POINT CAPRI L","KINGS POINT COND BUR","KINGS POINT COND BURGUNDY","KINGS POINT COND CAP","KINGS POINT COND FLA","KINGS POINT COND SEV","KINGS POINT COND TUS","KINGS POINT CONDOMIN","KINGS POINT CONDOMINIUMS","KINGS POINT CONDOMNI","KINGS POINT DELRAY","Kings Point Delray Beach","KINGS POINT DELRAY, SEVILLE D VILLA\\'S","KINGS POINT FLANDERS","Kings Point Flanders A G & Q-T","KINGS POINT FLANDERS A THRU T COND","Kings Point Flanders A Thru T Condos","Kings Point Flanders Athru T","Kings Point Flanders B","KINGS POINT FLANDERS CONDO","KINGS POINT FLANDERS CONDOS","KINGS POINT FLANDERS CONDOS 55+","KINGS POINT FLANDERS CONDOS Q","KINGS POINT FLANDERS E","KINGS POINT FLANDERS G","Kings Point Flanders H","KINGS POINT FLANDERS J","Kings Point Flanders L","Kings Point Flanders N","Kings Point Flanders S","Kings Point Flanders S Condos","Kings Point Golf & Country Club","Kings Point Golf and Country Club","KINGS POINT GOLF AND COUNTY CLUB","KINGS POINT ISLE CAPRI CONDOS","KINGS POINT ISLE OF CAPRI A THRU L","KINGS POINT Isle of CAPRI CONDOS","KINGS POINT ISLE OF CAPRI F","Kings Point Isles of Capri","Kings Point Monaco","KINGS POINT MONACO B","Kings Point Monaco B Thru P Condos","Kings Point Monaco B-P","KINGS POINT MONACO CONDOS","KINGS POINT MONACO CONDOS 55+","KINGS POINT MONACO D","Kings Point Monaco D Cond Par 174","KINGS POINT MONACO E","KINGS POINT MONACO F","KINGS POINT MONACO H","KINGS POINT MONACO I","KINGS POINT MONACO I COND PAR 405","KINGS POINT NORMANDY","KINGS POINT NORMANDY A","KINGS POINT NORMANDY A THRU U","KINGS POINT NORMANDY A thru U CONDO","Kings Point Normandy A Thru U Condos","Kings Point Normandy A-U","KINGS POINT NORMANDY B","Kings Point Normandy Condoa","KINGS POINT NORMANDY CONDOS","KINGS POINT NORMANDY D","KINGS POINT NORMANDY F","Kings Point Normandy H","KINGS POINT NORMANDY H CONDOS","Kings Point Normandy J","KINGS POINT NORMANDY J CONDOS","KINGS POINT NORMANDY M","KINGS POINT NORMANDY S","KINGS POINT NORMANDY U","Kings Point of Monaco","KINGS POINT PIEDMONT","KINGS POINT PIEDMONT A THRU L CONDOS","Kings Point Piedmont A-L","KINGS POINT PIEDMONT B","KINGS POINT PIEDMONT COND","Kings Point Piedmont Condo","KINGS POINT PIEDMONT CONDOS","KINGS POINT PIEDMONT G","KINGS POINT PIEDMONT GOLF VIEW","KINGS POINT PIEDMONT H","KINGS POINT PIEDMONT J","Kings Point Piedmont Piedmont A through L Condos","KINGS POINT PIEDMONT SECTION","KINGS POINT PL 3","KINGS POINT PL 8","KINGS POINT PL 8 LT 3 BLK J","KINGS POINT PL NO 1","KINGS POINT PL NO 2","Kings Point Redone","KINGS POINT SAXONY","KINGS POINT SAXONY A","KINGS POINT SAXONY A THRU O CONDOS","KINGS POINT SAXONY A TO O","Kings Point Saxony A-O","KINGS POINT SAXONY CONDOS","KINGS POINT SAXONY E","Kings Point Saxony E Condo","KINGS POINT SAXONY F COND PAR","KINGS POINT SAXONY G","KINGS POINT SAXONY G COND","KINGS POINT SAXONY I","KINGS POINT SAXONY j","KINGS POINT SAXONY L COND PAR","KINGS POINT SAXONY N","Kings Point Seville","KINGS POINT SEVILLE CONDOS","Kings Point Seville A Thru O Condos","Kings Point Seville A-O","Kings Point Seville Condos","KINGS POINT SEVILLE F","Kings Point Seville H","Kings Point Seville L Cond","Kings Point Seville M","KINGS POINT TUSCANY","KINGS POINT TUSCANY B THRU G CONDO","Kings Point Tuscany B Thru G Condos","Kings Point Tuscany B-G","KINGS POINT TUSCANY CONDOS","Kings Point Tuscany D","KINGS POINT TUSCANY F","Kings Point Valencia","Kings Point Valencia A","Kings Point Valencia A thru I","Kings Point Valencia A Thru I Condos","Kings Point Valencia A-I","KINGS POINT VALENCIA B","KINGS POINT VALENCIA B COND PAR 39","KINGS POINT VALENCIA CONDOS","KINGS POINT VALENCIA H CONDOS","KINGS POINT VALENCIA VILLA","Kings Point W","Kings Point Waterford","KINGS POINT WATERFORD A THRU J CONDOS","Kings Point Waterford A-J","Kings Point Waterford A-J Condos","KINGS POINT WATERFORD CONDOS","Kings Point Waterford D","Kings Point Waterford Section","Kings Point Waterford Villa","KINGS POINT-DELRAY","Kings Point-MONACO","KINGS POINT-NORMANDY","KINGS POINT-PIEDMONT","Kings Point, Burgundy K.","Kings Point, Delray Beach","KIngs Point, Flanders Condo","Kings Point, Seville H","kings point,piedmont","Kings Point\/ Burgundy N","KINGS POINT\/ SAXONY","KINGS POINT\/ TUSCANY","Kings Point\/Brittany","Kings Point\/Burgundy","Kings Point\/Capri Buildings","KINGS POINT\/FLANDERS","Kings Point\/Flanders N","KINGS POINT\/ISLE OF CAPRI","Kings Point\/Las Verdes","Kings Point\/Normandy","KINGS POINT\/PIEDMONT","Kings Point\/Saxony","KINGS POINT\/SAXONY C","Kings Point\/Saxony Section","Kings Point\/Seville","Kings Point\/Tuscany","KINGS POINTE","KINGS POINTFLANDERS CONDOS","KINGS POINTISLE OF CAPRI","KINGS POINTKI","Kings PointPiedmont L","KINGS POINTS BURGUNDY CONDOS","KINGS PPOINT","Kings Pt Tuscany G Cond Par 36","KINGSLAND","KINGSLAND ESTATES","KINGSLAND IN","KINGSLAND PINES","KINGSLAND PINES IN","Kingspoint","KNIGHTSBRIDGE","KNIGHTSBRIDGE \/ POLO CLUB","KNIGHTSBRIDGE \/ THE POLO CLUB","KNIGHTSBRIDGE \\\\ POLO CLUB","KNIGHTSBRIDGE OF THE","Knightsbridge Of The Polo Club","Knightsbridge Polo Club","KNIGHTSBRIDGE\/Polo","KOKOMO","Kokomo Key","Kokomo Key - An Intracoastal Community","KOKOMO KEY PL","KOKOMO KEY PLACE","Kokomo Key Plat","L HERMITAGE COND DEC","L L PARK OF COMMERCE","L Village De Provence Chateau wood","L\\'AQUILA","L'AQUILA","LA CASA","La Casa \/ Bel Aire","LA CASA 01","LA CASA 1","LA CASA 1 - Bel Aire","LA CASA 2","LA CASA 3 PL 3","LA CASA 4","LA CASA PL 1","LA HACIENDA","LA HACIENDA DELRAY","LA HACIENDA DELRAY I","LA SEDONA","LA SEDONA, SIERRA VISTA","La Sedona\/ Sierra Vista","LAGO DEL RAY","LAGO DEL RAY COND","Lago Del Rey","Lago Del Rey B","LAGO DEL REY CO","Lago Del Rey Cond","Lago Del Rey Cond 1-12 & 14","LAGO DEL REY COND 1,","LAGO DEL REY COND 1,3,4,5,6,7, 8,9,10,11,12 & 14","Lago Del Rey Cond 1,3,4,5,6,7, 8,9,10,11,12 And 14","LAGO DEL REY COND 10","LAGO DEL REY COND 4","LAGO DEL REY CONDO","LAGO DEL REY CONDO #1","Lago Del Rey Condo #4","Lago Del Rey Condo 01-12 & 14","LAGO DEL REY CONDO 1","LAGO DEL REY CONDO 16 NORTH","LAGO DEL REY CONDO 5","LAGO DEL REY CONDO association # 11","Lago Del Rey Condo North","LAGO DEL REY NORTH","LAGO DEL REY NORTH AMSTERDAM CONDO","LAGO DEL REY NORTH C","Lago Del Rey North Cond 19-Def","LAGO DEL REY NORTH CONDO","LAGO DELRAY","lago delray 9","lago Delrey","LAKE EDEN","Lake Eden 03","LAKE EDEN 4","LAKE EDEN MANOR","LAKE EDEN SUB 1","LAKE EDEN SUB 3","LAKE EDEN SUB PLAT 1","LAKE EDEN SUB PLAT 1 IN","LAKE EDEN SUB PLAT 3","LAKE ESTATES","LAKE FOREST","LAKE FOREST SOUTH","Lake Forest South Sunflower","Lake Forest South Sunflower Delray","Lake Forest South\/Sunflower","Lake Forest South\/SUNFLOWER DELRAY","LAKE HEIGHTS","LAKE HEIGHTS IN","Lake Ida","Lake Ida S\/D OF 8-46-43","Lake Ida | High Acre | S\/D OF 8-46-43","Lake Ida Area","LAKE IDA AREA\/LAKE SHORE ESTATES","Lake Ida CHEVY CHASE","Lake Ida Gardens","Lake Ida Gardens Amd","LAKE IDA GARDENS AMD PL","LAKE IDA GARDENS AME","LAKE IDA GARDENS AMENDED PL","LAKE IDA GARDENS AMENDED PL IN","LAKE IDA GDNS AMD PL","LAKE IDA MANOR","Lake Ida Manor Add","Lake Ida Manor Add 01","Lake Ida Manor Add 02","LAKE IDA MANOR ADD 1","LAKE IDA MANOR ADD 2","LAKE IDA MANOR ADD 2 IN","LAKE IDA MANOR ADD NO 1","LAKE IDA MANOR IN","LAKE IDA MNR","LAKE IDA MNR ADD 1","LAKE IDA MNR ADD 2","Lake Ida Neighborhood","LAKE IDA NEIGHBORHOOD LAKEVIEW HEIGHTS","LAKE IDA NEIGHBORHOODCHEVY CHASE","Lake Ida NeighborhoodHIGH ACRES 3RD ADD","Lake Ida Park","Lake Ida PINERIDGE HEIGHTS DELRAY","LAKE IDA PINEVIEW","LAKE IDA PLACE","LAKE IDA ROLLING GREEN","Lake Ida S\/D OF 8-46-43 DELRAY BCH","LAKE IDA SHORES","LAKE IDA SHORES 1ST","LAKE IDA SHORES 1ST ADD","Lake Ida Shores Add 01","LAKE IDA SHORES IN","LAKE IDA SUB","LAKE IDA TERRACE","LAKE IDA TOTTERDALE","Lake Ida TOTTERDALE ADD","Lake Ida- Delray Beach-Palm Beach County","Lake Ida-Totterdale","LAKE IDA, LAKE SHORE ESTATES","LAKE IDA\/SWINTON AREA","LAKE IDA\\'S CHEVY CHA","LAKE IDA\\'S KINGS LYN","Lake IdaChevy Chase","LAKE SHORE ESTATES","LAKE SHORE ESTATES\/LAKE IDA","LAKE SHORE ESTATESLAKE IDA NEIGHBORHOOD","LAKE SHORE ESTS","LAKE SHORE ESTS IN","LAKES AT DELRAY","Lakes of Delray","Lakes of Delray PEMBRIDGE","Lakes of Delray Witney","LAKES OF DELRAY - ASHLAND","LAKES OF DELRAY - ASHLAND E","LAKES OF DELRAY - ASHLAND PL E","Lakes of Delray - Pembridge A THRU I","LAKES OF DELRAY - PEMBRIDGE C","LAKES OF DELRAY - PEMBRIDGE I","LAKES OF DELRAY - TOWBRIDGE","LAKES OF DELRAY - WATERSEDGE","Lakes of Delray - WATERSEDGE D","Lakes of Delray - WATERSEDGE E","LAKES OF DELRAY - WATERSEDGE J","Lakes of Delray - Witney","Lakes of Delray -Trowbridge","LAKES OF DELRAY , PEMBRIDGE A THRU I","Lakes of Delray \/ Ashland","Lakes of Delray \/ ASHLAND B CONDO","Lakes of Delray \/ ASHLAND C CONDO","Lakes Of Delray \/ ASHLAND E","Lakes of Delray \/ PEMBRIDGE A THRU I","LAKES OF DELRAY \/ TROWBRIDGE A","Lakes of Delray \/ Watersedge","Lakes of Delray \/ WITNEY A AND B CONDO","Lakes of Delray \/ Witney B","LAKES OF DELRAY \/ WITNEY C CONDO","LAKES OF DELRAY \/Watersedge D","LAKES OF DELRAY aka Watersedge CONDO D","Lakes of Delray Ashland","LAKES OF DELRAY ASHLAND B","Lakes of Delray Ashland H","Lakes of Delray at Watersedge","Lakes Of Delray Cond A Thru H De","LAKES OF DELRAY CONDO","LAKES OF DELRAY CONDO Watersedge K","LAKES OF DELRAY CONDO A THRU H","LAKES OF DELRAY CONDO A THRU H DE","LAKES OF DELRAY PEMBRIDGE","LAKES OF DELRAY PEMBRIDGE A THRU I","Lakes of Delray Pembridge A-I Cond","Lakes of Delray Pembridge H","Lakes of Delray Trowbridge","LAKES OF DELRAY TROWBRIDGE A","Lakes of Delray Trowbridge B","LAKES OF DELRAY WATERSEDGE","Lakes of Delray Watersedge A","Lakes of Delray Watersedge E","LAKES OF DELRAY WHITNEY","Lakes of Delray WITNEY","LAKES OF DELRAY WITNEY A AND B","LAKES OF DELRAY WITNEY A AND B CONDO","Lakes of Delray Witney B","LAKES OF DELRAY WITNEY E","LAKES OF DELRAY WITNEY MANOR","Lakes of Delray-Ashland","Lakes of Delray-Ashland E","LAKES OF DELRAY-PEMBRIDGE A THRU I","LAKES OF DELRAY-TROWBRIDGE","LAKES OF DELRAY-TROWBRIDGE CONDO","Lakes of Delray-Watersedge","Lakes of Delray-WATERSEDGE AT THE LAKES OF DELRAY CONDO A THRU H DE","Lakes of Delray-Watersedge C","Lakes of Delray-Witney A","Lakes of Delray-WITNEY A AND B CONDO","Lakes of Delray, Ashland","Lakes of Delray, Ashland C","LAKES OF DELRAY, WATERSEDGE AT THE LAKES OF DELRAY CONDO A THRU H DE","Lakes of Delray, Witney C","LAKES OF DELRAY,Pembridge A-I Cond","LAKES OF DELRAY\/ ASHLAND F","Lakes of Delray\/Ashland","Lakes of Delray\/PEMBRIDGE","LAKES OF DELRAY\/PEMBRIDGE H","LAKES OF DELRAY\/TOWBRIDGE B","Lakes of Delray\/TROWBRIDGE B","Lakes of Delray\/Trowbridge Condo B","LAKES OF DELRAY\/WATERSEDGE","LAKES OF DELRAY\/WATERSEDGE AT THE LAKES OF DELRAY CONDO A THRU H DE","LAKES OF DELRAY\/Watersedge G","LAKES OF DELRAY\/WATERSEDGE J","Lakes of Delray\/Witney A","LAKES OF DELRAY\/WITNEY B","Lakes of DelrayWATERSEDGE AT THE LAKES OF DELRAY CONDO A THRU H DE","Lakeshore Estates","Lakeside","LAKESIDE @ DELRAY","LAKESIDE AT DELRAY","Lakeside at Lavers","Lakeside Condo","Lakeside Condo, Lakeside at Delray","LAKESIDE CONDOMINIUM","LAKESIDE CONDOMINIUMS","lakeside condos","Lakeside Condos of Delray","lakeside od Delray","lakeside of Delray","LAKESIDE OF DELRAY -","LAKESIDE OF DELRAY - LAVERS NORTH","LAKESIDE TOWNHOMES","LAKESIDE TOWNHOUSES","Lakeview","Lakeview \/ Sherwood Park","LAKEVIEW AS IN PB30P","Lakeview As In Pb30p10 And 11","Lakeview Greens","LAKEVIEW GREENS COND","LAKEVIEW GREENS COND 01","Lakeview Greens Cond 1 As In Decl In","LAKEVIEW GREENS COND NO 1","LAKEVIEW GREENS COND NO 1 AS IN DECL IN","Lakeview Greens Condo","Lakeview Greens Condo 01","LAKEVIEW GREENS CONDO 1","LAKEVIEW HEIGHTS","LAKEVIEW HEIGHTS DELRAY UNIT 01","LAKEVIEW HEIGHTS UNIT 01","LAKEVIEW HEIGHTS UNIT 1 DELRAY","Lakeview Heights\/ Lake Ida","LAKEVIEW HGHTS","Lakeview Hgts","LAKEVIEW HGTS UNIT 1","Lakeview Hgts Unit 1 Delray","LAKEVIEW HGTS UNIT 1 DELRAY IN","LAKEVIEW PH 02","Lakeview Ph 2","LAKEVIEW Sherwood Park","LAKEVIEW, SHERWOOD PARK","LAKEVIEW\/SHERWOOD","LAKEVIEW\/SHERWOOD P","LAKEVIEW\/SHERWOOD PARK","LAKEWOODE SEC II","LAKEWOODE SEC III","LAMBERT","LAMBERT TRAILER COURT","LANA KAI","Landings","Landings Delray Beach Condo","LANDINGS OF DELRAY","LANDINGS OF DELRAY B","LANDINGS OF DELRAY BEACH","LANDINGS OF DELRAY BEACH COND","LANDINGS OF DELRAY BEACH COND DECL FILED 2-12-82","LANDINGS OF DELRAY BEACH CONDO","LANE SUBDIVISION","Lanikai","LANIKAI VILLA","LANIKAI VILLAS","LANIKAI VILLAS COND","LANIKAI VILLAS CONDO","Lanikai Villas Condominium","LANTANA HOMES","LARK APTS","LAS PALMAS","LAS PALMAS SUB","LAS PALMAS SUB IN","LAS PALMAS SUBPALM TRAIL NEIGHBORHOOD","Las Verde","LAS VERDES","LAS VERDES ASPEN CONDO","LAS VERDES BOTTLEBRUSH VILLAS","Las Verdes - ALL AGE","LAS VERDES - All Age Bldng","LAS VERDES - All AGES","Las Verdes - All Ages Bldng","Las Verdes - Bottlebrush","LAS VERDES - COCONUT PALM","Las Verdes - Cypress","Las Verdes - Cypress Condo","LAS VERDES - DOGWOD","LAS VERDES - DOGWOOD","LAS VERDES - DOGWOOD CONDO","Las Verdes - Forsythia","LAS VERDES - KINGS POINT 5","LAS VERDES - OLEANDER","LAS VERDES - OLIVE LEAF CONDO","LAS VERDES - Palmetto Condo","LAS VERDES - SEA GRA","LAS VERDES - SEAGRAPE","LAS VERDES - SEAGRAPE -ALL AGE","Las Verdes - SEAGRAPE CONDO","Las Verdes -Dogwood Condo","Las Verdes -Palmetto Bldg","LAS VERDES \/ ALL AGES","LAS VERDES \/ ASPEN CONDO","Las Verdes \/ Banyan","LAS VERDES \/ BANYAN CONDO","LAS VERDES \/ BANYAN CONDOMINIUM","LAS VERDES \/ BOTTLEBRUSH","LAS VERDES \/ BOTTLEBRUSH HOA","LAS VERDES \/ COCONUT PALM","LAS VERDES \/ CYPRESS Condo","Las Verdes \/ Dogwood","LAS VERDES \/ EVERGREEN","LAS VERDES \/ EVERGREEN CONDO","LAS VERDES \/ FORSYTHIA","LAS VERDES \/ KINGS POINT","LAS VERDES \/ LAUREL OAK","LAS VERDES \/ OLEANDER","LAS VERDES \/ OLEANDER CONDO","LAS VERDES \/ OLIVE LEAF","LAS VERDES \/ OLIVE LEAF CONDO","Las Verdes \/ Palmetto","LAS VERDES \/ PALMETTO CONDO","LAS VERDES \/ PHILODENDRON","LAS VERDES \/ SEAGRAPE CONDO","LAS VERDES \/ VIBURNUM","Las Verdes \/ Viburnum HOA","LAS VERDES ALL AGE BLDG.","LAS VERDES ALL AGES","Las Verdes Aspen Condo","LAS VERDES ASPEN CONDOS","Las Verdes Banyan","LAS VERDES BANYAN CONDO","LAS VERDES BOTTLEBRUSH VILLAS","Las Verdes Carrotwood","LAS VERDES CARROTWOOD BREADFRUIT VILLAS","Las Verdes Carrotwood Villas","LAS VERDES COCONUT PALM CONDO","LAS VERDES COPPER LEAF VILLAS","Las Verdes Copperleaf","Las Verdes Cypress","LAS VERDES CYPRESS CONDO","LAS VERDES CYPRESS CONDOS","Las Verdes Dogwood","LAS VERDES DOGWOOD CONDO","Las Verdes Evergreen","LAS VERDES EVERGREEN CONDO","Las Verdes Forsythia","LAS VERDES FORSYTHIA VILLAS","Las Verdes Kings Point","LAS VERDES KINGS POINT 8","Las Verdes LAUREL OAK VILLAS","LAS VERDES OLEANDER","Las Verdes OLEANDER CONDO","Las Verdes OLEANDER CONDOs","Las Verdes Olive Leaf","Las Verdes Olive Leaf All Ages","Las Verdes Olive Leaf All Ages 18+","LAS VERDES OLIVE LEAF CONDO","LAS VERDES OLIVE LEAF CONDOS","LAS VERDES OLIVELF","LAS VERDES PALMETTO","LAS VERDES PHILODENDRON VILLAS","LAS VERDES SEAGRAPE CONDO","LAS VERDES VIBURNUM VILLAS","Las Verdes- Forsythia","LAS VERDES-COPPERLEAF","LAS VERDES-KINGS POINT 2","LAS VERDES-SEAGRAPE","LAS VERDES, ALL AGES BUILDING","LAS VERDES, KINGS POINT 4","LAS VERDES, SEAGRAPE","Las Verdes,Laurel Oak","Las Verdes,SEAGRAPE CONDO","LAS VERDES; KINGS POINT 3","Las Verdes...All Ages...Olive Leaf","LAS VERDES.**ALL AGES**ASPEN CONDO","LAS VERDES\/ ALL AGES","LAS VERDES\/BANYAN CONDO","Las Verdes\/Breadfruit","LAS VERDES\/COCONUT PALM","Las Verdes\/Coconut Palm Condo","Las Verdes\/Dogwood","Las Verdes\/Dogwood Condo","Las Verdes\/Forsythia","Las Verdes\/kings point","Las Verdes\/Olive Leaf Condo","LAS VERDES\/PALMETTO","LAS VERDES\/SEAGRAPE","LAS VERDES\/SEAGRAPE COND","Las Verdes\/Seagrape Condo","Las Verdes\/Viburnum","LATITUDE","Latitude at Delray","Latitude Delray","Latitude Delray Beach","LATITUDE DELRAY BEACH CONDO","lattitude","Laurel Oak","Laurel Oak at Las Verdes","Laurel Oak Villas of Las Verdes","Laurel Oak Villas of Las Verdes Deveolpment","LAVER DELRAY RACQ.","LAVERS","Lavers \/Delray racquet club","LAVERS DELRAY","LAVERS DELRAY RACQ","LAVERS DELRAY RACQ.","LAVERS DELRAY RACQUE","LAVERS DELRAY RACQUET","Lavers Delray Racquet Clu","Lavers Delray Racquet Club","Lavers Delray Racquet Club 01","Lavers Delray Racquet Club 01-09","LAVERS DELRAY RACQUET CLUB ADD","Lavers Delray Racquet Club Cond 5","LAVERS DELRAY RACQUET CLUB COND I THRU I","Lavers Delray Racquet Club Cond I Thru Ix In Or308","LAVERS DELRAY RACQUET CLUB COND I THRU IX IN OR3087P1818, 3253P391,3296P1023,3382P363,","LAVERS DELRAY RACQUET CLUB CONDO","Lavers Delray Racquet Club condo 8-406","Lavers Delray Racquet Club Ix","LAVERS DELRAY RACQUET CLUB IX COND","LAVERS DELRAY RACQUET CLUB IX CONDO","Lavers Delray Racquet Club lthru lx in or308","LAVERS DELRAY RAQUET","Lavers Delray Raquet Club","LAVERS LAKESIDE","LAVERS NORTH","Lavers north, Lakeside","LAVERS RACQUET CLUB","LAVERS RAQUET CLUB","LAVERS RESORT","LAVERS RESORT & RACQ","LAVERS RESORT & RACQUET A","Lavers Resort & Racquet C","LAVERS RESORT & RACQUET CLUB","LAVERS RESORT & RACQUET CLUB A","Lavers Resort & Racquet Club A & B","LAVERS RESORT & RACQUET CLUB A & B DECLS FILED 1-24-83 & 9-21-84","LAVERS RESORT & RACQUET CLUB ACOND UNIT 404","LAVERS RESORT & RACQUET CLUB BCOND UNIT B-204","LAVERS RESORT & RACQUET CLUB LAVERS DELRAY RACQUET","LAVERS RESORT & RACQUET CLUB TENNIS","LAVERS RESORT & RACQ","Lavers Resort and Racquet Club","Lavers Resort And Racquet Club A And B Decls Filed","LAVERS RESORT AND RAQUET CLUB","LAVERS RESORT DELRAY RACQUET CLUB","LAVERS RESORT RAQUET","LAVERS RESORT&RACQ.","LAVERS, delray racquet","lavers\/ Delray Racquet club","LAVERS\/DELRAY RACQUE","lavers\/delray racquet club","LAVERS\/DELRAY RAQUET","Lavers\/Lakeside","LE VILLAGE","LE VILLAGE DE PROVEN","LE VILLAGE DE PROVENCE","Le Village De Provence 02","LE VILLAGE DE PROVENCE 2","LE VILLAGE DE PROVENCE 2 Chateau Wood","Le Village De Provence Chateau Woo","LE VILLAGE DE PROVENCE Chateau Wood","LE VILLAGE DE PROVENCE PL 2CHATEAU WOODS","LE VILLAGE DE PROVENCE PL2","LE VILLAGE DE PROVENCE, CHATEAU WOOD","LE VILLAGE DE PROVENCEA\/K\/A CHATEAU WOOD","Le Vlg De Provence","LE VLG DE PROVENCE 2","LEDGES CONDO","LEE\\'S CROSSING","Lee\\'s Crossing\/ Lees Crossing","LEES CROSSING","LEES CROSSING DELRAY","LEES CROSSINGS","Legacy","LEGACY @ SHERWOOD","LEGACY AT SHERWOOD","Legacy at Sherwood Forest","LEGAL SUB OF SEC 20","LENGHTY - CALL LO","LENGTHY: CALL LO","Leonard William F","LEONARD WILLIAM F DELRAY COLONIAL INC","LEONARD WILLIAM F % DELRAY COLONIAL INC","LEXINGTON CLUB","Lexington Club -- Village 8","LEXINGTON CLUB 02","Lexington Club 03","Lexington Club 04","LEXINGTON CLUB 2","LEXINGTON CLUB 3","Lexington Club 4","LEXINGTON CLUB COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION","LEXINGTON CLUB MARIGOLD","LEXINGTON CLUB PL 2","Lexington Club Pl2","LEXINGTON CLUB VILLA","LEXINGTON CLUB Villa 13","Lexington Club Village 11","LEXINGTON CLUB VILLAS COND","LEXINGTON CLUB VILLAS CONDO","LEXINGTON CLUB VILLAS CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION","LEXINGTON CLUB VILLAS CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION INC.","LEXINGTON CLUB VILLAS CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION, INC.","Lexington Club Villas Village 4","LINCOLN ATLANTIC PARK GARDENS","LINCOLN PARK","LINCOLN PARK IN","LINCOLN PARK, DELRAY","LINNS","Linns Add","Linns Add Osceola Park Delray","LINNS ADD TO OSCEOLA","LINNS ADD TO OSCEOLA PARK","Linns Add To Osceola Park Delray","linton Ridge","LINTON RIDGE COND","LINTON RIDGE COND DE","Linton Ridge Cond Decl 5-25-83","LINTON RIDGE COND0","LINTON RIDGE CONDO","LINTON RIDGE CONDOMINIUM","LINTON RIDGE CONDOS","Linton Ridgte Condo","LINTON WOODS","LINTON WOODS COND DE","LINTON WOODS CONDO","LITTLE WOOD ESTATES","Lone Pine","LONE PINE ESTATES","Lone Pine Rd","LONE PINE ROAD","LONE PINE\/ACREAGE","LOS MANGOS","Lot: 4 Abbreviated Description: LOT:4 CITY:DELRAYBEACH SEC\/TWN\/RNG\/MER:SEC 30 TWN 46S RNG","LOWERY PARK ESTATES","Lowery Park Ests","LOWERY PARK ESTS IN","LOWERY PARY ESTATES","LOWRY PARK ESTATES","Lucaya Delray","Lucaya Delray - Delray Estates","LYNDON ARMS","Lyndon Arms Apts Condo","MALLORY SQUARE","Mallory Square \\'\\'COURTYARD\\'\\'","MALLORY SQUARE LOCATED IN DOWNTOWN DELRAY, 3 BLOCKS SOUTH OF RESTAURANTS AND SHOPS. WALK TO BEACH","Manor House","MANOR HOUSE COND DEC","MANOR HOUSE COND DECL FILED 6-17-87 IN OR5318P1527","Manor House Condo","Marbella","MARINA BAY","Marina Bay Condo","MARINA DEL REY","MARINA DEL REY COND","Marina Del Rey Condo","Marina Delray","Marina District","MARINA HISTORIC DIST","Marina Historic District","Marina Historic District (Corner Lot)","Marina Historic District (Waterfront)","Marina Historical District","MARINE WAY","Marinello Est","MARINELLO ESTATE","MARINELLO ESTATES","MARK DOWNTOWN CONDO","Martel Arms","MARTEL ARMS COND DEC","MARTEL ARMS CONDO","MARTELL ARMS","Mayfair","Mayfair Plaza","MC GINLEY & GOSMANS","McGinley & Gosmans","MELVIN S BURD SUB","Meridian","Meridian Condo","MERIDIAN DELRAY","MERIDIAN DELRAY CONDO","MERIDIAN DELRAY CONDOMINIUM","Meridian Lofts","merritt Park","METCALFS","METCALFS SUB","Metes & Bounds Legal Description","Michael\\'s Way","Michaels Way","MIDTOWN DELRAY","MIDTOWN DELRAY APARTMENTS","MILITARY HEIGHTS","MILITARY RIDGE","MILITARY RIDGE IN","MIRAFLORES AT DELRAY","Miramar Garden","MIRAMAR GARDEN APT C","MIRAMAR GARDEN APT CONDO","MIRAMAR GARDEN APTS","Miramar Garden Apts Condo","MIRAMAR GARDEN APTS.","Miramar Garden Apts. Condo","Miramar Gardens","MIRASOL","MIZNER CC-MARBELLA","MIZNER CC\/ENCANTADA","MIZNER CC\/PALMA","MIZNER CC\/SAN MARINO","MIZNER CC\/VALENCIA","MIZNER COUNTRY CLUB","MIZNER COUNTRY CLUB - ANDALUCIA","Mizner Country Club - Capri","Mizner Country Club - Del Prado","Mizner Country Club - DELRAY TRAINING CENTER PUD PAR G","MIZNER COUNTRY CLUB - PALMA","Mizner Country Club - San Marino","Mizner Country Club - Valencia","Mizner Country Club \/ DELRAY TRAINING CENTER","Mizner Country Club Valencia","MIZNER COUNTRY CLUB- SAN MARINO","MIZNER COUNTRY CLUB- SAN SEBASTIAN","MIZNER COUNTRY CLUB, CAPRI","Mizner Country Club, Palma","MIZNER COUNTRY CLUB, SAN MARINO","MIZNER COUNTRY CLUB\/ SAN MARINO","Mizner Country Club\/Capri","MIZNER COUNTRY CLUB\/ENCANTADA","Mizner Country Club\/Marbella","MIZNER COUNTRY CLUB\/PALMA","MIZNER COUNTRY CLUB\/SAN MARINO","Mizner Country Club\/San Sebastian","Mizner Country Club\/Sebastian","MIZNER COUNTRY CLUB\/VALENCIA","Mizner Country ClubDELRAY TRAINING CENTER PUD PAR H","MIZNER COUNTY CLUB","MIZNER GRANDE EST","MIZNER GRANDE ESTATES","Mizner Preserve","MIZNER VILLAGE","MIZNER\\'S PRESERVE","MIZNERS PRESERVE","Mizners Preserve 2","Mizners Preserve Parc Chandon","MNR HOUSE CONDO","MODEL LAND CO","Model Land Co Rep","MODEL LAND CO SUB","MODEL LAND CO SUB OF W 1\/2","Model Land Co Sub Pt Lts 2 And 3","MODEL LAND CO SUB RE","MODEL LAND COMPANY","MONACO","Monaco at Kings Point","Monaco E","Monaco in Kings Point. Unbelieveable amenities","MONACO KINGS POINT","Monaco L","Monaco O","Monaco P","MONROE","MONROE SUB.","Montecito","MONTECITO \/ ADDISON RESERVE","MONTERAY LAKE","Monterey Estates","Monterey Estates\/BETHESDA PUD","MONTEREY LAKE","Monterey Lake of Boca Delray","Monterey Lake Rep","MONTEREY LAKES","MONTERRAY ESTATES","MONTERREY ESTATES","Monteverde","MOORES LANDING","Moorings","MOORINGS, MARINA AREA","MOORS LANDING","Morningstar","MORNINGSTAR - RUBY AT DELRAY CONDO","MORNINGSTAR AT DELRAY","MORNINGSTAR AT DELRAY CONDO","Morningstar At Delray Decl Filled 6-4-85","MORNINGSTAR AT DELRAY DECL FILLED 6-4-85 IN","MORNINGSTAR EMERALD AT DELRAY ALL AGESCOND DECL FILED 2-3-95 IN OR8608 P634","MORNINGSTAR OF DELRAY","Morninigstar","MURANO","MURANO @ DELRAY","MURANO AT DELRAY","MURANO AT DELRAY BEA","MURANO AT DELRAY BEACH","Murano At Delray Beach Co","Murano At Delray Beach Condo","MURANO AT DELRAY BEACH CONDOMINIUM","MURANO DELRAY BEACH","MURANO OF DELRAY","MURANO OF DELRAY BEACH","Murano\/Delray Beach","N","NARBERTH","Narberth Condo","NASSAU","NASSAU PARK","NASSAU PK REV","Nassau Pk Rev Of Asbury Pk Hgts","NASSAU POINT","NAUTICA DELRAY CO-OP","Nautical Aire","Nautical Aire Inc","NBOCA ISLES","New Monmouth","NEW MONMOUTH COND","NEW MONMOUTH COND DE","NEW MONMOUTH CONDO","New Port Cove","New Townhome Development","Newport Cove","Newport Cove -Hagen Ranch Heights","NEWPORT COVE \/ HAGEN RANCH HEIGHTS","Newport Cove \/ Hagen Ranch Heights","Newport Cove Hagen Ranch Heights","NEWPORT COVE- Hagen Ranch Heights","Newport Cove, Hagen Ranch Heights","NEWPORT COVE, HAGEN RANCH HEIGHTS, NEWPORT COVE","NEWPORT COVE,HAGEN RANCH HEIGHTS","NICHOLS 1ST ADD TO D","Nichols 1St Add To Delray","NICHOLS 1ST ADD TO DELRAY IN","NICHOLS 2ND ADD TO DELRAY","Nichols Add 01 Delray","Nichols Add 02 Delray","NINTH STREET PLAZA REPL LT 2","no","NO DESCRIPTION","No HOA","NO NAME","no sub name","No subdivision on PAPA","NORJAC","NORMANDY","NORMANDY C","NORMANDY J","Normandy N","Normandy P","North Beach","NORTH DEL IDA EST","North Del Ida Estates","NORTH LEISURE GARDEN","NORTH OAKS","North Palm Trail","NORTHRIDGE","NORTHRIDGE IN","NORTHWEST","OAKMONT","OAKMONT \/ FAIRCREST HEIGHTS","OAKMONT-FAIRCREST HEIGHTS","Oakmont, Faircrest","Oakmont\/Faircrest Heights","OCEAN","OCEAN AIRE CONDO","Ocean Apple Estates","OCEAN APPLE ESTATES PL 3","OCEAN BREEZE ESTATES","Ocean Breeze Ests","OCEAN BREEZE ESTS IN","OCEAN BREEZE VILLAS","OCEAN BREEZES","OCEAN CITY LOFTS","Ocean City Lofts Condo","OCEAN CITY LOFTS CONDO CU-1","OCEAN CITY LOFTS CONDOMINIUM","OCEAN CONDO","Ocean Delray","OCEAN DELRAY CONDO","OCEAN EAST","Ocean East Cond Decl","OCEAN EAST CONDO","OCEAN EAST CONDOMINI","OCEAN ESTATES","OCEAN HAMMOCK","OCEAN ISLES AT DEL-R","OCEAN ISLES AT DEL-RATON","OCEAN ISLES AT DEL-RATON PH 2","OCEAN LOTS DELRAY","OCEAN PLACE","Ocean Place 2155","Ocean Place 2155 Condo","OCEAN PLACE COND DEC","OCEAN PLACE COND DECL FILED 12-3-81","OCEAN PLACE CONDO","OCEAN PLACE-2155 CONDO","Ocean Place-2155 Condo.","OCEAN PLACE-2155 CONDOMINIUM","Ocean Reach Apts Condo","OCEAN TERR","OCEAN TERR CONDO","Ocean Terrace","Ocean Terrace Cond 1","OCEAN TERRACE CONDO","OCEAN TERRACE OF DELRAY BEACH","Ocean Terraces","OCEAN TERRACES OF DELRAY BEACH","Ocean Terraces Townhomes","OCEAN VILLAS","OCEAN WALK VILLAS","OCEANVIEW TOWNHOMES","OCEOLA PARK DELRAY","OCEOLA PARK IN","ODMANN\\'S","ODMANNS","Odmanns Sub","Old Florida Paradise","OLD GERMANTOWN","Old Palm Grove","OLD SCHOOL HISTORIC","Old School Square","Old School Square Historic Arts District (OSSHAD)","Old School Square Historic District","OLEANDER","OLEANDER CONDO","OLEANDER CONDO AT LAS VERDES","OLEANDER CONDOMINIUM","OLIVE LEAF","OLIVE LEAF @LAS VERDES","OLIVE LEAF COND DECL","OLIVE LEAF CONDO","OLIVE LEAF CONDO \/ LAS VERDES","Olive Leaf Condo Las Verdes","OLIVE LEAF CONDO of LAS VERDES","OLIVE TREE","ONE SIXTH CENTER CONDO","ONIX DELRAY","Osceloa Park In","OSCEOLA","Osceola Park","OSCEOLA PARK IN","OSCEOLA PARK, LINNS","OSEOLA PARK","OSSHD HIST.S.SWINTON","OSSHD-HISTORICAL","OURTIGGER","OUTRIGGER","OUTRIGGER COND DECL","OUTRIGGER COND DECL IN","OUTRIGGER CONDO","OUTRIGGER CONDO DECL IN","OUTRIGGER SOUTH COND","OUTRIGGER SOUTH COND DECL IN OR1178 P493 & OR1296 P520","Outrigger South Condo","PALACINO PARK","PALENCIA","PALICAN HARBOR","PALM BCH BATH & TENN","PALM BEAC FARMS","Palm Beach","Palm Beach & Tennis Homeowners Association","PALM BEACH BATH","Palm Beach Bath & Tennis","PALM BEACH BATH & TENNIS. TROPICAL LAKES","PALM BEACH BATH & TENNISTROPICAL LAKES PH 2","Palm Beach Bath and Tennis","PALM BEACH BATH AND TENNIS TROPICAL LAKES PH 2","Palm Beach Bath and Tennis\/Tropical Lakes Ph 2","Palm Beach Bath&Tennis","PALM BEACH COUNTY","PALM BEACH FARMS","PALM BEACH FARMS CO","Palm Beach Farms Co 01","Palm Beach Farms Co 03","PALM BEACH FARMS CO 1","Palm Beach Farms Co 1 Sub In Pb 2 Pgs 26 To 28","PALM BEACH FARMS CO 3","PALM BEACH FARMS CO PL","PALM BEACH FARMS CO PL NO 3","PALM BEACH SHORE","PALM BEACH SHORE ACR","PALM BEACH SHORE ACRES","PALM BEACH SHORE ACRES REV","PALM BEACH SHORES","PALM GREEN","Palm Greens","Palm Greens at Villa Delray Condo","PALM GREENS 1","PALM GREENS 2","PALM GREENS 2 AT VILLA DEL RAY","PALM GREENS 2 AT VILLA DEL RAY CONDO","PALM GREENS A","Palm Greens at Via Del Ray","PALM GREENS AT VILLA","Palm Greens At Villa Del Ray","PALM GREENS AT VILLA DEL RAY 12,13,14,15,16 & 17 COND IN OR3370P1374,3248P1832,","Palm Greens At Villa Del Ray 12,13,14,15,16 And 17","Palm Greens At Villa Del Ray 12,13,14,15,16 And 17 SECTION \\'\\'H\\'\\'","PALM GREENS AT VILLA DEL RAY 12,13,14,15,16&17","PALM GREENS AT VILLA DEL RAY 3","PALM GREENS AT VILLA DEL RAY COND","Palm Greens At Villa Del Ray Cond II","Palm Greens At Villa Del Ray Cond Ph 1,2,2-A,2-","Palm Greens At Villa Del Ray Cond Ph 1,2,2-A,2-C,3,3-A,3-B,4-AL,4-AR,5,5-A,5-B","PALM GREENS AT VILLA DEL RAY COND PHASE","Palm Greens At Villa Del Ray Cond Phase 1","PALM GREENS AT VILLA DEL RAY COND PHASE 1,2,2-A,2-B,2-C,3, 3-A,3-B,4-AL,4-AR,5,5-A,5-B","PALM GREENS AT VILLA DEL RAY COND PHASE 1,2,2-A,2-B,2-C,3, 3-A,3-B,4-AL,4-AR,5,5-A,5-B,","PALM GREENS AT VILLA DEL RAY COND PHASE1,2,2-A,2-B,2-C,3,3,3-A,3-B,4-AL, 4-AR,5,5-A,5-B","PALM GREENS AT VILLA DEL RAY CONDO","PALM GREENS AT VILLA DEL RAY CONDO 1","PALM GREENS AT VILLA DEL RAY CONDO I","PALM GREENS AT VILLA DEL RAY CONDO II","PALM GREENS AT VILLA DEL RAY CONDO II \/ PALM GREENS","PALM GREENS AT VILLA DEL RAY CONDO PHASE 1","PALM GREENS AT VILLA DEL RAY CONDOS","PALM GREENS AT VILLA DELRAY","Palm Greens at Villa Delray Cond Ph 1,2,2-A,2","Palm Greens at villa delray Condo 2","PALM GREENS CONDO 1","PALM GREENS CONDO 11","PALM GREENS CONDO 2","PALM GREENS CONDO I","PALM GREENS CONDO II","Palm Greens Condo Two","PALM GREENS CONDO1","PALM GREENS COURT 6","PALM GREENS I","PALM GREENS II","PALM GREENS II AT VILLA DEL RAY","PALM GREENS II AT VILLA DEL RAY CONDO","Palm Greens of Villa Del Ray","PALM GREENS PHASE II","Palm Greens Section 2 at Villa Del Ray","Palm Greens\/Villa Del Ray","PALM GREENS\/VILLA DR","PALM SQUARE","PALM SQUARE CONDO","PALM SQUARE UNREC Lts 18,19,20,21","PALM SQUARE UNREC ON","Palm Square Unrec On Am 89","PALM STATE HEIGHTS","PALM STATE HEIGHTS IN","PALM STATE HGTS IN","PALM TRAIL","Palm Trail Area","PALM TRAIL ESTATES","PALM TRAIL PLACE","PALM TRAIL PLACE CON","PALM TRAIL PLACE CONDO","PALM TRAIL YACHT CLU","Palm Trail Yacht Club","Palm Trail Yacht Club Cond As In Decl In","PALM TRAIL YACHT CLUB CONDO","PALM VILLA","Palm Villas","PALM VILLAS AT DELRAY BEACH","PALM VILLAS AT DELRAY BEACH CONDO","PALM VILLAS COND APT","Palm Villas Cond Apts","PALM VILLAS CONDO","PALM VILLAS CONDO APTS","PALMA","PALMA @ MIZNER CC","PALMETTO COND DECL F","PALMETTO CONDO","PALMETTO CONDO at LAS VERDES","Palmetto condo decl filed 7-9-81","PALMS OF DELRAY","PALMS OF DELRAY TRACT B","PARADISE HEIGHTS","PARADISE HGTS","PARADISE HGTS IN","Park 10 Business","PARK COURT","PARK COURT SUB","PARK PLACE","PARK TEN 3RD ADD","PARK TEN BUSINESS PARK","PARK VIEW MANOR CONDO","PARKVIEW MANOR","PARKVIEW MANOR COND","Parkview Manor Condo","Parkview Mnr Cond Decl","Patio Beach","PATIO BEACH COND DEC","Patio Beach Condo","Peidmont","PELICAN HABOR","PELICAN HARBOFR","PELICAN HARBOR","Pelican Harbor - Captains Walk","PELICAN HARBOR \/ CAPTAINS WALK","PELICAN HARBOR CAPTAINS WALK","Pelican Harbor Ph 01","Pelican Harbor Ph 02","Pelican Harbor Ph 03","Pelican Harbor Ph 04","PELICAN HARBOR PH 1","PELICAN HARBOR PH 2","PELICAN HARBOR PH 3","PELICAN HARBOR PH 4","PELICAN HARBOR PH 4-","PELICAN HARBOR PH 4-A","Pelican Harbor Ph Three","Pelican Harbor Ph Two","PELICAN HARBOR PHASE","Pelican Harbor Phase 2","PELICAN HARBOR, CAPTAINS WALK","PELICAN HARBOR,CAPTAINS WALK","PELICAN HARBOR\/ CAPTAINS WALK","PELICAN HARBOR\/CAPT.","Pelican Harbor\/Captains Walk","PELICAN HARBOR\/POINT","PELICAN HARBOUR","Pelican Pointe","PELICAN POINTE COND","PELICAN POINTE CONDO","PEMBRIDGE","Pembridge \/ Lakes of Delray","PEMBRIDGE A","PEMBRIDGE A THRU I","PEMBRIDGE A THRU I D","PEMBRIDGE A THRU I DECLS FILED 9-5-86 THRU 7-11-90","Pembridge A-I Condo","Pembridge A-I Condo,","Pembridge at Lakes of Delray Beach","PEMBRIDGE C","PEMBRIDGE CLAKES OF DELRAY","PEMBRIDGE D","Pembridge D Condo","PENTHOUSE DELRAY","PENTHOUSE DELRAY CON","Penthouse Delray Cond Decl","PENTHOUSE DELRAY COND DECL IN","Penthouse Delray Condo","Penthouse Delray Condo Decl","PENTHOUSE OF DELRAY","PHILODENDRON HOA at LAS VERDES","PHILODENDRON VILLAS OF LAS VERDES","PIAZZA DELRAY","Piedmont","PIEDMONT A","Piedmont E","PIEDMONT G","Piedmont L Kings Point","PINAPPLE GROVE","PINE BEACH SOUTH","PINE BEACH SOUTH CON","PINE BEACH SOUTH CONDO","PINE CREST SUB DELRAY","PINE LAKE","PINE RIDGE","Pine Ridge At Delray","Pine Ridge At Delray Bch","Pine Ridge At Delray Bch Rep","Pine Ridge At Delray Beach","PINE RIDGE AT DELRAY BEACH COND","PINE RIDGE AT DELRAY BEACH COND DECL FILED 1-7-88","PINE RIDGE AT DELRAY BEACH CONDO","PINE RIDGE AT DELRAY BEACH CONDO 103 0032","PINE RIDGE DELRAY BEACH","PINE RIDGE OF DELRAY","PINE RIDGE OF DELRAY BEACH","PINE TRAIL","PINE TRAIL EAST","PINE TRAIL S","Pine Trail Sec 01","Pine Trail Sec 02","PINE TRAIL SEC 03","Pine Trail Sec 04","PINE TRAIL SEC 1","PINE TRAIL SEC 2","PINE TRAIL SEC 3","PINE TRAIL SEC 3 FIN","Pine Trail Sec 3 Final As","PINE TRAIL SEC 4","PINE TRAIL SEC II","PINE TRAIL SEC II AS","PINE TRAIL SEC ll","PINE TRAIL SOUTH","PINEAPLPLE GROVE VIL","PINEAPPLE APARTMENTS","PINEAPPLE GROVE","PINEAPPLE GROVE BLDG","Pineapple Grove Condo","Pineapple Grove Condos","PINEAPPLE GROVE VILL","PINEAPPLE GROVE VILLAGE","PINEAPPLE GROVE VILLAGE CONDO","PINEAPPLE GROVE VILLAGE CONDOMINIUM","Pineapple Grove Vlg Condo","PINEAPPLE PLACE","PINEAPPLE PLACE CONDO","PINEAPPLE ROAD PLAT","Pineappple Grove Village","pinecrest","Pinecrest Sub Delray","PINELAKE","Pineridge Heights","PINERIDGE HEIGHTS DELRAY","PINERIDGE HGTS DELRA","Pineridge Hgts Delray","PINES \/DELRAY NORTH","Pines Delray","Pines Delray Condo","Pines Delray Condo 01-03","Pines Delray Condo 01-13","Pines Delray East","Pines Delray North","Pines Delray North Condo 01-12","PINES O` DELRAY","Pines of delay west","Pines of Delray","Pines Of Delray The 55+ Senior Community","PINES OF DELRAY 55+ Community","PINES OF DELRAY COND","PINES OF DELRAY COND ONE,TWO & THREE","Pines Of Delray Cond One,Two And Three As In Decl","Pines Of Delray Cond One,Two, Three,Four,Five,Six","PINES OF DELRAY COND ONE,TWO, THREE,FOUR,FIVE,SIX,SEVEN, EIGHT,NINE,TEN,ELEVEN,TWELVE &","PINES OF DELRAY COND ONE,TWO,THREE,FOUR,FIVE,SIX,SEVEN,EIGHT,NINE,TEN,ELEVEN,TWELVE &","PINES OF DELRAY CONDO","Pines of Delray Condo 01-13","Pines of Delray Condo 1-13","Pines of Delray Condo Building 4","PINES OF DELRAY CONDO EAST","PINES OF DELRAY CONDO ONE","PINES OF DELRAY CONDO ONE,TWO AND THREE","PINES OF DELRAY CONDO ONE,TWO AND THREE \/ PINES OF DELRAY WEST","Pines Of Delray Condo One,Two, Three,Four,Five,Six","Pines of Delray East","PINES OF DELRAY N","PINES OF DELRAY N 4 CND BDG117 104","PINES OF DELRAY NO","PINES OF DELRAY NO.","PINES OF DELRAY NORT","PINES OF DELRAY NORTH","Pines of Delray North 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 & 12","PINES OF DELRAY NORTH 11 COND BLDG 34 UNIT 204","PINES OF DELRAY NORTH 11 COND BLDG 35 UNIT 201","PINES OF DELRAY NORTH 3 COND BLDG 8 UNIT 202","Pines of Delray North Cond","Pines Of Delray North Cond 1,2 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11","PINES OF DELRAY NORTH COND 1,2 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 & 12","PINES OF DELRAY NORTH COND 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 & 12","PINES OF DELRAY NORTH COND 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,& 12","PINES OF DELRAY NORTH CONDO","Pines OF Delray North Condo 01-12","Pines Of Delray North Condo 1,2 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11","Pines of Delray North, Delray Beach","Pines of Delray of Delray North","Pines Of Delray Six","PINES OF DELRAY WEST","Pines of Delray West Condo 01-03","PINES OF DELRAY WEST CONDO ONE,TWO AND THREE","PINES OF DELRAY.","PINES\/NORTH","PINEVIEW","PINEVIEW DELRAY","PINEWOOD COVE","Pjb Llc","PJB LLC PLAT","PLACE AU SOLEIL","PLACE AU SOLIEL","PLATTS ACRE","Platts Acres","Plumosa","Plumosa Park","PLUMOSA PARK RESIDENCES","Plumosa Park Sec A B & D","PLUMOSA PARK SEC A,","PLUMOSA PARK SEC A, B & D IN","PLUMOSA PARK SEC A, B AND D","Plumosa Park sec A, B, and D","PLUMOSA PK SEC A PUD","Plumosa\/Seacrest PARK area","POINCIANA HEIGHTS DELRAY","POINCIANA HGTS DELRAY IN","POINT AT DELRAY","POINT AT DELRAY COND","Point At Delray Condo","POINT OAT DELRAY","POINT OF DELRAY","POLO","Polo Club","Polo Club Knightsbridge","Polo Club - Cypress Isle","POLO CLUB \/ CRYSTAL BAY","POLO CLUB \/ CYPRESS ISLE","POLO CLUB \/ CYRPESS","POLO CLUB \/ HIDDEN COVE","POLO CLUB \/ HOLLOWS","POLO CLUB \/ KNIGHTSBRIDGE","POLO CLUB \/ PORTOFINO","Polo Club \/ Vintage Oaks","POLO CLUB \/ VINTAGE OAKS","POLO CLUB \/ Wedgewood","POLO CLUB \/ WEDGWOOD","Polo Club \/Vintage Oaks","POLO CLUB CYPRESS ISLES","POLO CLUB HIDDEN CVE","Polo Club Hollows","POLO CLUB KNIGHTSBRIDGE","POLO CLUB-KNIGHTSBRI","POLO CLUB-WEDGWOOD","POLO CLUB\/ HOLLOWS","Polo Club\/ Knightsbridge","POLO CLUB\/ PORTOFINO","Polo Club\/ Vintage Oaks","POLO CLUB\/CRYSTAL BA","Polo Club\/Crystal Bay","POLO CLUB\/CYPRESS","POLO CLUB\/CYPRESS IS","Polo Club\/Cypress Isle","Polo Club\/Cypress Isles","POLO CLUB\/HIDDEN","Polo Club\/Hidden Cove","POLO CLUB\/HOLLOWS","POLO CLUB\/KNIGHTSBR","POLO CLUB\/KNIGHTSBRI","POLO CLUB\/KNIGHTSBRIDGE","POLO CLUB\/Portofino","POLO CLUB\/ROYAL HIDD","Polo Club\/San Michel","POLO CLUB\/VINTAGE","POLO CLUB\/VINTAGE OA","POLO CLUB\/VINTAGE OAKS","POLO CLUB\/WEDGEWOOD","POLO CLUB\/WEDGWOOD","Polo Cove","Polo Fields 01","Polo Oaks","POLO POINTE","POLO TRACE","POLO TRACE \/ PRESERVE","POLO TRACE * * * 3.5% * * *","Polo Trace 02 01","Polo Trace 02 03","Polo Trace 02 Pl4 04","POLO TRACE 2","Polo Trace 2 1","POLO TRACE 2 3","Polo Trace 2 4","POLO TRACE 2 PL 1","POLO TRACE 2 PL 1","POLO TRACE 2 PL 3","POLO TRACE 2 PL 4","POLO TRACE 2 PL 4 LT 309","POLO TRACE 2 PUD PLAT NO","POLO TRACE GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB","POLO-KNIGHTSBRIDGE","Polo\/Cypress Isle","Polo\/Cypress Isles","POLO\/KNIGHTSBRIDGE","POMPANO ISLES 27-15","POMPANO SHORES 27-47","pool,clubhouse","POROFINO \/ POLO CLUB","PORTA AL MARE","Porto Vecchio","Portofino","PORTOFINO \/ POLO CLUB","PORTOFINO \/ POLO CLUB","PORTOFINO \/ THE POLO CLUB","Portofino at the Polo Club","PORTOFINO\/POLO CLUB","PRESERVE PAR 1 441 ATLANTIC PUD","PRESTON \/ SEVEN BRIDGES","PROMENADE PLAZA","Property is located the Bexley Park Subdivision","PULMOSA PARK","RABBIT HOLLOWE","Radius 246","RAIN BERRY WOODS","RAINBEERY LAKES","RAINBERRY","RAINBERRY BAY","RAINBERRY BAY ESTATES","Rainberry Bay Estate","RAINBERRY BAY ESTATES","RAINBERRY BAY SEC 01","Rainberry Bay Sec 01a","Rainberry Bay Sec 01a Rep","Rainberry Bay Sec 01a Rep 02","Rainberry Bay Sec 02","Rainberry Bay Sec 03 & 03a","Rainberry Bay Sec 04","Rainberry Bay Sec 05a","Rainberry Bay Sec 06","Rainberry Bay Sec 07","Rainberry Bay Sec 09","RAINBERRY BAY SEC 1","RAINBERRY BAY SEC 1 AS","RAINBERRY BAY SEC 1-","RAINBERRY BAY SEC 1-A","RAINBERRY BAY SEC 1-A BLDG LT 20","RAINBERRY BAY SEC 1-A AS","Rainberry Bay Sec 1-A BLDG LT 16 Unit B","Rainberry Bay Sec 10","Rainberry Bay Sec 2","RAINBERRY BAY SEC 3","RAINBERRY BAY SEC 3\/","RAINBERRY BAY SEC 3\/3-A","RAINBERRY BAY SEC 4","RAINBERRY BAY SEC 5","RAINBERRY BAY SEC 5-A","RAINBERRY BAY SEC 6","RAINBERRY BAY SEC 7","RAINBERRY BAY SEC 8","Rainberry Bay Sec 8 in PB47P67L2","RAINBERRY BAY SEC 9","RAINBERRY BAY SECT7","RAINBERRY BAY SECTIO","RAINBERRY ESTATES","RAINBERRY ESTATES AMENDED","RAINBERRY LAKE","Rainberry Lake Ph 02","Rainberry Lake Ph 03a","Rainberry Lake Ph 03b","Rainberry Lake Ph 04a Rep","Rainberry Lake Ph 04b","Rainberry Lake Ph 3-B","RAINBERRY LAKE PH III-A","RAINBERRY LAKE PH III-B","RAINBERRY LAKE PH IV-A","Rainberry Lake Ph Iv-A Replat","Rainberry Lake Ph Iv-B","Rainberry Lake PH lllB","RAINBERRY LAKE PHASE","RAINBERRY LAKE PHASE III-A","RAINBERRY LAKE PHASE III-A LOT 36","RAINBERRY LAKE PHASE IV-A","RAINBERRY LAKE PHASE IV-A REPLAT","RAINBERRY LAKE PHASE IV-B","RAINBERRY LAKES","RAINBERRY LAKES PH 2","Rainberry Woods","Rainberry Woods Pinetree","RAINBERRY WOODS-PINE TRAIL4","RAINBERRYWOODS","RAINBERRYWWODS","Rainbow home","Ranger","RANGER COND APTS","RANGER COND APTS DEC","RANGER CONDO","RANGER CONDO APTS","RANGER CONDOS","REBECCAS LANDING","Reid John B Village","Reid John B Village Rep","REID JOHN B.VILLAGE","REID JOHN VILLAGE","REIDS JOHN B VILLAGE","REIDS JOHN B VILLAGE IN","REIDS JOHN B VILLAGE REPL BLKS L, M & N","REIDS JOHN B VILLAGE REPL BLKS L, M & N IN","Reids John B Vlg","REIDS JOHN B VLG BLKS L, M AND N","Reids John Be Village","REIDS VILLAGE","Renaissance Village","Renaissance Vlg","REPL OF IDA LK TERR","REPLAT IDA LK TERR","resemont park delray","Residence at Latitude Delray","Residences at Latitude Delray","Resub of Blk 17, Delray B","RESUB OF BLK17","RESUB OF DELRAY BEACH","RIDGEWOOD HEIGHTS","RIDGEWOOD HEIGHTS DELRAY","RIDGEWOOD HGTS DELRA","RIEKSE","RIGEWOOD HEIGHTS","RIKER SQUARE","RIO DEL RAY SHORES","RIO DEL REY","RIO DEL REY IN","RIO DEL REY SHORES","RIO DEL REY SHORES I","Rio Del Shores","RIO POCCO","RIO POCO","ROCKLAND PARK","ROCKLAND PARK IN","ROLLING GREEN","ROSEMONT GARDENS","ROSEMONT GARDENS UNIT A","ROSEMONT GARDENS UNIT B","Rosemont Gdns Un A","Rosemont Gdns Unit A","Rosemont Park","ROSEMONT PARK DELRAY","ROSEMONT PARK DELRAY IN","Rosemont Villas","ROSEMONT VILLAS UNIT","Rosemont Villas Unit B","Royal Atlantic","ROYAL ATLANTIC CONDOMINIUM","ROYAL ATLANTIC IN DELRAY BEACH CONDO","Royal Hidden Cove","ROYAL HIDDEN COVE \/ POLO CLUB","RUBY AT DELRAY","RUBY AT DELRAY CONDO","RUBY AT DELRAY CONDO ASSOC","Ruby At Delray Condo, MORNINGSTAR","RUBY\/DELRAY CONDO","RUNNYMEADE","RUNNYMEDE","RUNNYMEDE IN","S","S E ONEAL","S E ONEAL PLAT","S\/D Of 16-46-43 Lyg E Of Cnl Per Map Of Town Of Linton","S\/D Of 16-46-43, W 170 Ft Of N 1\/2 Of Blk 164","S\/D OF 17-46-43 IN","S\/D OF 17-46-43, N 1\/2 OF SE 1\/4 OF SE 1","S\/D OF 17-46-43, N 1\/2 OF SE 1\/4 OF SE 1\/4 OF SW 1\/4 UNREC","S\/D OF 20-46-43 IN","S\/D OF 8-46-43","S\/D OF 8-46-43 DELRA","S\/D OF 8-46-43 DELRAY","S\/D Of 8-46-43 Delray Bach","S\/D Of 8-46-43 Delray Bch","S\/D OF 8-46-43, S 1\/2 OF E 1\/2 OF LOT 8","S\/D OF 8-46-43LAKE IDA NEIGHBORHOOD","S\/D OF 9-4-43 IN","S\/D OF 9-46-43","S\/D of 9-46-43 In","Sabal Lakes","SABAL LAKES 2","Sabal Lakes Ph 01","Sabal Lakes Ph 02","Sabal Lakes Ph 03","Sabal Lakes Ph 04","Sabal Lakes Ph 1","Sabal Lakes Ph 2","Sabal Lakes Ph 2 Lts 87 Thru 96 Blk 1","SABAL LAKES PH 3","Sabal Lakes Ph 4","SABAL LAKES PH4","Sabal Lakes Phase 4","Sabal Lks Ph 04","SABAL PINE","SABAL PINE COND PART","SABAL PINE COND PART ONE, TWO, THREE & FOUR","Sabal Pine Cond Part One,Two, Three And Four As","SABAL PINE CONDO","Sabal Pine Condo East","SABAL PINE CONDO PART ONE, TWO, THREE, & FOUR","SABAL PINE CONDO SOUTH","Sabal Pine Condo South 01-04","Sabal Pine Condominium","Sabal Pine Condominiums","SABAL PINE CONO PART","SABAL PINE EAST","SABAL PINE EAST COND","SABAL PINE EAST CONDO","Sabal Pine South","SABAL PINE SOUTH CON","SABAL PINE SOUTH COND","Sabal Pine South Cond 1,2,3 And 4 In Decl In Or31","SABAL PINE SOUTH CONDO","Sabal Pine South Condo 03","SABAL PINES","Sabal Pines Condo","sabal pines east","SABAL PINES OF DELRAY","SABAL PINES SOUTH","Sabal\/Pine Cond Part 4","SABLE LAKES","San Marino","SAN MICHEL \/ POLO CLUB","SAN MICHEL OF THE POLO CLUB","San Michel Polo Club","SAN MICHEL PORTO FIN","San Sebastian","SANDS TERRACE","SANDS TERRACE COND","Sands Terrace Condo","Sarimento","SARIMENTO PLACE","SATURNIA","Saturnia Isles","Saturnia Isles 03","Saturnia Isles 04","SATURNIA ISLES 1","SATURNIA ISLES 2","Saturnia Isles 3","Saturnia Isles 4","SATURNIA ISLES PL 1","SATURNIA ISLES PL 2","SATURNIA ISLES PL 3","SATURNIA ISLES PLAT","SATURNIA ISLES PLT 01","Saturnia Isles\/","SAXONY","SAXONY L","Saxony M","Saxony O","SD of 4-46-43 IN","SE 7th Avenue Cottages","SEA FIELDS","SEA FIELDS CLUB","SEA FIELDS CLUB INC","SEA FIELDS CLUB INC 300 S OCEAN BLVD DELRAY BEACH","Sea Fields Club Inc.","SEA GATE","Sea grape Condo.","SEA RANCH LAKES 40-2","Sea Ridge Condo","SEA SPRAY ESTATES","Seabreeze Isles","SEABREEZE PARK","SEABREEZE PARK DELRA","SEABREEZE PARK DELRAY","SEABREEZE PARK DELRAY IN","SEACREST","Seacrest Estates","SEACREST PARK","SEACREST PARK IN","SEACREST PARK Incorporated","Seacrest Park LT 5 BLK 10","Seacrest Park\/ northridge area","SEACREST SUB","SEACREST SUB IN","Seagate","SEAGATE GREENSWARD Hamlet","Seagate at Hamlet","Seagate at Hamlet \/ GREENSWARD VILLAGE CONDO","Seagate at Hamlet \/GREENSWARD VILLAGE CONDO","Seagate at The Hamlet","Seagate at The Hamlet - Greensward Village","SEAGATE AT THE HAMLET CC","SEAGATE AT THE HAMLET CC GREENSWARD VILLAGE CONDO","Seagate at The Hamlet GREENSWARD VILLAGE CONDO","SEAGATE AT THE HAMLET,GREENSWARD,HAMLET.","Seagate at The HamletGREENSWARD VILLAGE CONDO","SEAGATE CC AT HAMLET","SEAGATE CC AT THE HAMLET","Seagate CC at The Hamle","Seagate CC at the Hamlet","Seagate CC at the Hamlet - FOXPOINTE","Seagate CC at The Hamlet GREENSWARD VILLAGE CONDO","Seagate CC at the Hamlet-EVERGREENE","Seagate CC at The Hamlet-Greensward Village","SEAGATE CC AT THE HAMLET,FOXPOINTE,","Seagate CC at the HamletGreensward","SEAGATE CC\/ GREENSWARD VILLAGE CONDO","Seagate CCC at The Hamlet \/GREENSWARD VILLAGE CONDO","Seagate Country Club","SEAGATE COUNTRY CLUB @ THE HAMLET","SEAGATE COUNTRY CLUB \/ HAMLET","SEAGATE COUNTRY CLUB AT HAMLET","SEAGATE COUNTRY CLUB AT THE HAMLET","SEAGATE COUNTRY CLUB AT THE HAMLET GREENSWARD VILLAGE CONDO","Seagate Country Club\/Fox Hollow","Seagate County Club","Seagate Estates","Seagate Ext","SEAGATE EXT 1N","SEAGATE EXT IN","Seagate Extension","SEAGATE EXTENTION","Seagate Hamlet","Seagate Hamlet Greensward Vlg Cond One And Two As In Decl In","SEAGATE MANOR","SEAGATE MANOR COND","SEAGATE MANOR COND D","SEAGATE MANOR CONDO","SEAGATE MNR COND DECL","Seagate Residences","SEAGATE RESIDENCES CONDO","SEAGATE SEC A","SEAGATE SEC A IN","SEAGATE SEC B","SEAGATE SEC B IN","Seagate Section A","Seagate Section B IN","Seagate Towers","SEAGATE TOWERS COND","Seagate Towers Cond Decl","SEAGATE TOWERS CONDO","SEAGATE TOWERS SOUTH","SEAGATE VILLAS","SEAGATE YACHT CLUB","SEAGATE, GREENSWARD VILLAGE CONDO","Seagate\/Hamlet","Seagate\/Hamlet\/Pine Lake","SEAGLASS COTTAGES","SEAGRAPE COND","SEAGRAPE COND DECL F","SEAGRAPE COND DECL FILED 12-19-80","Seagrape Condo","SEASIDE","SEASIDE DUNES","Seaside Estates","SEASPRAY ESTATES","SEASPRAY ESTATES DELRAY BCH","Seaspray Estates Delray Beach","SEASPRAY ESTS DELRAY","Seaspray Ests Delray Bch","SEASPRAY ESTS DELRAY BCH IN","Seastone Apts Condo","SEAWAY TERRACE IN","SEAWAY VILLAS OF DEL","SEAWAY VILLAS OF DELRAY BEACH A CONDO","Section 2 Building 15","SEDONA","SEE LEGAL","SEE LEGAL DESCRIPTION","SEEMILLER HARRY","Seemiller Harry Sub","SEESTEDT STEVENS","Seestedt Stevens Sub","SEGATE SEC A","SEGER ADD","SEGERS","SEGERS ADD","SEGERS ADD IN","SELLERS","SELLERS ADD","SELLERS ADD IN","SELLERS ADDITION","SERENA VISTA","SERENA VISTA COND AS","Serena Vista Cond As In Decl In","SERENA VISTA CONDO","SERENA VISTA\/ TROPIC ISLES","Seven Bridges","Seven Bridges - Newbury","Seven Bridges \/ Chelsea","Seven Bridges \/ Greenwich","Seven Bridges \/ Hyder","Seven Bridges \/ Newbury","SEVEN BRIDGES \/ PARKSIDE","Seven Bridges \/ Preston","SEVEN BRIDGES \/ WOODLANDS","Seven Bridges HYDER AGR PUD PL 1","Seven Bridges, 7 Bridges","Seven Bridges\/Greenwich","SEVILLE","Seville G Kings Point","Shadywood","SHADYWOODS","Shadywoods 1","SHADYWOODS 2","SHADYWOODS I","SHADYWOODS II","shadywoods north","SHADYWOODS ONE","Shadywoods Ph 01","Shadywoods Ph 02","SHADYWOODS PH ONE","Shadywoods Ph Two","SHADYWOODS PHASE 1","Shadywoods Phase II","SHADYWOODS PHASE ONE","Shadywoods Phase Two","SHADYWOODS TWO","Sherwood","SHERWOOD FOREST","Sherwood Forest 01","Sherwood Forest 1","Sherwood Forest is located behind the Legacy Townhomes","SHERWOOD FOREST PL 1","SHERWOOD GARDENS","SHERWOOD GARDENS CON","SHERWOOD GARDENS CONDO","Sherwood Gardens Condominium","Sherwood Gdns Condo","Sherwood Park","SHERWOOD PARK IN","SHERWOOD PARK REPL I","SHERWOOD PARK REPL IN","Sherwood Park\/Lakeview","Shore walker Place","SHOREWALKER PLACE","Siena Apartments","Siena At Tuscany","Sierra Palms","Sierra Palms Pud","SIERRA PALMS unit # 16081","Sierra Vista","SIERRA VISTA \/ SEDONA","Sierra Vista\/La Sedona","Silver Terrace","SILVER TERRACE DELRA","SILVER TERRACE DELRAY","SILVER TERRACE DELRAY IN","Simmons Cay","SLOAN HAMMOCK","SLOAN HAMMOCK LAND","SLOAN HAMMOCK LAND COND","Sloan Hammock Land Condo","SNOW HILL","SNOW HILL IN","SNOWHILL","SOFA (South of Atlantic)","SOFA District, Osceola Park","SOFIA FREY","SOPHIA FREY","SOPHIA FREY ADD","SOPHIA FREY ADD DELR","Sophia Frey Lts","SOUTH CASTLE TOWNHOM","SOUTH CASTLE TOWNHOMES","SOUTH COUNTY PROFESSIONAL CENTRE","SOUTH OCEAN CONDO","SOUTH OCEAN PARK","SOUTH RIDGE","SOUTHAMPTON","Southampton Inc","SOUTHRIDGE","Southridge 1 And 2","SOUTHRIDGE CONDOS","SOUTHRIDGE IN PB 13","SOUTHRIDGE PL 1 & 2","SOUTHWAYS","SOUTHWERK AT THE TABARD PLAT","SOUTHWINDS","SOUTHWINDS AT CROSSW","Southwinds At Crosswinds","SOUTHWINDS AT CROSSWINDS COND DECL FILED 3-20-84","Southwinds At Crosswinds Condo","Southwinds\/Crosswinds Condo","SPAINSH WELLS","SPALDING","Spalding Mupd Tr B","SPANISH TRAIL","Spanish Trail Apts Cond Lts 473,474,475 And 476 Tr","SPANISH TRAIL APTS CONDO","SPANISH TRAIL DOGWOO","SPANISH TRAIL DOGWOOD TOWNHOMES","Spanish Trail Townhomes","Spanish Well Condominium","SPANISH WELLS","Spanish wells 11","SPANISH WELLS COND I","SPANISH WELLS COND I AS IN DECL IN OR","SPANISH WELLS COND II","SPANISH WELLS COND II DECL FILED 2-22-79","Spanish Wells Condo","Spanish Wells Condo 01","Spanish Wells Condo 02","Spanish Wells Condo 1","Spanish Wells Condo 2","SPANISH WELLS CONDO I","SPANISH WELLS CONDO II","Spanish Wells Condo II Unit B Bldg 26","Spanish Wells Condominium","SPANISH WELLS CONDOMINIUMS","Spanish Wells features a Large beautiful pool area, tennis courts and handball courts, car wash area","SPANISH WELLS I CONDO","SPANISH WELLS II CONDO","SPANISH WELLSCONDO II","ST ANDREWS","ST ANDREWS FAIRWAYS CONDO","St Andrews Fairways Condo 01-03","St Andrews Fairways Condo Ii","ST ANDREWS OCEAN COND","St Andrews Ocean Cond As In Decl In Or2183p1371","ST ANDREWS OCEAN CONDO","St Andrews Ocean Condo As In Decl In Or2183p1371","St Andrews Waterway Cond Inc I","St George at Delray Beach","St George of Delray Beach","St Tropez","ST TROPEZ LAVERS","ST TROPEZ \/LAVERS","ST TROPEZ CONDO","St Tropez is a beatiful newer building located in East Delray , very close to the ocean, restaurants","St. Andrews","ST. ANDREWS CLUB","St. Andrews Fairways","St. Andrews Fairways Condo","ST. ANDREWS OCEAN CO","ST. GEORGE","St. George at Delray Beach","St. Tropez","ST. TROPEZ CONDOMINIUMS","St. Tropez is a wonderful community in East Del Ray located east of I95, South of Linton.","ST. TROPEZ LAVERS","ST.TROPEZ","STONE CREEK RANCH","Stone Creek Ranch aka KENCO RANCH","Stone Creek Ranch Kenco","Stone Creek RanchKenco Ranch","STOR-ALL CONDO","STRATFORD ATTA BOWE","Strickland","SUB 9-46-43","SUB OF SEC","SUB OF SEC 20-46-43","SUB OF SECTION 8-46-43","SUDAN","Sudan Unit A","SUDAN UNIT A IN","SUNDY & CROMER","Sundy & Cromer Amd","SUNDY & TENBROOK","SUNDY & TENBROOK ADD","Sundy And Tenbrook","SUNFLOWER","SUNFLOWER DELRAY","SUNFLOWER DELRAY SEC","Sunflower Delray Sec 01","SUNFLOWER DELRAY SEC 1","Sunflower Delray Sec 1 As","SUNFLOWER DELRAY SEC 1 AS IN","Sunflower Delray Sec 1 Replat","SUNFLOWER DELRAY\/Lake Forest South","SUNNY ACRES","Sunny Heights","Sunny Hgts Amd","SUNSET PARK DELRAY","SUNSET PINES","SUNSET PINES CONDO","Sussman \/ Dakota","SUSSMAN AGR PUD NORTH PLAT ONE","SUSSMAN AGR PUD NORTH PLAT THREE","SWINTON GARDENS","SWINTON HEIGHTS","SWINTON HEIGHTS D B","Swinton Hgts D B","SWINTON HGTS D B IN","SWINTON OAKS","SWINTON PLACE","Swinton Square","TAHITI COVE","TAHITI COVE COND DEC","TAHITI COVE CONDO","TALAVERA","TALAVERA\/ADDISON RES","TALBOT HOUSE","Talbot House 03 Condo","TALBOT HOUSE III CON","TALBOT HOUSE III CONDO","TBD","TEN TWENTY LANGER","TENTH STREET COMMERCE PARK 2","TERRACES AT DELRAY","Terraces Of Delray Beach","The Astor","The Atlantic at East Delray","The Balmoral","The Bridges","The Bridges lot429","THE BRIDGES PL 4","The Bridges PL 5","THE BRIDGES PL 6","THE BRIDGES PL 7","THE BRIDGES-LOT 222","THE BRIDGES, Bridges","THE BRIDGES,BRIDGES","The Bridges,BRIDGES PL 4","The Cambridge","THE CHURCHILL","THE COLONY","THE COLONY - WINTERPLACE","THE COLONY - WINTERPLACE PUD","The Colony \/ Winterplace","The Colony \/ WINTERPLACE PUD","THE COLONY AT DELRAY","The Colony at Delray Beach","The Colony at Delray Beach - Winterplace","THE COLONY AT DELRAY BEACH \/ WINTERPLACE","The Colony Delray WINTERPLACE PUD IN","The Colony of Delray","The Colony of Delray Beach","The Colony of Delray Beach, Winterplace Pud","THE COLONY,COLONY","The Colony\/WINTERPLACE","The ColonyWinterplace Pud","The Cottages on 7th Avenue","The Courtyards","The Courtyards at Martel Arms","THE CREST","THE DORCHESTER","THE ENCLAVE AT THE H","The Enviroment","The Environment","THE ESTUARY","The grove","THE GROVE-N.SWINTON","The Hamlet","THE HAMLET CC","THE HAVEN","The Heritage Club","The Heritage Club Repl","The Hollows","THE HOLLOWS \/ POLO CLUB","The Lakes of Delray","The Lakes Of Delray Cond A Thru H De","The Landings","The Landings of Delray","The Latitude","THE LEXINGTON CLUB","The Mark Downton \/ TownHouses","THE MARK DOWNTOWN","The Mark Downtown Condo","THE MARK-DOWNTOWN","The Phoenix at Delray","The Seagate Country Club","The Seagate Country Club at the Hamlet","The Terraces at Delray Beach","The up and coming NW 5th Ave in East Delray - Delray Town!","THE VILLAGE AT SWINTON SQUARE","The Wellery","THE WILLIAMSON DEIBEL SUB","Thee Colony","THIRD ADD TO HIGH ACRES E 65 FT OF LOT 12 & W 5 FT OF LOT 13 BLK B","TIERRA DEL RAY NORTH","Tierra Del Ray South","TIERRA DEL REY","TIERRA DEL REY \/ PALM BEACH FARMS CO 3","TIERRA DEL REY NORTH","TIERRA DEL REY SO","TIERRA DEL REY SOUTH","Tierra Del Rey\/PALM BEACH FARMS CO 3","TIERRA DEL-REY SOUTH","TIERRA DELREY SO","TIERRA DELREY SOUTH","Tierra Verde","Tierra verde at Delray beach","TIERRA VERDE AT DEL REY","TIERRA VERDE AT DELR","TIERRA VERDE AT DELRAY BEACH","TIERRA VERDE AT DELRAY BEACH CONDO","TIERRA VERDE AT DELRAY BEACH CONDOMINIUM","TIERRRA DEL REY","TIVOLI ISLES","TIVOLI ISLES \/ FOUR SEASONS","TIVOLI ISLES PUD","TIVOLI ISLES PUD (FOUR SEASONS)","Tivoli Isles Pud \/ Four Seasons","TIVOLI ISLES PUDFour Seasons","TIVOLI ISLES\/FOUR SEASONS","TN OF DELRAY W 1\/2 OF LT 16 BLK 30\/LT 8 BLK 30\/LT 6 BLK 30\/N 1\/2 OF E 1\/2 LT 16 BLK 30\/LT 15 BL 30","TOTTER DALE ADD LAKE IDA","TOTTERDALE","Totterdale Add","TOTTERDALE ADD IN","TOTTERDALE ADD LT 14 BLK 4","TOTTERDALE ADD of Lake Ida area","TOTTERDALE ADD, LAKE IDA","TOTTERDALE ADDition","Totterdale Estates","TOURIST NOOK","TOURIST NOOK DELRAY","TOWN & COUNTRY","TOWN & COUNTRY EST","TOWN & COUNTRY EST.","TOWN & COUNTRY ESTAE","TOWN & COUNTRY ESTAT","TOWN & COUNTRY ESTATES","TOWN & COUNTRY ESTATES COND","TOWN & COUNTRY ESTATES COND PHASES I,II,III&IV","TOWN & COUNTRY ESTATES CONDO","TOWN & COUNTRY ESTS","TOWN & COUNTRY ESTS.","TOWN + COUNTRY","TOWN + COUNTRY ESTAT","TOWN + COUNTRY ESTS","TOWN AND COUNTRY","TOWN AND COUNTRY EST","Town And Country Est Cond Phs I,Ii,Iii And Iv As","Town And Country Est Condo Phs I,Ii,Iii And Iv As","TOWN AND COUNTRY EST. COND PHS I, II, III","town and country estates","TOWN AND COUNTY","TOWN OF DELAY","Town of Delray","TOWN OF DELRAY N 50 FT OF S 400 FT OF W","TOWN OF DELRAY - BANKERS ROW","TOWN OF DELRAY BEACH","Town of Delray Beach Florida","TOWN OF DELRAY LT 13 BLK67","TOWN OF DELRAY-CARVER SQUARE","Town of Delray\/Old School Square Historic District","TOWN PLACE AT DELRAY","TOWN SQUARE","TOWN SQUARE TOWN HOMES","TOWN SQUARE LT C6 12-43-46-16-E8-000-0060","TOWNHOMES AT 214 4TH","TOWNHOMES OF BOCA DE","TOWNHOMES OF BOCA DELRAY","TOWNHOMES OF BOCA DELRAY CONDO","Tract No: 9 Abbreviated Description: CITY:DELRAYBEACH SUBD:S\/D OF 84643DELRAY BCH TR#:9SEC\/TWN","TRADE WIND ESTATES","TRADE WINDS","Trade Winds Est","Trade Winds Estates","Trade Winds Estates Add 01","TRADE WINDS ESTATES FIRST ADD","Trade Winds Ests","Trade Winds Ests Amnd","TRADE WINDS ESTS AMNDED PL","TRADE WINDS ESTS FIRST ADD","Tradewind Estates","Tradewind Estates Add 01","Tradewind Estates Amd","TRADEWIND ESTS","TRADEWIND ESTS AMNDE","TRADEWIND ESTS FIRST","TRADEWINDS","TRADEWINDS ESTATES","TRADEWINDS ESTATES A","TRADEWINDS WEST","Tree house","Treehouse","Trieste","TROPIC BAY","TROPIC BAY CONDOMINIUMS & MARINA","TROPIC BAY COND","TROPIC BAY COND #9","TROPIC BAY COND 1,2,","TROPIC BAY COND 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, 8,9,10,11,16 & 17","Tropic Bay Cond 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, 8,9,10,11,16 And 17","TROPIC BAY COND UNIT 252 BLDG 4","TROPIC BAY CONDO","TROPIC BAY CONDO & MARINA","TROPIC BAY CONDO and MARINA","TROPIC BAY CONDOMINIMUMS & MARINA","TROPIC BAY CONDOMINIUM","TROPIC BAY CONDOMINIUM & MARINA","TROPIC BAY Condominiums & Marina","TROPIC BAY CONDOMINIUMS AND MARINA","Tropic Bay Condos & Marina","Tropic Cay","Tropic Harbor","TROPIC HARBOR COND P","Tropic Harbor Cond Part Five Decl","Tropic Harbor Cond Part Four Decl","TROPIC HARBOR COND PART SEVEN DECL","TROPIC HARBOR COND PART SEVEN DECL IN","TROPIC HARBOR COND PART SIX DECL","Tropic Harbor Cond Part Three Decl","Tropic Harbor Cond Part Two Decl","Tropic Harbor Condo","TROPIC HARBOR CONDO PART FIVE","TROPIC HARBOR CONDO PART FOUR","TROPIC HARBOR CONDO PART ONE","TROPIC HARBOR CONDO PART SEVEN","TROPIC HARBOR CONDO PART SIX","TROPIC HARBOR CONDO PART THREE","TROPIC HARBOR CONDO PART TWO","Tropic Harbor Condo Pt 03","Tropic Harbor Condo Pt 05","Tropic Harbor Condo Pt 06","Tropic Harbor Condo Pt 07","TROPIC ISLE","TROPIC ISLE 4TH SECTION","TROPIC ISLE 2ND SEC","TROPIC ISLE 2ND SEC Lot 144","TROPIC ISLE 2ND SECT","TROPIC ISLE 3RD SEC","TROPIC ISLE 3RD SEC IN PB 25 PGS 36 & 37","Tropic Isle 3Rd Sec In Pb 25 Pgs 36 And 37","TROPIC ISLE 3RD SECTION","TROPIC ISLE 3RD SECTION LT 413","TROPIC ISLE 4TH SEC","Tropic Isle 4Th Sec In Pb 25 Pgs 69 And 70","TROPIC ISLE 4TH SECTION IN PB 25 PGS 69 & 70","TROPIC ISLE 5TH SEC","Tropic Isle 5TH SEC.","TROPIC ISLE 6TH SEC","TROPIC ISLE IN","Tropic Isle Sec 02","Tropic Isle Sec 03","Tropic Isle Sec 04","Tropic Isle Sec 05","TROPIC ISLES","TROPIC ISLES 2ND SEC","TROPIC ISLES TOWNHOMES","TROPIC LAKES","TROPIC PALM","TROPIC PALMS","Tropic Palms 01","Tropic Palms 01 Rep","Tropic Palms 02","Tropic Palms 02 Rep","TROPIC PALMS 1","Tropic Palms 1 In Pb 25 Pgs 99 To 102 Inc","TROPIC PALMS 2","TROPIC PALMS 2 IN PB 25 PGS 135 & 136","Tropic Palms 2 In Pb 25 Pgs 135 And 136","Tropic Palms II","Tropic Palms Of 1","TROPIC PALMS PL 1 IN","TROPIC PALMS PL 1 IN PB 25 PGS 99 TO 102 INC","TROPIC PALMS PL 1 IN PB25 PCS 99 TO 102 INC","TROPIC PALMS PL 2 IN","TROPIC PALMS PL 2 IN BASS CREEK","TROPIC PALMS PL 2 IN PB 25 PGS 135 & 136","Tropic Palms\/Bass Creek","Tropic View","TROPIC VIEW COND DEC","TROPIC VIEW CONDO","TROPIC VIEW CONDOMINIUM","TROPICAL LAKES","Tropical Lakes PBB&T","Tropical Lakes Ph 02","Tropical Lakes Ph 02, Palm Beach Bath and Tennis","TROPICAL LAKES PH 2","TROPICAL LAKES PH 2, Palm Beach Bath & Tennis","TROPICAL LAKES PH 2, Palm Beach Bath and Tennis","TROPICAL LAKES PH 2,PALM BEACH BATH & TENNIS","TROPICAL LAKES PH 2,PALM BEACH BATH AND TENNIS","TROPICAL LAKES PH.2","TROPICAL PALMS","TROWBRIDGE C CONDO","TROWBRIDGE CONDO","Trowbridge Condo A-C","Turtle Beach","TURTLE BEACH PLAT","Turtle Beach South","Tuscany","TUSCANY - ATLANTIC COMMONS","Tuscany G","Tuscany North","TUSCANY NORTH \/ ATLANTIC COMMONS","Tuscany North and Atlantic commons","Tuscany North\/ ATLANTIC COMMONS PL 5","TUSCANY NORTH\/ATLANTIC COMMONS","Tuscany South","TUSCANY SOUTHATLANTIC COMMONS PL 2","TUSCANY.","TUSCANY\/ATLANTIC COMMONS","TUSCANY\/ATLANTIC COMMONS PL 2","TUSCANY\/ATLANTIC COMMONS PL 5","TWELVE-O-TWO COND DE","TWELVE-O-TWO CONDO","UN NAMED","UNINCORPORATED","unincorporated delray","unincorporated Delray Beach","UNINCORPORATED PALM BEACH COUNTY","VAL HALLA","VALENCIA","VALENCIA \/ MIZNER CC","Valencia at Kings Point","VALENCIA AT MIZNER CC","VALENCIA C","VALENCIA COURT","VALENCIA FALLS","Valencia Falls 04","Valencia Falls 06","Valencia Falls 09","VALENCIA FALLS 1","Valencia Falls 10","VALENCIA FALLS 2","VALENCIA FALLS 3","VALENCIA FALLS 4","VALENCIA FALLS 6","VALENCIA FALLS 7","VALENCIA FALLS 8","Valencia Falls 9","VALENCIA FALLS PL 3","VALENCIA FALLS PL 4","VALENCIA FALLS PL 7","VALENCIA FALLS PL 8","VALENCIA FALLS PL 9","Valencia Falls Place 03","Valencia Falls Plt 02","Valencia Falls Plt 04","Valencia Falls Plt 08","VALENCIA PALMS","VALENCIA PALMS 01","Valencia Palms 02","Valencia Palms 03","Valencia Palms 05","Valencia Palms 1","VALENCIA PALMS 2","VALENCIA PALMS 3","VALENCIA PALMS 4","VALENCIA PALMS 5","Valencia Palms 6","VALENCIA PALMS PL 1","Valencia Palms Place 04","Valencia Palms Place 06","VALENICA PALMS","VALHALLA COND AS IN DECL IN","VALHALLA CONDO","Valhalla Condo #2","VELENCIA LAKES","Venetian Drive Twnhs Condo","Venetian House","VENETIAN VILLAGE","VENETIAN VILLAGE CON","VENETIAN VILLAGE CONDO","Ventura","Ventura Pud","Verano","Verano at Delray","VERANO AT DELRAY CONDO","VERANO AT DELRAY CONDO- Commuity charges a $250 deposit to move in.","VERANO AT DELRAY CONDOMIN","VERANO AT DELRAY CONDOMINIUM","VERANO CONDOMINIUMS","Verano Lofted Unit","VERANO OF DELRAY","VERANO\/DELRAY","VERANO\/FIRST FLOOR\/","Verena at Delray","VERONA WOODS","VIA DELRAY","VIA DELRAY CONDOS","VIA MARINA","Via Palma","Via Palma Delray","VIA PALMA DELRAY CONDO","Viburnum","VIBURNUM VILLAS OF LAS VERDES","VICTORIA GARDENS","Victorian Gardens","VILLA BORGHESE","Villa Boeghese","Villa Borghese","VILLA BORGHESE - HUNTINGTON WALK","VILLA BORGHESE \/ HUNTINGTON WALK PL 2","Villa Borghese \/Huntington Walk PL 2","VILLA BORGHESE | HUNTINGTON WALK 1","Villa Borghese AKA Huntington Walk","Villa Borghese HUNTINGTON WALK 1","Villa Borghese, Huntington walk","Villa Borghese, Huntington Walk 2","VILLA BORGHESE,HUNTINGTON WALK 1","Villa Borghese\/Huntington Walk","Villa D Este","VILLA D\\'ESTE","Villa D\\'Este Way","VILLA D' ESTE","VILLA D'ESTE","VILLA DEL MAR","VILLA DEL REY","VILLA DEL SOL CONDO","Villa Vizcaya","Villa Vizcaya \/ Addison Reserve","VILLA VIZCAYA\/ADDISO","Village at swinton sqare","VILLAGE AT SWINTON SQUARE","VILLAGE AT SWINTON SQUARE CONDO","VILLAGE AT SWINTON SQUARE CONDOMINIUM","VILLAGE BONAIRE","VILLAGE GRANDE","Village Grande Delray Beach","VILLAGE GRANDE OF DELRAY BEACH","VILLAGE OF ORILOES","VILLAGE OF ORIOLE","VILLAGE OF ORIOLE DEAUVILLE","Village of Swinton Square","Village Orio Bonaire sect 4","Village Swinton Square Condo","VILLAGES BONAIRE","VILLAGES BONARIE","VILLAGES OF ABBEY","VILLAGES OF BONAIRE","Villages of Deauville","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE","Villages of Oriole Bonaire","villages of oriole DEAUVILLE","Villages of Oriole - Abbey Condo","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE - ABBEY VILLAGE","Villages of Oriole - Bonaire","Villages of Oriole - Deauville","Villages of Oriole - Evergreen","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE - INTERNATIONAL","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE (","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE \/ CAMELOT","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE A","Villages of Oriole Abbbey","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE ABBEY","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE ABBEY 32 COND UNIT 205","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE ABBEY COND","Villages Of Oriole Abbey Cond 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,1","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE ABBEY COND 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14, 15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,2","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE ABBEY CONDO","Villages Of Oriole Abbey Condo 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,1","Villages of Oriole Abbey Village","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE ABBEY Village CONDO","Villages of Oriole at Bonaire","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE B","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE BONAIRE","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE BONAIRE 1 THRU 12 COND","Villages Of Oriole Bonaire 1 Thru 12 Cond As In De","Villages of Oriole Bonaire 1 thru 12 Condo","Villages Of Oriole Bonaire 1 Thru 12 Condo As In De","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE BONAIRE AVALON TRAILS HUNTINGTON LAKES","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE BONAIRE VILLAGE","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE CAMELOT","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE D","Villages Of Oriole Deauville","Villages Of Oriole Deauville C Condo unit 406","Villages Of Oriole Deauville Cond","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE DEAUVILLE COND A","Villages Of Oriole Deauville Cond A Thru N Or3197p","VILLAGES OF ORIOLE DEAUVILLE CONDO","Villages Of Oriole Deauville Condo A Thru N","Villages of Oriole Deuville","Villages of Oriole Seasonal","Villages of Oriole- Bonaire Renovated 3.5%","Villages of Oriole-Abbey","Villages of Oriole, Bonaire","Villages of Oriole, Deauville","Villages of Oriole,Deauville","Villages of Oriole\/Abbey Village","Villages of Oriole\/Deauville","Villages of Oriole\/Evergreen","Villages of Oriole\/International Club","Villages Oriole","Villages Oriole Abbey","Villages Oriole Abbey Condo","Villages Oriole Abbey Condo 107","Villages Oriole Bonaire","Villages Oriole Bonaire 01-12","Villages Oriole Deauville","Villaggio","VILLAGGIO ISLES","VILLAGGIO ISLES PARCEL A-1 REPL","VILLAGGIO ISLES PARCEL D REPL","VILLAGGIO ISLES PARCEL E REPL","VILLAGGIO ISLES PARCELS","VILLAGGIO ISLES PARCELS B & C REPL","Villaggio Reserve","Villagio Reserve","VILLAS OCEAN CREST","Villas of Boca Delray","VILLAS OF BOCA DELRAY CONDO","VILLAS OF BOCA DELRAY CONDS ONE & TWO DECL IN OR4713P659 & 4869P548","VILLAS OF OCEAN CRES","Villas of Ocean Crest","VILLAS OF OCEANCREST","VILLAS SOBRE DEL MAR","VINTAGE DELRAY","VINTAGE OAKS","VINTAGE OAKS \/ POLO CLUB","VINTAGE OAKS\/POLO CLUB","VISTA DEL MAR","VISTA DEL MAR DELRAY","VISTA DEL MAR DELRAY BCH","VISTA DEL MAR DELRAY BCH IN","VISTA DEL MAR DELRAY BEACH","Vista Lago","Vista Lago Cond 19-Abc","VISTA LAGO CONDO","Vista Lago Condo 18a","Vista Lago Condo 19a-19c","VISTA VILLA","Vista Villas Condo","Vizcaya","Vizcaya 55+ Community","VIZCAYA 01","VIZCAYA 02","Vizcaya 03","Vizcaya 1","Vizcaya 2","VIZCAYA 3","VIZCAYA 4","VIZCAYA PL 1","VIZCAYA PL 3","VIZCAYA PL 4","VIZCAYA PL2","Vizcaya Place 04 Trs A &","Wallace Drive Commerce Center","WALLACE DRIVE COMMERCE CENTER CONDO","WALLACE SQUARE","Waterford","Waterford at Kings Point","Waterford Kings Point","WATERFORD VILLAGE","WATERFRONT","watersedge","Watersedge Lakes Of Delray","WATERSEDGE A","Watersedge At Lakes Delray","Watersedge at Lakes of Delray","WATERSEDGE AT THE LA","Watersedge at the Lakes of Delray","WATERSEDGE AT THE LAKES OF DELRAY COND A","Watersedge At The Lakes Of Delray Cond A Thru H De","WATERSEDGE AT THE LAKES OF DELRAY CONDO","WATERSEDGE AT THE LAKES OF DELRAY CONDO A THRU H DE","Watersedge at the Lakes of Delray Condos","WATERSEDGE C","Watersedge C at Lakes of Delray","WATERSEDGE E","Watersedge I","WATERSEDGE I AT THE LAKES OF DELRAY CONDO A THRU H DE","Watersedge J At Lakes of Delray","WATERSEDGE K","Watersedge\/ Lakes of Delray","Watersedge\/Lakes of Delray","Watersedge\/Witney D","WATERVIEW","Waterview Apartments","Waterview Apts","WATERVIEW APTS CONDO","WATERVIEW CONDOMINIU","WATERWAY COND INC ON","WATERWAY COND INC ONE AS IN DECL IN","WATERWAY CONDO","Waterway Condo Inc 01","WATERWAY CONDO INC ONE AS IN DECL IN","Waterway East Cond As In Decl In","Waterway East Cond Unit 20","WATERWAY EAST COND UNIT 21","Waterway East Condo","WATERWAY EAST CONDOS","Waterway Lane","WATERWAY LANE IN","WATERWAY LANE SUB","Waterway Lane Subdivision","WATERWAY NORTH","WATERWAY NORTH COND","WATERWAY NORTH COND DECL FILED 3-17-82","WATERWAY NORTH CONDO","WATERWAYS","WATERWAYS AT DELRAY","Waterways At Delray Cond I","WATERWAYS AT DELRAY CONDO","Waterways At Delray Condo 01","Waterways At Delray Ph 01","Waterways at Delray ph 03","WATERWAYS AT DELRAY PH 04","WATERWAYS AT DELRAY PH 1","Waterways At Delray Ph 2, Ph 3","Waterways At Delray Ph 3","WATERWAYS AT DELRAY PH 4","WATERWAYS OF DELRAY","WEDGEWOOD ARMS COND","WEDGEWOOD ARMS CONDO","WEDGWOOD","WEDGWOOD \/ POLO CLUB","Wedgwood Arms Cond Decl","WELLBROCK","Wellbrock \/ Downtown Delray Beach","WELLBROCK SUB IN","WELLBROCK-PALM TRAIL","West Settlers","WEST SETTLERS CONDO","West Side Heights","WEST SIDE HEIGHTS DELRAY","West Side Heights Delray IN","WEST SIDE HGTS DELRA","Wheatley","WHEATLEYS","WHEATLEYS SUB","WHEATLEYS SUB IN","WHIDDENS","Whispering Oaks","WHITE","WHITE COLUMNS CONDO","WHITE COLUMNS CONDOMINIUM","Whitney C Condo","WILLIAMS SUB","WILLIAMS SUB IN","WILLIAMSBURG","WILLIAMSBURG INN","WILLIAMSBURG INN COND","WILLIAMSBURG INN CONDO","WILLIAMSON DEIBEL","WILLIAMSON DEIBEL SU","Williamson Deibel Sub In","Willowbrook","WINDEMERE","Windemere House","WINDEMERE HOUSE COND","Windemere House Cond As In Decl In","WINDEMERE HOUSE CONDO","WINDSOR","WINDSOR APARTMENTS, INC.","WINDSOR COURT","Windsor Townhomes","Windspirit Estate","Windspirit Preserve","WINDWARD PALMS","Windy Creek","Windy Creek\/ Hanover Square","WindyCreek","WINSTON CONDO","WINTERPLACE","Winterplace Pud","WINTERPLACE, THE COLONY","WITNEY A & B COND DE","WITNEY A & B CONDO","WITNEY A AND B CONDO","WITNEY C","Witney C Condo","WITNEY D COND DECL F","WITNEY D CONDO","WITNEY E CONDO","WITNEY MANOR C CONDO LAKES OF DELRAY","WLK 2 ATLANTIC AVE & PINEAPPLE GR","Wonderful townhome community steps to the Avenue.Community Private pool.","Wood Lake","WOODBROOKE","Woodbrooke 1and2 Condo","WOODBROOKE COND 1 AND 2 IN OR3252P322 AND OR3432P7","Woodbrooke Condo 01 & 02","WOODBROOKE CONDO 1 AND 2","WOODHAVEN","Woodlake","WOODLAKE \/ HOMEWOOD LAKES SEC C","WOODLAKE - HOMEWOOD LAKES","Woodlake \/ HOMEWOOD LAKES SEC B-1","Woodlake Homewood Lakes","WOODLAKE, HOMEWOOD LAKES","WOODLAKE, HOMEWOOD LAKES SEC C","Woodlake,Homewood Lakes","Woodlake,Homewood Lakes Sec A","Woodlake,Homewood Lakes Sec B-1","WOODLAKE,HOMEWOOD LAKES SEC D","WOODLAKE\/ HOMEWOOD LAKES SEC B-2","Woodlake\/Homewood lakes","Woods of Southridge","WOODVUE","Yacht Club at Delray Beach","YE LITTLE WOOD","YE LITTLE WOOD\/ Lake Ida"],"zipcodes":["33444","33445","33446","33447","33448","33482","33483","33484"]},"deltona":{"label":"Deltona","counties":["Volusia County"],"communities":["DELTONA LAKES","Sunset Gardens Condominium"],"subdivisions":["32 - 42 - 0210","ARBOR RIDGE UNIT 2","COVENTRY SUBDIVISION REPLAT","DELTONA LAKES","DELTONA LAKES UNIT 20","DELTONA LAKES UNIT 3","DELTONA LAKES UNIT 4","DELTONA LAKES UNIT 42","DELTONA LAKES UNIT 44","DELTONA LAKES UNIT 45","DELTONA LAKES UNIT 53","DELTONA LAKES UNIT 70","EDGEWATER CONDO APTS MAGNOLIA WOODS","Summerfield","Sunset Gardens Condominium"],"zipcodes":["32725","32728","32738","32739","32764"]},"destin":{"label":"Destin","counties":["Okaloosa County"],"communities":["Pirates Bay"],"subdivisions":["Harbor Landing","PIRATES BAY PH 01"],"zipcodes":["32540","32541"]},"devenport":{"label":"Devenport","communities":["Calabay Crossing","RESERVE AT HIGHLAND MEADOWS"],"subdivisions":["CALABAY CROSSING","RESERVE AT HIGHLAND MEADOWS"]},"doral":{"label":"Doral","counties":["Miami-Dade County"],"communities":["5252 PASEO","5252 PASEO CONDO","5350 PARK CONDO","ASTORIA CENTRAL PARK","BIARRITZ","CONTEMPO TOWNHOMES","Coronado","Costa Brava","Costa del Sol","Costa Verde","Doral Breeze","DORAL COMMONS RESIDE","Doral Dunes","DORAL ESTATES","DORAL ISLE","DORAL ISLES","DORAL ISLES MARTINIQ","Doral Isles North","DORAL LANDINGS TOWNHOUSE WEST","Doral Park","Grand Bay Estates","Islands at Doral","LANDMARK","Landmark at Doral","Las Brisas","Las Brisas at Doral","LAS VISTA AT DORAL CONDO","LAS VISTAS","LAS VISTAS AT DORAL","MADEIRA II","MADISON POINTE","Mediterranea","Midtown Doral","Modeira II","Modern Doral","PARK CENTRAL","PARK CENTRAL AT DORAL","Promenade Shores","SONOMA","Summit","The Flats at City Place","THE GATES AT DORAL ISLES","THE GREENS AT DORAL CONDO","Windsor at Doral"],"subdivisions":["5252 Paseo","5252 PASEO CONDO","5350 PARK CONDO","ADAGIO","APEX AT PARK CENTRAL CONDO NO 4","ASTORIA","BIARRITZ SUB PHASE ONE","Britannia Park Add 01","BUSINESS CENTER AT INTERNATIONAL","CAPTIVA CONDO C","CAPTIVA CONDO D","CONTEMPO TOWNHOMES","Cornado at Doral","Coronado","coronado at doral","COSTA DEL SOL","Costa Del Sol Condo J","Costa Verde","COSTA VERDE SEC 2","DORAL BREEZE","Doral Chase","DORAL COMMONS RESIDENTIAL","DORAL DUNES 1ST ADDN","DORAL ESTATES","Doral Gardens Condo","DORAL GARDENS II CONDO","DORAL GRAND CONDO","DORAL ISLES MARTINIQUE","Doral Isles North","DORAL ISLES ST CROIX","Doral Isles St Croix 1St Addn","Doral Isles Stlucia","DORAL LAKES","DORAL LANDINGS TOWNHOMES","DORAL NORTHEAST TOWNHOMES","DORAL SOUTHEAST PATIO-HOMES","ENCLAVE AT DORAL CONDO NO 1","Gran Doral","GRAND BAY NORTH","GRAND BAY SOUTH TOWNHOMES","HIGHLAND AT PARK CENTRAL CONDO 2","Islands At Doral Northwest","Islands At Doral Townhomes","Islands At Doral Twnhms","ISLES AT GRAND BAY","ISLES OF DORAL","LANDMARK","Landmark @ Doral","LANDMARK AT DORAL","LANDMARK AT DORAL CENTRAL","Las Brisas At Doral","LAS BRISAS AT DORAL CONDO NO 3","Las Brisas At Doral Condo No 5","Las Brisas At Doral Condo No 8","LAS VISTAS","LAS VISTAS AT DORAL","LAS VISTAS AT DORAL CONDO","LEEWARD ISLAND AT DORAL","LEEWARD ISLANDS AT DORAL","MADISON POINTE","Mediterranea","Midtown Doral","MIDTOWN DORAL CONDO 4","Palm Gardens","PARK SQUARE AT DORAL (The Manor CityPlace)","Promenade Shores at Doral","RESERVE AT DORAL EAST","SAVANNAH AT DORAL","ST MAARTEN AT GRAND BAY CONDO","THE BLUE A RESORT HOTEL CONDO","THE BLUE RESORT HOTEL CONDO","The Flats at City Place","THE GATES AT DORAL ISLES CONDO","THE GREENS AT DORAL CONDO","The Manor CityPlace Doral","THE MANSIONS AT DORAL","Valencia At Doral","VALENCIA AT DORAL CONDO NO 1","VANDERBILT PARK","VILLA BELLO","WHITE VIEW SUB"],"zipcodes":["33122","33126","33166","33172","33178"]},"duckkey":{"label":"Duck Key","counties":["Monroe County"],"communities":["Village at Hawk\\'s Cay"],"subdivisions":["Village at Hawks Cay"],"zipcodes":["33050"]},"dundee":{"label":"Dundee","counties":["Polk County"],"subdivisions":["MABEL LOOP RIDGE SUBDIVISION PHASE 1 A REPLAT"],"zipcodes":["33838","33844","33859","33877","33884","33898"]},"dunnellon":{"label":"Dunnellon","counties":["Marion County"],"communities":["34432-Dunnellon","RAINBOW LAKES ESTATES","Rainbow River","rolling ranch estates"],"subdivisions":["Lake Tropicana Ranchettes","Neighborhood 9310 - ROLLING HILLSMkt: 9 70","RAINBOW ACRES","RAINBOW ACRES 2ND ADD & REPLAT","Rainbow Lake Estates Section B","RAINBOW LAKES EST","RAINBOW LAKES ESTATE","Rainbow Lakes Estates","RAINBOW LAKES ESTATES SEC","RAINBOW LAKES ESTATES SEC D","RAINBOW LAKES ESTATES SEC J","RAINBOW LAKES ESTATES SEC O","RAINBOW LAKES ESTATES SECTION \\'\\'F\\'\\'","RAINBOW LAKES ESTATES SECTION \\'\\'M\\'\\'","Rainbow River","ROLLING HILLS","Rolling Hills Unit2","Rolling Hills Unit 1","Rolling Ranch Estates","ROLLING RANCHES ESTATES","ROMEO MEADOWS","SEC 08 TWP 15 RGE 18PLAT BOOK G PAGE 059RAINBOW LAKES ESTATES SEC MBLK 27 LOT 6"],"zipcodes":["34430","34431","34432","34433","34434"]},"eastpalatka":{"label":"East Palatka","counties":["Putnam County"],"zipcodes":["32131","32177"]},"easternshores":{"label":"Eastern Shores","subdivisions":["Bayview Point South","Eastern Shores","EASTERN SHORES 1ST ADD"]},"edgewater":{"label":"Edgewater","counties":["Volusia County"],"communities":["Woodbridge"],"subdivisions":["01","11-18-34 LOT 61 WOODBRIDGE LAKES AT EDGEWATER MB 61 PGS 46-47","ALVAREZ GRANT ASSOR","FLORIDA SHORES UNIT 2","FLORIDA SHORES UNIT 20","florida shores unit 3","FLORIDA SHORES UNIT 6","MEADOW LAKE SUB","MURRAY GRANT 48-18-34","SQUARETOPVILLE"],"zipcodes":["32132","32141","32168"]},"elportal":{"label":"El Portal","counties":["Miami-Dade County"],"subdivisions":["EL PORTAL SEC 2","SOARS RIVER ESTATES"],"zipcodes":["33138","33150"]},"elkton":{"label":"Elkton","subdivisions":["St Johns"]},"ellenton":{"label":"Ellenton","counties":["Manatee County"],"subdivisions":["COVERED BRIDGE ESTATES PHASE 2","OAKLEY PLACE"],"zipcodes":["34221","34222"]},"englewood":{"label":"Englewood","counties":["Charlotte County","Sarasota County"],"communities":["FOXWOOD"],"subdivisions":["FOXWOOD","PORT CHARLOTTE","PORT CHARLOTTE SEC 63","PORT CHARLOTTE SEC 64","PORT CHARLOTTE SEC 73","PORT CHARLOTTE SEC 74","PROSPECT PARK SUB OF BLK 5","SEC 62"],"zipcodes":["34223","34224","34295"]},"estero":{"label":"Estero","counties":["Lee County"],"subdivisions":["CONDOMINIUM II AT BARLETTA","Estero"],"zipcodes":["33928","33929","33967","34134","34135"]},"eustis":{"label":"Eustis","counties":["Lake County"],"subdivisions":["BLACKWATER OAKS","Forest Lakes & Hills","ROLAND SUB","ROYAL TRAILS UNIT #1","SOUTHERN PALMS","WINCHESTER ESTS"],"zipcodes":["32726","32727","32735","32736","32757","32784"]},"fellsmere":{"label":"Fellsmere","counties":["Indian River County"],"communities":["CIRCLE Z"],"subdivisions":["Fellesmere Farms","FELLSMERE","FELLSMERE FARMS","FELLSMERE FARMS CO","FELLSMERE FARMS CO S\/D OF UNSURVEYED TWP 31 RNG 37","Fellsmere Farms Cos","FELLSMERE FARMS COS SUB","Fellsmere Farms Cos Sub Tract 919","Fellsmere Town Of","Fellsmere Town Rep","felsmere","HALL CARTER AND JAMES","HALL, CARTER & JAMES","HALL, CARTER & JAMES SUB","Homewood Add","HOMEWOOD ADDITION","TOWN OF FELLSMERE","TROPICAL VILLAGE ESTATES","TROPICAL VILLAGE ESTATES SUB"],"zipcodes":["32948","32958","32966","32967"]},"fernandinabeach":{"label":"Fernandina Beach","counties":["Nassau County"],"communities":["OYSTER BAY"],"subdivisions":["CORNWALL SURVEY","GLEN LAUREL","Hickory Village Ph 01","LANCEFORD CREEK PLANTATION","LOFTON POINTE","Not available","River Glen","SUNNY VALE"],"zipcodes":["32034","32035","32097"]},"fisherisland":{"label":"Fisher Island","counties":["Miami-Dade County"],"communities":["Palazzo Del Mare"],"subdivisions":["Fisher Island","OCEANSIDE","Seaside"],"zipcodes":["33109"]},"flaglerbeach":{"label":"Flagler Beach","counties":["Flagler County","Volusia County"],"communities":["Town & Country Homes"],"subdivisions":["ATLANTA BEACH","COSTA DEL SOL","Moody Sub","nautilus condo","PALMA VISTA","SUNSET INLET SUB"],"zipcodes":["32136"]},"flemingisland":{"label":"Fleming Island","counties":["Clay County"],"communities":["Eagle Nest Preseve"],"subdivisions":["Eagle Nest Preserve at Eagle Harbor"],"zipcodes":["32003","32006","32073"]},"florahome":{"label":"Florahome","subdivisions":["LAKESIDE HILLS"]},"floralcity":{"label":"Floral City","counties":["Citrus County"],"subdivisions":["ZAN MAR VILLAGE UNIT 01"],"zipcodes":["34436"]},"floridacity":{"label":"Florida City","counties":["Miami-Dade County"],"communities":["LEHIGH ACRES","N\/A","NORTH PORT","ONX AURORA"],"subdivisions":["Aurora Subdivision","FLA CITY FARMERS SUB","FLORIDA CITY PROP","FRIEDLAND MANOR","LEHIGH ACRES","NORTH PORT","ONX AURORA","Onx Communities","REGAL PALM SUBDIVISION","ROCKWOOD SUB","TOWN OF FLORIDA CITY","Villas Of Palm Bay"],"zipcodes":["33034","33035"]},"fortlauderdale":{"label":"Fort Lauderdale","counties":["Broward County"],"communities":["1031 EXCHANGE WELCOME","30 THIRTY NORTH OCEAN CON","350 LAS OLAS PLACE","350 LAS OLAS PLACE CONDO","820 NE 16 AVE","Acacia at Progresso Village","Adagio On The Bay","Add Listing - Residential [Last AutoSave: 10:59 am","AMERICAS ON THE PARK","AQUAVITA LAS OLAS","ASHLY HOUSE","ASPEN HOUSE","Atlantic Towers","Atlantic Towers Corp","AUBERGE","Auberge Beach Residences & Spa","Auberge Residences","AVENUE EAST TOWNLOFT","Avenue Lofts","BAL HARBOR","Bal Harbour","BAMBOO FLATS","BAMBOO FLATS TOWNHOMES","BAY COLONY","BAY COLONY CLUB","Bay Colony Club Condo","BAYSHORE EMBASSY","BAYVIEW 32","Bayview Landings","BEACH RIDGE","BEL-AIRE","BERKELEY SQUARE","Berkeley Square - East Side Condo","BERKLEY SOUTH","Berkley South Condo","BERMUDA - RIVIERA","Bermuda Riviera","Bermuda Riviera by Galt Ocean Mile","BERMUDA-RIVIERA","BERMUDA-RIVIERA SUB OF GALT OCEAN MILE","BIRCH SQUARE","BLK 9 SECTION 8","BOSSERT ISLES","Breakwater Towers","Breakwater Towers Co-Op","BREEZYWAY MANOR ADD","Broadview Park","BROWARD MANOR","BROWARD PARK","C","Camelot Shores","CAPISTRANO","CARAVEL CONDO","Carlton Terrace","CARLTON TOWER","CARTON TOWER","CASA BAYVIEW II COND","Cascade","CASCADES OF LAUDERHI","Castelane Lofts","CHATEAU CONDO","CHATEAU MAR APT CONDO","Chateau Terese Condominiums","Chula Vista","Citrus Isles","CITY VIEW","City View Townhomes","CLUB @ HENDRICKS ISL","COCONUT GROVE RESIDENCES","Colee Hammock","COLLIER ESTATES","COLLIER GROVES","COLONIAL RIDGE","Colony Terrace","COLONY TERRACE APTS","COMMODORE","Coral Cove Association","CORAL HEIGHTS","CORAL HIGHLANDS","CORAL HILLS","COral Point","CORAL RIDGE","Coral Ridge - Livermore Estates","Coral Ridge CC","CORAL RIDGE COUNTRY","CORAL RIDGE COUNTRY CLUB","Coral Ridge Country Club Estates","CORAL RIDGE EAST","Coral Ridge Isles","CORAL RIDGE PLACE","CORAL RIDGE SOUTH","Coral Ridge Towers","Coral Ridge towers East","Coral Ridge Towers N","Coral Ridge Towers North","CORAL RIDGE WATERFR","coral ridge waterfr.","CORAL RIDGE WATERFRONT","Coral Towers","CORAL TOWERS CONDO","CORAL VILLAS","Coram Gardens","Corinthian","Costa Crest","COUNTRY CLUB TOWERS","CRANWELL","CRANWELL HOUSE","CROISSANT","Croissant Park","CROMWELL EAST CONDO","Cross Fox","CROSS FOX CONDO","CYPRESS CHASE","CYPRESS CREEK","Cypress Creek Condo","DAVIS ISLES","DEVON HOUSE","DEVONSHIRE CONDO","Dillard Park","DILLARD PARK ESTATES","DOCKSIDE TOWNHOMES","Dockside Village","Dolphin Isles","DORIA CONDO","DORSEY PARK","DRAKE TOWER","East Point Towers","EAST SHORE","EDGEWATER","EDGEWATER ARMS","Edgewater House","EDGEWATER TOWNHOMES","Edgewater Townhouses","Edgewood","Edgewood Estates","EDGEWOOD LANDINGS","EDGEWOOD OAKS","Ellington Complex","EMBARCADERO","EMBASSY CONDO","Embassy Tower","EMBASSY TOWER CONDO","Embassy Tower II","Esplanade","Esplanade on the New","Esplanade on the New River","ESSEX TOWER","Essex Tower Condo","ESTATES OF FORT LAUDERDALE","Estates of Ft. Lauderdale","Ethon House","EVERGLADES CLUB COND","EVERGREEN","F.A.T. 112","fairfax brolliar","FAT 112","Finn Villas","FIRESIDE","FLAGLER ON FIFTH","Flamingo Park","Flamingo Village","Flats at Coral Ridge","FLORAL HEIGHTS","FLORAL RIDGE ADDITION","FORECLOSURE BANK OWN","FOUNDRY LOFTS","FOUNTAINHEAD CONDO","Fountains on Ocean","Franklin Park","FT LAUDERDALE ESTA","FT LAUDERDALE ESTATES","FT LAUDERDALE ESTATES 1ST","Fusion Gardens","Fusion Gardens Condo","GALE RESIDENCES","Galleria Lofts","Galleria One","Gallery Condo","GALLERY ONE","GALLERY ONE CONDO","Galt Ocean Club","Galt Ocean Terrace","GALT OCEAN TERRACE C","Galt Towers","Galt Towers Condominium","GARDENS","GEORGIAN COURT APTS","Gillcrest","Glenn Wright","GOLDEN HEIGHTS HOMES","GOLDEN RIDGE","GOLF ESTATES","GULFSTREAM CONDO OF LAS OLAS","HABITAT II","HALIBUT HOUSE","HARBOR BEACH","Harbor House North","Harbordale","Harbour Pointe","Harbour Pointe Villa","HARBOUR POINTE VILLAS & DOCKS","Harbourage Place","HAWAIIAN GARDENS","HEMINGWAY GARDENS","HEMINGWAY VICTORIA","HENDRICKS ISLE","HERITAGE LANDINGS","HERITAGE PLACE","HIBISCUS HOUSE","Hidden Harbor","HILLMONT","Hilton Gallery One","HOLIDAY COURT","HOLLY HEIGHTS","HOLMBERG AND MCKEES SUB","HORIZON HOUSE","Icon Las Olas","Idlewyld","IMPERIAL POINT","IMPERIAL POINT COLON","Imperial Point Colonnades","Imperial Point Colonnades Condo","IMPERIAL POINT CONDO","IMPERIAL POINT GARDE","Imperial Point Gardens","IMPERIAL POINT SUBDIVISION","IMPERIAL VILLAGE","INTERRARY","ISLAND ENCLAVE","ISLAND HOUSE CONDO","ISLES OF PALMS","JACKSON TOWER","KAYAK INN","KENSINGTON PLACE","KINGS PARK","Knoll Ridge","L Hermitage II","L\\'ambiance","l\\'ambiance beach","L\\'AMBIANCE BEACH CONDO","L\\'Ambiance Condo","L\\'Hermitage","L'AMBIANCE","L'HERMITAGE","LA TERRACE","LABEAU ACRES\/DANIA","LAFAYETTE ARMS","Lago Mar Place","Laguna Isles","LAKE AIRE ESTATES","LAKE EMERALD","Lake Estates","LAKE POINTE","Lake Ridge","Lake Shore","LAKES OF OAKLAND FOR","LAMBIANCE BEACH CONDO","Landings","LANDINGS HARBORAGE","LAS OLAS","Las Olas Areas","Las Olas Beach Club","Las Olas By The Rive","Las Olas by the River","Las Olas by the River Condo","Las Olas by the River Condominiums","Las Olas By The Sea","Las Olas by theRiver","LAS OLAS GRAND","Las Olas Isles","Las Olas River House","Las Olas Riverhouse","Lauder Gate Isles","LAUDERDALE","LAUDERDALE BEACH","Lauderdale Harbors","Lauderdale Isles","LAUDERDALE ISLES NO 2","LAUDERDALE ISLES NOR","Lauderdale Manor","LAUDERDALE MANORS","LAUDERDALE OAKS","LAUDERDALE ONE","Lauderdale Park","LAUDERDALE SHORES REAMEN PLAT","Lauderdale Tower","Lauderdale Villas","Laureldale Harbors","Le Cercle","Le Cercle by the Bea","LE CERCLE BY THE BEACH","LE CERCLE BY THE BEACH CONDO","LE CIRCLE","LE CLUB INTERNATIONA","Le Club International","LEISURE BEACH","Leisure Sands","LEXINGTON MODEL","Lincoln Park","LINCOLN PARK FIRST ADD CO","LINCOLN PARK THIRD","LLOYD ESTATES","Lofts of Palm Aire","LOFTS ON THE PARK","LUCAYA CONDO","Lyons Cove","Mandarin","MANGO GARDENS","MANGO PLACE CONDOMIN","MANOR GROVE","MANORS TOWNHOMES","MARINA DEL MAR CONDO","Marina oaks","Marine Tower","Mark 1","Mark 1 Condo","Mark I Condo","MARY KNOLL","Mary-Knoll","MAYA MARCA","MAYBURY MANSIONS","Melrose Manor","Melrose Manors","Melrose Park","MELROSE PARK ESTATES","Meritage","Miami Court","Middle River Terrace","Middle River Terrace Luxury Apartments","Middle River Tower C","Middle River Villas","MIDLAND 1ST ADD","Mill The Res Condo","MOAZIC","MONTAGE BY HTE LAKE","Montclair Gardens","Montelimar","N","N\/A","Nautical Towers","NELSON MANOR APARTME","NEW HARBOR LOFTS","New River Yacht Club","NORTH ANDREWS TERR","NORTH ANDREWS TERRAC","NORTH ANDREWS TERRACE","NORTH LAUDERDALE","North Ridge","North West Lauderdale","Nu river","Nu River Landing","NU ROVER LANDING","NURIVER LANDING","NURIVER LANDINGS","OAK GROVE","OAK HAMMOCK","OAK HAMMOND","OAK HILLS","oak river","Oakbridge","OAKLAND FOREST","OAKLAND FOREST CLUB","OAKLAND SHORES","Oasis Falls Condo","OCEAN AGE CONDO","OCEAN CLUB","OCEAN CLUB CONDO","OCEAN MANOR CONDO","Ocean Resort Residences","Ocean Summit","Ocean Sunrise","OCEANAGE","Old Coral Ridge","PALM AIRE VILLAGE","Palm Aire Village \/ Playpen","Palm Aire Village 3rd Sec","Palm Aire Village East","PALM AIREVILLAGE SEC","PALM-AIRE LOFTS","Palm-Aire Village","PALM-AIRE VILLAGE 1","Palm-Aire Village 1 Condo","PALMA VISTA","Paramount","PARK CITY","PARK PLACE CONDO","Park Place Condo \/ Victoria Park","PARK TOWER","Park View","PATTERSON PARK","PELICAN COVE","Piazza Navona","PICKET LANE","PIER 41","PIER 41 CONDO","PILOT HOUSE","PILOT HOUSE CONDO","PINE CREST","Pine Crest Village","PINE ISLAND RIDGE","PINECREST VILLAGE","PLACIDO PLACE","Plantation Gardens","Playa Del Mar","Playa del Mar Condominiums","Playa Del Sol","Playa Del Sol Condo","Plaza 15","PLAZA 15 CONDO","Plaza East","PLAZA SOUTH","PLAZA SOUTH CONDO","POINSETTIA HEIGHTS","Poinsettia Heights \/ Progresso","POINT OF AMERICAS","POINT OF AMERICAS I","Point of Americas II","Port Royale","PORTOFINO","Portside Yacht Club","PRESENTIAL CONDO","PRESIDENTIAL CONDO","PRESIDENTIAL CONDOS","PROGRESSO","PROGRESSO 2-18","Q Club","Q Club Residences","Q CLUB RESORT & RESI","Q Club Resort & Residence","Q CLUB\/HILTON RESORT","Quail Run of Sunrise","Ravenswood","RAVENSWOOD NORTH","Regatta at New Rive","Regatta at New River","REGENCY HOUSE","Regency South Towers","REGENCY TOWER","REGENCY TOWER SOUTH","Reichenbachs","Renovated","RESUB","Rickel Addition","Ridgeview Towers Condo","Rio Nuevo","Rio Villas","RIO VISTA","RIO VISTA ISLES","Ritz Carlton","RIVA","RIVA CONDOMINIUM","Riveira Condo","RIVER GARDENS","River Landings","RIVER OAKS","River Oaks Village","River Oaks\/Yellowstone Park","River Reach","RIVER VISTA","River\\'s Edge","RIVERBEND TOWNHOMES","RIVERLAND","Riverland Manors","Riverland Village","RIVERS BEND","RIVERS EDGE","RIVERSIDE","Riverside Park","RIVERSIDE PARK AME","Riviera","RIVIERA ISLES","RIVIERA PARK CONDO","ROBERTSON PARK","Rohan Acres","ROYAL AMBASSADOR","ROYAL AMBASSADOR CONDO","ROYAL MARINER","ROYAL PALMS PARK","Runaway Bay Condo","Sailboat Pointe","Sailboat Bend","SAILBOAT POINTE","SALEBOAT BEND","Sapphire","SEA RANCH CLUB","SEA RANCH VILLAS","SEAWANNA","SEMINOLE LAKE TOWNHO","Seven Isles","Seven Isles\/Las Olas","Shady Banks","Sherwood Forest","SHORE CLUB","SINGLE FAMILY HOUSE WITH DUPLEX","SKY HARBOUR EAST","SOLE","Sole at Fort Lauderd","SOLE AT FORT LAUDERDALE","Sole at Fort Lauderdale Condo","SOUTH EAST ISLANDER","SOUTH MIDDLE RIVER","South New River Isles","Southpoint","SOUTHPORT TOWNHOMES","Spanish Spring","STARLIGHT TOWERS","Stirling Lake","strada 315","Strada Condos","Stratoliner Estates","Summer Lake","Sunrise Bay Club","SUNRISE BAY CLUB CO-OP","SUNRISE EAST","SUNRISE INTRACOASTAL","Sunrise Tower Condo","Sunset Hammock","Symphony","Symphony Condominium","Symphony South Condo","Tango Village","Tara West","Tarpon Riv er","Tarpon River","Tarpon River Area","TARPON RIVER CLUB","TARPON RIVER VILLAGE","TAVOR APTS.INC","TENNIS CLUB","Tennis Club #2","Tennis Club II","TENNIS CLUB LENGLEN CONDO","Terraces at Oaks","The Atlantic Hotel","The Carlyle","THE COMMODORE","THE CONTINENTAL","The Doria","THE EDGE ON 15TH","The Edge on 20th","The Ellington at Victoria Park","The Enclave at Coral Ridge Country Club","The Estates of Fort Lauderdale","The Falls Of Inverrary","The Flats at Coral Ridge","The Foundry Lofts","The Four Seasons","THE GALLEON","THE GROVE AT RIVER OAKS","The Inn At Fourth Place","The Landings","The Metro","THE MILL LOFTS","THE OAKS","The Ocean Resort","THE PALMS","The Port Condo","THE PORT CONDOMINIUM","The Preserve","The Ritz-Carlton","The Seasons","The Symphony","THE SYMPHONY CONDO","The Syphony","THE TIDES","THE TIDES @ BRIDGES","THE TIDES @BRIDGESID","The Tower at Port Royale Apartments","THE VILLAGE AT SAILB","The Village at Sailboat Bend","The Villas at Harbor Isles","THE WATER GARDEN","THE WAVE LOFTS","THE WELLINGTON","THE WINSTON HOUSE","TIDES AT BRIDGESIDE","TIDES AT BRIDGESIDE SQUARE","TIFANY HOUSE","TIFFANY HOUSE","Top of The Mile","TOWER AT PORT ROYALE","Town Invest LLC","TOWNHOUSES AT HARBOR BEACH","Townhouses of Harbor Beach","Tradewinds By The Sea","Tropical Garden Appartments Condo","TUSKEGEE PARK","Twin Lakes","Twin Lakes Gardens","Twin Lakes North","TWNHOMES OF LAS OLAS","Up and Coming Community multi Cultured with lots","Valentines","Vantage View","VENETIAN","VENETIAN CONDO","VENEZIA LAS OLAS","Venice Harbor","VICTORIA COURTS CONDO","Victoria Highlands","Victoria Mews","VICTORIA PARK","VICTORIA PARK \/ CENTRAL PARK","Victoria Park Tower","Villa De Este","VILLA LAGUNA","VILLA MEDICI","VILLA VALENTINA","Village at Harbor Be","Village at Harbor Beach","VILLAGE AT SAILBOAT","Village at Sailboat Bend","Village East","Village East Condo","VILLAGE EAST CONDOMI","VILLAGES AT SAILBOAT","VILLAGES@SAILBOAT BD","VILLAGGIO DI LAS OLAS","VILLAGGIO TREVISO VILLAS","Villas At Harbor Isl","Villas At Lakeview","VILLAS AT LAKEVIEW CONDO","Vue","VUE RESIDENCES","VUE RESIDENCES AND","VUE RESIDENCES AND B","VUE RESIDENCES AND CLUB","W Fort Lauderdale","W Fort Lauderdale Residences","W Ft Lauderdale","Walk to \\'the Drive\\'","WALK TO THE DRIVE","WARWICK","WASHINGTON PARK","WATERGARDEN","Watergarden Condo","WAVERLY","WAVERLY AT LAS OLAS","WAVERLY AT LAS OLAS CONDO","Waverly Las Olas","Waverly Place 11","WAVERLY PLACE TOWNHO","WEDGEWOOD COURT","Westbrook at Oakridge","WESTCHESTER HOUSE","Westwood","WHITE ACRES","White Egret","WHITE EGRET CONDO","WHITEHALL","WHITEHALL II","Williamsburg Condo","WILTON MANOR","WILTON MANORS NEARBY","Windsor Condo","WINGATE RIDGE","Winston Condo","winston house","WOODLAND LK ESTATES","YACHT CLUB AT TREASURE COVE","Yacht Clubat Treasur","YELLOW STONE PARK","Zuna"],"subdivisions":["...","#26 OF WHITEHALL OF",">","100 LAS OLAS CONDO","105","1200 Club","1200 CLUB CONDO","1750 Las Olas Co-Op","2745 OFFICE CENTER CONDO","2801 Club Co-Op","30 THIRTY NORTH OCEAN CONDO","350 Las Olas Place","350 LAS OLAS PLACE CONDO","49TH STREET TOWNHOMES","49TH STREET TOWNHOUSE 1 CONDO","49TH STREET TOWNHOUSE 2 CONDO","49TH STREET TOWNHOUSE THREE","551 FLB CONDOMINIUM HOTEL","713 SW 8TH AVE","76 ISLE OF VENICE CO-OP","Academy Award Sec 4 Replat","Adagio On The Bay","AIRFAX BROLLIAR ADD SEC","ALLENWOOD","ALMEDA","AMERICAS ON THE PARK","AMERICAS ON THE PARK CONDO","ANSONIA GARDENS","Aqualuna","AQUAVITA LAS OLAS CONDO","ARIA AT LAS OLAS CONDO","ARROWH","ARROWHEAD ESTATES","ARROWHEAD ESTATES 21-27 B","ASPEN HOUSE CONDO","ATLANTIC HOTEL CONDO","Atlantic Towers","ATLANTIC TOWERS CO-OP","ATLANTIC TOWERS CO-OP INC","Atlantic Towers Coop","Auberge Beach Residences","Auberge Beach Residences & Spa","Auberge Residences","AVENUE EAST TOWNLOFTS","AVENUE LOFTS","Avenue Lofts 05 Condo","Avenue Lofts Condo 02","AVENUE LOFTS CONDO ONE","AVENUE LOFTS FIVE CONDO","AVENUE LOFTS THREE\/RESC","AVON HEIGHTS","AVON ISLES","AVON ISLES 40-31 B","AVON PARK 1ST ADD","BAL HARBOUR","BAL HARBOUR 1ST ADD","BAMBOO FLATS","BAMBOO FLATS TOWNHOMES","BAMBOO VILLAS CONDO","BANYAN MARINA","BANYAN MARINA RESORT CO-OP","BANYAN OAKRIDGE PLAT","BARCELONA ISLE","BARCELONA ISLES ADD","BARCLAY SQUARE CONDO","BARRETTS","Bay Colony","BAY COLONY CLUB","BAY COLONY CLUB COND","BAY COLONY CLUB CONDO","BAY COLONY SEC OF THE LAN","BAY COLONY SEC OF THE LANDINGS","BAY COLONY SECTION OF THE LANDINGS","Bayshore Condo","BAYSHORE EMBASSY","BAYSHORE EMBASSY CONDO","BAYVIEW 32 CONDO","BAYVIEW LANDINGS","BAYVIEW LANDINGS CONDO","Beach Ridge","BEACH RIDGE CO-OP","BEACH SHORE APTS CO-OP","Beach Shore Co-Op","BEACHSIDE APTS CO-OP","BEACHWAY HEIGHTS UNIT A","Beautifully upgraded 1\/1 on Hendricks Isle with superb water views","Beautifully upgraded 1\/1 on Hendricks Isle with superb water views Beautiful 1\/1 with superb water","BEL-AIRE SEC #7 COND","BELOTTI VILLAS","BERKELEY SQUARE","BERKELY SOUTH CONDO","BERKLEY SOUTH","BERKLEY SOUTH CONDO","Bermuda Riviera","BERMUDA RIVIERA SUB OF GALT OCEAN MILE","BERMUDA-RIVIERA","Bermuda-Riviera Sub Of Galt Ocean Mile","BERMUDA-RIVIERA SUB OF GALT OCEAN MILE FIRST ADD","BEVERLY HEIGHTS","BHCP CONDOMINIUM","BIG SKY NORTH RESIDENTIAL PLAT","Birch Crest","BIRCH CREST APARTMENTS INC","BIRCH OCEAN FRONT SUB NO 2","Birch Square","BIRCH SQUARE CONDO","BONAVENTURE","BONIE VILLAS","Bossert Isle 46-42 B","Bossert Isles\/Shady Banks","BOULEVARD GARDENS","BOULEVARD GARDENS ADD 01 31-46 B","BOULEVARD GARDENS FIRST ADD","BOULEVARD PARK ISLES","BOULEVARD PARK ISLES SEC 1","Breakwater Towers","BREAKWATER TOWERS CO-OP","BREEZYWAY MANOR","BREEZYWAY MANOR 28-18 B","BREEZYWAY MANOR ADD","BREEZYWAY MANOR SEC A","BRENDALE HEIGHTS","BRENDALE HEIGHTS 32-","Brendale heights 32-40 b lot 3 bulk 7","BRITANNIA CONDO","Broadview Park","Broadview Park 36-33 B","Broadview Park Sec 04 41-18 B","BROADVIEW PARK SEC 2 AMEN","BROADVIEW PARK SEC 3","BROADVIEW PARK SEC 4","Broward County Land","BROWARD ESTATES SEC","Broward Gardens","Broward Gardens 21-48 B","BROWARD MANOR","BROWARD MANOR 33-16","BROWARD PARK","BROWARDALE 1ST ADDITION","BROWARDALE 2ND ADD AMEN PLAT","BRYAN SUB","Bryan Sub Of Blk 21 Ft La","BRYANS SUB","BRYSA PARK","BRYSA PARK EXT","bussines center, clubhouse, elevator, internet included, pool, gym, barbecue, terrace, spa-hot tub","CADILLAC RE-SUB 61-45 B","Camelot Shores Condo","Camille Condo","CANAL GROVES","CAPE FEAR","CAPISTRANO","CAPRI WEST CONDO","CARAVEL","CARAVEL CONDO","CARAVELLE APTS","Carlton Terrace","CARLTON TERRACE CO-O","CARLTON TERRACE CO-OP","Carlton Terrace Coop","CARLTON TOWER","CARLTON TOWER CONDO","CARLYLE CONDOMINIUM","CARVER PARK 19-21 B","CASA BAYVIEW CONDO","Casa Del Sol Condo","CASCADE AT HOLLY HEIGHTS CONDO","CASCADES","CASCADES OF LAUDERHI","CASCADES TOWNHOMES CONDO","Castelane Lofts","CASTILLO GRAND RESIDENCES CONDO","CHATEAU CONDO","CHATEAU MAR","Chateau Park Sec A 06-38 B","CHATEAU PARK SEC B","Chateau Terese Condo","CHULA VISTA","CHULA VISTA 1ST ADD","CHULA VISTA 1ST ADD 23-21 B","Chula Vista 22-7 B","CHULA VISTA 4TH ADD","Chula Vista Add 01 Rev 30-43 B","Chula Vista Add 03 26-14 B","CHULA VISTA FIRST ADD REV","CITRUS ISLES","CITY VIEW","City View Townhomes","CLAIR LAKE","Clair Lake 28-26 B","CLIFF LAKE VILLAS CO-OP","CLUB @ HENDRICKS ISL","COCONUT GROVE RESIDENCES","COCONUT GROVE RESIDENCES ON FORT LAUDERDALE BEACH","COLEE HAMMOCK","Colee Hammock 01-17 B","COLEE HAMMOCK TOWNHOUSES","Colee\\'s Townhomes","COLLE HAMMOCK 1-17 B","COLLIER ESTATES","COLLIER ESTATES 1ST ADD","COLLIER ESTATES 41-1","Collier Estates Add 05","COLLIER GROVES","COLLIER GROVES 22-42","COLONIAL CONDO","COLONIAL MANOR EAST","COLONIAL MANOR WEST APARTMENTS","COLONIAL RIDGE","COLONY TERRACE APTS","COLONY TERRACE APTS CO-OP","COMMADORE CONDO","COMMODORE","Continental Condo","Coral Ridge - Livermore","CORAL CORNER SHOPPING CENTER","CORAL COVE ASSOC CO-OP","CORAL HEIGHTS SEC 3","CORAL HIGHLANDS","Coral Highlands 40-11 B","CORAL HILLS","CORAL ISLES","CORAL ISLES\/LAS OLAS","CORAL POINT","Coral Point Condo","CORAL POINT CONDO FTL","CORAL POINT CONDOMINIUM","CORAL RIDGE","Coral Ridge - Livermore Estates","CORAL RIDGE 21-50 B","CORAL RIDGE ADD","CORAL RIDGE ADD A","Coral Ridge Add B","CORAL RIDGE ADD B 41","Coral Ridge Add B 41-47 B","Coral Ridge CC","CORAL RIDGE COLONY I","Coral Ridge Colony Inc Condo","CORAL RIDGE COMMERCIAL BLVD ADD","CORAL RIDGE COUNTRY","CORAL RIDGE COUNTRY CLUB","Coral Ridge Country Club 36-30 B","CORAL RIDGE COUNTRY CLUB ADD 2","CORAL RIDGE COUNTRY CLUB ADD 3","CORAL RIDGE COUNTRY CLUB ADD 4","CORAL RIDGE COUNTRY CLUB ADD NO 1","CORAL RIDGE COUNTRY CLUB CONDO","Coral Ridge Country Club Es","CORAL RIDGE COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES","CORAL RIDGE COUNTRY CLUB SUB","CORAL RIDGE EAST","CORAL RIDGE EAST CONDO","CORAL RIDGE GALT","CORAL RIDGE GALT ADD","Coral Ridge Galt Add 02 32-50 B","CORAL RIDGE GALT ADD 1","CORAL RIDGE GALT ADD 2","Coral Ridge Galt Add 27-46 B","CORAL RIDGE GALT ADD NO 1","CORAL RIDGE GALT ADDITION NO 1","CORAL RIDGE ISLES","CORAL RIDGE ISLES 45","Coral Ridge Isles 45-47 B","CORAL RIDGE LANDINGS II","Coral Ridge North 28-37 B","CORAL RIDGE NORTH AD","CORAL RIDGE NORTH ADD","CORAL RIDGE PLACE","Coral Ridge South","CORAL RIDGE TOWERS","CORAL RIDGE TOWERS CO-OP","Coral Ridge Towers East","CORAL RIDGE TOWERS EAST CO-OP","Coral Ridge Towers North Co-Op","CORAL RIDGE TOWERS S","CORAL RIDGE TOWERS SOUTH","CORAL RIDGE TOWERS SOUTH CO-OP","Coral Ridge Towers South Coop","CORAL RIDGE WATERFRONT CONDO","CORAL SHORES","CORAL TOWERS CONDO","CORAM GARDENS","CORAM GARDENS TOWNHOUSE CONDO","Coram Gardens Twnhs Condo","Corinthian","CORINTHIAN ON THE INTRACOASTAL","Costa Crest Condo","COUNTRY CLUB TOWERS CONDO","CRANWELL HOUSE CONDO","CRESSID COMMONS CONDO BLDG 1637","CROISSANT PARK","Croissant Park 04-28 B","CROISSANT PARK MIDWAY SEC","CROISSANT PARK REVISED PLAT BLK 57","CROISSANT PARK RIVER","CROISSANT PARK RIVER SEC","Croissant Park River Sec 07-50 B","CROISSANT PARK SOUTH","CROMWELL EAST CONDO","CROMWELL WEST CONDO","Cross Fox","CROSS FOX CONDO","Crossroads Condo","Cypress Anchorage","CYPRESS CHASE","Cypress Creek Condo","CYPRESS CREEK PROFESSIONAL","CYPRESS CREEK PROFESSIONAL PARK","Cypress Gardens 21-12 B","DAVIE BOULEVARD PARK","DAVIS ADD","DAVIS INDUSTRIAL SUB","DAVIS ISLES","Davis Isles 29-19 B","Davis Isles Sec 05 46-48 B","DAVIS ISLES SEC 4 41","DAVIS ISLES SEC 5","DAWSONS POINT","Deepwater Citrus Isles","DESIGNER 49 TOWNHOUS","DEVON HOUSE","DEVON HOUSE CONDO","DEVONSHIRE","Devonshire 22-29 B","DEVONSHIRE CONDO","DILLARD PARK","DILLARD PARK AMEN PLAT","DILLARD PARK ESTATES","DILLARD PARK ESTATES 1ST","DILLARD PARK ESTATES 1ST ADD","Dillard Park Estates 55-44 B","DIXIE PARK","DOCKSIDE VILLAGE","DOLPHIN ISLES","DORIA CONDO","DORSEY PARK","DORSEY PARK 4TH ADD","Dorsey Park Add 01 21-30 B","Dorsey Park Add 04 25-26 B","DORSEY PARK FIRST ADD","DORSEY PARK SECOND ADD","DRAKE TOWER CONDO","Drake Towers","DUKES PLAT","DURHAM CONDO","Durrs","DURRS SUB","East Point Towers","EAST POINT TOWERS CO","EAST POINT TOWERS CONDO","EAST SHORE","EAST SIDE 3 CONDO","EDGEWATER ARMS","EDGEWATER ARMS CO-OP","Edgewater House","Edgewater House Condo","EDGEWATER TOWNHOMES","Edgewater Townhouses","Edgewood","Edgewood Estates","EDGEWOOD LANDINGS","EDGEWOOD OAK LANE","Edgewood Oaks Townhomes","EDGEWOOD OAKS TOWNHOUSES","Ellington","Ellington at Victoria Park","EMBARCADERO CONDO","EMBASSY CONDO","EMBASSY TOWER","EMBASSY TOWER 1","EMBASSY TOWER CONDO","Embassy Tower Condo 02","EMBASSY TOWER II","EMBASSY TOWER II CON","EMBASSY TOWER II CONDO","EMERALD ISLE CONDO","Emerald Park Office Center Condo","ESMONDA GARDENS","Esmonda Gardens 22-20 B","ESPLANADE","ESPLANADE ON THE NEW RIVE","Esplanade on the New River","ESPLANADE ON THE NEW RIVER CONDO","ESSEX TOWER","ESSEX TOWER CONDO","Ethon House","Ethon House Condo","Everglade land sales co","EVERGLADE LAND SALES CO F","EVERGLADE LAND SALES CO FIRST","EVERGLADE LAND SALES CO FIRST ADD LAUDERDALE CORR","EVERGLADE LAND SALES CO FIRST ADD TO LAUDERDALE CO","Everglades Club","EVERGLADES CLUB CONDO","EVERGLADES HOUSE CONDO","EVERGLADES LAND SALE","EVERGLADES LAND SALES CO 1ST ADD TO LAUDERDALE","EXCHANGE","EXCHANGE LOFTS","F A BARRETTS SUB","FA BARRETS SUB","Fairfax Brolliar","FAIRFAX BROLLIAR ADD","Fairfax Brolliar Add 05 40-27 B","FAIRFAX BROLLIAR ADD SEC","FAIRFAX BROLLIAR ADD SEC 2","FAIRFAX BROLLIAR ADD SEC 3","FAIRFAX BROLLIAR ADD SEC 4","FAIRFAX BROLLIAR ADD SEC 5","FAIRMONT","FAIRMONT 36-4 B","Finn Villas Condo","FIRESIDE TOWNHOMES CONDO","FIRST ADD TO TUSKEGE","FIRST ADD TO TUSKEGEE PARK","Fisher","FLAGLER ON FIFTH","Flagler Village","FLAIR SUBDIVISION","FLAMINGO PARK","FLAMINGO PARK SEC","FLAMINGO PARK SEC C","FLAMINGO PARK SEC D","Flamingo Park Sec D 41-29 B","FLAMINGO VILLAGE","FLAMINGO VILLAGE 1ST ADD","Flamingo Village 44-39 B","FLORAL HEIGHTS","FLORAL HEIGHTS 1ST ADD","FLORAL HEIGHTS 28-5","FLORAL RIDGE","FLORAL RIDGE ADDITION","FOREST LAKE ESTATES","Fort Lauderdale","Fort Lauderdale CCD","FORT LAUDERDALE INDUSTRIAL AIRPARK SEC 1","FORT LAUDERDALE RESIDENCES HOTEL CONDO","FOUNDRY LOFTS (THE) CONDO","Foundry Lofts Condo","FOUNTAINHEAD CONDO","FOUNTAINS","FOUNTAINS ON OCEAN","Fountains On Ocean Boulevard","FOUNTAINS ON OCEAN BOULEVARD CONDO BLDG NORTH","FOUNTAINS ON OCEAN BOULEVARD CONDO BLDG SOUTH","FOUR SEASONS CONDO","FRANKLIN COURT 9-54B BLK1 2 5N1\/2 LESS W10 BLK","FRANKLIN PARK","FRANKLIN PARK 21-3 B","FRANKLIN PARK AMENDED","FT LAUDERDALE","FT LAUDERDALE ESTATES","FT LAUDERDALE ESTATES 1ST","FT LAUDERDALE ESTATES 1ST ADD","Ft Lauderdale Estates 76-","Ft Lauderdale Estates 76-9 B","FT LAUDERDALE LAND & DEV","FT LAUDERDALE LAND & DEV CO SUB LOT 2 3 BLK 61 FT","Ft Lauderdale Land & Dev Co Sub Lots 1,2 Blk 1 Ft","Ft Lauderdale Yacht & Beach Club","FT. LAUDERDALE ISLES","Fusion Gardens","Fusion Gardens Condo","GABLE ARMS","GABLE ARMS CONDO","Gable Arms Condo Unit","GALE","GALE RESIDENCES","GALLEON CONDO","GALLERIA LOFTS CONDO","GALLERY CONDO","GALLERY ONE","GALLERY ONE CONDO","GALT OCEAN","GALT OCEAN CLUB","GALT OCEAN CLUB CONDO","GALT OCEAN MILE","Galt Ocean Mile 34-16 B","GALT OCEAN MILE ADD","GALT OCEAN MILE-RESUB","GALT OCEAN TERRACE","GALT OCEAN TERRACE CONDO","GALT TOWERS","GALT TOWERS CONDO","GATEWAY ARMS CONDO","GATEWAY PARK","GEORGETOWN","GEORGETOWN CONDO","GEORGIAN COURT","GEORGIAN COURT APTS CO-OP","GEORGIAN COURT APTS NORTH CO-OP","GEORGIAN CT APTS NORTH CO-OP","Gilcrest","Gill Isles","GILL ISLES 44-13 B","GILLCREST","Gillcrest 34-12 B","GOLD COAST TWIN VILLAS WEST","GOLDEN COURT","Golden Heights","GOLDEN HEIGHTS HOMES","GOLDEN HEIGHTS HOMES 40-28 B LOT 7 BLK 1","GOLDEN RIDGE","GOLDEN RIDGE ADD","GOLDEN RIDGE ADD 59-","GOLF ESTATES","Golf Estates 43-26 B","GOLF-TAM VILLAGE","GOULD ISLAND","GRACELAND PARK","Greens Sub","Grove at River Oaks","Gulfstream Condo Las Olas","GULFSTREAM CONDO OF LAS OLAS","HABITAT II","Halibut House Condo","HALLS ADD","Halls Add 1-134 D","HAMPTON BEACH CLUB","HARBOR BEACH","HARBOR BEACH EXTENSION","HARBOR BEACH EXTENSION 31","Harbor House North","HARBOR VIEW APTS CONDO","HARBOR VILLAS CONDO","Harbordale","Harbordale Breezes","HARBORDALE BREEZES CONDO","HARBORS EDGE CONDO","Harbour Heights","HARBOUR HEIGHTS ADD","Harbour Heights Add 35-21","Harbour Pointe Villas & Docks","HARBOURAGE PLACE CON","HARBOURAGE PLACE CONDO","HARDWICK HEIGHTS","HARWICK HOUSE CONDO","HAWTHORNE EAST CO-OP","HEMINGWAY AT VICTORIA PARK CONDO","HEMINGWAY GARDENS","Hemingway Victoria Park Condo","HENDRICKS HEIGHTS","HENDRICKS ISLE","HERITAGE LANDINGS","HERITAGE LANDINGS CONDO","HERITAGE PLACE","HERZFELD ADD","HIBISCUS GARDENS","HIBISCUS GARDENS AMENDED PLAT","Hibiscus House","HIBISCUS PARK","Hidden Harbor","HIDDEN HARBOR A CONDO","HIDDEN HARBOR B COND","Hidden Harbor Condo C","HILL-MONT HEIGHTS","Hillmont Heights Rev & Ad","HILLMONT HGTS REV & ADD","HILLMONT MIDDLE RIVE","HILLMONT MIDDLE RIVER VISTA REPLAT OF A","HILTON TERRACE CONDO","HIMMARSHEE PARK","Himmarshee Place Townhouses","HMS PLAT","HOAGS SUB","Holiday Heights","HOLIDAY ISLE YACHT CLUB CONDO","HOLLAND INDUSTRIAL SITES","HOLLAND SUB","HOLLAND SUB NO 2 29-","HOLLY HEGHTS","HOLMBERG & MC KEES","HOLMBERG & MC KEES RESUB BLKS","HOLMBERG & MC KEES SUB 1-112 D LOT 1 BLK 1","HOLMBERG & MC KEES SUB 1-112 D LOTS 2 3 6 7 10 11","HOLMBERG AND MCKEES SUB","HOOSIER HEIGHTS","Horizon House Condo","HORIZONS OF INVERRAR","Howard Acres","ICON LAS OLAS","IDLEWYLD","Idlewyld 1-19 B","IMPERIAL POINT","IMPERIAL POINT 1 SEC","Imperial Point 1 Sec 53-4","IMPERIAL POINT 2 SEC","IMPERIAL POINT 3RD","IMPERIAL POINT 3RD SEC","IMPERIAL POINT 4TH S","IMPERIAL POINT 4TH SEC","Imperial Point 4th Sec 56","IMPERIAL POINT 5 SEC","IMPERIAL POINT COLON","IMPERIAL POINT COLONNADES","Imperial Point Colonnades Condo","Imperial Point Colonnades Condo 1927","IMPERIAL POINT CONDO","IMPERIAL POINT Corner Lot","IMPERIAL POINT GARDE","IMPERIAL POINT GARDEN","Imperial Point Gardens","IMPERIAL POINT GARDENS CONDO","Imperial Point Sec 01 53-44 B","Imperial Point Sec 02","Imperial Point Sec 02 54-19 B","Imperial Point Sec 03 55-36 B","IMPERIAL POINT SEC2","IMPERIAL VILLAGE","IMPERIAL VILLAGE CONDO","INTRACOASTAL 31 CONDO","INVERRARY C C PH III","INVERRARY C C PH IV","INVERWOOD","ISLAND HOUSE EAST CONDO","Island View","ISLES OF PALMS","J-Mar Condo","JACKSON TOWER","JACKSON TOWER LAS OL","Jackson Tower Las Olas Condo","JAMESSON SUB AMEN PLAT","JERRY LOBEL PLAT","JUNE PARK","JUNE PARK 22-16 B","KENSINGTON PLACE","KEY NORTH","KINGS PARK GARDEN AP","Knoll Ridge","L\\'ambiance","L\\'AMBIANCE BEACH","L\\'AMBIANCE BEACH CONDO","L\\'Hermitage","L\\'HERMITAGE I","L\\'Hermitage II A Condo","L'HERMITAGE","L'HERMITAGE I","La Beau Acres Fourth Unit","LA PRESERVE GATED COMMUNITY","LA TERRACE","LABEAU ACRES","Labeau Acres Unit 02 Amd 86-30 B","Labeau Acres Unit 03 82-11 B","LAFAYETTE ARMS CO-OP","Lago Mar Place","LAGO MAR PLACE CO-OP","LAGOON POINCIANA","Lake Aire Estates","Lake Aire Estates 54-15 B","Lake Aire Palm View","LAKE EMERALD","Lake Estates","LAKE ESTATES 42-1 B","Lake Estates Add 42-26 B","LAKE POINTE","LAKE POINTE CONDO","LAKE POINTE CONDO 05","LAKE RIDGE","LAKE RIDGE 24-47 B","Lake Ridge Add","LAKE SHORE CONDO","LAKERIDGE","LAKES OF OAKLAND FOR","LAKEVIEW CLUB CONDO","Lakeway Addition","LAMBIANCE BEACH CONDO","LANDINGS","LANDINGS FIRST SEC","LANDINGS HARBORAGE C","LANDINGS HARBORAGE CONDO","Landings Sec 01 56-4 B","Landings Second Sec","Las Olas - Colee Hammock","Las Olas Beach Club","LAS OLAS BEACH CLUB CONDO","Las Olas By River Condo","Las Olas By Sea Ext 07-25 B","LAS OLAS BY THE RIVE","LAS OLAS BY THE RIVER","Las Olas By The River Con","LAS OLAS BY THE RIVER CONDO","Las Olas By The Sea","LAS OLAS BY THE SEA EXT","Las Olas Grand","Las Olas Isles","LAS OLAS MANOR 1 CONDO","LAS OLAS MANOR 2 CONDO","LAS OLAS PARK","LAS OLAS PARK CORR PLAT","LAS OLAS PARK CORR PLAT 6-12 B LOT 12 BLK 5","LAS OLAS RIVER HOUSE","Las Olas River House Condo","Las Olas Riverhouse","LAS OLAS VILLAS CONDO","LAS VISTAS","LAST CHANCE VILLAGE","LAUDER GATE ISLES","LAUDER GATE ISLES 28","LAUDER-GATE","LAUDERDALE","LAUDERDALE 02-9 D","LAUDERDALE 1 CONDO","Lauderdale 2-9 D","Lauderdale Amen","Lauderdale Beach","Lauderdale Beach 04-2 B","LAUDERDALE BEACH 4-2","Lauderdale Beach Ext","Lauderdale City Center Townhomes","LAUDERDALE Croissant Park","LAUDERDALE GARDENS","LAUDERDALE HARBORS","LAUDERDALE HARBORS SEC A 9-1","LAUDERDALE HARBORS SEC A RESUB BLKS 20 TO 25 3","LAUDERDALE HARBORS SECTION","Lauderdale Homesites","LAUDERDALE HOMESITES SEC","LAUDERDALE ISLE","Lauderdale Isle Amd","LAUDERDALE ISLE AMEN","LAUDERDALE ISLE AMEN PLAT","Lauderdale Isles","Lauderdale Isles 02 35-32 B Blk 04","LAUDERDALE ISLES NO","LAUDERDALE ISLES NO 1","LAUDERDALE ISLES NO 2","Lauderdale Isles No 2 34-3 B","LAUDERDALE ISLES NO 2 35-","LAUDERDALE ISLES NO 2-BLK 10","LAUDERDALE ISLES NO 2-BLK 11","LAUDERDALE ISLES NO 2-BLK 12","LAUDERDALE ISLES NO 2-BLK 6","LAUDERDALE ISLES NO 2-BLK 7","LAUDERDALE ISLES NO 2-BLK 9","Lauderdale Manor","LAUDERDALE MANOR 25-12 B","LAUDERDALE MANOR HOMESITES","LAUDERDALE MANORS","Lauderdale Manors 25-12 B","Lauderdale Manors 2Nd Rev","LAUDERDALE MANORS AD","LAUDERDALE MANORS ADD","Lauderdale Manors Add 30-10 B","LAUDERDALE MANORS ADD-RESUB OF","LAUDERDALE MANORS ADD-REV PLAT IN BLKS K L M N & Q","LAUDERDALE MANORS ADD-REV PLAT IN BLKS K,L,M,N & Q","LAUDERDALE MANORS AMD","LAUDERDALE MANORS AMD PLAT","LAUDERDALE MANORS AMEN RESUB OF BLK 23","LAUDERDALE MANORS AMEND PLAT OF RESUB OF BLK 18","LAUDERDALE MANORS AMEND PLAT RESUB","LAUDERDALE MANORS AMEND RESUB","LAUDERDALE MANORS RESUB OF AMD","LAUDERDALE MANORS RESUB OF AMD PLAT BLK 20","LAUDERDALE MANORS RESUB OF BLK 16","LAUDERDALE MANORS RESUB OF BLK 17","LAUDERDALE MANORS REVISED","LAUDERDALE MANORS REVISED PLAT","LAUDERDALE OAKS","LAUDERDALE OAKS 10 C","LAUDERDALE OAKS NO 5","LAUDERDALE ONE","LAUDERDALE ONE CONDO","LAUDERDALE PARK","Lauderdale Park 06-33 01\/2 B","LAUDERDALE PARK 6-33","Lauderdale Park 6-33 1\/2","LAUDERDALE PARK 6-33 1\/2 B","LAUDERDALE PARK MIDDLE RIVER","LAUDERDALE PINES","LAUDERDALE SHORES CORR PLAT BLK 1","LAUDERDALE SHORES REAMEN PLAT","Lauderdale Tennis Club","LAUDERDALE TOWER CONDO","LAUDERDALE VILLAS","LAUDERDALE VILLAS 29-37 B","Laudergate","Laudergate 26-48 B","Laudergate Isles","LAUDERWOOD AMEN","Laureldale Harbors","LDC ESTATES","LE CERCLE","Le Cercle by the Bea","Le Cercle By The Beach","LE CERCLE BY THE BEACH CONDO","LE CLUB INTERNATIONA","LE CLUB INTERNATIONAL","LE COTILLION","LE COTILLION CO-OP","LEISURE BEACH","LEISURE BEACH CONDO","LEISURE BEACH SOUTH CONDO","LEISURE BY THE SEA","Leisure Sands","LEISURE SANDS CONDO","LEXINGTON ARMS CO-OP","LHERMITAGE","Lhermitage 02","LHERMITAGE I","LIBERTY PARK","Liberty Park 07-27 B","LIN COLN PARK","LINCOLD PARK","LINCOLN","LINCOLN HEIGHTS RESUB","LINCOLN PARK","Lincoln Park Add 01 Corr 05-1 B","LINCOLN PARK FIFTH ADD AMEN PLAT 7-3","Lincoln Park Sixth Add","LINCOLN PARK SIXTH ADD AM","LINCOLN PARK SIXTH ADD AMEN PLAT 7-2","LINCOLN PARK THIRD ADD 7-4","LINDA TERRACE","LIVE OAK 6 OF PINE I","Livermore Estates","LLOYD ESTATES","LOFT EXCHANGE","LOFTS ON THE PARK","Los Olas Village","LUCAYA","LUCAYA CONDO","LUCAYA CONDOMINIUMS","LUDERDALE PARK","Mandarin","MANDARIN ISLE ADD","MANGO GARDENS","MANGO PLACE CONDO","MANOR GROVE VILLAGE","MANOR GROVE VILLAGE ONE","MANOR SQUARE","MANORS OF INVERRARY","MARINA DEL MAR CONDO","MARINA OAKS","MARINA OAKS CONDO","Marina Oaks Condo Unit 101","MARINE COLONY VILLAS CO-OP","Marine Tower","MARINE TOWER CONDO","MARK 1 CONDO","MARK I CONDO","Mary Knoll","MARY-KNOLL","Mary-Knoll 39-48 B","MAYA MARCA CONDO","Maybury Mansions","MAYBURY MANSIONS CON","MAYBURY MANSIONS CONDO","MELROSE ESTATES","MELROSE MANOR","Melrose Manor 40-32 B","Melrose Manors","Melrose Manors Midland Add 01","MELROSE PARK","MELROSE PARK ESTATES","Melrose Park Estates 40-10 B","MELROSE PARK LOT 3&4","Melrose Park Sec 03 29-28 B","Melrose Park Sec 04 29-48 B","Melrose Park Sec 05 35-49 B","Melrose Park Sec 2 29-2 B","MELROSE PARK SEC 3","MELROSE PARK SEC 4","MELROSE PARK SEC 5","MELROSE PARK SEC 6","MELROSE PARK SEC 6 GREENACRES","MELROSE PARK SEC 7","MELROSE PARK SEC 7 3","MELROSE PARK SEC 8","Melrose Park Sec 839-36B","Melrose Park Sect 1","MELROSE PARK SECTION 3","Melrose Parl Sec 8","Melrose Pk Sec 1","MERITAGE CONDO","Middle River","MIDDLE RIVER HEIGHTS","MIDDLE RIVER PARK","Middle River Park 05-28 B","Middle River Terrace","MIDDLE RIVER TERRACE AMD 30-24 B","MIDDLE RIVER TERRACE AMD PLAT","MIDDLE RIVER TOWER","MIDDLE RIVER TOWER CONDO","MIDDLE RIVER VILLAS CONDO","MIDLAND","Midland 1St","MIDLAND 1ST ADD","MIRA LAGO CONDO","MONTAGE BY THE LAKE","Montclair Gardens","MONTCLAIR GARDENS CONDO","MONTCLAIR GARDENS CONDO UNIT B-22 BLDG B","Montego Bay","MONTELIMAR","MOORING AT PINE CREST CONDO","MRS E F MARSHALLS SUB REV PLAT 1-2","MRS ELVA A TRUAX","MRS ELVA A TRUAX SUB","N. LAUDERDALE VILL","Nautical Towers","NAUTICAL TOWERS COND","NEAR NORTHWEST","NEW BROWARDALE","NEW HARBOR LOFTS","NEW RIVER GROVES","NEW RIVER GROVES ADD","New River Yacht Club","New Utopia","NO.1 PALM-AIRE VILLAGE CONDO","NORFOLK GARDENS AMD PLAT","NORTH ANDREWS GARDENS FIRST ADD","NORTH ANDREWS TER","NORTH ANDREWS TERRAC","North Andrews Terrace","NORTH ANDREWS TERRACE FIR","NORTH ANDREWS TERRACE FIRST ADD","NORTH ANDREWS TERRACE SECOND ADD","NORTH BAL HARBOUR","NORTH LAUDERDALE","NORTH LAUDERDALE 1-4","NORTH RIDGE","North Ridge 30-32 B","NORTH WEST LAUDERDALE","North West Lauderdale 25-25 B","NORTHWEST","Northwest Lauderdale 2 Ad","NU RIVER","Nu River Landing","Nu river Landing Condo","Nuriver","Nuriver Landing","NURIVER LANDING CONDO","NURIVER LANDINGS","NURMI ISLES","NURMI ISLES ISLAND NO","NURMI ISLES ISLAND NO 1","NURMI ISLES ISLAND NO 2","NURMI ISLES ISLAND NO 3","o","OAK GROVE","OAK GROVE 27-16 B","Oak Hammock","Oak Hills Condo 03","OAK KNOLL II 134-7 B","OAK RIVER SUB","Oakbridge","OAKLAND FOREST","OAKLAND FOREST CLUB","OAKLAND HILLS APTS CONDO","OAKLAND SHORES","Oasis Falls Condo","OCEAN BAY CLUB","OCEAN CLUB","OCEAN CLUB CONDO","OCEAN MANOR CONDO","OCEAN RESORT RESIDENCES","OCEAN RIDGE 27-45 B","Ocean Summit","Ocean Summit Condo","OCEAN SUNRISE co-op","OCEANAGE","OCEANAGE CONDO","Old Progresso Village","ORIOLE ESTATES SEC 6","OSBORNE PARK","OSCEOLA PARK","Osceola Park 09-46 B","OSCEOLA PARK 9-46 B","PALM AIRE VILLAGE","Palm Aire Village 02 Sec 73-9 B","PALM AIRE VILLAGE 2ND","Palm Aire Village 3rd Sec","PALM AIRE VILLAGE 3RD SECTION","Palm Aire Village Sec 04 96-35 B","PALM AIRE VILLAGE SEC 3","PALM AIRE VILLAGE SEC 3 ADD 3","PALM AIRE VILLAGE SECOND SEC","Palm Aire Village West","PALM GROVE ACRES","PALM LAKES","Palm-Aire","PALM-AIRE VILLAGE","PALM-AIRE VILLAGE 1","Palm-Aire Village 1 Condo","Palm-Aire Village 2","PALM-AIRE VILLAGE 2 SEC ADD 3","PALM-AIRE VILLAGE 2ND","PALM-AIRE VILLAGE 2ND SEC","PALM-AIRE VILLAGE 2ND SEC 1ST ADD","PALM-AIRE VILLAGE 2ND SEC ADD 2","PALM-AIRE VILLAGE 3RD SEC ADDN 5101-26 B","PALM-AIRE VILLAGE 3RD SEC ADDN 6","Palm-Aire Village 3Rd Sec Addn 7101-27 B","PALM-AIRE VILLAGE 4TH SEC","PALM-AIRE VILLAGE SEC 3","PALM-AIRE VILLAGE SEC 3 A","PALM-AIRE VILLAGE SEC 3 ADD 1","PALM-AIRE VILLAGE SEC 3 ADD 2","PALM-AIRE VILLAGE SEC 3 ADD 3","PALM-AIRE VILLAGE SEC 3 ADD 4","PALM-AIRE VILLAGE SECTION","PALMA VISTA","PALMS TOWER 2 CONDO","PALMS TOWER ONE CONDO","PALMS-TOWER 1 CONDO","Paramount","Paramount Fort Lauderdale","PARAMOUNT FT LAUDERDALE CONDO","PARK CITY SECTION TW","PARK PLACE CONDO","PARK PLACE SECURE STORAGE","Park Tower Condo","Park View","PARKSIDE VILLAS CONDO","PARKVIEW MANOR","Parkview Villas","PARKWOOD SEC OF MELROSE PARK","PATTERSON PARK 1ST A","PATTERSON PARK 3 ADD","PEARL ESTATES","PELICAN COVE","Pelican Grand Beach Resort","PELICAN GRAND BEACH RESORT CONDO","PELICAN ISLE","PICKET LANE","PIER 41","PIER 41 CONDO","PILOT HOUSE","PILOT HOUSE CONDO","Pine Crest Village","PINE CREST VILLAGE I AT VICTORIA PARK CONDO","PINE CREST VILLAGE II","PINE CREST VILLAGE II AT VICTORIA PARK CONDO","PINE ISLAND RIDGE","Pine Ridge Acres 28-3 B","PINE RIDGE ACRES VACANT COM LAND","PINE RIDGE ACRES-RESUB","PINE TREE PARK","PINECREST VILLAGE","PINEHURST 1-3","PINEWOOD PLACE RESUB PT BLK 62 FT LAUDERDALE 7-20","Place Des Arts","PLACIDO PLACE","PLACIDO PLACE 11-43","PLACIDO PLACE RESUB","Plantation Gardens","Playa Del Mar","PLAYA DEL MAR CONDO","Playa Del Sol","PLAYA DEL SOL CONDO","PLAYLAND ISLES","Playland Isles 37-14 B","PLAZA 15 CONDO","Plaza Condo 15","PLAZA EAST","PLAZA EAST CONDO","PLAZA SOUTH","Plaza South Condo","POINCIANA","Poinciana Park","POINCIANA PLACE","Poinsettia Height N Ridge","POINSETTIA HEIGHTS","POINSETTIA HEIGHTS R","POINSETTIA HEIGHTS RIVER","POINSETTIA HEIGHTS RIVER ADD","POINSETTIA LANDINGS CONDO","POINT OF AMERICAS","POINT OF AMERICAS I","Point of Americas II","POINT OF AMERICAS PH","POINT OF AMERICAS PH II CONDO","POINT OF AMERICAS PHASE II CONDO UNIT","Pompano Park","Pompano Park 50-21 B","Pompano Park Sec 01 52-7 B","PORT CONDO","PORT ROYALE","PORTOFINO","PORTOFINO ON THE INTRACOASTAL CONDO","PORTSIDE YACHT CLUB","PORTSIDE YACHT CLUB CONDO","Portsmouth Port Royale Condo","Powerline Indust Mall 58-27 B","POWERLINE INDUSTRIAL MALL","POWERLINE ROAD INDUSTRIAL CENTER65-8 B","Preserve At Avery Lakes","PRESIDENTIAL CONDO","Presidential Condo Broward","PRESIDENTIAL CONDO OF BROWARD","PRESIDENTIAL CONDOS","PROGRESSO","PROGRESSO 2-18","PROGRESSO 2-18 D","Progresso 2-18 D 34-49-42","PROGRESSO 2-18 D LOT 7 BLK 74","PROGRESSO 2-18 D LOT 9 S 20.66,10,11 LESS S 16.33 BLK 260","PROGRESSO AM PLAT OF BLKS C-D-E","PROGRESSO AT FORT LAUDERDALE","PROGRESSO BLK","Progresso Blk 01-53 02-18 D","Progresso Blk 105 141 02-18 D","Progresso Blk 191 238 02-18 D","Progresso Blk 54 104 02-18 D","Progresso Village","PROGRESSO-Victoria Park","PROGRESSO\/ SOUTH MIDDLE RIVER","PROSPECT GARDENS","Q CLUB","Q CLUB RESORT & RESIDENCE","Q CLUB RESORT & RESIDENCES CONDO","Q Club Resort Residences","Q Club\/Hilton Resort","QUAIL RUN OF SUNRISE UNIT 3","RAVENSWOOD ESTATES &","RAVENSWOOD ESTATES & MARI","RAVENSWOOD ESTATES & MARINAS","RAVENSWOOD ESTATES & MARINAS 2ND ADD","RAVENSWOOD ESTATES & MARINAS 3RD ADD","Ravenswood Gardens 89-43 B","RAVENSWOOD NORTH","REAMEN PLAT YELLOWSTONE PARK","REED LAND CO SUB","Regatta at New Rive","Regatta at New River","REGENCY HOUSE","REGENCY HOUSE CO-OP","REGENCY TOWER","REGENCY TOWER CONDO","REGENCY TOWER SOUTH CONDO","Regency Towers South","REICHENBACHS SUB","RELLAND PARK","Relland Park 22-47 B","RELLAND PARK RESUB LOTS 1-5, 9-13 BLK F","RESERVE AT EDGEWOOD","RESUB","RESUB BLK 36 FT LAUDERDALE","RESUB E1\/2 BLK 16 BEVERLY HEIGHTS","Resub Of Por Of Norfolk G","RESUB OF POR OF NORFOLK GARDENS 23-8","RESUB PTS BLK 7 WASHINGTON PARK","REV PLAT OF LAUDERDALE MANORS RESUB OF","REVISED PLAT YELLOWSTONE","REVISED PLAT YELLOWSTONE PARK","RICHARDS SUB","RICKEL ADDITION","RIDGEVIEW TOWERS","RIDGEVIEW TOWERS CONDO","Rio Alta Resub Blk 34 07-19 B","RIO ALTA RESUB BLK 34 FT LAUDERDALE","Rio Nuevo","RIO NUEVO A CONDO","RIO NUEVO D CONDO","RIO VILLAS OF CORAL RIDGE CONDO","RIO VISTA","RIO VISTA C J HECTORS RESUB","RIO VISTA GORDONS ADD","RIO VISTA ISLES","RIO VISTA ISLES UNIT","Rio Vista Isles Unit 03 07-47 B","RIVA CONDOMINIUM","RIVER BEND","RIVER GARDENS","RIVER HIGHLANDS","River Highlands Amd 15-69 B","RIVER HIGHLANDS AMEN PLAT","River House","RIVER LANDINGS","RIVER LANDS","River Lands 19-12 B","River Oaks","RIVER REACH","RIVER REACH #3 CONDO","River Reach 06","RIVER REACH 1 CONDO","River Reach 2 Condo","RIVER REACH 5 CONDO","RIVER REACH 6 CONDO","River Reach Condo 02","River Reach Condo 04","RIVER REACH CONDOMINIUM I","RIVER SEC OF CROISSANT PARK","RIVER VISTA 22-38B","Riverbend","RIVERBEND TOWNHOMES","RIVERLAND","RIVERLAND ESTATES","Riverland Manor","RIVERLAND MANORS","Riverland Manors 27-49 B","RIVERLAND TERRACE","Riverland Village","RIVERLAND VILLAGE PARK","RIVERLAND VILLAGE SE","RIVERLAND VILLAGE SEC 1 REV RESUB","Riverland Village Sec 1-R","RIVERLAND VILLAGE SEC 1-REPLAT","RIVERLAND VILLAGE SEC ONE","RIVERLANE HOMESITES 2 ADD","RIVERS BEND","RIVERS BEND CONDO","RIVERS EDGE","RIVERSIDE","Riverside 02 01-104 D","Riverside Add Amd 01-13 B","RIVERSIDE ADD AMEN PLAT","Riverside Estates 02 Rev 28-10 B","RIVERSIDE ESTATES 2ND REVISION","RIVERSIDE ESTATES ADD REV","RIVERSIDE NO 2","RIVERSIDE NO 2 1-104","Riverside No 2 1-104 D","RIVERSIDE NO 3","Riverside Park","RIVERSIDE PARK 7-24 B POR","Riverside Park Add Amd 10-37 B","RIVERSIDE PARK ADD AMEN PLAT","RIVERSIDE PARK TOWNHOUSE AND","RIVERSIDE VILLAS CONDO BLDG 712","Riviera","Riviera 06-17 B","RIVIERA 6-17 B","RIVIERA CONDO","RIVIERA ISLES","RIVIERA PARK CONDO","ROBERTSON PARK","Robertson Park 22-30 B","ROCK HILL SEC C","ROCK HILL SEC D","Rock Hill Sec D 39-7 B","Rock Island","ROCK ISLAND ESTATES","ROHAN ACRES","Roosevelt","ROOSEVELT GARDENS","Roosevelt Gardens 24-49 B","ROOSEVELT GARDENS 2ND ADD","ROOSEVELT GARDENS 3RD ADD","Roosevelt Gardens Add 02 46-12 B","ROOSEVELT GARDENS FIRST ADD","ROSE GARDENS CONDO","ROYAL AMBASSADOR","Royal Ambassador Condo","ROYAL MARINER CONDO","ROYAL PALM ACRES EIGHTH","ROYAL PALMS PARK","ROYAL PALMS PARK SEC 1","ROYAL PALMS PARK SEC 2","ROYAL PALMS PARK SEC 3","RUNAWAY BAY","RUNAWAY BAY CONDO","SABAL PALM","SAILBOAT BEND","Sailboat Bend Key","SAILBOAT BEND\/WAVERLY PLACE","SAILBOAT POINTE","SAILBOAT POINTE CONDO","SAN MARCO TOWNHOMES #2 CONDO","SAN SEBASTIAN","Sapphire","SAPPHIRE FORT LAUDERDALE CONDO BLDG SOUTH","Sartori Lake 119-39 B A","SCOTT ACRES","SEA ISLAND","SEA RANCH CLUB B CONDO","SEA RANCH VILLAS","Sea Tower","SEASONS CONDO","SEAWANNA","SEAWANNA SUB","Second Add to Lauderdale Corr Plat Everglade Land Sales CO Sub 1-52 D west 90\\' of lots 10 - 13 Blk 6","Seminole","SEMINOLE FOREST","Seminole Forest 14-16 B","SEMINOLE LAKE TOWNHO","Seven Isles","SEVENTEEN FIFTY LAS OLAS CO-OP","sevilla courts","SEVILLA COURTS CONDO","Seville courts","Shady Banks","SHERWOOD FOREST","SHORE CLUB","SHORE CLUB CONDO","SILVER SHORES","Singita at Sailboat Bend","SKY HARBOUR EAST CON","SKY HARBOUR EAST CONDO","SOLE","SOLE AT FORT LAUDERDALE","SOLE AT FORT LAUDERDALE CONDO","SOLE at Ft. Lauderdale","SOLE CONDO","SOUTH EAST ISLANDER APTS","South East Islander Apts Co-Op","South Middle River","South Middle River \/ Progresso","South Middle River Sub-market","South New River Isle","South New River Isles","SOUTH NEW RIVER ISLES SEC","SOUTH NEW RIVER ISLES SEC A","SOUTH NEW RIVER ISLES SEC C","SOUTH NEW RIVER ISLES SEC D","SOUTH RIVER SEC OF CROISSANT PARK","SOUTHAMPTON CONDO","SOUTHDALE CONDO","SOUTHERN GARDENS SEC","Southern Gardens Sec 01 59-31 B","SouthPoint","SOUTHPOINT CONDO","southpoint condo unit 301s","SOUTHPORT TOWNHOMES #3 CONDO","Spanish Spring Townhomes","SPRING TIDE APTS CO-OP","STARLIGHT TOWERS","STILWELL ISLES","STRADA 315","STRADA 315 CONDO","STRANAHANS SUB","STRATOLINER ESTATES","Summer Lake","SUMMER LAKE AT 3 LAKES","Sunnyside 2-12 B","SUNRISE","Sunrise Bay Club","SUNRISE BAY CLUB CO-OP","Sunrise Breakers Condo","SUNRISE EAST","SUNRISE EAST CONDO","SUNRISE HEIGHTS 48-37 B","SUNRISE INTRACOASTAL","SUNRISE KEY","SUNRISE TOWER CONDO","Sunset","SUNSHINE RANCH","Sutton Place Condo","Sway Shores 46-7 B","SYMPHONY","Symphony Condo","Symphony Condominium","SYMPHONY NORTH CONDO","SYMPHONY SOUTH CONDO","Tango Village","TARA WEST CONDO","TARA WEST CONDOS","TAREYTON CONDO","Tarpon River","Tarpon River - Seawanna Park","TARPON RIVER CLUB","TARPON RIVER PARK","Tarpon River Twnhms Ph 03","TARPON RIVER VILLAGE","Tennis Club","TENNIS CLUB 2 CONDO","Tennis Club Brooks Condo","TENNIS CLUB II","Tennis Club Johnston Condo","TENNIS CLUB LENGLEN CONDO","THE ALMEDA 7-52 B","THE ATLANTIC HOTEL","The Atlantic Hotel and Condo","The Carlyle","THE COMMODORE","THE COMMODORE CONDO","THE CONTINENTAL COND","THE CONTINENTAL CONDOMINIUM","The Edge on 20th","The Enclave","THE EXCHANGE","The Flats at Coral Ridge","The Four Seasons Condo","THE GALLEON","THE GROVE AT RIVER OAKS","The Harborage","The Landings","THE LANDINGS FIRST S","THE LANDINGS SECOND SEC 5","The Mill","The Mill Lofts","The Oak Tree by Pulte","THE OAKS","THE OASIS NURMI ISLE","The Ocean Resort","The Palms","THE PALMS TOWER 2 CONDO","THE PALMS-TOWER ONE","The Park at Middle River Terrace","The Port Condo","THE PORT CONDOMINIUM","The Port Marina Condo","The Preserve","The Ritz","The Ritz-Carlton","The Seasons","The Symphony","THE SYMPHONY CONDO","The TIdes","THE TIDES @ BRIDGESI","THE TIDES AT BRIDGES","The Tower at Port Royale","THE VENETIAN CONDO","THE VILLAGE AT SAILBOAT","THE VILLAGE AT SAILBOAT BEND","THE VILLAGE AT SAILBOAT BEND.","THE VILLAS AT HARBOR ISLES","The Vue","The Waverly","THE WAVERLY AT LAS OLAS CONDO","THE WAVES LOFT","THE WELLINGTON","THE WINSTON HOUSE","This small 2 bedroom 1 bath home, has a little history to it and is located near the sistrunk area.","TIDES AT BRIDESIDE","TIDES AT BRIDGESIDE","TIDES AT BRIDGESIDE SQUARE","TIDES AT BRIDGESIDE SQUARE CONDO","Tiffany House","TIFFANY HOUSE CONDO","Tiffany House Condo \/ Gale Residences","TOP OF THE MILE SOUTH CONDO","TOPAZ NORTH CONDO","Tower At Port Royale","TOWER PORTSMOUTH AT PORT","TOWNHOMES PHASE 3 CO","Townhouses at Harbor Beach","TOWNHOUSES AT HARBOR BEACH CONDO","TRADEWINDS BY THE SEA CONDO","Treasure Cove 168-36b Prcl A","TREASURE COVE YACHT CLUB","TROPICAL GARDEN APARTMENTS CONDO","Tuscan Villa Condo Ph 01","Tuscan Villas Condo","TUSKEGEE PARK","Tuskegee Park Add 01 09-65 B","Twenty-One Twenty-One Condo","TWIN LAKES","TWIN LAKES 29-23 B","TWIN LAKES GARDENS","Twin Lakes North","TWIN LAKES RESUB","Twin Lakes Resub 41-4 B","TWIN LAKES RESUB OF BLKS 11 12","Twin Oaks Villas Of Broward Co Per Declaration Rec","Utopia 03-29 B","Valentines B-29 Sec D 09-50-42","VANGUARD","Vantage View","VENETIAN","VENETIAN CONDO","VENETIAN CONDOMINIUM","VENEZIA LAS OLAS CONDO","VENICE","Venice Harbor","VENICE RESUB","VERENA PARK","VICTORIA COURTS","VICTORIA COURTS CONDO","Victoria Highlands Amd Plat","VICTORIA ISLES","Victoria Isles 15-67 B","VICTORIA PALMS CONDO","VICTORIA PARK","Victoria Park Corr Amd 10-66 B","VICTORIA PARK CORR AMEN PLAT","VICTORIA PARK CORR AMEND PLAT","VICTORIA PARK RE-AMENDED PLAT","Victoria Park Tower","VICTORIA PARK TOWER CONDO","VICTORIA PARK TOWER CONDO FKA LEISURE PARK","VICTORIA PLACE TOWNHOMES","VICTORIA WOODS","VILLA CONTESSA CONDO","Villa De Este","VILLA MEDICI","VILLA MEDICI CONDO","Villa Medici Condo Ph 01","VILLA NOVA CONDO","VILLA SORRENTO CO-OP","Villa Sun Ray Condo","VILLA VALENTINA","VILLA\\'S AT LAKEVIEW","VILLAGE AT HARBOR BEACH","Village At Harbor Beach Condo","Village at Sailboat Bend","VILLAGE AT SAILBOAT BEND CONDO A","VILLAGE AT SAILBOAT BEND CONDO B","VILLAGE AT SAILBOAT BEND CONDO C","Village At Sailboat Bend Condo E","VILLAGE AT SAILBOAT BEND F CONDO","Village East","VILLAGE EAST CONDO","Village East Condominium","VILLAGE OF SAILBOAT BEND","VILLAGGIO DI LAS OLAS CONDO","Villagio Di Las Olas","VILLAS @ LAKEVIEW","Villas at Harbor Isles","Villas At Harbor Isles Co","Villas At Harbor Isles Condo","VILLAS AT LAKEVIEW","VILLAS AT LAKEVIEW CONDO","VILLAS OF CORAL HEIGHTS","VINIK NO 2","VINIK NO 2 25-33 B","Viniks Sub 22-22 B","VUE","Vue Condo","VUE RESIDENCES","Vue RESIDENCES & BEACH CLUB","W Fort Lauderdale","W FORT LAUDERDALE RESIDENCES CONDO","W RESIDENCES AT FT LAUDE","Warwick - Lauderdale by the Sea","WARWICK CONDO","WASHINGTON PARK","Washington Park 19-22 B","WASHINGTON PARK 4TH ADD","WASHINGTON PARK 5TH ADD","WASHINGTON PARK 6TH ADD","Washington Park 7Th Add","Washington Park Add 03","Washington Park Add 04 22-44 B","WASHINGTON PARK FIRST","WASHINGTON PARK FIRST ADD","WASHINGTON PARK FOUR","Washington Park Fourth Add","WASHINGTON PARK SECOND ADD","WASHINGTON PARK THIRD","Washington Park Third Add","WATER GARDEN","WATERGARDEN","WATERGARDEN CONDO","WATERSIDE ON THE INTRACOASTAL","WAVERLY","Waverly At Las Olas","Waverly At Las Olas Condo","Waverly Las Olas","WAVERLY PLACE","WAVERLY PLACE 02-19 D","WAVERLY PLACE 2-19 D","WEDGEWOOD COURT","WEDGEWOOD COURT COND","WELLINGTON CONDO","WESTCHESTER HOUSE","WESTCHESTER HOUSE CONDO","WESTFIELD SEC A","Westgate","Westgate 34-44 B","WESTGATE HGTS","Westwood","WESTWOOD HEIGHTS","WESTWOOD HEIGHTS 06-","WESTWOOD HOMESITES","WESTWOOD MANOR","WESTWOOD PARK SEC 06","Westwood Park Sec 4","White Acres","WHITE ACRES 19-33 B","WHITE EGRET","WHITE EGRET CONDO","WHITEHALL","WILLIAMSBURG CONDO","WILTON ESTATES RESUB","Windsor Condo","Wingate Ridge","WINSTON CONDO","Winston house","WISTERIA COURT CONDO","WOODLAND LK ESTATES","WOODLAND PARK AMD PLAT","WOODLAWN","WOODVALE","YELLOWSTONE PARK","YELLOWSTONE PARK 10-39 B","Yellowstone Park\/River Oaks","Zuna"],"zipcodes":["33301","33302","33303","33304","33305","33306","33307","33308","33309","33310","33311","33312","33313","33314","33315","33316","33317","33318","33319","33320","33321","33322","33323","33324","33325","33328","33329","33330","33331","33332","33334","33335","33336","33337","33338","33339","33340","33345","33346","33348","33349","33351","33355","33359","33388","33394"]},"fortmccoy":{"label":"Fort McCoy","subdivisions":["KERSHORES UNIT C","LAKE KERR KEY","MILL CREEK CAMPSITES","MILL CREEK HMSITES\/ RIVER RID","SEC 11 TWP 12 RGE 23S 1\/2 OF SE 1\/4 OF NW 1\/4","THREE LAKES \/ OAK RIDGE+Mkt: 3 70"]},"fortmeade":{"label":"Fort Meade","counties":["Polk County"],"communities":["Rocker Road Ranches"],"subdivisions":["CENTRAL GROVE EST","RANCHES AT RANGER LAKE"],"zipcodes":["33830","33841","33847"]},"fortmyers":{"label":"Fort Myers","counties":["Lee County"],"communities":["CYPRESS LAKE ESTATES","EAGLE RIDGE","FOREST VILLAS","FORT MYERS","FT MYERS VILLAS","HOLMES JAMES DIVISION","Lee Blvd Corridor","MEADOW VISTA","PELICAN PRESERVE","Pine Ridge","San Carlos Park","SAN SIMEON"],"subdivisions":[".","CITY VIEW PARK NO 3","COLONNADE AT THE FORUM","CORONADO MOORS UNIT 1","CYPRESS LAKE ESTATES","EAGLE RIDGE UNIT 5","EASTGATE AT SAN CARLOS PINES 1","FLORIMOND MANOR","FOREST VILLAS","FORT MYERS","FORUM AT FORT MYERS","FT MYERS SHORES UNIT 5","FT MYERS VILLAS UNIT 3A","FT MYERS VILLAS UNIT 8","GORTONS","GROVE AT PARKER LAKES","Hampton Park","HOLMES JAMES DIVISION","LAGUNA LAKES","Lake Fairways Country Club","LEHIGH ACRES UNIT 11","LEHIGH ACRES UNIT 12","LEHIGH ACRES UNIT 14","LEHIGH ACRES UNIT 15","MEADOW VISTA","ORANGE RIVER RANCHETTES","PELICAN PRESERVE","Pine Ridge at Ft. Myers","PINEBROOK WOODSVISION","RAINBOW GROVES UNIT 1","ROYAL WOODS PH II","RUSSELL PARK","SAN CARLOS PARK","SAN SIMEON PHASE 1","SUMMERLIN PLACE","TERRACE III AT RIVERWALK","TERRY RICE + VANDAWALKER","TIMBER CREEK","TOWN TREELINE","VILLAGE AT INDIAN CREEK","WHITEHEAD CREEK","WILLOW LAKE ADDITION"],"zipcodes":["33900","33901","33902","33903","33905","33906","33907","33908","33911","33912","33913","33916","33917","33918","33919","33965","33966","33971","33990","33994"]},"fortpierce":{"label":"Fort Pierce","counties":["St. Lucie County"],"communities":["0CEAN VILLAGE","1 Acre Estate Home","10 mile river oaks","6509 St Lucie Blvd","ACR","Acreage","Adams Homes","Aetna Park Amended Plat","Airport Ind Pk","ALAMANDA VISTA S\/D","Allapattah Drainage District Area","Alpat Drainage District","ALTAMIRA","Alverado Ave","AMALFI MODLE","ANACOSTIA O\/T OCEAN","AQUANIQUE","AQUANIQUE OCEAN","Aquanique Ocean Club","Aspire at Waterstone","ATL VIEW BCH CLUB","Atlantic View","Atlantic View Beach","Atlantic View Beach Club","Atlantic view seaward building","ATRIUM","ATRIUM II","ATRIUM ON THE OCEAN","AVALON BEACH CLUB","Avalon By The Beach","AVALON CROSSING","Barclay","BARCLAY BEACH CLUB","Bates Nursery","BEACH HAVEN","Beach Villas","Beach Villas on Hutchinson Island","BEACHTREE 02 CLUSTER","BEACHTREE I","Beachtree I Cluster","BEACHTREE I CLUSTER, A CONDOMINIUM","BEACHTREE II","BEL-AIRE ESTATES","BENJ HOGG`S ADDN","BENT CREEK","Bent Creek: The Meadows Collection","Bent Tree Gardens","BLAKELY SUBDIVISION","Boardwalk Condominium","Boardwalk Condominium South Beach","Boardwalk\/Southbeach","Breakers Landing","Bryn Mawr","Bryn Mawr Ocean Towe","Bryn Mawr Ocean Towers","Bryn Mawr Ocean Towers Building C","BUNCHE PARK","BYRN MAWR","Callejo Immokolee Rd","Campbell Acres","CANOE CREEK","Capella Farms","Capstan","CAPSTAN I CONDOMINIIUM","CAPSTAN I CONDOMINIUM","Carlton Villas","Carolwood Terrace","CARRIAGE POINTE","Carriage Pointe Estates","Carrollwood Terrace","Casa Caprona","Casa Carpona","Catamaran 01","CATAMARAN 1 CONDOMINIUM","CATAMARAN I","CATAMARAN I CONDOMINIUM","Catamaran II","Catamaran II Condominium","Celebration Pointe","Celebration Pointe Subdivision","Chase","Citrus Heights","city","Clyde Killer","COASTAL COVE","COASTAL COVES","Coconut Cove Marina","Cocount Cove Marina","COLLE","COLONNADES","Colonnades Condominium","Colonnades Condominiums","Colonnades on South Beach","Complete Restoration","Coral 1 Condominium","CORAL COVE","CORAL COVE BEACH 1","CORAL I CONDOMINIUM","Country Estates","Country Living Estates","Creekside","Creekside 1","Creekside Estates","Creekside Landings","Creekside Phase 1","DARK HAMMOCK","DE FINA","Delaware Ave North","DEN ROSE SENECA AVE RENTALS","DIXIELAND","DJN LLC","DOIRAN","Dorian Sub","Dreamland Park","Driftwood Manoe","DRIFTWOOD MANOR","Edgartown","Eleven Mile & Price Roads","EMANCIPATION PARK","EMILIA II","ERCE","Estate Lots","Estate Of Longwood","ESTATES OF LAWNWOOD","estates of longwood","EXECUTIVE ESTATES","FABER COVE","Fairway Villas","Fairways","fleetwood acres","Floriana Park","Fort Pierce","FORT PIERCE BEACH","FORT PIERCE BEACH SU","Fort Pierce Gardens","FORT PIERCE SHORES","Fort Pierce South Beach","Fort Pierce West","FP South Beach","FRANKLIN PARK","FRENCH CREEK","FT PIERCE","FT PIERCE BEACH","Ft. Pierce","FT. PIERCE BEACH","Ft. Pierce South Beach","GALLEON","Galleon \/ Coral Cove","GALLEON TOWNHOUSES","Galleons","GALLIO","GARDEN VILLAS AT GATOR TRACE","Garden Villas of Gator Trace","Gardens @ Bent Creek","Gator Trace","Gator Trace (Linkside)","Gator Trace \\'\\'Linkside Condos\\'\\'","GATOR TRACE CONDOS","GATOR TRACE COUNTRY CLUB","GATOR TRACE COUNTRY CLUB \/\/ LINKSIDE","Gator Trace Golf","Gator Trace Golf & C","GATOR TRACE Golf & CC","Gator Trace Golf & Country Club","Gator Trace Golf and Country Club","GATOR TRACE S\/D","GATOR TRACE S\/D COUNTRY CLUB","Germany Canal Hammock Estate","GOLDSMITH","Golf Lake Villas","Golf Lodge","Golf Lodges","GOLF LODGES AT SOUTHPOINTE","Golf Lodges South","Golf Villa","Golf Villas","GOLF VILLAS @ OCEAN","GRAND ISLE","GRAND ISLE OF NORTH HUTCHINSON ISLAND CONDOMINIUM","GRAND ISLEOF NORTH HUTCHINSON ISLAND","GREEN ACRES","Greenoaks Apartments","Greenwood","Grove Subdivision","Gulfstream","Gulfstream Villas","Harbiur Isle","Harbour Cove","Harbour Isle","Harbour Isle at Hutc","Harbour Isle At Hutchinson Island","Harbour Isle at Hutchinson Island East","HARBOUR ISLE AT HUTCHINSON ISLAND WEST","HARBOUR ISLE AT HUTCHINSONN ISLAND EAST, A CONDOMI","Harbour Isle at Hutchison Island","Harbour Isle Condominiums","Harbour Isle East","HARBOUR ISLE EAST A CONDOMINIUM","HARBOUR ISLE HUTCHINSON ISLAND","HArbour Isle W Unit 203 Bldg29est","Harbour Isle West","Harbour Isles","Harbour Isles Condo at Hutchinson Island","HARBOURISLE","Harbout Isle West","Harmony Heights","Hemingway","Hi Point","HI PT OF FT PIERCE","Hibiscus","HIBISCUS BY SEA","Hibiscus By The Sea","HIBISCUS PARK","Hibiscus-by-the-Sea","Hidden Acres","Hidden Pines","HIDDEN PINES ESTATES","High Oint","High Poinr","HIGH POINT","HIGH POINT FT PIERCE","HIGH POINT FT.PIERCE","HIGH POINT OF F P","HIGH POINT OF FORT P","HIGH POINT OF FORT PIERCE","HIGH POINT OF FORT PIERCE CONDOMINIUM SECTION 2","High Point of Fort Pierce Condominium Section 3","High Point of Fort Pierce- Condominium Section II","High Point of FP","HIGH POINT OF FT PIE","High Point of Ft Pierce","High Point of Ft Pierce Condominium","HIGH POINT OF FT. PIERCE","HIGH POINT SEC 3","High Point Section 1","High Point Section 2","High Pointe","HIGH PT OF FT PIERCE","HighPoint","HIGHPOINT SECTION 3","Holiday Pines","HOLIDAY PINES GOLF","HUNT\\'S","HUNTS","Hutchinson Island","Immokolee","INDAIN RIVER ESTATES","Indian River Estates","INDIAN HILLS ESTATES","INDIAN NRIVER ESTATES","INDIAN PINE VILLAGE","Indian Pines","Indian Pines Village","Indian River Estates","INDIAN RIVER DR","Indian River Drive","INDIAN RIVER DRIVE DOWNTOWN FT PIERCE","Indian River Drive.","Indian River Estaes","Indian River Estates","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES UNIT 5","Indian River Place","Indian River Place Condominium Assoc. Inc.","INDRIO TRAILS","Inlet House","Inlet Palms","IRENE PLAZA","ISLAND HOUSE","ISLAND HOUSE CONDO","ISLAND HOUSE CONDOMI","Island House Condomimiums","ISLAND HOUSE CONDOMINIUM","ISLAND HOUSE CONDOMINIUMS","Island House Condominum","ISOLA BELLA","Isola Bella Island","Jenkins Light Industrial","JENNINGS COVE","KENNEDY GROVES","KEY COLONY","Key Colony Townhouses","Kindred Homes","Kings Highway Industrial Park","KOBLEGARD\\'S RESUBDIVISION","La Buona Vita Co-Op","LA ENTRADA","LA ENTRADA DEL MAR","LA ENTRADA DEL MAR CONDOMINIUM","Lakefront Lot w lake, island view","LAKES AT SAVANNAHS","Lakes at The Savannah\\'s","Lakes At The Savannahs","Lakes at the Savannahs Condominium","LAKES GARDENS","Lakes of Savannah","LAKESHORE AT SANDS","LAKESHORE AT THE SANDS","Lakeshore Village","LAKESHORE VILLAGE ME","LAKESHORE VILLAGE OF MEADOWOOD","Lakewood","Lakewood Paark","Lakewood Park","Lakewood Park Property Owners","Lakewood Park Unit 7","LAKEWOOD PARKL","LAKEWOOD PK","LAKEWOOD PPARK","Lamont Road Industrial","LAWNWOOD","Lawnwood - The Pines","Lawnwood Addn Pines","Lawnwood Place","Lawnwood Villas","Lennar","LINCOLN PARK","Linkside at Gator Trace","Lone Pine","Long Wood","Longwood Of Fort Pierce","Longwood Village","Lost Tree Estates","MAGNOLIA SQUARE","MAKE OFFER!!!","MAKE OFFER!!!!","Maravilla Estates","Maravilla Gardens","Maravilla Pines","Maravilla Plaza","Mariner Bay","MARINER BAY AT HUTCHINSON ISLAND","MARINER BAY AT HUTCHISON ISLAND","MAYFAIR AT LAWNWOOD","Mccartys Court","Meadow Wood Golf & Country Club","Meadowood","Meadowood - Whippoorwill Run","Meadowood (formally Pantherwoods)","Meadowood (Formerly Panther Woods)","Meadowood CC","Meadowood Community Association","Meadowood Country Club","Meadowood Golf & Ten","MEADOWOOD GOLF & TENNIS","Meadowood Golf & Tennis Club","Meadowood Golf and Country Club","Meadowood Golf and Tennis","Meadowood Golf and Tennis Club","Meadowood, aka Pantherwood, aka Monte Carlo","Meadowoods","Meadows @ Bent Creek","MEADOWS AT BENT CREEK","Meadowwood","Meadowwood- Quail Run Village","MERCEDES HOMES","MERRIWEATHER PARK","Miracle Manor","MONTOYA","MORNING SIDE","Morningside","Morningside @ Palm Breeze Club","Morningside \/ Palm Breezes Club","Morningside by Renar Homes","Morningside Palm Breeze Club","Morningside Palm Breezes","Morningside_Palm Breezes","Morningside, Palm Breezes Club","Morningsie at Palm Breezes","MORNINGSITE","N\/A","NA","NEW CENTURY AT GATOR TRACE","No Name Rd","Noble Oaks Estates","NOBLES AND NOTTINGHAM","North Beach","North Beach Ft. Pierce","North St Lucie Drainage District","North St. Lucie WCD","OAK ALLEY","OAKBRIDGE","OAKLAND LAKE","Oakland Lake Estate","Oakland Lake Estates","OAKLAND PARK","Oakland Park Historic District","OAKRIDGE","OCAEN HARBOR VILLAS","OCEAN","OCEAN HARBOR SOUTH","OCEAN HARBOUR","Ocean Harbour North","OCEAN HARBOUR SOUTH","Ocean Harbour Tower","Ocean Harbour Villas","Ocean House","Ocean Pearl","Ocean Resorts","OCEAN RESORTS COOP","Ocean Resorts Cooperative","Ocean Village","Ocean Village - Beach Tree I","OCEAN VILLAGE - SEASCAPE I","Ocean Village Capstan","OCEAN VILLAGE CATAMARAN II","Ocean Village Golf Villas","Ocean Village IV Cluster","Ocean Village Resort","Ocean Village SEASCAPE I CONDOMINIUM","Ocean Village-Golf Villas","Ocean Village\/Catamaran I","Ocean Village\/Ocean Villas II","Ocean Villas","Ocean Villas 1","OCEAN VILLAS I","Ocean Villas I - Condominium","OCEAN VILLAS I CONDOMINIUM","OCEAN VILLAS II","OCEAN VILLAS II - CONDOMINIUM","OCEAN VILLAS II CONDOMINIUM","OCEAN VILLAS III","OCEAN VILLAS III CONDOMINIUM","OCEANHOUSE","OCEANHOUSE AT SOUTHPOINTE","OCEANHOUSES AT SOUTHPOINTE","OCEANHOUSES AT SOUTHPOINTE PHASE III","OCEANHOUSES AT SOUTHPOINTE, A CONDOMINIUM","Oceanique","oceanique condo","Oceanique Oceanfront","Okeechobee Rd","ORANGE AVE CITRUS GROWERS ASSOCIATION","orange blossom estates","ORANGE PARK","ORANGE PLACE S\/D","Ov 1","Palm Breeze @ Morningside","PALM BREEZES","Palm Breezes \/ Morningside","PALM BREEZES, MORNINGSIDE","PALM BREZES","Palm Gove","Palm Grove","Palm Grove & The Grove","PALM HAVEN","Palm Lake Gardens","PALM LAKE GARDENS S\/D","PALM LAKES GARDEN","PALM LAKES GARDENS","PALM VISTA PARK","Panther Woods","PANTHER WOODS C.C.","PANTHER WOODS C\/C","PANTHER WOODS CC","PANTHER WOODS CO CL","PANTHER WOODS CO. CL","Panther Woods Countr","Pantherwood","PANTHERWOODS","PANTHERWOODS C.C.","PANTHERWOODS C\/C","PARADISE PARK","PARAGON","Park Trail Acres","Parkway Place","Pearly Sands Apartments","Pelican Bay","PGA Village","PGA VILLAGE (Castle Pines)","PINE HOLLOW","PINE VALLEY","Pinewood","PINEWOOD SUBDIVISION","Pioneer Park","PONCE DE LEON","Ponce De Leon Park","Pony Pines","PORT ST LUCIE","Portafino Shores","PORTOFINO","Portofino Shores","Portofino Shores POA","PORTOFINO SHORES PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION","PORTOFONO SHORES","Postobello","PRESERVE AT SAVANNAH","PRESERVE AT THE SAVANNAHS","Preserve At The Savannahs Condominium","Preserves at the Savavvahs","PRESERVES OF SAVANNA","Quail Acres","Queen\\'s Cove","Queens Cove","Rain Tree Forest","Raintree Forest","REGINA PALMS","Renaissance","RENAISSANCE ON THE RIVER","Renar Homes","Renassance","Renovated Pool Home","Rhino Industrial","RIO VISTA","RIVER BRANCH","RIVER BRANCH ESTATES","River Oak","River Oaks","RIVER OAKS AT 10 MILE CREEK","River Oaks at Ten Mile","River Oaks at Ten Mile Creek","River Park","RIVER PLACE","River Woods","Riverdale Yacht Club","Riverdale Yachtclub Estates in White City Florida","RIVEROAKS 10 ML CRK","RIVERPLACE II ASSOCIATION, INC.","Riverpoint At The Sands","RIVERPOINTE","Riverpointe @ The Sands","Riverpointe at the Sands","Rivers Edge","RIVERSIDE AT SANDS","Riverside Citrus Harvest","RIVERVIEW MANOR","RIVERWALK","ROMA","Russakis Industrial Park","Saint James Park","Saint Lucie Plaza","San Lucia Plaza","San Lucie Plaza","Sandalewood Estates","SANDALWOOD ESTATES","SANDS","SANDS LAKE","SANDS LAKEVIEW","Sands on the Ocean","Sands Riverpointe","Sands Riverside","Sands Sec 1","Sands Section I","Sands Section II","Savanna Club","Savannah","Savannah Condominiums","Savannah\\'s Condo One","SAVANNAH\\'S CONDOMINIUM","Savannahs","SAVANNAHS CONDO","Savannahs Condmonium","Savannahs Condo","SAVANNAHS CONDOMINIUM","Savannahs Condos","Savannas Condominium","SAVONA","Schuman Groves","Schumann Groves","Sea Oats","Sea Palms","SEA POINTE","sea pointe towers","Sea Tern","SEA WINDS","Seabreeze","SEABREZE AT ATLANTIC","Seapoint Towers","SEASCAPE","SEASCAPE 1","Seascape 1 Condominium","SEASCAPE CONDOMINIUM 1","Seascape I","Seascape I - Condominium","SEASCAPE I CONDOM,INIUM","SEASCAPE I CONDOMINIUM","Seascape I- Condominium","SEASCAPE II","SEASCAPE II CONDOMINIUM","Seaward","Seaward At Atlantic","SEAWARD AT ATLANTIC VIEW CONDOMINIUM","SEMINOLE ACRES","Seminole Park","SHELL COVE","SHERATON PLAZA","SHERWOOD ACRES","SIENA 2","SILVER LAKE PARK","SILVER LAKE PARK ADDN","SILVER OAKS ESTATES","SO BEACH","SO. BEACH","South Beach","South Beach Ft. Pierce","Southern Courtyard","SOUTHERN COURTYARD TOWN HOMES","Southern Courtyard Townhomes","Southern Oak Estates","Southern Oaks","Southern Pines","Southern Star Stables","SOUTHERN VIEW","SOUTHPOINTE","Spainish lakes","Spanish Lake Fairways","SPANISH LAKES","Spanish Lakes - Fairways","Spanish Lakes Country Club","Spanish Lakes Country Club Village","Spanish Lakes County Club","SPANISH LAKES F","Spanish Lakes Fairwa","Spanish Lakes Fairway","Spanish Lakes Fairways","SPANISH LAKES FAIRWAYS NE PHASE","Spanish Lakes Fariways","Spanish Lakes Fiarways","Spanish Lakes One","ST JAMES PARK","St Lucie County unincorporated","ST LUCIE GARDENS","St Lucie Industrial Park LLC","ST Lucie Village","St. Lucie Gardens","ST. LUCIE VILLAGE","STONES THROW TOWNHOM","STONES THROW TOWNHOMES","Strawberry Fields","Sunland Gardens","SUNNY ACRES","SUNNY ACRES S\/D","Sunrise","SUNRISE ESTATES","Sunrise Park","SUNRISE TERRACE","SUNSET PARK","SUNSHOWER S\/D","SURFSIDE","SURFSIDE SUBDIVISION","Surrey Woods","Surrey Woods (aka Stones Throw)","Surry Woods","SUZANNE PARK","sweetwater","Tall Pines","Tall Pines Mobile Home Park","Tanglewood Mobil Home Park","TARPON","Tarpon Flats","TAYLOR CREEK COMMONS","The Barclay Beach Club","The Estates of Creekside","THE GALLEON","The Galleon Townhome Association","THE GARDES AT BENT CREEK","the Grove","The Grove Condo\\'s","The Grove\/Palm Grove","THE HEMINGWAY, A CONDOMINIUM","The Lakes @ Savannah","The Lakes at Savannas","The Lakes at the Savannah","The Lakes at The Savannahs","The Lakes at the Savannahs Condo","The Lakes at the Savannahs Condominium","The Meadows","The Meadows at Bent Creek","THE MEADOWS BENT CREEK BY LENNAR","THE MEADOWS BENT CREEK BY LENNAR","The Pines","The Pines at Lawnwood","The Pines Phase 1","The Pines\/Lawnwood","THE PRESERVE","The Preserve at The Savannahs","The Preserve of The Savannahs","The Preserves at the Savannah\\'s","The Preserves at The Savannahs","The Sands","The Sands at Lakesho","THE SANDS SECTION 1 CONDOMINIUM","The Savannahs","THE SAVANNAHS CONDOMINIUM","THE SAVANNAHS CONDOMINIUMS","The Villages of Longwood","The Woodlands","Thumb Point","Tiara","Tiara Towers","TIARA TOWERS CONDO","Timber Ridge Estates","TOWNE SQUARE","Treasure Coast Home Builders","Treasure Cove Dunes","Tree Top Trail","Tropical Beach","Tropical Beach - NO HOA","TROPICAL ISLES","Tropical Isles Co-op, Inc.","TROWBRIDGE ACRES","TUCKER TERR","TWIN CREEK 1","TWIN CREEKS","UNDEVELOPED","UNK","UNKNOWN","Vacant MF Land","Vero Beach Ocean Club","VERONA 1","VERONA 11","VILLAGE OF LONGWOOD","Villages of Lawnwood","Villages of Longwood","VISIONS","Vista St Lucie","Vista St. Lucie","Vista St. Lucie Buildings 9-20","WATERS EDGE","Watersong","Watersong 01","Waterstone","Waterstone Community","Westglen","WESTWOOD MANOR SUBDIVISION","WHITE CITY","Wilbuwe","WINDING CREEEK","Winding Creek","Woodland","Woodland Condominium","Woodlands","Woodlands Condos","WYNN BROS","Wynne Building Corporation"],"subdivisions":[".","( None - Metes & bounds description only)","(metes & bounds description)","(see metes & bounds description)",") Ohio Ft Pierce 3495915-35 40-N 240 ft of NE 1\/4 of SW 1\/4 LYG W of US1 Less W499,5FT and Less E 2","*","\\'\\'KELLEM\\'\\'\\'\\'S\\'\\'","\\\\","00","000","0000","0000000","00000000000000","000000000000000","03 35 39","03 37 38 N 354.47 FT OF N 1\/2 OF SW 1\/4 OF NW 1\/4-LESS W 100 FT FOR RD R\/W- (10.02 AC) (OR 3897-99)","06 35 40\/GRANADA PARQUE- THAT PART OF 06 35 40 AND GRANADA PARQUE BLK 1 MPDAF","06\/34S\/40E","0IGH POINT FT PIERCE","1 ACRE ESTATE HOME","1.02 Acre","1.16 of an Acre Wooded","11 35 39 E 285 FT OF N 280 FT Mets and Bounds","12 Oaks Estates","13 34 39","13 35 39 FROM NE COR OF NW 1\/4 RUN S 1213 FT, TH W 40 FT TO POB, TH CONT W 242.41 FT, TH S 132 FT, T","14\/34S\/39E","17 :35S :40E","17 35 39","17 35 40","18 34 40 S 1\/2 OF SW 1\/4 OF NW 1\/4 OF NW 1\/4 OF NE 1\/4-LESS W 30 FT- (1.16 AC) (OR 3999-1713)","18 34 40 SE 1\/4 OF SW 1\/4 OF SE 1\/4 OF NW 1\/4-LESS W 150 FT AND LESS E 30 FT AND LESS S 40 FT- (1.02","18 34 40 SW 1\/4 OF SW 1\/4 OF SE 1\/4 OF NW 1\/4-LESS S 40 FT- (1.83 AC) (OR 3429-2180; 3941-306)","19 35 40","21 35 40","233439","24-35S-39E","243433100030007","26 34 39","26 34 39 E 1\/2 OF NE 1\/4-LESS E 85 FT FOR CANAL- (79.74 AC) (OR 1268-132, 136)","26 35 39 FROM NE COR OF SE 1\/4 RUN S 588.1 FT TH W 60 FT TO W R\/W RD FOR POB TH CONT W 157.5 FT TO","28 35 40 from","29 35 40","29\/35S\/40E","29th St. Fort Pierce","3 36 40 BEG AT PT 33 FT N OF SE COR OF SW 1\/4 OF SW 1\/4 OF NW 1\/4, TH RUN N 230.7 FT, TH W 208.7FT,","3 BEDROOM 2 BATH HOME IN A QUIET NEIGHBORHOOD. THIS HOME HAS A LIVING ROOM WITH A FLORIDA ROOM AND A","32\/36S\/41E","33 34 40 from int of N sec li and w r\/w n ind riv dr (St. Lucie Village)","5.5 acres Fort Pierce","560","6 34 40 BEG AT PT 509 FT N OF INT OF E LI US 1 AND S LI OF N 1\/2 OF NE 1\/4, TH RUN E 550 FT TO SR 60","6 34 40 E 1\/5 OF N 1\/2 OF N 1\/2 OF NW 1\/4 OF SE 1\/4 OF SW 1\/4 AND THAT PART OF W 1\/5 OF N 1\/2 OF N1\/","AARON LEE\\'S MAP OF F","AARON LEE\\'S MAP OF FORT PIERCE","Aaron Lees Map Ft Pierce","AARON LEES MAP OF FORT PIERCE","ABBEY COURT CONDO","ACERAGE","Acreage","ACREAGE 99 NOT AG","Acreage Fort Pierce","ACREAGE NOT AG","ACREAGE NOT AG.","ACREAGE- NONE","Acreage, North St. Lucie District, (NSLWCD)","ACREAGE\/DAMAGED HOME","Acreage\/Maravilla Gardens","Adams","Adams S\/D","ADNREWS AND RICHARDS SUBDIVISION","AERO ACRES","AETNA PARK","AETNA PARK AMENDED P","AETNA PARK AMENDED PLAT","AG","AG 1 zoning, equestrian, livestock + nearby access to I95, shopping, schools, restaurants & beaches!","AGRI","AIRPORT INDUST PARK UNIT 01","AIRPORT INDUSTIAL PARK UNIT 1","AIRPORT INDUSTRIAL P","AIRPORT INDUSTRIAL PARK UNIT 1","AIRPORT INDUSTRIAL PARK UNIT 1 REPLAT","AIRPORT INDUSTRIAL PARK-UNIT ONEREPLAT OF LOTS 2-19 BLK 6- BLK 6LOT 5 (AS PER HB 4029 EFF 10\/1\/98","Alamanda Vista","Alamanda Vista Rev","ALAMANDA VISTA REV.","ALAMANDA VISTA REVIS","ALAMANDA VISTA REVISED PLAT","ALAMANDA VISTA REVISED PLAT BLOCK K LOT2","Alamanda Vista S\/D","ALAMANDA VISTA S\/D BLK H LOT 5 ANDW 5 FT OF VAC ALLEY ADJ ON E (OR208-2347: 289-2977: 794-82)","ALAMANDA VISTA SUBDIVISION","allamanda vista","Allen R G","ALMANDA VISTA","Alpat Drainage District (OR 198-2456 AND 243-1496)","ALPAT GROVE DIST","Altadena","Altamira","Altamira ar Hitchinson Island","ALTAMIRA AT N HUTCHI","ALTAMIRA AT N HUTCHINSON ISLAND, A CONDOMINIUM","Altimira at Hutchinson Island","Amagal Estates","AMENDED PLAT OF INDRIO PARK","AMENDED PLAT OF STOU","AMENDED PLAT OF STOUDER\\'S SUBDIVISION","AMMY ANNA PARK","Amy Anna","AMY ANNA PARK","ANACOSTIA","ANACOSTIA LOT #10","ANACOSTIA LOT #9","ANDREW & COMPANY SUBDIVISION","Andrews & Richards","Andrews & Richards R","ANDREWS & RICHARDS RE S\/D (EAST)","ANDREWS & RICHARDS RESUBDIVISION (EAST)","Andrews & Richards Sub","ANDREWS AND RICHARDS","ANDREWS AND RICHARDS SUBDIVISION","ANGEL\\'S GRACE PLAT","ANGEL`S GRACE PLAT-Indian River Estates","Angle Area","Angle Road","Anglevilla","Anglevilla S\/D","ANGLEVILLA SUBDIVISION","ANGLEVILLA SWLY","ANKONA","ANNA M CHAMBERLAIN\\'S SUBDIVISION","ANNA M CHAMBERLAINS S\/D","AQUANIAUE","Aquanique","AQUANIQUE OCEAN","Aquanique Ocean Club","Aquanique Ocean Club, A Condominium","AQUANQUE OCEAN CLUB","Aquanque Ocean Club, A Condominium","ASSESSOR\\'S","ASSESSOR\\'S MAP OF N","ASSESSOR\\'S MAP OF N PART OF FORT PIERCE","ASSESSOR\\'S MAP OF N PART OF FT PIERCE W 54.34 FT OF LOT 21 BLK A (0.13 AC) (OR 3684-595)","ASSESSOR`S MAP OF N PART OF FORT PIERCE BLK 1 PART OF LOTS 5 AND 6 AND ALL LOTS 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11","ASSESSORS MAP","ASSESSORS MAP N PT FT PIERCE","ASSESSORS MAP OF N F","Assessors Map Of N Part Of Fort Pierce","ATLANTIC VIEW","ATLANTIC VIEW B.C.","ATLANTIC VIEW BEACH","Atlantic View Beach Club","Atlantic View Beach Club Condo","ATLANTIC VIEW BEACH CLUB CONDO #1","Atlantic View Beach Club Condo 01","ATLANTIC VIEW BEACH CLUB CONDOMINIUM NO 1","ATLANTIS CONDOMINIUM BUILDING A","Atrium","Atrium II","ATRIUM ON THE OCEAN","Atrium on the Ocean Atrium II","Atrium\/Ocean Un #10-D","AUGUSTA","AUGUSTA S\/D","AUGUSTA S\/D BLK 2 LOT 21 (OR 3587-2387)","Augusta Sub","AUGUSTA SUBDIVISION","AVALON BEACH CLUB","AVALON BEACH CLUB -","Avalon Beach Club A","AVALON BEACH CLUB A CONDOMINIUM","AVALON BEACH CLUB, A CONDOMINIUM","AVALON BEACH PUD","AVALON CROSSING","AVALON CROSSINGS","AVBC CONDO 1","AVON MANOR","AVON MANOR S\/D UNIT","Avon Manor Sub","AVON MANOR SUBDIVISION UNIT 1","Avon Manor Unit 01","Azalea Way","AZALEA WAY SUBDIVISION","B S HARRIS S\/D","B S HARRIS SUBDIVISION","B.S Harris","B.S.HARRIS` S\/D","BAILEY\\'S SUBDIVISION","BAKER\\'S S\/D REVISED","BAKER\\'S SUBDIVISION REVISED PLAT","BAKERS","BAKERS S\/D","BARCLAY BEACH CLUB","BARCLAY BEACH CLUB P","Barclay Beach Club Ph 01","Barclay Beach Club Phase 1 - Condo","BARCLAY BEACH CLUB PHASE 1, A CONDOMINIUM","Bayshore Estates","Beach Cottage","Beach Estates","BEACH ESTATES, LT #3","Beach Villas On Hutchinson Island","BEACH VILLAS ON HUTCHINSON ISLAND CONDOMINIUM","Beachcomber","Beachcomber Ph 01","Beachcomber Ph 02","Beachcomber Phase 1","BEACHCOMBER PHASE I","BEACHCOMBER PHASE II","BEACHTREE","BEACHTREE 01 CLUSTER","BEACHTREE 11","BEACHTREE I CLUSTER, A CONDOMINIUM","BEACHTREE I CLUSTER, A CONDOMINIUM, OCEAN VILLAGE","BEACHTREE II CLUSTER","BEACHTREE II CLUSTER A CONDOMINIUM","BEACHTREE II CLUSTER, A CONDOMINIUM","Bel Aire Estates","Bel-Air Groves","BEL-AIRE ESTATES","BEL-AIRE ESTATES S\/D","BEL-AIRE ESTATES SUBDIVISION","BENJ HOGG\\'S ADDN","BENJ HOGG\\'S ADDN BLK G E 1\/2 OF LOT 2 AND ALL LOT 3 (MAP 24\/10D) (OR 4099-1957)","BENJ HOGG\\'S ADDN BLK I LOT 1 (MAP 24\/10D) (OR 4015-2987)","BENJ HOGG\\'S ADDN BLK I LOT 2 (MAP 24\/10D)","BENJ HOGG\\'S ADDN BLK I LOTS 3 AND 4 (MAP 24\/10D)","BENJ HOGG`S ADDN","BENJAMIN HOGG SUBDIVISION","BENJAMIN HOGG\\'S ADDI","BENJAMIN HOGG\\'S ADDITION","Benjamin Hoggs Addition","Bent Ceek","Bent Creek","Bent Creek - Gardens","Bent Creek - The Meadows","BENT CREEK ESTATES","Bent Creek Meadows","Bent Creek subdivision","Bent Creek Tr A-1","BENT CREEK TR B-1","BENT CREEK TRACT A-1","BENT CREEK TRACT A1","Bent Creek Tract B-1","BENT CREEK TRACT B-2","Bent Crk #a-1","BENTON","BENTON\\'S MANOR","Bike - Jog; Clubhouse; Game Room; Golf Course; Pool; Tennis","Bike\/Jog; Bike Storage; Clubhouse; Elevator; Exercise Room; Picnic Area; Pool; Sidewalks; Spa-Hot","Billamara Place","BILTMORE COMMERCIAL PARK","Biltmore Commerical Park A Condo","BILTMORE COMMERICAL PARK, A CONDOMINIUM","Biltmore Park","Blakely","BLAKELY S\/D","BLAKELY SUBDIVISION","BLUEFIELD","Blvd Dev Co S","Blvd Dev Co S Sub","BLVD DEVELOPMENT CO","BOARD WALK","BOARDWALK CONDOMINIUM","BOARDWALK CONDOMINIUM, (Southbeach)","Boat dock up to 40 ft dock and pool","BOLEN\\'S SUBDIVISION","BOLENS","BONITA ISLE","BOOTH\\'S SUBDIVISION","Boulevard Dev Co","BOULEVARD DEVELOPMENT COMPANY\\'S RESUBDIVISION","BOULEVARD DEVELOPMENT COMPANYS RESUBDIVISION","Breakers Landing","BREAKERS LANDING - C","BREAKERS LANDING A CONDOMINIUM","BREAKERS LANDING, A CONDOMINIUM","BRIAR GATE","BRIARGATE","Briargate S\/D","BRIARGATE SUBDIVISION","BROCKSMITH ROAD","BROOME-TIOGA SUBDIVISION (UNRECORDED PLAT)","Bryn Mawr","BRYN MAWR OCEAN TOWE","BRYN MAWR OCEAN TOWERS","BRYN MAWR OCEAN TOWERS A CONDOMINIUM","Bryn Mawr Ocean Towers, A Condominium","BS Harris","BUFFALO CREEK","BUNCHE PARK","BUTLER FARMS SEC ONE","BUTLER FARMS SECTION","C C FEIGEL\\'S SUBDIVISION","C H Canaday","C H CANADAY S\/D","C H CANADAY SUBDIVISION","C W RINEHARD PROPERTY S\/D","C W RINEHARD PROPERTY SUBDIVISION","CANADAY","CANNING CO ROAD","Canning Co\\'s","CANNING COMPANY RESUBDIVISION","CANNING COMPANY SUBDIVISION","CANOE CREEK","Capstan","Capstan 01 Condo","CAPSTAN I","CAPSTAN I CONDOMINIU","CAPSTAN I CONDOMINIUM","CARBOY IND. PRK","CARBOY INDUSTRIAL PA","Carboy Industrial Park","CARD\\'S S\/D","CARD\\'S SUBDIVISION","cardinal glades","CARDINAL GLEN","CARDINAL GLENN","Cards S\/D","Carlton Add Ft Pierce","CARLTON COTTAGES","CARLTON COUNTRY ESTATES","CARLTON COUNTY ESTATES","Carlton S Add","Carlton Villas","Carlton Villas Hutchinson Island","CARLTON VILLAS OF HUTCHINSON ISLAND","CARLTON WW","CARLTON\\'S","Carlton\\'s Addition of Downtown Fort Pierce","CARLTON\\'S ADDITION T","CARLTON\\'S ADDITION TO FORT PIERCE","CARLTON\\'S ADDN","CARLTON\\'S ADDN BLK 5 LOTS 9 AND 12 (MAP 24\/10E)","CARLTON\\'S ADDN.","CARLTONS ADDITION","CARLTONS ADDITION TO FORT PIERCE","CAROLWOOD TERRACE","CAROLWOOD TERRACE 1S","CAROLWOOD TERRACE 1ST ADDITION","CARRIAGE POINTE","Carriage Pointe Estates","CARRIAGE POINTE ESTATES REPLAT","Carrollood Terrace","Carver Heights","Casa Caprona","CASA PLAYA","CASTLE PINES CONDOMINIUM (PGA VILLAGE)","CASTLEWOOD","CASTLEWOOD 71-37 B","CATAMARAN 01","Catamaran 01 Condominium","Catamaran 02","catamaran 1","CATAMARAN I","CATAMARAN I CONDOMINIUM","CATAMARAN II - CONDO","Catamaran II - Ocean Village","CATAMARAN II CONDOMINIUM","CATAMARAN L CONDOMINIUM","Catamaran Ll Condo","CATAMARAN LL CONDOMINIUM","Catamaran Ocean Village","CATAMARAN11","CELEBRATION POINTE","CELEBRATION POINTE - RESALE -DR HORTON -RESALE - VOLUME CEILINGS","CELEBRATION POINTE (PB 57-7) LOT 65","Central White City","CENTRAL WHITE CITY S","CENTRAL WHITE CITY S\/D","CENTRAL WHITE CITY SUBDIV","CENTRAL WHITE CITY SUBDIVISION","CHAMBERLAIN BOULEVARD HEIGHTS","CHAMBERLAIN\\'S SUBDIVISION OUTLOT 4 WHITE CITY","Chase","CHASE\\'S S\/D","CHASE\\'S S\/D LOTS 45 AND 46","Chase\\'s SD Lot 2","CHASE\\'S SUBDIVISION","Chases S\/D","CHILDERS SUBDIVISION","CHRISTENSEN FARMS","CITRUS AVENUE PROFESSIONAL CENTER, A CONDOMINIUM","CITRUS HEIGHTS","City of Fort Pierce, east of Angle Road,","CIVIC CENTER PLAZA","CLINDAS HILL BLK 1 LOT 1 AND E 30","Clyatt","CLYATT\\'S SUBDIVISION","Clyatts S\/D","CLYDE KILLER\\'S","Clyde Killer\\'s A\/D","CLYDE KILLER\\'S ADDIT","CLYDE KILLER\\'S ADDITION","CLYDE KILLERS ADDITION","Clydesdale Heights","COASTAL COVE","COASTAL COVES","Coastal Coves Unit 01","COASTAL COVES UNIT 1","COASTAL COVES UNIT1","COBB PARK","Cobb Park Rep","Cobb Park Terrace","COBB\\'S PARK","COBB\\'S PARK REPLAT","COBB\\'S PARK TERRACE","COBB'S PARK REPLAT","COBBS PARK REPLAT","COBBS PARK TERR.","Coconut Cove Marina","COL H D GOFORTH","COL HD GOFORTH S\/D","COL. H.D. GOFORTH","College Park Estates Unit 01","COLLEGE PARK ESTATES UNIT 1","COLLIER\\'S S\/D","COLLIER\\'S SUBDIVISION","Collins Park","Colonades","COLONEL H D GOFORTH","COLONEL H D GOFORTH SUBDIVISION","COLONNADES","COLONNADES CONDO","Colonnades Condo 01","Colonnades Condo 03","Colonnades Condo 04","Colonnades Condo 06","Colonnades Condo 07","Colonnades Condo 08","Colonnades Condo 09","Colonnades Condo 11","Colonnades Condo No. 3","COLONNADES CONDOMINI","Colonnades Condominium","COLONNADES CONDOMINIUM NO 8","COLONNADES CONDOMINIUM #7","COLONNADES CONDOMINIUM NO 1","COLONNADES CONDOMINIUM NO 11","COLONNADES CONDOMINIUM NO 2","COLONNADES CONDOMINIUM NO 3","COLONNADES CONDOMINIUM NO 4","COLONNADES CONDOMINIUM NO 5","COLONNADES CONDOMINIUM NO 6","COLONNADES CONDOMINIUM NO 7","COLONNADES CONDOMINIUM NO 8","COLONNADES CONDOMINIUM NO 9","Colonnades Condominium No. 1","Colonnades Condominium No. 11","COLONNADES CONDOMINIUM NO. 8","Colonnades Condominium No. 9","Colonnades Condominiums","COLONNADES CONDOMINIUMS NO 2 APTC-1","COLONNADES CONDOMINIUMS NO 3","Colonnades Condos","COLONNADES NO 3","Colonnades No. 1","Colonnades.","COMMERCIAL","Commodore Condo","COMMODORE CONDOMINIUM","COMMODORE CONDOMINIUM (@ COLONNADES)","community pool","Conley Acres","COOPER","Copenhaver","COQUINA LAKES 105-22","Coral 01 Condo","Coral 1 Condominium","Coral Beach Sec 1","Coral Cluster","CORAL COVE","CORAL COVE BEACH","Coral Cove Beach - Section 1","CORAL COVE BEACH - SECTION ONE","CORAL COVE BEACH 1","CORAL COVE BEACH SEC","Coral Cove Beach Sec 01","CORAL COVE BEACH SECTION 1","CORAL COVE BEACH SECTION 1 - CONDO","CORAL COVE BEACH SECTION 1, A CONDOMINIUM","CORAL PINES VILLAS C","CORAL SPRINGS LAKES","CORSO COURTS","Cortez Estates","CORTEZ ESTATES UNIT","CORTEZ ESTATES UNIT 1","Cortez Park","CORTEZ PARK ADDITION","CORTEZ PARK S\/D","CORTEZ PARK SUBDIVISION","Cortez Pk","COTTAGE PARK SUBDIVISION","COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES","COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES S\/D","COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES SUBDIVISION","COUNTRY CLUB TOWERS","Country Club Village","COUNTRY LIVING ESTAT","COUNTRY LIVING ESTATES","COUNTRY LIVING ESTATES S\/D","COUNTRY LIVING ESTATES SUBDIVISION","County","COURTNEY TERRACE S\/D","Courtney Terrace Sub","COURTNEY TERRACE SUBDIVISION","Cramer Add","Cramer S Add","CRAMER\\'S ADDITION","Cramers Addition","Creekside","CREEKSIDE BY D.R.HORTON","Creekside Landings","Creekside Lot 80","CREEKSIDE PLAT NO 1","CREEKSIDE PLAT NO. 1","CREEKSIDE PLAT NO. 1 (PB 55-12) LOT 109 (OR 3921-2362)","CREEKSIDE PLAT NO. 4","CRIST SUBDIVISION","CROSS TRAIL","CROSS TRAIL S\/D","CROSS TRAIL SUBDIVISION","CROSSED ANCHORS","Crossed Anchors 1 Unit 3","CROSSED ANCHORS I, A CONDOMINIUM","CROUCHVILLE ACRES","CYPRESS CREEK VILLAS","D D","D D A SUBDIVISION","DARK HAMMOCK ESTATES","Dark Hammock Estates Unit 02","DARK HAMMOCK ESTATES UNIT 1","DARK HAMMOCK ESTATES UNIT 3","DARK HAMMOCK ESTATES UNIT 4","DARK HAMMOCK UNIT 2","DDA S\/D","De Fina","DE FINA S\/D","DE FINA SUBDIVISION","Deal T M Prop","DEEJ COMMERCE CENTER, A CONDOMINIUM","Delaware Ave North","Delaware, South on 22nd St","DELL 64-40 B","Dittmar","Dittmar & Mccarty Rev","DITTMAR & MCCARTY\\'S REVISED","DITTMAR\\'S REPLAT","DITTMAR'S REPLAT","Dittmars Replat","Dixieland","DIXIELAND S\/D","DIXIELAND S\/D-AN UNRECORDED PLAT","DIXIELAND SUBDIVISION","DOIRAN","Doiran Sub","DOIRAN SUBDIVISION","Drawdy \/ Brocksmith R0ad S\/D","Drawdy \/ Brocksmith Rd S\/D","DRAWDY \/ BROCKSMITH ROAD SUBDIVISION (PB75, PG23)","DRAWDY\/BROCKSMITH ROAD SUBDIVISION","Dreamland Park","Driftwood Manor","Driftwood Manor Sec 01","Driftwood Manor Sec 02-White City","DRIFTWOOD MANOR SECTION 1","DRIFTWOOD MANOR SECTION 2","DRIFTWOOD MANOR SECTION 3","Duke S\/D","DUKE SUBDIVISION","DUKETT","Dukett Sub","DUKETT SUBDIVISION","Duplex","DUTTON TERRACE","E L DAVIS SUBDIVISION","East Coast Cattle Co","East Coast Cattle Co\\'s S\/D","EAST COAST CATTLE COMPANY\\'S SUBDIVISION","EAST LAKE VILLAGE NO 2","EDGARTOWN","Edgartown Settlement District","EDGEWOOD ACRES","EDGEWOOD PARK","EDGEWOOD PARK BLK A LOT 24","Edwards Richard","EINSEL\\'S SUBDIVISION","Eldorado","ELDORADO S\/D","ELDORADO SUBDIVISION","ELEVEN MILE CREEK RA","ELEVEN MILE CREEK RANCH","Elko","ELMER ROBB\\'S SUBDIVISION","ELMER\\'S ROBB","ELORADO","EMANCIPATION PARK","EMANCIPATION PARK BLK 5 LOT 6-LESS E 10 FT- (OR 3177-2241)","Emerson Ave","ENGLAR\\'S RIVERVIEW HEIGHTS","ENGLARS RIVERVIEW","ENGLEWOOD PARK","ENGLEWOOD PARK S\/D","ENGLEWOOD PARKS","ENQUIST SUBDIVISION","Estate of Longwood","Estate Of Longwood Lot 20","Estates Longwood","ESTATES OF HAWLEY","ESTATES OF LONGWOOD","Executive Estates","Faber","Faber Cove","FABER\\'S S\/D","FAIR PARK","FAIRLAWM S\/D","Fairlawn","FAIRLAWN HOMES","FAIRLAWN S\/D","FAIRLAWN SUBDIVISION","Fairmaur Park","Fairmaur Park Re S\/D Of W 1\/2 Of Blk 1","FAIRMAUR PARK RESUBDIVISION OF W 1\/2 OF BLK 1","FAIRMAURE PARK","Fairmour Park","Fairmour Pk","FAIRVIEW PARK","FAIRVIEW PARK S\/D","FAIRVIEW PARK SUBDIVISION","FAIRWAY LAKE 110-22","FAIRWAY PARK","FAIRWAY PARK S\/D","Fee & May","Fee & May Rep","FEE & MAY\\'S BLOCK \\'G\\' RESUBDIVISION","FEE & MAY\\'S RE S\/D","FEE & MAY\\'S RESUBDIVISION","Fee & Mays Block G Re S\/D","FEE & MAYS RE S\/D","FEE & MAY'S RE S\/D","FEE AND MAY","Fee and May\\'s","FEE AND MAY\\'S RE-S\/D","Fee and Mays","Feigel C C","FIRST REPLAT IN MEAD","FIRST REPLAT IN MEADOWOOD UNIT THREE","FIRST SOURCE COMMERCE PARK","First Source Commerce Park Condo","First Source Commerce Park Condominium","FISCHER J ALBERT PRO","Fischer J Albert Prop","FISHER\\'S S\/D","FIVE MILE CREEK","FLEETWOOD ACRES","FLORENCE HATCHER","Florence M Hatcher","FLORENCE M HATCHER\\'S SUBDIVISION","Florence M Hatchers S\/D","Florence M. Hatcher S\/D","FLORIANA PARK","FLORIDA COAST LINE","FLORIDA COAST LINE CANAL & TRANSIT CO.","Florida Coast Line Canal & Transit Co. White City","FLORIDA COAST LINE CANAL & TRANSIT COMPANY","Fort Pierce","FORT PIERCE - SOUTH HUTCHINSON ISLAND","FORT PIERCE (FRANCES K SWEET ELEMENTARY AREA)","Fort Pierce Acreage","FORT PIERCE BEACH","FORT PIERCE BEACH S\/","Fort Pierce Beach S\/D","Fort Pierce Beach Su","FORT PIERCE BEACH SUBDIVISION","Fort Pierce BLK 1","FORT PIERCE BUSINESS","FORT PIERCE BUSINESS PARK PHASE II","Fort Pierce County","Fort Pierce Estates","Fort Pierce Farms, 35 34 39 NE 1\/4 OF NE 1\/4-LESS RD AND CANAL RS\/W-","FORT PIERCE GARDENS","FORT PIERCE HEIGHTS","FORT PIERCE MEDICAL","FORT PIERCE SHORES","FORT PIERCE SHORES U","FORT PIERCE SHORES UNIT 1","FORT PIERCE SHORES UNIT 3","Fort Pierce Shores Unit 4","FORT PIERCE SHORES UNIT 4 REPLAT","FORT PIERCE SOUTH","FORT PIERCE SUBDIVISION","FORT PIERCE TROPICAL","Foster Jack","FRAMBACH","FRAMBACH S\/D","Frambach Sub","FRAMBACH SUBDIVISION","FRANKLIN PARK","Franklin Park Add","FRANKLIN PARK ADDITI","FRANKLIN PARK ADDITION","FRANKLIN PARK S\/D","FRANKLIN PARK SUBDIVISION","franklyn park","FRENCH CREEK","FRIES J O REP","From Seaway Drive go South on A1A (Ocean Dr) about 1 1\/4 miles to Cypress Ave. House is on the corne","ft pierce","FT PIERCE ACREAGE","FT PIERCE ACREAGE (.41 ACRE)","Ft Pierce Bch Rev","Ft Pierce Beach","FT PIERCE BEACH - PALM HAVEN","FT PIERCE BEACH S\/D","Ft Pierce Beach S\/D Rev Plat 17, 21, 22","Ft Pierce Beach Sub","FT PIERCE BEACH SUBDIVISION REVISED PLAT 17, 21, 22","Ft Pierce Bus Park","Ft Pierce Estates","FT PIERCE FARMS","FT PIERCE GARDEN EST","FT PIERCE HEIGHTS","Ft Pierce Hts","FT PIERCE SHORES","Ft Pierce Shores Unit 03","Ft Pierce Shores Unit 04 Rep","Ft Pierce Shores Unit 05 Rep","Ft. Pierce","FT. PIERCE ACREAGE","FT. PIERCE BEACH","FT. PIERCE BUSINESS","Ft. Pierce Farms","FT.PIERCE","Fultz","Fultz\\'s","Fultz\\'s S\/D","GALLEON","GALLEON TOWNHOUSES","GARAGES AT HARBOUR CAY CONDOMINIUM","GARDEN CITY FARMS","GARDEN CITY FARMS RE","GARDEN CITY FARMS RE S\/D TRACT 113","Garden City Farms Rep","Garden City Farms Resubdivision Tract 113","GARDEN VILLAS GATOR","Garden Villas Gator Trace Unit 01","Garden Villas Gator Trace Unit 02","Garden Villas of Gator Trace","Garden Villas Of Gator Trace Unit I","GARDEN VILLAS OF GATOR TRACE UNIT II","Garden Villas Of Gator Trace-Unit 1","Garden\/Low-rise","GARDENS @ BENT CREEK","GARDENVILLA","Gated manned, Clubhouse, Heated Pool, Tennis, Playground, Gym, Hot Tub","Gator Trace","Gator Trace Condo","GATOR TRACE CONDOMIN","Gator Trace Condominium","Gator Trace Condominium 1","Gator Trace Condominiums","GATOR TRACE CONDOS","GATOR TRACE COUNTRY CLUB","GATOR TRACE GARDEN VILLAS","Gator Trace GARDEN VILLAS OF GATOR TRACE UNIT II","GATOR TRACE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB","Gator Trace Golf and Country Club","Gator Trace Golf and Country Club.. Golf and pool clubhouse memberships available","Gator Trace Golf Club","GATOR TRACE LINKSIDE B-1 CONDOMINIUM","GATOR TRACE S\/D","Gator Trace Sub","GATOR TRACE SUBDIVISION","GATOR TRACE UNIT II","Gator Trace Villa","GENTILE LAND","Georgia Terrace","GEORGIA TERRACE S\/D","GEORGIA TERRACE SUBDIVISION","GERMANY CANAL","Glades Cut Off Road - St Lucie County","GLENWOOD 69-33 B","GLIDDEN\\'S S\/D","GLIDDEN\\'S TERRACE","GLIDDEN\\'S TERRACE BLK4","GLIDDEN`S TERRACE BLK 4 LOT 2-LESS W 23 FT- (OR 2296-1040: 3875-1913)","Goforth Col H D","GOLDEN PONDS","GOLDSMITH","Goldsmith M E","Goldsmith S","Goldsmith S Sub","GOLDSMITH\\'S S\/D","GOLDSMITH\\'S S\/D BLK 2 W 75 FT OFLOT 1 AND W 73 FT OF LOT 2","GOLDSMITH\\'S SUBDIVISION","GOLF LAKE VILLAS","Golf Lodge North","GOLF LODGES AT SOUTHPOINTE","GOLF LODGES AT SOUTHPOINTE, A CONDOMINIUM","GOLF LODGES NORTH AT SOUTHPOINT","GOLF LODGES NORTH AT SOUTHPOINTE, A CONDOMINIUM","GOLF VILLAS","GOLF VILLAS II CONDOMINIUM","GOLF VILLAS,OCEAN VILLAGE","Golfview","GOLFVIEW BLK 1","Golfview S\/D","Golfview Sub","GOLFVIEW SUBDIVISION","GOOD","Gordy Rd","Gordy Road","Grand Isle","GRAND ISLE OF N HUTCHINSON ISLE","Grand Isle Of North Hutchinson Island Condominium","GRAND ISLE OF NORTH HUTCHINSON ISLAND CONDOMINIUM (OR 2231-1190) UNIT 1103 (OR 2237-2347)","GRANDVIEW GARDENS","Green Acres","GREEN ACRES S\/D","GREEN ACRES SUBDIVISION","GREEN ACRES SUBDIVISION 3","GREEN ACRES UNIT 2","GREEN ACRES UNIT 3","Greenoaks Apartments","Greenwood","Greenwood Estates","GROVE","Grove At Panther Woods","Grove Condo Sec 01","GROVE CONDO SEC 1","GROVE CONDO.","GROVE S\/D","GROVE SUBDIVISION","GROVES","GULFSTREAM VILLAS","H & A RENTALS","H & A RENTALS S\/D","H & A RENTALS SUBDIVISION","H + A RENTALS S\/D","H J KINCY\\'S S\/D OF TRACT 80 N 1\/2 OF LOT 20","H J KINCY\\'S S\/D OF TRACT 80 N 1\/2 OF LOT 22","H J KINCY\\'S S\/D OF TRACT 80 N 1\/2 OF LOT 23","H J KINCY\\'S S\/D OF TRACT 80 N 1\/2 OF LOT 24","H J KINCY\\'S S\/D OF TRACT 80 S 1\/2 OF LOT 24","H J Kincy\\'s S\/D.","H J KINCY\\'S SUBDIVISION","HAL S THOMAS RESUBDIVISION OF LOTS 1,2,3,4 OF RANSOMS SUBDIVISION OF LOT 1","HAMILTON ACRES","Hancock","HANCOCK SUBDIVISION","HAPPY LAND","HAPPY LAND S\/D","HAPPY LAND SUBDIVISION","Harbor Isle East","Harbour Cove","Harbour Isle","Harbour Isle at Huchinson Is\/West","Harbour Isle at Hutchinson Island","Harbour Isle At Hutchinson Island East","HARBOUR ISLE AT HUTCHINSON ISLAND EAST A CONDOMIN","HARBOUR ISLE AT HUTCHINSON ISLAND EAST CONDO","Harbour Isle at Hutchinson Island East Condo Association","HARBOUR ISLE AT HUTCHINSON ISLAND EAST CONDO ASSOCIATION INC.","HARBOUR ISLE AT HUTCHINSON ISLAND EAST CONDOMINIUM ASSOC.","Harbour Isle at Hutchinson Island East Condominium Association","Harbour Isle At Hutchinson Island East, A Condomin","HARBOUR ISLE AT HUTCHINSON ISLAND EAST, A CONDOMINIUM","HARBOUR ISLE AT HUTCHINSON ISLAND WEST","HARBOUR ISLE AT HUTCHINSON ISLAND WEST A CONDO","HARBOUR ISLE AT HUTCHINSON ISLAND WEST A CONDOMIN","HARBOUR ISLE AT HUTCHINSON ISLAND WEST A CONDOMINIUM","HARBOUR ISLE AT HUTCHINSON ISLAND WEST,","Harbour Isle At Hutchinson Island West, A Condomin","HARBOUR ISLE AT HUTCHINSON ISLAND WEST, A CONDOMINIUM","Harbour Isle at Hutchison Island West, a Condominium","Harbour Isle at Hutichinson Island West","Harbour Isle Condominiums","Harbour Isle Drive West","Harbour Isle East","Harbour Isle of Hutchinson Island","Harbour Isle West","Harbour Isle\/Hutchinson Island","Harbour Isles","Harbour Isles Condo at Hutchinson Island","HARBOUR ISLES WEST","HARMONY ESTATES","HARMONY HEIGHTS","HARMONY HEIGHTS 03","Harmony Heights 04","Harmony Heights Add","HARMONY HEIGHTS ADDI","HARMONY HEIGHTS ADDITION","HARMONY HEIGHTS ADDN","HARMONY HEIGHTS NO 3","HARMONY HEIGHTS NO 4","HARMONY HEIGHTS NO 5","HARMONY HEIGHTS NO.","Harmony Heights No. 4","Harmony Heights S\/D","HARMONY HEIGHTS SUBDIVISI","HARMONY HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION","HARRIS B S","hartman","HARTMAN HEIGHTS UNIT","HARTMAN HEIGHTS UNIT 1","HARTMAN HEIGHTS UNIT 2","HARTMAN RD","HARVEY\\'S SUBDIVISION","Harveys","Hatcher Florence M","HATTIE CHAMBERLAIN S","HATTIE CHAMBERLAIN SUBDIVISION","HATTIE CHAMBERLIN","HAWLEY ACRES","HAWLEY ACRES (UNRECORDED)","HAYLOFTS CONDO 01 CO","HEADER CANAL ACRE\\'S","HEADER RANCHES SUBDIVISION","HEERMAN\\'S SUBDIVISION","HELEN HAMMOND S\/D","HELEN HAMMOND SUBDIVISION","HELEN HAMMOND\\'S S\/D","Hemingway A Condo","Henning","HENNING S\/D","Henning S\/D (an unrecorded plat)","Hibiscus","HIBISCUS BY SEA","Hibiscus By Sea Condo","HIBISCUS BY THE SEA","Hibiscus By The Sea Condominium","Hibiscus Park","HIBISCUS-BY-THE-SEA CONDOMINIUM","HIBISCUS-BY-THE-SEA CONDOMINIUM BLDG 1 UNIT PH 4","HIDDEN ACRES","HIDDEN HAMMOCKS ESTA","Hidden Pines","HIDDEN PINES ESTATE","HIDDEN PINES ESTATES","High Poinr","High Point","High Point Condo Sec 3","High Point Condominium of Fort Pierce Section 3","HIGH POINT CONDOMINIUM SECTION III","High Point Condominiums of Fort Pierce","HIGH POINT CONDOS","HIGH POINT CONDOS SECTION III","HIGH POINT FT PIERCE","High Point Ft Pierce Condo Sec 01","High Point Ft Pierce Condo Sec 02","High Point Ft Pierce Condo Sec 03","HIGH POINT OF","High Point Of Fort P","High Point of Fort Pierce","High Point of Fort Pierce 1","HIGH POINT OF FORT PIERCE CONDO","High Point Of Fort Pierce Condo Sec 1","High Point Of Fort Pierce Condo Sec 2","High Point Of Fort Pierce Condo Sec 3","HIGH POINT OF FORT PIERCE CONDOMINIUM","HIGH POINT OF FORT PIERCE CONDOMINIUM SECTION 1","HIGH POINT OF FORT PIERCE CONDOMINIUM SECTION 2","HIGH POINT OF FORT PIERCE CONDOMINIUM SECTION 3","HIGH POINT OF FORT PIERCE CONDOMINIUM SECTION II","HIGH POINT OF FORT PIERCE CONDOMINIUMS SECTION 3 Phase XIII","HIGH POINT OF FORT PIERCE CONDONMINIUM SECTION 1","High Point of Fort Pierce Sec 3","High Point of Fort Pierce Section 1","High Point of Fort Pierce Section 2","High Point Of Fort Pierce Section II","HIGH POINT OF FT PIE","HIGH POINT OF FT PIERCE","HIGH POINT OF FT PIERCE COMDOMINIUM SECTION III","High Point of Ft Pierce Condominium","HIGH POINT OF FT PIERCE CONDOMINIUM SEC 1","HIGH POINT OF FT PIERCE CONDOMINIUM SECTION 1","HIGH POINT OF FT PIERCE CONDOMINIUM SECTION III","High Point of Ft Pierce Sec 1","High Point of Ft Pierce Section 1","High Point Of Ft. Pierce","High Point of Ft. Pierce Section 3","High Point Sec 1","High Point Sec 3","High Point Sect 3","High Point Section 1","HIGH POINT SECTION 2","High Point Section 3","High Point Section I","High Point Section III","HIGH POINT SECTION ONE","High Point Section three","High Point Subdivision","High Polnt","HIGH PT","Highland Ave Heights","HIGHLAND AVE HGTS","HIGHLAND AVENUE HEIGHTS","Highland Park","Highland Park Rd- S\/D","HIGHLAND PARK RE S\/D","Highland Park Rep","HIGHLAND PARK S\/D","HIGHLAND PARK SUBDIVISION","HIGHLAND PK","HIGHPOINT","Highpoint Of Fort Pierce","Highpoint of Fort Pierce Section 1","Highpoint Of Fort Pierce Section lll","Highpoint Section 1","HIGHSIDE","HIGHSIDE S\/D","HIGHSIDE SUBDIVISION","HILLARD ROY G.","Hillcrest","Hillcrest S\/D","HILLCREST SUBDIVISION","Hillside","HILLSIDE S\/D","Hillside Sub","HILLSIDE SUBDIVISION","HILLVIEW","HILLVIEW LOT 52-LESS RD R\/W-","HILLVIEW\/Saint Lucie Village","HILTNER SUBDIVISION","Historic Downtown","Historic Edgartown","Historic Indian River Drive","HOGG","Hogg Benj Add","HOGG\\'S","HOGG\\'S S\/D","HOGG\\'S S\/D IN SEC 28-34-40","Hoggs","HOLDAY PINES","HOLE IN ONE CIRCLE","holiday out at st lucie section b","Holiday Pines","Holiday Pines Ph 01","Holiday Pines Ph 02","HOLIDAY PINES PH 02B","HOLIDAY PINES PH 03","HOLIDAY PINES S\/D PH","Holiday Pines S\/D Phase I","HOLIDAY PINES S\/D PHASE IIB","Holiday Pines S\/D Phase Iii","Holiday Pines Sub","HOLIDAY PINES SUBDIVISION","HOLIDAY PINES SUBDIVISION PHASE I","HOLIDAY PINES SUBDIVISION PHASE IIA","HOLIDAY PINES SUBDIVISION PHASE IIB","HOLIDAY PINES SUBDIVISION PHASE III","HOLIDAY PINESSUBDIVISION PHASE IIA","HOLLEY &MORGAN REPLA","HOLLEY+MORGANS","Home Acres","HOME ACRES REVISED P","HOME ACRES REVISED PLAT OF UNIT 2","HOME ACRES UNIT 2","Home Place","HOME PLACE SUBDIVISION","Homes Acres Rev Unit 02","Hopkin","HOPKIN\\'S S\/D","HOPKIN\\'S SUBDIVISION","HOPKINS","Hopkins S\/D","Horizon Ranch","HORSE FARM","Horse Farm acreage","House built on large pilings.","Hunt","Hunt\\'s","HUNT\\'S SUBDIVISION","HUNT'S S\/D","HUNTS","Hutchinson Island","Hutchinson Island Jensen Beach Stuart Ft. Pierce","IDEAL S\/D","IDIAN RIVER ESTATES","IMMOKOLEE","IND RIVER EST UNIT 7","IND. RIV.ESTATES","INDIAN HILLS","INDIAN HILLS ESTATES","Indian Pines","INDIAN PINES VILLAGE","INDIAN RIV. ESTATES","INDIAN RIVER","INDIAN RIVER DR","Indian River Dr-METES AND BOUNDS","Indian River Dr.","Indian River Drive","Indian River Drive (M&B)","Indian River Drive Acreage","Indian River Drive Waterfront","Indian River Drive.","INDIAN RIVER DRIVE\/ ANKONA","INDIAN RIVER EST","INDIAN RIVER EST.","INDIAN RIVER ESTATE","Indian river estates","Indian River Estates .45 acres+\/-","Indian River Estates \/ Unit 9","Indian River Estates sec- 11\/36S\/40E","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES UNIT 01","Indian River Estates Unit 02","Indian River Estates Unit 03","Indian River Estates Unit 04","Indian River Estates Unit 05","Indian River Estates Unit 06","Indian River Estates Unit 07","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES UNIT 08","Indian River Estates Unit 09","Indian River Estates Unit 1","Indian River Estates Unit 10","Indian River Estates Unit 2","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES UNIT 3","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES UNIT 4","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES UNIT 5","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES UNIT 6","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES UNIT 7","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES UNIT 7 - Blk 51 - Lot 4","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES UNIT 8","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES UNIT 8 Block 62 Lot 23","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES UNIT 8.","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES UNIT 9","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES UNIT 9-BLK 95 LOT 1","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES-UNIT 05","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES-UNIT 07","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES-UNIT 07 BLK42 LOT 2","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES-UNIT 07-BLK42 LOT 3","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES-UNIT 07-BLK42 LOT 4","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES-UNIT 07-BLK42 LOT 5","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES-UNIT 08","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES-UNIT 09","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES-UNIT 09- BLK 86 LOTS 21 AND 22 (MAP 34\/12S)(OR 2421-1610)","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES-UNIT 8","Indian River Estates-Unit-08","INDIAN RIVER ESTATES-UNIT-08- BLK 64 LOT 4 (MAP 34\/11N) (OR 2406-1368)","Indian River Estates-Unit-09","Indian River Estates, White City","INDIAN RIVER ESTS","Indian River Ests Un 4","Indian River Ests Un 7","Indian River Ests Un 8","INDIAN RIVER MEMORIAL PARK","Indian River Place","INDIAN RIVER PLACE, A CONDOMINIUM","INDIAN RIVER SEATAES","Indrio","INDRIO ESTATES","INDRIO TRAILS","Indrio Unit 01","INDRIO UNIT 1","Industrial","INDUSTRIAL S\/D","INDUSTRIAL SUBDIVISION","Industrial warehouse on 1.7 acres","Inian River Estates","Inlet House","Inlet House Condo","Inlet House Condo Apts Bldg 01","INLET HOUSE CONDOMIN","INLET HOUSE CONDOMINIUM","Inlet House Condominium Apartments","INLET HOUSE CONDOMINIUM APTS","Inlet Palms","INLET PALMS PLANNED DEVELOPMENT","IRD","IRE","IRE U9, B94, L1","IRE UNIT 6 BLK22","IRE UNIT 6B18L20&21","IRENE PLAZA","ISLAND HOUSE","Island House Codominium","Island House Condo","ISLAND HOUSE CONDO P","ISLAND HOUSE CONDO PH 01","Island House Condo Ph 02","Island House Condo Ph 03 & 09","ISLAND HOUSE CONDO PH- 2","ISLAND HOUSE CONDOMI","ISLAND HOUSE CONDOMINIUM","ISLAND HOUSE CONDOMINIUM PHASE #1","Island House Condominium Phase I","Island House Condominium Phase Ii","Island House Condominium Phase III","ISLAND HOUSE CONDOMINIUM PHASE III (BLDG X)","Island House Condominium Phase Iii (Bldg Ix)","ISLAND HOUSE CONDOMINIUM PHASE III (BLDG VIII)","ISLAND HOUSE CONDOMINIUM PHASE III (BLDG X)","ISLAND HOUSE CONDOMINIUM PHASE III (BLDG XI)","Island House Condominium phase ll building 5 206","ISLAND HOUSE CONDOMINIUM-PHASE III","ISLAND HOUSE CONDOMINIUMS","Island House Condos","ISLAND HOUSE PH 03","ISOLA BELLA","Isola Bella Island","Ixoria Condo Apts","Ixoria Gardens Amended Plat","J A Smith S","J A SMITH\\'S S\/D","J A SMITH\\'S SUBDIVISION","J A Smith\\'s Subdivision White City","J ALBERT FISCHER\\'S PROPERTY","J D MCCRAY S\/D LOT 1 (OR 3587-2387)","J D MCCRAY S\/D LOT 2-LESS AV H R\/W AS IN DBK 26-630: 30-297- (OR 3587-2387)","J D MCCRAY S\/D LOT 3 (OR 3587-2387)","J E W MCCULLER\\'S S\/D","J E W MCCULLER\\'S SUBDIVISION","J E W MCCULLER`S","J F WOOTEN\\'S SUBDIVISION","J H WILLIAMS","J H WILLIAMS S\/D","J H WILLIAMS SUBDIVISION","J O FRIES RESUBDIVISION","J O Fries S\/D","J O FRIES SUBDIVISION","J S KEEN\\'S S\/D","J S KEEN\\'S SUBDIVISION","J. S Keen\\'s S\/D","J.H. WILLIAMS S\/D","J.S.KEEN\\'S S\/D BLK 4 LOT 1","JACK FOSTER\\'S","JACK FOSTER\\'S S\/D","JACK FOSTER\\'S SUBDIVISION","JACK FOSTER`S S\/D","JACKSON","Jackson\\'s Sub","JACKSON\\'S SUBDIVISION","JACKSONS","JAMIES ACRES","JANA PARK","JANA PARK ESTATE","JAY GARDENS","JAY GARDENS - ACREAGE","Jay Gardens Ft Pierce","JAY GARDENS OF FORT","JAY GARDENS OF FORT PIERCE","JAY GARDENS OF FT PI","JAY GDNS FT PIERC","JEFFERSON CONDO CORA","Jefferson Park","JEFFERSON PARK SUBDIVISION","JELLISON","Jellison Rep","JELLISON\\'S RESUBDIVSION","JELLISON\\'S SUBDIVISION","Jellisons","Jellisons S\/D","JENKINS PARK ESTATES","JENKINS PARK ESTATES (UNRECORDED)","JENKINS RD.","JENNING\\'S SW ESTATE","JENNINGS COVE","JENNINGS COVE S\/D","JENNINGS COVE SUBDIVISION","JOHN DAVIS","JOHN DAVIS of WALLACES","JOHN DAVIS S\/D OF LO","John Davis S\/D of Lot 5","JOHN DAVIS SUBDIVISION","Johnson Willie","Johnston rd","JOHNSTON ROAD","JONES ESTATES","K B RAULERSON\\'S ADDITION TO FORT PIERCE","K B Raulerson\\'s Addn","K B RAULERSONS ADDITION TO FORT PIERCE","KEEN J S","Kellem","Kellem S","KELLEM\\'S S\/D","KELLEM\\'S SUBDIVISION","kellems","KELLER\\'S","Kerr Addition To White City","Key Colony","KEY COLONY TOWNHOUSE","Key Colony Townhouses","Key Colony Townhouses Unit 5-A","Key Colony Twnhs","Keystone Heights","KEYSTONE HEIGHTS REVISED PLAT","KEYSTONE HEIGHTS UNRECORDED PLAT SECTION 6","Killer","KILLER & DEMMER","KILLER & DEMMER\\'S S\/","KILLER & DEMMER\\'S SUBDIVISION","Killer Add Lincoln Park","Killer and Demmer\\'s","Killer S","KILLER\\'S","KILLER\\'S ADDITION TO","KILLER\\'S ADDITION TO LINCOLN PARK","KILLER\\'S S\/D","Killer\\'s Subdivision","KILLER& DEMMERS","KILLER'S S\/D","KILLERS","Killers Add","KILLERS ADDITION TO LINCOLN PARK","KILLERS ADDN LINCOLN","KILLERS ADDN TO LINCOLN PARK","KILLERS S\/D","Kincy H J","KING\\'S HIGHWAY","KINGS HIGHWAY INDUST","Kings Highway Industrial Park","Kings Highway Industrial Park Unit 1","KINGS HIGHWAY INDUSTRIAL PARK UNIT 2","Kings Hwy","KINGS HWY IND PARK","KINGS HWY IND PK","KINGS HWY IND PRK","Kings Hwy Indust Park Unit 01","Kings Hwy Indust Park Unit 02","KINGS HWY INDUSTRIAL","KINGS INDUSTRIAL PAR","Kirby","Kirby S Sub","KIRBY\\'S RESUBDIVISION","KIRBY\\'S SUBDIVISION","Kirbys S\/D","KIWI CONDOMINIUM","Koblegard Rep","KOBLEGARD\\'S RESUBDIVISION","KOBLEGARD\\'S SUBDIVISION","KOBLEGARD\\'S SUBDIVISION OF LOT 3 IN SECTION 28-34-40","Koblegards Re S\/D","L W HALBE LAND","LA BUONA VITA COOPERATIVE","LA ENTRADA","La Entrada Del Mar","LA ENTRADA DEL MAR C","La Entrada Del Mar Condo","La Entrada Del Mar Condominium","La Entrada Del Mar D","LA FOND","LA FOND S\/D","LA FOND S\/D BLK 5","LA FOND SUBDIVISION","La Jean S\/D","LA JEAN SUBDIVISION","LA PLACIDA BLDG 07-0","LA VARN SUBDIVISION","LAKE LUCIE ESTATES","Lake wood park","LAKES AT SAVANNAHS","Lakes at Savannahs Condo","LAKES AT THE SAVANNAHS","Lakes at the Savannahs Condo","LAKES AT THE SAVANNAHS CONDOMINIUM","LAKES AT THE SAVANNAHS CONDOMINUM","LAKESHORE AT SANDS","LAKESHORE AT SANDS A CONDOMINIUM","LAKESHORE AT SANDS, A CONDOMINIUM","LAKESHORE AT THE SANDS UNIT 5","Lakeshore Village","LAKESHORE VILLAGE GARAGES AT MEADOWOOD","Lakeshore Village Meadowood Ph 01","LAKESHORE VILLAGE OF MEADOWOOD","LAKESHORE VILLAGE OF MEADOWOOD PHASE 1","LAKEWOOD DRIVE","Lakewood Park","Lakewood Park - Unit 6","LAKEWOOD PARK - UNIT 8-B","Lakewood Park (area)","Lakewood Park Add 01","LAKEWOOD PARK ADDITI","LAKEWOOD PARK ADDITION NO","LAKEWOOD PARK ADDITION NO 1","Lakewood Park Addition No. 1","LAKEWOOD PARK I","LAKEWOOD PARK UNIT 0","Lakewood Park Unit 01","Lakewood Park Unit 02","Lakewood Park Unit 03","LAKEWOOD PARK UNIT 04","Lakewood Park Unit 05","LAKEWOOD PARK UNIT 06","Lakewood Park Unit 07","Lakewood Park Unit 08","LAKEWOOD PARK UNIT 08A","Lakewood Park Unit 08b","Lakewood Park Unit 09","LAKEWOOD PARK UNIT 1","LAKEWOOD PARK UNIT 10","LAKEWOOD PARK UNIT 10 BLK 129 LOT 7","LAKEWOOD PARK UNIT 11","LAKEWOOD PARK UNIT 12","LAKEWOOD PARK UNIT 12A","Lakewood Park Unit 12b","LAKEWOOD PARK UNIT 2","LAKEWOOD PARK UNIT 3","Lakewood Park Unit 3 BLK 20 LOT 26","LAKEWOOD PARK UNIT 4","LAKEWOOD PARK UNIT 5","Lakewood Park Unit 6","LAKEWOOD PARK UNIT 7","LAKEWOOD PARK UNIT 8","LAKEWOOD PARK UNIT 8A","LAKEWOOD PARK UNIT 8B","LAKEWOOD PARK UNIT 9","LAKEWOOD PARK UNIT 9 BLK 112 LOT 1","LAKEWOOD PARK UNIT12","LAKEWOOD PARK-UNIT 10","LAKEWOOD PARK-UNIT 12- BLK 161 LOT 11","LAKEWOOD PARK-UNIT 12-A","LAKEWOOD PARK-UNIT 12-A- BLK 173N 6 FT OF LOT 1 AND ALL LOT 2 (MAP13\/13N) (OR 3767-567)","LAKEWOOD PARK-UNIT 12-A- BLK 176LOT 13 (MAP 13\/13N) (OR 280-2225)","LAKEWOOD PARK-UNIT 3- BLK 22 LOT27 (MAP 13\/11S) (OR 642-1573)","LAKEWOOD PARK-UNIT 4","LAKEWOOD PARK-UNIT 5","LAKEWOOD PARK-UNIT 5- BLK 44 LOT21 (MAP 13\/11N) (OR 3168-1481; 3255-1528)","LAKEWOOD PARK-UNIT 5- BLK 56 LOT 20 (MAP 13\/02S","LAKEWOOD PARK-UNIT 5- BLK 56 LOT 20 (MAP 13\/02S)","LAKEWOOD PARK-UNIT 6- BLK 69 LOT15 (MAP 13\/02S)","LAKEWOOD PARK-UNIT 7","LAKEWOOD PARK-UNIT 7- BLK 76","LAKEWOOD PARK-UNIT 8","Lakewood park,...","LAKEWOOD PARK...","Lakewood Pk Un #4","Lakewood Pk Un 10","LAKEWOOD PK.UNIT 08B","LAKEWOOD PRK","LAKEWOOD*CASH2BUYER","land","LARSEN","Larsen\\'s Subdivision","LAWN WOOD ADD","Lawnwood","Lawnwood - The Pines","LAWNWOOD ADD","Lawnwood Add 22 Rep","LAWNWOOD ADDITION","Lawnwood Addition - The Pines","Lawnwood Addition Block 33 Replat","LAWNWOOD ADDITION THE PINES","LAWNWOOD ADDITION\/ THE PINES","LAWNWOOD ADDITION\/THE PINES","LAWNWOOD ADDN","Lawnwood Addn Pines","Lawnwood Addn.","Lawnwood Medical Arts Building","LAWNWOOD PHYSICIANS CENTER","LAWNWOOD PHYSICIANS CENTER UNIT 1","Lawnwood Place","LAWNWOOD PROFESSIONAL CENTER CONDOMINIUM","Lawnwood Terrace","Lawnwood\/The Pines","LAWNWWOOD PLACE","Lawood Park Unit 1","LAZY HAMMOCK","LENORA S\/D LOTS 12 AND 13 (OR 1061-1399)","Lenora Sub","LENORA SUBDIVISION","LEPORE","LIBERTY PARK SUBDIVISION","LIGHTLE SUBDIVISION","LILEM","LILEM S\/D","LILEM S\/D BLK 4 LOTS 1 AND 2 (OR 1271-2596)","LILEM SUBDIVISION","LINCOLN HEIGHTS","LINCOLN HTS. BLK 3 LOT 10","Lincoln Park","LINCOLN PARK #2","LINCOLN PARK 01","LINCOLN PARK 02","LINCOLN PARK NO 1","LINCOLN PARK NO 2","LINCOLN PARK NO. 1","LINCOLN PARK NO. 2","LINCOLN PARK O2","Lindas Hill","LINDAS HILL S\/D","LINDAS HILL SUBDIVISION","Linkside at Gator Trace","LINKSIDE AT GATOR TRACE B-1 CONDOMINIUM","LKWD PARK UNIT 6","LKWOOD PARK UNIT 4","Lone Pine","LONE PINE S\/D","LONE PINE SUBDIVISION","LONG","LONG LEGAL","Longwood Village","Longwood Village - Phase I","Longwood Village Ph 02","Longwood Village Ph 03a","LONGWOOD VILLAGE PHA","LONGWOOD VILLAGE PHASE 1","Longwood Village Phase 1 - Condominium","LONGWOOD VILLAGE PHASE 2","LONGWOOD VILLAGE PHASE 2 - CONDOMI","LONGWOOD VILLAGE PHASE 2 - CONDOMINIUM","Longwood Village Phase 3","LONGWOOD VILLAGE PHASE 3A","Longwood Village Phase 3A - Condominium","Longwood Village Phase II","LONGWOOD VILLAGE-PHASE I","LONGWOOD VILLAGE-PHASE II","LONGWOOD VILLAGE-PHASE III","Lost Tree Estates","LOWRYS S\/D","LUCY ACRES","Luke\\'s Lots","Lukes Lots","LWF","Lynn Ranch PB 112-12 Lot 4","M A TYLER RESUBDIVISION OF LOTS 1,2,3 & E 1\/4 OF 4","M A Tyler S","M A TYLER\\'S SUBDIVISION","M D HUNT SUBDIVISION","M E Goldsmith","M E GOLDSMITH\\'S S\/D","M E GOLDSMITH\\'S SUBDIVISION","M E GOLDSMITH'S S\/D","M E GOLDSMITH`S S\/D","M E Goldsmiths S\/D","M J RAULERSON","M J Raulerson S","M J Raulerson Sub","M J RAULERSON\\'S RESUBDIVISION OF BLOCKS A","M J RAULERSON\\'S RESUBDIVISION OF BLOCKS A & B","M J RAULERSON\\'S SUBDIVISION","M J Raulersons S\/D","M K MOORE\\'S RE S\/D","M K Moore\\'s S\/D","M K MOORE\\'S SUBDIVISION","M.E. GOLDSMITH","M\/E Goldsmiths","MAGNOLIA PARK","MAGNOLIA PARK S\/D","MAGNOLIA PARK SUBDIVISION","Magnolia Square","MAGNOLIA TOWNHOMES","Main","MAIN S\/D","MANATEE MOBILE HOME PARK","MARAIVILLA ESTATES","Maravella","MARAVILLA","Maravilla Court","MARAVILLA CT","Maravilla Estate","MARAVILLA ESTATES","MARAVILLA ESTATES BLK B","MARAVILLA ESTATES BLK L LOT 27","MARAVILLA ESTS","Maravilla Gardens","Maravilla Gardens Area","MARAVILLA GARDENS S\/","Maravilla Gardens S\/D Unit 1","MARAVILLA GARDENS S\/D-UNIT 1","Maravilla Gardens Sub","MARAVILLA GARDENS SUBDIVISION UNIT 1","MARAVILLA GARDENS SUBDIVISION UNIT 3","Maravilla Gardens Unit 01","Maravilla Gardens Unit 01 Rep","MARAVILLA GARDENS UNIT 03","Maravilla Gardens Unit 1","MARAVILLA GDNS","MARAVILLA GOLF PARK","Maravilla Heights","MARAVILLA HEIGHTS S\/","MARAVILLA HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION","MARAVILLA HGTS","Maravilla Hieghts","MARAVILLA HIGHTS","MARAVILLA HTS","MARAVILLA HTS BLK A S 1\/2 OF LOT30 AND ALL LOT 32 (0.36 AC) (OR 1029-1875 ; 1829-753 ; 3826-2474)","MARAVILLA PARK","MARAVILLA PARK BLK 3 E 10 FT OF LOT 7 AND ALL LOT 8","MARAVILLA PINES","MARAVILLA PLAZA","MARAVILLA S\/D","MARAVILLA S\/D BEG NE COR LOT 77","MARAVILLA SUBDIVISION","Maravilla Ter","Maravilla Terrace","Maravilla Terrace S","MARAVILLA TERRACE S\/","Maravilla Terrace S\/D","MARAVILLA TERRACE SUBDIVISION","Maravilla Terrace Unit 02","MARAVILLA WEST","MARIMAC","MARIMAC SUBDIVISION","MARINER BAY","MARINER BAY (UNRECORDED)","Mariner Bay at Hutchinson Island","MARINER BAY.","MARINER OAKS VILLAGE","MARION HEIGHTS","Marion Heights S\/D","Marion Heights Sub","MARION HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION","MARTIN\\'S S\/D","Marvalla Heights","MARVILLA GARDENS","MARY A MCCOLLUM\\'S S\/","MARY A MCCOLLUM\\'S SUBDIVISION","MARY CHAPPELL S\/D","Matthews","MC NURLEN FARMS","MCCARTY\\'S COURT SUBDIVISION","McCarty\\'s S\/D","MCCARTY'S COURT S\/D","Mccartys Court S\/D","Mccollum Mary A","MCCRAY COURT RE-S\/D LOTS 1 AND 2 (OR 3587-2387)","MCCRAY COURT S\/D","MCCRAY COURT SUBDIVISION","Mcneil Estates","MCNEIL ROAD","McNurlen Farms","McNurlen Farms Plat","Mcnurlen Farms S\/D","MCNURLEN FARMS SUBDIVISION","ME Goldsmith\\'s","ME Goldsmiths S\/D","MEADOWOOD","Meadowood - Hole In One","Meadowood formerly Panther Woods","MEADOWOOD FORMLEY PANTHER WOODS","Meadowood Golf & Country Club","Meadowood Golf & Tennis Club","Meadowood golf and country club","Meadowood Golf and Tennis Club","Meadowood Phase 1","Meadowood Unit 01","Meadowood Unit 03 Rep 01","MEADOWOOD UNIT 1","MEADOWOOD UNIT 2","MEADOWOOD UNIT 4","MEADOWOOD UNIT 5","MEADOWOOD UNIT ONE","MEADOWOOD UNIT THREE","Meadowood, formerly Monte Carlo","Meadowood, Quail Run","Meadowood, Quail Run Village","Meadowood\/Whippoorwill Run","MeadowoodMonte Carlo Country Club Unit 2","Meadows","Meadwood","Medium Den","MEET & BOUNDS","Melissia Meadows","MELISSIA MEADOWS SUBDIVISION","Melton\\'s Riverview","MELTON\\'S RIVERVIEW S","MELTON\\'S RIVERVIEW SUBDIVISION","Meltons Riverview","MELTONS RIVERVIEW S\/D","Mengar Rep","MENGAR RESUBDIVISION","Merimac S\/D","Merklin","MERKLIN S\/D","MERKLIN SUBDIVISION","MERRIWEATHER PARK","METERS & BOUNDS","METERS BOUNDS","Metes & Bounds","Metes & Bounds despription","Metes + Bounds","metes and bound","METES AND BOUNDS","METES AND BOUNDS - St Lucie County","METES AND BOUNDS (TREE TOP TRAIL)","Metes and Bounds Legal","metes and bounds long legal","metes and bounds. long legal","Metes and Bounds\/North Fort Pierce","METES AND BOUNDSValencia Country Estates","METES AND ROUNDS","METES BOUNDS","Mets and Bounds","Mets and Bounds,","Meyerhoff S","Meyerhoff\\'s Sub #98","MEYERHOFF\\'S SUBDIVISION","MEYERHOFF\\'S SUBDIVISION TRACT 98 GARDEN CITY FARMS","MID-TOWN S\/D","MID-TOWN SUBDIVISION","MIDPORT PLACE II, A CONDOMINIUM","MIDWAY INDUSTRIAL PA","Midway Rd Area","Mile End","MILE END SUBDIVISION","Miles End","MILLER\\'S SUBDIVISION","Millers Crossing","MIRACLE MANOR","MIRACLE MANOR S\/D","MIRACLE MANOR SUBDIVISION","Miracle Manor Unit 02","MIRACLE MANOR UNIT 2","MIRAVILLA PK","MISC","MISIK\\'S RE SUBDIVISION","Misiks Re S\/D","Misk","MODEL LAND","MODEL LAND CO","Model Land Co S","Model Land CO\\'s S\/D","MODEL LAND COMPANY","Model Land Company S\/D","Model Land Company\\'s S\/D 23 35 39","MODEL LAND COMPANY\\'S SUBDIVISION","Model Land Companys S\/D","MOGAN\\'s","MONOYA 2 ESTATES","MONTE CARLO C. C.","MONTE CARLO COUNTRY","MONTE CARLO COUNTRY CLUB","Monte Carlo Country Club Unit 01","Monte Carlo Country Club Unit 02","Monte Carlo Country Club Unit 03","Monte Carlo Country Club Unit 03, previously known as Pantherwoods, currently known as Meadowood.","MONTE CARLO COUNTRY CLUB UNIT 1","Monte Carlo Country Club Unit 1MEADOWOOD","Monte Carlo Country Club Unit 2","MONTE CARLO COUNTRY CLUB UNIT 3","MONTE CARLO COUNTRY CLUB UNIT1","MONTE CARLO COUNTRY CLUB-UNIT TWO","MONTECARLO.UNIT 3","MONTOYA 1 ESTATES","MONTOYA 2 ESTATES","MORGAN","Morgan S","MORGAN\\'S S\/D","MORGAN\\'S SUBDIVISION","MORGAN'S S\/D","Morgans S\/D","MORNING SIDE","Morningside","Morningside (Palm Breezes)","Morningside @ PALM BREEZES CLUB","MORNINGSIDE COMMUNITY","Morningside Palm Breezes","MORNINGSIDE PALM BREEZES CLUB","MORNINGSIDE PALM BREEZES CLUB PHASE 2A","Muller Road 4 Plat","Muller Road 4-Plat","MULLER ROAD RANCHES","Muller Road S\/D","MULLER ROAD SUBDIVISION","Multi Family","Mustaine S","MUSTAINE\\'S S\/D","MUSTAINE\\'S SUBDIVISION","N","N FT PIERCE","ndian River Dr","Nebraska Court","NEW CENTURY CONDOMINIUM","NEW SCHOOL S\/D","NO","No HOA Lot is almost an acre.","NO NAME","Noble Oaks Estates","NOBLES & NOTTINGHAM","NOBLES & NOTTINGHAM SUBDI","NOBLES & NOTTINGHAM SUBDIVISION","NOBLES AND NOTTINGHAM","NOBLES AND NOTTINGHAM S\/D BLK 2 E 105 FT OF LOT 4 AND E 105 FT OF N 27.5 FT OF LOT 5 (OR 3587-2387)","NOBLES AND NOTTINGHAM S\/D BLK 2 E 2.5 FT OF LOT 23, ALL LOT 24 AND W 15 FT OF LOT 25-ALL LESS S 25","NOBLES AND NOTTINGHAM S\/D BLK 2 E 25 FT OF LOT 25 AND W 27.5 FT OF LOT 26-LESS S 25","NOBLES AND NOTTINGHAM S\/D BLK 2 LOT 22-LESS S 25 FT OF E 20 FT FOR RD R\/W- AND W 42.5 FT","NOBLES AND NOTTINGHAM S\/D BLK 2 W 35 FT OF LOTS 4,5 AND 6 AND E 27.5 FT OF LOT 26-LESS S 25","NON LISTED","NON RECORDED","None - metes & bounds","NORTH FORK","North Fork Estates","NORTH FORK ESTATES S","North Fork Estates S\/D","NORTH FORK ESTATES SUBDIVISION","North Hutchinson Island","North Saint Lucie Drainage District","NOT PLATTED","not subdivided","O","O\\'BRIEN SUBDIVISION","OAK ALLEY","OAK HAMMOCK","OAKBRIDGE","OAKBRIDGE SUBDIVISION","OAKLAND LAKE","Oakland Lake Estates","OAKLAND PARK","OAKLAND PARK (Historic District)","Ocean Village","OCEAN and INTRACOASTAL HOME","Ocean Blvd Park","Ocean Boulevard Park","OCEAN HARBOR SOUTH","OCEAN HARBOR SOUTH BLDG A","OCEAN HARBOUR","OCEAN HARBOUR CONDO","OCEAN HARBOUR CONDO A","OCEAN HARBOUR CONDO B","Ocean Harbour Condo C","OCEAN HARBOUR CONDOB","OCEAN HARBOUR CONDOM","Ocean Harbour Condominium A","Ocean Harbour Condominium B","OCEAN HARBOUR CONDOMINIUM C","Ocean Harbour Condominium D","Ocean Harbour North","OCEAN HARBOUR NORTH CONDOMINIUM A","OCEAN HARBOUR SOUTH","Ocean Harbour South - Condominium","OCEAN HARBOUR SOUTH CONDOMINIUM","OCEAN HARBOUR TOWER","OCEAN HARBOUR TOWER CONDOMINIUM E","OCEAN HARBOUR TOWERS","Ocean Harbour Towers in Ocean Harbour North","Ocean Harbour Towers of Ocean Harbour North","Ocean Harbour Villas","Ocean Harbour Villas - Condominium","OCEAN HARBOUR VILLAS CONDOMINIUM","OCEAN HARRBOR SOUTH","Ocean Pearl","Ocean Pearl A Condo","OCEAN PEARL A CONDOMINIUM","Ocean Pearl, A Condominium","OCEAN RESORTS","OCEAN RESORTS CO-OP","Ocean Resorts Coop","OCEAN RESORTS COOPER","OCEAN RESORTS COOPERATIVE","Ocean View","OCEAN VIEW ESTATES","OCEAN VIEW REV","OCEAN VIEW REV HOLLE","Ocean View Rev Holley & Mo","OCEAN VIEW S\/D RE PL","Ocean View S\/D Re Plat Holley & Morgan","Ocean View S\/D Revised Plat","Ocean View S\/D revised plat Holley and Morgan\\'s S\/D","Ocean View Sub","OCEAN VIEW SUBDIVISION REPLAT HOLLEY & MORGAN","OCEAN VIEW SUBDIVISON REPLAT HOLLEY & MORGAN","OCEAN VILLA","OCEAN VILLA03","ocean village","Ocean Village Ocean Villas III","Ocean Village - Beach Tree I","Ocean Village - Capstan","OCEAN VILLAGE - CATAMARAN II","Ocean Village - Golf Lodges","OCEAN VILLAGE - GOLF VILLAS","Ocean Village -Golf Villas","OCEAN VILLAGE BEACHTREE I CLUSTER, A CONDOMINIUM","OCEAN VILLAGE BEACHTREE II","Ocean Village Capsta","Ocean Village Capstan","OCEAN VILLAGE CAPSTAN I CONDOMINIUM","OCEAN VILLAGE CORAL CLUSTERS","Ocean Village GOLF VILLAS","Ocean Village I","OCEAN VILLAGE OCEAN VILLAS 01","Ocean Village Ocean Villas II","OCEAN VILLAGE OCEAN VILLAS II CONDOMINIUM","Ocean Village Seascape 01","Ocean Village Seascape 1","Ocean Village Seascape I","OCEAN VILLAGE SOUTH HUTCHINSON ISLAND","OCEAN VILLAGE SOUTHPOINT","OCEAN VILLAGE-BEACHTREE I CLUSTER, A CONDOMINIUM,","Ocean Village-Catamaran II","OCEAN VILLAGE, Fort Pierce Beach, CATAMARAN I CONDOMINIUM","Ocean Village, Beachtree","OCEAN VILLAGE, OCEANHOUSES AT SOUTHPOINTE, A CONDOMINIUM","OCEAN VILLAGE, SEASCAPE II","OCEAN VILLAGE\/\/CATAMARAN 1--\\'\\'B\\'\\'","OCEAN VILLAGE\/BEACHTREE","Ocean Village\/Beachtree II","Ocean Village\/Capstan","Ocean Village\/Coral Cluster","Ocean Village\/Ocean Villas","Ocean Village\/Ocean Villas I","Ocean Village\/OCEAN VILLAS II CONDOMINIUM","OCEAN VILLAGE\/Seascape","OCEAN VILLAGEBEACHTREE I CLUSTER, A CONDOMINIUM","OCEAN VILLAGECatamaran II","Ocean Villas 01","Ocean Villas 02","Ocean Villas 02\/OCEAN VILLAGE","Ocean Villas 03","Ocean Villas 1","OCEAN VILLAS I CONDOMINIUM","OCEAN VILLAS II - CO","OCEAN VILLAS II - CONDOMINIUM","OCEAN VILLAS II CONDOMINIUM","OCEAN VILLAS III","OCEAN VILLAS III - C","Ocean Villas Iii - Condominium","OCEAN VILLAS III CONDOMINIUM","OCEAN VILLGE","OCEANA OCEANFRONT","OCEANA OCEANFRONT CONDOMINIUM I","OCEANA SOUTH CONDOMINIUM II","Oceanhouse At Southpointe","OCEANHOUSES AT SOUTHPOINTE","OCEANHOUSES AT SOUTHPOINTE, A CONDOMINIUM","OCEANIQUE","OCEANIQUE OCEANFRONT","Oceanique Oceanfront A Condo","OCEANIQUE OCEANFRONT A CONDOMINIUM","OCEANIQUE OCEANFRONT, A CONDOMINIUM","OCEANVIEW","Of Russell Estate","OKEECHOBEE ROAD","OLD EDWARDS","OLEANDER AVENUE","OLEANDER GARDENS","OLEANDER PARK","OLEANDER PINES","olmstead place","OLMSTEAD PLACE SUBDIVISION","OLSON\\'S SUBDIVISION","on I-95","On Record","ORANGE AVE CITRUS GROWERS","ORANGE AVENUE","ORANGE AVENUE AG PARK LOT 3 (MAP 22\/11X) (8.00 AC) (OR 1583-2587)","Orange Avenue Ag Pk","Orange Avenue Citrus Growers Association","ORANGE BLOSSOM EST 2","Orange Blossom Est 2Nd Addition 2Nd Plat","ORANGE BLOSSOM EST-SECOND ADD","ORANGE BLOSSOM ESTAT","Orange Blossom Estates","Orange Blossom Estates 02 Add 02","ORANGE BLOSSOM ESTATES 1ST ADDITION","ORANGE BLOSSOM ESTATES 2ND ADDITION","ORANGE BLOSSOM ESTATES 2ND ADDITION 2ND PLAT","Orange Blossom Estates Add 02","ORANGE BLOSSOM ESTATES FIRST ADDITION","ORANGE BLOSSOM ESTATES FIRST ADDN BLK 2 LOT 21 ( 0.22 AC )","ORANGE GROVE PARK","ORANGE GROVE PARK S\/","Orange Grove Park S\/D","ORANGE GROVE PARK SUBDIVISION","ORANGE PARK","ORANGE PARK SUBDIVISION","Orange Place","ORANGE PLACE S\/D","ORANGE PLACE SUBDIVISION","ORCHRD GROVES","ORNAGE BLOSSOM","Osceola Estates","Osceola Estates 01","OSCEOLA ESTATES I","OSCEOLA ESTATES II","OUKETT","OUTER REEF, A CONDOMINIUM","Palm Breeze Club","PALM BREEZES","Palm Breezes Club","PALM BREEZES CLUB ( Mornigside )","PALM BREEZES CLUB ( Morningside )","Palm Breezes POAMorningside","PALM BREEZES, MO